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Show #696: Fisher House Foundation

"Attention army wives fall in <music>. You've come to the right place. <music> talk radio is a leading and longest running podcast of its kind providing the latest reports stories interviews and more and empower you on your military spouse journey <music> <music>. You're you're the army corps <music> welcome to the show on your host Redon Block. Today is Monday July twenty nine twenty nineteen and this is show number six hundred ninety six. We are so excited to be back with you. After taking a few short weeks off for some relief you we are now refresh and ready to add another great episode to our eight of U.. T. R. Archives as the leading and longest running podcast of its kind and under co host neo keep tonight. We'll be chatting in with an individual who is continuing quite the legacy chairman and C._E._o.. Of the Fisher House Foundation Ken Fisher in this role can had the third generation leadership team of one of the country's most successful hustled family owned real estate development and management companies. The Fisher House Foundation continues to receive exceptional marks and awards for this service. You can connect with the Fisher House on social media of Via facebook at Fisher House on Instagram at Fisherhouse S. D. T. M. on twitter at Fisher House at the T. M. for at Ken Fisher H. and I'm linked him as a Fisher Health Foundation also tonight our new six million. We'll share an encouraging story about the ever developing methods of pet therapy to help victims of P._T._S._d.. He'll and cope specifically. I believe the organization pause of war if you're listening to our show live right now the interview in court team is hanging out on twitter and we'd love to chat with you. Send us a tweet at army wise networks and use the Hash head army wife to participate in in conversation linked all the resources we mentioned tonight during this broadcast we'll be posted in our twitter feed in the comments section below the show on our facebook page and below this podcast on blog talk radio DOT com forward slash A._W._a._C. are tonight. Show is brought to you by our A._W._t.. Our show sponsor one natural way every expecting mom is busy preparing for babies but military mom's often face unique challenges on their own. That's one natural way specializes in making it easy for military families to get a breast pump and breastfeeding supplies as well as personalized support. Only one natural way can offer for a no upgrades fee on any Medella or spectrum breast pump a customizable monthly supply program and Free lactation consultation to ensure breastfeeding success natural way has helped thousands of military families throughout their breastfeeding journey see how they can help you by visiting W._W._w.. Dot One natural way dot com with the number one to get started today. Well listen <hes> Brittany and I were talking beforehand and we were just thinking how cool is that. We can all connect in one spot and so we're seven thousand miles apart right now Brittany and I so if you guys here or any kind of delay on her end that's why because she's calling in from Korea tonight so <hes> Brittany on that note. Tell me what's been going on on your side of the globe with your Army Westlife well so <hes> it is the middle of monsoon season in Korea right now so that means it's <hes> always rainy and cloudy and Super Humid and Super Hot <hes> and the here we'll just recently we got back from ten days of leaves and we went to Japan and that was Super Super Fun like so you're Ooh yeah we went to the city of Osaka. which is the third largest city in Japan and let me tell you if you are a foodie? If you like Japanese cuisine Sokha Daca is either go because they're known as is the kitchen of Japan or like the stomach Japan because they really really do pride themselves on their food and you could help and everything there was delicious and then we took after a few days we spent one day in Kyoto which is the old capital of Japan so the city has just a ton of history and culture and just tons of old buildings holdings enshrines everywhere absolutely beautiful city in Kyoto and then we unfortunately only could spend a day and night there. I would've loved to stay longer and then after that we took the bullet train train and road to Tokyo where we finished out the rest of our vacation and <hes> once again this is our second time visiting Tokyo so assault a lot more comfortable there this time and it was really really awesome. I I loved it. It was such a great vacation and I didn't WANNA come back. That's usually the trouble with vacation like you love going and doing all the things you you know and then there's kind of some comfort I coming home but <hes> you know it's always also Kinda hard at the same time so we've been traveling to funny like you're traveling all over Asia essentially and we traveled traveled a lot too but we literally never left to state of Texas so <hes> are yeah 'cause I mean obviously Texas is huge and you really don't know how use it is until <hes> you're driving across it. It's like at one point. <hes> we were <hes> driving back from 'cause we live you know Paco obviously and <hes> we're driving back and driving for hours 'cause we were we went padre <hes> for a while. We dropped the kids off because it was postponed it so we got no we did some family travel Reagan's venturing and then for the first time 'cause he started having tiny humans. My husband and I got like more than weekend together. Swede literally just adult at the entire time. We're like look he's so the two hands and like sleep until we wake up and not have buckle anyone in the car seat <hes> but as we were coming back across Texas the six year old APP from the backseat. Let's see what state are we in. I was like honey. We we've known for eight hours. I'm sorry we're still in Texas and then the two year old looks up when no and he's just like Ohio and I was like what been to Ohio. Why do you think we're in in Ohio like okay? No we're not in Ohio still in Texas but <hes> yeah so we got to. I don't know where they come up with stuff that to travel which was a lot of fun really great and then <hes> we came back and it's like Oh hey what's up reintegration good to see ya welcome to the party so that's where we're at right. Now is the reintegration phase of all things things deployment. Oh yes so like what is that. What was that entail reintegration? Yeah I think forces different for everyone and this is our I mean this is my husband's fish to four minutes or third third one together as a couple but our first one with both ties human inexistent and so <hes> I really the getting back on board with both of parenting like in the United I did wages challenging because we just you know view the world a little differently and I've been in like kind of survival mode for nine months of like yeah you can have Mac and cheese and chicken nuggets for the fourth worth nine zero for supper you know and he's like <hes> we should come up with some structure and I'm like it's fine so just like we're going through that <hes> you know in the communication piece like it's a we talk. Here's an example and it's really humorous now. It wasn't humorous on Saturday and humorous now but my husband and I talked about getting her son haircut two year old and like okay cool. I can do it all right. We talked about a a number two so like with the clippers number two and my paper it's talk like military haircut and so cool we're tracking we get that Saturday and my son gets out of bathtub and he has no hair and I was like what it'd be. All this was not part of the no plan plan so that was that's reintegration in a nutshell son having no hair when you thought he would still have hair and it'll grow back. It's not a big deal. It's cool that I was just like what what what are we doing. I'm confused so that's where we're at. It's never boring. There's always good stories that come from our life life. That's one of the great things about it. You know. I don't think anybody can ever say Gosh. I mean why fly fishing boring nothing exciting happening. I'm like hey comes our house. My dread chased you never know right up right and hope lease them. A really good pictures came with that too yes after after I started using words again like adult and not just being like stuttering so <hes> well I know that new and I could chat all night because that's one of our favorite things but let's go ahead and we're gonNA jump to a break really quick <hes> and right when we come back we will go ahead and here from our news six Wendy stay tuned and we're back in just a moment more connected than ever before ninety percent of America's students use some form of social media but not all of it used in a good way hurtful post online or leading to social isolation for many psychologists say it's bullying and a brand new way beyond differences and I keep safe for looking to change that with ideas for students their parents and even teachers take the pledge alleged to beat kind online and learn more at we are kind of all the line dot com <music> our life our family our souls are you can use <music> time for your radio news six <music> welcome back. We have our six mainly on the line. Bring us your Komo News. Hey maybe what do you have forced this week. Hello hello well as we know P._T._S._D.. Is Prevalent in the lives of many military members birth veterans and one way service members are dealing with that is through an organization called Paul's of war recently three U._S.. Veterans who suffer from P._T._S._D.. Have sought support to pet therapy through. I think that's really interesting so can you give us a little more details about the therapy dogs and like some of the types of ways they hope people with P._T._S._d.. Yeah sure by the services actually help in many ways they can be trained to provide a buffer zone between their humans and others they can recognize repetitive motions alert to the approaches someone from behind they can guard their human to face plate turn on lights in a dark room and interrupt nightmares and several other important well. I've heard a lot as I've been studying. You know specifically this topic and with my education I'm slowly slowly working torches counseling and therapy <hes> obviously it does sound what these therapy dogs really can assist the service members to deal with all the situation but can you tell us a little bit more specifically about how they've helped those U._S.. Veterans that you mentioned the very beginning of your report court yeah absolutely <hes> so seriously hurry Stalberg. He's a forty year old former marine who served in Bosnia like Iran in Nigeria with what he told military dot com about history or I'll dog karake but he says that the biggest thing that is that he wakes me up for my nightmares he can open the door. Come in my room. Turn on the light. Take my blinders off me and Lick my hands so I wake up and rocky also helps Stalberg bird navigate large crowds which can be trigger for his P._T._S._d.. Stalberg says that if I can't move he will get me out of that crowd pick up on that to walk around me and look at it and if I don't respond who will walk away from the crowd with me hooked him so another example is <hes> Michael Kid. He's now eighty four years old. He fought in the Korean War. His young German Shepherd Milly helps calm down when things start to swirl usually at night. I can't has also been able to reduce his intake medication. Thanks Tonelli kids says at night when things are tough she will come over to me to put her Paula my shoulder on my chest and just give me a big slobber says kid song it's so sweet and I've always wondered something. I always wondered like what was the training process for all the therapy dogs so in this particular case it takes about eighteen to twenty four months. Months to teach the dogs what to do when a troubled veteran since distress signals said Rebecca's Trombski who is a senior trainer at Paul's of war and her husband also served in Afghanistan in Kuwait she says that it's quite a process it's actually creating a mutual respect and a connection between the service dude and the service dog and once the foundations are in place and the dog starts feeling if things are going well or not for the veterans they start to do certain motions when the guys are fidgeting budgeting trump's you like I can start and cue that behavior and use that as an alert to what is special about these dogs involved with positive war in addition to being utilized as therapy dogs and companions so what's really awesome. I love this so much is that the dog that Paul's Awar- train are actually shoulder dogs so they're training process starts with them finding the right dogs from shelters and adoption agencies across the country and they find dogs that are in need of a home but also have certain skills and criteria that are present in a skilled service dog. That's a really great way to help out service members and also you know help those dogs that are in need to so. Is there a cost for service members to utilize the program so Britain another awesome thing about out. This organization is that is there is no cost to veteran for the service dogs Paul the war raises trains amp places the dogs free of charge. He sounds like a very worthy cause and very noble mission I and therefore how can listeners learn more or support this cause to listen to find out more information you can visit W._w._w.. DOT HALLS OF WAR DOT COM and on their website site even discover how veteran can take advantage of this great program and other programs that they offer and there's also information on volunteering donation and fundraising for Paul's before thank you so much for this empowering story very nanny. We really appreciate it now. Brittany what's been hot on eight of the U._N.. Since we've been our family vacation well first off on hot on W.. Hot on Hey W.. N. Isn't encouraging turning blog written by our very own court team member and blog editor Sarah Peachy. It's called construct your in dependence with the I n part written in Parentheses Sarah the rights we're called dependence but we're so much more it's so easy to get comfortable being spouse and apparent and there isn't anything wrong with that our service members need our support. It doesn't take long to figure that out out in military life but I always try to remind people. There's a you here too when I met when I meet new spouses I enjoy shifting the conversation from where they lived what their husband does or details of their husbands career or their children and turned the conversation to the spouse with what you do or what what you do for work. What are your favorite things to do? What have you traveled in the last year? Are there any organizations or causes that are important you. You'd be amazed at the number of times I've watched their faces lightbulb. She goes on to discuss terms and questions surrounding what makes mill spouses who they are beyond a dependent to including values interests temperament around the clock activity activities life goals missions and more if you're looking to be encouraged edged and construct your own in dependence over to our blog and checkout Sarah's articles at army wise network dot com slash construct Hash your dash independent Sushmita. How Do you construct your independence beyond the military spouse title? That's a great question. I've been thinking about that. I guess I completely identify with what's their wrote about an article like when people start acting questions about me and my mission beyond the middle spouse independent title I really do get so excited. <hes> obviously working with army wife network is one that really hits me jazzed up and while my title as Middle Spouse kind of opened the door for me I feel like it goes so much beyond that I you know I love working with all you gals on the court team and writing and organizing and you all know my very odd desire and love of the color coded spreadsheet spreadsheet schedules and so those are some of the things that really get me jazzed up. You know that brings me beyond you know. My husband is awesome and of course I love him to death. <hes> you know but I'm not just first sergeant twice. I'm not just the mom into the kids. <hes> you know I'm sure Rita GWEN KNOB LA. Can I do stuff and I'm certified auctioneers and more duct tape the problem and I just love telling the story and I love hearing other people's stories too so Brittany. What about you? What's your what's your independent story before answer that you know one day in the future you might have to let me hear your auctioneers void? I thought that was cool. Talk quickly for sure. I'm pretty sure that is in a blog talk radio archives podcast because I feel like a year or two ago we had fourteen members on guests for brief season and and I'm pretty sure I auction eared on the air so all look that up and let you know we're another day goes sure okay you know yet. That's the thing I I don't know yeah pretty and tell them tell me about your independent to answer your question. <hes> of course army wife network comes up a lot and you know the people find it really interesting that you know we do a podcast that you know we do it. Live on air like every week and that you know sometimes I'm part of that. People really are like blown away by that a- and also you know <hes> do you the graphic design work for a W N. I also do some freelance work of my own so you know I definitely love talking about art and design and I know that <hes> you know independence. We were talking about you. Know what do we do <hes>. That's you know that doesn't involve our spouse. Well I mean I guess I'm breaking a rule here where actually my husband and I do a separate podcast podcast together <hes> we love video games we like <hes> Retro Video Games you know good ole original Nintendo and Sega Genesis and stuff like that so you know I could talk all day about video games and and <hes> our podcast and all of the crazy things we do regarding that so you know that's how I find my independence. It's typically through like making things you know art and design and also playing and talking about video games believe it or not so you know those are the things I kind of used to define me who I am right so I guess like the key for our mill spouse. Independence is <hes> you know he's Kinda nerds in our own right like you do the you do the video game talking. I did a spreadsheet but hey man makes two. We are and then we're good at it so I say we embrace that for sure but <hes> as you were mentioning you were talking about graphic design and so for social media roundup this week we had a an extremely popular graphic on our facebook page and this is what it said duty stations may come Comando but P._C._S. stickers last forever and I laugh at it not only because it's true for us because there's like I'm looking at our dresser here and I'm pretty sure it's got like an orange district and agrees thicker and maybe a yellow sticker on the back but a lot of other military spouses could relate to it was widely shared and I really think the thing that really push over the top was the detailed illustration of the graphic really brought it home and of course Brittany that was all you. Oh thank you there isn't that was that was really enthusiastic. I I've been wanting to use that soundbite for like three and a half years so that was slightly suffolk motivated but really all that applause for you because you nailed it with that graphic so listeners I if you get the chance go ahead and follow our link to the graphic on the facebook page and read through the comments because they are fantastic one of our followers even common and she made a charm that offer her charm bracelet looks like a p._C._S. sticker with a lot number and everything so and now yeah nailed it <hes> but let's be sure to stay tuned because after quick break will be chatting with the chairman and C._E._O.. Of the Fisher House Foundation Ken Fisher we'll be right back we ready for the will rogers institutes. Hey folks. I've got something that truly revolutionize your life. It's called exercise. It will get you from here to their spend time with your family and meet New People cut interest from your waistline and improve the quality of your life even help improve yourself image so when you got to choose between moving around or lying on the couch choose exercise your won't be sorry for your free booklets busy W._r.. Institute DOT ORG or call toll-free eight seven seven nine five seven seven five seven five and find us on facebook and twitter product or service to offer our listeners reach thousands the military families worldwide army wife Network Army Wife Network Dot Com has a limited number sponsorship opportunities available visit army wife network dot com slash sponsorship email info anyway network dot com for details <music>. Welcome back army wise talk radio. I'm reading block and I'm Brittany O'Keefe joining us tonight as our guest is Ken Fisher a business leader and philanthropist with a passion for serving those who have served our country can currently serves as chairman and C._E._o.. You a Fisher House Foundation and has honored to work with military service members veterans and their families in this role he carries on the legacy of his great uncle Zachary Fisher and overseas a network work of eighty four Fisher houses throughout the United States United Kingdom and in Germany under his leadership. The foundation has consistently been recognized for its success and high standards of accountability ability. The foundation is one of the few to hold an a plus rating from Charity Watch Dot Org and has received a perfect four star rating from charity navigator for Fifteen Consecutive Years Foundation has also received the independent charity seal of excellence and is part of the Combined Federal Campaign can also serves as CO managing partner of Fisher brothers in this role. Ken Has the third generation leadership team team of one of the country's most successful family owned real estate development and management companies. Welcome to the show Ken. Thank you for having me no problem. We're excited <hes> before we jump into our interview. I mentioned this early and I don't think you're quite on the air yet. <hes> you might have noticed that there's a slight delay when Britney is chatting with us and she's calling from South Korea so if you hear a little bit of silence silence a little pause that's because for it so we appreciate your patience with that dodgers often all right well. Let's get started so can you describe for our listeners. What Fisherhouse Foundation in is and what its mission is well? The mission of Fisher House is to honor service and sacrifice <hes> not only of the man or woman wearing the a uniform <hes> but their families to <hes> and so how the way fisherhouse does that is we we provide comfort homes <hes> at major military and V._A.. Hospitals around well now the around the world <hes> for families to stay while their loved one is receiving treatment at a hospital for no charge for as long as they need to as long as they need to stay there the houses available. There's they get into a room. They'll be no charge for it and we've been doing this now. Since nineteen ninety so almost thirty years wow that is what an incredible mission I have several really good friends that has <hes> benefited from you all generosity and your mission you know when they're experiencing a difficult life season in someone in hospitalized for an extended amount of time like you know I've taken meals for the Fisher House to help out some of those families so thank you so much for falling through with that calling well. Thank you for doing that. It's so important <hes> that these families you know that they have support we have great <hes> community and base they support of food volunteers and so forth that really play a major role in helping our fisherhouse managers <hes> take care of sometimes as many as twenty families in in one house so that can be challenged so. So the the volunteers <hes> the people that come forward to help out <hes> really make a big difference in the lives of these family yeah so tell us a little bit more specifically about your role. Oh with the foundation well I started <hes> not <hes> not when the foundation was founded <hes> it was founded as I said Nineteen Ninety and in those days I really was non aware <hes> what I am aware of now and it was only <hes> through sacks passing in nineteen ninety nine that the family got together and had to to make a big decision because Zach Fisher it started so many different initiatives not only for servicemen and women to their families that we kinda had to figure out how to keep it all going and so <hes> I originally started out as a vice chairman and then became aim chairman <hes> around two thousand two two thousand three timeframe <hes> which was a very challenging time because obviously it was post nine eleven so now I am here in the C._E._o.. Of Fisherhouse I have been so for about twenty years and I don't imagine stepping down anytime so well that is good news for everybody who has flourished under your leadership which I'm sure a a lot of people in a lot of military families have benefited <hes> clearly fisherhouse has quite a legacy that it set up over the years and with the third generation <hes> leadership experience and so tell us a little bit more like expand on that about history of the Fisher House and your family decision to watch the foundation <hes> well. I think it was after the first Gulf War <hes> obviously the casualty rate wasn't anywhere near what what it was <hes> when we launched Oh yes but there was still need people don't realize I think the general public civilians billions that that have never served or have never really talk anybody that served. Don't understand that just because you wear the uniform doesn't mean you get you don't need hospitalization because because you're you're sick or you're injured say in a training accident or or something like that people think that the people in uniform get wounded in battle and that's how they need hospitalization and obviously that's it's not the case so brought to my uncle's attention by the then Weiss of the chief of naval operations. Her name was calling Tros he was visiting but there's the <hes> one day and Dan came upon a family that basically ran into the lobby and drop their luggage and ran up to the hospital room and when she could get a moment with them she asked him what what was going on and the the answer was that you know they could not afford a hotel room for any length of time and they had a loved one to see treatment but does and so Zach instead of sitting back and acknowledging that there was the problem and saying well. That's something government do Zach under where he stood you know in relation to the issue sack was real estate developer that access to architects and Zach sit quite frankly. This is so <hes> without education. The first couple of houses were built with money from Saxon pocket. <hes> I believe it it was the wall to read in those days <hes> Brooke Army Medical Center and Joint Base Lewis Court and then they kind of you know started to pop up you know select hospitals around the country <hes> wherever the I need with the greatest we formed a public private partnership with the government government donates the land to fisherhouse we build the house regardless of the size. There's there's different sizes of uh-huh designed that we use and that we shown eight it back to the governor back to whichever brand so we started this man public private partnership <hes> and really at the time was back passing felt that we had no choice but to keep this going at it impacted so many lives to begin with <hes> and then as as obviously is nine eleven happened we do that the that the <hes> the the demand for this kind of housing was going to grow so for us. It was very easy. It was basically we had to do what we had to do. And out of this came other initiatives as well so you know it's it's kind of not only just started as a desire to to carry on a legacy but it grew not only into my passion but also that other initiatives using this part Public Private Partnership <hes> as a foundation that is a fantastic history. <hes> well sorry Yeah Brittany. I was just GonNa jump in and <hes> Ken. We're getting a little bit of feedback from your wine so I don't know if there's wind or static or something <hes> but just wanted to let you know from that in so I'll let my way okay yeah. No I'll let really much better sounds great. Go ahead Brittany okay well. Well I mean would you do is is absolutely amazing and there's countless lives and family members of the people who greatly benefit from what you do and I just have to say thank you so much for that and and what I would like to know. Is You know what are some of the more kind of specific resources that the foundation authors to military members and veterans and their family well the foundation had to resist a lot of temptation in areas that were not related to the family and <hes> we didn't do that. We stayed in lane and because of that what we did evolve when we did grow we grew in ways that would be supportive of veterans fans not doing something that had no relationship at all and wasting resources on valuable money <hes> that we obviously need it formed a was actually married. You'll Myers the wife of the former chairman of the joints USA stuff that help us on them called hero miles and hero miles miles is basically a program where people can donate Osu's frequent flyer miles to us and we will in turn buy tickets airline tickets for family members to go back and forth the government government as we know. Does it one time but families don't don't come to their lives and their issues come to a grinding halt because of what is in the hospital they need to go back and forth. They need first of all unique respite on they need a a break. They need they <hes> they need to heal themselves. In so many cases the primary healthcare advocate which is a great deal of responsibility of itself and bills needs to be paid hero miles helps family members go back and forth in addition. We have a program called hotels because it's basically the same concept but instead of airline tickets people could get their unused credit card points you can now by with participating brands. We can offer families a hotel no charge if there's no house at that hostile at the time or it's which is in many cases the case that the house full so we're able to offer lodging families at no charge just not in the Fisher house at that time so that's what the hotel programs do we also have been scholarship programs. We've brought for military children. We administer for the Defense Commissary Agency for one for military spouses which I think is applicable to tonight's though where if a spouse wants to go back to school it they can do that <hes> and a lot of cases with a loved one is deployed hopes guy no of your certainty of what's going on over there and we also have this was interesting because President Obama and <hes> Mrs Obama were so supportive of the foundation as were the bushes <hes> <hes> holding book called a De Icing which was actually a focused on thirteen historical figures that he wrote for his daughters that actually turned into a book that was sold and we were receiving the after tax profits <hes> for that for the sale of each book and we use that to start a scholarship program for <hes> They S- called our legacy program for the children of <hes> of anyone at home or <hes> has is one hundred percent disabled so our scholarship programs or something that have flourished through the years they've grown and we're very crowd of the scholarship programs. We've given out I I actually a little bit efficient on my statistics but it's probably close to fifteen twenty billion dollars with a scholarship. Wow so <hes> it's those in itself have become very if we get so those are the things that we do and as I said before we we we stay in Orlando coalition as lodging but really it's about family and <hes> that's where we say <hes> one other thing we did with very proud of was we we were. We've been involved with the family program so the Warrior Games that are each year each branch of the service carries on you. We are you familiar with the warrior the Games yes I am the Warrior Games we sponsored the family programs and one year. I believe it was two thousand eleven Prince Harry came over who himself as a two-time combat veteran and he loved what he saw he loved the constant camaraderie he loved <hes> everything about the voyage game so what they represented anyone to make the international so for all of the Allied Day that fought either in O. F. or I F <hes> he made it in international event and cold with the biggest games. I was the chairman of the two thousand sixteen eighteen invictus games that we put on a Disneyworld in Orlando <hes> so that's been quite a ride but it also is a family oriented thing when we see families we see the very early in the process when and their lives have been turned upside down. There's a lot of stress a lot of uncertainty and a lot of uncertainty as far as how they're going to survive over the period of hospitalization <hes> at when we get involved ability adaptive sporting programs we see families now celebrating their loved ones recovery and it's been a long long road and so many cases and <hes> it's nice to be a part of seeing smiles and and you know and kind of interacting with families that are now in a celebration mode rather than a stress code or agreeable <hes> well. I'm really glad you kind of like follow through with <hes> you know the additional sporting programs because that's really important to see that you know you. Have you have the families back throughout the entire process so <hes> recently <hes> we've heard that you've opened to Fisher homes and Bronx in New York quickly. Tell us a little bit about the specialty where that the Bronx the A is known for and how the Fisher House is playing enrolling that well in case. You didn't notice I'm from the Bronx. I'm from New York. I I don't know if you can tell from my accent or not but <hes> that's those houses were very special to me. They we built them about a mile and a half two miles from where I I grew up so they were very very special to personally the work. That's being done at the at the D._A.. <hes> the Peter's V._A.. <hes> in the kingsbridge section of <hes> has been groundbreaking the work in exile skeleton research <hes> and seeing paralyzed veterans <hes> Dow able to walk using this exoskeleton <hes> apparatus that they have is is really unbelievable capable <hes> they do of ideal in in <hes> renal care and post traumatic stress traumatic brain injury and so forth this is a home people who work has gone pretty much unnoticed <hes> throughout the years and and if fisherhouse did anything positive besides taking care of the families it's maybe putting some of the light on some of the great work that these that our military <hes> at veteran doctors are actually doing. Can this all sound really like just such a powerful mission like I said I knew about the Fisher houses before tonight but I truly had no idea we scope of the Fisher House Foundation so you need to take a super quick break but when we come back we'd love to hear more about everything that the Fisher House Foundation is doing to support our military members and also how our listeners can get involved Gr- listeners be be sure to stay tuned. We'll hear more about fish house foundation with our guest Ken Fisher waiting. We Return with more army way talk radio in just a moment hi I'm Stephanie Abdulah and on behalf of the Army surgeon general this is your. Army medicine be as healthy as you can be puff minute. The group B. Streptococcus or G._P._S. is a type of bacterial infection found in pregnant women. The infection can cost significant morbidity and mortality in infants after birth such as early onset sepsis and meningitis the greatest risk factor for neo natal infection is colonization with the bacteria in pregnant. MOMS about ten to thirty percent of pregnant. Women are colonized the Centers for Disease Control published guidelines lines for prevention in two thousand ten which include screaming pregnant women for colonization in their third trimester antibiotic therapy for colonize mothers highly effective penicillin is the antibiotic of Choice Self Isola is recommended minute for women allergic to penicillin and proven awareness screening and treatment can help to prevent cases of early onset G._P._S. Talk to your O._B._G._Y._N.. For More Information Army Medicine One team one purpose conserving the fighting strength since seventeen seventy five <music> your military information arsenal army wife network dot com offers military military experience so medium and much much more army wife Network Dot Com your interactive four army wide by <music>. Welcome back to the show. We're talking with Fisher House Foundation Chairman and C._E._O.. Ken Fisher can before he went to break. You were sharing with us. Fisher houses foundations specialty work with you to new homes in Bronx New York. which is your <hes> where you're originally from so let's go ahead and continue that conversation to discuss other ways? The foundation is giving back. Tell us about the world's largest golf outing and how the foundation is involved well. We've been very fortunate to get a great deal of support <hes> nationally from places that we really didn't expect <hes> and one of them was to an organization called Billy Casper Golf that this that every year for I think it was the last couple of years had decided to put on what they call. The world's is largest golf out which sense of level courses that participate in this around the nation and so each course holds its own kind of an outing and Fisher House. <hes> is one of the benefactor this year <hes> of that <hes> about golf tournaments <hes>. It's a it's a great privilege to be associated with it was so dependent on donated dollars that you know getting an opportunity such as this one is so important it helps hoaxes dot only get the word out but also raises some badly needed money so that we can maximize on around the country and world so we've discussed the logistics and activities regarding the Fisher House Foundation but tell us from from your perspective is chairman and C._E._o.. Whether you believe is most special about Fisherhouse Foundation well I. I think the thing that that I'm so proud of is I think the fact that we've been able to sign a light on the plight of the military veterans. I think that's something that is critical so many people around this nation other women who perform and lessons learned from the past or much more supportive of our men and when they go up and they'll say thank you for your service. My children used to do <hes> but we kinda feel as though thank you for your service is just not enough and you know it's up to this country kind of not only recognize the sacrifices <hes> and the service on behalf of people in this country but they need to show their appreciation with deeds and I think that's something that's critical that thank you for your service does a lot <hes> for the men and women in uniform but they don't really ask about the families what's going on with their families the plight of the family themselves who also served so I think we're very proud of the fact that that we able we've been able to kind of shine a light on the issues associated with military families Veterans Families <hes> and then of course there's the impact of the foundation itself over thirty years like we're we're about four hundred million dollars in savings in terms of lodging and travel and the other programs that we that we oversee <hes> it has resulted in some four hundred seven million dollars in total savings and I think it's somewhere around three hundred seventy thousand total yes families so the impact has been has been used <hes> but quite frankly it's i. It's something I'm proud of but it's something that now that I'm involved in. I can't imagine my life <hes> <hes> it is taught me so many lessons <hes> myself who didn't know I didn't wear the uniform <hes> I I came of age shortly after Vietnam <hes> but it has taught me the meaning of service in the meaning of sacrificed Tammy my wife and my children are also involved in very supportive and and it's taught them to it's taken us to some very interesting places and we've met some very interesting people but at the end of the day <hes> you know the thirty four thousand families that will benefit from the program this year or the twelve hundred plus plus families that will sleep safely somewhere to fisherhouse somewhere around the world tonight if something I think I'm most proud of Oh wow that's <hes> really awesome to here and the Fisher houses motto is Emily's loves is the best medicine so can you just maybe give us an example of how you've seen that firsthand well just take <hes> take the the the family programs that were involved with with either the warrior games the INVICTUS Games <hes> all of these families played a role in in their loved ones recovery <hes> and you know when you think about and this is the way I explained it to people who are not aware of of the service and sacrifice I I asked quite frankly. How would you feel if you're in the hospital and your family couldn't afford to visit so you know it becomes very easy? <hes> <hes> to kind of you know kind of let people know what's going on and you know so the families love is the best medicine of all the absolute truth. We've seen it firsthand <hes> we've walked into hotel to hospital little rooms my wife and I and we've interacted with <hes> with family members so forth and the impact that it has I remember seeing interview <hes> on our website about a serviceman in who had been wounded through an I._D.. Blast and he was kinda learning how to walk again and he. He's you know they were days. He didn't WANNA get out of bed. They were days there was a lot of pain but the fact that his that his children were there his son and his daughter <hes> to watch him into push him you know made it easier for him to get out of bed and get and get back into the grind and I think that says it all <hes> just having your family there to motivate you <hes> and and also it's important for the family to be involved in in the process to because in the cases opposed dramatic stress and traumatic brain injury they need to be educated on what to look for <hes> and and how they might be able to help <hes> at at least in the beginning and how to get treatment how to get help and that's just as important but it all starts with family and that's why this foundation was oh I think you do a great service to the world helping and healing people in need and I'm sure a lot of our listeners tonight and are wondering how they could help to support the Fisher House and your mission so can you let us know how people can support your mission sure the best way to do that would be to go to fisherhouse dot org. That's the website and it'll tell you different things different ways to get involved whether you want to volunteer <hes> potentially the House that might be near you by the way both <hes> <hes> active duty N._B._A.. Hospitals <hes> there's other ways to be involved donations and so forth but <hes> at the end of the day the website kind of takes you down that direction and and we'll show you different ways to get involved. It's a great website. I'm very proud of it. So I encourage you know you're listening to check it <music> out and and see okay and I know you just mentioned the website so can you please mention that one more time and as as any other places the people who go to listen and to learn about the foundation yeah it's <hes> W._w._w.. Dot Fisherhouse Dot Org and in another any other ways connect to the foundation well. I would say you know on the on a local basis <hes> you know that's the the website of the of the Home Office the National Office <hes> but <hes> you know the the locations of the Fisher houses be it'd be a or active duty hospital <hes> they have their own Fisher houses you going to talk to the managers. <hes> learn a little bit more about about what happens in the house. One of the things that you'll find is that there's a support system that Forbes in the houses <hes> that the families will support each other each house becomes its own community. That's start with <hes> and that's by the way very very valuable because it provides the families a chance to heal emotionally as well because they realize they're not alone but you'd be part of that. Get involved with the bill with Fisher House and you know I I promise you if you do <hes> you know it will have an effect on you. It will change you. It is certainly done that for me and it's fun that from my wife and I don't think we can imagine our lives without <hes> servicemen and women in their families and veterans and their families being part of our lives so it is such a great way to give back and you're you're so right can about how it will change your life because you get to come alongside a family that he's going through truly what is probably one of the worst seasons of their life. <hes> you know whether that is you know and you mentioned in your interview. The people that saying fisherhouse aren't only the combat wounded. It's just like military the families one of our former <hes> A._D._T.. Are Or an eight of the U._N.. Teammate are <hes> core team her son just a year ago. <hes> was victim of an arson. <hes> arsonists arsonists and five of his roommates died is apartment fire and he was burned over sixty nine percent of his body and they've been staying in the Fisher House at Brooke Army Medical Center in San Antonio for a year now and the only way they've been able to stay there and support that through his extensive extensive recovery is because the Fisher House was there to provide them a refuge in truly the hardest season of their life so I just WanNa say <hes> <hes> it's a refuge it is a refuge and such a great opportunity that you're providing but you also invite others to come alongside and bring meals or cleaner offer prayer and support and just the logistics of things you they'll do laundry that those are things that you don't even think about when you know someone fighting for their live for someone had preterm baby and their husband was deployed so they hugh for all the do and we wish you all of this as you all continue to you grow the Fisher House Foundation and continue to deepen that legacy. I know several military families whose personally benefited from your team services generosity so they see so much for joining us tonight can well thank you for for having me and <hes>. I wish you all the best okay tonight. Show was bought you buy our A._W._t.. Our show sponsor one natural way well natural way has helped thousands of military families throughout their breastfeeding journey see how they can help you by visiting W._W._w.. Dot One natural way dot com that is spelled with the number one and you could get started ended today. What's there? Thank you so much for being with US tonight. Be sure to tune in next week Monday August twenty nine seen when Joe Moon Guy Publisher of Family magazine will be sharing all about this magazine in which is the magazine for military family. It's going to be another empowering show. 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