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"five 25 minutes" Discussed on George Ezra & Friends

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"five 25 minutes" Discussed on George Ezra & Friends

"And it's like, Oh, it's always, like you said, Listen, Don't worry. The vinyl thing may fade and they'll be like Saracho and they'll be some sink Bond situations, which will actually help you because you'll make your set so much faster. And unlike some of the told me that you're not ready, but now when I look it I'm like, Yeah, I can mix a couple chains is loads of Mazen DJs it can make that's fine. But to grab the might throw instrumental will come out the booth. Give you the freestyle singlet Malkin away over still Drake comeback kid book. Then we goes nutrients. I can play all of you do brand new one of. That's why tears five for me. So exhilarating because it's like I'll get DJ. I'm seeing some of my students and haven't Gullit twenty one. To ask them what the Playlist is that I really like me the crowd and reviving or do you get a kick out of being conduct? The ringleader You're the top host is literally is is everything that got me into music is con of seemed to have fools come full circle and is what is why there's no, I mean back then I was playing other people's records when I was plan out as a slight. He's playing the big chains as Coling at living around the in in the crowd. But to be ever to then say, Well, I can play Philomina set, dropped, rewind, nothing like this. And given up the new one best to 290 you up on waste. But I must say that baseline drop on Is this. So now you will you performance. Now we're, He will build on a Exteriors. Five is how you approach it is my name. It is quite David. It is likely to be a a bench I. And if it's tears 5 you'll be like sometimes David presents his that amazing uncertain. That was you just touched on thin chain regress through. Spree in two years ago It was when the baseline drops, How did you meet Big nasty? I should just say, Look, I'm a huge fan of his. I couldn't have you never met Weaver interrupted on long before. He was is hardly did you meet in him? What it was I met him on on missed the jam show on BBC, one extra and it is quite defamatory in the takeover. So I want to on the show and it was like the first person I mean, comes running over to me. Cry. And like I said, he he the same as the is like on come off camera. That's just get big nasty. And I ran Ovalles proud. You guys are Bamaca's entire own. We used to listen to live boogeyman when we will Iguodala We will and without we were. Grounded That's what he said. Well, let me grab. We listen to previous years. I know to choose And I was like, Wow, This is my first big nasty. I I've been following him before, Amber fess up of meeting. Next thing you know I'm in then this, this, where are you now instruments would drops And I do the freestyle a film Ian over at where are you via Bay? They united Europe, And then I did this little wrap-over to an older fits. The big nasty was doing in the background cyber. Well where he creep around a guy. Can you fairly a wherever you creeping well, well, We creeping who? And he easing back and again that right. Right. Those parts when I when I caught the record, which equalled sixteen and pull in the album was influenced by him in the back. We are at the delays. I was like something happened in that studio That was prices. And we've already working on a new album about point. Not obvious was I was running songs, but like something happened then meeting him That that moment going viral. Their meeting handguns shooter two weeks later. And the first thing we did was when the based on jobs. And I'm combinator, these pineapple chunks. This is the kind of guy. I just wanna make sure your voices. Okay, who is big, nasty use, like It's the Burger. What's the guy I use the right even thought of that year? Effort to do so Well as I was so happy for him because I was like, you do you know what you've done so much and be trying to push the scene and do everything for you to have a top-10 here. It's like the most FINA for me too. Have Kids Saint I'll be how did this new guy, Craig David, He's got this new tune that would be taken new, new guy. Celtic were you when you get RV? I try and tell people like Mugabe IDs by unlike the grace that don't pay on that, that all good what they ask me for. I just feel like they can you like under under sixty like global for minutes. All good. And so you know, in the media and the public, a lot of people use the term comeback here for you must be a minimum where you're like, Well, actually are being created in a writing for however long, but can you embrace that? Can you assure year faquir I'm coming back. 100 percent man is like, I'm totally cool wave If you for the people credit mummies on on how grateful for the support level the way. But we'll subs so happy that unable to make the music that I feel the people who go into a music the first time mounds can say, Oh yes, thanking the you've now I. But to give us the thing that has been the timestamped in my life when I feel mean or had this song and it just getting that again, they get in the media. Hugh I get it like you on this for me. I know you're going to bring it the way you are, but to have a fourteen fifteen-euro kids who is Santa just discovered me. It's like if you only just heard the I know you suddenly Pasteur that show freshly you've ever heard for me. I'm totally that is not here owner bodies title story about used to sell. This is my records, and this was the first unit. That's where I think an artist Cambil demise. If you're not careful. 'cause you're trying to hold onto the past of also tight million records. And on this guy to that sixteen year old kid, They do not care. They are. I argue relevant to me right now. Because if my me and my mates on talking about that, we'd already K. So having that again, being relevant that will comes down to from was a secret for me was the lean into the unknown, was to work with eighteen year old kid who's going to look at me and be like, talk about me and was in the past tense. But very flattering this hour of rewind the filming from back in the day. And you're like, Okay, Well let's get in the book. Then and you love me. Today's we'll talk about bonds. Have depressed are give Atlas V days and he he's still got it used to go to a couple of those makes that Tansil starts abundance within the frame in the UK, and you can with the people who on the come up. So then when blonde have their here with a cried out and you got nothing like this, that happens in that period And and Sakalas dogs, and you'll but you'll on the wave with him not out of you just grabs the names while we can the by the time that you come, It's like people were you with the way you not swimming against the electronic jump on the board. Insect will do what he's overrun off. So it's it's amazing scenes who generations, man, I'm so grateful was amazing. Incredible. As a result, you were on the permit station sheer Glastonbury, which is a highly grail of of platforms she Pike. That theory pay Herman state. I have year. Did you pilot this sort of issue? We run the other star each. Do you before we weren't there. I mean. For that was the period Now is your is on ahead, get your wife an event. Ha-has one Well, I. Christ. AKG I don't know how. Member The other stage so much more clearly, not just because it was a she book. The pyramid stage was just the lobby who isn't it? I don't even know. You're just you get on, get on the stage, And they start murmur way. You just go What will visit. Now. He at his your ego ago. Happy bad. Like when I hear. His is straight the one that I found that we strengthen the re-use, that when you go out, It's like you are so far away. Beer for the crowd is literally you have in your own Opa stage yet because you want to reach the pass by the end yet. I mean, it is throwing to them over the PIN through the the screens, but you will space is so intimate stages. Weirdly seamless. Well, we all know it's not a smooth stage, but from the TV from the audience, it always looks like it'll be like a football pitch at telling HALO wore a pit in the middle where the photographers wear it. Everything was. So this even more further away from that, the closest ton of the car. It was just a very surreal. I'm so happy to eat that you that you pay because it's the it before than the subsonic stage nice. And that was an I thought I thought my dastardly attack blasphemy moment. I've never let's do it for the bullets. Do it days. It was not bonds knives. Like I think he hadn't got steps phase where I think Jay Z performing opened up too much. So I never paid excited Sony stage when it's in boots on a little around than I thought You know what. Fantastic. I've been here at last the and I can say, play Glastonbury mine wanna call that Kohl The next the for the next year. And I was like walk. And then they said, what stage? And the time of the hours is like a you shitty for real. And I won't Todd. And I was just like I was genuinely emotional because I was here. Everything that bans show performing in the reaction, But then do it A T S five 25 minutes set and I did in the middle. I was literally have an Albany experience of back to my mates, messing around with the Playlist Imai Miami-Palm and yet thinking how far this is covered, the card talent, even tell these dreams, man like It's madness Melania. No, You you. You feel the same in times of things that you probably said to yourself and seen than come to fruition that you just like this. This is magical. There is you at you? Seeing it with your own eyes. There's a whole load to stuff, the opportunities you end up doing all pinch yourself moments, I guess. And are only a handful of time, so I can remember being emotional in stage two to that extent. And this year glass me was one of them. Will you decide by and Why do as well as I do when after a play, the last two tonnes will take less than via. Mike, that is that people will want him. I could tell us where the guitar change of just, you know, the only reason agents sent you knew war. Fuck Elke myself if I don't get that battle. He loves an issue. Life is bookstore. Here. He's like shown, saw.

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