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Excuses For Missing Your Child's Birth, Famous San Diegans, Springsteen 3-Some

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Excuses For Missing Your Child's Birth, Famous San Diegans, Springsteen 3-Some

"The ruling the airwaves for thirty sandiego just battle through the first here. We go on to the bottom of the ninth inning back a globe. Y field in texas doll lines. We'll talk second base for the first out of the ninth inning grounder down. The first tagging himself took down one word before free. Phone stand standards one in texas grab all the sorts job all right john reid tame only if you watched it i did. How long if you wake up the next day and every single person on earth is texting tweeting instagram ecstatic chatting face booking by spacing wiring sending waxwork. I got a wax recording from thomas. Edison everybody on earth watched it except for me. And it's never gonna happen. I got gotta. I got a tweet from george. I'm it's. I'm insisting dave rickards open the c. Show the padres final alcohol to open. Monday's show hashtag no hitter. Well he insisted. I had no choice. Well i hope you're all very happy all my friends all my friends including emily where watching and no one texted tweeted. Poor little me on. I wasn't going to be the way of me. So what night was bromo towing the same thing. Yeah you cried. I didn't wanna wavy cried darted. So fun was it friday. Yeah i'm trying to think. What miserable thing was i watch on friday instead. Oh god i wish i knew. I wish i could remember what horrible show is watching on friday watching the no hitter. I've seen so many close to no hitters. Yeah i have seen so many and been to a no hitter jack qualcomm murphy's stc uf whatever stadium. Been seeing. what but we give up one every other week. I'm like that now. it's exotic it's very tight end up in the local kid. What else is going on. That was our weekend. We just talked about that all we can. I enjoy the masters as well. Did you did you. I mean nothing. We never solidified a bet there. Pride and picking someone that did really well. Who did you pick the did really well ding. Yeah did he do really well. did it. good at one point. He was tied for third on yesterday. I don't know where he landed. Not the winter not the green jacket but he felt like he did better than you're paying just in johnston or thomas. I hadn't well bromo. And i pick three guys and jon rahm was one of my three guys okay. So he did all right. So i can remember my kid come on. My kid came on friday night. I was watching something lame instead of watching the game. Really what time did it hammered Because it was a texas wasn't it. It wasn't early my seven. No would be playing in central time right. 'cause i remember telling me talk to you right now. Eight o'clock maybe. It was almost eight o'clock seven forty seven. I'm watching the padres i kill. We'll call you later. Cried knows more heartbroken about it. A little bit. Chris devastated david having never seen. He's been here. He's lived in this town for every single padres game which is more than any of us concern. So truly the congratulations. Go to you thank you my friend. Thank you for sticking it out for never giving up. Hope for knowing that someday sooner or later would happen. You know tough. Fame fuller always vigilant and this was a great reward for many years of our our uh some to ball back and did a pretty good job. Apparently you're back short pants. I say yes all right very good did laundry and these were the quicker to dry in the dry hard to figure what his mood is these days with his pasta I appreciate. I don't know what's going even tucked in no sir a just as that appearance. Yeah it's kind of folded right with the roles. Yeah any other big highlights the weekend pickup truck drivers Every five minutes owning to run into the truck to do this. I need to spend a lot of time on the couch watching tv. Well that's fun. That's going to be around for a while. Yeah for a little bit about you. Know there's nothing. No highlight speak of whatsoever. Dave and i had our little pre show. Conversation did you. What did you do not. Okay get so. I tried to get caught up on emails and texting tweets and everything susan. God mesa's dave heard you say last week that we're coming back there's light at the end of the tunnel you should know. I sat next to a lady coming back to san diego. She looked at me and said. I'm maxed waxed ready for action on this vacation avid girl. That's nice. I think everyone i think that should be. I think that should be actually your proof that you're ready for the facts that you are waxed. I have a note from your aestheticians. Dave on friday. My kid got sent to a zoomed attention. Ooh what not paying attention in fourth grade zoom class. Oh my god. The email came with a link toys. Zoom detention room for him to serve his time. I swear i'm trying to take live series. Zoom detention zuma me. Hold up my middle finger. Zoom in and daddy sports fans. You had plenty to keep you busy. This weekend's chainsaw you ready to take on the task of telling all of us who didn't watch it. Whatever i'll do my best you know. The padres joined the club. I ever at augusta superstar is now a team owner. Get ready for cookie. Rectal coming up next year the kgb. I must have sat down with my voice activated remote on friday night and said hey padres must have sat down and press the button to said lame. Oh and something else. You kind of wish. I could remember. Remember what it was. Probably tales of wells. Fargo probably watching special agent. Jim hardie protecting very important payroll shipment. Whatever alexa play one. One five kgb on iheartradio goes bossing me around again plenty for the dean of american sportscasters talk about here a lot of all over. Who's author david in the sports world. The padres we're looking to sweep the rangers and texas yesterday already leading one zip on grisham solo tater in the fourth manny add insurance in that that is driven deep important manny machado and his second year the padres attain some insurance in the top of the night this week complete. The padres are now seven and three just a game back of the dodgers and finally in their fifty second season. The san diego padres became the last team in all of baseball to finally record a no hitter and it was gross. High school zone joe. Musk grove on friday night. And as usual i was there for the historic broadcast call along with my sidekick but by set the hall of famer gel mice. Grove is one out away from pick dogs. Home announcer can't mention. The guy has a no hitter. Going georgia church. It's bad karma you may like all the other times we were one out away and didn't mention it how that blackout rule like. It's going to happen anyway as get a blow at like every other chris was to andy. Benes got close and the ashby. Adam eaton clay kirby. Some guy named steve ireland for cripe tied. The we had to go through this. He denied hurry up and get a double off. Musk rob and bring out the closer so we can finally get out of hand. Room service at the hotel closes at eleven pm to you as the pitch to strikes in two outs in the bottom of the nighttime another close but no cigar. He's fast yesterday. And to honor the padres of commissioned a mural of grove at grossman highschool to honor the foot healers alumnus. The padres are in pittsburgh today. Pitch three thirty five. Our time yu darvish on the hill. Well the difference in the masters golf tournament was pretty much decided saturday afternoon. When after a rain delay hideki matsuyama birdied six of eight holes building enough of a lead to ward off all challengers and a dangerous lead shrinkage on the line to win his first major ever for a japanese player of any any name. This up make you role and he should make da nunez okay. That's the way who predicted that by one okay. Matsuyama japan's burst masters champion. Two-putted for the win newcomer will alatorre. Was the runner up. Just one stroke behind and due to his not really but kinda resemblance to happy gilmore's caddy in the movie. They're zella torres received encouragement via twitter by none other than adam sandler himself who made reference to alatorre says one point two million dollar prize money second only to much yomas a two million dollar purse. And here's what price is wrong. Big okay it's not exactly what he tweeted. But you get the idea. Meanwhile in cash. All that i think pro athletes should be forced to use steroids. I think we as fans deserve the greatest athletes science can create. Let's go anything that will make you run faster jump higher. I have high definition tv. I want my athletes video games. Let's go. I could care less if you die at forty you'll be life after sports anyway. I'm doing a favor ball association. Do kidding Serial steroid alex. Rodriguez is teaming up with a business billionaire to purchase the minnesota timberwolves and the wnba as minnesota lynx. For something in the one point five billion dollar range. The timber wolves have never won an nba title and probably never will but the minnesota lynx have won four wnba. Titles in a rod says he's super excited about them although you can eat really tell if he means it and you got to wonder if he can tell himself anymore. The lakers visit the knicks. Been next tonight. Levy still out with that. High ankle sprain in other sports davis jason other. We finally have a no hitter. Yeah i think it goes without saying in five sports network on your five. Gb this today that today's the day paying your bills today. We kick off the first of twelve chances to win a thousand dollars. Twelve thousand dollars. We're giving away today. We are yes. I was coming up in just a few minutes here. Houses game going to work. I'm gonna announce some sort of fancy word you are going to give a very special plus ten replaying right now. we're not. We're not playing right now. what is this what. Why why the head and the hands right away. Because they're so weird about this contest. I feel like they're never going to not be weird. There's nothing we can do about that. They're always going to be pissed off. They're always going to be angry. So nothing's going to get better so for the benefit of my audience. Let's just pretend we're playing right now which we're not just say so. Let's say the word is super calif racialistic expeditious. Now if that were the word how would i go about winning a thousand dollars. You would go to win. Kgb dot com and right there there is an obvious contest entry page where you are going to enter that keyword a. Obvious things on our webpage if you're inspector close so if you work for. Csi it's right there right when you go to the right there win a thousand dollars in green square right on the front page. But then you click on that and it goes to a beaver building a dam. I clicked on that right now. Oh it's so easy. There's a huge screen that says enter the keyword. Right here okay. Well that's pretty easy actually made it very easy. No it's brand arnie's right. So what am i doing. This at the first keyword is coming up at seven o'clock. It's just a few minutes away from now. That's when we'll be playing for real for real okay. I just got a text from shauna. You have to go meeting today because you screwed up everything including pretending to play the. So we're we're we're talking. We're going to start that in about fifteen minutes here. Fifteen twenty minutes. Kgb is paying your bills and we'll tell you what the word is that text in. sorry not text. Enter on our website. One zero one five. Kgb dot com. All right used to be texting in now. We're switching it over to plug in a word on our website pretty much the same thing just a different mode of transportation. Either way two thousand bucks for you. So shot up. I like giving you a thousand dollars. So shot i like. Why don't we call it. That shut out dollars so showed who. What is the hall pass. Your man needs to miss the birth of your child. Because i have a story about story about it happening and i want to know. Is there such a thing. I used to think no way. No how and then when you told us that patrick mahomes his wife was due right around superbowl time. Okay i can see going to the super bowl instead of being there for the kid. It's gotta be a once in a patrick twice in a lifetime opportunity. It's got to be a big. What if he misses the birth of his child to go to the super bowl and get pounded like didn't have a chance. Then you like and keeping gabby won't be nearly every family right. Maybe he's keeping a football fan jan going to be there forever. He didn't win. You never gonna win just one last year. he needed. what about that. I mean you say patrick. Mahomes could have skipped out on the birth of his child to play in the super bowl but he didn't win didn't even come close. No it was embarrassing. You don't even have time fly home. He lost to old man. It's so what about it. Got to be some sort of. What would your husband. What would your husband be able to present to you. I don't believe you're married to patrick. Mahomes so what would your husband be able to present to you that you would say all right off. You go never mind being present for the birth of our child. Maybe they're really biton over lake mark. Don't you dare not a chance. What about all the money. We spent on a fishing license. Don't you remember what you dollars could forget about that. He'd have to be meeting slash or some sort of idle. And it's never going to happen kind of thing so you'll be all right with that not just go to a concert but like hanging out with slash meet and greet otherwise. There isn't anything that's a. That's an acceptable answer. There is none. That's what i lean toward is slashes. Yeah yeah well. How can we wanted the van. Halen guitar not the slash guitar. What's that all one already. Fellow shoots though told would for you today. Thank so what about that. I mean. I can't be there for the birth of our son because i'm gonna meet slash. Why did we need fourteen thousand dollars for an eddie van halen guitar. Which one is it notebook. Boy pick one pick a lover think meeting eddie would be difficult at this point so he had his chance and you missed. It chose poorly choose one with a longer lifespan. Hard to believe that slash any slash guitars up and he goes slash. Didn't come up with any funny designs first guitar. Like eddie didn'- clever all right so maybe slash but it doesn't sound like it's real. I mean what. If it's one of those real i've been to enough meet and greet backstage and stuff like that. What if it's a real lame all one where it's like. He happened to be in the room. Fifty people away and nothing right. You wouldn't like it and you have enough experience with these backstage. Meet and greet to know that. That's probably the way it's going to go. It's not like slash is going to go all my life. Let's go sure groupie now. Is that cancelled. Let's go share. No more tower was looking to bridge. What about their mine is kind of a similar thing. The only only only thing i could possibly think of is Once in a while. Kelly slater will do these raffles for charity. Where you buy today get and you could win you. Being sold person that gets to go on a surf trip with him to some crazy. Amazing island kelly slater the younger less important. Not as famous brother of slater from say by the bill no or the equally younger and even far less important. Little brother of slater from an seven sixty. He gets all his talking points. Kgps no relation. God who's this later. You're talking about allies later. He's surfer may have heard of him so if if tiffany to win that raffle and That surf trip with kelly and it happened to be the weekend or the day. I've timing is giving birth. That would be the only only only only thing that's come up with. I cannot think of anything else. that's it i asked on facebook and i said ladies and dennis responded i. What does that ladies. What kind of hall password your husband need to miss the birth of your child ladies and dennis was first up to respond for the ladies. Thank you dennis. He said for my grandfather during the twenties and thirties whose is having a job. My friend well in the twenties do they even let dudes in the hospital in the s. Probably not come on. Rebecca says how dare you ask this question robert again for the ladies. Says he'd better be on the international space station jennifer the hall of shame. Jennifer said the only hall pass. He's going to get to miss. The birth of my child is being dead will literally berry not just recently dead and still in the more he better be buried out. Because if he's in the morgue they could wheel stiff body into the delivery. Right bernie no excuse for buried. Who wants to make allowance body and thirty roddey said deployment to the persian gulf. Allowed me to miss my youngest birth support. Robbie had to sign up for the armed forces and do a hitch to get out of. That is commitment really. Didn't wanna be there. The first however times can go. Monica angela they all agree death deployment now laura lie says the father of my children was only in the delivery room for one out of three and she doesn't say why that was and heather. Heather has a standalone reply. She says you know. I was like a cave woman giving birth. No one should witness this. So she's down with him missing but the rest of them other than deployment. And i wonder do the guys here about that when they get back. I don't know the string of lies. About how bad it was. Continue as a man who's given birth. I think i can speak a little bit of authority. You wanna do you wanna give the background on the as a man who's given birth course glad the history onyx that women carry on with when they're squeezing this thing out from between their legs. I contend dismantling your show. Just so they can use. That is a guilt trip on. How do you. How would you know children. Because i because i've heard the view and so sarah's doctor friend brought in a machine cut to the point here he's taken forever to do this. We hoped him up to the simulation machine and he suffered the pains of childbirth like a champ. He got up and made a sandwich during childhood so he knows what he's talking he does now. We were not talking about anything to do with. The pains of childbirth is sharing the experience. Yeah sell pick up your story. There and one of those poor returning fellows return from serving our great country overseas. You know they're going to hear to the ends of their days. What a misery. It was an how they missed out on this moment and being there to share the pain and the it's just it's unfair and they'll never know how easy it was because they weren't there he put two words together. I the point there that i had already written out in my head about four seconds. I just wonder if the guys get crap even if they're serving their country and there were deployed. Right you know because Twenty you know you're out there with your buddies and he got a day off and you're hanging out and having a good time get your arms around each other. We're having a good time We're supposed to. We're supposed to completely forgive and forget all things that a hormonal pregnant woman says so fine all excusable but is there any call pass. That is acceptable out. All emily's said maybe sorta kinda with slash going back not gonna happen. Nope and sarah said yes if he was going to go surfing then that would be. Okay all right okay kelly. Well i have a story. Come out of rick nielsen. Who is the guitarist for cheap trick. Why did he miss the birth of his child. Could he be doing command performance at the white house. You who knows. I'll tell you the story you tell me if you're mrs. cheap trick with the okay with you. I love those cheap trick is so. Let's not throw him under the bus unless we absolutely have to. It's coming up next on the kgb. You can listen to the dsa on your smart device. Keep your hands. Where i can see them. Just say hey alexa. Play one two one five. Kgb on iheartradio. I'm talking to you. Are you ready to here now. I got a couple of emails that came during that break. Ray says dave two thousand nine active duty in the navy on board. The uss manav rashard cancer the bonnie dick. I missed the birth of my second child. We were in the arabian gulf during operations in support of iraqi freedom. I didn't see port for ninety days. During that time. I was unable to fly back for birth. She was born december twentieth. I didn't even see her until april the next year when i flew home from hawaii so right imagine that happens quite a bit. I see these sailors marines soldiers. Coming back san diego meeting their babies on the news. All the time is it. One hundred percent forgivable or just a little bit of capable on hundred percent. I'd like i'd like to think that is true. Okay what about this. One dave three months before my daughter was born. My band. Stupid. that's all you do. My band got a call from the whiskey ago and they invited us to play during an unsigned band night. I was thrilled. Every band i have ever loved has played that stage. The issue was the date of the gig was my wife's due date. Go ahead needs to commit three months out or say no thanks and letting them commit them. Cross my fingers at times out exactly what happened here. The issue was the date of the gig was my wife's due date. I was about to refuse the gig. That's when he writes in his email about to refuse my ever supportive wife said flatly. If the whiskey calls invites you to play you play the frigging whiskey. Luckily my daughter was born the night before. When i hit the sage been awake for thirty four hours. I don't remember much of the show. I love yours though and you're a very effective lover. That's a great email as everything. Sure does jack checking it. Well what about rick nielsen. As i promise you before the The break there. Rick nielsen was being interviewed and he said he missed the birth of his job now. Rick nielsen is legendary hall of fame. Rock and roll guitarist isn't cheap trick in the home. Pretty sure they are. So it's not like anyone's gonna say eddie chance to play a special gig. He's played them all his life. Cheer been around since the seventies what was that one hundred years ago or thirty. How could that be right. So what could he possibly barfoot to say. I need to miss playing for the queen. That's queens job. Just trying to think of something he might be able to get away with. You've already played shave tricks. They're not from england there from rockford illinois. Are they playing a command performance at the cherry hill mall. He been there done that. Be here for your kid. He stayed in the studio band. He missed the birth of his child to he stayed in no. He stayed in the studio and missed the birth of his child to play guitar with john lennon. Let's remember something very key here. John lennon one of the beatles right. Yeah yeah yeah yeah got it. Big bullets also remember. This is clearly when john lennon was alive. We had no idea it was gonna get killed and it wouldn't be around little figure that out so he didn't have that going form sound like his wife because they get murdered any day. Now so you'd better take him up on. No in the studio with some other idiotic rock and roll morons ruin my life guitars. Now wait a minute. A rib from the lady whose husband was going to maybe get a grip and grin with some guys slash. Never gets a number this guy the rock and roll hall of fame or guitar. He can jan out with his buddies ta john lennon banned for six years and then they broke up a couple of hits but you know and whatever he was in the studio he was working to could have possibly been more money for the for the family. Get home be here for me though tinker on your guitar another day hanker. I'm rancor you can work tomorrow. John lennon will be there tomorrow. What they take account. I'm staying here. Okay emily says old tinkering around speaker any other day. It's not a performance right. It's just jamming in a studio. You're just hanging with your boys. You prioritize them over me. Cookie kennedy club. Yeah i mean what's the big deal right. Who cares boy on the other hand says a working people. Don't pay for studio time just to dick off. Do the show accepted john. Lennon couldn't have an opportunity to have rick nielsen audio record or something could've been good but they didn't know that did it happen. What are we. Differ ringo stop. Put down your talk. Be here for me. what about a chainsaw. I got one. Yes one no no. No you gotta get dead. No you're you're gonna pay for that for the rest of your life. Sorry john and i was probably one of his really good post beatles records. No you can't go. You gotta come home and watch the kids come out. What about user. We set it up. Was this the first time he was gonna do this with john. Read his diary. This is all i got. Quit asking for this. You're gonna play here comes on. You know you're going to let this happen. That's kind of priceless. She's already okayed surfing with some bombing. Vw was apparently the only thing that was the old day. But now it's like one regular august is going to hang out with another regular guitarist and they're going to nothing important and yeah sure. Glad miss the birth of my child. And how cool would it be though to tell your kid you know what i skipped a john lennon opportunity to be with. You scored out of your mom kid. Talk how much i love you. Jesus dad you're an idiot. You're listening stupid. I apparently she said all right as long as it's john and knock call on the kgb. Glad rick was there to play and sing for that song that one. I love this cheap trick with us here on the kgb. Rick nielsen missing the birth of his child so that he could play guitar tinker with john lennon. My wife knew the john lennon was my favorite. So i got a hall pass. If it was paul would have been back at the hospital. You know what it was her third kids so she knew what was going on. I'm probably no comfort anyhow. So there you go. That was very wi fi of you. We're going to talk about famous. San diego's coming up this morning here on tv when we go on k. u. s. i. Joe musk grove. Joined the list of famous sandiego. It's dead. I mean he was a pitcher. And all that. And he's the one who got the no hitter and chainsaws going to tell you more about that. Coming up here nido sports next. How many famous sandiego is really are. There could be up for that. I try my best. Yeah certainly coming. Up when we joined paul lauren and madison. This morning on. Good morning san diego. I will quiz them. I will name the famous event. They're going to have to name. The famous san diego might be surprised to find out that these people are from san diego. Cool i'm excited. All of the dea sea one gb fm diego's classic rock. You blame it on my. Yes yes. I'm embarrassed by me. We just a little test. Quiz boyer and emily on the quiz. I'm going to give paul. Lauren madison here in a minute. On pain of san diego's remind me now to tell you don't remind them how it went in here. I liked it. I liked to test you. Emily and boyer like my test audience before. Paul paul paul paul paul lauren and mattie or mark or whoever's working on this particular day before they hear the quiz i like to test it out on. Emily and bore. Monday has a lot of explaining what happens during the commercial commercial break. Well you just made that now. Okay from now on this one. But this one's coming out. This hour of the dnc is brought to you by petra. Stone san diego's choice for builders and interior designers. One of a kind natural stone slabs including marble granite quartzite natural quartz and italian porcelain slabs. We are petrous bone on nancy ridge road and petra stone. Llc dot com. Here's the chase. I'll do doing sports on. Kgb morning and thank you david and hello ever got am the sports world so low tators by grisham and machado were enough to beat the rangers to zip yesterday and complete a three game sweep. Actually just gresham's was enough. The padres are now seven and three just to game back of the dodgers and finally in their fifty second season. The padres became the last team and all of ice pool to record a no hitter that it was grossly high school's own joe. Musk grove on friday night. And as usual i was there with the broadcast call along with my sidekick buck bicep hall of famer gel mice. Grove is one out away from a can't mention. The guy has a no hitter. Go laura oh you mean like all the other times we were one out away and didn't mention it how that workout new rule like. It's going to happen anyway. He's get a blow at like every other time chris. Young was to outs some way. Andy benes got close and the ashby. Adam eaton clay kirby some guy named steve arlin for cripe say how many times we had to go through there. So liberty denied. Hurry up and get a double off the wall last grab and bring out the closer so we can finally get outta hair. Room service at. The hotel closes at eleven pm buzzkill. You're allergic. i is the pitch with two strikes in two outs. In the bottom of the ninth of another close but no cigar hayes cooking back to honor the occasion. The padres up commissioned a mural of buchan me her must grove at grossman high to honor leno hitter. Kind of the padres are in pittsburgh to die first pitch three thirty five our time you darvish show the who that key. Matsuyama became the first japanese golfer to win a major of any kind yesterday surviving a four-stroke lead shrinkage on the back nine to when his green jacket by a stroke and i'm gonna play the sound of his final to putt on eighteen for our english listening audience. Cup your right ear. And you'll hear it in the left channel and for our japanese listeners. Out there cup your left ear so you can hear the right channel but you gotta make sure you don't have your headphones on backwards. If you're listening bad way this up brains to first security. Thank you for that author nice. Here's another japanese story. Organizers of this summer tokyo olympics have announced they have reserved a three hundred room hotel to accommodate athletes who come down with covid nineteen which sounds kind of ominous but then again there have been ambulances parked on football fields for decades and barf buckets line around our building for boyer naked lap. So i guess people pretty much know what they're in for with these kind of things. It's always better to be prepared. Beverly necessary meanwhile in shut all my pregnant friend called me today. She's like emily. Take them and had my baby at home. yeah. I think. I'm going to have a home. Birth that is a disgusting way to lose your security deposit. That is a very difficult thing to explain. Just like a delivery not digiorno. Mom's pretty awesome. She's amazing for my birthday this year. She got me. These really expensive crystal wine glasses. I was like mom. I don't drink wine from glasses. Wine comes in its own glass. Box association lakers will show a ted a nickel tank. Levy still out with that. High ankle. sprain. J. in other sports statement not the question the integrity of the dean of american sportscasters or the hall of famer advice up. But were they at the game for that no hitter. He didn't strike them out. I can't speak for them. You can't speak for you. i don't understand that's an out of body experience. I'm calling baseball because it seems to me. Anyway it was a groundout. There was a ground to short run. You called it as a strike access but not the question. Anything i can speak to that. Senator i have no recollection. One five kgb fm sports network on tv. We go next you as i recall in madison for the famous san diego dc one. Oh one five. Fm san diego. How do you think. Paul paul paul paul paul paul paul lauren. And matter you're going to do compared to how you did a pretty good. Oh they're gonna outshine them very. I'm going to challenge them. On their knowledge of famous san diego when i saw the list of how many famous san diego not only is it long but none of us are honest. Thirty one years slaving over a hot mic can't make it even on a crummy wikipedia hanging. I quit this dumping. Let's join good morning. San diego i k- usa. We'll give them to task for them. See who knows. They're famous san diegan better than the others comes after all boy. I'm nervous about this one. What time now. For dave vickers and the dnc on. What a one. Point five kgb. Dave you guys. Were paul paul paul paul paul. What are you nervous about asking. Fema san diego. That's what a game game right. Joe must grow the no hitter. Everybody watched but me. I was too busy watching. Lee i hit. I'll i'll never forgive myself for this. But i know i know but i'm going to test you my friends here on good morning san diego about famous san diego's. I'm going to read the the famous accomplishment. And you have to buzz in with your name. Paul paul paul paul paul and tell me who is the famous saying okay. Are you ready for this. Got it madison here. We go all right. This rapper grew up in spring valley and married one of the most famous divas ever madison madison. Nick cannon dad is a million point in madison winning nothing nicely fell down madison. Not a rapper. He's a rapper comedian. We're great city. They're trying to take away your million points already. You see when you're seamy valley. No one can win except for heat. I thought that headphones. I need graduated. High school was off to seattle to start his huge band of the nine hundred ninety s famous san diego's. That was as. I saw somebody in nevada. Yes yes dave dave grohl. That is the drama percent correct. I just got a text from. Eddie vetter who disagrees with an answer but whatever. That's one hundred points for paul paul paul paul paul here. We got next out. How did this mission bay. High school grad is best known for lap-dancing on the hoods of jaguars and not the god covered the coverdale girl. Or david coverdale whitesnake. Paul paul paul paul paul. The red headed chick. Modern day on guitar tori. I loved tawny. At least was in the ballpark rationalization bay. Emily you said mr. There's no way that they were going to beat you at this contest off. And he's right so much for the easy ones here. We go this. This lincoln high graduate when from usc. Then the raiders then the chiefs and then ohio war lord morning laura marcus allen. Laura data very impressed. That was a two million nicely. Done nicely here we go. She only has one golden globe. Most think it's too but it's only one. She won for the three musketeers. Who is famous actress. Paul paul netflix cello. Netflix cello is not even close enough. Shallow she might be for all. I know but that's not even close. Wow we're really not going to see. Not recall welsh from san. Oh a musketeer. That's even better two golden globe. I thought it was. I thought it was qatar. That was i read it wrong. Sorry dave should. We cut to dave scott interviewing child out on the street someplace at this point. We're going to continue to continue. We're going to continue here. We got okay sorry. He's the lead singer of queen coups. Nine yes lauren. The lead singer of queen's freddie mercury. Whose name isn't freddie is end of that question. He's the lead singer. Queen whose name is in freddie freddie. Think as english. Think he's from england which is not in san diego. San diego sustaining action. On the end of that mom's there's no way san diego's in england way. I drove on the right side of the road on the way to work today. Valley might be though that's allow. Who is it. it's adam. lambert adam. Lambert adam lambert all right. Here's one singer of queen. Yes he's the one who gave cats permission to wear hats. He's not a real doctor. Oh yes madison thing. that's right. That was a ten million point question for medicine. Nicely done here. We go there who say all the small things. True care. Truth brings madison madison. Play one eighty two. It was a fifty million point question. Madison well done your way during the day. One who used way too much hair gel in something about mary. Famous look laura cameron cameron diaz all. I was aria. Can't give you the points on that. One because paul gave it to you. I'm sorry paul described to me. I'm sorry i thought it was off. Mike i'm sorry sorry. A hundred million point question got disqualified. Thus you better. Why would take all my anger. Out on paul paul paul capital. His nickname is flying tomato. Who's that what famous san diego wall paul. Paul shown white john white. that's right. That was one hundred million points. Congratulations thank you lord. Are you even playing today. Negative ninety eight million rigged against off. Now you know how it feels. Every he's the reason so many kids are walking around with name. Atticus what famous. San diego is off paul l. pacino punching who start agosto remember pacino started pulling. I'm sorry it was gregory. Peck often confused with al pacino gregory. Sorry oh my god over yet. Here we go nine hundred eighty. She became the first woman in space. A famous san diego nor more in the was it. Sally ride sally ride. That's two points. Congratulations nicely dame's for the wapping two points complaining. Aside from an okay football career he shows promise as the guest host on jeopardy. Who's lawyer came way for. You could say your fan. But i know who it is to here in rochester. All new born. So you're going to split the points okay. it's to war. My goodness a hundred million congratulate painting a letter to the gaming commission. I'm the commissioner. So she's gonna host jeopardy next month after blossoming out of the marketing theory. Lauren my imbalance bialik. I'm sorry i was incorrect. Embolic is wrong as anyone else want. Buzz it show. I'm sorry pronounced it on the first track as the one this famous san diego and he's the one who gave us two. I'll be patty special sauce lettuce cheese pickles onions on a sesame seed bangalore famous. Paul is that rock. It is ray kroc for five hundred million points. Congratulations ball for the last three. Last three famous saying is all you get is a number. You're ready fifty five junior lauren lauren. She buzzed and gets the points. One now million points lauren. Wow right now. we're talking. forty eight. Got those forty eight was. That was that johnson. Jimmy johnson is correct for sixty. One billion points nicely. Here's your last number on famous. Sandiego number nineteen hit. Me wasn't heard paul your call i for one trillion points. Paul what is it tony. Gwynn tony quinn mr padre. That's right mr padre. These are all famous sandiego. Could you believe that's a long list. We barely even scrapped. That and we didn't know then mentioned the famous sandiego. All all lauren and madison here on. What would we do without you this morning here to remind us that alpa chino was the great scout. The back is guy to my brother. Mother is still alive. Scout rover brother delay. Shoot him in the head scout saved to kill mockingbird he was watching. Gotcha say the most. It's a famous sandiego. Dave grohl who is not as good of a singer. Frankly has the famous san diegan fuddy bertrand. I saw the queen movie and they totally skipped over. The part of freddie mercury being from san diego rude no respect. I hate that. I hate that when they come up with a big movie. And just haphazard with the facts brush over important details of course al pacino was the star of to kill a mockingbird and a net foon cello instead of raquel welsh. I love those people so much wrong. Answers are so fun you feel better now. I do not having taken the test with completely on a lot of those. Well you know. what are you gonna. I'm in good company. Emily and chris boy struggled mightily with when i said at the last three questions are numbers only and i said fifty five what i said no i should know what did you say. I said hoffman. I i was like oh. He's fifty one for open. And that's what chris. Chris boy do right and then he made miming like quarterback. I don't think junior was a quarterback and boy said oh that's right. He was the one who would he would catch a touchdown. He acted like he was cracking. Open the pineapple chair. I said let me back up here. Junior was on the team. That didn't score touchdowns. I tried to explain that. When i said he's not a quarter was on defense and i was like you know the difference between defense and offense. I wasn't sure 'cause y'all got to learn at some point right bore no right and he said now and then he just again. Another offense of team move and i said no. He's still was a defensive guy. He tried to stop touch other than that. Just a crack team on one hundred percent. I think at some point junior gwen was the man that was not an easy test now. Did you get right chainsaw. Every single one No no pretty close. I didn't have the aaron rodgers one. You probably didn't have the al pacino your drop when he was loved mall so much about pacino now. My personal scout just business. Sc streaming on your smart device kgb dead poisonous kgb. The not easy being an american these days. Nobody likes the way. We're doing anything to come here. What's that they want. Wanna come here. Well i'm talking specifically this break about the dislike that english have for american. Chris boyer you are really you. Fancy yourself an englishman. You're not a bit of an anglophile. I think television is excellent. But you fancy yourself englishman evan. We all felt. Sometimes he'd rather be in england. I have an appreciation for it. I love our constitution the freedoms that it affords us things that are found nowhere else in the world but there is a What's here that's found nowhere else in the world. Well the first amendment second amendment. Bill of rights amendments the guarantee the freedoms and limit the government. don't lots of countries have constitution ours limits the government and the other countries. That they just you know. Sorta tell you what you can do and what you can't. It's a little different ours. Anything besides the content constitution that. I don't think you've actually ever read because every time you quoted our listeners. Say you got it wrong dave. We have an abundance of natural resource courts. Got a lot of court soil. Mica we we became one of the largest oil exporters old. Well here we go. This is what there isn't any oil anywhere else. Go ahead certainly not like in the middle east. We've we were exporting and we were absolutely good points chris all of them absolutely humdinger. Here's what britain's don't like about america and why why is it. Britain's don't like things about america it's because they're not over getting their asses kicked back and whatever. It was the nineteen thirties. Nineteen forties when we broke away from them by. They're never going to get over that. They hate that when americans are going to europe. They say they're going to europe where that could be anywhere from doncaster to fix. They don't like never not specific about where we're going could be england france spain italy germany. Whatever they don't like these english the way we pronounce it's not a spice but it's spice the opposite the other word for spice seasoning begins with an h. e. r. herb herb. They don't like the way we pronounce earn ospital. He say it was bad enough. Balaji dammit. He says i can't afford this just at a road trip. That means there had to be a couple of stops along the side of the road for emergency car repairs. How many emergency car repairs on this road trip One flat tire and what else. They're going to be some kind of tinkering on the car to keep it running ginger fuel-filter on the schedule we all don't we all you know. We're we're doing a family road trip. Don't we schedule in changing the fam- the fuel filter. Oh yeah always for you go. They don't like that. We call football soccer and we play a game that we call football which is obviously just rugby with helmets pussies thatcher. Little confusing crisps are not chips. They say and biscuits are not cookies. See they call potato chips crisps and they call cookies biscuits and they don't like that. We have different words for them. Are english no. My husband is american. And i love here. I present minus my list. Anna is pronounced on. Craig is pronounced craig. Graham is pronounced grant aluminum. instead of aluminium. Pasta is called noodles. Goes on and on and on how do they not own. Kettles they really hate that. We heat up our water in a microwave oven. The can't handle their booze at all. Their pints are tiny how they talk about their history. I know people who are older than their country. I was watching a us drag race last night and instead of saying time like quarter past. Apparently they say quarter after. That's just wrong. A little nitpicky but okay really. Is that a thing quarter past and quarter after. That's something that's a little nitpicky. I was in england. So what time is it in. The guy said it's quarter after eight as it should be. Who cares right. They really don't like our pronunciations. At all i mean. I don't know it'd be two different countries are we. Are we supposed to pronounce things. How about colin a truck a lorry. How messed up on that. Can you keep on laurean. go about a q. Get into q d like that. The q. is the most. How can you how. Toto hold the q. I think just bitterness from losing the war. We'll tell you what is coming up when we talk sports with dean of american sportscasters next well. The padres finally joined the club a very first for japanese golfer. And how hard is it to get into. Usc standby for the chainsaw. Coming next year on the kgb is also a rock and roll threesome coming up. Emily do that every monday. And friday on a bit of a losing streak. Well i try to take. Chris boyer one the last one. Didn't it blended sir. Yes chainsaw still still waiting for that. Special strategy of his payoff. Maybe today will be the day. That's coming up shortly here on the kgb gb. That is paul rudy's favorite pearl jam song called me and requested that anything for you. Paul on and this hour of the kgb is brought to you by serene health isolation depression anxiety. This pandemic can wear us out but you know sometimes it really helps just to talk to a professional who understands that serene with pro mental health services available online seven days a week and it's covered by insurance too so just visit. Serene health dot com. Let's talk to the dean of american. Sportscasters cookie randolph. On being hello everybody. In the world a solo shot by grisham was enough. He added another for insurance. The padres completed a sweep of the rangers with a to win yesterday. The padres are now seven three just a game back of the dodgers and padres are in pittsburgh today first pitch three thirty five time yu darvish on the hill and the padres finally joined the no hitter club. You may have heard about it. The last team in major league baseball to record one and it was friday. Night and gros mont highs. Yeah joe must grove. Homegrown was the man and i was there of course with the broadcast. Call along with bug by. Set the hall of famer john. Mice grove is one out away from pick. Dude say the announced that can't mention the guy has a no hitter going through their georgia. Jury karma oh you may like all the other times we were one out away and didn't mention it how that workout who now like it's going to happen anyway. He's get a blow at like every other time chris. Young was two outs away and debate. This got close and the ashby. Adam eaton play. Kirby some guy named steve arlin for cripe say how many times we had to go through this only the nine. Hurry up and get a double wall. Musk rob and bring out the closer so we can finally get outta hair. Room service at the hotel closes at eleven pm. Kill your i as the pitch went to strikes into apps about the night of another close but no cigar. Hay stack strategy grounded out right and to honor the accomplishment. The padres have commissioned a mural. It must grows all no matter. Gross ma certainly key. Matsuyama became the first japanese person to win. Golf major of any kind yesterday. It was the masters winning by a stroke over runner up will zella taurus zahle. Taurus received an encouraging. Tweet from adam sandler because of his kind of not really resemblance to the happy gilmore. Catty and two fewer strokes and zala. Taurus would have won two million dollars instead of the one point two four finishing second prices. Wrong big outright. Not exactly what senator tweeted. But you get the idea. The ever dramatic. Aaron rodgers is not shy about expressing his discontent over personnel on the packers. Now now aaron. Rogers says he doesn't know what the future holds for him in green bay. Yeah everyone else. In green bay knows what their future holds clogged arteries diabetes and size tripoli bras and those are the man sports fans. Usc is a hard school to get into. Unless you know laurie laughlin. Or you're a random homeless guy. Yeah a couple of weeks ago. A homeless man was arrested. After posing as a football player he managed to fool everyone for several days and he wasn't hiding in the background. He ate meals with the team. He shared a jacuzzi with some of the players through on a helmet. Jersey cleats in the locker room. He's out on the practice field fielding punts he eventually got caught because he wasn't good at fielding punts to- dumber. The people at usc were took almost a week for them to realized. Mclovin was not the second coming of marcus. Allen chicken indeed meanwhile in at all. I'm really tall. Really tall tall person six seven. And that's not good bills heights. Good six four. That's a very tall handsome man. Six sevens and awkward man and a man to people soom. You're going to be good at the. You're not good at custody. Strange six seven really tall. Strangest hey man you play basketball now. Why not wasting at bro. You're wasting am i going. Sorry i'm not good at it. I try not good at it. And i get pissed off about like keep blend people down. I'm good at killing spiders. But i'm not good at basketball and i'm always i pick and then everyone got mad at me like it's my fault like i'm and short people don't know that pressure that i'm going to start walking up to short people being like. Hey bro you get shot out of a cannon said you're wasting your small. You should be a cannonball you make toys with your tiny s has to make toys for santa claus. I'm not good at making toys. Skull sociation the lakers are gonna show tonight levy. Still on without high ankle sprain other sports the old post game press conference with joe musgrove and they asked them. What do you think was the hardest part about that no hitter and you would think that joe would say well making sure that no one got hit. Yeah i would think was. The hardest part and i would have been wrong. Ooh let's listen to. Joe talked about his biggest challenge of the night. Eleven or twelve water bottles tonight. I always keep them ambulance next to me. So i can kind of track of how many drinks throughout the game and i had to pay so bad for the The one thing. i don't wanna break superstition. Mommy to go back fourth-inning fourth-inning this guy was suffering down. That's a long way to go. Twelve bottles of water but he held it. Thank you joe nicely john. Thank you joe for holding it in getting a monkey off our back. Take a piss job. Cup had a nice e food out. He didn't know but there is a superstition. Felt like use the bathroom. He was gonna break is not in the fourth inning. This guy's going. I got no hitter. Go they start count. And that was the thing i ask chainsaw. Obviously that you know you heard bach crawl all over him mentioning it the announcers when they allowed to say there's a no hitter going on. I don't even know if mark and don said anything other than you know what is right but espn will send out a worldwide blast warning everyone. There's no hitter going on. You know how it works for. They do silly. I know but they do it. Yeah you heard what he almost punched cooking in the head saying. Don't say oh pay. Espn the recognized leader were later in. Sports sends out a blast when it gets up to like six seven. How's that okay. Seems like i remember them doing that a long time ago and they got a lot of heat for it but maybe now because they're a national platform accepted. They send out this blast. They do sounds like mark and don or shillo or holding form if he peed his pants where they kicked him out of the game series let's Was that a rhetorical. Et six and forty eight seconds one five. Kgb fm sports network. oh we'll minds boyer recognize the bit coming to a logical conclusion and he wanted to do everything he could to stop the a race car drivers in la justice. Their pants assess. What are you gonna do. You have to stop racing. No you got a hammer that throttle down and just let her and then they stop for a pits. They grow five gallons of fresh water in the driver's laugh. They flush the driver but he keeps raising baby. Why couldn't this guy you know. Did you hear what he said. He said he didn't want to go to the bathroom right. You know want to break the have a little bit of a personal moment all right. Well thank you. This broadcast with chris boyer and featuring some commentary from chainsaw. Why did you write matt anal the middle of did you did. You wrote man in the middle. You took away my. Oh my gosh copy. And he rolled matt anal worst. Mouse jump his Is april fool's day. Why do i wanna know about anal hacked ex-boyfriend trying to write something on the call screen and my mouse jumped onto your copy smartphone. Smart speaker or online with the is the dsp so getting back to. Why was matt calling us to tell us about. His matt was calling voyeur for an analogy. Silly full hadn't finish out before came to my attention. Algae busted chris boy around. I thought we caught them. The because it's like when bajaj drivers just let it go and pee their pants while they're driving. Why couldn't joe just do that before. C. sucker. Wow you're talking to all of us. Basically match white man man on the phone with us cost me a dollar. You have yourself the dollar. Don't you go on and on and on all the time about people. Having personal responsibility for their actions applies to someone else. Other people not him. Thank you and it's easier to be tough with people that aren't here soon. Jug ed studio all right very good. Thank you very much. Are you ready for a rock and roll threesome today. This is how we celebrate birthdays of grace stars and rock and roll in today. We are celebrating this week anyway. The birthday of max. Weinberg emily mac than the excitement that you want to tell me about max. Weinberg don't even out. I'm just so happy for him that he made it to another birthday. He plays that one yes he does. Yes that drum that he plays in what band. He's in named after a letter of the alphabet. Top try another one. That was very good at all. I'm very impressed. That you are able to come up with one east street band o drums for bruce springsteen okay and i think he played drums for a long time for conan o'brien's sir max weinberg's having a birthday this week. So we're gonna play for you. Three songs by bruce springsteen and you have to name those songs for me all right however the three. I'm gonna play for your all going to play at once. That's the mess. That's the evil bit that sarah invented today is it was pretty messy on friday. I know my maxine rough So three by. Bruce springsteen are you ready. Yeah you gotta buzz in now. Of course you can take notes. You can talk but once you buzzed with your name. Your committed are you reading. Yes be right exchanged. I was gonna bus ride away on it. You're ready and go okay cookie cookie. Let's hear cookie dancing in the dark. Yes lorie days. Yes tunnel of law time and you ready hear here guys. That is that is a mess. Jay i'm sorry you're out. Who is gonna win this one today. We'll be emily or will it. Be chris boyer anyone need to hear it again. I only hear one. I heard to the first time. Taylor won the second loss. Who lost one one. July is tunnel of love. Didn't hear that. Nothing in there. But here that i thought i heard it tunnel. Also don't even know what that sounds like. Don't talk all over there you. That's bruce springsteen right there only one. I hear clear as dan. That's all i can. Is it the same what i hear. I met her Only have two so far. I'm very confident buzz. You out here in three seconds. Better buzz one more time. You played it like one and a half time to we cow. What is holding your headphones. Do free because you both did that. You both held your headphones. Extra tight into your head. Is that force the sound harder into your head. I have my volume crank so loud during this bit here. Yeah her helps me hear them. Yes three seconds two seconds. Emily has buzzed in. We're going to get by without heh. Okay glorious barner. that's the one i hear. That's all. I can hear born to run. Bruce bracing is it. a bruce. Springsteen song is pearl jam song come on of course it is. He was born to run into the usa was worried that maybe shing titles. How many times with this guy born where was he. What was he born to do. Shit what have you said born doron. Glory days. Oh why not do does he. Himself or deviance and the dark. He dances in the dark with himself. If you don't come dancing with him in the dark dancing in the dark don't they trust dancing in the dark. Barn in the tunnel off the fudge tunnel Oh boy cesco sport bormann glory days and then there's a third song that has some kind of a land. I think it's wonderland now. The land is in the usa. As in born in the us dom yes well let me play it again for i. That was messy. All i could hear was matt lake anal heard. Why do i need to know that. It's the whole of the dea sea. kgb your smartphone. smart speakers for online with the iheartradio app. Are you ready cathay crack news time. Emily dom clock rings out of sales. She dan beijing. Emily's the top stories from the race. Crackpot news what is leading off today. Several school districts are welcoming back students into class today. Today's have not been on campus since march of last year when the really started to spread san diego unified. School district is one of the largest in the nation and they have put into place various government protocols things like adding new filtration systems although the school board president richard barrera says they don't expect every student to come back right away number. One be lot of pierrel cleaning stations and masks but feel free the lap up the water out of that community. Bubbler not going to be allowed. You don't think so most places i've been. The mountains are covered over are they. Do they vis queen them over or something like that. Shut them off. Garbage bag around. And how could that be a health hazard jefferson. I mean when when we were kids we have to go. Go stand in line in front of that white ceramic did you call it it bubbler. Where now reggie kylie. We do water fountain the water fund. Stand in line. There'd be some arthur carl lapping it. Up with his tongue getting his whole mouth all over the thing. Thanks the button. The data that we have on the survey that we sent all parents would indicate about fifty percent of our students are likely to come in person and fifty percents dane home. A district wide average by. That'll be so. I mean the parents the option of keeping their kids home for now. Can you still go to school online. Yes okay distance. Learning will continue blah blah. That's pretty darn convenient Is that a thing. Is that going to become a thing like so. Many people have decided. I like working from home. I'm gonna continue working from home. A lot of businesses have decided that they want to encourage that. Is that going to be a thing with school. I would be shocked if it was sustainable. They feel like the teachers are really. It's a challenge for them to balance having some kids on the monitor and some in school and to give everyone that equal education. I think they'd have to have dedicated online. Classes versus in school to keep it up in my district the public school offers. If if you wanna go one person you can go in person and the online school is an entire different school system. it's different principle is different teachers. They they completely created their own separate school for virtual learning only. So do you think they'll be able to continue to pay for that. I feel like this could be something to last for a while. Because i don't think people are gonna come down people who are really scared of it. Hundred percent unbelievable. I don't think it's going to go away within the next year. I could see it going her for a little bit schools or ever since i have been in school. Schools have been complaining. We don't get enough money. Teachers have to spend their own money on chalk. And this and that so we're going to invent a second school system. There's no way there's money for that. I don't think it's a permanent thing. But i do think it would stay round for a couple of years. There's no money for it. that's probably true. I just well. What do you do when there's no money for it. I mean people just gloss over that so easily as like wow on free education okay. There's no money for it. I don't want it okay. Well there's no money for it. So what do you do with that. No idea how they would continue. Well that's how people get voted into office. I have no idea how he's going to come up with the money for. That's his problem. All right very good man. My promise a lot of free stuff. You're gonna pay for all right. Put them in all right. What's going on where we that's that's it. That's the rapid that's also opened today and they'll be checking on the students mental health everyone gets readjusted classroom learnings. All right yes. Little man is getting ready to go to school. This fall isn't it yeah. it'll be kindergarten same with little summer so awesome. Oh the they're both going in Yeah what is so awesome thing. What are you talking to my. Gosh get her in school. I'm i'm out of the house. Yes a week all day kindergarten all day. Yeah hersal be eight thirty two to fifteen every day all day. Oh it must have some after school program or something because ours was now has. Preschool was half day kindergarten for her. We'll be full day. Kindergarten for me was half day. Same you cover them like like Shut up we've told her that it's all day and she has to stay all day and i don't need anyone blowing the truth. I mean you're being awfully knowledge about this. Shutting boyer denver. Walmart does update. Well i have a kid go in kindergarten actually in a few months and it's all day. I was just being matter because not for shane. Enough for older in am and pm. Production explains it all right. What's next coping numbers here. Remaining relatively low we lost eight more lives Yesterday from the virus there have been two point one million code vaccines delivered to san diego county although we are going to have a two week shortage of johnson and johnson shot here in down after fifteen million doses had to be thrown out after equality control. Error wait a minute. i just got that one. What's the quality control. They didn't get out of the factory of the bad ones. They didn't know it's my understanding store. You've got a rotten vic dammit. Abby someone and while a quarter of our county has been fully vaccinated forty three percent have at least one does so. The people are on their way to being fully resonated. That's great in the derek. Chauvin trial on. Friday testimony continued with dr andrew. Baker who is the hennepin county chief. Mesh say that guy. examiner. What i looked like. Clark kent doesn't make you. Looks exactly like clark kent. I've thought for any second. He was going to tear open his shirt. There'd be a big. Ask look so much like clark kent name dr andrew baker. He's the chief medical examiner. He's the quincy of minneapolis so he was in charge of determining cause and manner of death number ford by giving our schools but the watts gifts number two number three pointed to you. It's your needs to go to kindergarten. Fulltime here okay. It's not the vaccine getting to your ears your non vaccine your bug banks. Blame it on the vaccine number three. Yes please. The law enforcement do restraint in the neck compression. It was just more than mr floyd could take. He also said the drugs that george floyd was using or his heart condition did not contribute to his death number four. So do you think it. Looks like clark kent. I see that with the glasses. Totally clark kent was fully black. It would be the way. He spoke the way he moved. Who's calm cool. I mean borderline boring. But not john i mean he was. He was really borderline boring. But i m really interesting. I was watching this guy for like an hour on thursday friday. And he's gonna cut kind of got that squarish john is a handsome guy Mr fillet usa did not cause the subdural or neck restraint. His heart disease did not cause the dual or the next restraint on the stand. Now is cardiologists. Dr ron jonathan. Rich discussing cause of death as well Earlier this morning. And dr derek. Chauvin lawyer i had asked for the jury to be sequestered. After unrest broke out yesterday. Following the killing of dante. Write a twenty year old black man. Who was shot by an officer during a traffic. Stop in a minneapolis suburb. The judge has denied the request to sub Sequester the jury today. President biden will meet with a bipartisan group of congressional members to discuss his proposed infrastructure plan which is worth more than two trillion dollars appearing yesterday on. Abc's this week. Senator roger wicker. A republican from mississippi express concerns over the size of the package following the recent approval of the covid relief. Plant number five. We are willing to negotiate with him. own an infrastructure package and this Trillion dollar number is way too high for me two dollars not one to hear it again. Roger president biden has proposed raising the corporate tax rate from twenty one to twenty eight percent to help pay for his large. That's that's a significant nudge Not as high as it's ever been in history but certainly and jump. No you know who pays for that. We do people think He's get time. Those corporations finally pay. It's like wake up data. Pay you'll pay will raise the price on the goods and the services. We gotta know that by now right we do but other people are stupidly optimistic that teach big companies south evil big companies. They will miss a dime. That'll teach them they won't they won't miss a dime. Never understood this and most of us work for big companies. so you're going to impact either. The purchasers of your product had fired. Yeah they'll lose your jobs just like minimum wage benefit will. It comes back to that question. I was asking sarah before. Where's the money gonna come from. It's gotta come from somewhere and most people just say. I don't know you're you're about to find out. And the government continues to print more money it becomes worth less alright so that four dollars a gallon of gas is now six fifty all right. What else do we have knotty. Florida congressman matt gates reportedly was turned down. Hello mr trump le- you let me know a lot of men that's word on the street that Trump's people said do not stick your neck out for this guy. Don't let him in now he's saying I didn't seek to meet within myself. So the president percents. That's latest out of there. Because everyone needs to know. Prince harry arrived in the u k yesterday to attend the Services for trouble making big mouth. Breida his not that. I have anything to say about her but we stayed back hearing by common along. Well that's a neat luck. Well not going back for my husband's grandpa's funeral has the convenient Waco she is too big to travel her belly. She too big of a pain in the ass her belly. Oh what what does she got she got a tummy ache. Yes or she got. She's got a baby brother she's too far along. I'm sure it has nothing to do with the fact that not welcome here. Yeah i saw. Do you think there's any doubt about that. Prince philip hated that interview. He hated it. He called it an abomination rights. I anything it's good that she's not going. Yeah put the blame it on pregnancy. This feeds the theories. Chris boyer espouses over here about the carrying on in the exaggerated exaggeration about pregnancy. She's lying about her pregnancy. Now believe that no one believes it. No one believes in a dozen do pregnant women any favors modestly guys get a dog so they can play their farts on a dog. Oh have a baby so they can blame. Everything else is just not an analogy. It's because it is a statement of fact there is no there is no you compared what they do. We were talking about women in pregnancy. Which we all do is in dog but she wanted to compare it to something. Did you not compare it to a dog. No you did. I'm certain there. Are you not certain it. It was not a comparison. Seven eight benchmark of. I'm so glad. I did the story now. I look for stories. I won't be able to resist saying it now. Obviously if i can get changed. Emily keep an eye on sticky fingers over here. Takeout eight ones for this five. We're paying attention to you. Here watch this guy was there'd be like a dollar three four put the five in there. Well done better be fifty bucks in their by. I don't know it looks awfully empty. Doesn't it keeps making change bigger bills in their dot to be at least twenty bucks. Be at least fifty bucks. I don't trust him. You know. I might need to make you in charge of the analogy jar. Okay dirty money. What are you saying that. If i'm in charge of but it's kind of like the fox watching the hen house kind of like that. He's doing it on purpose. Not this quote insane act identity. Take the jar. Your church had a girl. Yes you have to be in charge of his dirty money all right very good. Where else are we find a place that i'm gonna place you can put. He is a delight. What else do you if you found one point two million dollars in your broker to count. What would you do in my brokerage account. What does that mean. Do i have one do. I have a brokerage account. Look it up. So what does that do kind of an inbetween account. Apparently have though if you had investments places and stuff right. If i had one point two million dollars it'd be very happy right i think. Hey my investments have paid off right well unfortunately for kellen spit oni That wasn't her money in an accident deposited into our account. She quickly moved it over to other accounts bought herself a house and a car and refused to give it back to the bank when they ask for it and so now she's spent it is being charged with is she never understood that you know they can make the mistake of transferring it over to you. Why can't you make the mistake of spending. We gave you one job to do. Bank look after our funds they were only meant to transfer her eighty two dollars and they accidentally gave her a one point two million dollars when they ask for it back. The request was rejected because the money was no longer there. The way to tell if your vaccine was bunk smeller upper arm at the shot. Location of it. Smells like chris boyer road trip. Sox call your doctor immediately might be in trouble coming. Come around to the crackpot nude national foon day. It is and see if it has any influence on your dinner choice. Okay yeah. I wanna know that and some jobs some fun jobs for people out there including food tester and a lot of binge-watching. Earning some money. We'll tell you about the opportunities that await the thing. I read about food this morning. Was if you add a little coconut oil to your kale when you're saw tang it. It makes it a lot easier to scrape it right into the garbage can not found that very helpful. You like kale stop it. What are your gluten intolerant. Three spectacle law had kale sandwich. Price down by around to the crackpot news. Coming up here with emily and max around two months kicking off. It is national yellow tier grilled cheese sandwich day. Okay all right and pique your fan i am. Yeah does it bother you. That i i put more stuff into them. It does not bother me the then. I don't know if it's a traditional grilled cheese. I'm sure it's not. Yeah i like adding turkey or ham or a turkey melts Grilled cheese sandwich put a bunch of turkey in to as well like eighty. Seven percent of americans say they like a grilled cheese. Anybody anti grilled cheese sandwich any anybody. Nice don't turn on. the thing was on. Did you hear your voice. No pretty sure it was a non. I'm going to bet it wasn't that we'd stone boy. Yes indeed good stuck. You wish you had three right now. I would just say. I would love to have a tough day over there and modern allergies a lot of money going out. The door microphones turn on the way spend but rewarding in so many ways with my friend. I'm glad to hear okay. The top five teases. We want in our grilled cheese. And what's the number one cheese boy. What's gotta be american followed by velveeta. You don't like what's oriented more. Plastic american is the grossest type of cheese. It is totally. If george washington was here he would slap denounce anything america. First of all. You never bad mouth. The family ever in public. He would be soc shame. They need that one. The american home on real. It's totally the it tastes processed. I don't care about process food. Whatever but but i hate to bitch and moan about processed food. Pretty she motivation sees of grossness process of grossness able to pass. Does not like it's upsetting. Isn't it yes it is do you. raft singles. Yes do you avoid. Do you avoid make these gross faces at the soap central. Oh that's so rude. You know we are talking about our favorite things and you're making your throng face. The fun of individually unwrapping from the cellophane the singles of american cheese knowing. Is that the most annoying thing ever annoying. It's delightful that cheese is a virgin cheese. You're the very first one to touch it. It's not like you have to carve off a block of some filthy from majd that's been placed in the refrigerator by grubby. Frenchman jays. jim achieve your. I cannot. That's not break down into a war here not like what over american cheese as if shot not like what grevy frenchmen. I don't know that. Get the jar out. Was that another hour geno. That's four today. Mice change does he go very good. It's been quite a profitable today. We're gonna have to get an accounting team to keep track of the money. I'm also going to have to put a lock on there. That only you can open all right so american. We didn't even get to see if that's on the list. That's chris boras choice. What's your number one choice over there. Parmesan else positive. How's it john guy. Hit it right back. That makes them on that. You didn't like it did doesn't apply. I don't canucks. Joseph filthy cheese so stinky so gross. I eat it off the block. I don't need a graded. Don't even shut. Its high on a grilled cheese. Oh that's right. Sorry got longman cheese. I'm going to say that good sharp cheddar. I forgot where on the radio. I was getting lost and delicious cheese. Sorry and val vita would be second so those those are your top two. Are you like crazy about cheese. You like it. I really do. Enjoy it Have you been to france now. You wheel around these gigantic carts of cheese for dessert. And that's what they mean. Forget about pie or twinkies and stuff like that when you're at a fancy restaurant in france and i'm sure other countries to the wheel around they used to do that at That place out changes named fifteen times. Addison or the grandma or the luxurious calamar. Addison too but they would wheel out just a giant cart with fifty sixty different kinds of cheese there. You just pick whatever you want and they give you some grapes and some apples to go along with it fantastic. Whatever you want you'd be in heaven. I read that sounds great. Why i'm i'm a swiss guy but i'm going to say cheddar is going to be high on that list. Cheddar was number one. Which is my go-to that's a good one for real chason then followed by american This is hurtful. there is no dettori realizing during the report the facts. You're editorializing on parmesan over there. I'm not a. I'm not a reporter. I a commentator commentary is my stock in trade. I see all right. Your favourite swiss came in number three good So i like all three. So far number four provolone. Sure that's good to cheeses. You don't like. I like all four of these so far and number five pepper jack. Okay good sir. All good ones grilled cheese is tied for second favourite melted cheese food with a coming in a cheese pizza grilled cheese tied with mac and cheese. Which is where. You'd put velveeta not on a grilled cheese dip and cheese came in fourth all right very good. So it's grilled cheese day. Yes i might have to celebrate that. But i need a need a nice mug of tim out tomato bisque to go along with it. Yeah they really do hand. That i hit you right where he lived with for an ice creamy tomato. Bisque had of rich creamery butter right in the middle of it sounds good. Doesn't it crack in some ritz crackers. Crush 'em up toss amend and some lawry's seasoned salt oh oh it is exquisite. But you're just gonna go home and have a pocketful of Snack trail by trail. Mets arch possibly around make grilled cheese Trail mix uncrossable. don rickles. Yeah they do really. I'll have to search okay all right. Well we're talking about. He carries on like the major deegan. A fine restaurant but he never had any kind of food. Wall ball fridge coast. What are you gonna have cornflakes just a fistful of cornflakes. Straight out of the box. Uh-huh all right well. I made french toast yesterday. I was thinking of you really. Yes special. French toast with king's hawaiian bread. No ask me what else it wasn't what else that's for sure. I bet it was delicious. It was great outdid myself right. Congrats thicket. What else of well while we're talking about food. Mlb is looking to hire a food tester to eat hotdogs and watch baseball. The website called bonus. Finder is looking to pay someone become an mlb food tester. They pick you. You'll go to a few major league baseball. Parks watch games eat hotdogs and report on how their dogs are. They're paying five hundred dollars plus they cover your travel and food. If you're interested you need to apply on the website bonus finder before may second have some other random opportunities like this if you're looking for just a little side hustle and some extra cash if you're a movie buff there's the gatt cable. Tv dot com. Which is looking for movie aficionados. They're looking for someone to watch. Twenty-one movies specifically the best picture winners from two thousand to two thousand twenty. And you have to do it. In a month's time share your thoughts about them on social media so based on each film's run time. This temporary job should last about forty six hours which averages out to about forty three dollars and eighty six dollars per or eighty six cents per hour. Spur to good. Yeah it's good money you'll also get one hundred dollars amazon gift card. One hundred dollar grubhub gift card. A four boxes of microwave popcorn. An oscar statue replica and red carpet. So the the greatest movies according to the academy of motion picture arts and sciences. The ones that they if deemed to be the best are so bad. They have to pay people to watch it. Yeah if your more of a tv fan you. There's two different opportunities here magellan. Tv dot com is looking for three people to spend twenty four hours watching True crime tb in exchange for twenty four hundred dollars You can apply at their web site magellan. Tv by dot com by may fifth. Or you're a home. Improvement show junkie review home. Warranties dot com. We'll pay you a thousand dollars to watch ten episodes of three different home. Improvement shows entered their website by may tenth watch love and robots seen that a net flicks series. Okay it's different each one in their very short okay. Very short stories. There are anywhere from ten to fifteen minutes long short I just watched sonny's edge on love it love and robots this weekend. This is the show that my kid works on. Okay cool and i recommend this one. Sonny's edge okay. Yes the episode called sunny's edge from love and robots which is on netflix. I don't think that comes in on chris. Boyer's mountain no sir but and and again. I point out. It's really just kind of odd. Just come straight out of left field. They're real short stories. Okay and Her production company makes these cool. Donald check it out sunnyside. That's a good one. Right kinda graphic. So don't watch with your kid. Oh yeah oh okay. Thanks for that warning. We like to sit down for net. Looks together swing and loves robots. So i'm pretty sure. I think this one is completely animated. Yeah it gets all animated. And there's nudity votto doty odell anything else. Seth pen-li from wichita falls texas was arrested last week because he was planning to kill the internet. At least that was what he was attempting to do. He tried to buy explosives from an undercover. Fbi agent with the plan of blowing up an amazon data center in virginia. He said his plan was to take down. Seventy percent of the internet by bombing that one place. which isn't possible and he clarified. I'm not a dumb ass berga. There was a woman who went into a dollar general store in marysville tennissee last week and she wanted to buy a bunch of gift cards unfortunate gift cards You know. I don't know if they allow you depict different increments on the gift cards. They're at the dollar store. I don't like a dollar store or anything could be more call a lot. They also busted her though because she used a One million dollar bill without everyone has changed for a million dollar bill. The us never made one so She told the cops she caught it from church and she was let off without a warning and she's banned from the dollar general like to see that million dollar bill see how legit it looks to. Who's on the million anyone. No don't know what else. Oh max has been so busy loading up our website for you this morning. So i wanna make sure i have time to go into all of this check out the video of a lightning strike torching tree right outside of a school just takes it down. It's really cool to watch. that happened. My yard growing up in illinois tree in my yard. Got hit by lightning quite upsetting. Its you'll never forget it. I would imagine a weather guy. Slams people complaining about his programming interruptions. You can check out that video. We have a motorcycle that crashes into a barber shop. I hope it wasn't seen t. l. drive-thru worker who throws a drink at a driver. Poboy usually goes the other way around but there was a hotel worker who shares a few secrets about. What's going on with hotels. you're staying at do. I wanna know the secrets. Not if you ever wanna stay in hotels again definitely and they went to bed is enough for me cope with next just says we sure hope. This guy was wearing brown pants. Check that one out. That's the only clue all right. No that's the first one boy had to and then to videos. You sent over which just captivating i one. Us would you swipe left or right. So dave would love to right. Well i don't know which way which way means what would swipe a way from the girl because she was frightening looking then left. Okay right swipe left okay. Have you seen this girl. Oh boy is that your girlfriend right. There check around cheated not win the fight. Get it balcony. But hey it's a rough look. Wow bank girl took a beating and then the other story. I sent you speaking about guineas. Yes girl was born with one. Boop kind i mean she has a cup and she has a pickup. Yeah that's gonna make brush shopping so difficult. That's a challenge. And she has been and they show a close up of her very low cut tank top and she has virtually no boob on one side and a giant boob on the other. And she's like it's never stopped me from getting any action on faxed. I'm waxed i'm ready to get hacked. Yeah she's been offered a free boob job to even things out. She doesn't want anything to do with it. She wants to empower other women to know that they're not alone. That's right and they call it poland syndrome as it harling needed any more help from the world. That's the complete rip off on this thing but ana would be happy to know that this one boobed girl's name is back on. She's proud of her one. Boob situation is this where she was born and she likes it. I'd never heard of it until this girl came out in Displayed or pantley. It's more common in posse. But that's what i was reading. All right well thank you. You're welcome and thank you max dave. Emily graduated from old thong. Too old dirty money in the world. Love your show that salmon portland listening to us today the chainsaws going to wrap up sports here on this post no hitter weekend javeri buddy saw but what were you doing. Lethal weapon was on gonna end to voice caceres called the stupid voice assaults. I missed it is going to happen again. Okay to play one one five. Kgb from of dse morning heads up right now bring five dollars tomorrow. There will be five dollar. Name is your buzzer musical quiz. Awhile since you've had one of those. Can we trust you not to be sticky fingers dipping into the analogy. Think we got a super superglue that lid on and just cut a very small hole to allow deposits. Only chang bring bring jumpy prepared. You're always prepared. Aren't what happens a sit down restaurant. I know every face. I got the exit. Scoped out looking for danger. Look for ones who bring money no change. What am i bank. All right sir. Thank you to the san diego dealers today. The all new twenty twenty one f one fifty s here. It's purpose built from the ground up. Visit by four now dot com. What do you need to be put in a five. Is that what you're things you need. Change in a five and took four ones back. I think if you only have a five we'll just expect for more analogies for you that day kind of like today is burned one for fun. Breach isn wealthy beyond extreme. We were happy to take your money as we always are. Well what's on the big family plan for today. Great fishing trip yeah. I think we're taking the truck for a car. Drive at all the old tribe to the car wash so time it's gonna rain tonight. Say is covered in a lot of dead from being transported across the country. So i don't know that the rain would be strong. Who is those op he. He didn't wash wax thing the first day when he took ownership of it he did the interior. We had to take it for a few other tests and stuff so he was like Until other people are getting the grab a hands on it. I'm not watching it dodger. Well that sounds like a very exciting day. I know party in our world. What about you gotta go make grilled cheese sandwich and a tomato bisque with a pad of creamery butter and ritz crackers drop inside with lower seasoned salt. Lucky bash hermanez. Lowry seasoned salt many times. Do we have to hear that story. Delicious was not getting paid for it. I don't know. I know it's not the tators brand or whatever emily jose's or does or what was that one that you liked stands your. What are you doing right now. I don't know she had some that. No one has ever heard of before it was a seasoning salt from the terrible state of washington. Awful city of seattle far. You're going with this. i'm done. Thank you san diego ford dealers. Try to pretend you didn't hear that last thirty seconds bringing us today show just got a text from ford. They said we brought you everything up until ten. Thirty seconds make sense. We had nothing to do with what happened after that. They remind you the all new twenty twenty one f one fifty s here. It's purpose built from the ground up. Visit by ford. Now dot com. Well aside from that little factoid. Heavily salt shaker. What other exciting takes that. We learned today here sir. How about that bob. Everybody that for a. Nobody wanted to text him about it because he'd win. Thanks to gel for hauling it in and not being his pants like the ba- racers do and thanks for pointing that out. That boyer needed to add dollar to the analogy. What a day. what a day. What is acceptable acceptable hall. Pass for your man to miss the birth of your child surfing if he goes surfer. kelly slater. That's the only acceptable answer. And who is it. Kelly slater kelly slater okay. I thought you were all hot and bothered about shane. Somebody seen dorian. Is i named after his middle name. Is kelly after kelly. Slater shane chips. Favorite server of all time. Kelly slater who is she was but shine is who seen during his another surfer. That i like kelly top billing and your husband got the throw away. We'll never use this middle name ever again. Gotcha okay now. It makes sense okay. I get it. Emily thad that she only give eric a hall pass. If it was to somehow slashed and the david to right out of that you would also posted this question on facebook. You'd ask the ladies on facebook their answers so of course dennis was i at first off. His grandpa had a job. I said how dare you question. And shame. jones said Being dead only six feet under and buried. That's right and that's this question because rick nielsen of cheap trick revealed that he missed the birth kid because he had the chance to play guitar with his favorite musician. John lennon and his wife let miss it. Well you call it playing guitar. But we all know what they were doing. Tinkering tinker around with your stupid little friends. Long haired smelly friends probably getting. I know we talked about famous. San diego's at seven forty with a good morning san diego crew was i thanks to joe must groves no hitter and instant fame status mixed up a few names dave grohl and pearl jam. Tony cotin guessing the mousketeers instead of musketeers. And saying that. Al pacino started quite a mess can didn't think they could do worse than emily. Employer boyer but i believe that they did. I love how bad they are. I really do al pacino in to kill a mockingbird it's not personal scout it's just business what al pacino. Okay paul. we love him. Yes the british. the british. Don't like us there. Things about america that they do not like include that americans say they're going to europe as opposed to naming what country we're going to call football soccer and that we basically call rugby helmets football They don't like the way we pronounce herb but we love the way they pronounce hospitals because that costs. Boyer a dollar for the analogy. Then we had a bruce springsteen threesome today to celebrate east street. Or max weinberg's birthday another no hitter. Nobody gets up. They all try to your no hitter. Isn't it good for you. I wasn't trying it just was. I tried as hard as mess is what it is. Three sons are messy back to school. Kids best day. Ever for san diego unified school district and others finally opening opening schools. Becca very awesome. Megan markle blaming pregnancy. For not going to prince philip's funeral is like guys dogs made to our contribution to three dollars during the news today but he wasn't done yet comparing american cheese to something lesser hacked off by a french butcher or something like that grubby baratas to four dollars very lucrative day but finally dave houghton shut and hill be fun. We'll see you tomorrow morning at six o'clock on tv a. k. us site seven forty show.

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