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Peer Recovery Specialists With Kabir Singh

The Addicted Mind Podcast

02:04 min | 3 weeks ago

Peer Recovery Specialists With Kabir Singh

"Kabeer introduce yourself thanks. Thanks for having me on. The addicted mind today really honored to be here. So yeah that's my name is could be are saying it's funny because there was a bollywood movie that recently came out and it was titled kabeer saying and the funny thing about that is it was about a guy that turns inflict a massive hall because he loses the love of his life and fills out and people your movie. I was totally before this interview. Doing some research and totally giggle and got that. I'm like. I don't think that's the comparising i'm going to interview very. Yeah the there's also a comedian. How out your way in the west coast that could be. You're saying so there. There's a i am neither of those people. I am a person in recovery in a proud of that and with that means for me is that i haven't found it necessary to use a minor mood altering substance since may first two thousand eleven if you do the math awesome. Got ten years awesome awesome. So let's just start with with your story first and then and then we'll talk about peer recovery and how that can help people and how people can use that as a tool in recovery. But i how did it all start for you so it all started for me. I'm a garden variety. Sort of story. Here there is a fabulous theatrics to my story. They're using started around fifteen years old and introduced to alcohol and weed. The regular progression. They're not a whole lot of problems. In the household were regular family. There is no perfect family. Parents still together today married. I think this year will be fifty three years two older brothers. Yeah two older brothers that i really kept their noses in the books and and didn't require a whole lot of interaction with the parents that but i know how to when when i was a kid

Kabeer West Coast
Addiction and Sales, with Ian Koniak


02:37 min | Last month

Addiction and Sales, with Ian Koniak

"As part mental health awareness month were having a number of conversations with a successful people such as yourself that have been affected by issues like addiction. And so we're gonna talk about sobriety my talk about your journey to the extent you feel comfortable in and share some things that could be helpful to other people that are are listening to this might be similarly struggling so appreciate you coming back on absolutely. And that's the goal is to help people may have May be able to relate to some. They're going through. Start at the beginning. So what was your story. I mean what what happens. That's my story with addiction. Starts when i was probably twelve years old. Twelve well starts before i was born. Because like many addicts most addicts have encountered. There's a generational element to it so My father had struggled with with alcohol his whole life. He was an alcoholic and ended up getting sober a couple years before he died but he died. It was already too late. It was a lifetime of of excess for him. He was fifty three years old. Not too long. After that my cousin my first cousin passed away at forty seven years old. He was a wall street banker And was very high stress job and he he left four children and family and unfortunately all this came came pretty close to home but i never really acknowledged the fact that i had any problems. The diction in fact. I said i am not going to be like my family. I'm not going to be like my father. My cousin my brother all the males pretty much. My family struggle with us. And i i just was always a high performer in work and in sales so i thought you know what this is something that i that. I don't have a problem with what happened. Is i just kind of pushed in the closet and i kept a lot of secrets and because it never got to a point until fairly recently where it affected my family or in my work i always kind of made the mistake of thinking. I didn't have a problem. And it was only until i thought it was gonna lose my wife when i when i acknowledged it and fortunately fortunately been sober from many vices for for about fourteen months. I've been putting a lot of work for recovery. And i really do feel like a new a new man a new person but i will say. I've struggled with addiction for the bulk of my life. Since the time. I was really probably twelve years old till i got sober when i was forty one so most of my

Please Stop Me From Cheating

Strawberry Letter

02:02 min | 2 months ago

Please Stop Me From Cheating

"Believe stopped me from cheating. This even surely i am a fifty three year old man and i have been married for going on twenty five years. My wife and i used to have an active sex life but for the past few years the magic has been happening less and less and now we do it once or twice a year. I've talked to her about it but she always seems to make up excuses. The one i hear the most is that she's not in the mood. Because i've made her mad about something or she'll say something like if you picked up your clothes off the floor sometimes then maybe i would give you some on those rare occasions. When we do have sex it has become so boring. She just lies there until it's over sometimes is so terrible. I just rushed to complete the job lately. I find myself on adult sites online looking for one night stands and hanging out at my favorite bar talking to women. I love my wife. And i think she loves me but i also like sex. I work overnight so me not coming. Home is an unusual. So far i've met up with one woman from my past and we just had an oral exchange but nothing else. I don't want to continue this behavior. But i don't think that my wife even cares anymore this lady from my past that i fooled around with wants to give me more but i'm not really into her like that. There's another lady that i work with and we've interacted a lot. I have told her about my situation and she's willing to help me out. She's single instead. There would be no expectations on her end. That's ideal for me right now. I'm praying for strength. Not to step out on my wife and i have needs and i think it's only a matter of time. Am i justified in my actions. I cheat on my wife. Please advise all right. I'm going to say this. No there is no just a chicken justification to cheat. I got it. Everybody has needs all of that. We all have needs. But i'm not going to give you an out here. I'm just

Police: Man refuses mask, stabs worker at Texas restaurant

AP News Radio

00:48 sec | 3 months ago

Police: Man refuses mask, stabs worker at Texas restaurant

"Authorities in Texas are searching for a man who allegedly stabbed a restaurant manager trying to enforce the restaurant's policy on wearing face coverings police of league city Texas just southeast of Houston say fifty three year old James Schultz is wanted in connection with the stabbing at a Jack in the box late Wednesday night he's accused of refusing to wear a mask at the restaurant and then stabbing the shift manager with what was believed to be a pocket knife police say the manager had three stab wounds and was taken to the hospital last week Texas governor Greg Abbott lifted statewide orders requiring people to wear face masks in public many businesses have cut their own mask rules in place on Wednesday an Oregon woman was arrested in Texas city on a warrant out of Galveston after she refused to wear a mask and a bank of America branch to re write was arrested after she entered the office depot in Texas city and refused to wear a mask there as well I'm Jennifer king

James Schultz Texas Houston Greg Abbott Jack Texas City Galveston Oregon America Jennifer King
SUV in crash where 13 died came through hole in border fence

AP News Radio

01:05 min | 4 months ago

SUV in crash where 13 died came through hole in border fence

"Authorities are looking into whether human smuggling is involved after thirteen people died in the collision near the U. S. Mexico border workers in winter haven California repairing a hole in the border wall where it's suspected that an SUV involved with a deadly accident no Centro group through the border patrols el Centro sector chief told the AP that surveillance video showed a Ford expedition and a Chevrolet suburban drive to the opening on Tuesday nineteen people escape the suburban after it caught on fire after entering the US that were taken into custody by border patrol agents the overloaded expedition packed with twenty five people continued on a tractor trailer struck a short time later we have been able to identify ten people of Mexican origin where these he's the accident Maria Beltran is with the consulate of Mexico some of the families are in Mexico some of them are in the United States cheaper more Watson with the California highway patrol said the SUV had only front seats the middle and back seats have been removed there are numerous people that were ejected onto the roadway as a result of this collision the people in the vehicle ranged from fifty to fifty three years of age I'm Jennifer king

U. S. Mexico Border Workers Centro Group Border Patrols El Centro Secto Winter Haven Maria Beltran Expedition AP Chevrolet Suburban California Ford Mexico United States California Highway Patrol Watson Jennifer King
Prosecutor: Capitol rioter aimed 'to take hostages'

AP News Radio

00:47 sec | 5 months ago

Prosecutor: Capitol rioter aimed 'to take hostages'

"Hi Mike Rossi you're reporting authorities continue to track down suspects in last week's riot at the U. S. capitol in the aftermath of last week's storming of the U. S. capitol by a mob of supporters of president Donald Trump FBI director Christopher Wray says authorities across the nation have arrested more than a hundred individuals for their criminal activities in last week's siege at the capitol in Arkansas Peter Francis Staiger is charged with striking a problem police officer repeatedly with the flag pole during the siege in Texas to federal prosecutors said in court Thursday that a retired Air Force officer carried a zip tie handcuffs in the capital of salt because he intended to take hostages fifty three year old retired lieutenant colonel Larry rental Brock junior was arrested Sunday Mike Rossi Washington

U. S. Capitol Mike Rossi Christopher Wray Peter Francis Staiger Donald Trump FBI Arkansas Texas Air Force Lieutenant Colonel Larry Renta Mike Rossi Washington
Keith Morrison reads Dr. Seuss How The Grinch Stole Christmas

The Mysterious Mr. Epstein

05:07 min | 6 months ago

Keith Morrison reads Dr. Seuss How The Grinch Stole Christmas

"How the grinch stole christmas by dr seuss. Every who down in whoville light. Christmas a lot but the grinch live just north of veal did not the grinch hated christmas whole christmas season. Please don't ask why no one quite knows. The reason it could be as head wasn't screwed on just right it could be. Perhaps his shoes are too tight. But i think that the most likely reason of all may have been that. His heart was two sizes too small. Whatever the reason is hard or shoes. He stood there on christmas eve. Hating the who's staring down from his cave with a sour grinchey frown. The warm lighted windows below on the town for he knew every who down in whoville beneath was busy now hanging mistletoe wreath and they're hanging stockings. E snarled with a sneer. Tomorrow is christmas it practically here. Then he growled with his grinch figures nervously drumming. I must find some way to stop christmas from a main for tomorrow. He knew all the who girls and boys would wake brighton early. They'd rush for their toys and then whole the noise show the noise. Doi's noise noise. That's one thing. He hated the noise. Noise noise noise. Then the who's young and old would sit down to a feast. And they feast on they feast and they feast. Feast feast feast. They would feast on who pudding and rare who rose beast which was something that grinch couldn't stand in the least and then they do something he liked. Leashed all every who down in whoville. The tall and this mall would stand close together with christmas bells ringing. They'd stand hand in hand and who's would start singing. They'd sing sing sing. sing sing. Sang and the more the grinch thought of the who christmas saying the more the grinch thought. I must stop this whole thing. Why for fifty three years. I've put up with it now. I'm must stop christmas from coming. But how then he got an idea. An awful idea the grinch gonna wonderful off idea. I know just what to do. The grinch laughed in his throat and he made a quick santa claus hat and a coat and he chuckled and clucked. What a great grinchey trick with this code in this hat. I'll look just like saint. Nick all i need a reindeer. The grinch looked around but since reindeer are scarce there were none to be found. Did that stop the old grinch. No the grinch simply said if. I can't find a reindeer make quan instead. So he called his dog max then. He took some red thread and he tied bighorn on the top of his head. Then he loaded some bags and symbols empty sacks on a ramshackle sleigh and he hitched up old. Max then the grinch said got up and the slaves started down toward the homes. Where the who's they snooze in their town all their windows were dark quiet. Snow filled the air. And the who's were all dreaming sweet dreams without care when it came to the little house on the square. This is stop number one. The old grinchey clause est any climbed to the roof. Empty bags his fist then. He slid down the chimney around tight pinch but if santa could do it then socal the grinch he got stuck only once for a moment or two then. He stuck his head out of the fireplace flu where the little who stockings all hung in a row. These stockings grin are the first things to go. Then he slithered and slunk with a smile most unpleasant around the whole route and he took every president. Pop guns bicycles roller-skates drums checkerboards tricycles popcorn plums. And he stuffed them in day than the grinch buried nibley stuff dole the bags one by one then. He slumped to the ice box. He took the who feast. He took a who pudding. He took the roast beast. He cleaned out the icebox. Quick flash way the grinch even took the last can of who hash

Dr Seuss DOI Brighton Grinch Nick MAX Santa FLU
Nikki Haley says her sister-in-law died of COVID-19

AP News Radio

00:37 sec | 7 months ago

Nikki Haley says her sister-in-law died of COVID-19

"Hi Mike Rossi a reporting Nikki Haley says her sister in law died of cold in nineteen former U. N. ambassador Nikki Haley says her sister in law has died after contracting the corona virus in a tweet Tuesday evening Haley wrote that Rhonda Lee Nelson the sister of her husband Michael passed away before thanksgiving of cove it according to an online obituary the fifty three year old Nelson lived in west Milton Ohio AV resigned as governor of South Carolina in January twenty seventeen after being selected by president Donald Trump to be the U. S. ambassador to the United Nations she served at the U. N. until December twenty eighteen hi Mike Rossio

Nikki Haley Mike Rossi Rhonda Lee Nelson Haley Michael Milton U. S. Nelson Ohio South Carolina Donald Trump U. N. United Nations Mike Rossio
Political Ad Nauseam

Planet Money

09:04 min | 9 months ago

Political Ad Nauseam

"As much as campaigns want to keep spending secret federal law actually requires TV stations around the country to disclose all the political ads, the campaigns by and those TV ads account for something in the ballpark of sixty percent of campaign ads. Spending a lot of the rest is stuff like Google and facebook ads at those companies actually don't have to disclose as much information about the ads. So today we're going to focus on. TV. Spending the majority of the spending. So think of the United States as a giant game board to campaigns walk around the board they put some of their ad money down this part. Of the country a little bit more over here, and the way they put that money down tells us what places they think are most important for winning the election. If you're looking just at the state level, the bronze medal goes to Wisconsin Sixty, four, million dollars, worth of TV ads they're not surprising. Wisconsin was one of those states that trump flipped from the democratic column back in Two Thousand Sixteen Silver Medal Pennsylvania with one hundred, seven, million dollars worth of TV ads also not surprising Purple State with twenty electoral votes and in first place with one. Hundred thirty, three, million dollars America's favorite election meltdown waiting. Oh Florida, my beloved Florida. Now, this is just are beginning calculation. We're going to dig in more, but there are lessons to learn just looking at the big picture the big campaign game board. Yes. So so take Florida this is not a monolithic place. You're going to have super republican areas like the panhandle and then big democratic areas around places like Miami and you might imagine that the most. Cost effective thing is for the Republicans to completely pull out of the democratic strongholds and vice versa. But in fact, neither political party is doing that the whole state is getting bombarded with ads from both sides Daniel. Butterfield. From the Super PAC PRIORITIES USA she says it can start to turn into something like an arms race. So when you see your opponent spending money in a market, it really raises The question of should I be spending money there to to keep up area competitive and if you want to understand why political spending just keeps going up, it's at least partly because of his arms race if your opponents bins more in, Tampa you have to spend more in Tampa which in turn makes the cost of ads in. Tampa that much more expensive. Next thing you know you blue one. Hundred thirty, three, million dollars in Florida. Danielle says, the arms race thing is not just irrational fear. There's a real electoral cost to waving the white flag in a particular area. If you're in an ad market and your opponent clears out, that is great news for you. You have the airwaves to yourself. Your advertising goes a lot further in terms of impact than if you have to opponents that are. Driving opposite messages is there like a particular tipping point to that that sort of campaign folks like you gotTa. Spend the twenty percent otherwise. Like what counts as as not being drowned out. Good? Yeah. There is actually a lot of areas some data behind like what is the particular percentage that is required? It's I'd say that's probably more of a secret sauce that I wouldn't necessarily WanNa name on this podcast for you know that numbers, you're just tell me. I I. Know. Roughly what percentage I think is useful is, is it twenty three percent? You got it. But okay. So fine lots of money being spent in Florida but this is not a very specific answer to our question who is the most expensive voter we want to be more granular, which is why we got her hands on a more precise data set. Thank you advertising analytics. This data set is GonNa let zoom in on every single television market in the entire country. So for example, we know that forty million dollars has been spent in the Orlando Daytona. Beach Melbourne market. Compare that to the grand rapids, Kalamazoo Battle Creek Michigan market where it's twelve million dollars and sure there's more people in Orlando but still, how are the campaigns arriving at exactly forty million and exactly twelve million to help answer that we brought in some help Michael Beach. CEO. Crushing Media Michael Runs an advertising analytics company now, but he has worked in the past for the presidential campaigns of George W Bush John McCain Mitt Romney, and the reason we wanted to talk to Michael is his whole job. is to figure out where companies or sometimes political campaigns should place millions of dollars. Worth of ads Michael has all this fancy proprietary software. If you're an advertiser, he can tell you whether you should be focusing your ads on like Republicans, with Minivans are Democrats ride motorcycles or neither. He's got all these different attributes in his computer thousands of attributes for. Anything from certain partisanship to likelihood to buy a Ford truck into those do those specific categories correlate. Yes and no it like it's pretty geographic if you're looking at northeast, Ohio or you're you know. You're in Alabama in the Senate race. that. Wouldn't be a probably a good signal. Reich is like. As owner everyone drive structure. Now, the reason we went to Michael is because we thought it might be interesting to look at how many dollars were being spent on any given swing voter swing voters in theory are people who might be influenced by a political ad. The problem is it is very hard to pin down exactly how many of these people are out there but Michael Software can at least take a stab at it what is GonNa do is go through all these data sets to first identify how many likely voters there are in a particular TV market and then identify which of those has even the tiniest probability of changing their vote and a lot of this calculation is just sifting out the diehards. If you are somebody who voted in the last five, Democratic primaries were every year you donate to the R. N. C. You are out. But maybe your party affiliation switched a couple of times. Maybe you're a first time voter that may put you in this bucket the basically using generic party model and generic it's party not not candidate. Driven in other words, we're estimating voters chances to swing between Democrat and Republican as opposed to trump and biden specifically. But there's still does give us a way to compare across TV markets and when you re ranked the country based on dollars spent per swing voter the markets are not in Florida. In fact, the top five ad markets are all in Pennsylvania and number one on that list where campaigns are spending around ninety dollars per likely swing voter. Is My home television market the region in western Pennsylvania in and around Erie Pennsylvania. Okay. So Kenny you grew up there like what is it? What is the what are we talking about just to be clear I grew up in Meadville which is south of Erie, but it's in the market and like yeah, this is a region with a lot of manufacturing jobs these jobs have been leaving. It's predominantly white its having the. Same kind of brain drain problem that a lot of the other parts of the so-called rust belt are having. But look like I don't know anything about who a potential swing voter would be in the Erie television market. This is why we have Michael's fancy software. It can help us understand who that is. What can we know about the Eerie Market area? How does it compare to the rest of the country? Like who's there? It opened up my magic machine here. Michael Punches Eerie plugs in a few numbers so it's running. Then he opens up a tab that lets us compare the Erie population as a whole to just the likely swing voters. So now I look at in. Eerie. For instance, the average adult is fifty three years old if you just take the whole population in the market. Target, audience if you said. swing likely to turn out is forty seven other words. Michael's machine is telling us that the average swing voter is is six years younger than the average, their forty, seven years old, and the other incredible thing about Michael's machine is that it's also able to spit out this whole media plan for how to reach those people. The machine can name the single TV show watched by the most swing voters. Each week that show in the Eerie area is the OT on Fox football shows or wrap up of the day's games. That'd be fair. that is one of the most watched shows in the entire country. But the numbers do show that in terms of efficiency like sports would be a pretty good way to get your ad in front of a decent chunk of swing voters in Erie Pennsylvania Espn you can reach sixty percent on eerie and a week. Again, this target in this market if the secret to understanding what the campaigns are thinking is to learn where the most money is being spent per swing voter. That place

Michael Florida Erie United States Wisconsin Two Thousand Sixteen Silver Me Tampa Pennsylvania Google America Michael Beach Facebook Michael Software Michael Punches Orlando Daytona
Court papers: Woman wrote 'give up' in ricin note to Trump

AP News Radio

00:41 sec | 9 months ago

Court papers: Woman wrote 'give up' in ricin note to Trump

"Hi Mike Crossey reporting court papers say a package sent to the White House that allegedly contained ricin also included a note to the president according to court papers a Canadian woman accused of mailing a package containing ricin to the White House included a threatening letter in the package an FBI affidavit states the letter told president Donald Trump to give up and remove your application for this election fifty three year old US Gulf area of Quebec was arrested Sunday at the U. S. Canada border she made her first court appearance Tuesday in federal court in buffalo New York were U. S. magistrate judge entered a not guilty plea on her behalf the package never made it to the White House it was intercepted at a mail sorting facility it Friday Mike Rossio Washington

Mike Crossey White House President Trump Donald Trump Quebec Mike Rossio Washington FBI U. S. Canada Buffalo New York U. S.
Elizabeth Wetmore: Valentine


04:36 min | 11 months ago

Elizabeth Wetmore: Valentine

"Today. I'm very pleased and excited. My favorite thing on bookworm is when I'm talking to a first novelist. And it someone whose work I have not previously known my guest on the show today is a booth wet more Beth wet more. Her book is called Valentine. It's published by Harper and it's novel. Beth. Wet more is fifty three years old and this is her first. Book, she's published many short stories in many of the best literary journals, the Kenyon, Review Colorado Review but this is her first time in hardcover. Tell me Beth what feel nights is finally see the book in hardcover. Well. It's all been a little unreal honestly. I worked on the book for a long time and I was ready to have the editor sort of wrestle out of my hands. Honestly I think if if she hadn't wrestled it out of my hands, I'd probably still be tinkering with it to tell you the truth and even now I occasionally spot a sentence or a paragraph that I think, Oh, I'd like to have a do over on that. But on the whole, it's been wonderful and surprising to me I think I. Expected The book to come out very quietly and and so it's been. Marvelous to see how many people have reacted to it in such a positive way and how meaningful it's been to some people. Yes the book has made its debut as number two when it came out on the New York Times bestseller list and it's set where Beth was born in West Texas in Odessa. Now, if you're me, you think Odessa that's near where my family come from in Russia this is Odessa in. West Texas how does it get its name? Well it depends on who you ask You know the they're part of Texas was settled pretty late in the early eighteen eighty s and depending on on what piece of local you believe it was it was named Odessa in part because of the sort of grasslands that that people said resembled the Odessa in Ukraine. And and and that's really been the most sort of certain story I've heard. No was Texas. is known for its. Economy. I'm sure most of my listeners will know this but what is an oil patch? Well. Odessa is in the Permian Basin which is about eighty, six, thousand square miles inside. So and and of course, West Texas and. is is even more vast right than the Permian basin and it's an oil and natural gas rich region of the country I read recently actually that actually until the until the pandemic, it was on pace to outpace Saudi Arabia for the biggest production in world in the next five years That's slow down and been derailed a little bit by the pandemic of course but it's so an oil patches you know a a part of the world where that is the single economy oil and natural gas. It's not a particularly pretty place in the world at least not by most people's standards I think it's beautiful. There's no other way to make a living out there other than working oil and natural gas and Odessa where I grew up on differs slightly from it sort of sister city, of Midland, which is about twenty three miles away in the sense that Odessa's a very working class town most of the people who live and work in Odessa do the. Blue collar work of the oil patch. So they work is the roughnecks and pipe lawler's and fitters and water haulers and That's still even today a pretty male dominated industry women in that part of the world tend to work in support roles as bartenders and waitresses preschool teachers, teachers, that sort of thing So that's where I grew up.

Odessa Beth West Texas Harper Ukraine Permian Basin Colorado Review Editor Valentine Lawler New York Times Midland Saudi Arabia Texas.
Hospitals Struggle to Contain Covid-19 Spread Inside Their Walls

Daily Coronavirus Update

06:45 min | 1 year ago

Hospitals Struggle to Contain Covid-19 Spread Inside Their Walls

"As the coronavirus continues its spread throughout the country, some hospitals are also struggling to contain the spread inside its walls. Well. It's only a small number of overall cases US medical centers have reported over five thousand cases of patients, catching coronavirus after being admitted there for other conditions, and that number does not include the case of medical staff that have caught the virus at work. Melanie Evans Hospital reporter at the Wall Street. Journal joins us for more on how hospitals try to protect both staff and patients from infection. Thanks for joining US Melanie. Thanks for having me wanted to talk about an interesting facet of this whole corona virus thing and how it plays out in hospitals. Obviously, people are going to hospitals to get the treatment they need. Sometimes they're spending long stays there and the hospital staff. Obviously, has to work with. With them. They have to work with regular patients as well. It can be a very difficult thing and right now. We're seeing that US. Medical centers have reported over five thousand cases of patients that caught cove in nineteen after being admitted to the hospital for other conditions I think that's that was just patients, but there's also a lot of a hospital staffers that are also catching it there from work as well. Melanie a little bit more about, please. Hospitals even outside of a pandemic. Go to some pretty extraordinary lengths to prevent infections from spreading inside the hospital itself. So you've got doctors nurses taking care of patients. Some of them have a contagious disease. You can think of measles you could think of to burke yellow says and so hospitals have all of these various strategies for trying to ensure that contagious patients don't infect hospital workers, and that the disease whatever it may be doesn't spread, and you don't get a outbreak. Hospitals began to try to adapt the way they operate in order to prevent the virus from spreading internally. What we found was that there was a pretty inconsistent approach across hospitals as the pandemic hit the United States, and so as you as you noted, hospitals are starting to report what they consider to be hospital onset cases so patients who've been exposed and contracted or respected to have contracted covid nineteen while inside of the hospital. There isn't good data for exposure of hospital staff. and. It's interesting I mean one of the things that kind of hinders. This is the reporting structure that they use to be certain that an infection occurred in a hospital. You know the federal government doesn't ask them to report everything. It's Somebody's gotta be there for at least two weeks and catch the virus there before the reported has an infection. You got there at the hospital, so there's a possibility of a bunch of other people that could have gotten it before that to expand their one of the hospitals that you. You focused on for your piece was the University of Illinois Hospital in Chicago as you were mentioning? Hospitals are trying to prevent the spread of this thing as much as they could, but even still it got through, and by mid June more than two hundred sixty nurses, clerical staff custodians texts had contracted the virus there four staff members died, so even still it's it's just tough to contain all this. The Standard, the threshold for reporting a case of a patient contracting covid nineteen inside the hospital is pretty high. It's also voluntary. So for those reasons, the infectious disease experts we talked to said the number is likely higher, so we've got about five thousand cases since May fourteen that excludes anything that occurred prior to that since May. Fourteenth there have been roughly. Five thousand cases reported voluntarily by hospitals that met as very high threshold, and to your point we looked at one specific hospital that struggled with these protocols for keeping patients and staff separate, and when we interviewed staff and the head of infection control. What we were told was. It is likely that the virus spread internally that they were investigating, but they declined to share with us. The results of their investigation, citing privacy for employees have died Joyce Hacker Bus Leblanc. She's fifty three year old nurse, Juan Martinez and. Room technician who worked on the third floor, Maria Lopez a nurse, who on the third, floor operating unit. And then FLA botanist Edward Starling. He's sixty years old and he died on June seventeenth. You know speaking to what you're saying about. Some of these protocols they isolate infected patients. The buildings are engineered to help reduce the viral spread. A lot of people talk about these negative pressure rooms, which kind of sucked the air out so the virus staying there, but then there's other research that shows that there's been a particles of the virus kind of hallways outside of those rooms, so it's a very difficult thing to. To contain and be clear these numbers that we're talking about these over five thousand cases, these are a very small fraction of the overall number of cases, but you know it's hard to for a lot of people to feel comfortable there. If certain things like these are happening you know, it just complicates everything. contact tracing is difficult in the hospitals especially at the University of Illinois Hospital that we're talking about at one point, there were so many people are getting sick and was the contact tracing their. They continue to work to boost their infection control practices. As we reported this story, we talked to hospitals across the United States over several weeks and the course of that reporting. hustles described the ways enrich their protocols, and their efforts were changing so early in the pandemic testing was limited. There was no requirement that everybody wear a mask. Now taking is more widespread and hospitals have policies that require universal masking patients and staff are being asked to wear masts to help slow the spread of the virus hospitals in the course of the pandemic raced to reengineer their ventilation systems and add negative pressure rooms, so yes, it is sort of involving response by US hospitals in order to try to contain any possible outbreaks. Hopefully as we continue to get through this, the hospitals can learn to manage it as best they

United States University Of Illinois Hospita Melanie Evans Hospital Journal Melanie Reporter Joyce Hacker Bus Leblanc Chicago Burke Maria Lopez Juan Martinez Edward Starling Technician
Venues Across U.S. Begin to Reopen During Pandemic

AP News Radio

00:57 sec | 1 year ago

Venues Across U.S. Begin to Reopen During Pandemic

"With virus restrictions being eased across the country some familiar venues are coming back but others aren't quite ready universal Orlando became the first of central Florida's theme parks to welcome back visitors starting earlier this week with the annual passholders and now opening its doors to the general public people need to wear face masks and security is checking temperatures at the gate there are markers to keep people six feet apart and workers are wiping down surfaces and handrails sea world in Orlando is set to open next week and Disney world next month but the famous world dairy expo in Madison Wisconsin had to be scrubbed in September the first cancellation in its fifty three year history and while the Indianapolis Motor Speedway had hoped to have fans in the stands for the July fourth weekend the Indy car NASCAR doubleheader will run without spectators hi Jackie Quinn

Orlando Florida Madison Wisconsin Indianapolis Motor Speedway Jackie Quinn Disney
Second man charged in murder of daycare worker in Altgeld Gardens, Chicago

WGN Nightside

00:29 sec | 1 year ago

Second man charged in murder of daycare worker in Altgeld Gardens, Chicago

"Chicago police have charged a second man in the murder of a daycare worker who was killed last fall avion king appeared in bond court today prosecutors say he's one of the six men who mistook fifty three year old Kimberly Underwood for a gang member three people in the group fired at Underwood as she parked her car in Altgeld gardens on one hundred thirty second street last November surveillance video helped cal you met city police identified king as a suspect demande York was charged under was murdered last

Murder Kimberly Underwood Altgeld Gardens Demande York Chicago
AP source: Ex-Trump lawyer Cohen to be released from prison

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AP source: Ex-Trump lawyer Cohen to be released from prison

"Hi Mike Rossi reporting any peace source says former trump lawyer Michael Cohen will be released from prison Thursday Michael Cohen president Donald trump's long time personal lawyer and self described fixer will be released from prison Thursday a person familiar with the matter tells the Associated Press the person who spoke on condition of anonymity says Cohen who has been serving a federal prison sentence at FCI Otisville New York is expected to serve the remainder of his sentence at home the fifty three year old Colin pleaded guilty to numerous charges including campaign finance fraud and lying to Congress he began serving his sentence last may and was scheduled to be released from prison in November twenty twenty one Mike Crossey up Washington

Mike Rossi Michael Cohen Donald Trump Associated Press Fci Otisville New York Colin Fraud Congress Mike Crossey Washington President Trump
Boston Police Officer Dies Of Coronavirus

Nightside with Dan Rea

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Boston Police Officer Dies Of Coronavirus

"Walsh is the front edge was fifty three years old and a resident of the city of Boston is a twenty nine year member of the Boston police department joining the force in nineteen ninety one he served district E. thirteen in Jamaica plain since nineteen ninety six there's still a quarter of a century serving one community Jose Fonte as was married with four children and a

Walsh Boston Jose Fonte Jamaica
Today's Morons...There's no licking at the grocery store

Bob and Sheri

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Today's Morons...There's no licking at the grocery store

"One of things that this terrible global pandemic created for all of us a whole new category of war on in the news. And that's the person who thinks the viruses a hoax and they go in and they commit all sorts of acts of assault and vandalism using their bodily fluids and coughing sneezing as more of the day is Jennifer Walker. She comes to us from South Lake. Tahoe and she went into a first restores. Landau a safe place for. She's fifty three years old by the way so for anybody that thinks. Oh these kids today. Every one of the people that are doing that have done. This kind of crime are all at least forty years old. She's fifty three years old. She walked into the grocery store and she began licking things and ultimately she licked nearly two thousand dollars worth of merchandise all of which had to be trashed because none of it was being saved for sale. She's been charged with felony vandalism because guess what after she licked everything it touched everything and then lifted. Some more turned out that she wasn't going to be able to pay for single one of those items so they arrested or charged with felony vandalism. They talked her into L. Dorado County jail which sounds like something on but cowboy movie. She's being held on ten thousand dollars. Bond. And because we've never had a situation with the woman living in today it's kind of unclear. What sort of punishment? We're going to have people to do this kind of thing. If you WANNA see what a fifty-three-year-old grocery licking evil person looks like tech the word Moron to eighteen sixty seven or seven. We will send it straight to your phone and you'll be automatically entered to win our special Bobby Terry Hand sanitizer which is called people. Make me sick. You know. That's the second woman in the last week or so. Who has done something like that? Do you remember the story? I had a woman who licked something like thirty two thousand dollars worth of groceries and meats and seafood and and then was arrested taken right to jail and they. That store wants money. Thirty two thousand dollars you know. Here's what I'm thinking. There is somebody who's either online or he's got a radio show. Tv show and he's calling bs on all of this and he's telling people to do things that are disrupted and there are certain amount of people who are stupid enough to listen. It's like we learned from the dark night. Some people just want to watch the world burn We had that woman in Wisconsin. Movie linking the handles of a grocery store freezer. And I don't care what you believe. Don't believe what you think or don't think if you're willing to put your tongue on something that a million people have touched you're

Jennifer Walker Vandalism L. Dorado County Jail South Lake Tahoe Landau Assault Bobby Terry Hand Wisconsin
Greece quarantines second migrant camp after COVID-19 case confirmed

BBC World Service

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Greece quarantines second migrant camp after COVID-19 case confirmed

"The authorities in Greece have quarantine the second migrant camp off to one of its inhabitants tested positive for the virus the fifty three year old man from Afghanistan has been taken to hospital the mechanistic camp north of Athens will remain in quarantine for two

Greece Afghanistan Athens
"fifty  three years" Discussed on WZFG The Flag 1100AM

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"fifty three years" Discussed on WZFG The Flag 1100AM

"That my fifty three years on earth the change and twenty five percent of the world's population dying in Asia has put everything at a different level of different with the same view under the microscope China is now buying as much beef from Brazil and all straight as they possibly can Australia has been an importer beef to the United States for the lien trims to make our ground beef for for quite some time that subject to change Brazil continues to be high level of scrutiny because of JBS swept the presence in the United States I think there's plenty of problems with the consolidation in the packing sector protecting the beef business pork is a little better off because there's been expansion in infrastructure and that's coming from a diverse group of people that have come forth but I chased down some of the facts about JBS and they're not exactly what they appear to be and I know that even fox news has gotten this wrong the truth of the matter is that in less people involved in agriculture they just don't seem to grasp the facts to share them with the public I'll try to do that I'm involved in I'm not sure I can actually pull it off but I'll try first don't remind you about our beef a program it is the certified Piedmontese program now that is a Nebraska program because the cattle or just down the road about forty miles from broken bow that's were long creek cattle company and their cattle operation is based give more details about how you might be a part of the certified Piedmontese program by going to the website long creek cattle co dot com you want U. S. born bred and raised get into a branded beef the program that is the best approach so I she's been down some of these facts Brazil does not currently import fresh beef or frozen beef only cooked beef from Brazil to the United States the only time Brazil actually get import beef to us was during the Obama administration and then we found the what they call rotten beef which in fact when you trace that down it was lesions from poor administering of vaccinations in the needles which are be fault insurance program has fixed I'm just going to make this statement and I'm gonna expand upon it and the days to come it's time for the mandatory beef check off to end yes I did say that I have been a long proponent of the research and development in the marketing of beef but I think there's enough of discontent in the country it should be the producers it will there I don't think we even need a referendum I think that the administrators of this program cattlemen's beef board and national cattlemen's beef association should just say you know what USDA it's time for this to be over we've already have a court ruling that said this is government speech is not the producer speech this time the producer right the ship you still.

Asia twenty five percent fifty three years
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"fifty three years" Discussed on 77WABC Radio

"Is a fifty three year old black man I said it because he has prostate cancer we know the black community one in six Black River will get prostate cancer wanted twenty three will die of prostate cancer sourcing is a warning sign. for every man really black white yellow every man please get checked out please no one is immune from prostate cancer please get checked up he was diagnosed ten years ago with prostate cancer any works of this hospital super pooper big hospitals and he sees how matter laid up after prostate surgery he just refused to have treatment he never had treatment for about eight years had a high PSA is PSA was going up up up. good from nine eleven to sixteen wow. yeah the Gleason seven cancers or more aggressive cancer and examined him. but he refused to have a rectal exam he just did not want to have that but he wanted treatment and we offered him treatment we try to honor patients request as best as we can. we stayed up with MRI another testing done and we had a high risk cancer it a Gleason seven leases how aggressive the cancers under the microscope his PSA was fifteen point seven eight and he chose her treatment and we treated them almost two years ago and I saw him yesterday and he told me. how he's feeling and he says he feels like spider man. he's in remission is cancer free and he's feeling like spider man and this is the work we do and I suspect if he had open surgery robotic surgery or radical surge of the prostate he would not be feeling like spider man because most men have terrible consequences to their sexual life and urinary life and if you look at the results from surgery for a high risk cancer PSA fifteen please seven you will see that most men have recurrence of the cancer was surgery most men have damage to the sexual life with surgery most men have damage to the urinary life with surgery so why is this man fearing like spider man because he came here. he's in remission doing well he's pleased about that this is the word that we do every day thirteen before Broadway Broadway thirty eight street in the heart of New York City wow oh wow oh wow this is what we do every day. and we'll talk about a fifty five year old. woman she's born in Haiti she's marriages for children. she has recurrent breast cancer. she was diagnosed with breast cancer several years ago had chemotherapy. then she stopped treatment for breast cancer than last year she had a mastectomy. she lost her left breast for treatment one of the big hospitals we talk about all the time so often surgeries done at the big hospitals. and she was seen by her doctors didn't tolerate Q. mole had the mastectomy and now the cancers back. whoa the cancers back she has pain chest pain or excel her weight is gone from a hundred and forty five to a hundred and ten pounds losing thirty five pounds. so over a couple years she has some chemo which is like she had surgery lost her breasts were should devote like after the. mastectomy there should be more treatment well she was so upset about the mastectomy should just canceled everything. and now she has recurrent cancer I examined her number she had a left mastectomy she lost her left breast. but just because mastectomy doesn't the tell you the cancer is never going to come back in fact I examined her should multiple modules of cancer over the left chest wall right where she had the mastectomy. should not Jules raised Jules read Jules thick and Nigel's throughout the area where her breast once was. whoa. her right breast was fine she has recurrent breast cancer we got the pathology new pathology we re staged or and we're offering treatment to try to get her in remission this is the work that we do every day for new cancers recurrent cancers for people with new cancers that recurring cancers are we try to communicate better so that the patient doesn't get lost. this version of the few cycles of chemo ahead of that got lost showed up again had a mastectomy. lost never completed or therapy and that was here asking us to do the right thing and that's what we do for everyone is to try to do the right thing every day at thirteen eighty four Broadway for new cancers or recurrent cancers I would like about a man who weighs spoke to him weeks ago on a Sunday. weeks ago he called the during a radio show and told me about his prostate cancer the Gleason a prostate cancer fourteen of fourteen cores for positive he's a sixty year old man he's divorced you came with his girlfriend. years ago he was given testosterone is PSA was six had a biopsy the prostate years ago was said to be negative they had a repeat biopsy the prostate showing fourteen of fourteen quarters positive usually when a biopsies to the prestigious moldable little needles echoed to the prostate this man had fourteen all fourteen showed Gleason eight cancer is a very high risk cancer because the Gleason scores so high in so many cores are positive for PSA was hired five point five. he was worked up and he shopped around it is a brother we shopped around any chose our treatment because you saw our data for Gleason a cancer I do like the idea of avoiding radical surgery for if you like the idea of new technology like the idea of proven technology he liked the idea of communication is a big communicator and we just finished the treatment on this man and he's doing great he's with his girlfriend Indians amber Tory and functional and fully intact and tolerating his treatment and.

thirty five pounds fourteen quarters fifty three year fifty five year eight years sixty year ten pounds ten years two years
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"fifty three years" Discussed on WHAS 840 AM

"To her husband Steve for fifty three years Cokie was the mother of two and grandmother of six Karen Travers ABC news Washington metro police say they have no suspects in a deadly shooting that happened outside an east end apartment building last night the scene was on charter oaks drive off chamberlain lane when officers arrived they did locate a blackmail the man shot multiple times he received fatal injuries and was pronounced dead on the scene police spokesman Dwight Mitchell says there are no suspects in that shooting a Louisville police officer was injured during a pursuit last night's will Clark has details on that during the pursuit of a stolen car and Ellen PD officer was heading north on Preston street trying to make a left turn on the hill street that's when he didn't quite make the turn and hit a concrete. support beam for a pedestrian overpass at that intersection the stolen car also hit an unmarked Ellen PT cruiser the officer involved taking university of local hospital by another officer sustaining minor injuries will Clark news radio eight forty WHAS the Pentagon is confirming that a green beret was killed in action in Afghanistan officials identified the slain officers sergeant first class Jeremy Griffin of Tennessee serving his second tour in Afghanistan a fifteen year army veteran yep Pentagon says the forty year old Griffin will be awarded the bronze star medal and the Purple Heart after he was killed by a small arms fire in Afghanistan General Motors and the United automobile workers union are holding board discussions today is a nationwide strike enters a second day GM says its latest offer to the union includes higher wages lump sum increases improve profit sharing and an eight thousand dollar ratification payment GM also reportedly proposing a new union represented electric vehicle battery plant at its now shuttered plant in Lordstown Ohio and in all electric truck facility at the closing Detroit Hamtramck plant but union member Stephanie carpenter says there's still a lot lacking you haven't touched.

Afghanistan General Motors Detroit Hamtramck Ellen PT Ellen PD Louisville Karen Travers Steve Stephanie carpenter Lordstown Ohio GM United automobile workers unio Cokie Afghanistan Tennessee Jeremy Griffin Pentagon Clark officer Dwight Mitchell
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"fifty three years" Discussed on KFI AM 640

"Tyndall faces fifty three years in prison corporate carson k._f._i. news city leaders in l._a. say a proposal requiring citizenship for housing vouchers amounts to torture the feds are looking to require that all family members in subsidized housing have u._s. citizenship it is nothing short of state-sponsored terrorism and here in los angeles we say hell no to that councilman mike bond and says that rule would make the city's homeless crisis worse if this policy is implemented eleven thousand more people will be on the streets in los angeles that cannot that cannot stand at city hall andrew mollenbeck k._f._i. news members in l. a. or looking for outside help to deal with the homeless crisis counseling and mitchell farrell's state leaders should cough up more than a billion dollars from the surplus we need the state to get into the act as never before in our local delegation in the assembly and the senate needs to support los angeles city has more than thirty six thousand homeless people that's an increase of sixteen percent in last year rain has washed away beach quality in southern california you'll debases more rain this winter created more runoff teeming with bacteria believed that no one should get sick from day at the beach which is why c o shelley liu says her group releases the beach report card even in off year liu says ninety four percent of beaches in the state earned an air or during the summer that means about forty five beaches throughout our state are not safe for swimming even when the sun is shining and five beaches in southern california landed on the beach bomber list of the ten worst stretches of sand in the state in santa monica chris ancarlo k._f._i. news the senate has approved by partisan legislation to provide nearly five billion dollars to care for the thousands of migrants coming over the u._s. mexico border the house has already passed similar bill that one has more limits on how the trump administration can use the money congressional leaders say they helped to send president trump compromise measure before lawmakers leave town for the july fourth recess the wife of dog the bounty hunter has died beth chapman starred with her husband on three reality shows too about the family business the other was about chapman's longtime battle with cancer she went into a hospital in hawaii over the weekend because she was having trouble breathing she was then put into a medically induced coma chapman was fifty one from.

Tyndall los angeles mike bond city hall mitchell farrell senate california shelley liu beth chapman hawaii carson k._f._i. santa chris ancarlo u._s. mexico president five billion dollars ninety four percent fifty three years billion dollars
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"fifty three years" Discussed on WMAL 630AM

"Abe, a lot of people believe and feel they'll never retire. That is not the case. So let's break it down for those listening in and around DC that are ten years away from retiring, what steps do they need to be taking what do they need to know? Well, the more time you have the better, right? Because the more time we have the plan. So there's a couple that just came in. They live in Leesburg Virginia where Shelley and I live and they'd come to one of our most recent educational workshop there fifty seven and fifty three he's the older one. She stays at home. And he works for the government there ten years out before for retirement. They're going to retire at sixty seven and sixty three he will have worked for the government for twenty five years by that point. And he's going to have a pretty strong pension with them. It's going to be forty four thousand a year, which is over close to four thousand a month. Okay. Then they're going to have both social security checks. So they have a decent income floor there between those three sources, but they needed a little more income in their plan. And so as we were talking laying things out and said, listen, all you need to do is reposition a small portion less than twenty percent of their assets today to satisfy their income needs adjusted for inflation for the rest of he and his wife's life think about that for a minute fifty seven and fifty three years old. They have about a half a million dollars saved reposition less than one hundred thousand today combined with his pension and bustles security checks will satisfy their income needs for the rest of their lives adjusted for inflation Aaron teed man that that's pretty good. He loved it. And that allows them to keep eighty five percent. I think in the market the majority of their investments, they can stay invested. They can stay the track and investors. Those funds for long term growth for cumulation for legacy. You know, he's a few years older than his wife. He's got a pension. So he probably wants money to pass onto his wife and his children. But the point there is just a small piece of the pie today combined with what they already have in place for guaranteed income in the future will satisfy their income needs the rest of their lives. And they love the plan. They loved the idea and that also shows that you are able to help all sorts of different people with their retirement. So if it is a federal employee, if you're dealing with things concerning pension, and you're looking at having a retirement income plan aid can take that into account and plan for the other. What is that you have concerns about? So if you're listening today, you have a pension if you're listening today, and you've got other ways that you've saved accumulated invested all these working years for retirement. And now you're going, you know, about ten years away in about five years away. Or I'm already retired. I need to make sure that I've got income coming in. Where is? The paycheck. It doesn't happen anymore. When you stop working figure that out with a where do I stand.

Shelley Abe Leesburg Virginia Aaron teed ten years eighty five percent fifty three years twenty five years million dollars twenty percent five years
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710 WOR

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"fifty three years" Discussed on 710 WOR

"Tomorrow's christmas. It's practically here, then he growled with his Grinch fingers, nervously drumming. I gotta find a way to stop Christmas from coming for tomorrow. He knew all girls and boys would wake bright and early. They'd rush for their toys. And then oh, the noise. Oh, the noise noise, noise noise. That's one thing. He hated the noise noise noise, then the who's young and old sit down to a feast, and they feast, feast and they'd feast feast feast it would feast on who pudding. And a rare who roast beast, which was something the Grinch couldn't stand in the least. And then they do something. He liked least of all every who down in whoville the tall in the small withstand close together with Christmas. Bells eight stand hand in hand and the who's which starts singing a sing. And they sing, and they sing sing sing sing and more. The Grinch thought of this who Christmas seen the more the Grinch thought. I must stop this whole thing. Why for fifty three years I've put up with it? Now, I gotta stop Christmas from coming. But how then he got an idea an awful idea Grinch kinda wonderful awful idea. I know just what to do agree laughed in his throat, and he made a quick Santa Claus hat and coat and he chuckled and clucked. What a great grinchey trick with this coat and this hat. I looked just like Saint Nick all I need is a reindeer the Grinch looked around. But since reindeer are scarce. There was none to be found did that stop the old Grinch. No, the Grinch simply said if I can't find a reindeer a make one instead. So we called his dog max, then he took some red thread any big horn on the top of his head. And he loaded some bags and some empty old sax on a ramshackle sleigh. Any hitched up old max, then the Grinch said giddy up and the slaves started down for the homes with a who's laya snooze in their town, all their windows were.

Grinch fifty three years
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Newsradio 700 WLW

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"fifty three years" Discussed on Newsradio 700 WLW

"Fifty three years ago today, the Ford Motor Company offered an option in their new cars that often the eight track stereo player. Trek home players still about a year away. But on this date fifty three years ago, you could have had one in your brand new Mustang for a couple of extra bucks. Of course. So you're saying Ken, why are you playing the song? This song particular this was on the album Fleetwood MAC's greatest hits it was released in nineteen eighty eight. And it's believed to be the last major album that was introduced on the eight track format. That's it. Couple of other albums, maybe. But the last major album to be produced on an eight track Fleetwood MAC's greatest hits, by the way, the guy that built the Lear jet. William lear. Also in bed at the eight track player. He wanted to upgrade the stereo system in his private jet. Remember, they had programs not side. You got to use a little toggle switch to get one program to the others, which meant that some songs were cut in half. One part of the song might be on one program. The second half might be on another program and back in the day. If you remember some magazine ads, you could get thirteen eight track tapes for exactly one penny. That's if you signed up for one eight track tape among for more than fifty three years ago today Ford Motor Company offered the option of the eight track stereo player..

Ford Motor Company William lear Fleetwood Mustang Ken fifty three years Fifty three years
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Pet Life Radio

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"fifty three years" Discussed on Pet Life Radio

"Fifty three years my teeth have done whatever the hell they, wanted to, do Right and. Now you're now you're coming, in with like rules and restrictions out of nowhere explain the, pain you're, right you know what I. Mean my teeth are? Just. You, know. Getting hammered man pain right. Now and they've been. They've been living, free with free you. Know free love, they just been kinda and. Whatever they wanna do go in this way going that way Gone which ever? Way they want and, you're coming, in with you no no no, no hey guys. I have some ideas and some, solutions here, and they're. Going what what no no no no no that's what's happening things cutting up my mouth And? I'm, on, my, first, trae, so I don't know oh only twelve eleven I gotta. Let them more how long do you, have to wear them three weeks each so a main. For, like seven. Months So so yeah guys excuse. Me if I'm talking a little funny em? Sipping water right. Now I just drooled over the microphone Yeah dribbling down. My mouth yeah I didn't I mean I didn't. Come in like as early as I usually do, before we do the show so we didn't talk, as long as we, did so I don't know. Why didn't, realize, it before. But I guess when it comes to the headphone you sound, a little you know it did You sound a, little a little list Be up to the groomer humor So you know people. By think that you would make we, spend a lot of, time, together believe, it, or not like you know Anthony I don't really talk as much as you think we do, because when we're here we're working there's blow dryers were concentrating on dogs and. Then like he's got. A life I got a, life we kind of just part so I haven't. Seen? You for for three days right Soared, because it's you know a lot of people I would imagine like you know they have jobs, so they make time on the weekends to see their parents if they don't. Live with them but. I work with you so. My weekends never consist of spending more time with. You I'm with you all. Week exactly we in Anthony actually look forward to parting from Beating each other up any effort and anytime. We do get to we don't have to work on, dogs and we gets online we. Have to talk about the show and the channel and. It's. Always work, with us it's always production meetings. And writing this, adding, that out yeah, so anyway let's, get to the show anyway so so. Anyway springtime like we mentioned it's. A very very busy busy time. For dog, rumors it's a busy time for dogs it's a. Busy time for people you. Know we have gotten so many calls this past week the weather just broke it we really didn't have much of a. Spring at all kind of, went from forty five degrees. To seventy eight degrees today but when, the weather changes we just get those calls so getting a lot of phone calls one thing gotta. Be careful with as a dog groomers have to try not to. Over book yourself you want to get. Everybody in and it's like feast or famine everybody's calling you at the same time so gotta get everybody in. And there's only so many. Dogs. You could or, should be done in a day You. Know so you got to kind of. Schedule yourself out you know make sure that you give enough time so that way you're not working too quickly Yeah and? You. You have to like you said before you springtime is the time, to undo all of the stuff that winter does to both us and our pets exactly not that dogs don't get mad at a plenty during the winter but. Now the weather breaks and it says something about going from cold weather to warm weather that. Just the nots just feel that much. Harder to get through and yet you can't. Overbook because you kind of have to set aside a little extra time these, dogs have? Been wet all winter it's raining when spring first start's like crazy it's all it's been doing for the last month is being rainy and. Cold. You know and then so it's a get your basic grooming of sheets who is going to take you a little bit longer when..

Anthony trae seventy eight degrees forty five degrees Fifty three years three weeks three days
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"fifty three years" Discussed on Super Station 101

"Give us a call you can check this out aligned to not forgetting get a team lifestyle dot com barrier to the phones and talk with tommy high tommy uh fifty three years old my health challenge is hypertension uh i just finished reading a book uh the uh espouses a plantbased diet completely uh for control of cardiovascular disease i already i also have type 2 diabetes and they very rich family history of heart attack and stroke uh fact lost my little brother when he was forty four from a heart attack so i've been trying to find ways to uh to improve my health i do exercise almost daily um i'm six three two hundred thirty pounds but it's mostly lean muscle but uh i just read in a book that i am not supposed to take any supplements whatsoever uh so i just wanted to know ah how true that was uh and now are there supplements that can help with hypertension yeah there are i i'm not a big notes supplement guy by any means i think that we don't get enough out of our foods i do think you need to get as much hole and organic based foods that you can you can put in your body that's for sure but i don't think we get everything we need many times because our soil so depleted and it can be very challenging to get the right kind of nutrition in on a regular basis so they eating the right kind of foods and get in the right nutrition in his key so near with that said supplements can help i mean there we know from nice in a mind not versions of nice and can help with blood sugar blood pressure there are certain amino acids l argentina no sicher lane those can be quite helpful as well so i mean there's all kinds of documentation and research you know that shows that it's it's kind of a big deal and supplementation fish oil you get so much research on fish oil to be able to help with cardiovascular health it's amazing but what comes on hypertension there's some top food you can look into number one beats are really good.

tommy six three two hundred thirty p fifty three years
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"fifty three years" Discussed on C-SPAN Radio

"I am fifty three years old i've been a single mother on living in the state of illinois since about nineteen eighty six um i came from a small town in ohio it was a major still coun i remember watching air irancontra hearings of ronald reagan and howard coun waited for that trickledown effect what i can tell you can go to my home found in ohio now the same streets don't have sidewalks they'd bid navim when i was a kid i came deal noise for work i raised five children here in illinois um not on the welfare didn't get help uh when mr george bush took office he promised in his primaries he could have could a million new homeowners in homes in his presidency he did he did a lot of good poorest didn't everybody lost money everybody's homes were messed up blah blah blah blah blah he got in there would have surplus he left us with a massive desk said i am i want everybody you remember the gulf oil spill is because he released regulations okay what i will tell you about this tax bill is this could happen to me when bush did it he's going to give tax breaks to the upper middle class and the wealthiest people in the country he's going to put that burden on the lowest income people in the country my point and be the first year george bush took office i was a single mother with by kids i never really owed any cactus but i didn't get no cactus back i bile and earned income credit at the end of the year and maybe i get one hundred bucks right so the first year george bush took office that allow only little hundred dollar refund because of his tax breaks to the.

illinois ronald reagan howard coun ohio mr george bush oil spill fifty three years hundred dollar
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"I know he's into you know a blaming cops an an stereotyping all cops i know that he is promoting court class warfare to promote marxism that has been responsible for more murderers worldwide and when i saw the ownership of the team that i route four stay in this is about unity and free speech and all that other crap i was done as a consumer of it and it was easy for me because that was very easy for me and and as i said fifty three years as a fan and and people will know i mean you know had you know from working with me uh what a what a fence since you know i was a a child and they also on the hockey team so was a double whammy for me i've been watched hockey war football and you know something it got down to the point where i just couldn't do in good conscience i said if i watched the game i feel guilty i just wouldn't feel right doing it because uh i you know i i come from a hut come from a multicultural immediate and extended family believe me and i will not enable racism whether it comes from somebody with a different skin colour than mine or one the comes from his skin color that i have i just won't do it that goes to my soul but this week and you know one last weekend you know now that it's been nine ten weeks eric i'm telling you i i forgot about it yesterday mm doing just different things and the only thing uh and almost it the interesting thing is almost i didn't watch any college football this weekend and it's amazing because the evolution i just look at myself and i.

hockey fifty three years nine ten weeks
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"They are news organizations that may shapy attitudes of history you're not going to get really bolden ramon history book because it's like i have a feeling that contemporary history it's going to be written by cnn i worry about this reliable of fifty three years of history in you know i'd say ted of it i forgot and the rest of it yeah okay i lived it so change out fortythree years i lived forty years of his wall take we go to eliminate some of high school because of some of the party i did so we eliminate that so i've lived of about twenty years i don't know i i've lived a good life okay so when i was in school i was forced to at least study two hundred years of history when i was in church i had to read six thousand years of history it was recorded by men inspired by god and not scribes that are motivated by a genuine greed so majid cnn wrote the bible that would really suck imagine if you know all the history to the kids have to learn today's from cnn msnbc or cbs i mean you everything about you know who's gonna write the history and how they are going to look at it i mean if you think that the agendas of gun control our bothering you now can you imagine how they will be written about history book tripoli's examined three three seven hundred that's triple8 six three three seven hundred i'm quite lewis you'll see ground zero and we'll be back one mm mm hmm mm this is how the democrats when the culture eight take the clowns on tv the clowns in the movies that clouds in hollywood and they think that there which they regard kkat on me when you were looking for news talk we've got you covered hitting came off see for less healthy you should have taught the american when us thousand what us passing they were talking points from chao chairman say that now you again.

majid cnn msnbc tripoli hollywood chairman bolden cnn lewis six thousand years fifty three years two hundred years fortythree years twenty years forty years one mm
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"And and as ice and i said when i turned it off i was an unknown up when i said okay i'm done watch last week when i see a disagreed with them um i've done that met the vast majority of of things that i said i'm not going to spend my time energy or money on i've never told anybody about because mostly nobody cares now it's just my value system not not gonna spend money over there are not going to do that i don't need to promote it the only reason i did that was because it's such a huge issue and i wanted people to walk through would my mind said was and said won't have no time restore watching the nfl at for fifty three years and i thought it was interesting to that when i first started paying attention to the nfl uh you know probably for about a year so that it it and one of the big events was the american football league 'cause the this before the merger and the bills were in the the uh the afl it's when they were winning the american football league and they want to championships sixty four and sixty five see so that is in my youth i remember things like that right it's like burned into my senses the rest and sat times been a blur but that was burned and and that's the the 19th 65 when the american football league went for their allstar game done in new orleans on believe rebel racism i mean just blatant racism at the airport players could black players couldn't give taxis taxes would pick them up and just drop them off said get out of the via vehicle now they were so upset they got together there was and in the french quarter there was so much racism they could get served anywhere where they met and all the players white and black unanimous sleep voted they weren't going to play in new orleans they weren't going to hold it there and they moved the american football league allstar game two our reis stadium in in texas and i'll never forget that in i i thought it was interesting that i came that but when i came into football and really started paying attention to it it was racism in.

nfl american football league afl new orleans reis stadium football texas fifty three years
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"In this country that we have a large population that is trying to turn the country into a socialist country you can see the communist openly urban at fifty three years old this country thank god uh you know life but we're immigrant cia my family lost everything in cuba where came from very similar situation achieve tickets replaying itself right in front of our eyes never thought this would happen but the bigger issue ears if these people are always heard this is bill either shame people who want to uh give aware sovereignty or pro globalist who don't want to change our constitution so uh yeah i'm four died we after we have to maintain our long we're very generous we allow a lotta immigrants here you don't you got to follow the law in this country will jeurys i'm not worried about the socialists i know where they stand on this but the thing is what about paul ryan what about you know karl rove and matt welsh year he's still so eur in enemy of socialism aren't you matt of valid abbvie socialism meets those foul on the origin and it's it's these guys have already been taken over by this this whole social it has been happening for ears here i mean this is dr system etc coetzee quarterback russianarab rupp chart churchyards you just accused me of being taken over by the socialists slow been hoping personal and you know even know depending on where you went to school would uber taught them this whole thing there's all identing racial pole or racism wasn't even award in our book in our dictionary to late 1928 here in the us is these people are the same people who wanted to give away our sovereignty there are a lot on is your mortgage company or not respect our flag dipped they're like put soldiers for the for the left george let me ask you a question what is your what has been your opinion now were before on the american policy of if a cuban gets his or her toe on american soil that person has an automatic path to citizenship and access to welfare benefits are you in favour of it all the cubans and i tell you i love them either gray but don't people uh they don't know anything different the only may know is is communism and the only way to survive is through scamming over there you don't survive unless you're it off so.

cuba us george karl rove matt welsh russianarab rupp fifty three years
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"And i am rachel martin pakistan's prime minister nawaz sharif has been ordered to leave office over allegations of corruption will hear the latest on the president's decision to ban transgender people from serving in the us military and another white house staffer on the chopping block rule chief of staff winds grievous day or will you go to friday july 28th actress laura we laughlin better known as uncle jesse is better half unfold house to fifty three years old today the news is coming up next my from npr news in washington on korver coleman the centered his failed to repeal the affordable care act the early morning vote on the latest gop legislation failed by a vote of fifty one to forty eight three republicans joined all the democrats in rejecting it susan collins of maine lee lisa marie calcium alaska and john mccain of arizona senate majority leader mitch mcconnell expressed his disappointment now imagine many of our college on the other solder celebrating probably bully upi all those but the american people or hurting inundated senate democratic leader chuck schumer was quick to respond i would say to my dear friend the majority leader we are not celebrating we are relieved that millions and millions of people who would have been so drastically heard by the three proposals put forward we'll at least retain their health care the defeat ends four now the health care debate in congress the senate has adjourned pakistan's prime minister nawaz sharif has resigned a fivejudge panel of pakistan's supreme court disqualified him from holding office because of corruption allegations it also disqualified pack stands finance minister the panel ordered that corruption charges be filed against sharif and his family sharise family is accused of improperly owning offshore companies they say the businesses were legally set up the securities and exchange commission is finding oilfield services corporation halliburton thirty million dollars for bribing a four unofficial for an oil servicing contract charles lane of member station w s h u reports or with lower claimed that halliburton bribed in angolan official for fourteen million dollars worth.

halliburton official charles lane congress mitch mcconnell arizona john mccain maine gop korver npr chief of staff prime minister rachel martin pakistan finance minister senate majority leader chuck schumer susan collins coleman washington uncle jesse us president nawaz sharif fourteen million dollars thirty million dollars fifty three years
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"Intercontinental ballistic missiles were fifty three years there are two or outside the box who russia wanna throw charles krauthammer and another from wall street journal defense expert taylor dinner at krauthammer recommend parking nuclear weapons and south korea now we actually had nuclear weapons south korea until 1991 when george wash pull them out as a goodwill gesture to north korea and goodwill given work the north didn't work at all anyway right and tailored airman suggestion is that we use the missile north korea launches as practice targets were still only half developed antimissile weapons in other words we try to shoot the rockets north korean half out of the sky but both of these options would lead to a really curious consequence that you wanna have discussed several times the real quick and whatever we do it not who trigger world war three remember korea is allied with china and iran the way that japan and south korea are allied with the usa we are committed to coming to the defense of japan and south korea with nukes if necessary and north korea have that kind of alliance with russia china iran and iran paul russia china and the usa into a nuclear war and you have the end of humanity it is george scary stuff it sure is howard and i love your perspective very poignant alexa it's a little device said just about runs your house it's amazing what were new mexico man has been arrested for apparently beating his girlfriend and threatening to kill her after amazon's alexa call the police during the assault the man we deguene and threatened to kill the woman and he was yelling at her going did you call the sheriff all the question was picked up by the smart speaker that apparently interpreted as call the sheriff and so it did and they came in arrested the guy you got away watch out for technology and how 'bout this some day soon more us households will be subscribers of amazon prime television then cable or satellite tv according to recent estimates of amazon's popular shipping and entertainment service according to estimates from morning star nearly seventy nine million us households now have amazon prime and that continues to grow chase and on may nasa spacecraft flew over a massive storm mariejeanne on jupiter and a longawaited journey that could shed some new light on the.

amazon nasa mexico howard iran north korean wall street journal charles krauthammer russia assault Intercontinental ballistic mis china usa japan china world war north korea george south korea nuclear weapons fifty three years
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"To jar three and i'm not even sure discharge or will it there is rod tells me there is jaws for the assuming that the two three four could not have matched no because just to wasn't bad but three just got so ridiculous it make it more and more bizarre as they go the thing got out of a fish taghrid some i watched the whole thing but did they did they had the same set of key actors roy schneider and all of that to the they they die off and had general i can't remember of snyder was in was in jars who i mean jar three by lawyers and judge to he was in that's right that's what wrought rubs good on this stuff who was the name of the captain on the bulk deal the old quit that was who had right was that he just died i think i thought i read his bitch wary robert shaw robert shaw log has all of this i'm telling you rodney you should be i should be produced in this hour you should be like uh doug gets greg we appreciate it eight dead dachti sued advocate god i love this this i'm actually learning stuff here kit and fitchburg hey kid how are you good evening dan how you doing i couldn't be better couldn't be better what do you think i looked this category also in what i i turn i could not believe i infinitely thought of a movie i saw fifty three years ago null what was the teen years old well i read in a practical groton and there was a representative from outwardbound schools that was looking for volunteers to go up and start and build one up an eric in island up in maine to build you ever heard me the deal the hurry that i've heard a hurricane island in his era a school up there it was an outward bound outlived vowed ok p four roca prescient they were offering it will you go to we were going to groton academy while warranty academy will lawrence academy right but there's also the groton school right to different schools catch it well how that you're okay issue with the launch academy outwardbound and what was the movie pray tell the mood well first of all i have to tell you dan.

snyder rodney doug greg representative maine the deal groton school roy schneider robert shaw lawrence academy fifty three years