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"five hundred fifty fans" Discussed on The Steve Warne Project - Sports

"You guys play just like your high on man. It really was only a matter of time. All what a glorious day i'm strutting. I'm crowing celebrating. I'm busting jerry. I'm boston james tonight. Hang on. I want to do it. I to live blues rock close. I mean remember the national media season. They're out there pretending to be objective but in reality tongue bathing the blue team at every turn they keep asking like these slobbering bull terriers. Is this the the year for the leafs. Finally all the pieces are in place. Is this the year. And i don't know if you mean is the leaves year to lose to the lowest ranked playoff team in round one. You amine. It's the leafs year to blow a three one series. Lead is at the year the leave suck ass again. Yes yes it is all those things. You don't feel sorry for them at all. Steve a little bit. no nothing. maybe. I've got a couple of reasonable leaf fans. I feel kind of badly for them but No no it says because because of what the media does and what lee fans due in their here in ottawa. I have a hard time feeling any sympathy whatsoever. It's it's in my nature really well. It's it's fun you know it's fun right. Of course right i. it's sorta the gentle ribbing happens fan. I am beliefs in helped win. The peds lose although in my neighborhood. Cvs always driving around. There's a couple sitting in their driveway. It's beautiful here today. Nice weather it's going to be nice. All we nice guy. They've got the television out okay. And they're eating dinner and they've got the game on okay so the fun thing so i stopped. What's up. you know. I go up out of the car. Watch a bit of it there. The guy goes What's the score at. At that point it was one. Nothing okay one zip and a cheering for him. The guy's frenchaccent halves again cheering for the apps and his wife's there and i go you who you cheering for the leafs right. I said okay okay. That's my and the husband goes. But but i don't know why you're cheering for the leafs. She says fuck you. Oh wow gonna little stevie. He got a little heated with the couple. Okay i thought this whole thing's supposed to be sort of a deal. I guess right you live in edmonton. You know you've got. The little leafs. Halves rivalry gone might might be grounds for an old man. Steve maybe in the ad inside that is going to be a very romantic ending to the evening. I don't think Somebody is sleeping on the couch one or the other and the other one had party favors going on whooping it up. Yeah there's there's rabid fans out there stevie leads nor will ever compare certainly in this country of course right the they'll be nothing. Nothing will ever be like. Nothing will ever replace it. No rivalry nothing nothing. I can't think of anything. Steve any sport in our country. And you know you don't travel very often the states but i have and You know the leafs fans irs like there's a million more than that more than a million canadians who live in la. You know right right. Who's who are who are hockey fans but anyway it's it's it's a great rivalry now. It's divided the nation really. I mean what's funny though is that they've really not met very often. This is only the third time since nineteen sixty seven. I guess They've actually met. They met a couple of times in the late seventies. And then this year and it's kind of weird when you think about it because like for most of the nhl is history started in nineteen seventeen. And they're only four teams so for the most part through the entire first fifty years of the nhl history. There were only four to six teams. It was a very small league reizo. The lifson has represented a third of the league and yet they only have met in a hundred and four years sixteen times. Oh it back in that day. Oh yeah sixteen. Times total in the history of the nhl. So it's kinda weird they they haven't gotten together more frequently than they have. And so i think that's a little something something to it. Not only is it a great first round upset for the montreal canadians but it's against a a very good team and for older fans in particular who used to watch one of those teams every single saturday night when that was all you really had to watch. It had kind of a special feel to this year. Well i'll tell you what else is unique. Which makes it unique for. Sure i've had the i had last night. I was watching television and a local newscast. Now the oilers are out. Of course. So i don't know if they're glomming onto try and create stories but i think they would have done this anyways even if the orders were in there they had a whole they had. They had a fifteen minute piece on lifson halves fans in edmond. Ok like the on the street. You know showing people's houses. How their decorating is this is. This is kind of crazy. The old leaf the leaf sent thing so yeah like like a full on full on ten minutes stevie on the news last night i loved the least in the house with a history of it and all this stuff so there you have it. How do they loose tv. Leave people so they let fans into the game which was weird. We knew that In game six montreal had twenty five hundred fans in quebec seems to be a little more relaxed. I guess when it comes to shutdown stuff but out of the blue earlier today because we're recording this on the game day itself and They actually had a deal where they let five hundred fifty fans into the game and it was was they let all the All the frontline workers although the nurses and doctors and all the usual suspects who helped us through cova here and the gag online was got having those poor people had enough. All sure senegalese game. Now dare you anyway. It was a it was a kind of neat to see everybody there and and it just makes the game to have fans in the stands couple of notes on the game itself. I honestly thought that you got crap that really set the leaves back. I that gallagher goal jack. Campbell is pretty good for the leafs through this whole series but there was a couple of glitchy moments and that was exactly the wrong time. I mean the lease of already got the whole world of pressure on their shoulders given their history given the constantly being talked to about the this rivalry in the and this this long drought. They're on and they're in game seven. They've blown the last two games right and all the pressure was already on them. The last thing they needed was to be chasing the game and giving up the first goal and really starting to doubt themselves and that was a garbage goal. By brennan gallagher. No basically steps over the toronto blue line so he's a right shot. If you can picture that you're a right. Shot going on the left wing over the blue line. And so basically you're you got no leverage for the most part you get an all from the shaft of your stick and it takes a snapshot on the ice somehow. Some way beat jack campbell and that made it one. Nothing montreal in. They really didn't look.

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