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(03/20) HOTL Hour 1

Handel On The Law

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(03/20) HOTL Hour 1

"Yeah Before he saturday morning here go here and we have three hours to go abuse of humiliation of utter terror. Of course i'm talking about media do not you to be if we're gonna go the other way We want Sycophantic phone calls ask kissing about of the normal handle show as we move forward the number eight hundred five two zero one five three four eight hundred five two zero one five three four top of the hour. I always the best time to call. And i must tell you the last few weeks. We've been pretty jammed with phone calls. So as i go from segment to segment and you don't hear me pitch phone numbers that means we are full on the other hand when and there is a very small number of phone calls coming through which. I don't know why i will be saying phone calls or open and win. There are very rare occasion which i love when there are few and far between then you get the most entertaining radio. That exists maestro. Would you please share. Maybe maybe it did it. And now we're trying to set a world record as to how long that will actually play. Well well eight hundred five two zero one five three four. That's the phone number. This is handle on the law. Marginal legal advice. Where i bill handel tell you insert name here. You have absolutely no case. Always a pleasure. When i do that occasionally. It's yeah you have a case. I get very depressed and quite often. You'll ask a question which is so beyond my pay scale that i have absolutely no idea what how to answer the question like. There's a tree on. My property is a neighbor responsible for the leaps. How many answer that. I mean you're talking about a very sophisticated legal approach to the lawn. That one all right. You guys ready to do it here. We go California now things about california is it is known as the most progressive state in the union depends on how you look at the word progressive if you are a liberal. You're looking at a state. That does what it's supposed to do if you are conservative and maybe live in other parts of the country. You look at california's lands of twigs fruits nuts and tofu and one of the most contentious arguments amongst parts of the country is weapons. Bans gun control. Were california's usually at the forefront of this and parts of the united states are not and then we have the assault weapons registration ban or the registration law that took place in california and a lot of people. Don't forget this was a ten year period in which the united states. You could not have an assault weapon. You could not buy an assault type weapon and that's sunset it out. That was ten years so now everybody can go buy one well. There is a registration law in california that you must register and especially on. There's something call a bullet Button weapon which makes it easier for rapidly. Exchanging ammunition magazines Simply by using a small tool the tip of a bullet edges another way of making a an assault weapon assault type weapon a faster. Firing gun and There was a window that you had to register well lawsuit and it didn't have to do with the lawsuit per se attacking the law. It had to do with the window in which the guns dot must be a registered and because of covid and because of the difficulty a lawsuit was filed and the state caved on that. The state says okay. We're gonna give you more time. It was a settlement and it all has to do with the the argument states botched registration system set up in two thousand eighteen so now the settlement applies only to those who owned legally the bullet button weapons at the time. Try to register them but couldn't because the system was not working well. So i guess that's a win for a gun. Advocates i guess. Yeah sort of the air. I just like Gun control stories for some reason. All right let's go and take some phone calls frac- europe welcome to handle on the law. Frank pay you doing. I have a problem with the department of public works and the fire department. I walked away with from my business and These are the only two bills. I have left but i have no money to pay them and i was wondering if i could be cam Well it did you personally sign for them or the business side. The business was just the fire departments. The only one. I i did the other public works i thought. Hey i pay that in my triple net lease. Why pay them. Well i if that was paid for through your lee said if your lease hold that you are responsible for that. That's one issue. Now wait a fire department. Did you personally sign the lease agreement or the. Yes the agreement that you would pay if that's the problem because you're talking. This is not a normal business bankruptcy where you're talking business entity this is a municipality. This is the governmental entity and they like their money and they have a lot more power as a general rule. Yeah you get to pay however also everybody is fully aware of what happened during covid. You're certainly not alone. Have you called them and said do you have any programs i did. I even asked him. If there's something i could do. Like maybe a half of the payoff. And they said no they were they. Were going to start putting a lean on my name. Which i said. Well you know. I guess that's the best i can do like. I can't pay anything. Maybe half at the most. How much i when i worry about. Yeah no kidding. How much you Twenty two thousand dollars and they're not willing to work with you know now when you call them. Who did you talk to specifically just someone in the collections department. I yeah try going up the food chain because there may very well be a program and then you can actually go to The puc that controls and regulates the entire situation the public utilities commission poc public utilities commission. And also go up through the power company and see how far up you can go over money but there have to be programs. I'm sure there are programs available at both federal programs. maybe state program is just hunting them down. The good news is you're in line in terms of collections. And they've got a long long way to go before they're going to collect the money especially if you don't have any i mean they're not gonna put you in for that when out of style. Awhile ago the trick is to keep your credit alive and even a bankruptcy has got particularly helping you with this one all right. Let's take a break. We shall return with plenty more of handel on the law. If you're injured and a warrior go to handle on the law dot com. Kfi am six forty more stimulating. Talk and welcome back bill. Handel here. It is a saturday morning as we continue handle on an the law. Marginal legal advice. Justyna mellow justina. What can i do for you. Dell i just The last four days. I discovered through my husband's phone texts that he's been seeing someone or married nearly thirty four years. You've been married nearly thirty four years. And he's saying someone yes. Can you believe it. Yeah i've heard them. Yeah let's start well okay And your question is. My question. Is peace agreed. He's moved out He's staying elsewhere for the moment. He's gonna come back after we were supposed to go on vacation tomorrow He's not gonna come back here but he's gonna go stay at our other house right. So he's not he's not bringing the girlfriend with you for the vacation i know will be the say. We're going to be the three of you. It's possible that he's made other arrangements now. Okay i wouldn't doubt anything Now he's also said that he's he will continue to be financially responsible. that will divide half-and-half however how can i be assured that everything's going to be handled Correct please i'm not going to get screwed again. Well i. I'm assuming the the problem is you're not getting screwed. Have that right i actually. He's been pretty distant the last two months or so. Yes when he tried he wasn't able to. Oh oh wow yeah how. How old are you. I am fifty nine hour. You have any idea. How will the paramour is some the texan. i see. it seems only about eight years younger than me all right so it's not outrageous. All right Do you have any what she looks. Like I there are pictures on his phone however there are two different soul numbers. So i know that if it's that it's same person because he talks about moving to california. I understand that he probably met her. At the jess fest Twenty eighteen and she talks about coming out here they paxton. Are you back in And do you have any Physical issues like Are you ambulatory. have all your limbs. Everything is good on that one. Everything is good okay. So that that eliminates that so Probably the best piece of advice. I'm gonna get you get a divorce attorney. Get a divorce attorney. And that's not necessarily for the purposes of divorce because there may be some reconciliation. He may be a real mench where he is going to take care of you first of all he has to. That's for starters. Now if you both own the home he can force the sale of the house because we have I couldn't tell you the the some laws of stocks and these four properties. You get half of it you can have. And and if he sold property without you knowing about it. That's when the divorce attorney comes in and gets a forensic accountant and they just back it all down. I mean they'll know to the penny what he has done how he has done it. Has he taken money. That he shouldn't have or more importantly taken joint money community money and spend it on and bought her some baubles. And maybe it's pretty cheap actually view with you. He is true. This canadian could be the stoop of his life. You have no idea So that is the best piece of advice. I can get keep an amicable as possible as i. If you do end up talking to him say you know. I understand People tend to go their own way. i hope you get every venereal disease known to mankind and i hope she falls apart on you and leaves you the way you left me so all in all i. It's time for a divorce attorney Just to protect your assets as much fun. As i've been having with this just you really do. Need a divorce attorney. I mean immediately after the us for two reasons number one. If he is being on the up and up he would expect it all right. There's no issue and number two. If he is not he's put on notice that this is not going to be a situation where justyna is going to get screwed or in your case. Not getting screwed. Yeah good luck. That's that's definitely time for the worst attorney and go to handle on the law dot com. We have we have attorneys that do divorce. And that's one of those times when you definitely need went tell you what else you definitely need. Protection from cybercriminals to it is so important understand. What cybercriminals do what they do nail our identity. Every day we put out information. That's at risk on the internet and in just a moment a cyber criminal could harm. What's yours. I mean your finances your credit purchase all of it so let me suggest lifelock lifelock. Lifelock helps detect a wide range of identity. Threats like your social security number for sale on the internet on the dark web. That's a hidden part of the internet. Where bad guys buy and sell your information. Let me tell you what they did. Someone somehow applied for credit in name a few months ago. Lifelock shut it down immediately. I got an notice is this. You are nope over. That's what lifelock does if they detect your information has been potentially compromised. Send you an alert now. No one can prevent all identity theft or monitor every transaction every business but lifelock. That's real protection. Save up to twenty five percent off your first year. Call eight hundred lifelock. Promo code handel. Eight hundred lifelock promo code handel or visit lifelock dot com promo code handel. This is handle on the law. His baby back will handle here on a saturday morning as we continue on with legal. Show right until eleven o'clock and data leo laporte. Two o'clock nielsen. Deidra with work report this afternoon from two to five phone number here for questions that i will answer sometimes correctly. Rarely eight hundred five two zero one five three four. That's eight hundred five zero one five three four Welcome back to handle on the law. Marginally advice hello tony europe. Welcome to the show bill. I have an old car and it does not pass smog. But i paid a creative smog technician to get it to pass so i have the i have the registration but i wanna see if i'm thinking maybe selling the car How do i cover myself. So that when the transferred title transfers don't get well first of all tony. It's just the two of us. No one else's listing. What's your full name and your phone number. So that with me Tony's enough a tony's by the way is tony. Any where near your real name. Actually it is. Oh okay antonio i anthony. Will we know this down all right. So let's start with the fact that you and your buddy you're creative technician. I have created have committed fraud outright fraud criminal violations and it may even be a federal violation as to moving back. You know. that's only moving back. The odom hitter. I think is a little bit different with a smog. Check so you sell it with a phony smog certificate and depending on when the new buyer has to get a smog. That's when we're going to find out and you may even get away with it. You really might because it can be argued that g. It was fine when i did it just because it went south. It's it's not my fault. i mean. That's the argument. You would probably have. How will the car is it. Forty one years old forty two. Yeah and is what would it cost to smog it correctly to bring it up to To par well. So so i could put like New new catalytic converter on that would help but it still doesn't pass the visual track. There's some parts that i just can't find and i've tried so the visual. You just need smart guy. That doesn't do visual Blind the smog guy needed and you need a blind the driver right so i had read an ad and make sure make sure it's in braille doesn't doesn't mean anything is normally but this has gone beyond as is right into fraud So you take your chances. What's the car worth five grand. Maybe i mean all i can tell you is You're committing a crime you committing Committing civil fraud. And if you're very very lucky you're going to sell it to a guy that is spending his last five thousand dollars on the planet so he can go get a job in eat and his family starving. That's the only thing that will possibly make you feel better l. Hello al hey I was sitting comfortably in my living room. A couple of drugs vodka in front of me and my easier and watching tv. I think i can't remember all details of course but when i became conscious and aware there couple of police officers and the people in in my living room Police officers insisted that i come with them and Later on you know. They took me to the hospital and ambulance. Of course and later on i discovered that arizona suicide watch somebody called the police or nine one one and said i was suicidal. And now i'm stuck with a huge Medical bill or being placed under a seventy two hour hold hospital. Bill psych ward bill. That kind of stuff. Who's responsible for that money. And i'll tell you never ably. If it turns out that you were not suicidal at all and someone made up that person would be responsible for it and on a civil a civil matter. In other words you would sue that person. There's also a criminal issue involved here and that's filing a false report so at this point you get to go to the police and say on what basis i was sitting there drinking my vodka watching tv. What am i accused of doing that. All of a sudden it looks. Like i'm suicidal. And that's where you start at this point i wouldn't pay the bill Truly not figure out where to go because you're walking down the street and all of a sudden let's say you're walking down the street and faint and paramedic comes and literally. Is you just have a fainting spell. And you're going to be fine in two minutes and they call an airlift copter. And that's a sixty thousand dollar hit. What are you doing. I think that's the analogy. So a you start with trying to figure out why. What was it because of police just because someone says your suicidal and there you are sitting down now were you so drunk that when you stood up you were doing blabbering screaming about killing yourself so dark. I can't recall. oh there you are. So that's that's a little problematic because with the police are going to say May be very different than what you well. The police are going to say there. You're gonna say. I don't remember it so it may be. Yeah maybe valid and you may end up getting the The bill for it and yeah. Then you start negotiating. But he was sitting in his chair. Drinking vodka Don't know don't know when hello and welcome to handle on the law. Hey this is a one. Just my question is okay. I hire wealth management company sees last september. I get them over two point. Five million dollars to manage and the normally. I be check older transaction. i charles schwab email to me because every single transaction charles schwab email to me and this morning i woke up. I noticed one transaction. Pay pal okay The this company. Bob pay one hundred here for two hundred sixty dollars yesterday. Then i check the highest price Yesterday was two hundred. Forty three dollar and fifteen cents the closing private two hundred forty one dollars and twenty cents so I shoot the email to swap. I want to see older transactions This company has done for me. So i just want to ask you i think something very fishing here because Hawkeye belong to ship for two hundred sixty dollars. Cost me twenty five thousand dollars. And the highest surprise yesterday they only two hundred forty nine. And you're right it. Does there seems to be something wrong there now. Did you sign off on the transaction or they have the ability to do that. No no they handle all my money. Okay all right now you talked to your okay. Got it when hold on what you do. Is you talk to your broker and asked that exact question. Why did you spend two hundred fifty dollars. The highest price yesterday was two hundred forty three. How do you justify that. Okay where you paid over market share. I mean i ask that question and see what they have to say. Now they come up with a logical reason. And you're unhappy pull your money. Find yourself a money manager that works for you. That is willing to or you're comfortable with and there are plenty of recommendations out there of people that do a good job. I have one. And he's tremendous. And i have to ignore their name as That's a little problematic and he said ignore that Burning yeah so. It's that's problem that's a problem but you find out There may be a good reason for it. I don't know what it is. But i don't know i don't know i don't i don't buy. I don't buy stocks individual stocks. But that's your i. I question if they don't get the appropriate answer. Say i'm outta here. I'm finding a new money manager. You're fired and then the new money manager can go and investigate and try to ask because that is going to get a little more. Because here's what's going to happen here. You are an innocent. You don't know much about this and by the way. I'm in the same position as you are when it comes to individual stocks and whatever sounds plausible lake and come up with you. Get a new money manager because you're unhappy with schwab in this case they're start asking questions and believe me any kind of spin they're going to know what's going on And it could very well be that there is something wrong. Although you know at this point there isn't enough evidence to point that out. This is handle on the law. If you're injured warrior go to handle on the law dot com. Kfi am six forty. Good morning bill. Handel here. Saturday morning Phone numbers we actually have some lines open. Eight hundred five two zero one five three four eight hundred five two zero one. Kfi and few would like to have an answer or to. Please feel free. That means you probably not going to have to wait. Eight hundred five zero one five three four and see this is one of those runs the gamut from me basically blowing you off saying i don't need any phone calls. Just hang it up. Take a listen. Hopefully you'll get an answer to well here. I am saying we have lines open. You know. I hate giving you this kind of control you ever noticed during the week. I don't take phone calls. I hate giving up this control. So here you go. You're holding the phone. You're holding those two parts knowing him going there. I don't forget about the analogy there. Eight hundred five two zero one five three four. Welcome back to handle on the law marginal legal advice. I hello alex you're up. Welcome handel on the law. Yeah i don't know if someone asked me this question Then he'd been comics las year. I miss two payments for my mortgage loan. And i find out. They added to my my loan. This is legal way. Or i mean what is that why. Here's what they done. I mean think about this for a moment if you missed. Let's assume the pandemic didn't happen and you ended up missing two months because you couldn't afford it you are now in default and they can now start adding up the amount of money that you owe and then send you all kinds of notices and actually put you in foreclosure. They can absolutely do that. The law allows that so what they've elected to do is simply add two months to your mortgage. Is that legal. it is beyond it being legal. Alex it's actually kind of a nice thing for them to do. I mean what's the alternative. What would you expect to happen. You have a mortgage. You can't afford to pay pandemic hits. I'm assuming you're out of work right. Alex actually on this. Would you know. I wasn't but i let me try. Just why i try it for two months. Oh so you own your own see you have plenty of money to pay and you simply didn't want to pay the mortgage. Yeah i'll bet. I told them. Okay two months. I miss you see no we to the end of the the loan. You can way they. They're not going to say no to the two months all they're gonna hit. You is late fees. of course they're going to give you the two months if you pay it back and the only thing you're getting the only thing you're going to get nailed with is late fees. So yeah they're doing the right thing you buy just trying not to pay. That's very clever by the way he wants to do that. What would you do one of those in a restaurant. I'd love to see that one. Yeah seriously go to restaurant and order your meal and you eat it and you get handed the bill and you stand up and you say hey you want to know something. I'm gonna try this. I'm not paying the bill. Would you think's gonna happen. Yeah you know what. Yesterday i tried out for fun you know went to sushi plays and they say okay We went to close restaurant because whilst in the clock. So i told her. Oh you wanna close so can i this to morals say no you have to be and what did you do. Just you paid it. I see you have let me tell you something. You have no balls. I'll tell you if you really had some yards you would have gone and done your mortgage model and not paid. Yeah good for you. let me remind you. That's a kind of friend i want. Fantastic elaine hello elaine high bill. A simple question. I hope we have a revoke couple. Trust for the last twenty years never made any changes on it but something's come up and was life to take one of our boys off of the trust. Okay should we just take. I don't know if it's necessary to go back in. And you have to. I would amend the trust. Yeah you have to trust for small and how much money you we talking about here Total probably about one and a quarter one quarter million dollars total and how much is uh the boy who much is he not going to get once. He's removed from the trust You know we're still kind of over. Give me a ballpark. Give me a ballpark about twenty. Five twenty five thousand dollars. Yes that he would otherwise get If he was still in the trust know if he was in a trust they would be splitting in half and half. I have okay so he would be getting What six hundred thousand dollars all right. So here's what happened. Why are you bouncing him from the trust. Okay it's a long story but now making sure 'cause i got a minute and a half right at the two kids was gonna living together the old avoid that we're taking off right now. On property invited his brother up with his wife. Something happened found a dog and my oldest son's wife. The one we're taking off made a big issue out of it through them off the property. Okay all right yeah. You're right that's too long story and it's boring on top of that. So here is what you wanna do. You wanna bounce. Whoever it is you definitely want to amend the trust to make it airtight. Because i guarantee you you bounce the you balanced your son and wife is gonna go. Hey mom juice screw out of six hundred thousand dollars that you ought to get so you have to excuse me you have to have a drafted so it. It becomes airtight and cannot be excluded. Can you do it yourself. Yeah probably with an amendment. But i wouldn't not with that kind of money. Did it attorney draft that trust for you elaine. Go back to that same attorney. It won't be very much money and it will be it will be a new trust will. Actually it'll be mended of the old trust. I've i amend my trust. Probably every week every week when i'm pissed off one of my daughters i throw her off the trust and the next week i throw the other one off and put the Put the first one on. I do it constantly. Because they're very well behaved these days. So that's what you wanna do. Go to the attorney and make sure that it's airtight. This is handle on the law.

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Inside the Tour with Nina and Irina: Jared Hiltzik explains the ITF World Tennis Tour

The Tennis.com Podcast

25:54 min | 2 years ago

Inside the Tour with Nina and Irina: Jared Hiltzik explains the ITF World Tennis Tour

"Yeah. You're listening to that tennis dot com. Hot gas and hear your host, Nina Pantic and Irena fell cone. Hello everyone. Welcome tennis dot com podcast inside the tour. I'm Nina Pantic, and this going to be a really interesting episode because it's going to be me, my co-host Irena Falconi and AT player. Jared health sick talking about the new IT world tennis tour the new tourist started in January of twenty nineteen replaced. The IT you have pro circuit tour and for a minute there. It was called the IT f transition toward there's been a lot of transitions to say, the very least Jared kind of become the spokesperson for players trying to fight back against the changes to the IT f- in February tweeted out, it's tough playing my best tennis right now and number three hundred fifty I can't get into any challengers at this point in my career. Is it worth it to play futures? Or am I just taking away opportunities? Other players who are just starting out to sum it up as best as I can. Can the ITF has split aggressively from the ATP tour meaning that at fifteen ks and twenty five ks on the ITF tour. You're largely being awarded ITF ranking points. No ATP points. The winners of twenty five ks will get an ATP point one three or five, but largely going to boost your IT f ranking then we try and enter an ATP challenger, which is the fifty ks and hire you need to have an ATP ranking or very very very high IT ITF ranking because only a few spots on. The acceptance list are saved for IT f rank players that means Jared Twenty-four-year-old ranked in the three hundred isn't very weird no man's land. Because his ATP ranking isn't high enough to get into ATP challengers? But then as ITF ranking isn't high enough to secure those coveted few spots in the challengers saved her very higher act ITF players. He pretty much has to start all over again and build his ITF ranking Jared really explains it the best he says that the average ATP challenger cut has been number three hundred forty four. He's just outside that in order for him to get from three hundred fifty five which is what he was when we spoke to forty four. He needs fifteen points with the new tour he s when five twenty five thousand dollars tournaments, which is twenty five matches to those eleven spots or just three rounds of ATP challenger. But of course, he can't get into the challenges because I t Franken is too low last year winning a fifteen thousand dollar itchy tournament. Which is a smallest ITF earned a player twenty seven points, which would bump you up forty spots in the ATP rankings, and that's just gone now. So he's in like a very awkward no-man's-land trying to figure out what his next play will be at one point in the conversation. We do mention that the IT made some changes reverting back, but the Email came out March, and it only impacted women's players doubles players and juniors largely so it doesn't really affect Jared. Okay. That's enough of meat trying to summarize something that is still very confusing, but Jared Hilton does a great job of explaining it in layman's, terms, let's jump into that. Interview. It's me Falconi and Jared Hilton talking about the IT world tennis tour journey hill secure who is a player who's pretty much going to tell us a little bit about what you're doing. And tell us why you're that it man for this whole transition Dory. One tweet you said, what was the tweet the tweet was when I was rains wrong three fifty world's couple of weeks ago. And it was a terminent fats just got cancelled and those kind of last chance to get into this because there's a cutoff three weeks before. So takes up your for through earlier the tournament, and I wasn't going to get into this terminal because it cancelled it, and it was kind of the last row words like all right? Well, I can't get into anything now. So it's pretty difficult coming from my perspective where I'm playing really good tennis. But I can't plan a term of. That makes sense to play. What are some of the I guess the basic facts like if you're gonna try and explain to someone you've elevator pitch. They call it expanded someone what the chief broiled ten stores. How you explain it? Usually, my I want someone else this exact question light or familiar with Gulf. That's why I question in this against his will. Will who I've dot com were with Gauls. I have to there's lower level Haya was PJ tour, and that's kind of what the HP nights you ever trying to do is kind of create this lower level Termine schedule where you play the search tournaments in order to get into the higher ones. And which is fair is a good idea of mean, if their ideas to get three hundred three hundred fifty players for them to make money than that's that's good. Unfortunately, tennis little bit different than golf in. This has where the career longevity different just because the physicality of the nature of the sport. So with tennis golf, you drop down play web dot com tour the Gulf for a year, you still have twenty five years on tour has kind of trickier physician those prolong all your vici-. Elevator. We're going. So what if you if you're not familiar with the golf tour? Did you would it be any different? I mean that was pretty actually I understood that that was like the first time, I've actually understood it do you actually done more. So I would say so they're two different sets of rankings. If you make it to the high level one than you can get into other one SUV you get in the high. If you get ranks up thirty in the world ITF than you can get into challengers. It just it just seems like a very bizarre abrupt change because you're twenty four years old Iraq in the three hundred trying to make your way through all of a sudden, everything changes, it just seems so unfair. But you a chance tenures on the road would be like all this is the way she always did are now, you never know changes always scary. I mean, I want through calls to when they announce no at scoring in double sets, two six are freaking out. At first I was going to lead scoring lucky. But as time went on actually, like, no it's going better and made you have more alert from the beginning. But with this change right now kind of to dress tick where diets yes tour and HP tour there's too far away from each other. There's no real middle ground for guys in my position in my brother's position where if you're in this three fifty to five hundred range the point totals in the transition to events don't make sense because they're so low, but then he can't get into challengers. So it's what you do for my brother. It's. Your top thirty college player. Now, you can't even get enough. Qualifying futures. Someone will say, oh, it's Iraq all your fifty ATP or three hundred like sleep. That's great. But the issue is that only the top issue have players benefiting from this under Polaski. That's I think is understanding your erecting look same. What's problem? But it's like, no actually the way you're entering into tournaments loves change of IT of tournaments of the way, you get in is based off your AT priority. So you can drop down and ITF guys into play. So it's very mixed difficult. So we've spoken about a lot of the cons who is benefiting would this tour benefit anyone. So is benefiting the guys who played primarily challengers last year and stayed in the top three hundred those guys I mean. I mean, if you're in these turnament, it's great. You don't have to pay for hotel. Things are great. If you get into these targets the small challenger draws where all draws where if you don't get in the difficult part. It helps guys who. Play challenges last year and the guys who only played futures dwell Astor. Interesting. And then they also reserve spots for juniors and apparently to nationally ranked players show gas is good for them. But it takes FOX away from you with the junior arted. I mean, it really benefits his values have a lot of money that controls every IT of is. That's really what it is. Now, you can travel is yet you can give the top hundred ranking that's been one of the things that I've heard a lot of people that all the rich. Kids Alden that have the ability to travel have that advantage. I know actually turning a dull was very adamant about it. So they're getting some big people to actually speak out about it has the ITF made any changes. I know that there were some changes made last night at. Yeah. Does that affect anything or were? They just changes Canada's just like butter people out. So I think the doing changes is good. It means listening which can ask for right now. Listen players. Kinda see what's been going on. From by point of view. They seem a little minimal the thing for someone might position. It doesn't affect me. Just because it's mainly changes. So if you have a choice, would you have changed at all there be any changes that you would be doing few had that capability to make some idea of having three hundred three hundred fifty players make living is great. But it's the way to do that which I don't know how to do that last year. I've towards Europe myself in a good -sition do. Well, it is what is weird because when I look at the I two hundred ninety one in there, and it just seems so dramatic right? And the fact the fact that they're making little changes like the Email that they sent out says if changed the qualifying draw in women's I mean, some but still are changing qualify draw back for back break two hundred four the reversing changes kind of weird only noticed. Hey, actually, gone too, far elva crazy. They've been running Jetta, and they continue to dissect all that and discount sewer things on was the any of the the plants in these changes were players asked. Or I mean, how this suddenly decide to like change the tour. So I don't know. I don't know. I know that last year is kind of in March or April who's kind of announced at the time of being announced. I begin a year I in route sixteen to two challenges in court one. So when I heard the new changes like yet challenge, your points, you're gonna count in futures are not alike. I'm doing great challenges right now. I'm just gonna continue to do this than we kinda got the shadow rankings AR, you're gonna see where you're going to be ranked as if it was right now next year. This you're renting going to be in in November time is less getting these emails to seventy to eighty to seventy five seventy six like all right? Great coming to be to seventy six, but I didn't understand until now is that those rank is shelling was still showing your terms for that year. It wasn't saying like this is with these terms dropping off because one your system when your system so how's game. These ranking updates in November. It was still showing the terminus from November. I November thirtieth where I accumulated twenty something points last year, which I didn't know. So then when December shadowing came out and showed me is three fifty. Wait. This makes sense now so kind of locals who should date. Like, you don't know what's gonna happen in that's hard to plan. This is your career. I mean, this is trying to live in doing this. And all of a sudden thinks you just kind of being pulled out from under you, maybe along the good, but maybe it won't hiding clan. Like, let's say in the next coming weeks. Hiring planning your schedule entering Amando. Let's put your priorities, and then you just kind of vestige of so out of beginning euros being pretty selective. Like are. We go here in here because playing gelling there, but in talking to coaches, it's like you sign up for six tournaments singer. You get in kind of what it is. Now. I mean, I had idea for spot. It's one of my tweets or something about you could have played in seven of the first eight challengers this year as like all right? Let me see where these event and it had me going from Orlando to camera to Germany back to the states back to the states to Uruguay to. France to Mexico Japan like, so casual schedule zero sense. I think that that's one of the biggest. Constant complaints both from eighteen of TA tour WT's, or because of you see the ATP calendar compared the calendar the men just have so many more options. I think everybody knows that cross the board and there's been times where it's like, wait. So you're telling me to go from Australia to Japan in the states back to divide. It just doesn't make sense. That's the constant plant while the travel scheduled is not sense. So the okay, we need more tournaments. But at the end of the day, just like who put the money up to make the twin sister concepts catch twenty two so okay now travel schedule Kate will you don't have another tournament available for you. So what do we do? The system. I this is broken. Like when I was playing you went you enter these ten ks in Mexico on like sixteen year on alternate. You will get in you qualify. Good point. You start building it just kind of made sense. But I guess the issue is there's too many players chewing people that were just going to like edgier on playing tank as in a row and then get as rankings real. I don't understand what was broken the thing is if you go to Nigeria and get all these points like it's the cream rise tried. You're either good or you're not like, even if you get ten points in Nigeria or wherever like, you're not gonna be taught two hundred from that. Are so because as valid much going Nigeria because I know guys who went to play the twenty five ages air because it's thirty five people is like, okay, we'll do really well there. Whether you're gonna go back next year trying to fend those points. So kind of gives you this. I mean like brain shared it. And he did really really well there, and he was able to continue that moment of going forward and get into higher tournaments. But it's a risk that he was willing to take it. It's exceeded for him. That everyone has like momentum. I guess doesn't shock about. The hardest part leaves point things. I watched this video, right? And it was suppose six flame today. Idiot proof his along video match be six minutes and explains breaks down what's going to happen? It has color code grass surely understand at the end. But I understand, but you're playing in your living it by the end of this year. One year talk you'll have so much more clear as like what you've been through. But that's not fair. They've lost a year that you spent trying to figure out what on earth is happening. And they're changing every week. It just doesn't make any sense to me. It is our first Damon was we went out seven hundred fifty rent professional players. So when they say that is the only one pay three fifty. Okay. So we have that. And then I did some number crunching last weekend. A look the guys rank from three hundred four hundred in January where they were reigns. Held March three month period, and I did four hundred five hundred five or six hundred six hundred seven hundred and see how many made it up to. To the next level ranking? So if you're three hundred four hundred how many minutes top three hundred and vice versa. So last year, it was twenty out of every twenty people from three hundred four hundred made his top three hundred people for four hundred five hundred it had tough four hundred on people from five hundred six hundred eighty five hundred twenty one players from six hundred fifty six hundred seven hundred made it up six hundred and this year, it's been seven eight nine three. Lale? So those are drastic number the ability for players to make the next jump up much more difficult because like right now my rigging today was. Free say when I was three fifty but has at five the average challenge cut this year's three four four in order for me to get from three fifty five to three forty four eight fifteen points side have to win five futures to jump up eleven spots. Lastly put it that way that makes sense. And that's tomorrow took to win three roles in shelter. Mashes to rent win futures that would consume five matches three hundred hundred rematch. That is also it just goes to show the disparity in the points comparison. They don't understand how many more point to get just from one round that like a slab compared to just one round at a challenger like people just don't really understand the name of the money difference to make a lot more money at a first round. Qualifying the slam winning those three IT episode future. You don't get your hotel pay for a challenger do corrupt. They're pretty much in their version. They're trimming the fat. Yeah. And cutting jobs, and that's pretty much the problem. I want to just let people that wants be ranked thousand let them let them be rectified, maybe the money have tournament. Then it creates more work for them. Is that what the reason is is that I don't know. Look I classify myself as a professional player. I have eaten talk guys taught one fifty of lawn challengers. But there are some players out there that you can look at it. And you're like, I don't know if you should be doing this. But I mean, it's not it's tough enough to say that everyone has live out there. Obviously. And after while of culture senses. This isn't for me. So I didn't really see the problem with that except from ego respective that's like age of question like heading sitter, what's considered professional play. I mean, I was playing some futures couple years back in seventy years old plan next me. Yeah. But I don't mind there's got sixty five on playing hang case twenty five all over southern new s I mean, she losing our home. Man that doesn't help. The sport doesn't help the sport. That's the ballot because it isn't helping the sport as a van me. Like, why am I watching the sixty year old lady that'd be around? What's your I your time which until? What was your story? So you went from college put it on right in do. You wanna go pro before doing the college into the pro tour NATO crack of it. So kind of nice school. I didn't really have pro s brations I recruited in end of going on. I kind on one big school that really took interest in me, and then had a good freshman year in like this this is actually doable. Then might software junior final couple of futures. So I'm gonna go pro were moved on Florida transplant comes their coach from juniors. Bill Heiser in those kind of my path. He initially apparently. Nope. Not taking finish school. If you. And then he moved. He will will you born in base before before college. Okay, accents. And then you move to lake Nona to Tampa every year and then Monday Yusuf know who's coming over enter move their facility. Everything have. Let's you guys Taylor. Five. No. Deng book. Yes, not bad. All right. But Lynn looking ahead. You're sleeping base their training. I mean, nothing really changed in terms of day to day of committing to the sport. Not you're not super trend offer, you're still gonna you don't know what your next tournaments can be rolling argue that motivation. The main through practice just existing out there is because he don't really know when you're next term. It's going to be and then sought to terms that I was going to get into. I got cancelled in that. It's like all right. Will this is really tough. But I mean. Playing really well impeding sitting down with your the other day. He goes do us player out. You're playing too good right out this view nothin. He's like your blanket tons right now. So you ain't gonna gong chime play futures tournaments because you having out idea which was kind of I was gonna go to Calabasas him play. That Hans just for fun. That's the hardest thing. I mean, you're twenty four she was totally young. But I think the hardest thing is at any point have to go backwards plays smallest Hardiman, it's so hard mentally and just which the old system was okay, because he still had twenty seven points to if you win a futures view win that erosion up forty spots ranking system, and that's why didn't by Houston in the last year soccer right on do well here but also game of Doug on the challenger indoor season where I usually do pretty well, and you can do the more makes no sense as seen on Facebook that petitions. Grooves. China rally against make changes in kind of create a movement. Do those any hope in this been changes mentioned venturing? As players get involved. I mean, players sport gallon changes have been happening. I think a lot of suggestions earth. Things are repeated a lot little I dunno does a lot of jumbo that's going on those. But some points are pretty Val. Open my eyes nose in suspense because it doesn't affect it. It doesn't affect a specially now like just hearing about it's different getting someone like Tony adult to to actually come on say something was huge. Because it's for example, the college thing when they changed at all able fuss. But it was like people were actually getting big time players big time. People say, hey this change. Right. So this is basically that too. But I thought those changes were less shocking, obviously, because it's a livelihood over here over there's like defining a team like it's completely different. So stressed? It is good that you're kind of stumbled upon being the the face of this. But it's good that someone is creating a movement because if coaches Tony offering samples of perfect sample, he's not working with other players, not Rafa. So he cares because he's working younger players players around four hundred. And he wants them to succeed in. He's like what the heck is this? So as to explain one hundred this is because I feel like it's just I'm not getting more now talking about it in over it as good graphics could be a little smoother. But it needs to be clear. I guess thank you I line into. 'cause like I think this is the first time I've actually understood it I got enough from someone the other day she did her best in trying to split into to me. But I think once you actually listened to put your situation to it makes sense. So and you're living. Thank you. I hope things go better out the things do what you want them to concede new tour. I mean, even if the Knicks the league on their gun, the new thing, then fine. But hopefully, we'll can can so have success in one energies dreams want and not be struggling. I hope. A healthy while person Masol while Carter crazier gold. Tricky. That's it. Yeah. Thank you. Thank you for having in. Okay. So that's it episode of inside the tour tennis dot com podcast. I hope that that help give some clarity into what the ITF world tennis tour is and how it's impacted players. I think he does a great job of explaining it and really trying to break down what the issues are. And what his problem is. And how he has to fight so hard against this new opponent that he didn't really expect. So thanks for tuning in vinita Pantic joined by my co host Irena Falconi on the tennis dot com podcast inside the tour. You've been joined the tennis dot com podcast for all the latest news events head over to tennis dot com.

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I'm 13 and Started My Own Business (Hour 1)

The Dave Ramsey Show

40:24 min | 3 months ago

I'm 13 and Started My Own Business (Hour 1)

"Live from the headquarters of ramsey solutions broadcasting from the dollar car rental studio. This is the ramsey show where america hangs out. Have a conversation about your money and your life. i'm john. Baloney joined here by bestselling author international sensation and good friend anthony. O'neill we're taking your calls about your money about your life but the things that are going on inside and outside of your home and your heart and your mind and in your checking account anthony. how are we doing. Good man about yourself. We're doing all right so as we're taking your calls triplet eight five five two to five usually helps to give the the here anthony. How's your week. Montier been going. Spend a little rough bro. But i know. I'm getting through it. Man you know we are fighting through doing some things and but Just grateful to be here man. You know this great to be walking grateful for another day to get up and do god's work and do what i'm assigned to. I've had a similar his. It's been a rough couple couple of weeks. Yeah yeah what's a. What's a goto thing and i realized that there's millions of people listen to this. I'm asking you as a buddy like what's a goto thing for you when things get heavy and when things are getting a kick in that leg out of bed in the morning gets tough. Yeah i think for me man. I honestly Just disconnect you know some people may say like you as a therapist or counselor may say that's but for me I disconnect so. I get off social media. Get off of The cell phones. I don't respond to text messages. I don't respond to people. I just get him my own little private little prayer closet and just spend some time in the dark breathing. Meditating reading something either spiritual or inspirational just a reset my brain. That's that's super healthy. Then yeah you know. I mean and so that's what i do you know and it works well for me And then honest then. I'm truthful today. If i'm not having a great day in when people walkman how are you. Hey not doing so great. But i'll be all right in the past. But hey i'm doing good. How about yourself when really doing bad are really. I'm not filling filling the best. But i i should be able to be honest and still be productive. Still have a smile on my face and still be good. So that's one thing that i do. I love that. That's that's living an authentic life right. Yeah absolutely yeah. I mean because before i used to try to cover it all up and i think covering it up is unhealthy. Yeah it shows exactly down right. That's that's you depress it right. Yeah yeah for me. It's just like hey. Let's just be really. Oh you're not having a great week. You're having a great day. But i could still be respectful. I can still smell. I can still be honest. Shirley get your stuff done rash soap and get the job done and go home and play my little girl raven and you know run around with her instill be decompressing. Was going on and talking through but really for me man. I connect with my my mentor. My therapist and my spirit's leading man to get me back folks because what we do as a live in bro. We gotta be on all the time you know. We expected to be on all the time and so Sometimes when i'm home. I just disconnected so i can be on when i have to be on. I think that idea man. I if you would ask me anything like you gotta withdrawal. You've got to find solitude and then you've got to reach out to other people right after things and like your text message. Yesterday morning. i was like man. That was i appreciate that browse honesty in my therapy Talking to my therapist and writing. That i get your text message right around like a fifteen thirty during your turn your cellphone often council man. No i mean. I didn't read into account and i got in the car. Oh man that's what's up man. So i i appreciate that Because you know she which is asking me how. How am i and i was just being honest with her So to get in my car to see your text message brought. That was just good. you know. that's that's important too when you are going through macy's you're connected to healthy france how to into your life That can help you push forward It's become incredibly important to me. After losing several people. I care about us years. Yeah if a name pops into my head stop what you're doing megaphone call. I need you that for name pops into my and especially some. I hadn't thought of in while stop it. i'm going to. I'm going to send a text message. Shoot an email to write a card to You can never tell somebody their loved enough. S pretty pretty good for those. Y'all listening right now to the millions. Millions of people listening right now. Whatever name just popped up in your head right now. connect advocate. You need to send him a text message Give them a call. Cinema email cinema diem and some of that too. You're gonna you're gonna reach out and say i'm sorry yes right so you're gonna redel chelsea. You're sorry absolutely all right let's Let's go to the phones. haley kansas city. Let's see here haley. what's going on. Hi how are you guys talking you guys talking to you. So what's up. How can we help So ironically about three and a half hours away from kansas city. I currently am self employed. I'm hairstyles in manhattan kansas. If you're can't state university's And my question is. I've kind of juggling with if i should remain self-employed Like kind of selfish of me if i actually employees Quick background. I'll try to keep it brief. I truly dr arnn. Forty five minutes to work My husband and i moved back in his hometown. North central rural kansas in the fall That's highway driving knowledge city traffic driving. And i've been self employed one year your life tobin my business done really well and i have an opportunity to maybe by a long face where we live We would be taking out a small business on do so We're debt free with owning up our emergency fund again post did I would probably take away. And i went back to working for someone out there. I have a better chance of maintaining my income. Same self-employed but then we'd have small business loan to pay off on this long term location. So why does it have to be either or right. Now well Could it be something that you earned and you built up over time. It says so. I signed another. I'm in a yearly in my current studio. So i'll be commuting until december basically but It definitely takes a toll fee no way during the week we have get here anything but have dogs and You have a husband. I guess. I i have a husband. You and he knows Yeah i know. I want to be a comedian Own two hours one way Four days a week Come next year or so. I wanna be closer to home but just trying to decide. I guess what the smartest thing to do is and if that means kind of myself employment surfing years or i think you've made your decision you wanna stay at home. I think it's higher. You're going to get there never in a million years that you take out a small business loan and so you've already signed a lease so you're committed this thing through december so what i would do is look at ways. You guys can sock away money. You guys can pack and stock money. I think you could probably open your own business there or you can do both. It's when we get into this either or thank you but you've made your decision up you're going to move in. You're going to move back closer to home with your husband. Work closer to home. Your husband figure out to make it work in. Do not take out a loan. For god's sake don't take out a loan. This is the ramsey show. Listen there are some basic things that you should be doing to take care of your family. A roof over their head food to eat a car to get from a. to b. and term life insurance term. Life insurance is an immediate. Need no matter where you are in the baby steps since your family is at no greater risk than when you're in debt the only place i send you for this zanderinsurance they shop all the top insurance companies and they're committed to serving you. That's why i use them and recommended them for over twenty years. Go to zander dot com or call eight hundred three five six forty two eighty two. This is the ramsey show. Eight five five. I'm john baloney joined here with bestselling author ramsey personality. Anthony o'neill taking your calls on your money and on your life whatever's going on. We are here to help. Triple eight eight to five five two two five. Let's go to jessica in new orleans jessica. What's going on. Hey guys what's going on is such a pleasure to speak based anthony is just amazing. I recently bought your debt free degrees for a friend of mine but she really good user was but i'm calling about my own situation today. I recently decided to walk away from a job for fourteen years and dropped my family income by about one hundred thousand dollars so i wanted to tell you kind of what i have and what you think i should do so i do have about two hundred and thirty thousand and my four zero three b about. I'll have to decide where that's going to know. Where should i roll that to you. I have seventy five and cash and savings which is more than my six month. Emergency fund Hundred and forty three on my mortgage. But i am also have the money on hand excluding the seventy five but i can just go ahead and pay out through the end of the year because i'd really like the just take some time off and enjoy my family and i'm just wondering what do you guys think. What should i do. I have no debt other than my home. Our cars are paid for. We have no college loans paid for. I have a master's my husband. He's been working part-time. I've lost my income allowed them to do so. We've always been very supportive when the other needs a break or needs to change and this time it's my time for the change and the break though. What are your thoughts so just go. What did you walk away from the job So i'm a nurse. And i grew within the organization and went into administration and got the point where i felt. There was nothing more. I could do for my team. I really love my team But it was just getting difficult to work within that arena and administration so i decided to take a step back and think about something not gonna bring me joy and find what that is and take my time to find it. Okay okay cool and so i. I believe you're in a healthy place right now. okay. I think that would be one hundred percent debt free. I would definitely jump on. Follow one of our smartvestor pros so we can get your Your engine at thirty thousand dollars road over into a An ira and so that way. I would definitely jump on the phone with them like today to get that process started and then from there. I think You in your family need to sit down and now are you married correct. I about forty thousand. My husband works part time but again where we're pretty well. We've made a good financial decisions up until now. So i'm i'm not talking you Mortgage payments about twelve hundred. I've been. I've paid twenty thousand on it and november. I've really been attacking it trying to get it completely paid for but of course i'm gonna pause on we'll even my drums so you're into place i think I don't have a problem with taken off the rest of the rest of the year Now here's my only thing Is two hundred and thirty thousand dollars. All you all have invested into your retirement accounts. No that's just my portion. My husband has probably fifty. Okay okay cool so you all in a healthy place. I think what you gotta do is release. Sit down and come up with a game plan for what's happening. Moving forward okay. I'm gonna take the next six months off. Spent some time with the family But next year january of two thousand and twenty two. This is what i wanna do. This is where. I'm going to go Or whatever you all plan. You're in a healthy place now. You don't have any dead. They'll dead that you have is your mortgage s okay and your more than twelve hundred dollars a month and you have the cash to take care of them. I think once you start getting below your six months reserve You you you wanna make sure you don't go there So i would definitely plan on making sure that you have a game plan Moving forward within the next six. Must i don't know if i'll take off a whole year jessica That's just my personal opinion and sanita watched doing that kind of stuff. But i'm saying for you Sit down and have a conversation with your family and figure out west best for your family moving forward but I would definitely get a game plan. Within the next six months and jessica. I spoke to a higher level executives morning who is returning from leave and he said something profound he said. The first few weeks were magic. I got to breathe. I got to look at my kids in the. I got to watch them have breakfast with him. It was who and then he said about week. Three four and five. I started getting really itchy and this time off became as much of a burden as the time was that was at work right so i had to begin reaching out to folks i start planning at start solving making solving problems and and and and moving forward and so be intentional about the time you take off and structure that in some shape form or fashion. Just this dream of doing. Nothing is so good invocation. It's so good for a short time but we're not designed to do nothing in that could end up becoming a burden to. Yeah no i absolutely get that my days are well planned. I'm so focused on me for a while. I think he's last. Fourteen years have just taken a toll on me especially the last three have just really hits my health so i definitely have some big focus on not during this time but i agree i have to too busy but i have realized. There's a moment for. It's like oh my look at my watch. And there's no polymer appointment whatsoever but it's priceless priceless. And after you've had a chance to breathe it will start to slowly creep. It'll it'll create things and your soul right because we have that purpose and in staying busy. I don't hear me say you gotta stay busy. You just have to be intentional with purpose right and that may mean. I'm intentionally going to take a nap everyday for the two months right. I am intentionally going to go exercise. I'm gonna use my nursing skills to go volunteer. I'm intentionally gonna get out there and do some things. But i'm not going to be held. Two o'clock i'm not going to be held to you know all these. Tps reports that i got turned in ultimo gotta be held in that kind of stuff right. Yeah the administrative world man can take your soul from you Anthony the hardest thing of of working with professors who then become you know associate. Deans and they become dean's. Most people got into the field of teaching the field of nursing because they love that engagement with a student or the guy with patient and then they're so good at it unfortunately the the reward for being so good is. Let's take you away from that and give you a different type of job right and then you're good at that. Let's take even further away now. You're managing light bills and you're managing budgets and structures and you're so far away from the thing you love to do i. Yeah and so man. There's an administrative burden that comes with that. Have you ever had a job in your life. Anthony that you were so good at. They started as the reward was. We're going to move you further away from it. I'm trying to think like in ministry right when you're really good at working with young people then it's like well we need to get him on stage and you do well in a stages like well. We need to get him into some administrative roles. Maybe not maybe. You've just plugged in i all of my jobs in the past when i did really really well. No they kept me. They left you alone no. We can't afford to have him leave that particular area which why i think sometimes transitioning jobs are difficult because the employer is like well. No you're the best in that position so we need you in that position and moved back. I've never been in that position That's a common experience. She has that. I hear from administrators. Who were in. Healthcare and god bless the nurses man. What a year. They've had the hospital administrators. How are we going to pay our bills. Are we gonna sir all these people have. I can just imagine and good for her for setting her family of in a situation where you can actually take a break. A young couple was seventy five thousand dollars. Cash only one hundred forty three thousand dollars mortgage with close to five hundred thousand dollars in retirement That that's a healthy vibrant young couple sheet. She's worked hard to where she can take a few months off and just enjoy her family. I'm and i think that's a good man. It's good to regroup absolutely figure out what's next everyone needs a couple of myself. Just relax do we. Everyone hey you and me. We're going dave with that one. I like i like we may not get signed off but yeah sure appreciate email guys. You'll get back tomorrow. love it. This is the renzo show Triple eight eight to five five to five. This is ramsey show. i'm john. Baloney joined here with bestselling author anthony. O'neill we're taking your calls money in life. Let's go to area in washington. Dc what is going on. So i'm really glad. I made it to the dave ramsey show I'm a first time home. Homebuyer me and my husband are planning for very first home We're looking in north virginia region. And you know with mocking being so crazy right now. I'm just kind of looking for a little bit more advised of. We should do because we just see that. You know prices where the homes are really shooting up everyone is invading contingencies. All the buyers are lining up and overpaying for the house on average around fifty thousand dollars in the home. So i'm really Little bit apprehensive off should be kind of waited out and see what happens to democracy and the future and maybe go ahead with our plans next year. Or what should we do well Where are you currently right now. Baby steps I'm just recently started Watching and i'm familiar with the baby steps So our income together. A year is around two hundred k We have like turnkey and dollars in debt. We have saved like hundred case for like ten percent down payment than the closing costs But yeah we don't have really emergency just kind of really be saving for the home. That's on all right so no you're not ready to purchase a home yet okay Okay now let me tell you this though. You're not far away from it. At all to be honest. I'm how much of a home do you went to purchase for an example. Give me how much of a home or you're looking at purchasing so we started looking around like six hundred to seven hundred and now we at the point that we have to kind of stretch it out. We really wanna jumping to this market train. Okay so you look at six hundred k home all right How don't want minute. I'm just doing my math and my calculator here. I'm not as quick as dave And so here's the thing so check this out. This is what i would do. If i was in your shoes i will pause and wait till next year. Okay and let me tell you why. I want you to be debt. Free will what they fully funded emergency before you even consider a home. You'll be stronger buyer at that time. So i our do is. I'll take twenty thousand dollars out of your money today and go pay off all of my debt. All right. that's gonna bring you down to eighty thousand dollars. Okay and bring you down to eighty thousand all right then. What i'm gonna do is. I'm look at three months of expenses because it sounds like you are a good stable job situation so you probably need about twenty five. Let's say about twenty five twenty five thousand dollars to half or fully funded emergency fund right so that leaves you with fifty five thousand dollars left in your account to go towards the down payment to get a six hundred thousand dollar home. You're going to need right around one hundred and twenty thousand dollars for a twenty percent down payment. That's a great way to get into avoid a pm. On so what i teach. Is you have the bare minimum of ten percent to twenty percent so you don't need the bare minimum of about ninety thousand to one hundred and twenty thousand dollars to get into a home with you alls income. You could be debt. Free have a fully funded emergency fund and have twenty percent by this time next year. Now you're in a healthier place to purchase a home okay. You have no debt. If something happened you move into the home. At least you have an emergency fund for that. The game plan. You have right now if you go out there and you purchase a home. It's been way more money than the house is actually worth. You're still going to have twenty thousand dollars in debt and you spend all your money you down payment. You don't even have an emergency fund but you make twenty thousand grocer month so that sounds good. But no i want you to be safe So my recommendation is push off. See what the market is gonna do over the next twelve months while you're waiting for the next twelve months. Glad i go ahead. Transfer that money pay off today. Transfer twenty five thirty thousand dollars over two separate savings account. A money market account that is simply just for emergencies. Only s can leave you about fifty to fifty five thousand dollars. You and your husband sit down and figure out. Okay cool bay. how do we get the. How do we get up to one. Twenty within the next twelve months. What do we need to do within our budget to be a strong candidate. Purchase a home so That's my two cents on that And i think right. Now you're in a great position. you're not unhealthy. You're not you're not looking bad. I'm just saying his reposition. Some things so we can be in an even better place within the next twelve months. I'd this is a great question. Man yeah and anyone who tells you. Well it's it's about you don't know. Yeah yeah he really don't. But here's the beauty. When you have a fully funded emergency fund when you put twenty percent down and the market bro. Does what it's going to do which is to go up and down. Listen you don't lose sleep right you go at so but you're in the house that you want. Yeah and then you go to the next day and the next day next day. It's when you're leveraged out you barely making the payment. You had a six hundred thousand dollar budget and then you buy seven hundred thousand dollar house because you had to bid on now. You've got underwater and i think right now it right now. The market is a seller's market by far like give it's its mean. People were spinning right here in the city. it's about twenty thirty forty thousand dollars over what they're asking for. Nine times out of ten is over with the houses actually worth and so if you financing a home it's gonna be real hard feeding into the home if you don't have the money down right you know. And so when i'm saying is Do i'm not saying. Do not not by what i'm saying. You just make sure you have your foundation and you have some cash so you can get into the home that you really desire but for me. I'm not spending thirty thousand forty thousand dollars on more than what the house is. Actually where now. We actually waited nine months and we kept absolute in offers putting offers getting rejected and finally found. The right place is gonna melody. Raleigh north carolina melody. What's up. I thank you for taking my call. How are you guys. we're so so good. Thanks for calling. How can we all righty. So i am nineteen years old. I started listening to dave ramsey. When i was sixteen right before i got my first job and he has really helped you know. Keep me from making a lot of young people decisions Right now. I currently make with my current job around eleven hundred dollars a month. I have about a twenty three hundred dollar cash savings and emergency fund and just side savings. My question is do you guys thinks i should be investing or do you think it would be a good idea to to just save up in the my savings Do you see you living at home with your parents right now. Right yeah. i'm currently in school. And they allow me to live at home. Nineteen i like that. I'm cool with that. I was about to say something else. But i like that. You're in school. Level hundred dollars income. We are one hundred percent debt free. We don't have any credit cards car loans student loan. No student loan snow malone one boyfriend mom. Yeah yeah none whatsoever. I bought my car outright. I saved up for that. Come and i may or my school on a monthly it. Gets you know drafted from my account. Sixty dollars cool. Great talk to me about school. You're in a one hundred percent scholarships. We don't need any more books. We don't need room food. We don't eat nothing pay for for college to complete college. One hundred percent debt free I am not on a scholarship. I'm through actually an online course going through Veterinary technician program advanced to hopefully dr Down the line. I'm fortunate enough that you know in the field that i work and a lot of the the text i've gone through that program and they've been giving me their old books that they no longer need anymore. But so this is not a guarantee that you will be able to to pay cash. It sounds like or you be able to get the funds. Moving forward to pay for college means a. You may have to come up and provide some cash or get some scholarships in the foreseeable future correct. Correct yeah so. I don't want you to invest at all right now. The number one investment you can do melody is investment to yourself and what i want you to do is invest into yourself and make sure. Did you graduate one hundred percent debt free so this way when you actually graduate college you walk across the straits the stage ahead of your peers. You roth across the stage debt. Free money your account. You can enjoy your future so do not invest the money into stocks. None of that invested money into yourself. Save it until you till you need to use it to go towards your college listen to be. America is not worth. it's not worth. Don't try and jump to get compound injuries and you racking up debt avoid yet then the saga about how we get this bag. Which is how do we make some more money zanu. This is the ramp show. Triple eight five five two two five. This is the ramsey show. I'm john baloney joined here by bestselling author anthony. O'neill we're taking your calls on money in life. What's going to austin in sumner illinois austin. What's going on brother not much. I've just got a few questions. So yeah bring up brother. How can we okay. Well i'm thirteen. And i start showing him on. I'm certainly a little bit of call. Okay that we forms I'm i'm gonna be selling goat's milk this summer. Be from honey right now. I make shows and stuff i wanna would would woodcrafts and stuff just wondering how much money i need to be going back into the business and we can start taking money out for me austin bay my whole day realize you are awesome awesome. Also how have how long have you been talking about this and doing it I didn't talk about it for about two. Three years actually started it. And you could say i started about two years ago when i got goats but i really started selling stuff year at farmers market. I make sells that a pallet boards. Wow okay all right. That's so cool awesome. Well here's the thing that But i'm gonna do is because there's so much we can we can walk through this awesome And i just love your heart behind it. So what i'm gonna do is When we get off the phone with you. I'm going to have kelly send you have your mom or dad say stan sim by so they can give you so they can give kelly your address. Because i'm gonna send you a copy of my toolbox kit by teen entrepreneurial toolbox kit Where i'm going to literally walk you through the whole process. And when you get this kit young man i want you to Read it really which appearance in his own teacher your sales pitch is gonna teach you how to make a business budget and i'm gonna teach you exactly. How should you be allocating. Funds are the first thing is going to really figure out. Okay what does it cost you to run the business You gotta buy materials gotta byproducts. So you got put money back into the business so we need to identify. How much do you need to put back in there and then from there the yes what are you going to be paying yourself. What are you gonna be putting into your checking account into your savings account But i think right now in the main thing is that you will need to sit down with your parents to figure out. How much money do i need every month. to keep producing what you're producing. Have you all even talked about that. Already well kinda. Yeah i've got what clues for me. I can get Talent for free my dad worked for ups. And whatever they're done with the loading he can just pick up pallets and we have a bunch of stockpiled. you've got raw materials raw materials just sitting there. that's fantastic. Yeah what other tools that. You need real quick Austin I've got a pallet buster which my dad was more than two before so he goes the i can use it I mean i use a search. Your saw a jigsaw hammer males and usually some hooks so it sounds like it sounds like your parents are already setting you up to win so the income that you would need to put back into the company and then income you used to pay yourself a little different The pentagon pine is sounds like your father can get you the tools and immaterial for free So you may be looking at ninety percent. Eighty percent of your Your income you make will go into you into your future and maybe ten or twenty percent but go back to your father for helping him get the materials or helping you the gift of materials For you down the road. So i'm loving it young man let me ask you. This question is off subject and again to stay on the line and when and get your address to send you a copy. My teen Entrepreneur toolbox but what are you gonna do with all this money like when you start making this money you spend it well There's a few things as i'm like i said i i'm buying a couch in with so my money i already have saved up from because i do four h. And stuff like that. So i have money saved up for me auctions. So i won't be buying part of a cow me and my parents are going to get in on it all together. That's what i'm talking and one of the big things i'm one. I'm saving up for a twenty two rifle and a four four wheeler had. This dude is what's up this man. Justin i'm saving for a gun in a four wheeler that sounds like a bright kid To me it was a cow and a twenty two in a four wheeler. You are my hero austin. This is unique. This is interesting. I man i'm rooting for you. I am celebrating you austin Stay alive man. Kelly will get your address. Show send you that teen entrepreneur. Toolbox kid When you get the cow when you get the right foot when you get the four will send me a johnny pitcher of that So we can celebrate. Which if you would like to see it before. I well not before but when i before. I guess in pictures even subscribed to my youtube channel. It's ak that we farms grow. Hey listen to this number. One brother knows how to push his name. And and you're better than i am at this so well done and yes we will check out your website. Tell us one. More time k. W. farms ak w farms. Good folks go to that website. Get yourself some honey and some goat milk from a thirteen year road entrepreneurs who's put it together and all he wants. America is a cow and a twenty two and a four wheeler. Help them out. I am not mad at him at all. Man that's hey he said x. Box and what. Good for that kid man. He just made everything better than my day. Let's go to stephanie. In saint paul stephanie. What's going on. Hi thanks for taking my call. what's up So my question is around. Pain down our house versus investing. So i'm thirty one years old and getting married in june on my fiance My fiancee's thirty four and we're both doing really well financially. We're gonna make about two forty combined Once we get married we won't have any debt after we pass his car which is about nineteen thousand. The only that left will be on the house or tweet just refinance up to a fifteen year or interest rate I'm selling my house too. So we're going to get income from that We both have emergency like two to three months of emergency fund and cash and then i'm also investing Fourteen percent in my 401k He's doing about six and then we started doing about five grand into Stock held accountable and bond. So my question is we live in minnesota. But we're hoping to move closer to family in the next few years my family's in illinois and his is in michigan So we're wondering since we don't know if we're going to be here long term. Should we still try be Be trying to pay off this house that we're gonna be in as fast as possible or should we be saving that cash in the bank or investing into bond or something that we can pull out of One we're ready to make a another down payment for the maybe forever home Two things why are you investing fourteen percent of your 401k. Are they matching your fourteen percent. Yeah actually watch It can eight percent so the Do you have a roth. Ira outside of your 401k's Yep yep so. That's what i'm contributing. That's right between the both of them. I'm doing fourteen percent goeke. Okay so it sounds like you're doing eight percent over there to four one k. Investment arrest over there get cool. Let's get a fifteen percent or more percent that and then to My answer is going to be. Yes continue focusing on the house. Here's why because you said possibly you said possibly if you knew for sure we're going to be gone in the next few years i would say just go ahead and make the mortgage payments but you cannot go wrong because what if life changes and you ought to stay there well at least you are ahead of the game. And here's the thing that save you go the next two years. Boom you get the money back you know i. It's going to come back to you because you're going to sell the home. You're gonna make some more money on it with prophet i'm not into bonds. You know i mean. I'm in the mutual funds. I'm not in a single stocks I'm into just making sure that. I'm investing in a good solid a way and so for me if i'm in your shoes i'm gonna keep attacking the house because that's the best investment and if i sell it i'll get that money back and then some When it comes to equity in the house. So that's what i recommend for you but great great job congrats on getting married. This go ahead and get that debt. Paid off though. 'cause you ain't debt free yet so you all have two to three months in your emergency fund right now use that money pay off your debt restocked up emergency fine then start going basis for and that's a couple of gonna give married be able to sleep the whole night through of again. This is the ramsey show This is james childs producer of the ramsey show. Did you know the ramsey show is one of the most popular podcast in the world. Subscribe or follow today. Wherever you listen to podcasts. Be like you're in a rut and living life just going through the motions build confidence in yourself and learn to trust the god who created you. Check out the christy wright show where christie inspires you to breakthrough your limitations and create the life your brow to live pay on christie right. You know it's so easy to feel stuck. You live life just going through the motions doing dishes. Doing laundry carpool lines and a whole list of commitments. That bring you know joy. Why don't we live like that. That's why i want you to check out the christy wright show each episode will help you build confidence in yourself and the god that created. You're more from the ramsey network including look kristie right. Show wherever you listen to podcasts. Hey james producer of the ramsey show. This episode is over but check the episode notes for links to products and services. You heard about during this episode. Thanks for listening.

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GSMC Sports Podcast Episode 535: OBJ and Bell Have New Homes (3-13-2019)

GSMC Sports Podcast

46:55 min | 2 years ago

GSMC Sports Podcast Episode 535: OBJ and Bell Have New Homes (3-13-2019)

"This is your ultimate stop for everything. Sports, the Golden State media concepts or podcast. Should I say more from the NFL MLB the NBA to MMA? It's all in here. The Golden State media concepts sports Bod cast, listen. Hello. And welcome to the GSM MC sports podcast. Brought to you by the GMC podcast network. I'm your host Jeff Mallon off. And boy these last twenty four hours have been something. We're going to go over all the major moves at a happened in the NFL free agent market before it even has begun as it begins today. So all this stuff is going to be official by today. Any no there's also some there's also chances these might not even happen. But they're like ninety nine point nine percent probably going to happen. But guys come back. Our last second they're intending to sign which doesn't mean anything. Okay. It means something, obviously. But it's not as in like. It's one hundred percent. It's nine nine point nine percent. Anyways, regardless of that. Wow. There's lots of talk about in that. We'll also talk about some basketball. Things has Russell Westbrook was fine for his interaction with the jazz fan and Baka in Markey's. Chris have also been suspended for an expert game. I'll tell you how how long they have. And I'll see not my opinions on those factors and anything else that needs to be talked about we'll be talked about. But we gotta talk about the big big trade that happened. Yes. There was a big trade the chiefs. I'm kidding. The Browns have traded for L Beckham junior. And they kind of gave up kind of little all things they gave up the first round pick this year, which is the seventeenth overall picks. Not in the top ten they gave up next year's third on sorry. This year's third and jovial peppers their defensive back. They in the first round a couple of years ago when they had a first-round. Yeah. It was I. So first of all I'm going to say I feel really sorry for gerbil peppers right now because he's jetted onto the Browns. He's gone through all this horrible. Like this one of the worst runs for for an NFL team in history just of based off like just one in fifteen fifty. Oh and sixteen and all that kind of things and the Hugh Jackson era wasn't that? Great. So he goes there if he goes, oh, man, we got a real Tina we've got shot at winning this thing. That's probably what's going through said. Oh, they heard he hurts. They trade for ODA Beckham junior. Oh, that's also we're going to be even better. Now, we I was the one that got traded. You're you're sending me to the giants who just lost. Landon Collins in Odell Beckham junior two of their best players. And you know, meanings their quarterback and their only player of note is sick Barclay whose has to carry the team. Probably rush running having fifty times a game and their defense. Can't stop a cold. Yep. That's fair. So my heart goes out to Japan is right there. But as for the giants they now have the number five pick and the number seventeen pick in and another third round pick. So yes, they have two first round picks. Just like the raiders do. Well, the raiders have three first round picks this year. But those in the high twenty so already the giants have to hire picks than the raiders did when they traded away, Amari Cooper and Khalil Mack. So there is some positive. They have to picks in this draft. And this is a highly touted drought class defensively. So they can get their defense a bit. And as well draft a quarterback into an Haskins who seems like he's gonna ghost the second quarterback selected. It seems to me that collar Marie still going to be the first overall selection by the Arizona Cardinals as they are shopping. Josh rosen. It's not they have not announced yet they have not made that official, but there's just been confirmation from other sources that he is being shopped. So to me, I think Colin Murray is going to be going to the cardinals with the first overall pick. And with this trade the Browns are a serious contender. I mean, just look at this offense Baker Mayfield under center Nick chub behind him. And when cream hunt comes back probably from his suspension, which is probably like six games roughly he'll be back in the lineup. Oda Beckham on one side Jarvis land joined the other you'll LSU teammates Antonio Calloway in the slot. Davis. David Joko at tight end. That's a great lineup right there. That makes Baker Mayfield. Job so much easier. When you have that much talent at the receiver position anti-dam position as well as your running game being strong with with Nick Chubb, who is extremely underrated is one of those in my opinion, one on the top picks in the draft. I'm sorry top pigs fantasy football wise in the draft. And I think he's a great player. So I think this is making I have the win in the AFC north. I already had them winning the AFC north the Cleveland Browns. But now it's an even week a weekend AFC north no Antonio Brown. No, levian mbelle because of levian went to ravens maybe that changes some things, but the Cincinnati Bengals are going to be at the bottom. Probably the Steelers ravens might be able to crawl that. They lost CJ Moseley intro. Suggs, our two main linebackers so that really puts a hole in their defense. So honestly Browns might be going thirteen and three this season. Like, they're looking really good for a big push this season with the addition of not just sorta Beckham Jim, but just like Sheldon Richardson as well as they got in a contract from the from Vanessa Vikings. So that's just a great addition. And. And the Cleveland Browns look like an elite squad at deep playoff contender. And you know, if all if it was like if I'm just a fan of football like f- either favorite team. That's not the Browns. You're happy for the Browns. Because it's like they've been pushed they've been picked on so much. They've been the bottom of the barrel for so long seeing them actually in a good position to win NBC successful for the first time since they became since the new Cleveland Browns came up in nineteen ninety nine BC. If you remember nineteen ninety-five, they moved from Cleveland to Baltimore became the ravens. So in in actuality like this new for this new formation of the Browns this new era the Browns if you'll from ninety nine to now have been one playoff appearance in barely that in that one plate appearance was a one in done run in the wildcard round. I believe against I know is I'm trying to remember who was a. Wildcard round or visit around I'm assuming it was wildcard. But regardless a very big up for the Cleveland Browns in just for the city of Cleveland since they lost LeBron James as well that Cleveland Cavaliers at the bottom of the barrel. Themselves. Only you can only think of all that you know of any team any if not if my non-fair team was going to do. Well, I'm happy to the Browns. I think that's what everyone's talk processes because like I said just so much bad luck. It's it's good again. Give them some love. John Dorsey, of course, making some headways with this with these moves, and it's just it's just it's just good to see just seeing good things happen to Cleveland Browns exhibit so much bad. So that being said without on Beckham junior being a Cleveland Brown. He's probably more likely to get a ring now because well again, he's only had one playoff appearance, and that was a pretty disappointing playoffs performance by to some people. So we'll see if they do make the playoffs. We'll see how they do. But again, this is a very young core offensively they have a great defense. That turns the gets those those those turnovers they were one of the top in the in the league in turnovers last. Season. So you can only expect great things, of course, losing their first round pick is a big hole. But they do have a second round pick still. So that's all that's I last time. I checked grandpa. I'll double check the NFL draft twenty nineteen. But when when you looking at like this draft, it's like all they could have boosted their defense up a little bit. I think it's fine that they gave way that pick to really boost their offense because their defense was great last year, their offense just was a back and forth type of thing. So with that being said. The Cleveland Browns earliest pick is a forty ninth overall pick in the second round forty ninth overall. So they do have a segue round pick. They can boost defense possibly for guys might just drop a couple of us around her. So to maybe they'll go after someone else. I'm not sure, but. With the giants. Now, they have the six six pick Don to fifth pick excuse me. And now at seventeen pick. So they're looking good in the drop. But again, they still there in a huge rebuild all hands on deck. We got a way to couple years before contenders again mode. So we'll see how everything goes. And of course, we also have the talk about Levy on bell has officially signed with the team. He is signed he's signing with the New York Jets for a four year fifty two and a half million dollar contract, which is twenty million less than what the Steelers were offering him in a contract extension. And basically like, let's look at his timeline. He turns down a seventy million dollar offer from the Steelers then he sits on tire season wanting more money, then he settles for the jets for fifty two and a half. So in the process Levy on builds gone through he. He kind of lost money on this. But it's also guaranteed money. He's getting. And also, it's the culture the Steelers that's been an issue probably as well. So it's not maybe maybe it's a little more about like guaranteed money too. But thinking that seventy million dollars he turned that down and gets less than that. So in overall, at least that's just how I see it at least in maybe maybe it's a little disappointing. I'm not sure how else he would put it. But I don't know. But as for the jets. Wow. They look like they could be a threat question. Mark too. You know, the patriots in the AFC ease. But you know, it's really hard to say. But it looks to me that Livia on Bill is going to get like sixty carries obviously, not sixty. But he's going to get a majority of a majority of the carries bridge already of the snaps in these games for the jets for the time being they still have Sam darnold desert quarterback there. Right. Receiving core is at best to be completely honest with you, and I just see them in more of a. Writing living on bell until they can build a better offense around him in darnold. So we'll see how everything turns out. But I don't know. I still see the REX. We'll see the patriots as serious ABC's threat. Honestly, I thought would lure live on Bill away from the jets is the fact that the patriots are in their division, and like the jets are weaker team in general there are there is news at the point manner should push very hard at the end of the night to acquire levian bell. But last second the jets made another offer I think just over. There's that's his this is what the sources are saying. So with that being said this look like the jets kinda stolen at the last second with a little bit of higher offer. If I had a guest like the Niners probably game, we're offering like forty five to fifty million. And then he they went at fifty two and a half. And he was like ou an extra two and half million or something or maybe even less contract. More guaranteed money. Something of that nature. And with that being say, yes Levy on bell and ODA Beckham junior are on different teams. No longer are the Steelers would love you on bell or in Tonio Brown. And no longer are the giants would they'll be ODA Beckham junior. So with that being said. Who got a better deal? Was it the Browns for trading people draft picks in Jerusalem pampers for ONA vaccum junior. Or was it the jets spending fifty two and a half million dollars on levian belt? Well, if you're looking at a win now basis, and when I'm being went like, obviously like, that's you know, what I mean. When now I think I gotta go at the Browns on this one looking to be a serious strengthen the AFC and a serious threat to a serious threat to Tom Brady and the patriots when it comes down to it it when a when it comes down to the playoffs. You know? I know that sounds crazy just say it out loud. But Leon is I can see them as I seen. I see him getting a buy week the Browns that is. And so that's I can definitely see that. As a big possibility. I could see it. In a way that they can go thirteen and three or maybe even better. But it's if they go like, let's okay, let's just use different examples does go different scenarios here. If the Browns go, let's say, they disappointing. Go six and ten with all this hype. Is that coaching is that the players not getting enough time together just on training camp alone. Like, what would be the situation there? That would be an interesting the thought process that think about due to the fact that there's just this shouldn't be an excuse for how like a six ten record with a type of talent they have on offense and defense. So honestly with Freddie kitchens he has his work cut out for him with extremely talented team. But if they don't do, well, if they go six and ten or five and eleven or even eight for that matter this all falls on him. He's taking the blame. Because no way should a team of that caliber be that poor offense our record wise. So, Freddie kitchens. Yes, he kinda got guessing easier gig with the talent has but also more pressure based on unique to win now base. Like, usually coaches when they first gets first year coaches, they're like. This might not be a winning winning team yet. But like like like Akash anything like we're giving like six year contract, you this gives you time to build a team around you. But with this, Freddie kitchens already has a team built around a very talented team. And if he can't get it done here, you can't get it done anywhere in theory. So with that being said, it seems to me that for any kitchens has to win. Now he has to make the playoffs. He has to has to has to. I think he has at least ten wins. Especially in a weekend division, especially with the Steelers of like in a weakened state. Without two of their franchise players with to franchise players gone. And basically they feels like they picked been rob this burger over the two young guys. I know maybe Odell Antonio's not young at thirty one. But you picked Ben Rothlisberger a guy who's what thirty six thirty seven. Is that maybe thirty eight I'll look that up again to make sure, but you picked the guy that's going to be gone. Probably sooner rather than later. And he's thirty seven right now. So he's probably going to be gone to like I said he's going to be gone sooner rather than later and you picked him over. Like half over your best core players. I just think that's the wrong choice. I think it should be more Lund legs. If I if you had to pick between bell and Brown or office burger, it should be no brainer. That it's it's the two younger guys. It's the two guys that a quarterback can do well around regardless who the quarterback is, you know. So honestly, I think the Steelers has shot themselves multiple times in little foot. You know, it's not just one foot. Sean the foot. It's multiple shots in the foot for losing to players that you rarely see nowadays you rarely get that success, especially a six round pick from central Michigan being an amazing running amazing writer Seaver and a guy for Michigan state. Who's SU goes from? Pretty high potential guide to the best running back in the league. And he took away a year of his career. He took a year off because he didn't wanna play for you. And also the been Big Ben theories like no one is getting along with Big Ben, you gotta see a serious point here in where you're looking at. Okay. What's the problem? Ben Rothlisberger might be that problem. Ben Rothlisberger might be this issue that the Steelers have. And that's why three and thirteen is probably their future. And you know, what is seems that Mike Tomlin might be next. Well, see it seems that it's just Ben Rothlisberger all alone in the in the theory. And with the team he has around him. It's be Ben Rothlisberger all alone. Mike Tomlin's fired. Antonio Brown's gonna love you on Bell's going on the guys that made him. Look good are going to be gone. And he's gonna be all alone is ask why how did this all happen? Well, your ego. Your comments. It's just. You caused this Ben Rothlisberger? I'm I personally will put the blame all on you. I think some people would agree with me. But we're gonna take another short break when we come back. We'll talk about other signings and other deals that were made yesterday before the official free agency for force. I official. Offseason begins which is today officially begins today. So we'll talk about the deals that are made beforehand that are going to. That we're going to be official today. So we'll get right on that. When we return. Are you looking for the very best NFL and college football podcast, then checkout GSM, see football podcast. Get the latest football move both in the field from the NFL draft trades to the rumor mill to the NFL combines they got you covered. That's GMC podcast dot com slash football. Dash podcasts. Get updates. I'm college rivalries, Kindy, insights and much much more. It's football talk. The way you want. It this show slates briefs football. Don't forget to like on Facebook and follow them on Twitter. Visit. Yes, MC podcasts dot com. For more info. Welcome back. The GMC sports podcast. Feed is finished the two biggest moves of yesterday Levy onto the jets Beckham to the Browns. But there's more as. There was plenty more. Actually, let's just recap. What else happened in react to it? As we read it along, shall we? Just join me now here, and let me just get through all this. Photoshop Cleveland Cleveland Brown. Odell Beckham junior stuff. Yes. As here's an actually interesting one the forty Niners in the in the candidate cheese have greed to assign in trade as the Niners are getting away their second round pick next season Ford default. Now, those who remember kind of criticize Ford a little bit for his off-sides penalty in the AFC championship game of last season. But. Look at really I'm going to read you some things he was the number one pass. He had the number one pass rushing. Great by pro football, focus. His great. I believe was ninety one phone mistake. And it was and he had the most total key pressures on edge rushers seventy eight twenty eight teen and had thirteen sacks last season a career high for him. So he's at the top of his game at twenty seven years old with the addition Kwan Alexander and how well divorce Buckner did last season with the Niners twelve himself the Niners really up their game on their front seven and in the mock drafts they're looking to get Nick Bosa so having deport and and forced Buckner. Well, let's let's say this again, d Ford edge rushing divorce Buckner in the middle and possibly Nick both on the other end could lead to serious problems for the offense and could be one of the best passing defenses in the league win rushing the quarterback and also stopping the run. This could be very dangerous setup. And also they could be looking at a Quiring Earl Thomas who could boost their secondary up with register on this defense could look pretty legit going after a disappointing last season. How bad the defense was. But apparently default is given the given the thumbs up for default given up the finance for the signing because he could've turned it down stayed with the Kansas City Chiefs. If you wanted to. And he's agreeing to the multi year deal of five years eighty seven point five million dollars. So they're too big signings. This season for the forty Niners are d Ford and quantum Alexander. Guess people were criticizing the Quantel exander signing because he tore his ACL. But he's only twenty four years old and is one of these those top. Those top rushing defenses. And he's a good cover guy. He can only get better as his career continue. So honestly, I think these two trae these signings are great I think there's tons of upside for the forty Niners on their defense. And after the disappointment on the defense side last season. This is a huge upgrade for the Niners in could be a playoff team, very possibly. But it also could be it wait another year forward to really mature. But we'll see everything goes. But that is another one of those big signing traits that happened yesterday. And. Well, if seems that calorie is gonna to go to the cardinals. I I don't really unknown at this point. But. It seems by most analysts that that's gonna happen. So we'll see how that goes. Apparently an AFC front of. Okay. Someone posted this barely last night. I just I just saw this the front office executive on Beckham in AFC front office executive on the Beckham trade if I traded him for so little and turn like this. I would have been fired the entire front office would be cleaned out kind of sums up. How the giants aren't in not show right there, but continue onto. What is going on in other in other? In other words, besides so we have defor reloaded Beckham junior. And we have Levy on bell moving around the. The league we also have. Well, we kinda had something as. What we almost had another jet signing as Anthony Burr was society, five years, sixty seven point five million dollar or to sign a five year contract with the New York Jets, or it was maybe it was unknown. What the what the contract was? I'm not entirely sure. What the actual? I think it was pretty high though, I'm pretty sure they said he turned down more money to stay with the Vikings is basically what the sign is. Because now he's staying with the jets after turning he was supposed like, it seemed like goes all inclusive that he was going to be a jet. Anthony Barr was and then he said, you know, what I change my mind in sign a five year sixty seven point five million dollar contract with the Vikings to say there. If thirty three million dollars guaranteed. And it seemed like the jets we're gonna put him in edge rushing role, which who is more familiar with back when he was in college UCLA. So we'll see how everything turns around. But is that a bad sign for the jets? Of course, it always made up for signing levian, but. We'll see how the jets handle it without him. I'm sure they'll be fine. So those are the three big moves like I said. Cameron wake a five time pro bowler for the dolphins to sign a contract with the titans. It said to be a three year deal where twenty three million dollars ten million guaranteed. Head doubled. His head double digit sacks recently twenty seventeen for the dolphins posted six last year. So he's still a formidable threat on the defensive side of good pick for the titans. Let's see anything. I'm looking at all the others the bears sign Cordeaux Patterson with two year deal. The former. New England patriot running back question, Mark. I mean, he ran the ball more times that he caught the ball felt like, but the deal is a two year deal were ten million dollars in five million of it guaranteed. And. Yeah. People don't want to remember. He was on the raiders, but he was shot by the Vikings. And he was with the patriots. And. He had twenty three total. He has twenty three touchdowns in his career. So that's pretty good for him. And looking at the other signings nothing of note as of right now, just some offense align stuff. Oh, Bradley Roby. Bradley Roby signed a one year deal where ten million dollars Houston. Texans who's been who was actually a pretty good corner for the Broncos. He was selected the first round twenty fourteen and he's had seven interceptions in five seasons, which isn't bad at all actually. So that's pretty good for him. Again. I saw Thomas Davis last yesterday that he went to. The LA Rams. So it looks like I'm caught up with most of those big signings. It seems that way at least, but you know, when this day and age, you can get an update on your phone, like two seconds. And it could all change from there. And. Began nothing notes so far anymore. But with that being said, I just wanna say this has been an excellent freidan C already. We're all only in day one really in officially into this whole new season. And we've already seen some major moves and changes they'll going to shake up the NFL for next season in guys who are making mad at need to really update the players on each team in kind kinda in a hurry at that moment. I'm just kidding. But with that being said, I just think there's a lot that happened. I still think there's plenty more to come. But we're going to take another short break, and we'll come back we'll finish up with some NBA talk in some problem. Maybe somebody's suppose we'll see, but it's gonna finish us off with some MBA talk. And actually, you know, what we're also going to talk about some soccer's Cristiano Renaldo did Cristiano Renaldo like things in eight Champions League match up yesterday or the other day. So we will see that. And we will be right back right after this. Check out the show that's built on the from UFC two extreme cage fighting they got the fights covered. Checkout GMC podcast. Get the latest news on past or upcoming fights. Join us as we talked to in about some of the biggest names in the past president Beecher when it's the fight game. There's just one show to check checkout GMC podcast dot com. Backslash M E dash podcast. Don't forget to like him on Facebook and follow them on Twitter. Visit GMC podcasts dot com for more info. Welcome back. Everyone GMC sports podcast because talking about the NFL. But before we get into the basketball stuff be taught a little bit soccer because something incredible happened the other day as in the Champions League Juventus whose Cristiano Renaldo team was placing Toco a very formidable Ponant and in the first game match firstly against. Juventus a lead to go went up two nothing one to nothing. So in the second leg if you're not aware of the rules. Basically those get goals carry over to the second game. So technically or actually in the second game it's zero zero on the scoreboard. But in actuality it was two nothing to start off the game. So basically Juventus needed a win needed to score. If you let go scored one goal they would score four goals in so on and so forth. Well, they got their wish as Cristiano Renaldo got a hat-trick three goals, and they were the only goals of the whole game as Juventus wins not only this game. But also the entire match they'll series they have three to nothing Christiano with a third goal in late in a penalty kick close to the end of regular time. And that lead that led to Rinaldo caring juventas into a win into one of the biggest comebacks known for the last since since in recent memory unbelievable three goals for. One guy and how trick and he needed a hat trick. Exactly to win the game for Juventus. But he also needed to let go not just one goal and they didn't alternate. Choke job by lead Toco and a big win for events as they move on to the Champions League. This just proves to me very straightforward that. That Crisanto is the best in the world. He's the best soccer player in the world. And it's really hard to deny Adra performance. If you can't consider them the best player in the world. You gotta consider resumes score in the world. Like, you gotta put them at best somewhere. You got put him in them one concern one category. When it comes to the sport of soccer because then you're just being a little silly. If you're not even considering it was number one. And this just proves the point of why he is number one. And there should be no denying that. So with that being said. Let's move on to some basketball. As you all aware about the jazz incident the fan the jazz fan incident with. Well, so Westbrook for Russell Westbrook's comments about saying he's gonna f- the guy up and his wife, which is putting it through it on a woman, which is ever a good thing. He has been fine twenty five thousand dollars for his comments and with that. You're also looking at the jazz fan having a permanent ban in the in the from the jazz arena. So there's kind of they're both kind of punished in this for their comments. And is still there's oppose it, still unknown. What Russell current if they were if it was the right thing misheard, what the comment was if it was even racial or not there's still a lot of talk about that are still a lot of question marks. Because I it seems like obviously the fan was trying to f on Russell Westbrook to make those kind of comments. So we obviously said something that he said something offensive that trigger. Russell westbrook. Maybe it was on your knees. Comments made maybe those were the facts, or there's something more to it that we don't know about. But regardless one is banned from the Rino the jazz Rena for life and the other one is five twenty five thousand dollars. And with that being said. It wasn't just that that really made an impact. He okay. This jazz guy was not the only one who may have ban this week in an arena as the New York. Knicks owner James Dolan. This is you're gonna laugh at us. So he's so this is the video that was has been shown on like, social media and stuff you probably are saw. But he's walking into the tunnel to exit the arena right guy says please sell the team like as in like, you're not helping it wasn't like even like he didn't curse. I didn't see any curses or anything like that. But Mr. Dolan here took exception to this fan in his comments as he banned him for life a lifetime ban from Addison Square Garden like. Wow. First of all if you think one guy, do you think Kevin Durant sensitive? My word James Dolan might be the most sensitive man on the planet. Because all the dude said was can you please sell the team like, obviously, he's doing a bad job. And he's not the kind of an arrogant guy for putting himself in in like opening acts for certain celebrity music performers. So that is also pretty are gonna them. But the fact that all guys said was sell the team. I don't think there any cursing last time. I checked the video. There was no foul language play. It was just sell the team or sell the team. If it was anything, cursing wise. So toiling goes up to to the barrier of the seats and shows like. Oh, you you want to say those things will get him out of here have fun watching the Knicks at home or something of that like some backhanded compliment backhanded comment like that. And it was just a it was. Subscribe this it was petty. I think the bottom line is that that phrase was petty. And. But regardless of. What you think of James Dolan? He banned the guy. I don't think the guy can fight back in this. If you will. Make of lawsuit or something like that. I'm not entirely sure what he could do in this situation. But regardless of that Nolan makes pretty Dolan excuse me. Christopher nolan. Yeah. No. But James makes it pretty petty ban on on a guy. If a guy makes racist comments or is alleged to make racist comments. Then that's understandable. If he's saying that the players, of course, that is very rude in not should not be allowed. I get that part. But. Having a guy get banned for saying sell the team having just been criticized not in like if he was just booed would he just ban that guy like it seems so little of how other problems in the arena, you could ban someone for causing a fight or something like that? But no the guy just makes one critical remark at you. And as a public figure, basically as an owner of a professional team, you're going to see criticism, you're going to see people wanting you to be fired, quote, unquote or selling the team and getting out of the getting away from their team because you're the problem, so many different guys get that general managers, and so on and so forth coaches players all that kind of stuff. And he goes after you and you ban him. I think that's extremely wrong. And I think that's extremely petty. And I think that's not doland should. If anyone should be punished. Also, it should be him for that kind of a quick trigger finger if you will. But unfortunately, you can't do anything about it. And speaking of sensitive players one of my. Charles Barkley has said comments about comments about Kevin Durant, and Kyrie Irving, and they're moved to New York City to play for the Knicks. This Berkeley's, quote, draining kyri are not tough enough to to play for New York. And when he means by that, of course is like the media's on them a lot more. They're a lot more ruthless in New York. And it just seems a little more tougher environment to have a career New York without being successful. Or if you lose a game, it's your fault in its relentless basically bottom line, and they have trouble with media. Now, it's get escalate in New York. And I think that's what he means by tough. He means they're not mentally tough to really. To be in New York for a whole for career for multiple years. And I kind of agree with them if Kevin Durant timing this much of an issue when he's not the focal point when he's not like the face of the franchise face of the team teams on and then he goes to another team. And he's and he'd becomes that. Then you got a problem. Then you got like he's gonna be be more and more offended and more and more sensitive, and that's Galina more and more problems. So I think that's when he means tough enough. And I happen to agree with them kyri may be able to. Handle it. He kind of stepped up Riesling saying, I'm not big on my best behavior with the media. And I apologize. He kinda manned up about it, which I respect Kevin Durant on the other hand. Never really does that he keeps saying let's just play basketball. Oh, please. I'm sorry. I hate that. I hate that one. Like, that's like a comment that triggers me because it's like, it's not just basketball. You're a celebrity you're a role model to kids and all the other things you're not just playing basketball. It's more than basketball. Outside off the court. You're a bottle off the court. You're an influence to a bunch of kids. And you gotta make an example and going off on reporters and being all sensitive to reporters doesn't really put you in a right. Good spot. When you're reacting almost in a hostile way towards the media in towards. Critics and cursing at fans in calling them. And all this other things it just seems very mature to me for a player that's supposed to be with the best in the NBA. And is just he's just does that doesn't sound like a role model to me is all I'm saying. So that being said, let's move onto. Suspensions actually happened as surge Baca and Markey's Chris had that big blow out fight, of course, about co winning gravity. Thrones touring punches. I'm not sure what I it's still on on what really aggravated or triggered. If you will. If triggered a surge about to really attack Markey's Christmas such violence, and such like, honestly, just scrubbing someone's throat. This is such a violent act, regardless of like if he is -ccomplish not. But it just like he's going for a vital area in the part of the bodies. It's the most one of the most vital areas. So going out for that in any way, shape or form in a violent matter is disturbing it away. So with that being said knowing that he's only been suspended three games. I think you should have been suspended more, and you can also say that market Christian. I'd have been suspended because there is no really evidence of him doing anything to really. Egg on Serge Ibaka. There's not really evidence that he really crossing lines surgery bucket from to go off on that kind of. How do I explain it? Go off on that kind of violent act against him. So if it was me, I probably would have to spend Baca for at least five to ten games. And possibly more depending on like how situation came about. But I had just got a I feel like he's got off very light. For three games. That's it. I think he should suspended from where I think other people agree as well. But regardless he's three games Markey's Chris one game, and we're just going to move on from this. But that is our show today. Thank you so much for joining us in please Tunis in tomorrow, as we probably will have more NFL news. We'll have basketball news baseball news. Anything else? Any other sport news? I'd probably will happen. We will get it to you. And it's always I'm Jeff Mallon off. And I'll see next time. You've been listening to the Golden State media concepts sports podcast part of the Golden State media concepts podcast network. You can find this show and others like at WWW dot Jesus MC podcast dot com. Download our podcast on itunes, Stitcher. Soundcloud and Google play just type in GS MC to find all the shows from the Golden State media concepts podcast network from movies to music, sports, entertainment. And even weird news. You can also follow us on Twitter and on Facebook. Thank you. And we hope you have enjoyed today's program.

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Hour 1: Measure Up

The Stephen A. Smith Show

39:11 min | 2 years ago

Hour 1: Measure Up

"Peter manning NYC makes close for the not so tall guy. Pants was shorter. In seems shirts. You can wear on talk and jackets that don't feel like a tent check out. Peter manning, NYC dot com and discover a great fit use code ESPN for twenty percent off your. This is the Stephen a Smith show podcast. I'm Stephen everybody. Well, come to the latest addition to the Stephen a Smith show coming at you as I love to do every weekday over the airwaves of ESPN radio two hundred and fifty plus markets across the United States of America from New York to L A and everything in between. Check your AM FM listings, plus ESPN radio on Sirius XM channel eighty also ESPN radio simulcast over the live national television. Airwaves of ESPN news number to call up as always triple eight say ESPN that's eight seven to nine three seven seven six peleton. The game changing indoor cycling bike is the perfect gift this season and peleton's best offer of the year is here for one week only now through cyber Monday, get the works accessories. Valued at two hundred forty nine dollars free. When you buy the bike for more details. See one peleton dot com. Tougher straight talk. Brought to you by straight talk wireless. Best phones. Best networks, no contracts. People will have you believe that today is just a magnificent day. That so much has happened over the the world of sports that you know. I mean, my goodness what a beautiful beautiful day. It is. Tomorrow's thanksgiving. There's a lot to be thankful for there is no question about that. For me. I'm thankful for my family and thankful for my friends and loved ones, I'm thankful for a phenomenal job in which I get to talk about the things that I love and people that I respected admire I get to work with great. Great people like I do here. Yes. Jonathan winters that includes you, you are actually great. I don't want to tell the world that, but you're actually great. So you J C you not love you, bro. John Curtis and the rest of the crew. But let me tell you something. Let me tell you people that don't have. They have a lot day for four. Don't get me wrong. Terms of life being in the greatest country in the world etcetera etcetera. But if you're north east Ohio tonight is a night that comes with a level of bitter sweetness on one hand thanksgiving is coming up, and there's a lot to be glad about there's a lot to be appreciative of in this great country of Oz. But LeBron James returns to Cleveland tonight by thing he returns to Cleveland tonight. That means he's no longer days visiting and if he's visiting that is not a reason to feel good because we're LeBron James goals competitiveness. Championship contention excetera. There's a part of the equation when he's gone purgatory is what exists for you. And that is clearly the case with the Cleveland Cavaliers the worst team in basketball. They were in the finals last June for the fourth consecutive year. Lebron leaves did a worst team in basketball. If there's a testament to the level of greatness that this man has had his disposal or has had an appointment his hands. This is the testament, and so he returns tonight as a member of the Los Angeles Lakers, and you have people literally would storylines out there saying, okay, what's going to be the storyline. Full abroad James in Cleveland. How are they going to treat him upon his return? Are they going to give him a standing ovation? Are they going to boo abroad? James what's going to happen? And my point is simply this whoever booze LeBron James in Cleveland tonight, whoever booze LeBron James and the northeast Ohio area. Even it's tempering towards idiocy and ignorance. Or you are simply one of those people who should be classified as one of the most ungrateful unappreciative individuals that we could possibly possibly fathom. It's that simple. The Cleveland Cavaliers in the four years. Lebron was gone what nineteen sixty three twenty one and forty five and have lockout short season a twenty eleven twenty twelve twenty four and fifty eight and then thirty three and fifty nine. The very next year. Lebron James arrived. They will fifty three and twenty nine with David bladders their coach. And they went to the finals and lost the second year. Lebron was there. They went fifty seven and twenty five David Blatt was relieved of his duties after thirty and eleven start Tyron Lou takes over. They win the championship. The third year. Lebron was their their fifty one and thirty one they go to the finals again because they fall, but that's what I have to. Kevin durant? Arrived in Goethe's date. And then after that they were fifty and thirty two. And again, they went to the finals where you look at what this man has done. The fact that this man has raced of fifty two year cursed in the northeast Ohio area. There's no professional sports team on any level that won anything in more than a half century. Lebron James comes on board. Clearly back to deliver on a promise. He had made to that city in that area. The man comes back. Delivers the championship. Racist curse, fulfills, his promise. And along the way state for two additional years way took y'all to the finals. And this is the person. That you would have a problem with. Let me tell you something, you know, I got my eyes on tonight. You know on watching John, you know, what I'm watching y'all. I'm watching Dan Gilbert. Because Dan Gilbert had better. Have some appreciation and a better have something special. Plan for LeBron James returned to Cleveland the night some kind of special tribute. Yes. Fans can decide to chair a ball, whatever. But dammit, Dan Gilbert, don't have a choice. Now, I understand he is the most fondest person in the world. Lebron James, there's call it. What it is. I'm telling you what I know. We'll never forget that vicious letter that he wrote about LeBron James when abroad decided to take his talent to south beach. Very very few people are gonna get over what he said about that, man. And what he wrote about that man that was vicious. But it's over and done with LeBron James came back gave him four years four straight trips to the finals and NBA championship. There's nothing to talk about here. There's nothing to talk about here. And you want to sit up there. You wanna point the finger? Lebron James, I'm quite sure you could come up with some reasons kyri Irvin. He left because LeBron you want to say that. The bronze still went to finals. There wasn't funds. Dayo Smith was relevant because LeBron James Iman Shumpert was a real rose relevant because LeBron James Kevin love. Was appreciated and became a playoff contender and a champion because LeBron James. You can still talk about him carrying curry to. I'm not going to go that far now Macari average twenty nine and twenty seven respectively to NBA finals appearances. But I'm gonna tell you something right now, I gotta give love to LeBron James for what he different era his his philanthropy. We know what he did the university of Akron. We know what he's done for. But people out there, we get all of this. But if you are Dan Gilbert. With your franchise mired in purgatory and misery. And beyond. For every season. Lebron James has not been there. There is no excuse. To avoid giving this man all the praise he has so richly deserved. Now big critical. Ella bronze as China tough. Just talking basketball some things I love some things. I don't like even though he's the greatest in the world. But it certainly nothing personal from a personal perspective. You can't ask for better professional athletes who represent your franchise. You just can't doesn't chichi with effort doesn't teach. You what conditioning doesn't teach you results? Generates revenue for you out, the wazoo. What is there to talk about? You're cleveland. Yes. You're fan. You have the right to cheer or boo. All you want you pay for tickets. But if you the media you have to appreciate LeBron. If you're the Cavaliers organization, you have to worship the ground. He walks on if the Bryant as wanted a damn pedicure from Dan Gilbert, he should get it. You might sit up there say because there are some people that will say, well, you know, what the hell are you talking about? Because the Brian James did leave and when he came back when he never left before when he hadn't left before Dan Gilbert, still pay them when he came back there and give it religiously had to highest payroll in the NBA, all of those things were absolutely positively true. No doubt. No doubt. But having said all of that. He did it for reason. He did it because it was LeBron. He did it because anybody would do that for LeBron. He did it because it was undeniable what LeBron James was worthy of. And you gotta give him his due. He left in two thousand and ten he came back in two thousand fourteen. And he did what he promised he left when he was twenty five he came back when he was twenty nine. And he came back having gone four straight NBA finals and winning two championships. There's nothing to talk about give this man has just do appreciate what he has done for this area. And if you're the fans, you should too man took you to the final four straight years. There's nothing to talk about he took care of you. And why do I bring this subject up? And why do I think is a report to talk about it's something because of what I alluded to yesterday. And I'm gonna get into my NFL stuff in a little walk because I got Jason we're coming on a lot. I'm gonna talk about Malcolm Jenkins talk about Philadelphia Eagles number talk about what we saw Monday night with the Rams and the chiefs. Now, I'm going to talk about the AFC and at t's capable of knocking off the Kansas City Chiefs. And if there's anybody other than the states capable of knocking off the Ran's, I'm getting all of that. That's subjects not going anywhere. I'm not gonna sit here and is the portable. And pathetic is the Cleveland Cavaliers, I'm not going to sit up here and talk about how Duke looks like they could beat the Cavaliers. I'm not going to entertain that subject. I will tell you this. There's no doubt my mind at R J J Smith was right. They try to win games Cleveland. They're trying to get John Williamson. And I'm gonna tell you why that would be a disastrous thing if that was ever to happen. But I'll tell you that a little bit later on his show for now. I wanna give back to revisiting what I needed to yesterday because I think it's incredibly important to bring this up. I think it's incredibly important to bring this up. The gentleman. We talk about the greatness of LeBron James if you wanna talk about him being the greatest player in the world. Then isn't it? Fair to say, he's the standard. He's the standard upon which everyone should aspire to be into days NBA game. Well, let's let's Paul late at into the next subject. What hell hasn't anyone else? Does it up? Isn't he Davis when I have the personality planet the smoothie king arena? I told y'all before I don't think there's any bay win. Hell so God planted the smoothie king arena. Every night is going to get a league MVP award. I don't believe it. I told you that the Greek freak is phenomenal. He's the Milwaukee. I think they're hurts them to some degree and turns a box office appeal, even though we did we right here. ESPN? We did a great commercial with the Greek freak loved it. Absolutely loved it. We got LeBron James and Tinseltown at age thirty three approaching thirty four his six season in the NBA flat out bowling average, twenty eight eight and seven. He's looked phenomenal. And he's just getting started shooting forty percent from three point rates. Pulling up a thirty two from thirty two feet for threes. All of that's true. But what's up with a couple of other people? Kevin Durant got five twenty five thousand dollars. I believe it was about a warriors for Cussing fan in the stands against the Dallas Mavericks the other night walked over them told them to shut the F up and watch the game. So people sit up there and say Kevin Durant there he goes again being sensitive. I've certainly been one. I'll certainly say to you that for me. When I look at it. I gotta tell you. Kevin Durant was wrong. You can't act like that. That is absolutely true. But I do side with him from the standpoint that he says why do folks act like I've changed so much. I haven't changed. I've been the same all stop. Y'all just paying attention. Does have a good point there. Does have a good point there. Katie is somebody that where's the motion on the sleeve? He might have tried to be PC because that's what he was advised to do. And maybe that's what it was. But the reality of the situation is if you catch a bologna, he's always wanted to tell you what feels. That's fair enough. But I will tell you something right now, you know, we feel abroad and LA we see LeBron is doing it's time to start looking at some of these other guys holding them accountable. Only from the standpoint of trying to measure up you want to be recognized one of the greatest in the game. You want to be recognized that the MVP candidate you want to be recognized estates, especially with the money that you get paid. Let's holding them accountable for the right reasons. Like, for example, I'm in the nation's capital the other day, and I'm watching the wizards. This gentleman. The arena was half full. Half full. Now, here's my mindset to be quite candidate simple about it. I'm watching. I am watching this stuff unfold. And I'm looking at this. And I'm saying they'll right. They lost two straight. They lost at a Brooklyn nets. And then J Damian Lillard came near dropped forty on them Sunday. And then last night they were down by twenty four in the first half to the clippers getting their behinds waxed. And I said this Ambati something's gotta give. Greg for somebody. Gotta make a trade, whatever whatever. But John wall, bald showed up showdown dropped thirty was handling his business. Bill dropped twenty seven. He was balling. And they carried the wizards victory. And Otto porter was a key factor. Jeff green rather was a key factor. All of that is true. All of that is absolutely positively true. Undeniably. So. But I will say this to you. Since that is the case. How can we can't do that continuously? John wall spoke after the game and spoke about his emotional state of mind how he heard trae talk. How was a bit rough. You know, how tough to take because it gives hot. So, blah, blah, blah, a stop it. Put on your big boy pants John wall on not that simple. That's not how this works. Joe? Walkin play. Tell wall is a five time all star. John wall is not a scrub. But it is Tom that people recognize that when you the face of a franchise your franchise player. Guess what you galvanize the team you set? The example you can't come into camp out of shape. You can't look like you was hanging out in south beach, drink tequila. It's I'm not saying he was I said looking like it. You can't do that. I could do that. I won't care. I got to run up and down to court ninety four feet eighty to ninety year. Twenty asking eighteen to twenty thousand people to pack an arena to come watch me play. All they gotta do to watch me turn on their television sets. And I deliver the goods make no mistake about it. But that's beside the point my point to you is that's what you don't do as a player. You don't let it go. John walls playing now. But you ought to face of a franchise that six and eleven six eleven five games under five hundred. Malky Morris is ticked off because people will leak into the media about what happened in practice. My brother. They've been doing it. This stuff is being said it's been going on for years. Yeah. The report John wall cuss that Scott Brooks, m esta well, guess what? He did it to ready Whitman. The only difference was that only grow wouldn't allow ready women find John wall. But he allows Scott Brooks to find them and as a result. John wall is running amok. Not saying this to denigrate or nocturnal, I like John wall. He might not like me much very net ver very much right now. But I don't give a damn he'll light me later when he balls and our praise them for balling, which is what he should have been doing to start the deer season. But the fact that a Matt is he got his money was comfortable. And as a result. He thought it was running things and Scott Brooks who's a good coach. But I questioned whether or not he was idea for this job because he doesn't like confrontation, and John Wallis as temperamental athlete that sometimes you might have to confront that might be a bit problematic for Scott Brooks. That's all I was saying. But the fact that John wall custard him, and ultimately got five is a good son to me because that tells me Scott Brooks ain't taking it. John wall in Washington, Wizards, let's be very very clear. Joe wall is an all star caliber talent that based on his past is worthy of the one hundred and seventy million dollar contract. He signed, but the wizard trash then that doesn't mean they'll stay that way. But for the moment that trash, and if you walk keep Moore's I got new I'm not saying this about market Moore's I like Markeith and his brother, Marcus, I like them both. I respect the hell out of them. But you need to know since since you want to be sensitive to what's coming out of the locker room and the franchise. Let me tell you something else. That's coming out. You do have people who believe not Stephen day. But you have people who believe. You comfortable even when you play suspect because you've got a good relationship, which I will. You're prioritizing. In other words, having a good relationship with John wall rather than bowling the way, you're capable of balling. Ladies and gentlemen. That's not Stephen. It'd be a negative. I like Markeith Morris. I respect him. I respect his real this. But you need to know they saying this about you. He needs to know that. What's again, everything comes back to John wall? Bradley Beal struggles, they blame. John wall mart. Keyboard struggles, they blamed John wall. I don't bought a struggle. They blame John wall. Kelly Oubre struggles, they blame John wall. Go attached struggled all last year during their quitter John wall since John wall, MS them last November and lost them, psychologically, die blame John wall. That's the fact. It's a fact. Now, you might not like that John wall. My brother might not even be fair. But you didn't know this. You didn't know? You didn't notice what comes with being a max play getting paid max dollars? Although you can't fill up an arena because it's half empty because they don't believe in you in the nation's capital. You know, this was a surprise to you, really? People get upset at me all the time. Because I report this stuff. So be it. I have my friends and loved ones. I don't need new ones. But I do problem I cell phone being fair. And I got something to say about that too. And more up next Ronald tests that Dow you listen lob, Stephen ESPN radio that was Tom. That was straight talk wireless nationwide coverage in America's largest and most have been before L T networks, by the way, gentlemen that's fallen. It's time to take advantage of that. Cool. Chris weather be active ticket girl. I go to a game more constant get tickets to something. Plus, it's the football season. And the time is now to jump on those tickets for your ticket needs look, no further vivid seats, deficiency department of ESPN, vividly dot com, promo code ESPN. And get ten percent off your first order get out. Go having experience fellas get to the game and use what I use that's vivid seats, it had eight say ESPN touch that dial. You're listening to Steven A, USPS radio ESPN news. Peter manning NYC makes clothes for the not. So tall guy. Pants the shorter. In seems shirts. You can wear on talk and jackets that don't fit like a tent. Check out Peterman, NYC dot com. And discover a great fit use code ESPN for twenty percents off your order. You'll seem to the Stephen a Smith show podcast. He. In this. Waiting on you? Baby to see things my way. Stephen I Smith show brought to you credit comet and get your truly free credit scores or free credit monitoring from credit karma today. That's credit karma K A R M A get knowing spending wasting mutt? Get to out black in. So can't you see? Again. That asked me I'm playing around because my sister communists, dropping down south and thanksgiving. You know, she in the cost eleven that'd be right now because it makes a laugh when I think, you know, my brother in law, and you know, what you know, what John John? Both y'all my brother-in-law, man. His name is Dan ODI saying y'all minute before he's good people. Well, like him. Sometimes he always looking at my sister's certain way, you still say I mean. Have to light that do. I I mean, I hear a cat. You listen to me. I know I'm the little brother. I'm not the big brother. But I don't like it. He just stands, and you know, his. It's like a little critter plying say plot by you know, and as I always lower not higher. I wonder why that is I wonder why that is you know. Let's just say that. You know, I guess he's trying to say my sister J lo have something to common. I'll just leave it at that. Okay. But I don't have to like it. Dammit. I love him. But I don't have to like under like it. He's winning then he should be the one thing in my sister. Not me. I'm just saying anyway. ESPN radio. Plus ESPN radio is presented by progressive home insurance. Get your quota progressive dot com today. I started off the show. You know? I started off the show. Alluding to how the worst thing that could possibly happen Zion. Williamson that Duke who struggled in a win overall orbit yesterday, by the way, Bruce Pearl. I think I just think that Bruce Pearl coach. And I think yesterday was the latest example of him doing that let me say this, you know. When I think of Duke Zion Williamson day Barrett is clearly the best player on duke's team. But Zahn Williamson as a monster. Six seven forty six inch vertical. Leap two hundred eighty pounds built like a chisel brick house is something special to behold, his boy handling skills. Still suspect to me he can pass. He definitely can jump out of the gym. Let's see what he can do whether or not he could shoot or something like that. Here's what I will tell you. That I have a concern about. I don't want. This man in Cleveland Cleveland is clearly trying to lose games. Cleveland clearly has no intention of winning basketball. You wanna call it? Take say is not taking or whatever fine. But I'm telling you, they wanna know damn basketball games. I don't even believe Kevin love is that hurt. I think they'd listen Kevin Lada y play you want to build a franchise going forward. If you the Cleveland Cavaliers, why would you play Kevin love? If you're smart, you should trade him other just should do Sunday started UCLA from the areas. But whatever you do don't wish Zion where it's an end of the Cleveland because ladies and gentlemen, it's not about as as not the fact that he's great and gifting and all that stuff. Of course, you want that from a number one overall pick. But if he ends up in Cleveland understand the magnitude of it all the real problem lies in the fact that he is the one person drawing comparisons to LeBron because of his physical prowess. He's so much bigger and stronger than everybody he's going against if he would have come out in a draft. And they drafted him in Cleveland. They would expect him to be LeBron. And I think that's a recipe for disaster for him. I think the best thing that can happen with Zairean Williamson is that he ends up anywhere, but Cleveland because anywhere else you'll just be a great talent. But in Cleveland, they'll be looking for you to be LeBron. And I don't think that's something that works for him. I really really don't it. Eight say ESPN, it's inundate seven to ninety seven. That's the other thing. I wanted to mention this ladies gentlemen, who's the league's leading scorer right now in the NBA. It ain't LeBron it ain't Anthony Davis it ak-, while lending Russell Westbrook. It would happen to be Kimball Walker of the Charlotte Hornets. Let me tell you something. Kemba? Walker has arrived. This brothers. Just a score machine. He knows how to put the ball in the hole, he can go. He's running around picks. He moves without the basketball. He could gender he can pull up for three. He's got a nasty handle. He can create his own shot. He can get to the whole when he wants to. He's that special. He's special. I gotta tell you something right now. Michael, Jordan, my brother, let me be very very clear. I don't want Michael, Jordan, and the lose Kimball. Walker? But if by chance to walk into SaaS to go someplace. We've been talking about Kevin Durant. Kyrie Irving and all of these. Of course, what if Kimball walk was in L A with LeBron? What if Kimball Walker was in New York City with porzingas? For the Knicks because I know Frank ntilikina fan and this kid tree is nice. Okay. And I got all of that. But Kemba Walker special. I don't think Charlotte, Ken lose them. I don't think they will lose him. But he is going to be restricted free agent to Subba. He's only get paid twelve million. He's due for a huge pater. Somebody's gonna give Kemba Walker one hundred seventy five million dollars, and he'll deserve every penny of it because Kemba Walker can flat out ball. And I think the time has a rob foster recognize and respect what we're seeing from this kid, he something special. And by the way, he ain't nudity party. He's turned twenty nine and maize only twenty eight years. Oh, he's from the Bronx. He's from the Bronx. And by the way, Kevin Kemba Walker has been in the league since two thousand eleven okay. This is what is the ninety one two three four five six seven eight. This is his ninth year. Do y'all know he's averaged seventeen points a game or better since his rookie year. Other than his rookie year. He's averaged seventeen or better the last four years, he's averaged twenty or better. And now he's averaging twenty nine point six again. He shoots eighty six percent for the free throw line. He shoots thirty nine percent from threes. He's making forty six percent of his shots from the field. Forty six and a half percent. He plays for the Charlotte Hornets, and I'm telling you the right now. So by a wake-up, you better recognize Kimmel walk is a bad, brother. Let's we keep talking about the big names the car, the Anthony Davis the wire Lennon's the Jimmy Bulloch, whatever let me ask you a question and Jonathan went to Ballard right at you. And I asked this question, I know different kind of place. If Jimmy Butler had value how come a walk again. These are gentlemen, Kimball JIMBO Jimmy Butler. Does a score like Kemba Walker? He just does it. He just doesn't. Let's call it. What it is. This take Kemba Walker especially they got a game against a home game tonight against the Pacers. Kemba Walker something to behold, man. Charlotte on the season five hundred team eight. But Kemba Walker special. It ain't say ESPN edit eight seven nine three seven seven six. Let's go to the phone call. Let's go to David you, Steve what's up? Eight hundred appreciate taking my call today. Just want to jump in about your comments about LeBron and all other bands secretive tonight to be Dan Gilbert should be bowing down to this guy. No player in history of basketball at the economic impact the societal impact and the basketball back guy that I mean, you're taking him off that team the Cavaliers are freaking G league team. I mean, LeBron James not only the greatest player of all time. But the guy we've got the great economic impact of any player I've ever seen a pro sports ever happy thanksgiving. But and love the show. Thank you. We share it. You say ESPN that's eight seven to nine three seven seven six mortar, Stephen Smith show, ESPN radio in the minute. By the way, do you African hopper like the com- would you have? And that's the stashed everywhere in case pops up. You know, what I mean, he keeps them in your bag or your desk or your call your nightstand. You have those chalky tablets ready for whenever and wherever heartburn rights. Listen up. There's an easier way to deal with your heartburn. That's private sick OTC. That's how just one pill. A day will ask the full twenty four hours with zero heartburn kick. U S it habit. It's possible products. Like. Uses director for fourteen days to treat frequent Harper. Not for immediate relief. Mortar Stephen cement show before Jason Witten comes on in the minute. Don't touch that. Dial. You're listening to Steven A ESPN radio is being you know, about blink motion activated security cameras, amazing technology for detecting anyone sneaking around your home or trying doors, and of course, monitoring holiday package deliveries. Blink is inviting ESPN listeners to score massive savings during its black Friday cyber Monday event, go to blinkprotect dot com slash radio and sign up for an alert when the sale starts. That's blinkprotect dot com slash radio or hit Amazon dot com and search Blake security link is an Amazon company just what you're in the middle of the Stephen swift show podcast. Devon. Welcome back to the Stephen Smith show. We're coming to you love from the seaport district at pier. Seventeen brought to you by chase. Also, ESPN radio is presented by progressive insurance. Protecting commercial vehicles and offering ways to protect small businesses from financial loss and liability more progressivecommercial dot com back to the phones, we go Courtney, you live even talk to me. Hi, Steven AM coming from Miami. I had a question about John wall. I wonder I'm asking you what you think is going to end up being in and all, but I don't see him going anywhere. The wizards because I don't think anybody's going to be willing to pick up John walls one hundred and seventy million dollar contract. He's in he's in the last year was previous contra getting paid nineteen million this year next year jumps up to thirty eight from near the forty one forty three and forty four. And if you haven't the struggles that you're having now, I don't know what the future holds for you in terms of somebody willing to take that contract. I'm not sure I got in. What do you think about the rockets? What do you? How do you think? Chris Paul gives first championship. I don't think it's going to happen. I doesn't this. I tell you the best chance for the rock. It's okay. They need to work out a deal to get Trevor REEs back there get Trevor REEs Trevor REEs a back to Jade, listen James harden came into camp, he wasn't. Tiptop condition. You could just look at them. It's L. Okay. But I ain't worried about James. He's a superstar. I know he'll get it together. He's already gotten together for the most part. He'll be fine. Chris Paul is long. As Chris Paul is healthy is a pit bull. He's gonna find a way, but they need help. And I think it's one of those situations where Trevor reason they need to get they need to make sure they get Trevor Aretha back get him away from the Phoenix Suns. Get him back in the Houston Rockets uniform if they do that, I think they'll be fun. I got. Right. Share the call. Thank you so much. Ben you live. Stephen, you got thirty seconds. Go ahead. Rene your beautiful. I'll tell you what. I hope you're brother-in-laws and driving the car when you went through that whole shebang with that thing that could've got that that that could get ugly. A usually right. Seventy five percent of Tigra from Youngstown when I would say ninety say, but go ahead. You know, what you're probably closer here. I look he held Cleveland. It's not once but twice. I love the guy. It's just she could have done four more years here and that economic economics from here you knowledge at the tracking in the playoffs. I just said, you know, what my wife, this is it. I got I got it. But that's not fair to hit, bro. He gave y'all eleven years, man. He gave you eleven years. Don't act like he owed you more. He gave you eleven years in the last four years. He took to the NBA finals. I gotta go. I appreciate the call then. But come on come on our number two up next even a ESPN radio. You know that Ben come on, man. You you you you can't do that. Lebron James doesn't oh y'all anything you basically saying you could have gave us more could get you a lot less. Be grateful be grateful j to wit and up next on the NFL in a minute. That's just a sample of what you hear on the Stephanie swift show, weekdays at one PM eastern on ESPN radio and ESPN.

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How She Made $25K After Taking Pitch It Perfect

The Influencer Podcast

45:18 min | 4 months ago

How She Made $25K After Taking Pitch It Perfect

"Hello and welcome to influence or podcast. I'm your host julie. Solomon business coach and brand expert. I invite you to join millions of our other listeners. And building a brand that is influential loved by the masses and worth millions. The influence or podcast is the only resource. You need to start grow and scale the brandon business of your wildest dreams discover why people all over the world call beat influence or podcast there goto all things branding influence and marketing. That's what you want to get your hands on right. Hey chloe are you know julie doing good. How are you and so good. It's so good to have you with us today. I'm so excited to talk with you. Because i think that you are an incredible example of what it means to have an idea have a vision for something and figure out how to do it even if you don't know when why how all the things Not give up along the journey. Get the help when you need it. Get the support when you need it and then actually apply all of those things. You really create a beautiful brand. So i wanna talk a little bit about share your will go with everybody Who you are what you do. I also wanna talk about like mission down because you have such a really cool but yeah like where where you have found yourself in this space of online branding and online influence. Oh my goodness okay. Well i am khloe home. In from frizz and frills double doubles all the doubles so hard to spell. I didn't think about that. Two years ago But i when i started in this was i started. Let's hear august of twenty. Eighteen is when i started my influencer. Blogging content creator. Didn't know what it was gonna be type germany and at that time i knew i wanted to do something creative because i was in my corporate job. That wasn't feeding my creative side. And i just knew i wanted to do something creative. Something that may be helped people. But i didn't know what it was going to look like. So i tried a lot of things and i tried a lotta things. I always held a lot of people not to do right now. you know because that's what you have to do. You have to try something and then you're like yeah that didn't work and move on. So that's what i did. I feel for the first probably three to six months. Before i realized people really care for me about the curls because i really focused a lot i would say about sixty to seventy percent of my content is curly content. So if you see if you look me up right now you'll see. I have a huge curls. And that's what by majority of my community is there to learn you know how to take care of their own curls and how to start their journey and so that's the my niche for the most barton. And let's see here. And how did you figure. How did you figure out that niche. Because you talked about there you said there were like three to six months that you're kind of just like not like you know what you doing. What was going on what you should focus in on but then you said that you discovered that your audience was wanting the curly hair content. How did you discover that. How did that happen by listening a it was. I learned that it wasn't so much about what i wanted to create while that's important and you need to stay in what you really enjoy creating. I didn't need to create whatever was on my mind that day necessarily it was more so listening to what was in my comments listening to. What was in my. Dm's listening to the questions that they were asking again and again and again. And as soon as i started really tracking that. And i. I'm a big notetaker so in my notes app on my phone. I literally have notes beyond about content ideas and so i started that in started. Actually tallying questions. I was getting in the ones. That had the most tally by them. I started creating content based upon that So smart dinkum and so long behold those that those pieces of content were the ones that were getting pushed out by instagram. The most because a lot more people had the same question that were while more than who was just asking. So what made you even think to do that by. Because that's that's a really interesting hack and like strategy figuring out the content that you should kind of double down on basically. I wish i could tell you just the craziness that is in my head just literally because i am the note taker and really I just really like listening to what my audience wants. And i like having a conversation so i'm very i'm a very big people person so in those conversations i started to realize i'm like okay. We'll what how. I notice is working. What have i news. Not working like. Okay so i actually started and i still do this now. Two almost two years later and try maybe every three to six months putting post. I just did one last week. Saying hey i need your help. I need some content ideas. And i want to hear from you what you want to hear but it in the comments in then i will take a few hours and go through those in do that exact thing and figure out which ones are the most commonly asked that i can still figure out what needed most in my community and with that said i want you if you can remember you said twenty eight teams when he started all of this. Which isn't that long ago in the whole like influence or space. I want you to share or go through what your follower growth journey was like so you started out just like everybody else. Not a lot of followers. You're trying this new thing you do. You're really cool content. Hack which i love figure out that you're gonna go all in on curly hair content and then what happens to your follower growth at that time and throughout that next six nine months journey. Okay mena try my best to remember here so if we just go from the very beginning right very beginning before i did hit or any any of that i started al think i was at i was at under five hundred dollars and i just created i just use my is changed over my personal account like a lot of people do and so i started on that journey. I started trying out loot giveaways. You now the lovely Figured out after a few months. During that i look new followers. How exciting and then you realize it's a trap these crazy loop giveaways. Don't know the people that you're in this loop giveaway with and you're being charged money for it. It's just ridiculous that i realized that a few months in that. Oh my gosh. These people are not engaging with my content. Either not might. This is not my community. These are not my people. And so i did that for a little bit. That i realized. Okay hey as. I'm switching over into the curl content like okay. I'm going to start doing that. And i think when. I took your course that was in the end of december two thousand eighteen so it was only few months n But if you put a goal in front of me buddy. I'm gonna do my darndest. So i started on that. And i'm sorry if i'm all over the place here but i'm trying to backtrack here. So at that point. I was around was right around ten thousand followers in january february. I wanna say of twenty nine and the kind of it just not. In those months of two thousand eighteen. You went from five hundred to ten thousand. Some were giveaway focused. Yup so yes so at that point that was about four or five months in. We were right around that ten thousand mark which was a big deal at that point. And it's a big deal in general. And so as i kept going as i really honed in on that crawl content i noticed more and more genuine gross and think it was trying to think here my hit. I mean thirty thousand. I think i was at thirty thousand december of twenty nineteen so a year later we went up by another twenty thousand in during that time is when i really started finding myself in that curl related content and really trying to do more video content. I will love video. I think it's a great way to connect with your audience. So i started doing more of that. That was a four reels tiktok. We're really hitting big but g. t. Id started being a thing. So i started doing more of those finding my way in editing which is who a lot But yeah that's kind of takes you through that portion. Is there anything specific that you wanted to hit on nats but yet. I think that you just hit. Because i wanted to really kind of show and i think that you're just preaching to that but if you find a knee which it's like i don't know if he would have ever thought that like you could legitimately create a monetize off of your curly hair but it's exactly what you did and and it amassed this this following and i think that that it's so important to talk about that because i think that when it comes to nishi down a lot of people get really scared to do it because they feel like they're gonna be excluding the masses and they're not going to be able to reach all of these people but it's it's really about the more that you actually do need now you don't need all these people to make a lot of money to grow a business to have a brand to have a following. You just need the right kind of people that keep coming back because they really. They're really soaking the content of you're creating and so. I think that you are really good testament to that. You talked about video content. What else what other types of content were you creating at the time that people kept coming back for educational educational value content. If i can tell your listeners anything it's about creating high value content. The more value can provide and then prompt them to save that post. The incident algorithm is gonna say. Oh my gosh. She is providing value. People are engaging in this they're staying on the caption they're reading it. They're saving they're interacting with this content. Let's push it out to more people but put this on the explore page and that is to this day still the best content that i have is the high value content. And i think there's even more i think there that the high value content and it's even more important now than it ever was because in the time that we're in right now right people don't necessarily wanna see all the things that they can't be doing right now. They don't wanna feel less than they want to be. Brought up they wanna feel included. They wanna feel heard and so right. Now is the time to create that high value educational relatable content and it's truly value and it may not be for somebody. Value can be educational how to value can be entertainment. Value can be Service providing in some kind of way. And that's the thing that i think. A lot of people say. I don't do educational stuff. I don't do how to content. So how can i provide value. And it's like well what about you is valuable. What what about like what can you talk about. What do you have knowledge in. What do you have expertise. Said what do people typically come to you for. Yeah in in that way in. That's one of the things to that. I think a lot of people crush on themselves especially in the beginning that they feel like they need to be somebody that they have a lot of inspiration from right they feel like they need to emulate who that person is in. Be that person but you. Don't you need to say you need to figure out what makes you you because that's where your value is really learning how you are and just letting loses be feeling that there's not as much pressure to be the perfect online person in realizing that people want to see who you are in that is also a huge part of your value rates. And what is that. How you kind of landed on the curly content like was that just something that you just tested one time and then you notice that stuck when you were doing that hack. Yeah it was more. So i feel like win. I started posting. Because i thought i was like i i. I'm like well. I'm going to do a little bit of fashion into a little lifestyle. Maybe all interior design. And then the more i created the more people like but tell me about your hair but tell me more. Tell me more about how you do that. Tell me how girls like bought. And i would touch on that a little bit here and there and still trying to kind of do fifty fifty lifestyle fashion and fifty percent curls and i realized you know what my place right now is helping people to rock their curls to feel more confident in their curls. Let people you know they have natural curl or wave and they have no idea what to do with it so they straighten it and so that is where my place in my value. I feel like really is and that's something that my value on just walking down the street to people stop me. Tell me about your curls. And i feel like that's kind of that's exactly what happened to me as well and i think that i think it's very common you know i started out. Lifestyle blogging fashion blogging. Everyone was like okay. That's cute non juliet. How do i monetize my blog. How do i. How do i get in. He are. how do i do this. Marketing thing because bats what my. That's what my expertise was in and i think that it's when you finally decide to listen like you said before to what it is that people really want from you. That's that's when you can start to unlock the magic. And i think that for those that may be listening to this conversation right now. That says well. I'm listening Generally and chloe and no one's saying anything to me. Like i would love to listen but i don't have anyone talking to me a lot of times. That comes from the fact that you haven't you haven't given the permission and you haven't opened up the opportunity for a listening opportunity to happen in the first place and so i think that that's the biggest thing that if you can kind of get out of your own way and and really focus into what it is that you do best or what it is that you just may know very very well like you knew curly hair. You grew up with that you had to figure out how to style your hair when you wanted to walk out the door and look really good doing it though it. So that was the one thing that like you leaned into. And i think that that's really. I think that that's a really great point that that you made for for people listening and i would also like to know that from. How did this journey go from. You're starting to create this. How were you actually able to monetize it. What did that kind of look like. What was the beginning of kind of that. That pivot that happens of where. I'm just content creator to where i'm actually monetize ing my brand and i'm turning this into a business so for me. I knew that. If i was gonna do this and need to make sure it was worth my time because i am very business oriented just the way i am and so i knew i was going to spend all this extra time in my free time away from my job. I need to be making something out of it and so it was around the time that i was like you know what i really don't know what i'm doing to reach out the brands so i invested in and so glad i did. I made my money back literally within the first month and then tenfold over and over and over again but using a lot of your strategies to yes and i wanna talk about making them into your own. Because it's not just about you know people are like pigeon. Perfect it's so amazing works at But it only works if you actually work it and i think you know the the biggest. I think thing that can happen for people are like their biggest hesitation. Whether they're wanting to invest in pitch perfect or pip as we call it or wanting to invest in something else or just wanting to dive into free content. It's like they start to have these objections in their mind about like how something can't work like immediately. When we're given this opportunity percent being we immediately go into that scarcity mode. So how were you. How are you even able to wrap your brain around the fact that hitching his possible. Getting brand deals as possible. Even if you don't have tens of thousands of followers and making a lot of money not just some money but a lot of money like tens of thousands of dollars is possible when you are micro influence or how were you able to kind of uncover and unlock all of that. So a big portion of that. Personally i think comes from my overall background. Because i am from a sales background so i did business business sales account management. I also like you know back in the day also worked in like small like mall. I worked at the makeup counter. You know that's like in reigned in me and then also the business side. I really liked to know what is possible. I like to think my okay. Well if i can do this. What else can i do. And that's just my mindset. I guess you could say But there was always that kind of imposter syndrome. Also inside the back of my head thinking okay but that is that too much to ask. Am i worth that. Beat that down with your foot and say no. You are worth it you. Your time is one hundred percents worth asking for. You know the the gifted stuff all of that. The goal some of these brands have to ask you to do. Some of these things is just mind blowing. And it's really disheartening. That a lot of people think that's okay and they're willing to do work because they don't think they're worth it because you are dan. Hey hey i am so excited that my exclusive coaching and mastermind program. Shine officially open for applications. Shine is a twelve month. Coaching experience with two levels based on your needs and goals now shine only opens one time a year. So if you want to create a new business or expand on what you have already been doing plus gain access to community strategy and phenomenal. Coaching mentor. Experience is designed for you. You can head over to julie. Salamon dot net slash shine before we close applications to get all the details. Now once you apply we will set up a time to get on a phone call and personally go through your vision goals and share how we can best support bat through shine now. It only opens when time of year. So i wanna make sure you don't miss this again. That's julie salamon dot net slash shine. And i i wanna talk about that and a little bit About the goal as you said. Yes i i wanna dive into. There's this one thing that comes up. Every single time that i talked to someone when it comes to just pick in brand deals and monetize brand and it's this question they always ask me like but julie what if i only have five hundred followers. Well it works for me one. If i only two hundred hours really worked for me. What if i only have five thousand followers where it worked for me but julie. I don't know if i can do this because i only have zero followers. Only have one follower only my grand. My dog follows how it's like. It's always this question about this following number that people make up intel themselves that they can't see success or they can't make money until they have some magical follower number and because you're part of the perfect you know that like none of that is true like it's you you have to learn foundations no matter what. I don't care if you have. One hundred thousand followers are followers. You have to learn their foundations to selling to business to communicating with people to marketing. All of the things that are taught inside the program so the follower number is obsolete. It doesn't matter how many far were numbers you have. We know people that don't you know in the grand scheme of things have three hundred followers in their monetize. Our brand because they understand marketing the understand sales. So how was that process like to you. What do you say to those people out there. That their dislike. We'll clue you know. I can't i can't monetize my brand or i'm not going to be able to make money because i don't have enough followers. What's kind of your thought process behind. All of that will number one. Yes you can stop telling yourself. No 'cause you're the only one telling yourself no in how on earth can get yes until you ask you have to be willing to ask Like the things. My mom does has never left my head. It never hurts. Ask because you'll never know it could be could potentially be a yes so when you hitch out to somebody it could be a knowing you have to be okay with that and that's fine because it's just gets you one step closer to a. Yes you learned from that experience but when you do get that yes and you could ask for a little bit. Maybe more than you're comfortable with but more than likely if it's gonna be a yes they'll probably meet somewhere in the middle where you guys are both really happy so to me. It's just it's always worth trying everything That said i. I wanna talk about how 'cause he talked about that. The strategies that you learned inside the pitch perfect program helped you mentally. And i want you to kinda share. What your personal experience through that has been and also in correlation to happy to help you make sure the weren't taken advantage of like you were talking about the the goal that some of these brands have to ask for what they ask for. And if you don't know what you don't know you can find yourself getting in and saying yes to these really poor opportunities. So how did learning the foundations the right way and learning kind of the right way to communicate in a right way to pitch help you offset some of those potential You know a partnership that you wouldn't have wanted so i think a few things one of the things was the templates that helps me a lot and just figuring out key ways to phrase manger that you were putting putting the emphasis on the brand and not on you A lot of those things really helped me figure out pitching and then as far as the value in the goal of the brands and all that huge piece of that was being able to bounce things off of the community on facebook that huge. I still pop in there all the time. Because i'm just i'm more than anything now. I'm just curious as As look what what are brands trying to do. What are they trying to pull. Because i see my inbox every day. And i say that i i'm like could not even like like our. Our facebook group is the most valuable thing in the industry. When it comes to pitching and landing brand deals by far italy in his the it is the most secret magical. It's and it's because you know it started in two thousand sixteen. I was the very first person to ever create a program on pitching. That's why i mean it stands the test of there's there's going on sixty four to six years of just credible information in there. It's it's truly remarkable. I love that you brought that up. Because i feel like the facebook group is not really ever. It doesn't get really shine. A light on and some people like well recourse as a facebook group. But it's like no. This group is so valuable and especially for me that first year that first year that i was really trying to figure it out and know what my worth was in no okay. Are they asking for enough or just celebrating. Your wins and knowing that there are people in there that are going to help you. Celebrate those wins. It is a phenomenal community. And you're absolutely right. I have not been in any other community. And i'm on quite a few groups on facebook that come to influencing small business etcetera and that one is still by far my favorite. I wanna talk or if you can share a little bit of your journey through. How how does your business. And the way that you showed up. Not only with brands into lamb brand deals. Because we know that strategist helped you do that. But how did it help you start showing up to your audience in a different way and then the way that you were creating content in in your messaging and in new york connection to your brand and relaying that to your community. Ooh that's a good question I feel like i feel get helped in the sense of just making me want to hone down in hone in. I guess it's better a better word. Hone in on what. I really need to focus on rubbed them because i definitely have a way of being very brained emmy like what want to do this and i want to do this and then i want to do this but i definitely 'cause you focus a lot to on bringing down into that niche in even though you might have a bunch of passions right like i love. I love fashion. I love hair. I love home. Decor i love it all and i'm sure a lot of the listeners. Right now probably feel the exact same way. But you're i think there was a module one module specifically that was on me shing down like that in that was that helped me from there and if you not on my content and then also strategizing on what brands that i wanted to kinda like cherry. Pick a little bit and start. I call it like flirting. you know. Start flirting with that brand a little bit and okay woman fall you know. I'm going to start commenting on your stuff. Maybe i'll throw in a m after your stories and you know all that kind of stuff because it warms up to that brand to hopefully maybe they'll think of you when they're thinking about campaign in the. I think that's the kicker there and that's you know that idea of this is not like a one and done thing. This is not a pitching You know getting brand deals. it's it truly is about building relationship at the end of the day. And i love that you talked about like maybe all. Dm so how has your experience been like When it comes to that building relationship piece and how has that helped. You actually really grown scowl when it comes to the money that you make. Oh my gosh relationships. I'm so glad you asked this Relationships are number one. Social media is truly about being social. I think a lot of people forget about that Especially when it comes to the brands that you work with anything in business is still relationship driven so making sure that you are not only reaching out that first time but keep reaching out. Keep checking in. Tell them you like something about a post. You're super excited about a launch. That they just had or new product or stay asking if you can help them with a launch. That's coming up. Hey what is your cue to look like. I'd love to see what we can what i can do to help you. You know. spread your message. Further about that product or that launch or your brand message whatever it may be inserting all those things in keeping up with it. Not only when you have one campaign and then letting it die. You know making sure that you're keeping up with those people and that's easier said than done sometimes but it really is very important I mean even just for an example. What i did this past year for the holidays. I hand picked my best relationships. And i asked for those specific Contacts asked for their addresses. And i put together cute little package. That was personalized for them. Was like this is for you. Because i appreciate you in. You are one of my favorite brand relationships. And you're sorry your i we are doing A partnership with each and every one of them just like that one little added human touch of like. I see you think you for being a great partner and you already have. It's spelled wearing. You already have brand deals with every so it makes a difference and like this is the thing that like i mean you and i are kind of like nodding our heads of course but it's like this is the secret like those that are listening that are wondering like how to unlock the code. How to like decode. This is the secret it's like. Learn the foundation. Learn how to try. And that's what i say about like pitch perfect works in. We'll always work. Because i teach you how to talk to another human being in a way that helps you market and sell yourself in place of service. It's bad easy lane. And as long as human beings need to talk to other human beings it will work right like exactly who sell is is human right to sell it. We're always pitching something whether we even realize it or not. We're we're pitching our our kids on on what we want them to eat. Were pitching our spouses on what we. What do we want to watch on tv. We're always pitching. So it's you know you have to kind of think a think of it in that way and i love that you mentioned that of just that one little added touch of just thinking about them at the end of the year and sending them a gift has now helped you build a relationship and it's up to grow your business and put some nice money in your pocket. There you go exactly. It's a multi win win for everybody. And so i know that you're a huge fan of fidget perfect. I would love if you would just share a little bit about you. Know how it's helped you and then for anyone that's listening that you know it can be anything for anyone is listening. They just they have not invested in themselves. I don't care if it's picture perfect or something else like there's just something that keeps them. That stops them in their tracks from actually investing in the next step. I would love to know what you would say that person. You have to invest in yourself. If you want to grow here. He did You know it's just like with any business right in the implementing content creation business right. It's very easy to feel like you're not really starting a business because it's not like the step one two three of starting a brick and mortar. It's very very different. And so sometimes it can be hard to say well. Can i really afford that. Because you're thinking within your own personal bubble but rather you need to be thinking bigger picture bigger. Okay well what can this do for my business so you know investing in that course for me. It was tremendous in. How much helped me grow. My business grow my confidence in my business Be able to build connections with other people that are doing the same vein so many different things that you are getting value there and then you also continually are getting more. You're so good at always adding more stuff into pitch a perfect and in the community on facebook. So i just feel like it's like it's the gift that keeps on giving thank you for that and i access because you get you know once you remember you remember for life so any of the dates anything that we add. You always get that. Are you opening comfortable talking numbers. Yes because i wish more people would do it on. I would love to know what what were you making in doing what you do now. I guess in brand deals in partnerships before taking picture-perfect and then. How much have you made since taking the perfect and i in the pitch. Perfect investment was probably. Why like five six dollars. Yeah i think it was around five hundred dollars mariah. Yeah and so at that time. Keeping in mind that at that. When i started taking the course i was under ten k. I need i. Ed probably made a whopping like five hundred dollars or something like that. You know it was big money. But you know i was brand new. Had no idea what i was doing in your course helped me tremendously in the year of twenty nineteen to start figuring out. What an easy while still doing my full time. Job in you know Like business to business sales so during that year Think i twenty nineteen ended up making around twenty five twenty five thousand dollars or something like that on the side which was huge to be able to do that in my spare time and yet in all of that was truly one of the things that i learned very quickly especially Be as a micro influencers. I thought you know. Oh why need to be doing the links to be doing all this. But then i realized okay but your time worth inputting all of that content together in doing all these tryon's new all these different things to be able to make pennies on your dollar. Were not worth it now at this point at i'm almost stat at one hundred k. On instagram whooping. But you know now it's starting to be more worth it. You know right because i have the is i have the audience have the trust. So now it's more worth it but back then. It wasn't doing the pitching talking to brands doing those brands creating relationships. That's where the value wise in building my business. That's what i focused on. Really awful sharing links to anything at that point. And how much money did you make in. Twenty twenty in twenty twenty. I think we grossed hundred twenty thousand. Yes so that was big. And then i think not ended up being around. Like seventy seventy seventy five or something like that wants. All of a sudden died in right now two months and twenty twenty one. I'm hoping that will be contacted to already be twenty twenty. That's amazing artie. To might not fully done a contracting work contructed. Yeah that's amazing. So you invested five hundred dollars in yourself and then you made over one hundred and fifty thousand dollars. Yeah when you say that lesson in juniors yeah i would. I'll take that that in vegas any day. I have someone five hundred dollars and get one hundred fifty thousand dollars in two years. Sign me up. That's amazing and and it doesn't i mean and we have to just talk about that. It's because you work at. It's because you show up dedicated. You want this thing to work. You want it bad enough. You've got the drive. He's got the purpose. You've got your y you know you have all of those pieces To really bring it to life and so you're not gonna do it for you. The course isn't gonna do for you. It gives you everything you need to do it for you. It's getting that you need in order to make something happen as long as you believe in yourself and you can you have the drive. You can happen. Yes i give you the keys but i can't drive the car for you back. It's great and i love that. You talked about affiliates. And i would love to kind of dive into affiliates for a little bit because that's something that i actually haven't talked about in a while and you said something that made me economy. The light bulb go off. Meekly was the idea affiliates. And we'll just we'll throughout rewards style because that's just been even everybody knows in And what. I learned over the last several years of being in this industry and being an educator and marketer is that when it comes to affiliate links and affiliate sales and liking to know it and all that stuff that is truly in of itself its own business model. If you're gonna be someone who's going to be a like a like to know it. Girl or reward style blogger like bad as that is truly its own unique business model because the way that that is set up they are constantly the way that the marketing and the messaging of like you're constantly having to i don't wanna say brainwash but like you're having to train your audience how to shop and so and it takes time. It takes months if not years to build the volume like you were saying to actually see the cells all of the girls. I know that do really well in rewards our to it. And i mean they're making hundreds of thousands of dollars a year off of it. They're the ones that have hundreds of thousands if not millions of followers and they literally spend at least sixty to seventy hours a week on two and that is their business model like ablazing on away tomorrow like. I don't know how any of these women would make money because it is it's their primary business. Model is their only business model. A lot of them. Don't even really do brando's unless the brain comes through reward style so so that's just something to kind of keep in mind for those listening. If they're like what. What do i do that. I believe just from my experience in the experience. I've seen from thousands of pitch perfect students like yourself evening. Actually make a lot more money faster by doing brain deals. Because you don't need the volume to make all the money you don't need hundreds of thousands of followers wanting to know your photos to actually make money And the conversion rates in the like with rewards saw you only get a percentage of what you sell with one hundred percent of the brain by minus taxes. But he's not pay taxes on style too. So yeah and the other thing too with commissions in that you don't realize to like okay. Well it says. I made x. Number of dollars this month but then payouts are a net ninety one twenty. So we're talking to very there is not a hell will freeze before i take brand deal. That tells me they're going to pay me. Ninety one twenty exactly. But you're not even going to see a dollar that three four five six months from now and so. That's the thing again that you have to have so much volume you have to have so many followers that you have trained to shop by clicking on links which takes time to actually that s why up riot and so it's an eye in a do it is. It is a conscious and subconscious way of training your follower to buy from you because they have to start Kind of Taking on these new buying behaviors they have to get used to clicking lincoln blind that way so that takes months and months to set up and then you have to have the volume and then you have to have the time to wait to get paid so if you actually want to get paid more and faster with less energy and effort you need to pitch yourself and get brand deals x one hundred percent. Yes yes yes. Yes and mike. Kelly said it's not to say there's not a place score for affiliate links like now in your business because you've got into a certain level. There's there's a place for affiliate links. It actually makes sense for your time because you now you do have the volume. You do have the following. You're gonna see a better return on investment but it took you from twenty eighteen to now to get to that place exactly. I feel it took me about two years before. I was like okay. You know what affiliate links are actually worth my time to do every now and then not my number one by any means breaking are now a portion where i was like. You know maybe twenty percent thirty percent now of my monthly income break. But i'm not focusing on that because me creating my authentic content and creating branded con content. That is where my my business model is in right demonize like affiliate links right because they can be really good and one of the things that i will tell. People is always ask if you have a brand that you work with ask if they have an affiliate program because more than likely they have something. That's through them specifically. They're probably willing to pay you a higher commission rate then reward sal because you're taking out the middleman and you're probably gonna get paid faster so i have multiple brands that i work with on affiliates levels as well as brand partnerships and now i'm making two sources of income with that brand faster payments direct a c. h. deposits like. It's just so much easier and then you're also building that would that direct contact and they're seeing those numbers versus going through awards style more style than going through whatever kind of mind is in their system backtracking and yeah. That's a really really great point. And it's like if you are going to affiliates like cut out the middleman just go straight to the company absolutely. I highly recommend always ask a brand if they have that or if. They're not willing to work with you one-on-one yet on a specific brand collab- say okay. We'll do you have an affiliate program. I'd love to show you my worth love that that's such a great such a great tip For those listening. And that's you know you like another point. That i just wanna make like so many girls will start out and their dislike. I'm not making any money off of this online blog. Saying like i'm i'm doing all the light to know it. And i'm working ninety hours a week and i'm only making five dollars and i just want to be like my gosh. If you're actually working ninety hours a week like the amount of money that you could make if you were spending ninety hours a week only yourself versus like doing all this link. Stop like it's crazy. So i i love that you. That's a great reminder for those listening that you wanna make sure that you're actually spending time on things that are making money like you don't want to be spending ninety percent of your time on affiliate links if it makes up three percent of your income like that does not make sense at all. You have to take a step back in realize okay. How much time did i really spend trying to link all of this. Because i did it i was there and realizing i spent three or four hours trying to do this in a day and then i made ten dollars unlike this crap like or you could have spent three hours pitching yoursel five thousand dollars only that creative brand relationship at the same time right. Yep nippy oh we could talk about this all day all right misquoting. Thank you so much for being here with us today for being so transparent and just so honest in giving just your own experience with everything. I think the bad is truly what gives those that are listening. Strengthen hope that they need said to have the courage to dive into some to their dreams into something that they've been wanting to do maybe quietly in. They're just they're ready to make it happen. So i appreciate your your own courage own transparency. Working everyone find you in talk to you. Dm you ask you all the questions. Look at your amazing hair whereas all of the things so on all platforms including instagram tiktok. U2 you name it it's frizz and frills so f. r. i. z. z. A. n. d. r. i. l. l. zz probably just put in phrase. I'll probably come up But you can find me all their and please feel free to reach out to me at any point. I love talking with you guys. And on sundays i always do is spend a queue in a. So if i don't get to your dm than you can ask there in. That's when i spend my sunday. I chat with you guys and hopefully answer questions at a lot of you guys are thinking. I love that and as always if you had any big takeaways from today's episode. If we set anything that made you think differently or that made you have more questions or more moments. We would love to know what those are. So just screenshot. Today's episode cagney tag. Khloe has influenced podcast. Let us know what your biggest takeaway was. 'cause we're gonna see those screen shots and then we're going to share those on our stories as well which is a lot of fun so thank you so much coley great to have you with us today you too. Thanks julie all right. That is it for today now. Are you ready to make more money and impact. If so head over to julie salamon dot net slash accelerator to learn more about my coaching program and apply. All right i'll see you again. Same time same place next week.

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117: Sapphira Cristal & Katya! (Part 2)

Whimsically Volatile

1:01:06 hr | 10 months ago

117: Sapphira Cristal & Katya! (Part 2)

"Hey everyone. Welcome to part two of my chat with severe crystal and special guest. Co Host. Cova before we dig into the meat of the, Sandwich, I want to tell you what to get about Patriots Dot Com Slash Craig Francis Patriots, Dot Com, slash Creggan Francis. The place you can go to join hotdog club hot club helps to support this show but it's also the place where people get to enjoy hours and hours and hours of exclusive content bonus episodes, listener questions, episodes, movie club. Episodes, and these are all full length episodes sometimes more than a full length. oftentimes, the movie clubs are substantially longer than the films themselves and stuffed full of Jelly Fund for you me and other people in hot dog club the fifth element with MS cracker drop dead gorgeous with Trixie mattel coming soon Fox's with Gabby. Done. A star is born with Willem nine to five with Karen from finance. Oh and so much more. So head on over to Patriots Dot Com Slash Craig confronts out the reward tears see which one works for you. There's one dollar, five, dollar, seven dollars, ten dollars and upwards all the way to the executive producer tear a title held by our dear Lindsey rose the people's candidate. There's selection for every appetite and for every budget and whichever way you choose euro-winter and. Something sometimes neglected requests from people is if you're listening to the show, please leave a review and leave a star rating. Of course, I recommend the five star rating but I'm slightly biased make sure you subscribe to the show as well. So you don't miss a single hot biscuit an episode now that we have that taken care of it's time for part two of our chat with the fabulous if. Crystal. House. which is. What What's Nekia having? I just had a couple of chips. I have. I have GRANOLA. Bar. I got. Cookie ECON swirl. Yeah. Those are fun time bringing oatmeal rookie. I've gotten to like a donut addiction during this time I'm really watching my weight so Well. That's the very specific diet that you're watching getting. In Paul. Rise note not much falling by. My brother who used to be three hundred pounds I wa- I was. Christmas he was like obviously boundaries I mean I was like really. Jail. We hold our weight well and my family. Okay. How how much is he now two, hundred, twenty, two, hundred, twenty, seven bounds that big difference. That's the. Big Difference how. He's six six Yup. That's only a big difference. Yeah. He's six feet. You know I don't even know what it looks like because he just calls me and tells me that this happened because he's doing intermittent fasting and I tried it one day and I was like I'm not doing this shit I like to eat. So I'M GONNA eat it's rotavirus. I. Don't have tabulated. Fasting. Again, one of the best ones or one of the ones that people usually start on, it's like you eight hours you've fast for sixteen hours eight hours path for sixteen hours. and Brian that's not eat eight hours continually by the way. So if you WANNA try it I wouldn't recommend doing that you're waving your finger in disapproval for those of you not out of eight hours. There's only eight hours of the day that you can eat and then for sixteen hours you don't eat. Oh, well I mean you're sleeping eight of those at least. So yeah. So it's like it's not that much just don't it's among schedule that's what they do. Yeah. But now he hates every other day. Oh, I couldn't do that now I could no, no, no, no no. So his eating days are. Sunday Tuesday. Thursday how's it? Possible? and Saturday wa possible. He does it no smoothies or anything just like what water T- whatever then you just drink water a other time why? I think it's because you can. Once you do the intermittent fasting and you just sorta like extend the fasting time. Yeah. Sure. Sure and then it becomes like a day that you don't eat and then day that you do we and that's too much. He's I think he and I think he's doing that throughout his weight loss journey and then the rest of it's going to be maintaining. So he's like I'm trying he's I WANNA go down to one seventy five see what that looks like. And maybe come back up to one eighty maybe two and then probably A. Just, been maintained because he just wants to see what his body feels like in those places. As last year, I actually was like one, hundred, sixty, five pounds and then I. Was like I need to gain some muscle like I'm I need to figure this out. and. I broke up with my partner of like four four years allow a half years. Yeah in like. December of. Twenty Eighteen uh-huh and my other partner of two and a half years in December of twenty eighteen as well. So I was like an. And we dissolve ranking partners or. A law firm. Right some corporations just don't make the make the cut. Yeah Ruby Ruby Sapphire, and Chris Elliott rubies, f. r., and crystal with hard getting over that for for your release to yeah. Let me then I have berry. I came up with this cockamamie rule that I have no experience based on however so. I I feel that. For every year you're in a relationship. When it ends especially, if it ends badly, you're allowed one week of mourning. About it bitching and moaning about it's your friends. Oh, I didn't do any of that I just like moved away. I moved farther away into the north of Philadelphia and now I love even further north and I don't see anyone at all. Okay. Well. That's one way to do and Brian. I think that that's an equation that I think I've heard in other formulations where it's like for every year you're with someone it's GonNa take you number of months. Young. Years to get over those right. But you can't talk about it a bridge for years. And then. All of us dealt with in different ways in my way to deal with the just to like talk to my therapist about it. Hello. Thank you. Now currently, Brian's way to deal with this is to show off a very fashionable glamorous. Well that package came in and she said I don decides as you know if you're I, mean because from our days back in Boston. I've been pigeonholed as the Queen since the since day one and. I'm I'm. I was doing a lot of drugs you're right. Okay But she tried to break into comedy people were like, no, no, no. No you're just stand with pretty we all want is the legs. Legs he went along and Shiny. That's all we need from. You keep keep the comedy to someone else. Yeah. But instead they WANNA glamour but she was like, what about? How about how about a cat box that I dig out of how about that? Yeah Yeah Yeah Trixie just texted you. Please look at my jugs because I didn't respond to her. I didn't respond to her earlier text, which is this. She looks great but it's funny I don't think of her as sexy sexy woman. Her flawless creature. Okay Yeah Would you fuck this? Would you slide Dick between detainees. Asking me. I'm asking both of you. I mean, who knows who knows these days? Yeah. Who knows Gingham. Having not having sex with any person months maybe maybe immediately yes. Who knows if that was presented to me as a realistic option yeah. But what about what about cooking food? Do you cook stuff? because I'm terribly behind I like I'll cook for a while and I get really lazy and I don't, and then it's like whatever like Oh to have that a bunch or I'll have this a bunch I'm guessing you didn't bottom anytime near the time. Bags. Eating a lot egg salad and I'm just trying to pick things that people can relate to OK. P We. Favorite Salad. I went Vegan for the month of May. And that was very exciting. I'm a big. I'm from Texas I'm a big meat eater lighter going to, I'm borderline carnivore And so I. Did it because honeys? My best friend hundred report is a begin. Well, she was the begin at the time. She's like more vegetarian now. And mostly Vegan and I think my boyfriend was like, Hey, I want to go Vegan for this time because he was having a difficulty with eating me and just like and I was like, I, think I wanna go begging for different reasons because I wanted to figure out if I had a A sensitivity to dairy. And so I wanted to. Take all the dairy out of my diet and I was like well since I'm doing that I might as well just take all them eat out of my diet and see how it goes and it was it was fine I. Am I am a Berry, Berry Berry, very, very talented cook. And how talented? I will I. Highly Child I mean. PEOPLE WANNA. Marry me after I cooked for them. That is like a true they go. Just, like Bryan Bryan loves to Cook Yeah. I don't love to cook them just so good at it that I. You know what I mean I don't I would rather cook stuff at home because sometimes I, go to restaurants or order out and I could have made this and not spent nearly as much money like I made it several times I can make this this way and then made this this way, and now I would have had like three different meals, one package of meat or going into the kitchen and made it at the restaurant for yourself. I could have actually end for. Me Working. So I guess it didn't really. I didn't make myself. I was actually making for someone else and then I ate it and I got fired but. Did, you ever make a carbon. Legs girl. No, it wasn't government Ro. It would love Bacon and. CARBONARA. Yes Yeah Greece. Bacon and Bacon Grease. It's like START A. When I had my ulcer in London I thought that you were supposed to eat heavy foods, which was fleet fucking mistake who told you that some old wives tale I did not research it properly, I'd never had an ulcer before. So I'm getting all this heavy stuff and what I'm doing is creating more problems for myself which led to me being an absolute agony but the good thing is in England they will send the Emergency they'll send it to your place. So that's the great thing about the NHL which apparently is in possibly GonNa get fucked up now but anyway, who makes talk about? Airplanes. Yeah. When you call the emergence column urgency, they send doctors to your Airbnb or wherever you're staying and they come in and they gave me an ekg and all this stuff and it turns out I've just been eating all the wrong stuff for the ulcer. So I was on a whole state of. Misery and disarray, but then I figured it out and embarrassment Yes. That's right. A lot of embarrassment. There was a lot of embarrassment. Oliver doing is eating tomato sauce in orange juice in pasta stayed away from acidic stuff. But I thought that for some holiday media peppers. Ice Cream and Pasta Carbonara. It was really bad bad bad move. Yeah. Because I got. Was Thinking of all the basis you're thinking oh this is bass heavy. Yeah. That's exactly and I was completely wrong and had done any research I probably would have figured that out but you know being new ulcers but thankfully that all sorted. But then I can see you didn't do go shit. No. You know no wasn't around then in January is eighty seven. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. It was a recent development. So now hip to that thankfully, the British people showed me that because I had just come to London yeah. I've never heard of Google ads. Definitely Google. Go cities wasn't giving me the information that I needed and then Al Similarly, I couldn't get anything in the chat rooms that helped. So what about Jeeves could've just averaging oh? Shit you're right. Now you know hindsight's twenty to ask him questions. Yeah and I could have been helped out then but then it all got sorted out still exists though there the sponsor on this episode Yeah Oh. Brian. Shown US pictures. We look at that. That's a that's look at that. Who is she was she wants you to tell me who is she does she think she is so. How much does it cost? I think you have to ask you can't afford it. Right. Yes, ma'am. Keep get to ask you can't afford did lingerie. Yeah. Let's. Let's get back into music because you're quite as skilled singer and performer. When did you first get into singing like what age? Shit. Oh Darling. Sorry Ten now, maybe eight or nine do you remember what it was that sort of drew you into it was a performer there a show or anything in particular. So when it comes to opera when I was a little kid like maybe three or four, my parents took me to go see La Boheme we have the some sort of like would call amphitheater. Like an amphitheater, we had an APP. And my my parents go. By the There's this Black Opera Company and I'm I'm just really blanking on the name and Houston and they la Boheme and I was like. Legs. Straight out because I'm a little kid just like. Every other child is running up and down the aisles just like. Silent as mother fucking mouth like what the hell is happening sage. This is amazing. I love everything about it and so all my life I've always like had opera going on in my head. And had those things happening in one day just started like putting it out in my out of my mouth. Some point you gotta start to put out your mouth. To mouth. When you're feeling it and it's in you just you gotta put it out your mouth. That's all. Something you wanNA share with you. The class put it out your mouth shut. You feel deep inside. put it out your mouth. That's it. That's the one. I was. But when I was in middle school. We had music classes in middle school. I went to private school as an all black school, a small private school in my neighborhood religious religious. It wasn't like a Catholic school or anything. It was it was a god expensive. It wasn't initially expensive enough for them not to put me there are. So I was there for a while but then there was like four hundred dollars a month, and so then it was like my parents like we gotta take you somewhere else does that's too much much fucking money. And we always had a black history month production an for the black history month production one year. I mean I was always in the choir I was always doing that kind of thing and one year they had me sing hold on you know that song whole. com by the of black. Or Phillips sure probably. One. Yeah Somebody's GONNA turn around. That one. That one that one that's. Black folks in History Mary relevant to black culture and black history. Pivotal pivotal is the quintessential. that MAC black anthem just above just above lift every voice and sake. So I ended up seeing hold on and I just like, Oh, I like to sing and i. don't really remember a lot of that time because I, don't know I was in church a lot singing I joined the choir in church and I was the only child in our choir. I went to school I went I went to church at the same church that beyond saying Kelly, and like a lot of destiny's child went to my church I know La Toya and beyond say and Ashley from Girls Time, all went to high school as well. which was the high school for the performing and visual arts in Houston. Texas. It was fun. So I ended up doing that and then the next year I ended up going all these different to another a charter school I got into a lot of fights in that school. So My my private school became a charter school. So I ended going back to that school and they are a good friend of mine who also has a podcast His mother was our music teacher that year and she also what's my high school and she was just very pivotal inspiring me and encouraging me to be an music and she needed someone to sing weight and water, and she was trying to get a good soulful sounds and I can't do it now. But I like through my voice down to the back of my throat two straight this light operatic tone and I was like were in the low to way in. And she was like, yeah, like that. So whoever had that Solo Lost Solo because I just started singing it as she was like, well, that's what I want. So now you don't have the so now you have it chum-. Simple it's as simple as that. I. was like you wanted something like that and she was like, yes, that's exactly what I want. So now you have it and after that, she sort of really encouraged me to she stopped working at school because she couldn't stand it and parent at the school as well. So as both apparent teachers like I know what's going on here this is bullshit I'm done She encouraged me to go to my high school bad. Got Me the application and brought it to me and was like here applied to the school my mom went to the school and said you know I thought this is going to be some bullshit, but it's actually a really good school. So I think you should go to that. This is kind of school that you thrive in. Did I I learned that not only was there music in my head, but I can write it down and then I ended up going to the Eastman School of music for composition and not voice but I studied voice while I was there as well and the same thing at a launchi whereas Eastman Ethan is in Rochester New York. Okay. So that's what brought you to Rochester. Yeah. I, went to the Eastman School of music in Rochester New York and I studied composition with a vocal vocal music was my vocal performance was my You always have to have a major instrument. Okay. So you would be so you'd be very qualified to answer this musical question. Is it true that music makes the people come together? And actually makes them all do a circle joke. For some reason everyone comes everywhere. It's like a shower of come. Okay. Right. She can rejoice in the shower these lyrics Madonna left down because they were just it was too real. It's to quote it's too. Yeah I get it now. Should soften the edges you think makes the people will come together. We weren't looking at it through the right Lens Yeah Devil Anton Not using makes the people come together. It makes the people come at the same time they're shot they're and now we're learning about the importance of emphasis. Yeah. You heard of the Brown but have you heard of the white note? Hello very bourgeois very rebellious need I say remember Was your first time in drags in Rochester redoing that in Houston as well. Well, I started drag in Rochester but and Houston when I was in high school I did you know try drag out as because I loved great opera singers and my favorite opera singers were the women like Leontyne price and Jessye Norman and. For Halloween one year renee. Fleming she went to Eastman. Brealey a but what do I think of her Rod Bitch stuck up home just kidding. No she's very, he's GonNa Close. Close people in my life but she's good just good. She's good singer. She has talent I think that every voice is different and some people don't like her voice. Some people don't like what she does with her voice as more. What she does with her voice that people don't like less a voice to. That voice do a lot She's she's she's she's big on straight town right now, which is a lot. A lot of people have issues with that sue straight it's. Two Heterosexual, and therefore. I say you want that town she wants that tone not to be all you know. That's this opera. She's big on straight town, which is like the be like Novado. No. NOPE Attache where's the Allegra? Shake. You're not carrying anything with hope fucker you talking about growing. These are musical terms please. Ads You were talking about pharmaceuticals. Now Allegra is a is a pharmaceutical. Year are Bradley San Grow pizzicato Allegra as model suitable allegro is. Allegro right, Allegra, and Histamine. SORTA. Viagra tone. The right yeah. What? You need to start doubts then. She had the sort of slow denna fil sort of cast to her sound. Yes. The Timbre was A. Touch methylphenidate. Even, listen me here. That's scary I'm. Era, I have a quite week I wanna before. I. Forget I. DON'T WANNA. Forget to ask you. Why do you think gives you the right? And also how dare you? The question. Well, I'm glad you didn't. Question. My name is appear console I'm contestant number one and I. Think that my God given right is what gives me the right? I have the right to be to see to love to. Drag a bitch down anytime six rides to come from me, and so I think. That's what gives me the right. What was the second question again how dare you? I buried dare because come here bitch and I'll show you. All right. Great. That's the number one in the. Action. Also fucking Badger. Have you did you compete a lot in pageants? You beat actually Michelle assorted I in a in a pageant. A blackout. In my house I have one, two, three, four, five, six, seven crowns. I have. Not. have. Not with me, I have one two three. Three I have about ten we. Talk, we don't need. This, I'm not interested. Yes. I've done lots of gasoline yesterday. Actually the current rating. MSD America. Miscellany MSD. America the one with the D.. M.. I. S.. D. America. So she missed America by how by how much? Five inches. My my favorite thing is the pageant terminology of at large signify plus is like editor at large the killer is still at large lake. She. Amazing. At Large or Well that's only for one one thing they do have a at large than they have elite. Elite is old which I love. Yes and the other one is plus plus plus makes sense. Makes Sense but I forget not one of them have the lead the other ones like. Continental anything as the lead. Cayenne until elite I. Think it's US obey old was large. Large. But his misery play misery tried to do that a few times. What they're older. Con- like they're older contestants it's called Idaho. USA Today. But. His old bitch. Old, NASA crisis he dirty. Corpse corpse yeah. Yeah, use the bay corpse at large No you as the bait anymore in Memoriam. That's. Eight morgue. You. USA Today hospice. Palliative Nick it's called Classic Classic. Great. That's a great euphemism. Elite. But I like late new because classic could just be like you know the twist whereas elite is like you know. At Bitch of already won the first of all. Now, it's time to win this one. What was your first time in drives performing It was in Rochester I with the Mothers Club which is no longer around but it was for Kyla mixes What do you call it? Chick waffles show. That's what her show was called. and. No. Oh. Okay. No. It. Was She was like? nope. Mood. Bar and was called sugar and waffles welcome columnists. And see what have a lot of newer girls come perform and I wanted to your show. I was hanging out with a lot of drag Queens I. There's queen named pleasures. Do you know her she lives out there? Now, an area, an all pleasures allow. And she. I. Hang Up with her and her friends a lot and There was this queen named delicious delicious in Rochester and I. D. last name. No our full. Just eats beyond say. Just dealers and she She was the first queen that I saw and just was like. Oh. I, WanNa do is young is a trans. She has a transplant and she was on that. She got on that stage and I was just like. This that you think that my my fraternity brother who withdrew queen and a very famous drag queen in Rochester would have inspired me to do that but she was account so it didn't really make. Do, that so I. Thought little that stage I was like. One day I saw her and I was like, will you be my drag mother? She's always squeezed my ass and molest me. Until that day and then I asked her to be my drag mother and all that stopped Oh. Really. Oh Yeah. She was like I'll be your mother. She's like you're going to be beautiful and her whole like. Demeanor just changed about me. Lovely and. I looked just like my mom when I when I saw myself for the first time actually looked up because she was just painting me and I looked. Up and stared me. Because I didn't expect to see my ma and. Arresting, Bitch. Space are just like. You do yeah I like but but I mean not like you just did something to do it again with your which. I feel like you have resting diva face and drag. Well. Developed. But originally, I just had as my friends used to call angry black man pace where I just didn't have any expression on my face I just like. So I just like wasn't paying attention. I looked up in the mirror 'cause she had finished a course of my face and a looked like my mom was just like that's so creepy and I was like, oh My mom this is why I look. So like my mom that went, she saw a picture of me. She said, Damn you look like me. Wow. Yes. So your mother was a drag queen to. Yes. Yes she was the original drag Queen and Monday. Only how did she wear a lot of makeup? No no, she didn't know. 'cause you don't you. Really you don't do like crazy stuff you just now what you got. Yeah 'cause that's I mean you didn't see even inspired that because she was not like happy about me being a drag queen because she seen pictures of me when I was in high school in drag Israel, you're not pretty woman. I don't really know but. But I was like you wouldn't recognize me. Because delicious painted me so fiercely. And she was like, are you telling me I wouldn't recognize my own child. Let me see the pictures now. me so are the pictures and she was just like. Damn. You can look like me and. It. See and then she goes you fucking did that shit those were that's an exact quote just so you know you fucking did that ship and then she said. Simi that picture I'm going to send it one of my cousins she was like I'm going to send it to Claudia and ask her if she likes my new hairdo. What Claudia say I don't know any of that. It's like, yeah but the nose job needs a little work. Grow, you need to get those. And then she she went on to say if you she goes Something that can happen I was like, and at the time I asked my friends I was like how much does this pay and they gave me numbers that I never really ever got to well, I've gotten to them. Now I'm making a good I. I make I have my own house I. Mean I don't own it but I'm reading my own house and. I. Don't have roommates and I don't have any of that stuff. and Hi Lou. I'm doing it all on drag and that's that's a blessing and she was like. You should do it, but we're going to do it, and this is before Rupaul drag race like had really popped off i. was like starting dragged the year that the first drag race premiered. On that I didn't exist it yet because I really I wasn't that Kinda Kinda Gay. And to this day I'm I'm Penn Sexual. So I was not really ever that Kinda Gay. Who was interested in all this stuff that's on MTV and all that kind of bullshit I don't watch the Kardashians I don't know anything about like what's hip right now it's just never I'm an opera queen editor has to do with the opera. Let's. But other. Do you did you like I 'cause I don't actually think people really had like a much of a consciousness of repulsed drag race even in like the gay quote unquote community when I came out, it was such a niece niche niche thing and I remember thinking it was bigger and boo-boo stupid awful. 'cause they had to like you to do your own campaign. Social. Media on look in they were so desperate and cloying and life, and I saw the girls around like y'all making a fool yourselves and then do jewelry went on like we'll. Look. Try. Yeah. That was the season that like really he would be so good in show bitch you have you ever considered doing it or no I have. I would love to. I feel like when I'm ready. It'll happen. Yeah. I think the only thing you have all the talent in the in the beauty and the looks and stuff. Is just need whatever they say on that sheet of paper. Yeah I. I've You know when it happens when it's when I am ready, it will happen and I I always feel like there's reasons why doesn't happen and every year I so much better. So I'm like well. It's good that this doesn't happen here because you know I'm so much better now or sure. Yeah. But I'M NOT GONNA lie I would love to do that show something that I feel like it's the next level for me just because I'm already you know. And I I don't want to be working around the country and not making working around the country money you know. Of course, like working around the country for one hundred dollars, hundred dollars just because I'm not on a television show. So I stay where I am because. That's a lot of money in a lot of traveling on taxes taxing on your body to be doing all that travelling and I. From here throughout Pennsylvania throughout New Jersey throughout New York state or at least the eastern part of New York state and up to up to Boston and Perform throughout this old northeast region right Even. That's tiring intact. Yes. Sure. Towers and I drive everywhere and so it's just like I wanna do it because it seems like the next way for me to be able to. Share. My. Life Philosophy. Share my talents with with people and just be kind to people in a way that like. Sometimes. Sometimes, I find girls that are that are just as kind On these shows, but sometimes, I'm like, yeah, it's a waste having you and this in this very high position because you're fucking asshole. Just going to take a moment out from our Chavis is severe to tell you all about the magic that you can find over at Adam and Eve dot com as Adam and Eve likes to say the best part is staying home. 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Make sure that you have the full spectrum available to you because you never know what kind of Mood GonNa Strike. You never know what kind of play you might be into that day find the perfect fit at Adam and Eve dot com, and when you go to Adam and Eve dot com make sure you use that offer co WB. Let's get into a little bit of your life philosophy because I quoted one of your statements that I really liked a lot at the beginning. Could you elaborate on that little? Let me just restate that one because that was about four hours ago on the show and there's no better exercise for the heart the reaching down to lift someone else up is that a reach around or is that all of the above honey applied there. Honestly it just helps it. feels good to help someone. And it no one does that. You've never tried so you wouldn't know. No it's true. It's true. It's a counter intuitive for the selfish narcissist e but a problem shared is a problem cut in half young always. So. Like it really it. It makes you feel good and like to continue on to just like. When I was a kid, my mother would wake me up every morning every Saturday morning to go and feed the homeless and as exhaustive as I would be and actually felt good to cook for these people I learned to cook up some of the things that I learned to cook that I'm like really great at I learned how to cook a large amount of food. You know it's just like If. You not only learn things usually when you're helping someone but you it just feels good to help people and like all these people coming through, just need something to eat i. didn't see these people as homeless people have sort like at school or something like these are just people who need food and we were able to bring them something and make them feel like a normal person not like someone that everyone was just looking down upon someone that no one wanted to touch or no wanted wanted to give money to our no one wanted to be bothered by and it's just like. Sometimes. You have to put yourself aside and as hard as that can be. It's also very rewarding because. When you were constantly only thinking about you, that is a very, very, very troubled mind like we have to really put ourselves aside for a second and gives us someone else whenever you're like I'm super overwhelmed with all the things that are happening in my life. That's when you should just take off your hat you're Mimi Mimi. And put your and look for someone else to help because that will take all that pressure off of you. Can I take off my hat and put on somebody else's wig? Yes. especially. If you style it for them or get it style for them, you don't have to Cook Brian. This is going to be helpful for you. I have no problem helping the homeless or the House list or the currently on housed but I draw the line of course, will because also your sparing them from having to eat the food that you cook which I think is also being of service. It's a benevolent act that is observers. They're Mustang I M prepared to fuck them though yeah, I mean I've seen that too. Yesterday I held an event on the misdemeanor facebook page. It was a fundraiser for. The Self Evident Projects Queer Covert Relief Fund and they are you know they're taking in money. They sold all their the photo projects for the t shirt that says, we are all the same or so I'm just like you or something like that, and they took other t shirts sold them all and been donated all their money to people who just they odin opened up a quick relief fund. They allow people to apply for the Fund and then they just started writing checks and they ran out of money. They had twenty, five, twenty, five, thousand dollars or something like that. Ran Out of money and the really we have to close down for now and that was around the time that we saw and I said we should give them money and try and help them. Get back to where they were or at least like give them a good check. So Miss. America helped me and they paid for all the talent to come in and raise all this money, and then we just giving all the money that we've raised to the self evident projects Quick Hobart Relief Fund which. is wonderful thing is like we have to step up for each other. We have to be there for each other if we're not doing, we're doing well enough to be able to help someone else who's not doing well. Let's do it like not only will make you feel good. It'll help them and guess what that Shit will come back to you. Right you're. You'RE YOU'RE NOT GONNA lose out by throwing out good energy into the world. Yeah I I don't even think it comes back it just. Automatically absorbs. It accumulates I mean that's just for people who who need a reason to help someone. I swear it's GonNa be Great. It's going to be great in two weeks. You're going to surprise maybe not in two weeks but one but like the fucked up shit that could happen to your life probably won't happen because you've been so good to people and there are people who have been good and still have fucked up should happen to them but it's an opportunity for someone else to help them and that's the thing is like we have it's it's not as you know. One way what does linear? It's not clear thing it's it's it is all around us so we really have to just. Be there for each other step up and show out for each other. Step your pussy. Pussy in the wind. And the wind. I gotta go eat some dinner guys. Okay, then. Okay. Sphere. I when I went saw something. I. Miss You so much I. Miss You Will you call me on the telephone? Yeah a little I. You were avoiding me when your foot boat joy. No Lake I changed the number two years ago when it went Kuku Kuku. Yes. Oh. Yeah literally. I was like. She's my chewing twitter. Twitter like barely but yeah. But now you have the numbers. Now everyone has the numbers and. I know but are you an instagram yeah? Yeah Balloon Blast Aliquo Okay Yeah this the fair kristall which one is yours. Kaci underscores Amo- with the blue checkmark yet. Okay. yowl I'll. I'll message you I have your number now because we just did the text thing. Okay. With Brian before you go do you WANNA do intro. Yes I do. Oh. Yes. I do. Yes. Please welcome to this stage ladies, and gentlemen. Asked from pass Jeez full, of Sassafras, a smoke slow as she is the complex multi talented. Operatic multi octave singer songwriter dancer, wiggling, wanderer. Diamond in the rough. South Era James Elizabeth Winston Ruby Chris. I. Was Your Name Right For naming. GotTa those were wrong. All over Shrek. But speaking to the grass thing, you actually don't enjoy the grass or any substances anymore. Yeah. I'm sober since twenty. Twenty. Medicine talking grass. Well, it started with I was doing cocaine a lot. And I I stopped doing cocaine and November of twenty eighteen stop smoking weed in December of two, thousand eighteen. In January of Twenty nineteen and a bitch. Tom. Divine, redoing Oh, you big I've decided to, and then I like broke up with my boyfriend in December as well that have something to do with it. By the way, your new condition of not being under the under the influence a lot. I think I just realized that it was time to try something different from. One of them broke up with US actually but then I broke up with the other. Ripple. The AM. But it was. I decided that for drinking and for. Marijuana I was GONNA take two years off and so the two years is coming up soon, I just don't want to. Be So high up on those things as much like if I smoke weed or if I if I eat an edible which I I've decided I'm not going to smoke anymore for my voice I'm going to eat animals and if I eat them I'm not gonNA eat a lot of them and then for drinking I'm hold myself to a one to two drink minimum. Maximum maximum self-control yeah. Because I think it's much easier to say I'm not going to do something to actually control what you're. You're use I. Mean it just it depends on me you can go to years bitch girl you got it. Yeah Brian, do you need to take your exit now I do so with that I would like to do both idea. I love you I love you. You Look Great Mama. Bye Bye. Bye. Thanks for joining. Brian maybe. We'll do it again sometime. Oh. Hi. This is Brooklyn Heights the. I am a big fan of the show and I was just sitting year. Pops into my head and I know so I thought I would ask. Are you K-. 'cause I can't really tell. I can usually tell it but I can't tell with you. So Yeah. Let me know. By. You were in Rochester for how long I lived in Rochester for. Two and a half years three years and you loved it there right to his what you said before like the Yeah I've everything the people were great. So then what what on Earth you to Boston Oh wait the music Yeah, it was always school that took me anywhere throw got to Boston where I got trapped got homeless. Right right. Now, what did you think of? Boston in general I mean we kinda idea before every white. Detached like everyone was like. Is Down let's not look at anyone. Let's talk to anyone. From. Texas. And even Rochester's very Berry Berry At least where I was in Rochester. Very. Like the south actually. Okay Yeah. So like being Rochester are being from Texas I was used to saying hi to everyone that I like saw but there's so many people in the street the difference between the South end affair that is not a lot of people on the street in the South because everyone drives and There's so many people on the street and kind of impossible to say head everyone you see right? Sure that's still that and that Bain is fine but like A good. Liked you know. You know not of the hat or something. Yeah. Yeah, he was. Like Yeah, the funny thing is that when you were would, when you pass a black person, they would always give you the black Nah like black people see each other they definitely given acknowledgement to each other but I think that that should go for with any person sees another person in college their presence, and that's just not a thing that I ever saw in Boston and I thought that it was easier for and it does make it easier to you know vilifies someone when you don't really know them or you don't really WanNa get to know them and all this kind of stuff. So I felt like that was what made it kind of easier for me to be Treated the way that I was treated as when I joined the drag. World Ripe Ryan and did that kind of treatment continued throughout your entire tenure in Boston? It got better conti literally was one of my favorite people normally pay with Queens but also one of my favorite people we actually hung out a lot a- eleven just drag. What like it wasn't just US doing shows right? It was just a business thing. Yeah. It wasn't just business. We were we we are friends. Though like to be able to have someone who didn't look like me. As not only a friend but a champion of mine. Put me in a show that. No one else thought that I should have been. Based on the fact that they would not put me in their shows. Gotcha, you know. I'm in this show this coveted spot Purse Reiko was the show to go. Yeah absolutely. Yeah. Definitely, and to be in that show and I wasn't always in the show but I was there enough times that people would expect me to be a part of the cast right? Because there was kind of a rotation, right? It would be like near Pena. That's right. Yeah and so like I think told what was it like between six and eight Queens that sort of Be slotted in and out because then the folks that were there every time we're Nicole pride and freedom fries and Katsuya. The bus the Yes. That's right. Yes. Yes. Yes. It was just a cash show and then Becca laughed and then they were like, well, what we have to do is we do something in. So I, was in there wasn't there a couple of times. Yeah. I wasn't there enough times that people expected me to be there right I remember you doing that an Amazing Gospel number that I don't remember the name of it but it was one of my favorites I've done a lot of Gotham you. That I mean I I'm sure that wasn't the One Gospel number. You did I just remember that's when I I think I saw then he did the Donna summer last dance video drum, which was tastic Yeah I love that because it was the live version and all the little AD libs and all that stuff. It's one of my favorite things like a live version is done and one of my favorite. That's one of my favorite things to do as to do the Ad Libs I. think that is the most important part about being a drag Wayne is like I don't WanNa see. A Karaoke Queen I don't WanNa. See like who's just seen the the the. The chorus when the main singer who is who you're supposed to embodying at the moment. Is doing well. Doing all this, all this dramatic stuff that I wanNA. See you embody. Doing I'm every woman like. Just kind of walking through and we can. We can sing that. You could you what are you gonNa do you know what I mean Yeah Yeah Yeah it drew me a drag because. Seeing so many people. Do it. And do it subpar. And I'm one of those people is like. You came to talk about something either you can do it better or you could just set up. Yeah I figured I'd just do it better. Do It my way that way I wouldn't, and then when I do talk about people and they say, well, let me see you do a better not say we'll turn on the song. What really was it again another school situation or what was the? Improv down. Yeah. We got stopped by the whole bathroom thing and province town after audition I'm during that whole time I met my partner for four and a half hundred. Okay. Yeah. Yeah. Got When we met and he said you can move back to Brooklyn or you could come and live with me in Philadelphia and pay for a fraction of the rent. Forgot because, right. In between you went to New York which we mentioned earlier. But yeah, you were in new. York for about a year. Nine months. Okay. Yeah, and then you had the baby. So that's Yeah and babies and no. Did the audition thing and that's when I have my falling out my real volley out with Ryan Landry where someone told that I was trying to you know. Host people from his show and bring them to audition which was alive. I have I have no desire during that I actually told everyone. I. Actually said nothing of the show because he asked me not to. So I didn't. Yeah. But there was some out there doing that and I was in the in the present. So with. I'm sure someone drunkenly heard something and made up that I was the one saying it but this is what happens when you surround yourself with addicts and. Also, the high drama that goes on in like, Oh, you mean who's doing a talent night was trying to get other people who do talent nights to come. Oh, you know what I mean like. This is what happens when he is on alcoholics who like our. Field by your drama and you make them feel like like that like like tied into your important because you're giving some kind of like juicy teac they gave you just jesse tip bet that wasn't true and and he said some very hurtful things to me. He texted message Mason very things than blocked me on facebook and I was like. Cool. Thanks. You just rescued me from your fucking toxic. I decided to go there anymore Yeah Oh. Yea. I've had a great life sense and then me and my partner decided to move back to Philadelphia He. He had already had a place here. With him. I established myself by doing competition here I won the competition which competition. What was the first one? It's called Miss Everything uh-huh. And if no longer exists but at the time, it was the show that and drag wars but I didn't do drag wars because I, just didn't have the time a barely had the time of the miss everything because when I came back. I. Was working in New York and all around US region. So. Going up and down from new. York to hear via. Sure. So I am. I did what? I could. I. Still One with doing like what I could like one of the one of the. Weeks. I had missed because on watch. What happens live with Basset so like I think I'm good I'm TV. I'll be back and they were like, well, you have to you have to lip sync for your life because you. Were in the bottom because you miss last week I was whatever and I won the whole competition was. So. For searches. Fine Yeah. So I I just. Did. A Lot. When I got here Yes Abbas myself as who I was, and I was pretty established as a queen as talent. So all I had to do show it, and then I just got booked a lot and just worked a lot I joined the the phillies boxes here in, which is just a group of girls who are all really talented hung. Foxy I. Perform in New York City all the time well did before we were quarantined well, sure. Yeah, and like once we get back to normal I'm sure this is all gonna I'm sure we'll get back to yes. That's right. That's a very good look at it. That's how I look at it. I've actually been quite well during the quarantine. I've been a little stress, but you know you can only be so stressed like. The Ain't nothing happened ain't nobody doing nothing. So you have two options you can be stressed or not. Yeah that's true. Well, do you ever find yourself slipping into the the various stressed, and then like working your way back you have a sort of system to combat that because I mean in these times I find that like you know I'm generally like fairly optimistic can do person but I find that the mood sometimes get out of my control. So does that happen with you as well? I'm going to have to say yes, just because I, am human I'm sure happens but I'm one of the people who has. A lovely memory that suits me. And it does not. Let. Me Remember things that really hurt me a lot. So yeah. So if I about filling stress that amount that's just a moment. It's really just then in there that it happens and I'm I'm usually pretty go fishy in that way that I'm like, oh I'm happy because you know. I like I said I feel like it's just it's necessary for you to. Be Actively. Not Stress Blah. Does to go. Okay this is happening, but literally, there is nothing I can do about it. Okay. Sure. Right. So right and have the option of stressing out about some shit that I can't help or I can just watch some TV or like you know like this is not changing. and. And that doesn't mean don't do everything you can to change whatever you can. If you can do something, do it also do it knowing that you're doing the work and if you're doing the work, why are you stressing right? Like things will eventually get back to surpass whatever you had before but you just have to keep plugging away at whatever you're doing you. Can't just sort of crumble because everything is a nightmare right now run you're letting you're letting the anxiety, get a hold of you. Then you're not doing the work that you need to be doing on the other hand. If you just sit around and do nothing because you've let things I to get a hold of you and you're like, I'm not letting that. Then, you're also not doing the thing that you need to be doing. So you just need to do the things you need to be doing don't stress about it and the less stress you have about it than the more you'll actually be able to get done as well. I think that most people who have anxiety issues which I have suffered from for for a long time have have been. Convinced that yes, anxiety exists which is true. But you can control the way that you deal with this and be people have been convinced of you know if there's some anxiety, you just can't control. There are some physical representations that you can't control at them. Sure. But. You can all the things that happen to your mind and also sometimes yeah you'RE GONNA lose the battle for the day or the hour or whatever. But I think what you're saying also it sounds to me like you know acknowledging that and then sort even sitting in the mood and then knowing okay well, I'm having one of those days that Horton to right yes you don't want to ignore what's happening because that's that saying that something hasn't happened that's definitely happening right definitely want to acknowledge you want to name it. So this is happening. You that are bad is happening. You're not gonNA control me today I can hear you right now I see you over there. So what we're doing is this what I'm GonNa do is this and what I need to do for myself is the admits I need to I need to call in to the people about my unemployment than I ain't. Call into the people by unemployment it right to call my. Insurance and have them turn off the direct deposit because a turned off the automatic payment because I can't afford it this time I need to do that and guess what because we're all going through pandemic this Pandemic specific. Because, we're all going through a pandemic they understand that and run. We'll figure that out because they know that they're having. Difficulties and other people having difficulties. If they weren't GonNa do that. That was the point happened fucking insurance. You know like right? Tall insurance though we we're the best time to ensure that you will be taken care of. yeah. Well, it's a good point two to point out like you said to not let the terror that influence how you handle things or to prevent you from making the call that might seem scary because you're in A. Moment or something like that just like you let it wash over you but then do the whatever it is. You need to do to take care of it. You know like don't avoid looking at your bank account look at it back. That's yes. Yes. Look at that'll make it in and I, want to stress the. The naming what is stressing you surely it say you over there and talked to is great but it's it's easy to be afraid of things that you can't. You don't know what they are run identify them but we're only that you can name it Susie you name it whatever name you want to. You just name it something and you talk to it and you, and then you'll find that that stress that you had. That was so high about this thing that's just so looming is. will go away right You won't be as stressed as you were before because. It's not as abstract anymore it's not as abstract. It's not this big looming thing. It's Suzy and suzy not that scary. That's right right. We know about Suzie she knows. She's not yeah. Yeah. Like ultimately all these things they're not doing anything, it's just the fear of the unknown and when you don't know what it is, it can be a little scary name it. Yeah I think it's terrific advice and it's really good because when also when you avoid stuff and it just seems to pile on but like you said, if you don't do the work, whatever it is that you're supposed to be doing then that can just further lead to more terror because you're further disengaging yourself from the thing that you do. Yeah. Well I think that's beautiful. Not Close on it. I. Look Forward to speaking to you again it's been lovely chatting with you again. It's been lovely chatting with you. Fabulous. Look in a whole different person. I. I know yeah I was totally yeah. I. Was not in my final form on new. A lot of changes. A lot of good changes. Yes. Lovely. I like you ain't Conti almost like. See all that's sweet. Three jobs. That's all I needed. They just needed a little bit of a you know little little sunlight and you know. In The air. Yeah. Exactly. Yeah. I'll tell you what when I lived in providence down it was the same way like my skin was just gorgeous glowing all the time at sea salt in the air really help what it is and the certain. Encouraging atmosphere I think. Yeah. Criticize you and we'll talk soon. Well. Once again, I want to remind you head on over to Patriot dot com slash crooked friends sign on up and slide on into the thunder buns of hot dog club were you get bonus episodes, listener questions, episodes, movie club episodes, and a whole lot more.

Rochester New York Brian Boston US Texas partner WanNa New York Philadelphia America facebook New York City York Chris Elliott Rochester Houston Eastman School of music editor
QLS Classic: Kwam (Part 2)

Questlove Supreme

1:41:44 hr | 4 months ago

QLS Classic: Kwam (Part 2)

"The ford f series has been america's pickup truck leader for forty three years and counting and the all new two thousand and twenty one f. One fifty is completely redesigned to be the toughest most productive at one ever to help make work more productive. The available pro power onboard gives you the ability to use your truck like a mobile generator. Tough this mark can only be called. F one fifty check out the all new twenty twenty one ford f one fifty four dot com built. Ford proud built ford tough. I'm billion dollar broker. Ryan can't and i wanna tell you about my new podcast big money energy. What's big money. Energy big money energy is divide you gas from someone to his crushing life. In every way. I talked to some of the most accomplished people on the planet to find out what they did to get there. So if you're interested in entrepreneurship building wealth and learning better habits from some of the most successful people in the world. Then this is the podcast for you. Subscribe now and catch the first episode. When it drops on march. I listen to big money. Energy on the iheartradio app apple podcasts. Or wherever you get your podcast course. Love supreme is a production of iheartradio. This classic episode was produced by the team. At pandora leasing gentlemen welcome to print to of quantities interview with over two thousand eighteen. He went through so many stories about his childhood. And growth up in the spas and working with herbie love bug and atlantic records and mexican philly rappers in austin idol makers with some kid play on ios so much crazy bug stories. Hope you enjoy part two of culas classing previously. The legendary kwami talks about porn up his discovered hip hop and rising in touring with the likes of some pepper kid play. Nwa all think that's to those things were so here's part two was up supreme with kwami. Okay so i the the one important aspect of your career that we've yet to get into which is very vital to your career is your sense of style And what you brought to it Polka dots the two-tone hair. Yeah the crazy haircuts and kind of all stuff the g. q. dressing. I i couldn't get the i had a polka dot shirt. My mom won't let me get down. She wouldn't she wouldn't let me get the riga brothers like we basically would just share research like the urban outfitters love shirt. Yeah about that he was doing. It was me to re that sir the preppy time the coca cola sweaters and all that stuff like so your style was definitely it was it was it was preppy and kind of progressive hip. Like it wasn't a street you know it wasn't damaged. So what made you. Emma era were dapper. Dan was running shit and tracksuits. And you know even with philly like with alpacas. The drug dealer looked like what made you like. Okay i'm gonna go with this like i think Because of my influences and because of parental guidance actually you know like one of the biggest fights that i've ever gotten to. My father was the fact that i went in. I had a job at a seatown actually in save the my money and bought this fake fat rob's sick giant fat rope an my godfather who was a cop confiscated a beeper gave to me so i had the beeper and the fat roll. Emma father came downstairs in and that was just my rapper costume and my father came into my room. I guess to get laundry or whatever he did and he saw the fat rope bieber any threw them out so when i came home like it was my federal was my beeper. I'm about to go to this party. I gotta look like me. And my pops. You know we're an outside. You're not gonna look like a drug dealer. You know my watch you not doing it now. But that's what i gotta do this. That's me. I'm a rapper. Said no you look idiot. That's not even you're not. You're not from that you. Wear you like to wear a suit. You don't even wear sneakers. You like to wear shoes. You ask me for money to buy you know definitely was into bally's and wing tips and all the stuff. What are you doing you know. And and we've got into this. Knock down drag out fight. Almost physical like my pops had like grit me up 'cause that was pop and so much shit like you don't go in my room touch my shit did it was like it was one of those things and it was almost like a wakeup call because sat there and i was like you know i. I cannot afford dapper dan. i don't like to be fake in any way shape or form. So i'm walking around with his orangey yellow and white looking chain. That's been turning the earth and it's like you know the beeper don't work you can't put the four one one on the nine one one in meat so what it's not it's not meet you know and i like to dress up put in at the same time. I know that i'm not. I'm a different kid. I'm just i'm different. I don't have a problem with expressing that there is a sodomy that does like some of the hip hop things so like if you look at life example my first album cover boy jeans. I'm sitting there. I have one of a preppy mickey mouse shirt You know but i do have cable tucked in shirt but and it was a real one but that was like saying okay. Look i can. I can go here. But i choose to go there. And you know my nerd wayfair glasses on and and it wasn't necessarily a gimmick at all. It was saying that. Look man i. I got to set myself apart now. The polka dots came in three things. One i was like i said it was super big prince fan. Imprint used to rock these polka dots on love sexy tour and eighty seven. And i just thought it was cool and i used to love the madhouse album. Cover with the chick With the polka dot. Skirt on. And i just want her to be my wife man just like i was on the cover. Yeah manica those maxine curls. Men's in so so. I was like you know she can be my girlfriend and i can walk but i can hip hop these like polka dots out a little bit. But then i'm like a over thinker. So i'm like you know anytime i look at. I'm a heavy comic book so like anytime somebody has poke it us. He's even a nerd or the clown or just the the weird guy. So i think i'm gonna i like that and like how you said you would share with tariq i just had one pokot a sweep and i use debt like five different ways. It was the shirt back of the album cover. Why certain same show back. And as i can find so many ways to match black and white at my polkadot shirt was black with white dots. So i have my my white shirt black dots at a black tie with white dots. So if i could just go crazy with the black and white and not spend any money and then in the video pajamas and then on stage it was much much stage stuff but it never went really past the first album cover in the video until i did my first show. Everybody in the audience had on polka dots and streaks in here and so i was like okay. So my joke on me blah blah blah and everywhere. I go pogo dot. And also i would never shop at normal stores. I was shot. There was a store in village. Reminiscence and reminiscence only did re pro fifties close so what all my ties from reminiscent on my dot shirts. Everything i wore were reproduction fifties outfit and and in whatever thrift store. I would find whatever we get. Everything from thrift stores and not spend a was not chasing gucci. Wasn't chasing louis. Vitton dapper dan and that just that was it. I was like i'm not going to do that. See i can buy 'em pc instead of a fat chain. I can buy sp twelve hundred instead of a a a to fingering. And that's where it all snowball. How did you sign who sandra to your first deal to atlantic. So so hurry. Love bug went to sylvia rhone and Sag got this kid act blah blah blah. and he. You know the deal was met based on the fact that he was gonna produce me but herbie was so busy. Most of the album was already done. I'd say them money and If anybody who's really deep into hip hop a guy named paul ozzy yeah paul your policy disciple somewhat. He taught you took support on me. I'll use the sp. Twelve about him and We'll basically was of music is it was called the music building in queens and Paul had a studio studio twelve twelve and save my money and i found out about for mutual friend and i didn't understand what paul was doing. You know four hip hop at the time. I just knew it was a place that can record for cheap. So i went there and i was like I got this amount of money. How many hours can i get eight hours cool. When can i get christmas. What oh eight hours. Eight song midnight to eight o'clock in the morning christmas day. You wanna do it fucking year. So i went and i did say five of the eight songs on the boy. Genius that on those eight hours. Because that's all i'm going to get worst. Christmas was gas Floor because it was like gotta do this so so but it really didn't mean anything because my father was like a devout muslim so i didn't really celebrate christmas anyway so Did did most of that album there but gave it to herbie. This was the second damore gave her first demo. He was not rocking. We saw game the second demo in the demo. That demo had if anybody familiar with album it had the song you had the rhythm on it The mike is mine Wanted to keep on doing bobby brown bobby. Though i use it there was another song called new beginning. That never made the hours phone. Call mind power. That didn't make the album And i wanna say warm. Why can't remember. I got now. Excuse me question. So how much of your albums immature soon. Produce everything wrapped on so so hervey so state targeted. Yeah herbie takes it in and you know. This is what i produced and so she. Sylvia gives me the deal. And i didn't have a problem with herbie producing a record for because you know i you know i learned from him so no. Hey why not seeing his name on there. Let me that gave me the greenland. I don't know if i've been so quick to if you were just you on your name alone. The video was dope enough to meet me by it but definitely see that was the stamp host on. Yeah i was like. Oh i got gotta by this because back then you bought the birds so innocent produced by herbie love book and the invincibles so i was like yo man. I'm not gonna get crazy now. You invincibles is so who was the brothers. Grimm brothers grimm was just me and my boy a sharp out. We like to come up with a lot of concepts so sharply for believe c major so we just sit around and come up with concepts so just it was just like you know. We'll the brothers grimm and grim. We used to have only language and nicely. Here we should tell grimm's grimm's were lies basically say now say you're Nine said that you never noneya wraps it and you would be. You know we talk about said no. I don't know i was. I was i was in a studio and he was just talking about talking. So greasy about ya understand. Why why would he do that. And we would sit there and watch. Just get heated. I'm talking about. We've had like salt wanting to go. Fight mc light like a terrible so those were grimm's so when you get to your hottest point we were like graham. A brothers grimm came from. Because that's all to the point where people would be like. Look around. Don't say nothing. No so that that was out so sylvia got the The first demo and i spent days and days and days waiting for her to show up to give me a record. Now it's like man. I'm just gonna finish this shit myself. An you know records. Like this is how i met slick rick for example sweetening did sweet thing and somebody from the studio in the studio was out of a house. It was a regular house in racist. Bayside queens like we would. I'm talking about was to the point where it was like old school. Seventies dudes with mullets in muscle. Cars would get out of town and we have to run into the house and the house was owned by a man. Dave ings was like a chinese families. Run into the chinese house and downstairs was the most incredible history-making studio also and pepper rake is all in play records. All of my records. Dana dane records. Everything was made out of this house. Wishes bathroom like they did the. Yes all in the bathroom. No we had. We had a boca vocal booth. But then there's you know between herbie's bedroom which was probably the push it was probably done there but Between harvey's bedroom in this studio in bayside call bayside sound. That's where everything was done. And i remember somebody calling me guilty I think you need to get here quick. So i've running to the studio. And i hear a beat. That sounds like sweetening plant. I'm a yo check my shit. And then i get into the room and you know we had the two inch tapes. So i saw my to in state next to. There's some awesome is really jackie. So i'm beef and like yahoo for so let's do. They're producing his office. Weekday fog jacquemus in dana comes running. Now rickman is my main rig slick wiggle year out to putin is about to go crazy. I just because i was seeing flames. Man he didn't even come out yet and his is trying to jacket in rick was like nah he let me here. I didn't know so we're not gonna use this. Rick was producing record for dana. And you know you know my my introduction slick rick but Wow it was crazy. So back to the question. So sylvia siamese being Harvey to finish producing. I was sixteen. So i had to add to go to court and get a parental weaver to to sign the deal and i used to always be at the regular cable just like a kid hanging around like anybody understands. Atlantic records like running into the office and would not this pre them but one in around in Running into amid private office we had made serving him breakfast and lunch and telling them how cool the record label is. And he's looking at me like i don't even know who you are. You're signing okay. Whatever you know and just hanging out with sylvia hanging out with different because back then. There were no anouilh's in our age range in any way shape or form. Everybody was like my parents age. My old jazz in our guy who plays in your work with craig common at all. No he like when he was no-name norwood about who's guy. Oh no off long days of no so so my aunt. Sylvia was my original and then There was a guy named merlin. Bob berlin bella electric length. I yep he was under sylvia and then when sylvia and merlin will able to take over when silva was able to take over electro in asia chain named east west Merlin with her. And i feel like mad abandoned so the my And i was getting richard nash which it nashes now. The head of emotions. Bmg if i'm not mistaken but richard nash was the head of atlantic and he took my He took over and he used to always confuse me. We case all over. But that's fine. Oh yeah both introduce this artists case. That's a home at the opposite of you. And exactly and he was so see what they were doing. At that time they were hiring house. Dj's be also merlin. Bob was a big house. dj Other getting kevin woodley. He was a big house. Dj and they were bringing them in. And then the first hip hop guy came in was clark kent so then they bring clark kent and and and that's when it started to kind of start. The industry started turning over. And you're starting to let people who actually know the music in into the business But it was real weird. They did not understand what to do in my records. They didn't really understand how to promote them. I was the first you know solo male act signed. It was mean. I wanna say. Dlc but dio see was with priority. So and didn't really. I mean ruthless so it didn't really count They were handling their own stuff Mci was with first priority. So she was handling her own stuff. But i was the one guy director on land and it was just like you know my my publicist. Was you know sixties at the time. you know it was just figuring it out man. It was real when the record became a success. What what was it like to be sixteen years old in high school with like a hit record. Well it was weird because by the time the record came out They put me immediately on a tour. So i went to like this l. a. y. Went to this thing. But i went to alternative school in bushwick brooklyn for like bag kids or pregnant teens or kids. That risk have to go to work to support a family. And but i was like full-blown komai at the time. So i had to go to this at the neighbor was crazy. The school school wasn't bad. I don't think. I don't know 'cause i wouldn't i didn't see anything. I had security guards and he locked me up in the closet to do my work. I couldn't interact with the kids because your comment. Yeah so i had to being. I'm like this is wack and was herbie's management company recommended because spinderella had to so so she went there the year before. And you know. I kinda wack and i remember being in my regular high school and i was show up this preemies realizing who i need to be. You know i reverted a little bit. I got my vance money and in our reverted to the gold chains. And and every day i would wear my goal chain. Bought her gold chain ball. Herbie's brother goal chain and reverted to these gold chains and a walk around school and thought i was a drug deal so they would have. They would hire a detective to follow me around. And when i found that out i went to the principal's office and this is how fouled this what went to the principal's office a shoulder them. The layout of my album cover. I showed them the contract and said well. This is what i do a after school. I make a record. Recording an apple sort of principle looked at me and was like well. If you're doing all this aren't you just drop out now. Like a true education right he said. Why don't you just drop out. Why would i do that. I'm saying because. I was asking for permission to go on this. Nwa tour and. i know that there's a work study his name or i don't i don't remember having my teachers and And i was like. There's a work study program. Why can't i just do that now. You're going to be a big star right. What do you need. What do you need this for you know. And this is not the first time a teachers told me that pre that. When i was in eighth grade math teacher was like why. Would you go to art school or you do is sit around and try to wrap. You're never going to become an artist. Just go to his own school so so it shows you like those type of teachers. That didn't look like me and didn't understand what i do or what my perspective was. I was not a bad student in any stretch of the imagination. I may have been bored half the time so would show up to a class. What anybody will tell you. I wasn't bad. What was your advanced time. How much did they give. Let you that much. The first album costs sixty thousand dollars to make. And i've got eleven thousand out of that was my events levin lab compared to other eighty nine brothers. We heard that was silly. He was sorta nice because there was like twenty five. Twenty five thousand dollars. It was supposed to be But that wasn't a major label. Oh tell me where you say. That goes i remember. The funky divas budget was two point. Five million yes. That was a lecturer. But so sixty and the reason it was supposed to be one hundred and twenty but it was going to be an ep and i turned in the remainder of songs and changes giving album that you can make it out wing giving more money as i just thought the term having an i thought that was just whack now so it was eight cut albums five cuts and i turned. Turn the last three songs What would our last three human i. i don't think i think The man we all know love sweet thing. I don't even remember. We ask because always seemed like the dope should always come into in. It was never a beginning to the end is just got three more song to give you up. It wasn't it wasn't like a recorded in certain way like. Oh this is the this is the hot. One is the last song that i'm gonna record. I don't it wasn't done that way. She didn't even know what you're seeing is going to be like the rhythm you know. I had no idea you know. We thought the mayor did. We didn't hear they didn't hear a commercial single off out so the most interim for push it or of course they were definitely looking for okay so and i was very you know. In the beginning. I was very was into being lyrical And telling stories and more serious about And the man we all know and love was a parody record. Technically and i was if you look on the on vinyl. It doesn't say it was performed my by me. It was a character that i had koheymi. And he is me. Yeah so so that was just like a parody of just bugging out. That was like a bug out. And that was like a throwback to prince when prince had his little community so so he was like that and they will we want this to be the single in my. What s he new record has not even supposed to be very entertaining. And so you know you can visualize the And emma may in paris ball clay Who are like. He's around video right. Yeah he directed the video. Is he still alive. Yeah paras shout to paris because you know paris dope now like he he goes in like he's responsible for sons of anarchy wai. Wait yeah oh we gotta get pass barclay on our ellie run around the way girl just because i have never heard you talk about her new year's eve icing big less all the time she was at my house nine even a year ago. She's in la. You don't echo show my neighborhood. I can link check check. Check it out so home. So paris me and paris came up with the idea for the man we all know and love and you know you mentioned malcolm. Malcolm was studying under paris to to direct right really and so malcolm wanted to learn so he came on the set. And i was like yo. You wanna get videos like yeah but you gotta let my homeboy brian in and so so this is a random ki- like in the beginning you know in all the faces that you know in in a one guy that you don't know unless so because brian was trying to be an actor at the time so you know it was just but and that was another thing that happens anymore. If you got wind that there was a video being filmed everybody. Everybody showed up. You might not be in the video for example Epi md record. This was but i remember. We've got when that they were filming in central park. We got to central park. And i remember seeing malcolm them what you're doing the video ios underground what that was So what you're saying. Yeah yeah so. We climbed down the sewer. Oh yes let. Everybody is in this. I'm like how did you get a permit in a solo. Visit was like it was like a whole city under central park. You know and and i think everybody if you found out that there was a video everybody was show up. Just you know you may get in. You may not get in but it was like you know a onset party at all times so so so A question about your performances because in sort of slick rick mood or what you're saying you're prince camille thing because you did. These character voices Sometimes using natural voice sometimes very speeding voice how that come off in concert. Because i mean sometimes you like three key. Muppets almost three characters. Rally on our doing. Just you know You know just saying you know it was just like you know i would just do it or eight of the audience. They would know some of those parts to so so it was never. I never thought about that but in which it question. Put you on this. This is the second album to almost there anyway. So on the second album you introduce me to an album. That actually wouldn't here for another four years. And i wanna know a few cleared the sample on skinny. Yeah wait what. How prince by george at okay. What i wanna know well. He even further than that he allowed me to use. I went points crazy on my third out and i. i don't know who who called me to people. I've got like super permission from to like whoever was running. Joe bet music from job called my house. My mother answered the phone. My job it minute like know what we re doing. Whatever job records you ever wanna use you. Can you have full my and controversy music. I don't know who it was. I don't know when they call and yeoman not a problem there's moment in time you know and and you know my my my experience you know. I think you know i know you. You've had better experiences with him than i. i've never had. I don't think i've had a good experience with him. But but he. He allowed me to use music when he wasn't allowing anybody who's owned by. What does that mean. i'm sorry let me. i'd never had a good experience. Prince don't clean. Shit okay. i would. It might have been 'cause. I kind of viewed you as a prince. Like figure y- because you did it all and and i was cool with like me and jerome. Benton was super cool. Me and moore's we'll you know so i i don't know and i know that members like tony m in other members of the crew would tell me that they listened as a collective listen to my music So so i guess that was in and around guess that helped out but like i said my personal interactions with him personally was never like it was not a super bowl experience at carmax. We're pretty flexible with how you can buy a car if you'd rather scroll through fifty thousand cars instead of walking the lot. Go for it if you want to see how. A car smells on the lot before you buy it by all means all have our things want the whole thing to come to you without ever leaving home by online compare how the speaker sound when playing your favourite mixed visit our lot and if you wanna browse a little on the lot and in select markets never delivered at home. We're certainly not stopping. You carmax the way. It should be ever buy something and integrated like pants. They fit great at the store. But after awhile you avoid sitting in them they're itchy and the windshield wipers are hard to find. Okay we're talking about cars here. That's why car is introducing the love. Your car guarantee with twenty four hour test drives in money back guarantee so you can take a car home and get comfy with it. Because sometimes you just don't know it fits until you fall asleep on your couch. Sorry talking about pants again. Carmax which should be fifteen hundred mile limits carmax dot com for details. Talk about tasha. I'm like i have always keep tabs on all like obscure rb singers. So tight tarsha. This is a very interesting story. I never let live it down. Man kid a every time so tasha and my girl angie. Angie would later on. Go on to write empire state of the singing. Part about about. But angie tasha angie houston on my boy out. Angie introduced me to task him. I used to think she looked like shoddy and then. She said she could sing. I wanted to make like hip hop shoddy records and they were a group. I can't even remember the group that named they were like my version of salt and pepper but singing and rapid. And i may like the worst records for the worst. They had a single called. The mike is my boyfriend was like using super wack record. I don't know what it was very wet. But only only you was made for two reasons one vanessa. Williams was looking for a hip hop dance type record. And i wanted to marry vanessa williams. I wrote only you for her. And i only go female singer. And no no and he goes even bigger thing to sheen. Arnold little sisters and they went to school with me and is a incredible. Sing suzanna zanna from school sinking. Sing the song i wrote. call own. you susana sings. Only you and i wanted to be down but they were very religious and their pops is not having the secular music not at all so the second singer. I knew only new to the second one was tasha is over. Tasha's from brooklyn from east flatbush brooklyn so tasha comes in and if you really listen only you you will hear two separate singers. So tash zing. Tasha's singing the lead and a lot of the libs put the first hoke. The first hook arabs is a in harmonies as a and then. You're asha comes in after that so i didn't care because it was a demo. Four vanessa williams so vanessa we supposed to say you can't here and that was what ninety one nine nine nine ninety. One right was ninety four. This would've been giving you the benefit right stuff was eighty eight and what song what replaced replaced it because i missed the album. Okay so herbie pretty much put me onto it. Excuse me and herbie wanted. I think herbie wanted me to do it. And then he was going to say he produced it and so it just didn't happen but then at the same time radio was doing his campaign against rat and it will do this thing called the no rap workday daily power. ninety nine. ninety nine was the first station but it around the country or no rap crap. Yes you know so so from six. Am to six pm. No rat was allowed so my thing was yo put this out. Don't say it's a wrap arik act like it's an rb record from atlantic You know let the 'cause 'cause atlantic was separate news. Atlantic street in atlantic street would do all hip hop alantic. Proper would do like in the volga workers and everything so like no let the atlantic proper pushed his record to radio. And let's see what happens. Wake up six in the morning. He goes only you so it was like it was really a social social experiment. But back to tasha i'm rambling So tasha sylvia gave tasha deal. Okay so i go into studio and while recalling my second my third album recording tasha's alma at the same time We actually in why probably filial at stone creek studios dumb voice call k. Jim and i pretty much own caja. I i had a house in manion and i lived in cages And you know all the owners you know. We were all good friends. And i was doing the two albums at the same time and deaf album got finished. I don't know if it was good. And i'm i say if it was good because it wasn't like my boyfriend song me but my chops wasn't with they like they are now so it was just it wasn't you did everything yourself. Yeah i would bring our bring some you know like i can't play instruments. Wilson people in but I would play it electrically. I in you know. Have somebody come in so so Mainstreams mainly horns. I don't like. I don't fake strings and horns for enough and don fake guitars or bass so those four elements always Putting in an after recording that album tashin are in a relationship and during the recording. Stop being in a relationship. And she became she became in. She got into high school boyfriend. High school sweetheart and later her husband and so they're in a relationship and he's full roster so she becomes full roster den the middle of this. What does that mean. What does that tell me. Because i know she starts no unlock. She starts coming in looking like from different. Different world and for me. I understood that the nineties were coming in and that was the wave but for me. I was like y'all if it ain't it ain't Fly now man. You look crazy out here looking down. Yeah i was one of them now so You know know you know people. Were you know replacing flatow so locks and it was like now you've got keeps was sharp. You know this is all my little. Don't fight it one year dump stuff so so she an and nothing against anybody who partake in in the mary. Jane but i'm not. I don't drink i don't smoke and i don't want that in my environment. My work environment. I want my work environment conducive to how i live so i can have the best creative process. That's just me so if your sleepy eyes was wrong about that. So so when you're full blown roster you're you're your outlook is different than that. So we started clashing creatively but we still pushed on. But then from roster they became like super save crushed jehovah. Yeah new sold a super. Like i'm talking about quite a swing right. But that's that's tasha. So she knows it. S anything bad about it. She understand that tees. Every i talked to all the time so so tasha becomes the female jerry. Falwell or somebody. She's like she's like a missionary. Everything is god is great even though now. She's she's so she's like mixed everything. Actually she's africa's staff tasha's have evangelist so the album is done and is being mastered point this her solo album yet. Okay call sylvia. The law tells me i cannot move any further lord with this literally music they are signatures says some different though i request in my church request let me out of my contract. Please tell me what's up yeah Whatever because you think about it like this a lot. Artists don't seem to understand there too. And i think tasha probably fell into this category and you know artists will never want to admit it or fear. Fear that fear this put there are certain artists that assigned just for a tax. Write off a label gets a high budget every quarter. So you gotta you have to do with that money you gotta dump that money so give me one hundred and twenty grand. Do album and don't come out. That is a write off. That is a good thing for you and your your your your your quarterly balance. Because it was something you spent. It didn't work cool but it was an expense. Oh it was a loss and now we don't have to pay this much tax. So i think so. So you know at that time. Sylvia had keith sweat. She had cheryl avert she had Vogue busta was coming in rolling. You know it's like tasha pace and nothing against the music. That i did all tasha but it was just you know it wasn't it. Didn't it didn't make a dent in her. So would then tasha started working for asca became head of special wards at ascot and She did that for a while. You know her and her husband got married and had a child. They opened his dope. Candy store in park slope. Brooklyn call rapper's delight dope candy store. You know you know in that lasted for a few years and then you know she just. She's living life. She you know she sings when she feels like singing but she just felt that she's a mom okay. I have a question that concerns my group. Allergy discover kamal when he was in newborn l. A. newborn cover of I forget their name. They sound like a law firm so audit let us show on the came out. Newborn newborn jimmy kimmel. He was doing at the time. Dave was jimmy thought he was fortunate. Me so always worked out well like i said he was accused fourteen. He was fourteen. I was nineteen so eighteen. Nineteen in the owner of k. Jim studios man. Kurt kurt. Kurt brought the group to me and there. A group out of north philly was a young kid at the time he was seven years old and he was a drumming prodigy. His name is sammy. Sammy was a prodigy and his father was a prodigy big sammy and so they wanted to form a hip hop jackson five teams so it was sammy on drums and rhyming and sister on keyboard and it was a cousin on a base. Was brother mike. Mike was on the base and then another cousin. Play another keyboard and That was the group but the music was poisoned dope. And he had a deal. I can't even with deal. There was t. I can't remember what label this was They had a deal. But it just wasn't dope so they brought me in to clean up. They brought me into rewrite. All the rhymes teach him outta rhyme. Redo all the ideas they already had relatively relativity. Yes teach them how to do you know. Redo the record. So i you know i was the clean up man but father wasn't having it or he was like i don't wanna say joe jackson vaccines etan go. It was different man. It was like that. Fallen in love record that i did did very well in certain regions so we will perform at six flags and i would be in the group. I would be like how. I like how you would have like michelle smith on drums while real. I will be like all my empty playing with the band and probably keyboard here and there just to keep that going and they were so afraid of their dad did they will perform to the side to him. There would be ten thousand people in but they will perform to the debt and the father would be giving thumbs up thumbs down during the performance and streaming abusive extremely abusive to the point where he had to get dealt with like between me and the debt know and i think my mom would come all was based on that because we weren't when komo come on a guitar so when he was brought yelling he was the guitar player slash barber. He plays this sometimes. Kirk like no live. Kamala blake took so kamal bonded. Because we were. We were the outside guys. We weren't in their family so it would be like human juicy. Just did to the brother you know. And and kinda like gripped them up like little brother you know what i'm saying and and And deaths how we we bonded from that group because we were going on the road like and julie the kids pops was down with the whole thing too young to be around a You so so. It will be like and recipes recipes. All the sammy's dead. So i can tell the story. We'll be in k. Jim and i remember you know. They were getting their advance and the father and not even his father would come. You know me we write these records and we do these things man and you know You know like the fact that you came in which public records and everything. But you know i gotta say. I wrote them wreckage man first of all you know. I'm not homey from down the block. You know. I do have a name to myself you know. So let's not forget this second of all. There's no way you're going to get my publishing. All ma'am getting that publishing and you ain't gonna lead a studio without philly style a word so we get the rumble in studio so like squad very much. So but but so. We're we're in the studio and it doesn't turn out well for sammy but the funny thing is we have to go on tour the next day so i wish i could find video. We sitting on a plane. Sam got busted lip got a busted lip sydney. Like the next thing we gotta do is a meet-and-greet six flags show. And then i was like why am i and me kamal's like why are you even here. Why are you dealing with this. And i'm like why you dealing with this. And then i remember he called me up one day. Kill minimum being another group on route being boots. Right and i remember. He came into call the day. Whatever whatever y'all did susie graduated. Yeah that dan don't because matter of fact me and him went to see y'all at the truck darrow are believe opening for trump and i was like iota is dope groups. I gave him innocent. They sheet me for them to tell me for him to call me and say maybe they grew seen yamina group now. And i'm like showed us what you want to do. You know anything like newborn like we'll everybody knows how to play the music. Not just one person So so you know that's how you know we are bonded. You know bond is that old so now you know why. Hang out backstage. seen all right. I'm going to ask this question from a different angle. Have you biggie. Ever had a sit down or talk. Yes never yes. Oh more than what i was was to was. Was it an olive branch. Or no can tell samson made it because you made a record on him i never. I never made a record. Video on biggie. But the video had visuals that that record was done right it was the year before ready even came out. That record was done Going through a real period on a will wack independent label and that was that experiences movie in itself really were they. Atlanta kennesaw georgia. Oh georgia what is it was. It was run by an old english proper englishman named john. John would sip t. Every day at four o'clock and work and he would tell us what to you know. We do not want samples on this record. We would like you to employ oil life instrumentation harare and you know very proper. And you know you go into john's office and you like in somewhere in surrey england. You know it wasn't like anything you didn't even think you were in georgia like toy trains and weird stuff so so do yvonne record as incognito yes incognito album my favorite one of my favorite productions honestly because i was forced to learn not to sample i was forced to bring in alive instrumentation in and singers and just read Imagine things that could easily sampled and it was like now you now i'm gonna go in and actually be a producer that that i become so So with big. I never took it personally. Somebody sent me the tape a tape of the song. Maybe six months. Before i came out i thought dope i loved the record. I love unbelievable and I think people made it bigger than what it was because the wave change so drastic that whatever bad boy said or whatever death row said was law here so here you go somebody like me i you know i have no beef with nobody you know. I'm not that type of guy in any way shape performed you know for the most part and and Everything that i represented was about. You know just being laid back cool fun having fun so now you have biggie. Come out say did you know my style. Life is played out like the polka dots. Blah blah blah is cool but then people take that literally. It was a literal thing. I would come some going somewhere in his like not army. And he's played out right you'll slide stupid shit llano. So incognito album comes out And my only way to address it because this is not like the land of you know you can make an album. You know you have forty eight hours to respond right. That doesn't happen in one thousand nine hundred ninety three ninety four so it's like oh i gotta go and make record. You know what i'm saying. I'm gonna make a whole full regular and get pressed up and handed to dj. Hey don't have time or money for that you know So the only way to respond. Some way is to put a biggie look alike in the woods alike video and it was just him in the background and people throwing stuff at and while he was on stage in in his shirt said sad boy bigger so hot at the time. Even the extras was not trying to do it man. We can't do that man you know. We'll move we come in they. They thought everything he said was really my shoot us man he might you know like they were so brainwashed and some people still all you know like he's got a lot of people so you know the brainwash was serious so there was this thing if you actually if you listen to reasonable doubt. There's a skit in. The lady named maria davis and she does a thing called mad wednesday. So that's a real thing so mad wednesdays. Oh twenty two so mad wednesday. I was supposed to perform. Was biggie supposed to perform. Dave or was he just there. Yeah so everybody came out to see to seem before and big was there means anything put maria just like straight instigated it man. Do you hear biggies here on. Charges deal wouldn't know. Oh my god you the fuck. I don't want you fucking now. I just deal with it now. You know. how do y'all gonna take it to the stage. I could take it outside high. Which are both here. We can't have both here and have this issue so rush rush. She's twenty because it's like she died. Not i'm still me some in. I remember exactly where. I was in a full black money suit. Would slip slip pawns. And a black turtleneck looking like shit shaft and i remember being one of those nasty looking coochie sweaters and he came over and he's like five times bigger than me. I'm like only five six six. Two six three he comes over and he's rolling like the biggest blunt i've ever seen in my life. It was like the size of this microphone is gonna problem with me. I was like no. You gotta fucking problem talking. And i'm like what. Am i going to do this. This this big is going to kill me. And all his boys and the funny thing is i know so many people from so many places which is a good thing like a lot of the people are from his area. I knew so. It was like it was just weird to know that i just had a problem with this guy for no real reason. A rhyme scheme. Yeah he said things like that about so many people on that album. But i don't know how the that bullet so wearing edges poppin shit to each other and i remember little sees came in between us leave acting many. That's supposed to be learning in in all the is all commotion. Emma dusit i was with i'm naming. No names michael day. We that that was a no from so. I never knew that the two guys that i was with knew how to moonwalk so well four. Excellent god got me in a suit. Every person in brooklyn everybody in the seven one area was right there and as i. This is some shit. What am i going to do so so so so then turn into janaka fuck place up puffy get the fuck out so they kicked him out the front. Kick me out the back. And luckily i knew the area very all angles brooklyn dudes all all men am i gonna. I can talk my way out anything. But i don't gain akkad talk my way out but i don't know if it came down to it but know. My ninja skills was on building an Y'all man has and and and and that was in then. I think i saw and it was always weird moments like that that i would run into one time. I was in his neighborhood with a girl in it was in the mila night. We're walking down the street by bam music by bam in brooklyn and there was like this little alley between my when you could flatbush and fulton is like a small alley and i decided to cut down the alley in. The alley is biggie. And his and i'm like what cardi drove a new. His head was turned. And i was just like i'm walking. Walk exactly you know and it was. It was always something like that. It'd be like an party like the next time in a party. And i'm trying to cut through the party and i go through the show run into just me and him he's like it was so fucking funny. We just laugh and then the other way he will. You know those kind of kind of experiences and just so weird because i was super cool with powerful and we never really addressed it but we ended up working together at time. You know. i've ended up working with everybody pretty much around the situation so was just like i think it was just more of a trumped up. Well thank you because at the end of the video. He's like you're the nickel stick. Oh that's a car for him. I well so y'all never taught talk. Never i guess squatty just faded away. Now walk right out. My mom billie jean jacket on my little boy time. Okay so before we close. I feel like the world really doesn't know anywhere you elevate it to the next level reduction so was do or die moment for you like. I refused to go out like i am. You know what. I think For me music is just. It's not just what. I do a lot of people you don't you know it's not who you are what you do now for me being creative doing music in some shape or form is pretty much makeup and so you perplex when people. Because i'm certain that people see you as yeah what the hell you been like. Whatever he fell off in like when you say like no i'm k. one mill. No no is it like. It's not even that because like the k. One thing that that probably lasted two records and it was because some. I talked me into like your. Your name is mud man. You gotta you gotta see all this time that you were producing one hundred ninety one as aliens. Okay no so. It was like the lloyd banks on fire and i did a group of record. I did a mary. J. blige record on no more drama album and up to l. o. Cool j record so for records total tweet to was that so so after after that. Joe jo- i love her. She's amazing actually. Don't see edition. Put it on what washington. So i i think one of the the the the changing points to not use cable came one mill is l. l. When i got to the studio in quantum wh why are you here. And i was like because i'm doing the record like i'm on the record with him. The whole thing i wait. That's you why you to focus on that and then you know it was like you know what zell telling you and i'm like why am i allowing. Why am i allowing others others. And and it was done. It wasn't done and malice shouts them ran lawrence. Because he ron lawrence timmons ramlan. Yes i'm i'm involved he. He's from my neighborhood as well and he pretty much put me back in. You know what i'm saying. He threw his through his connections his production. He put me back in but he was like. Yo man. don't use because people disassociated with something old and go by k. One mill and K woman was a joke actually was me playing around on a microphone. I was acting like a robot. i am k. one meal. And i'm here to it what i was doing bugging out and so So that turned into l. Was saying that and didn't realize it i was there i was like look man i can't i can't i am who i am and i'm not going to allow things to cut that short so either you're going to accept his music if you don't accept the brand. I guess this is not for me but the music should be able to speak for itself. And i never wanted to be the producer that just did one type of january one type of artists so i would you know i'm doing say switch from will smith and record firmly underrated but it was a number rally fifteen countries. That's all you know. And and and and people everybody told me don't do that will destroy your life changing so you have switched on one side with lloyd banks on the other side and then you have tweet over here and then do a christina aguilera record in pussycat dolls record in a mary j. Blige then you know will be things for movies like step up and you know just little things falling in two to its places and we have music in that. Hbo movie dancing in september. That was the first thing that was the first thing that that was actually like kind of like my come and trying to really really come back was the native for emmy for it. You know so it was a it was like it's bamboozle ari. Parker was in it and Your boy That was on grades but got fired of isaiah isaiah washington. I think i've seen that take place in baltimore not just from baltimore and we forgot something. We skipped over something major poison by. Excuse me we want. Excuse me what are you saying. What are you saying. You wrote that. Right i wrote. I wrote a role technically wrote the rhymes and then it just turned into ronnie divulge ryan. But it was wait. What was the funny thing was never told anybody. Because i know shit so so. This is the worst i was in. La i was staying in the debt. That summer i lived in la one house party was being filmed and i ended up not doing anything but messing around with chicks one girl was dealing with and just it was so weird. I was like staying at this girl's house and she had a job. So i would like. She would just leave me in her house with little brother and in a brother. Hey me you like new edition. Yeah i guess you wanna meet him sure so he takes me to rouse thank seven sixteen so we go to ralph's house. We're all in valley somewhere. I have no idea where. I cannot because i was staying. These apartment complex called oakwood so quickly in proper la now with somewhere out in the valley. I have no idea. Because i had to wait for her to come home. And take me back so so so. The brother takes me to routes house so i spent like half the morning me around his chopping of getting super cool talking and everything and he's hey you want me to ask guys so then me go to this other house in the hills and ronnie ricky and No running and ricky were living together. Mike was there. of course. he's reminds own. So everybody's playing sega all day so then microsoft game and you want to hang out tonight. I'm not sure. How did you hear some stuff. 'cause we we all going to be a group whose the group us three. We're going to be a group meals. I get to the two thousand marlins bugging named bbdo draws so exactly so so that night me. Mike dana dane and homeboy. Doug in he had a jeep. Cherokee brand new jeep cherokee. We thought it was a dope is calling the world with driving to this club called the palladium and he puts on the demo. The beat of poison. And i was like just jacked. Only you wait a minute. We'll be and oh sh- and so they give me. You should write some rhymes for us and he heard like it was like a loose singing. Hamas i this is the worst thing and that was kind of offended because the beat reminded me only useful so i was like david a. Gimme a napkin. Napkin like poison deadly moving in slow looking for mellow like soap. Like that and i was like here. This will never come out. And i was like play the beat. You say you know. I said it to the beaten. It was like. I think he got it. Got it and the next year. There was a unit as many publishers. And like that come on. It worked out after the on the album. It just says thanks kwamena family can you can you. You can live off of this this song alone and my learned in previous episodes that when there's more than what unless you want okay. I m sneak alley will that was a. She was the worst example. She really did. She waited and waited. Do you know allee willis quantum. She wrote september. Oh she was the black whisper. The black barbecue was yeah. Oh i love automatic. No seriously color. Purple the lyrics to automatic our incredible like i love that song. Pointer sisters automatic. Yes oh just making sure prince ahead. They're trying to neutron dance. I don't know something about what am i. Love that shit but Yeah so that's how that's how poisoning i was. I was in the video at video. I didn't get into video. I can't believe you didn't affect girl. I was messing with was poisoned down shot. She was working. Make sure your you know about. But i don't have any other ghost written weird stories that i don't know that that level i don't think so i don't know do the random so these was cousin but it didn't help you get your cousin. Yeah he's my cousin. Allen started club. I thought at one time in his life so call him up the to fight. Nobody different in diesel. No but he was. he's he's in. He's in my nasty video. The nasty dancing no. He's the boyfriend that trying to beat me up in the nasty video. Hold on because that means he has hair. You know steph from us so we can. The funny thing is me. I was gonna. I was gonna put him he before he wanted to well. He's always acting as though he was just a creative guy in into art. And he's he's my he's my older cousins and he's not like we're not the same age so they would have to watch me type stuff. He has a twin brother him. And his twin brother he's always hang out and basil's fraternal twin. Paul his brother paul. He's a he's a A dope video film editor like trailers in actual films like paul and look up vincent and They're younger sister samantha. That's she's might so. We used the more it hair texture hold on. I gotta get one of these siblings. This suga steve from quest love supreme one awesome way to support the black community year round by shopping. Black owned businesses with affirm. Whether you're buying a gift for someone you love or just treating yourself. Shop at black owned brands like true. Glory hair scotch porter fifth and wilshire silver and riley luxury snob and many more. Then when you're ready to buy just select a firm at checkout. A firm is a better way to pay over time with no hidden fees. You'll know exactly what you owe and when you'll be done paying so you can feel good about your purchase and make a difference because where you spend your money matters. Visit a firm dot com slash. Black owned to start shopping. Ford is a century. old family. Business takes pride in things bills and the people it serves reminds me of my people you know. Black people have been doing that since we landed in this country. Taking pride in the things that we built and the people in causes and institutions that we support and serve informed. Wants you to know that they are standing in solidarity with black and brown people. Actually let me read this correctly. Ford stanzas donald garrity with all people especially black and brown people. Okay four against injustice racism violence and hate and we're going to hold them to it because we are all built. Ford tough is american way. We accept all these challenges and overcome that with confidence courage and eventually optimism. I feel like we're at that point right now. Optimism so for wants to recognize and appreciate the contributions of black people during black history month and beyond. Yes because as we all know it should start a black history month and take on the whole year because black history is american history. And if you're listening to this commercial you're probably an american to which means that black history is your history. You go ahead. What about those contributions we've been making and building for this nation so forth mission drive human progress through the freedom of movement gotta love that and nobody knows more about the freedom of movement than black people. We continue to fight for the freedom of movement. We can continue to celebrate the freedom of movement and the progress in forward movement of black people inspires in the world over. It's been proven so know that our history is your history that our fight is your fight and our progress is your gress because when we remember recognize and respect we all move forward built. Ford proud built ford tough. There's a running theme on costlo supreme about amir getting in trouble for records that our guests have done but on this episode. We're going to do a little different this time. It's me that got in trouble. Okay for quantum kwami. All what i did with a record. Okay my parents got an answering machine shortly after the second album came out. And if you know how you remember i i'll i'll start starts with kwami leaving a an outgoing message. Welcome to the bone age one day when my parents were out. I replaced outgoing. Voicemail message with kwami oh man. My parents were not pleased. That was fucking stupid. And i do it. I mean it was on answering machine. My dad had some generic boring outgoing missiles like not. We can't be lame like we gotta put something cool on there and you al gore outgoing so semi call. I told your mama yo what is going like what is on your outgoing. Need to change that. And so you know they you get a little button. I got on punishment for public punishment. That ain't weapons. you know. it's funny. I don't i can't go back and listen to the old records. Not really don't like him. I just don't listen to him. I don't watch videos. I don't watch and only time that a old regular come on of mine that now. Listen to rhythms. Because it's it's on shuffle. The my my way flies on shuffle. On when they do only you. But i you know what i didn't see that episode ten years. How wow. I think jeffrey's dancing club. It's called loving episodes love and elevator and then they use it again on another so but but Now those checks were good. Two pairs of sneakers. Yes and i bought some milk. And those were some lean years in those those first prints and i let will not let me tell you what man will has definitely will shows up in my life at a very pivotal points. So so the first time i met will relay event you for the first time that was good was in eighty nine and where la and Amenam he hosted a show. It was me mc hammer. I want to say too short. Tony toni tone and he hosted this show and it was actually that day i met ice cube ice. You say everyone were those. I love shirts with a nice came in with a black t. shirts fantasy so i was will saw me in the crowd. I wish to go out into the crowd tried to girl and he just told me crowd not being as professional as i could be so i didn't know i don't know he pulled me to talk to you for so you gotta understand what you're doing you know you got to you know. Act like you're better than anybody else but you have to understand that you have to put yourself on a level and and even if you're not on that level yet prepare yourself for a next level and prepare yourself to be on next level. You know what. I'm mike preaching to me. And but he you know he kept talking and it it. It kind of changed my attitude at the time. And then he had just house party in he had a house in gladwin yes his in gladwin pennsylvania and went to the party and he's like man you know i wanna show you something so he takes me to living room. Whatever whatever the grammy's he had one at this point. I think three at the time he was like you know. I want you to understand why. I'm showing this. He said because i you know i don't feel ever win one if you won't but a lot of times people don't set to achieve something because they can't visualize they don't see they don't wanna stand it so i think that you can at some point be able to achieve this so just wanted you to see what is what this is and understanding so many criminals like you know like a lot of rappers. They just try to buy chains. And and 'cause enclosed whatever. But you know you should really point at real estate. You should really point looking at you. Understanding what a mortgages. He was just doing all. This real talkie like preachy fatherly stuff. Because the way and and and so we should do to each other we passed and he was saying that and and so that was another point and then when i needed money the most the fresh prince of bel-air show did only you. And that help you know and then To bring me to another level as a producer he shows up again and he picks switch and and even recording switch just having real indepth life conversations you know and also he had a video so fresh and it was him and biz markie and i was like at a you know like i said there was a period of time. It was nothing popping. You know i just. I did not have any paper you know reached out saying oh man getting video you know blah. Allow me to be video. You know gave me some. You know some cool exposure so there's always little points of points of light debt that will will put down so you know. I definitely appreciate them for that. You should probably hang out with him more often among on the regular actually okay before wind up as prime my last chance to have this moment to ask this question. Do you have any latin quarter stories. I was waiting for this once for holly bus. I don't because i was too young to get in there. Turn any close. So so i thought jasim so land so there was three clubs. That meant something. Latin quarter the union square and red parrot red parrot that was like the milk route. But you know you hear about the repaired. You gotta go so i was able to. Sometimes i would tag along with salt and pepper and herbie in dana and sneak in places but the latin quarter and union square. That a pre show. You've heard a million stories But when i tell you it's like beyond the funded don't in i've been i've been outside the latin quarter. I've been at the door and the door swings open. Everybody runs out but we outside. It's probably the most dear aren't we. We're more stories about outside. Lamb corden probably side was grimy. Inside was grimy the eighties man. Like y'all understand new york city in the eighties. It's the latin quarter. That's the least of your worries. Go into a club like that will go to the union square or even a tunnel early tunnel. It's the train ride home. you know. it's it. That's that's the that's the russian roulette is the train ride home. It's trying to get in is trying to get out. It's kill men. And i don't wanna stan. Everybody play that russian roulette. They get their chain. Whatever you get sliced for holo on apollo visor you get locked and you were fresh all the time so it wasn't risky for you to be well. My fresh was thrift store fresh so it wasn't like we don't want that but then at the same time like i said you weren't valley out you weren't would be bally's but then is through so everything out. All the money would be at the about on the ballot. So yes oh it was never sneakers so like when jordan one came that was like the first hundred dollar sneaker. So it was like was not known. Wasn't doing that But outside of that it was. I'm telling you man like a shop. I lent him at a goose that resembled apollo goose. It was like polio by ralph. Crampton friend he. He got sliced on the shoulder to hit and they slice them. They sliced through the jacket and the slice was so clean. He didn't know until he got home. And he's like they will kill your back as wet as the coal. They seis it and i don't know what the commotion with what it was my coat and so i didn't put this way. He told me he got slice but he never told me he sliced for my coat. And i didn't find out for like years. When are you going to mycole back on me. And my mom put it somewhere. I can't find. He would just so ashamed to tell me that. That's why he got slice. And i felt terrible. I'm linden him. Mark boggles my mother's like i bought coat and you're not you know where i don't know alhaji stop letting your closed allen 'cause we use to trade like you like you re we trade clothes and stuff so that's like how it was going to these clubs so you'd literally if you didn't know if you didn't have a crew it was like the warriors man like that's the best way to describe like in six guys got together. What are we gonna do tonight. We're gonna go to latin called ready for this will listen to some songs. We may meet a girl. We may dance but you do know that we are fighting our way and it's going to be. We have to be one for all on his train. So and then you know like i said my age. I'm fifteen fourteen. Fifteen causes really pop. And so there's no way. I'm going to get in I wasn't savvy enough for the fake. Id move like the fat boys right across. I couldn't do that and herbie was like i can't subject to this like you're you're a little kid. You can't do it man so we would just sneak around but you know from okay. That's a non latin quarter story to warrant this by good so it's the inclusion quarry Well this is way beyond my expectations for this man thank you. It was life lessons journey. It was larry things that i as scott. Scott he talks about how you favor rapper and stuff like me him. We talked about it. And like i just wanted to just thank you man. I you really like just the memories. I have of my childhood of like buying your take a man. I you have only music at my pops. Everybody you know when we first met. When was this shamburg center harlem. No we'd it was a this was was it that thing that was like a form of some stop the violence you know violence in two thousand six i went. It was like a rebel shows where we talk about like images and media cool with knife from the thought was like super you know my thing is is is cooler me people on a musical level. But i'm more on a personal level on how people are as as people you know what we do is what we do you know. And so it's always a matter of opinion to whoever listens to but when you meet people on a personal level. I think that's just wanted to drop that ahmed. Thank you very much. Appreciate it man to you like. Just just thank you for them. You would certainly inspiration. Thank you still you beautiful music together. I'm you know that's real quick. I know you wanna wrap book but luckily You know always wanted to control my own music in control the fate of my music being a producer. You just get a check and you don't know which if you're number one on album one seven on the album. You don't know if it's going to be single and not and if it is a single you don't know you don't know the ins and outs so Avalaible label make noise and it's distributed through caroline capitol records and the first artist on that label is giving green from philly and And the way that turned out it was weird because it turned out me trying to suggest that she makes a certain type of and she not being with at all and sending her tracks song ideas and everything and we called as one record kobe. Right back to my baby on them. Over frankie beverly get bomb sample and I just do it out there. But our knowing and you know it became it became a barbecue type. The piggyback off the original record and In its spawned the whole label deal and everything so so you know i enjoy. I'm at a point in my career. That i don't know where things are going to go. I don't know if it's gonna superhero regular whatever. But i'm also at a point where my concern isn't there as long as i have an outlet to put something out creative. I don't know what's going to happen. So like with the vivian records. Each record we put out for the charts that she's on the. Us will number ten five to three. You know so so. We do well in that space and is cool. We do great. You know performing the ban you know it's it's it's great we do arenas we do clubs we do and she's doing more than ballot. So that's yeah that's another thing it's like i like. I like live. Energy live musical energy so so just gives me allah to to do that amongst other artists. That have come in later. But you know there's another out of philly named michelle. She's out of bucks county that that More pop pop electro artists. So that gets me to explore that side of Production as well. So that's that's the next situation comments. He goes by michelle. Yeah just michelle. She didn't want to chance gonna be search engine. It's the way you spell it m. I. s. h. e. l. Jesus no hey man lake psychological. What exactly the question deep. What can you do man like you know. I think a name. A name definitely is very important and i think an artist before they come out has a million names so if as michelle. Now okay. I'll go with day could be poop poop poop by by the end it comes out and and i'm glad you guys saying i'm glad you guys are you saying what you're saying because sometimes artists need to hear that because they're not listen. There's another rapper. Is another rapper. That i work with now. phenomenal rapper. But the stuff isn't out yet and you know he. He name his he he goes by the name of bobby. J like why are you using. Why are saying it has nothing against him because you are a great lyricist. You're a great emcee. But sometimes artists feel like they are married to a name for certain reason and sometimes it works. Sometimes we'll hear a name like what. But it still works like when i heard lady gaga for the first time i was like is that and it put it worked on a senior housley so so so you never know where it falls but it's always good for that constructive criticism to hit you. You know i could have been jazzy k. G. y'all not been talking about you be quest for. Oh my brother question for them well i. I was a sample ono given name it. Divine technician rather you know. Camille learn why he k. One thank you l. o. Your name mr name. Yeah 'cause i you know. In this case out now you'll want to be affiliated and twelve is the shit that's killing nixon deasy now. That's the new drug case new to take the way that that the learn. If you ever see somebody in real life on that run gonna face this we we did a show in dc and these firemen withings show you man. We had stopped this guy on k. Twelve and he showed me. The video is do with naked. In miller street doing this crazy dancing and starting to roll around. He thought martha's eating. That's real S walker is definitely. Yes me once on my accident. We had brownie to we told you know. I guess it was bad so i have a we. Brownies walkie everything happens in. La man us where we cookie. And i swear. I thought aliens will come to give me the fed's will come in So it was like. I was driving home and it was super paranoid. I was like if they stop me. Can check my. I wanted to go. Bad man i was like i don't know what is the car actually dry. I was so fucked up man. He's facing cookie you. because they're lightweight. What's is there a thrift store. You got that benetton jacket. All at because bill lawson boss alona. I'm sorry got it in bars on you wait. What about the hat though. We're we're him hats Actually with the old logo doing is going to be a thirtieth anniversary of boy. Genius coming up next year. So all the like paraphernalia. I dad. Caps fitted pins. Buttons exclusive Letterman jackets all that even a bmx bike yet. Ama- desktop that was on the front. Yeah that old word everything. All right let me say muscles for media. I think everything so at at Vision on instagram and kwame did it on twitter. And i'll i'll post. I post a lot so but i'll post you know information about the the paraphernalia like still okay. We will definitely follow me. Back it up. They will make sure that the social get all the information Like i said it's been real. Thank you man. Thank you for having me is fun and girl. I'm still getting over. Poison right just. Where's that napkin playing. Yes instagram said. That i was not worthy of a blue check. They let me let me let me know how phone call that got you. I got you all right. All right. we'll have the saying. Thank you for company me on the other school bus rides day. You go on the sony walkman. Yes yes. I'm having a moment living do for me back in the day. Man thank god. It's anyway steve networks. Why hate album. Sorry yeah see that out. Lout afonso bigalow It's still like you boss. Bill i'm pay bill and kwami thank you very much thank they. We will see you on the next go. round was love. supreme court's love pandora later. Of course love. Supreme is a production. I heart radio. This classic was produced by the team and pandora for more podcasts. From iheartradio visit the iheartradio app apple podcasts. Or wherever you listen to your favorite shows. This is suga steve. From quest left supreme one awesome way to support the black community year. Round by shopping black owned businesses with affirm discover brands like scotch porter fashion bomb. Daily luxury snob. And many more. Then when you're ready to buy just select a firm at checkout. It's a better way to pay over time without hidden fees. And you'll be making a difference because where you spend your money matters. Visit affirmed dot com slash. Black owned to start shopping. This is brought to you by ford. Ford is a century old family business. That takes pride and the things that builds and the people it serves. They think that we're all built. Ford tough accepting challenges and overcoming them with confidence courage and optimism. There's no doubt that the weight of these challenges disproportionately falls on the african american community committed to listening learning and co creating solutions ford recognizes and appreciates the contributions of african americans during black history month and beyond celebrating key black cultural moments which is holidays events and historic occasions throughout the year. When we remember recognize and respect we all move forward.

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Ep 82:  Financial Freedom with Tonya Rapley


1:23:16 hr | 2 years ago

Ep 82: Financial Freedom with Tonya Rapley

"Today's show is brought to you by the art of racing in the rain Kate as animal lovers and dog owners. We all know dogs are humans best friend yesterday as you all have heard and many an episode Bowen Loose Sierra always right by our sides while recording and it's this this devotion for our animals that makes us excited to announce our partnership with Twentieth Century Fox and their new film the art of racing in the rain based on the book by Garth Stein. The Art of racing in the rain tells the inspirational and heartwarming story of a dog voiced by Kevin Costner his love of racecar driving and the bond he shares with his family played by Milo Ventimiglia and Amanda Ciphered Dorey. I do love going to an uplifting movie on a hot summer day and this one hits theaters on August ninth so don't Miss <music> out grab your tickets when they go on sale July twenty fifth go see the art of racing in the rain in theaters August ninth. Today's episode is brought to you by fabrics. A fashion focused active wear brand founded by Kate Hudson fabrics is your one unstop shop for Trendy and affordable. Jim Wear Kate as you know I have become very loyal to have Lennox specifically their seamless high waisted statement Capri and their mission performance sneakers <hes> I wore the high waisted Sima Capri Two pilots the other day and the instructor character complimented me on my legs. I also get complimented on my fabrics leggings quite often and I love my whole athletics outfits I like wearing matching sports bra with my leggings and their sports rise hold me in and they have so many outfit options has to choose from so I definitely recommend taking their quick style pop quiz to get curated personal outfit wrecks from them and don't forget to enter your email at the end of the quiz for exclusive monthly discounts and insider INFO on brand new styles collections and prince sand if you become v._i._p.. Remember with tablets you'll get up to fifty percent off regular pricing and instant access to their latest collections so sign up for V._I._p.. Membership today and get to leggings for only twenty four dollars. All you have to do is go to fabrics dot com slash Feber thirty five to take advantage advantage of this deal now again. That's fabrics dot com slash ferber thirty five to get to leggings for only twenty four dollars. There's no commitment to purchase monthly and you get free shipping on all orders over forty nine dollars just visit fabrics dot com slash forever thirty five terms and conditions do do apply hello and welcome to Ferber thirty five eight podcast just about the things we do to take care of ourselves. I am Kate Spencer. I'm Dorey Chiffre and we are not expert but we are two friends who like to talk a lot about serums and here we are together again. Indeed welcome friends to narrow episode sort of the pod how you doing kate well. It's just feels different recording this podcast as a forty year old. Oh Yeah Yeah I feel wiser. <hes> my pants feel flow eater. I mean I gotta say you seem more at peace with your son. Real calm <hes> everything's do things changed. Go on truly nothing has changed. I'm still very anxious very nervous all the time but you do have flowing pants. My pants are flowing. Maybe you know what if that's all I get out of turning forty great. I mean welcome. Thank NCUA feel so great to be here finally standing outside the door of forty for a while appearing in knocking his inside Yup Yup and we were like okay okay. We'll be there soon. GonNa answer that door but you gotta wait. You are all just taking your time. We sure harassing in our elastic waist panty pants reading your comfortable mystery books watching the movie book club so far being Grayson Frankie since Great Yep. Does your aspirational you understand I do I do <hes> No. I did celebrate. My fortieth. Birthday feels great to be forty kept it pretty low key. I'm not a big <hes> birthday. Celebration Person Is it was just how I liked you did cancelled the burning men esque celebration that going to throw for you. We were all going to do L._S._D.. And just dance the night away and Yep you're right around the outfit Unicycles John So us truly it does yeah I felt happy celebrating my birthday. It felt nice good yeah but I again I like I like I like birthday another year son. If you will yeah I do think also for me. At least after turning forty it was I felt less anxiety about getting older and more gratitude for getting older. I actually have been feeling that a lot. I think I I might have mentioned this on the supposedly I'm thinking about my friend passed away at thirty seven and just like truly not taking any any part of our existence for granted whereas I feel like throughout my thirties I was like oh my God. I'm thirty three. Oh my God. I'm thirty four. Oh God I'm thirty Yeah Yeah. I did a lot of that too you know yeah and now I'm like. I'm alive. Yes truly yeah and like what can we do to make things slightly better for everybody while we're here <hes>. I'm thinking about out that okay well. We're making this podcast. This is my country story. I did do facemask in the car <hes>. I don't think I would do that again. I just get any looks at stop like well. It was dark okay. It was nighttime and I had this is a very specific experience but I'd like showered uh-huh and I you know my face was clean and inputting product on I brought face wipes with me in the car. Okay got on the car a wiped my face down. I implied tied the Matt because I was like I have twenty five minutes to drive home. Why don't I use this time game? I love the way thank well. I don't think it's the best use of Dr why not well then I was like what if I got in a car accident or got up pulled over or like it'd be like this woman really knows how to take care of herself slash slash. I didn't apply the mask while driving I do. I was like parked before I left my Lok my locale <hes> but I just was like you know why not we talk about masking on planes. All we do and I have done things like you've been talking about pumping I have I used to pump with my breast pump. Pump breast milk while driving all the time so I just was like you know what I'm just GonNa. It's late at night cream or claiming. It was sheet mass. It was a mask that you apply with your finger and then it dries and then you peel it off Yep Yep so you know I went for it. And how did you feel when you got home. I walked in the door. My husband was like Oh. He was definitely like okay. Were you like this is for three days. After yeah I mean he's also used to my antics by now I would say sure but that was a new why it takes a lot to phase him and you faced I did I did. I'm really nicely heightening my <hes>. The thing weird things things that I do to get a rise out of him. We've been together for almost twenty years so I gotta just spice it up a little bit restos. My kids were asleep. Luckily because I was worried freaked them out because my face was like a bluish green was green <hes> but yeah that was an adventure. I don't think I would do it again but okay you know I did. I was just like I'm going to experiment. This is an interesting use of my time. I I asked while drama no I haven't I have to admit and this might be heretical to say on this podcast not a big nascar. Wow it's weird when you think you know someone and then the rug is pulled out from underneath for Birkenstock clad fee a mask. Is the mortgage off your face yeah. I don't love a mask. I finally realized this and I felt like I had been. I had been trying to be someone that I'm not I buying into this whole mask thing well when I actually don't love them and I don't actually think she'd mask that much. Oh my gosh. I'm just going to say what is happening right now. Should we just stopped the Bob. I don't know how we continue our you about to tell me that you don't believe in serums either. No I love serums. Well thank God Yeah No. I don't give a shit one. It saves you money to you're not buying into yet another part of the beauty industrial complex so good on you and you know sheet. Masks aren't the best for the environment. I mean maybe there I that fucking Sarah my doctor chart situation that I did a few weeks ago. It was like revolution airing now but I applaud you. If you do not teach their own nobody even has to wash their face for all week here. I I would not say that a mask I've worn has been detrimental but nor have I been like Holy Shit. My skin is changed and look all of the masks stands are GonNa come for me and say that hat. It's unrealistic of me to expect my skin is going to change for through one fifteen minutes sheet mass planning this speech Noel this literally just kidding. I'm speaking extemporaneously drinking off the cuff of here and speaking my truth my mask truth. I mean I said well I again. I support you. I think I do not think anybody needs to buy into both like using money or in the proverbial fence. I'll tell you why else I don't like to Matt get audit so there was a period when I was trying to get into sheet masks. That's what everyone was doing and we have a podcast about that self care which is somehow becomes somewhat synonymous with sheet masking says I guess I gotTa get into sheet masking and I would like put on the sheet mask and then I would get into bed but then I would have to like get up or leave the sheet sheet mask next to my bed overnight which was kinda gross crinkly sheet mask pile yeah and then it just like it didn't work with my lifestyle sounds like you know yourself. You know who you are. Do My nighttime routine in and get into bed and be done you okay. What a mask on your face? All WanNa put a mask. My I applaud you thank you. This does not end what we have created air. If anything maybe it starts a new phase of podcast Aston which you actively reject sheet masks and all masks yeah I mean unwilling to entertain the idea of a cream or klay mask or overnight mask. I've like an overnight now because again can I can just put it on and get into bed. Mall about just getting into bed and staying in your priorities are good but yeah so anyway. No this was not planned. I didn't even I you know I didn't know I was going to go there. I'm I'm glad you did. I'm glad you feel like this is a space where you can admit your thank you deepest truth okay so you are anti mask just four my cell right. I'm not going to say no. One else can do a mask. I think this is great rate that I bet you are going to find your people who are also not into masks who might be listening right now. Please lead the revolutionary tout to me. I mean does bring up an interesting point. which is you you know there was the whole swing toward the like ten steps skin-care routine yup and now it's like that's bullshit one step skin-care routine yup and truly what I think is just you find your own thing? What makes you feel good and works within your budget and sounds like you are doing that? Thank you. I support you. Thank you kate. I appreciate that. Where do we go from here well? Let's talk about how you slipped on. Your kitchen fell God. That sounded ended painful. You know I was pumping while this happened yes so I have a new pump that goes in my bra. <hes> and it's like fully self contained in my brought. There's no tubes. There's no wires. It's called the L._V.. <hes> I bought it secondhand which I don't know if is like really allowed but I'm saying it did it. Hump Patrols patrol could come for me <hes> but they're very expensive and not usually not covered by insurance and that was why I hadn't gotten one initially and then I was really at the end of my wrote with pumping I had a spectra and no disrespect to the spectra but it just it it was it was it was demoralizing demoralizing. I would characterize it as demoralizing not to mention that every time there's a period every time when Henry nursed he was screaming on my boob again quite demoralizing <hes> and I was like that's that's it. I'm I'M GONNA win. I'm done and then I was like well. People just give this l._v. thing one last sleep my last-ditch effort and kate. I love this thing and you wear it all the time. I wear it all the time. I'm not wearing it right now. Now shame but I could be. I pumped while we recorded excellent adventure last night. I mean you and I were on a call and you're pumping Yup. Sure was yeah yeah <hes> anyway I had it in. I was barefoot. I was in my bedroom and I saw my slippers and I was like shape. silverline will probably slippers on and then of course two minutes later. I walked in the Kitchen Bo Bo's water bowl. Is there and you know he's a big slobbery sloppy dog dog and when he drinks water it goes everywhere I know and I slipped on bows water and fell on your butt and fell kind. I kind of like I mean have a huge Omega my arm. Oh Oh yeah yeah I kind of like fell sideways and I think I hit my arm like on the corner of a cabinet. Oh and then I also have bruce on my knee and then I have like a cut on my wrist I wiped out wiped wiped out the l._v.'s kept going. They were like make that much noise. The left one leaked a tiny bit but honestly not as much as you would think really what I'm hearing is that while it's awful that you fell in that hurts true. You have found a breast pump that can do it all yes. In fact I was going into the kitchen to empty the pump. I was at the end of my pumping session so in addition to falling. I was like no I can't lose all this mill right and I only lost a little bit then. I was like Oh my God what if I'd been holding Henry Scary so my mind started racing <hes> he would if that happened he it would be okay. He would be okay but it would have been not create gaffe so that was that was not fun and now I'm not going to be barefoot in my kitchen anymore so yeah so that happened the scary it was scary <hes> but in other news I started working with the trainer. Wow Yeah are digging in for some physical strength I am I just you know I've just been feeling like this post. c-section recovery hurry which you know you you know about did it is is tough and I you know I feel so much better than I did but I don't really feel like myself and it's been hard to kind of get back into the swing of things in terms of physical activity and so I was like what let me work out with a trainer and just get back into it and have you had a session I session few days ago and how was it it was great. I really liked the trainer. She has a certification nation in pre and post natal working out whatever that's call what it's called Yeah <hes> so she's had a lot of clients before who've been pregnant or formerly pregnant and <unk>. The workout was challenging but I didn't feel like she was like killing me. You know what I mean I do so I'm excited to keep working out with her. Look at you during yeah one step at a time one step at a time we actually used a little step for an exercise. I mean look so literally could be more Italian literally yep well. Should we switch gears now for our interview. Let's get into it because we are going to be talking money. Which is as we've discussed many times this podcast a challenge for both of us yeah and you could even call it like the ultimate form of self care like figure out your money shit? Get your money together. Yeah Yeah so here's telling you our guest. Today is Tanya Rapley. Welcome Tanya hi or so exciting to have you. I'm just going to read your bio bio quickly in two thousand seven Tom Rapley it was fighting for her life. In a relationship that was physically emotionally and financially abusive today. She's an internationally recognized millennial money expert mom furner and founder of the award winning site my finance finance. She is the author of the Amazon bestseller the money manual practical guide to help you succeed on your financial journey and Co host of the colorful lives podcast with Angela by <hes> also from the breakfast club and Amina too so from call your girlfriend and she's a wonderful instagram. Also yes very helpful instagram. Thank you so for so excited to have you. We asked our listeners for some questions and we got many yes which you know we talk talk about self care a ton unfor- thirty five and kind of what this always reminds me of his that financial self care is kind of the core of everything yeah like you. Can you know moisturizer your face into oblivion and that feels great but if your finances are mess it's extremely unsettling yeah and it's going to create some other wrinkles and wish you can't come back address vow true so Tony I would love if you could tell her audience. Just how you what your financial life was lake before starting fab finance my fat finance excuse me and then how you began to transform it yourself and how that led to then an actual business and career yeah I mean you know at this point. I've I've been doing my cup finance since two thousand and nine created in two thousand nine and <hes> when I look at the more understand money in our financial history and what leads to our money beliefs leaves the more realized that it didn't start when I got my first job it started when I was a child and what I was witnessing and being told my parents as relates to money so you know growing up our group in the middle class home. I guess it's middle classes. Middle class could be <hes> apparently booked in the military and so I had a very stable upbringing but I saw early on <hes> what happens when you don't save and one of the things that I continuously battle with even as a financial educator is is not buying because I can because I grew up in a household my parents. We're like okay. Healthcare's paid for you know the military gives us a stipend towards our housing. We can buy these luxury cars and live how we wanna live and that led to me not not having money to go to college me nor my sister we were expected to get scholarships and my parents neither one of them went to college until my sister went to college and they did the best of what they could but they didn't say for education yet we always had luxury cars parked in our driveway and so that has forced me to reconcile with what I learned about money growing up and I learnt I would suspend her. I was definitely spend her. When I went to college I was at spender? It was maybe you don't have it figured out but look like you're supposed to be here and look like you haven't figured out and so. That followed me you know even after my abusive relationship and I graduated from college. My first job was a call center rep out of a telecommunications company and I would maybe making like fourteen sixteen dollars an our there but was still you know going out regularly taking trips to my friends living. My parents house wasn't saving money. They got his brilliant idea to move to New York City Oo with five hundred dollars and saving. We've both lived there so we know what the the like got him. My my Saturn ion drives and Joe to New York with five hundred dollars in my savings accounts like I'm going to figure it out and I I was. I was on unemployment at that time because the company I worked for went bankrupt so I would have unemployment income coming in but <hes> I realized around <hes> my first real job after moving to New York that and I was working with low income women at that time and I was working with low income women who are in their sixties seventies. The facility was affordable housing facility and some of the women this was the last place they were going to live and life comes at you fast like I remember just one woman saying yeah I used to be a lawyer and I'm like wow now. She lives in an S._R._O.. With you know sharing a bathroom with thirty other older women and she used to be a lawyer and make good money and her prime time you gotta figure it out because that's not what you went for yourself and so my finance started with my journey to improving my own financial situation and then from there my friends were like nobody talks about money the way you talk about money on the okay well let's make a blog and then I made his blog and went to the conference and Financial Blogger conference in one of the women were sitting on the panel and they ask are how much she had made that year she said well. I can just tell you that last month I made thirty five twenty five thousand dollars a month. I was like what AH blogging like. I'm making twenty five thousand dollars a year at my nonprofit job right now and that's what I thought okay we're going to figure out how to blog and make money at this thing and that was really the impetus for figuring out how to turn my pet finance it to a responsible business where I was responsible to the people that I was helping an ethical and operating in a way that upholds their interest I but also allows me to live well. That's where we are today and you did it yeah yeah. So what were the worth the first steps you took in your own relationship to money to change how you had grown how you had grown up viewing it how you were handling it or not handling it and how did you also you mentioned. Did you end up getting scholarships for college. So I ended up says yeah I ended up getting scholarship for college and then I decided because that's just the child I was. I was like I I don't WanNa go here anymore. I want to go to school Miami Florida. So I got scholarship <unk> School North Carolina Pool all expenses paid and I WANNA go to Miami so gave up a scholarship went to Miami and took on student loan debt for the last two years of my degree how <hes> and then I did go to graduate school so got graduate. School debt is well <hes> and still paying that off. That's that's where we are. I'm still paying off but as far as your first question what was your first question what was what were the first steps you when you had this kind of realization about your relationship the money what was what were some of the first steps took to. I don't WanNA use the word improve it. I mean language that we used to talk about better. Yeah it's better to do do better by money and by myself actually by doing better with our money we're improving <hes> <hes> our quality of life because it's one less thing distress over and so the first thing I did was really reflect on why was spending money <hes> and some of it was literally to fit in our fell like I belonged and one thing I realize my friends did not care about that. My friends really did not care most of the times we want to impress people that could care less are just impressed or just enjoy being in our company <hes> and so I really it's ongoing. It really is ongoing up in tomorrow. I have an event for <hes> one of my other companies and I was like auto have anything to wear so he knows hung it. You have a lot of things to wear and I really had to just sit there and like you could work this. You could work this really shop my clause and take just pair this together differently. You don't have to get anything for this event. You can wear what you aware and you can wear anything. I'm so it was really <hes> thinking about why we're spending money instead of just automatically spending money because it becomes automatic for me and then the other portion and was bringing in more money. I was working at a nonprofit job and I told myself oh I don't have time I had all the time especially now. Being a mom like girl you had so much time while your hand and so it was finding other ways to bring an additional income I'm in so that was when photo booths were all time high and I worked for photo booth company and just on my you know I would leave work and go work at a photo work at event on the weekends working event to bring an additional income so I could start building my savings and pay off all these collection items that had been mounting up and so it was finding ways to get additional money to pay off my debt <hes> and then advocating for a raise from that job always I feel like I was asking for raised about every six months and <hes> they gave it to me but I had to show improve of course but you know getting demanding more money from the job that I was working at in finding ways to bring money outside of it so that I could use that in apply that to getting ahead of my finances. What is there any where that you were getting thing kind of knowledge or inspiration from when you were going on this financial journey yeah I mean books <hes> I went to the library when I first started went to library checked out three finance books one was girl? Get your money right <hes> and I- young broken fabulous by Suzie Orman was another book that I read and it those were those are helpful they were helpful but <hes> I found that the most support or the most most <hes> help came from going into forums in so <hes> the my Fico Forum I was working on my credit so I would go into the my fico credit forms to see what people were doing to improve their credit score understanding how he kinda used a credit game to work in my favor and then <hes> joining communities of like minded people so as a financial blogger there were these other financial bloggers who were on the journey to becoming debt free <hes> my partner we haven't done events almost in two years now. uh-huh Melania dear debt wanted to pay off all of her debt and paid off. I WANNA say Melanie paid off one hundred twenty thousand dollars worth of debt and like two or three years and <hes> you know we were on a journey together so you know joining forces with people like that who were really working on it at the same time to the I'd have sounding board or get solutions or just kinda talk about like man. I really wish I could go to brunch today. It's not in the budget and I'm not going to go into debt or I'm not gonNA put that on my credit card. What do you see you know you are a millennial money expert and I? I'm curious what you see specific to the way millennials Im- deal with their money and also what kind of challenges they have August kind of we. I'm on the cusp of millennial. I'm not you're not clear to me. I don't know if I really count but we do have a lot of millennia listeners so I'm curious what you see their challenges there are in. Maybe also how they're doing things differently than previous generations yeah <hes> millennials I mean I think we have some issues that are unique to us but I think that are issues. Are I think that millennial culture so pervasive touches his age group outside of the to the I guess the bordered millennial group so one thing would definitely be social media. I think that social media is a big <hes>. Now people are competing competing with individuals they never even met before are growing up for we had social media. Is those in your community now. It's not even people in your community at someone across the globe or someone you know across the country and you're like Oh. They live their lives so fabulously I wanted I in and we don't even know that we are <hes>. Maybe we know maybe we are intentionally. <hes> modeling our lives after other people or maybe it's unintentionally oh she had this handbag so until and so <hes> in so I think that social media really does encourage encourage people to spend more. I was thinking about <hes> they -cations you know and before like my little sister I she's awesome because my little sister does not do instagram like that like she has a stalker account where she checks in her boyfriend and looks at my pose and she's like Oh. I thought you who are you but she doesn't post regularly and my sister takes vacations for her. She doesn't take vacations the post our pictures or vacation pictures or shut it down on instagram. She does it genuinely for her and I but I think a lot of people now do things for instagram social media <hes> and that intern caused them to spend money that they don't have and then also student loans. I A student loans aren't unique to our our generation but our generation was taking out student loans when the economy was just like done with us the bottom out and so a lot of people you know prior to our generation you could come out of college and get a decent job and you know outpace those who didn't go to college Collagen just had a call a high school diploma but now there there's not much difference oftentimes between those who have gone to college and Got College degrees and have only a high school diploma yet we they have the student loan debt so I think that also has affected the millennial generation because we were the last one to kind of bought into the college dream. I wholeheartedly <hes> and then got out in like wait a minute. This doesn't mean I'm GonNa make more money. I what I do this for Ah Yeah but you can't get a refund on college graduated in two thousand eight right thousand seven who doesn't separate before yes and then the literal shit hit the fan like y'all got laid off from our first two jobs out of Colin A I was. I was on employment like so much and it was so bad that you could just file an extension and they'd be like Oh we know yeah I got laid off in two thousand nine and I remember you could stay on Cobra for like a year or longer and the government was paying for it. Yeah and Kobe was Oh. My God covers terrible over here but homer is very expensive. Say what the Santa Yeah well. I think we're GONNA take a short break and then when we come back we're going to get to some questions oceans from our listeners. Today's episode is brought to you by third. Love through love is not your average brock company they used thousands of real women's measurements and design their bras with breast size and shape in mind for perfect fit. 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Lanao also offers cleansing wipes which are the first biodegradable wipe of their kind and their gynecologist approved and Hypo allergenic so you can get started with Lola today. They're offering forever thirty. Five listeners forty percent off your first month subscription just visit my Lola Dot Com and interforever thirty five when you subscribe again for forty percent off your first month subscription visit Milo Dot com and use Promo code forever thirty five Yeah Okay we're here. Let's get into it. Should we start with money and relationship. Yeah okay do that because you are in our partnership yeah and you have a child yes who was very cute because speaking of Instagram instagram new perusing your accounts and we got many many questions about how money plays out in relationships with partners so here's a good question. How do how does one merge expenses after getting married? Do you have any tips for best practices on handling not with a spouse and also just communicating about money with a spouse. You know this is really good. I like talking about relationships of money. Because has you know being survivor of financial abusive relationship. My radar goes off and like don't don't become a victim <hes> but also in the same sense you WanNa be fair and so I would say you know when it comes to managing money in your relationship relationship. It really does depend on what you guys want to do. What you want to work for you? I always say don't wait until you're married to have the conversation about money like that. Money Conversation should be had when you decide that this is someone who wants to spend Vanden extended amount of time with and I think our generation like more people are cohabitating before marriage and if you're cohabitating you should be splitting some of the finances in the household and so forth. I don't think it's wise for someone else else to <hes> conduct themselves as a married couple without a clear understanding a we're. We're going with this because what I wouldn't want us for one person say okay. You know we love each other. I'M GONNA pay all the bills but then this person's not able to save or anything else than the person and who wasn't paying builds an excellent financial situation decides the relationship doesn't work for them anymore and so now the person who is paying the bills. Is You know out in the cold while this other person took advantage of those those that opportunity to build their own financial security so you definitely have to be mindful of that but you also figure out what works for you and Communication Happier asking about communication because my husband actually we just like last week was being transparent. Last week was kind of like a tougher week for us when it came aimed communication about money because now we have a baby and children screw you finance like I love him. I plan for him. We PR- financially prepared for him but still nothing like having them here like oh my gosh he's expensive of his hell and we have to reorganize our finances as a result because as a mother I find myself spending more money on him and like you know making sure he has what he needs. He's with me most of the time and I had to talk to my husband like hey we gotta talk about redistribution of our finances and what our expectations are because now working full-time jobs. I have my business and I'm his mother and your Father Great Your present you win. You know you're not me. You're not doing the work I'm doing and my business is being affected as a result at turned down opportunities and really approaching it like that and letting him know this is how things have changed and so I'd like to reconsider the way that we are addressing our bills as a couple because my life is different now because of you know Mr Decision we made to have a child so yeah having conversations understanding what kind of partner with tone I was a tone tact in timing so understand your tone all the time we communicate about money money out of frustration and that doesn't necessarily set the tone for Tabah conversation because now we're both emotional outside of being frustrated <hes> tax you know like really just be mindful money as sensitive for a lot of people so exercise intact and timing every time isn't the right time to have a conversation. My husband picks the worst time to talk about money like the worst times. I like right now right here. In the line at sprouts no money here I know and he's so bad of it but you know timing is really important because if he asked me out in public I'm GONNA shut down. I'm not having a conversation about wait till we get home. We're going to have a conversation then an understanding like you're that you're both coming from different place different families who had a different relationships with money and you probably saw different things and or possibly we don't know some people have similar backgrounds but even if you have some background you know there's still just so many nuances to individual households yeah we can grow up on the same block to the same school. Parents have the same income and our money situation. Our House is going to be different because our parents had different parenting than the next person's parents and you know in our situation. My husband is from a single parent household. I came from a to parent household so he never saw anybody split flit finances it was his mom just handled everything so yeah I it's understanding that you have your background. Your partner has their background being mindful of that being respectful of that. Even if you feel like you had a better upbringing because it's really easy to Kinda me like Whoa we didn't do that. Make them feel bad about the way that they were raised but we're all just figuring it out then even when you get into relationship there are so many things for you to learn from your partner and you don't know everything even if you know a lot I love this question. This is a little bit different from release well. It's kind of about relationships. Should we be telling our friends how much money we make for transparent yet talked about it. I think we should talk about it. I think we should talk about how much we make what our friends at their your real friends I mean I'm transparent parallel so I was talking about how much I make on twitter but if they're your real friends they're not gonNA use it against you and hopefully it will start a conversation <hes> about. Are you really asking what you're worth and demanding what you're worth. You know I had a friend do that. When I started my finance and we all talked about how much you were making and she realized she was making more than all of us what are doing and not in a way that was belittling to us but like you guys are so awesome? Why are you letting them pay you you this like she's having conversations with us about what she does assert her worth at her job and everything else and get what she's worth and it was really helpful for all of us and so I think yes you should be talking about how much you're making because hopefully that opens the door for there's not one of you guys who's the leader making more it opens up the opportunity for you to hold accountable to make more and if you do have someone who is just killing it they can help you advocate for yourself in your career so yes yes yes? Yes you should talk about me. Muster talk about how much meanwhile we make with each other. I talk about it with you. Know People in my industry is extremely important with the work that I do. I do influence a work and so forth and you should talk about how much you're making on these deals because someone might be leaving money in the table and that might affect affect you one day because they might work with them. You know to mark today and then the company approaches you next month or at a couple months on the line and now they've said this low bar so when you give them your actual rate they're like oh we worked with one of your colleagues and it was significantly less yes so you could be affecting others and you could be cheating yourself out of money so yes talk about it. Let's talk about <hes>. I WANNA switch. Here's a little bit to talk about debt <hes> so one of the questions we got. I thought was really interesting. which is how do you pay down debt when you already live frugally or paycheck to paycheck so that is interesting question in the way that it's phrased because just because you're living paycheck to paycheck doesn't mean you're living frugal? <hes> and I think it's really important to be honest with ourselves about that and my living frugal frugally F- I'm living paycheck to paycheck <hes> because when you're frugal that means that you're frugal doesn't mean that you're being cheap. Necessarily Frugal Awesome means that you're mindful. Ah You're spending your money. You don't buy unnecessary things and you're not living above your means and if you are living below your means you're not living paycheck to paycheck. That's such a good distinction so yeah so <hes> and they're like there's no shame in it like I definitely always on my list like the Shaimaa to finance. It's like oftentimes tying. Okay you need to pull yourself back year spending more than you make right now <hes> and so like and I have to have reality checks myself and so I think it's important for other people to realize it's not anything to be ashamed of but it is something to be cognizant UNISOM of and if you find that then you do have to find other ways to bring in more money that's just point blank whether you're asking for a raise or you're finding a side hustle or you're selling things or whatever it may be. You'd have to figure out a way to bring him more money money because there are two ways to get out of debt and it is debris. Make more money to pay off your debt or find more money in your existing budgets who pay off your debt like other than that doesn't pay itself like it's unfortunate that it doesn't wish I wish I wish <hes> but it's not designed like that so yeah but I think that that's really important understand just because you're living frugal just because you feel like you're stretched financially doesn't mean that you're being frugal and so what things can we cut off off. And what ways can we bring more money after we cut now so we have a surplus there like universal things that you recommend that people examined in cut like I cut out of their spending in order to reduce their yeah yeah <hes> <hes> socializing eating out a lot of times eating out for convenience then you know even add this thing just because I can doesn't mean I should like that's one of my mantras and sometimes I'd be like I mean tongue. You could eat out every day this week but should did you eat out every day this week and you have food refrigerator and you you know if you go in there and cook it. You'll probably enjoy what you cook or you. It'll be edible. You'll he'd he won't be hungry and you'll be sustained would be exactly what you want is not a Sushi roll but you eight right and so yeah there are ways is like cutting costs when dining out <hes> challenging yourself to empty out your pantry your figure out how to cook some figure out how to make a meal based on what you already. Having your refrigerator like is very rare that people are hungry especially the origin <unk>. You have nothing refrigerator you look in there and it's just like echoes or just like condiments. Usually you have something in your pantry that you can make so yes cutting out on dining out <hes> beauty services when I first started my finance one of the things I did. I love gay my nails done. I love getting nail art and everything else but I stopped getting my nails done professionally for two years and I did my own nails and manicures for two years while I was getting myself back on track financially and so that was something that I ended up cutting out and you know a nail visit was like seventy dollars you know pedicure manicure getting like designs and everything seventy dollars over the course of a month one hundred forty dollars a month that adds up over the course of either so four thousand dollars in a year so that really adds up and we don't look at it that way <hes> Um but it does <hes> yeah so definitely is just a small things and I'm at this point where me and my husband are starting to save money to buy a property <hes> and I I want his mother he did he might have been did receive inheritance from his mother but like I have the same room like no. I don't WanNA use the inheritance money I wanna use but money that we put together <hes> and I it's hard to be more frugal and so just today I was like I really would like I to get an eyebrow pencil from four to get a dossier IRA pencil and I looked like Tanya you have this eyebrow pencil that is not even near done that you can continue you can finish using this or like hair products like you not should stop. I started targeting this hair product that has like a pump <hes> because I just want that I want to try it out and I was like but you have four different curl creams in here right now. Don't go to target this and so it's just like certain things like that preventing like really talking to ourselves and talking ourselves off the allege. The consumer culture is really. I think you make a really interesting point with social media that just makes it in your face constantly what you have and don't have and what other people have in that awful longing feeling of wanting all the things in your time. I'm line and your inbox. We'll mix of your parents and their luxury cars like they would've put their luxury cars on instagram. Oh yes you know my mom is not a social media person but my dad is and my dad has a Harley Davidson motorcycle and you best. I believe his Harley is it was his cover photo. Before my son was born now it was like him on his Harley like parked in front of they live in North Carolina parked in front of the Carolina Panthers Stadium like he hired a photographer to come take a picture him on his bike so yeah yeah they definitely would have been that he sounds fun. Though he's ready loves them off. What what are some tips you have for paying off credit card debt if because I know when I was in deep credit carded felt so overwhelming instead of dealing with it just Kinda let it build which is not know responsible? 'cause it's not GonNa go away. If anything it comes back to bite you because I did that out right after college and then I got my job and then like they started garnishing reaching my wages they were like and that was embarrassing it. How was there like tiny? Can we speak to you we court order to Garnish your wages and sorry he's going to and it was like Oh. My God is embarrassing. They know I'm like so terrible money. <hes> it's going to happen <hes> and I think with with credit cards. It is really taking a snapshot of what you know a lot of times. What I found is that it feels overwhelming because you haven't really sat down and wrote everything down that you're just getting statements? You're getting all of a sudden just oh so much money instead of sitting down and saying okay what exactly do I oh. What is my monthly payment? What would it take for me to pay this autumn really sitting down and writing that down and becomes more manageable because you can create a plan? You can say okay okay. This payment is fifty dollars a month. I actually have that to make at least fifty dollars a month. This payment is one hundred twenty five dollars a month. What can I cut out in my life so that I can make this one hundred twenty five dollars a month payment? This one is so and so until like this one will. I'm not going to be a deal with that one right now or maybe you know I need to talk to someone else in my life to see you know it's important to ask people in our lives because people in our lives don't WanNa see us suffer either and some of his don't have people to ask but maybe you have. Maybe you're I know now. I've talked to women like their husbands. Don't know there in debt and you sit down and have a conversation your husband. You're like hey my credit card is overwhelming right now and it would really help me out if you took over maybe just paying the rent or the mortgage or paying a little more more of it for the next four months just so I can pay this credit card so I can pay this credit card down <hes> so just become a little more creative and be like honest with people and so forth but really right down. I take inventory of what you oh because sometimes as you realize I it's not as bad as I thought you know and talk to other people about it because I've had people who come to me and they're like pulled me aside after speaking engagement it'd be like I'm just like I'm swimming in credit card debt silence. It's like how much do you have to like three thousand dollars <music>. I'm like baby. I've seen like six your credit card. Debt you know let me put in perspective. Let me put this in perspective for you. You know I I remember working with a single mom who had a special needs child and she won her credit cards. She had thirty thousand dollar balance on just one and she's a single payer especially shout <hes> and so like I was able to put that person struggle in perspective no Oh oh it's not as bad as I saw oh okay well. Let's let's figure out a plan so talking to other. People also is really helpful but <hes> really really really taken inventory. I highly suggested a lot of people don't want to do it but when you do it you realize okay all right side. I create a plan for this so speaking of plans <hes> when when you can finally start saving for retirement where'd he start <hes> you start with your 4. If you have a traditional <hes> 4. Available to you then I say start with that 4. <hes> I mean and if you don't have a four one K. available to the can go into your bank and talk to them about just different <hes> contribution programs or plans. They have such as I._R._A.. If you want to open that up at your bank or you can go online Robo advisors or really popular now because we're the millennial generation I and so a lot of fintech companies are popping stash. I Love Stash. <hes> stash is one of my favorites and so actually his stash stash is <hes> so it is a Fintech company that is making it easier for you to invest in save towards your future or just grow your money and so they have multiple products I mean when they first started it was like Almo- only funds but now they have to so many different options and I believe they do have a retirement saving option available and it acts like you know any other other account would act but you can say okay. I want to put twenty five dollars a month towards this. I want to put twenty dollars a week towards this and so if you don't have a 4. Available definitely recommend looking into stash or going into your banking institution. If you need to talk to someone in person asking them about setting up I are a you can even call <hes> like all my banking is done except for our investment are real estate. Investment accounts. Everything else has done online and so I can call U._S._A._A.. Into handling speak to you know financial planning specialist about opening a retirement account and then you do that for you for people who might not know what is the difference between 4. In an I._R._A.. So a four one K. is workplace. <hes> so that is a <hes> it just essentially the tax code 4. But it is a workplace retirement program program whereas an I._R._A.. That's something you set up as an individual so that you <hes> you open that yourself with your banking institution and you can have both you can actually just because your 4. Doesn't mean you can't have I._R._A.. <hes> some people do that. Some people want to have you know I I know people who are just really gung ho about growing their money and so they put in their workplace 4. And then they also have outside I._R._A.. <hes> there are maximum amount that you can contribute to an I._R._A.. <hes> there are two types Roth and traditional additional and there are maximums that you can contribute to both I want to say fifty five hundred <hes> Max you can contribute so once you max those out you might WanNa look for other places. Put your money and same thing with workplace 4. Sometimes you Max that out and so you open up our I._R._A.. So you can put it there so we're gonNA take another short break and when we come back we're GONNA talk about more questions today. Show is brought to you by Blink Guest Kate. I am a big fan of our sponsor blankets. It it is the only APP that takes the best key takeaways and the need to know information from thousands of nonfiction books and condenses them down into just fifteen minutes. 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It looks very nice on right and why thank you so you can start scheduling your monthly you time head took birch box dot com slash ferber thirty five and use Promo Code forever thirty five four five dollars off your first birch box again go to birch box dot com slash forever thirty five and use Promo code forever thirty five for five dollars off your first birch box this is this is a question in that. I don't know if anybody asked but I'm curious if you can explain because I still don't totally understand credit score and when we when we have wide we get really bad credit scores and then how can we improve it and come come back from that because there is a sense that or at least a sense that I felt for awhile with my bad credit scores that like I'm never gonNA get past this credit okay. I was kind of obstacle my gosh. She's GonNa ask me attacks Quavo no gods tax coding Eh but yeah credit so yes I love credit that when I started my journey on my improve my credit score one hundred thirty points and eighteen months and it was because I learned how credit works and at the end of the day your credit score is there's five factors that go into your credit score. They make sure that gives us right. 'cause I'm not writing it down to like top of my head so <hes> it is how you use your like your utilization so that is you know how much of your available credit you're using. That's the big thing that a lot of people don't understand. Dan Affects your credit score. So most people think about paying my bills on time that goes that affects your credit score as well but the next biggest thing is utilization which is ensuring that you're keeping your balances below thirty percent of your limit so that means if you have a credit card limit of of say <hes> two thousand dollars at no time since you have more than six hundred dollars six hundred dollar balance on that credit card anything over that starts to negatively affect your utilization because credit card companies or not credit card companies they like for you to Max it out right right because they make more money but credit bureaus light to see that you have credit available to you but you're not using it so you're showing some restraint so keeping that utilization Outta below thirty percent indicates that you're exercising restraint with the money that you have available to you so you don't necessarily need it or rely on it so we've covered usage utilization well. I'm sorry payment history utilization and then it's mix of credit and so the type of credit you have available to you to someone who has all credit cards is not gonNA have as high <hes> an off credit cards in good standing won't likely have a higher score someone who has like a mortgage or car payment or student loans and credit cards because they like to see you have a mix of revolving and installment debt and then next is inquiries so oh how frequently you are <hes> applying for new credit because when you're applying for new credit for them that signals at you might be taking on more debt and so that could negatively impact your credit score <hes> and then age age of credit. So how long have you had credit <hes> <hes> you know you know as us in our mid thirties and beyond you know we've had credit into eighteen years old but for someone just starting our someone just deciding. I'm going to get my perks credit card. Their credit is a lot younger so the older that your credit history is the more <hes> positively that helps your your credit score and so those five things are factored into your credit score. They all wade differently but the most the two most important things are paying your bills on time and keeping your balances at thirty percent or below because that it's in itself makes up sixty to sixty five percent of your credit score and credit is like a rubber band our say this credit it it it reacts to what you do too. You know like yes you can start out with great credit. Demolish your credit but you can build a backup once you understand how credit works you'll always be able to improve your credit score so even for me. You know always transparent so when started my journey improved one hundred thirty points in eighteen months decided to quit my job came. A fulltime entrepreneur decided. I don't WanNA use the money I haven't savings to build my business. I'm just GonNa like you know I'll pay this coach on you know with my credit card. Something pay it off when <hes> when I- disservices are somewhat I make more money because it might be coaching with them and sometimes it works sometimes it didn't I didn't I ended up finding myself back in credit card debt as a result of building my business and so my credit score star to suffer but then I was talking you know how credit works like okay get these first. Let's get these utilizations down before below thirty percent so then I would right now all my credit card debt and say okay this is more target amount not necessarily a pay it off of my targeted smell to get down to this which is thirty percent or lower once again all my balances down to thirty percent mark credit scores shot up so now I have credit and then on paying off my debt. I have good credit again so it's a once you understand how it works. You can always use it in your favor. It seems like patience is also part of it. It's time yeah they didn't get in overnight right or maybe you did like maybe maybe you go to Vegas. imacs are all your cards one night right and now you're like oh my gosh. I'm paying for the next five years but I mean it does take time and I think this you you have to resist desire to have <hes> instant fix in two years sometimes sounds like <unk> a long time but then you know when the thing social media they always had those time hop reminders two years ago you like damn that felt like yesterday yeah. Did you just think about that. Just think about like how quick two years can pass and when we're thinking about giving up things we want. It seems like it will be a long time <hes> but in in it's really not it really is a great point. It's like less than eight hundred days so you mentioned that you and your husband are trying to buy a property and my husband and I are also also starting with save up for home <hes> here in Calif- here in California yeah so a listener was wondering what is a healthy percentage of my monthly income to go towards a home you you know traditionally it was thirty percent of your monthly income should go to rent and housing. I was so forth but most of us don't live in cities where that's possible it just is impossible <hes> and so one of the things I tend to encourage. People to do is you know minimize. If you live inexpensive city try to minimize all your other financial responsibilities so that you can afford that larger percentage and largest share because a lot of times what people do they live in these expensive cities and they're not adjusting the rest of their lifestyle how to deal to address this increase in housing costs. Maybe there are conveniences that come with living in that city such as New York conveniences are you can take public transportation instead of having a car payment insurance and car maintenance and so forth but still housing is too expensive in New New York so it is the ten thirty percent depending on your metropolitan area it still affordable thirty to thirty five percent and then we thinking about your downpayment like what's a healthy percentage of your income to put towards your downpayment. Whatever you can afford honestly I mean it's like do it like do max it out maximum savings out if you can put as much aside as you can and if you know of your goal is to your you know if you're aiming to be debt free and you have a you know a mortgage payment so forth like pay off all your consumer debt and then use that and pay it off towards your mortgage so that you can become you know you have as <hes> as minimal amount on your your loan as possible so that you can use that money towards something else or use does that to build or refinance? Maybe purchase another property. I'm so that you can start investing in real estate so it yeah as much as you can afford to honestly <hes> and then when you look at how to put down for a home you know put down within reason <hes> I want to put down you know thirty percent or forty percent. Just make sure you have money safer emergencies happen when you when you buy a home so yes you might be put thirty percent down but that takes out at that basically <hes> removes all the money that you have in your savings account that you might go into debt. The next time in emergency happens could have money and savings so we just had to be honest and look at the long-term <hes> instead of short-term when it comes to housing. Do you have a recommended amount or way of kind of gauging what people should have an emergency fund yeah. I'm looking at your overhead. I'm so that's the purchase in the purpose of a budget is not necessarily just to determine what <hes> what you can spend but it's also to help you understand what you are spending what you are financially responsible for so when you do a budget you know you look at all those line items you add up what you're financially responsible for each month multi-mm` multiply that by three and that's what you should aim to have a at minimum and your savings account but let what are also say is <hes> and that's an emergency saving. That's not even like a house savings. That's like if I lose my job tomorrow or you know the bank like you know people. Stop calling me an opera me opportunities. I can still pay my bills so you should have that separate from whatever for housing <hes> savings account you have for emergencies in that manner but I would just start with a thousand like start. Try Two thousand dollars away in savings and build from there has tried to next thousand in the next thousand in the next thousand because when we think about almost emergencies most emergencies are under a thousand when you get a flat tire or have to go to the emergency room or you know most of them are under a thousand dollars you can start with that target number and then just won't buy that as a good way to go so what are some of the best ways to make a budget and stick to it <hes> continuously revisiting it honestly because most people we sit down and we do a budget and then we're good for the first first week and then we just fall off the back of the truck after that and so continuously revisiting it <hes> doing it every quarter I recommend people budget every quarter and then I haven't checked this APP out but my best friend who was like the most budget at birth person uses it and she loves it clarity so she really loves his APP on in a helped it you know while we have in conversation in the so funny when your financial person and people in your life or just kind of like you know I realized sounds like I've been talking about this but she she was like yeah. I download the APP and I realized that I spent like four hundred dollars on food into weeks by dining out. That's I don't I don't have four hundred dollars house would be spending every two weeks there things I want to do and it helped her gain clarity around her finances <hes> so I think there are some apps out there that you can try to have a look at how you're spending your money and so forth and try try a few of them out but to stick on a budget I mean some people like the envelope budgeting model <hes> where it's like you take out cash and you say okay well. I'm only going to spend this amount on these types of expenses and so forth and then you can also look at play with different percentage base model so like fifty percent goes towards my responsibilities twenty percent goes towards my fun and thirty percent goes to you know like day in savings and everything else like other this other stuff that I should be doing to play with a few different models to see what works for you but the thing about budgeting and just is being consistent and just because you don't do well at one week doesn't mean that you're not GonNa do well at it again and keeping yourself <hes> trial and error or try to focus if you feel like there's a certain category that you're continuously sabotaging figuring figure out what you can do. You can't control your spinning in that category so <hes> like for me. It would be clothing and shopping so what I implemented for myself was like I'm not buying it close to summer like I'm on a clothing fast. I do use the runway so I had to say that you use the runway. <hes> <hes> and that's like one hundred forty dollars and I have a unnecessity unlimited wardrobe but my outside of that. I don't need to buy anything and so for me. That's like me taking control of my spending my clothing categories deciding. I'M NOT GONNA buy any clothes and I and my eating out category like we're GonNa we have in the house. WE'RE GONNA go buy fresh groceries and so forth and like make make my make my baby's food and everything else so focus on two categories at if that helps you. That's a good suggestion yeah. Can we ask this one last question because it really made me laugh here. Yes Life Insurance. Someone asked w. t. f. is this what the F. is. Life was life insurance life. Insurance words is basically <hes>. I'm trying to figure out a way like a nonfinancial way to put it life. Insurance is money that you pay towards an insurance company so that if something was a happen to you the people you love would be okay. That's that's what life insurance is <hes> and if it's not the people that you'll be okay is the people that you love be taken care of or they can further your legacy by using that money to start a fund or trust in your name <hes> for me as apparent life insurance means that if something happened to me me and my husband was to lose my income that I contribute to the household our son Carris we'd like he would get all of the benefits that I've been <hes> or all the things I've been working towards financially to make sure he secure so right. Now we contribute to his five twenty nine plan something what's happened to me and my life insurance policy. At least he would have like a hundred thousand dollars for his education or whatever he wants to do outside of that in my husband would have money to pay towards housing and to make sure that cares his life was in dramatically negatively tiddly impacted by the loss of income for me but if you're a single individual life insurance means that maybe you is your opportunity to live. Leave a gift behind for your little brother your little sister or you know your cousin or your God child or your parents and it also helps helps with burial. I learnt that when my mother-in-law passed away last year she did not have a life insurance policy but she was really good at saving but when we went to the funeral home and we made arrangements they were like what does she have a life insurance policy because if she had a life insurance policy the funeral company would be able to directly reach out to the Insurance Company and then the Insurance Company would handle everything and just pay the light and pay the funeral company outright but because she didn't have life insurance we ended up having to go and get the money out of her savings account and we ended up paying for funerals are expensive yeah like her funeral costs us <hes> and she was cremated is still costs us like eleven thousand dollars <hes> and this is not limos or anything like in New York bought like it was crazy how she need had the bells and whistles we rented the casket from them like it was crazy and it costs us eleven thousand dollars <hes> and so yeah it helps. I remember mom when I started to become more financially secure mamone said okay. Please get a life insurance policy because I want to make sure we have enough money to bury you and that was real. Wow like it's it's run in now. It does help with that cost too so that's a life insurance is is it make sure that the people are okay. If you relieve or allowed you to further your legacy and to help create generational wealth for your family. How do you suggest people listeners to our of our podcast? People like US talk to their parents about what they have saved. I mean you mentioned end of life. Costs funerals are expensive end of life cares incredibly expensive and I know that can that can kind of throw people for a loop yeah this. I mean that's hardiness tricky you know because even with my own parents we kinda got into it because they had a term life insurance policies attire means it expires fires after about thirty five years <hes> and so it was time for them to renew their life insurance policy and talk to my mom and she's like yeah. We got a fifteen thousand dollar policy. What the Hell is GonNa do like? That's not even this House that you keep refinancing says that's I'm not gonNA do anything for us <hes> and so you know we really had and I just continue to talk to them about whether you're willing to talk to me about what's going to happen. When you transition or not? It's GonNa Happen and so we can be prepared and we can be financially empowered by your transition or it can be financial shits Norman. We're all trying to figure it out on top of the emotions of not having you hear any yeah and so you know in. Maybe you slowly approached the conversation with them. I think like dealing with our own morality is hard and as a parent is hard and I you know from the lens of being a mom now. I'm just like wow I don't ever want to leave him like I just WanNa. Stay around forever cares. Put me put me in like a pendant that you wear around your neck as something happens and so I don't ever want to leave them but in the same sense like I one of as much as I love you WanNa make sure you're okay and <hes> that's like our last act of love and explaining to your parents. It's your last act. The love making sure that I'm financially Liangelo secure of something would happen to you so well on that note Tanya we could talk to you for hours Rulli literally but it was so great talk to you. Thank you for sharing all of this knowledge with us. I feel enlightened and I do. I feel a weight off my yes. This is just making it all about me but I think our listeners will. How am I making about me? Okay Fair Tony Aware can our listeners find and you learn more about you and I know you offer courses. I mean you have a whole variety of offering. So where can we track you down. Yeah so my fat finance. It's uniformly branded on all social media platforms so if you go to twitter instagram facebook putting my Fab F. A. B. be financed you'll find <hes> my platform but also we actually just launched our blue ribbon club yesterday so we previously had all these financial courses available for people to take and people will take them but there was mate wait for me to monitor like monitor progress in should they were taking him really getting what they wanted out of them so I really wrack my brain with the past couple of years on how I can ensure that people are really getting the most of our courses so we launched the Blue Ribbon Club which is are structured accountability community in program <hes> I am so it's twenty seven dollars a month or you get two hundred seventy dollars for a year but you get access to all of our courses but you get an individual roadmap or a roadmap to help you deci like the in this is geared toward helping people break the cycle of living paycheck to paycheck so you get roadmap of what classes you should be taking what you should be focusing on at this particular point of your journey to build on breaking the cycle of living paycheck to paycheck so we just released that and I'm really excited about it. You get monthly office hours with me so I'm coaching people <hes> once a mom group coaching but it is like you just show ask your money questions much like someone would have done with these and I really coach you in that session <hes> and yeah it's available at my finance dot com now if you go to this opposites Blue Ribbon Club just click on that so oh that was really my solution to helping people have accountable supported growth in their finances and breaking the cycle because I just felt like we were offering courses and I was like this isn't working for me. I really the heart of it on May change agent and I really want people to create change in my I don't want people to give away their power because of money and so this is my goal to help people reclaim their powder power and support them in a way this realistic for me so Blue Ribbon Club or my finance com- if you need reminders follow us on instagram because I'm sure we'll show up in your time line with something like on my guys. You don't have to talk to me like this today and it's like you know some love. The best quotes thank you. You're interim screen but anyway anyway. Thank you Tanya. Thank you so much. Thank you for having me so hey just story. Let's talk about our intentions because last week you had a very big picture. Intention pitch was just celebrate myself Yep and your life and my life is very broad. Yes we the broadest intention of ever set for my. I respect it you know I think I did that yeah. Yeah I think it's also you know like there's a problem with birthdays is like there's only so much like toasting yourself that you can do in my humble opinion so it was it was nice to just like think of. I don't know just kind of intentionally optionally think of people I care about. It was really nice to hear from people on my birthday. Yeah I really appreciate that this year <hes> and felt very honored that so many people thought of me Oh yeah it was really really nice so yeah I think I toasted myself and now I'm Kinda. I'm just ready. I need to get on with it. You know yeah like get into my forties. Just fucking a rock out the next ten years till I hopefully get to fifty and then just really own it yager. No yeah so that that's that's kind of where I landed with that one now how you last week <hes> said you wanted to be at peace with your breastfeeding pumping journey and wow I am at peace with it this week you are at peace because I feel like I figured it out. I figured out the thing that works for me so now I'm able to like produce about half of a little more than half of what Henry Needs in a day with my boobs which feels like a good ago Dory's boobs good job boobs job boobs yes so I'm like producing a little bit more because I think pumping I'm not dreading pumping as much constructs <hes> and he's breastfeeding better so that feels good like it's feeling more like Oh. This is what it's Kinda supposed to feel like not like this is fucking torture <hes> and then yeah and then we're just getting him formula for the rest so whether baby Broza my favourite invention of all time I'm really happy you've got into this place thank you. I appreciate that. What's going on with you this week? I have to clean my room. Okay a teenager like I'm a sixteen year old asshole to clean my room. Our Room is a mess. It's been a mess. I told you that few weeks ago. My husband very kindly asked if I could deal with the product overflow on our bathroom Yup so actually today. I kind of set today as the day that I'm going to just clean our room. That's exciting and when I say that I'm doing it. It is because the mess is mine nine. Okay it's not that I'm assuming the role for both of us right my husband. Has You know he's got a little jar with some coins in it and then me I have like boxes and yeah yeah jewelry everywhere and empty bottles of things and I just you know water bottles that need to be brought into the kitchen and washed and it's lot yes a lot of stuff yeah and the clutter is really starting to stress me out so it's GonNa feel so good when it's time excited am kind of like ready to dig into it so great yeah so I will let you know how that goes right. I did take a picture of the clutter on around my sank because it's so crazy it's a lot and I also like unpacked my travel bag of toiletries from like four weeks how that kind of stuff to do keep you posted okay. I can't wait well. Dorey that brings us to the end. I didn't talk about my touch. The sweet like I said it brings us just kidding. I'm so sorry it's quite alright. I was still thinking about how you hate masks and just it yeah I get it. It's a lodge a process it is. I'm going to have to work on it in therapy okay I apologize. Tell me Dory. What do you have going on this week intention town well? My husband goes back to work next week and I've kind of decided that that is also going to be the end of my like the real end of my maternity leave like I'm off maternity. Leave pretty much like I've been participating in our podcast and doing that work and stuff but I also have a book to write who you do and I need to. I need to really focus and write it <hes> so I need to figure out what is my weekly schedule going to be because you know Henry's real cute and it's like real tempting to just like hanging out with him on his plane at all day but yene. It's hard it's an you. Don't I have an office job where you are required to be somewhere in the morning so you you can be like I want to sniff these baby toes for a little bit smugly so gotta fight that urge just get my snuggles in American schedule The stuggle yeah and you know hopefully I am. I do find that I am more productive when I know that I only have a limited amount of time totally so I'm hoping that if I'm like okay on Tuesdays from nine to twelve is when I work on my book then I'll be able to get a lot done. You're welcome not just Tuesday's ranks twelve but you know what I mean like. If I have limited amounts of time during the week then I'll be able to work. I've made Friday my like designated designated rating day. Okay do a lot of writing on Fridays. Maybe I will join join me on writing yeah I might do that. We cannot talk about the podcast. No I in fact we should probably not even sit together note. We should ignore each other should ignorance act like we don't know each shall we can eat lunch together. Okay all right cool now on that note. Okay we have come to the we have. We have a face male. Wow we have a voicemail. We have a face mail. You can send us your faces mail us pictures of your love to see what you look like an that email where you can mail us. Those pictures is for over thirty five podcast Itchy mail dot com you can call us on our voicemail smell at seven eight one five nine one zero three zero and you can join our facebook group at facebook dot com slash group slash forever thirty five podcast and the password there is serums and at last count. I think we had close to a hundred spinoff groups. Look shout out to the people who moderate the big group and the Spin Offs because that is a lot of work. It is a lot and we we couldn't literally cannot do this without you know. I'm barely go on facebook much less moderated group so thank you <hes>. If you like this your show please do leave us review on Apple podcasts Tele friend mentioned Essen social media. Oh and I also just want to mention <hes>. I know we've mentioned this before but we are on spotify. Now we have landed on spotty landed <hes> so so if that is your listening APP of choice please subscribe to us there. Yes please and <hes> you can always find all the products that we mentioned here on Ferber thirty five on our website for over thirty five podcast DOT COM and you can false instagram at ferber thirty-five podcast on twitter.

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BEST OF Bumper to Bumper Thursday, November 5: Election Talk, Joe Friedberg, Brian Billick, Dr. Dan's Inbox

Dan Barreiro

1:11:14 hr | 8 months ago

BEST OF Bumper to Bumper Thursday, November 5: Election Talk, Joe Friedberg, Brian Billick, Dr. Dan's Inbox

"What's up guys. John kreese here for my friends at temples buddha pills. Yup ooh pills brewing. It's been a year since i butchered. The name of my favorite taproom around huda pills has a tap taproom with the best outdoor experienced this winter season along with the kfi am beer. Which is an unfiltered blonde ale. Just how. I like him or make everyday feel like the weekend with. The new oud appeals brewing weekend repack filled with ewald the dark lunar eclipse and other pills favorites available in liquor stores. Now don't see it ask for it by name udo pills or stick with my favorite the. Am beer those long questions. Guards use the producer of the show as well and we thank you for your participation in the proceedings this afternoon the morton volvo proceedings include two very good guests and really afraid segment in which many of you might well be participating as sorta kinda guests as well. We're doing it the way i love it. We have guests on the thirties. Three thirty today joe. Friedberg will join estimable. Defense attorney of some renown and we will talk to him about some significant developments in the floyd case locally and really the seeds were sown earlier over the weekend to have joon because he has some very strong opinions as we get closer to what eventually one would presumably a trial in this case involving now together before a former police officers What he thinks is a significant problem with the charging that he suggests could still be rectified and still could be fixed and he worries that. If those changes aren't made there will be less of a chance for justice to be done. Very controversial is. Joe always is scheduled for three thirty. Brian billick will join at four thirty occasional regular on this show plenty of pro football to get to including a thursday night game which. I'm assuming you can here on the fan. It's the green bay packers in the forty. Niners corrected decimate. What's left of the forty nine at the. Where is that game. do you happen. Francisco san francisco. Davey santa clara more specifically. That's right i i still think. They should played Their games at the stick. But that's just me. I'm a purist. Brian billick at four thirty on that and your minnesota vikings present past present and future and the aforementioned dr. Dan's in box is a move to primetime today. five thirty. jj dot com. If you'd like to get in on the fun. I would assume with the election. Oh not quite in our rear view mirror. Still quite timely. Still quite fresh that we have You're getting a number of very timely and acerbic. Submissions were in very good spot for the inbox right now. With about eighty five percent of precincts reporting the inbox is in a very good spot or waiting on the last fifteen percent relating on the last fifteen percent of our regulars but they're typically very strong so we're looking for a really good inbox. We'll be ready to call it at five thirty. Would you prefer. Is this your way of saying. You prefer no more submission. Save your best stuff for next week because it's going to really be hard to get in. No i'd say. Shoot our shot today. Bring today bring it. Because there are things timely. This week that it's ephemeral. They may never go back right. So we gotta take advantage while while we still can. I mentioned off the top of the program that we are indeed your longer than your average major league baseball game longer than the line that you always end up behind in the grocery store longer even than your average bumper to bumper question leader. It's the election resolution. That still continues. It may be on the verge of being resolved. But we've heard that. Before as i said yesterday biden has runners on second and third and one out and he's in really good position he may even have runners on second and third with nobody out actually to finish this thing off in the bottom half of the tenth inning but nothing official yet. Could it become official soon. Well a lot of people think there's a big announcement coming up out of Pennsylvania the state of pennsylvania that alone would give biden enough electoral votes to go over the top correct. Yes if he wins pennsylvania. It's over it's over and me. See if i have some of these stats if these are fresh. I'm looking at the big board here now again. Cnn still got bide with with two hundred and fifty three delegates votes electoral votes. They're still not giving them arizona arizona wall street journal's already given them arizona. He's got they've got him at two hundred sixty four votes as well so my first inclination was. Let's see what's changed in nevada. And i look vodka and at least according again. Wsj they're usually pretty timely and topical on top of this stuff they still have seventy six percent of expected. Total vote reporting so they had told us yesterday. We'll get back to you on thursday and then later in the day they said now we might move that up. Well now it is thursday and are we still waiting and with the conversation The press conference that you alluded to. That's getting a lot of viral attention involving one of the one of the nevada nevada. Big shot yeah voting official. Yeah clark county guy. I don't know what his role was but he was great television and he actually said were some stuff. They may have to push back into saturday map and some other votes. That have come in that. They've got to check and verify. Is it adjudicate possibly word. They're using the correct. We're running a lot of words. But yeah he was tremendous. He's fed up with everybody. He he was gregg popovich like play it later. It pretty good is it. Lengthy is a to like the hodges. Yeah i could probably some stretches. I've got nevada at biden forty nine point four three percent trump at forty eight point. Five percent and cnn has eighty nine percents in. They just flashed through it there now. North carolina okay but basically the same percentages Trump may be has a little bit more but forty nine forty nine right in there pennsylvania. What i'm looking at. His trump fifty point one eight percent biden at forty eight point. Six seven percent with eighty eight percent of the vote in. They've got the same about ninety two percent two percent so that hasn't Change who are we talking about here. Who else is arizona. Although they haven't like. I said they've already given it to biden but i'm looking at at arizona. Numbers wall street journal. Has it fifty point. Four percent biden forty eight point one five percent for trump. And what else. We georgia north carolina. Right georgia where minute by minute. Biden has been gaining a presumably because of atlanta related votes and the stolen votes the conspiracy which is also part of it. Wow this is pretty tight. Trump forty nine point five one percent biden forty nine point two five percent. That's a that's a real nail biter not yes and then. North carolina trump fifty percent fifty point zero nine percent biden at forty eight point. Six nine percent as well so What's the betting money. Now it still to me appears inevitable. That biden's going to win. Is today the day or more likely into tomorrow. What are the. What's the betting line on this. What are the what are the inside. What are the walks say. What are the political knockers shea. About exactly when we're going to get some measure resolution and on leaving out of course lawsuits. Yeah well that's the thing that's going to be a while before we get all of that. But i think most likely it's going to be pennsylvania and or georgia that are gonna come in. I right because nevada. Basically a georgia's at ninety nine percent so that would make sense. Yeah like that. That's thinkin that's sixteen electoral votes in georgia. I believe i have that right. And yes you mentioned. Pennsylvania that's twenty electoral votes as well. So i feel like by now i thought we'd be further along and i guess we are further along in terms of the recount are not the recount but just the county of the The mail in votes and it still looks to me as if trump's going to need several miracles is going to be voting miracle and he's gonna need a probably a judicial miracle don't you think one miracles not going to be enough for him right now. He's going to need multiple miracles by the way. That's not a value judgment. Don't email me if you're you're you're devastated. Rights value judgments and observation on where we seem to be at this particular juncture. There are number of voting fraud conspiracy theories out of which i've read about have been debunked and i've seen them to bunked for the record in a couple of right wing a right leaning websites and publications not by msnbc not by the clinton news network But by a couple of varieties. I'm look i. I've said this before. You know how. I feel about this allegations if they have any meat to them should be investigated and i do worry sometimes that because it's the old the of if trump saying it. It can't be true when i'm going to bother to investigate that's stupid. I've never accepted that. I don't like it. I think it's a bad look for the mainstream media but on the other hand there has to be some merit or some. I guess you could say thread. That leads a group of reporters to say the smell. Quite right we got. We got a follow up and kind of look at it. I haven't found any of them so far that have Given have offered up that that sort of smoking gun material there has been relatively innocent explanations for a couple of them and couple in their visual. Like there's a shot of a suitcase like allegedly full of ballots. On top of a flatbed truck was this. I think this might have been in. Georgia can't remember what state it was and then a tv station. No doubt in on the conspiracy said that's that's our equipment. That's that's the case that our cameraman puts a lot of his equipment in Two simple as that nothing. There's nothing more maligned than than that is. But again they're the allegation. I'm sure it'd be the tv station. Might be in it as as as well but the thing everybody else is in on like mentioned karl rove in on right. There's a lot of people that people who tend to be a second or third level of the conspiracy. Is there any doubt. There's no doubt in my mind by the way that if all along trump had said don't vote on election day vote male vote early vote often that a lot of people would be a lot more suspicious. Of why is he doing that and they would even be more suspicious of the tabulation of votes that that comment early but are not tabulated late. It's one of the biggest problems we got in the country right now. As far as i'm concerned. I have zero doubt in my mind. There would have been much much different view of that because we are so invested in. Who's good and who is evil so i doubt that part of it at all part of the reason i said i have tended to prefer. The idea of everybody vote on election. Day is logically. If you take the trump part out of this logically speaking it would seem fair to say that. There's a greater possibility of hijinks. If you've got you know weeks and weeks where do these votes go. How how are they tabulated the whole bit. That's why my dream would be everybody. Vote on election day. It may given the numbers we had this year. That might not be practical on the other hand. There are a lot of people who believe. And i've i've come to accept this. I don't know if you have. I've come to the to accept that election day should be a holiday. Yeah i think that's fair. Election day should be so so to that extent. Then you have. Great much greater flexibility. Don't have that heat of. Oh my god. I gotta worry about work. I gotta squeeze in time and the hour. And i don't know whether that would answer at all. I don't know it wouldn't answer it all thinking about that like i remember. I had to work a lot of holidays back in the day. There's a lot of jobs where you still have to work on holidays. You know what i mean. It opens it up for more people. Obviously but i don't think that's gonna be the be all end all but i do think it should be Couple new the conspiracy theories. I've not heard coming in via the bradshaw. Brian box which has been rebooted will consider those as well Before we prepare for joe friedberg to talk about the developments significant route. Judge's rulings today. In the floyd case. But i and on opportunity to put a grand in your hand the fan and wickson jewelers would love to put a grand in your hand. Text the keyword. Thanks to two hundred two hundred. That's how you enter our national cash. Contests try to put a grand in your hand text. Thanks to what's up guys. John kreese here for my friends at temples. Duda pills yasuda pills brewing. It's been a year since i butchered the name of my favorite taproom around. Budapest has the taproom with the best outdoor experienced. This winter season along with the kfi am beer. Which is an unfiltered blonde ale. Just how. I like them or make everyday feel like the weekend with the new pills brewing week under pack filled with ewald the dark lunar eclipse. And other you'd appeals favorites available in liquor stores. Now don't see it ask for it by name udo pills or stick with my favorite the kfi and beer the began. Today's meditation with the few sipping exercises to remind us. A little treat can go a long way so pick up your mcafee. Ice coffees close your eyes and deep sip deep satisfaction out. Treat retreat at mcdonald's right now mcafee iced coffee and any size and any flavor for just ninety nine cents until eleven. Am price of participation may vary be tried together which means exact as opposed to separately because the attorneys were hoping severally defense attorneys. Were fighting that. What's the cosmic of this particular ruling. And does it surprise you at all. Well it doesn't surprise me. Because i've been practicing for half a century and judge. K hill has probably been reading a lot of federal law on joint trials and severances because we rarely have the issue in state court and most of the federal law says no matter how much the defendant scream and yell try together because that's the efficient way to do it however it's not really practical in this case. I don't think because why wouldn't you try chobe wouldn't i. And if traumas found not guilty or found guilty only of manslaughter. Then you if you found not guilty. You don't have three more trials because all they're all charged with helping him commit a crime if he's found guilty of a lesser than you can probably negotiate the rest of it and dismiss some cases It doesn't make much sense to me to try. Try them all together. 'cause everyday it's gonna be a white knuckle trip about what's admissible against one demanding than not admissible against another and and all kinds of things and also the possibility of very antagonistic defenses. Now i can see the law on helping defendants because their defenses are antagonistic. It's very bad for defendants. But i think the the rational thing to have done here. And i judge. Takeo knows more about this case than i do. clearly The rational thing to do it would seem to me as an outsider with some experiences. You try kelvin. I if he's found not guilty. Of course the world is gonna burn by the same token you can't try the other three What does this do to the length of the case. Well assuming that there would be four trials. Obviously one is shorter Right this this'll be a very very long trial. Think about it. You know witness a testifies. This is what i saw. This is what. I did During direct examination by the state and then all four defense lawyers get the cross. Examine that witness then quite likely the state goes back and examines the witness again. And then you probably will get recross examination extremely long trial and Jury selection they set aside two weeks for jury selection. I don't think they can do it. there's another problem This jury is gonna. I guess probably if not at the beginning eventually ended up sequestered locked up because they're going to have to leave the courthouse every day. Not locked up and you can imagine what they're walk into As soon as there's an incident of some kind of take place then you have to sequester the jury So that the jury selection is going to take. I believe a long long time. I don't know how many challenges each defendants gonna get. But i would believe that either judge kale is going to have to be very liberal on challenges for cause or give them extra Just challenges because the jurors will remain anonymous for their safety apparently in the will according to the one of the several kale rulings that they they will be sequestered. Let me ask you about Well how much experience you've had being defense attorney in these sorts of cases where there are several defense attorneys and what the dynamic. How the dynamics work there. You know between the defense attorneys. It's a dog. Eat dog because your job is to protect your client. And how give us a sense of what those dynamics end up turning into or kanter into. I can give you an instance in my own grad first of all. I tried many many many cases with multiple clients. Not in state court just one or two in state court but many in federal court and you know going in you gotta be as careful about the lawyer on your left and the lawyer on your right is you do the prosecutor But best compliment. I ever got was from one of america's great criminal defense lawyers. I sat down after a cross examination. He said joy my boy. It's indeed a pleasure to meet a lawyer who knows how to work for his clients and not against someone else's It's a problem. But i might. Gas is every lawyer in this case. I don't know if eric nelson has experienced joint trials But i every other lawyer has done federal work and It's a problem. I mean your your buddy on the left can kill you. Know kale also rule. That co courtroom. I should say cameras will be allowed in the courtroom to live stream the trial. I think when we've had gone before you felt a long time ago that this is the way it should be. It shouldn't be that big of a deal of that said does it surprise you at all. well yeah. It surprises me. He decided that way but that is absolutely the right decision. Can you imagine trying to just tell all of america who's gonna wanna watch this trial. What some reporters view of what happened. That day was like This is a trial. america has got a right to watch Lawyers are all experienced and they should all be a credit to the justice system. I i think it's absolutely the correct decision. they it. It's never happened in the soda. Which is wrong. The supreme court has looked at of minnesota's always been wrong about that but It's in obtrusive dan. There's one camera there and about after half an hour you forget. It's there the camera. I will probably only point to the witness stand. It'll never show the jury. It probably won't show people sitting at counsel table It's clearly the right way to go. And as i said i tried one On live camera. I've tried least one on a live camera setup. Truce of unbothered bothering the kahlil. Also the judge also ruled against a change of venue said law requires trials to be held in the county where the crime occurred except when certain conditions exist in this matter. No corner of the state of minnesota has been shielded from pretrial publicity regarding the death of george floyd. He ruled that a change of venue is unlikely to cure whatever concerns. You have the the might be there about prejudicial prejudicial pretrial publicity raised by lawyers for the defendant is right he's probably right. There's there's no place. I mean you could go to halley Population around six thousand. And i'm not trying to insult the county seat of kitson county but How in the world would handle the trial up there. The the others cities would be inundated with the visiting press I it would be no better. And it's all got the same coverage. There's the only way the venue on this case was ever gonna get moved as if the feds took over the prosecution. And then you turn it. Over to judge. Thomas and he probably moved the case for the northern district alabama. Joe friedbert is our guest. I also wanna talk a little bit. We got another judge question. But i want to save that. I wanna get into what i sense from. You is nagging concern about the charges themselves and a belief you have at least that there is a great need and still time to amend the complaint in a way that you believe is is crucial or could be crucial so give us your speech on the charges as they are now and where you think they need or should be amended. Well i'm gonna try to be objective here. And i have to look for the answer that question i have to look at it from the eyes of a prosecutor prosecuted case. My whole life If you remember originally i said that third degree murder charge had to go that third degree murder charge was they was the result of some nonsense nonsensical thinking by the county attorney's office before they were asked out of this case it was it had to go the lawyers for the defense all move to get rid of judge kate. He'll correctly threw it out That's the same cause of action. That's on appeal now in newark as from a couple years what he's charged with now is unintentional second degree murder base. It's called felony murder. This is children correct. This is all well all three s. Right okay It's called felony murder It means that you were committing a felony and because of the fillipponi you were committing. Somebody died and there's some causative connection there By virtue of charging that you've made it mandatory that since the underlying felony a is a felonious assault. You made it mandatory that when the case goes to the jury they they get to decide whether if they've decided that children was committing a crime. Was he committing the crime of felonious assault or misdemeanor assault. If he was committing the crime of misdemeanor assault and it resulted in the death of floyd then the verdict must be manslaughter in the first degree if he was committing Felonious assault and it caused the death of floyd. He's guilty of second degree murder. If i was a prosecutor in this case i would also have charged second degree. Intentional merck Because a jury a case like this is under tremendous pressure to compromise. they get into. The they get into the deliberations. Here there's gonna be disagreements as a it the jovan do something wrong. Be if he did something wrong. How wrong was it. And so the only debate and can be. Did he committed felonious assault or did he eat a misdemeanor assault. If you had also charge the other subdivision of second degree murder which is intentional. That debate might be. Did he kill them. Intentionally or unintentionally so from a dynamic standpoint. If i was the prosecutor i would've charged second degree intentional murder as well. I think from a public relations standpoint. They're probably past the point where they can amend and they'll look bad if they do a man but it would be legally possible and from a prosecution standpoint. The advantage of having that added would be again would be giving the jury something else to debate over and at at at yet worst one could say they could conclude was unintentional. the battle will be versus The the the debate would be over intentional or unintentional leading to some sort of the. You're giving them a place to compromise. That's the point. Yeah and this is brought about. By the fact that minnesota has got strangest most awkward group of homicides under that under that heading They don't adopt in minnesota called the doctrine of merger which most states do and you can't charge a felony murder based on assault because the underlying crime merges with the amish side. It's and it's a little bit too technical based on the way that minnesota's law is I think they made a any grievous era but Then again i'm not a prosecutor right and i think what's going to happen here since it's obvious to me. Dan that the defense is gonna claim that children did not cause the death of george floyd that based on the autopsy and more importantly toxicology in this case floyd was already dying when he got arrest. they evidence is probably gonna show. He had a lethal amount affecting all in his blood at the time of his death. And that jovan cannot be blamed for that that what he was doing would not have killed somebody or even hurt somebody that was not already dying from poisoning himself. You also told me that if it's an unintentional turning about this this This idea of banning the complaint to include intentional second-degree murder that if it's unintentional as a secondary murder as he's currently charting the jury may never get to the very difficult debate on the degree of force which is another component of this case that is perhaps potentially quite crucial correct. I only have this from news. Reports all right but The way you determine that degree of force on kelvin's neck the only way you can do it. You can see his knee on his on his neck or shoulder voice right right but you can't tell how hard he's pushing or if he's pushing it all frankly The way you tell. Is you take tissue sections out of his neck because remember what we all heard is. There's no objective signs of asian or compression To stop breathing Or to stop his blood flow if you look at the sections cut out of his neck and autopsy and you don't see evidence of broken capillaries. There was not very much force at all put on his neck and if there was not very much force at all put on his neck than children can't be convicted of a crime period. I that's too simplistic right. That's where you need to look And if i remember correctly when they brought in dr baden to to give his opinion He didn't see the toxicology and he didn't see the sections of tissue sections from the neck. So any opinion he gave would have been just wild speculation and probably can't be used in the trial one last item. That's a more of a minor. Note that i'm just kinda curious about how this works Another one kale's rulings. Today was that he reversed earlier. Decision banning mike freeman three of his attorneys from working on the case he had cited previously sloppy work. I think that was his word. 'cause they met with the mental examiner in the case without a non attorney present freeman defended his offices work. I'm reading now from the star. Tribune story On today's rulings kahlil vacated the band today ruling that the free that freeman and the three attorneys could participate in the prosecution but could not appear as advocates in the trial. Or signing emotions. What's the distinction. I don't even mean why bother if that's how how's that really vacating the band. You could participate but not appear. What's the meaningful distinction. There you got eight. I don't know i really. Don't i guess it means i can work in the back room. They may be able to carry a briefcase but Either eventually disqualified. Him and i don't know that he really had to do that. But that was a discretionary call in my opinion was the right call. Judge question for a couple of a couple of emails have actually brought this up and and We just had a another election. I don't know if you know this. This was a couple of days ago and yet yes i recall. We're all doing you know. We all feel in honor various ballots and on many of them. We notice there's a lot of judges that are up. And we noticed that almost all of them are unopposed. They're running unopposed. It's something that i guess. A lot of us. Just take for granted and then we decide. I guess to either not vote or to pencil in where the the incumbent because we like the incumbent or we don't know what else to do philosophically speaking is a guy's been around jurisprudence in the law for a long time should should more judges should more people be running against other judges. This great the system the way we have it just seems like people kind of hold onto these things and they run unopposed. This is this a good thing. Is that a i think. I don't think it's a good thing the what is it called. Missouri method is A judges appointed for certain periods of time. I say this has always been a problem. There have been a couple of campaigns against sitting judges but the reason a couple of successful one very very rare and the reason those people one is not because anybody knew anything about the judge they were running again. It's because those people to spend a lotta money every time I i think it's You know what i do. I look at it and i check the judges i like and i leave the others blank and then this woman michelle mcdonald is always running against a supreme court justice and i always vote for her. So do we need mean do it. Do we need more people to want to even want to run. I mean what. What is that process itself so intimidating that ultimately just we just don't have enough people in the pool to actually get to a place where there might be more competitive races. I don't know the answer to that question. I wish there were more competitive race but by the same token what are you going to say. Would you run on. And what is your platform going to be. You know what happens is the only thing. The public accepts is. I'm going to be tougher on crime right. Maybe you can see in chicago and and the in florida. A lot of these races are contested But you know that's a very difficult question to answer The federal system works the best. They get lifetime appointments but we only get for the most part. Really good. Allen does federal judge. Yeah i mean. I'm not attempting to pretend that. I can make judgments on these judges and i'm not casting. I'm not trying to you. Know Offer an indictment of any or all the but human nature being what it is. It almost seems as if it's like you're you're going to breed a certain sort of inertia there that maybe hurts everybody to a certain extent on the other hand. I mean if you really want these to be sort of that we associate with other political racist either. I don't feel. I feel squeamish about that too. Well yeah and here's something that you can just think about. When i first started practicing law it seemed to me. The judges were wives and elderly lawyers. Who had a successful career. And now we're going to step down and do a community service and take substantial cut in pay and do the public service of sitting as a judge. That's what it seemed like to me. i would say to you that the vast majority of of judges appointed in this day and age get a raise when they get put on the bench which indicates to you that probably the quality has gone downhill. That's not gonna get you in trouble. Is it sure. But how i make and your past that now i mean what can they do to you fire you. I mean it's not your past the point where i mean. You could retire today if you wanted to. You just don't want to most judges do as good a job as they can do and they do a good job there are some you know my part. My mentor. barter used to say There have been bad judges. There will be bad judges in the future. At the present there are no. That's a great philosophy last item for you. Joe friedberg not surprisingly. We're gonna we're getting a lot of attempts at challenges from trump on stopping the voting Checking the voting. All that sort of thing. I don't sense so far. There's a lot of good in in in indication of smoking guns. That might lead somewhere. But it's not new to have know people who are running for office off. You know go to the courts to try to get. Some kind of relief is this. Do you see any reason to believe it's gonna lead anywhere for for trump absolutely none whatsoever What it's gonna do is breathe a whole you know. Make all stability between both sides. America worse than it is if that's possible It's i think what he's doing is terrible. Thank you joe. Oh go ahead. You're gonna say. I don't wanna. I didn't know if you want to be your send-off or you want to get look people mistrust lawyers enough mistrust more now. Of course that's not true of me Certainly not you're the exception. That's the beauty of. You're the exception that you've been around so long that you like people got past mistrust phase of you. You know what i'm saying. That's that's that's the testament to your longevity. I'm not sure that's true thing you might be right. Thanks again for the help today. We will definitely stay in touch. Thank you okay bye. Bye joe friedberg. Defense attorney extraordinaire on a number of significant subject starting with a series of developments and rulings from judge key k hill in the floyd case involving the four former minneapolis. Police officers. Who will corner this ruling be charged here and they will be charged to gather brian billick. What's up guys. John kreese here for my friends at temples buddha pills. Yup buddha pills brewing. It's been years since i butchered. The name of my favorite taproom around huda pills has taproom with the best outdoor experience. 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What separates great quarterbacks from mediocre and ordinary ones is with us now. nfl network analyst. Brian billick is indeed back with us Welcome to the podcast world. Have you enjoyed the experience. Thus far i have you know we finish the book It which. I really enjoyed when i got done with it. We have so many great conversations and so many more that i wanted to have that we decided to put the podcast together. And then we brought together. A number of interviews. I've done or or with People anything ranging from bill polian to to ozzie. Newsome lenny dawson joe montana archie. Manning was a great conversation particularly from my perspective guy. Here's the guy who was the second or third overall pick nineteen seventy-one goes to a terrible team. What is two sons went through just talking about just the very essence. Cusak factor ones that take the play position in the national football league. And why did we get it wrong so much. So they're seven episodes. I think people would enjoy. Yeah that's great and the beauty of it is. There's no real clock on it. I mean you may have a max that you want to keep to but the point is you can spread your wings a little bit. You don't have to worry about you know breaks and all that kind of stuff. He's just sort of let it go and the people who are interested are gonna come to it and they're not gonna care how long it is because they're going to be interested in the subject. I've got a toss up question. That is not quarterback related. I want to get your view of that. You can speak too far more expertly than i can. And that my producer can. Apparently you're familiar with everson griffen. I assume former. Vikings started the season with the cowboys. Now with the lions. Vikings are playing the lions on sunday. Everson griffen is saying that his feelings are hurt. Because mike zimmer this week referred to him as a good player and griffin says for him to call me a good player. That kinda hurts my feelings. He's gonna see on sunday what i've got coming for him. He's going to be put some respect on my game. He wasn't just a good coach to me. He was a great coach so Had some fun with this thing about players get motivated and they hear kind of what they wanna hear but in your vast experience as a head coach really or coordinator to was there ever a time there any examples you can point to where you're analyzing a player you'd had previously and you ended up insulting him whether you really intended to or not. Or that's how the player took it any sort of any sort of historical gaffer in in your career. Yeah there's some gray area here you know to me this little like the player that gets a hundred million dollar offerings insulted by it. I'm not good enough that well you can insult me with one hundred dollars. But he's telling you what i don't know and and my guess is that it was. Just you know coach zimmer Okay didn't use adjectives should a little bit stronger. I think you're right. I think players kind of sometimes one manufacture particular player. That's that's coming back into minnesota. And as much as he he was a part of the success here Yeah maybe just ratcheting it up that little bit of a it also relies. They're a little bit. I always love to played in new york team and the new york media. And you do an interview and you say you're playing the giants where that that giant Running game is really really good and the new york media will go. Oh so you're saying the packing game. I don't know i just said the run game but you didn't mention the so yeah i i think we're kind of getting during man. Here's what's interesting zim. And i argue with my producer about this. Because i zoom is that one of those coaches who kind of seems to pride himself on especially with players he still has of only going so far. I view it. As sort of the buddy ryan slash bill parcells philosophy about never praising to a few civilly and i get the bit. And i know there's different ideas about you. Don't want to necessarily always compliment too much. But sometimes i think it's kind of a silly game mean. Did you attempt to calibrate the degree to which you compliment one of your own players for the same reason. Or how do you feel about that whole issue. I don't know. I tend to most coaches. You see. they probably go too far away because they're just trying to be politically correct. Oh this guy was a great right. Well if he was that great and 'cause that would be the next question again if you want to be cynical about it if he came out well what a great player. What a great player he was. You know what the next question. It's going to be well. Good point yeah. You really can't win it out. He was a and i think he was more than a good player when in his prime here i mean so four and a half so he was a big time player. He's certainly not in that same category now all right. Let's get back to quarterbacks trying to pin you down on something if if you had let's say for the sake of this discussion you were coaching or general. Managing the vikings and somebody another team comes to you and the team that comes to mind is the san francisco forty niners if it plays out the way it might after this season and says hey look who you guys. Tired of kirk cousins. Because we're ready to take him full forty million dollar contract and all we're ready we will take him off your hands for whatever Probably won't get much back in return but we'll take the money you'll have to deal with some of the salary cap hit but still less trade him than if you keep them for two more years. Would you take that arrangement. Are you buying or selling on kirk cousins leaving aside. You won't know who you're going to replace them with you. You just say we're going to get clear of this because of all the money it's costing. He's not quite what we thought he's going to be. And then we'll figure out later what we do whether it's a short term discussion of getting another aging veteran and then drafting or some other way. But i'm ready to sell on kirk cousins. You say what fly. Wow you know it really comes down to obviously their evaluation where they are with it. I think sometimes. And the reason i say yes to that is sometimes a player in a certain locale and i think kirk may have reached that point in minnesota. Where the doubt about his ability and whether he can really them where they wanna go whether it's fair or not I think he may reach that. Saturation point that really kinda even goes to be on that the actual evaluation of how good we think the player can be Yes that that that's going to be an interesting scenario because when you look at the games coming up for the vice they've gotta run of some real winnable game they do And and particularly if they keep that combination rundschau cooked way they did the other day defense appears to get a little bit better You know they can make this thing because the nfc outside of tampa bay right now It's wide open i. I couldn't i couldn't be comfortable my paycheck on any nfc t definitively saying this is the best team in the nfc And i don't know that any of them can beat the top three teams in the afc north baltimore. Kansas city and pittsburgh But but so so. There's there's a lot of football play here. But i think kirk cousins may have reached just listening to it. I don't know this for a fact but just listening to. I do not players reach a saturation point. In a certain location i think cousins may have reached that point in in minneapolis. You know zim reasonably well. They love he absolutely fell in love. You know with the formula last week in green bay whether it's realistic to get two hundred and fifty years close to two hundred fifty total yards from dalvin cook every week. Another question bite. They re they threw short. They didn't worry about throwing the ball along they most of the throws were in and out cousins hands pretty quick and there weren't any sort of fifty fifty balls. Which of course was the concern that he was given these. You giving up the ball a little bit too easily see. It's it's clear that's the formula we're gonna feed dalvin and we're gonna get rid of the ball as early as we can and we're gonna make dow make kirk sort of be. I hate to say the term but a bit more of a manager and dalvin will be treated as our best player. It's it's wonderful. It makes all the sense in the world to me that you'd stick with that as long as you can until somebody stops you or somebody stops dalvin. But you're the quarterback guy is it and you know that's the whole point of the q factor. can you win realistically. Can you become a championship threat. If that's the way philosophically you attempt to run your offense and it sounds like a carbon copy of exactly what we did to win in two thousand. I mean that was that Playing great defense. Second league in rushing didn't turn the ball over but it's a different time now. Yeah you can win a lot of games doing that. And i got imagine. That's been their plan all along. I think obviously injuries. And there's a number of things that get a little bit And we know defensive coaches. They love that they all went running the ball A rare games cousins has throw it thirty five forty times hoping he can step up and get that done so yeah. I think that has always been the place I don't and particularly with a string of games. They got coming on here. I think they can get on a heck of a run. But it's still belies the point at some point to beat the good teams. Your quarterbacks gonna have to win on a thirty five or forty three game and that's still remains to be seen So yeah that's why. I think with that formula. And you know you can't knock love cook now. The best back in the league We saw at the other night. That complete Over two hundred total yards scrimmage yards. I mean this. This is the way they're gonna win win. Defense is getting a little bit better getting a little bit more sound on that back in. So yeah they have every reason to believe that this formula can work going for now as you say. I think you'll get the schedule. Yes but you use that formula but you had an historic defense. Whatever the vikings are point. The that's another one of the. How many times do teams have historic defenses to to deal with and and yours was one of those so that i think you'd agree has to be put into the equation. In terms of the value. We were at a time where there was a void of the great quarterback play We we were transitioning out of the marinos. The my hannah's the young's and we hadn't yet come into the peyton manning's and and Rogers and that kind of group and so are championship. Tampa bay's and new england's all came from dominating defense at a time where we didn't have to go through the litany of quarterbacks that you have to go through today in the place what's happening in new england. Well what we're finding is is kind of what we talk going in. But we just missed it because we bell check and financing. They're not very good. It's just not very good. And were they've always had the basis beginning with brayden to kinda and and being division wasn't very good They could show up and be five hundred. No matter who they had brady was good enough to get you another two or three. And then you see where you go from there We can't in the we're not saying well. They don't have a lot of dynamic playmakers. We don't know about the quarterback situation there route totally up in the air about defense but bill check will will make it right well. He can't 'cause they're not very good. And so you they're they're not reloading. They're totally rebuilt and they won't admit to that they're gonna be committed to wanting to win and this that and the other but this is the first time in twenty years. We've seen the new england patriots that yeah they're going to have to totally be built. You think in the end that's what brady understood. Above all else was that the the the thing had run. Its course that you know at some point. You tried a paper together with a great quarterback making other parts look better than they are but they were just running out of options in that regard and he said you know tampa bay. They got a lot of infrastructure there right now in terms of talent offense and defense so okay. It's been a nice run. No hard feelings. Let's let's go in a different direction. You think that's what dictated his move as much as anything No question whatsoever the frustration year after year where they would not in his. You support him with some of the talent that he thought that they might be able to get Was i'm sure it was frustrating. But but the very thing. I think he saw woo boy. You know what. I don't like the math here I can make a lot of money someplace else. And and and i don't think he'd ever admit to it And not that. It's gonna make a difference because both he and bella checker on speed. Dial hall of fame the minute. They're eligible. But i gotta believe there's a little bit of that going you know what showing that i it. It was me and not ballot check. Yeah just human. Nature says yeah. Yeah maybe i'll do this someplace else. Packers Vikings beat the packers of course and green bay had They're bad hiccup against tampa than they responded by routing houston and then they lose last week they were driving for what might have been the tying score. They made it interesting but they did lose. So it's interesting you mentioned tampa bay and everybody else in the nfc. So how do you view the packers at this point. Are they legitimate Something less than legitimate to you and if not what what do you see that whole makes you hold back a little bit on greenback. The that that that like the rest of the nfc. There's a whole bunch of good things that you see that you can make a case but i can poke holes in anybody. I mean green bay. Rogers and davante adams a playbook segment on devante davante adams of doing some really special stuff just said The the subtle nuance of knowing one. Another and the throws that they can make it's fun to watch but outside of that And certain ebron is going to be a factor Going forward which will help but but they need more of that core. They're running back. Corps is is in flux right now to say the least and that run defense is good as they think are better on defense. That run defense. Got exposed against album cook now. There's only so many people that can can can do that. Only have the kind of running game but the dalvin cook could generate But but that's that's why i would. Although and i think they can they can. They'll sit certainly be in the thick of it. There's no question about it. But i think like everybody whether it's new orleans Whether seattle yeah. There's some really good things there and mostly based around. You know truly great quarterbacks but there's just there's some holes there too that can't be ignored for for you mentioned three teams in the afc including the ravens does their quarterback to be truly classified as great as is. This sounds regarding an mvp to be truly classified as great. Is he going to have to play better against or pass. Better specifically against the best teams whether it's regular season or postseason and it's the same thing we said about eight minutes until finally won a playoff game right now. That's that's fair Is he gonna do it in a way is he. Is he going to be and developed into this. Great pocket quarterback. No they're going to win the way the problem with lamar jackson is right. Now is last. Year is the benchmark. That's the floor. So anything less than that people like. Oh my god. This guy is falling apart. We'll know last year was pretty spectacular and was unique. So that's gonna be the criteria that anything less than that says. This guy's not me good. I think we're being a little bit critical now And also we know that matchup with surtees half is intersect team. Half is in his career per against pittsburgh. So whatever that combination whether it's the blitzburgh and the unique john blitzes and then the drop zones that caught him a couple of times whether he's not quite figured that out yet You know it could be. That's tough team in the dacian t to not play particularly what against But but this guy the there's there's still a darn good football team. They're a complete football team. Just for is darn good. Give them credit for what they were able to do. i in the game. And so Yeah those those three teams to me our complete. I don't see anybody in the nfc and maybe tampa will continue to develop that way. But i don't see anybody in the nfc that could be any of those to retain interesting point last night. For brian billick. Aaron rodgers after the packers loss made a little bit of a racism eyebrows. A bit when he suggested that there was a late pass. Interference call that in which the against the vikings that got picked up by the officials. Which i thought was a mistake. I thought it was a legitimate pass. Interference call. But that's not here nor there rogers after the game suggested that. Hey you know. People don't like to talk about this. I doubt that the league would admit it. But i believe that on sometimes on some of these calls what happens is they get a phone call from new york or someplace and they basically say not although that that called the were just pick up the flag on that deal Lotta people's eyebrows were raised. Its swells conspiracy theories that you can't really prove or disprove. I guess because. I don't think there's anything official in that regard but you believe him. Do you think it's possible that some mysterious calls that get reversed even if there's no such thing as you know appealing Pass interference there still hearing some voice in their in their headset. That's making a change. Well well you know. I the league. And the officials have seventy five thousand dollars a my money for saying just that kind of thing. 'cause spiracy at one point i i got five twenty five thousand dollars. 'cause after game i q johnny grier of going in under the tent when they used to get the re planned. I think he's looking at pictures of your grandkids. He can't seen the same plan. That cost me twenty five thousand mile those they take that money off right. They take the cash. Make no mistake about Do i think there's the league wants certain things to happen. And and so they called now. Obviously everything gets cleared through new york right and these calls and replacing which is good. That's part of the process. It leads to consistency a some of the calls. Do i think if we're saying. Is there a conspiracy theory that they they are pinned against the packers. They wanted something to happen. I don't know that. I quite buy into that but i'll be happy. Twenty five thousand dollars of aaron rodgers money and give it to a charity. They can't find you right. I mean if you said that. Now off what i was. I was doing games for fox and we used to have an official Officials meeting coaches do. Because you know just as a the announcing the annual. And i talk about a few things and i forget who it was and I looked at. And i said i'm your worst nightmare because we can't find your into the so. Yeah it was it was. I will say this though. That process The respect that i have to the officials hasn't grown we were in a game in green bay and and As you know it's you know it's not easy. Get out or so. We're all hustling to get out a flight to find our way. Indeed the detroit or minneapolis. I'm not a plan. I got the officials on my plate. And we're all sitting there and the minute we take off. They all flip oakland. They're they're looking at the game flow. Which which i okay. that's cool. They went right to their call and they look at me. Go you killed me on this one. I mean you really got what that told me was they were so they wanted to get it right and right from the get go. They wanted to look right. Now it's like. Did i get this thing right. And that that impressed they were engaged in other words. I'll tell you what the q factor podcast. You can be very engaged in that. That's what brian billick is up to these days of course based on his book to factor. We talked about last time he was on. And you can find the coup factor. Podcast pretty much anywhere. You get your podcast. Seven-party said right brian. Some part we got the first part aired this week will each week will release one some great conversations with a lot of people that have and should know some interesting observations on what it takes to play the position and why we get. That's a time when you're access comes in very handy. I'm sure because all the names you mentioned are huge names whether you're talking about quarterbacks or personnel etcetera etcetera good to catch up. Thanks for the time it's always. We'll talk soon. I hope sounds great. Thank you brian. Billick helping us out as he does from time to time with good stuff on a number of different subjects. Don't forget we got the inbox to open at five thirty prime time. I don't know we've got breaking news while the president scheduled to speak at five thirty. Do i give up the inbox for the president of the united states. Well we have to be fair. We gave biden nine suck. Yeah well doesn't president trump's gonna talk a little bit longer. Is it going to ramble. We'll find out if thirty but we will have docklands in boxes expected to be his concession speech. No i think we call that unlikely in vegas right now. It's very unlikely. I would call it very unlikely top five. We'll give you the gophers calvin update the nfl. Kobe nineteen update the pac twelve scheduled to play this weekend for the first time. Covid nineteen update and the vikings injury report is. What's up guys. John kreese here for my friends at temples boot buddha pills. Yep buddha pills brewing. It's been a year since i butchered the name of my favorite taproom around the pill has taproom with the best outdoor experienced this winter season along with the kfi beer which is an unfiltered blonde ale. Just how. I like him or make everyday feel like the weekend with the new pills brewing weekender pack filled with ewald the dark lunar eclipse and other oodles favorites available in liquor stores. Now don't see it ask for it by name. Udo pills or stick with my favorite. The kfi am beer. Is anyone breakfast guys. let's go. I'm later for mcdonald's in five seconds wiped the breakfast stampede meal. it's only at mcdonald's for every morning and nothing says morning like a classic sausage mcmuffin with egg right. Now get this all time favorite for just two bucks on the one. Two three dollar menu price and participation may vary cannot be combined with any other offer or combo meal vodka. were going to be a truncated addition It's very clear to me that we are past the fat elvis stage for the president. We are now at the fattest elvis stage of this particular presidency A performance that you cannot make up. How many winning one or two. We're going to get into couple okay. We're gonna do our best to you by wedding day diamonds. Thank you as always wedding day. Diamonds jj dot com joined the inbox every single thursday. Dr dan please excuse any errors and punctuation spelling or grammar. I may have had some excused absences in my youth. That went over some of those above mentioned things as we embark on. Nfl week number nine. My favorite team begins the week with the kovic. An injury ridden san francisco. Forty niners reluctantly. I'll probably pick a green and gold victory tonight. But i asked you. Can you please please talk with that. Big knocker guy. Maybe he can give what the nfl to help the leveling the playing field for all teams covid related. America's favorite football team believes in equality and fairness for all competing teams this year except tonight somehow solving the pandemic policies and procedures in the nfl seems to be pertinent for the gb. Packers its impending super bowl victory. Thanks see gershman. So c gerber schmidt is delighted. Correct that the game on because san francisco has no players left. Correct very few players left. And so there's not anybody including siegert schmidt whose going to pretend that if the if the packers win tonight. They will avenge what took place in the playoffs last year. Actually carl would say that. Say that tomorrow if they indeed the would it make it all the more delicious than if somehow some way. The forty niners steel at todd. Incredible brilliant would tomorrow's prediction segment. Beat be then. I think it's too much to hope for. I do to really do but time will tell percent. It's been a long couple of days. I had so much hope. On tuesday when i found out i had the opportunity to be chosen by you. My arousal level quite frankly couldn't have been any higher but then nothing zilch nada. Not gonna work. You walked right by and out of my life. What could have been doctored and just to let you know. I ended up with some trumbull on wearing a row. The boat shirt and currently hanging on by a thread sincerely. I voted sticker european fallon for me. Oh i just clicked off of it. Hang on hang on. It's been a long. Today's i so much hope on tuesday when i found out i had the opportunity to be chosen by my arousal level. Quite frankly couldn't have been higher but then nothing not a not gonna work by outta my life. What could have been doctored and this to let you know ended up with a jumble on wearing a row. The boat shirt and currently hanging on by fred sincerely exploded. Stick with all due respect. I think i voted I voted sticker is pretending to be more devastated than it really is. Because i'm guessing. The percentage of people who repudiate the sticker or board with sticker or. Turn down the sticker. What do you think. That percentage is in the united states of america. Don't think it's as low as some people who love the. I voted sticker. Wanna believe my guess. It's some around ten percent you think so it's just a a most people don't have the megaphone that i do where i can squawk about it on one hundred thousand watt radio ab-. I'm guessing there's a lot of people who quietly field. They're making their own silent. Protest by saying what matters is voted. That's its own reward. I don't do not need to bring further attention to myself. That i voted and i'm not presumptuous. Enough to think that my sticker is gonna inspire somebody else. Vote any more than an athlete. Saying you have to vote like never before. And then i saw athletes say meet vault and then i went out and voted. We're not that easily led are we. I like to think we aren't. Let's do more research. doctor dan. This is more of a report than a question giving the enormous nisa of this historic election season. Okay wait well. This is a huge development is being reported the marconi race for best sports radio station. Kfi am minneapolis. Saint paul's taking a commanding lead ahead of wbz fm boston by seventy five twenty five percent margin. Just a minute okay. I'm being told that we have less than one percent of the selection academy voters reporting. What still big race to watch to see if campaign can hold onto this early leaders wisconsin region votes come in which oracle favor non minnesota stations for c. n. n. Election twenty twenty. I'm w blitzer. That's pretty well played. Is that one of our regulars He's written a time or two. That's very good yeah. I think there's a comment necessary for that one too. You know it's very well done in one more Yeah i just need to find the last dear dr dad earlier in the week i described the vikings running game and defense against the packers as something. Very graphic that mike zimmer would be dreaming about. Was that wrong. I mean if you told me ahead of time. I never would have said it so i guess if it was inappropriate. I'd put it on. You're gardy and other news. I've now been asked to be the forty seventh member of the p. trip morning show sincerely j. athletic. I think it still remains the most unexpected moment in the history of j. athletic on the show i really do. I don't think anything if we were doing a top ten unexpected. John jay athletic moment like he going to say yeah word or phrase going come out of now on the other end of that spectrum would be one as you can read on the athletic yup That would be the least surprising thing that jay athletic would say. We had a big board dot com right. Here's johnny athletics. Going to say as i wrote on the what as we wrote on the athletic. That's plus five thousand. Oh i mean one to seven is whatever it is. And then what he said about. My zimmer is running game yeah well played. Some of these are going to be left in the editing room floor. Unfortunately out of them. But that's the way it has to be this week. Just got a text from one of our regulars J broughton sane. Stop the inbox perfect. Good we'll pause. We'll come back. Let me give a grand in your hand. I write a forgotten. Can't forget that we've got to stop the inbox. We're not gonna stop trying to give you cash and that's thanks to whitson. Jewelers van in wixom jewelers would love to put your hand. Text the keyword fun to two hundred two hundred. That's your entry international cache. Text fun to two hundred two hundred a very special show rap. What's up guys. john. Kreese here for my friends at Temples oud appeals yup. Buddha pills brewing. It's been years since i butchered. The name of my favorite taproom around huda pills has a taproom with the best outdoor experienced this winter season along with the kfi am beer. Which is an unfiltered blonde ale. Just how. I like or make every day feel like the weekend with the new pills brewing week repack filled with ewald the dark lunar eclipse and other. You'd pills favorites available in liquor stores. Now don't see it. Ask for it by name buddha pills or stick with my favorite the kfi in beer.

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118- How Gregg met David

Band Ranting

1:14:00 hr | 2 years ago

118- How Gregg met David

"Tape recorded live San Diego California Louis into the van ransom. Podcast join the discussion by sending an email to questions that ban ransom com or by calling six one nine three six seven eight zero zero during the show. And now here your host Jim Sepulveda's and University of Arizona Professor Emeritus and artistic director from San Diego wins. Greg Hansell. Hello Hello Betty good afternoon. Good morning good evening wherever you are. Welcome to Ben Renting podcasts. So it's lovely to be with you. My name is James. Povo joined is always by Mr Greg Hansen Harry you today. Greg. I'm about like you. We're both recovering from a from a cold but we didn't give it to each other because we're five hundred miles apart. That's true but yeah no. I'd say I'm good. I'm doing okay. You know I was just Kinda jump right in here. I was studying score to a David. Mess link is Fifth Symphony last night. And which was written. I believe in two thousand and one and a long time ago. Yeah No. That doesn't seem like a long time ago with that was eighteen years ago now. anyways In the listen consortium on the on the inside of the score you were there. Univer series on Grey Hanson. And it's just got me thinking about how many things you've been involved with that I just I forget you know and I I know you pretty well so I was wondering if you might WanNa take a little walk down memory lane today. Let me ask you some questions about your long run in our industry would think Greg Sure I'm up for that. It is a long run and I like emphasized long. Yeah I just had my seventy fifth birthday last month Two months ago so It's been long. It's been a long and interesting. I think we've talked about my growing up musician parents and My Experience Teaching High School which I adored. So you know we can revisit that or we can move on whatever you think. Whatever you think might be interesting to people listening. Yeah so can we start there? We're we're just was mentioning just to just to finish the thought so I know you're part of the consortium for David's Fourth Symphony. We are fit seven. Excuse me were you. Part of four as well Dumas. Yes I think so. It's hard it's hard to remember. I met I think I've told the story about meeting David. Have I not just going to ask because I know Where I was going with this and maybe just kind of you know show my cards and then let let you talk for a while is in the program notes to five and in program notes. To several of his works he talks. About how the mass was really This hugely important turning point in his career He said he says in the program notes to five that he had come to believe that everything before the mass was leading up to it and everything after it was kind of the fallout from it. And you of course. Where the Premier? Group that commissioned the mass so yeah it'd be cool. I I just love to hear and I know. Um We've talked a little bit before but like you said. Forget these things just love to hear about How the mass came about. And if you WANNA even start before then about how you met David and and how that evolved into the mass coming into being right okay. Well yeah I met the two. Were not that far apart. My meeting David and the commissioner of the mass I met him in Let me think about this. This spring of nineteen seventy three. Maybe or seventy two. It was seventy two actually. I may even Reno. Cb DNA Western northwestern division and we hit it off immediately. I've told the story so I'm not going to bore people with it again. But it wasn't boring actually. It was life changing for me so I was sort of difficult personal time in my life at that point and I was going through a lot of turmoil and it was really amazing that I I told the story of of Listening to him at that very conference lecturing on the Third Symphony which Gary Green had premiered That very Fall I think and It just hit me so hard and I knew there was something very special about his music and it touched me so deeply that I thought I you know I really I mean it was just. It was mind blowing experience at first so when I got home from Reno back to Tucson I called him and said I want to invite you to come here and I you know we love and Reno and and There's a lot of personal stuff involved into but we became friends at that point in time in our friendship. Just got got deeper as we went but So he came out in the in the spring of Nineteen seventy-three and we did the Third Symphony. And as I've said I had no idea what to do with it. You know it was. The music was Chinese to me. It was like learning to speak Mandarin in two weeks It was so different and the scoring so different than it was so Unique in so many ways that I really started to just sort of plow through it before he got here and learn the notes and you know I was pretty clueless things like dynamic ranges and stuff that were off the charts and extreme upper registers in the upper woodwinds and stuff like that. The just blew my mind and yet the music was not. I would call it. Maybe my new romantic. I guess. That's you had to categorize it lot of different things. He uses a lot of different styles different approaches but anyway When he came his started to become clear and he worked with us very art for. I think it was three days before the concert and little by little I started to go. Oh Okay I get it. I get so. The performance was really successful and He left and we had a wonderful time. We spend a lot of personal time together. We hashed our lives and our Fried Adolescence and our Marriages before divorces and all those kinds of things and talked about everything and Really very special. So the next year we get the four symphony and I Jerry Junkins premiered the Fourth Symphony I think he committed an Austin and then he went to Waco to hear it. I didn't come here but I went to Waco and Jerry conducted. David was there courson Jerry. Jerry are not real close friends. But we're certainly friendly and Jerry is in the mess Linka Club for sure so You know I I got the chance to to get to know him a bit and gave it was there and I was getting blown away by the music so That was let me think. No wait there's something in between there that I'd forgotten those really important fact. I just found a cassette tape of this concert. We went to Reno to perform in the spring of nineteen seventy four and this was before I had heard the fourth symphony. I let me sandwich this in. It was the year after. He came here for something number three. We applied to CPA in Reno For the next spring we've got accepted and I did Charles Gardner Dreams. Because that was so into his music. Charles Gardeners Dreams is certainly one of the centerpieces of the wind repertoire for sure and something. I really wanted to tackle so we had He came to Reno to hear it and he didn't work with us but he I did my thing that you heard it. And he came up on stage and This is gonNa Sound Braggadocio and obnoxious to people. But this is just honest to God what he said The piece is pretty straight ahead. A lot of it is as you know and those folks out there who know Channels Garden. A lot of it is straight ahead. Some of it is very complex musically and the moving that is based on Black because the color of my true love's hair is really difficult to make work musically and I got it. I really did and he came up on stage. He put his arms around me the was applauding and he whispered in my ear. My God you're a great musician and that was all I needed. I mean that was. That was such a huge shot in the arm for me because I did it on my own and because I did not have him telling me what to do but it came off and he understood and I understood that I I really was getting into understanding his music so The he wrote the symphony I think for sixty was well underway. Jerry did the premier etcetera long story. Short what happened? After that was he called me and he said I have been wanting to write a mass. For Wind Ensemble and choir and solo voices and boys chorus and children's chorus and Organ. And the whole the whole nine yards. He said I've been wanting to do this for twenty years. And he said I finally feel like I found the person who can do the premier and he said are you interested. Of course I was not only flattered. I was blown away so I said of course. Of course well we went to work on it and this was my first I think my first entree into commissioning. David's work or at least creating a consortium to do it and so we went at it and The mass is a gigantic work. I don't know that that many people know it because it's so damned hard to make work and to just logistically perform requires a full. Sat Choir requires the children's choir. Use a Tucson boys choir here every two soloists soprano and Baritone Oregon The whole nine yards. So it's a massive undertaking. So what happened was this was so amazing. I think people find this interesting. I gave the entire spring semester that year and that was The performance of it was the spring of nineteen ninety six and he's turning to writing it in the fall and he would send me one movement and it was in manuscript and I had at the moment I had to people here in town. Were really great at. This is a long time ago. But Finale Was had just come out and so. I would pass on those that score copy of it one movement to these two folks and they would do part copying and this went on for a second movement. Third Movement Fourth Movement. There are fourteen movements in the mass. So it's like doing. Fourteen piece was mistaken. Pieces all at once and It was overwhelming but it just it came just one movement that time thank God and that's spring has started to maybe we got about maybe a third of the wire through through. He got to the composing and we started with a With the Wind Ensemble After the at the beginning of the spring semester and we read the first movement and worked on it and then the second one would come and then the third one it was just amazing to have each movement. Come along and we worked. We worked and the students of course they became completely mesmerized by it. It was It was it was the Catholic literature. Liturgy the seven movements that I think most people know but either spurs between each one of the standard movements of the mass was a poem by Richard Beal. Who has your friend of David? Xuemei met we became very close friends. He was here for the. Premiere CETERA but David idea was to take the mass liturgy and use that as sort of the male Energy of the planet of the universe of spiritual belief spiritual being and use the poetry. Which is accompanied only by Chamber Music? Not The Long Sahil use dispersing each one of those main movements with a poem Son By either the soprano Baritone and that represented the female energy of each of us and the earth and mother Earth. That whole idea. It was very complex philosophically and it was amazing Anyway I could go on about this. But it developed developed. We've got the choirs involved. I won't tell you the nasty part about all that because it did get very difficult but We got the choirs involved. And we did. The premier did performances over the Catholic Church in the foothills here in Tucson which is sort of swanky part of town beautiful church and It was a hit but what happened. What David had said before that was that he had wanted to do this. And He poured absolutely everything he had into. As deny as did my students and there was a lot of brand new material and stuff that I had there was none of his the rest of his music and it was just a flood of his music coming You know wave by wave all fourteen movements. I've I'm magnificent stuff so As he said it was a turning point for him and certainly was for me at that point in my career. So nineteen seventy six and I had been at the U. OF A. For my six year. And which is not a whole lot of time but When I got through with the Premier and walked out of that experience I said to myself right If I can do this I can do anything in the wind band repertoire Which I really started to believe and I was insecure about. It is scared the crap out of me to do it I knew was a huge opportunity. I relished the challenge of it and it just gave me open the world to me at the same time it gave him the basis. Exactly what he said in that program note for the Facility for everything else he did and all the other music from the Mass on there are bits and pieces of the mass in everything and I know the mass so well that when I hear when they heard anything wrote after that ago. Oh my God. That's mass mathematics. You know it just kept recurring. And he kept using the different ways. And if you don't know the music really well you probably would recognize it. But it'd be it became foundational in his compositional life and as a consequence it pushes further and this is when I Started to really close and inconsequential out every spring so the commission for the mass and that was in nineteen. We started nineteen ninety-five to raise money. And all he wanted for it in Nineteen Ninety five twenty five twenty five thousand dollars for an hour and forty five minute piece. Which I didn't think was a whole lot of money at the time The other side of it the copying part of it by the time these two folks local people here in town. Robin Great Jazz from Bonus and Cindy Cynthia her last name. She works in Electronics now she. She's the electronic supervisor of the Where do you call those people who are running the computer programs for the company's it it? She's not for the School of music now. Anyways they're both amazing People they didn't overcharge me but it was so much music imagine fourteen movements for the full Limo Samba plus the choir book plus the Piano Book. Plus the boy's choir book plus the Solo Book Soprano Baritone Solo a huge amount of copying twenty thousand dollars and that was in nineteen ninety six. It would probably be twice that now so the whole thing publicity and David's visit and all that stuff running up costing about fifty thousand dollars. Well that's a big chunk of money for school like English Zone School of Music. We did not have huge budgets and I had to raise it all which I did and the University of behind it to the dean of the College of Fine Arts a Cetera. But we did raise it and we We put together. A consortium like original idea but for me obviously but you know we allow people bought into the scary part for them was that it was so huge the ones who contributed to it new. They would probably never be able to do it right. They just wanted to the work so just because it's so long and so difficult logistically so challenging but I think it was way ahead of its time a lot of ways I mean there was not there was A. There's a requiem heat us who is a Trying to think as he Belgian I think so composer who wrote a mass for wind band and a requiem for wind band choir but And there are of course. Stravinsky and that's not we like to think to win. He's because we're in conductors but it has a full low string section of Joe's basis but for choir and so there are a few examples of people writing for wins and and voices but David was a full blown thing so it really was a new A new Venue in new young almost Carell USA also wrote I'm trying to think of the name of that piece I'm sure some people out there will know it wrote a fabulous piece for Wins in choir but anyway we did the performance I did the Komo consortium It was a ton of money from thin on Ninety seven ninety five ninety six ninety seven ninety eight ninety nine two thousand two thousand one keep going. We had David here every single year except to And he'd come out in the spring. Whatever it hot off the press from him whether it was the new symphony or something. I was part of it with the commission because we can only afford just so that the mass was a one time. You know huge project and into joys that much money but Steel who did many people know a lot of the commission. Steve got a very cool thing going at his school at Northern Illinois University and he Had A huge concert band festival every spring and he used all the proceeds of that Contest every year to put in a pot to commission music. So he commissioned as you know and most people I think. No he commissioned a ton of music from David and the rest of us just coughed in our share and And we get. And we perpetuate it that way but I did so I did that. I also did. The World Premiere of the Casino Proposal Saxophone went on sample. I did that And then we took to waspy and in certain Switzerland and that was David's first exposure to European audience and it was huge because he got a lot of play. Not only that but European interest I was responsible for getting him to China to my contact in Beijing Fung Lee. Who was a student of mine here? Also stayed with Frank Petit Conservatory and so it goes on. And on. And the connections. David and I made together David with us to Switzerland with his With his wife and It was just an amazing association. So that's kind of the history with David in me. I was went right up to the symphony and and through his illness. We were very and David was a holistic type of guy did not he and his wife did not practice. Western medicine and He died of colon cancer very quickly for months and he was gone he had stage four when they found it out and of course a lot of us were kind of angry to think you know if only Agricola Nas copy like the rest of us have every ten years you know he would still be here but He we were very close and we even talked about that and you know. He texted me the day or he message today so It was really quite something the association and it made it completely changed my life. Not only did I fall in love with his music. But it gave me sort of an opening for insight into music that I'd never had before and probably never would have me just to be already done standard wind band repertoire new wind band repertoire standard or Costa Repetoire Chamber music all kinds of music. That gave me insights from studying with him from commissioner is music from talking with him for millions of hours and from spending so much time with him in rehearsal that It was just a just a transformative experience all the way around. So that's in a nutshell. Very tiny narrow even though it took half an hour is My Kim I experience right so something I mean number. Things struck me but something that I think might be really useful to our our listeners. struck me as you were speaking which is You talked about how there is this point in time when you first were exposed to his music where I think your exact words were. It was like Chinese you. It was like Mandarin. It was so complicated in different in new that it really intimidated. You and you talked about Doing the I think he said the Third Symphony and having him out and over the course of three days it started to make sense to you and I CAN'T I. I had the such a similar experience so many people I know who have played. His music have had a similar experience. I'm really convinced. In my case that the reason my program grew I had a high school program started with a very small high school program and it was very decent size when I laughed I'm really convinced that it was his music. That just kind of took for one one notch to the next. We started with Hell's gate was the first piece we ever did by him. Which is the ban. Parts are pretty easy The Solis parts are extraordinarily difficult And then we went to give the stay and then we went to traveler and then we did an in stream of life and it felt like each each piece was kind of like a step forward And like I said no so many people who've had that same experience but at the same time I know of a lot of folks who are really genuinely terrified. to try in fact without naming names we are Cine wins which is a group. Greg and I are both a part of an have been for many years Has An event called the composer festival every year and Basically just you know what I'm talking about. The composer festival is just a festival where let's Senate instead of being centered around competition scoring or raining or anything like it's centered around a great music and so it alternates between bringing in living composers and having them work with students on their music or bringing in Were renowned guests conductors Who choose composers from the past To work and David was our very first composer. Back in two thousand nine and It was a huge event then and there was a couple of folks who participated Who were very nervous to do. One of his pieces because it was so much and This year were having Gary Green. Come in in. He has chosen David as composer Which is film fair. Yeah and I've heard from a few directors that are just terrified to take that leap and play one of his pieces And I was wondering if you might talk for a second about The importance of taking those leaps and knowing when to take those leaps and how much good can confirm it. Does that strike anything for you sir. Oh strikes everything for me Yeah first of all. Let me say that None of us and this is no no news. None of this can get better at what we do. Unless we take risks and less we stick our our Towing the pool. Find out if it's cold or hot and at least weighed in not take a dive and that's what. I did with him But you don't have to do that I know a lot of people are terrified of his music But like I say and like you were saying your experience and a lot of people feel the same way Once you've done it And you start to understand it. And that was the beauty of heavy income and be with you but I kind of talked about that. But what I want to really say about. This is that His music he is it intimidating as a person was. I'm talking to him in the present tense. It's kind of strange because I feel like he's still here now but Doing his music Can Be really intimidating. And I'll tell you why because it is like nothing you've ever looked at or heard of before and the reason that it's Kinda crazy as a couple of really specific things first of all There's monstrously difficult technical aspects of it and David wanting to write to laugh about this trying to write a piece that was accessible to high school band and he finally mastered. He finally figured out how to do it. But in the process You know there would be everything that'd be kind of rolling along and then there'd be some godawful you know really difficult thing. He would just wrote what he wanted to write. You know he. He really had no concern at first about who could play. It couldn't it's difficult. It's difficult to conceptualize because he uses so many different styles. A lot of it goes along and with that his famous eighth note Jim bump in a gorgeous meld melodic line above it and then all hell breaks loose. Fifth Symphony is a good idea or good example of that And it goes off into no man's land in and It has a tremendous emotional and higher level sophisticated impact. But it's really difficult to look into the score and be able to see what's going on and make it work and the extremes of our our ridiculous you know from from the highest of the highs lowest of the lows dynamic contrast or just crazy. There'll be three or four five dynamics in one measure for people you know if you don't follow that and if you don't work until you get that you don't achieve the sound of what is wanted so. I think a lot of people fear it because of those things. I've got a lot more to say about this but you know it is not your standard wind band instrumentation that we're all used to and even somebody like John mackey who I think rights extremely well for band doesn't do anything outrageous in terms of Capabilities of players. That kind of thing is music in intensely creative intensely appealing but in terms of and difficult. A lot of it is difficult. But it's not it's still accessible and p when people hear that they can feel that it's acceptable and that's why John's been successful because it's beautiful music and people love it and it's acceptable and accessible. Well the thing about David on the scale end of that as David is an intimidating person. When you first get to know these amazing sense of humor is very funny. But he operates on a different level from a different place than Most people I know asset creative mind and soul and He spends a great deal of his life in meditation. This is how he gets in touch with his creative self and his ideas are spun from during his Meditation Center. And he's very open about talking about it but it freaks people out because especially If I may say this American band directors who they're looking for an Alfred Reed Kinda score. Nobody's scored for the wind band better than for greet for the full symphonic band. You know everything was in its place. Tessa trews were all perfect. The sounds were Homogeneous in terms of balancing blend A lot of those earlier composers like Al read and some of those people were very very good at that and a lot of compulsive who'd been composing ever since whose music is accessible and who who's music is played by good high school bands and Cetera. Those people still pretty much follow that format with some differences etcetera different pairings. Those kinds of things. Nobody goes out as far out to in left field is David does in his personality in his explanation. Things and if you get in touch with what you're saying and you interested in what he's saying what he's process is. It is MS memorizing. I started reading Karl human. You know You did too. I'm sure a lot of US wanted to really get into it find out. What was this? This amazing music was coming from. If you're not open to that if you're You know just sort of your basic guy. it's scary and you boy. That guy's weird. I heard many many people say that. And when he would come to visit here the kids would start to buy into it because he started talking to them about really cereal spiritual things in depth and their jaws but we were in rehearsal and then he would turn around and we'd play the music and everybody off my God now I get. It was the evolution but initially people are scared of it. They don't you know because he's intimidating. His music intimidating. Now the last thing I wanted to say about it in answer to your Question here is What I learned over a very long period of time. And it's not that simple. It is the simple and it isn't do exactly what's on the page every temple every dynamic marking every stylistic marking everything is marked All of his instructions are in English. You don't even have to have your talion dictionary out right. Everything is there plain as the nose on your face that does not mean that you're going to pull it off and it's GonNa be amazing but it does mean that if you follow the instructions to the letter that you will be able to put together one of his pieces now whether it's inspired it whether or not you really start to delve into Yourself in it and you can inspire it to come alive and be wonderful. That's a different level but in terms of of starting it rehearsing it. Just do it says to do. And and then you know the rest of it evolves comes from there. I guarantee you one thing. You can vouch for this and so can everyone else ever had even the room. They're ensemble the kids fall in love with him and it's easy mmediately. It takes about an hour and so but he's no longer here with us so you don't have that wonderful advantage anymore but but to do the music to step out Be Smart about it because there's a lot of music accessible by high school and a lot of it is not you know. The symphonies are monstrous and difficult. I've never heard of high school band. Successfully tackle one. A lot of high school bands tried to force symphony I've heard you know good performances of it inspired exciting. I've never heard is school band because really play it. You know technically play it come close but not really so you have to make those decisions and pick something. That is doable. But and but it's important for your kids to experience that level of music because it's in a class if its own all by itself that yeah I am often tempted in asked What the differences between great music and not great music and I think you you started to really tap into it when he was talking about Alfred read in that by the way I think some. Alfred's read stuff is very very good. Borders and stuff but a vending. Yeah Yeah but even between the two of them I think the the difference as I would describe it is offered read. would conceive things first of all in terms of orchestration he mostly thought inquires in my opinion so he kinda right brass choir Woodwind choir percussion and dumplings if things don't think horns effects of phones right and clarinet since lutes oboe clarinet those things that develop that homogeneous. Alfred Reed was a master at it right and sometimes it's appropriate symptoms. That's great but but David didn't write like that David And also like just some mix put this in the mix you like phrase structure Offered read generally speaking has these very symmetrical phrases Fairly predictable David doesn't There'll be times where you're cruising along in in what feels like Easy to predict phrase and then he takes a left. Turn which reminds me. Actually I mean that's I think all great music does. There's a wonderful I remember one of the Harvard lectures or different lecture. That Leonard Bernstein did where he's breaking down the Mozart Fortieth Symphony. I think it is one of the Harvard lectures and he's talking about The the spots where Mozart has omitted. Where I if you if you if you kind of understand the under under underlying structure of the music he. He wasn't putting everything in so he was taking stuff out At the right moment just to kind of trip up your expectations and to keep your sense of surprise alive But within within a context that still feels comfortable to you and relatable to you and I think David would would do the same thing and so. There's I noticed. Go Haven with fracture. That yeah he would everything would be going along fine and you'd be good with what was happening and it would be wonderful whether it was really fast and really exciting really crazy whether it was slow and beautiful there but you know he would take a hard left or right turn now with no and no transition at all things would end on a on a major court or don court or something and then boom out of absolutely nowhere. Something really crazy. So Mozart's music was an music of that period. And for very long time after that Was head transitions transitions to go into the next idea into the Out of the exposition into development CETERA. Right and so became. You'd never knew exactly what was going to happen. But she ended the formulaic speaking. It was going to follow a pattern even though even when they stepped out of the The regular form. You knew it wasn't GonNa go too far astray. Yeah and there's the transition you go here comes here comes. What's IT GONNA BE? The Davis Music. Go Oh my God you know no transition at all. Here's from Oughta and boom something else. This which is very I mean. That's a real gift to be able to write Something that is that powerful without transitions frequently. Not Going to say about the phrasing to and I don't interrupt you. Continue your saying but the phrasing is it's symmetrical in a way you know once you get used to it Something in four or in three. And then he'll throw six four bar and then Maybe three to bar too. But it's not a symmetrical in that sense is symmetrical in and of itself Always doing is extending the phrase He's not chopping it up. And there's a huge difference so you're going along and then he has a six four. Bar Ilan Gates he is just slightly and then it goes right back into so it's not an interruption or something crazy you know what I'm saying I do. I'm thinking specifically right. There's a moment in traveler That where it's building to the climax and there's a saxophone lick underneath the melody. Delete DELETE DELETE DELETE DELETE DELETE. Delete to another part. You're talking about. And then the the high flutes brain we butter and as it builds to the climax as it's about to hit the the big moment the pattern gets extended There's a six four bar so instead of just going to literally put a literally put a little put. It adds to beats to the fray stretch. Yes I'm totally with you there and But it does yeah. Let's you go you're going. Oh my God here comes on. The guy takes us. Oh you're just you're completely in in tensely involved because of his ability to hang on to that moment and to build a an extended and build it and extended so that you can't predict exactly what happened. You know it's coming. You don't know exactly when it takes her expectations and then it screws with it a little bit in a way. That makes the experience more pleasurable For the whole idea is to create Tension expectation is the word to Heighten Energy and keep the energy tight and heightened and tighter and tighter and tighter and tighter and part of Long run that subject with him being able to maintain that and keep the forest going against it. Remember my analogy about the electrical current going across the wire to keep current moving pushing pushing pushing pushing and not let it go and not let it drop you know that music can become so intense so when that music finally gets there. The impact of it is gigantic. Right and it's it's just messing with your expectations. It's building Enormous energy so when it explodes. It's just phenomenal. Yeah and the other thing I was going to say. Sorry go ahead. Fardon go ahead. He does by delaying expectation. Right avoiding it you know. It's like an aeroplane landing have just given the glide path and and onto the runway The plane is sort of you know tipping turning and then finally the last moment it's reading you're thinking Oh thank God bags. Kind of a stupid analogy probably says. It reminds me of the exposition. The Beethoven Seventh Symphony. Where you keep thinking you're going arrive. And then he's delaying. He has this masterful sense of of winter winter. Finally there and when it goes there. It's so huge. It's so big but the the last thing I was gonNA say in terms of One of the big things. I've always noticed that makes his music. Different is A lot of times the one of the ways I study scores is. I will use colored pencils so I'll open up a score and all different. Okay here's the melody. Don't put a little red dot next to it and then Any other voices that have the same part. I'll put a red dot and just makes it easy for me in rehearsal to go okay. Measure thirty four. Can I please here? You know first clarinet second flute. Whatever you know I'll notice what I'm doing that that most composers again. They conceive things in Most band composers. I'm talking about. They conceive things in like kind of full phrases at least oftentimes the worst the composer. Sometimes you'll have like an entire movement or an entire piece where the first clarinet is the same exact part the first trumpet like they are the same part they've been copied and pasted Right but at least phrases will go by. Where they're they're the same thing in David's music. You have to pay such careful attention because halfway through a phrase the horn to will go from Dublin the Alta sacks to all of a sudden supporting the trumpet or it will start its own new line or it will just fade out. Sometimes it just will leave the texture and it. I think what it speaks to is how David didn't think in terms of formula. He didn't think in terms of like preconceived notions of. Oh well you know. The trumpet should double the clarinet. That's just the logical thing he thought in terms of what the moment needed you know. He was so in the moment musically. And what the energy of the moment needed and That creates this situation when you're rehearsing and performing the music that just pulls everyone so powerfully into the moment because everything that's happening is hugely intentional. It's not just I feel like I should throw this thing in because that's what you're supposed to do. I feel like this melody should go on in this Rhythmic pattern. Because that's what it did last phrase nothing is accidental. Nothing is just done to be done. Everything is done with huge amounts of intention. Does that make sense? Yeah makes perfect sense. It's a very good way to to say He never twenty was started out to write something he didn't have a form in mind. Didn't have anything in mind. Sometimes people who commissioned him like Oh I'm thinking trying to think of a piece that was written for a specific Will Give us this day because I was involved in that commission. I know Eric Warrior. Who commissioned he didn't really put any restrictions on it but there was kind of an understanding that it would be a a smaller shorter apiece for high school. You know maybe seventy minutes and he wrote a sixteen minute quasi symphony right. That's what I'm trying to say is that he would say that people say we want a ten minute peace and he would say well. I can't I can't tell you how long it's going to be right Well we were just like something that is it you know in a standard Aba Forum well. I can't I don't know what the forms GonNa be so he would evolve as is what you're saying. It was it spontaneous. I think maybe that's the word spontaneous as it goes There's nothing I mean. It all relates to itself all connected to itself. But as you're saying it skips around and it's sometimes it's instead being it. It's it's hard to track it and it's hard to know where things are going and where you're should go next you know because it's not predictable but it is spontaneous and things just happen and things continue to happen In a spontaneous way and it feels spontaneous as you're listening to and as you're playing it even though once you've played it and you see you conducted and you know what's going to happen In the moment as you're listening to N. conducting and performing it. You don't have that sense of. I know what this is because invariably does not what you think it is. And that's the spontaneity of it and exactly what you said. I like put you said about. You know the polls people in because the power of an is so intense all the time whether it's really quiet or full bore By descent unpredictable. And that's the but he doesn't he I wasn't say he doesn't set out to yet. I will now be unpredictable. Renault that sought crosses it's simply his intuitive sensibilities about okay. What's going to happen now? And then this goes to here on. This goes to here without thinking about What has happened? Necessarily I mean it's all in his mind but he's thinking about how he's going to bring that back or where it needs to go or how it's going to end all those things just evolve as he goes so like you said he certainly you can't you can say well you know. Give me an idea of You know we we can afford a fifteen minute piece and he will say you. Will you know I'm I'm into it about a month now and I can tell you right now. It's not going to be fifteen minutes more. Like thirty five x a bunch of times and it's like the Fourth Symphony which is his most popular peace at least for really advanced groups You know that turns out to be the shortest symphonies It PEX Haege Wallop. But it's not. I think the Third Symphony that actually ninth is the longest right but the bird. Yeah so I mean it's all it's all just whether it is because he does what his intuitive sensibilities are telling him to do at that moment and it just continues into next to itself goes wherever it's going to go and that's the most amazing thing about it there's no preconceived he'll you know. I've seen sketches. I've got a huge pack of his sketches for the mass in an envelope You know little little. It looks like a chicken walked across the page. A little note here and there Little little bits and pieces and then you know his mind would take all. That's all that stuff and start to do a little bit into complete ideas and then it would Progress into the next moment next moment in the next moment but it was not it was all the always the spontaneity. What was going to happen next. What did happen that kept you? You know to keeps you by the throat and guess grabs on to and and doesn't let you go because you don't know what's GonNa Happen. You know where it's going It's it's it's amazing and like the dumplings very often To start with melody and dynamics will say okay the melodies and the elbow here And then It goes into the Horn but the horn dynamic is really low so the melody all of a sudden becomes less important. We've always been told that the melodies I was the most important thing sometimes not for him. Sometimes it's SORTA vanishes into the wallpaper right and other things start to become more interesting and then it will be emerged back. I. It's incredible stuff. Yeah and it it just like it's so hard to to to talk about some of these things though we try in this podcast but this is the difference between you know like. I said people ask all the time. 'cause I'll go on my little rant. Why he playing this music? That's not good music. Well what is good music? It's just your opinion in his just subject and I think there is an element of subjectivity to it. But I think it's deeper than just Like silly personal taste or something. I think that when you hear music that is is constructed in a way that lots of quality has been put into it for lack of a better term lots of intention. Lots of specific Power has been put into it in terms of the composer spending a lot of time Working with what exactly they want to hear not having a fuzzy general sense of what the music is but having a very specific sense of what the music is the music is powerful in May not strike. Your particular taste know I think of Like for me Berg. I don't feel particularly compelled by most music barbaric but there is a power to it. There's an intensity to it. There is a You know to to use your image of the the steel wire across the room with the tension. You can feel that in great music and we should seek that out. I think it's so important that we not just play so much of what gets played in the band. World is stuff that is so comfortable and fuzzy you know it's it's predictable. Orchestrations predictable phrase structures predictable melodies. I mean it's it's always been pentatonic mostly melodies that don't have any real development. Don't have any real sophistication in terms of of the harmonies that supported or anything and it makes everything very comfortable. It makes everything sound nice quickly. But there's nothing to be said there and there's nothing for you as a musician as the conductor I think for you to grow their so. Take a take a leap try. Then there's nothing for their kids in front of you in it either if you don't believe in and if it doesn't it isn't something that grabs you in something that you think. Oh I really I gotTa do this music. I want to do this. I want my kids to experience this if it doesn't do that to you as soon as hell not going to do that to them and and you know what what what you're saying of approving the point that it's impossible to talk about it. Yeah you know we could use all these words And I think I agree with everything you're saying but if you're on the other end this conversation and you you're playing still game swearing gin and you don't quite understand what the hell we're talking about. It's really kind of impossible to describe it. You have to hear it and you have to allow yourself to become immersed in it. I think a lot of band directors Don't listen they. Don't listen to other music. They they only listened to ban music there as we've said a million times. They're only into technique. They're you know they're not in my judgment. They're not real. Musicians are real musician. It's about the music I and it's about something that speaks to you which is about the most objective thing you could say right because Country Music speaks to a lot of people. But it's on a level that is shallow that doesn't make it wrong We're talking about more depth for talking about things that go deeper into your psyche and you're being right and those things are impossible to define words. That's why they're what they are because you can't you? You can talk about Shakespeare to sentence structure and his language Forevermore and interpreting the stories but when gets right down to the genius of it it is what it is and it's it's his voice and no one else's voice because it is him and you can't clearly define that nor can you in anybody's any great artists work so Yeah agree I I think part of it is that human nature is that we we have this tendency to Like adapt to our our circumstances in our surroundings. And whatever we do a lot just becomes normal and we become calibrated to that so like Really obvious example when you walk into a movie theater with the movies already started at first. It's incredibly dark and you can't see anything and then within a few seconds your eyes adjust and that becomes normal now and so now. That doesn't feel dark to you anymore. That just feels normal. And then the lights come on at the end and now it's bright again and so that Calibrating mechanism makes at whatever we do feel normal and feel right and so when you start to get into this routine where you play a certain kind of music the the the cool thing about music and also the dangerous thing is even when you're playing poor music poor-quality music. It still has this. Big Payoff still feels really good. Still sounds good. It's still pleasing to you the experiences still pleasing to you and because that's become your normal. You're not aware that there's these other things out there these other levels out there and I I think the challenges to like sort of be a little bit paranoid in your In your approach to go in my stuck in a loop and my just kind of plain stuff that's comfortable in my seeking to challenge myself and my students and I think Maybe I don't know if this is helpful but there there's a way of understanding these things in terms of analogy Meaning In the same way that we you shouldn't be playing the same music over over again. That doesn't have Sophistication doesn't speak to. You doesn't take you to those high high peaks and valleys You don't eat the same thing for dinner every night right. I mean you don't like I don't know anybody who has like you know. Just a big Mac for dinner every night like. That's actually a documentary about a guy like that but go on and on about lots of people do eat fast food and even even within fast food. I mean you know. They're not eating the same exact thing every night it's variety is is. This is so hard to talk about. But I mean the the big idea I guess would be to go beyond your comfort zone Egg Be Willing Tr. Try as much as you can to leave your ego at the door. It's it's not about you. It's not about What what you're comfortable with or not comfortable with it's it's about trying to create the maximum experience for your students and So go outside your comfort zone and tries to end. David isn't the only composer that meets this criteria is just I think we're we're ultra You know fanatical about his music because it is so so great but anyways. I think what you're saying if I could summarize it in one word it's fear. Yeah you know when you you find something that you're attracted to and then you back away what you have to define what scares me about that. You use the word paranoid kind of the same thing but paranoid is rooted in fear. What's scary? Why don't why don't why would I not feel comfortable doing that? And consequently if I don't feel comfortable doing it then I'm not GonNa do it. I'M GONNA go. I'm GonNa go someplace where I feel all nice and comfy. I'M GONNA drive to McDonald's you know And that's not personal growth and that's not musical growth and that's not Music Education. That's not what we're about. That's not why we do. What we do is is for you as a teacher conductor to stay in your comfort zone and never stress you out of it. Because you don't dare do it well if you don't dare do it then. Your kids never experienced anything more than what you're comfortable with and what you're not afraid of and that's bad yes Well I think we're at time but Can I ask you one last question here because I think this is interesting on this idea of failure Do you think that part of the director's job is to make sure the group never sounds bad or do you think there are circumstances in which it's appropriate for you to take some risks and that means that may be? Maybe it doesn't go the way you'd hoped but there's something to be learned from that Yeah that's a very complicated question and I can see both sides of it for myself. Personally all I can do is speak to myself personally. I have never felt like a sort of quasi performance of anything was all that satisfying. I've always felt like I would rather do something that was less Less challenging and do better and have the ensemble experience experience it on this high level as possible. Then try to do something that was way over their heads and SORTA scratch at it. I know what you're saying. I completely understand and I've done that and I always felt guilty about it because it was not how I how I've been trained But on the other hand if you don't if you do do that and you give your kids exposure to David mistaken music or anybody else of that caliber if you if you do that but you don't do a really sterling job of it Then have your students experienced it or have they just sort of dabbled in. It would have been better off doing something. That was You know that they can feel better about that. They could walk off stage. Doing Damn we nailed it you know instead of We almost played it. So it's a really interesting question. I'm not arguing from my side. Only I'm arguing for what I feel personally about it but yes I understand what you're saying. I think once in a while. That's not a bad thing and as you and I both know sometimes something that feels really impossible and way out of reach the students grab hold of it and start to work their butts off on it and do much better than you ever thought they could. And that's or to the final product that you put on display is Is is the final product and is it. Polished is it You know as is as good a quality of rip to represent values as possible Or not when David would come. You know he would be he said to me. I can walk in the situation and take it from wherever it is important thing. He said the important thing to him was that the ensemble grew and started to understand more than he could. You know then He. He was always in a position to go. Sit in the audience right and let the conductor. Get up there and do it. Well the audience and Not just this is about. They didn't know where a bus a week before. And we're came. All they know is what you're doing right. All they know is the end result and the kids yes. Of course the kids grow and the kids can have a lot of awareness on that kind of stuff but you know. I lean very heavily in favor of Having a really strong performance so that the kids get the full experience of what you're trying to gets rather than you know almost. Yeah yeah this is something I think about a lot and then talk to people. Because you know in this vein of of we're talking about if you're wanting to make a leap It's only possible for these great things to happen. If if you're willing to take a shot you know in that means that. There's a possibility that it could. It could go wrong. And obviously if I think if you're in a situation where you're continuously experiencing it going wrong. Then you're you're aiming way too high all the time but You know like I'll just be totally honest There was one year with my high school group where we did a lot of must stay and it just it just never quite happened it just never quite got off the ground and it was super disappointing But I'm a big believer that you know if we hadn't taken those shots There wouldn't have been the possibility for the growth that did happen. You know and like you're saying that the kids will grab a hold of a piece in just love it and practice their butts off and and very cool things happen. You know so. It's an interesting thought regardless of where you come down a couple more thoughts on this subject than we have to we get going here Yeah I I see what you're saying and the thing I would say about it. Extreme is entirely up to the conductor who knows intimately knows the group each person in it and what they're able to do. I mean not that you can predict what they're able to do because sometimes they really surprise you both ways. Sometimes up they would do great didn't and vice versa. So but it's up to that person to make that judgment and sometimes bad judgment is a very thin line very thin line and you can back off a little bit and have greater success or you can dive in a little harder and almost you know. I mean it's that thing you have to decide in the end if the oh it's the overall because we're performance oriented medium and when we have a performance something that is like it or not that is the culmination of the experience and the growth. That was that was had during that. Experience is obviously Probably the most important thing but the ultimate is the final performance. Right and that is the Impression that has left with everybody involved either. It really made it and it worked and the music was fulfilling and you achieved that goal or you almost did right above it so but it's an individual thing but you know if if there's a constant diet of that You know then that's quickly turned into to failure. You know if you keep that and it doesn't work it does work but you keep trying and you keep throwing out those those ridiculous goals and you almost get almost get there. Where are you? Where are you in terms of your own? Your own judgment. And where are the kids in terms of their experience? Yeah I would say and then on the other side of the coin if you never well I don't know that's that's more tricky but if if you're going to I think if you're going into every concert feeling super comfortable that everything's GonNa go great and you're not worried about anything. Then maybe you're not trying hard enough. Maybe I don't know maybe your goals aren't as ambitious as they should Amateur Musicians you walk into a contract with San Diego wins. You anticipate everything's GonNa go right right right now. It might be A little bit better. Not so not as much. But you know it's going to go. Well I completely agree with edge. That nervous antigen. Oh my God what's going to happen. That's a great one baiter. So that's an in line if you get out there and you're going. Oh God oh God here comes. The sexually can't play hoops crashed. There is A. There's the famous Leonard Bernstein quote of What you need for the the forget. How says exactly? It's basically like the recipe for greatness. Is You have to have a plan and not quite enough time. And that's what I call from him. Yes anyways conversations live world and that's easy to say from somebody like that. Who lives in the professional world Yeah of course then it puts everybody on edge just his point it puts everybody in the place where no one is is too comfortable and the performance then becomes all that much better because everybody's Concentration and energy is heightened. That's the ideal. Yeah that's the ideal. Well thank you sir. Thank you everybody for listening out there. Spin a good discussion. You as always encourage you to share your thoughts with us you can send a email to questions at Pantene dot com or you can call us and you can call us at our phone number. Which is six one nine three six one? Seven eight zero or leave us a voicemail call in during the show when PM Pacific time six one nine three six one seven zero zero. Anything you want to say on the way out Greg. I want to say everybody. I hope everybody's in in good spirits for the new semester and that you're making music and not pounding notes guilt guilt guilt like you know what I do. Oh you're just really quickly. My favorite things on Youtube is the flight channel. Do you ever watch it? No where they they a You simulators to create Airline airplane accidents and near misses and crashes and it's fascinating and it's in the cockpit that's from the from the The pilots point of view. And when this mistake I'm sure everybody knows this but probably haven't really heard it unless you've listened to like this You know you're getting in trouble and the computer talks you pull up. Pull UP PULL UP. Terrain PULL UP. Turn right turn right Just like it's it's like your conscience in concert up Don't do anything stupid. We're all GONNA die airplane but when when that plane starts talking to you you better. You better listen. I think that when I when I think of being performance pull up pull up your down gear down go around go around you know Abort abort computers talking to you so that you don't kill everybody on board. There's an analogy. We're thinking about that's funny well Check out the Youtube flight channel with great and you can be buddies and until next time we will see a thing. There's another channels speaking of air of a flight which I always call the mentor pilots. Its Dutch pilots who flies Seven thirty sevens answers. All the questions you've ever had about airplanes it's fabulous anyway. We're way off the base. No this is great for a new aviation podcast. That we're a trust me right. Yeah pilot is really important. Come to find out maybe next time Since you're so into this I can play A. We have some audio few years ago. When Colonel Low Graham was out in San Diego to do a scenario independent he gave a talk about How he would have to justify spending budgets in the military and one of the things he talks about how was how a music is like being a fighter pilot and and that relates very closely to what you're talking about so maybe we'll pull that audio for next time that'd be fantastic. Find it and let's do it all right. Well everybody have a great day. Thanks Greg and we'll talk to you so you don't forget email your questions and comments to questions that BAN RANTING DOT com. Thanks for listening to the ban ranch and podcast fish and build a new episode every Sunday at one PM civic standard.

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Advice for Saquon, Outlook for the Steelers, and Week 2 Likes | The Ringer NFL Show

The NFL Show

1:06:59 hr | 9 months ago

Advice for Saquon, Outlook for the Steelers, and Week 2 Likes | The Ringer NFL Show

"Getting great car and home insurance from state farm at a surprisingly great rate. Let's drafting a player that becomes an all pro the real deal state farm agents provide personalized service. So you can customize your insurance to fit your needs like a GM putting together, very own roster need a team that supports you. It's farms got a great one in addition to agents. The award winning mobile APP helps manage coverage pay bills, file claims and more with a great price and even greater service they farm goes from strength to strength choose insurance that always brings his a game when you want reveal like a good neighbor state farm is there. Today's episode is brought to you by Heineken Heineken original loggers made with pure malt in their famous eight yeast, which makes Heineken in all season all the time kind of beer and it's perfect for sitting outside. When the weather cools down a little bit. You're out around that fire and here crackle indicative back ice cold Heineken and make a note because you can pick pack or have it delivered today and as always remember please drink responsibly. Time role just tuned into the NFL show. It's our Tuesday edition. He's the Guy Right. Shays. Ear I'm coal right and riding is a Tuesday. What's the word man word on the street is that you're trying to flagged on xbox. Is Very. This is percents I'm not. I'll know if this was going on. Amazon best buy target you know this is a seeming extremely hard for me to get an xbox right now I'm really on his podcast looking at my phone and just keep refreshing. So in best buy. Unleashes these xbox Gabon so I take. I take it that you have not gotten that xbox yet. Correct. So. I thought I had an walmart literally cart who was saying place order. Order loading up and then he says, sorry, we gotta stop. So. You. Just like that new sleek xbox is not to be had two so far for Ryan says we're going to dig into that a little bit later man might ask you what you favor game is but in the meantime for everyone who's the first time tuning in? This is a player driven show Ryan and I. What Are we GonNa do we're gonNA take a spin. Around the league each and every single week, and this week, we're GonNa hit you with our depth chart or playbook mic check. As always we're going to start with that depth Chart Ryan what better place to start in the Emerald City Seattle Washington wow what a game from front to back I mean the Patriots and the Seahawks Russell Wilson is good as against Cam Newton. Cam like a freight train we saw him with those two rushing touchdowns but were hoping that we'd see him at a third nothing doing on that last play man. Man To me like. You. Know they gotta understand what's coming. I, think candy that twice the demo already this year me in that game and then Cam had two rushing touchdowns. Last week, you know when the most critical element of the game. Cam in a quarterback power or some such. So I thought it was a great play by the defense understanding what was coming, and then they're making a great player at fullback because once they made a play fullback Campbell I don't owner what to do. When you have in that moment of Otit with his one yard to go in I, think less than ten seconds left to go in the game. You don't you don't have time to think about what you have to do. So they made a great player that moment how about Bill Belichick thirty I don't know if you saw his post game, he was like we went with their best play and what what what more is there to say that that's that's what it is. I mean man he was in full. Bill Belichick mode right? There I mean, I, know you've seen that before the man bill bill is not going to you anything you WanNa hear you know like he didn't give you press clippings no nothing like the biggest press club I heard for building a wall was like man Russia's the best out there you know he's underrated in usually rescue only dimes on those says. He might he might I say you the best I gotta give it to my home but I feel like he has the best accuracy in League mahomes. As the best arm talent. He can throw wherever when literally putting it on point. I'm going I'm going with Russell every day you know what that that makes me get to this point because when I look at Russell Wilson and I. See everything that this man possesses yeah I've been saying it for years Ryan I don't know if anyone WanNa believe me but I've been saying for a while now but I've been shout from the mountaintops and a lot of people said I'm crazy but I've said that Russell Wilson is a superior quarterback. To Aaron. Rodgers. You hide the positive for a second because a lot of people weren't ready for that that heartache but I've been saying for a while and that we saw. On Sunday night Russell Wilson Five touchdowns I mean what? What is there that he cannot do everything that's laid out in front of him. He hurdles every single obstacle and not only does he scramble around to make plays he scrambles around to find the open play in open play seems to find that cat. Man I'm GonNa say superior to erogenous because I'm also was mostly his prom when they beat distillers when A. Few years ago I feel like that was that was the problem Erin around that time. Now he's like falling off and it's a it's a different generation new quarterbacks. You know so I think Erin. He's a great quarterback. He's not what it used to be but I'm a I'm a definitely arrest in his moment in a I agree with you in this moment but awhile ago Russia air number for sure. Okay. So four five years ago maybe it was a Iran's title right there for the best quarterback in the national football league. But I'm looking right now at Russell Wilson he's gotta be that guy but how about Cam Newton we talked about the touchdowns that he racked up a pair of and he almost had that third one. But like you said that they spied out that fullback and Cam, he hit with that. Oh, hold on a second. He said he have bounced it around, but that's easier said than done sometimes right this is easier said than done. You know if was a fit, we all be drunk driving. You know I'm just saying like Cam Cam you can always say man what you could have done better what you could have. Situation you would have done in which would identity different situation. I have a bunch of plays. All I mean if I did this, I would have had a pick if I didn't the ball I would had to pay you know day you don't you don't have a second chance when his five seconds left in the game fourth and go. Way when the team makes a play, you know sometimes easy the other adjust quick or it's too late. Now cameras look at him and think about next time he does that play are now about but guys on a deficit are stupid either man you know the the guys he's playing against next week here. Hey, Cam said on his play he might bounce next time. So we chopped the fullback, he my house. Well, that's what I would think I'm GonNa Watch a lot of film all nobody's other guys but you could definitely tell them who don't but kept cavs a great player I love cams game but to me. is almost like they're having cam play ten table for war right now like is running the ball like crazy in this. Cool. Having to rent quarterback but. He's the same guy that complains about getting hit all the time in. He got flipped that any of the game to lose you know, yeah, I mean thirty for forty, four, three, hundred, ninety, seven yards like you said, he's playing a little Tim Tebow football but we're also seeing impasse a little bit more than we saw down there and Carolina. But the way that that Seattle defense spied him out, was there ever point time Ryan when you're on the field when you're like okay offense. They're coming with this. We already know let let's stuff out before it even comes comes around and makes us to have our head-spinning. No hundred percent is definitely is definitely Tom's you say, Hey, about to do this was was the move like what are we going to do? We have to stand up in this moment and sometimes you do sometimes, you don't man at any day both sides get paid and Seattle defense knew exactly was coming I. think it was a timeout before that play. Policy. Huddle. H-have they're giving a body CAM. He's their best player at the moment in in fourth and one thirty one. He's May convert them all season long. So go go on go they're going to get a body CAM. So Hey, we have to make a play right now. We WanNa win his game and that's when you know when you're ready you know. They made a play. So Times the coaches being a huddle. I'm a play from Dallas. Coaches in a huddle and. Coach coach Tomlin was like, Hey, nobody runs screen the about a screen and. On. Screen Watch out for the screen was second eighteen. High on the other of the feel. All I. See is all I. Hear screen from the Ceylon. Are you see go for eighty one I'm like come on man like. We just gave you. We just gave you. The the clues we gave me the cheat code to the test like come on you gotta follow it. You know sometimes guys just do what they WANNA do. Yeah. You hit them with that up down left right left right a B A B start select but they were trying to take the bait there you said eighty one yards to the house that's a problem but you look at the two quarterbacks Cam Newton Russell Wilson. Makes me think that Cam Newton is is one of the few quarterbacks in the league that doesn't have a baseball background that is successful and it has been successful. We've seen him when a MVP but looking at Russell Wilson we know his baseball background played Minor League Ball played at NC state You look at Tyler Murray another guy baseball the only. Player to ever get drafted in the NFL first round and the Major League Baseball first round draft, and we just see everything that he's able to stack up, and it just appears that guys with these baseball backgrounds are the ones that thrive. You know what I used to work with Donald mcnabb, I tried to get mcnabb to to push this issue and. Be Like Hey man if I go out there and say that quarterbacks with baseball backgrounds there little bit better. It makes me sound like a up baseball player who's just trying to push the narrative mcnabb he played he played baseball and it's just the ability for these guys to throw on the run slide went under duress and throw across their body and. What we're seeing from a guy like Russell Wilson Cuyler Murray, Patrick Mahomes I mean we're seeing that baseball background really come to life on Sundays. Now we definitely starting to see because I think comedy play shortstop or something like that. But you definitely see Russel, that they're so used to being in awkward positions during the ball even though it's a totally different ball. Used to be in that deposition. So they're outfielder. It in doing it to home thrown into third their bodies in an awkward position but slinging it almost almost one hundred yards, one hundred yards, but almost one hundred feet or whatever, and you know to try to get it right into the the third baseman glove on the home plays glove and money near the ball on a dime. You know. So I think that that stuff really impacts quarterbacks now and I think is really transitioning back in the day. We used to have guys that sit in hockey and just you know they're towing dimes, pin the every pass on the money like, Hey, man, he's probably one of the best quarterback to all time. Some people say he might be the best. To me he's not. Smells. The conversation for another day no by he's he's definitely ago one hundred percent he's definitely go but. I. Feel like guys like like you say, rush guys like Tom who had a little bit of baseball background guys like mahomes. These guys are making it so hard to play defense because they're still fast enough to get out of pocket get away from D. Lama that are four guys, four seven guys but actually put the ball exactly what they. Want to and I think that's what helps rough game so much more because I think russ his first few years in a league his old law was was little crazy. So he lemon I gotta get out here and start playing baseball with food. So now they're getting a little bit better in running the ball good and he's getting weapons. He's like man. I had a at a rough my life at first even though we abuse mode and in Legion of boom, but they weren't depending on to win the game. Then now they're like, Hey, we need rush in rush lay had to get away and get out of pocket back. Dan and I could use the skillset now and you see a bunch of other. quarterbacks doing the same thing. Yeah. You know what? Though at the pro bowl one time I asked Patrick Mahomes and he sandbagged me man I asked him. We don't that baseball background I said pad. If you've got to throw two just a bullpen side sessions and no football motions no football activity just on the mound hardwood you throw and he was like. Probably, throw about ninety four miles an hour or something like that. But this is a dude who was throwing ninety seven miles an hour when he was a junior in high school. So I don't believe for one second. He's become an MVP super bowl champion and has lost velocity on their fastball. But I mean, when you see cam reach back and throw him, he looks like he could be on the mound at some point in his life. Well, what's it like trying to tackle that? Can you ever go heads up with Cam Newton? Cam He's a huge. Do I mean usually making all outside? A. Measurable by six, four, six, five to fifty ish he's like a tight end at quarterback you know so. When you're tackling a guy like that you have to bring. Your the brain to force them because if you don't, they're going to bring forced you is just about physics I'm to twenty to thirty. When I play sometimes I got A to fifteen. If I try to tackle Kim and I try to bring some type of Pop. He's naturally going to run me over because he just naturally bigger person any. So we have the Tacos those type of guys you have to make sure you know you don't get stiffed arm and things like that. 'cause he's six five. So he already has lived on you. So you have to make sure you get to them quick because if you don't then. They're just naturally GONNA run you over it and I think that's another reason. Patriots Dot quarterback power on fourteen once if if Kale if you can meeting the whole one oh one. and. You don't bring any type of Pop. He's like dairy Harry he's on fallen over yeah, and sometimes you have to either decide tackle this man should I let them go free or should I just keep on making business decisions that business decision will be let me just let him go by here and let's see if someone else can pick them up a little further down the field, right? Yeah. I get I get to play baseball. But you know what I got that from one of your guys, my Taylor would say man, sometimes you just make a business decision that's now who you want to tackle at that point in time. See see that's that's what I'm saying. DB's ally baseball. They're trying to make business decisions. Like I'll here to cover guys isn't that what the some like I'm here to cover guys like get paid to tackle yeah. You do man you part of the day phase. And then dion gets introduced like a King King. joffrey Joe for at Jackson. State. University I know I know you saw that. Oh come on. Man. A. Lot Of. D, I go ahead, Jackson stay right. Give about two or three years they're going to be right I even though his team they're going to be while. They they they're gonNA follow their coach leadership and you know Guy I think they're gonNA think they're going to be good here. He's going to have those cats eaten subway three meals a week you know your Foot long season baby time every time that that subway commercial comes on with bill. Belichick cutting this leaves off guys but you know what? Let's make a move because I didn't want to have to do it but we have to go to the Atlanta Falcons I mean everyone's talking about the falcons. We already know that they keep taking heat rocks from what happened in the Super Bowl and then they followed the Dallas cowboys the on side kick I mean Ryan has no one told these cats that Oh okay. All you need to do is surround that ball and keep the Dallas cowboys away from that ball is as much as possible and that's exactly what they did not do. Code. This is one of the biggest thing the biggest problems I have when I play. We all play football but not everybody knows the rules okay and A. Detainees hard now, I'm not gonNA, the NFL chain rouge on you every single season. That's why I feel like it's kind of hard for fans some time. If you watch basketball is the same stuff you are soccer is the same stuff nfl we changed so much because it's such a fast paced changing game guys hitting each other a lot order you know. So they changed, the rules would also kicks in a kicking is they changed the rules and I think they changed the rules where it can also checks but is always been the team has getting the ball. You can get the ball whenever you want the GUY can slip up in tip off the t you can read up and following a ball. So I feel like easy coaches did a terrible job of coaching this. Or guys who just lazy in expect this to happen in the game they feel I feel like these guys are like. Somebody on my team is GonNa make a play if following a ball. In in you waiting for somebody to make a play they are in. Dallas cowboys but how how many times does that practice during the week though all right guys. Now, it's time to do the onside kick practice I. Mean I've seen it before whether it's training camp with is the regular season and apparently the application it was not there for the Atlanta Falcons they're probably say every week right? We have a period in practice every week for also kicks and I remember what the steelers. Every Friday we do. We don't do into because that's not something that you have is every game like it. You might get somebody kick off sidekick verse. Three or four Tom's boast throughout the season which had practice every week. In, a lot of house win all sides. Happy. Like the bouncer once you know so guys practicing on those a lot and I guess the the the the Falcons were practising. The was that you know they're kicking their balancing somebody jump a giddy. Cowboys, there's a swirling on ground. So these guys are like man we have to wait to his ten yards because when you your chicken, you know I can't touch his fourteen yards because if I do they automatically get the ball. So I'm guessing they have guys that on both sides of the ball but with the steelers we understand. is to be guys come to try to hit you. So you don't get the ball, but also you have to get the ball before anybody else can touch in I. Thought I just lack a coaching I don't I. I'm not taking easy Anita coaches at. DACA. That's that's bullshit. Man Like Dallas Cowboys were down almost twenty points and you let them come back mega. It Ain't come down and win the game. By. Does lack of leadership man and that's the same stuff that happened in the super bowl man they got place in thought he won the game in. The game is over when the when. The game is over when you walk into the parking lot. Like if you walk into the parking lot. been a game over you know, and that's what happened to the Falcons they. Julio probably his. His on what kind of call you but you probably A. Tear it on already you know what I'm saying met Ri- You know he probably was already talkative keys allowed. Is it game over coach already say victory formation gear ready you know it's not that moment in nfl guys are always trying to win because today the cowboys division even though I think everybody loved that a visual but I think it might be the worst division and football honestly because they're always competing and that's good but it's not a good division and that division is always You can win one less game you out of the playoffs you can lose the playoffs by one game. So the cowboys they needed that 'cause they start off only to you already have. Two teams divisions wins, so they didn't want to be the ones missing out absolutely eagles last season won the NFC east at nine and seven, and it looks like that's where this division is headed towards another time this year because I don't see anyone in that division being competitive when it comes to playing solid football and it's almost like Atlanta that they played not to lose the Game Ryan as opposed to hey, let's go out here. Guys. Let's win this game. Let's put Dallas away because Dallas they crept back in and we saw them kick that game winner forty, two, thirty, nine, they walked away with that W. They won the game in the parking lot. You know the game was over and they were the winners on that like you said. Don't know what's going on man her. Under certain. Absolutely they're just a mistakes that Atlanta made down the stretch. Is there any one mistake that you made your like and you know we talked about if just a little bit of goes there a if I would have made this play, this would have happened anything we should back. I don't I don't really have a Lotta because I always play you know. My best ability is this definitely Tom's I was like man I probably should have. Jump these route I knew it was coming but. I don't try to go back and look at it that type of stuff because when you start looking into the past, then you close a window for your future man. So I don't do that too much look at that. Sound like a philosopher. Would you look into the past you closed doors to the future I might have to make that putting it on a shirt we come on now. All right let's. Let's keep it moving again man because we last week week to I mean it has to one of the most injury-prone weeks in the history of the League we saw guys go down for the. Entire Season Ryan you know, I mean what whether or not it was half of the San Francisco Forty niners or Christian McCaffrey some big injuries to some big guys to see Christian McCaffrey get banged up I know that's not what Carolina had their game plan not at all this up and this was a historic. It was seven ACL tears in his one weekend. Like I really feel baffles Guzman and. MEKA engine myself not being able to play the game. I understand it's tough but just not to be able to play throughout the whole season you know you have really big plans. Nick. Bosa. He's GonNa have a gray season saquon heels on balance back I, honestly don't think the bears have won that game saquon was playing but I just really feel bad for those guys man I, honestly feel the lack of preseason games has something to do this because in in preseason normally going against other teams some due to the inner squad match ups will you go on your own teammates? Sometimes you're tackling them which you're not. You're not every every day you're not going as hard as you can because today you're like, Hey, editing we're trying to win I'm not trying to beat my guy you know so. was halfway through camp comes. Japan you're practicing hard, but you're not practicing like our game and then preseason games it warms guys up. You know it gives them ten minutes to play in twenty minutes five minutes, ten minutes. Twenty minutes because the average player only plays about thirty minutes a game, you know sixty minutes a whole game but average player theories about thirty minutes. So the preseason warms you up to be prepared to place thirty minutes full force football, and so you get five t and twenty minutes a day. Now, what is first game of the year little rusty but you ready to go Now these guys were from. Man. I'm not trying to talk to my guys as hard as I can to forget forego full blast. Let's go right now you go from zero to thirty zero to a hundred. Man. I when it comes to football your body's not prepared for that and I think that's what happened. A lot of guys bodies more prepare for it is. Yeah. It looks like Saquon looked like he was hurt before he was even actually taken down and once he finally hit the turf I mean we we already knew kind of what coming but the the inevitable is not what we really want to hear we were hoping you know maybe a midseason return or maybe just strain or sprained with that need but the ACLU his season has come to a close if you could give say. Quantity advice, right what what would it be right now, my advice was Saquon is just to stay positive I. Know He's a super hard worker. He's bows bags really really solid I know yet a few injuries and I I know he he's. He's probably damn. I'm going through injury bug right now is like and he doesn't feel like he's pretty much holding up to his own standard probably because I know he has a really high standard for herself. I, remember when I was in my second year third year my first year I heard pretty bad in my second hurt for a while to. On Twitter People Star Sam Man. You're like, you're like a glass house. You're always heard and things like that, and it kind of gets you mentally because you're like man like I'm here giving my all to you guys. You guys are criticizing me offer injuries that I can't even. I can't even. I'm not asking to get injured. You know I know he's probably that's something that he's probably just like them and just stay focused stay positive. He's a hard worker. He's all grinding and come back. In, be just as good but just pretty much don't let adults get inside your head just know that you're still the best running back in NFL when you come back absolutely I think on instagram or twitter I know he put something out to the tune of the comeback story is going to be unbelievable. I can't wait to see how he comes back in. Hopefully he comes back even better and bigger than before because that's what we see with ACL's these days. It's almost like Tommy John Surgery on on the baseball side it's almost preventative when these guys get hurt I mean they bounce right back even better than before. Think about ACL's used to be a career into injury. Yup and now I'm quick as Beck was like ap he was seven months six months. Eight months in and it used to be a whole year. So is crazy that Gaza recovering such a rapid rate? Saquon Zagallo work hard I I. Just WanNa make sure that he doesn't work yourself too hard. Don't overwork yourself I. Just WanNa make sure he comes back and be ready to go for the new season comes next year I don't want him overwork yourself but to me this is what always say turf though. If they got hurt on turf because I. Think they played in soldier feel. Good, old fashioned grass. Drive, they play on grass but I think they said Francisco they played on turf in Metlife in I. Heard like a newer turf for something like that that they played on and you know what's crazy San Francisco goes right back play life again you know so I never liked it turns out I had a few injury problems, but the thing is with Herve I turf it doesn't have any give you. You know if you go outside and play backyard football people slip or something like that. You slip on the grass boom you might tear up some grass dirt come up. You go you know by Turf if you slip your foot. Is Stuck is there is not giving like it's like carpet. You know so pretty much just be stuck and you're going in a different direction des The booming causes knee policy causes a lot of injuries and I know a lot of owners light turf because there's a lot less maintenance big venues you'll have to cover up grass that in is a lot cheaper to take care of turf grass curve terp lasts longer. But it at what liability because The, giants. Fans, everybody having any stadium to they're already only to. Say saquon plan everybody in giants stadium where saquon hundreds so one uplink saquon are playing We barely beat the bears who barely beat the lions late. Come on now. I don't obviously they're one and one but may not wonder what it only to but I don't know Well, when it comes to that turf. Grasses what everybody wants to play on but that field turf the the one thing that jumped out to me is the fact that there's all those little pieces of chopped up tire that display up and when anyone's watching the game, they see that black spray when someone's dragging their toe like like guy neighbourly and says with that toe drags swag but if your shoes aren't spotted, how crazy is that what you get pieces of rubber stuck inside your shoes because I'm I mean I know if I get what? Even even if it's like a cat's claw that gets stuck in my shoe or something like that as walking around. I. Mean I. Feel like it's pebble in your shoe that you just can't get rid of. So I can only imagine if a guy has a shoe full of rubber tire pieces in their kicks. No that definitely happens now duffy have his but you know when you're playing a game. It's like getting doting issue. You know it's not I. Bet you don't really get that many into inside your issue. Is. Like you get him as I just shoe but it didn't really feel because you're so focused on playing football. You don't give a damn about like a little. It's like really small pieces like almost smaller than a size of rice. So it's not that bad. In my falling issue or something like that but actually got a crazy story when it comes to okay man, we went with the buffalo right in it was like. Probably eighteen degrees, but it was like a, it was a blizzard outside it was a blizzard outside and. I talked to my teammates and I was like man, it's cold out here I don't feel good all my to about awareness sleeves back with us like when I was playing this is my third year. And I'll no matter where sleaze in back Dana defense than worsely nobody on defense worse leaser. Lease right and I'm like. What you mean like on Wesley eases cold and I, don't feel good and I know you're not gonNA find you five grand prairie sleeve of I'll take you you like no you still wearing lease was that was that a kangaroo court kind of thing. Okay. Yeah. We're GONNA find you behind closed doors five thousand bucks asleep. That's is something that you guys had locker room. Yeah. Just more like a like the defense talking to each other like. We're GONNA find you. You gotta pay. The defense ten grand like to the defense care whereas leads, and then I just don't know them. I'm like coach Tomlin Light. Ryan went to wear sleaze and, of course, online ov defense though worse leads or something like that I'm. Like man what? He's linebackers don't these. I like I like if I don't want to be whereas Lee's I'm about to go out here and his blizzard against the say all y'all we know shirt all. And that's where I started wearing. Oceana. Freezing cold beer anything that's crazy about the turf is without warming up. In Col-. Dan Air Bony because it was so much snow. So they was trying to push it off the feel but this is all about earth autos pebbles got pushed to the side of the field. So now as it wasn't even like grass anymore, it was literally just Copy for real. I, didn't even pebbles in. Your feed give or were you renting and things like that so now we have like a twenty minute delay because they had all of that to try to even out the field again to pay off pills back here but I just wanted to tell that story because that's the main reason I actually start winnow shirt because my teammates would be adults yet the the turf. At, met life it's I. Think it's worse than the jet, Super Bowl. Chances Right about now because neither one of them looking very good San Francisco they absolutely put a whoop on the jets and they'll have to do it again week three versus the giants now is is is how things unfolded with you when it came to being shirtless but one thing I wanna Ryan is. To combat the Cole, maybe like slather up some vassil lean or something I, know their tricks to stay warm out there when it's absolutely freezing cold. But with no sleeves I mean if you're putting some bass lean on your arms there, it's tough. Cole I'm going to tell US secret I hate the cold weather just as much as anybody leader I I. Hate It. I. Hate Cold Weather. But that was. Cool was I started seeing like that tension I got from it and I wasn't trying to be a teacher SEGER. But I've seen guys were like man this guy is crazy. Men is negative six degrees out here. He has no shirt on I I'm not I'm not trying to play his weather. You trying to get your grown as sexy on. That's what it was wasn't. Man. Get some Instagram, get some likes get some favorites I mean. I'm trying to get people magazine best man of the year somebody. Anytime you call attention to lysine about dude am I'm all for it? I'm I have no problem with that. Alright which you ya. Novel. The thing is I started noticing that guys around the league like man. Berle I. Want You were why you wearing? No shirt is Super Kodi. You're like, even WANNA play out in his weather. West I. Heard him say that I'm like. Your I'm your head like. So you you telling me, you already don't WanNa play. First of all, I WANNA play. In his land, you WanNa play more but the fact that you don't like this weather to thank you for giving me that that two percent advantage over you. You're your remember back in the day when when the old school quarterback for the Minnesota Vikings came out and he had a short sleeve shirt on and it was legit like negative thirty below and my man was out there just ball cap in a sleeveless collared shirt like it was just another day the park. Like once you start because it was it was crazy cola because that year we know the dolphins and it was like negative. Like before we wind up in a game like negative eighteen. And I was like, yeah first of all, we played the dolphins negative eighteen. I was like I. Don't even have to win I knew. It was it was just talking about family from Fort Lauderdale and they say, yes. Seventy five I S A great day in December like me January I'm Leah these guys are coming up here. Negative at don't want to play. It we see like Gaza where the big cooties that NFL, where for guys that plan on the sideline of beakers I'd be culpable. Light almost. Furry. They had they had the turf shoes all we have a grass field we like. So you're wearing shoes because y'all think this out here and you still work lease so it was like Oh. Yeah. We don't have to worry about these guys. And They WanNa soon as I got off the bus real as soon as they got the bus, we see what they were wearing. If we was over there, just wearing regular warm up gear and we knew this we had is getting yeah, I I'm not a fan of cold weather even though I'm from Chicago I. I've been where it's so cold they cancelled school but me my guys we walked to the local a little little convenience store to play mortal Kombat on the old school. In High School video game console and it was so cold when you go and you breathe in through your nose like. Your nose would freeze shut and we weren't supposed to be outside but we had to get that sub zero Scorpion on, and this is how it was back in the day and. Mortal combat still still a dope game I actually got that game I'm not not on that new xbox though because you're still waiting still looking at that phone wait wait wait for that accountable nation code Well, WE'RE GONNA get back to that and we're going to get back to your steelers in just a second there to know but I gotta take a quick break. Dope game. I actually got a game when I'm not I'm not on that new xbox though because you're still waiting still looking at that phone wait wait wait for that. Code. we're going to get back to that and we're going to get back to your steelers in just a second there to know but I gotta take a quick break. Days episode is brought to you by Heineken. Heineken would like to remind you that it's time for seasonal beers. Again, that's right. If you've got a cold Chris Summer Heineken was something just wait until you taste heinekens fall lineup is it a new product? 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If you hit your double down offender will add up your score every week just finished in the top one hundred on the season long leaderboard make the playoffs and guess what you get to compete for a share of twenty five, thousand dollars. It's just that simple this week I feel great about Kansas City despite their underdog status over Baltimore in Minnesota. Well, they're going to get in the win column at the House versus Tennessee and that there's any game that I stay away from this week, it would be the jets I'd avoid them all season long at all costs. Now, listeners if you haven't joined up yet, you can still join but realistically this last week if you WANNA be able to make up some ground on the competition because as we told you earlier in the top one, hundred, make the playoffs to compete for a share of twenty five. Twenty five thousand dollars so played the ringer mega contest for free every week only on fan doom go to fan duel dot com slash mega contest to make your picks today Nets Fan Duel, dot, com, slash becca contests. All right here back here on the show keep sticking and moving, and it's playbook time we like to dive deep each and every single week here, and we'd like to maybe uncover some stones that haven't been around so far and why not go with the Pittsburgh steelers because Ryan your squad hold on a second now to know I thought they were going to win a little bit bigger over the Denver. broncos. But nevertheless, they went out there they limited them when it came to the run game and that's one of the things that when I look at Pittsburgh whatever they do. What what do they do best will it's almost like they're I, don't take this disrespectful at all, but it's almost like a miniature new. England. From back in the day they take away what you do the best and they make that your weakness and then everything else will you have to be on your game because if not, you're going to lose that ball game that's exactly what we saw with Denver despite the fact that drew lock was hurt driscoll he tried his best but the steelers they're going to be a this year for a whole bunch of teams meant yet I think. That it's going to be a really good team I projected to win twelve eleven games. This year I've seen style while ago. It said we lose your starting quarterback. You typically should give him four games in kind of ended up the record that makes up for how many losses you have with or without him, and that will get us twelve and four that used to be there used to be a by but in a in now is only what team get a bar so We see Pan out but you see where I'm going with this. But I think distinctness the defense looks really good in a damn good like some people told me this probably win the best defense is they seen in a long time and I. totally agree. But the biggest thing that I have with us right now is that I wanted to do this verse equality opponent to and I think we know we can but I just WanNa, make sure we do somebody quality you know because annonay people bargo say nothing until we do this versus Lamar we do this verse you know the Texans who come in next week. Versus, the Shah you know so I honestly think the defense is going to be where we need to be in I really excited about him. You know t j their problem on the edges. Tyson wall who he's playing good at nose tackle right now and I don't think a lot of people are talking about him. We hargrave last year. It was good. He was super good pass rush but I think Tyson does a great job at stopping the run and that's what it's all about. We stopped run. Now we control what you do in. If you're gonNA pass the ball, let me know Tj, Oh, not going to get there and if they don't get air steph on I, can't go get here. If you get their. trae. My Hilton go get there. 'cause we sit in everybody you don't know where it's coming from, and so I'm excited. The most excited. About right now honestly isn't a defense because I knew what a difference was about when I was with the team last year I've seen it. I feel that we top five defense last year A. Acts we had a top thirty defense I. Don't know why but that's another topic. Cats really take offense to matt rankings though at first I thought it was a game I mean, obviously, it is a game but the way that guys look at their ratings I mean as soon as the game hits, the streets, cats are trying to check those writings whether it be defence, our individual ratings, and if it's not up to snuff I, mean they really take exception to that so not because. It really just show is Sean where somebody thinks you as a player on a team you know. So if you get underrated in every like the ESPN top one hundred, they say TJ was in the top fifty. Tito came second. In Vivo last year and he's constantly had backed the bad great seasons but the game has fifty to seventy guys radio above him. So that's basically saying you don't think the best players in the NFL you know our defense with a top five defense they had the best the some of the most turnovers you know but says, they don't have the superstar guys that everybody knows around league they're like, Hey, you ready that good which is crazy to me because these guys work just as hard as these other guys in a proven. So that's why guys get mad but. I'm not GonNa even talk about Matt Right now what? About but I'm I, saw about his office man because because the anti Johnson Juju chase are going to be a problem because chase has what three catches as ricky y cage was an amazing little instead tonio homes a replica. But. It wasn't in is on the other catch is eighty eighty yard touchdown. For a bomb, he's was six, four, six, five, two, thirty he's playing good. I think it's just fun to bear right now because he has a bunch of weapons all over the field I just WanNa see as more points on the board you know within James and Benny are will with a combination back there because I know a Lotta guys would knock James last week as he was playing video at one hundred yards and had a bunch of carries idea. Well but James, he came back and say, Hey, I'm still James Connor bounced, audiard's some I'm you about his office? I think. This offense has a lot to do is growing a young offense with the old leader. So that's what I'm really excited about. But the defense on our what he had coming coach Tomlin he he he draws defense even know like to mess with him because he receiver in college just a lot of people don't know but he's a he's a great difficult but he wasn't made sure he forces you to get situations that you don't want to get in because if if Tj no, you passing a ball on. Second. Now man is hard. It's hard to block a watt. Yeah. No, and you said, you know what the defense is going. GonNa Bring the table this year but it's the offense your most impressed with but they had that big playability I mean with James kind of like you said week one things go his way but six yards this week in in it seems as if when when things go going that, that's when he really starts to carry that load I mean he's one of those guys who's I'm not. Necessarily saying he's a volume back, but the back half of his runs are always the ones that are more impressive and fifty nine yard run that that long run he had on Sunday. That's that big playability. Anti. Chase Klay Pool like you said, an eighty four yard touchdown for that young dude to come out there and show out. It's that big playability that Ben Right now is able to tap into and when the defense is playing like that, and Ben can pull the trigger any which way he wants to. Like. We said this Pittsburgh steeler team. They're going to be a problem all season long for everybody on their schedule each even the teams that right now our favorite to beat them. It'll be a problem like I don't know before this season. At. The before the season is the Texas were projected to be distillers but I don't I don't I don't see it happening I. Don't I don't see it happening Chai has the weapons obviously, he has fast receivers but The steelers they're known for Mega. Sure. They don't get beat overtop so they're not going to allow will fuller to. Willfuller are Brennan Cooks have attract me. That's not what they're about allowed to happen antibodies sends so much pressure at the Sean he's going to be like what's going on. So I'm excited about this this season it and I should like this playbook man because we're GONNA be diving anti every team you know. So you know what we talk about the steelers and then next week I'm talking about Texans next week on my talk about the saint so. I'm excited about what we got coming with his playbook section in because I loved Avenue N to each team where they have in in the future that a whole. Yeah. We know that the Pittsburgh steelers however the cream of the crop when it comes to the NFL and championship pedigree but you know when it comes to the steelers, we've seen what they've been able to do so far at two or no it's one of the best arts in A. You two of those starts not easy to come by. I think a lot of teams take things for granted but when it comes to what the steelers do on the field off the field, is there anything that you've experienced that you've seen from the outside looking in that this organization does better anyone else to me? I think this organization does a great job of caring for. The guys in treating them like guys shooting people a lot of other organizations guys tell me man coaches man around you know a standoff. He's really taught us as much. They. You know they treated as a business you know to the coaches and the players they all joke around you know they all time to be serious. Everybody's all point. But when it's time to to Let loose villa loose and I i. think they do a great job of really let me say this understand Mayor -ployees understanding of the guys that are working with understand like what's his benefit? What's his strategy just actually getting another people missed runny nose my kid's names he knows he knows my wife. Obviously I'm a different case because I've been hurting things like that. But before I got hurt, he knew all this stuff you know when guys come in, they know their stuff it. Ended long you there the mortar get to know you you know. So I think they do a great job with that what they did. I like that caused holidays and I think every coach that is I haven't been the locker rooms is that he breaks each session at the season down into quarters. So right now to start off to ano, that's a great star I'm not GonNa lie I don't think I ever started to know with students. Okay. So it I'm actually excited because. There will be a problem I'm we might have one season, but I don't I. Don't know. That's why I wanted to ask you because we we do know that coaches they break the season down into four quarters like a game and what you WanNa do is you want to win each and every single quarter whether it's three and one or even two and two if you win all the. Rest of the quarters you'll be sitting pretty right there and coach download with the to start. He has to feel good about it right now I think he feels pretty good coach Tom is on again a game basis. He doesn't try to fall ahead. Okay and he tried to just stay focused on who he had next because like I said before when you when you start count your sheep. Looking ahead of time, that's that's when that's when it comes to get you you know so I think he's just society about Texas. He's excited about playing a solid team lighter Texas in know that, Hey, they have a pretty good defense but their office has has some firepower. He coach Tom and love the challenge. She loves figuring out the puzzles in figuring out clues and figuring out what you can do to take advantage of in just to get him out of their element. For, is the likes to run around and pass a lot in the they might not want to read about but coach Tomlin might be like, Hey, y'all got the beat me with David Johnson, and I'm not saying that they can't win with David Johnson but it all the way they want to win you know. That makes a lot of sense. Okay. You said eleven twelve wins is is that where you're going to prediction for? Two, thousand and twenty. Pittsburgh Buffalo. Eleven twelve. Big in the playoffs is going to be a problem but what? I want to hear your take man I've been talking about how what do you think about a sentence? I liked steelers predicted the steelers at the beginning of the season two right where you're at eleven twelve wins I think I said ten to eleven wins. But I, still see them making the postseason as that wildcard I. Don't. I. Don't see them win the division and that's no disrespect. It's only because we've got. An unbelievable cat in the raining MVP and Lamar Jackson over there in Baltimore? I mean. That's the only problem and that's the only reason. I say that they're not going to win the division this season. I can definitely see that. This is why I say that the defense had to do this for a quality opponent because if you see him do versus somebody quality, then you know are. This is this is this is where they're at right now everybody hasn't been top off. Really. Solid. But this is we have to do this versa quality Alpha is Houston, and then you see how the last two teams beat. Houston sal is still going have to do something like that I'll just show that hey, we're here. When they the Ravens are when they play somebody else tough. We don't see but I think this is what I'm excited about with with. The Ravens they play. Kansas. City. And we go see the more verse Mahomes and I WanNa see firepower last last year I wanNA see any type of fire pirate issue. And this, this is a good thing for coach Tomlin to. Let him know. where he can take away from the Ravens because they're gonNA, they're gonna put them in some. Fortunate one situations the chiefs are because they go they probably go jump I. If, they jump on all pretty much everybody. So he's going to miss. It wishes they're not really used to so we. Decided to see this. I think the Pittsburgh steelers in the AFC north this season. The Oakland Raiders over there in the AFC west that they're gonNA make the postseason as a wildcard but there's just not too big of an immovable force right in front of them with Kansas City for Oakland and for Baltimore, for the Pittsburgh steelers. But who knows anything can happen once you get to that postseason now we're GonNa to some likes is what we do around here. That's what we do on this show. We're also going to observations that we call Mike Check that's coming up in just a second but we have to take a quick break just again stick around fantasy football is back. You don't want your team to suck. My favorite fantasy football punishment of ever heard is the last place guy had to spend twenty four hours, a waffle house and every waffle. He eight was one hour off of his account I want numbers, how many of eating twelve waffles twelve hours On Daddy High, offense I'm Dan Kelly and I'm Craig Hornbeck. We host the ringer fantasy football show on the ringer podcast network to avoid eating twelve waffles in a waffle house. follow the ringer fantasy football show on spotify. All right. Welcome back. It's time for our week to likes Ryan, and I we're going to show some love to cats around the league and Ryan who you smashed in that light but none this week man. So I have to take my dislike bat man had a great game and I had a great day he bounced back. He must have been listening to the PODCAST. 'cause I'd say he had to perform he had to get involved. They had to get a running game involve and that's what they did in felt like Baker a good game he showed everybody. Hey. I'm getting better because at first I'll say he led the same. So I'm excited about that. They let a really solid our a baker but I'm I'm GonNa have to like Joe Borough to. Borough may He's solid man? He's he doesn't like a rookie at me looks so composed back there man so poice and I think this year is going to be rough for them because they just did not as talented as other people. have youngest pieces their youngest. But I think I think they're gonna be solid especially with Joe. Bureau. Leading the way I think it'll be a solid team in I. Remember we play any own year same team it was formed down. You know you're trying to win a game at entity game and any. You know it was it was crazy because we didn't blitz about in coverage or something, and he starts scrambling and I'll start running to a rental rental. Today nobody throw the ball away he got. Shot try to win a game. Renting. Renting a rental thirty down to like five he Li- EFI fucking the game over those all balance and I'm like. So you basically gave up on your team. I. Obviously. I think Joe is going to do that I feel Joe is not always try to figure out a way to get to get that winning and it was begging up. With begging up any DON pretty bad game but. I don't think you should ever give up on your team might as well. Joe Burrow because I don't think he'll do that. What her say back in the day. Hello you play to win the game. That's why you gotta go out there. You gotTA play to win that game and. The best sound bites of all time that Jim more playoffs. Recipes, Danny. Green we we know that they let him off the hook, but that's here. Nor there because this week I'm giving the like button to my man Kyla Murray. I mean we talked about earlier in the show those quarterbacks with that baseball background Cairo Kyla Murray right now he's turning double plays on cats. Did you see that that little stutter step that he did like the little hop skip and a jump, and then just kind of walked right into the end zone Ryan I mean this guy right here I mean you said it one of your MVP dark and right now what he's doing I mean I know it's early but to no for those Arizona cardinals. Die. Guy, right, I mean, you you you do sound like smokie right now at the end of Friday after Craig knockout depot that's my dog because. I spoke it into existence I'm telling Ya there's going to be a problem. Sixty. Seven rushing yards. Got It done with his arm as well. I mean you have new Kenyan drake all those guys get Nafta it. They just seem. Like offense buffet out there in the desert column Murray I mean it's a in buffet lobster steak and lobster buffet with the way this Cat's plane man. Excited I'm excited for collar out the he'll be the MVP fish. Oh Yeah. You know it's funny because you know back in the day. I. Thought like you know Steve. Wilks was like man, you telling me I got fired because I didn't win enough games and then they hired a dude who didn't win enough games in college like what's going on here but nevertheless, I still think Steve wilks could have had a winning winning combination. Down there in Arizona Cliff Kingsbury doing his thing with Carla Murray and rightfully. So I mean there there's a lot of weapons I'll really mad about the the works fiery because I don't think that cliff deserve the job and I don't like to say that people don't deserve jobs I don't honestly I don't think he should be in that position but when it comes to offense I, think that he has a better offense for collar. Works would have had. So I think that's what saving because he has the pieces then he comes in and they draft. Collar when They gave Wilkes, Josh Rosen come on now so. He just wasn't able to do it in in Lubbock with with Baker Mayfield or Patrick Mahomes but that's that's here. Nor there we're not talking about that. We're not talking about his inability to win games at the college level. We're talking about the NFL right now and the fact that the Arizona cardinals are to know who else you give it a like button to this week man. Say the books I will say just four next I'm going to bucks because bounce back win. Bounce back win and it really showed everybody here. They're trying to figure out how to use their weapons last week they weren't give it for net the ball, and you know he was struggling then this week for that has one hundred, three yards rushing. Two touchdowns. Amazing. I ain't no backup. Backup give you the ball. Yes. I'm not saying a Red Jones is a good player. He's a really good player and day for net was is one of the top backs in the league. He's not wanting to shift guys, but he's wanting to guys that's hard to tackle, and he's like he's like a dairy or Cam Newton type of guy but if he is that. Different. Between those two guys those guys fall for because they're bigger he falls floor because he runs harder he runs really hard and it makes people not want to talk Kim and I I like that I gonNA give it to Linda for nate into books man because they're getting their players involved and you got a my senate catches in Scott Miller jogger touchdown in all. I if they start catching the ball the. They're going to be a problem in the other. They just WanNa get a good team at the beginning of the season even though they lost even lost last night I even when it gets a good team last season and it's GonNa be alright. How do you tackle do for net because you know watching him at Lsu and watching what he was able to do in his first years with Jacksonville I mean I feel like the dudes baird gets at least thirty five yards a game as his beard is so much of a grown man and that's just how he runs the ball mean he runs angry Iras really. He runs like he came from nothing he's running like he has a purpose. He has. He's do he he has something he has fight he something that's inside him. That's like a man. Like approval, you're wrong camera right now he's over Vince tour. You guys cut me nobody wanted me to come here and show everybody what I'm about the thing. Is that everybody has things that they give away for net does give stuff away like when you going against linebackers a lot of times. He spins off tackles in things like that. When he's GONNA get DB's go to run over a jump on. So it's little things like that that you can find out about it but he he definitely revenge tour and I'm excited to see what kind kinda season he has in Tampa they keep giving the ball other they're going to have some serious problems. Yeah. I. WanNa see if Leonard Fournette makes it on the ten questions with Kyle Brandt podcast on spotify and the ringer and see and see how he gets those angry runs if he gets that sceptre or that t shirt sometime this year because Leonard. Fournette. Man He's Getting after no doubt about it you know I'm going to give a like to maybe a dark horse a guy that we didn't even know was gonNA play this week and I don't think he knew he was gonna play this week either but Justin, Herbert hold on tyrod Taylor. You know things before kick-off didn't go his way he had to go to the hospital and just he stepped in and albeit in a loss he kansas city shaking in their boots there for even if it was only a split second, I mean for your game in the national. Football League to be up against Patrick Mahomes and the reigning world champions. That man came to play and we saw the poise from him I. Mean we we we saw him just the way he stepped in three hundred eleven, yards I mean he was efficient and to see a big do like that. One thing that that I'm a big fan of and if I was a scout, maybe I fall into this trap every single time draft time rolled around but you can't teach size and Justin Herbert he has that in spades man if he can put everything together, I think that the chargers they may have found their quarterback even though Anthony Lynn says that tyrod Taylor, he will be his star week three. Now I told understand him having tyrod I. Come back in because it still gives some leadership but. Just had a great game. Better he better now expected but I-, I envision him today for some reason I like him a lot man I. I have no reasoning for liking him. He always use a good player in college he had good numbers but. I like him more than I. Like other guys I think he he he showed his own. He showed he's he he somebody that's going to be reckoned with and he he he notice over small was mad. They had to the robes man they made they made them kick a TA your field goal to win a game. You know in I knew I knew Colin wanted to go forward in the game for the win, but you have to go for the tar. You know you had two points on the board and I. Think he did a good job man I think he'll be out of quarterback. Whole Tehran. All right. I think I think he's You know I feel like I don't know as much about just herber as I should and it's mainly because Oregon they play all those PAC twelve after dark games. I mean, if you're if you're not really tuned in, if you're not a pack twelve Kinda Guy, you can miss a lot of those games right? Pack. To me man, they play football. Mountain. West. I mean those games that started at nine o'clock West Time I. Mean if you're on the east coast, no one's tuning in on Saturday night to catch a midnight football game nobody watch west coast of man the only people who watch west coast of his West. coast. People you know and who watches football at ten P.. Yeah. That's that's a little late. I mean you're not gonNA change also due to fit the East East Coast. On. The West Coast Nfl Sunday that has a nice ring to it tends to try to catch college football games now often do. I can't get with that at. A. Dame. Start at one am before. Like a night game for Dil. Fresno state when when when Reggie Bush was put moves on on Fresno. State bulldogs. y'All me to stay up at one am eastern time to watch football game that's going to in at four I'm sorry I can't young. This is not UFC. Is Not over in twenty minutes. Yeah. We're not on fight island, but you know what time it is. It's time for that microphone check one two. What is this a well, I'll tell you what it is. It's the time when Ryan and I will we things up Ryan's GonNa let us know what he saw that we didn't this week and I'm GonNa. Let you know what my blood boiling what got me off fired up from around the football league this this weekend I'll I'll tell you what? What one thing that that really jumped out to me was Monday night football. I mean the way that the saints went into that giant Roomba Allegiance Stadium and then I it hurts me to say but they kinda got smacked. You look at what a Derek Carr was able to do and what his biggest pieces to the puzzle had to be Darren Waller he bawled out, I mean the cat took twelve catches one, hundred, three yards and a touchdown and I mean you had to hear what Jon Gruden said about this man after the game let's listen up real quick dares a great player and our job is to try to get him the ball and. I've said it before I. Don't know if I've said it to you but. I, take him of any other titans and I know kiddle and Kelsey yours good essay kit but waller is right up there with them this. This is a second year plan the position. It's astonishing what this man can do. All right. We're her coach Gruden, but we know he's a passionate guy for him to speak of their water like that. You know Dan there has to be. Smiling from ear to ear 'cause coach Gruden nobody likes guys. He really likes case in point he lives next door to Derek. Carr Derek, Carr one morning mornings just sitting there going out to the to the end of the driveway to get the mail or the newspaper with a cup of coffee, and then he sees hanging out of the side window Derek what's going on man look. At the I've just moved next door. How about this we can Powell while we can talk about our game plan I, mean for him to say that about their waller and say he's the best tight end in the national football league, I. I'm a big Fan of that I'm a big fan of Deir Waller and his comeback story and to be honest I, like with the raiders. Are Doing right now may I think he's GonNa? Be He's a huge problem. He played receiver in College Play Receiver for a Baltimore and they moved them into tied in and he's a mismatch problem is you have a receiver wanting as linebackers in safeties it's not. It's not fair in Manchester there. Got Me Twenty eight points in Tennessee last night. Let's go. Let's go to fantasy man my. Garbage. I don't even WanNa, talk about it but I mean we apparently were just talking about it. But how about you man I need a mic check from you because you're gonNA give us your perspective from the Mike Linebacker spot something that you saw this week that maybe we didn't see some that may have alluded are is what is it man? I'm not a lot I. Most Bullshit I've seen this weekend. Coming in on. A Damn jets how you? Turn thirty one, but it wasn't passed. It was a run like I was Lee. You know a lot of times people get lackadaisical like I said earlier with the Falcons we will get lackadaisical plays over thirty thirty, one you like obviously they're not doing a ball they're not. They're not about to try to get thirty one yards on us. Oh, man somebody's GonNa make a tackle. Bit Up our fees for of down go they run a ball when do miss a tackle Al Fifty five yours and athlete complete bullshit man by sitting coming three and wait for the running man. That's that's just lack of focus lack of discipline man that's that's just terrible football. That's the jets though, isn't it? I mean Ryan you wash. But Eh today's is more than the jets man Adam Gates. That's terrible coaching, and you have to have your Gospel period for any moment of the game because guys can score at any moment but Adam Gates offensive. Genius, Ryan, you didn't know that. Man How many. How many points they had is. Not. Enough to win how about that? All right. That's all I'm saying. Is 'cause office in Defense Office get your tickets defense when you championships like unless you the bill issue to frigging chiefs. I'm saying like an entity. Thirty, thirty, one, you get sit in prevent and let them run a ball is somebody who is still talk will. Like the Complete Bullshit Man. I'm sorry. Sorry for customer so much. Now but like. Jets Fan but jets football can do that you. Mike Greenberg from ESPN the way he went off about the jets. He's a lifelong jets fan and I mean it was just a scathing review of Adam gays and the New York jets right now I mean he took him to task each and every single step of the way. It's funny to see that actually greenbrier with watching him Hab i. think it was yeah like black. Hair. Great he's going to be ball like us on because of your jets the jets are politicians they continue to jetro politics things because right now not too good. They lost to San Francisco of course, thirty, one to thirteen on their home turf in a you know one thing we wanna do is we also want to send out some prayers to James White because we know the unfortunate circumstances that. That he was faced with game, day did not play. You know the loss of his father and at at last look mother still in critical condition and that's that's never what you wanna see for anyone in the league man you're not the person to me because I actually played video game with James and he's a Super Guy Man It's unfortunate to see that happen you never wish that. On, anybody in I'm I'm sorry to hear about James. You know we're praying for you. Hope everything's Ok who helped make it through it and I'm on totally sorry to hear about what happened. Absolutely. We saw Russell Wilson sent his condolences right off the top. That was how he he led his post-game sound after the win on. Sunday night because he's a teammate of James White from the university. Of Wisconsin. So to see the league with that outpouring of support for James White, I mean it's just unbelievable and it just really shows you what kind of a brotherhood, the National Football League is and when when, when things get tough for one guy everybody seems to stick together and that's that's been unbelievable and that's that's part of the NFL and the fraternity that it is man in the Orion. I'm lucky to be here with you and to experience just a little taste of that here on our show every single Tuesday, you know what? I take a look at the clock that's going to do it for us. Our time has run its course on this Tuesday edition of the ringer NFL show in math make a note because we're part of the ringer podcast network. So of course what you can do, you can follow us on spotify or wherever you. Get Your podcast and has always remember to follow us on twitter at the ringer. NFL. Every Tuesday dropping new episodes well, because that's what Ryan and I do and Wednesday right here in the ring NFL show it's warns sharp and Chris Vernon with those week to analytics, they're going to help give gamblers out there a few extra greenbacks in your pocket. So for Ryan says ear I'm coal, right we'll catch you next time right here on the show enjoy your week. My Damn xbox.

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Series 6 Property Heavyweights  Joe Lieber, Founder JL Investment Group

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Series 6 Property Heavyweights Joe Lieber, Founder JL Investment Group

"Welcome to the property voice podcast helping to navigate safely through the the property investing get the low down an updates insights and outcomes on all matters property with a special moments along the way the property voice voice to trust among the crowd now. Let's get started with your host Richard Brown hello and welcome to another episode of the props voice podcast. My name is Richard Brown and as always it's a pleasure to have you join me again on the show today. We'll today delighted to share a conversation I had was missed a joke lieber who is founder of J. L. Investment Group now you might not out of heard of J. L. Investment Group but besides Joe having a wonderful temperament and mindset as I'm sure you're about to hear he's also a twenty two year veteran of the real estate industry based over in Cleveland Ohio in the United States and he has over once over two hundred high cash flow single family homes but he's now go over one hundred high cash flows single custody sorry single family homes that are completely debt free in what he calls lifestyle Alpine design not by default and there's plenty to learn in this conversation short but just before we get into our just wanted to signposts you to an event that I'm having on on the Monday the twelfth of August. It's in London kings cross details GONNA be in the show notes few to to find out more about it but just before we get into the conversation vexation today. It's a mastermind dinner. Essentially we're going to be talked about growing and scanning you probably business kind of appropriate because that's exactly what Joe has done for the last twenty in two years and if you want to learn how to build cash flow to fund a lifestyle for thirty years or more into the future that you're going to enjoy this particular heavyweight. I'm I'm sure let's get on with this. Week's featured topic with <unk> another episode in our property or real estate <hes> heavyweight series on the proxy voice podcast and I'm delighted to have join me today Diane Joe Liba all the way. I guess you are in Cleveland Ohio today. I'm not sure I am great great. Thanks for joining on the show that I really appreciate that what I'm looking forward to our conversation with great interest because we back a couple of years now so I know a little bit about you already. I'd love to share your story with our audience S- appreciate it. Appreciate you joining me today. Thank you for having me. No you won't welcome more than welcome so the only do just kind of set the scene a little bit so people are just tuning in. They don't know much about you especially a large part of our audiences overseas in predominant in the the U._k.. <hes> would you mind talking. Take no taking us through a little bit about yourself you backstory in in real estate and not just bring us from zero rotate where you are today. If that's okay yeah love to you so I have nothing really scripted here so this is kind of going off the cuff. Just thinking you know Oh so here's what's going on so I I may turnkey real estate provider from Cleveland Ohio and I kind of fell into that a few years ago when some people out of my market in Phoenix California Marcus said to me wow I can't believe how awesome the Midwest is to buy rental properties in and the twenty two years. I've been in business. I'd never sold property to anybody outside of leaving Ohio and then all of a sudden when these people heard about the returns earns you can get in the assets that are available in this market. <hes> I started selling houses turnkey but the big thing for me is a little bit backstories. I Live live this lifestyle. You know I'm a cashflow guy and I truly live a passive lifestyle <hes> through rental properties and it it allows me to live a lifestyle but I never thought imaginable <hes> right now. I'm doing this recording from my house. <hes> I take every summer off with. Would it be at my children from June to August twenty third. The most I'll do is just a podcast with my friends people. I know like you oh. We're in the middle of that window so I really do appreciate you joining me yeah. We're right in the middle. I have not been to my office since June first the day the kids got school. That's just something I wanNA. Do you know I I sat this lifestyle up not by default by design and that's that's the whole idea for me is <hes> to truly be able to live a casual lifestyle and that's what I sell and that's where I live so I always tell people if you're GONNA buy Turnkey assets by from an operator who practices what they preach so to speak and and <hes> and I do and it's just that's how I do it so been the business twenty two years then through every aspect of it you know as I'm I'm forty now so I got an right out of high school. School ended up being a young young guy there has to go through all the trials and tribulations and learning but <hes> did that did everything up by fixed cells did the wholesaling sailing did a multifamily <hes> had a run at that for a little while <hes> just the brokerage. You know I'm a broker to this day. I have a successful successful brokerage here in the Cleveland area and <hes> really have got to go down every path but the only thing that's really been a constant for me is rental property investing. Whoa so you know that's where I focus all my time these days and I'm still acquiring and still having people come through my that meet me and come through my network at work? I really don't do a whole lot of marketing or advertising but when people hear things they want to get involved they usually just call me and we have conversations and it leads to too many different things things so you kind of back story and and <hes> yeah so I mean I was introduced to you for actually <hes> a few years ago now. What if your international clients retaken attend gate property from you told him what mission I was on and he said you need to talk to? He's kind which was you of course we're props. Come back right up to that because that's what kind of brings us to what you're doing today with the Tuncay Properties looking to clients as well as your own portfolio but maybe just donning the clock back a little bit twenty two years ago you so you said you basically steps right out of college right. You know I I wasn't a college guy. I did not go right out of high school. I got right involved in this business us. which was a tough way to do that but I was standing there June sixth nineteen ninety-seven I'm I'm standing there at graduation? I remember these things they're very real. Things that happened like about like a photographic memory. I remember these things and that's what it was June. Six hundred seven we through our cap apps up in the ground and look over my buddy and say to. I don't know man like high schools like my whole life right you know I was on the football team and you know always hanging out and having a good time and I'm like well. What do we do now you know and he says to me? I got a job in construction. I start next week. I was like wow and he said he goes. I making twenty you bucks an hour said no way dude because when you're eighteen years old nine hundred ninety seven. That's all the money in the world to you. Did you really do that. I ain't believe him. Please give me a job. Please give me a chop doing that and he didn't say whether he couldn't or or just didn't want to. I don't know to this day by day the next best thing. I said hey listen you got a big pay stub. Let's go into the bank. Let's buy a house fix up and flip it because at that time in the Nineties Carlton Sheaths and Russ Whitney those guys are real big on T._v. and even as a seventeen eighteen year old kid coming home late night. I would see these guys on T._v.. With the palm trees sway in the background and the boats Dang those guys are onto something night even know what that means and never had a family in real estate or anything but I knew they were on to something so we did that. I bought a house with that young man at my graduation and we fix it up and we flipped it. The problem was we lost money. Did you say four four thousand in each. We lost on that deal and what's funny about that. I was going to the local university here trying to appease my parents and anyone who's went to university knows they. They they hand out credit cards like candy. They always give these couches credit cards. I don't know why they do that but they did and I used the the credit card to pay for the material to fix that house so now I sell a house that lose four grand. I'm carrying a credit card with a five four or five thousand dollar bounds and to me. It was all the money in the world. They know how even GonNa pay for it yeah so here. Here's where here's the thing that I want. Folks understand is never give up never ever give up that young man. His name was Lloyd he I'm done because I never do this again. It was a bad idea but I went out there by myself. Now and I found someone they wanted to sell a distressed house at a fair price and even better they wanted to owner finance it. I took that House I fixed because it up my because I had no money and I flipped it for thirty five thousand dollar profit in one thousand nine hundred eighty eight. That was the second deal with the second back in deal identify myself. Parents didn't believe in me said I'm out of my mind to go back and do this again. They said I was GONNA lose. Everything but I had nothing to lose. I didn't even I understand what that meant and then I flip this House I make thirty thousand dollars which is honestly more money than either. My mother or father made an entire year was going to site back in what nineteen ninety eight that I'm trying to think just put it in today's terms resigned two decades thirty eight thousand dollar so what's Today Lota a lot more. It was a really good flip. It was more money than they made an entire year work in their jobs forty hours a week without oh that puts it in perspective. They thought that his soul from somebody it was crazy but that was the catalyst right there that gave me the momentum gave me the drive to say I can do this now. Let's go out there and let's really make it happen so you had you had that first experience with a partner essentially right right so the the guy from high school and it lost money but like you said you didn't quit you went you've for the second project and you might need a ton of money bought the sound of did it relatively speaking and has it been since then as it being highs and lows as it being plain sailing has it has it progressed. I've always we've had a pretty good business but what I quickly realized with flipping houses. It's very transactional and if you flip a house you hit to learn how to budget your money quickly because you don't know when the next one's coming down the pipeline pipeline and I felt like I really couldn't build a lifestyle off of a transactional business. I needed something that was reoccurring. That always paid me whether I got up in the morning or not I had this vision of like I was thinking of my money in the bank and it was like like sleeping like a bank vault right and this money was in there and it was sleeping. They were smoking cigarettes and drinking beer. M money wasn't working for me. I'm like wait a second. I'm going out and working my money's being lazy so I knew I had to get my money off of its butt and get it to work and I would I would think of the money just like walking out of the bank vault going to work instead of me and I kinda I live by that stuff to this day and I put my money to work. Work opposed to putting myself to work like it's a little bit higher level you know. Did you really visualize it that way with. You know I did yeah. It's a magician not the mule effect. I wanted to be more like the magician and not the mule even as a young boy in his twenties. I know how to articulate these these things but that's what I wanted to do had to figure out ways to make money without me being the mule so I started buying a rental properties Richard is what I did right so he started buying rental properties. You had a reasonable stop with <unk> still around the nineteen ninety eight sort of time line late nineteen eighty two thousands but obviously the thing we've rental properties. Is You know you know site while is that you eventually run out of money right if you just putting if if you're buying them cash or your pet you putting deposits getting the finance so did you do it that way. What did you do it a different way so as a couple of things so here here in the U._S.? The Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac will only let you take ten traditional owns. You've gotta come with a different way like I assist been a lot of trials and errors air over the years and there was a point where I owned eighty houses about twenty five years old and I had ten houses in each person's name I financed my mom financed and my dad finance ten my brother finance ten then it becomes sounds like almost got family business then I would take on people that I knew that were were making money making you know moving and shaking. I said let's go brown properties together all these fifty fifty he partnerships out there now them put on the downpayments or you can even raise the down payment with private money which is a whole nother conversation. I was doing doing things like that. Just whatever it took to acquire these assets what I guess you know what what comes out to me there. Is You kind on if you identify the problem is whether your money wasn't working hard for you that you identified that cashable cachefly strategy through rankles was way you wanted to go and then I guess you just figured out a solution right. <hes> you brought in people you put in the extra the partners if you lying can raise money privately so you just did what it took to get your goals fest summary Exactly exactly and then you know I I have my trials and tribulations through that you know I remember or a time in about two thousand nine. I'm price sitting around ninety ninety single family homes and with the mortgage is in place. I wasn't really cash cash flowing that much you know paying a lot of money for the houses. I wasn't really cash flowing that well I remember I went and saw my first mentor by the way a big mistake. I made don't ever do don't ever do it this way. I didn't have a mentor until about over ten years twelve years. It took me being in the business full time before I got a mentor don't ever do they. I literally took the stairs when I could have pushed a button to an elevator and that's what I do now my business I'm and some of the top best masterminds the entire country. I pay big bucks for him but you know what I can literally push the button and go to the sixty eighth floor opposed to try Just a little cliff note there invest in your education you must do that. The matter what it is <hes> podcasting mentors mentorships learn learn learn learn. Don't do it the way I did it so it's two thousand nine and I'm not really cash flowing. I see my first mentor tells me you have to take these properties and switching over to rent its own. You have to get your tenants vested. Get them excited to own a house and it will reduce your maintenance costs. That was a game changer for me so I went from breaking even cashflow almost two collecting ten thousand dollars ten thousand dollars a month of course I saw had some turnover in some maintenance but big game changer danger by switching everything from rent own from Reynolds Sorrento own for me that was big and that that essentially just to translate that meant you you bought the property you you did a rehab on it a refurbishments we would call it but if you did that and then you try and target effectively what would become a hormone abaya area who would wreck he originally but with a view to taking ownership in the long term right exactly and by doing that I would say you're in home ownership training <music> basically so you're responsible for the repairs of the property but toilet clogs up. You need to take care of that because you're in home ownership training. This model worked very very very well for me to increase my cash flow overnight and the main way change things. was You transferred a lot of your cost onto them essentially exactly yeah okay <unk> because I know where you're at today I can see now how these pieces of the puzzle building to where you are today in the mental cancel basically advisor rents who are in strategy you went that that helped enabled you to get high cash flow and you you got to write about ninety properties of waiting for magic number. Yeah you can probably guess tyler sure. How did it go? How did it unfold from there so there is a switch then right so we had this whole mortgage meltdown on and and real estate prices hit the floor here in the states you know to you could buy houses for nothing so I started doing that? Literally buying for for almost nothing between five twenty five thousand dollars could buy me three one twelve hundred square foot home right. I started buying these using using private money to buy them. I would network myself with high net worth people doctors attorneys whatever it took get myself in front of these folks and say do you want you know invest in real estate passively and I can pay your returns you know eight to twelve percent depending on the situation how much money away and things like that so just so the folks listening no when you treat one private money rich guy good the doors are wide open. He will never have a money issue again because they all have rich friends and their rich friends have rich friends and oh my goodness just takes one and the doors were wide open so that's what I did but I had a little secret because that's buying houses so cheap echo by them on a five year amortization amortization so I remember I was buying between four and five houses for about one hundred thousand dollars. I borrow the money on a five year amortization. Let's just say ten percent and I would break even or even cash flow off of that and in five years the house was paid for in full so you took took a bit of a long super long term view but meet him some view that five years you you happy to at least you know cashflow neutral break-even and and I guess you said in some cases yet she may make cash on the on the deal as well but right what you are doing of course was acquiring assets that you would hope of a long-term exactly so I did that. I went crazy with it. There was a period there in about two thousand twelve and thirteen eighteen where I was just buying to buy you could call me with anything. I'm a GAL DIG IT. It was it was that that crazy so I got myself up to about two hundred and seventeen single single family homes and that was a tipping point for me it was you'd better go to three hundred and staff up or you've gotta saw some of these off and bring bring it down where it's a little bit more manageable so you own your own of the two seventeen mock. Were you very much. Yes I was on my own okay though partners no one just me and <hes> what I decided to do was my sorry really looking at some of the assets that I was buying 'cause I was getting so crazy got some garbage in there. I have got to get rid of some of this stuff and I think what I was going to my plan was to take the sole about one hundred was my plan and take any equity in pay off their remaining hundred so that's what I did and it took awhile wasn't until January of seventeen is when my entire portfolio was paid for wow here we are you know this ah the summer of two thousand nineteen and for about two and a half years now I've had an entire portfolio of over one hundred single family assets paid for and that's it and so again reading between the lines <hes> the results of that being that they are free and clear of any debt and presumably you just cash flow them right. I cash flow now. I want to say though not everybody invest for cash flow. There's actually five. I felt I feel there are five components of why people invest in real estate one is cash flow of course so you can quit your day jobs so to speak have enough cash to pay for your lifestyle and that's it but there's also appreciation. Some people invest appreciation. How about this? Some people invest for depreciation which is a great tool I have I have my own things to deal with because now I pay heavy taxes all right so yeah in the U._S.. You can actually offset depreciation against your your income tax right correct. I had mortgages. I could write off all that interest you right off material right up Labour's. I mean there's so many things that you can and you can have the house here in the U._S.. Lets you depreciate the home over twenty seven and a half years so there's ways you can avoid pain income tax by using your real estate to do that but people invest for Amortization I mean think about the basic concept you buy a house. Put on a small down payment and the tenant pays it off for you over a period of time right Mr Louis what happens it's almost I call it a free house so some people just invest with a really nice home and a Class A or class B asset class and let someone pay it off-form. We've seen a lot of that. I'm Nora Guy Up North here in Cleveland but like we have our vacation spots or anywhere along the southern seaboard writing from being from California California. It's a Miami Florida we see people appear who will buy their dream homes in Florida now in their thirties and forties make them rental properties ladies and by the time they had to retirement paid for it's a great idea we see it all the time and you get to enjoy possible appreciation depreciation amortization. There's many many things the fifth one I wanNA touch on his ten thirty one tax exchange so for us guys who might sit there and enjoy depreciation all these years instead of when we go to sell instead of saying Oh we're going to sell them. Pay The taxes we can do a ten thirty one tax exchange or basically Louis deferring the the the profit into another asset and there's a whole thing for that but my point is there's other reasons why people invest in real estate than just cash flow. I WanNa make that known. There's many different things so I guess you moving through all five of those or you predominantly cash cashflow. I'm predominantly cash flow. I do see a lot of depreciation because I still although I don't have any mortgages I still depreciate my houses over twenty seven and a half years. That's the I._R._S.. Allows me to do and believe it or not. We're not Ohio is not known as an appreciation state but we are seeing appreciation and right now so it's like an added bonus for me. It's like Whoa wait a second. These houses are worth a lot more than I paid for. Mrs Really Cool Yeah and a lot of things are happening here right now to see deep appreciation which we don't typically see in this state yeah. What was I remember drive around with you? You're kind enough to share your time and took me around the neighborhoods that you invest in you. Were telling me about what you've seen about prices the closer with highs advice because of the market cycles and but I'm a bit like you I I look for the income as we call it with the cash flow and then I take appreciation as a bonus pretty much so <hes> that's that's what I try and do also. I don't know about you <unk> a follow up prompt. I'm pretty sure you do we. We use why like to use the term forcing the appreciation so adding adding the value to the property. I mean isn't that what Turkey is sort of about <hes>. Can I tell you a great value add story Joel Base so I do this a lot here in Cleveland Right. I'll buy the let me tell you what typical home looks like a nineteen twenty five built colonial which means the the first floor has a kitchen a living room dining room. The second floor has three bedrooms and a bathroom along with a full basement underneath but then it has an attic. These eggs are unfinished usually used for storage right. What would I do is I take the addicts and I finished them? I'll put a center hallway in a bedroom in the front bedroom in the back and now I have a five bedroom home the value add right yeah but this is the beauty of it I we'll typically sometimes rent to section eight a love section by the way there's a lot of pros and cons something we can get into later but we recall benefits tennis tennis who received some sort of state or local government support yeah. I love that stuff stuff that people typically are so grateful for the homes <hes> it's really just a game changer and throw this out there. My average tenant that that is a benefit benefit provider. They stayed over five years in my homes and turn times are just amazing but what I'll do is I'll take that house. That was a three bedroom that might be getting you know eight hundred dollars a month in rent and now that it's a five bedroom I get eleven hundred dollars a month in rent so I'm I'm adding value and yet enforcing appreciation if that assets worth seventy thousand dollars and it would be a three bedroom here in Cleveland but if it's not a five now it's worth ninety or ninety five thousand dollars and now the cash one hundred dollars a month so you're adding value. It's a great idea great way always add value a frontal minute years ago and yeah I just WanNa explain a little more detail. I'm glad you did I think it's great believe myself in that and just to put that in some sort of perspective in the U._k.. Market that's it is not possible to do that by any means but I think what's more advantageous your market bombs than the U._k.. Market is that you can genuinely add value on special in the cachefly side of things <hes> fruit for that type of operation and rising thinking in the state of Ohio and Cleveland in particular that there's a a premium for section eight or benefit types of tenants at right. Oh my goodness yes. I mean there are so many people that need that program here. If I list the house right now up on I put him on zillow usually Zillow Reynolds and I say section eight okay. Oh my goodness I am talking. Thirty phone calls a day that crazy yeah and you mentioned. You got rat while you had done. This is the right figures now so you had a hundred properties free Rian clear has grown since then if you added to the portfolio of you kinda stuck around that sort of level and added to different in constraints to your your model so what I've done now is I still have about one fifteen and then I buy now assets just for the primary reason of selling them but when I sell these assets assets now you grow you evolve things change. I'm more interested in the note side of the business so I'll see international investors come over the markets they I wanna get in but I can't obtain financing because their social security number on American right and I'll finance these folks say listen you you want to put some money down. I'll be the bank. Don't worry about it so I've done a lot of that for folks to help them. You know financier homes and just realize realized the opportunity and I KINDA WANNA be on the No side of the business you know evolution process. You know you gotTa start somewhere and to have the money to be able to invest in notes takes a lot of cash but is something I started to do now. It removes me from operations of having a rental property and puts me more on the Paso side of the business but this there's something that I'm doing now. It's a it's a growing process and just to explain as part of my quest of coming up to the states myself a few a few years ago. Obviously we met in that context <hes> but the low notes as you call them. They're essentially just for people who are not so familiar outside of the states that private loans loans aren't so you're offering financing on the property to to those people in it's not true bank. It's for you you may to be able to there. Maybe another provider but it's not usually sort of a main. You know what we call a High Street banker main institutional bank. No it's the lawn of Uncle Joe like to say. It's really millennium the money so usually I hop on the phone. These folks just have a conversation. You know like who are you. What do you do? Are you a cool person and you know <hes> you know I just WanNa make sure we get along because I'm actually lending the money you know like. I said I'm not a bank. I don't have billions of dollars to lend its millions best right yeah. Absolutely we will run out money at some point anyway exactly but you've kind of just flip that around a bit if you you said earlier in the conversation one of the game changes earlier on when you spoke to your mental to do the whole thing now you providing the rent so I'm essentially relate to <hes> to investors swam singing yeah yeah I am. You know you gotta figure your foot in the door somehow MHM you've got to get in the business especially when you you know I know It's an expensive business real estate so you know financing as <hes> gives you good leverage the opportunity to get into something more for to play or to schedule your your business okay so we will look for them. <hes> well then you get to enjoy depreciation you get the joy the the write offs that come with that and really you can just bring down your textbook in common with interest and repairs and stuff and depreciation you can almost right these houses off to the point where you don't even really pay income tax John. I shouldn't say it like that but you can really there's a lot of benefits of owning real estate yeah yeah and then just talk about the ten K. thing thing just so listeners on the stem what that means what it involves what you do essentially right so I buy distressed assets. I'll buy them out of foreclosure. I'll bind from estate sales album from knock people have code violations on their home people going through a divorce and need houses quickly for usually cash out of school in and by cashing saying give you deliver this money to you and seven days a while scrape them what I do is I rehabilitate them. The need new roofs I put new roof sign up the windows but windows in whatever they need out of this house looking sharp right make sure up to code up to date and then I tend to them with high quality tenants might team tentative tenants them just like they're Miami because they are my own I only houses and then what happens I enjoy the cash flow. That's what I do and I really wish a lot of times. It would just end right there but no I'll get a phone call from Richard Brown. Hey Bud you have any beautiful turnkey houses that are cash flowing and next thing. I know we're doing business together and it's better that way because I like to keep the house in my portfolio for a little while because I'd like to get the bugs bugs out so to speak you know when you acquire new asset. You don't know what's wrong with that house. There could be things that you just don't see the effects that you don't see maybe a backed up sewer line or maybe Ada furnace looks like it works but it doesn't really work you know and I prefer to own them for you know anywhere from three to six twelve months as long as I can really a and get the bugs out so when when when Richardson someone over or someone calls you and says hey I want to buy this stuff. You know it's good I've owner for a while. Wow the bugs are out the tenants good what bed tenant when I saw that asset to someone that Richard Knowles Richards friends right so I'll get the person out of there and say hey get the hell out of hand. Put some good quality running asset sounds good on. We've definitely done that so we. We have a good track doc record yet we do and by the way someone that rebif no may be coming back to your show but I will talk talk about that separately and great what I was curious to me a couple of times now you've talked about having access to people with funds right so you talked about behind it worse in the early stages <hes> I- <unk> you've you yourself of funds now right Ugo. The cash flow is set. You can fund somebody's assets but do you have other ways of financing financing for your operation now particularly the notes example so what are you. I'm sure if I like how I finance finance homes for other people or how I raise private money or yes as so I'm seeing different things about the private money so maybe I'm second guessing you're a little bit. We've what you do with your or notes. Do you hold them yourself will do do Salam now is probably getting to the angle towards the end but I think it's just wanting to get over the idea of having access to alternative suit alternative sources of money which enables you to grow your real estate business. I think has been a consistent theme of yours throughout the years or has it changed yours. There's a couple different parts to this so like on the front end like when I acquire assets yeah I'll use my own cash as much much as I can but if I run out of money or I want to de risk because I like to say everybody will lend money if they have money who wouldn't wanNA lend money on a half price asset. If it's a great deal it's not a problem finding private money and then when I go to sell these assets now the only reason why I want to hold the paper is because that piece of paper or efforts a thirty year mortgage. Let's pretend let's let's do real case example right you so house for eighty thousand dollars you get twenty percent down you got. I don't know a sixty five thousand dollar mortgage you what that piece of paper's worth over thirty years assuming the asset asset assuming someone keeps the no-doubt thirty years that sixty thousand dollar papers were triple that it's worth one hundred and eighty thousand. I'm in it for that right. That's what I want. I want no operations in keep me in that piece of paper for as long as that person wants to pay or can't pay or doesn't want to refinance me <music> out so and then you can get fancy so like out of this nurse a little bit high level now. WE'RE GONNA go super high level on this but I'm really if my it cost basis on that asset is forty thousand dollars and I have a piece of paper for sixty thousand dollars. I can do an assignment of collateral and have has someone lend me forty thousand dollars to get my capital back but still have a piece of paper with sixty five that they actually own so fight default they can have that. I know we're going super high level here yeah. It's it's a really good idea and sometimes lenders economy and say hey. Can I give you alone in that piece of paper. You have or sixty five Gran. Can I lend you thirty thousand on that WHO wouldn't want to do that. They have the collateral banks do right Gotcha great investments if so many ways to skin this cat in this game <hes> evolve yeah. I think one of the things one of the reasons I I was particularly interested to have you join the cost Joe. Is that <hes> some of what you're talking about. It's not really open to people in the U._k.. Market for example so we don't have they sort of London not type of culture or even method you you can't do it. It's not it well you you soda can but it's it's a more established mature operation in the states as visual so I think you know baps. You can't go find the people who will back you. Let's say that you have money coming in verse his money going out but you know you put a charge on the property for example to give them the security that I need but I think the whole loan note thing is very is more mature in in the state so again. It's one of the reasons why I was looking to come over to the states because you know things things what we we tend to save a the U._k.. Is We tend to get what you guys get in states five to ten years later that seems that's my view anyway personal okay now. It's funny. We always say here in Ohio. We always say whatever happens in California about two years later happens in Ohio Ripley rippling east. It's tripling needs what happens. Here happens over in the U._K.. That's so funny yeah so yeah. There's obviously someone who starts this particular wave and we catch it right at some point but I thought I was curious bit U._d.. Connie when you just go back to the whole fundraising thing you kinda gave hey clue in your response about who wouldn't money on a half price asset. I think he said something the hell. How do you get someone to back you? Is it as simple as that. The deal dealers just so good. They can't say no. Is there bits about you or your business that makes it appealing. The first thing to do is swan yourself with high net worth people so how and where are you going to do that right. I joined a country club probably when I shouldn't have financially just be around high net networth people right and I play golf with older guys retire guys. I'd force myself to do these things because I knew they had money and I. I don't care how <hes> one thing I learned. I don't care how old you are. Money never gets old my grandma's eighty five and she loves to spend money. It's it's true so you have to get yourself around these people I I do it through golf tennis things of that nature at a country club and get myself the network and then it just. It's really just an easy conversation. Also what do you do a retired dentist. Okay what do you do. I buy UH underperforming distressed assets at great prices and real estate's a hot word. It seems like everywhere anymore. It's it's a hot thing you know. Everyone lives somewhere right so if you start talking about a house in your neighborhood that I bought for this price holy cow. How'd you get a deal like that well you? You know what's a good deal. Would you lend me the money on partner on it. You know just how you WanNa talk about partner. Well you just bring the money you'll be my partner right former partnership. If they have money they're going to lend what's my security. You have a mortgage sir. I we should tell people I used somebody lenders back. In the day I will sign nine adid leave at the attorney's office. I make one payment late to you. Don't even call me call the attorney Hem Father d take the house from me. Where do you get security like that? You will have no problem buying stocks. They have no control over yet. Here's a hard acid look at every single day. They loved the London these things wchs it's really a mindset thing to other quick story. I bought a lexus a few years ago right fifty five thousand dollar car four years later I go to trade it and they WanNa give me twenty for it but I expected expectation right. When are we expect a fifty thousand real estate deal and turn into sixty now? That's exciting to these kind of things very good. I'm done I guess you know what am I going he said have you seen any sort of effect. Major setbacks along the way you know you just have to push through. I'm going here is essentially before we started chatting that you read easy going to take doc things in your stride. You seem to be positive solution minded none if a few years now and nothing seems to phase it but have you been through the mill a bit. How do you suffered through through difficult moments even failure John so that's so interesting you say that so twenty two years in business and I can say that I have I've never bounced a check or filed for bankruptcy which not a lot of people can say that <hes> I have always had a pretty good business? You know I I really did even when I couldn't afford the mentors and the coaches I always spend time checking books out the library number. I've been in this business along. There was no such thing as Google will. There was no such thing as a cell phones. Even I had a pager was my first business. Remember those so but I always spend time educating myself and I never never really screwed it up too bad <hes> we're. We're ahead a lot of setbacks the worst thing I ever did that. I'll talk about real quickly as I bought a forty eight unit apartment building in two thousand nine. That building stole eight years of my life from me. Yes about time h yeah it did well. I bought it right. I fell two thousand nine was in the middle of the of the crap going on here and I felt I bought it right but I am not a multifamily. Hi Family Guy that turnover that I saw that building the inflated expenses you know I'm used to pay three hundred dollars for a new front door to my house and because this is a commercial building and the door opens four hundred times a day it had to be commercial grade and it was four thousand dollars right and I I can never it never worked out never made sense to me and it's still a lot of time now. I got one helmet education. Tell you that you did that. You did not ever do it again. This is never by multifamily. It's not for me so stick to what you know what you're good at. Maybe is that lesson staying your lanes. Senior homes are so easy. They run themselves for the most part that I won't be involved in that now his workout so that's my worst mistake but really after eight years I lost a ton of time I gotta help education and I broke even so that's probably the worst thing that ever happened to me in my twenty two years and business. It's not about outcome visit valley. No Oh it's not that bad. It's good business. It really is and and talk about your mindset then because like I said you know friend they'll curve ball at you and you should take it in your stride. Yeah you know big thing it really is you have to you have to say positive you can look at the negative side to anything anything really. There's three hundred sixty ways to look at one thing right. Every angle is a way to look at it. I mean ultimately no matter what that object is. We can see it three hundred sixty ways so if think of like you're sitting in a in a room with chair every angle I go around that chair up to three hundred sixty degrees is going to be a different way to look at that. I just have to stay on the positive side of things because a lot of things I can't control and if I can't I'm gonNA make it better but mindset is a big thing <hes>. I have a great mentor that this it's a great takeaway for anybody who wants to get involved as totally free. Darren Hardy is the Ex C._E._O.. Of Success magazine he has an email out call Darren Daley. He is a wonderful mindset guy. Every morning I watched Darren and it gets me. It just frames my day for me and I would recommend anybody out there. I don't care what you do. Watch Darren Hardy and Darren daily. It's an automatic email. You can sign up for you automatically. Do it do it do it. It'll be a game changer for Yak promise trying to think he wrote a book Disney. I'm trying to think the title the Entrepreneur Roller Coaster maybe maybe it was when I see but they were. That's a great tip. Thank you for that. <HES> and you did go you talk about education and you talked about mentors and we had a chapman. I know for sure that you are involved in a number of different hateful groups that score that just just touch on a little bit in how it's perhaps changed Your Business Disney so of late in particular so what it is is these groups that are the masterminds and how they're set up their set up right if the top people all in each market in our country that collaborate couple times a year on what they're doing and what they're having challenges with so I go to these groups and I collaborate with the top. I'm not going to a local real estate event where it's a bunch of guys that you know wish they could flip their first house or Miley. The only flipped two houses. I'm talking to the guys that flipped twenty houses a month right the best the top of the market and what we do is we typically sit horseshoe. You style in a room for three days and it's put off by the members. There's no like headliner where you're paying someone to come in and speak in motivate you. These groups are put off by the members worse so I'll go up On and getting the insurance started and and getting the grass cut and I can't remember I cut the grass and this is where I didn't the one of the members raises their hands. This is a game changer from Europe by the way one of the members raises their hand and goes. Have you checked out ASANA DOT com. I go no what is that the Go-to free task manager you all your houses in there. What the flows like and then you could check off the boxes as they get done and your team can collaborate together other on these things so if someone's handling the grass cutting they can go in there log progress has been cut and you can just kind of look and watch things happen that was it right? They're right that that paid for membership is simplify things for me. It was awesome is a game changer for me and now I'm giving it to you for free uh-huh yeah fantastic I mean I mean that's that's another thing about <hes> short. Cutting hacking away to success is to learn from people who've been in before done before you talked earlier about what was the pressing the button on the elevator and go straight to the top floor. Thank you said so so much easier than taking the stairs season taking the staff so yeah. I just wanted to get your take on that. It's been fascinating. We did talk about how long we might. We may talk to today Joe Donoghue fix time presenting burning that you really I want to share with us but <hes> I'm trying to get to if you like unlocking the secret source <hes> you know off what's made you successful over a couple of decades so that's really what I wanted to share with. Listen as possible so that they can may be pushed. The elevator button and instead of going the status is something you've wanted yeah partly Yaman shed already POPs that you wanNA share with our audience our listeners in that respect so I think my my secret sauces that I just sit it here and think about right now. I'm getting ready to go on a vacation here soon. I know it's going to cost ten thousand bucks to go on vacation and I think you know how. How do I do dude? How how do I pay a ten thousand dollar vacations a couple times a year and not really worry about it in the answer for me is not being mm transactional about having reoccurring revenue now? Don't get me wrong. Status real estate is an active passive investment investment in my opinion. You should always keep an eye on it right so I just like I'm GonNa go to the beach all day and that look at my real estate or property managers. Doing I think you should always be active. Passive acid just kind of keep an eye on your business but it's that when you set it up once in pays you forever that has been my secret sauce. Keeps me on top and then when you when you do whatever else you do you flip a house or you you have. You're still working a day job. You could take you know you take that money and that's the real fun stuff if your fancy car guy or Boakye or watch guy. I'll do that with my transactional money so to speak but you have to get get your monthly bills. We all have a mortgage mortgage on my home but I still have taxes. I still have insurance a still utility bills. I have to get those cover with passive income come. That's my secret sauce. That's what keeps me on top. That's lets me live the lifestyle that I want to live. Ed <unk> Great Advice <unk>. I was reading funding for shed a <hes> dislike an info graphic ca virtual capitalists. That's the but I'm trying to say there's a there's an organization called virtual capitalists and they share these really nice infographics illustrations of good stuff and they had one thing today and it said it basically basically plotted in some of the billionaires of this well Jeff Bezos and Warren Buffett et Cetera will those guys and they talked about how long it took took them to make that first million so these billionaires but how long does it take them to make the first million and I was quite surprised with the answer was <unk> average of eight years and so two eight years to make the first million of course had gone on a made absolute loads of accumulates a lot to wealth significant wealth after that unfunny in real estate. The average was five point eight years so it's a it's it's actually shorter than average so we're going with this judge to be honest with you. Talk about creating passive income. You can't create necessarily a lifestyle replacing income replacement <unk> overnight so you go to posted via you have to yeah do have long period of time now but you mom Dr overnight either right you go to Undergrad the medical school then residency. You got twelve years. You're thirty four call yourself a doctor. If you started did eighteen so it's it's just like that right. It's like there's ramp up time with everything. Now you got to ramp up time took about ten thousand dollars ten in years <hes> in the game before you get to that level of expertise where all starts to really stop really pay off so I I'm with you in your model about getting passive income instead of transactional income tax the <unk> lumpy money transaction income lumpy money that love being a fund another asset purchase or taught in another holiday whatever it is you WanNa do that. It's the right is the rental income the cash flow which will sustain your lifestyle in judging by what you said with these low nuts in conclusion you see the future looking similar to the Pasta D._C.. Some differences that may be people couldn't follow the same process you in the future for me. What do I see happening in my future? Well you know I guess people that list may be listening to this and thinking cannot do what Joe did. Is it still relevant. Will it still be relevant the next sort of ten years difference in the market or do you sit any reason you know. Just do what you do and it will. It will happen. Absolutely there's no better time than right right now to invest in real estate. There's not it's some of the hottest interconference is some of the hottest conversation around dinner tables all across the world <hes>. There's no better time than now you know. <hes> get get it get involved. I is as soon as you can. You won't be sorry you did. You'll actually have something I mean worst case scenario. I caught lazy man way of investing go buy a house. Put It on a thirty year mortgage in thirty years. You have a paid for asset. Neither do anything someone else paid for it for you just do that if anything. You don't want to get serious go by three or four houses use it for retirement. Give me your kids give them something. Networth sounds good. I'll get involved. That's what I would say and I guess you know unlike hi to maybe signposts people as to how if you'd like to could could reach out to you how could people you. I'm very accessible guy not hard to get a hold of a couple of ways to contact me. CHECK OUT MY WEBSITE CLEVELAND INVESTOR DOT COM real simple call. My Office is another way it's area code four four zero zero three eight seven forty eight hundred. I'm an extension to I won't be answering the phones August twenty third just say no but <hes> or strap me an email <hes> r. e. broker the numbers to one six at gmail.com while that's fine and I'll I'll make sure all those contact details in the show notes for when it goes live. I'll make a note that you said was at twenty twenty third of them bogus. That's when I'll go back to my office yeah yes we go beyond. Two phone calls before then but recently it's been great. Thanks so much for sharing. The already enjoyed token talking to you. OUGHTA reading enjoyed your company. I suppose I've <unk> eight years. We've been getting to know one another. We've done a bit of business together. You introduced me a couple of groups. I on ACA say to be honest. I always feel good feeling when when it sought to you because you are very positive solution mind Iram lots of lots of great insights. Oh I see Shag the sedan. I'm very very grateful that you did oh so good to hear from you and I really appreciate you know where is it will all right well. I'll let you get on with your with your holiday with your family. Thanks for taking time out to share with our audience to that repre- shut it Paul. Thanks so much pleasure you work you take while wasn't that great. I thought so certainly just listening to Joe. I listen to him for a long time. I've got to know Joe over a couple of years now and he's he really is a nice guy and he just doesn't let anything faze him in the business twenty two years as you mentioned straight out of high school you know just just starting off in construction Shen. Do you remember his story writes at the beginning. He said he did a deal with his friend. They lost money the took out credit card to fund the Rehab refurbishment and they lost money on the deal. The franquet Joe didn't and there was a massive takeaway as he stressed right there and then of course he second flip breath he did he made thirty five thousand dollars in profits he lost four thousand dollars and he's I deal personally and then he made thirty five thousand dollars on the second deal and that really sort of gave him the the momentum and the drive is mentioned to pursue this thing but he didn't quit after the first loss-making deal so that can happen by chance to someone today who said things things were difficult. People the problems of contractors things running over budget things not going on time. Yes these things happen but stick quits stick with at twenty two years in you heard from jokes. He's got over one hundred single family homes high cash flow single family homes plus. A mind is a thousand dollars a month each before before deduction so a little bit nice in terms of Kashmir funding his lifestyle so you know you also talked about the different scene transactional business so what I call lumpy money and passive investing so do the work once and then he goes active passive investing. I think that's a good phrase and putting his money to work. He said the magician not the mule effect he his fascinating talk about how he creatively scaled to. I eighty units unit spy basically all his friends taking the ten loads through the two main lenders in the U._S.. That was very creative tentacles. He went and he access to private funding and did these. What do you call fully amortizing loans? Fully amortizing basically means. It's a repayment mortgage for once we read description so we took five year I fully amortizing loans on low cost high cash flow properties which were then owned free and clear at the end of the five years of course so that was another great takeaway he he talks about a mentor pose didn't need to reflect I think he said he was ten or twelve years in he took on a mental so he said you know what he's talking. Can you bout started by houses and and just working people give them great deals talked about rubbing shoulders with high net worth people. If you WANNA get money then we need to be where the money is and he talks about joining Country Clubs Golf Clubs tennis clubs. I think actually it was all done at the same club but essentially he was just doing hanging out with these people <music> in just talking not naturally and opportunities came about you talked about a five reasons to invest in the cash flow appreciation depreciation amortization Shen and tax exchange one of those at least probably two actually relevant in the U._s. more so than the U._K.. But I think that the situation still oh carries forward you can have rollover ready capital ounces. That was the last one and depreciation yeah you really. We've property in the U._K.. Certainly residential property but I'm investing U._S.. Getting rid of depreciation credit as well as some some extra things talks about adding value of always talking about adding around us you know and so lots and lots of things he talks about these sort of turn or the other thing of course with modernization. was these low notes now it is peculiar peculiar to the U._S.. Market the note side of the business but he's a fantastic. You're going to look at it. Just got bigger pockets DOT com start looking at low notes. You can even offer low notes we received loan notes depending on where you are in the cycle. So Joe would receive low notes when he was early in his investing career when his property career and then he's done <unk> giving low notes as he progressed action being the bank so now he's taking he said multiples of the property value over thirty year dramatizing loan for example to ten of bias so lots to take away their you'll have to have a problem with money. If you look to the people with money who he wants to look after year he said talk surround yourself with the right people et Cetera. Give them give them a good deal. Give them security and be honest and A. and that's what he's doing so lots of things about mindset you know really wanted to get onto this because he just I've seen there's been problems interested and get phased and he there's always three hundred sixty angles have looked at things and he just prefers to look at it the positive way and looking at things you can actually control so that was fantastic the masterminds thing he mentioned <hes> with both in group actually and it's quite expensive to be part of that particular group but he's right in what he says that you got all these people who are making winging strides in business with common interests in different marketplaces you can share road shoulders together and Napoleon Hill obviously spoke about the idea of masterminding costra enough mental mastermind education. He talked about you know on a recurring theme there isn't a and really at the end we talked about a secret source and he he said the secret source was basically to develop a passive income or the active passive income for his lifestyle. He's living expenses and then to use who's transactional money or flips or dot quite kind of money to pay for the toys and gadgets and the fun stuff and to have balanced so have a mixture sure of passing comment and transactions income that can then fund that lifestyle and so there you go. I think there's a lot there you can reach out to Joe Cleveland. Invest Dot Com website gave his takes out there in the show. Notes are really hope you enjoyed listening to Joe Lebron because I certainly did and just remember. If you WANNA talk about anything from today. Today's show you know that you can always email me podcast at the property voice dot net. I'll be more than happy to hear from you. You can obviously see the show notes or more information about the series and indeed the prophecy voice over the web site that property voice dot net all that's left to say east. Thank you very much for listening once again this week and next time on on the procedure is podcast. Shell thank you for listening today now. The property voice don't nets for more inspirational. Oh concerts and gets updates through mailing list join us next time on the property voice broadcast and if

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S1E134: The Shawn Harvey Morning Show 05/15/20 Freaky Friday

The Shawn Harvey Morning Show Podcast

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S1E134: The Shawn Harvey Morning Show 05/15/20 Freaky Friday

"Counts only man important. Know parents everything. Back Big Talker only took author Ca Ford off only of the corner ride of good morning godless each and every one that you guys fill the Friday Friday may fifteenth. Twenty twenty is fifty one minutes after the hour up to Shaw WanNA show. Three Sydney laws are co host. Bobby Cologne read morning. Morning started writing more than started right. Only place you're going to get this more than love to chat room is opened. God blessings when the chat room. You'll come in commending. We have a great time tonight or this morning or if you call the number sponsor girl nine eight to nine five zero broadcast live radio DOT COM iheartradio solving morning show worldnet radio all podcast platforms and your mighty baseball Glasgow Arena building show. We are here. God bless each one looked sing. J. Filled to ride as to the double imbibed the knock Joe Friday. I'm feeling great and we have fantastic show for everybody. We're going to get started with trump pitching. I let you now. What on locally and nationally. So make sure you stay tuned for that. Good Morning. Barbie got morning city. Good morning everyone here. In Bethlehem right now is sixty one degrees. The high is going to be eighty two. But it's going to be cloudy. It's going to rain on my God if it was eighty two and sunny. It'd be perfect but it's gonna be rainy and cloudy today guys and we will have possibility of some thunderstorms tonight around seven eight o'clock so that's some good sweeping weather in Strasbourg. Fifty nine degrees eighty two for a high end. Same cloudy and rain. You know but the sun's going to come out a little bit in Strasbourg just for Piquionne. It's going to teach you a a little bit in Newark. New Jersey sixty three degrees eighty two for the high mostly. Cloudy and rain again but some will be at some time in the afternoon in New York City. Stick to three right now. Eighty two for the high ray in partly cloudy. It's going to be a little In our go region in Atlanta sixty one right now eight hundred four five partly cloudy right now but the sun will be out some time in the afternoon and Miami is seventy five degrees the highest going to be seventy seven today. But it's GonNa be fun. Storms all day in Miami in Los Angeles Sixty one right now. Seventy seven for the high end clear fifty nine I in Chicago. Sixty three the high A. M. Showers but It's GONNA give way to a little Little clouds on MIC. So that's the way that I have for. You all look like where you are barbagallo coming to you live from showing Harvey Morning. Show featuring DJ. We get started right exactly where you get your morning started by one Friday. Your remote. The Friday got the morning bugs. And I guarantee you like a guarantee should have promoted before nine hundred your will be busted. We can guarantee you that city with us. Do you have these folks analog our I have sent he says I will let you know what's going on in Hollywood and entertainment news so stick around for that. Yes and we will have a little. Harvey has a sports. You guys stay tuned. Go nowhere because you don't want to feel Good Friday. We always dedicate show to all you guys the listeners. The folks in the chat will the creepers that are out there. Creep in and the hate is weak. Dedicate this show the you on the Friday end on top of that on Good Friday. Guess what we are going to have a chat or member of the week every Friday. We also got a chat room number search on sale right now so grab yours so don't go nowhere so we'll be going to do right now. We'll quit. We got this show real fast today. Pull US WE'RE GONNA go back to a DJ here. Let's go with the morning drive. Come on the nine here real. Dj this on the threat. I take eight morning. Everyone make sure you share this show. Yes please if y'all you'll to yourself just one quick point information we won't be in on Monday we upgraded. Everything is not gonNA be hot sauce and a number guys coming at work on the sound over the weekend so sitting on tested on Monday so we won't be built in on Monday. We'd be on this worry. Wake Hasha crave and we go to do this thing all over again comfortable equivalents to. I'll be drinking Sunday and Monday. More hardy ever hear absolutely right Sunday night into the morning. Yeah yes everybody. Y'All watch one on Monday. I'll be more than showed semi bobby overseeing oversee we. God bless you brother I thank thank you so much is not in the beautiful part. I am oversteer. It's Oud no of buffalo up Pennsylvania in Bethlehem suburban More suburban Like save you pitcher like long island like lament many long island kind of rally. Okay Bobby lives in eastern the next house sort of the same same situation that small more folks more cars people. I am more platforms. More Black folks more Puerto Rico. So it's more we live in. The valley is more diverse. I would say opposite. Cine lives in the Poconos and I used to live this awful over glorified Chastang Ogle off. Five that the Babylonians go weekend hangout. Baloney who live here really run everything. Black folks Cheetos black folks and Latinos. Who couldn't afford a house in New York City or the New Jersey Area? More big PUCK asses out to those including myself. Don't come to find out that they don't run anything. This is a Republican stronghold in black folks come on here on the weekend strictly only to party gauge on how to spend money on white folks come out here to really actually deer hunting and climb out and so that's with. Cindy lives and that's thirty five miles north or where I live so thanks for the top for the beautiful and then we we about less been ninety minutes away from New York. Maybe two hours. If it's a Sunday afternoon it's GonNa take you two hours to get to New York a lot post commute to our community. Look you might be ninety minutes. So folks That's why that's why we got. So maybe a filial southbound from let's say a dentist so a number ninety minutes. We started in the Middle. Ninety minutes hermit. Our City was more than our own. Save forty five minutes now. I want to say I was a little out here but now Sydney three hours our now with just about to look like I said. She's thirty miles north of us and she has to come. Southbound grew here in Philadelphia up a little over an hour hour wind change from here. And let's keep them on the on the on a major highway now philly of the hood so even even have also a Babylonian stronghold. But it's more it's more looks more like like your urban setting down with with Bob. Sending lives in a place whereas Babylonian rule like I said with the minimum minimum wage minimum wage ones rapid in run strong in the Pocono area. So here I moved out here to the Poconos me and my baby trump one day and we moved out here told his other thousand stayed to save this beautiful. We question. Thank you so sir. Even there's A. There's a a need to take the lookout. I need to take a look at your and see how that Jen look back home. Obviously what we call actually that Hsien real quick. If you don't mind just nothing to do with now suppose we could win more concerned about usurp. 'cause I'm glad that you bob in cocoa and you didn't get tap on the jaw with real concern because you have been around Chapman. You know you haven't been conversing calling and I said on the show yesterday. I believe I think we just that they were four. That a white check you. She said she didn't want you on this show too much nonsense. You're talking too much. And we I said I think that your right is the real overseer and you are the undersea be consistent with was like I said I ask. Jesus really really awesome ready to eat right right picking games whereas react wash tag it on. I ten league surpassing guy. Yeah so a off oversteer. Too Difficult to Bob in. We the challenge. Ken kibble at the same time I would rather I would rather Bob. We Coco can kill but you came through I would. I would choose the coupon code right. I I think that unsure rain out there that Sean I specialist. You know like I said before closing seriously considering this man being my past my passengers. My cousin Frederick Crop Undergrowth I drank. Llosa Fredericks called here. You see more down to Earth. Brother like really talked to like I feel like I feel like headsets. Mad At this for Sean Slang tongue as in his in a the white has no problems with this show so we're pushing letting allows the bike side by will appreciate shouldn't be on there today on there now and Yeah definitely got bikes. You do it. I cannot get them see so aware by the congregation. Still at forty. I live right sending you said you have forty two church out of them. It's sick cocoa. Go visit and move on. Yeah fishpond that. He's still about an a clear of pain a way out. I say that I'm thirty. Five minutes or eighty minutes from also out. Celtics in pro tally Nagla Think will will be the Jonoski. Jonathan Gates is the king of a Boston comedy. I'm going to link you up with Jonathan Gates Since you only thirty five away from him This is a good brother. This is a funny brother. His spiritual bye stomach on those came out of my man. Okay good good so I'm glad that you're you know no more ready so as I said well we. Both bill is collected at collectively as a group. Show some luck to your group into your congregation. Hopefully everyone you know a recovered from from the cocoa on Black. That you bob and weave in the cultural. Im as well. I got tack on the three times already so three times. I've been exposed to the cocoa. My girlfriend is a nurse in night. I've been seeing back so listen we gotta go back. Need you to get back into the shop and so you still playing Massachusetts. Good a will relate a message to hurt you. Say Okay. You're always you do. I'm glad that should under the and the oversee God bless you. God bless God bless. We wanted everybody. The minute goes. Show you guys some love. All this might be a bill collector. Hold on and if it is. We're going to talk the morning. Show semi bobby aren't Geico. Everybody orgy eight Johnson. I'm confident I wear off by will the and I'm glad that you didn't use very mostly yesterday And that's what we do here. We shall billings. That's what we do And then we appreciate being involved in the show in taking up the time to listen to it and and and thank you for that goes for me going for you. All I enjoyed for you I enjoy of the Fellowship. Was everyone you know. The Best of all have made in implant in the morning I wake up. I'm glad we now. Of course a good argument for me. thank God. We all woke up especially being a senior used to run around with a hot stem in my pocket. But I smoke crack so wait a minute. Your whole life or war vogue on irritate audrey. How are those grandsons of your not yet not yet not yet open your mouth not yet? We're not going to deflect opened up your mouth. Come up cynical of some cocoa babies so I have to realize there's more there's more so keep it close. Okay hold on hold or these Open that last ratio and still China. Can't overdose those Nice Day. We gotta we gotta bought the cocoa baby. This is a cocoa abortion. Kumasi off and I just committed an abortion. Kobe's shopping chapel circa to have a great weekend. Just remember every day we have to be thankful for a you know what's around breath then we have to consider the fact that big time of surfing to fellowship without family. And you know it up. Check yourself you know. Look at the news that you need to big can make you a different person. They can make you a better person. They can help you to what this thing is over. You know to do yourself for bad business as usual. It's time for a free of all Klein Fan. Whether it is the goddess five right so much on the Friday building Friday or you we. We will go back and chat. We'll we'll have the time all right. Great actually and sending my grandfather go fabulous. They behaving whole my oldest one. My Fund has been going out every morning with a grandfather bike riding and trying to keep them busy and keep their their mind massage because they are very easily me to have a mind was the arch in over a year of a word lovie. I haven't but that sounds like a great idea because we're going to be off the show this week get out. This began my day. So I'm GonNa get into a movie a moment we watch that. Would you know to go to the shot you out on? Put your hearts in what we do right now. We're GONNA come back. It is a Good Friday. Go ahead. Dj here that was the bread So we are back. It's made fifteen twenty twenty is those FBI back. Shaw was show features scenes way from what is starting right. The chat room is open. Please show each other some love of data call in the phones. Ring here. The numbers down. fossilized ninety two six five zero broadcast iheartradio radio. Dot Com Shaw. Everybody's show dot com. Connie Worldnet Avio all podcast platforms and not Almighty facebook last so we can share this show. God bless born Cologne on of a result. Yes Sir have a wake-up teams coined by Green Call from New York City? Yes hold on the morning. This is my green. The original I say I say the biggest Promoter in New York City and all the promoters this man right here made the blueprint for all U. promoters including myself to how to how to go in. My mornings are revolt inside this one after five. Am checking on check Gelson Anytime Michael you bobbing. We've that cocoa or did attack on the jewel waving because on the sexual worker. I'd tell to say that she is and I go into the city from New Jersey every gate all. I've been doing this House Studio and back once Mon to the supermarket Totally predictable grossness. Sanitize everything I I'm not quite. What will we give it in your voice you use in yourself? Love you assume. Recently I went a New York L. Shannon which you guys in was sold out a bit and this was Mike. Black and gold production straight for grown folks Soon as this thing over Mike I know you got a whole lot lined up pillow. My home like call. I let me open my own mouth about right hold on. There's some Gogo babies I got killed. I gotTa do a quick them. Babies CH- might get though your mic. I'm sure when all this is over with man it's a folks at. I'm telling you you WANNA go to grown event. Get dressed up weekend. Trips might green black and gold. Production is the only way to go. You get your money's worth and we tie leverage man that you hire need to do a Benson to shows meant thank you so much of bettering be ex or ex like joke butter and Eric. Fall that boss. We invented all of it. If it was put his promoter you will have no motors in Jersey and you wouldn't have no promoters in Pennsylvania because this guy had the blue. Clint okay how bill right now. This guy invented old this well. I know I know now all your Tau all your Taco Tuesdays in the two one in the white of an black affairs in the you know he came up with all it is. That's give something the do besides regular sad. Mike Green Remembers J. on all year and I am Barbeque Long. You just said I'm GonNa sending you and he wants me to bring you all. Okay disinvited bobby and Sydney Cindy and these young ladies qualified. We'll get nice and dressed up and we definitely I'll find and dressed up and here's the most miserable score part of this before we go. You guys might money and I think it's a strong possiblity. Find a quality men at of Mike Green of debt because he has won events. Where here's our best are equal? You know. Sometimes you go to an event and there's nothing but a hundred women and no men Not What Mike? You guys will find a postal worker but driver a construction worker and executive at events that also while looking forward for that. I'm sure they'll be marrying right but I enjoy the diverse everything but we saw the might listening time. Do Your House music classics a I need to put it into groups that they can also use also agreed. Dj as well my goal Stay mass ups. They loved thinking. Okay okay you ever call get that Lysol and kill those Kobe's my dream it. Okay cool and I alone again Good morning or good. You're looking good this morning. What's going on here. In Bethlehem right now is sixty one degrees the highest going to be eighty two start writing yet. Yes it's drizzling. Right now y'all Excuse me is it would be- partly cloudy today and we will have evening. Storms IN STRASBOURG. Fifty nine degrees. Eighty to hide same cloudy and With the sun in Strasbourg and North New Jersey. Sixty three degrees eighty two for the high mostly. Cloudy and rainy but the Sun will come out sometime in afternoons where they may have a little. GonNa Tease. You're a little bit in New York City. Sixty three degrees eighty two four high rain again in partly cloudy in Atlanta. Eighty one degrees eighty two hundred high partly cloudy but the sun is GonNa come out sometime in the afternoon for the rest of the days to be quite beautiful in Miami. Seventy five degrees seventy seven high. But it's GonNa be thunderstorms pretty much. The whole day in Los Angeles sixty one degrees seventies for the high and clear and ends Chicago fifty nine right now. It will be a high of sixty three today morning rate was going to give away to clouds and a little bit son in. Apnea. That's what I have for. You all wasn't like where you are because coming to you live from the show. Having Shafi transcending Jay right will get you more to start right into this. I want to see the hearts right now in the chapel. I swear I need to see the hearts. We all need all in this together. We want to show each other. Some love today on a feel-good Friday. This show is dedicated to you guys. Please let's get these hawes going right now. Feel good fulfill the Friday of want to give a special shout out to all our creepers that thousands of said listen radio DOT COM IHEART radio all these other platforms. May God bless you guys. May they just want to listen to the people out on the West Coast? The people down South All God. Bless you thanks for listening. Thanks for tuning in to our haters. Essential work like Mike Grain. We are here for the ages because they hate the show but they love the show at the same time. We are a for you haters. I would like to salute you. Thank you so much for China. Bring the showdown cancer to it and you love it. God bless snack sittings in the chat. Will we can do this. Show without complete. Let's Wanted to put this the platform in for this energetic. Sukhois in the Chat Room Beautiful. That is in their younger nut in the building in that he just popped him he just wanted to. Santiago shepherded keep go talk. Let's which is the Queen Dining in the building. You Know Queen is in the building to check with that. The check didn't check onset city. Let's go to with hearts with a heart. Ritholtz turned down Hayes with heart set with the heart heart with a heart set with heart set with Oscar. Who who who? Who who? What's what what. Hey Hey who wants something with a heart attack in chat with heart in the chat room where the arts tend to check your art Saturday. Chat Room a with Arts Offsets. The let's go down with heart. Sacked heart attack turned Jennifer with a heart. Satisfy Heart Zack's over the turned out with a little harsher. What what what. What what what. Barbie that trash I heard his sean. But you know what else I see? Xiaotao bootleg is guy no. They used to hide that shirt. You're lucky it saved you because we're only in like a square and I saw a one tag but then when you started moving I was like. Oh No Sean babble on still I Lee showing show shirt shouted that shirt that nobody else would buy except you okay glad villainous full God bless you city. This is the this is one of the officiant Nike shirts. I keep showing that which the two checks. October was bootlegged. I'm bought this out of the full line was like eight. You still bloody shirt. Nafta's others shirt wouldn't go with something not had a new style. That's the new stuff they need. This is no. That's what you'll be able to white next to the city and you and you guys. The back of the shirt has writing on it but I crossed out. They go to church. His shirt is made that the. It's supposed to warn sitting vice to take with you next time. I can't some checks now again a little. I just wanted to okay. Starting to it's official. He got the Hoodie C. C. Joe but to Joseph. You like check check you good mackey. Come about new new Joe but wearing Saturday. Nice now you may want to Alan. I br anyway. I can't afford it so all right. But I'm just saying like I I don't mind bootleg whatever but this was official. I want this of this is official to check shirt ratio. Said now Sean Machine got stuck in double check with me. I know what it was next to the ends. So that makes that Fisher was a whole rock joy. Not what did it to use some of my birthday gift for that day? Wow so I see I knew I should have just bought it myself. Is that a leaving you to your own devices so to take credit for that. That's what I've watched for your birthday. Short this Rob Gould lecture. I would've appreciated if you would have bought some thoughts with but it's okay. I'll tell you this is not a bootleg shirt. A joke cosign. And I'm telling you I don't think this was a I in footlocker. They got all the official ninety all with other stuff. Whatever grants they saw nap. Where the surprise me that you would get a shirt. That looks like a bootleg. Aw You put in the wrong picture of this sure and let sitting know that this is not a bootleg shirt. I can't I how to convince you with Joe butters coincided. I don't even think we need to go center that's right. John has spoken annual. He spent more money for the customer to say I would need to chat. This woman is eight. Million ratio is individual the your race. Who would you say Horatio Gonzales? Be BEING NEXT TO BE NEXT TO BE X. Represent my box folks. That's all I'm saying. Hey Harris show us working stop barking his shot her ratio gets money regardless working shot? By the way I feel like people. Just drop off by the during link up sitting. I don't know if you remember Horatio at the boat ride on the. Us twisted that night. She is a very new. He got very attractive. Toil Latino Women's in J. Nothing but swag so yeah. You're right if she's not making any money. Somebody's giving it to let me tell you city. Bobby I would give horatio three hundred dollars right now right smash that but I'll also you try to. I'm GONNA her three hundred dollars at three hundred dollars about who wasn't in a relationship and I'm single at this age of my life. There's no dating around. I got three hundred dollars less mash. That's all of that so look a whole that. I'm no I'm not no. I'm looking forward to John. John Talk Three hundred. Would you smash somebody right now for Chrissy will wattage? Joe Is going on you but we see you and you but as negative. We'll take a break with US dollars off of that. The break don't belong in. That could right one fifty wasn't you? Will you tell me you can't finish this doodle? One break company. Answer you you got. Let's say thirty seconds. Short jokes feel that been without a father is good often. Three minutes says his dad on shadow termite city in about three minutes anti leads. Fifteen wrong I kiss. And what he's saying is a mini tops up for the challenge. But I'm the one committee okay. I know lunch being Horatio Venice off in about three minutes. Yes she's going to get the hell out your payment. I I do believe right. I can't dad against show too early talking about. That's not enough time even crazy. Our our raised. Because you've got all your little magic pills so I'm not saying you cannot be. Egged never never done that. Were having worked in five years so you know what I'm saying so I can't be spontaneous anyway so count me out. I saw provide you single shot. How's he doing? Yeah got appointment with Do the teleconference on the twenty and Maria wants a new medication. He got some talent conference policy yourself. The camera I gotTa Yeah. I'll keep you got exposed myself. Virtual Point appointment with my allergist. I'm going to expose myself. And he's going to give me some more upgraded by business. Google dual he said. Yeah I got expose myself. D create. Wouldn't women or maybe twenty at eleven forty five seats didn't grow up. He has some Viagra E so I could continue my love life. That's right yeah. I'm a bus for the next six months can't TM mountie everybody know. What have I suffer from the of my prostate operation so I had to take a special type of by Agla? Cj to perform sexually? Shout out to you though Sean because you got it checked out and you did what you. How many men around there? With a with a flu gazing prostate. Check your check your prostate rob. I was about it was the Hennessy talker and we will reconvene big call them these those angle the listener sir. You Dog may five exact. Sean Sean hoagie. Since you woman out of Control Mr Brown case Brown well in the end the new license. What's this myth with the West Indian? They need the Guinness doubt to get. That doesn't what was that all. Does I drink before like wait. Eight years right wing garbage of they need washing show really. That's your friend Sean. Right does your I show it. Would you have like a live like a male blackmail band so performance stripper right next to you dancing for you and you give them three hundred dollars to do that while you're doing the show? We do that without no conduct. I want dancing. Because he wasn't is what he wants. He wants to be paid for services. Oh no no fine. Asked me to your left that we don't see that's a neg- running around. He got a heavy. Like this is heavy game is like this Bobby Cologne by dislike that bobby and these dance and have you be like hey come out they you mom. I'm about virtual joking this week. By tweaked up. Go to EUBOEA the going to my. Webex and write. You're right sue. Ground with all that Organiz. If you have that organized for the show's over call back and let us know we can find it and the dog walking a real dog. That sounds like you've got to L. Already Brown Sydney accent valid question. Would what kind what kind of? That's the loud is barking cat. I ever heard him. Ground a Yorkie Brow. Dogwood eat dog though that go in the garbage can get a real abroad. Do you walk it or do you carry it in a war to your back. Lebanon's ribbons on the dog and trashing opinion. And you know that's crazy you brown lines ground Brooklyn grow. You're not get the same story ban. Okay hold on let me see. Let Me Ladies Room. Put the number one in the chat room if you love your cut the number. If you don't and let me ask the two young ladies here Bobby. Log on a man comes into the house. Where The York now? Okay Cintas turn me off but you gotTa know cine a Yes. Or No. A man with a your. I'm I'm not feeling that well you know. It's different circumstances daughters Brown's Brown. That's your dog your doors but you're watching the dog. That's your dog and right now right now. The women are not feeling grown. That's okay that's okay. You just said the women love love need. You'll be grant how much attention the man with a small dog. Get you a great Dane Mr Brad. Bull another rottweiler. That's go back around. Komo slaps half of dogs at the moment of while you're figuring out. Carrie okay situation so we can put long for you going back to route pits. Gay being well. She played a simple only right real man we grouse and it takes a real man to rob a Yorkie win. A row of the ladies not turned on by New York ear. I that's Okay Brown can can you can walk one more. Can you stomach senior though? Can you squeeze when you can see whoever well squeeze the dog? So I'm using the war. Were you this. Show you all where we only have. We only got to one person. Y'All be overcast right. Nate Jones is. Hey Hey Diane Diane Hall. Good Morning Culinary. Williams is in the building. Ron Johnson. Hey hit grow. Thomas King is in the building right in decides the troublemaker. Is here young out. W M Dixon. Hey aren't you natalie? Right is here Joe. Good Morning Joe. De la is in. The Hague shot a trip was the shining Nanna Mathis. It's in the building. Net Net nest. Rock no is hit beautiful warning. The Que- is in the building. Y'All y'all say good morning to League. Good Morning Queen you. The godmother of comedies Miss Teen Graham. Hello Beautiful Steve. Mulligan is here Cristina drowning. The Short Brown olive ahead Bill ONE IN SHARON. Mckay is in the fields in the way. Staying home this here. Hey dwayne shown logan what's up Sean. Alice King Servant of the Marseille rain most nights. Are you think she's been in the room of? That's my homegirl. From Brooklyn. Okay okay. That's my home. How up was basically service girl apprentice? Cats hey boom Komo news. The Rabbit Rack Eric. Martin in the Building Eric. See Elliot's near Hey trove drew teens. Markets missed one. Email Johnson in the building Rodney roundtree. Hey Roddy Kishan Williams is he surrounded down in your long. The Rams Tiffany Thomson Good Morning. Y'All Audrey Josh Tae Johnny Whip. Oh Good Morning Johnny Nicholas Jordan Henry. You Mineta George in the building rocky thousands here. Hey Rocky Eric. Chat Room member of the week a chat room member of the week jam on Jan Little Bit. More Renee. Wilson is here but that Rene beautiful south. Hey can't treat showers sean. Hayes IOS hager clear Russia. She did with Jackson the building career. Williams's hand crummy than her route. Dray shot dre war. Retreat Rory tree top razor fear might say rainbows Corinne Lewis Nassau Diez in the building. Good Morning Time Godfather of solar tracy rates in the building without a trace. Save make fat and it's here Song Harris Robert Paul. Younger nut is in the building Asia Jacob. Hey Girl Cadillac. Kit Digital can let kids in the building. Arrived lease got terribly. Is he a daily lendsay? Washes and ability. Mr Brown one second shots Lindsay Watson. And she's still in there. That's my cousin. Laura's cousin your Mom's side Yes so shout marine warning out and welcome hold on a welcome Lindsey Sydney. You call it a little bit city. Open them out of the accord. It better be catching on. We got miss. The listing Brad at the border with Thomas Lowers the. Hey Kevin Thirty now. If here denise garrison what do these Twain Lewis he hates wearing shouldn't be good love? Hey Goro Sean. Jones in the building. Marvin Rodriguez Natalie turns in the prophecy. It is building marriage. Good morning marlow woods here and an army mark one of my friends that I don't like when he listens to the show ended now standing young man or ladies light skin. You got the Green Eyes. And he's very very very long. Every Buji young man with wears Khakis with the sale and choose ain't gotta be because he weighed at. I'll do that now. He's allocate cosign Veneta. Yoki has the scarf around the neck and ladies when you when you will just thought he'd any maybe a little bit ladies you will and you would probably want to have sex Liu. So he's one of those because he very selective like a cookie big toe. He ain't even messing with one of those guys. Jacob homes in the building Jacob Marina chocolate understand understandings hager OAKHAM with Morita. Yep Yep we sure do. We should do who was hands. A Beautiful Margarite Margarite Winston Twain with the Pants and Valerie. Tab is vague. Or I'll who else is he Sharon excuse me Sharon Elaine Brown in the building. Good mom sharing Hasaan garlic in May last but not least tenure Washington good girl. Those are the names that I have seen today. If you guys WANNA get shot it out much you put a hello hi civil out. Yes we totally appreciate it. Are you going to let me talk? Yes to say. I'M GONNA go extra all our new listeners. Stay connected with us. I'm sorry the Shaun Murphy wedding show featuring the broadcast of right now make sure that you like and follow us that you know when we go live we also have a group page. That's on facebook Sean. Harvey Morning Show featuring the week team group. The group is so much fun. Please you guys join. And if you haven't already at fifty of your friends it grows the group that grows the final so we really appreciate that. We are also on the iheartradio platform which is fantastic. Just make sure that you download the APP. If you don't have it go under podcasts. And Click on Sean Harvey Morning. Shall we appreciate it will be much sunny day? We have a cast at. Please donate to the show in that. Bill appreciate all. The Post has been donated to the show. Thank you so much from. The bottom of my heart keeps the show running. I do appreciate out. Cash at is the Shaw morning show a s. Harvey Morning Show. That's all cash. I'm sorry I said And also we have a a website pleased sharp months show dot com also. We have merchandise on sale. We have the Chapman member of the week t-shirts. Please appre oil. You can wait for the next two weeks for them to come in sizes as up to a four x a few weeks after that we have the God bless merchandise coming out. We have coffee mugs in hoodies and all that so please rocky Sean Harvey One show featuring the WACO team merchandise. We appreciate that now. Cine before. We're we'RE GONNA we're not gonNA take a break. We're GONNA NASA CHAT WILL MEMBER. But before we do that. Bobby Cologne one of sin shot out to a one they thing about Marlin of ladies if you WanNa talk them all and you got you gotTa have deep conversations but show me. He wants he wants to get into your intellectual soul and mind as well and also want to give a special shout out to our beloved Scott Syndey Not Lee again and where he do we he did lease got job mud and I think maybe this only a few outta lean cowpokes out bobby. Komo's owning you of our members that have complete access to the group room where they can pull. There's really only at the job. This maybe two or three and everybody else has to get approved and not get that sin A. I got a message from the facebook yesterday for my Scott Accent. We we lease spreading. The big news and facebook flagged us on that show a Li. You're breaking down the quality of the group of city. Still as of now no worries he still has full access to the Google. Best is my nephew but Lee. We got an IRA you watching you. You do have signally we we. He said he sees that you and I are heading heading your a fake news. Lee Read Hakko Adventure Berg Lee. You've been called out. We're just try to keep working group up that's Riley before you gonNA stop posting things. You still have full access no question about it. Do you check because you got that you get called out politically backs. I screamed Sean. Lee is sending to you with audio. Got called out by a facebook. Vigorous monitor of the tax. We WanNA keep the group at a at a level lead so please go back to the Filipino. Guys jumping off the Ledge Mall. I think that would be interesting to you. We didn't get flagged for that one. It was a weird exactly so so leaves. The trend set of goop woman. Legals UP IN EVERY MEMBER OF FAMOUSLY. Does Shelly laws and share at least one of these polls in gap block it literally it away right. I said it before group Members Day away from any Lee Scott host just enjoyed oppose renamed keeps you. Can you like it? Not like weird real. I don't want no more in boxes for listening. Quick break in Chat Room. Remember Week Chat. Remember the he sean. Who's IT GONNA be annoyed? Leave you just go away. That's right Sally Thomas Lawrence family will get you in trouble. Do you WANNA give testimony. What happened you girl riding on posts for twenty four hours right girl did PELLAGRA drew I want to say on and that is such a shame because we're off same for the rest of the to see here drew. I you guys on some of you asking about Michael Grass Papa. Dave's about yesterday. I guess what's Today Friday probably? Oh yeah even out Wednesday. He said he's been awhile and then he's going to be out or a little bit. Catholicism is a grass. He's not a long pass. It all so shout out to my grass. But my what are you? Don't like the way he was talking. Bang away workers something awhile. But like he's still doing so I was like St Justin's right you stream stream. What's going on a street? We're going read about? Covert Mission Right now. Bring Grass these at ease listening. He's just not here right now. Down Economy out outlets so we're back It is it is six minutes happy hour. Walk Back Shawn Moise. I saw the NASA Chat Room. And when we go straight onto the news. Okay a short show. Have you WANNA show Cine Barbie Shelley? What would you got moved over the week? I called to give testimony statement J. F. Four or go up. What he's got the crew you gotta keep telling or clinical lab but rather than about who beyond this actual movie on. Netflix is about the cocoa within fifteen minutes. Talk in that stuff To something that was true. I feel the Jack. But then it's a real movie on on me. I've even when the get things if they Jackie's beneath in a painting. I can't pull a whole week chapel. The breeze over there brees on a mission life about. He said he's never been at the jail. Yeah I find it hard to believe me your rows spreading out this information but you it be safe to say that Liz symptomatic and jail. He's matic so he's reading all this silly. That's a funny story. Girl Station with was factual from from Lee. She posted it. They said it's fake news and she gets blocked and Lee leaves got does he just keeps posted legal. Nobody spraying this. WanNa Post Corona virus. You know obviously we're GONNA call you. Lee Kobe Nineteenth. Scott terrible terrible terrible or act semantically. They feel nineteen selley. He's yelling offer apple ear five. I can't stand here before basically I. I don't burn the mail but I call him all kinds of names. They don't come after the will win the girl in our repulsive Amok Cajun of groove got. I could tell you to any growth any Govan. I wasn't administrative for Lisa. She's telling us. Actually I only just that you reframe for mobile from the king forty five because the only thing they do in this compiling more post in even though you're not threaten them Mr Lehne Post and they're gonNA shut you down off your mortgage and every other page lead came forty. I want you to take King. Forty five want you do. I want to take king forty break and go after Mike Pence okay. Well do you want to stay on the glass okay? So it'd been too long. Let's be creative. Show this do some some pence of what we can go back to the out. And if you don't mind I don't want you to get knocked off because we all keep forgetting is that we signed an agreement to be on this platform. This is not a platform. This is really not. You're not we don't own none of this. We'll dream behaved. Agreed to behave cirque split because some reason we forget and we think that this won't platform this is not the keeping up with the name off kind of Great Talk. You know but you got this she. But here's the one thing you assess the terms and agreements of in conditions of being thankful we all we all forget that we all get the mass mob by. Stay off my pay. This is my. It's not your name Ma. Played people go like this if you like my page stating off. Montana. I don't one of them. Though this chilly everyone in chapel you don't own it so just be mindful of that. We love to see our blood twice for over thirty days. Ella group great got block of my own. Group's wife's days grew grew. We got blocked for one day. Eat this so let's do. Let's I noticed. I noticed I noticed is not as stimulating. Pause it can be created at the pinch. Let's let's let's see how your game about it? Leave king out of the pets in in like we said. Please refrain from sharing any Lee Scott. Don't they were still doing off? But the thing is God thank you. I'm really shelley. This is what we're GONNA do long. We are going to ask the Shatt. Won't member of the week low excited? Who IS GOING TO BE? Who is this? GonNa be a chaplain remember currently Eric Well. Oil like Horatio Gonzales. Joe buttle of and now I would I would be X. Legends also Wanda Sandal Sheppard From the X. Heroes Have Been Chapman members the week. Oh God anybody what happened? Also as you know a captain one chat remember. We didn't give a damn that he was chatting the week Max in about I think r Kelly back then and he got God. Bless you sir going well into my five foot nine. Ram grabbing you know off that very happy fifteenth awesome dates. How do actually was fatally off Washington High School Basketball Team? They had it all on his things all the jam competition. You guys work. Washington state CAL clawing and the bat being west coast champions. No polacks you've been putting cocoa championships. Here how proud. How do I knew boy? This is a beautiful thing man off this girl and she tall five nine. I still growing up. Bobby great about this before. We announced a chat room the week. Now Leonard is free. He's off his medication. He can leave the state of Georgia and now you can try to contest his back out. I think he'd be put back. I'm you for the sake of when you now me now a patty shut you down. That's that's why he 'cause it's still crazy things where we don't let show I show up with my a good tool fifteen or airborne ranger candidates About two hundred dollars in me. Evernote tied was all up in bed. Because you could move airlines. You'll we pull the whole the whole of coal stock everybody's logging don't let this come at you like. This can't really hear what he's saying. So is it relevant. That Dow? We'll let say back me. Go off. Leonard Leonard Bobby's trash said you you let a Man. Bobby dementia he baby. We'll rangers you said. Saw the calm down near and paralyzed. You keep you in that bed. Like he was in the last four years. Shut everything down dot com. Which suing. Would you need a calm? I couldn't really say 'cause I would have responded zone as you said. I couldn't hear him clearly like suppose to pay down to the by word about England worried about penny. He just needs to take his medication. Going having Gone Down Sanam Campaign Barbie. Guess what we are going to announce of the week. Are we doing now? All unlike unlike other shows the fall off the hook it so we take the show to our beloved listeners on Fridays. We really appreciate. We're going get into the nose and it's all open but we always liked to party and have a good time on a Friday. Thank God Jesus. We're all alive today. Are you. Go Bobby Look I like to send you look great. Which which here become everybody club over here girl the dollar during the cocoa when you were handwritten you gotta keep on day around. When we'll come and go all right. Bob You got you got you got the whole beyond you. Sitting member mass. Make him but I'm trying to. China can't stay late last night. She's like fouts how them late last night. You know him do it. Looks Fabulous you down half of your here to Sydney right now. Just take off the right side. And I'm sad him say he doesn't have some more everyone's doing came down fine. Magma love the natural right they might be right. They let a natural girl we know. Do maybe you show but I have gotten many with my national here out. I love a slutty. Weenie on some. Hey I don't give a damn about that. Eric Bob do it. I don't like that decided little. I don't feel like walking in the park. Apples one we've in slutty styles you so much by marches and some of the ladies if they interested. Can you pull a little bit of that gently? Pull some of that hair? Accurate acted out. This colleges like hey saying bad. Say something about the poll. Watch now no you WANNA get out so I came chapel. After count of three will billiton. We'll take a break and then we'll get into the news. We are going to announce the chat room number two week. I am super excited to show you la at the counter three ready you can do it. Just count the three. And then bobby do it. All backwards no does thank the godmother. Hey do we check the check of the weekend? Goateed COLTY NO GOATEED. Bella check a goatee being check. Could you go team of with people? Do you guys know what you Tina Graham Lanes in the garden? Comedy always in Chattanooga who loves the SHOW SO MUCH TINA? Congratulations Chat Room with me right back from the this team. I don't know she was here now but she wants to talk June sometime also. Search eighteen took away can take. You always get suspended off. Basically let you go now. He's trying to get my facebook page suspended again. Always Penny Leonard Page. You go back. I can't even. I think that'd be mad at Leonard Roy though because like on my spare time but I will just leave comments about adding anybody just leaving my comment right and people come for me and I have to. You know. Go back to you. Know calling shine two days. I have like fifty to comment on on defending bitcoin. And then just walk away over there weekends. I do get facebook comment wars and I'm GonNa stop that you don't three. I have a comment coming to me from something I said three weeks ago. You Know Mary. Tyler decided she she wanted to chime in like it's just. It's too much while you do it. I don't understand China's sickly. Well obviously what I'm saying is so poignant that they just have to comment on it has sixty two thousand five hundred comment. Why pick wise you rate me? Some English age set. No doubt me one girl say only. Because I had time today I'm going to entertain Foolish Celescu normally that time but that I had I had to shut some then some time we have somebody yes we do. What is the Godmother Commie rule member of the check number of a witch jam cocktail chat of the retake chat group of the Rape Campbell? And Tino team listen. We a loss for words Barham Colosseum of Tim. Graham has been supporting this show and God bless you appreciate you a Tina gramps in Asia for a celebrity ever. You have have ever had didn't have some Tina has showed you love Tina showed. This group will love if you're not in grand. This little team is the godmother comedy has produced some of the biggest comedy shows throughout the years and had an ensemble for all major acts in comic as Sidney J responsible for my comedy career as well so you. God bless you know Tina for Abedin Connie? Cj For sixteen years sent a Sina ground. We love you you to chat room number of the week now being chapel number week. There's certain responsibilities to behave yourself throughout this weekend and next week you represent the show not only do the show you amongst the elite put this Koch Nope polars purple. Bk's finace Stanley Earl. Audible you rank up there with with this young man Graham. God bless you ought to chat remembered week and not everybody. Let's we're going to give her the floor. The godmother real watch you guys. They wanted to meet you. I know I can't wait. All this is over. I want to meet you a read on sweet signing. Yes I love you shekel way again by people a chance to in the morning ninety eight point seven like a family you know the end up you know felt bad for a day you know. I know what heartbreak Michael Will Act. Team God bless you inboxes pitches. Tina Graham has been picture those of pictures from Graham. You'd better believe me when I say that. Yes he's one hundred of with me and a lot in Boston pitcher. We don't put up there today. This is very exciting. Tina grand you all the chat room. Would we love you? We learned thing you know then. Well Okay we'll just look I cough treat me with my mom right gotta get because we will get it because we'll babies about looking today all switched out you fat involved. We we the night they this big you Tina you. Because you're the check grew member of the week. Hey check on the other week. Jam One item going back going back into challenging. Goblets city could only talk. Continue to Greg's congratulate the Jack Jay Cutler recovered the news. You know it's field. Go Friday going on because it makes me feel good. Even feel good. News is always the same stuff though light somebody donating something at them Windsor You're listening to stop out. So I shouldn't do her like has like time. He can really excited you. When you get more laid back off this show this show and they told me that if I knew him he there's a possibility to bleed to death. Remove three I was like well. What's how good are spooked? Your doctor Rab. Don't you burn? Who was going around? Like a stencil around me like some. Don't always want to avocation of cutting all service areas of men which includes dogs nine Old City. We'll come back. I TOOK THEM BACK. It is a the fright in a good location for today. Feel great city. How do you feel today? Okay I feel great said well then guess what the Friday. Welcome back twenty. Four minutes at the our society Make the list. This one that we're to get some front page knows a please share shit. Show God bless each and everyone 'cause she's s to the ego in why in you can't deny you got the front page news Joel Seamy. Jc Go all the way. She got the new job as to ingle double in. If you can't deny he kept front page news show. Thanks Bobby. Y'All balloons GILMER ON I. Well yes you guys. Good Morning. It's me Sonny J with the news. Hey I am going to get you some local news right now the I. I don't get a lot of local news token ours about areas. Not really so much going on your area. Northampton right has still considered the area right. We read leading. Okay well. I'm danger zone. I'm in the epicenter of Pennsylvania in Monroe so I said what is in Philly. We're high risk high with zone. You know why we shared it before black folks and Latinos in some of the some of the Babylonians the travel back and for away. Oh mess around and mess up one day. I just WanNa let you know that about alone. Years of black folks Latinos. They take the bus back and forth in New York. And that's and the poconos is on the borderline New Jersey New York and New Jersey and Pennsylvania also deleted valley with Barbie and eyelid. And that's why it's hot zone. All the of oversized it will be in. The POCONOS was born to you being know Tom. That's why. Cj are in zone. While I am definitely doing everything to stay safe over here prayers up for me. Thank you now again. Plans to announce the reopening of more PA counties today later on today governor. Tom Wolf said he plans today. Friday to announce more counties which will move from red to yellow status meaning. Stanhome orders will live and more businesses an activities can resume. He didn't give a date when their status will change Now Governor Wall speaking during an afternoon teleconference said those counties are yet to be determined at a decision will be made this morning Twenty four counties as you all know the northwest and north central part of the state. Move from red to yellow. They were the first of Pennsylvania. Sixty seven counties to allow to begin reopening. So we don't know the county's yet but they will be moving from Reggie Gallo which is a different phase. Meeting different type of business can open. It's like every time we are locker new level or you get like a movie theater open and the last level is like the club on the game. Movie Games gifts level. Right right right or you can say the Michigan cycles coming to win it so down only you. I'm sure I'll be updating the group where you guys will. Everybody thinks so Friday donations to the show. We really appreciate you Thanks discards pause for leave on that. Thank you five dollars. Save dollar all helps out thank you. Cj this state has went almost yellow within the county of allegheny. Which is the city of? Pittsburgh is located in is all red all up and down here from Harrisburg to of the Philadelphia. All the way North valiants Lee Valley all the way north to your location. But please believe me. That's going to jump a fortunately is going to jump the yellow because guess. What the Governor Tom Wolf here in Pennsylvania and even the governor of New Jersey Got Murphy even our all Monday quo yielding to the pressure of the economic reopening of this country. So city don't be surprised in the next couple of weeks and whole Monroe County. That's low when the POCONOS located in bobby down here in Northampton next county south. Don't be surprised that thing go yellow new few weeks mass being side okay. Last night season. Y'All might see you do us alive now back. You'd better give back. It'd be a right here right on. So you've got all dumping networking did you. All the truth comes out. One hundred five gushing half-price neck. Jimmy Twenty Twenty three. Come on outside to stay at home. He considered this is also continuing with local news. The Manav County district attorney well not prosecute businesses that violate the stay at home order on our county. Da David Christine said threatening businesses. That are already struggling with fine. Citations are wrong. Well I hope you feel that way as well prosecute ticket and other ears okay. Businesses County that. Choose to reopen violate. The governor's Dale Order. So you just saying. They can violate a federal order. A stay order to stay order. Whatever but that's the highest of our area in the great again doing the Wii just wanted to do. They need some kind of no then. He's the punishment because violated. They need to be. This is why Bobby. Collado said when Ozzy was on the fall earlier this Babylonian strong whole and these were black hole. Black Latino someplace white box will come with the balking dogs in the German shepherds from May days. We'll be in Selma Alabama black folks Walton route. This would be Bangla. And Black folks opened up something without the Babylonians authorities now Babylonian Babylonians they listen today. So that's why you are right back in the days too. Many liberties in this country works. We will under. I wish we will under our dictator Kim Jong Il right now because they don't put up with none of this who we at still but China China. Everybody go into the House. Don't come outside you will get. You will get lashes if you come outside. Our famous dictator in Philippine said. You will get shot. That's who we mean. Legal leadership like that right now because I love that secure stronghold and yeah we do. We do but why. Why did you got killed me? 'cause I WANNA come on. Damn you know a subtropical shot di shot or something but the all district attorney so so the district attorney is. That's his boss. The governor so we ended up finding his own boss by opening up and Monroe County. Because basically that's what he's saying he's saying open up. I'm not gonNA give you all. I'm not going to do nothing he's supposedly. He sent a letter to Harrisburg and local law enforcement. This week regarding reopening said in the letter I remain convinced that they use of criminal courts to enforce. The governor's order is morally inappropriate legally suspect why not only are you the fighting the govender? You stay right right so boarded insubordination. At the high end your he was like I got to say and guess. What squeezing next week in Monroe County? You'll be hearing this report. Who owns the mess with cocoa coming back? The town they grow say sky rocketing go saying Kogo said. Let's get back on walks bus. Because they don't understand this. It's amazing so Other businesses in Monroe county divided some say that they're going to remain closed until the governor says okay other businesses are like. I'm glad I have the option. I decide to open trouble. I mean they I want what's best for me and my people won't open. If I know the numbers are still have call so off not disappointed and the district attorney that this county you know that an and again with from the beginning of this whole thing. That is the problem. There's no there's no chain of command and rain isn't plays everybody the find each other too many not enough being nobody nights all over the place and that that scientist whatever what's his name bright or whatever over that testified yesterday and he said the darkest wetzlar of our time he's Jerry knows believe chuck mired have that Bellina Scientists. Who Know what they're talking about. That's GonNa believe he knows savings. Did you know the DOC is winner was in nineteen eighty eight and GONNA argue with that? Says we went there so we don't know but you got I could only imagine that's what my crack and dropped it in snowstorm. That's the thing. That was the stem. Get Wet. Was the darkest ever wits and cracking snow zero. That's that's why by movie up here so I don't have to know about crap in the snow. Show I come full circle. Sorry mom bless me know about the doctors. Whether it's not city you are right. How do Kala Titians do five scientists? Who Does this babblings me? That men and women who dedicate they lives for twenty thirty years people just jump on the scene they purchased diseases and viruses and these even implemented social desert number know anything about that without our scientists recommend madison gloves. All of that. If it wasn't it wasn't a politician that recommended that so if you this respecting the knowledge of these people that are in this field that nickel for a low when they do I know. Scientists must be scratching. They made the announcement of a district attorney and Monroe County in the cocoa. Not even qualify. Neither even in Mr well to open up businesses we human beings on a virus infectious that it could pass one person of three people. Get through your eyes or your offices right so you could get it in your eyes. It's ridiculous so booth to Monroe County District Attorney. David Christine Christine. David scenario which I won't valley. What are you talking about? It wasn't a real A. You cannot defy battery dropping stuff in the snow. Sean Will Valerie. Was you say you want to know about all? Was you out there smoking with me would you? Because if you know something in how you embark Houston smoke back in the day. Talk to me continuous. See You you're not gonNA disrespect Mike. Crackhead is break in record time credit back. What's going on Jamie Veils? GonNa say Januario. Say I was GONNA say Sean Harvey for president but we can't have credit smoke crack. Showing what have we got presidents grabbing for giants we have was who loose you know? I was smoking crack. Jamie when Pitt. I've got a power through grocery. Hey you haven't powered through and over years. Grocery trice really are spiking this alarm but cause for concern overall price of groceries route two point six percent in April which is the biggest monthly increase since nineteen seventy four. Do you remember that Year Sean? How much was Melcan? Nine hundred seventy four nine years old in nineteen seventy four this soup supply. Hold on dedicate this song Thomas took she talking about. I'm not a real crackhead. I think angry with you so real crack that we would have been smoking together. You understand what I'm saying my cracking okay. You hold onto it. You wasn't showing off. Dan Yellow Free Talk. Dedicate this on the balance early in the morning. Valerie Valerie living under that. They're still not listening. Talk about I'm not a real record has not been a soldier. Trigger one now disruptive. Food supply is to blade bar. People are cooking at hall but food suppliers and farmers being able to keep up with the demand to ship their distribution from restaurants to Rosewood store. Through and have seen the biggest change while the price of eggs has risen sixteen percent with them now while experts say changes and habits and demands are to blame others worry about possible price gouging. Attorney General Attorneys General from Eleven Midwestern states have asked the Justice Department to investigate potential price extinct among packing eight. So Sean noticed that you're in a relationship. Somebody cooks three notice. The you don't go grocery shopping known. No thing will guess what? Well guess what. I'm glad is a full show. 'cause y'all in this chat room and this will be eating anyway the citizens whether to quarantine healthy as hell you're gonNA come out a COINC- underlying conditions you'd need to shut your mouth and stop eating so much food store now take modify because to eliminate a gained about ten fifteen pounds anyway in the last two months just shut your mouth is where the fools this is the topic you puck get out there and start walking and get your whole body to go. Stop eating so much. There's no fool that why art takes longer. Excuse me. They are taking too often. Stop eating so much and this is the time now while we corentin at least for now it's going to be over in the mid to get yourself in shape lose a couple pounds. Feel good about yourself. You don't need to be eating every five minutes a day so I welcome short short. It's not gonNA kids. These adults feed the babies not to sell. You got back. Thanks right now. Now you can't put a number one in a chat room at the phase. Don't food the food is coming. And that's going to be a little bit more expensive so yeah just watch what you buy again again. I poured this any of you. Guys have experiencing at the doors like they're not restocking and size is it but if this stores and the items in the store are considered essential items. Why is it taking so long then you go. Stores don't have the employees as stocks. Any stores the employees. It's no sin non listening to your own stories you know why stock the supermarket. Y- reason because of the stories because they don't have employed in addition to pack the trucks. Everybody wanted to large everybody's looking at this job. I collect money collected and they was going one way. We'll you right. Can you say bay in Naperville? Anyway that's why you know. Take forever to get to the to the stores. Cocoa every disrespect won't glow. Prosser is like this. No I don't understand why did not we don and now our Walmart last week. And they had greg the stock on they had in the show. Where in on a pallet still in the box and it was none of Michelle and myself and when I need it because I'm my way we are trying to get into get out right right but found Super Mario. Lemieux what's happening? No communication and they don't they talking to they find right like how you know why they stand up. Goku gravitate the Kaliko. Will I have some? I don't know I need as good news to share but like white takes a long no Nicholas Johnson. Who's a Canadian student? Majoring in operations research and financial engineering has officially been first. Black Valedictorian in the two hundred and seventy four year history of Princeton University uniform to you. Nicholas now to you. Yeah you better go boy over to do the Van Wall. The universal historical announcement through a press release Johnson was excited. He couldn't contain it on. He said it feels empowering big Princeton's first blackout Taurean hold special significance to me particularly given for instance historical ties institution of slavery. I hope this achievement motivates and inspires younger. Black students particularly those interested in the stem fields. Which is a technology and engineering? Mathematics scaled stem stand for. I know I just forget. Not your definition showing no no burke as a member of the Princeton chapter of Engineers Without Borders Johnson worked as a software engineer machine learning at Google's headquarters in California in summer. He plans to intern as a hybrid quantitative researcher at Software Developer at Shaw Group which is Global Investment and technology development firm. Additionally this fall he is set to begin his PhD studies that Operation Research at key. Technology is so shout out to this young black. Wish I go see you and you don't hear ain't now while the day you use smart as you can't even pronounce his job description. I said duck back. Imagine somebody else quantitative do you may yes and also I know that. Was it those fields that story. That's gotTa have the news. We'll come back with sports. Real quick all all right but do you want baby shutouts Nicholas. John said how he was more mature and then bay long. This is to work for me. Well this game lead me I either. I'm today at eight hundred students. Boy I don't like Guy Right now. You're taking away like you got some guys younger than you are again like. They establish good. They got good jobs other kids. That's what you find somebody who's compatible on the same level movie man. He could be like. I am true more flexible. Love the you know where we'll be ain't GonNa have any hole just below latte crystals Y so here. We go everyone very exciting time. We're GONNA do a bobby been doing a great job with Harvey's houses sports so letting off because of sports to continue with our feel good story and Los Angeles dodger's outfielder mookie. Betts surprises supermarket. Shoppers in his hometown of Nashville Tennessee on Wednesday. As he paid for several shoppers grocery bills he paid their bill and he also supplied the grocery store employees with pizza and drinks etc As he still maintains a very close relationship with his hometown so I thought that was Mike. Low field goals three community although he don't live there anymore but you know he's he's still has close wait a minute wait a minute he makes. I. I'M NOT SURE PROBABLY ABOUT COUPLE million type it up with me real quick a bit type it up real quick. I WANNA know. You said he did what I mean. Don't get me wrong. Goblets did he. Boy He surprised the supermarket. Shoppers paid their grocery bills. Everybody in the supermarket yes and was there and then they didn't disclose how many awards piece of pride shoppers with everyday. Grocery an Adrian Pizza for the groceries employees sitting home much. You make a year. 'cause I won't like this. I think you should is estimated. That around six million dollars. When is he when does he do? He's in Los Angeles Badge outfielder. That's a lot for an outfielder right walking city and baseball salary world. That's not a lot of money. I mean it's two hundred thousand million dollars in. He's just but you know what he did. Good no question about it but I like if he was making like twenty thirty million dollars a year like really pizza all too now. They also said that. He does a lot of charitable things in his hometown fees. The homeless. He supplies them with shelter energy. Go so that was the only thing that just latest thing that he's the son in Nashville Tennessee Nice. It was nice I was doing so. Let's move over here. You got a foundations a ride a letter or my can. I can send you a note please as you know. It was when actor kindness. Everyone I was just checking to see if you have relocatable more to the community. I saw the league minimum wage. So he at that. Minimum wage signed me up. Baby Bobby you won't even slaying by for three hundred dollars. That's right next to you Erin. Leg these streets show. You might have come out a listening. The cocoa is not going to wear because guess what the cocoa is. GonNa be near the sexual transmitted as situation so article that is found his theme colder. But probably the next time I busted time. You meaning beware. Tanya girl value may go over was in in in arrest warrant was issued for giants on a corner. The Andre Baker on eight counts of armed robbery and aggravated assault with a firearm brand. These got anybody going crazy. And He's history wait. He's football player for the giant and he got like he's here robin folk the NFL. Season'S GONNA start. Maybe he might be be way. That's all do Barbie. What was he doing right? The Miramar Florida Police Department issue in arrest warrant on on Thursday for giants corner. The Andre Baker on four counts of armed robbery with a firearm. Four counts of aggravated thought with the firearm stemming from the incident allegedly occurred on Wednesday night and they also said that his accomplice wore masks mass and according to the testimony for multiple witnesses. Baker directed the assailant in the red mass to shoot an unarmed person on my God who is in a party. This baby crazy now. Active play today. Oh it's like a retired retired so I guess he added that any right he right burning period. Maybe I heard stories of Seattle seahawks corner in. Denver also has a warrant out for his arrest in connection with the incident on four counts of armed robbery. The David Application where the arrest warrant submitted to detective Mark Moretti of the Miramar Police Department states that approximately eleven pm on Wednesday Baker was armed with a semi automatic firearm and took money and watches belonged to the victims with force at a party at a Miramar. Oh you he's thought he was an episode of our stick up everybody at the party. Big allows his mind his mind. Okay or you know Cologne. These young folks smoking like Sydney would say loud announced. He must be nice. I finished family. You possibly has debbie probably also with the Hennessy. You know the devils drink. That has a lot to do with it. You know 'cause you just a sober person regardless suburban smell. All operation were known gay gay. He was on some other so way he was on. But he's got on his bed and then he was offered made clearly. Because maybe this crazy is how did break up the party where I'm Hala allegedly intentionally and unlawfully firearm creating a a reasonable fear of violence. The witness said under oath that he put to the good and him for his life. I would have been my life to somebody. Got A gun. Pointed my face. One witness said Baker had lost about seventy thousand dollars at a Miami Party. Two nights prior all with it is multiple witnesses San Baker and his cohorts had a getaway car. This was playing had a getaway car. Pre-position outside residents in a manner that will precipitate expedited departure from the resident off. Had this here playing this plan this the night before he was mad he lost coin. Toss it doesn't have voluntary training camp for the my input. We're pushing giant giant like voluntary workout. Smoke virtual so he had time against both. Why are you? How did you lose your money? Like fell out your pocket or gambling and your money this on his stick up parties on parties. Well did the word see what happens when all right there see you should have been practice so damn now look giving got stuck up got to sum up because we want to be potty stupid anyway. He's wait right now. Call a bake. His accomplish are alleged to have stolen at gunpoint in order to the alleged victim. Seven thousand thousand. Us currency in twenty five twenty. Five thousand dollars hub lot watch. What Thousand Dollars from big demand? Us currency seventeen thousand dollar Wa Washington say when it is in in another victim six hundred dollars another victim. Seventy dollars so yeah. They stole a good amount of money for people. I guess he was trying to get his time goes by so he was going to every individual your empty. You buy you wind up old fashioned speaker. They so he'd knees were needs to go to jail for A. He's a football player. I say put them in jail for six years. That ends that you. Disrespecting BILL COCO is a virus. I hear Andrew Cuomo causes the beast. There's no cure to a you hear so selfish That is all a little seventy thousand dollars. I say that respect the football play probably make more than that so you have not humble. You have no gratitude. You're not grateful little young. This is a this is a black man is one of my nephews. Right De'andre Bangert why we andres you you. You have salad disappointed your grandmother laugh. And you ain't step ball because that is gone and look at you. Now Look at you now. De'andre you look foolish and these cold streets and now happen he Andre. You're in jail right now and guess what you're GonNa Kiss Toco because Cocos in jail. Vr If you will practice open this boggy just said you wouldn't be in this position jail. No OKLAHO- ever again. And because of that advocate. That get a shot of the cocoa in his bright but she wants him to call for three years straight okay. I'm a goodness that's office sports today. Find US real quick. If you have to shout out. The people said in the chat room. Congratulations Tina grant whose jazz. I'm a very old Chavan member of the retain a Graham. Congratulations again drew. Is He Deborah Jackson? The low of cats thank you. Mr Robinson Maroma Johnson Net net net. Serano who was is he a duke. Were a free ninety nine. Lasley who has Jaime Rios in the building? Fabiana Fabio by y'all net net net. Serano Valerie. Tom Is Neuroma Johnson Marinas Siemens Is markets missed the one EMOJI Johnson? Who else in the bill dead young and see who else who else wells assure you as well sen Veneta George Henry Dot yet. We all say goodbye to the Queen. Anybody else that is one of the Antioch Sharper. Bob Beautiful Shot He. Johnston is the best in the Fosse. Right here. Ya Ass but okay school. No no as a bottle so great job is sold. Listen guys we appreciate your thank you. So much print leading the donation movement. Today we really appreciate your keep the doors open merchandisers or sell out. Put it in the group room a later we want. You have a blessed a weekend. A Great Day are also. We won't be in Monday because we supposed to have the system upgrade so we won't take Monday all and with be back to a hostile and hope hope with this system in my apartment so we look forward to that. Also don't guys of this Sunday Eleven PM India. We have to watch party. We have spiritual Sundays with the one and only kick no. So you're joining us India of Group A conflict. Any finding quick you guys get find anybody on facebook rubbing blown designs or Instagram Cologne Stylus. On facebook and is grim. Yes you guys can find me at sending Jay on facebook. Sending underscore Jay on instagram and sending Jay on Snapchat is three. Okay me on. Facebook comedian show hoping facebook instagram. Please create audio. Chapman member of the week t-shirts now. Even if you not chat remember week also purchase it. God bless t shirts in two weeks. So listen guys. Are we appreciate you guys so much have a blessed day a great weekend received Guy Sunday at eleven? Am of spiritual. Sunday's what may kid new he bought me sending. Let's wave at everybody. God bless you. We see all screaming weekend. Enjoy something else. Were off tickets by how often I listen. We're seeing with data base in the nineteenth nineteen nineteen. No the night knows nineteen county now so on Tuesday. Kobe begin talk.

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"Dan. As far back as I can. Remember I always wanted to be a gangster. And Our. Denver to more. into. Warriors! Probably Law. Managing the mood swings. Just just less. Shall we begin? Shall we begin? It is a Wednesday in the neighborhood. It is the love covenant. It is nine to noon at K.. Half a an. While enough on. Leading Basketball Baseball football hockey soccer. July. We Covet you. We love you. By. The waiting is so hard for nine to noon. com. Yeah. We got some baseball related cards. This way in the came up basis. National Football League via the athletic might have might have delivered and off the record source, laden ace yesterday, and here to talk about it the nine to noon presentation from the Brian Heating and Coleen studios at FM, one hundred point three Kfi am it's Paul. and My mad producer, nine, zero three good morning. Eric Nordquist producer Mr Matt producer I think I know. Out To get you excited and good morning. Good, morning what Tom. What gets to your core. I'm here to deliver what I feel right now gets to your core. Okay, and I'm not. It's not the carrier pigeon of Breaking News New News. It's just continuing with the pickaxe. On the Bulgar and just winging and swinging and swinging swinging, and the thing get chisel involved. Yeah, and you turn that complicated big rock into a bunch of little rock's. Because I. Think it might have been Sunday. You said something. We haven't talked about it since I. Read it that that saddened me and I was really hoping hoping that some things this way from a this week from a diversionary standpoint would go your and our way. Our Way being we're you. We got microphones, but were rubes. And when you were like. It just doesn't feel like summer. I mean summer I, think was the official date June. Twenty something like that. Yeah June twenty-first. June, twenty third something. Yeah, so we are I mean it's six to four year of large twenty twenty, so we are in summer and you were like it just doesn't feel like summer. I just can't get over the Hump so then of a sudden copyright. The waiting is the hardest part and Tom, petty. The proverbial Domino's began to fall. The by forecasting football faith father. and His eagles landed in my yard adjacent to my sinkhole. Monday and they were squawking and Major League Baseball. Offered up some aces Monday and then like a full hand. Of Three Aces in two kings, and you gotTa Fat Ass Full House and I can't see a straight flush around the corner to mess up. Your Day apart was scooped. We know how to get mad producer excited. And we know how to get a fair amount of the fan base listening right now excited in good morning. You're ready I'm ready. gravy training a bleacher report tweet. I saw last evening. And I thought about mad producer. July cannot come soon enough. NBA Resumes July thirtieth. MLB Games that count. July two three to four. NFL camps as the Eagles squawked. Late July. The seventy three percent there will be two preseason games. A third. Eagle was seen soaring and jockey, while it didn't land, but a dropped a note. And said take that percentage for a couple of preseason games from the mid seventies and Gordon bump it up to the low eighties. And one of them may be a road game at Stefanski. NFL camps late July. The preseason peace after that NHL projected to resume. Late July. Now that's the three of clubs. The word projected. Yes, it's the prognosticating version of redact. NHL Projected. To resume late July. MLS July eight. July Nardo. Buffet like. Doing site that. Tim Lady. It could be stimulating. You can sweat like you're in the Cincinnati heat and you can, and you can. You can exhale. And say summer has arrived. It's not a summer bummer four. NBA July thirty MLB seven to three NFL camps late July. This defense key piece might be in play NHL projected resume late July mls July eight. What else do we have to do to make it summer for you and good morning? I love summer, but everything you're saying just means I will not see drops of sunshine. I will not feel the cool breeze. Drops of Sunshine as opposed to raise of rain morning through my hair, I will not feel cool breezes I will not appreciate sunsets because I will be parked in the Sinkhole, July Norberto every single freaking evening. Excuse me, six hours of Wayne plus rephrase plays or not. Yes, you will be parked. In the newly revamped expanded sinkhole yes. Yes, correct, west side, no diggity! Dr Marin play rolling with the fatness. You don't even know what the half is. I can't wait man I mean. It was as quickly as the dominoes fell. Back in March Rudy go bear. Go home right remedy. Go Bare, stop touching. Everybody's microphones. I bet you I can make you giggle right now. I'll get Bob just I'm just all about getting. You excited this morning. Yes, but check make you giggle. It happened to me this morning. Completely forgot about it. It was everything for like two and a half weeks already. Yeah, okay, don't don't laugh. Just don't know, said Yeah Yeah. Yeah, clear. All the pallet is clear ready. Trent Williams talker. Curl member that sucker. Remember early in the purge when you tap on me for Saturday's. You'd have a non obvious question and I would get an answer for you. And like six minutes it was awesome and then I didn't have enough time to figure out how to slow. Play the background skinny, so I was like I. Hi, how Guy I think! I I know the Cleveland. Beds not right well. Actually I don't know, but that's what I was told. The Trent Williams. So you go, Rudy, go bare. Gives it to Donovan Mitchell in essence somehow some way ending a friendship. It sounds like they're going to get into the Orlando bubble. The bubble's GONNA pop because Donovan. Mitchell is gonNA. Punch, go bear. And then it's like let's just settle this bad now. You gave me the freaking corona virus and I'm punching you in the face. Now let's go out and win a title. Yes, title on three one two three title. And then. Trent Williams. Remember the Trent Williams. TACO, bell was awful right through the draft, and after the draft morial item and now July cannot come soon enough. Dominos fall in the right way. Every channel might have a game that counts. I mean on univision trying to papa. Catch some Ale. Last game I even I even find we to watch a San. Diego padres game. Are you kidding me and they're gonNA play cocoon right afterwards. If true TV aired Arizona coyotes games I'd promised to watch every season of impractical jokers. Practical jokers those that snoot bit. My pay, snoop been untrue. TV though I haven't caught true TV since not Darcy. Kemper between the pipes, and yes I'll watch seven seasons of something called impractical jokers. Absolutely, this is. An so good it summer dream something. Feel Fine Rolling through Dadman my. Okay, seat Summer Se-, summer summer summer our backs. He just just I mean you're in the middle of moving Yes, Heaven, AAA, movers to make things very effortless for you, because once once the big daddy aaa movers rolls around in this mix you will xl. Yeah, then you get in your slow roll the UNPACK. You're slow. Roll the UNPACK. I want to slow roll the unpacked like guys. I were like I suggested to you yesterday. You Call Room and board, and you say look that thirty grand to spend on furniture. It has to be there seven, one, zero, two, zero, two zero. Oh, come through for you. Absolutely every channel might have a game accounts ma'am, and we by the way are going to have a friendly wager with the techie. On the MLS clip. By the way in the MLS bit, who do you like? Not Saying. No it's easy to figure out. Maybe not maybe does it. Does this whole thing have some non obvious to it? There are some non obvious to specifically with the players and the goals in the assists rice, correct how you going to set this thing up Monday for us. I'm still working on a process, but I think it's going to be points through the group stages. It's going to be points advancing teams through the knockout. Yeah, will accumulate of stats with the six players sounds like we have a fourth participant in the mix as well as that accurate Bossie, bossie and saucy saucy so. I will I'll have a point system in place. I've already got some ideas, but I have not finalized that yet. When I leave two hundred bucks a purse when? That's awesome. When because you're, you're prohibitively favored to win the things. Let's everybody hundred dollars age. Let's see I mean you're thinking i. mean with where you move in now. Man made that might be the water bill. Went when I leave after the Monday presentation. You're gone the following week. We won't see each other for two weeks. That's correct. If you're going to be going to be okay, it's going to be a little. Are you GONNA be okay? I'll be I'm here for you. I'm here to serve you. Oh, nice of you. I'm here to roll in every morning, observed the scowl. Start chipping away. Yeah, I, appreciate I'm here to get you excited with Joe ally. We love you. Inherit is, and it's coming. It's comment. Well. Prepare Yourself I'm in your six of managing mood swings, so just appreciate what you have and. And get through that week as well I well, thank you very much. NBA Players are backing out of the bubble day by day. Probably get into that a little later. You Got Dot. You had Davis Berta Hans he he was. He was the first to do it. which makes him in vogue. Then you got trevor, Ariza. That's a really aggressive will probably share in the ten but yesterday yours truly read. Avery. Bradley. Of the La Lakers has backed out of the bubble. WE HAVE EVERY AVERY Bradley out of bubble, not playing as they son that has chronic, or it's perpetual or He has a son with a respiratory illness and every one of the better on ball perimeter defenders in the NBA. Some people call them a two way player I call him a one and a half. Is is is a one and a half because he's not El F. L. team. Don't draft for defense. We don't. We don't scour the waiver wire. We need a couple of buckets once in a while. I think I might have had avery Bradley on my team two weeks at L.. F. L. and I lost six do each week. Blame the entire thing on him. He just needed three steals. He gave you to avery. Bradley La Lakers. This is not saying they raise a bit and or the batons bit is big, but we now you know with all that protocol coming out and how the life's going to be in everything. Yeah, and obviously with the virus. We've now had three backout in successive days. I'm not saying this is Sheikh and like. Like the cool thing to do, but I can't imagine every player in the association is enthralled with the potential of bubble life, and like leaving leaving what they know in everything. You know well again. It comes down to. If you play for a team like the Phoenix Suns who are I think six games out of the playoffs and you're gonNA play a game. Seven booker doesn't do bubbles. If I'm De'andre Eytan and I'm worried about a Balki knee, or elbow or something popped up during the purge, my ankles a little weird. Yeah, I'm out I I I. Don't get that part of it so I. Don't feel bad for these play I don't I, don't. Get Mad at these players for making that decision Avery Bradley is kid has the respiratory issue you sympathize with? It's Li. It's Liam and so I empathize and sympathize with them one hundred percent. the thing for me though going forward is I'm excited to hear that the leading candidate to replace Avery Bradley. Ktar Smith. Forget what the score is one of the Games that guy he? He's ninety eight percent to stay in the bubble every night. It's ninety eight percent right. You want the bubble now. Here's the deal courtesy of timber. TECH TIMBER TECH DOT COM. What's on deck? Nine to noon includes stump the snob as in the self-proclaimed sports snob me around the corner. Gory Code SAUCY SAUCY makeup one three weeks in a row. Put An ass whooping on somebody last week. Aim to do it again this week. Berkman in studio eleven o'clock in between Major League Baseball Ninety eight point seven percents officially back because you can't have any absolutes in the pandemic purge. We will go over the particulars of that. Main man now something Kaplan from the athletic. Dan Kaplan now Dan Kaplan. I got all his albums. He had an interesting story at the athletic quoting a source in NFL source, saying yeah fans will be at games, but it's going to be per state as to how many fans can be at the Games, and then it just started to get we're. That's all part of the Love Covenant Presentation Today We said Good Morning Ashtec faith family. Paul Allen Am I. Mad Producer Stumped Sports Snob next. FM One hundred point. K.. F.. A.? Beautiful. Son, be Dan. Lewis Dread. Gauri! Sir. Jack. bats. Race. Jam I'm in. Call Dan's. Seven three officer damage you beat me, got the gut shot on the river. Because that's how you play you sit around and wait for the DOT, not even open ended. At this point again. I don't even care. I'm just going all in because I just want to play cards. I'd rather just lose money if you play it all. What's up sauce? How you doing ungrade? Live in well Oh. Yeah, did you throw a Tantrum in the hallway yesterday? Like from things developing here? Or was it a bit now? He's pretty pissed. As I was printing something. I heard you out there. Screaming and I'm like are they picked an awesome again or so then I went untold, nor do I said I think we got some consternation within the wildly successful highly touted, and he goes. No, it's just a bit. Yeah. I thought it was a bit. Was it a bit of a Mark Hamill, really really yeah, yeah, Star, Yeah Country Music Star Wars related. Sure. Did you disrespected yesterday saucy? Yeah, you did right. and. That's why nine to noon is here for you to? Put your head on our shoulders because we are here to love you whenever you need love. He did claim yesterday that He said he did not lie that he legitimately guest. Mark Hamill saying this country. Song I saw that weight last night where you're like I'll give up my job and pay somebody a one hundred. He's if he fails a lie detector test. He's willing to quit. Pay US each one hundred K. on his way out happen. Would July? No I'll, so you were right. Yes, we have been proven that Adam. I'll whatever it takes to prove it. If. I'm proven that I lied. During that I will give up it up for adoption right well with the money would be worth something you get caught, or it goes against you from a money standpoint I mean that's about the worst news lawyer lawyer. Lambert's gotten all the twenty twenty right. Yeah, I'm just saying I've been a lot of bad news in twenty twenty four I mean I've read about people telling the truth and still failing a polygraph. Liquid for one hundred K.. Are you ready to say goodbye to Muppet? Sure? Yeah, I'd go that far I. Will Not only see here's. Here's the bit to it was it was available on twitter for about twenty four hours so John? Boehner gave him the out saying. Is it possible you saw it? In subconsciously have that bank so you're lying? Live on twitter exactly so so nor does point. I wouldn't WANNA polygraph saying. About knowing Mark Hamill, I would want. Like for a series of four five questions like. Is it possible you saw it on twitter and just don't remember that because that's sauces. Attention to detail is garbage. Everybody in the morning show knows that, but why would you say that? He's a key contributor? I mean he may be the Steve Kerr of the team, but guess what he hits big shots and be Michael. Jordan would never say your garbage anything about your garbage more of the Luc Longley of the team or Dennis Rodman. Luc. Longley has rings yeah yeah, and cash now. You're making fun of his divorce. Come on man. WHO. Source. Sauce, you're making it abundantly clear in low key fashion via twitter the the power trip and or no. Way that you're still rolling cash. Would you like to bet two hundred on stumped the snob today? Yeah, I don't care against I hit while you were gone last week. No round, too I got one question right. Hawk shocking. Dat! Zero in PA got what thirteen fourteen fifteen sixteen. It was absolute destruction last week. He destroyed us. Is Stone Cold Role in cash? Northern Iowa Roland in the fatness. You don't even know what the half is and here we go. It's time to stump the SNEHA horse not on nine to noon right. Gentlemen Weekly Sports Trivia Nine to noon. Thanks to Corey. Cove meets us. Paul Lambert for joining the self-proclaimed Sports Snob, Paul Allen Sports Trivia. You have your categories in front of you. Some Higher Point Value Hail Mary questions that all takes place next segment right now. We started off as we always do. Chicken them off I got three lists We will start with PA. PA FOR THE FIRST LIST THAN Corey thing Saucy they all regard one particular subject. You'll go around the table getting one point for each correct answer. If you are incorrect, you're out for the remainder of that list. Corey, try heart this week. Okay, place you got the I list. Baseball is back sixty game season very excited about it, so I went to the Minnesota twins dot com just simply looked up the active forty man roster. There are thirty eight names I mean. Couldn't you just fill out the whole forty? There's thirty eight names on the twins active forty roster of Minnesota. TWINS DOT com starting with UPA Let's let's do the Sergio Romo piece. Sergio Romo is indeed correct. If you hear me pausing, it's trying to find one amongst these thirty eight names. That is correct. PD You Corey Nelson Cruz Nelson Cruz is correct Josh? Donaldson Josh? Donaldson is indeed correct. Dough, Jayco, to Rizzi Jayco to Rizzi is correct. But IOS Jose Barea. Jose Barea yes, the full name is preferred. Boxton Iram. Buxton is indeed correct with as Rolla Taylor Rogers. Taylor. Rogers is correct. Miguel Simone. Miguel Sonoko yes. And Heroes Reo Eddie Rosario. Find Him Real. Quick there. He is correct or WLAC. Polanco, that is correct Max Kepler Max Kepler. There is correct to. SAUCY. Getting Dicey Dove Ac what. The guy that worked for Uber Hang Oh. I want to be picked on this game. So that's just wrong. Talking about games great, it's five manoeuvering heaven during its though Uber Guy. Dove Vac yeah. The Oregon. Yeah, the the Yankees the bid out of the gate Yeah I'm going to hold off on that for a minute. Let's try. Let's try homer Bailey. Good one home. Am I am I wrong. COMBER vilis correct. Just laughing at the response, you cory. Michael With Guy Randy dot neck, yeah, that Guy Randy Dob Nak battles accurate correct. UPA. Thank you very much Eric. I'm going to stick with the newbies. I will try a Mr Richhill. Ridgeville is correct. You're at six I'm in trouble now I'm stock. Gaby's access that socks. Three. To about one though I will go. Mitch Garber, that is correct garb sauce now. Three Trevor May to that is correct. Your update points you. He. Three. do. One album bary. MISSED OUT ON TO MY ADA. Zach Taylor Duffy time with Clipper Dakota chalmers shop pop in Devon smeltzer, cody stay Shack Lewis. Thorpe Map Whistler Nick Gordon Marlin Gonzales Lewis is of Royce Lewis men. Is the. Royce Lewis is not on the active forty gotcha. Williams estediario Alex Avila. You missed on how to bunch. P With eight cory cove with five saucy with three the next list starting with you cory, Coco. Fifteen teams since two thousand ten, the last ten NFL season, there are fifteen teams that had at least one thirteen win season. The dominant teams of the last ten seasons since two zero one zero. That is correct. Thank you Corey cove starting with you. Baltimore. At is correct. They went fourteen into this last year saucy. Him! I'm GonNa go New England. Yes, they've done it four times. Let's go Twenty Seventeen Minnesota football by gains. That is correct. Kansas City. Kansas, city. Where are they? They're not there. was like some twelve. The New Orleans Saints Jobs Three Different Times Let's go with the Green Bay packers. They did it twice. Yes, you. See Up to ten points, I'm GONNA go with. The! Great Rams one hundred. Thirteen twenty eighteen. You're on your game. I'd like to try the super bowl five to champion Philadelphia Eagles. Bill Duffy, Eagles, worth thirteen and three that year. That's correct. Falcons. Twice Twenty twelve in two thousand, ten. Well done, ooh! Seventeen remain. Fifteen Carolina Panthers Fifteen in one that year then karate and right. Yup, the steelers when he seventeen. That is correct. Oh, super chickens! SIANI thirteen Jess Seattle seahawks while I'm just down the team that I think the last hour teams left four teams. I'm going to go with. Great. You the bears. That is. Not The way they did it. Let's try the. The Dallas Cowboys 2016. Yes, Oh the the BITs the niners. That is correct the niners. Last year you're up to fifteen points how `bout! Two left okay. Three. Two broncos. That is correct. Yes, twenty twelve in two thousand thirteen. one left. Okay, Houston Texans. It was the. The Arizona Job Cardinals Fifteen. the was sixteen. Corey was six saucy with eight points coming on strong, but then Corey brought his magazine Swank because he needs something to do all right. Let's fly through this one then final list I think this one's. This one should be easy Oregon I, smile. In the last five seasons. The last five seasons. Twenty, two different teams have made Major League Baseball's postseason in the last five years twenty two different teams. More than two thirds of the teams. Saucy you start us off nationals. That is correct twenty matic's. That is correct lake do. Count Yeah Yeah that's. We make the postseason yet. You Boston. That is correct. Yankee. That is correct How about? The Saint Louis Cardinals. That is correct. You're up to nineteen points Houston Astros. The cubs hang on one second. Sorry Stars night me. Who did you say Corey Astros that is correct? You said the cubs Safa all right. You're up to ten point. Saucy well done back up. A Cleveland Indians Cleveland Indians is correct. You're at twenty. The Los Angeles dodgers. That is correct your up to nine. I'm GONNA go with. The Kansas City royals lesson is speaking. Back in twenty. They won the world series a year. With low CAIN how `Bout your Atlanta Braves! Atlanta that's correct. Phillies. They've made it a long time, not since like twenty twelve. Do, you saw see yeah. With the FAT Nasseri. To the brewers, what the half is correct? Yes, but. I think they make it every year with that. sabermetrics BET the the billy bean bid Oakland. Athletics. That is correct. The angels? FIT The did. Sorry. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight nine teams remain Rome While Tampa Bay rays. We've rented last year. That is correct How `Bout New York mets. At is correct. To a world series, twenty, fifteen or sixteen. Three. To Colorado rockies at is correct. Arizona diamondbacks correct. Toronto Blue Jays at is correct. I was going to say that. Great damage to? One giants San Francisco giants. Correct. Three. To want. You Miss Texas Baltimore and Pittsburgh Baltimore Maiden. Sixteen more running away with this. With twenty eight points. Corey cove would nine saucy with twelve. We're going to go to break. Come back categories Hail Mary. Questions has stumped the SNOB nine to noon. At. Quick trip if you're looking for something tasty delightful. Convenient stopped by quick trip, pick up the daily special role in there, and and and absorbed the surprise like. Maybe you don't exactly know what it is today. Maybe it's the Tangy tasty succulent rib sandwich for a buck and change. Maybe it's an angus cheeseburger, and while you're there. Take advantage of dairy days with the ellsworth cheese Kurds along with milk and and and sweet butter dollar ninety. Ninety, nine, each a quick trick dot com to find a location near you, but you probably won't need that website because they're popping up all over the place, and while they're consider either signing up for the free quick rewards, program or downloading the frequent reward that build up some points. Save some money at the pump. It's quick trip big on fresh quick trip. Big On everything, quick trips. Stump the snow up. Here, we go last segment picking them off. Let us to our current point totals in the lead twenty eight, trying to run away with his thing for the second straight week, meat sauce and second with twelve cory cove with nine. Now it is time for categories. Four categories in front of you. Three gentlemen current events, baseball storylines. NFL's and twins in sports, four questions each in ascending point value PA lead through the first segment, so he will get to choose He'll get the first shot at answering the question if he's incorrect upon hearing the Buzzer. You can use your name as a Buzzer to jump in steal the points and control of the board where we headed PA less. Let's give it a try for NFL a one. And I've els for one. This defensive playmaker is trying really hard on social media to get traded right now. Do you Wow. Three man I got no idea to Akeem Hicks one. Corey was first Jamal Adams Yup jets while Barack. Up to ten points, current events one. Current events for one this player. This player won the Muhammad Ali sports humanitarian. SP! Nelson Cruz. That is correct term events to. Who won the GEICO, five hundred at Talladega on Monday afternoon? Ryan Blaney. The Is Ryan Blaney number current events for three. This Western Conference Stud tested positive for the virus in Serbia. d'alene has returned to the states Nikola Jokic Yokich. Tournaments for higher up sixteen my God. Here's where we come back to the pack. Martha firestone Ford stepped down as chairman principal owner of the Lions. WHO's taking over? Tonight just three. To her son. I don't know his name McCain sexist. I believe. First name is Sylvia. daughter-in-law sauce you in the mix there, he says. Okay. Her name is Sheila Ford Ham allowed. Bright females can run sports teams. Corey. I gotta you. Do Control the board now still was sixteen points. No more current events. Let's go twins in sports. Okay These twin brothers both played for Kentucky in college now one is in Greece. The other is in the G. League name them. First names to give me the first names. I know one of them. I don't know the other guy's first name though three. To I don't want to give it away one. Man I should know I don't. Three I know the last name. Name One. I think it's it's. It's the Harrison twins right? It's an Andrew Harrison and Danjaq I i. don't remember together. Que No points there, but you still got gotTa Corey I'm. It sounds like even if I had given you guys Andrew you wouldn't have come up with the other one anyway, so twins in sports for two okay. One twin started the season with the next now he's on the clippers. The other started the season with the Pistons then he was signed by the Lakers in February name these thirty year, old MBA twin Marcus and Markeith Morris. Very twins in sports three. These twins are both defensive backs. And though they started their NFL careers in different places, they spent twenty, eighteen and twenty, one, thousand, nine, hundred in New England. Who are they? Three. Of Campaign to Daven and Jason mccourty while I didn't think you'd get one of them. Baseball stories for one. Baseball stories for one. If this team wants to repeat greatness, they probably can't go nineteen and thirty one to start. This shortened season Washington nationals. What's this for? You still have twenty eight. Corey has ascended to twenty two saucy still at twelve. Let's switch back NFL for two okay. This previously troubled player was reinstated by the NFL and will possibly play in his first game since two thousand fifteen. Alden Smith. NFL's for three. This is clearly too easy, okay? This kicker was arrested for a hit and run recently allegedly t-bone bone in a car and leaving the scene. Josh. To. Ball yes, Brandon McManus. So I. Literally Stopped Listening Okay Your Dad. Dead Kicks Carl Douglas All Rick Ross okay the. New, York giants hit and run out West let's try twinned sports for four. Wins in sports for four Jose can Saco at twin brother who played in just twenty four major league games. What's his first name? Wow. Great. To Try Ronnie. Roddy can sake. Loved. It is ozzy. Good one dude! We will go What's left with Al? Just four take it. Dallas got her was sucker punched by a guy at a bar in which South Dakota City Aberdeen. Baseball stories two three and four? deuce okay. This team made more big moves than any other squad over the winner, including the additions of names like Monty, Grondahl. DALLAS, Kyko and Edwin encarnacion. Wow Milwaukee brewers. All? Yes. Is it the cubs. The rate medicine might as well take a shot. Let's go. The dodgers. Was the Chicago White Sox three stories? This player trails only Mike Trout in war. Over the last four years. He was traded to the dodgers. In February, from the East Coast, mookie bats. Baseball there are. Joe Madden is no longer the cubs manager. He was replaced by this former cubs catcher. BIFF POLKA robot okay. Leslie Pipes on the board. The catcher for the braves can't find the BURRI. Loss Phil Was it intentionally deleted I? Don't know like minded. You gotta be kidding. We've come to an. Armchair does anybody know the cubs manager. Is Anybody know what time it is? It's anybody really care. It's errands right now. It's not known Darren novel David Ross or David Ross. That wraps up taking them off categories by the way category the NPA in the lead with Thirty Nine Cory Cove with twenty four saucy with twelve. She got shut out around to what the hell do house. Sauce, he's been eliminated because. 21-points even if he got all three hail. Mary questions would not get them over the Hump Pa. You need one of the three. P. H. needs one of these. That is accurate. These are indeed Hail Mary. Becoming stumped the board sports KNOB. We need Johnny. Presents to in here and opera jowl I got I gotTA. This is going to become. It's not over yet yet. Is the producers going to start fixing the race real quick with this? How this things working out. These three questions They're worth Seven and eight points respectively. You have an answer. It's a person and five initials like clues. Use Your name as a buzzer. All three of you are in on each question. Get it right get the points of. Corey needs to get a couple here. PA can't get any of them. Otherwise he is. The winner will start with the six point. Twenty six years old. Real name is Daryl. From Mobile Alabama. He represents a historic number in his sport. Currently embroiled in for Senate controversy. Regarding garage, door. I believe it was corey alert how? A Wallis. That's right. Wow, I would've said Bubble Watson accidentally. But Fat Ellum Golf World Cory now up to thirty points. Again lose. He's so focused the socks the seven point question. Here is clue number one. Switch hitter. That was the perfect run right there. We need that button back so bad upset right now. Hey, sauce, please try so I can win. Yeah, I'm trying. So. Maria that I what what? Switch hitter. He is a He's forty eight years old from Newton Kansas. Debuted for Detroit, in one, thousand, nine, hundred five. He was an all star two thousand one. Played for six different franchises before retiring after two thousand nine. He now represents players in big lot. I, think it was corey again. Tony Clark God. That's right. We got to go to break. We're up against the clock. Okay guys out here we go. It all comes down to this PA with thirty nine Corey with thirty seven. Pizzas here to. Dan Marino. Final clue worth eight points. Got Into coaching after going undrafted in one, thousand, nine, hundred, ninety, five Paul yes PJ flack. Has To rings both as an assistant and a head coach. Spent one season in Minnesota. Yes Carol you know. I get the Free Role God I get the Free Role I. Watch me I twenty four. After I sent her, still I'm capable of blowing this guy on. To more clues. Oh, you're. Got Into Coaching Naval got into coaching after going undrafted has to rings, is an assistant and a head coach. One season in Minnesota. Since two thousand seven, he's been the head coach of the same AFC North Team on my God. The final clue. Safe to say that given his inexperience at the time that he impressed during the interview. Mike. Tomlin. is complete you Johnny Krinsky next week or oh. Should I just come back and win again with forty five points? So. The race does not need to be fixed stopped. The SNOB comes to traumatic conclusion. As the silver vox laid head in Hansi as a speed horse I withered inside the final sixteenth. Corey, you know income from behind mode comes charging from the back of the pack rang myself up at the sixteenth. They put Nozomi at the wire. Con I'm sorry Man Ruin my summer con. Con. I was rolling their man you were rolling with the fatness was happening now. Gawky man. This whole thing sucks. Be Right back. Friends are named Isaac. I think doing well by the way the stock with them last night. A little bit angry for my taste, but he's doing well. That'd be K.. Fan Dot Com contest page. Your shot at one time mosquito prevention treatment for your entire property, courtesy of our friends and Mosquito Sheila. Mosquito Shield works perfectly no mosquitoes or ticks ever in my yard and eleven. and. You can get the test and the test drive. Dot Com and contact. CON is a dirty low rider. Spread I. Ride this eiter. Ebb and they go up up up up. His name is Dr Dove. BOP BOP BOP BOP by some times. We call him stain. No we don't. BOP BOP BOP BOP BOP. War Right War war low rider war all day music slipping into darkness. And low rider man war gets I saw. I think I'm in honor of the Cisco Kid was a friend of mine for why can't we be friends? Yeah, that's a cisco or DOE, was Brand Mind Yup Yup all war all the time, and be good and summerish song, since since we reeled you in and and got a little bit excited for summer with You know the The July piece man can't come soon. ENOUGH NBA July thirtieth NFL camps late July feel good about that. NHL Project Ted da to resume late July ls July eight. That's going to be sweet and Major League Baseball. Games that count a believe July twenty third is the first date. It's two three or to four, and that's the way they've left it open day on, either July twenty third or twenty four. Yep, the date does not matter the ninety nine point, one percent conclusive nature that. Games that count will be televised and or on the radio. We love that fans or no fans. We think that's cool from a diversionary standpoint, so let's go to the baseball desk. Do Learn about the decision, the finality the protocol sixty games so on, and so on, and so on this is Miko Mickey rivers. I saw the tweet yesterday. Pain. Passing Poussin. Yeah, everybody's saying that a deal was done so they. They leapt over the hurdles of both being able to report July first at his next week. The framework of bilateral schedule weakness indeed, and they were also able to agree on health and safety protocols that will govern everything. Is Sport Return No bubbles right? No bubbles for baseball is not appear that there will be bubbles. So, here's how it's GonNa. Look in twenty, twenty, one for the twins and everyone else the twins and every team will play sixty total games. It'll be ten each against their division rivals including the Indians royals. Tigers and white sox. That's forty of 'em right there. And then they will also play the geographical. Brother in the other league that would be the national league central. Yeah, which includes the Milwaukee brewers? The Saint Louis Cardinals cobs the reds and the pirates. Okay, up main man, dumb question, Yes, east, east, central central. West West! Yes, that's how the big goals that's. How the Big Yeah, so you've got like Yankees Mats so you got so you have some rivals up in the thing like cubs white sox. From travel standpoint East East. That's that's pretty good for those teams out there from a lack of travel standpoint. Yeah, it's not bad, I mean the coasts are so well represented. That's an easy flight for each of those organizations for the Minnesota twins. However, you know that one trip to Pittsburgh or of Pittsburgh's coming here. That would probably be the farthest Gulf. Cincinnati the Queen City. The Mariners can't win in this equation everywhere they goes to an F. correct and same with the red sox. In some ways, the Tampa Bay wells got ahead up there. Although they have Miami and south. Abba Boston will have New York Yankees New York. Mets Baltimore Orioles yes Seattle's the prime example. Seattle's the negative, but now I saw this from Aaron gleaming. So the idea is with twenty games remaining five teams in the NFL, central. You just play each of them for tot, okay, but gleaming via the athletic morning throughout their that it's expected that the twins would have six games against the brewers. And so average geographical rivals, yeah, and and so then you'd have to take a game. Maybe you just play the reds three times. Maybe you just play the pirates three times something like that. That twins broers bit. You just unveiled again with with. Finding ways to get you excited, turning the big rock into little rock's because you uttered over the weekend. A. I just can't get into summer. It doesn't feel like summer. Yeah, and then the proverbial domino's began falling everything. Everything's coming up on. Everything is coming up. Copsey see with the twins, brewers social distancing masks costumes stuff like that best news. You've gotten all day ma'am, because you thoroughly enjoy watching three sausages race around the Ballpark, don't you? Let's do six games in Pittsburgh. You wanted eighteen wieners combine. Laugh in the National League during this time, we'll be using a designated hitter, so we won't have pitchers eating. We won't have gas TOLO Cologne up. There were mad bomber or anybody out mess swinging. Maybe I'm super new school with this man. I don't know I mean I. don't care enough about to get into an argument I'm I'm i. get the Strategic Netter of the National League and I appreciate. Appreciate it then Tony Larussa goes next level starting pitcher eighth then everybody like does that then Joe. Madden does something everybody does that. Yeah, I am designated Hitter Fan I like I'm like the D.. H. I like it for all the baseball. Think it's more challenging for the Pitcher, actually throwing the ball yet and and then whatever man why I don't understand I I'll admit I well I I. I know it understanding the double switch in everything associated with it, and lining it up a certain way right then you get to certain innings, and the score is such, and then you know who's in of Said pitcher. Yeah, and then they get a couple on no outs in their down by whatever and then the manager as anguish like Oh my heavens. What do I do now but prefer not to make it so cop. You're just time things up so that you can. You can get that picture man. That'd be cool to have that pitcher hitting I next inning because he's a hitting L. now. Here's the here's the shocking aspect of this. This is one star changed the D.. H. L. teams deal with it during interleague. Play Anyway, so Jason Change Yep. Correct the In extra innings, teams will begin with a runner on second base. Make. Sense you're. Under the pretense we've talked to you how you speed up the game. Make more interesting. We don't want twenty-five innings right one one baseball. Okay well now. They're going to do something that's outed gimmicky. A couple of years ago might enhance the pace of play in these respect I. Don't think it's a pace. Yeah, it is a pace of play thing, but it has nothing to do with the Millette with people not wanting to watch baseball games at X. amount of hours. They don't want from what I understand they don't want. Players confined at that ballpark like six outrider. Get it going to play into the rain delay Bittu, and by the way there were, there were concerns. There would be ties and Major League Baseball Games and there could be in spring, training and Amino ties no ties the trade deadline actually are going to allow trades, which is interesting so but in sixty game season's Kinda short and all of that. You got to figure that out August thirty first so in a season that starts on July twenty, third or fourth. You have about thirty five days to decide whether or not you want to keep a guy around. Around or go get somebody FRAC A ma'am plenty of time to trae JR Smith for quiet Leonard and scoop all the chips. Absolutely. We need to get a meeting of the NFL minds together. By the way there's there's got to be away. Think there can con- TO INCENTIVIZE FROM A financial wagering standpoint this return to play in Orlando I'd love it, but for fantasy basketball, beginning seven, three zero I just don't know how it will work because of the players falling off after the eight regular season games well. Can we pick the guy that we just we can do a draft of guys that will ultimately test positive like Jr Smith while I'm taking Rudy Gobert for. already added to. See now takes resear-. Now. We need to up, yeah. It's a bad I. got to figure out will be Antonio Cromartie of the NBA is that's a good one? And then you start there and he has six hotel room at least just one. Yeah. I liked that I'm in rosters will start at thirty guys. For the first two weeks, then to twenty-eight for the next two weeks since day twenty six, so they're kinda gradually. Wean their way down in terms of expanded roster, however they're doing taxi squad and allows them to have as many as sixty guys. Available, to play the key to that of course is a minor league. Baseball isn't being played right? Yeah, they. Most of the lake has taxi squads. The Yankees Seven newburgh squad. Maybe dove AC. Yeah maybe dove academic. Yeah dove throughout that lift absolutely. There will be a covert nineteen. List with no minimum or maximum length of time spent on it so standard injury lists of ten days sixty day instead. The Sixty Day. L. Will be forty five. So there it is you're playing your division rivals. Now there's another piece I think there needs to be included in involves doubleheaders where there are no double header scheduled because rain will happen when Mother Nature can become a beach so therefore it's particular when it comes to suspended games making up games, and the importance of that in a truncated scenario long. Glad you put you brought that up because I did not have that in my notes but it. It makes complete sense and I was actually kind of hoping in the truncated season and it's it's pie in the sky, but I kinda like the naturally scheduled doubleheader I mean it's got some old school to it by announced by the now Tom Standards or the combination of the health, and then the fact that there will be rain no doubleheaders makes complete sense, teams are the players are getting. Their full pro-rated status for this sixty game season. Yeah, and There's no expanded playoffs that was a key that was a bit, and partly probably why they they did not agree to the final offer presented by the League and get them to impose a season. I don't believe the players have the right to file a grievance, either which was a major major key in this I'm guessing. Are they? Keep their legal rights? Do they keep it okay? That's why they turned down the offer. So then the owners obviously have intel or feel that we ain't going to be patient agreements. Well, let's Tony Clark makes play, and if they face there, and if they face at grievance, maybe they have an opportunity to to push. Off to the to the L. side of so now with major. League baseball and the the imminent return in in a month. It's on fact month from the date we should have major league baseball games with WS analysis that is a baseball related promise, and it's not a ninety eight I. It's a ninety eight percenter unlike the Palmer Low promise, which is either one hundred percent or hot. Hot Dick under its Josh Palmer low in the Palmer low team at J., P. Willman realty twin cities, these people are second to none. They guaranteed to sell your home at a price and deadline to which you agree, and if it doesn't work out or whatever they will have, it bought for you by the way recognizing life changes on many levels and multiple reasons Josh will let you out of. Of Your contract at any time, if that that's something that is needed by you, it's Palmer low team dot com. It's Palmer low team dot com to get the information. Story's popping up all over the place about Palmer, low related promises and stories where they help people year after year after year, for instance, a family outgrowing their home I think it was in mound and needed a seamless transition. Transition into a larger home so the Palmer low team went to work, and the superior marketing ability produced a get this full price offer in less than a week. Then they help them. Find I think a beautiful home and coordinated everything for a smooth transition is what they do, though the promise, the promise with a capital P it's the Palmer. Low Promise Palmer low team dot COM Palmer low rules. But they whisper or two nine to noon resumes at KFC. Baker Mayfield and the Kevin Com. This this this comes from the The purge file where I was I was going through that notebook. I developed to announce doing months ago. Yeah. Urge talkers or whatever it said, the long notebook has notebook book. We had a lot. We I mean we. We have a while. Let's just let's just tag it this way surreal sports. Surreal, sports actually wrote out a page and a half and you found highlights. Yeah, and we were going to very early in the pandemic purge instead I mean. It was a down memory lane. We go, but you know instead of like replaying entire Classic Games, or whatever yeah. We were going to analyze some surreal moments in sports during surreal times, the early stages of shutdown quarantine pandemic purge. Weren't we going to do the best of basically I think it was game seven of the Oh four Western conference quarter-final. Yeah, WE I. I, mean we? We had for some odd fun. We we had It's It was semi. Yeah, because they beat the they beat the nuggets before that and it was pages Toyota Veg, getting after and Mike Bibby trying to keep them alive, and then that game like a forty forty type game or a forty twenty game from Cagey by told you. God rest his soul, the the old Flip Saunders Page Oh store Jaka Vich story that he wants told me that that his body odor was so bad. That they that players used to wonder if he purposely did not shower any day. Was Body Odor so bad, if like Michael, Cooper's looking to roll up on him. Play tough defenses like Nah I can't get next that stink stank. Can you picture trying to focus in on a shot? When page out has that pit rate up? Trying to crossover on them and your pass out now, so that's really games manship well, there also was You know again without surreal time, still surreal but surreal sir. rummy real surreal surreal. When when we concocted this. We mentioned it before, but there was the Colin Sexton game. Wasn't it seriously. The gophers five on three against Alabama, and we almost lost almost lost. Was it five on three or four on three? Colin section just working somebody Alabama roll tide There also was the I felt the. I felt the playoff game at the college stadium. Was Surreal Sports yes. Yes, of the temperature bud grant short sleeves a dinner, a charity dinner dinner for the American Heart Association I had two nights before the game with offensive coordinator norv Turner. A guy from Chicago and I believe a guy from North Dakota. They paid all the money. That was the wildfire bit right at wildfire. Newton stories from the lap of uncle, nor yeah. I mean it was game plan from the lap of uncle nor, oh, and and I mean it's obviously not play by play by play, but just just remembering the surreal nature of hearing I mean it may not have worked out here for, nor you know we had that bears game. Some problems quits. Shurmur roles inch as the OC the next year. No diggity becomes at of the giants. Yeah, but so I mean no. No. Matter what your opinion is of nor Val Turner from down. North Carolina why I love them. Well. No I mean professional like how we call you know on other. NORV turner offense are run for three yards up the middle. It's throw to now who tie our hair. Give me another beer and I get a sandwich and sit down and put my blanket on serve me. no matter what your Mama Guy in Fridley opinion is of nor your the offensive coordinator. He has one super super bowl. So must be doing something right. Yeah, but yeah. Michael Irvin Jay Novacek shut up now with north. the the bit that night at dinner, and it was by football faith because I. Don't know if the if the guy's the rules on twitter or whatever, but he basically set up this common thread. Have shared the story with you before you have. Yeah I have yeah have I should have shared with the audience. Then I'm not sure okay down memory lane, we go. It's the purge where I mean. This is a two and a half hour dinner charity bit where thanks to Mr Steve Lacroix. Executive Vice President Senior. Whatever Marketing Guru friend and CO worker of mine since day one of Calling Vikings Games up Steve's been great to me personally and professionally a lot of respect for him, so lacroix comes through. It's a complete wildfire cop I. Mean it's Bacon wrapped scallops. Bacon Rap scallop Chop Salad this crusted filet mignon. Yeah, it's you I I. Think nor may have ordered to medium rare steaks, and I'm like that Hungary goes now I'm taking one home. Salaries doesn't North Carolina get one the Scott. One this guy. He's hungry to Scott likes to eat. Kevin Warren rolled in order to Mike Gavin. Officer. What are you doing? leaving with a stake why? In the north of Luna Bear must be hungry. Then Kevin goes actually. We never give Luna Bear scrap. Yeah, and for Greta Yup, and hey, manager a wildfire. Can you please play? Patrice Russians forget me nots on the overhead speakers. We digress down memory lane ago. North spent two hours of because it was all normal all the time. Yeah, he spent two hours starting with the theme was. So, let me ask you this. which player in the super chickens defense do you want to pick? You really want to go after Michael Bennett who was atop his game. Yeah, really WANNA. Go after Bobby. Wagner Jj right think they had another nice defensive in clip April maybe cared. They still have A. Maybe they had that next thing well, they had that super. Special Nascar package that Epi Carol called or we just keep coming at you fast and furiously. And then he's like. Do you really want to go and was in Seattle April was yeah Richard Sherman and then I'm like. ooh! To Sean shed the on the other side of Sherman and he basically paraphrasing his like. It if you know this guy struggles, you don't think Pete knows so. Northern seen all week like the disguises they had done. Collect here. TETI TETI here Teddy. Teddy and Teddy get sucked into. Some stupid discuss is Earl Thomas over the top picked off her forty thirty there he goes. mini-van cart flipping off the chickens now he's a raven. Multiple reasons. So, then he went through them all yeah, and he's like. Have you noticed? Sean sheds bad than repeat nose to. The worst impression I've ever it's. Great, but let me ask and I have some more BACON RABS Gallup's. So. Then he got to. Kam, Chancellor. Yes, Copley safeties like you know Care Cam had missed a lot of time and hadn't played for X. amount of weeks, and only been back a couple of weeks, so he built this whole thing about got to keep a close to keep a close got to keep a close defense going to do a good job against Russell. captain follow on the ball plays. Let's not kick it around. Let Russell pick it up hit. Who Tyler Lockett? I was locked her curse, remember Yup, and then the touchdown with the way. Be The only touchdown. Yeah, maybe Baldwin Kirsch whomever stupid and dumb, so we lose on the Walsh clip, but north had his mock setup beautifully because he's like you know you keep things in your back pocket. Obviously is not the first coordinator in history of the game to say that, but he waited all game to run certain plays on Kam Chancellor with Kyle Rudolph yet and here's too much time for Daddy, and just navigating down the field picking on Kam Chancellor. Little Run here with Adrian Kyle Sixteen on Cam. Little Run here Adrian, Oh Kyle, eight, on Cam incomplete pass flag on the field tasks interference on. Who Kam Chancellor? What's Cam? Waited four through the Bacon wrapped scallops, so worked perfectly twenty-seven Georgia, kicker wide left. Ooh, locker room full of vitriol. I'm like wow I. mean everybody really wanted to go to Arizona and beat I? Mean play the cardinals well. Yeah, that would have been fun, but you know like everybody gets a fifty five thousand dollar playoff check. Yeah for a dancing, so so they are now starting to get the gist of. Of the angers that wold that's alive. Man Doesn't matter if you. If you got eighty, million or whatever man, yeah, those checks matter was checked matter if Ross Brandon fusco wanted the fifty five Grand Brandon FUSCO would have taken fifteen and an opportunity to play and go to Arizona. Yes, Georgia kicker misses the kick down memory lane. We go with norv Turner. You know, but but north as the offensive coordinator working with Kevin's defence. The Cleveland Browns head coach and and Kevin had been here since since like two thousand six, while the Kevin Calm is something you, and I lokey will joke around about you have gotten no Kevin through perch, interviews and stuff like race track when he was out at Derrick's graduation party about a year ago. Before juicy, you combine with Bobby. Haggen bomb, and you just know now. It's Real I. Mean you know it's you saw it after the miracle I mean your fist pumping your shoulder out of its socket and Kevin picks up by like fifteen papers. Because like that walks up the stairs. What's up onto Philadelphia where you got a May? Have done like a slight head. Not Acknowledging what had happened, but then he was out. You got yeah, it was a single fist-bump. You have you have defensive assistant at that time Jonathan Gannon what believe coaches. DB's for the Indianapolis Colts now banging on the thick glass next to it so hard eating the hell out of that glass I thought it was going to break, and then like to boost down I think the money magician. I'm comfortable saying this. This Dunham Ninety six point two percent accurate, the money magician rob. Brzezinski yeah was standing on the table like in front of us, and and humping to the fans so the Kevin calm now he was fist. Pump it right. There was no thrusting. No, no, no, no notice. Professionals not work was was a fist pump, but there was a lot of working that evening Oh. Yeah, there. What now so the Kevin Com was really really pushed at that stage to stay calm and and it did he. Did. You know that that's what his personality is? When it comes to the Kevin. Thoroughly off season this again down memory lane. We go I found in the purge file, but I was just cleaning out. Baker Mayfield. See. I think this is fascinating because Kevin Leaves the Vikings and goes to Cleveland where I mean you got. You have to a certain extent. A star Laden team with a fair amount of players you know can play tunnel name, equity right, and you got a good draft pick. They moved on your offensive linemen from Alabama and I think they took the safety from from Lsu delpit, or whatever so now we've got to play the Games, but when I found this, it might have been a week two weeks ago. Whatever? I thought it was intriguing. Because Kevin's greatest challenge is Baker Mayfield and Kevin's greatest challenge, not only as a head coach, and and when you're when your head coach the Kevin Com will be needed, but there are. Times that you gotta lay down the lawn. Smack that angle on the on the table because the case is closed. Yeah, so that's the next personality personality step for cabinet as a leader of a football team. Baker the card here the story. I can't remember where it's from Baker. Mayfield is doing all the right things as he prepares for an important third NFL season, the Browns quarterback. Had throwing sessions with nine of his teammates in his hometown of Austin Texas. We like that yeah I. Bring that up because I know about you. Yes, the guy was here last week. Okay well, it wasn't in Woodbury well. How do you know? Because I've seen the photos and some of the video. Okay, so it wasn't a Woodbury you're. You're one hundred percent on that with Illinois dodgy sharp. If you're trying to set me up with something I didn't see him now. I need to. I need to see what I've tried to take. Two hundred me right now. That I'm going to lose in this MLS CLIP I'm not on any so your guy. Guy I believe was here last week. Okay, good what he was doing is is up to the imagination. Okay, perfect but I know that that that had started to bug you a little bit. Yeah! I wanted to know where he was was poking the bear back. When Brady you know accidentally went into a house thinking it was Byron Left, which is house and like and like Marvin Sally were like. Hey wait. You're Tom Brady and he tried to leave fast and the cops are involved. Thought it was Byron left, which is out in a complex and he was wrong. It was next door. Luckily, it was a couple who had retired to Tampa from Boston. Actually had a number twelve shrine in the living room. The fireplace worked out. You know we will kirk. We will say and we believe it. You know that Roger will push through the purge, yes. Silent Right now with I would assume mandates or very low key nothing gonNa Lake with this whole thing you know about dates, and how it's GonNa work in season, games and bubbles and protocol, and then buffets on the road, and all so Roger Pushes through the purge Brady Brady was pushing through the purge before goodell. Even knew there was a purge. Yes, that's how next level being raised by Bella check is brady so competitive and wants to win so badly immediately after the players association says well for the time. Being guys can't get together. He's posting videos of himself throwing with young mate, he doesn't care. No. They didn't say you can't get together they. Recommended against, and most recently, it was a doctor representing the Players Association yeah, sending a league wide email to all the players saying good Google. Yeah, don't do that right and at seven am the next day captain Cole was out there seventeen, and there were no masks right with the exception of facemask Russell Wilson also has been carousing with his teammates as well well. What about K.? METCALF, big second year for him? Gordon Doubt Baker Mayfield and that skill set and the Kevin Com I'm not doubt in the Kevin Calm. I love the Kevin Call. Guy Had so baker nine teammates again. You know within the last month. Alex Van Pelt. Is Their offense coordinator quote? He's done everything on his Co. expect from him as starting quarterback, his work ethic is great. Here's the Kevin Com here's the non obvious Kevin Stansky. Contacting a very talented quarterback under the cover of darkness during quarantine, because nobody can leave making some subtle suggestions, yeah, Alex Van Pelt shared. Not only is Baker Mayfield's work the great. He jumps into other meetings that aren't we required? He'll sit in all the receiver meetings when they have them. He sits in the running back meetings from time to time as well. He has no need to be there. Baker is all LAN. He's doing it exactly how we expect him to do it. He's been hypnotized. Fiat. By the Kevin Call Kevin Stefanski could be my therapist. I mean he's. The super bowl he inspires he changes your thinking. The calm is real and he brings you to a baseline. The woes of your childhood separating the negative into positive how to go echieved. Your greatest goals in greatest dreams gets fancy the ultimate therapist, the ultimate psychologists now leading that football team. He's got Baker hypnotized. So what about so do you just forget the Kevin Com yeah and we I think it Baker's first season was really good, and then he came back to the pack second season. Do do added turnovers album of Oklahoma into the NFL. Do we low the? Middle of the road, like or love Baker Mayfield, and his potential moving forward I middle of the road on him, just because we see the obvious armed talent, but the attitude and the negativity that goes along with that, and maybe what has been perceived as a lack of focus and the first two years. He's got some jackass kid to them so Take that out of it at the. The maturity, take away some of the turnovers. Yeah, and I liked the potential and I and you can't take the Kevin. Calm out of it because it will require guidance to get there, and that's where Mr Stefanski shines the Kevin. Calm needs to be the Kevin. Consistency. In Your Y. The browns have completely installed. Their offense and Mayfield has quickly grasped it van Pelt Oc. That's according to him. Baker Mayfield is playing for his fourth head coach in three seasons helming 2018. Interim Greg Williams. Oh, by the way van. Is this fourth offensive coordinator? Allow zero chance at succession when that's the situation. You Jackson Yup Freddie. Oh man so to many Jeez, so your Guy Your Guy Jimmy has lem got all his albums. He just has to be calm with the Kevin calm and consistent with the Kevin Consistency, and waited out through the ups and downs. What the young man grow watch Baker Mayfield become a future most valuable player in the national football. I like it I sat. Baker Mayfield will win a most valuable player award in the national football. Have you ever Seen Kevin? Yell at someone, not never because that and you mentioned earlier. That is the final essential, not just yelling to yell I've never heard Kevin utter a curse word, but at some point he's going to have to stand up for his guys right, and it might be in some ways. Theatre might be interaction with the wrath. It might be an interaction regarding something in opposing team did yeah, and the head coach the Kevin Calm. Kevin Calamity, or the headphones are thrown to the ground. Yeah, the place sheet is handed to an assistant. Yeah, there's a five to seven step stomp out onto the field he has. Backed by sideline official. Well, he might have it I. Mean I? Don't that would be the NFL version of cracking in the purge? Yeah, because it would be a complete personality related change for him. Its Nuclear to get from the Kevin calm the Kevin Calamity. Something awful would have to happen. But in all joking aside though I think that is the last piece of essential for him now that he's in charge of that team, yeah is getting in a spot where he has to go a little bit out of body bomb, I think I mean he's still salinated intelligent and disciplined. You think you'll do it well. See The discipline the disciplinary part of the Kevin Calamity and I got no idea what's going to happen like this, but he's so even keeled and so mellow that you're going to get knuckleheads who are kind of like. Like, well, he never yells Ryan he's new. So you know what I'm GonNa be late to these meetings and then Kevin just you know respectfully impolite fully brings somebody to do his office and he's like We are benching you for the first half of this massive game against Pittsburgh for doing this right, and if you do it a second time per the bargaining agreement, we can you this, and then so on and so on, so we'll Kevin be the first coach. When he finds somebody for missing meetings, it'll be like man. Thank you so much coach for only five twenty five thousand dollars. Thank you so much for only sitting me for the first half of that game. He'll be the first coach to turn the tables completely simply through his call well now now if a if a player is stock, for whatever the reason living beyond the means yeah, the player gets fined and then says look I appreciate the Kevin Calm and hopefully. Jimmy has lem I got all his albums. respects the Kevin. Consistency and at times I recognized the risk Kevin Calamity. Can I get some Kevin Cash? I need some Kevin Cash for this twenty five K.. Just put on me. More Football Burke Bidden Studio fifteen minutes from me. Dan. For Matt Burke. COMPANY DOT COM and studio about ten minutes now. Chat about this heatwave. Welcome back nine to known. The initial. Story or National Football League. Talker takes talk talkers. Happy Hour with Northern Isaac. I think the initial push will be something Daniel Kaplan from the athletic went with last night so to profootballtalk dot com this morning maybe late last night. I'm just GonNa read the florio piece. At this originated from Dan, Kaplan of the athletic on fans at NFL Games. Florio! Money Trump's competitive balance. With the NFL facing significant financial losses from games played without fans, and by the way, if there were no fans or extremely limited fan inclusion at regular season games, the number the NFL supposedly would lose is three billion dollars. Yeah, not not million. Not zillion not thousands billions. With the NFL, facing significant financial losses game played without bands. the NFL will not be implemented a game day. Even have a game day. Approach that is identical for all teams when it comes to attendance now this is courtesy of Daniel Kaplan of the athletic I don't know much about Mr Kaplan but my respect, the athletic, and most importantly the editors, and those who would vet out something like this, and you know when when it comes to tell me your source. Dan, Kaplan or whomever I would imagine share, and who the source is, so it's by. It's by forecasting football faith. They went with it. Quote from an unnamed NFL source telling Daniel Kaplan of the athletic dot com. Attendance will be a state by State County by county thing. It will not be a one size fits all. and quote. I believe the source. Okay. Do you believe the source? I believe the source. I believe this I mean I honestly, if if that number is three billion rocket. You know you can be like you got the virus. You got the elderly. You've got the numbers of everything we've all had shoved down our throats for three months and Change Gordon it. Yup, the finally born of nine news Hashtag Raisin lives that way we respect all infected or affected by the pandemic. We feel for those in the belly of the beast. During the rights in our community, we asked questions in search of answers and solutions to problems that face all of us which year opinions based you're back by our experience, not from a position of arrogance or Or politics, but for humanity, not to confront, but to converse. We are here to learn and help if we can see the NFL has had the benefit of analyzing observing and seen how other pro sport entities are handling their business so with the NBA? We've got an Orlando bubble with the NHL. We will have a Toronto in Las Vegas. Excuse me eventually they will settle on where the the bubble cities are. The HUB cities say their Toronto in Las Vegas, so you got bubble related terrorism yet baseball the next to the next proverbial shoe to drop a noble. A noble in the won't be a bubble in the NFL. No fans, but no bubble, and now the NFL will have decisions to make major league. Baseball will not go through an entire season without fans and ballparks. I'm saying that right now. Okay, it may not be initially, but an ICEE, and it's going to be loophole related but the size of the ballpark's. BALLPARK's and again x amount of fans in X. amount of spaces. Yeah, where now so now all of a sudden you know executive orders and and gubernatorial decisions, and and and and the power and everything well we'll let that whole thing play out if a governor comes out and says well I. don't care how much money the NFL was losing. I'm looking at these. These numbers it's a numbers game and a lot of his so much so much of it and I'm breaking news here so much of it is a numbers game now front from so many places, so if governors jump up like like your your your governor in Michigan, I can't remember the lady's name but I mean weeks no excuse me month month and change. Change ago, maybe two she came out and said well I basically can guarantee you and I'm paraphrasing. Ain't gonNA. Be No people at Michigan wolverines football, games or Ford field right okay well. You didn't really need to say that in April. I mean you could be your opinion. Yeah, but you are eliminating. There are two sides here, obviously those flippantly on one side. Perhaps underrating the potency of something, they can't see yep and just how exactly it's Brad's what happens the tentacles from it. There could be underrating here and on the other side, there can be overrating at again back in April with something that's going to take place in August and September. Right you kidding me I. Mean we can't. With all due respect, we can't properly. Tout or handicap? The FREAKING NFC title game three days when it comes to predicting, who's going to win that game and somebody in the purge is going to make virus related predictions involving people in April for September come on, man. Come on Ma'am I. Mean that I when I saw it. I was like. Okay, I mean. Do I need to get up here and clean your feet i? Mean you you you can, you can tell the future right, so you can see the future. Okay cool so by forecasting faith I'm a clean your feet. Because you know exactly what's happening right? Yeah, but but I think you know there. There are a lot of big statements that have been made. The key to it is though is as new information comes out a month and a half later. Are Those same leaders, reevaluating statements or opinions. They had in April. Yeah, and revising those of course to to fit the current standard exists wall, which also plays into a household work, related personal piece, okay? If you if you are wrong. Are you willing to concede you are wrong and move forward or does pride. Go before the FAW? Wow, it's much easier just to forget ever said at the now. Actually admit you're wrong. You can do that, but when you're making August and September related purge predictions in April. If you're wrong, concede you're wrong and move on exact and recognized. Pride does go before the fall I. I haven't managed a ton of politicians over the course of time to actually come out and just. Just, say you know what I was dead wrong about this and here's what I'm doing to change. It doesn't happen often hopefully it does you do me favor so I'm really excited about the race card at Canterbury this evening, They're going to be some wind bets that I'm going to be making up with the month. Twitter might even videotape you want me to go lock up the printer for the next half hour without past performances now. What I? What I? What I WANNA do is because like my first win. Bets race to the my next one's in ray six. Yeah, so I got like two and a half hours outside of Colin races, and Singing Karaoke on the microphone so so people at the track and actually like noise what? I'M GONNA to have some time in their right. Can you right now on your twitter feed and maybe tag kfi in? Can you put Hashtag M.? A. G. A.. And just let me sit back and read what the response is. Average. Yay. On Pay Hashtag unpaid internship, and so I could just walk. Machine Roll all day, absolutely now with this. NFL attendance will be state by State County by county. Thing that that is not fact that is an unnamed NFL source. Telling Dan Kaplan of the athletic, there's more to it and potentially proverbial fly in the. Or a curve ball of vanity, a curveball of life, we'll get into that with the burke bit and much more around the corner. Hey. Did you get the blues? GATORADE. When? Join the power trip nine to noon, the program and bumper to bumper. For the Virtual Rube Party this Friday. June, twenty six is live on Kfi dot com a night with all your favorite cafe in personalities. Thanks to our friends at great vodka. The party starts at six thirty. PM, this Friday. More KFI DOT COM keyword events. I don't forget to follow US via facebook. Twitter instagram at Kfi am one. Three. When you lose. When you the balloons? Jumping. Only, Word Mine last. Year it. Got The Blues Right now. Nothing smiles and happiness and. Show ponies. UNICORNS. Where's the beef? The Burke. Medicine Studio is named after. Saint Paul Native Minnesotan and a man came into the national football. League in one, thousand, nine, hundred, Ninety, eight, with a Denny Green's God rest. His Soul Minnesota Vikings and won a super bowl, a decade and change later with. A John Harbaugh's Baltimore Ravens Burke bid joins US every week last two weeks this one last week in studio. It's great to see again. Burkey things living well right now within your cabinet assists so good become in here I mean you know you talk about the things that you used to take for granted getting out, but in general, but coming in here, you me really Ardo making beautiful music. Yeah, I like I like it a lot. I am saying and I don't have access or I'm not privileged enough to get dumb twin cities orthopedics performance in her protocol for like the tears and the phases, and the who what where when and why of who can come into the building? I am putting our regular season. Wednesday confidence in that really Nice Studio. Seven percenter. No I think it's a seven feels like the savvy. At least initially, take two miles from my house now. That's the whole thing like it in there well, if your third tier. Than I'm third year. What do you mean while you're GonNa? Be The third tier on the EFL PROTOCOL BITCH! You're going to have to go into the basement entrance and no sneaky chats and hall ways and things like that. What Tier I? Twelve here I'm not even allowed on the property your third year one a year. I'm one year one a I mean you've got your linked to me and we're all linked to burke because he has ring credit we don't and you moved up the other week. When I gave out my address on the air and you didn't know I. was GonNa do that. It just slipped out and you hit the dump button, so you like you automatically moved up like I'm demanding. I'm not going in there and less nor does with me. Yeah now. I would imagine that there is nothing weird over the course of the week with your address being not. It was given out on air nortre with the Save the blue. Button asteroid. But it went out dot com, so he did get any emails or Anybody role by in painted an sands window I'm pretty sure everybody knows where I live in Saint, Paul and Mendota heights and the ones that don't when they show up. They're disappointed because they think Karl Anthony towns still lives there and they're like. Oh, I thought Carl lived here. That's where Karl Anthony towns used to live. I. Rented the House to him. Him Jeez Oh. Is that the one of the basketball court in it that bit when you went to Florida or something? Yeah, that's why so half the be nice as basketball court. That's people show up and they're like I wanNA. Play Pool Your Matt Burke now. Not so much anymore and then the other half are like. Where's Karl? Yeah, you think Carl's house male. Know How thorough. Oh, you're Matt Burke. Okay? Maybe that's not that cool. Where's Karl? The other third last time I was here? The fifteen chickens where the hell are. These chickens man would. They fly the Goop I did I. Did get the First Halloween? We were back. I got a lot of kids coming in the door, saying Oh, I thought this was has in the year before apparently Carl now. Anthony towns that come the big cat. Yeah, thank you knew that. He was given out giant kit cats for Halloween. And I was just given out the giant full-size Snickers Milky Way Three Musketeers which well yeah, yeah, yeah, well word around that neighborhood. He side. No diggity is that your household is the household that gives like apples and bananas, dimes, Avocados and healthy eating. Purge that full-size snickers. When I was A. Gold Mine Right. Now you know how a full-size Kit Kat I don't mean like I. Don't mean the four sticks. Twelve six foot long a kit Kat! Yeah, it's four by three visually. The kids go bananas I. Mean That is probably the best thing you can give out. Because, it's the biggest. It's all about side size matters on Halloween May. No Dow is major disappointment now. What if we were I mean? Let this is not. We're not like ranking candy bars or anything, but if you're like baby, Burke, rolling around Saint Paul or I'm you know where I am or whatever your trick or treating? And then the candy goes in what candy would go in there now if you were baby, Burke, where you would look at it and respectfully be, thank you, but you hate it. You just like you just don't like. It is the same as when I was a kid. The allman joys and the mount the coconut Iraq, not now nothing for coconut grouse. Almond. Joy is terrific meal. Top ten for me, but the mix between the chocolate and the coconut with the nut in your mouth. When that thing explodes! Labor I I. Don't Know How many candy bars I don't eat very many candy bars. But your day, but now, but you say it's not my top ten. I would never get through my today. I would never get through my top ten to get below number Tandy. Candy, Bar, it's GONNA be butterfinger. Frozen, snicker one, you know like Sabbath super solid and snickers is a doctored candy bar so that that's not in play when it comes to exactly the way it was laid out. It snickers, which is top three. It's got to be south threes. Knickers is the best candy, bar. On the face of the Earth butterfinger now hundred grand under grant's cameraman, an undergraduate. You know yeah, like like the mainstream. It's snickering. Here's. How did hundred grand not get? They don't get the same play. They must production or something. Good so old when I first started buying it, it was ten grand holiday ten gram bar hallway. Part on butterfinger is not the best butter fingers good. He bad as bar butterfinger. With if you do not and if you put the entire peace in your mouth now if it's a big bar, you're in trouble because the chocolate breaks on true true now that now that is fair to add to. The analysis is every time the chocolate falls off so now you have a carpet related. Al We got pick it up Y- well. What if you had a dog? The dog related terrorism has chocolate kills them. Okay, so I don't know a little bit of Ti Trust me. I have two dogs really have tried. It doesn't that's what you said about the chickens and the next time I came over there. There are a bunch of feathers around here. No I don't believe the chocolate kills docs gone if they did either. My dogs are like super dogs morning. It's not true while, but that needs to be factored in with the butterfinger when it comes to like the snickers bar, there's nothing wrong with it, C- chocolate. There's nothing wrong, but snickers is so common like I. Feel like the market is so flooded like I've had. One million snicker bars, because if you go like if you're making the turn at the golf, course or you know for trick or treat like. Eaten a lot of snickers bar, so maybe so maybe that's what it is right to supply is just it's. It's Kinda like ads come. Butter fingers are are more rare hundred grand heath bar like when you get one of those like Ooh, Mr Good. Bar Guy. You ever had oh. Yeah Mr. Good Bar I'm like I got the taste pallet of an eighty year old man. A snickers, and what are you go? Dr With the peanuts or Hershey's almond crackle. How about the crack? Crackles fantastic. New, house, and West side no diggity! What are we got there on the Coffee Table Kahn? Good Barn Candy Corn. That's right. Candy corn is gross by the way no. We do one of those twitter surveys I mean put out there for. Now what we could, but that's the narrowcasting leader. It would. It would go to page we did so snickers is just. It's just so calm. I mean it's like Kit Kat leads cheese pizza. You're like pizza's good cheese pizza. It's pretty good. I'd rather have sausage and Pepperoni. MANALI CHEESE PIZZA I'll eat staffers bar, but if you put like know the works pizza in front of me, I'm excited you. You put Butterfinger I'm like okay, this is this is like a special. I'm with the I'm with you I'm writing in my journal. Hey, it's all obviously to each their own. It's it's it's unto. One's palate mister good bar. I don't think I've ever and I'm a candy. Guy I like candy. I don't think I've ever had a MR good bar. It's just chocolate and peanut hit the bus. He just like full peanuts. Yeah, oh, that sounds good. It's excellent. I'm an I don't know if you well for me. The negative would have been the watching McCall it. Oh those! Watch! Off All, like by a tip, what is it you bite into? What is it I mean? What are we trying to be here? Are we chocolate? Are we are? We receives yeah right I I. Don't know what it is is like it lacks identity. What are we trying to do here so I don't like that one hold on hold on I. I I'm GonNa. Throw this out there, not not going to be a favourite Maybe not top five, but you have them so rarely, and they're so unique that you have to. You've got to end made in Saint, Paul. You're I'm going this La Lions. But now what piercings not role of phenomenal on believers? Not Rolling. Is legit a while now you talk about getting big things in your bag on Halloween. Though those nut rolls though those are large ones, I've seen it at the Big Yellow Candy store. Yeah, there, everybody laugh I'm not laughing I'm talking on the radio. Doing the nut in your mouth? Juror being earlier. No, that's the way you think and I said not. Roles are phenomenal, and they can be big, thus putting them in a kids candy bag and I've seen them at the Yellow Candy store? Come on to your head out of the gutter of their Lexington Steele. Just do it. Yes, non say it's Pearson is a Pearson non-royal top-five Candy Bar. Because! She was the people think well for me about a baby. Ruth dropbox babies to go. I'm talking. Seven handlebars. Baby is six to ten and baby with got I got four, and then I got a number one. I have not unveiled baby. Ruth is these stickers was number one? No, not for me. It's top by baby. Ruth went down a little bit after i. saw the movie caddyshack because you can't help me, ruth and think about yeah. The baby, Ruben, the fool, yeah, but then it had to have gone. The stock had to have risen again as you watched swath and. And Chunk come together in the goonies roof over a baby route. I called you over six years. You've never hit junk MECO tibbs. Yeah, tibbs, con juice box, stank, yeah, good baby, good puppy puppy baby I've never called you chunk. How how was that? I don't know a chunk I mean the talk about low hanging fruit. Right I'll tell you another thing if you get for Halloween that. Your site is a kid. Because of the size matters. What up Charlie Ston, choose One of those Big Long Charleston. That's my number one. My favorite candy bar and it's not close is Charles. I would call that a candy bar. Are you talking about I? Feel like a candy bar has to be certain shape and size well. This is the right shape and the right size, and it's an candy wrapper, and it's chocolate on top, but it's it's it's what is it Nougat or it's Vanegas Newgen News Gal. New Good up in your mouth. What is going on? Of Melon Nougat inside the chocolate. So now you've got the momentum. Complementing the chocolate is Nougat. His nougat in ingredient in anything else other than I feel like candy bars. He like. We just made this stuff over here. We put like butter in sugar and some flavor This is the new get like it's very unspecific. Away new get. The Charleston chew which by the by the way as the best candy I can eat, you can eat. The Charleston Chew. That dense chocolate covered marshmallow taffy, toffee, substance you, WanNa, talk about maybe nostalgic, but bullet beneath the chocolate exterior is an edgy. Activist DNA embedded in the candy, which as it happened, was named for the song, and the dance known as the Charleston in one, thousand, nine, hundred, twenty five, so that's the essence so now it's Kinda ruined it for me. What you said was an activist. Because you're a millennial say so everything that took place before one, thousand, nine, hundred, Ninety, eight, or when you're at Harvard doesn't exist so I like. Like food critics ruined food. The way they talk about zone Charleston Chew has equity. Don't understand what you was created with the new, so wasn't the insight was Nougat in Phnom Down on New Era. Go Charleston Chew. This is what trump's Nougat Charleston chew is a candy bar consisting of flavored Nougat. Yeah Oh covered in chocolate flavor coating was created nineteen, twenty five by the Fox Cross Candy Company. Founded by stage actor Don Lacrosse in French Charlie Fox. The candy was named after the Charleston a popular dance, the die another interesting thing. Charleston shoot. A. Valid stage. Louis Armstrong who. How Long Mattie it's ninety five years old her. She's hundred and fifty years old. Yeah, all these great canterbury they'd was stood the test of time one hundred whatever years ago. They say let's start making cannabis. Has There been any new candy bars that have come out recently? That are like like we all just just riding the the. Dander prestigious Courtney Bar History Okay Mr Super Squares Mr. Just, one. I want innovation I missed our unity trinity in Burnsville. Why don't you come up with a freaking candy bar and steal the show? I'm not I'm not so call them. Burke bans. I just wanted to ban any newer candy bars of the mouth. They're like. Hey, these are out. These deserve some shelf space. I know I need a bit ID. Are you kidding me? Look at my five Berkman no new get though yeah, no Nougat Birkbeck. So Charleston chew the fact that it has equity, and it has it. Has Some candy related diversity to it in that you have malt? It's multifaceted. Really must have juice has a lot of Nougat three musketeers is sneaky top tennis for me waste of time for your stomach. Now it's all Nougat. Give me some nuts. Why for the Three Musketeers? That's all new. Oh, it is yeah, that's it's nothing second. Then how come when I put the Charleston Shoe when I put the new in my mouth and I bite on it and the candy subsequently explodes. You have a vanilla taste. Bad also was salty, maybe because of the toffee, but it it's a thicker more dense bite than the three musketeers, which you can put your I mean. You could fluffy out. Like what's your McCall? It's floppy because there's advantage there's more of the tootsie roll like chewy chocolate in the mix, and by the way you keep mentioning Charleston Chew. Literally makes a Vanilla Charleston choose, and that's where the vanilla comes around. I think strawberries well now. If if Paul Charge were listening right now, he would champion the cause of a candy Bar Nordahl when I did not know, existed three or four years ago and has a little too decadent for me, but it. It's called. I think it's made in, England. It is yes, that's called. The lions bar and L. I.. O. N., PASTA VS. Vs Lions Bar and You can get it at that big yellow candy store. That's where I I had a pretty good well. What do you mean decadent chocolate dark? There's just too much they're. They're trying to do too much with the bar with combination of the crunching the interior. You know what else is really do too much with the campus special guess. Snickers special. You can have a snickers three hundred sixty five days a year. Snickers is special. It's not. What special is when the kids walk around the neighborhood with the fundraiser, and they're selling those candy bars there in the white rapper, and there's the wrapped in foil, and there's a white rapper, and it's called the world's greatest. What like world's greatest chocolate bar? You can get him chocolate or with nuts. You. You don't know what I'm talking about. like the fundraisers where the kids go round. Yeah, I mean. I think it would be best asked that question, the next Halloween and not ups in previous Halloween's. Because there might be a little different. So Dom- I. GE! He's he's moving. On talking about those not taking. I'm not permitting Avis Stella Derek Nicole or one of your thirteen to take something wrapped in tin foil from somebody's house on identifiable white cat. On acid. Look at her trip out again. You're talking about when for fund, it's strictly a fundraising product. Some guy just wrote in ballpoint pen. Cake yeah, great idea. It's a jet rapper and. I think it's called the world's world's greatest chocolate bar. Yeah, just as chocolate or chocolate, they are phenomenally only get him when a kid comes around. You feel good, because he I just made a buck for this kid. Raise money to go to camp. Yeah, and they are. It's just chocolate or chocolate. Amish sounds made listeners. Will you please back me up here? These things are not good. I've never had it. I've had everything. How could you? Would you like the no soliciting sign on? How like I don't accept? Things from houses wrapped in tin. Foil this allegedly the world's greatest. Whatever somebody just text me? It's called. The world's finest. That's what they're called. Number of it. Oh My. Clothes close. Mendota Heights. fundraise like my house. I'm going to buy a case of 'em in. Bring him in here and we're going to reset the reset the compass of these guys. Conversely world's finest is a thing it is legit it does not come from winless vans. Okay! That's you're you're right? yeah, been vindicated. Okay and closing here so we so Charleston Chew for me if we had the dagger a one and bet on it in tournament. Charleston Chew for me. What's one for Yukon? It's the lawnmower that always starts. It's a snickers bar. Snickers come into this Ma plus two eighty is the favourite, but still be a plus too. What's your favorite ice cream vanilla? Yeah. Okay well, but no ice creams the bat. Just a good New York Vanilla with a little bit of she's chocolate resigned. No I don't generally speaking like chocolate New York Vanilla I like Nougat on it. I like Cherry Garcia. Jerry Jerry too much going on a little bit, stick and stuff like they don't know what you put it in your mouth. But find like, if I cake and I like cake or cupcakes. I like white I like white. I like the white icing on the white cake. That's my taste with milk that is chilled in the Freezer for eight minutes now ruled that thing off for about four months lost twenty pounds in the pandemic it. Cake City was back in the freezer aches her back in the mix back in the mouth milks in the freezer, Earn place so when we return just quickly, 'cause I got into foul stuff. Let's think about it for a second. And metaphorically speaking, we will just use nor does coffee table if you're rolling. If your own. Place and then he's like trying to be all hospitable and stuff, and they're like three to five candies that are laid out. What could the worst ones be that you see over? Others would be in the mass. Oh! Good, we're going to look for one or two here, so we have candy corn Let's put words in it because he says it, and then like hey, thanks for the watching McCall at bar I gotta suck as I got, you got holding k. hold because I got one two. Nine to noon continues around the corner to the Burke. Bit Funky, good ties. and. Blue. New. Book hold on, Joe, Heart Fund. Why put all the time? For the. By! Big Foliage mind. I, Been, I find very very. I've find much little alone. Cabinet! And Paul charging was listening and I was not looking at my phone so in the neighborhood when we got into this inadvertently eleven one three eleven one to Paul text text did in Bart's not lions, Bart's Lion Bar, and and strong named Con-, says it's decadent. I'd never had it I like it a lot. I think it's really really good to from an offensive standpoint, it balances the run the play. Play action. Getting the safety in the linebackers is going the wrong spot now I understand then midway through the bar makes a big play, so I think it's a lot of Matt. Nagy window-dressing to be honest with the crunch on the top very good point, but you also have to recall that there was a time off that analogy. Lion Lion Bar one twelve times, and was a double doing from advancing. Yeah, but. It's not like. It's what you McCall it far away from getting to the winner circle. Then they have changed the recipe. Because whatever the lion bars version of Jordan, Howard is away and suddenly they just couldn't run the same type of offense and provide the same type of flavor that did a year before very good points serious question before we move on Yeah. How do you feel about those chocolate bars with potato chips in them? Never had one I've never had now. I sort of feel like it's better if you can do it yourself. We like at home. If you're like, have a chocolate bar I've got a bag of chips. Let me I mean maybe just a sense of accomplishment. This, but they actually sell them that way. What about melting the chocolate deciding the chips and then cooling now? No I think I think you want to candy bar as as the base, the potato chips to be the compliments that that midst personal preference that the greatest thing about chocolate i. think the greatest thing about chocolate is to me a hershey's milk chocolate bar. That chocolate is better than if you go to some swanky restaurant and they bring out the you know fourteen dollars, chocolate tarts with double chocolate and cocoa from the rainforest. Yeah I feel like the Hershey's chocolate bar is better than that. You know decadent high-society chocolate like wow, that is something that the the every man can enjoy I. Agree and milk chocolate specific for me. Yes, well now I. Mean it's iterating props to. The Hershey bar milk chocolate. It is the San Antonio Spurs. Of Candy Bars. Basically saying here's the deal. You know what play is coming. And it's never going to change. There will be slight tweaks the one with the rapper, the dark chocolate what we'll have some some nuance and audibles, but this augments in. There is Margaret Yeah the almonds this right here. The Straight Hershey bar just as it has been for a century GONNA make the playoffs every year every single every year you can see it is the constant and out of respect we recognize it as the constant correct now. How I tim K to booth. Dot Com Bradshaw Brian inbox. Chocolate is poisonous to dogs, but American chocolate has such a low quantity of actual chocolate that it doesn't affect them much you go. Is that true? It must be CPA that elevates charges. Take on, Lyon, BAR, because it's made. It's not made in America. It's made in England which means the chocolate. The chocolate probably is more in Mash. You know there's a T-. There's a Britain London teeth joke to be made right now, but I'm so stuck from the purge, and everything's around and I'm not gonNA make to go? I feel bad for them. I'm not going to exit and everything. You know what I'm saying early Malone. The the the grills is they would say in the business back I'M GONNA go counter culture. The grills they would say in the business. Carfax Abbey Birmingham Manchester London best in the world, most beautiful smiles. You'll ever see so if we were to Let let's end this like this If you were to line up the least desirable candies, or whatever on, nor does coffee table as he, as he welcomes people into his new covenant. What is the like one thing the worst array? Oh, yeah of cannon would have to have no. The the worst candy ever is you. You the old ladies they put out those bowl of mints and their. Pink White Light Green and they're not rap. I know and you have no idea. How are just sitting out? Expos tender stuck to each other their own. That's what I was thinking. You guys ever seen the the old. The unwrapped like Sassafras candies I serve coming used to come in like a little tin bog off seen all those are the absolute. That's the worst you handy ever. What about pop rocks? Put about. You got no time for that. You know that's our. No idea by didn't do. It explodes in your mouth, but of generally smile generally everything you put in your mouth. These days appears to have an explosion portion of it. Now I'm probably this probably will be very controversial, and you'll probably disagree with me. I think one of the worst is. The Easter. The Easter chocolate egg bit of the Cadbury's with whatever's what is inside of it. That's not new got crane. Can anybody explain that cream go with cream, but I don't like him. It's green, but I'll like it not a fan. Yeah, and there's too much cream compared to like the amount of chocolate, so you you know what I'm saying. It's messy like the butterfinger highly overrated. Since so next week we're going to cover Christmas cookies. Through Chris I have news for you won't be a next week on all. Explain later. No, actually the veterans as that going to be Christmas. There will be because we got the con- Anyway The this was this what I have printed here Matthew. Now this is pro football, Talk Dot Com, but originated Dan Kaplan of the athletic. This bad boy pop last night so again. I'm not familiar with Daniel, Kaplan and like like if you say Schefter Glazer Brzezinski blame, and so on so on heard his name, he's in the mix. Yeah, okay. I wasn't super familiar, but like I said Denardo. He's not the Charleston chew of pro football. I mean from a name value standpoint. I think he's very take five. He's on the shelf and I respect him, but I have not sunk my teeth into anything. He's done fair enough so much. I can't believe athletic editors and bosses and everything when it involves fans in the stands potentially de NFL Games You know they're going to be like CAPELA. WHO's your unnamed NFL source I'm not telling you, but you know you have to believe a by forecasting football faith that we're going to run this and they ran. It so florio starts at profootballtalk. Money Trump's competitive balance NFL, facing significant financial losses games played without fans that number, reportedly three billion. If there are no fans, the whole season for the NFL, still be in the black, but yet go ahead. An unnamed NFL source told Daniel Kaplan of the ATHLETIC DOT COM, won't. Attendance will be a state by State County by county. It will not be one-size-fits-all. I believe that to be true you. Well yeah, that's that's that's where we're at I. Mean that's what you're seeing it state by state right now like that now. We're not like that now. L. Now I mean. If you open US Bank stadium and you go play football game there right now. How many can you have? The governor will tell you okay, so but per the current executive bit. I mean I say fifty because there are a lot of places to put to fifty in that building. What am I? What are you talking? Hundred fifty people five. What? What am I missing here? Two hundred fifty people in us. Bank, Stadium, but I'm saying isn't there a thrash? Aw, a threshold for numbers and so yeah. Yeah, I see what you're saying. What the hell, but US bank could be a I'd say unique venue. It's a little bit bigger than probably most venues that. That, we're talking. You always have believed or or believe now that there will be fans and mass at NFL, Games I would say as we've gotten down. The said two three months ago. I said, of course there's going to be fancy isn't going to be so far behind us. Yeah I don't think that's the case I think you will see limited capacity or no capacity. Right now, but that, but that gets into the wherewithal the bottom line for instance story continues which means in some states, fans will be present for games in others, not and even though this will create inequities when it comes to crowd noise, that apparently will be acceptable, because they one-size-fits-all approach to attendance will result in no fans being present for any NFL games The NFL remains highly optimistic. The season will be played in fall in. In some cities there should be or eventually could be optimism. Bands will be present to watch the common thread from last week through now we're. We're about a month. From well first of all July rocks gay mls of your into that pro sports. July eighth baseball cut a deal. That's July. Twenty third WS anals. Happy Birthday to me a real real baseball. Happy Birthday. Watch padres game. Maybe you'll get lucky in the play. Let Channel. and. Then, you've got basketball NBA. You're into that seven thirty. Then NHL projected to return around the time NFL training camps. This is why I come here to get my sports right right at the end of July. That's my in Gel like fi find end dish of July strength and conditioning, and not as one. Putting them together longer days, but short amount of time, and then Sunday's Galore something that. We talked about a little bit earlier is I'm not. Just do the Vesey can't sitting here trying to be an elite strengthen conditioning mind, and this was actually a major part of my bit for you before what you McCall bar terrorism overtook core strength specifically for offensive lineman and defensive, Lineman, the I happen to think running back is the most violent position in in. Pay Me enough to carry the ball. Thank you because they get hit. Full speed. Seen it I've seen it up close. Yes, like they give his full speed, yeah! Yeah, and how about the about the legal shoulder into the Phi, Oh that feels good about get stood up in the hall. You're trying to fight in here. Come three missiles at you and you've got you've you've got to hold on to ask of gold? No matter what like that coach, rather you die up the ball. He can't defend yourself. I mean it's it's nuts, but but but with with offense and defensive lineman correct me here that core strength to get from stance. SNAP. Up Thrust I wish list. They could see right now. That's like the whole are right. Of your whole. To Denver. I don't want to disrespect what has been done virtually that I that I don't understand her. I have not seen zero chance, and I'm not zero or one hundred God but I'm going zero. Zero chance, there's not been strengthened conditioning via zoom, or whatever with strength and conditioning people watching people do stop no, but still not at the facility. So now you get back here. T CEO Performance Center that Weight Room. How prescient was this? When this was belt, 'cause like Clemson had a corona virus break now like X. amount of the team clemson university there quarantine so like fourteen days they they believe the origin was the weight room. Which is which you know, it's hot steaming stuff flying all over the place. It's indoor applets Solo, how brilliant was the designer and developer of performance center right now? The weight room has it's like a it's like a garage door opened by doors, open man and you get, and and and you get the elements and everything so that dumb, but still when it comes to developing core strength to battle a season. I'm concerned like what you just said I try not to talk about too many things. I don't know about core. Strength is not really well. It's one of those things I don't know a lot of what are you talking about? You relied on it for decades. Did, but I'm eating care so naturally gifted. No, my core strength is all it's been below average football. Father created the Dwight Stevenson reincarnate in Matthew Burke. If you're if you're three hundred fifteen pounds in in strange like right now, go over there and do your apps. You look at the mirror and you're like why. Why why? It's not gonNA. Do anything like I haven't felt my ribs and fifteen years while I want to work on my this fan thing I feel we've talked about. It's going to Kinda one of those things we're going to see where the world's. I'm not that. Quite frankly interested in that I owe you another break, right? Yes mother. Was Interesting. If you read the article about talking about a different schedule where teams might play. Every other week. And so you would play Oh and then so to give to give the teams. They eleven days to to quarantine odds for team Matthew, but fourteen, but you do three eleven through is, so it would be like. Oh, so so so you got the quarantine period in between game, so you can. The virus can work its way through some of your players. Wait that now that to me that now you're talking about a monkey wrench. Yeah, and you know you work goes in that schedule. Howard cats at the NFL it's like NASA over there getting it all the workout with. And Scheduling, and now if you wanted to throw you to throw that if that came down from the top top. Yeah, and they said this is what you're going to have to do. To me. That would be not now. You're talking about rockets. I feel like players Shop Stadium Fans. No fans after two weeks. You like a are. We got this I. would just just like scrimmaging right? Yeah, Vance call was still go. It's football, but that would be. Really interesting to see how that would out on many levels to me. Matt Burke in Studio. Continue this conversation rap on the show around the corner. It's nine to noon the fan. Again wait until old. Tomorrow mom very well be Julie. Bed Studio. What do I gotta get him for you today? Candy Bar left took up thirty minutes holy cow. Are you excited for the regular season debut of super. Squares pt very excited. Are You I? Yeah, I'M GONNA. Play good for for housing, the awesome. I can't see their. ramping up an impact. Talk About Candy somewhere. No biking's weight room to co did that. Oh they need preseason games this not generally this weird twenty twenty. You think they need them. Not We'll see I see I was kind of on your side, a little bit like maybe one, but as of a week and change now. I'm GONNA say about a week ago I I. I was about ready to come in here two days ago and wack verbally whack the preseason and say here's why it's not going to happen from from a financial standpoint, this this and this Ben By forecasting football faith specifically from our football Father Eagles were soaring around my land, and then they landed, and they squawked, and then I learned that other probably will be to, and it wasn't necessarily as much while you gotta get ready for the regular season so stylistically speaking, it's the best product out there. NFL. Your guy big read the other big red. He's one eighty. You're one. A red wants. Address Rehearsals Road and home on believably important from what I understand which I believe they are, and what the new. Yes, we see your charter works. How about these buses? Same Bus Lines? We've had forever What about what about food and the ballrooms for all the players and to be no buffet spread? How's that GonNa work, fellowship or astronaut mass night before games I was not gonNa work I mean there are just things a lot of things. Were I believe the preference is for each team to have won road and one home her now, but I look dead. You know when I when I got that Intel excuse me. Me When I guessed that way, I started looking at schedules another going to do it i. mean you know what I'm saying because you've got some teams like they're going to go weeks? Two and three or whatever BIKING'S ARE AT CINCY at Cleveland Right? That ain't GonNa work now so now they might take the week. One Houston and it'd be like Houston here at Stansky, so they. The dress rehearsal aspect of it is the mets. I just I'm not. This is not a judge mentor. Anything I don't want you to. Don't take offense to this I. Don't get wrapped around the axle on that stuff like I kind of. Good one one away. No pre having good mean great. Don't figure it out right I. Mean they're gonNa of course and the world's going to look different six weeks from now okay weeks now there does now and they'll. Have to make the best decisions. You could sit here and wax in some best part of what we do. It's what you do and get it, and it's to me would be really interesting which would went through my mind? Pique my interest was. What if you run through your dress rehearsal? And a team has some crazy outbreak. And now after after you after you went to Cleveland you have thirty guys. Just not now. What do you do? Why they're going to have to take a stand and just push through I. Mean if you're a symptom at some point, if a if a league doesn't WANNA shutdown. Yeah, you've decided. You're going to move forward. At some point. They gotta say if you don't have the fever. If you're not sick, you're gonNA play when you have, symptoms will isolate. They're going to have to make a big spot decision like that on the fly. That'll piss people off. Some will be in favor of it, but the players will have to agree to taking that on. This thing it stopping. You're not going to bring this ship report, but see, but we gotta go rap show coming up, but just over eight seconds is is I. Don't believe the level of concern within the facility within the locker room within I think they have all the the is dotted there. It's when they lead from the uncontrolled variables. That's the cross. The T.'s crossed. That could be the fly in the ointment and by the way I'll provide another one hundred cliches tomorrow when we rise in China at nine plus you burkey. Nougat Burke Bit Paul Allen Matt producer time for the Nougat endorsed rap on the show. Nougat is awful, but Metropolitan Ford Kicks Ass and they bring the wraps. The verdict was great, but went south with be talking about nuts exploding in his mouth. It was a candy conversation. If you couldn't tell reach pizza creepy, Innuendo I need a bell the NFL pushing for such harassing the teams, currently analyzing stadium capacities by the fall or their butts and seats I miss Lavelle at the State Fair Gary Booth, milk and teats bodily feeling just a bit like. Like Summer Charleston chew takes his teeth out. It's a gummer baseball is back can't wait to have it on my TV. Drink in hand on the couch shirt off in my BVD's nine to new, we can certainly take the heat another three hour streaming consciousness is complete uncle, nor talent stores a wildfire with Bob and Mike, the restaurant, not mouse's best friend, which happens to be Biden's. Talk for two more. podcast today's Paul Allen Show listened to your show and interviews like going to the iheartradio, APP or

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"Jeff coffin from the personal injury firm of kaufman. Lind most people when they think about the law they think about all the great movies and television shows where turns yell at each other. Make jokes and have these great dramatic moments. The reality is that most clients never get tell a jury their side of the story. That's why at a minimum. You lawyer should take the time to listen to you and try to appreciate what you're going through coughing and lend at when you need us. Dot com offices orlando available everywhere with the iheartradio app. Now number one podcasting. We are an iheartradio station. Someone's going to get ended. It's just the way the world works and hopefully save everyone a little time or energy opinions. You here are those of the host callers and now does the right heart media its management or advertisers street. That is one of the best talk show in the anywhere in the country. It's a master's in the morning on real radio point one when i say on real radio one point one really run iheartradio worldwide. You can get if you've got that app on your phone. It's the iheartradio app. It's awesome because you've got thousands of thousands of radio stations all kinds of music but more importantly you get the mantras. In the morning real radio one point went so popped out on your phone. You anywhere you want us. It's pretty pretty cool. Also were live Livestream on our youtube channel. It's real radio mosser's on youtube. It would benefit you today if you haven't checked out yet do it today and just type in a simple phrase and you might win big green egg from las meat market so we got that going on on our Our youtube channel. But it's on youtube a live stream all the way through and then Angelique we'll chat with during the breaks Which is very nice and It's cool you'll love it so check it out when you get a chance. What's up guys. I'm russ rollins host of the program and with everybody this morning. We're doing this until eleven o'clock. Here's the producer. Angel boom age. Or barrichello out. Jim right mr motivation. Crows daro dot. Never stop baby. The band acquaint angelique is here and the king of denmark ryan home and for telephone number. If you wanna call is four zero seven nine one six one. Oh four one. That's if you want to call the show school we'll take phone calls on the trivia later. anything you wanna call about is obviously a historic day. Today it's election day so Things will be probably a little bit different today. If you want to call on your way to the polls we'll take your phone call. That's fine If you wanna tell us what's happening you see something out there that we all need to know about. It's a good time to call or if you don't want to get on the aerial nervous about being on the air. Then you can text us. That's pretty anonymous and you can do that. Just text us at seven seven zero three one. It is powered by kaufman and lend and Yeah it's a good way to get all of his people already texting this morning. Guys appreciate all the nice the nice words on election day. Two thousand twenty one of the most historic days In my lifetime probably especially for four elections And you know. I'm looking at all the news this morning. There's all kinds of you know Predictions about what's going to happen and you know peop- tom people are boarding up their businesses. Because they're afraid and it's going to be because you know half half the country's gonna be matters l. a. Or maybe maybe less than half waves are gonna be mad mad as hell take on both sides give her. It's bizarre how that all kind of shovels out you know that half of us believe one way and believes the other but it is what it is. I don't think that's the case really but we'll see i mean i've been saying all year for people who want to get into a political arguments hashtag and i did use the hashtag hashtag. We just learned that. I'm too old to say that. But show me when you vote lately. Everybody that wants to brag about their side to me today. Show me when you vote today. We'll find out tomorrow or at least by next week. Who's right. who's wrong who you know. Who's right and wrong. It's just You know how you feel about your own personal who fits your own personal life. I think is what it comes down to. Do you just care about yourself or do you care about everyone else. that's probably a question too. But represents the country to you that's represents because that's at the end of the day what it is right. It's just like any. Ceo any boss and he leader that whether you want to call them. I fit your head or whatever but they are the personality and they are the that that reflects your business your company or your country and that it's just how it is. So how do you want to be reflected. And i think that is a i think a lot of people they vote on it. Listen how much money can this person put my pocket. I don't care what they sound like. We're look like or what color they are. Whatever i just want money in my pocket and other people like like it to be fair for everybody. Because i love everybody. I i think that's kind of if that's been my observation of the two different points of view but More than half of americans that says today. And this is a an article from the us usa today Oh the half of. Americans are have the election jitters. They're so upset today. Half half of americans think that the election day today. We'll be the most stressful day of their lives. So far the You know at least so far this year according to a new one poll by Fill more labs and cove whatever that is my lab and coast there but film. Moore's my favorite for sure Millennials and gen xers are very upset at least half of them. Are today the anticipation and the stress of voting. And all i gotta say as relaxed. You like you've got one vote you throw it out there and you see what happens. You don't get all get all flustered and you've freaked out and getting upset about something you can't you can't control is dumb ya to russ. I mean if you're if you're about to lose medical insurance guess what. The supreme court has ruling on obamacare. Right now the foreseeable healthcare active trump plans. Guess what that's probably going to be put get going back up again if you're a dreamer right now and you're waiting to see if the president is biden or trump. That's going to allow you to stay in this country. That's a big deal. There's a bunch of stuff down the line totally understand. How do you think for the regular dude all upset and get all worried. Go into a connection today. Just because i'm like you've got a boat and the extreme. That's the extreme but as far as being a saying people are like overly stressed out the a mental health officials are overwhelmed because people are calling them. And it's like come on man you know there are things you can control the things. You can't be an upset even even if what you're saying is true carlos. Okay let's let's say it is okay. It is to be upset about it. Freaking herself out is not gonna help it. You know but also to dismiss how they're feeling is also not going to help me. No not really. But i but relaxed big deal but you know it's it's a hard thing to relax about. Let's say you're out of work. Let's say you don't pay the bills right now. You got you got one person who's trying to bring people together whether you're republican or democrat and you have one person continually trying to divide in scare the country so there's a reason people are upset. I'm not saying. I'm that person i've read. I'm worried about it. But i also have pretty good feelings about it but i'm also surrounded by people. I love people. I get to talk to every day. There's people who live in an apartment by themselves. They've been quarantined. They don't have anybody around them and their families. So i can understand with you. I don't think she'd be freaking out. I don't think yeah up and down the streets. I don't think he'd be riding or looting or anything but to be concerned. Extra concern is absolutely normal. And that's different than what this article is saying. This is saying that the election jitters and there's another name for a post as I can't find article now. Anyways people that are really really haven't like almost a breakdown today because of the election and it's like you do what you can do and just relax i don't get to To flipped out about it. They're also another part of the article Talking about the cdc and People that have corona virus. What do you think the. Cdc is telling people that have corona buyers about voting today. Stay room to stay at home. No they are not the. Cdc says people with corona buyers who are quarantined themselves because they might expose to voters rather people should just go ahead and vote. They need to wear a mask say at least six feet from other people and tell the poll worker when they get there. I have corona virus. They will allow you. They will allow you to go. Vote you should wear a mask. And she bring hand sanitizer. Bring your own pin. But they the cdc now that means the cdc thinks it's really important that everybody boats you know what i'm saying. That runs the city right exactly so the. Cdc is say and everybody but even if you have corona virus and your home and your quarantine yourself everything they're saying though. Just make sure that you do all the things that we tell. everybody knew. Wear a mask. Stay six feet away from people at least Bring hand sanitizer. Tell the person when you get there. Hey i have. I have corona virus and they will make it possible for you to To vote so. I thought that was super interesting. That says that. Yeah well no unfortunately. Cdc is controlled by the government as well obviously but in the administration so a lotta times like what does that mean if i had covert am i going to get out. An should have early voted. You should have done. That was literally what everybody was screaming about. Get out there. They didn't have a while ago though they might get why. That's why the warning was. You might get covid. You might catch it go early. Let's say let's say you found out yesterday. You got it and you wanna vote. They're just saying go ahead and vote and they were saying beak be super careful where the mass they wave. Succeed away from people's and sanitized and tell the the worker that's the person that's working the the that's crazy that is crazy. That is odd. So is that wait. Hold on because there's an alternate view that you can look at this from as well as like maybe somebody says yo. Cdc tell people with coronavirus. Go vote that'll make people not go vote because they're gonna think the lines full of corona virus. Nah i don't think they're saying say six feet away from people. Wear your masks. Bring your hand sanitizer. Tell someone when you get there. I mean you know. They're they're they're actually go mid morning and mid afternoon or usually Are not the busiest time. So the time to go Check a polling place to find out if if most of the waiting in line is outdoors. If that's the case that's the better to do Put they're not saying. You just dropped her off. Iris you didn't you didn't go. No no no. I voted by mail quite popular a couple of weeks ago. I didn't mind as soon as dropped it off or if you got. We did that last night did you. Yeah we did it. Last night with Bobby's ballot Had to go up to the supervisor of elections into varies and it was. It was a pretty neat experience. Avid specific dropbox. therefore they had There is a sheriff out there and another security personnel there and we. We wanted the box and we were lit up good and everything and we weren't the only ones there was nice to people and it was really like everyone was smiling. Everyone's being cool everywhere super easy. It took literally forty five seconds now. The drive took like twelve minutes but we needed a national holiday election day. But i'm impressed with our the way. Our elections have been run with thinking about this time. This time everything has had to happen to get to. Yeah so i would. I still advocate for. And i would love to for it to be a national holiday. Yeah i gotta tell you the way they do it. The way they do it in france they give him a week you a week to vote and i think having this amount of time has been really good that way you have you know if you have something going on. You need a babysitter. Whatever and i think voting by mail is good as well. But i mean having all the things that we have intact keep that intact but the actual day today it should be. I think it should be a national holiday columbus day. Move into voter. yeah. And i also would pick. It would be awesome if all political ads. Stop two weeks ago. Yeah terrible cool if it was but i think that was like a mandatory thing but i the three things that we have here in florida are pretty cool which is early voting. Second is drop off your mail in ballot whatever and then third to count votes earlier to count the votes on election day. Instead of some of these states aren't allowed to count until afterwards or beforehand. And hopefully we don't screw it up this year because you could actually really good in the country when it's broken down because we messed up so badly. We focused so intently. On the voting system like florida's actually Not too bad including all those three things that you just mentioned that hanging chad thing as stupid longtime that's not out of that particular story. Yeah it's not the dumbest thing that happened. You gotta go back and watch hundred and thirty seven votes. There was plenty of other dumb things really. You're watching that you got to everyone. That's must that's required viewing for citizens of the state of florida. You gotta watch that and see what happened because that is the template that that party has used at every election since then and that was in two thousand. I wonder if dr fauci is going to vote for today. Wonder is a very very curious. All right well listen election day. We'll talk about you gotta to talk about this and boy tomorrow. I know there are so many different areas of things that could happen. But i think i think times things especially this year had happened that we just didn't dream of you know i have a feeling sums happened where like i did not think that scenario had no idea so hanging jeff. There's something salted ryan that we're like had no idea that was going to happen. You know. I mean they're still coming buddy. All the media yeah. I think it'll be a state that somebody's you know that that biden supposed to lose your trump supposedly. It'll be a state that's like. Whoa that turned. I think that's what it'll be. My prediction is it's going to be in the reaction of the loss. Whoever loses the their reaction. I think i think the surprise is going to be with that. That's that is my that's predictable. We'll say i want to catch up with ryan home a find out what happened with him on his his weekend and say augustine. We're going to catch up with angelique. Everybody here we got a chance to win a thousand dollars today all day to day on real radio and a chance to win the big green egg from aussies meat market. So we'll tell you about all that stuff. Don't go anywhere. You're listening to the macho. The morning regardless of who you voted for regardless is not a word voting is important. Your radio suggest. Four point one. I'm geoff coffin from the personal injury firm of kaufman and lind most people when they think about the law they think about all the great movies and television shows where they turn his yell at each other make jokes and have these great dramatic moments. The reality is the most clients. Never get to tell a jury their side of the story. That's why at a minimum. You lawyer should take the time to listen to you and try to appreciate what you're going through coughing and lend at when you need us. Dot com offices orlando thousand dollar keyword gimmick all day. Today's given that shy thrill. When i hear that word text the word of two hundred two hundred. We've given away six thousand dollars so far a new contest also is happening now. It's i want a big green egg from lhasa's meat market. And you gotta go to youtube channel. So it's easy. It's not it doesn't cost a thing. Youtube channels free. It's real radio mosser's on youtube when you go there. There's a chat area in the chat. You type this sentence. I want a big green egg from wadis meat market. When you type that you're entered now you have to follow them on instagram to follow. Follow them on instagram. But you're entered and someone like somebody yesterday one awazi's rub gifts. That person is now entered the possibly win the big green egg so Just go to our youtube channel. You type that sentence in we randomly pick somebody who out the day. The five hours that were here we randomly pick somebody To to win the prize the wadis gift of the rub set and then you're entered to get the big green egg and it's random at ten o'clock we'll let you know who's a today's winner and angelique will be chatting with you and talking with you on the youtube chat and how you doing. I'm doing well and yourself good. Your phone looks different today. You have your phone instead of your because your screen is different. Yes my own is what i'm using instead of my computer. I don't know what it is here every once in a while. it doesn't want to accept like us. You're name and password. Computer will not join the network. And i've tried everyone. So that's frustrating. Isn't it god is down right now. It's little things like that. Like i had this. You know i'm a habit by listening to certain a certain things in the morning kind of get information and then there's a certain thing i listened to in the morning news and you guys know how it is like. I've got the I've got the speaker in the bathroom here. So i turned the speak rollout so i can hear it in my studio. I guess we'll call this. It's really a bedroom but we'll call it a studio and and for whatever reason my sonos thing wasn't working right. And i could not hear the news that i normally here and i'm rob freaking out. I'm like i gotta fix just calm down. Calm down you know So the tech stuff like that drives me absolutely nuts right home so you had a nice little A little vacation. I'm so glad he took advantage of. Scott york's place in saint augustine big shout and thanks for scotty york. I asked him to hook you up. And and i i know that. I know that you've talked to him in. You got to go out to his place. And i keep talking about how it says little apartment on george street. Which is the the the the street in saint augustine. That's pretty much accurate right. Can i describe it any better than that. I mean it is. He does a lot with a little at the location of where it's at is just awesome. It's above chocolate shop on george street. Glitz oh yes three. And there's a spanish bakery in the courtyard so you could walk out the morning load up on chocolate and You know get some bread and do you open. That wind open a window. When they're when they start cooking their childhood smell of chocolate bread. What else you need man. I mean yeah no. I'm about to leave right now with you. Honestly like it was really cool. The best part is it comes with with private. Parking spot to casino. Parking is expansive like minimum. Ten fifteen dollars. Yeah i guess it went on a good weekend too because the castio said marco just opened back up okay. It had been closed since march when everything shut down so this weekend was the first weekend everything kind of open back up and there was a line for that fort. Oh my goodness and note because there was a line for that for it. yeah. I've been there when i was a kid. I've seen it i don't really. I don't even see the fort again I like to go to the bars. The bars open. Did you go to the trade winds. That's my favorite. It's a real trash of a bar but it's awesome. I did not go to the trade winds. I went to the columbia. Oh good yeah. That place is See why that place has been open since the nineteen hundreds. Like what you get what you get. I got a picture of hito with always good. and then it's it's spanish food. that's also very heavily. Cuban influenced so i got. I got a pie was used to try that. And then just just a bunch of different stuff for the table so it was a it was on point next time. Don't sleep on their their cuban sub and the black beans and rice. That's what i get every time. A big old pitcher margarita. That's the ticket. I'm that guy too. And i love a good cuban sub and good sandwich But i can get good. Cuban subs sort of anywhere in black beans and rice are all of the columbia. I gotta give it to them. I mean they're not sponsors. You know what. I would just say this if i'm sitting here talking to you S it's really good. It's on it's on point for sure so is your anniversary you and your girl And yeah the little post you did. I gotta be honest with you. I was kinda proudly post you there with her and and you're looking at the you know the sun not the sunset sunrise and you'd like i came to see the beautiful sunrise. Manet realized that the most beautiful thing was already right beside me. Like oh yeah. I like that. I was all about love this weekend. that's true. Yeah that's eight axes real good. If you haven't been rolling the cast your days and markelle what are you doing with your life But now i don't know i was just. I was all eating up with it this weekend. Because i was just look at her. And the you know the light it was a beautiful breeze and just look at it and when you look at her you should be. Thank your lucky stars. Every day for christ sake I'm literally wearing a child's halloween costume right now. So she she loves me somehow. it works out. you're pulling it off. Somehow the weird thing is to like. She hasn't been to saint augustine since fourth grade. Right all right it. Yeah oh she loved it she was eaten up with it but the thing about it is just like but probably the last time we go saint augustine. It was a field trip that scott. You're probably took us on a bus. Now we're saying it's got your house since they always on he rents it out on. What's it called airbnb. Or whatever. But i i it's it's such a nice little i it's such a nice little and i was going. Say okay out on that porch. That's where mary ellen was sitting. And i love her so i'm not gonna i'm not gonna say. She swears she saw a ghost out on that on that balcony Swears up and down with a straight face. She's not pulling my leg. Swears that she. She believes she saw something. Two o'clock in the morning out on george street. If there's gonna be a ghost that'd be where it's at because it's the oldest oldest city in all of the united states Wh- what do you think about the porch and the possibility of spirits. I didn't see a full bodied apparition mary-ellen saw which i'm assuming it's two o'clock in the morning. Maybe i'll we're having a couple of drinks us break also she. She was drinking wine but she wasn't. I know when she's drink too much. He had not had too much and she was on the phone to a girlfriend and discarded york at the time and they were having a legitimate intelligent conversation. So so yeah no she i. I would not blame on the wine. I'll give it to us. It's not at two o'clock in the morning. it's not an easy area to get into when they first told me the story. I thought maybe it was just somebody drastic. An old timey gear made me not used to somebody being up there. Maybe that's where they go to smoke but it's actually like at nine o'clock it's like the doors are shut. You have to have occurred to get in barring somebody climbing offense and getting up there at one time by the way. I declined a lot. Yeah the door locked. And there's and there's this big wall. Carlos has made out of kookynie like aquinas. Stuff that you could really go out and doing now. Huysman big long Yes so. I could see so. I didn't see any like full but that man if it didn't sound like footsteps we're just like walking around like three in the morning. It's three o'clock in the morning and all of a sudden it's not they're not allowed. Just a clump atta standard. Like walking pace. It's now open up the window. Nothing's out there close out the window. Go back to bed fall back asleep. Wake up and i'm like definitely there's somebody go out the front nothing. There's no dad 'cause all would up there all the stairs were would the The the balconies made of wood. So you could hear stuff when it's we'll look you know and it's all the places like Front sixteen hundred. Seven hundred is it was built so the creaking and the cracking. That had already makes noises that. I'm necessarily used to already some having to turn on netflix. Like high volume. Just so i'm not hearing every single creaky crack because now i'm sort of believe in ghost guy and But it was just a lovely damn weekend. Something that We both super needed. Because she's got a big project to work coming up and she's known about it for a little bit since he's been dreading it so this is kind of like that calm before the storm right now. Let's as a cool town but like you can get the whole thing done in two days. I used to think that as well. But if you go with scott your latinos like there's so much history that you didn't get to cover that that happened there. You know like flagler college. Do you know who put the electricity and flagler college. Thomas thomas edison area. And there's all kinds of stuff that i don't know if it's an interesting place all kinds of stuff Every time i go back. I learned something new. Most of it was open but a lot of it was still kind of shut down. Which was wouldn't even that wouldn't that be part for the courses in the season or they don't shut down up there though they have a season. I'm pretty sure this is where they're busy season. Is it because the lights. The the the the million light there soon right like christmas well. Yeah aren't the lights up for thanksgiving angel. They were starting to put them up thanksgiving. They were getting that going. Bob's that's a. That's a big thing there for them. And they're they're they're getting so weird. Saint augustine also shuts down hell early. Yeah does yeah. We've got a party town. It wasn't halloween halloween. They definitely stayed up until two but the next day. It's like okay. It's nine o'clock. Everybody leave by so. We're people wearing masks and stuff like the tourist It was about fifty fifty to be honest with you. There was places we go in because it was a little too tight and not enough people wearing masks so it was a salvage like any kind of business business. They're wearing masks so cool. And what coolest places. We went to them and moonshine distillery there. Have you been there. I have not seen i. Every time i go. There's something new. i did not know. There was a moonshine solar. I've been to. I've been to the wine. And i've been to the whisky whisky to really good. Yeah well this one was. It might be the whiskey. I forget the actual name of a now. Of course i do. It was just like you big sciences. Free moonshine tasting. And we like. That is what we're doing and a mood shine. Tasting is not like a wine tasting. We had fifteen different tastings of moonshine. And that's when the night got we earing distilleries and i. It's a two floors and there's a. There's a restaurant on the second floor. No okay so there's the nets the whisky distillery and then this one this moons china must be something i haven't seen yeah. I was surprised and it was really cool because like the bar the bartenders quote unquote everybody really funny and really knowledgeable and it was it was it was just a cool experience. I would city gate spirits. Hillary and and i mean. I had to ask them at the end. 'cause i'm like what is your conversion rate from people sampling to buying bottles because you're hammered drunk by the time you're done sort of and you're like oh well i do like apple cider moonshine about like three bottles and stuff around. And they're like we have like a sixty five percent conversion rate of people coming into sales like pretty good it make drunk home. I want this feeling when i get home. Yeah that's what pro nazi you. I'm glad that you went out. Lived your life. You had your mask on. If you didn't feel comfortable going in you don't go in. Stayed away from everybody. You went out and did something. That's good that's what we all have to learn how to do. You know gauges stay home and and it'd be locked up in your house. You gotta go out protect yourself. You know you say you see a restaurant okay. That doesn't look safe. let's go to one. i like. Yeah it's good. I west sad though that my favorite place in saint augustine closed and then it became like jimmy buffett breath but there used to be this place called monks vineyard and say nagas team and it was like it was just run by one dude and it was dirty and dusty and the bartender. The classes were always kind of dirty. Sounds like trade. Winds back in the bartender would talk about the history of the whole time. He kind of like too much kind of guy by the end of your like shut up. But i still liked it whenever time and i was so sad to see the guy had finally had been in the family for like seventy years. He finally sold it. And now it's a bar called boat drinks which is which is a song yes We went. We went to during when something is so new and saint augustine. they didn't go for the old vibe. You how there's the crown the bull in crown pub and it's it's sorta new but they'd put up their boards and made it look like an old cabin. Yeah yeah boat. Drinks didn't do this. They they basically just put up a shiny new bar in the middle of saint augustine. And what this doesn't this just doesn't go. What is it about like carlos. i i can't remember carlos. You like the old rusty old asked. The old dirty bars do you. How and for some reason. I don't know what it is about. I go into one of those. And i feel comfortable i. I don't know what it is is like this is an old dirty bar and You know i'm not gonna. I'm not gonna i'm not gonna look the handrails or nothing you know but they know what old dirty bar metal trade winds and the guy stages have drunk. When you don't drink most bar suck okay. Were one main element of the bar is drinking. And so when i drank. I didn't give a damn drink from it. Could be dirty bar in the world but like you don't drink you like okay so pretty much everybody just drinking and i'm just sitting here so It changes your entire perception of it. Didn't matter where. I got my drinks before but Yeah so that's the biggest thing you know. i'm sure yeah. I'm sure yeah. Yeah we'll look good. I'm glad you had a good time. Anything happened in saint augustine. A lot happened data that we can get into all of that at some point for my for my segment later. I'm gonna. I'm gonna talk to you about a different. You've heard of christina to two key christina. There's moonshine christina. That's a whole different thing okay. 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I explained to them that the recovery is normally based on three things. One who is at fault to how much are there. Damages and three. How much insurance is available to cover their injuries. Only by thoroughly investigated in is case. Can your lawyer ensure that they are providing you with a full understanding of what your cases worth kaufman lead at when you dot com offices orlando three. It is election day two thousand twenty a historic day. Who knows what's going to happen today. Appreciate you all listening. Well no matter the monitor's mornings where radio one four point one you can text us at seven seven zero three one seven seven zero three one. Sometimes we'll take back and We appreciate being there. I'm rose rollins. Along with angel and ryan homes and carlos and angelique all here today so You did your voting last night. You get your voting take care of last night lady did and then i'll be. I'll be voting today. Oh you're you're going to vote today. Yeah i'm going down to My precinct Wanna show my face. And i'm going to go do it Live in uh yesterday when you had a comment you said something about you were going because there are people that were trying to Bully people into voter. Intimidation live in rampant in the united states. In two thousand twenty. Did you see the phone. Call thing yesterday where. I guess that some robocall was going out telling people to stay home They didn't really cop is calling people to stay. Yes robocop himself. In detroit or say robocop. You calls at robocall. How many of these have to do today tomorrow. cop everybody. that's what it sounded like robocop but it was robocall. It was allegedly. You know they're calling the democratic side of town telling them to stay home Voter suppression works. Yeah but then you had Here's the thing you had a representative for the of elections From the democratic side they interviewed him and then they republican guy and and the democrat guy. You know head about him talking. Nice everything the republican guy selling aide whole he was just. I'm just so means sounding. That's so nasty sounding he was just saying. Oh that's probably the democrats putting that out to make us look at it. And and just i mean just so. It's like oh look at yourself on camera. Look how you sound man can you. Can you come across at a polite way. That said hey. We would never do anything like that. We want everyone to vote. Voting is very important. But that's all you gotta say you don't have to be all pointing the finger and being mean and nasty. Anyway i digress. What got us here. So now we're just going to say regular words to regular people. I guess so whatever but anyway so So angel you're going today. Are you concerned that someone might. I don't know you and devoting a different way. Not even not even on strong arm. You make your way much taller than you write. All the dog is going to look down at your role right. I won't see them coming. I went to vote. And then i was going to vote for biden and then as i pulled in i saw tiny trump sign and that convinced me that actually there was three there's four and then the fifth one i saw was i wasn't going to vote for trump to the third fourth fifth. Got me so. They make a big difference. The multiple signs house. And is your you get one sign. You don't need fifteen signs you get a vote for every sign that you know. Hey listen let let them show us who they are. I wanna know where the nuts are. All sides everybody once you get her candidate five you wanna if you wanna go for like fifteen cannons. You have all their signs. That's cool but the one guy you can oncein. I'll say this. I was going through kings with the other day i saw a house. That was all biden. Doubt super biden thought. That person was just as nutty as a person. Who's all trump out you know. If you've got fifty signs like man you need another hobby. One plight sign is fine. As far as i'm concerned yes angel now. Let me ask you guys this. Is there a company that does this or is this a side hustle that could potentially happen Because if it is offering up. I have a vehicle that can do this. Who picks up all the signs. Because i'm willing to do it for one hundred dollars a day. I think each kid has to make sure they don't want you know steve's back at the head headquarters was like man. I don't want to go do this. Especially if he took an l. I'm offering my services. A few hundred dollars will go and pick up your party sign now if know couple from everybody so i'm not picking one side i'll pick up. Everybody signed but it is a few hundred dollars higher. My services and i gotta say to your point angel because you got me this week about. I was just have been going to the wrong places. I haven't seen the biden sides. I did drive to my mom's neighborhood yesterday in my brand new. rv which. I'll tell you guys about a little bit. And and a lot of biden signs there i did. I did see them. There was the i. I've seen though i would have to say maybe i'm wrong. I've been wrong before. But i think there are more trump signs out there in the state of florida than any other sign. Though i mean it just seems like there's a bunch of them but so so yeah if if trump loses and who's gonna pick up all the signs those people remain as l. They're just going to learn the signs. The stay getting on the highway. This morning that i was like whoa. Where did that come from like. You really had to stop back up in order to get to put the sign where it doesn't make any sense. I was really surprised but the thing about it. Is you know we didn't really have this at to this extent before. This is the first time we've had this much in people's yards and all over the place and it's more of like you've become your political party in turn out to you know what i mean like mine. That's weird to me. That's what's good. I mean it's good. That people are actually going to participate this time. They're wonderful people complaining about this election. Don't you understand this america. we do everything. The biggest most of noxious the longest the strongest the most expensive. And this is what we do. So if you're complaining about our process you're complaining about us man. This is what we do. We spend a lot of money and excess we wanna have the biggest baddest this is the baddest job position in the world. So we're gonna put you through hell and back. I'm not saying it's all correct. I disagree with a lot of things. You can't complain but because we are part of the system we are all part of the system. We the reason they do. This is because there is a need for it. You know the reason. I don't want them campaigning for two weeks. I'd like to be like england where it's like. You know you have a certain amount of time designated you can only spend this much but in this world in this country. That's just not how we do things. It does seem like it could use an update where we use early two hundred and fifty year old system of democracy and use a good discussion. Is that what you're saying. You do realize though right if we had to regular politicians that are just normal politicians people and they were talking the facts and figures and people would not be voting. They wouldn't be as interested. You know what i'm saying. It would be like. Oh yeah this is boring. And and and so we'd be begging people to get to the polls always had to my entire life ireland. They're begging people days like monday night football. I agree with you. This debate like it seems seems silly because it's so televised and everything is become a reality show essentially be the private. Wonder why but if we didn't watch it they wouldn't put it on like we consume. The reason they do this produces is because we consume this. They would get rid of some of these things. Obviously if money wasn't in politics that would be a huge deal so many of these things would shut down if money wasn't involved in our politics but guess writes the rules the politicians so they're not changing term limits. They're not gonna change money and politics. All we can do is sit back. And if you really vocal about a candidate go out there and not. Just talk about it. Here go knock on doors go to a phone call session go share information you know but this is who we are. We can't talk about this. I know half of our audience is going to go back. I don't care. I want to see the. Did you see when barack obama was out campaigning per joe biden and they were at a high school gym and as he was walking out the ball. He's a three point shot and then turns around. And that's how you that based on very dropping bombs like that admits you smile and laugh. I thought that was bad as care where you fall politically. i'm like. That's the he was the president he did a three point shot and just turned and walked out and pulled his mask down and say that's how i do. I agree with you. I thought that was awesome. I loved every second of it. And we're going to. He's an ass. I think some will be like wow. That's pretty cool. But this goes to your point of what our elections their culture personality. That's it this couldn't reflect it. At a higher level. Well bomb was the same way cult of personality. Why did hillary lose. People weren't behind a personality. Why trump really love personality. People like joe biden. People like they see. He's an honest guy. he's a decent guy. Obviously if you are a hardcore trump hardcore rightwing you're going to find different ways to to not like him and that's understandable biden wasn't my first election. Obviously i wanted to andrea. And you know yanking but i think ultimately the best candidates against out of every single person in the dnc put up. There is biden. 'cause i my perspective is Carlos believe that if biden wins it won't be because people love biden it'll be people do not like donald trump it that we want to get this guy out of office because he embarrasses us and it's biden. I'll take whoever that. That's why i think if biden wins it won't be because man he's wonderful it'll be like he's not donald trump. So that's good. It's a portion of it for sure totally over tomorrow tomorrow. Yeah i wanna. I wanna wrote into my brother-in-law so bad it. Sorry but it's still around next week. I shortly what to say what would you. What was that the garbage. Making me listened to him about how it's going to go away the day after the election. How ridiculous is that anyway Your guest one thousand dollars is coming up here in a second. You'll hear this keyword. You'll text to two hundred two hundred and you could win a thousand dollars and we'll do trivia now to your chance to win some trivia So get on the line for seven nine one. 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Just because of my great experience there over the past weekend. A pair of tickets to gator land. Nice hook you up go out there and if you get a chance to make sure checking van make sure you check in with the staff that works. Everyone is awesome and helpful. And it's a really great so Make sure you check that out. That skater land. Yes or give us a little inside tip angel one thing you say. They should do that. They might not think about something that you did. Think i'll let let me give you okay in los come back. You can back me up on this. The swamp buggy ride a secret sneaky. Sneaky fine the way that they presented the action that you get on that. That's a lot of fun. I didn't get to do the zip lines but that was really cool. And if you ever get a chance. Are you too big zip line. Can you do tall. Are you saying. I'm too tall. Big insinuates girthy. And i'm not girthy but I think i could do that as it. I would do it the next time. But yeah definitely. Check out the Swamp buggy ride. I'm not zip line over a bunch of gators. Then he'd have. The panthers are awesome as well. That that swamp buggy ride could be one of the best rides in all of the theme parks in orlando and i've written them off. Like as far as uniqueness fun silly arrive where you're like. Oh my god. I don't think we should be going this fast. That's literally what. I felt a couple times. And then you gotta go check it out of game for sure. If you're a gearhead you're going to check out the marvel. That is they're swamp buggy. Hey where's everybody. Carlos and I ended out and have a fun time off all your faces. Who got on the next verse. We david from orlando. How did the baby bunch zoom before us did david. What's up buddy. I am doing great. Where are you. are you going to work right now. You at home. what are you doing. I'm headed to the polls headed the polls that's good. Hey strip club this early. We don't seem to be busy out there and look like there's a lot of people out there voting quite a bit. Yes on for who you voted for. I'm on the trump train. Man trump trying to go there. You go go get him. I listen. I got traded question for you. If you get it right you take whatever. The prize decatur land. And you're also king for a day so you can say whatever you want to give love to whoever you want promote whatever you want for a minute and if you don't get it right then you could get carlos or angelique or ryan or able to get it right for you okay. Are you ready david. I here we go name the artists that has a top five album on the billboard charts in each of the last six decades that means the seventies eighties and nineties. The two thousand two thousand ten and two thousand and twenty. What artists has a top five album in each of those decades. Lionel richie lionel. Richie is incorrect. Who do want to help you. You've got carlos angelique angel and right homes angel angel rivera named the artists. That has a top five album on the billboard charts in each of the last six decades in the seventies eighties nineties. Two thousand two thousand ten and now the two thousand and twenty's what artists has a top five album in all six of those decades. The way you're asking this that means artists just recently got another top five album. He's like. I did quit quick. Quick jack over here not girthy. But i'm tall that dude. What's your name david. Ah me kick this around. Because it's not somebody that would be front of mine. It's not somebody that i probably rushed you own any of this person's music. Yes damn. this is crap. How are you helping angel out. This is ridiculous. How one. I own some of this. I think so. But i could be wrong. I know you've played. I've you've played some for rejoined at times. Say gene is it a bad or is it a solo artist all my god. That's too much gnat. Glass artists group. It's an artist a person do they sometimes be. Are they sometimes in a band but they all goodness angel. Rivera turn into ridiculous. I do it in a class here way. This is just ridiculous outright. This person is in a band. i think. yes this person's in a band. Yeah oh man. Bill collins college's incorrect. Sorry david was really round. Patrick patrick from orlando patrick buddy. I'm doing great this morning. I'm doing great you off to vote today. They already voted. No i am going to go. Vote this This morning yes. I'm extremely excited. Who for ongoing inviting all the way one. So we're now we're at fifty percent right now Go patrick named the artists. That has a top five album on the billboard charts in each of the last six decades that means a top five album in the seventies in the eighties and nineties. The two thousands the two thousand ten two thousand twenty I think ageless figure that out myself. Bathe disgusted who is patrick. Well this artist has brought a song after song ever song. And i believe in love after love after love share share share now. She has had a single but not albums. She's had a single in five decades but has not had one in this decade. Who do you I to share knowledge by the way Who do you want to help you. you've got shushi wire seven and a half. I must rush. did you see your niece dress up. Share oh i didn't see it though. She looks fantastic. sunny share. She dressed up as i thought. I thought you might have seen it. But yeah sears. Beautiful daughter addressed share. She looks just like. Oh that's hilarious. Okay we got ryan you've got carlos got angelique the can help you. Oh king of denmark lease mr trivia. I voted by the weekly as the greatest trivia. Man in town ryan homes. No pressure here but he is. Patrick has picked to to try to get right for him so name the artists that has a top five album on the billboard album on album in the top five in the seventies in the eighties nineties. Two thousand the tens and twenties This is a big artist. Big artists. I'll give you a little hit. This artist is part of the band and this A member of his band played with the monster band one mile mad at myself off a member of his ban ban and gave you that he knows. You don't know. Oh patrick patrick where what do you do. You know the answer. But i i remember this. I remember this happening in rust in do crazy impression of this member of his band that everybody laugh from time to be looked back a little bit insensitive now. Who now he came on southern girl with us Just to on this billy hoagie enhance ryan didn't impression of him man not of the person that the name we're looking for but bad member yeah Was a big part and the person we're looking for actually Go ahead. I give it enough hints. What are you going to boarding rush. Wants answered himself. I mean yeah one more hit since i'm just got back from vacation missed me. I'm going full like. I loved your halloween photos by the. There's someone in our group. Thank you so i'm trying to help him. Patrick getting as many like someone in our group of people that we all communicate with love this. What are you doing. I'm feeding them. I'm tell you decide for the week win feeding him. He's the week when i feel bad for him. This artist come on one of the members of the news and the guy was louis. Louis louis got up next. We got clinton clint. Hey curtis does the french thing. Stupider lesson corporate america's day. Get out outta here french. Excuse me corporate vote for whether he surrendered put navy the artists as top five album on the billboard charts in each of the last six decades from the seventies all the way to now who do you think it s a great question. I have no idea. So i'm gonna go with. I want a big green egg from wasi pick. Carlos helping guests gas. And you do have to get on elton john. That is a. That is a riddick guests. Lewis had a top ten album. In all of those years that would did not not in the seventies. He was born abania right now. Album carlos one little carlos name the artists that has a top five album on the billboard charts in the past six decades Like i at band member of his played on stage with us With the monster ban is amazing ridiculous. I what is going on and it was a huge member of this guy's band. What up what artists are we talking about. I'm doing i'm trying to be. Can you hold on. What's he doing. Bay ban bone in usa. Bruce springsteen bay. It won't one john mellencamp that's a john mellon we saw it is born new bride homes right homes no collar today. You should add your your trivia. Thank you for life. Don't get down with anti american songs. That sound american. It's bruce springsteen is the answer to redirect. You are a winner. sir. Do i got clinton i gotta take a break. We come back. I'm gonna let you promote plug. Give love to whoever you want. But we gotta go to a break real quick. And then we'll come back and talk about bruce springsteen. Don't go anywhere. you're listening to the macho. The morning john mellencamp sign. Yeah far john really. This is my apartment. John bradshaw was gonna kill you. A little houses loves listening guy in my favorite mellon camps street philadelphia. Return ever seventy six. We are getting asked parents and it's not even close real radio. Just vote today. Four point one. So you gotta you gotta house and you live. Jeff coffin from the personal injury firm of coffin and lind most people when they think about the law. They think about all the great movies and television shows where they turns yell at each other. Make jokes and have these great dramatic moments. The reality is that most clients never get to tell the jury their side of the story. That's why minimum you lawyer should take the time to listen to you and try to appreciate what you're going through. Coughing lind at when you need us. Dot com offices orlando. You want to win a big green egg. Go do our youtube channel rodeo on youtube type this senate. I want a big green egg from washes meat market and You got to also follow them on On instagram. But you gotta type that sentence and we're gonna pick randomly one winner. One person Today who's going to get a wadis rub gifts and then you'll be entered to possibly win the big green egg you got between now and november twentieth. So if you don't win today you could win tomorrow. Keep giving it a shot. Just go to real radio. Mosser's on youtube chat with folks during the break and There you go. Welcome back cougar. Boy he's got bunch of hits. Oh my god Iras rollins with angelique and angel carlos in ryan homes all here. Today we had a winner. And that was clinton's clinton on whether he sure is he's there clint part of the prize. You get to go to gateway in which is amazing because you get to go see savannah and check it all out But on top of that you are now king for a day sir What would you like to promote. It could be a friend's business your business it could be. You know your favorite band whatever it is. What would you like to approach her. Hey thanks for us first of all. Thanks for let me get the first win of the day. Yeah shape that and You know there's a lot of great things for a moment. I wanna say yesterday with my sisters. My older sister's birthday. And so i just wanted to shut up too. Great anti melinda That that that it was her birthday yesterday and And i was excited. She lives out of town. So we're able to see her but Still wish her happy birthday. And i you know back in the seventies back we do such a thing. We we recorded or my mom recorded us on a cassette tate. What we wanted for christmas and she was like maybe eleven ten eleven years old and when when asked what she wanted for christmas she said. Why don't want anything for christmas. I just hope everyone has a merry christmas and we never let her forget it. Oh that's good. that's good. So are you on your way to work on your way to work today. already at home what's going on. I'm already at work. I i pulled in. I've been sitting in the garage the whole time just waiting to go wait to win and So voted already early. So got that taken care of when you say early this morning or you voted early like last week like last week. Okay good good good. Good all right buddy. Hey listen we appreciate you calling man and Congratulate we'll put you hold okay. Thank you all right. There you go. Yeah bruce springsteen who's at a top five for the past six decades. That's amazing his got a new album out now and the new album debuted at number two on the billboard charts It's called a letter letter to you. Which i'm sure jack bradshaw party or already has it but yeah i saw that but i bruce springsteen's one of those guys when i see him in an interview and stuff i like him. I i like bruce springsteen a lot. I just can't really now. That song's you played. I do like this song that the ones that have really made it. I i like when i listened to an album. Whatever i it. It just doesn't connect with me. I don't i don't know why. But the story that we were telling was about the guy that played sax for bruce springsteen for many years and that was a big clearance clemens and clarence clemens with such a nice guy and he was a huge fan of the show believe it or not and he's the guy that played saxophone big black dude i mean he was. I mean six foot tall angel right. He's a big massive dude. Yeah big dude and and so we had a concert down down south and he somehow start talking to bubba and if he can come and play on stage with us and we're like shore why not and he came out and we did this song. We ought this song we used to do. The people called southern girl. Great song it was like it was like mellencamp born in the usa. It was it was people loved it. It was a great song. And there's a part for for so low and here we're at this show in west palm beach. We have a couple thousand people. there and cleared. Clemens comes out and does southern girl with and he hits the solo. And i'm playing drums. And i'm like oh my god. What are we doing right right. It was insane. And i wanna stay and play more songs. He was having so much fun. Such a sweet guy and haven't come out and play on our stupid songs. It was amazing him to learn the rumble opera. Relate you know to learn in the clean solos on that. But no i remember clearly looking at him like what are you doing on stage and because we were all hammered drunk it was crazy place in west palm beach and here he is with these bad ass dreads and playing and every now and then you'll see somebody play an instrument and you're like all they're on a whole 'nother level. They're they're playing things doing things somebody when you see at their craft you like. Oh wow wow. And i just remember marveling at it. I was like just blown away. He was no jeff. How let's say mean. I do the same thing with alice's restaurant at this guy. Was this guy when he came out on stage and he started any anytime. He played the sax it was like. Oh god and it was. It was an art a true artist and that he wanted to be out on stage with us. I can't believe he wasn't embarrassed. Because i'll tell you what i got so nervous i sometimes you can flip the flip the beat you know we're instead of using your right hand you're using your left. It and i got so nervous. I flip the beat and had to flip it back because i mean i don't know why he would be embarrassed. We just finished an amazing rendition of face. Pirate followed up by scissor. We're really doing some high level. But would he gotta say who went to the more serious stuff you know. Actually real songs in But ground grod around. Okay thank you. thank you face. Pirate up next job was clemens. I'll never forget it. And he was An amazing guy. But yeah bruce springsteen thing angel do you own any bruce springsteen in your category i just played you my whole born to run. I have a born in the usa in dancing in the dark barnes and tenth avenue freeze out. So oh that's what. I have Bruce do a whole lot of gigs. where i get. Requests for bruce now no no no. They're people that i mean. You know he is the boss to some people you know he just and i guess he's one of those guys. It's kind of like Who's the guy tugs like this deal and by dairy. Yeah there's bob dylan. Tom petty to and he's like a poet you know. And i think that's what thing is. Bruce springsteen a poet and i think for me i gotta think too hard when i'm listening to his lyrics which is why i don't connect ghetto saying i mean it's just not as simple as lick it up. Yeah you're right one hundred percent right what are you doing. You're you're talking about paying attention to us and you're you're busy doing something else. We doing doing nothing. I was gonna say kiss songs. Kiss songs that i was. I was listening to a guy. Talk about him. He was trying to say in the police way possible as well kiss. Has these guitars learn kiss when they first start out because their chords are they're easy to wrap your head around the court. Structure is good. It's he wanted to say easy and simple but he never said the whole time. So there's there's a. There's that when you when it comes to kiss stuff so paul stanley of so that he's limited. When i first started limited to what i can do. I do the best one i had. I respect that. That's what i tell my wife every night. Oh i don't think they ever said they're the most prolific musicians in the world a- barrier of course bruce springsteen born in the usa. Spirit your idiot. And i'm like the song was before me why you're still. Oh you're so patently because people are calling you know. Yeah because what. John mellencamp song i was trying to think of an i think it was. I think it was. The song hurts so good kind of starts. Like that. And i was like. Oh that's hurts so good her so good sounds like born in the usa Hold on i see angels type doesn't look it up the us that's hurt so good. John cougar mellencamp hurts so bad and this is born in the usa. Yeah this is born in the us now. This is good the same same song. Samsung same exact. So i'm sure i love that. I do trivia people. Think like you're people you do trivia. Don't know that. I don't know a lot of things it's written down. I look things up That won't hurt my morning especially on a day for america days but again that one. That's an anti vietnam. Song is born in the usa and they they views rallies before and got lit up because of it. It's a song about people returning from vietnam and not being like look ryan now talking about now here the hook in here the hook and all they wanna sing at usa and everything else was like Roberta i have this fascination with songs that are taken out of context with the other one that was The future so bright. I'm gonna have to wear. Shades was about a nuclear bomb. Hitting you know america. I think the reagan campaign used it for like your even your even hate to tell you in your love for music mainly hate to tell you. But that's not what he's talking about. I know i'm that dude. Though i like to know what the song about and if the if the artist is super vague on it drives me up a wall grill. I get why they do it. But i like like especially like like the song wonderwall or he won't say what it actually means and he's just of against this like a word i sort of made up and oh i thought it was about a vagina that no that. That was the rumor in middle school for me. I remember that You're listening to the mantra. In the morning. i'm jeff coffin from coffin. Being a personal injury attorney. I get asked all the time. How much money. I can recover for clients injuries. I explained to them that the recovery normally based on three things one who is at fault to how much are there damages and three. How much insurance is available to cover their injuries. Only by thoroughly investigated clydes case. Can your lawyer ensure that they are providing you with a full understanding of what your cases worth coughing lead at when you need us. Dot com offices orlando sword. Money to two hundred two hundred could win a thousand dollars a new keyword coming up in about fifteen minutes but the try this try that one the new one coming up at At at eight o'clock also try to win that big green egg by sending these sentence. I want a big green egg from watts meat market on our youtube channel. Real radio moscow on youtube free type. That sentence randomly someone. The promotions department is going to pick a person who is type that sentence and you'll be a winner today of the ouaziz rub gift set and then one of those people are going to win a big green egg sometime at the end of the month. So that's pretty cool Welcome back What's up y'all along with angelique. Who's got a you got. You've had a smiley face all day today. You seem x. Smiley happy today which is nice. It's nice to see that based on the on the youtube channel and then Orion homes who Who started off in a good mood. And then once he found out that he got something wrong has been lamenting over it and freaking himself out because he got one thing wrong and be like me get used to saying stuff. That's wrong bobby you roll. Oh yeah that's i'm wrong. Okay whatever Agent carlos all here today so bad so yesterday i I did it. Volley did something that i have thought about. For a long time. I was going to get a boat and then realize my wife wasn't into that But even even. When i was a kid i always thought when i get old one day. I'll get an rv and go around and around the country and do a lot of you know just going from place to place and check stuff out in america. always thought it would be. I didn't think it would be this soon. But then when. I see certain people pass it away and it's like oh my gosh man you. You don't know how much time you have dead on. Go ahead and pull the trigger and do it now. So i took. I took possession of the rv yesterday. And i remember when. I was a kid my dad you know mom dad had an rv. And i remember my dad. Once we got to the rv place you know wherever we we went to outdoor resorts or some park. Whatever you know we get out and start doing stuff and dad was always walking around the rv. Doing a bunch. I know what he was doing. Just doing stuff man. When i took possession of it yesterday the super nice people by the way and they listen. I gotta show you everything about this. Rv that's a class man. I mean like like there's so much to like. I'm like oh man i needed to take notes like there's a lot more to it than just age drive you know. Just hit a button and everything works. No no no no no no you got propane. And then he got older. It's got one of those slide out walls you know so when you get to your place. It's bigger bigger. Rv and how that works and it's got there just so much stuff to go into learning how to get it to work properly and to do everything right and I got to meet the guy. Because i kind of took over the payments for A gentleman and his wife Who actually went to the american legion. Where my dad went all the time. shout the american legion over on lee road. Super nice man and his wife just wanna retire. They were done with the year done with the. Rv thing they really didn't use it that much and the guide left us all of the little things you would have to buy with an rv like the tire covers and the hoses and the extra just all these extra things and pans. Like a brand new dyson vacuum cleaner. All all favorite part. Oh my god age. It wasn't just there. It was in a nice container all wrapped up like this guy was a sergeant sergeant. I he was an officer in the marine corps. So everything is you know bungee right and put into packages and and i'm like oh my god i love this guy. And he's like listening. You enjoy it. Take everything i mean. Opened up one of the Drawers and it's got all the little hand mittens or whatever. Yeah little mittens. If you gotta go inside had all the plates and silverware like it's like set and ready to go describing as he gave me all this stuff. What are you going gonna do with it without that in the rv. Well he could've taken and sold it. He could have whatever i mean. These are things that you know if i bought it from a dealership and other dealership. All these extras wouldn't be there. You know i'd have to buy all that stuff on how bored how fast you get bored with it though. 'cause this is I just want to see how quickly. I'll be able jarvi travelling. I'm not going to get bored. Travelling at in this nation planned out. Yeah we're going friday. According to the national forest on friday just kind of get a little allio setup and then. I've got one after that. We're going to georgia North northern georgia. And then i got a spot over. Beverly beach over by flagler. Were you were a ryan overbites by saint augustine Right on the beach. You can have like a fire right on the beach which is pretty cool but There's just so much into the whole. Rv and paying get insurance. All that stuff yesterday. Which i wasn't that. What do you bigger insurance on an. Rv is for like a year over year by year. You could do about a month. Whatever you no no no. It's like fifty bucks a month. It really wasn't that bad at home. Finger thinking the year of the rv and then your age probably that makes smart the price lower twenty five year old is not going to have that same rate for me. I didn't know what the insurance is going to be when i we called and we had a military. There's another plus moving violation in the eighties. Yeah yeah i drive the speed limit the thing and you gotta learn how to there's a two tank there's the the blackwater take and the gray water tank and make sure you don't mess that up. One is one is due in one. Is you know like when you shower. Just like the water from shocking thing. Yeah and and and that part was actually get that right you. You don't wanna mess that one up did you right. I drove it back. And i'm driving it. It was pretty. I felt like i am lucky. I dig this big tweet but when you take the first time i had to take a turn around i will man you know but i took over my mom's house to show her and when i'm going over lee road on like but then after a while like because when you when you hit the blinkers there Just you hit the blinker for left. There's a camera that shows you everything on the left hand side and it comes right up and then if you if you blinked to right camera that and i'm like oh that's nice because that way you don't freaking out that you're gonna hit the curb or something like that so Yeah some curb. Feelers on it. That's what you need to put on curb. Yeah i've seen them. Yeah but yes i talking to jack and lynda bird but listen. You got a place that you want me to do. The show live from in the morning. Like i can go set up the night before. Go get my little sleepy sleep. Wake up show live before but But it would not won't fit fit my driveway. I try to put in the driveway straight of a steep incline insane. The way they built your driveway you can barely get up there. And i have a buddy of mine came looked at it and Ford ran to get it fixed. And i'm like. Yeah i might. Just maybe i'll justice not not part the driveway by got a place in apopka like today. It's out it's out front right now because we're going to look it up and get ready for friday because he's showing everybody yourself that's your needs and you're like hey look at my new. There's flames on it now. There'll be no flames. Marian has a lot to say about this. Would you know she packed up all this stuff and when i got because she dropped me off because it took several hours that kind of learn everything about the v. And when i got home she had everything all the stuff packed up to put in the rv on my baby. We don't need any of that with pots and pans are in their silverware is like it's all ready to go So she she was all of the pack it up but Yeah looking forward to and a lot of nice people have emailed me and sent me tax and stuff like that they're in the rv world and And been very very nice. Oh yeah look looking forward to it. I knew keywords about to come out that new keyword. it's gonna break broadcast here minute or two. You text the keyword two hundred two hundred and you could win a thousand dollars right Give it a shot. You're listening to the mosh the morning. Just thank you just minutes away from a grand in your hand brought to you by meals. Air on real radio went on four point one. Oh man it as past halloween and we're coming up into the holiday season but also at the end of the holidays. You know what happens. You're dollars that you got. I'm jeff coffin from coffin-laden being a personal injury attorney. I get asked all the time. How much money. I can recover for clients injuries. I explained to them that the recovery is normally based on three things. One who is at fault to how much damages and three. How much insurance is available to cover their injuries. Only by thoroughly investigated in a client's case can your lawyer ensure that they are providing you with a full understand what your cases worth coughing lend at when unionist dot com offices orlando com added. It is eight. Oh one and you're listening to the macho. The morning on radio one point one election day. Two thousand twenty. Probably this day will go down in history and you're living at. How does that this day will go down in history no matter what happens today This will be a historic day. And you're a part of it. You want to say that you you participated go. Vote today If you haven't already like everyone. I am sure. Do you think there's one person that's undecided. Today i doubt i'll come on. Yes i pay attention to this at all. Regardless of how you know saturated we are with it. People live in this day and age. They live more in their own bubble. You can create your own bubble than any time in history period. I mean i just can't imagine on this day you think there's someone that's going to vote but they have not decided and they're going to wait and decide when they walk up to the There will be people that will literally go. I'm not sure that one really literally closer is put their young. I find that really hard to believe but amazingly crazy or not amazing. Excuse me absolutely crazy but people that did or they'll vote third party by the way today the day to talk about third party and how they don't get enough attention and why is it that the third party candidate and guys. This is the system. We have okay if you wanna vote their party. Okay fine vote for it but don't start complaining about the third party and then i asked. Okay where is the libertarian. Headquarters of orlando. Have you canvassed for them. Did you knock on any doors. No did you do a call center for them did you. Did you people that do that though. You can't guess what. Those people aren't the ones complaining you know. They are because they're out in the streets they're actually making the calls but if you're complaining about the third party not getting enough attention and you didn't do any of those things you can't complain complain complain complain complain. I can't imagine you know there are people that don't have not made their decision yet. But i question russ have you have. You guys made your decision. Which i didn't think about and brody had brought up to me last night and he said so what are snacks. What's the food. What's happening. Have you guys decided this because this is actually a really big thing. I've been getting e mails for different like fresh market and stuff. Yes what's on sale. What is election night. Food one hundred percent and like this is to me. This is like a super bowl. This is like the nba finals. Like i love politics. I love the fight of it. I love the competition of it. I love the technical aspect. And if you don't that's fine. I'm not going to be all done tonight. That's the thing. I think we're not no way the polls work there states where you can't even count the polls until after they closed it would go. You have to count in the mail in ballots but there's a couple of states and once they're done then it will. It won't matter the state you're talking about. They won't matter if If florida and arizona are done then it'll it'll be one hundred percent is if florida goes to biden it's essentially over. Yeah period so as far as the food though i mean. I've not thought about that. No no i do i. I learned this today that traditionally on election day. You're supposed to make an election day cake. Have you guys seen this now there. There's election day cake. Which i guess gone back to the seventeen hundreds and it's like a tradition. I've never heard of it before because mostly On election day we ignore it. Oh yeah by the way like. It's not a big deal usually when it's election day around here this year. It is so they. I saw a picture of the election day cake. It looks like a fruitcake but no age. I'm looking at it like a party. I mean like those. So now that i've said that though yeah never gonna have longer you know what now that you say that i'm thinking of big old sub bill club because today by the way not only is it election day but it's national sandwich day no So we gotta tie together election day national sandwich day. I'll give me a big hole. Gabriel's ooh go russ making a thing dude Yeah today national sandwich day. A new study show win all over the country And the most popular sandwiches in every single state. And if i give you a state let me get my glasses on. It's really small. So if i give you a state see if you can tell me what sandwiches the most popular In in that state on national sandwich and by the way there's a tie for the most popular sandwich in the country because on two states Oh no i'm sorry. Their six states for each sandwich where the most popular that make sense. So like okay. So what do you think are the what did you think are the two most popular sandwiches in the united states of america. According to this recent google peanut butter and jelly not in the top two. We think angel most popular sandwiches the two most popular sandwiches in the country. According to the google A turkey sandwich turkey sandwiches incorrect. What do you think right. Homes mr trivia hamburger boy you just whipping and then cry carlos eight number. We sell them all the time everywhere like hamburgers of sandwich. He wants to argue about. Whether it's sandwich yeah. Carlos mellencamp thinks that a burger sandwich sandwich go on with it. What do you think What do you think. Karl hammond timothy. No third party hamburg party. Chicken sandwich is number one in arkansas georgia. Indiana mississippi and missouri and nevada hamburger tuna sandwich is number one in idaho maryland montana. New mexico rhode island and wisconsin. So there's two sandwiches that are tie with six say who are not in my top five so the state of florida. What do you think is the number one sandwich According to this poll number one sandwich and the state of florida cuban bingo love angel. You've been said which is number one in eight of florida. This is how you know. This is how you know. That sandwich is number one in florida because it's proliferated in two other versions of it you got barbecue joints doing their version of the other canon sandwich. You've got grocery stores. i mean. Think about that angel. What do you think of the barbecue. Cuban is but it's also Shes like a like i think of. It is like a nod of the head like actually on hypocrite. I could be a caribbean place. And it says cuban state. When i know cuba's whatever but like i could be in a german place and they're like we have a cuban german sandwich and i'll be like yeah right i'll take Where are you from ryan home from from winter. Park florida born in winterpark born in the winter park okay. So why are you in your new england fan. Why because the only person in my family born in florida so that makes you a new england. Well they're all they all live in like worcester mass in. Yeah ok okay so okay massachusetts where do you think what is the the the the most favorite sandwich in massachusetts and i'm like baloney sandwich. Poured with vodka on top of it. And that's what my family feels like. They would eat number one. This is really not fluffer nutter. Carlos i dude. I don't think. I knew about that sandwich until i think one of our previous shows where we talked about sandwiches. You really liked it because to me. There's i'm not a marshmallow guys so yeah sounds disgusting and a big fan of the huge tiktoker. Greg grunge Who's a big fan show. Whatever he makes them live on. Austin guy i like it good. Croat's what i d. I don't like i'm not a huge marshmallows. Don't like it at all riot. A little bit see like both of eat. Jelly so love for notre was the way to go for her and together. It has a different taste. But i mean you know. I'm not that particular sandwich. Is this again not something that i would like. I would sooner eat at peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Day long before. I chose one of those the first one i had. I i was in maine and i'm like i've never seen this before and i i did it. I'm like oh my god. I just found the holy grail But i've never had one never had one sense guys at our listeners. That are up in. The new england area is fluff another is available everywhere like here four. There's a cuban sandwich everywhere like is that something they sell or is that something you make at home. I think you make it home up there so it's not even good enough to provide that sandwich and a retail environment. Now hell no no good You carlos you're from new york right. Yeah what's going on. Okay okay What do you think is the number one sandwich in new york. The new york Pastrami on rye. No now dan. I thought was a pretty good game. Yeah sounds like Okay lead sandwich. Ruben yeah ruben ruben ruben. You think of these places where this alarming and problem loans. It says bacon egg and cheese is. The number one is in new york coming from. Yeah okay maybe. It's a morning rush. Had just give me my big cheese. I gotta go down the. I think you're right the for like you guys are right in the the first time. Where are you from angelique. Okay you already got that one. okay. let's see here an angel. You're you're boarded born in california. Kelly kelly okay we think is the number one sandwich in california. Something with avocado and sprouts and jazz has apparently actively task in california. It's the chinese the number one a minute. I'm eating delicious. Used to have a george. Foreman grill bro. That makes great paninis words. Fantasy sam is besmirching anemia. Which are fantastic. Which is right up your alley. Russ this is very. Who's paying you. Who's paying you. Another sandwich lobby paying too big big barbecue. Big barbara he's paying. I loved that. Chicken frontier from pinera a california. Clo- what is it a california chicken club or something like that they put avocado. It's it's a standard it's like. I think it's called california club but really good. I like those. Yeah state that is. I hate when they do this when they stick with the initials. Don't tell me. I don't know if my man pointed out on the guess right now. This one right here that says baloney sandwich. Where can you see now. Yeah that's ohio russ. Is that ohio. They're big on a bologna sandwich. There so fitting job hieaux haven't had baloney. I am not good for you. The last time i had baloney kidding care for it i always loved it. Oh loni baloney russ. When's the last time you had some belong to a member of the last time. I was really fat. I was a baloney lease married. You make a good point. There was a time when i was a kid. I used to get a whole pickle right. Hope pick and then you wrap it with baloney. Oh yeah i do that. with honey. Honey baked ham. And you wrote. You have bread it dude. It fills you the part of you. Then into 'cause i like to roll up that standard meeting you wrapped around and pickle. It's a whole new world about national sandwich day I've always loved sailing and that was one of the things. When i was a kid. I would have friends come over and let me make you make y'all sandwiches so my friends would come over. We'd watch wrestling. And i'd make them all sandwiches and i would make these big sandwiches and with the big old cups ice tea like i was some sort of a sandwich god and they loved. It is one of my favorite things to do cucumber. Which is that. I still can't get down at the cucumber sandwiches. What is there like. Shouldn't conversation sandwich and teatime. what are you talking about girls. What is your kind of thing. How do you guys feel about the patty melt. I love the patty mount downtown man in panini rust. They're very close. Are they really curious. This is a quandary my head. I'm having a hard time picking this out because a patio like you go to places they put. Patty melts on the on the menu. So why is fluff another like. That shouldn't even be on this list. Because you apparently can't go to a place and by that but you can't get peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Either yeah you must place. There's where they always have on the menu. Winter park also will get you flip another. He won't work. Yeah i think it also has to do with like the whole peanut allergy like the people. Don't get those anymore. okay because guys louisiana. What do you think the number one sandwiches louisiana art shrimp there. You go bingo. Yeah man mississippi. What's number one sandwich and mississippi dookie sandwich cookie. Mississippi's probably like some bologna. Probably sandwich because they got big old river. Chicken sandwich already gave you. The remember earlier is chicken sandwich. Young chicken sandwich the hamburger. So right what sandwich then. Are you getting today to watch the election. Yeah well here's thing. If i go get a sandwich from gabriel's five minutes after i walk out so it's not home. Nothing will last all the way to through the elections. Not eating time is too close to the bed. I'll be bed. I don't eat after six. aren't getting what. What are your snacks. making america to not. What's america stake a delicious filet mignon. Got me a little. Baked potato gonna do some asparagus. You're gonna know inform meal no desserts. I'm do no sweets november. So i'm not doing that. I'm going to ano- liberal pussy. I'm having a non alcoholic beer. That i may crack a certain time or i may throw against the wall one of helping growing right all right by the way keyword. This hour is thanks. T. h. a. in chaos banks. Text the keyword the two hundred two hundred and you could win and listen you want to go to our youtube channel riverdale masters one in the little chat area type the sentence i want a big green egg from watson's meat market. You could be a winner today. You're listening to the macho. The morning forget that whole voting is a civic duty. Six might get a sticker radio foregoing. One i'm just coughing from and being a personal injury attorney. I get asked all the time. How much money can recover for clients injuries. I explained to them that the recovery normally based on three things one who is at fault to how much are there. Damages and three. How much insurance is available to cover their injuries. Only by thoroughly investigated clients case. Can your lawyer insure that. They are providing you with a full understanding of what your cases worth kaufman lend at when us dot com offices orlando. Thanks all the people that are in our youtube chat radio mouse to remember to put that sentence. I want a big from Wada's meat market. And you could win a prize pack today and maybe win a big green egg which is awesome. Also the keyword this hour. Thanks t. h. a. n. k. s. Text the word thanks to two hundred two hundred and that way you can win a thousand dollars given away six grand so far and you could You could be next what y'all Election day. two thousand twenty big day A lot of people be glued to the television. I guess you shouldn't glue yourself to the pb until like probably later right like like seven eight o'clock now wait my tv's on all day. I'll really see you're going. Oh yeah right after the show. You're you're watching the election Well right up to the show to watch my little baby girl but the tv will be on this to me is like there's no results or anything until later. I love the chatter. I love the personalities loved her insight. I love their views. I love Differing opinions. I like opinions. I agree with. I love the whole thing. I'm hoping i don't agree with every aspect of our elections. But i'm not going to sit here and be like man. Things are messed up and blah blah. But i don't go out and actually changing. That's that's the biggest thing so you'll be watching fox news all day long. Okay pretty much. All i love. I do flip over to fox though in kind of flip around to see the different personalities. There's definitely some rightly others now. Does that a follow And see what. Ben shapiro things. I'd like to see what. I don't agree with their a lot. But candace owens thing. So i like to think i like to hear their opinions because once again just because i listen to. It doesn't mean. I'm like. Oh my god i have to change my opinion. I go oh okay. I didn't see that that way. And i have changed my opinion on certain things. But that's what i like to do. Well that's that's that's today also today and it's kind of funny that the word this hour is thanks because this is someone who doesn't get a lot of things it's it's today national housewife's day and you know the whole thing about being a housewife has really kind of been diminished or obviously made fun of or or is is not considered as important is really it should be National housewife's day. It says recognize the millions of hardworking housewives that stay home to take care of the children and a husband and take care of the household and really they decided to kinda give up there. Maybe the pursuit of a career and help everybody else. And then don't really get a. Thanks afterwards i mean for the most part. I mean on mother's day they do all that but the whole idea of the housewife. The term is kind of been diminished and Shouldn't be a you know. I know i would not be the same person if my mom. My mom was definitely the fifties housewives stayed home to care the family. The kids that took care of dad took care of everything and You know does a housewife get the amount of thanks that they deserve probably not but probably artists. Many house is used to be right like most families. Now have to have two incomes. When you think yeah. I think a lot of situations maybe the eighty percent of it is the housewife homemaker kind of deal and then maybe twenty percents side hustle. Because in this day and age you can have a side hustle online. You can have a side hustle with services but now it's something that I think a lot of people are missing. No lives is having a stability at home grown up. I did not have that type of kind of situation. I looked at people on tv. And i would see like oh look at a housewife on. tv show. Is that real or fake. It seemed like something fake to me. My mom worked. My dad worked. I had grandma that lived there. And she kind of took care of us But i'm very grateful for my wife being able to do what she does from home and then be able to make our our home what it is because my daughter sees it. I see it. It's what i always wanted. And i think having that stability at home is a huge huge deal it can come from the man you can come from the woman obviously but it can also come from the man as well to have that civility at home. They know someone who's going to be there. You know something going to be cooking so you know. Somebody's going to be there. If you need to go for advice when people are gone all the time it can it can play against you for sure but you that particular job or role or position or whatever we don't we don't a herald it we don't we don't we. Don't see man. that's that's an awesome thing you're doing for your family. We kind of looked down on it. You know that's opinion is changing. I think that opinion is i. Don't i personally. Don't think that. I know that maybe a generalization. It's kind of like the teacher position where people have high respect for it but they may degrade it a bit. I think they're two two of the most important positions and jobs that we can have in this country having that type of stability. Yeah so age like. Have you ever been a housewife. You're just at home. Just no i mean. I guess you're doing that now. Because of the pandemic right. Is this the first time you've been just a housewife. No i tried it after. Both kids were born and My personality and just the way that i am I am a doer. And i needed. I needed more than just staying home just for me and my my sanity and so i did try it. When my daughter was first born. And then i kinda sorta went back and started teaching dance and would take her now. I had the luxury of. I was able to pick up my mom from work and then have her baby. Sit with me. While i was teaching dance with victoria at the time. So that was kind of like a little bit of both with tristan night-ride. And then i was like i was like okay now. I have two kids now. I have enough to keep me busy now. I don't have to like okay. I need to go back to work but that was come from. How did you come from a household where your mom stayed home all attack. No not at all but parents work. How about you angel of Did you have a. Because i know your dad was in the military. Was your mom like a housewife My mom was a housewife wife until my father retired and then when he retired we moved here then. By that point we were you know in high school and whatnot so we were kind of self sufficient so that that point my mama got into nursing so okay experienced kind of both worlds. Yes yea right. How about your mom always worked right right. Yeah now's a. I don't even know what that life is man like i can't even imagine like Coming home and then it was like a mom. They're making your sandwiches and take and second homework and stuff. It's just like i came home and it was like all right in about four hours. My mom will be back and isn't it for ending out. What what you just said like i. I can't imagine the other way. I can't imagine you know that's the way i grew up. I come home. Mom was there to make sure took care of dad. Took care of us. And i can't imagine not having that was there all the time and i do wonder. Sometimes she get to she get enough praise or thank. You were our love for being a great house. Why does russ you talk stories about what she did for you. Growing up all the time adulation. And honor and respect doesn't have to come with specific kind of intent. It's the stories that you tell that she was a part of that. She created your home. You the way things were set up all your food stories. All of your going to kiss Going to wrestling matches her. Being during the christmas village. I rattled off thirty different stories. About how wonderful. Your mom was to be that house while i think unfortunately women's struggle with that in their head or at least from the people that i know feel they should be doing more with reality is and should be doing this other thing and of course if you have a deep passion for it maybe you did it before you had a child that that's there but the fact is like the most important thing you can do is create an amazing home for your kids and to raise your kids and be there and if you have that luxury yet in this day and age it is a luxury to have one person not having to find any outside work you you should value it you know. I wonder how many of those are in the country now and it doesn't say that this article currently like how many actual houses are still staying home. Take care of the family and and not that that's diminished. That's i mean it's generational. But i mean if you go back to the fifties or sixties to now and it's because we need a lot of families need two incomes Though the the days of being able to live off of one income those are that's not reality anymore for a lot. A lot of americans to angels point in what you were saying how. You said that that went that housewives. Don't get enough credit in your perception at the at the end of the day when you're looking at the bottom line and you're seeing what money comes in that plays an effect and their mind. I'm not bringing physical money into this home. That helps sustain us. Yeah but you have to lament of it if you had to pay that woman all the work that she's doing yeah you couldn't afford away or yeah or a babysitter or somebody to cook meals for it. I mean it goes on and on and on. I always wanted a a mother that was like a housewife but had other interests as well and ryan. I know what you're saying. Because i i would go home and my grandma would be there and get it. My parents had to work so they'd come home five six at night or whatever and i just always remember going like one day i wanna have that kind of quintessential thing and i see the effects. It has on my daughter in the morning when my wife is cooking breakfast. And we're chatting and they're talking about their day if you have that ability. It's really great if you don't if you have to work then you gotta do what you gotta do too. But i'd great great respect for all the the stay at home mothers but the seen this happened before though i've gone to a party or whatever and then people are just meeting a bunch of people people talking. What do you do. oh. I work at You know. I work at this particular place you know i. I'm a beautician. And around this and then you have the one all. I'm a stay at home mom and everyone's like oh you know like it doesn't get it doesn't for whatever reason that's the circles that you are and you guys honestly it was more i got. I was chastised more for going back to work after having my kids and oh absolutely sometimes it works in both ways. It works in absolutely both ways. You know being able to stay at home. I think is awesome and amazing. And i get to see so many different things and have a different perspective on the way that my son is wearing up differently than my daughter did because of this pandemic and because of everything. That's happening more time with him at home and but at the same time. I don't think anything. I know that my daughter's drive is because she watched me do that. I know that she knows what she has to do because she was able to. Not only tell her. I then you know. I showed her what i needed to do. Or what she needs and stuff like that so both aspects. If you're a mom if you're a parent you should be recognized and said that's awesome if you're doing a part in your kids life. I don't think either way whether you choose to go back to work or you choose to stay at home. I don't think that either one is. You know the absolute best way i. I think it has to be. What's best for you. It's national Housewives day and national sandwich day so those are two good days of celebrate today. You're not tired. I'm very tired from oregon very hard. So that bacon. Why don't you put it in a sandwich and cal club. It's funny you say that but that's the way my house. That's the way when i grow up. Dad drove the rv. Mom make me a sandwich. That was the way. That's the way it was man So give love to a housewife today. Hail you mentally on at that way. Four choice words all right when we come back. it's time for the nerdy news and jeff kaufman. Don't go anywhere. You're listening to the monsters. The morning masters. Yeah let us say backed down back. Like what if i think it gives. The crew are an iheartradio station. He works thanks. T h t take it s. Text the word. Thanks to two hundred two hundred and you could win. We get away. We've given away seven thousand dollars. So far jack bradshaw. Just text me during the break Seven grand the radio stations. Giving away so keep trying if you don't you don't win dern while we're on you keep trying all right after the show. Right after the mosser's during the news junkie and during the jim colbert show keep trying to win that thousand dollars and you ve very well could win. What's up guys. I'm russ rollins. Along with angel and ryan angelique carlos and jeff coffin here with us today for the nerdy news. How you doing jeff. i'm actually doing. The nerdy stuff is like at defcon five. For me right now i. I built a lightsaber on sunday at the at the star wars galaxy edge. It was just insane. What your opportunities are for doing nerdy stuff. Oh i saw. I saw you with your son and so you get to build a You've got to build a lightsaber build your own lightsaber. They put pieces in front of you. They stick in a room. It's like you're really doing it up. It's about two hundred but you have your own lightsaber when you're done your own creative thing and it was raining outside. Lightsaber didn't help me with that. But it was. It was really cool. I was. I really did that. That was a smart thing as nerd. Heaven there that's that's pretty good. Hey mandalorian started again. Which yeah we talk about it a little bit yesterday. Carlos we was going on and on about it he loved it Did you did things like this. Did you like it. It was fantastic. It's a every episode. Feels like a space western. It is just so much fun And i know they call this thing. The child is baby. Yoda get over it. We're not you're going to need to change. We're not changing right. It's not really baby. Yoda because they're saying it's not iota rights other child. They wouldn't know about iota. We know about iota so we call him. Baby yoda though people talking about right jeff in that world. They don't know some may do some some know about iota but most people don't know what a iota is. I mean all they do is call it the child and the great thing about baby. Yoda all it. Is the budget reaction shots. So there's like one hundred of them during the episode. It's like we're thing. I think we should just do baby. Yoda reaction shots for everything from now on. Does it talk as bendit baby. Yoda luke. does this baby. Yoda talk now yet. It makes like whipper oud ryan homes. I what basically is so good and they had the guy from I forget what the god he was in the drew. Barrymore show dila with vampires last episode. Also in that one western show on. Hbo catalyst. In the really kerr one all the time. no deadwood. Yeah yeah he was. The guy who played the awesome and the episodes are only getting better. And you know that's that's just the cool part about it. Now we're dealing with. We know that the the what justice league is going to be coming out and probably about four or five months. Yeah. hbo max. That's why i got atrium. Ask for that. Yeah well we still have the conflict. Because ray fisher who plays cyborg in their estill. Lighten these directors up and everything else. Every week gets on and talks about how there was racism and just weeden was the director. He also did. He did the vendors and he hasn't said anything he's like. Listen you know. i'm not gonna. I'm not going to respond to this. I'm not gonna do anything. Well rapists and allege that johnson weeden wanted to change the color of of actors to make them look less african american and out there i think jocelyn officially lost this really. He got up and he goes. Are you crazy. what are you what are you talking about. He goes yes. We had a problem. Because zack snyder shot on film and i shoot on video and we have to color correct things. But i didn't change anybody's ethnicity. What is wrong with you. And i don't know i think i think i think ray fisher has just kind of kept the ball rolling for some reason. And now he had to come back and say his attorney goes oh well. He didn't say that he just kind of heard that and the magazine misquoted can happen does happen. You know happened. But that's a bad one to basically say you're changing the colors of actresses. I mean wild. I was just. That's a tough one so that's a. Hbo max is going to have this whole new version of justice league. Which is like the snyder cut. And i don't think it's going to be anything like the other Justice league my question to you is about the dc universe stuff coming over to hbo. Max and win titans going to be like a titan. Switched over yet tight. What's going to happen is everything Dc universe was a streaming app like anything else but now they're only going to have comic books. You're all the videos and everything else are going to shoot over to. Hbo max so everything and teen titans actually filming their third season Which remember we talked about jason. Todd who took over as the new robin jason. Todd is also Flip this character called red hood with the joker kills red todd and the real stories right. You think he's dead. He comes back as mercenary killer. And just as killing everybody under this character called red hood. well they're bringing red hood into t tights. Are they a lot. Like what happened with The karate kid a thing it was on youtube and then it switched over the net flicks and now people are actually watching it. You know and realize wow. That's a really good. Show the at The credit kid at what is it call now. Cobra kai people are like. Oh man kubrick is really good idea. I think the same thing will happen with titans because no one saw over on on the dc universe. But whatever that's over everything would've put a hbo. Max i think people are going. Wow that really is a great show. Well there's a lot of those new patrol. There's a lot of these things star girl for example was supposed to be on the streaming app and then they just put it on the w so yeah. There's there's a lot of things going on a c. Job who has just released the shows that and when they're coming out so it looks like january. They're going to start airing. All new shows for example. Like the superman and lois is the new show. They're coming out with. That's gonna come out the flashes coming out all their you know comic book romance stuff as common out so it looks like january is one. We're going to get the first opportunity to see the new shells. Are we still set to see one woman in the movie theaters on christmas day. Is that still the the plan book by no no no. It's not. they checked. They changed it. They're going to back it up again. They're just losing so much money that the tenant was a good example. I mean while they just got crushed and i went to a movie theater the other day i and it was so weird being in there because there was like eight people people allowed to go back. They're not going back. Yeah people and it's not saying the quality of the movie because we're starving for content. I mean i sat in this movie. And i will say going. Is it good. I don't care. I was just happy to there right and it was a fun movie. But it's just it's a whole different experience. Now it's it's just you know it's not like you're sharing it with people you love the movies like going to the movies like you're thing you love going you go by yourself. And who's who's nerd of the week. Jeff well this is gonna be interesting. Because i think it's let me get there it. Is tom holland. The couch plays spiderman farmers. Always doing great. Thanks for its fans and everything else well. This time they made this There was a transplant patient. Because i'm gonna make this kid spiderman and they shot this whole thing and made this this kid spiderman for this whole thing and i really love this guy because he's a genuinely decent human being and he doesn't like crap on the marvel universe good with that seems like a good kid now. There's another spiderman movie coming out right. Oh yeah it's tom ed carlos there in atlanta maybe apart and now i've sent several applications zero re that other works okay. It's online online. Yeah and i live. Well we gotta make that happen. That's all i care about. If you want to get hold of jeff kaufman you can just go to pound five four six pound by four six. it's koppen and lynn. You talk about him all the time injury injuries. Anything like that. That's what Jeff handles or you can go to his website. It's when you need us dot com. That's when you need us dot com else going on in your world other than nerdy stuff. Well in the in the legal news. We're going to be talking about johnny depp's case got settled. Wow yeah i got some of that and not just the main thing with. There's a secondary thing that we gotta talk about with that that the judge decided which is actually kind of funny. But it's england. You don't get the same rules that's why it's there. That's good all right. Well jeff cop and once again Pound five four six if you need to get hold of him. Don't go anywhere. We come back at san for angel. Bring you master sports. You're listening to the of the morning. You can listen to the monsters in the morning on iheartradio and now you can watch them every day on the new iheart monsters youtube channel by going to monsters dot fm and listen every weekday morning on real radio. One four point one a k. Sometime within the next hour. I'm going to have someone from most department is going to pick a listener. Who has gone to our youtube channel entitled the sentence. I want a big green egg from lhasa's meat market one of those and still have time to enter. We'll have time to do it. They're going to pick randomly pick someone who type that sentence and you'll be the winner today the wa- sees rub gift set and whoever you know when you get that. Then you're in the running to win a big green egg which is an incredible I love to cook and i. it's not just a a grill but it's a you can bake with it you can make it makes biscuits does ever it. Does everything is awesome. So good are our youtube channel. Radio marshland you to type that sentence. I want a big green egg from meat market. And you could be the winner today. And i'll i'll will announce the next person coming up here at ten o'clock now it's time for angel to bring him or sports by monsters dot. Fm go to the website Check that out a couple of times. A day the guys are keeping their podcast of dayton that out there we're finding different content Put up there to entertain your. Take your mind off of everything Russ were you ever a fan of whistleblower. Did you get into a serious wiffle ball tournaments. Now i never did. I never did too all guys out there that remember the wiffle ball and remember the kind of action that you can get on that on that ball when you were pitching angel like mindless texts. My mind backyard or my front yard was texas stadium. Era ruben sierra nolan. Ryan my my buddy next door neighbor. Billy crabs book that was minnesota twins. Remember they had the dome okay. That was a little more difficult to field. And then my buddy matt next door. He was the braves and so we play in his backyard. We had a league into this day warms my heart when i think about it and league all played. That was what we played. It was like. Oh my god it just brought me so much joy. I remember in college. We would do it in the cafeteria because we'd get in there when there was no students in there and we'd set it up and basically we would like you know just go yard with it and do these crazy ridiculous swings at it but the fun part about with a ball is the fact that you can get so much crazy movement on this law and you can. I mean anybody can pitch curve. Anybody could pick the ball is going like side to side like this and make your friends look absolutely silly but when you got a hold of one it was absolutely Ruben sierra is probably the best one where you would just drop the bat. Yeah do that. So i found this really cool Clip these guys kind of redoing. That and i played it in their backyard. And i think in this pandemic as we need to bring the wiffle ball bat just a league angel twenty twenty. That's that's my platform. Nfl game last night. And buccaneers Versus the giants are one week. They looked like Kingmakers in the next week the giants are giving them all they can handle but but but but they still won right like we're not bucking winning. Okay all right but you know what belichick is is. I mean he. They buy a win and brady winning every week. It's been proven it was brady was not bella jack. Belgium had nothing do it. It was tom brady. I'm gonna go cove. It had a lot to do with this as well. So i i would like to see a pandemic free patriots and i think you're going to see all bill belichick was the real brains never needed. Tom brady in the first place. Tim by the way to the tampa bay buccaneers. That's arguably one of the wire are one of the worst teams in the nfl and now they are a contender. Come on dude brady. Is the man to be the best person in tampa. All you have to do is have a college degree. But they're not just the best person that they're beating other teams in other parts of the country. I mean i know the bills are not the bills but the giants were that big of a deal to beat. But still i mean it was not a good game for the buccaneers. I know but they still won. Still winning outright. Understand what you're saying like you're saying a victory victory But all the talking heads are talking about how bad the victory is. I mean get ready to brady play bad. Yeah everybody did all of them. They all played bad. I mean when you when you can only beat the giants by two points. That's almost kind of like a half a loss. The giants are still a professional team. They're still barely big. I mean you look across the way. It's the giants the jets right there. You know whatever dolphins fan. So i don't care. Yeah that's really weird flex that you're doing is making this argument bro. While you're a tampa dolphins fan. I'd been trying to figure out. Who was you know. I heard them bragging about you. Know about all the championships the the patriots and bella check and Bella check brady now. The goes to prove it was brady. I think you'd have to wait and see on this. I think the jury is still out and you have a covid for. Yeah you could say chicks. It's politics show. His team's filled with covid. Part of being a leader is is not be able to get covid. Cope is the answer to everything. Ryan have you. Have you seen the way that old cam. Newton's plan he playing terrible fit. Toby came back from having cove it the next week. And you'd be amazing. You wanna blame everything on kobe. Colon what do you blame this on solid. So this guy goes into the fds sportsbook. You put six thousand dollars on the giants to beat the box six green and the game over on the points as well right so he was hoping to have two ways to win on this right so he gets it right now. Oh yeah they They only score fifty points in the game. Are they fell. Two point of forcing the overtime points at fifty But had he had been able to pull this off right What do you think his return on. This ridiculous bet would have been ridiculous. But i mean i still put money on the so six grand mean he would have won twenty five twenty five thousand dollars now he would have won fifty five thousand fifty five thousand homes but he didn't ninety thousand nine hundred thousand one hundred and two thousand dollars back six grand to drag watching that game betcha watching that game last night. What do you feel. Push it into overtime. So there's a neat this in los. You've mentioned this a bunch of occasions when we're talking during the nba season and This particular player is doing this. And now we're seeing more and more and other sports russell wilson. How much money do you think russell wilson spends on and they call. They're calling this phenomenon. They're calling it body recovery Body recovery yep and. That's exactly who they're giving credit to this more and more players are doing this about a recovery includes a full time trainer a full-time physical therapist at full time massage therapist and two full-time chefs. How much money do you love. You probably know are pretty close to what this number but guys. How much money do you think that kind of commitment costs these guys a year. That's going gonna cost t