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Ex-Cops Accused of Violating Floyd's Rights to Be Arraigned

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Ex-Cops Accused of Violating Floyd's Rights to Be Arraigned

"Former cops accused of violating George place rights are to be arraigned today for former Minneapolis police officers charged with violating George Boyd to civil rights are scheduled for an arraignment in federal court in Minneapolis a federal grand jury indicted Derek Chauvin Thomas lane and fellow officers in may for allegedly depriving Floyd of his rights while acting under government authority all four of the defendants are charged for failure to provide medical care for Floyd when he died in their custody on may twenty fifth twenty twenty Chauvin was sentenced to twenty two and a half years in prison after being found guilty of murder in Floyd's death the other three officers face charges from the state of aiding and abetting murder and manslaughter today's hearing will be held remotely via video conference and could address several pre trial motions including a request from three of the officers to stand trial separate from Chauvin I'm Jennifer king

George Boyd Derek Chauvin Thomas Lane Minneapolis Floyd Chauvin Federal Court George Jennifer King
Pulitzer Board Honors Teen Who Filmed George Floyd’s Murder

The 11th Hour with Brian Williams

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Pulitzer Board Honors Teen Who Filmed George Floyd’s Murder

"On the afternoon of may twenty fifth twenty twenty. She was taking her nine year old cousin to buy snacks at an unremarkable corner. Store in minneapolis called cup foods quite literally the definition of minding her own business when she made a quick decision. That would change. The course of history shook out her phone. She started recording. What became the murder of a man in the street. In broad daylight under the knee of a police officer she chronicled the departure of life from the body of the man. We now know. As george floyd today. Darnell frazier was recognized with a special citation from the board that awards the pulitzer prize as reuters. Reported it today quote the citation at the twenty twenty one. Pulitzer prize ceremony is a rare instance of the board recognizing the journalistic achievement of someone with no professional experience in the field. A striking distinction in the genre sometimes known as citizen journalism frazier. Eighteen was recognized for recording quote a transformative video that jolted viewers spurred protests against police brutality around the world and no it is not hyperbole to say that darnell frazier's decision in that moment changed the world people marched around the world. George floyd's name has been spoken in remembrance in the oval office. It's the title of a proposed act of congress. Indeed what darnell frazier did in that. Moment was the definition of electronic journalism as ugly and stomach-turning as the video is to watch the question remains. Would we be saying the name. George floyd were it not for the bravery and presence of mind of a young woman named dr nella frazier

George Floyd Darnell Frazier Minneapolis Pulitzer Prize Reuters Frazier Oval Office Congress Dr Nella Frazier
Louisiana Police Deny Black Man Who Died in Custody Was Alone for 48 Minutes

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Louisiana Police Deny Black Man Who Died in Custody Was Alone for 48 Minutes

"Officials in Shreveport Louisiana a refuting claims that officers denied medical care to a black man who died in police custody in twenty twenty the family of Tommy McLaughlin junior filed a federal lawsuit in connection with his death they allege he spent forty eight minutes in a patrol car alone without medical attention the cloth and had three encounters with police on April fifth twenty twenty the day he died the lawsuit faults officers for missing signs of a mental condition known as excited delirium syndrome police admit using a taser pepper spray and a baton but they say that they were needed to subdue him lawyers representing the police officer say there's evidence they requested medical assistance and that help arrived within seventeen minutes I'm Jackie Quinn

Tommy Mclaughlin Shreveport Louisiana Delirium Syndrome Jackie Quinn
TikTok Sued for Billions Over Use of Children's Data

Daily Tech Headlines

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TikTok Sued for Billions Over Use of Children's Data

"The former children's commissioner of england and long field vowed class action lawsuit against tiktok on behalf of all children in the uk and eu. Who use toxins may twenty fifth twenty eighteen alleging the platform collects their personal information without consent or transparency into how it will be used tiktok said the case is without

Tiktok England EU UK
The Personal Journey of Angela Harrington Rice

Speak Out World: Arts, Activism & More!

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The Personal Journey of Angela Harrington Rice

"Anthony. You certainly are renaissance woman. And like you do tell us what inspired you to create widow wayne. Well what inspired me was. Probably one of the most devastating Things in my life. My husband made his transition march. Twenty four twenty fourteen and i was just devastated devastated. I just thought my world had just fallen apart. I couldn't see myself going on Empty nothing brought me joy. And i guess you could say i was. I was pretty much depressed. And i look for hello and was unable to find it I reached out to people. Who admonished me for feeling the way. I was feeling. Because you know if you're a christian you're not supposed to mourn you're not supposed degree in mind as wet and so And so i kept looking you now with even though things like you know don't Don't cry your your ministers It doesn't look good. I mean all kinds of things in the on the internet which Sometimes my best friend on the internet. I found this organization called camp widow and i went to a A camp in tampa florida and everyone who was a part of that organization was either a widow or widower and so it was so comfortable. Because you knew what. The other person felt You know exactly their feelings but you knew that they had lost someone important. You knew it was okay for us to cry. We cried together. We are stories on there. Were person there to minister to us in terms of Sharing some healing modalities that they thought would help us. And so i just felt so at home in so comfortable and it was the first time i felt like i was getting some relief. So when i came back to atlanta i thought oh this would be a great opportunity or i could fill a need for people in atlanta. The woman who had lost their significant others and the interesting thing was it was a help for me. I think i needed to find women who wedge shared similar ernst and so and so. I started this group on June twenty fifth twenty fifth team which is My wedding anniversary and I think one person showed up. But i kept doing it until showed up and it was wonderful. Having these women's talk we shared our stories about our husband. We shared how they made their transition. We shared feelings and we connected with one another And so and we're still connected to this day the first group and so over the years It will be what i don't know i'm not gonna count in my head but it's been a few years now that we have continued on to go full with organization One of the things is just. I learned so much through my own experience. A widow in olive. The reading i've done. And recently i became a licensed grief coach and so one of the things that i know is that it is important to talk about it sometimes. People don't wanna talk the as it think that no one wants to hear the story and so when you come to widow away when you're part of that we know what the story you know. We know we're going to hear your story. We want to hear your story. We wanna listen and so we wanna comfort and in a so wonderful place where you can cry and no one is going to tell you to stop crying you. We're just gonna be there for you

Anthony Wayne Atlanta Tampa Florida Ernst
This is what winning looks like


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This is what winning looks like

"I have a few people to sink. But i want to start by talking about two stocks facebook and general motors. Why those two you may ask. Because next week we'll be market full res tenth anniversary this show turns ten and the first two companies. We talked about on the first episode of this podcast. January fifth twenty. Eleven were general motors and facebook. Now in the case of gm they had just announced some really good sales numbers and we talked about whether that would translate into a good boost for the stock facebook was still a private company and the latest valuation put their market cap at fifty billion dollars and we talked about whether the social network was really worth fifty billion dollars and you hear from time to time. Well if you bought this stock at this point in time than today you'd have you know. And i i just thought well. What does someone actually did. What if someone listened to the first episode of market foolery took three thousand dollars and decided to split it. Three ways put one third into an and five hundred index fund. One third into general motors one third into facebook. How is that person doing after ten years now. Facebook was still private so they would have to wait another year and a half or the ip l. But you know in this scenario they just wait for that and on day one they say great. I'm in on facebook since january. Fifth twenty eleven here are the numbers s and p. five hundred up one hundred ninety two percent. That's good. that's real good. That is an above average decade. General motors less good. Gm up nine percent. I know of nine percent in ten years not gripped. Facebook goes public mid may of two thousand twelve and through today. The stock is up. Six hundred. Eighteen percent market crushing returns for facebook. So every ten years the market foolery day one portfolio. That started with three thousand dollars in cash is now worth more than eleven thousand dollars and i know. It is tempting to look at that portfolio in thick boy. If you just taken the money from general motors and put it into facebook. You'd be up so much more. That's not the point the point. Is this person this person who did this. Market full day one portfolio. They're doing great when it comes to investing. This is what winning looks like someone who doesn't invest in individual stocks like you and me someone who sits back and methodically puts money into an s. and p. five hundred index fund. Make no mistake. They're doing really well. Three thousand dollars in an index fund over the past decade. Now worth more than eight thousand seven hundred dollars. That's really good particularly when you think about all the sudden downturns the market has had over the past decade staying invested. No matter the environment takes discipline and i applaud that i celebrate that but three thousand dollars in an index fund over the past decade does not get you north of eleven thousand dollars today and yes i know that. Gm has not been the most inspiring business over the past decade. but it looked. at least. They're still here. Talked to any investor who owns shares of any of the many businesses that went bankrupt in the past ten years they will happily trade that stock for shares of general motors that end up in the plus column barely in the plus column. I know but they'll take those. Gm shares up nine percent along with the dividend payments. They will take that trade in a heartbeat. Facebook went public at thirty eight dollars. A share in may of two thousand twelve. That stock is now north of two hundred seventy dollars a share but remember was pretty rocky early on just a few months. After it went public. Facebook stock was below eighteen dollars. People bail people absolutely got in early. Saw the drop and bailed but those who held on. We're absolutely rewarded and again. I know no one actually did this. But i actually think it's a pretty good illustration of the approach. We talk about the motley fool on our podcasts and to a much greater degree in our services this is why we talk about allocation and mindset. This is why we talk about building to a portfolio of fifteen to twenty stocks with a long time horizon this market re day one portfolio is kind of a microcosm of what a market beating portfolio. Looks like you've got some laggards. You've got some companies that are keeping pace with the market and you've got some winners and a couple of those winners are up so much that they make your laggards irrelevant in the same way that facebook is up so much. It carries general motors over the finish line at the end of the decade to make this market beating portfolio. This is what winning looks like

General Motors Facebook
How does the Electoral College work?

The How in the World Podcast

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How does the Electoral College work?

"This week's episode answers the question. How in the world does the electoral college pick our president. You're listening to the how in the world podcast we're we unravel some of the planet's most perplexing questions in just about ten minutes nope we're not scientists or scholars. We're just normal people who like to figure things out. Sometimes inspiring sometimes informative. Our topics are always fascinating hosted by me mark johnson and my lovely wife me holly johnson. We do the research so you don't have to well. Today is thursday november fifth twenty twenty. And it's been a quiet couple of days around here in the. Us assure was there was something on tv to incessantly. Watch and keep checking my phone about What could that possibly be wrong. Oh how about the twenty twenty elections. It's been a wild couple of days folks in it. Looks like it could be wild for a bit longer. So let's all practice are deep breathing and relaxation methods together. Bring your popcorn as the time that we're recording this. I believe the elections come down to maybe four states that haven't yet counted all of their votes but once they're done it's still not over no not even close because once all the votes are counted will know what the results of the popular vote are. But we won't officially know yet. Who won this election. And that's because not only will there be a ton of lawsuits than we unto way through but also because we don't elect our president based on the popular. Vote like you would in the classroom election elementary school. We use the electoral college. And i've always been a little foggy about the electoral college. So i'm glad recovering this today because it forced me to dig deeper really kind of learn about it or you could have just asked your wife who by the way is a political scientist by education. You know yeah. I've been told that. Before so i get a little invested in presidential elections and the preceding debates and political discussion. So what it's fascinating and also frustrating and maddening and kinda stupid also but so fascinating the strategy. He's not even close anyway. Let's talk about the electoral college. Yup that's why we're here. So let's do it and by the way we're going to refrain from any partisan right discussion. This is just about the electoral college. You won't know who we voted for. So for starters you know how annoying all of those census ads and like postcard mailers and mail and information and more ads and everything was reminding us. How important is that we fill out our census form so that everyone is counted yet. And i remember seeing a ton about the census recently. But i believe you filled out the form. Since you're our families designated form filler outer am. I joined it because again i am a political scientist so data and surveys and stuff like that matters anyway. The census is used to determine a lot of things most notably funding to your state for certain services. So if you have a disproportionate number of school aged kids for example it tells the. Us government that you'll need a disproportionate amount of funding for schools. I mean that's really dumbing. It down but funding is a biggie. And doesn't also tell you how many representatives you'll get in the. Us house it does so every state gets two senators so there are a total of one hundred senators in the us senate but representatives are totally different because their allocated based on the census count. Yes they are. There's always four hundred and thirty five of them. No more no less. But how they're allocated can change. So if everyone emptied out of california which currently has fifty three districts and therefore fifty-three representatives and moved to wyoming which currently has just one representative. Those numbers would turn on their head. And by the way. Alaska delaware montana and north and south dakota and also vermont have just one representative yes and there are also some non voting delegates in the hell. They can do everything. The voting members can do except vote. Hence the name right. They can introduce bills and participate in committees Currently there is a delegate representing washington. Dc as well as one each for puerto rico. American samoa guam the northern mariana islands. And the us virgin islands. They're also talking about adding a delegate from the cherokee nation and from the choctaw nation which is super cool. Yeah it really is. And the senate and house together are called congress and there are a total of five hundred thirty five members of congress. So that's that hundred senators and the four hundred and thirty five representatives. Each state has the same number of electoral college votes. That they have congressmen or women which means each state has a minimum of three electoral college members. Two senators one representative three so for the the smaller less populated states. They're still going to have three electoral college members.

Holly Johnson Mark Johnson Electoral College United States Us Government Senate Wyoming South Dakota Delaware Montana Vermont Mariana Islands Alaska California Samoa Guam Puerto Rico Virgin Islands Congress
3 win the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 2020 for discovering Hepatitis C virus

60-Second Science

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3 win the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 2020 for discovering Hepatitis C virus

"Guess we're we're sort of in the middle of the major biology education Charles Rice of the Rockefeller University in New York City I. think that you know the field has definitely changed since days when was a graduate student and I think one of the things that is is very reassuring. Now is really global response to this is pandemic. Of Academic and clinical. In Pharma Communities, the rate of progress earlier today October Fifth Twenty Twenty Rice was informed that he had won the Nobel Prize in physiology or medicine for the discovery of the virus that Causes Hepatitis C.. The identification of the virus has led to tests and treatments for the Condition Ri- shared the prize with Harvey Alter of the National Institutes of Health and Michael. Houghton of the University of Alberta, it took US months and months of of toil to sequences single viral genome. Now, people can do that in a matter of hours and the rate at which people have been able to sort of make progress on understanding SARS Gobi to and And covid nineteen is spectacular. Rice spoke this morning on a web press conference from Rockefeller. University. So I think it's it's taught us a lot of things about science in general. There's really a a pressing problem we sort of you know mobilize people all around the world sort of work on these problems. Really you know great progress can be made. You know people would love to have a cure a week or so vaccine and a week I mean that's not feasible but the speed with which good they're. -PEUTIC and and vaccines will be developed for SARS Kobe to prevent covid nineteen is Going to be a spectacular and it's it has a way of I think in a really sort of changing the way science is done to really make it in a sort of more of a community after rather than something that many years ago might have been pursued by a few labs in isolation. So I think the sort of young biologist today just South this amazing collection of tools and capabilities to understand what's going on in virus biology in and the host response at a level that was just never before possible. I'm very. Optimistic on this sort of future of this and I do hope maybe the success with Hepatitis C. and I would predict these eventual success and getting a handle on the current coronavirus pandemic. We face will sort of encouraged us to not only recruit more virologists but also just sort of encouraged people to study these little troublemakers because you never know when they're gonNA pop out and cause trouble. So It's worth a with a small investor.

Twenty Twenty Rice Nobel Prize Rockefeller University University Of Alberta Covid National Institutes Of Health Harvey Alter Graduate Student Gobi Rockefeller Pharma Communities Houghton New York Kobe Michael
LVMH Is Readying Its Red Pen for Tiffany's Books

Wall Street Breakfast

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LVMH Is Readying Its Red Pen for Tiffany's Books

"A Delaware judge is expediting the trial date for Tiffany's lawsuit against lvmh which backed out of a sixteen point two billion dollar takeover of the US jeweler earlier this month. We appreciate the court's ruling today to expedite the process said tiffany chairman. Rodger Farah a trial on January. Fifth Twenty Twenty one will hopefully lead to a ruling prior to the expiration of US antitrust clearance on February third twenty, twenty one and enable us to protect our company and our shareholders. lvmh has argued that a material effect from the pandemic had hurt tiffany's business while it couldn't complete the deal by the November closing date for fear of getting in the middle of a US. France trade war.

Twenty Twenty United States Lvmh Tiffany Rodger Farah Chairman Delaware France
All the biggest announcements from Ubisoft's Forward event

Kinda Funny Games Daily

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All the biggest announcements from Ubisoft's Forward event

"Forward was yesterday a bunch of stuff got announced. We want to give you a recap of it. immortals. Phoenix rising was revealed of course, gods and monsters re renamed redone. It's covering the December third I. It's coming to deep breath playstation for playstation five, xbox one series series s switch PC. An Stadia on December third stadium however is getting demo before launched that'll be exclusive. Stadia it'll be a unique island. It's coming sometime later this year before December third busing you liked what you play this game yeah. No I enjoyed it like I've said this before, but it's basically you be Saas version breath wild and I think that very much shows each and every way where you have so many of the mechanics and ideas from breath while the climbing and like the the they have a shrine Like replacement in in Gaza and immortals Phoenix rising, they have the open world that is filled with puzzles and all this stuff play lot somewhere at ease. But then also if you'll. If. You'll structured like a Yousof game and I was actually talking to my roommate Michael about this last night. But he was very much like seems like breath breathalyzer came out and it it copied a lot of what you saw is doing and we saw Admiral Hey we can be. Doing I feel like that's a pretty apt way to put it almost when you look at the towers and stuff breath wild. Stuff manifest this. Game though has me excited. For I'm. Coming to next Gen, I think is exciting. I N necessarily expected not to, but this plus came out in. February and so I think I had the question of all right what does this release look like and so that's an exciting thing I. wonder if it looks better, I wonder how I wonder what the differences between the two skews It also coming to switch is really exciting because I was thinking they revealed that surprise me you know especially with the breadth of wild similarities that coming to switch I think is going to be interesting for that audience to see how people will take to it whether people flocked to order people are put off to put off by it. I. My my thing in this isn't me knocking it right breath. The wild part of that game I thought was the journey across the island and making it feel like you're making big steps watching What we saw last night from Phoenix rising. It seemed like traversing the island in getting around seemed quicker. Is that an apt description or is that just what made to look like? I think that's apt but I also wonder how late in the game that is because when I jumped in halfway through I, wonder if we're at the beginning of the game, does heal a lot slower because that is my thing with breath to you a breath breath the wild. One. Of The wild one. Breath wild felt like one of the biggest open world games I played even though it probably like in scale of the map, it probably isn't as like it probably isn't that big you know in reality but the way in which they approach like that journey aspect of it makes it feel like it's huge near exploring all these different things in that like you know you really feel like you're going. Through journey because you're kind of exploring that world slowly and meticulously, and you know, they give you the the paraglider thing early in the game breath wild Ryan so like they give you some of those those those tools to explorer in like go through the island quicker. But even even with that Econo, still feel like you're tracking few and You know really getting everything out of the map. Immoral Phoenix rising when I was playing did feel a bit like quicker and did feel be onto the next thing right? You feel like you are going to the next class breath while didn't really have A. The has system, but it's not as traditional and strict as. A. Lot of other similar open World Games try immoral Phoenix rising does seem to have a quest system that is a bit stricter in terms of, hey, go do this thing called the next question? Do this thing called? The next. Which? I think a lot of people who may not have liked breath wild for that are going to like a moral phoenix rising for its structure. But I think that also means that you might be exploring this game at a particular pace is probably going to be a bit quicker. I don't think it is going to be the man. What is this? What we're here I'M GONNA I'M GONNA check this out like this who unique thing that you've never seen before that that that blows your mind I don't know how those moments you're gonna get but you are going to have like open world puzzles and things that are discoverable just maybe not on the level of breath. Wow. Okay I had zero hype for this game and then washing shows like Oh shit I'd like to play that and I think December's time for to after like the run to black Friday new consoles or out every starting to chill and settle for the holidays. This seems like a game I play in Madame. On top of that, then prison persia the sands of time remake was announced coming January twenty first. Every of the current generation no Nexgen for it your Yuri Lowenthal is back. That's right. Spiderman of self animal prints the original prints from Principia. Exciting for that. Looking forward to playing that I said, every said current is it switched to I don't think I actually did I miss that I'm not sure I. Can you thank you very much check on that hyperscale got a little shoutout it's still free. They showed some stuff I didn't pay attention Rainbow six siege world got something there. But I in the Rainbow six siege way you off on twitter pointed out Upgrade Rainbow six siege. To Jen Councils at no additional cost in play in one hundred and twenty frames per second at four K.. Then, Scott Pilgrim vs the world. The game complete edition was announced. That's coming holiday twenty twenty as well washed. Prime showing WHO's the rapper whose in it? And Watch. Storms he they showed him getting more captive for his rap session. They reiterated October twenty ninth as a release date in the announced that aiden pierce the of protagonist from the originals watchdogs will be part of the season pass. You can get there if you want there is. One Prince Persia knock coming to switch it was. The XBOX IN PS four xbox and PS four. Yeah and then to I would like to apologize to date appears fans I. During the Stream I very much. That hey, nobody's a fan of aiden pierce nobody cares about eating peers. there. Weren't even that many wash dogs. One fans etcetera etcetera. And, yeah, the in Pierce Fans showed up in my mentions let me know they. Let me know they exist inside out here out here issue I like to issue a public apology to every eight and peers fan i. see you I hear you I understand that you exist in frantic. Now, frame did not pop out. There is going to be another ubisoft forward in the coming months. But before then before the end there, one more thing was writers republic Again, from the people who made steep this giant multiplayer online game, you're all doing outdoor shit like riding bikes and snowboarding and jumping off crap and doing races is coming February twenty fifth twenty, twenty one and gamespot reports even though that's after the launch of the. Series x? US. Offering free upgrades from PS four and xbox one versions to their respective next Gen versions, which is a very nice move on their part. Hopefully, they're committed to this. Yeah. Talk about this because you tim immediately lit up for this one and I mean, we started reading twitter. Yeah. I don't know exactly what it is about this game I don't know if there's one thing about this game rows like this me this is what I need but like the more and more they show during that trailer because it was it was a long trailer, the more and Morales like. No. Yeah. This seems like it has a fun like it seems like a fun combination of quite a few ubisoft games. Right has a lot of steep in. It seems like it has some trials in it even seems like it has some far cry in it. When you look at the world and you look at the some of the colors you see an almost has like some rage in it all. You know when you look at when you look at the colors i. I want to know more about what structure of the game is like. Is it battery Al is a like fog is, is it just you're doing a bunch of different activities that that scale based on how many players? There are ten players to thirty whatever I'm more curious about that. But from the stuff they show they show a game that was very similar to graffiti from Tony Hawk. Where graffiti is the game where like it's a multiplayer game where if you do a trick on a ramp or like on a grind or whatever yellow then color that the ramp or or the grind your color, and you are essentially doing as matrix all over the map as you can in order to take over the map versus your opponent almost kind of platoon ish in a way. They showed a game battle is very much that we've made me go. Oh, snap. All right. This seems like it has a lot in in terms of the different, the different ways in which you can have fun. So all about it looks cool. It looks like it's going to grow over time I'm surprised it's coming out so soon.

Phoenix Aiden Pierce Twitter Admiral Hey Gaza Persia Tony Hawk Ubisoft Nexgen Yuri Lowenthal Michael United States Ryan Jen Councils Scott Pilgrim Spiderman Principia Morales
Garmin reportedly paid millions to resolve its recent ransomware attack

Security Now

07:32 min | 1 year ago

Garmin reportedly paid millions to resolve its recent ransomware attack

"Garment Hack. Lawrence Abrams bleeping computer as we know, as always had a strong interest in ransomware. So I'm not surprised that his coverage of the Garmin ransomware attack was the most detailed of any I've seen nor that he's had access to some. Insiders who have reached out to provide him some extra tasty bits. Among. Other things an employee inside Garmon informed him that the initial ransom demand was for ten million dollars. Oh. Yeah. Holy Moly. Dead. Dead million dollars. Okay. We don't know what ransom was finally paid. But it seems more certain than ever. That Garmon did pay up Lawrence wrote. After a four day outage, Garmon suddenly announced that they were starting to restore services and it made us suspect that they paid the ransom to receive a decrypt her. then. Last Saturday. Lawrence posted today bleeping computer gained access to an execute, -able created by the garment it department to Decrypt a workstation and then install a variety of security software on the machine. Since wasted locker. That's the ransomware is an enterprise targeting ransomware with no known weaknesses in their encryption algorithm. Decrypt, her cannot be made for free. And remember that bleeping computer has has been sort of a focal point four. The less than well designed ransom. Where mistakes were found in the encryption which allowed for the creation of a no charge, dijk crypt door and those have been organized and are are and can be found through bleeping computer. So he said to obtain a working decryption key Garmon must have paid the ransom to the attackers and he said this is where he said is not known how much was paid, but as previously stated, an employee told bleeping computer that the original ransom demand was for ten million dollars. When extracted this restoration package? This is the one that they that they received. A copy of that had been prepared by garments it department. This. Restoration package includes various security software installers, a decryption key, a wasted locker decrypt door, and a script to run them all. When executed the restoration package, decrypt the computer and then preps the machine with security software. Garments stripped contains a time stamp of July Twenty Fifth Twenty Twenty, which indicates that the ransom was paid either on the twenty fourth or twenty fifth. Using the sample of wasted locker from the garment attack, that is the actual. The actual ransomware from the garment attack bleeping computer encrypted did a virtual machine. And tested the decrypt her to see if it would decrypt their files. He said in our test, the decrypt. Decrypt files. So Interesting was that the package received by bleeping computer included references to both the cyber security firm Ms Soft E.. M.. S., I S O. F T. R. M, m cysts, soft sorry. Emphasis soft, and the ransomware negotiations service cove wear. When bleeping computer subsequently reached out to cove where they were told that they do not comment on any ransomware incidents reported in the media. And similarly emphasise soft toll bleeping computer that they could not comment on any cases that they create decryption tools and are not involved in ransom payments. Brett callow a threat analyst at. Mc Soft said, I cannot comment on specific cases, but generally speaking emphasis soft has no involvement whatsoever in negotiating or transacting ransom payments. We simply create decryption tools. Okay. Now, that's interesting news. So it might seem odd for a reputable security firms such as m soft to to have anything to do with ransomware, but they have an interesting angle. As we know, the decryption side of the ransomware mess sometimes receives much less attention from the bad guys who need to create the decrypt her Dan, the encryption side. Consequently. The decrypt have tended historically to be buggy to crash or to for some reason, fail to fully undo the damage that they had originally done despite. Having, received a valid key. So that's where M soft comes in. They reverse engineer questionable ransomware decrypt. There's for which the decryption key is known. To create a more robust and reliable decrypt her for a victims systems. Emphasis soft ransomware recovery services, page states if the ransomware. If the ransom has been paid, but the attacker provided decrypt is slow or faulty. We can extract the decryption code and create a custom built solution that decrypt up to fifty percent faster with less risk of data damage or loss. So. This also explains why the decryption package garment finally used also contained legitimate security software. That extra security software along with improved decrypt, her may have been provided by emphasis soft or may have been. Put together by garments it. And of course, as we mentioned last week, now that evil corporate has been attributed as the creator of wasted locker and has been placed on the US sanctions list for using dry decks to cause more than one hundred, million dollars in financial damages. Paying this ransom could lead to hefty fines from the government. So do these sanctions sources familiar with cove where have told bleeping computer that the negotiation company has placed wasted locker on their own restricted list starting in early July and will not be handed handling negotiations for related attacks.

Ransomware Garmon Lawrence Abrams Fifth Twenty Twenty Mc Soft Garmin United States Brett Callow O. F T. R. M DAN Engineer Analyst
Charlie Kirk: Coronavirus stimulus

The Charlie Kirk Show

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Charlie Kirk: Coronavirus stimulus

"And you have Schumer Pelosi. In Biden one hundred twenty five years, Charlie Kirk of failure, unmitigated failure, swap failure and I. Think of my kids. You met my son. He's twenty one years old. My daughter's eighteen and I would think about your America their America and when I say you know, live free or die, American, the world on the brink I'm not joking. And very specifically will be probably the biggest choice election by far in my lifetime, and maybe since eighteen sixty, and there's a lot at stake We can go through the issues if you want, but it's. It's there's there's not one issue we agree on that. I can think of for the most part yet, and you wrote this, and it just really sent chills down my spine. You wrote this book to sound an alarm as a warning. Warning to my fellow patriots about the left's undying commitment turn America into a land, our parents, founders and framers wouldn't recognize it. It's perfectly put, and that's the direction that they're headed on page twenty seven. You have a great part about how Ben Franklin says we ever republic. If you can keep it, can you talk more about how this truly is? A referendum election in some sense and the left is trying to do to our country. Well the the story about Franklin's interesting, because it's, it's the constitutional convention and somebody says he comes out one days, says, is it a monarchy republic republic? If you can keep it Reagan, I quote him off. When I give speeches, said Freedom Charlie and you know this is but one generation away from extinction. And you know when if you want understand if socialism is adopted if their stated goal is adopted America as we know, it then becomes unrecognizable look, I can understand psychologically. There's a component of maybe people that that have been indoctrinated in schools, and you're great at this because you're going in to hostile environments every day, and you're saying you know what there's another way of thinking here, so maybe the idea that people think Charlie that some things are oh, everything's going to be free and they're gonNA forgive my loans at I'll have a guaranteed government job guaranteed government food. How did obamacare workout now? We're GONNA have Medicare for all or or double down on the stupidity of Obamacare and guaranteed retirement. Guaranteed vacation sounds great. But simple math shows you that you'll never get there. And that's why in the Fourth Chapter of the book did this whole history of socialism which is a history of failure? The point is look at the issues. If if we're talking about law and order. They've cited in Portland in Seattle and new. York and Chicago with the radicals. Joe Biden his yet that I know of said one good thing about the ninety nine percent of cops protect and serve and put their lives on the line for us every day. You're right. Okay, so law and order taxes. He's pledging to raise your taxes through the roof. That will destroy the economy Then they're gonNA just add all the bureaucracy. The Donald Trump spent almost four years. Eliminating that'll be gone. That means nobody's GONNA WANNA DO Business. That's why the Biden Obama economy was so bad. Then you look at where now energy independent for the first time in seventy five years with a number, one producer of energy in the world will lose that for sure We'll shut down coal fracking. Oil Gas exploration production those tens of millions of jobs high paying jobs career jobs for people. Then it's about amnesty. Or the United Sanctuary states of America versus Border Security and law and order of never mind foreign policy. We haven't even touched that part yet, so. There's a lot at stake. If those plans stated plans are implemented. America will go down the past you know. The Trash bin of history as Reagan, said Freedom One generation away from extinction we will. It I shudder to think what will happen the three you and your children by kids, and and maybe one day grandkids. ARE READY FOR THAT And I love the framing, because as the founder said either we're GonNa live free and defendant right now, or we're gonNA. Have a country that you know. We don't WanNa live it, and that's really the framing. That is so important right now, and you talk about and I'm really pleased about this. Shawn because I think we have forgotten about the Russia hoax too quickly in. In the conservative movement, you have been the leader on this every night. You were covering it. You didn't let us forget you help. Muller Accountable, you had investigative journalism and it just seemed that an Oxana names, but other conservatives just kind of drifted away from like Oh. That's what happened happened. You have two chapters on this in the book. Can you talk about that? Yeah I mean I call it Charlie, the the biggest corruption abuse of power scandal in history and the Ukraine was oh. Okay, we failed with Muller after three years. We won't. We won't even bother with a special prosecutor not to I'm going backwards here but to get to Ukraine. You? Know they're talking about quid pro quos, but you have to ignore their presidential candidate on video saying you're not getting a billion US tax payer dollars unless you're fire. That prosecutor is named Shokhin. WHO's investigating my son Hunter who went on a and said? Do you have any experience in oil? No Gas, no energy, nope, any experience in Ukraine. Nope, why are you being paid millions? No, because you dad, so there was a quid pro quo and millions of dollars for the Biden I call crime family. That's exactly right, so. Listen and China's even worse. You get to this whole thing what we now know and I believe what's coming. It's like, and this is where the media's corrupt because. They're just the propaganda wing of all things democratic. Socialist. We now know and have all the evidence that we'd ever need is that they protected their favorite candidate. Hillary Clinton. For things you and I and everybody you know that follows you and you have a massive audience would. Literally never get away with. If you had subpoenaed emails Charlie Kirk and you decided to delete them, and you decided to acid. Wash your hard drive with something. I had never heard about bleeped bleach bit and bust up your devices with hammers. You'd go to jail. If you violated the espionage act, you'd go to jail. They protected her. Then the narrative began we now know began in August. We know crossfire hurricane representatives actually went to brief. President Trump General Flynn. Flynn on national security, but they were there to try and get information on trump and Russia, the most amazing part of this, because the Democrats and the media live for all these years is that they knew and they said and they wrote, and they even testified. There was never any evidence, but there was a dirty Russian dossier. And now we know even the New York Times acknowledged full full of Russian disinformation and that was used. And they were warned not to use it, but high ranking people abusing their power, wanting to take out candidate, trump, transition, team, trump, and then deep into the Presidency Donald Trump. They use the dirty Russian misinformation dossier to ruin Carter pages life and roomed his civil liberties and constitutional rights, but more importantly to spy on candidate trump, and then they had their insurance policy. The fact that the mob in the media ignores it is beyond comprehension. I have so I have two chapters. One is on the Russia hoax, and the other is on this whole impeachment witch hunt. And I want everybody in your audience to understand one thing here if I can get one point across. Yeah, they hate Donald Trump, but they hate us more. They think we are as Peter. Struck, said the smell by the way I probably shop at Walmart say money. Why not you have a woman I love Walmart I love COSCO's. I Love I love it all. And I've shopped there my whole life I mean people always stopped me when I'm in a grocery? So, what are you doing here? Shopping? Wa I like to eat a cracks me up. So but think about that. smelly Walmart Shoppers while irredeemable deplorables, wow! Bitter Americans as Obama said that WANNA cling to their God. I'm guilty their Second Amendment Rights Guilty Bibles and religion I'm guilty of that, too. But. It's contempt for your audience. It's contemporary my audience. It's because they knew better. And they will ling. This was an attempted coup. Now do I think there's going to be arrests and prosecutions I? Do spend much slower than any of us would have liked, but the evidence is overwhelming. It's incontrovertible sad actually that this could happen. That was going to be my follow up. Question Sean because when I travel and we get thousands of e mails a on this topic. When are people going to go to jail? And can you give me insight on this? Can you give us any clues any crumbs that we're starting to see from Durham? It's I call them. It's funny. You say crumbs because call them the the Attorney General Bar breadcrumbs. It's like Hansel and Gretel. Remember. We're we're trying to follow and see the trail exactly yeah. He did say that the president was spied on. It did happen illegally. The. Think about this. If you go before Judge Judy I wouldn't WANNA lot because Judge Judy I. I've met her once she'll eviscerate. You I watched her show. You. Don't go before a court. The information that you have not verified. It actually said at the top of a FISO Warren Charlie. It says verified. Okay. We now know the dossier was unverifiable. The sub source we now know, said this this bar talk. We were making this up. This was never meant for anything and again Hillary paid for it funneled money separate issue. And so, what is going to happen I don't have a crystal ball but I. do know all of the facts that are in the public. Are Enough to indict many of the names that your audience is most familiar with. I would argue. Komi McCabe struck page. I'd like to know a clapper. Brennan's role in all of this ends up being and and others. The more fascinating deep question is. Will they get to that January fifth twenty seventeen meeting inside the Oval Office? This is when member Biden said George Stephanopoulos Oh I. Don't know. Anything about this, you know this whole impeachment Russia thing. He was the one same. Bring up the Logan Act fifteen days later Susan Rice in that meeting did the Cya memo the day that Donald Trump was inaugurated. Obama in that meeting shot Sally Age by saying a He. He knew everything about the Kislyak Michael Flynn call. If we look. To sum it up. I think we're GONNA get there because the evidence. Is that overwhelming? If we don't. I fear for the country? Because of you. GonNa Raid Manafort's home predawn raid and you're going to raid Roger Stone's home. For lying to Congress by the all many of the names I mentioned were referred for the same crime and you're gonNA. Pull it twenty nine guys in tactical gear, frogmen and tip off CNN cameras and. Have a biased jury for person. We won't have equal justice and equal application of our laws, and worse than that Charlie is. We lose our constitution. Yes, all our laws are are predicated on next great document and some `perfect, but it creates the path to perfection at a more perfect union so. Long answers. I'M GONNA talk. Show I love it. No, this is what our audience needs to hear, and and thank you for that and look I I completely agree because if we do not have people and I, say this as carefully as I can in handcuffs for what they did Donald Trump then I I will lose faith in the American justice system I. Don't want that and I don't want revenge I don't retribution I want people to be held accountable and I would want the same if someone did this to Barack Obama because it should never happen to a leader ever. Yes. and. They've gone after every single trump friend confidant, and yet if you oppose Donald Trump you get different treatment, talk a lot about the constitution in your book and the founding of our country, Sean going to be honest, I've been very let down by some of these supreme. Court decisions lately Can you comment on that and the importance to get more people like Kavanagh? Who's actually ruled brilliantly? Unlike John Roberts. I! I'm a little. I don't know what's happening. Roberts I have my theory I guess I have my sources people that. have their own ideas based on some knowledge? For whatever reason and I think this goes back to the obamacare decision. He has allowed. How the court appears to influence his decision making. I also sense with no evidence whatsoever. You're not a big fan of president trump, but that should not come into his thinking. Now. If getting rid of bureaucracy and lowering taxes and energy, independence, and securing our borders, and law and order are all part of this election. Let me tell you another big part of it. And it's you know we're taping this ninety. Whatever days away from the Election Day, I what about and we got asked. What about the Supreme Court? Yes, I go through a whole list I. Forget what paid maybe sixty seven I forget. A. In the book. Of. All the things Democrats would do if they're getting power one, is they? WanNa, stack the courts. Get rid of the Electoral College. And I. What, they're saying they. WanNa do is scary. They used to hide it Charlie. When I every single Liberal Democrat running for office, they would run to the left in the primary. They race back to the center, but you knew they wanted the left. There now openly embracing the most radical elements in the country and you know. Unfortunately we're watching it all. Play out nightly on TV and and that sad what I see happening when I think we have to remind a trump supporters that these are not trump appointed justices, a gorsuch I think ruled incorrectly on one ruling. That's it besides that gorsuch and cavenaugh have been tremendous and terrific verses Roberts. I just think we have to give the audience a sense. Sense of continued conviction that the trump appointed justices will continue to rule correctly and Clarence. Thomas and you know the the Thomas Family. They get no credit at all. I mean what he has done. And can you comment on that? 'cause I, E, you've actually been you open my eyes to that like eight years ago and I never learned about Clarence Thomas as a high schooler until you I mentioned it just as a quick aside on his incredible career. I like to do on TV and antidote on radio, too. Sometimes I call it the Hannity history, lesson 'cause I lived through all of this. I know this is going to see. You're not even thirty three, but my radio journey started in nineteen eighty-seven crazy right. Now on my twenty fifth year of Fox, I didn't think I last two. So I feel very blessed. As a side note if you haven't read my grandfather's son. Which is about Clarence Thomas is life. It's amazing. But. You know it's interesting because him and Scalia. To my opinion, my to most favorite justices in my lifetime. Scalia this incredible wit and genius and understanding and. They got a little acerbic side to when when he was questioning Clarence Thomas always set by quietly. What they called a high tech lynching at the time, the more modern. Let it. You gotTA. Remember Yeah. And you know. It was then Senator Ted Kennedy you know Robert Bork's America the borking of America. That was Clarence Thomas. Now we see it more recently cavenaugh. It exposes. The, who is Joe Biden? Who is his team? Because Clarence Thomas and Justice Scalia or the people we need on that court. We call them constitutionalists or originalists, the original intent, not people that would sight foreign law as liberal justices have done or not people that feel that they can rule by judicial Fiat and dictate or legislate from the bench. Democrats always wanted the court to do that which they could never. Do legislatively or win at the ballot box and that's why they want. We call them. Activists Justices Clarence Thomas. has shown a fidelity to the Constitution at the Antony Scalia. That is beyond enviable And the differences styles always interesting, too because Justice Thomas will always be quiet. That's very few questions. Anthony Scalia was in there in a wrestling with people. I don't know about John Roberts. I can't get into it, but I do believe the next president United States is a very good chance. You have a lot of older justices may want to retire. And I think that the next this election in just three short months. That's on the ballot and that's that's generational now. And Sean I think we have to pressure the Biden campaign to do what trump did and release a list of justices I mean president trump was so transparent and Joe Biden hasn't done it yet. Intentionally, of course, because he'll probably put repeated to lieber something on the United States Supreme Court I mean as horrifying as that might be so in two two quick closing question Sean and thank you for being so generous with your time anchorage, everyone you know. Know go by live, free or die. the first is this. Can you just talk about? We are heading into the election. A lot of trump supporters. They're failed. They're falling victim. They suppression pulse I wish that wasn't the case, but it seems like the memory of two thousand sixteen as faded where people forget. We were down by double digits. Can you just give a little vote of confidence to some of our listeners out there? That think we're just losing. I WANNA. Give the vote of confidence, but I want people to feel this way. I want people to think I'll use a football analogy that our mutual friend Linda that you know. Who's your biggest fan? My radio producer? He's amazing. Amazing, but she doesn't even know how many points you get a touchdown, so I'm giving these football analogies. I, want this election. I want people to feel the way I feel which is. We're on our own twenty. Two minutes to go. We have no time outs We're down by six. We got a cross. The plane marched down the field, cross the plane and hit the extra point to win. So if people feel a sense of genuine urgency and worry and concern, I'm cool with that because fear often as a great motivator, not irrational field fear, but if people do not vote, you will get the government that they're telling you. They're going to give you believe. That that is their agenda. To be a Republican and win. You GotTa always use this analogy got to run the table I gotTA. Get Florida Georgia North Carolina can't win without Ohio. No Republican's ever become president without it right? You got hold Iowa then you got pick off Pennsylvania Wisconsin hopefully Michigan maybe MINNEA- Minnesota will be play. Maybe the city of Arizona will be in play. By Joe Biden reference for those of you. That didn't get. We got a hold Arizona Gopher Nevada New Mexico. New Hampshire and Maine's second congressional district. If every single mom, this is a battle cry. You started out this interview with this. I wrote this book not because I like writing books. My last book I donated every Penny I made to charity I don't care. It's not that. This is a tipping point. Charlie this is I, don't. See if these policies are implemented how America recovers. Irreparable harm the to the rule of law to our courts to our economy, they want to wipe out the lifeblood of of the world's economy. This this promise of socialism and I go into such detail about how it's always failed. Here's a quick socialism of example. Member obamacare. Keep your doctor keep your plan. Save on average twenty five hundred dollars a year per family right? Okay. Millions lost their doctors. Millions lost their plans. We're all paying about two hundred percent more and add to that. Forty percent of Americans almost forty percent have only one obamacare Biden Carriage James Choice now. How did they do with that promise? Medicare is going broke. How did they do it? That promised social security. Charlie hate the break this here. He paying into it. You probably won't get it I. Barely Skate through, and they might give me ten cents until they means tested and then take it back, How does it? How did Liberal government work in New York City with all the anarchy cutting a billion dollars, so please? How's IT WORKING IN CHICAGO? All. These liberal cities have where the violence we've been talking about takes place. They all have one thing in common. They've been run by Liberal Democrats for decades right. Most of these states have been run into the ground by Liberal Democrats for decades. If you WANNA know what America will look like if Biden Bolshevik Bernie. Pelosi Schumer and Bozo. That team gets place look at new. York state and city look at Chicago the City Illinois. The State Look at California. Look at Oregon. Look at Portland, the city. Look at Seattle. Look at the state of Washington. Yes. And I. Love this country too much. You know it's an all hands on deck moment and Every everyone of you've got this connection with younger people in this country. You have this incredible. A credible platform you built, and it's become powerful and meaningful and transformative to the country, and you're going out there, and you're fighting on these college campuses and you. You know it's not easy to be in the middle of a I call it a shift. Show all the time, but let's well put, but you do it. And it's freedom works. Every time you give up freedom for security, you lose your freedom because the security that they're offering. These promises that can never ever be fulfilled. In America. The land. I'll close with this unless you want to go further I can keep going the. Barry Farber who was a mentor of mine. Just recently passed away like ninety ninety one. And he always said there's never been a country in the history of mankind that has accumulated more power and abused at less than the United States well I add. A country in the history of mankind that has accumulated more power abused at less, but used it to advanced human condition. The reason America is great and exceptional. If I can say that today, it's not perfect, but it's great. An exceptional is because of its people, and because of the fundamentals of liberty and freedom. So that? Natural rights versus government or rights, natural rights come from God doubt by our Creator. Life Liberty pursuit of happiness while you can't pursue happiness these days in Chicago New York Moreland Seattle. So there's a lot on the line. I love your audience. I'm so thankful for all you're doing, and you've got a great team that you building review and you're out there fighting the fight and I just urge you guys. Just fight like your country depends on it. Because America's, we know it. It's all hanging in the balance. Yet was Sean. You've been so generous the last quick thing I defend the president all the time personally as a person. Can you comment on that because I've had the opportunity to meet him? not as much as you obviously and get to know him, but a lot of people here misrepresentations in lies about who he is as a human being. Let's close on this note. Can you just mention one or two things that that people can take away from that? You know first of all. It's interesting. Nobody seems to understand Donald trump yet. They don't want to understand. I mean Donald Trump. The Dog Bites the beasts, things you feeling sad or get cancer. You Complain Trump. I mean that's how saying the leftist. But here's a guy that is so unique he this guy is like a soon nami force of energy like I've never met my life. The most distinct and unique quality he's had is as president. You mentioned the Supreme Court. He put those people that he said he put. He cut the bureaucracy as he said he'd caught, and he cut the taxes as he said he'd cut. He did the North Dakota. A keystone pipelines Anwar Likey said he would. He's building the wall or almost four hundred miles. A wall by the by election will be over four hundred miles. He found a way it was. It was an uphill climb He said he wanted to pull us out of foreign conflicts, but not back away from evil defeated. The Caliphate took out. Baghdadi and Associates took out Sola Mani took out the Al. Qaeda leader in Yemen. So? What makes him special and unique in terms of presidency is that he is who you see is who you get. The guy that's fights on twitter is the guy that's fighting for a better trade. Deal the guy that fights. Against Liberal Democrats and the media mob is the same guy is fighting to keep his promises that to me makes him the most unique transformative political figure in our lifetime. And Right now. The. We tip the scales. You have a choice. It's never been a bigger choice. He will keep his promises. Coronas been a little bit of a curve ball to the world, but even that ten days after the first case, the only guy that I know of thought about a travel ban will be donald trump. They were teaching at the time and Joe Binder Biden was call them Sinophobic, so he's a man of his word. He's a man that will fight to his last dying breath for this country and the promises he made, and that makes them in my view very transformative. Men will. The book is live for Your Die God bless you, Sean, thank you for that. You do and we really appreciate. It helps you soon. Thanks bye. What a great conversation that was! Please email me or questions freedom. Charlie Kirk Dot Com freedom at Charlie. KIRK DOT COM please type in trolley. Kirk, show your podcast provider. Hit subscribe, give us a five star reviews screen shot at an email us. If you want to win a signed copy of the Maga- doctrine, please get involved with turning-point USA at Teepee USA dot com that is Teepee USA DOT com. Check out divest you. Dot Com if you want to divest some of. Of your dollars from the sinister backwards malevolent higher education cartel check out our professor watchlist, professor watchlist, dot org professor, watchlist dot Org. We have some incredible new additions that you do not want to miss of radicals that are teaching your children right now to hate. America is professor watchlist dot org email me directly freedom at Charlie Kirk Dot Com your ideas and questions. You want me to ask our guests here on the Charlie Kirk show. Thank you guys so much for listening. So next time God bless.

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On This Day: Michael Jackson dies at 50

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On This Day: Michael Jackson dies at 50

"I said today being June twenty fifth twenty twenty do you know what happened on this date eleven years ago Julie this what is this one of those can't believe it's been eleven years already June twenty fifth twenty oh nine he really wanna take a guess at this June twenty fifth twenty oh nine it's not sports related it was the death the death of someone and I'm guessing this was probably one of those where were you when moments where were you when eleven years ago today Michael Jackson died it seems like it's been eleven years I remember exactly where I was I was driving and have become even even listening to the station here after getting off from work and remember hearing reports that Michael Jackson died and you know in the eleven years since he's been gone his his image has his has his persona has it improved I don't know you know we're debating this before because then you know some years after his death was at three or four years if even that long after his death you have the different documentaries that were put out about the reports about his you know actions and and dumb the reports of what he was doing it on his personal life which always hounded him I get that but eleven years is Michael Jackson thought of more fondly than he was before or is he still kind of a yeah but you know what he was doing right is it is just a kind of it is is is that jokes still out there is that is that he's still a punch line in some ways I mean I think Kim there is still out of you know a shadow that kinda hangs over him and his reputation but delivery was one of those things were in the days of the week and the week or so after it was it was let's get the helicopter out to follow the hearse carrying his body the the funeral the ceremony the memorial services the who's who of celebrities showing up it was it was a remarkable scene it really was and here it is eleven years later and whether he's any better off is memory rather is any better off than what it was when he was still alive I don't know I I certainly don't get that sense I don't believe that we think of him both Michael Jackson a little better late than we did at the time different little different that's for sure sometimes the years go by and and things

Julie Michael Jackson KIM
"fifth  twenty" Discussed on AP News

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"fifth twenty" Discussed on AP News

"This Friday June fifth twenty twenty I Jackie Quinn nighttime curfews have been lifted in Minneapolis and St Paul Minnesota where some of the most violent rallies were first held following the death of George Floyd who was restrained by Minneapolis police Minneapolis officials obeyed chokehold illegal and they're requiring police officers to intervene if they see another using excessive force chokeholds won't be taught in California any longer says governor Gavin Newsom we training techniques on strangle holds that put people's lives at risk and Seattle's barring police from using tear gas at protest president trump's as the country's getting back on track from corona virus shut downs with more than two million jobs added and the unemployment rate dropping to thirteen percent I didn't know which start this quickly I thought would start in August September but it started very early and he invoked the name of George Floyd saying that a better economy will be better for racial tensions hopefully George's looking down right now and say this is a great thing that's happening for our country there's a great day for him it's a great day for everybody it's a great day for everybody it is a great great day in terms of the quality of Saturday viewing and memorial services are planned in North Carolina where George Floyd was born then his body will go to Texas for services in a private burial residents of eastern Texas are being warned to prepare for heavy winds and rain from tropical storm crystal ball it's expected to hit the Gulf coast this weekend Texas governor Greg Abbott and KV UTV what is going to likely be a very heavy rain events in various regions of East Texas and we also want to make sure that we are preparing for potential high wind the World Health Organization is reversing an earlier stance that people didn't need to wear face masks when going out in public this is a P. news after a protest at the White House was broken up with force this week Washington DC's mayors memorialize that site on sixteenth street leading to the White House the words of black lives matter are now painted in enormous yellow letters spanning two blocks with a sign identifying that straight jazz black lives matter plaza one thing that we have found to combat.

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"fifth  twenty" Discussed on KTLK 1130 AM

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"fifth twenty" Discussed on KTLK 1130 AM

"You're listening to the best of Rush Limbaugh on the EIB network really really interesting out there folks not that it hasn't been but man oh man there's some hot growing the stuff going on out there frankly I'm surprised is not that's why I'm here why America's real anchorman attorney with the big news really is the big news the drive by media the Democrats the media are ignoring now in the news all of a sudden Barack Hussein all amber rock Hussein always is in the news for what why is Trapnell he's trashing trump on car won't know he is blaming trump for corona virus he blaming him for the virus he blaming him for the reaction to the virus he blaming him for the chaotic set of circumstances in the lockdown why is Barack Hussein all doing this because it has been revealed that Barack Obama collaborated with the FBI to invent the Russia collusion scandal it is now we know this woman I ask Graham's town by number one I just want this is this is for my fourteenth Valentine's day two thousand seventeen listen to this yeah just how lame the media is and how little they've got their already asking what did trump know and when did he know it and that's not the question the question is what did Barack Obama know and when did he know what and what has he engineered here this all happened was slammed back in December trump had not even been inaugurated yet and it's still mysterious to me what really happened even if even if Flynn as the incoming national security director had called the Russian ambassador to talk us so what that's not hard to imagine that's not a big deal it really isn't a big deal not at all the national security adviser in coming during the transition what I've been calling his counterparts in countries all over the world it was not unusual anyway my point here is that none of this trump Russia collusion stuff going to happen without Obama knowing about it these people that perpetrated it the FBI and the DOJ the commies McCabe's clappers the brand is none of them could have done what they were doing a lot of mama knowing about it at bare minimum knowing about it and at worse directing it and it turns out he was directing it it's that famous oval office meeting on January fifth of two thousand seventeen I spent many minutes talking about that on Friday after the program ended on Friday I saw a post at the at the federalist by Mollie Hemingway and she's focused on that mid and then of course the trump tower meeting the next day which the oval office meeting on January fifth was to set up the words Obama led to a meeting on January fifth twenty seventeen to plan how to sabotage trump in the Russia collusion narrative and get it out there the next day in a call me and Brandon meeting with trump at trump tower so it is not a stretch in fact it's factual to say that Obama collaborated to invent the Russian collusion narrative that's why Obama is taking all of his time and trying to focus on trump and his supposedly a horrible chaotic response than the corona virus Obama knows he's got buddies he knows he's got sick of friends he knows he's got **** kisser is in the drive by media but he still needs to give them somewhere to go and so harping on trump and trump supposedly incompetence is Obama's way of deflecting because I'm telling you and it didn't to show you how discombobulated Obama is grab audio sound bite number two of this the the Obama alumni had a conference call last Friday now the Obama alumni is three thousand former Obama administration sick offense but cancers people work with Obama in his regime and this is how Obama is characterizing the supposing travesty of the department of justice dropping the case dropping the case against Flynn the news over the last twenty four hours I think it's been somewhat downplayed okay the justice department dropping charges against Michael Flynn and then there is no did anybody can find for someone who's been charged with perjury just get off Scot free all kind of stuff where you you begin the basically not just institutional norms but however a basic understanding of the rule of law is is is it risk this is the guy said to be smarter than everybody thank you guys so to be smarter than anybody in the room he speaks and nobody can compete that sounded pretty disjointed but worse than that here's Obama saying there is no precedent that anybody can find for someone who's been charged with perjury just getting off Scot free what what's the problem Flynn was not charged with perjury why does not charge me he did not faces a single charge of perjury Ashley he's supposedly lied to the FBI and a process crime but he did not plead guilty to perjury well come on right now it's like Obama saying in fifty seven states this guy was given a pass he is assumed to be brilliant he has intellectual speak down Pat in fact my good friend Dr Thomas sold has a a great characterization of Obama's political genius writes Dr solo bombers political genius is his ability to say things that'll sound good to people who have not followed the issues in any detail regardless of how obviously fraudulent what he says may be you to those who have paid attention other words Obama's political genius is pulling a bunch of idiots but he doesn't full smart and there's there's another thing that I want to toss on the flame here because this I know this is going to happen I didn't predict if I stayed silent eyes doing new mute but I knew this was gonna happen and I was hoping it would and I couldn't wait a little bit the Democratic Party in the media all thank that the Obamas are universally loved and adored that they are the most respected and the most popular people in or out of politics in the country today they think that whenever Obama comes along it endorses your candidacy but you are a slam dunk winner and in the vast majority of Obama endorsement it's actually the exact opposite and you have to go no further than Hillary Clinton to prove it how much was made about the Obamas and their Netflix deal member that this morning was total in the drive by media the Democrats to meet everybody oh my god the Obama's got a got a production deal at all this is so wonderful the Obamas are going to be able to propaganda this is so Michelle Obama dealt sobering blow by critics after Netflix flop former First Lady Michelle Obama's fans and the supporters were excited for the may sixth release of her Netflix documentary becoming expecting it to be as successful as our two thousand eighteen book was and there's no denying her book was a success but do we know why we're being led to believe that people all over the world couldn't wait to buy it they couldn't get enough of it some liked it so much they bought multiple copies so the illusion manufactured created its ongoing that the Obamas are alone in the pantheon of political popularity didn't nobody is even close and if Michelle Obama ends up on the deck at all my god it's over for trouble my god there's one personal body can't deter or trump can't be done as Michelle Obama this is a conventional wisdom her net flex documentary in the middle of a pandemic when everybody is at home was a bomb it was a flop sure some I hear happy about no but folks don't don't misunderstand I'm not happy with the thing flop what I'm I'm happy that once again a big batch of conventional wisdom has been stood upside down on its head the the conventional wisdom is that you can't touch the Obamas in popularity and that if she decides to run for president I somehow drafter to get rid of blogs it's over she's so universally loved and adored and so popular there is no way trump should just quit trump should even mount a campaign Chuck tragedy to waste time she will waste money there's nobody can beat Michelle Obama isn't this not one of the things in various forms that we have heard and this this this documentary call becoming I mean it was hyped it was promoted it was anticipated but after the widely anticipated film was released critics weren't exactly raving about in fact some critics the people who wanted it to be a slam dunk home run success seems to be pretty disappointed prior to its release the trailer appeared to offer a better ians side look into the Obamas than what reviewers got the words a trailer or something but the actual show itself was a bomb her riots accused the film of presenting the former First Lady of the manicured fashion is see how the Obamas escape if their film it's not it's not some director that we don't know our producer that goofed up it was the bombs you think they have no control over what this was the right of the accused the film of presenting the form about the film's offended Philani accused the film of presenting a former First Lady and manicured fashion film didn't present anything the Obamas presented themselves and I'll guarantee of this they presented themselves because they buy their own hype they're just like the Clintons they believe their own press clippings and so they put this thing together based on what they believe based on what they were told that their audience order voters supporters whatever wanted to see and it bombed farai and he says there are no big revelations here no gotcha moments or intimate scenes in which the subject lets down her guard but the target audience hardly expect anything tougher far more than the memoir I eat the book the film presents a manicured version of the way of Michelle Obama sees or something the film does nothing Michelle Obama presented a manicured version you think that she had no say so over what this film was and I was put together but since it bombed a sentence so bad they have to write reviews of it is though she got screwed into a budget incompetent people and the film did a lousy job other critics painted the film as nothing more than a tool to help the Obama family retreat from the global stage in other words a lot of people watch this thing and they took away from it that this was the Obamas waving goodbye to the public stage not getting ready to get back on it and with that one quote we now know why the major disappointment over the Michelle my Belle Obama Netflix flop they were all expecting it to be Z. precursor to a presidential run you know just like when a when a policy does not write a book it is presumed that's a requirement to run for president got to write a book after read a book you have to get the book out there people have to read the book people after protests well she got a book out there but this was to be the vehicle whereby the people of America would stop everything they were doing and demand didn't beg Michelle Obama to run and save America yet again and yet the critics watched it and said this thing is really just the Obama family retreating from the global stage the film feels very much like an artifact of the Obama's attempt to retreat.

Rush Limbaugh America attorney EIB

Big Book Podcast

06:01 min | 1 year ago


"Welcome back my friends to the big book podcast. My name is Howard and I'm an alcoholic sober since January. Nineteen Eighty eight one day at a time in this episode the twenty-fifth Twenty Six and twenty seventh stories from the personal stories section of the first edition of alcoholics anonymous published in nineteen thirty nine. These stories were printed only in the first edition of the Big Book and are entitled on His way an Alcoholic wife and an artist's concept of particular note and alcoholics wipe is the only story in the first edition written by the Non Alcoholic spouse of a man who got sober through the help of a and along with chapter eight two wives and chapter nine the family afterward may have helped cultivate the later establishment of Alanon also. The author of the chapter and artists concept prefaced his story with a quote attributed to the nineteenth century British philosopher. Herbert Spencer about contempt prior to investigation. It's interesting that although the story never made it past the first edition of the big book the Spencer quote became a permanent part of the second appendix entitled Spiritual Experience That appears in the second third and fourth editions of alcoholics anonymous and now the original stories on his way an alcoholic wife and an artist concept on his way in early youth. I believe I had some of the tendencies which lead to alcoholism. I refer to attempted escape from reality at fifteen and sixteen. Although free at home to drink small amounts of beer and wine I drank considerable quantities of stronger liquors at school and other places. Not Enough to cause serious worry but enough apparently to give me occasionally what I thought. I wanted escape a feeling of superiority. I don't know I then decided that I'd had enough of school. Which decision was probably shared by the schools? The next few years were spent in civil engineering work travel sports and a little idleness and I seem to have avoided alcoholic difficulties of the more pronounced kind immediately before marriage and in the short time before sailing for France alcohol began to take a real part in my life a year and a half in wartime France postponed the inevitable and the postwar period of hopes and plans brought me nearer and nearer to the point where eventually found myself to be an alcoholic. Not that I would have admitted it then. Having the Alcoholics Usual Facility for deception both to self and others divorced sometime suspecting that drinking was the basis for most of my troubles but never admitting it I had enough left in health interests of various kinds and luck to carry on with considerable success. About this time I stopped all social drinking. I became a periodical drunkard the sprees lasting from three days to three weeks and the dry intervals lasting from three weeks to four months during the best years. I made a happy marriage and the age of thirty five found me with the following. A beautiful little home presided over by kind understanding and lovely wife a partnership in a firm. I had helped to found years before more than a comfortable income many luxuries and many friends opportunity to follow my interests and hobbies. A love of my work pride in my success. Great Health Optimism and hope on the credit side. On the other hand I had a growing GNAWING fear of my recurring trouble. I slipped by far too easy stages to the bottom in less than eight years. Not a pleasant place the bottom sometimes. I slept in a cheap hotel or rooming house. Sometimes a flop house sometimes the back room of a police station and once in a doorway many times in the alcoholic ward at a hospital and once in a subway toilet sometimes decently fed clothed and housed. I worked at my business on commission with a large firm. Sometimes I dared not appear. There are cold hungry with torn clothes. Shaking Body and muddled brain had become helpless hopeless bitter. Sometimes I was apparently on the way back and sometimes riding in bed for days at a time terrorized by the fear of insanity and by the spectres of people without faces people with horrible faces people grimacing and laughing at me and my misery tortured by dreams from which I would awake with a scream of agony and bathed in cold sweat tortured by daydreams of what might have been dreams of kindness faith and love that had been heaped upon me due to this last however and to what little remained of my former self and perhaps to some lingering power of spiritual faith. I became somewhat better. Not Well but better. This helped me to take stock and to try and do some clear thinking I found my inventory somewhat mixed but as my thoughts became clearer. I grew much better and at last arrived at the point. Where for the first time in several years I could see some light and hope ahead of me. Through a haze of doubt and skepticism. I began to realize partly at least many things in myself which had grease the path I had pursued and some vague thoughts and ideas came to me that are now crystallizing with the help of the man. I have been happy to join.

Herbert Spencer France Howard Alanon Spiritual Experience
"fifth  twenty" Discussed on WMAL 630AM


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"fifth twenty" Discussed on WMAL 630AM

"Review online we are in our time machine the date January fifth twenty seventeen we're at the White House following a National Security Council meeting the president of the United States Barack Obama asked several dignitaries of the national security apparatus to remain behind because of a matter that concerns the incoming president of the United States now president elect Donald Trump in attendance at this rump session of the National Security Council is the director of the FBI just coming the deputy Attorney General Sally Yates add the vice president of the United States Joe Biden and the national security adviser Susan rice the conversation turns on we believe general Flynn among other matters what we know of this conversation is from a memo written by Susan rice on January twentieth twenty seventeen the last day the last hours of office of the Obama administration at noon on January twentieth the Obama dignitaries turned into American citizens and Donald Trump was president of the United States that's what we know of this conversation I ND I come to you on the next moments because it instills in rice is now entirely declassified memo it's been kept back these many months thanks to senator Johnson and senator Grassley now been revealed through the office of the day director of national intelligence ambassador going now what we learn is that Susan rice points the finger at James Comey as the man who introduced surveillance on Michael Flynn our general topic and also his concern that Michael Flynn might be an agent of a foreign power in this case Russia Russia is often mentioned in your most recent apps provisions of the National Review online you remind all of us that Susan rice is riding this memo fifteen days later and that the concerns that director call me had in on January fifth may or may not have come to anything Susan rice doesn't tell us is he an agent is he innocent do you continue to watch it did you report to the president as you continue to watch Michael Flynn this is all part and of course because of the unmasking story in I know one particular unmasking the office of the vice president on mass data Michael Flynn's name on January twelfth in that period between the fifth in the twentieth so what do we now say of Susan rice because her latest version of the events and Susan rice often adjusts her telling her latest version is that she wrote that memo at the direction of the then White House counsel do we continue to press on this memo or is it entirely a fool's pursuit good evening to end John and various well I don't think it can ever be of fools pursuit to not only the study this memo but also and I think this is very important to try to understand why she wrote the memo you know I think that when you see when you stumble upon or you come up on the paper trail that was created by people who didn't necessarily think at the time that they were creating it that would ever be scrutinized by anyone there's some argument that you can take that at face value of all things being equal but when you're specifically dealing with a document that was created in order to stay in the historical record then I think it's important not only to read what the document says but to understand why it was created and I think here it seems obvious to me that this supposedly at least on the face of it contemporaneously account of a meeting that actually had occurred fifteen days before is an effort to spin what happened at the meeting and I think the the obvious purpose of it is to basically exonerate aka Baba president Obama from having done anything improper and to lay the foundation for a claim that if something happened here where if it turns out that the FBI went after the embed president who would then have been trump that that would have been something that was on the FBI and James call me not something that Obama directed so the way the memo was written it leaves a very ambiguous what the state of play was when Obama was telling them quote unquote to do everything by the book eight indicates that you know call me didn't have solid information at that point that someone had done anything wrong but he had a lot of suspicions and the way rice leaves that at that time call me was supposed to report back to president Obama if anything changed and of course John as you just pointed out this is fifteen days after the fact so we know what the point that she wrote the memo that she leaves out any indication that call me ever came back to her or to Obama to indicate that things had changed so the idea is Obama didn't direct them to do anything it was on call me to come back as if the status changed and he never did that is anyone should just write it right after the meeting why wait does that seem to because I think that he is she's probably reacting to a lot of explosives things that happened in the ensuing days I think what what made them determined that this memorandum was necessary was everything that happened in the explosive fifteen days between January fifth which included not only the briefing of president trump the next day on January sixth but hard on that the exposure of the bicycle by buzzfeed and CNN of the Steele dossier which was so critical to the Obama administration's investigation of the trump administration wants let's store trump campaign and then administration let's remember at this point in time when that memorandum when that meeting at the White House happens on January fifth the FBI in the Obama justice department are already they've already obtained one FISA surveillance warrant and they will create with they will obtain yet another one right before trump is inaugurated that will go on for ninety days before they get the subsequent to that take us to get a well into the first year of trump's presidency so you have that you have the the Steele dossier you had the leak to The Washington Post the fact that that this conversation took place between Flynn and Kislyak there's all kinds of stuff that went on between the fifth and the twenty eighth and I think that was part of the reason that they determined that they needed to frame the record so that the smoke that that would be there when inevitably everything kind of exploded publicly Mister Eggleston I learned was the White House counsel at the time he was not present at the meeting on the fifth therefore I reasoned that he would have been apprised of the concerns that someone had about that meeting and what it meant for the Obama administration now ending on January twentieth and for Mr Comey and ms Yates who would remain in government after January twentieth they did not leave their posts that day they remain the director of the FBI and the deputy Attorney General most importantly that deputy Attorney General would have great power because it would be some time before there was a new Attorney General now Andy the puzzle is does that mean that there would be more documents between the fifth and the twentieth for Mister Eggleston to oblige ms rice to write this unusually exposed facto memo more to discover about the back and forth John I think our our experience here is that there's always a lot more paper than we've seen and that there are enough people who are involved in this and certainly three O. two zap the I. reports been generated Mahler's conducted his investigation is probably a lot more relevant paper trail I would just say this about that for the moment I happen to know Neil Eggleston is a very fine lawyer I work with him many years ago in the Southern District of New York you significantly senior to me at that time and he's been a a very active lawyer in democratic circles for many years but he's a very smart silo and I would just say for the moment as I understand it we haven't heard anything from Neil Eggleston what we've heard is Susan rice who is also in our own right a very smart person but somebody whose versions of events and is known notoriously to change like the wind does we've heard her say that the White House counsel were assuming she means the chief White House counsel table stand but there's a whole staff of a White House counsel that she got instructions that you should do this I wouldn't take that to the bank yet until we get some corroboration of that I don't mean to to go out of my way to slam Susan rice but if she says it's raining outside you know at this point I want to look out the window before I grab my umbrella status will have government well it's just kind of strange I mean if you take the politics out of it and you see somebody two weeks after the fact for writing a memo to themselves that we did everything by the book yeah we're investing in of itself is curious isn't it yes of course it is why would you after you have worked with these people some of them for the entirety of the administration Biden and and rice are there Yates is a long time or at the justice department call me was brought in by by Obama and I think it was two thousand thirteen so he'd been there for a considerable period of time by that point why would you have to tell people who you worked with for years to do everything by the book when you are the administration that's never ever had any scandal according to president Obama why would that be something you'd need to say and of course the the who were saying this all very tongue in cheek because we know that there's no book that exist that would authorize what they did here I would note that the these buys a book commentary we now know specifically was related not to the entirety of what was being done with general Flynn but to the law enforcement aspect of it that would be the criminal inquiry into the Logan act which the justice department in its one hundred and fifty years has never ever charge if there's a book on how to do prosecutions does not it does not affect incident about the Logan act so you know this whole thing I think is bogus and along reeks of you know it's the old see YA I mean it's it's clear I think it's clear to me that what's going on here is this thing is starting to explode at the time this is all being crafted they realized the Steele dossier is out there it has no corroboration they realize that they've opened an investigation on a three star general who's a decorated combat commander of the United States on the preposterous completely evidence free suspicion that he is a clandestine agents of Russia they know this is going to be a catastrophe at some point and there needed to be some blame shifting now none of this could have happened I don't think I had president Obama not green lighted it so I think this is an obvious attempt to try to shift the blame from the person who ran the Obama administration namely president Obama to James Comey who was the FBI director when a lot of this went on and was staying on in the trump administration and trying to continue the investigation into the trump administration Andrew McCarthy at National Review online the author of.

White House president Barack Obama National Security Council United States
Declassified Susan Rice email shows Obama team discussed Russian dealings

Dan Proft

05:04 min | 1 year ago

Declassified Susan Rice email shows Obama team discussed Russian dealings

"Well on the occasion last week of the first tranche of the classifications by acting deny Richard Grinnell that provided some detail on all of the unmasking requests that were made by all of the various Obama administration personnel as it pertains to Michael Flynn and perhaps others Ron Johnson and Chuck Grassley the two centers in Wisconsin and Iowa respectively want more details more a documents declassified because they have more concern that perhaps the surveillance that was being conducted by Obama administration officials predates operation crossfire hurricane on that occasion last week John Brennan former CIA director took to his safe space and M. S. N. B. C. and had this reaction this is also going out and saying give me everything about Michael Flynn absolutely not and quite interestingly the number of reports so we're in December sixteen and January seventeen that were declassified by Richard Grinnell I was surprised at how many dates and reports that were there then what was the ground should do is to declassify and release the contents of those reports in terms of what's the individuals were involved with but what he's doing now is just releasing the names of individuals who again were carrying out their authorized responsibilities shin director Brennan he's getting there yesterday to classifying a email from Susan rice that seems to run counter to things Susan rice was saying in public from a national security perspective president Obama said he wants to be sure that as we engage with the incoming team are mindful to ascertain if there is any reason we cannot share information fully as it relates to Russia rice wrote call me said he does have some concerns that incoming NSA Flanaess speaking frequently with Russian ambassador Kislyak Comey said that could be an issue as it relates to sharing sensitive information president Obama asked of Comey was saying the NSC should not pass sensitive information related to Russia to flan Comey replied potentially adding that there's no indication thus far that Flynn has passed classified information to kids they act but he noted the level of communication is unusual potentially we should not pass sense of information to the incoming president incoming national security adviser is that properly or or fairly Radisson body trying to insinuate his way into a counterintelligence operation against general Flynn well that's what Susan rice memorialized in an email here's Susan rice back on March twenty second of twenty seventeen just a couple months into the trump administration in a sit down on PBS with Judy Woodruff what she had to say about what she knew do you know anything about this I know nothing about this I was surprised to see reports from chairman Nunes on that count today fresh off her performance in the Benghazi a misdirection cover up however you want to describe it we get this from Susan rice I really don't know what to what chairman Nunez was referring but he said that whatever he was referring to was a legal lawful surveillance and that it was potentially incidental collection on American citizens and I think it's important for people to understand what incidental means that means that the target was a either a foreign entity D. or somebody under criminal investigation and that the Americans who were talking to those targets may have been picked up well Devin newness has since revised and extended his remarks so perhaps is in rice would like to do the same for more on this we're pleased to be joined by Fred flights he's a former CIA analyst now president CEO at center for security policy former Deputy Assistant to the president into the chief of staff of the National Security Council thanks for joining us again forget it good to be here about what Susan rice said in twenty seventeen verses what Susan rice memorialized about this January fifth twenty seventeen meeting well wishers lined clearly she knew that there was electronic surveillance of general Flynn what this comes down to what is the intention of B. bomber stretching from the top from president Obama not to honor the very important principle of our democracy and that's called the peaceful transfer of power under that principle the outgoing administration cooperates fully with the incumbent won eight daughters the the will of the people turned over the keys to the officers tells all about farm policy mission underway gives them all the intelligence operations and intelligence they collected they don't withhold information from the incoming president and Tucker offices to use this information to investigate the next administration to undermine it it's really very serious violation of our whole system of government if they had concerns about general Flynn they had to tell the next administration about it cook told president trump and vice president pence and call me if needed later said he was held information twelve Attorney General sessions about Russia also this is an effort by an outgoing administration to undermine and destroy any incoming

"fifth  twenty" Discussed on WBZ NewsRadio 1030

WBZ NewsRadio 1030

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"fifth twenty" Discussed on WBZ NewsRadio 1030

"The twenty fifth twenty sixth the reason why not for Monday the twenty fifth because the Memorial Day in every case we're requiring contractors submitted covert nineteen safety plan before returning to work to help states meet the requirement we have hosted virtual safety planning meetings as well as safety training for inspectors we have produced a video guide along with other reference materials already we've trained and had nearly twenty three hundred safety plan submitted to I. S. date was trained all of our inspection the special services staff and supply them a picture personal protective equipment this plan is a good example of how we are approaching the challenge of a safe re opening we acted early with the construction phase to keep workers safe we we scheduled a special public health challenges in the industry we engaged employers with the work force around the needs and challenges and we've developed a phase in plan with guidance and resources for safe return and continually having communication for office space we are also developing a system of guidance and support we have uniquely large dense dynamic commercial sector here in the city of Boston in a wide variety of buildings and work spaces so the statewide plan allows for twenty five percent capacity starting on may twenty fifth but in Boston we will take this first step on June first this allows us to work collaboratively with building owners and employees on safety plans that meet robust public health standards every employer has a responsibility to create and implement plans for your workplace that minimize the risk of covert transmission but we want to help you so we are trying on a range of national best practices and expert input to create guidelines that you can follow they cover everything from shift scheduling to work at home policies the physical spacing PP cleaning protocols ventilation employee communication.

"fifth  twenty" Discussed on WBZ NewsRadio 1030

WBZ NewsRadio 1030

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"fifth twenty" Discussed on WBZ NewsRadio 1030

"The twenty fifth twenty sixth the reason why not for Monday the twenty fifth because the Memorial Day in every case we're requiring contractors submitted covert nineteen safety plan before returning to work to help states meet the requirement we have hosted virtual safety planning meetings as well as safety training for inspectors we have produced a video guide along with other reference materials already we've trained and had nearly twenty three hundred safety plan submitted to I. S. date was trained all of our inspection the special services staff and supply them a picture personal protective equipment this plan is a good example of how we are approaching the challenge of a safe reopening we acted early with the construction phase to keep workers safe we we scheduled a special public health challenges in the industry we engaged employers with the work force around the needs and challenges and we've developed a phase in plan with guidance and resources for safe return and continually having communication for office space we are also developing a system of guidance and support we have uniquely large dense dynamic commercial sector here in the city of Boston in a wide variety of buildings and work spaces so the statewide plan allows for twenty five percent capacity starting on may twenty fifth but in Boston we will take this first step on June first this allows us to work collaboratively with building owners and employees on safety plans that meet robust public health standards every employer has a responsibility to create and implement plans for your workplace that minimize the risk of covert transmission but we want to help you so we are trying on a range of national best practices and expert input to create guidelines that you can follow they cover everything from shift scheduling to work at home policies the physical spacing PP cleaning protocols ventilation employee communication and so much more our guidelines released will be **** next week and will be available to provide support on how to create a plan and help keep your workers safe from in your work place up and running Boston has more than twelve thousand cases of covert nineteen with five hundred eighty eight deaths coming up traffic.

Miami Dolphins land their QB by picking Tua Tagovailoa with No. 5 pick in 2020 NFL draft

Ground Zero with Clyde Lewis

00:34 sec | 1 year ago

Miami Dolphins land their QB by picking Tua Tagovailoa with No. 5 pick in 2020 NFL draft

"Twenty twenty National Football League draft officially started Friday night the dolphins drafted a player they hope will become a franchise quarterback and the centerpiece of the rebuilding effort that began a year ago with the fifth twenty twenty NFL draft Miami Dolphins select cornerback Alabama the dolphins also selected UCS offensive tackle Austin Jackson to help block the new Miami quarterback the Jacksonville Jaguars selected Florida cornerback and Miami native CJ Henderson who recorded six interceptions in three seasons for the Gators

National Football League Dolphins Alabama Austin Jackson Jacksonville Jaguars Cj Henderson Miami Dolphins UCS Offensive Tackle Miami Florida
"fifth  twenty" Discussed on News Radio 920 AM

News Radio 920 AM

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"fifth twenty" Discussed on News Radio 920 AM

"Europe seeing further signs of hope in the corona virus outbreak with Italy's daily death number at its lowest in more than two weeks and it's infection curve finally on a downward slope in Spain new deaths dropped for a third straight day on Sunday a search for drugs in South Texas leads to an unusual discovery D. E. A. agents conducting a narcotics investigation at a home in a small town in Mercedes Texas find a small zoo on a five acre property the agents when armed with a search warrant and got more than they bargained for last week ended up seizing a white Bengal tiger a bobcat llamas Hebrew and even a deer officials were forced to euthanize the bobcat in deer and the other animals taken to the studio for a medical evaluation a word on whether any drugs were found or whether any arrests were made so because men fox news the corona virus outbreak shelving the planned public gathering Sunday on the tenth anniversary the worst U. S. mining disaster in decades twenty nine men died in an explosion at the upper branch mine and whites feel West Virginia on April fifth twenty ten hi Paul Stevens in this is fox news then ten forecast a passing cold front produces scattered showers this evening and for the first part of the night with temperatures dropping into the low forties the sky clears into Monday morning with plenty of sunshine temperatures soar into the low sixties for the rest of Monday partly sunny still near sixty degrees for Tuesday then showers develop with highs falling into the low fifties on Wednesday I don T. intend meteorologist Anthony McCurry on newsradio nine twenty and one of four seven if that women heart is in a race to save lives heart disease is the number one killer of women eighty percent preventable.

Europe Italy South Texas Mercedes Texas West Virginia Paul Stevens Anthony McCurry Spain D. E. A. Bengal don T.
An Innocent Man Is About to Be Lynched in Alabama

The Breakdown with Shaun King

03:31 min | 1 year ago

An Innocent Man Is About to Be Lynched in Alabama

"One man and one man alone is guilty for the crimes. That nate woods was later. Convicted of his name is Kerry McGuire. Spencer WanNa read a letter that carry wrote carry also on death row. This is a letter from Carey in his own words. My name is Kerry McGuire Spencer. And I'm writing in regards to the march. Fifth Twenty Twenty execution date set for Nathaniel Woods. Your Woods is one hundred percent innocent. I know this to be a fact because I'm the person that shot and killed. All three of the officers that Nathaniel was subsequently charged and convicted of murdering listen to this nathaniel. Woods doesn't even deserve to be incarcerated. Let alone executed. I've confessed to shooting all three of the officers in question. Both when I was first interrogated and also on the stand at my trial but yet instill nathaniel was charged. Tried and convicted unjustly. These continue the words of Kerry Spencer. He says I pray that my words don't fall on blind eyes deaf ears. Don't allow another innocent man to be executed if you can do something. Please put a stop to it. This is my most fervent prayer. Sincerely Carry Spencer. While we like to think that the epidemic of lynching that plagued the United States back in the early nineteen hundreds has basically ended. It hasn't hasn't ended. It's just shape shifted and take it on a new form instead of hanging black folk from trees. We are now shot by police in the streets or killed by the many different machines of mass incarceration is still lynching nonetheless. Don't be full. Nate Woods is innocent which takes me to our final action step with the hope that we can save name off right away as soon as you hear this particularly if it's on Thursday march fifth go to save Nate Dot COM. Take all of our action steps particularly. There's a letter and I want you to fill out the form. It'll send a letter directly to the governor's office don't just hit send type in your own words there. Then there's a phone number and I need you to call. That number will talk you through every step. That's there needed to call it number now and he did call it all day. We need you to post this on your instagram facebook twitter anywhere. You can post it. Share it email it. Text it wherever you can share. Save NATE DOT COM. Share our phone number to everything you can to fight back now. Listen we do all of this knowing full well that they might ignore us. But I need nate and his family and his loved ones to know that we never stop fighting until the very last minute. All right take care of about

Nathaniel Woods Kerry Mcguire Spencer Kerry Mcguire Twenty Twenty Nate Spencer Wan Nathaniel Carey United States Instagram
"fifth  twenty" Discussed on WTMJ 620

WTMJ 620

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"fifth twenty" Discussed on WTMJ 620

"The shooting on August fifth twenty twelve he passed away on Monday interfaith conference of greater Milwaukee director party Coleco he was very kind gentle soul you know he was he was a renaissance man he was further ahead of his time but mostly because spoke to W. T. M. J.'s DC feeding about Singh's life and legacy last August in a sign that you ask them how you know how is he spiritually you know it is the end of the call which is on us optimism through the eyes of Lincoln say that yes he is and that's tells you about the testament and strength of him and his family and what they've been through Mike Spaulding WTMJ news I neighborhood still in pain as they embrace during a vigil honoring the victims were shot and killed last week at Milwaukee's Molson Coors with a bell ringing inside the church of the Gesu for each victim and candles lit neighbors reflect on a devastating we I think it's time for people to see how much we care about one another our near west side community continued to bring our community near west side also includes the Miller valley executive director with near west side partners Keith Stanley says now is the time for everyone in Milwaukee to stand up for the city free race color gender business owner resident employee we need to just come together Tony that optimally TMJ news he said yet to identify a forty nine year old man fatally shot and killed by officers Saturday night but family members are flashing in some of the details they identify him is Anthony Taylor who was wounded outside a bar he co owns the brewers hill neighborhood his brother in law hill Johnson telling TMJ four news that Taylor attacked his wife during the tavern's anniversary party that evening we are grateful for our the walking police department because they didn't show up at the exact time that they did it would have been a different thing to offer still on administrative leave as the investigation continues the number of coronavirus cases passing at ninety thousand worldwide new travel screenings have been put into place for Americans returning from overseas visits to countries affected but ABC's Maggie Rulli in London says travelers with layovers from countries not affected by the virus might not get screened at the just a few hours ago all passengers coming into America on direct flights from Italy or South Korea will undergo multiple screenings before they can leave those countries the checks will be organized by foreign airports but the White House has also said that people would be screened again when they arrived back in the US but as of now there are not any details about how those screenings would actually work here in the U. S. there over one hundred cases of the virus in thirteen states provide researchers have someone so southeast Wisconsin starting up at military surplus stores the manager of shippers in hills corners nature propelling TMJ force Rebekah Clough the sold out all their gas masks well those gas masks hope you I don't believe so I don't think it's something that the CDC or anybody would recommend others coming strippers to buy meals ready to eat and other supplies for emergency kits coming up a fourth grader on a.

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"fifth twenty" Discussed on WCBM 680 AM

"Forty fifth twenty twenty homicide W. CBS news time ten thirty one we'll have a brief look at sports and your weather channel forecasters next Walter your water heater have you forgot about me I see here day in and day out giving you a nice hot steamy water without so much that thank you well guess what a little bit rusty when it falls out on the floor use your plumbing trying to tell you something it's called events and save up to three hundred dollars off your replacement water heater with our current specials just ask your technician Abbas plumbing is a proud sponsor of W. CBM call Abbas plumbing at four ten five three six fifty seven hundred or on the web and app it's plumbing dot com emergency service available and just like you heard from Walter your water heater whose bottom is getting old and rusty before it falls out and flood your floor call Abbas plumbing for ten five three six fifty seven hundred or online at Abbott's plumbing dot com get up to three hundred dollars off you replace the water heater Abbas plumbing for ten five three six fifty seven hundred or online Abbas plumbing dot com college hoops the Associated Press weekly top twenty five poll released at noon today figures to see a lot of movement after for the top five teams lost over the weekend the seventh ranked Maryland Terrapins they were upset by number twenty five Ohio state seventy nine seventy two yesterday the terms of Minnesota Wednesday night tonight to Morgan state bears host the Delaware state Hornets at hill field house now your exclusive W. CBM weather channel forecast clouds are here but the rain holds off until later tonight cloudy dry and warm fifty six this afternoon rain tomorrow with a few showers later in the afternoon fifty two tomorrow more showers Wednesday fifty.

Fans get first look of Robert Pattinson as Batman

America Tonight with Kate Delaney

00:22 sec | 1 year ago

Fans get first look of Robert Pattinson as Batman

"And videos get the first look at actor Robert Pattinson as the new Batman teaser trailer released Thursday sept ominous music slowly fades into focus showing Pattison wearing an angular Batman suit a long way so to see the full picture the film won't be released until June twenty fifth twenty twenty one Carmen Roberts and his

Robert Pattinson Pattison Carmen Roberts
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WBZ NewsRadio 1030

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"fifth twenty" Discussed on WBZ NewsRadio 1030

"Is January fifth twenty twenty staples rob Hackley WBZ's traffic on the three is well today it's what you see is what you get clouds and there will be some showers from time to time temperatures in the mid forties and the temperatures will start to drop as we get later into the day into the evening hours and that's when that rain will change to some snow maybe even just some light flurries in some places could pick up a coating to an inch inland suburbs could get a little bit slick as we get to about thirty in when we stay right around the freezing mark downtown as well tomorrow sunny blustery colder temperatures will be about forty but that accu weather real feel will make it more like the teens and twenties tomorrow all right now in Boston cloudy in forty five degrees this is WBZ news radio ten thirty with the news watch never stop good morning Charlie were drawn here are the five things you need to know at seven forty five thousands gathering for a funeral procession through Baghdad for Iran's top general and other militants were killed in a US airstrike lease in Boston investigated the discovery of a body behind the Madison park vocational high school yesterday Gregory good cell of Marshfield held without bail charged with causing the crash that killed a thirteen year old girl in Pembroke on December twenty ninth in Australia three thousand reservists called up as the wildfire threats escalates the death toll now is at twenty three back to our top story Iranian Americans making their voices heard in the wake of that drone attack that killed Iran's top general at a Persian restaurant in Palo alto California a running at Americans with a variety of opinions of the targeted.

Charlie Baghdad Iran US Boston Marshfield Pembroke Australia rob Hackley WBZ Madison park vocational high s Gregory Palo alto California
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C-SPAN Radio

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"fifth twenty" Discussed on C-SPAN Radio

"You interested in learning or are you just as a simple question long for you to meet with these loan servicers I am very pleased with the leadership of general brown who came to federal student aid nine months ago assuming this chief operating officer role he is responsible for the operations of federalism secretary who came on as well relationships with a long term moving on I'm sorry may twenty fifth twenty eighteen a federal court ordered you to stop collecting on former Clinton bars in America is America's case seventeen months later in October twenty nineteen federal judge Sally was highly critical of you and your department attempts to comply with the plumber and junction consisted of and she was saying the consisted of inadequate communication with each of your lines of lawn service providers is it correct that your department only communication with loan servicers loan service providers during this time was through email no that's incorrect all of well Mister chairman I would like to enter into the record the emails I cited in judge combs order one email of one was a three sentences long on the other email too long service providers didn't even sites are the fact that that the department was under a court order the judge was astounded madam secretary that your department only sent emails and did not have in person meetings or phone calls with the lawn service providers explaining the court order judge Kim asserted that would have been normal for any entity under such a mandate a court order to hop in person meetings with the contractors immediately following the preliminary injunction on not and not several months later on November twenty first twenty nineteen which is eighteen months later Mister chairman I ask I over yes you consent enter the emails I'm sure I want to point out that on may twenty ninth the make up twenty most only three lines providing instructional loan servicers and on July fifth the email that they sent to additional five service was contained no mention of Palmer injunction I'm secretary who is in the form did you assign responsibility for ensuring that the loan services complied with the plumber and junction congressman I am very pleased with general brown's leadership at federal student aid when his wrist around come on board can I please finish work unless my question was when did you assign response of who did you assign responsibility for compliance federal student aid has a chief operating officer responsible for the operations of federal student aid general brown is responsible as the chief operating come on board for those operations he assumed that the C. O. all role nine months ago he was with the department for four months before that so here were would merely signed him which one's ability to ensure that your department comply with a court order who did you put it we have we have continued to be intentional about complying with a court order we have a knowledge to them don't answer my question was fine responsibility to comply with a court order for your reading officer of federal student aid is responsible for the operations of federal student aid you're referring to Mister brown but he didn't come on he didn't come into this role and told my months ago there was an acting chief operating officer who was that that pre existed him it was James manning as an acting and prior to that there was not when I came into the department I inherited a chief operating officer who left his role rather than come and testify here before you are your doctors German themselves expired the German twenty Adams to banks thank you Tuesday before excuse me December twelfth before the house Education Committee the witness is education secretary device I want to take a moment and focus on steps moving forward general brown might have more of the detailed answers to my questions so feel free to have him answer if you prefer first of all for the borrowers that are waiting for relief when can they expect to hear from the department of whether they are eligible for release and if I borrow bar were is indeed eligible for relief approximately how long will it take for an individual to hear how much relief they're going to receive will take years or are you working to make sure the borrowers are where as soon as possible congressman thanks for that question now that we have a new operable methodology we are going to be able to process the pending claims much more quickly assuming we don't get stopped in some way by a court order general brown can't comment to the specifics of how quickly those claims can be processed but I know that he has continued to increase the staff in this area to be able to be able to really address them in a very timely manner and in and has hired addition many additional attorneys to be able to look at each claim individually as it must and should be done general would you like to comment to the timing yes well of sector I I I would say that was within the last even within the last twenty four hours we are notifying students their eligibility in eligibility if they have given us and if they provided a claim we continue to do that those claimants they they they would know now and and if they got relief they would no so within the next hour or actually have it done within the next sixty to ninety days I would also say though that the staff at its height was fourteen in previous years we have more than triple that with a special emphasis on hiring attorneys and frankly the more of those that you have the quicker you're able to get to these cases so minus any litigation we expect to get to those cases fairly quickly but another part of this is the system which we've been a rebuilding over the last twelve months and that systems platform is ready so so to answer your I shouldn't Heisman we expect to clear the majority of this backlog minus any further litigation over the next twelve months do you do you have the staff that you need to do that currently so I'm happy to say that both the systems and the authority and resources to hire the personnel has been given to us by the secretary and we have either hire them or they are are in the process of onboarding them so again minus any litigation we have what we need or will have very permanent or temporary staff people at the majority of them some of them are what we would call term employees we did that out of consideration and out of stewardship frankly for the fact that we would not expect to for ever receive what we are receiving now which is somewhere in the neighborhood of one thousand two hundred cases per week so these are temporary three year term hires and we will see at that point if we need to extend them further secretary who who's involved in how the final decision on relief is made do all of the bar or our word defense claims come to general brown or you for final approval or are lower ranking employees and power to make the final decision well congressman I have approved the policy the process for which are by which these claims will be determined and it's general brown in federal student aid role to implement that policy and see through the the processing of the claims it's it's really a mathematical scientific of a formula and approach so the policy lays out that framework clearly yeah I change my line of questioning just a little bit borrower defense seems like an inefficient way to protect taxpayers from fraud given that the government is losing money in the end what reforms are you making to help prevent the need for borrowers to use this provision in the first place congressman thanks for asking about the college scorecard we've made considerable changes to and enhancements to the data available to students and frankly broadly to taxpayers and institutions so now prospect of lace students can look at the cost of a college program a field of study with the cost is going to be and what their earning potential is the first year after we'll be adding data and information to that as subsequent years become available but this is going to help clearly revealed whether the value for a program is there and frankly I think it's going to help a lot of schools make some decisions about whether to continue programs that they've been offering as well thanks to both of you for being here and thanks for always being willing to answer my questions and provide anything that our office these along the way as well with that I yield back thank you the gentleman from New Jersey Mister Norcross thank you Mister chairman and madam secretary thank you for being here today we'll start out by saying I agree with my colleague on the other side that we wish that we would work together much more often so let's see if we can start with you and I that we get to write responses to direct questions the respectful of each other which is something that I'm sure you want to do let me start out by asking you about the partial relief for me that uses a scout the college scorecard data on talk to me about that how after eighteen months I guess since the quarter you roll this out why you thought this was the best score card typically when you only have twenty percent of the programs involved in that now how did that come vessel well congressman just to be clear we're using several different data sets to George using scorecard as as one of the data rate and it's do you agree that only has twenty percent of the programs are they didn't yes well okay so please continue so we are using several different data sets and in looking at each of our defense application the field or the program of study that the applicant is claiming was was fraudulent in some way the median income for that program is compared against the median income for programs like program uses of other institute waters you were going to tell us what else you were using the other the other pieces that were using our social security administration data and games for the two thousand seventeen gainful employment earnings data in Iraq was they don't reflect back to the individual programs that people are looking for so if my son goes look and says Gee let me go to score card that's the only piece of information that that program would reflect what the reality is he I work hard actually did the programs that are included include about eighty percent I believe eighty to eighty five percent of the students if pursuing fields of study the smaller programs that are not included in college scorecard are simply because the cohorts are too small to be able to consider well actually makes up eighty percent of the entire programs its exact opposite he only has two years so it took you eighteen months to come up with this new one it just seems to me to use something that is such a small part of the solution what's actually going on which you agree with me you're trying to get students potential students that information right so that they can make informed we're trying to consider each student's claim individuality and the circumstances this is being use score card to give potential students an idea of the cost involved in the outcomes we understand that but using only twenty percent in general thank you for your service but I guarantee you will not send somebody into a war zone with only twenty percent of the information the point I'm trying to make it's just twenty percent of the programs but it represents eighty percent of the students attending higher ed institutions flight eight eighty percent really significant number can we agree that the program information is less than you would desire and I would desire I I would love to include additional call for it because when we look at this and again let's be respectful of each other's time here ten percent relief for the quarantine borrowers you made the decision to give them ten percent weather is your new formula was involved or not I had to disable that my district ITT tech which is one of the horror stories he went there for digital design degree school told me you use the GI bill long story short use the site and to pay for this and then he found that I teach a lie to own and he's into a fifty thousand dollars student loan now he's got no job no degree I know that tugs at your heart is it does mine yeah why is it the Corinthians will get a ten percent flat over there but this young man who defended our country gets nothing and so you get to his application how did you decide there are worthy but this veteran wouldn't be because he was in a different program Sir I believe that the Corinthian students have had their their institution attacks mercilessly in the media for years and so in in consideration of that and the consideration of the length of time that has lapsed since we were first able to process a number of those claims before the court shut us down the determination was made that all of them would receive at least some some levels of words you're gonna give them ten percent but this veteran less on my time is expired on behalf of all the students which I know we all care about this is impacting your life I can suggest you how important this is exploit this in a fair and balanced way and I yield back Tuesday before the house Education Committee Mr Johnson.

brown chief operating officer
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"fifth twenty" Discussed on Newsradio 970 WFLA

"What's the temperature on the twenty fifth twenty two degrees tops may be icy or city bins in the U. S. technology has admitted to flying slaves but it's available to you in a class the G. Ellie GLC and you can get them all for exceptional price during the Mercedes Benz winter events in the US commencing giving you another chance at one million dollars at six past the top of the hour on news radio WFLA more news from WFLA news center in less than ten minutes place is Tampa Bay Florida central credit union home loans traffic center we have a nice quiet right on our interstate ten expressly so for this morning we're not seeing any accidents on two seventy five I. seventy five OR I. for to get in the way of your commute looking good on the veterans expressway no problems on the leroy Salman we do have a high wind warning up for the sun shines guy with all lanes are open to all vehicles this report is not about discover one or something amazing discover matches all the cash back you are at the end of your first year automatically with no limit to how much they'll match millions of people you're getting their cash back matched discover cashback match what you waiting for learn more at discover dot com slash cashback match their traffic update at six o'clock okay long as radio WFLA and its five fifty one on a M. Tampa Bay on a Thursday morning the penultimate day of the work week and we're joined now by bills M. for NBC news radio national correspondent who were already lining up for July second of twenty twenty the talk about the impeachment.

US leroy Salman M. Tampa Bay G. Ellie GLC Benz WFLA Tampa Bay Florida NBC
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"fifth twenty" Discussed on KOMO

"On the twenty fifth twenty two tops may be icy or city bins in the U. X. technology has admitted to flying slays but it's available to you in a class the G. Ellie GLC and you can get them all for exceptional price during the Mercedes Benz winter events in the US commencing it's me your heart high blood pressure is serious and I can quit whenever I want just treat me better after all we're in this together to get your high blood pressure to a healthy range was it hard dot org slash blood pressure a message from the American heart association and the ad council come on these time seven fifty four the triple a traffic update here's Kira we don't have any big blocking crashes or stalls right now but we do have a crash on the shoulder in Lakewood this is on our ramp from westbound five twelve to north and I five and I'm seeing that was down five twelve is slow for about a mile and a half into that area right now we're also dealing with the closure of blue it passed this morning and this is due to really poor travel conditions we don't have an estimate for when that pass will be re opening a loss to let you know that Stevens pass is seeing snow on the ground in traction tires are advised we have no restrictions that snow Kwame northbound one six seven just a little bit of slowing in the summer it's not too much to worry about and then a brief slowdown at Willis street but again that's not going to be lasting for too long we are working with the heavy drive in Renton on north bound for five from the valley freeway to forty fourth north an I. five also with the sluggish commute in Seattle that starts at the north end of Boeing field towards an a Cup or looking really good on south on I. five south down for five with a bit of extra company around state route five two two and it also looks like without by twenty is tapping the brakes a bit as you're approaching a high five our next como traffic at eight OO four and the weather is going to be chilly for the next several days said Dr though sun and clouds today high near forty for thanksgiving tomorrow mostly sunny low to mid forties will be the low forties on Friday for apple Cup mostly sunny skies right now in downtown Seattle it's cloudy and thirty nine it is time seven fifty six it's time for life be brought to this time by the poly clinic takes time you wash your hands pay attention to how much effort you put into getting them clean not only is good hand hygiene important year round it's especially important during cold and flu season when it comes to kids pediatrician doctor Frank asper says we need to pay special attention to helping them tackle the germs the youngest children you know the one in two year olds are not very good hand wash the year and generally have a hard time working with soap and water and doing the whole sequence that's where alcohol based sanitizer itself is just scored in their.

twenty fifth two year
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The Personal Computer Radio Show

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"fifth twenty" Discussed on The Personal Computer Radio Show

"Oh. Today is June fifth twenty nineteen welcome to the personal computer show. I'm Hanky in my colleagues. Joe king photography can capture the most significant moments of our history, and these make for iconic photos, the raising of the flag on Iwo Jima is an iconic photograph taken by Joe Rosenthal on February twenty third nineteen forty five which depicts six US marines raising US flag atop of mount Suribachi during the battle of evil Jima in World War Two. Then this also the aesthetic sailor shown kissing a woman in Times Square celebrating the end of World War, Two on VJ day. Do you remember where you were thirty years ago in nineteen eighty nine June fifth? Nineteen Eighty-nine and unidentified man Dan's alone street blocking column of Chinese tanks. He remains there for several minutes before being pulled away by on look. Cours tank man was along protester who brought a column of tanks to a standstill Donna crackdown on pro-democracy protesters at tenement square in Beijing in nineteen eighty nine he refused to move out of the way and climb onto the leading tank to speak to the driver. He was later pulled away from the scene by two men. What happened to him remains unknown? A promotional video for camera company Leica, has sparked backlash in China for featuring famous tenement square image, people on Chinese social media. Why bowl have called for boycott of the camera ban beginning with a caption? Beijing nineteen eighty nine the like video features.

Beijing tenement square US mount Suribachi Times Square Dan Joe Rosenthal Joe king Jima Leica China Donna thirty years
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"fifth twenty" Discussed on WTVN

"October eighth two thousand sixteen December fifth twenty fourteen February thirteen twenty nineteen. So it's a it's a funny story. If you're not the guy that owns the PC. But it happens to people. So it's much like the ones where you give the kids your phone in the restaurant to keep them quiet and they play, but then they get on a game where they're spending your credit card money to keep buying gizmos to keep playing again. It seems like to me as a parent. There's responsibility to give your kids gear that they can handle and keep them away from stuff that they can't. So. I'm not saying you get what you deserve every time. But if you give your kid your phone or your ipad, and you're trying to let them a lot. And then you get locked out of it for forty eight years on some level. You kind of get what you deserve, aren't you? I mean, Tom on this is why you don't have children, right? Yeah. Because you don't want to have to mess with that. And if it does lock up on you. It's your fault. Deal with it. 'cause you're the fat fingered goofball that can code in. Right. So there you go. Anyway, Tom's favourite story of the day. And again with all that said compassion to you if you're if you're currently locked out of your apple gear. I'm I'm sorry. Eight thirty how about a little cash maybe can go buy new stuff now one thousand dollars now. Text that nationwide keyword at two hundred hundred you'll get a confirmation tanks and. And message rates apply can this nationwide..

Tom apple one thousand dollars forty eight years
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"fifth twenty" Discussed on 760 KFMB Radio

"It's Friday April fifth twenty nineteen coming up on America in the morning to see in another year. President Trump says of his to close the border with Mexico. I'm up costintini in Washington. The FBI director warns about growing threats from homegrown violent extremists, domestic terrorists and foreign terrorist organizations. I'm Terry Moore. A preliminary report about the investigation into the crash of an Ethiopian Airlines seven thirty seven next eight focuses in on an automated system. I'm Steve castonbound. Tell you about the results. I'm Jim Roope. In minneapolis. We wanna make a well-prepared from security to blackout curtains. Final preps for the final four. How much is each side? Getting in the richest divorce case ever. I'm Tom Busby. Country music superstar at his actress wife give back to the local community. I'm Bill Michaels or they ninety fifth day of. A year. It's all ahead on America in the morning. Seven minutes after the hour. Car tariffs may be in store for Mexico. President Trump says if that nation does not do more to prevent Central American migrants from getting through the US border under the guise of Silom. Bob Costantini reports. The idea of closing off the border has been put on the backburner. President Trump is clearly Leany against the full closure of the Mexican border that many news own party and business interests feared close the border or the cars one are the other than probably sodo for.

President Trump Mexico America Ethiopian Airlines Tom Busby Bill Michaels Terry Moore FBI Steve castonbound Jim Roope Bob Costantini Washington US director minneapolis Leany Seven minutes ninety fifth
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WCPT 820

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"fifth twenty" Discussed on WCPT 820

"I can't she was great on Twitter yesterday. Just through the whole Manafort thing, obviously on the stone thing this morning. So maybe happening while we're talking it's talking right? So we got another update. Okay. I think the judge said that. Yes. All right. Sorry. The Twitter stream keeps refreshing. Okay. Where's apparently did not know about the book coming out? That's something. You should hire to deal with you first amendment issues at this case, your be your client's going to jail. Okay. They're saying the the new trial date is set for June fifth twenty nineteen. How'd you like November fifth? Okay. Fantastic. His trial date is a ways away. Okay. All right here is Trump line, which is so rare. We just thought we'd play it for you. Have not even given a thought parts of the smart. It's not something. That's really right now in my mind. I don't feel badly football metaphor that. I can tell you. I don't know about that. Because they're going after him for state taxes. Did you see he said, I don't know about that before? I even got the question. Right. I don't know about the thing that you're talking about. I have no idea what you're talking about. Yeah. Is there any carbon based life form that believes that he has not thought about whether airport? Airport. Let alone. Probably dangled it. Okay. Dangling of the mushroom Bella. Okay. And his he ever said this before nNcholas tell you one thing that was proven today. No collusion. Is no collusion. It hasn't been collusion. And it was all a big hopes. And you know, that was done instated by the Democrats because they lost an election. Electoral college is a big advantage for. And they said how do we how do we won? Okay. Sorry. You said no collusion. Six times in one minute. Yes. And that's his other. Verbal take that I hate. And you know, it, you know, it, and I know it. No, no, everyone knows it. Okay. And would you like to again, collusion which? So they said, how do we how do we solve this horrible probably lost an election? Very some people didn't but some people were going to win..

Twitter one minute
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WLS-AM 890

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"fifth twenty" Discussed on WLS-AM 890

"To ninety fifth twenty-five inbound thirty next traffic update in fifteen minutes. I'm Jennifer Keiper. Stay tuned for the next exciting episode. The soap opera that is our nation's capital tomorrow on the Chris Plante show nine till rush. WLS AM eight when's the last time you checked your credit score those three digit scores can have a huge impact on your financial life. Credit? Karma can help you with free scores. Free reports and free monitoring credit karma also gives you the tips, tools and advice, you need to understand your credit and how to improve it you can even spot. Potential errors on your credit report that can mean better interest rates on loans and credit cards, which can save you thousands of dollars in the long run signing up is completely free. No credit card needed. Visit credit karma dot com or download the credit karma app. Now. Message and data rates may apply. When did it become ok for men to be Lazier softer fatter? We need to bring the men of this country back to greatness with ageless male max, a patent pending formula with an ingredient that helps boost your total testosterone promoting greater increases in muscle size and twice the reduction of body fat percentage that exercise alone. Plus an amazing sixty four percent increase in. Nitric oxide which can be handy in the gym. And in the bedroom. Take your manhood to the max by trying your first thirty day bottle free not ten days not fifteen days, but a full thirty day supply free. Text the word quick to seventy nine seventy nine seventy nine just pay shipping and handling filing a formula that boosts total testosterone if you'll results with ageless male max or two and tests, please decrease use for your free bottle text quick to seventy nine seventy nine seventy nine text Q U I C K to seventy nine seventy nine seventy nine. No an ad from dad. All right. Save money on car insurance when you bundle home and auto with progressive take these off, right? Wow. Where did you get this? I'm talking to you with the hair. Yeah. Where did you get this? Good stuff..

testosterone Jennifer Keiper Chris Plante thirty day sixty four percent fifteen minutes fifteen days ninety fifth three digit ten days