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"finkel rob finkel" Discussed on WGR 550 Sports Radio

"At Eric Stall, he says. We want to be a playoff team, so I went and made another really strong, bold move by signing Taylor Hall. And then when you're sitting there thinking to yourself, Wow, this team has really with two players really moved in the right direction. He didn't stop there, either he brought in a player. Cody Egon. That has been an extremely strong player in the National Hockey League for a number of years. He's fast. He's got good should size. He's extremely tenacious. He is shown that he has the ability to not only defend well, but he has the ability to put points on the board. So my question to you it back to you. PT is this Are we guaranteeing that Sam Reinhart is going to play with certain players? We just don't know. I think it's too early to tell. And I think that there's too much line juggling that needs toe happen before we start placing certain players insert on certain lines. I will answer that question. If we're tossing questions back and forth, we have another question on Twitter. Finkel Rob Finkel tweeted Me What Greta Van Fleet song was that is called Safari Song. Phenomenal song. Won't be the last time we opened with it. I'm sure. Um I am afraid to say, And I say, I'm afraid to say because I don't know that I We don't number lines around here. Hey. Are you suggesting with that tone? Are you suggesting? That.

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