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Side Hustling Habits That Helped Me Quit My Job

The $100 MBA Show

01:25 min | 11 months ago

Side Hustling Habits That Helped Me Quit My Job

"Let's talk about working on that side hustle. A business not going to build itself. You have to put in the time dedicated time. During the week i would spend about ninety minutes an hour to two hours on building. My side hustle. So gilmore on five probably done with dinner by six a relaxed for an hour and then from seven to nine ish. I would work on my side hustle. And then i would move on with the rest of the night go to bed start the next day very little wiggle room right very little time for dilly-dally i know but i knew this was gonna take for me to be able to build side hustle. That was gonna launch me into the next phase of my entrepreneurial career which is fulltime entrepreneurship. So i spent by ninety minutes every single day and i spent at least eight hours during the weekend so either one full day or four hours each day. Working on my side hustle. The reason why. I did it every day and not to say hey. I'm going to spend all weekend long and not do anything during the week is because it's again very important to have momentum to build upon something day after day if you forget about your business for a few days four five six days and then jump right back into it takes a while to get back into it and to remember what you where you left off and worded what to do you kind of lose focus so one of that momentum so i spent as much time as i can every day even sometimes just an hour but at least i can build upon the next

"five  six day" Discussed on My First Million

My First Million

05:42 min | 1 year ago

"five six day" Discussed on My First Million

"I'm gonna work out this week. Actually and then one last quick update one thing that i'm trying to do that. I've actually done for the last. Tell me what you think about. I've done it for the last five or six days. I didn't mean to do it at first. But now i don't break it. I've walked around twenty thousand steps a day for the last about five six days. What are you tracking. Well just my iphone. So i was using the health app. Then i downloaded like a What's it called the peta. What's the anyway. I downloaded an app for gotcha and it's awesome a pedometer. That's what it is it's awesome. Have you ever walked. Have you ever tried to do like ten to fifteen thousand. A day bro. Walking the walking is the running. Now i don't know i've i've never really liked step counters. I always found them to be like an underwhelming. So for example. I was like i've got a fitbit or whatever the first one of the early ones of those were and i hit ten thousand steps on what i felt was very lazy day and immediately in my head i was like oh this is for like old sedentary people and i can use this as like a brawler of success for me. But you're really fit and you seem to care at that. You hit twenty thousand steps. Who cares right isn't like an hour of intense exercise. Really what you want and not twenty thousand steps yes or no. So there's pros and cons so the con- for walking the amount that i'm walking. It takes forever like three hours three hours of walking some regards. That's a pro because it's fun to be out there and seeing stuff i'm in a new place exploring so it's fun but the pro is also So basically if you run ten miles that will like have you run ten miles really fast..

66 Days Of Feelings With Nicole Klassen

Goodbye to Alcohol

01:51 min | 1 year ago

66 Days Of Feelings With Nicole Klassen

"Semi call. When did you first start thinking that. Maybe you were drinking a little bit too much and you want to make a change in how. How much were you drinking. And i had about a period of your app to. When i actually start i actually start with. I was considering stopping drinking an playing without the onion. That yet it really became thought wasn't drinking a lot. And i thought it was a normal drinker but in something something was saying no this is not right and when i realized how much i was actually drinking i was drinking about five or six days of the week out of seven When actually sat down with of most of the time. I was drinking a bottle of wine by myself at nights and then on weekends i would have a big splurge like friday will be two bottles of wine And then maybe what else is around. All on saturday. All its Your would be would be more but Yeah a minimum of a bottle in in in one session of drinking and I i never wanted to be an everyday drink because there was. That's what i considered. A problem not realized that five six days a week. Out of seven He's anti-israeli problematic. Because you're never regained recovering. And what was the older you get your hangovers along as well. So you're not giving your body enough time to re both Each time and binging has particularly from what i've read and understood Particularly of bad effects on serotonin levels levels abso-. I would offer on a sunday evening to monday. I'm i would have sunday blues in hang zeiss by time. Monday came Which have of course strived to cure with. Having drinks on a sunday

NBA Chatter With Jackie MacMullan

The Bill Simmons Podcast

02:36 min | 1 year ago

NBA Chatter With Jackie MacMullan

"The nba comes back in full steam tonight. We're going to talk about a one year anniversary of the day. We call it the go bear game when everything changed. It was leading up to the week before. Boston song conferences. Five six days beforehand. There's utah's in boston. The utah guys get infected. Actually feels like it could have been a lot worse from that standpoint but in some ways it feels like it's been a year in other ways it feels like it's been five years but one thing that is for sure as the nba is a hell of a lot different a year later. What what's the biggest thing that's jumped out to you in the past year other than the no fans you know. I think the dirty little secret bill is just a mental health of we talk a little bit about the mental health of the players. I think it's that plus the mental health of the coaches. I would add that. Gm's ev involved like it it it just. There wasn't enough time. there wasn't an time off and and they knew that and that's why they wanted to start january but broadcast partners. Put the foot down and it. Just i see a steel seal the ripple effects of it when you talk to guys which is not easy to do these days because you're not in an arena. You're not sitting down and shooting the breeze with guys before the game like we normally do but when you get people on the phone or in a private moment you know what one had said to me about three days ago. This is so stupid. You gotta do it. But they're like it's just he one of the one another different. Gm said to me you know. I went in the other day to work is in their team has scuffling a little bit and he said i didn't like i wasn't talking about like hey you know you need to keep your elbow win. He said i just went to all and said like. Are you guys ok not about. I'm going to talk about basketball. Like are you okay. Yeah 'cause 'cause it's been a long haul now and and i think it's obviously a reflection of society as a whole. It's been a long haul for all walks of life in every profession and not to mention the people that aren't working. You know we could. We could spend a whole day on that. But that to me is the overwhelming thing that i notice and they're still great basketball being played. I give the guys that are cutting through this amazing amount of credit especially those final four teams which i think when you look back. Now they all struggled. Yeah lakers not until anthony davis went down with the celtics. Certainly the denver nuggets came out of the. You know the gate. Six and seven the miami heat you know. They were a plan team or out of the playoffs in the early. Start and i think that's a coincidence.

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Lakers' Anthony Davis to Undergo MRI After Re-Aggravating Achilles Injury

The Tony Kornheiser Show

02:55 min | 1 year ago

Lakers' Anthony Davis to Undergo MRI After Re-Aggravating Achilles Injury

"Saw anthony davis limping off court last night which with what is said to be an achilles injury that how serious is this and are you familiar with this familiar. I was watching it live. I watched last night. I figure and everybody davis had missed a couple of games sitting out because that achilles was sore. Oh okay a couple of games already. That happened this. You know this last five six days and when he walked off limped off. I just said oh my god i do not want this to be. Nobody wants to be a season ending injury But he was he he could put. It seemed no weight at all on that on that ankle foot and He's supposed to have an mri today and either. This is going to be. Hopefully nothing is out a little bit of time. Or if he's out. I mean if if it is bad as it looked totally It it that would be terrible news for the nba. Well then let me get to let me get to the other side of that. Which is if this are you telling me. This is a chronic condition that they are monitoring all the time so that means it. Could you know we go out. It's likely to go out. It's likely to be almost as bad on a day to day as it is. If you find out it's a tare. Right i mean he. He's he's not at full strength for any great length of time on my right eye. Who knows i mean yeah Maybe two weeks. Maybe two weeks arrest or three weeks. That's still a prognosis. That the lakers can can withstand But i remember before. I mean durant had something going on with that part of his body before he suffered an injury out for year and everybody said all is not related is related strain that they put on their bodies. It is all related like race sources. Now then they jump and they run in there so fast and their legs. Aren't you know what i'm saying. Their legs aren't strong enough to withstand all of the pressure. That i think that's true. You know i look at guy. Fear for the most zion williamson. I fear for him the most understandably so And and obviously anthony. Davis is a slimmer version. I mean he's a ton of weight right. They're certainly not overweight. Ever nope just you know. I just don't want bello. You know that would really impact the it would. They can't win. They can win if he if he doesn't play

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Why The Clippers Collapsed

The Lead

08:46 min | 1 year ago

Why The Clippers Collapsed

"It felt like something was happening. There is something about the emotion. Past. Was Now you've? Seen. This isn't a story. Be The athlete. It stays with you. There Sam first of all, where are you right now I'm in the NBA bubble a new home away from home inside my hotel room and Casillas number to think twenty seven, twenty two is the room number if anybody wants to. Send packages or love one of the two But yeah, this is this is why these days. How has your bubble experience been so far to be honest committed it's gotten better. The airport experience was felt more stressful than I thought it went I actually had to masks because the end ninety five that US was one of those that does not protect the other person. So I put a cloth masks over that and then I ended up doing facial as well and it was the right move except man that first day travel psychologically I, remember just getting. Into, the hotel room just going Oh, boy that was the longest day of travel. I've ever had because mentally you can't smile at people. You can't talk to people that got me off to a tough start and then it's a nice room but the windows don't open you can't have a window open. There's no balcony unfortunately, the floor when I got here had not been cleaned so I would pay some walk and have bare feet in at the end of the. Day My feet would be black and so that mentally can after four five, six days you're sitting there going man I feel like I'm in this kind of dirty box. The other stuff that the players have talked a lot about is that even if the accommodations are fairly nice, it's just the psychological restriction and lack of freedom and knowing that you cannot go where you want to go. You can go on a walk around the perimeter, but if you go that. Direction and if you even go ten feet past the perimeter, you'll get seven days a quarantine. You know the other stuff also as it's just the interpersonal relationships and the people that everybody left behind you know whether you have a family or a girlfriend or a boyfriend whatever it is all that stuff adds up to a pretty challenging landscape had a productive couple of days. I'm going to carve out a little mental health time and there's a big pick ballgame happening. This afternoon with me in a few writers. I'm getting there. Well. So speaking of all of these challenges as in the bubble, let's talk about this epic meltdown of the team, a lot of people expected to at all the clippers. mcnuggets Oregon on time La. Twenty point lead with two ten remaining. This is absolutely shocking. What went wrong with the La Against Denver I think the broadview for me would be that we always felt like this team was potentially far too transactional if that makes sense. Somebody the other day, use the word mercenaries where it's kind of like I collide Leonard Paul. George have a ton of talent and they looked very good for most of the regular season. But in the bubble, what you saw was a team that was still learning one another in a team that wants the pressure continued to be applied by these other very good playoff teams. They did not have the fabric, the togetherness that connectivity and leadership to get through that. In Game Seven, I sat about twenty feet away from the clippers bench and that meant that I watched a clippers bench that with around seven minutes to go and I think they were down around thirteen at the time they just completely look like they gave up. This is what your best players got to elevate their game. And the clippers have disappointed asphalt. From the field. Two points in the fourth quarter. And frustrated, the stock of the heads went down the talking stopped you had all of a sudden whereas earlier in the game there was a flood of support and clapping from guys on the bench and intensity and passion. You had the golf clap clippers owner Steve bomber feeling like limber fans right now. I am absolutely shocked. Give this Denver Nuggets team a lot of credit. have taken the fight away from the clippers. deservedly. So the leadership thing is what they need to analyse going forward because as amazing Kawhi is he's incredibly quiet. We know that and Paul George I don't think has really ever found his leadership voice maybe that's just not the type of personality he is. But if you compare them to that other team in La, you know you've got a dude and Lebron whose so fogel and raise on Rhonda who sell vocal and I think if I had to pinpoint one of the biggest factors that kind of led to their demise I think it would be that. you and our colleague Yvonne Boo reported on chemistry issues within the clippers back. In January, did you get the sense that those issues were still present inside the bubble? So I don't I wish I had a better pulse on that. You Doc was kind of the main voice that I heard. I went to to other practices where I would listen closely to what doc had to say, and one thing that struck me was he would very candidly talk about how they were still learning each other as a team in the middle of the playoffs I look at the whole picture and I realize we haven't been together we haven't had a lot of time together. So I get it. You had the old guard, the Lou, Williams Pat Beverley mantras hair let group that did some pretty special things and the playoffs last year and was gritty and would play forty eight minutes a night if you wanted them to. Now, they tried to integrate with Choline Paul who came with the very different script and a very different style and combining the old and the new had its fits and starts, and certainly in the end, it seems like a lot of those things out. Cherishing teams are. The more chemistry for this group. D, better. I think that's really the tell at a tape with the season just didn't have enough time together. Paul George has been vocal about the mental toll of being in the bubble a couple of weeks ago. Paul George talked about being in a dark place whatever. The bubble got the best of me. I was just in a dark place. A really wasn't here. I checked out and SAM. You've gotten a taste of what it's like to be an isolation down there. We've just talked about that. Do you feel like Paul George and the clippers were maybe hit harder by the challenges of playing in this Environment Paul for sure I mean I applaud him for his willingness to speak openly about it, and then only he knows where his head was at in the later part of the series but I'll never forget I mean right corner. He shoots that three and it clicks off the backboard George. Why office to side of the backboard left corner he barely draws rim on three George Corner three way off short. Gets the rebound Paul George. Now, just to for ten from downtown they were more shook I don't know how to explain it than any NBA team I've ever seen in a crucial moment. I've never seen anything like that. So I don't know how Paul's State of mind came into play but I do think the clippers had a really hard time getting through all that stuff. So Sam what comes next for the clippers, they have a lot of strong personalities and obviously some divisions between them can they hold it together and be titled Favorites Again Next Year you know to be determined. There's already a little bit of a growing sense or at least questions around the League of are they is there any chance they would think about blowing this out because you got to remember to why Paul signed deals they're up next summer they can get out and and when they came to the clippers. People felt like it was unofficially you know a lifetime contract because those guys have the personal connection to the area but I think we're quickly getting reminded that if the basketball situation is not right and if their work life is negative, then you absolutely can't rule out the possibility of them changing their minds. Year and maybe sounding somewhere else you know the NBA rules are when you have a superstar a year away from free agency YOU'RE GONNA probably have to take those phone calls from other teams if you're not getting assurances and promises from those players that they're not going anywhere. So they've got a lot of questions to have answered and it's going to be painful for them to watch this Lakers nuggets series knowing how close they came.

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"five  six day" Discussed on KOMO


02:20 min | 2 years ago

"five six day" Discussed on KOMO

"Science reached do have some malfunctioning traffic signals at the intersection of Mercer street in Bourne Avenue until further notice Curtis Calum come much after now the call eagle forecast I'm R. Christopher what was a very nice sunshine blue skies start for many communities around the sound clouds now rolling in here for much of the day temperature still reach the mid sixties overnight lows tonight will be in the low fifties and cloudy skies Ron from rain tomorrow is a bunch of clouds will be here until tomorrow cooling down upper fifties to low sixties that's the latest from the cold weather center stay connected stay informed this is street tough now here's your host Chris Davies thank you for taking the time to join us on this memorial for memorial weekend on Sunday we're talking all things real estate and we were just talking to add about the the north Seattle market specifically in the one to one and a half range and the U. S. from us to some statistics that see see that you have pulled up yeah it thanks again for calling and then again if you you or anybody else has any questions about real estate and the whole tri county area civically king Snohomish county got two oh six two six one two zero six dating and Carmen CC Christina with re Max and and while during the break I was looking at homes that have sold in the last thirty days intended that north Seattle just a little north of Seattle kind of where you work golden gardens area on the west side and there were actually twenty eight homes that sold up to one point five million I went from nine hundred thousand to one point five million and I'm shocked that there was that many homes the last thirty days of that storm even given the market that we're in so even that price range while it's you know less buyers is still pretty hot and I'm looking at the average market time I'm seeing most homes sold in five six days a few fourteen days and the Hopalong excelling time was thirty two days in that price range and that was the longest one yes so goes to the point that they're real there's no special marketing needed it's just the it's a desired area and it's gonna sell by as as long as the house is in good shape and.

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"five  six day" Discussed on Elvis Duran and the Morning Show ON DEMAND

Elvis Duran and the Morning Show ON DEMAND

01:31 min | 2 years ago

"five six day" Discussed on Elvis Duran and the Morning Show ON DEMAND

"Was reese witherspoon. Let me try one. China. Name. This narrator listened to her closely this here. She is reading her book. There's a before and an after, but I've had a hard time pinpointing when exactly things changed. Name. She's got a billion dollar fashion line. She's dated John Mayer. She has a reality TV show with her, ex. Husband. That's right. Yeah. Let's keep going until we get one. Hold on Jennifer. We're going to change the rules. If you just get one, you will win five hundred dollars. Amazon Gift Card. How are you can try this one? This one may be difficult here. We get listen I exercise a lot. I try to do it for at least an hour five six days a week. And I hate exercising. It's the worst. There's not a moment of working out where I think. Oh, this is just fine. No! Torture. Every minute. For who is that waking up at three o'clock in the morning? God I don't even. I don't. One dancing ours and he's a friend of learns. It's right. Bobby bones. Okay let's..

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"five  six day" Discussed on AM 970 The Answer

AM 970 The Answer

03:40 min | 2 years ago

"five six day" Discussed on AM 970 The Answer

"Be delivered and then all of a sudden you talk on sorry can't do that now they have to come to you typically people go al right which makes zero sense whatever is in season and we we took a major major major hit on revenue over the five six days and we weren't able to deliver right we we see that the delivery thing is going very very well we we were able to put a game plan together very fast to do it safely comfortably legally I have all done the right way and then as soon as they pull the plug on it the the the the wall kind of dried up to that point I'm very proud of the fact that we had been able to weather everything without even having to sit down with a single employee and say look you know we're gonna have to what you've got one it's very important that we keep everyone on we're gonna do everything we can to keep them on but then the money coming over those five days it starts to change the reality that starts to make us all nervous about ten decision you know getting delivery back was it a big waiting tables in a celebration here seems that press conference ended there but we can go forward with it but it's really changed the nature of our business yeah most breweries had different business models our review we are tasting room is never a part of the business until recently it wasn't a major part of our business we only maybe ten percent of our volume they were Houston room hi when every Barnes the shut down and we lose one hundred percent of our direct business overnight and then X. men with your stores are shut down and really what we're seeing is a lot of the liquor stores they're still growing whether they're a lot of customers in order to curb side or delivery they're not really able to facilitate sales of New Jersey craft beer so we have a handful of stores that are working with us and they're doing a pretty good job anniversary stores for example the delivery truck pleasure stores really yeah that their challenge to be able to keep things and stock and they've really picked up a lot of slack and they've helped us keep distribution business government but the average liquor store if they're not letting customers in the building temporalis improvement they want it's very difficult to help a customer decide between fifty different New Jersey ideas that are on the shelf right unless they're a fan of your beer and they say well I want I want you know reigned supreme or whatever it is they're not gonna be able there to be able to choose that so you know this whole thing really came from the political aspect of us asking us the to help us do what we need to do to keep our you're flowing because we're keeping our jobs and we have what we have seen unfortunately as two weeks the vast majority of your sales reps the had been let go but and there's there's not many in there a couple strongholds and smoked a good friend yesterday more story one of the bigger craft beer players in the country he was let go this is the company kind of found out the stimulus package was gonna come so I mean right now we'll have to look at it your work were central employees and whether or not you choose to feel like your production is essential and some people say it is because we saw what happened have somebody when they the stop sign well yeah probably is almost a revolt our job right now in our own role in this whole crisis is keeping paychecks won't run and I got to do what I gotta do to make sure I continue keeping the paychecks for my team service they really did come back with me so we can continue doing it and that's been a major health issue to us and we're talking to Scott wells he's one of the coldest year of little store brewery were in the room right now and.

What Every Business Owner Needs to Know About Healthcare with Saul Marquez

Entrepreneur on FIRE

09:49 min | 2 years ago

What Every Business Owner Needs to Know About Healthcare with Saul Marquez

"Saul say what's up to fire nation and share something interesting about yourself that most people don't know fire nation is a pleasure to be here and I know all of you are on fire. I'm on fire to John. One thing that most people don't know is that I went through the J. L. D. podcasting Boob Ham. I invested in your last kickstarter book campaign and spent some valuable time with you and kate over in Puerto Rico. And let me just tell you? I'm putting everything in the practice and I am on fire The podcast is rocking on all cylinders. And I'm excited to share some of the things we're a healthcare focus podcast and now a media company Happy to share the areas of success that we've had the challenges but most importantly you know the the the opportunities for for your listeners. That are that are Providing healthcare benefits to them their employees or to themselves how to be smart about it so appreciate the The opportunity to be here John and excited for our time together. We'll I'm fired up because it really feels like a full circle moments to me because like when I saw your name come across when I offered up the day with jail D. I was like yeah well. I'm spending a day with this guy. He's cool. We know we got on our little pre call all right. This is going to be a fun day. He came down to Puerto Rico. We had a great time. Just made it happen from morning 'til nights in you know when that happens. Fire nation invest in yourself at that level. Because let's just be honest a day with jail de ain't cheap. I just knew that saw was going to go off and do some great things. Of course he is doing and I just really love that whole process of seeing somebody come down here form. Just the concept of what they're going to create and then go off actually creates awesomeness. And as I mentioned in the intro. Today we're GONNA be talking all about what you need to know about healthcare and how it can literally make or break your business fire nation because one thing when I was going over. You know what we're going to chat about today. Saw The blew me away is that the healthcare economy is three point. Four not million not billion trillion dollars in you found a way to grow your business by tapping into this. So how have you done that? And how can fire nation maybe get a little pieces of Pie to John? A great way to start this trillion with a t fire nation. So the thing that matters here is that so one day I was So by the way. Three years into the PODCAST. I've done over five hundred interviews so cool. I've had an incredible experience and through the process. Have become a thought leader in the in the healthcare space in one of my interviews With Gavin Tayo. He's a venture capitalist in in healthcare devices Wellness he he. He helped me realize this insight John and fire nation. That healthcare is an economy. It's not just a vertical. It's three point four trillion dollars. And and here's the deal. There's three things you have to know about it. And it's riddled with opportunity. It's that number one. It's highly inefficient. Their silos everywhere. And it's highly complex so so with these three things in mind you have to understand with highly inefficient systems. There's an opportunity for you to simplify. And if you are not in healthcare. Think about what. Your solution is whether you be in digital marketing or it or software. Think about the solution that you have today. There's an opportunity for us that and purpose it for healthcare The silos that exist everywhere. That's an area that I was able to tap into and and add value so not only is data silos from hospitals to clinics to to public healthcare institutions. The communication is silent. Nobody talks to anybody and when I started the the PODCAST and Alan over with John to learn how to do it like a master I was able to actually Bring back some some some massive improvements in the way that health care leaders share their information their best practices now. Everybody taps into the outcomes rocket the outcomes rocket podcast is the name of my podcast to find out what's going on in healthcare and and I mean today as I said over. Five hundred interviews. Wow are we nowhere near the site of John's of course but we're doing fifty thousand plus downloads a month job. And it's so niche though. I mean that's what I love. Is that area fifty thousand downloads. A month on apart. Gas In that Niche. That you've carved out for yourself is equivalent to hundreds of thousands of listens a month in a vigor niche and. That's why I always tell people that. Let me listen to my podcast level. I'm like well. It all depends like if you're doing a ballet podcast just for people that do do ballet. Then guess what a hundred listeners per episode could be a wonderful business because now you have such a core audience right there. There's tuning in specifically in that. Little tiny niche. So the Richardson. The niches obviously three point four trillion dollars. Which is the healthcare economy is not this tiny niche. But just he's focus on healthcare. He's not just like I'm going to interview successful entrepreneurs I've done fire nation which worked by the way back in two thousand twelve. He launched a podcast here in two thousand nineteen. And beyond. When you're listening to this. I mean you've really got to choose something and go with it and that's why when saw was down here in Puerto Rico. I was like dude. You're got his rights like you need to become the person in this niche in this vertical in this industry. He's done that in three years. And five hundred plus episodes and he keeps on going and one thing before I pass it back over to you so I want to mention because you use this word master fire nation. Every single master was a disaster. I was a disaster. I saw was disaster. Every human being was a disaster before they were a master. So when you're hearing salt talk about getting a piece of this three before trillion dollars and you're like but I don't even have a clue yet. We'll of course you yet because you're a disaster right now in that area because you haven't done anything but you will become a massive by putting the work by putting the time by listening to people like myself and Saul who are doing things in our respective niches so saul takeaway brother. Yeah Yeah and just to add to that John is is the when I when when I first sat down with you remember being in the in the in your living room white boarding you blew my mind with funnels. You blew my mind with that with batching. I mean all these things I'm doing now and and I'll be honest with you. Most people think I'm crazy. They're like you're not you're doing four to five episodes a week you're nuts and I'll be honest Because of the time we spent together. I'm like you know what I mean. I'm doing a great job but there's more could be done. There's this crazy friend of mine his name. And what's crazy about that? Those soldiers to break in for a second is people. Louis assume on the busiest person the world they always say that. And I'm like I hate to break. It's because this might like kind of make you feel a little bit bad but I am so not busy like today. I'm really busy. I am doing like seven. Am to nine PM. I'm working essentially every day. I have multiple working every hour multiple multiple interviews back to backs. But this is the one day this week that I'm putting in any kind of work like this. The other four five six days this week I literally have this open schedule worship me creating doing what I WANNA do. Exercising on the pelt on the talking about during our pre interview chat like so you can produce like Saul produces you can produce content like I produce on this high quantity level without killing yourself. You just gotTa have these batching situations that we're talking about you can have the system to the automation that again take time. It's going to be a disaster for your first but over time you can become a master. So salt back to you rather. Yeah no it's great great great Chad and and you know so so as we as we discuss Podcast and I think we'll John because this is a lot of fun. Now we'll go back and forth from podcast And the business stuff and the healthcare stuff. If that's cool with you definitely awesome so so really you know taking a dip back into the into the healthcare. You know your your your employees health benefits. They keep rising your personal benefits. Keep Rising I. I had a partnership with the with the benefits company that I met through an interview on the podcast It turned into a business partnership and I and I learned through that partnership the nature of the insurance business and and I was. I was flabbergasted number one Because and it's an honest there's truth here so so just so you know the nature is that healthcare in the US is a business insurance in the US is a business businesses seek to grow and that means that your costs are GonNa rise as a consumer of them. And if you if you if you think about it for a second you know. There are a large portion of hospitals in the United States that are publicly owned companies insurance companies that are publicly owned companies and the way that that they improve their revenue and profits is by reducing costs and increasing their revenue which is your premiums and the costs that it costs all of us to get healthcare.

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"five  six day" Discussed on The Point Of It All

The Point Of It All

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"five six day" Discussed on The Point Of It All

"It was hot you've no yeah i did not i gotta ask you did i they hold it for only hours any while so shot out the old man shot at the back of the he's the king petty yup conflict he said if you won't goes fifty in now i think amari narcos omari on only got that one on his belt fifty got too many on his belt to be no i think this will equal to all the i'll uffizi ones not when you drop a motherfucker for no somebody's baby you're right you do commentary i yeah you're right i've forgotten my russia will never dog almost forgotten dad's right i would never be fifty do five six days that i thought i did why what what yes south fifty fifty so the back when that was it is that every thing that in mind you a lot of things has happened since we've been going long but right lead missed out a lot but year we didn't miss the if it's true about the constantly six nine getting released early on charlemagne suck some dick charlene is definitely going to i think that's what the cases right now kids it is building XXX is still alive down okay now weren't they gosh six nine guys go if the kasey six nine beat this case.

amari narcos russia
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"Green City Studio Begin Live Work No yes Welcome guys on today's show what are we gonna do with all these abandoned buildings what were you doing ten years ago give us a call at the station anytime at four zero seven four four eight eight eight zero zero Texas live at any time at the same number we are in the Queen City Queen City studio just outside of Charlotte Carolina and a beautiful little town we'd like to March Vince. You know what's funny I it's it's weird when you when you talk for a living and you don't talk all day long I mean I have a conversation with my wife in the morning and then you know she goes off and does her things and then I literally do my days activities around the France and stuff then I go to do you know the store the grocery store and come headphones and I'm listening to news reports and all the stuff and all the information in compiling it in my brain my small little brain and to bring a and I don't talk to anyone I don't talk to anyone at all other than excuse me sorry excuse me sorry now granted the headphones in my ears doesn't help but for the most part you haven't talked all day you it's like being an athlete you need to lift weights and pumping push weights around talking the same way I mean you see singers for me me me me me me me me me me actually this morning I was thinking my wife are to my wife about the bacon and eggs I was making this more we make bacon and eggs we make in an ex she's like you're crazy work see you later all right so there you go how are you guys doing how's everyone doing how's everyone sees oh and one thing liked to do as we always do is the big stretch the head then read out and then there you go so welcomed legal law this is our we do a weekly podcast and I'm shortening shortening it up as much as I can I try to do it on a five six day rotation Asian but for the most part there's a lot of stuff that I do behind the scenes here this just not the podcast we have a two tube the tube I have a channel on Youtube and there's a lot of videos that I post up there so makes you just search deacon live there's another thing that's kind of exciting I'm going to get into that's going to involve live feed in right now I'm having a problem with one thing talking to the live fi connection and so soon as I figure that out they'll be a lot more of the John I've got a lot of stuff recorded but I want the live feed to work as well so I'm working on that and then of course bad calls we had a doozy the other day it was just it was horrible but these a bad calls back hauls is our is just a the Robo calls a telemarketer calls it call into the station and to hear some of those go to prop radio DOT COM and become a member of the Prophet Radio in the Deacon Live site in just sign up for that little as a dollar a day our dollar day a dollar a month which is cheaper than Netflix and you can see all the youtube channels or youtube videos boy I'm getting everything wrong today aren't Ena and it ernest yeah well there you go so I made a funny for those of you who follow me on facebook I made a funny I said we were talking to my wife and I are conversation the morning and we were the news report something about diverticulitis and I said well ridiculous and I just kind of sat there and I go my wife goes you know there's a difference between divy ticky lights and diver ticky Lois the Laos's is the disease and the itis is the actual action of the disease and I said Okay and Kinda sat there and listened or listen to the news important I'm sitting there thinking of my gone said it sounds like it sounds like the fear of being tickled underwater is what a diver so she's like no no no it's the apocalypse in your intestines and stuff and it's a series of very serious as I know several people that have it mothers daughters of friends and family members that have I'm not making fun of the the I'm just making fun of the way it sounds and so I posted that up there and he all the followers on facebook I'd kick out of that so one thing you are going to get a kick out of guys ladies Gentlemen Deacon lives going on the road again yet we have signed up for several shows in the in your state and what state is that well we can be in any state and any given time but right now we've got a six-day tour that's going to happen in New York that's right we're going to be in the Beautiful State of New York and we'll be up in the long island area we have some great friends of our some fans some listeners of ours and we usually go there kinda start their their fall push you know getting into fong getting in the changing of the weather and so they all have these little festival these little gatherings big sales and stuff so deacon liable be out they're in the long island area so for details on all that makes you email me Deacon Prophet Radio Dot Com or just make sure you follow subscribe and do all that stuff to make sure that you you can find out where we are and if you see in the airport I don't know the only way you have to pick us out as if you watched the video or watch or your follow us anywhere I'm not gonNA walking around with a sign that says ooh they can live we'll be we'll be in a banker says there's a restaurant facility actually it's a bakery and they're they're they're rolling out there simpkin big pumpkin spice pushing so we're rolling I know it's like Kuttan was the the athletes the washed up athletes that are cutting ribbons at car lots you know Dan cut but they're these great friends of ours so they're they're hiring declined to go out there and do a live broadcast at bankers bakery while they roll out there our Halloween specials their pumpkin spice big push for that we'll probably be at the the white castle and there are several different other locations that will be there in up in Long Island starting next week following wants makes you do all that stuff as well and you know before start the show and I like I say I was listening to all the stop all the news feeds and everything that's going on facebook and listen to all this and all that and I was trying to think what this your first time listening to Deacon live and by the way I just would like to say that our spike in the Los Angeles area we appreciate each and everyone you if you want our spikes or you can't watch our spikes when I look at the stats so reports and stuff like that we've seen the numbers of double and triple in the Los Angeles area so whatever you guys are doing out there spreading the word I love you you can set up some time them out there and do the same thing for your areas well I'll setup and do some live shows so all you gotta do is just email me at deacon int- profit radio dot com in speaking of emails I was opening one of my emails the other day or going through my email lists you know how sometimes I've got a personal email I've got the business email and my personal email I got you know you get junk mail and Joan Junk Mail and one of them I still get emails from is linked linked you remember those guys linked in it was a I guess it was built to be like a business hiring I'm a professional person and here's my here's my profile here's it's Kinda like facebook in its very simplest form like you can't really post a whole lot of stuff news fees a really limited ars you know links and you can do personal stuff as far as you know hey changed jobs or I'm doing this here's a photo of me here's an upcoming event but it's really really basic look like I said and it's very basic form there's not a whole lot of advertising on their usually it's like careerbuilder or let's see other one out there monster com any of those in in need or indeed or whatever the one place that or the one plate company that that's coming up and doing great work for my understand and then Gloucester or of course you know if you want to see how much everyone's making but I got an email from someone that I somehow I don't know I click and she's a high school friend and she's there's motivational not gurus but just one of those motivational people who am I to say I was Gonna say she's just someone that you know well Kinda shot myself on the tongue on that one but she she is how to increase your life and your value your personal net worth and your your emotional net worth and all that and so she sends out email and I saw on my going Oh look I'm still on her mailing list and that's one thing we don't do we don't do mailing lists if you're not checks emails other than people that are in business that are on Lincoln I guess I don't know but I check my emails just if I ordered something top three I check my email if I've ordered something or my Mama's email me something or of course the the radio email but that's a separate thing a personal email and then that's an order something to track it my mom and then Oh you know what I do for myself am I see articles or funny news stories or pictures and stuff I'll email it to myself so wanna sit up here in the in the Queen City Studio I can go back through it I don't have to sit there and it all goes someplace so that's what I do there but I was listening to the news feeds on all the several different locations several different sources and stuff and everything's the same thing so when we come back from the break I'm GonNa go ahead and burn through this 'cause I know it it's like five seconds because I was Kinda thinking of you know what can decon live bring you that you haven't heard earn already and we just kind of we like to be the little special little unique so I'm just I'm just GONNA kill a couple minutes talking about the top five things that have happened this weekend in in the news and maybe that's you know what's funny maybe this'll be a new segment because it's funny because my wife wants the podcast is up and posted and stuff we usually sit on the backboard the French you know have sometimes we'll have a little fire we'll have a glass of wine and will listen to the podcast I listen I listen to my podcast back at least five or six times and I no you're your own worst critic and some of the stories that I mentioned that I assume everyone knows she's like Oh i never knew that Oh i never knew that so you never know who your audience it is as far as stories and stuff but these are the top five top five stories from this past week when we come back I'll get into those in and get into some other crazy stuff that's going on here at the ranch listen to the big alive right here on the ground I'll be right back we're supposed to do yes.

Queen City Queen City Texas Charlotte Carolina France five seconds five six day ten years six-day
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"Conversations as we move forward for example this time so's so's he he's coming back on Sunday which would be her mom's fifth day in the way of the off day Monday one word Oakland we open up on Tuesday in Oakland which will be a seventh day for her mon so it's it's one time where he's getting a couple extra days and then you know so it we might build in another off day or skip amid at at some point in the next several starts but we feel like he's in such a good place and we feel like physically he's in such a good place as well as far as his five six day routine of of starting right now that frankly were a little reluctant to to disrupt that right now but but it will be something we'll be mindful of in watching very carefully as the next you know a month and a half of the season unfolds let's all guns because with our Boone the Yankees getting ready for the Indians obviously with their Gordy reckon in eighty one and forty one with a ten game lead in the division wearing now about home field how much will you last ten days of the season care about if you're in neck and neck with the Astros for the for the best record will it motivate you at all to do things will it will keep you motivated to get the best record sure sure I think he'll look there's no question that we feel like home field for us would be you know something fairly significant it would be something that we would be potentially really benefit from we've been we've been excellent at home all year we feel like we do have a definite home field advantage here Yankee Stadium but you also got a balance that is right we rest rest would come first right rest would come before that but yeah we're we're not going to jeopardize for example any of our back and relievers by he has a problem down three days in a row and doing those kind of things will have to kind of balance it like frankly like we do now and and hopefully but with the mindset that were common to win every day and hopefully we'll put ourselves in that kind of position do you feel that you have already with the lead that you have have you become cautious with how much you will work in your relieve is now yeah but I always am I mean its price I know but I mean the but now you can be leaving a little more cautious than you know with the big lead I mean so have you already gone into that mode or is it a little early for that honestly my I feel like I'm a little bit in that mode all year like work mine for not you know none of our guys we will very rarely ever go three days in a row or more than three out of four you know they're actually will you lose the battle win the war every day right yeah and there may be a time where were in September where we do do that actually wants to get them kinda used to that kind of scenario that could be possible obviously in the post season like will will put him through tough little stretch for three days so so they're used to kind of going through that at least once and then you know be able to try to protect them on the backside with a few days off for things like that so it's it's a balancing act but but frankly one that I kind of walk with them all all season long are you still defining roles in your mind with these guys so you pretty much comfortable where you know how this is going to play out for them and as far as when the games and what when we had October if you look at you pretty much set on what what what the configuration of the back of your pen is all going to change well because because it could change just because of its S. S. okay ill so what what is gap if calendars back to be and now and then you know you've got a deal on the ultimate weapon there and then but but the the great thing about that potentially is how Kane we Neil came we in and out of you know really complement each other because auto so good against righties and yep campaign we so good against lefties and then dell and kind of bold so you could pick you know different lanes over the course of the game especially the back after the game that you can really say we like this match up for the sending and hopefully worn a position to do that with all our guys and then obviously Britain as well how about you know the idea of the the guys as far as the regulars the rest of the way you feel comfortable with where they all are rest I mean you've had so many different line is everything you've only had a couple of guys who have played a lot I mean for as he's even had a little time will limit you these guys have played probably the most baseball for you guys other than that you have you had I guess guys about so much time off it's not even an issue right no I'll still be mindful of that you know you know especially with you know DJ at I gave DJ a day off yesterday that I felt like was important role in into the series with the off day behind it you know try and still pick my spots with judge or trying use the DH creatively especially with with anger on field and void out you know where we can kind of rotate that DH Botica use it a little bit of useful labor in that slot at all I'll be H. G. O. probably one day this weekend just to kind of get him off his feet one day so I'll still try and he'll pick spots to give give regulars a day maybe around a day off on that I think really valuable even for the guys that Neil had had some injuries this year yes so many guys and even bring voice in Kano ceiling of how how were they doing as far as voids injury is now one that's at least you can treat it it's still in there but I thought that he was going to be out for the season but that's not the case now he's got to come back right yeah we were starting to feel pretty confident that he's going to be back in in pretty silly actually he today's the day offer him up from his rehab stuff but he's been he's been hit in the cage and running and throwing any feels great so he'll probably actually had this great and when we go out west he might not play the first few days but probably work out with them for a couple days and then and then maybe star rehab assignment anchored off he owns actually do and pretty well diskette full range of motion still little point entered as he did from actually swings in the in the pool the day which is kind of the start of him starting to get a bat in his hand which hopefully will happen over the next several days and you know is there any guy you're concerned about getting back because sound it sounds like they all have a decent chance to be contribute is at some point this season is that still fair to say or is there anybody who is bleak about yeah I I guess of all the guys we've spoken about I I do feel while none of a more certainty but I do feel like all of them I would say we're feeling pretty optimistic that they're all they will all be back before the end of the season it's interesting I say it's gonna make you as far as cook put together a postseason roster that's gonna be with that's gonna be one of the great debates of all time this year you have so many guys to choose from it's unbelievable so many guys dress I don't know how many guys you've actually put in uniform this year I mean it's a you it must be an astronomical number how many guys and actually one uniform this yeah we're we'll have to look that up it has been it has been amazing but it's been fun to see so many different people contribute in different ways yeah I saw that you've only had the same line up like three times it you know no no never twice in a row it's unbelievable when you think about it you know one guy that hasn't gotten let's open our borders because who hasn't got enough attention because so many of the guys have been so spectacular Romijn sit like crazy when he's been playing you know that he really unbelievable you know it's been great is is a role really started swinging the bat well when when Gary went down and and role in Higashi oak of both you know where they were kind of split from time there when Gary was down we're really productive I felt like there first and foremost catching really well but but also offense of Lee playing really well and and roll my general in a really good place right now and swing the bat and and and has me feel really confident so that when I do want to get a day off for or right now if I want to fly them over to the DA troll with with the flexibility we have feel really good about the at bats rose given us right now yeah it's a man he's like three fifty over his last fifteen eighteen games I mean that's a admit having to catch it three fifties pretty that as a backup catcher three fifties pretty impressive yeah he he has he been driving the ball as well so yeah it's been really good to have him in and really you know step up when we needed it when he you know start again the bulk of the work when when Gary was down on him and he were both thing great force I mean these power supply these power supplies from talk men from a shell is gonna have you scratch your head a little bit I know everyone's hitting home runs but these guys have gone crazy here they really have look I think NGOs case you know I've I've heard about us Neil trying to acquire him for you know about a year and a half through you guys who that is so he he's not a name that you hadn't heard before you go really so yeah he was on he was on he was on the radar I use on a raid or even last spring okay as because we you know I give that whoever did that a given credit yeah you know because we knew out good heat defensively was in there were something in there just from a from contact standpoint is selling ostensibly it from the beginning or not really and by the way I'm taking no credit but I understand the first time I died the song take batting practice this spring because I hadn't frankly seen him play that much in the first B. P. in the spring where I went with that that is impressed me right away got my attention right away with how we could drive the ball to the middle of the time in the other way you know I think some of the things he's worked on the subtle adjustments he's made over the end of last year over the winter and and during this year have really paid off form unbelievable I mean now he starts his phone sixty four home runs I mean is it is crazy and then they'll talk until I mean he he's gone nuts with the home runs and we'll talk been a guy that that done it at the minor league level he just hadn't really had that opportunity regular chance at all in the big leagues and you know he's another guy that our guys liked a lot it just from an athletic standpoint because he's a really good defender he runs really well he's he's always performed at the minor league level he just hadn't broke through yet at the big league level in and even with us early in the year yeah I struggled a little bit off sensibly but once he got an opportunity you know he's the star to get some results and now he's played a lot of confidence do you like going west coast late August I know sometimes seems feel like it's it's a little cooler out there you know you know you sometimes get a little bit of a reprieve from summer I mean does it do you feel that when you go out there this time of year and now you know what I'm you know be in from the west coast yes back there and by yeah it'll be nice to you know go play o'quinn obviously really good team and then we go down and play the Dodgers that should be a fun series yes where I have a lot of friends and family that I I'll get to see and and then Seattle's always a nice place to go and and the good thing is we have an off day going into it and off day when we come back from from Seattle so the you know considering the stretch we're in right now nineteen games in seventeen days you know you like a little book and off days on your on your trip out west you know it's been a long.

Oakland three days one day seventeen days five six day ten days
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"Within the five six days of each other man the stars must be aligned incorrectly. I'll just say that six fifty one in news ninety six point five l five day forecast brought to you by US heating and air conditioning. Here's channel nine eyewitness news. Chief meteorologist Tom Terry had a few isolated showers this afternoon. Still have a few on radar, but for the most part, as expected drier air came invading from the north, there's a weak front action near Sanford, and that has kept us a bit cooler with the clouds today, and also bit drier, but rain chance goes back up a little bit. Forty percent coverage of a say two to four pm shower near the I four quarter tomorrow with a high near ninety one Sunday into Monday and Tuesday that three days stretch could see higher overall rank coverage as the moisture level. Climb again with highs in the eighties to near ninety. So we're going to rant rain chances back up, but pressure builds back in over the Gulf in Florida by this time next week, we're back to a hot and drier pattern. Again, pattern just keeps flipping back and forth. They extended five day forecast four times an hour. From channel nine I'm chief meteorologist Tom Terry. Interacted with a radar one cloud has just popped up around the downtown area but there's nothing really heavy significant about. It's just enough. Just ruin your Friday night. Eighty three degrees out of Winter Park in winter garden. Eighty three now at those still eighty two here at Orlando's severe weather station. Now SafeTouch Security triple team traffic. All right. It is these little rain showers, making the Friday drive any better or worse. Well, we have improved but it has really helped with the delays that we've got down south because, as.

Chief meteorologist Tom Terry US heating Winter Park Sanford Florida Orlando five day Eighty three degrees Forty percent five six days four quarter three days five l
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"Lives at the processing plant goes through pasteurization and homogenization after being tested negative for any trace of antibiotics in the milk. It takes forty eight hours for that Melk to travel from the farm to dairy case more. Dairy fun fact, headed your way in the month of June. This is Jenna presson for the RFID radio network. We're back, you're on our FDA annoy Frazier on this Wednesday to fifth of June. It is historic out, in the fields as many farmers around the state have been going constantly taking advantage of any every window this first week of June to get something in. We talked yesterday with Ed Corrigan bread. Consolidated these technical agronomist never has been this crazy just trying to get a crop in help growers. Thank through know, they all have the days look at you and they, they are depressed. And they are excited about this year, obviously, but they're all trying to figure out what to do and everything. And I just used the term triage to really try and help him understand, you, you work at the things that have to be done today before the next rain storm that sometimes sprain field for we control that may be a little bit of tillage or planting ammonia. Whatever in the guys are jumping back and forth between all kinds of stuff, they are law, but at the same time, they're, they're so energize, get something done correctly or as correctly. They Can't can't. statewide research farm this year for twenty nineteen. It really is. We've got different planning dates. We've got obviously different herbicide you know, we've got preplanned nitrogen some from landfall very little, some from this praying some Sidra, we had Seig rest bar starting to move out into the field. Some of their earlier fields that got planted geysers start to try and put twenty eight on those guys are asking, look, we're not going to put any more Monja on, let's blow on some twenty eight percent nitrogen. They're doing all these things that the research farm has really been structured to kinda help valuate and really it's not about evaluation for yield today. It's an evaluation of just how can we get things done just as quick as we can? Because we're looking at a or five six day rain event coming at us. An interesting fact that cornball Mazar are flying around and it's it's their time. So that was a call yesterday from a good close farmer brand. And he said, what seems a little bitty mall that are flying around. They look like corn board. Thank you know what it's the right time of the year, it's the it's those heat units. And I said, the good news they can lay eggs on Incorp plant long as that corn plant has a corn leads the most mature leads has less than sixteen inches long. It has a natural defense mechanism called them boa that will kill that little worm is that is that grows in. So even the very earliest corn plants are out of out of trouble for these boy. Mas ninety percent of corn is way too little the corn board to be able to survive on takeaway forest this week. So the biggest takeaways, we as we really move forward into our. Earlier applications is to really consider what type of trade of soybean, did we use to be make make sure that we didn't apply a liberty to round of ready being dia Canada to a round of ready being or a we really need to focus because with this fever of planting so very quickly. It'll be so easy to start spraying, the and then move to the next field and not clean out properly, it's going to be one thing to change our sprayers from corn soybean, because a lot of those herbicides don't match. But now we've got as many as six different traits of soy beans. And so that's really going to be an issue to make sure that we've got cleanliness, and that we understand what we actually planted. Check your records before he goes spray. Ed corrigan. Well yesterday started a three day road, check across the country, the commercial vehicle safety, alliance sponsors, check, so for all truck drivers you need to make sure that your truck.

Ed corrigan Melk Jenna presson FDA Sidra Mazar Frazier Canada twenty eight percent forty eight hours ninety percent sixteen inches five six day three day milk
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"Have a conversation back in San Francisco around the batting cage the pictures for hitting Bumgarner and Pomeranz and Rodriguez and at holler. They were all in agreement with one thing, the balls, juice, juice. Yes. About this before end. No nobles say, look, I got through signing a dozen balls from the two thousand fourteen World Series. So I'm picking up these balls, and I'm signing autographs to him and picking them up thinking, these are the balls that were used in the World Series it hadn't World Series stamp on it. So these are like autograph only balls these were gonna be in the World Series. He goes picking these things up it goes at I could squeeze. They're they're a little softer than what we've been. We've been throwing. So he says I went over, and I got a couple do balls that we have to pick them up. He goes billiard balls. And he goes how about the other night when when the Padres your plan that the giants in this about five six days ago, they had that Francisco Mahia. He's a little catch foot opposite field to count his hand came off the bat it hits off the wall in right field almost goes out. We know right. Handers can't hit balls out to right field. Very seldom happens will certainly not little five foot, eight inch catchers. Why am I not shocked that pitchers are saying this? Well, here's another thing. We're talking about Pittsburgh last week. Cincinnati Reds coming into play the pirates, and they got a guy named Dietrich who's big tall drink water. Yeah. And he's not a guy that's hit more than probably fifteen. Well, he hits the ball into the it's the allegany or the Managua Hilo could've been could've been all three of them so far or was it the Ohio pitch swung tattooed? This is a two-to-one.

Francisco Mahia Pomeranz Dietrich San Francisco Managua Hilo Cincinnati Reds Bumgarner Rodriguez Ohio Pittsburgh five six days eight inch five foot
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"It's that's where I go with it right now. Because you know, I I I've said forever since we started shooting. I just I wanna pay everybody back. You know, that's been like the biggie. I wouldn't be you know, wouldn't mind getting paid because all of that got deferred to make it. And but at the end of the day, you know, you know, when I took it to the first film festival in Woodstock and played in front of a huge theater in a packed house. And I was like, oh, I think it works. And that's also part of the payment watching it in a croup. I am I just had my stand up special come out last week in. I watched it in front of a group. And I said this is this is your payment for news. You get to sit in a theater watch it here people laugh and some more comes of it. Great. But that's really the payment of of doing these these independent films. Well, I mean, how many people probably said to you after, you know, doing your special certainly doing this film people have said to me, you know, that have made other films and friends of mine that are directors producers. You know, all said to me when I finished you didn't you you've actually did it you did you put the whole freaking thing together, and you made a movie. Yeah. There's I it's a quality that I think you'd wish for for your kids because it's like a half an idea. It just starts as an idea. And then at some point it becomes the world's biggest scavenger hunt. Like, I have to go home and write that idea. I've to collaborate with someone to start the very beginning of that first little sort of just grain of sand. An idea. And then at some point there's a Blu Ray in your hand. And. And all the qualities that go into that or something you wish for your kids 'cause there's a creative part, but it's mostly kind of work ethic part. And then there's not getting discouraged part because everyone will tell you bad idea. It's not the right time to do it. And the powers that be your agent everyone else don't do it because you don't get paid. And they don't get paid. Which is I don't know. What you're I mean, my agent when I wanted to make an independent film a million years ago. It's like you just had twins baby twins. Just started a morning radio job. What are you doing? He wasn't getting paid maybe pay. You know, my answer was I said there's never good time to make an independent film there. Just isn't. There's never a big moves never is their point. Where you go. I got six months free, and I'm independently wealthy and nobody needs me anywhere. There's never a good time. So you just have to do it. That's it just got to do it. You got to just find yourself. With them with the right people that believe in what you believe in because you're going to need a lot of them along the way, and they're all going to get there. And you know, one day you wake up, and I'm like, I believe that I was actually making the film. I was in buffalo for two and a half months before we started shooting it, and it was three weeks away from shooting it when I woke up one day and was like. We're actually making this movie. I mean, we're I really had a lightbulb moment. Not that. I didn't think we were doing it and spending money but one day, I'm like h is got me three weeks before this is real how many days did you shoot twenty days over five weeks, which is usually for an indie film as the opposite. Usually you're doing five six day weeks. They gotta kramden, but I planned it out a little bit different..

croup Woodstock one day three weeks million years five six day twenty days five weeks six months
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"five six day" Discussed on Reality TV RHAP-ups: Reality TV Podcasts

"Society combined with like hard core. It's concerning that he's not just standing up on the table. Apparently, he likes to jump up on the the whole the whole process. So it's kinda continues to little activity abroad with us is he he talks about this in some of this pre game stuff that he wrote this book, and I've read selections of the book is a lot of teachers in the district having and it's about Ron Clark's essential fifty five so he described as a fifty five rules like in school for students to really help them succeed. So I thought I want you each picked up retreat one fifty five this is a couple times if it's a bus will just do it once and Higgins between one fifty five I'm gonna tell you what that rule is. I want you to see how can that translate to survivor the season, maybe more specifically how that's going to translate to Ron Clark's gate so Mike join pick a number. Absolutely. I love that. We're trying to all ready turn wrong Clark's book into the Boston, rob roll book and safe. It could be retrofitted into. Survivor game. Give me number. You know, what let's hope Ron Clark banked thirty nine days. Gimme number thirty nine. All right, then thirty nine. Okay. This is very specific. But on a field trip complement the place, you're visiting. Okay. No that s pretty it's pretty applicable because the field the wards braver host merge are about making visits to visit various cultural centers, whether it's him dropping off poise for kids, or, you know, attending, a nice nice, gene feast, so Ron we'll go there, and he'll consistently compliment everyone who's there even when he oversteps himself, or you know, if the kids are smoking cigarettes bit too far too close to him. He's he's gonna make sure to be complimentary of the place that he's staying because that's what good teachers do gosh. I was thinking we could put together the team of Ron Clark would do who else would be embassador to go to the school to drop off the things for the kids in whatever. Whatever location. We're in now. Of course. Yes, she's a gym teacher. So I think she has experienced. You've got a number for me between one and fifty five six day rule. Number six if you're asked a question in conversation, ask a question return drive. Totally tribal council grows. There was a lot of discussion on your tribe today seem to create a lot of tension. Well, Jeff, that's a great question. Now. What would you think about all of the tension? That was being created like, Nope. Jeff's gonna none of that. Jeff assault facial rule. Number six creates a black hole where they just keep asking questions back and forth at each other. Until the space time continuum eventually collapses in on. Like a good run. That's what the edge of extinction means. Oh, good. Other ones. Yeah. A gimme number seventeen. Number seventeen. Subject. Transitions will be subject like like a subject in school subject. Transitions will be swift quiet and orderly. Hey, I guess maybe if he's talking about changing alliances because you know, there are different different subjects different conglomerates of things to study. And so when you're flipping to an alliance or your creating a new froth cluster or voting block to make sure that it is quiet that nobody knows about it is orderly. Everyone knows what pays better on. And they know what. Specifically exactly who their voting for nice, Ana. Nine rule. Number nine, always say, thank you. When given something. Thank you for bringing this game thing for us to do. All you be great on the island. Let's show for the one where each Mike what he got. I'll do number. How does he forty six? Go with forty six through forty six. No. This would not be good some past several wards here. No talking in a movie theater during a movie. John. Talking movie. Disrespect that reams like thing about how she was kept talking about how no one can kicks kids out of the living room if they're like talking during survivor..

Ron Clark Jeff Mike Higgins Boston John assault fifty five six day thirty nine days
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"five six day" Discussed on 860AM The Answer

"We're Salem surrounding. We take the mystery of digital marketing off your shoulders, letting you run your business while we deliver customers your competition is already social catch them and surpass them. We offer free analysis of your digital marketing effectiveness and suggests methods that could dramatically increase your sales. We know how to make every digital dollar count towards sales success now there are no limitations on where you can reach customers with Salem, surround total market penetration for increased our y learn more by logging onto surround San Francisco dot com. Surround San Francisco dot com connecting you with new customers. It's happening now through this Saturday, January twenty sixth and the time to sign up for your free pass is today wealth three sixty five six day event that puts you in the company of the world's leading experts in business and personal finance, right? From the comfort of your home or office. And attendance is absolutely free wealth. Three sixty five covers a wide range of well-focused topics including breeding futures options and four x retirement planning and more blocking your free spot for the entire six day summit when you text now two four one one four one one you'll receive all of the benefits of a world class financial conference without the expenses crowds or distractions. Well, three sixty five makes it possible for you to have direct access to the highest quality financial speakers, celebrity wealth, experts and institutions free and you participate from your home or office fund outlying Forbes and investor's business daily choose well, three sixty five text now two four one one four one one to secure your free pass text NO w two four one one four one one text, and oh w Sebastian Gorka coming up at noon now back to Dennis Prager eight sixty AM the answer. All right, everybody. Dennis Prager beer..

Salem Dennis Prager San Francisco Sebastian Gorka three sixty five six day six day
"five  six day" Discussed on 860AM The Answer

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"five six day" Discussed on 860AM The Answer

"Your copy of power to the states at Bob Zadek dot com today. Z A house divided can't stand but healthy competition between the states can make America more prosperous than ever before. Power to the states. How federalism two point oh can make America governable again. Available now at Bob. Zadek dot com. That's Bob, Zadek dot com. It's happening now through this Saturday, January twenty sixth and the time to sign up for your free pass is today wealth three sixty five six day event that puts you in the company of the world's leading experts in business and personal finance, right? From the comfort of your home or office, and attendance is absolutely free wealth. Three sixty five covers a wide range of well-focused topics, including stock futures, options and forex retirement planning and more lock in your free spot for the entire six day summit when you text now two four one one four one one you'll receive all of the benefits of a world class financial conference without the expenses crowds or distractions. Well, free sixty five makes it possible for you to have direct access to the highest quality financial speakers, celebrity wealth, experts and institutions free and you participate from your home or office fund outline Forbes at investor's business daily choose well, three sixty five tax now to four one one four one one to secure your free pass text in w. Four one one four one one taxed and w the Dennis Prager show. Weekdays at nine right before Sebastian Gorka at noon on eight sixty eight AM, the answer, something you..

Bob Zadek Bob America Dennis Prager Sebastian Gorka Forbes three sixty five six day six day
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"five six day" Discussed on 860AM The Answer

"CEO of Quicken Loans, America's premier home purchase lender. Today's fluctuating interest rates can leave you with unexpected higher mortgage payments at Quicken Loans. We've created a new way to protect you from unpredictable interest rates. So you can buy a home with certainty. It's called rate shield, and here's how it works with rate shield. You can lock your interest rate while you shop for a new home. So if rates go up, you don't have to worry. And here's the best part. If rates go down you get the lower rate with rates shield. We really have you covered. Here are more reasons why you wanna work with America's largest mortgage lender. For eight years in a row now Jd power has ranked Quicken Loans highest in the nation in customer satisfaction for primary mortgage origination. And for the fifth year in a row, they've also ranked us highest in the nation for mortgage servicing rates shield. Another way we can save you money on your mortgage. Call us today at eight hundred quicken or go to rocketmortgage dot com base and rocket mortgage data in comparison to public data records ritual approval only about thirty per transactions. Call for cost information and conditions. Equal housing lender. Licensed in all fifty states MLS number thirty thirty additional conditions are exclusions apply. The wealth three sixty five summit is the largest online only wealth conference in the world and features over seventy live well-focused topics including stock trading futures, options, forex, retirement, planning and more. Best of all you get to participate for the comfort of your home or office absolutely free to secure your free pass to well. Three sixty five. Just text the word now til four one one four one one part of a world class financial conference with zero travel expenses. No crowds or outside distractions wealth free, sixty five makes it possible for you to have access to the highest quality financial speakers, celebrity, wealth, experts and institutions free wealth three sixty five six day event that puts you in the company of the world's leading experts in business and personal finance right from the comfort of your home or office. Find out why industry juggernauts like Forbes and investor's business daily. Choose wealth. Sixty five text now, two four one one four one one to secure your free pass, text NO w two four one one four one one text and w two four one one four one one text and data..

Quicken Loans America CEO Forbes three sixty five six day eight years
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"five six day" Discussed on KOMO

"Komo news one thousand FM ninety seven seven talks to reopen. The government have broken down again. Again, we saw a temper tantrum because he couldn't get his way. And he just walked out of the meeting this after democratic leaders refused to pay for the president's proposed border wall. Demanded once again that before any negotiations could begin that we would have to agree to reopen. The government. Komo's Jeff Pohjola spoke with analysts from both sides in general partial government, shutdown doesn't affect a good portion of the population. But the longer it lasts the worst the effects become a big deal. One paychecks stop coming in. You have the TSA workers perhaps walk off the job is summer talking about I think longer it goes, the more it's gonna start become visible Kirby. Wilbur is a talk show host at our sister station, caveat and former head of the state Republican party when it's five six days seven days. Ill-effects aren't really felt because they come to compromise deal with it. Everybody gets their back pay everything is back to being normal. The longer this last. The more time they'll be for people to feel the impact today is day. Nineteen and negotiations continue to be at a standstill much to Kirby surprise. They all say, we need border security, and it just amazes me that the Democrats have some leverage to they're not using a year ago two years ago, dreamers were important we had to legalize them giving them path assistantship, and yet that topic hasn't even come up. He says the Democrats could use DACA as a negotiating point with the president to reopen the government, but democratic strategists Kathy Allen says this is all posturing themes, like they're putting on quite the show for the rest of us who are really tired bored and fed up with it all she says, it may be some time before a deal is reached when both sides realize how much they're losing in terms of credibility. I think that's when something finally happens. But in the meantime, more and more Americans will feel the pinch of a government shutdown. Everyone thought this was going to happen to someone else is starting to feel like it's going to happen to me. And that's a.

government Komo Kirby Wilbur president Jeff Pohjola Kathy Allen Republican party DACA five six days seven days two years
"five  six day" Discussed on The Minimalists Podcast

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"five six day" Discussed on The Minimalists Podcast

"So so I sent the video than we got. We went to the Russian bath house this week and rushing bath house never done it yet. But right down the street here. It's called sodas by strongly encouraged to go there. It's fifty bucks five dollars. You could spend as long as you want three five hours there. It's incredible. You go from the the hot sauna the this week has hottest ever experienced it. Ryan fifty degrees. Fifty. I mean, it's like we're sitting there, and we were joking about how really voted was just cooking us. Guy came in. Onion. But then you go then you go into cold plunge full it salinated thirty degrees. So it's essentially freezing you from two to twenty usually to get to thirty degrees in two twenty two to thirty degrees. And you feel euphoric. I mean, it is unbelievable. But also, you're getting all the your body, obviously, eliminates toxins through the skin. It's one of the biggest ways to to get rid of toxins. And so if you're detoxing from anything for me when I was doing heavy metal detox, especially I had to go four five six days a week to a sauna in order in. I took niacin and other things that helped me out with that. But yeah, man, you feel amazing afterward. I remember we were there. Ryan, you look he said if we could do this every day, we'd be invincible. I seriously feel like that. Like, it's..

Ryan niacin thirty degrees four five six days three five hours fifty degrees five dollars
New Yorker investigation alleges sexual misconduct by CEO of CBS

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New Yorker investigation alleges sexual misconduct by CEO of CBS

"And Megan a conversation with the RND. Grammy award winning artists as he explores his Latin American roots. My family journey has a lot. To do things like immigration my grandmother coming here from Mexico I would never be sitting here with you plus the LGBTQ POC. Underground eighties full seen as portrayed in. The FX series pose that's, all coming up on. Latino USA I'm Jose. Stay with us not in my hands Live from NPR news in Washington, I'm, Nora. Raum in Iraq and a fast moving wildfire northern. California claimed a second life today a firefighter a. Bulldozer operator had died yesterday the fire, jumped across the Sacramento river and swept into the city of reading about one hundred miles south of the Oregon border Ken Pimlott is the chief of Cal fire he says people need to know these fires, are dangerous these are extreme conditions this is how fires are burning in California we need to take heed evacuate evacuate evacuate tens of thousands. Of people are taking that advice the fire has destroyed at. Least sixty five buildings a federal. Judge in Los Angeles today shell appointed independent monitor to look into reports of neglect and abuse of children at immigration centres along. The us Mexico border from member station. K. q. e. d. Julius, small reports the judges Is in charge of enforcing decades all settlement that. Set strict limits on the detention of minors US. District judge Dolly Jesus says she needs someone to be. Her ears and is at immigration facilities. In Texas, to look into allegations that date. Back more than a year attorney Peter Shay says problems are pervasive and facilities all along the border with Mexico children being detained. For up to four or five six days. With no, access to audible water with access only to. Inadequate unexpired food no. Access to blankets or sleeping mats the government. Asked for an opportunity to present, evidence, to. Refute the allegations meanwhile the judge is going ahead. With appointing a monitor within two weeks for NPR. News I'm Julie small CBS says it's, investigating what it calls personal misconduct claims against CEO less moon vez detail in New Yorker magazine story that also alleges a culture of misconduct throughout the CBS network as NPR's Eric. Duggan's reports Six women are giving their accounts of sexual harassment between the. Nineteen eighties and late two thousands actress Ileana Douglas who's appeared in TV shows like six feet under an entourage accuses moon Vazza violently kissing her and tried to force himself. On her during a business meeting in nineteen ninety seven when she refused his advances Douglas said she was fired from her role as co star on a. CBS show journalists, Ronan Farrow spoke to thirty current and former employees at CBS his story includes other allegations from women who claim, moon vez tried to kiss or touch them inappropriately in a statement moon visit minuted, pharaoh quote they were times decades ago. When I may have made some women uncomfortable by making advances but he. Denies, harming anyone's career before the story was published CBS's board of directors said it would. Investigate allegations. Eric Duggan's NPR news on Wall Street the NASDAQ lost one and a, half percent to close at seventy seven thirty seven down one hundred and fourteen points the Dow fell seventy six while the, s&p dropped eighteen This is, NPR news this is WNYC in New York I'm Lance lucky as you've, been hearing CBS CEO, Leslie Moonves is the latest prominent media figure facing allegations of sexual misconduct and investigation published in. The New Yorker magazine today reports that six women including producers and writers say they've been harassed and assaulted by. New Yorker writer Ronan Farrow said the women feared speaking out because. Of moon vessels ability to make or break their careers are women of tremendous character and competence, in their industry but they, still felt. That by, rebuffing advances they were putting their careers on the line the alleged incidents happened various times. During his more than twenty year tenure at the company best. Has denied the allegations CBS said in a statement, that it's, investigating the claims food stamp. Recipients will still be able to use a mobile app to pay for food at New York farmers markets come September. The state has agreed to pay six hundred ten thousand One dollars to Novo DEA the company that, facilitates food stamp payments at the markets after. The federal government ended its contract Novo Diaz said it would go out of business the. State aid will fund the. App based service until March police say suspicious items found inside Trump Tower have been determined to be harmless the NYPD's counterterrorism chief James water said on Twitter the. Packages found in the. Building have been deemed safe by the department's bomb squad We have showers and perhaps severe thunderstorms moving through the area. As I speak the severe thunderstorm watch in. Effect until ten pm and. They are major delays at the airports of two to. Six hours for all incoming and outgoing flights the worst delays being at Newark liberty airport. Those showers and thunderstorms tapering off after midnight and tomorrow partly sunny, the high eighty, five support for NPR comes from the National Endowment for. The arts the federal agency that supports the arts, and creativity and communities across the nation more formation is available at arts dot gov There are.

CBS NPR Mexico Ronan Farrow Eric Duggan California Grammy Award New York Ileana Douglas The New Yorker Magazine CEO Megan Newark Liberty Airport Sacramento River Los Angeles Texas Federal Government
New programs helping inmates fight drug addiction

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New programs helping inmates fight drug addiction

"Off. MacKenzie. Carol mentioned way protein packages in his list of canteen currencies. That's convenient denomination to trade with. But the reason it has value is the gym culture in prison jail, and you're gonna do drugs either. You're going to be doing actual drugs for you're going to be doing hormone, which is steroids. Now all the guys that are dominant in jail, and they sell drugs nine out of ten of them pay hormone. They do steroids in jail to get muscles to get big so they can be the the male dominant ticker, right? Even criminals on the street take hormone so they can be dominant so they can be scary so they can, you know? So they can fight when I was at my tentacles selling drugs on the street. I always did steroids. I always worked out then looking at this picture of you, I think the the, we got it from Facebook and you. You got a pretty tattooed python there in the forest. That's yeah, I'm in shape. I was in jail for quite a while, and I used to work out five, six days a week. I got tattoos rate to my knuckles and all the way up my arms all the way around my arms. I, I look like a jail guy. Yeah, I, I'm definitely not a fully. You would want coming into your house with two of his friends. Right? So there goes your your invite to my Christmas party MacKenzie. There you go. Yes, I'm gonna come to the Christmas party. I'll bring some some merlot that I need toilet. According to correctional services, Canada. Eighty percent of offenders have some sort of substance abuse problem when they arrive at the ruins detentions. Many are struggling with more than one addiction. This got me thinking about one of the people I met for our dictated city episode. His name is Patrick. Duncan. In that episode, we dove into the challenges of drug addiction and dependence in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside neighborhood. My name is Patrick gunk in manana downtown. I was talking to Patrick about drugs in general, but he kept coming back to his experience with crime and prisons crack, cocaine is very expensive. It's. Cost me years in jail, just my lifestyle and and just put my habit on criminal acts and and you know, I paid the price. It's been quite a few years in jail over the last ten years to pay for that support the habit. You have to come up with the money and in order to come up with enough money to support the habit, you only twenty bucks gets you, you know. Half an hour, you know, and then you worry, we'll get in the next. It's you. You got to come up with more money. So you know like there's a lot of ways to get money and, and you know they'll get into too much detail. You know what, what I do is what I've done is, is. You know, basically shoplifting and and that's been the paying for the habits of my habits all these years. But you know, you know, almost ten years of doing that. I've spent almost half of it in jail, and I'm hoping maybe one day that you know someone intervenes and and some family member calls me out for, you know, it's a hold of me somehow. Relentless. TV shows you watch intervention or whatever, you know, like shit like like I cry. I'm gonna watch that shit and you only only coming, we're watching when I'm in jail. I am sober. What are those sober stretches like in jail. We'll sought entirely also. I mean, there are people that come and go with with things that would be about meal, but it's it's actually, I don't know if it's sad to say, but sometimes jail feels more like a family in their inside because I've been in and out so much in Vancouver that I'd be going to new people there. And there have been there the whole time they see me coming in out doesn't times she doesn't times and I'm there, but I'm a good person and it's it's just another day for me and it doesn't really matter. I mean it in jail used to used to be a little bit, Tim Lewis shying weary, but now it just really doesn't matter may say, hey, buddy, how you doing? You know food what's? Oh, this trade were cake for ice cream real lately trade my meat for bread, whatever. It's. It's all right. You know what I mean? The ruined board with cable TV and they can't ask for much more married. So it's like a break gives you chance to fend stuff if you haven't been eating too well and shit like that. Right. Patrick is describing a bit of a revolving door. He's living a crack, fueled lifestyle, where another trip back to jail is pretty much inevitable. Unlike some of the people I met working at the halfway house who felt their time out of jail was a brief clean time. Patrick has begun to welcome the time in the clink as a chance to take a break from the drugs. It's not a good thing to say necessarily. But it's the truth drugs are still a part of his experience in jail off tape. He said that that's basically the only time he intentionally does fennel because it's easier to get hold of crack cocaine, and he didn't bring up any kind of treatment program or effort to break the cycle. I asked Michelle Smith about what sort of drug treatment inmates can access. She's a clinical services manager with the CSC in British Columbia. Well, you know, we to screening and testing at reception in ongoing throat. Encourage incarceration for prevention and control of let born is sexually transmitted infections, right? We do education and training on infectious diseases in how to prevent them. We also, you know, provide them access to harm reduction material and information such as bleach. There are substance abuse programs in CNC in a game community base narcotics anonymous as well as our opiates. Substitution therapy you. You've hinted a little bit at some harm reduction possibilities in the prison setting, and that's significant given some of the stories we've heard from inmates about some of the dodgy dangerous methods of injection. For example, that's happening what's actually available in terms of harm reduction. Is there any kind of syringe exchange program? Anything like that in place. You know what? That's a. That's a great question. I'm not really prepared to talk about that, but I could, you know, put the question forward, you know, could take it up to an H Q and get information on that for you if you'd like. But suffice to say then. It doesn't sound like it's it's really part of the program not. No, it's not right now, but we do have harm reduction that we do offer, you know, bleach successful to the inmates. There seems to be an awareness within about the potential value of a harm reduction approach. There have been trials with tattoo rooms to reduce the spread of infectious disease, and you heard Michelle Smith mentioned bleach there in twenty fourteen CSC reported that a little more than eighteen percent of inmates had hepatitis C officials now believe that's down to about ten percent, but in prison offering something like a clean needle exchange or anything close to a supervised injection site is complicated and not exactly part of the conversation as the fence and overdose crisis, tears through communities across North America. CSC is making the lock zone or narc hand kits available. That's the drug that's used to reverse opioid overdoses in the. Twenty fifteen twenty sixteen fiscal year eight people were killed by suspected drug overdoses and federal institutions. That number was down to three people killed last year when according to see us see seventy suspected overdoses were interrupted. Now

Patrick Gunk Michelle Smith Vancouver CSC Carol Facebook Canada Crack Cocaine Tim Lewis Shoplifting Duncan Cocaine North America British Columbia Ten Years Eighteen Percent Eighty Percent