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"fifty sixty different kinds" Discussed on DSC On Demand

"Coming. Come around to the crackpot nude national foon day. It is and see if it has any influence on your dinner choice. Okay yeah. I wanna know that and some jobs some fun jobs for people out there including food tester and a lot of binge-watching. Earning some money. We'll tell you about the opportunities that await the thing. I read about food this morning. Was if you add a little coconut oil to your kale when you're saw tang it. It makes it a lot easier to scrape it right into the garbage can not found that very helpful. You like kale stop it. What are your gluten intolerant. Three spectacle law had kale sandwich. Price down by around to the crackpot news. Coming up here with emily and max around two months kicking off. It is national yellow tier grilled cheese sandwich day. Okay all right and pique your fan i am. Yeah does it bother you. That i i put more stuff into them. It does not bother me the then. I don't know if it's a traditional grilled cheese. I'm sure it's not. Yeah i like adding turkey or ham or a turkey melts Grilled cheese sandwich put a bunch of turkey in to as well like eighty. Seven percent of americans say they like a grilled cheese. Anybody anti grilled cheese sandwich any anybody. Nice don't turn on. the thing was on. Did you hear your voice. No pretty sure it was a non. I'm going to bet it wasn't that we'd stone boy. Yes indeed good stuck. You wish you had three right now. I would just say. I would love to have a tough day over there and modern allergies a lot of money going out. The door microphones turn on the way spend but rewarding in so many ways with my friend. I'm glad to hear okay. The top five teases. We want in our grilled cheese. And what's the number one cheese boy. What's gotta be american followed by velveeta. You don't like what's oriented more. Plastic american is the grossest type of cheese. It is totally. If george washington was here he would slap denounce anything america. First of all. You never bad mouth. The family ever in public. He would be soc shame. They need that one. The american home on real. It's totally the it tastes processed. I don't care about process food. Whatever but but i hate to bitch and moan about processed food. Pretty she motivation sees of grossness process of grossness able to pass. Does not like it's upsetting. Isn't it yes it is do you. raft singles. Yes do you avoid. Do you avoid make these gross faces at the soap central. Oh that's so rude. You know we are talking about our favorite things and you're making your throng face. The fun of individually unwrapping from the cellophane the singles of american cheese knowing. Is that the most annoying thing ever annoying. It's delightful that cheese is a virgin cheese. You're the very first one to touch it. It's not like you have to carve off a block of some filthy from majd that's been placed in the refrigerator by grubby. Frenchman jays. jim achieve your. I cannot. That's not break down into a war here not like what over american cheese as if shot not like what grevy frenchmen. I don't know that. Get the jar out. Was that another hour geno. That's four today. Mice change does he go very good. It's been quite a profitable today. We're gonna have to get an accounting team to keep track of the money. I'm also going to have to put a lock on there. That only you can open all right so american. We didn't even get to see if that's on the list. That's chris boras choice. What's your number one choice over there. Parmesan else positive. How's it john guy. Hit it right back. That makes them on that. You didn't like it did doesn't apply. I don't canucks. Joseph filthy cheese so stinky so gross. I eat it off the block. I don't need a graded. Don't even shut. Its high on a grilled cheese. Oh that's right. Sorry got longman cheese. I'm going to say that good sharp cheddar. I forgot where on the radio. I was getting lost and delicious cheese. Sorry and val vita would be second so those those are your top two. Are you like crazy about cheese. You like it. I really do. Enjoy it Have you been to france now. You wheel around these gigantic carts of cheese for dessert. And that's what they mean. Forget about pie or twinkies and stuff like that when you're at a fancy restaurant in france and i'm sure other countries to the wheel around they used to do that at That place out changes named fifteen times. Addison or the grandma or the luxurious calamar. Addison too but they would wheel out just a giant cart with fifty sixty different kinds of cheese there. You just pick whatever you want and they give you some grapes and some apples to go along with it fantastic. Whatever you want you'd be in heaven. I read that sounds great. Why i'm i'm a swiss guy but i'm going to say cheddar is going to be high on that list. Cheddar was number one. Which is my go-to that's a good one for real chason then followed by american This is hurtful. there is no dettori realizing during the report the facts. You're editorializing on parmesan over there. I'm not a. I'm not a reporter. I a commentator commentary is my stock in trade. I see all right. Your favourite swiss came in number three good So i like all three. So far number four provolone. Sure that's good to cheeses. You don't like. I like all four of these so far and number five pepper jack. Okay good sir. All good ones grilled cheese is tied for second favourite melted cheese food with a coming in a cheese pizza grilled cheese tied with mac and cheese. Which is where. You'd put velveeta not on a grilled cheese dip.

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