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"five fourteen eighteen forty five second" Discussed on WGN Radio

"To the northwestern basketball halftime show served by hills brothers coffee at home it feels so receptive the second half now thirty seven twenty five give your a glance as he walked by the table here I told you yeah it all looks good right now there's not we did that we get him for that too but nor folk state with the ball the start the second half going left to right they got some fell trouble too will run that down as we can Whitley crosscourt feed bishop with three won't go read out by Spencer had trickled break back to Brian this site debate out to with labor deep three that rooms out and dance got knocked down he gets to his feet as Spencer goes the other way close to coast miss the layout and rebounded by bishop fast here is with help from holds it looks gets it back from bishop high on the left side right front of his coach in order to steal gains a days will run is thrown around with two hands Anthony gaze with a steel and a dog and it's thirty nine twenty five and the gates with a perfectly that's why the experience came and said sit on top that screen one minute gone second half the Wildcats extend the lead to fourteen points your site debate on the drive belts is back outside to Brian it works his way in office of valley school that's going to be I believe number four on Ryan I think you're right our system of record for me it is hi res it was a freshman who played the final did it first tab will come in and we'll go to the bench five fourteen eighteen forty five second is the keep that will going to need under the basket laser located right blocked the left bloc turns elated in forty one twenty five Miller cop the system seven points for calm talk about it Hey Carter against me on the baseline and shop it's out of bounds as there was little room for Chris Ford under the finance deflected it out dance couple blocks against Providence you might remember your site each day dejected sixty seconds driving taking baseline jumper no good a foul is called Anthony gave spelled bishop was that a three point shot I think it was it is yes Sir first found one gains three free throws here I think they're gonna look at they might look Wildcats of spiritual leader forty one the five see I I could not tell you look pretty close but I think with the new yeah it is flood back there at the last second he pulled his right foot back behind the line so if you're below three free throws he's an eighty two percent shooter you build the league get around it that's the first point is now I hate to give it to a second free throw good what were for for this trip the student section he makes all three forty one twenty eight of the zone together what do to president John handled it pretty well thank you again Anne Spencer gets raided the young kids thanks to Spencer to the elbow pulled jumper the real and it's forty three twenty eight cats come right back get to those points back Miller cop now with four points this happened nine for the game debate back door was kicked to be bay by the had that back door the thing is links save that one a debate will take it out Norfolk state bench down to the border forty almost threw it away we save by bishop a tissue issue driving wires within the cord leads inspires the jumpers no good read out got by Jenkins underneath and it's a tie up with the ball will go to the wild cats in the middle of that as they were battling for that rebound forty three twenty eight northwestern with seventeen away to go through to get rid of all press two thousand really no good reason that's right you're gonna drop it off at the lake this delay if the bulk of the room Jenkins grows it up off the roof radio takes the charge right is it don't forget the ground very much there is more research is the down huge play Jerry Jones for ya north both these days in the zone they can really penetrate kick it get the middle disrupt why no do not have a field goal this half **** like fifteen sixteen thirty to go the first two games ready Sir game one real quick a slight drop drop it off good evening loader forty five twenty eight from Spencer of the dribble drive the big man his first points this happy's got fifteen in the game now at the other the driving layup no good but a north western valleys of all the with fifteen fifty eight remaining in the game college basketball is back the SiriusXM we've got twenty four seven pocketed Dallas is as well as live play by play on big ten radio learn more at Sirius XM dot com slash college hoops.

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