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"flynn olympics" Discussed on Hotboxin' with Mike Tyson

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"flynn olympics" Discussed on Hotboxin' with Mike Tyson

"Did he came the fighting man right now. I not heels mad after the fight as well. Who what's your take on everything. That's going on right now with awe with youtube box in these these youtubers chat take over the eighties. Tiktokers money hazy about this is interesting you know so forth from youtube became to jimmy about dante. While i do i went to the gym. Be it at. I thought oh shit really do that. I would have been arrested after. I left crazy. Nutbag kid he Mega he put on the gloves he wanted to want. The old should ask who also he actually. I don't know about you. Pull that up while the box and tiktok. Oh you say oh shit. See a liking. You see typically mike that caused the video rolling elaborate. Those guys you don't want the crazy mother foster. Remember this shit. Oh this guy is so crazy right. This uber would always talk shit. Some yeah tell me about it. You and this was an organized. Can he go to jail. Shit laying that they can still only let you try to kill us fucking guy. Oh no look printed memphis it. He's about sweetly looking shit. Henry shit jerry. Henry our underneath the privilege from doing this shit man didn't wanna he's he's still gonna fight. He's he's still down guy and he's still taught him out. Yeah by the utah disrespectful because he would always go to the gym he will be messaging hand dumb stuff some all. He grad emits. He was on the floor upturned avid admendments that uppercut gaden. Now that's pretty. i mean. at least you didn't press charges or anything like that and he put the fire pit. Press charges on you. Oh man yeah he really pissed off the onta- bro. At the uppercut. He's kind of been a dangerous situation is what do you think youtube it to change that you know. I don't want to talk bad or some shit about shit like that but at the end of the day were already in our lives in the you know. Even if they don't know really how to throw punches or nothing like that at least they have the balls to go in there and get in the ring and fight each other. He's but do you think that's good eating for the sportsman or i don't think is is Help it or anything like that. But you know or maybe it will. You never know because there's gonna be a lotta different youtubers that are going to watch and ensure more interested in boxing. Jake paul five million views to fight when he did with us like and is there any is getting better and better man partners eating better and better the be. Do you keep up with a little bit Do you think who do you think he could be tired and a boxing match. Yeah i don't know why. I need to see his fights another guy he s. Oh is the is it. Dm from eddie heard truman. Yeah my message to him. And i told him For what fight the first one or the recent one is well. I imagine i imagine the recent was saying that he's picking That is just not who sick. That's gonna be the front runner. There's several people that are being guys. They didn't quite know. Then the guy knocking out with an uppercut proliferation in provoked the book in with the guy. I was actually so happy. Because i'm not a really big fan of dylan. Why it because he felt. He doesn't respect no fighters so i was really happy one Respect a heavy spending three newly joined the shit respect by. He did his job in the second. Fight dylan why. He fought him again in. Beat them While he was already winning. Nomin the future for the things happen. Would he thinks your heart is match with your to elite would be your hardest matrimony in the division. I dunno i feel. Fights are going to be tough years like you say everyone has a plan until they get hit and matter know how would really want me enticing theory to fight that then that would be a really good final. He has his things. I yes to fight light the shootout with to me to buy. There's a lot of. There's a lot of guys out there restore teasers to been to. He just called me. How little durable. Yeah is but i feel with the pressure staining close throwing combinations Might think who could definitely get that win. But it's all up to our promoters and and all that movie punch back or ortiz ortiz olympic champion right before flynn olympics before he's on gold. I'm not sure maybe silver something but occupants our favorite for the olympics. When i was trying to fight for the limbaugh lost against cuban to buy they favor them so much gutter system down guys like us. We trained to be to be professional fighting. Those guys trained to be the avenue. All they really never going to be professional and they got that system down pat where the point you could drop them twice and making pop pop. Pop the one point of heavy. You ain't the dropping twice. He goes pop pop. Now even put the head.

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