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"fifteen extra shots" Discussed on The Crossover NBA Show with Chris Mannix

The Crossover NBA Show with Chris Mannix

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"fifteen extra shots" Discussed on The Crossover NBA Show with Chris Mannix

"The biggest factor. That stresses their defense is when they the basketball over and so if you pick out games where they've given up a ton of points or areas they struggle and i'm not saying they're a top tier defensive team but when you're talking about trying to get that bet fifteenth range that middle ground the defense it all circles back to debilitate her. The basketball were able just to to get run outs get easy. Looks and second chance points and taking care of the defence class in that has been such a heavy emphasis in my mind of when you see them able to get stops because they closed out things really well why will because they get in the half court and they have to make some timely stops. They've shown inability to do that. James harden coming. Back like i do. You can look at what you want with what you view him. As fender one he takes care of the been him having another ball handler to be able to take care of the basketball. And to they're switching defense how they have communicated and moved and how he can offend dies in the post at times He was a strong defender. Even like you look at kyrie irving so much comes down to two effort level and engagement each possession which you see more at the end of games. The activity in him gets like there's a lot of areas in. Maybe it won't pan out maybe it will but there's a lot of to me i look i think kevin durant still come back from that injury. Y- he before he got hurt was probably the best defender that they had nicholas. Claxton is finally available after unit. Coming out of health and safety protocols Didn't play the other day. I think probably ramp him up as they get towards the end of the season But steve nash called him maybe one of their best defenders. They've been missing pieces at times. That it it goes back to again if guys get healthy I think you can aspire to be that that round of middle of the pack defense that can do enough to support your offense And what they anticipate to do in terms of putting up points. But i i've said this all season To me so much of it is taken care of the basketball because there has been games that teams have had twenty extra shot fifteen extra shots however many looks and it's made a major difference at the end howard were you. Were you dazzled by the fifty one percent that portland shot in.

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