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"fifty four mill" Discussed on Xtra Sports Radio 1300 AM

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"fifty four mill" Discussed on Xtra Sports Radio 1300 AM

"I've got Eric wet all of the Rams joining us. Now, OUR NUMBER three. Hey, Rome like that coach idea with the pig apocalypse every day. Signed the in and out drive through. Like an Email like that hawks should not see the light of day that should never even hit my desk. Blaze plays backed back days. Blaze plays in KC, the guy that I I said, hey, blaze. Gimme gimme an F in your case blaze. It's almost always an F. Give me an air. Gimme an F. Jim. I get attacked by groups of angry. Pigs every day signed to Cleveland air. Old country buffets. Loveday stuffing funny about you trying to shoehorn or wedge pig takes in. That was a guy chased by a pack of angry. Pigs have a Lena's. Angry, Hungary, smelly. Pigs trying to run a guy down and rip him limb. From limb. All right anyway. Me take it away from you. You cake? And I'll do it myself. Doc, Mr. big chest. Mr. big chest gets the last laugh. He worked the Steelers. He worked the raiders he worked the system. Like a pro he gets over on everybody before getting fresh ink on a contract. It's going to pay him fifty four mill including thirty mil guaranteed. So just to recap is very quickly. Sky got exactly what he wanted. He wanted to Pittsburgh. He got that. He wanted to get away from Ben Rothlisberger. He got that. He did not want to go to buffalo. He got that. He wanted to go to Oakland. And he got that. So after all that noise all that drama finally time to show up in Oakland. You know, all those last several months the week seventeen walkout, the alter egos. The blond moustache horrible, self gloss. The reality show all of that finally time for Mr. big chest. Shop to pick up that Mr. pig check and be introduced to Oakland. And finally Antonio Brown showed up Antonio Brown. Was there? You talk about an entrance. Nice suit fresh haircut. Peroxide face lead is gone and in its place was that guy that we all used to love so much. You know, the former sixth rounder with that million watts smile. The million mile that made business boom. And I could not be happier to see that guy because his act had been so tired, the whack posts on social the unfinished AMA's the sit down interview with James Harrison. That's still has not happened the elliptical ride their produce some of the worst, self gloss. This side of garbage man, Brad keeper keeper. It all piled up so high. AB just showing up in ditching mister big chest. Had it feel like a freaking gale force of autumn win for raider nation. I know it may be feel good. I was watching him thinking, that's the guy. That's the guy that we like so much. That's the guy that I thought left. It was never coming back. Now. Don't get it. Twisted. It did end terribly in Pittsburgh. No billboard in the steel city is going to make Pittsburgh forget about how he forced his way out of there and how it ended, but he's off to a much better start now in Oakland. Right down to a by the book, quote, the raider fans were probably main lining straight into their veins. What makes you think that things can change here, and what can make that happen? Accountability. Bring up bring up bring actions. Not what I say what I do know how probes things holding guys accountable and receive a room. Development of pot challenge. Guys. If you drop a ball, we're going to have a pot. Super accountability. Holy maybe when I'm doing my job machines. They'll bring the whole group over to see the jug machine that will ever gonna group. No, hey, we don't we count on you to make that catch. You know? I'm I'm watching you work making a catch to because when we all together. So bring us some of the principals and some of the things that make karate and Bill good teams to some of these things. I know just whatever needed here being a leader. Taking a hold of this thing. Full full round. It sounds great. Right. Sounds great. Especially to a Steeler fan. Especially with fans got to be so pissed beer AB right now talking about quote accountability being there for everybody else. Mean that's gotta make Stewart fan either wanna fight or laugh or both. But if you're a raider fan, and you're here for the first time, you love hearing that and if you're a raider fan, and you're seeing the videos that the raiders were pushing out on social you gotta love that to video where he signed the ball for raider fan shows up the facility and raider fan like out of the weeds out of nowhere shows up. He's got time for him paying tribute to guys like John Madden. Fred bulletin, cough into Brown when he walks into the facility seeing do GM, Mike Mayock and addressing him as Mr. Mayock took off his hat when he talked to Chuck even met up with Derek Carr. Gotta work out in. And if you see all the video there's Antonio Brown, not Mr. big chest. But Antonio Brown with that million. Watts mile just giving off that crazy charisma. It's a good start. Now. Give me six more months of that. The only thing I want to see now from ABC is nothing lay low disappear. I know it's hard. I know it's hard. Stay off social stay away from the self gloss. Don't do anymore of those interviews. No more reality talent shows. Don't do anymore. Interviews with former Steeler teammates or reporters who were like four inches away managed to get back to business. Get back to making business, boom. I mean, listen, it's one day. Right. And this guy's got that kind of charisma winning the introductory presser is not that hard unless you're less miles. I'm having a little heartfelt here. But it's good for his day. It's good. I ate back. I see six more months.

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