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"fifty two hundred companies" Discussed on Adventures in Finance: A Real Vision Podcast

Adventures in Finance: A Real Vision Podcast

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"fifty two hundred companies" Discussed on Adventures in Finance: A Real Vision Podcast

"Pool capital coming to it and the guys that don't do that aren't gonna have those pools capital from the on market in the equity market come in and as passive money is now the majority in the market the what was unconventional in the energy business in two thousand six is just normal today. That's where we're going to ten to fifteen years where you have to have any plant. You have to reduce your carbon emissions. You have to diversify and and meet those criteria. If you don't your cost of capital will go up and just like what happened to the coal sector. You're going to be wiped out. So that's why you're going to see the early stages of this revolution. So when i mentioned that less than ten percent of the fifty two hundred companies with over a billion market cap thera publicly listed in north. America and europe have come out with a plan. They haven't started executing that plan. It's probably less than two percent actually started executing the plan. I remember on the financial balance sheet. Just like if you have t pond or a bond or your environmental liability ability be carbon. Emissions is going to be legislated within the decade that that's a liability companies are going to have to meet that right now. There's over two thousand companies in that pool of five thousand after report there s one emissions. That's direct emissions caused by the direct activity. So if i'm an oil company. And i drill a well. Pump up that oil. You can now accurately without any debate using the technology at hand. Today actually measured the carp direct carbon emissions caused by that activity companies like shell. You mentioned the supermajors shells. Probably the leading one in the big oil Bp tries to pretend they are but they're really playing catch up For example i published in my research all last year. I was talking about all this chart showing that if you take every carbon credit remember this all started nine hundred ninety seven kyoto protocol. If you take all the credits ever created just a few of the oil companies to net neutral for one year would consume all of the credits created so this is a huge gross sector. Someone like shell is probably they need north of one hundred million Tons a year of carbon offsets to go net neutral and these companies are making these commitments. And if they don't meet it. These pools capital are going to punish them both in the bond market in the equity market. So it's not starting with the juniors starting with the big cats because it's a big pool of capital so if you look at someone like you take the The green bond eps which publicly listed one of the top ten holdings that is home depot. let's really think about that. They may have good social governance. And and what about the environmental aspect. Most of those gadgets are are are made in china china's largest emitter of pollution on the planet. Not only that if you every. Ocd nation combined. China's still makes more pollution than all of those oecd nations combined. So even though humpty proves trying to make a direct impact there are massive. Facilitator of the pollution and their exposure isn't really being offset properly so as more companies like shell are doing more to offset. They're doing the right things that cool capital. That has nowhere to go so like our home. Depot's kinda. es g a capital is going to go into other companies. It's going to be competing for pool capital so the days of just financial metrics.

china Today one year fifty two hundred companies ten five thousand less than ten percent last year fifteen years today less than two percent both over two thousand companies America europe depot one hundred million nine hundred Tons a year Depot