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"five slither fangs" Discussed on Radio Free Cybertron - All of our Transformers podcasts!

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"five slither fangs" Discussed on Radio Free Cybertron - All of our Transformers podcasts!

"I knew i didn't have this. It's not a bad looking little toy. So i figured why so i. I think i've mentioned roses in the past. That was a chain store. Department store that existed in the southeast still does but not in the same forum back in the seventies and eighties. It was my walmart before we had walmart. It was it was k. Mart in roses. It's what we had here in north carolina a couple other small stores. Now it's basically a dollar store so they get like whatever comes on a pallet that the distributors can. The buyers can buy cheap k. Go into toys. It's mostly like jaru stuff that you know you'd find at the gas station. But they had some transfers in and they had five slither fangs. And one thousand four six literally things in five rungs at three lesson less than three dollars each so i stocked up on slithered. Fangs has several rungs so pretty happy with that. Do the have a double crosser. Because that's the only one. I never saw retail. No that's literally all the had. I literally bought every transfer they had. I love battle masters. I'm going to buy them up. So let's next least interesting. I got Core class megatrend which. I don't even see not that it matters. He sucks here. He is and star scream now. The robot moved actually for megatons. Not bad and he looks great in robot mode the tank mood. Transformation suck. it's basically like the Blow wind cyber verse stuff that you're used to or even to the extent of some Did that authentic stuff but the robot mode looks great. He really does. He's more gunmetal than silver Which is a nice different. Look for him. So if i was again i said it before. If i was only buying one thing it'd be core class slash legend scale. That's that's the sides. Transfer that i like. But star scream. I did not care about star. Scream at all i do is gonna get it when i saw it but i just didn't care and i saw some people on twitter that we're like wow this is interesting. They had it. I picked it up. And i just posted a picture on twitter. That kill kim posted. Kim sent me a picture that she founded at the store. I posted that. Hey kim found me stuff. And daryl from transmissions head said while at transformations crazy so that kinda primed my pump to think. Oh i need to sit down and actually really think this transformation. So i was very studious with it. I approached it. Like i did impeach forty four. Which means i don't look at the instructions. I just try to think my way through it and it's a really novel transformation for a tweet the size it really is like his chest opens up in his arms fullback. And you move that. Move his chest panel forward then you basically rotate the back of the the rotate the wings. The whole back peace. And it's just really really novel. It's simple to. It's it's very elegant. But it's it's it's it's just very involve for toy the size and i love it. I love the transformation of this thing. The likeness is great. He looks good in both modes. This is just an excellent toy. In the scale the colors are hi brent and i just dropped the the the null ray yeah it's it's just a great toy so good..

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