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"finlay pat buck davar scott armstrong" Discussed on Notsam Wrestling

"Everybody was so happy to see him. I mean I remember for the longest time. He would the beginning of wrestlemanias that he could be the one person that was there on every Wrestlemainia if my memory serves me correctly for a long time he was billed as the first employee of wwe. Any made it all the way through his life. So you know we found out he passed away he was sixty nine years old as much an icon as anybody can possibly be in this world wrestling and I am I part on a personal level. I'm so lucky to have you know. Gotten to be in contact with him at all to have him have touched my life at all but on a much bigger level where all lucky that forever. We've got his stamp on so much of the wrestling believe got in front of us on the WW network everywhere else so rest in peace to Howard finkel man and I see already in the in the in the discord room grim reaper. He's the new. Wwe champion Yemen. Just amazing just amazing so rest in peace to Howard Finkel and I would never do bad. Howard finkel impressions for any reason other than this is the best Howard finkel impression. Luke gallows he told the story here actually of when of of when he was doing how shows and Howard finkel called him up to tell him he was gonna be wrestling came but he did it in the Howard finkel voice and never knew if that's just. His voice was doing his goof but it was really really funny so go find Luke Gallows Doing Howard finkel impressions it will. It'll bring a smile to your face. I mean speaking of Luke. Gallows the real reason that We're doing a podcast today. Making it public for everybody was because yesterday was black. Wednesday for shore for the wwe a historic amount of releases from the wwe in response to what's going on with corona and covered nineteen and so many businesses struggling. Look you know I don't this. Podcast is is never been about getting into the business of things because this isn't a business. Podcast is a wrestling podcast. Wwe's in this place. Where I think more than any of US know you know we know that that Vince McMahon and president trump? We know they speak right. We know that Vince. Mcmahon is one of the people who President trump is putting on a committee to help them restart the economy. That would lead me to believe that. Vince McMahon and the people who are talking to the president are aware that we might not be opening arenas backup anytime soon that maybe the estimate of when we get back into arenas are not quite as good as we thought they would be you know and I think that the the the WWe is looking at what they're doing and looking at the potential long term of the short term future meaning. We don't need to just set ourselves up to be able to function for a month. We need to be able to set ourselves up to be able to function for a lot more than that Unfortunately in that quest a lot and I mean a lot of talented people were let go released and furloughed from WWe. Yesterday and I wouldn't be surprised if there's more today you know I i. I was kind of trying to wait before I did a podcast to win. I think that everybody who's going to get released has been released but I do worry. That no annex t names were brought up. I mean I mean a very small amount of. Nfl teams were brought up yesterday and they weren't even really brought up. Officially they were brought up on those people's own social media accounts so. I do worry that there could be more releases in that department today. I have no idea. I've been staying far under the radar as I can with all that stuff But I have been reaching out to all my my friends or many of my friends who work there and it was to me before all the talent started to get announced when they just announced their first five or whatever. That's when I was like reaching out to people and just being like hey just so you know I'm thinking about you and Baba and I could not believe the amount of talented behind the scenes. People that were being let go or furloughed furloughed just means that I mean depending on how they're doing it sometimes people keep their benefits. Sometimes they don't but it basically means that we're going to let you go but you are still tethered to the job in a good way meaning once things get better. We're not gonNA fill somebody in. We're not gonNA replace you so should things get better will put you back into your position if that's something you want. That's my understanding of it anyway. So that is something to keep in mind. But there's so many first of all the list of wrestlers that were released shocking to me because the amount of talent and passion. That's on this list. The amount of people on this list that deeply deeply care about wrestling in all forms. I mean. There's many people on this list that I look at people that I would imagine would be involved in the wrestling business forever that that can grow with the WWe system. I think the unfortunate thing is the wwe system in the short term has changed. You know you also have to keep in mind that the WWe brought in a ton of talent part of that You know was theoretically because of competition. And they didn't want people leaving the company and so they would just keep them under contract but the other part of that was Moving to Fox in October. That's why they started bringing in a ton of new producers they started signing talent just like when they reach rebranded the draft several years ago. That's when they brought back gender Mahal and Curt Hawkins and Shelton. Benjamin same thing happened here Just in October With the idea being that you'd have two very separate brands and two very separate crews and so now you're left in a position where you're not travelling at all and all you're left with is a crew that legally has to be a skeleton crew accrued must be a bare bones crew with a fraction of the revenue streams that you once had Not traveling at all so I think that what happened is the landscape has changed so much since October that the WWe was forced to downsize at least temporary. And that's what I'm hoping man. You know I was really annoyed. There were so many people that were on twitter going like well. It's not that big of a deal because they are going to go to a w and it's like what are you talking about? Eight of us in the exact same situation. Eighty W is not running shows in front of audiences. Aws revenue streams are being cut off as well first of all. They pre taped a month of shows or so. I think so. It's not like they're going to hire somebody and bring him on. Tv next week. Second of all I would imagine the fact that they're experiencing this the same way everybody else is experiencing this. They're not going to sit there and hire twenty wrestlers right now. You know what I'm saying like. They're not they're not going to. Aws NOT GONNA go on a hiring binge right now because no company is going to go on hiring pinch inside or outside the wrestling industry. You've got AWA running television shows in empty arenas many pre-taped you've got. Wwe downsizing and other than that new Japan's not running ring of honor's not running and Mel ws not running. None of the indies are running so the reality is that you have to be sympathetic to the fact and just realized this is just bad news. At the moment you got a bunch of guys and girls that are in their houses right now not sure of what the next step is. GonNa be and they don't have an immediate response to it. They can get up a pro wrestling teashop starter YouTube channel. Start a podcast stuff. They can do from their houses but they can't do what they do right now. And that's that's the part that's so scary. That's the part. That's so sad for so many of these people You know I I heard some people talking about You know why don't they release bigger names? Nearly I too want somebody to lose their jobs so somebody else does. And I don't think it's the most constructive thing in the world. You know what I mean. We can just hope that. The wrestling industry gets healthy again. Because I think this is way more about all these individuals for me like I'm thinking about is these individuals so that's kind of what I wanted to do is go through the people that are either furloughed or or unemployed right now. I mean they're all employed right now but they're either furloughed furloughed or released are laid off or you know. I don't really know because who knows what we said to each person again. I think even the people that were released if they want to. When things get back to normal you would hope there will be spots for a lot of these people. I hope but I mean just a tremendous amount of producers According to PW insider over at the performance Santo Performance Center Kendo as Beth Assay over the performance center Kendo Kashin Ace steel and Serena Deeb according to pw insider were all let go of course Kendo Kashin Javanese superstar a steel Probably best known FOR BEING ONE OF CNN. Punks trainers And being a friend of his and Serena Deeb of course also with a C. N. punk connection. We know her as a performer. Best For her work in the straight edge society. She shaved her head and everything but She's not so much in the performance center since being there Over on the main roster Hurricane Lance Storm Billy Kidman. Irs released on tax day of all days fit Finlay Pat Buck Davar Scott Armstrong and Sarah stock all of them. I mean just ultra talented people. Lance storm had only been there for a couple of months. I think Billy Kidman's been there for a long long time and Billy Kidman. I mean they're all super talented producers. I don't want a single anybody. A Billy Kidman just a super talent so many of the women credit fit. Finlay for so much. He's been working with the women for a long time now and I mean you just went on twitter yesterday and you could see how much so many in that women's value fit Finlay and helping turn them in to the wrestlers that they've become payback is. Pat Buck is somebody that I am not worried about in the slightest. We've had I mean you guys know. Pat Buck is a great friend of the show is a friend of mine personally and like when you talk about somebody who's got a love of the professional wrestling industry and somebody who come hell or high water is going to figure out how to make it work for them. That's Pat Bach. This is not the first time that PAT. Buck has been close to a dream job. And then have it not work out. Payback actually had a dream job. This time and I know you he was. He was doing a lot over there. I think he's doing a lot more than you guys even realize he was on tv all the time but beyond that as a producer. But beyond that I mean the amount of input that he had in as much as he did. It was a lot and he deserves to. I mean he's he's a smart guy. He went in and created wrestle pro which is a big independent company. Here on the East Coast He and Curt Hawkins are behind creative. Pro- one of the best wrestling schools have not the best wrestling school on the East Coast That has Spots in Long Island and New Jersey Pat Buck knows how to survive in the wrestling business. That said I mean I think he's got a tremendous amount to contribute to. Wwe So hopefully he'll be back. I mean you could say that but everybody. Dari incredible Scott Armstrong. I Love Scott Armstrong. Irs Lance Storm Hurricane. You know hurricane is a guy who just a smile on his face no matter what he was working a lot with the Kabuki warriors. I believe he's done a lot too and he's got a great mind. There's another guy is just such a passion. All these guys have such a passion for professional wrestling that you're these these. This is the energy that you need around the product. So I'm really hoping for the best for all those producers As far as the annex t names I am not terribly familiar with. Mj Jenkins or Alexander Jaksic Who apparently were both released? I am very familiar with interviewer Deci- a Williams Russell and flow. I believe is the name that he went. Of course Probably most famously got to wrap Adam Cole to the ring during takeover but had since become a full-fledged member he was originally brought in I think is kind of Just somebody who's going to help produce digital content and then became a full fledged member of the broadcast team. He's doing interviews on annex t doing any of us on the Youtube Channel. He's also becoming a member of the annex. Uk broadcast team. So I I would imagine that. That was going to be a temporary one to. I really hope it is But Yeah I mean you talk about a kid. Living his dream At some point I'd like to really talk to him on the podcast just about his journey to getting to wwe not necessarily about not being wwe. Because I think he'll be back but about his journey to get there and who he is and everything just because I think it's a it's an interesting story And somebody that. I've been an advocate for for a long time Deanna paraiso released according to herself on twitter Who you know..

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