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"five thousand two hundred fifty dollars" Discussed on The Mr. Warren Hayes Show

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"five thousand two hundred fifty dollars" Discussed on The Mr. Warren Hayes Show

"There was a A casting call. That was a casting. Notice excuse me that was released earlier this week and you're probably sitting there anymore. And why are you talking. What are you talking about casting notices to me right now. Your viewer listener of mr warren. Hey show why am i. Why are you talking about casting. Notices on on wrestling podcast. Well the casting notice was released by wow women of wrestling. you know. That upstart made news last week. But it's it's imminent return to To wrestling headlined by one tessa blanchard and everything that that entails in. Ag le- let's forget g. Leave focus on the positives to or him but they put out a casting. Notice this Over the past seven days or so in regards to the show that they want to that they want to produce and well. Here's a few things have interest like. We've we've discovered thanks to this when they're going to start taping gonna start taping on january fourth Twenty twenty two The auditions as they're calling them are going to be on october fourteen so today. And they're gonna start callback in the start of november the Jotted down here. As the executive producers of the show are jeanie. Buss was the owner. The owner of the lakers as well ag mendez as an executive producer. And our boy. Dave mcclain and not only is the executive producer he is the sole producer. David maclean and not only is he executive executive producer and the producer. He is also casting director a talent a position that he shares with one s a blanchard. Right dave mcclain does a blanchard listed casting directors We've been figured out that they are going to be paying three hundred fifty two five thousand two hundred fifty dollars per event. That's a five thousand dollars per event. And i'm assuming that's for like a full day of taping as opposed to per show. That would be my guess. But you know not gonna pretend i've worked all of this out.

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