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"fluff island" Discussed on WBZ NewsRadio 1030

"30 right back on that side, Ben Parker in for Dan Ray, This is Thursday. So one more night I'll be filling in. That would be well, if you do the math tomorrow. Yeah, Friday. Dan will be back on Monday to take you through. Ah, well, maybe he'll tell you where she went. I don't know where he went. He could just be hiding at home. Maybe he's listening. Going back. There is crazy. Oh, maybe he's on vacation. We say he's on assignment. I don't know if he is and if he is, I have no idea what that assignment is, and I don't even know if he's completed the assignment. Is going to get an incomplete for this semester. We don't partner. We're gonna go take a couple more calls here before we get to the top of the hour And then we're gonna take a whole bunch of collagen. Keep calling in after the top of the hour, because what we got a lot of stuff to talk about. You have a lot of stuff to talk about. I said you're you're kind of filling in for Dan this week. Because you're you're you're the Dan crowd. Maggie's in Dorchester. I don't You got a name for the island in the harbour, Maggie. Yes, I do. I can't believe people haven't called in with the PhD Doctor it island PhD island. Alright, so well, should we now, would it be? Would that be PhD Island or Dr Island? For short, or I don't know. Well, she mentioned the name of the guy at Northeastern Yeah. One step to winter. So he gets the data. You know, maybe people. Whatever His name is, we could name it after him For a doctor of Island, a PhD doctor Island island of doctors that would be different. That would sound too weird. All right. PH will go with PhD Island on DH as a side note. It could be Dr Islands. See, this will work. This is going really well for our mark our marketing purposes. You know what? I'm going to make a 1,000,000 off the way we could call it Call it PhD island, but then have Dr Island is like, maybe, like a little slogan underneath. Yeah, way. Yeah. We're working on it. Yeah, Okay. Thanks, Maggie. Like, all right, all right. So there you go. If you're going to do marketing of anything, and I'm not saying first of all the Conservancy or PhD student would would allow us to do any marketing with. We're just kidding around, right? But it's got a market some you gotta have kind of like a a name. And then, like a side name, right, like maybe, like a like a cold name or something again. I mentioned I mentioned Tom Brady. Because we had had a suggestion for Charles Winchester, the third Island, which is, of course, a character from the long running show MASH was from Boston and the Boston ties. But see then you would you would have Charles Winchester, the third Island with like CW, three, and so you could make this whole Underlying thing of marketing. It's brilliant. Just get somebody to back me on some of these ideas. Get out of here. Kevin's in Woburn. How you doing, Kevin? I'm doing good yourself. Good. By the way, I said I could get out of here. I don't want to get out of here. I have too much fun doing this job, But I would like to have a little side gig going on. Or I could blow in a couple 1,000,000 a year. But whatever. All right, go ahead. I have one plus enough for island fluffer Nutter Island, of course for just Fluff Island Because, of course fluff is the big the big thing around here. Maybe fluffer Nutter would be a little too. We should just go. Maybe with fluff. You think Fluff Island would work? I think love should be fine. Yeah, so Ah, there's thinking how we could do we do we do. We plant some fluff trees over there. That's where they get fluff from right. It's from a tree, right? No. I don't know. I mean, Purcell the logo on a maybe a bit better off that way. We could do that to me. We could sell off, branding writes, and then we could make an extra ton of money. Commercial, right? You've got that. This is brilliant, Kevin. I should have talked to you earlier. You have it all figured out. Fluff Island will go fluff file. It's beautiful. Thanks. Thank you. Take care. Yeah, I don't know. You know the fluff tree? It's really I don't know how to get the fluff out of the tree. Get into all those jars and get it out of the stores. Not just sugar and stuff. I'm somebody I wonder if there's somebody there going really has had with fluffed. I love Fluffernutter fluffs off a tree. Like peanuts grow into the ground. I mean, the flesh gotta go somewhere, right? I suppose Bill's in the inn and shore So I'm assuming this is built on the North shore, So I just I was reading what was on the screen. But Bill wherever you are Welcome to the show. Thank you very much. Look, I've got an idea. I like I like sticking it to New York. And I think this other waited too. It is they've got Long Island. And based publicly said who's won earlier. It's 700 square feet on this island, right? Yeah, seven square feet Correct. Short island. Sure, Thailand by the way, we have a Long Island two out there in the harbor. So, but they a short short island. Yeah, well, it is short. I mean, it's seven short island grows short. And I just wonder if we want to give New York the benefit of being able to say, See everything smaller in Boston. See, I mean, maybe we want to stay away from that because that could give New Yorkers you know, we make fun of us for the Red Sox and Celtics and everybody else. Patriots. Yeah, I don't want do We want to give him instead of long? Maybe even though it's not enormous, we could make stuff..

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