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"fifty four thousand times" Discussed on KNST AM 790

"Especially for health care workers who work weird schedules and can stop by twenty four seven to pick up a meal the meat machine has been a big hit so far keeping the staff busy slicing meat and restock machine all last weekend after its debut why did this take so long why did this take so long yeah I I I don't know I mean it looks just seems weird right anything that's weird it just takes a while to adopt it seems meet in the case again about during these time frames you know we did a story last year about I think was Ohio state had pizza vending machines yes students you just walk in the lobby the pizza was hot you press a button it comes right right like why would you do this for all kinds of stuff especially now I've heard I've never been to Japan but I heard Japan it's all about that everything's in a vending machine in Japan pretty much you know we have to go up and talk to anybody yeah the thing that makes perfect sense yes I have a feeling we're gonna see a lot more vending machines for pretty much everything as we go for it it can be a trend that stays I mean we could get something this yeah I I think they definitely think we're going to and now it's not just our kids who are making unscheduled appearances in videos from home these days pets are not known for their video etiquette either and one woman's cat has gone viral for his unexpected and well timed photo bomb the woman was recording a video of her working out for tictoc recently to the tune up to sober up by AJ are and hear the opening lyrics to that hit song though I'm not and that was the exact moments that our cat decided to stand up on his hind legs in poke his head right into the shots but not at all what he was supposed to be delighting the owner and social media users the clip has been lights out and take time over fifty four thousand times see how much better is this story than the snake story I got a cat in here for me we got to balance things out I gotta give you a one sided story and one category per day like the cat stories you can't what you gonna have all the fun we can get it get a bounce things out yes cats tend to be where they're not supposed to go yes that's a good thing you know that as well as anybody yes that's great thank you Mike coming up the outlook for.

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