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"five billion five dollars" Discussed on WCBM 680 AM

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Jim glimmer yeah you might also mention the Joseph Heller's passed away too so both the authors of slaughter house five and catch twenty two they're both gone but you know what they've been subpoenaed soul if they disobey disobey the subpoena you know why that is because Orangemen bad come on catch up Rudy guiliani by the way always on the Lou Dobbs tonight last night. and he gave his thoughts on Adam Schiff getting word of the complaint substantially prior to the complete being sent to the department of intelligence as inspector general so I was really suspicious when I see him a month before we hear about the whistle blower. saying things that I can show a remarkably similar to what the whistle blowers lawyer put in the whistle blowers complaint yeah wow what a shock. because Adam Schiff understaffed probably wrote half the complex. as Giuliani pointed out this conversation he said one of you ever seen a a a complaint. where one of the pages like two thirds of the pages of footnotes. no human being does that so the lawyer does that. in the whistleblower being a non attorney well clearly somebody else had a hand in putting that thing together mother we don't know whether way because. a shift of big careless about this we now know that the town gossip that it's a male because you're sure for for two minutes here a couple of times. rather than he or she. so it was a male or at least somebody who's. are biologically male has to hold the town gossip self identifies that's a very different kind of issue beyond that we still don't know. this to me. is where our judicial system is on very shaky ground. the whistleblower statute. says a whistleblower can remain anonymous. well okay. then what about the rights of the accused. not just in this case but in any case. say you work for bombs widget company. and some whistleblower. accuses you through corporate channels. anonymously. of doing dishonest things one kind or another. and the CEO of bombs which your company comes to is a look of the what you're accused of this has to do with the government contract here. he's a what and do this well we we we have a complaint. from a whistleblower who says you did. who is this horse's rear end I'm sorry he's protected he he can stay anonymous. you mean. after twenty years of service your bombs which your company I don't get to face my accusers. and the C. E. O. Bob obviously says won't no you don't because your accuser is a whistleblower. and because the government association use. is protected he doesn't have to say his or her identity. so we no longer now have a system where people get to face their accusers. the Democrats are saying basically we should throw down from out of office. because an anonymous human being. has given false information in the complaint had all kinds of details on the conversation wrong. but they make this allegation against Donald Trump. so we should throw down from out of office. is this really the kind of country we have now. me just cruise I accuse you. is that all the fix now. the idea that this president or any president or frankly any senator or or anybody who is in the house representatives or any elected official would be tossed out of office and that's what we're talking about when the houses are you know we may be forty five forty five in the Georgia. talk about tossing the guy out of office why. because he is an anonymous accusation against him. there is factually wrong but what the heck that doesn't matter there's the seriousness of the accusation and not the factual basis that actually matters. and so we're gonna drag this bad boy out from now until sometime late next year either will quietly make it go away or if we're getting the traction on this at all you can count on the fact they will take a vote and will make the Senate vote on this. on this anonymous accusations. yeah I have no idea if new news gonna pop up next week. then they it down from the scene drowning kittens in in the Potomac well you know Potomac River the tidal basin or that we saw on kick a puppy I have no idea what might come out. dysentery labels off of pillows you can't do that. you see using the wrong fork at a state dinner now that is a crisis of me he went you know you would not be thinking now he went for the salad fork instead of for the fish fork. who does this. to me the more than one fourth of the people personally. but that's where we are now. the Democrats are saying it's perfectly okay to throw somebody out of office an office he was elected to under the rules he won the election unlike what Hillary Clinton says he is not an illegitimate president he won fair and square. we're gonna toss them out. not because you know we've seen him do crimes. but because we have an anonymous complaint against him there we want to gin up into something that we can call impeachment. and they're doing this without any regard for what this will do to the country not in the short term and the long term. because of this becomes the standard. if this is the standard. my god Katie. you know close the barn door. I foresee all the horses are gonna ready. is in Centerville he's next up on talk radio six eighty W. CBM good morning. Lori bird. I'm a just a couple of things here by ten please. as far as I'm concerned is that there is no what will blower the whole thing is a phony baloney made up story by ship in this group. they kept the notes no justification for this is with the blower thing are we to believe that there is no this is that there is no secure room with room at the White House with the president can make telephone calls without being listened to. I mean this whole thing is so readers so ridiculous that even though this is suppose it was a blur heard these things from somebody else there and then he made a bushel for complaints I mean the whole thing is a phony baloney made up made up. the big thing now let's talk about a minute about Joe Biden. one year ago more than a year ago I bought a book written by Peter Schweitzer it's one of the greatest every bit of detail of this whole thing that happened in the Ukraine also which I considered much more important to deal with but that there was made but and with that with the Chinese government and widen son and and the stepson of secretary of state John Kerry the do it did take a good deal to join an investment company with the Chinese government and partners with the Chinese government no Goldman Sachs or any investment company like that has ever been in any kind of a deal like this but this was done with the kids. they were given a bunch of money by the Chinese government and everything else because of the fact they were the children of the of the sitting vice president and the secretary of state. I mean my god but what what what what what what what what what what what what. government government kind of stuff is this on the dirty toenails unbelievable because of this I mean this was all this was all brought written a book a year ago but there was never anything said about and then all of a sudden all of that starts coming coming come to life I consider what the deal with the Chinese much more important than what happened in with the with the Ukrainian but I mean this this whole thing is very they fired their similarities I mean other the similarities are the the use of political position our two convinces somebody to fork over a whole bunch of money to a family member because Biden didn't take it personally so they give a whole lot of money both the Chinese and the Ukrainians two of their their sons to Biden's son in a Kerry steps on and a Whitey Bolger sniff you apparently. yeah well yeah but that doesn't matter because they're Democrats Democrats in anything that Democrats are allowed to do whatever whatever they whatever they whatever they they they do it okay because they are Democrats I mean we saw this for years with the Clinton. I mean my god we started seeing this was Bill Clinton when he was what he was what he what he when he was Attorney General was made of Arkansas. my god on it is people do people get away with this stuff and everything else and people just say okay I thought you know the Democrats will is okay yeah well you got it do you think is your call members you understand fully what's going on here no question is whether November of next year if the American public will feel the same way and if the if those people view themselves as independents will say well that level of corruption doesn't really matter to me because Donald Trump is right is rude a song in a vote for the other guys despite what's going on here. and again. particularly since you know Hillary has a new book out Jeez making the tore it will not surprise me our to find out that Hillary Clinton is perfectly willing to step in at the last minute and save the Democrat party if for Joe Biden withdraw from the race particular now that Bernie Sanders is down. I think his his candidacy effectively is over I just think there's not probable that people save put a seventy eight year old guy with heart problems in the White House I don't think that's got to happen I and I saw the us I think that even most rabid Democrats as we find somebody else to be in favor of nor the greatest comments on this by the way this whole thing came not from Donna from but from don junior he was on our handy last night. and have asked them what let's say that your dad was the vice president and so the president let's see the your dad took you along. on a trip to see the Chinese and let's say that you came back with a whole bunch of money how do you think that it play out if I went to China and did that Sean and I came back with the one point five dollars now one point five billion. five dollars we would solve the media problem because their heads would explode and there'd be no fake news media last that's how bad it would be the whole thing is ridiculous on whether it's the biting scandal and that this is going on beyond that look at the stuff going on in their personal lives you think they'd let Donald Trump junior get away with that you think that would be off limits for Donald Trump junior I don't even need to talk about it it's so ridiculous then you have Adam Schiff you did a great job sort of mentioning many of the lies if I lied even a little bit in front of those guys like Adam Schiff has lied to the American people in front of Congress the other day. they throw me in jail for perjury yeah. they would at the drop of a hat. one of the best comments made about this whole thing put in perspective change the name from biking to trump how to play out Hey is your heating system not working or simply do you for or a preventive maintenance call the straight shooters of Perry hall heating and air conditioning for dependable service and honest advice for.

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