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"floriana lever" Discussed on WBZ NewsRadio 1030

"How goes it? Laurie Grandi while we get some more problems, unfortunately out there, Jim in Mansfield. Now a vehicle is on fire. Fully a gulf engulfed rather, 95 north bound right by the Mansfield rest area, so watch out for delays there against 95. North Bend at the Mansfield Rest area car fully engulfed in fire. And state police are on the scene. There. Now the good news is, things were getting back up to speed in Chelmsford, where we had an earlier truck rollover south on for 95 Route 1 10 They had to close down a couple lanes there, and that did some damage. But we're getting back up to speed now passing the little connector and getting a past The chump stirred rest area. All right, Let's get a check of the downtown Boston area with Chris Neck in the Mob Free Insurance Road Report. It remains all snarled up, Floriana Lever it down. Wrap from 93 all the way down towards Storrow Drive, Storrow Drive West. Once you're on, it's not too bad heading out through the BU bridge. But the eastbound side of Storrow Drive is backed up a bit in front of mass general not quite back to the Longfellow at this point. Memorial Drive Land Boulevard. Not bad. The airport tunnels have been doing well. All morning still are and the Tobin Bridge inbounds in good shape. Just keep in mind that you do lose the lane in the dark zone back a Carter Street. Kristen AC the mockery insurance road report. Alright. Thanks, Christine. For the most part, the expressway is moving. Okay. Just some heavy volume there between the seven Hill in Columbia Road and keep in mind delays up to 40 minutes on the commuter rail, the green bush line. Train 7071 is operating behind schedule due to an earlier medical emergency. Laurie granted BBC's traffic on the three right there, Laurie Well, we are starting to see those clouds breaking up a little bit of sunshine peeking through but still mostly cloudy out there. Temperatures pretty much hovering right around the mid sixties to.

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