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"florida grand canyon national park" Discussed on Timesuck with Dan Cummins

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"florida grand canyon national park" Discussed on Timesuck with Dan Cummins

"According to national parks dot org. The website for the national park found. Dacian? There are currently sixty national parks. But even that number is misleading. The United States national park system encompasses a total of four hundred and eighteen different sites. That span across eighty four million acres, which is more land than than a lot of entire nations possess. The system includes parks and territories such as Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands American Samoa Guam, just one of America's parks. Alaska's Rangel, Saint Elliot's national park and preserve encompasses thirteen point two million acres bigger than Yellowstone Yosemite and the entire country of Switzerland combined. The US national park system is is in total over ten million acres bigger than the entire nation of Italy within the number of four hundred eighteen sites. Only sixty actually include national park is part of their proper name like Acadia national park on Maine's Atlantic coast Everglades national park on the southern tip of Florida Grand Canyon National park in Arizona Yellowstone National. Oh park primarily located in north west Wyoming but bleed into parts of Montana, and I'd Aho in addition to these national parks there are eleven different national battlefields. Four national battlefield parks. Won national battlefield site, nine national, military parks. Fifty one national historic parks, seventy eight national historic sites. And then there are national memorials national monuments national reserves, preserves recreation areas fee, shores, lake shores and more. So how did all these parks get here? Well, some people don't think they are here. Some people think they're just lies pushed on us via the moon matrix manipulated reality being projected down onto earth facilitated by courts deposits and alien technology taking the positive reality programming coming from the sun's photons twisting them into negative reality. Projectors pushing us towards war and famine and discord whatever turmoil faves the nudity those damn ancient Babylonian brotherhood, reptilian motherfucker. Cres that have been slaved humanity from Linnea, but those people are considered by most academics. And scientists to be utter maniacs. So let's nor that perspective. We're gonna have some fun with wacky doodles who do believe in shit equally crazy to what I just said here and there throughout today suck. And if that gibberish did make a little bit of sense to you, thanks for paying attention to the David stuff. I've been talking about from time to time people who live in the real world where history has not been grossly rewritten where we're not be manipulated by aliens understand that the origin of our national parks can be traced back to eighteen seventy two on March. I eighteen seventy two then president Ulysses s grant signed the Yellowstone National Park Protection Act. The congress had just passed establishing Yellowstone National Park in the territories of Montana in Wyoming as a quote, public park or pleasure. Ground for the benefit and enjoyment of the people and placed it under exclusive control of the secretary of the interior the founding of Yellowstone National Park introduced a whole new concept and not just the people United States. But to the world at large, and that's the concept of preserving land for future generations to enjoy ensuring that no one will build on it outside the.

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