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"fogel jared kushner" Discussed on H3 Podcast

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"fogel jared kushner" Discussed on H3 Podcast

"To all right for the honorable. Judge ethan klein. This episode is brought to you by fight camp and express within you appreciate that. How are you doing today. Bailiff haven't seen you in a minute all right on the show. You may be seated by the way thank you previously. I know. I forgot to say that in any say. Thank you garth. Garth is here in the Jerry today is ready to hear us talk today. My friends we have someone of great concern to the court. Goes by the name of jared leto. The man is is a clearly kinda douche. He's a cult leader. And i think he's kind of a bad actor. Well that will hold on. That's that's what a things. I'm just here to this court. I got i have to. I got to take myself off the bench biased. I have no preconception of jared leto accept what the case before us here to do. The ab will present He's an actor. Great renown actually one woman oscar emmy or what. What did you win was the deal with that. I mean he put a lot into that role. He's a method actor. He lost a bunch of way. New put a lot into. He doesn't align to roles does discover that -gratulations the dallas dallas buyers club. There buddy appreciate that. Jared leto folks are are there. Jared leto stands. They're gonna come for us. Oh yeah as really last. We'll see the man has a cult. Let's go dude i am. I going to be on safe as a result of this video. I can't wait to show you my toys. Sorry jared but you didn't method act that line out enough because that's really bad all right. Do we have any opening lines. You want me read this. Jared leto is an actor singer songwriter. Oh yeah he's a ban member to. He's in the lead singer of the band. Thirty seconds to mars so been in roles such as dallas buyers club. What you wanna oscar for and suicide squad which he was unit. virtually lampoon for people. Say he's the worst joker will time not my word read. I mean that's Segel's he's being charged with being detached from reality being a narcissist and starting a colt. Rit let's get started opening statements. Abe would you like to Open for us thank you. Yes thank you. Yeah i think jared has just A unique case because he is undeniably really looking guy and he does have some talent. And i think that Up for debate and look at the guy. Did i got a little loss in the research on. Look interesting okay. Well i guess we're we. We've deter habeas determined that we all not debate the merits of his good looks. Reasonable doubt is good looking. Apparently i think that's true okay. He doesn't age but yeah. And i think he's just any normal human interaction as he started to rise in Success and fame and so he kinda got a little disconnected with reality so today i hope to take a deeper dive into psych and see if he's gone off the deep end already looking forward to that in. What do you think about jared. Leto what would you like to say you wearing a mask. That's very thoughtful today in. What's what's going way even believe in colvin someone running around here. That might have had some sort of. I mean computers. Don't do very well viruses. That's true good point If people may not know but the real anna actually has kovic currently but you're not the real and so you're fine you never know what do android tear thinking. Twenty seventy seven my read. You're right so do you. Have any thoughts on jared leto. Look he's purchase actor navy. One that is in the industry on trial in good. Find anything else You know he's got some bangor's he's got some slamming movies and also answer. That said you never met a chair. If you didn't like jerry. Fogel jared kushner. I made fogel. you can't debate. Oh kushner some guy. Chuckle question into the answer stricken from the record. Okay.

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