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The Chicago Brewseum

"This episode and every episode the Beer Guy's radio show is brought to you by ironmonger brewing visit ironmonger at their taproom in Marietta Georgia or online at ironmonger brewing dot com. Yeah I think that's a national phenomenon you know we equate October fest with that particular month although you know history says different you know in America October fest ends early in Munich in Germany but Americans are having that we're we're gonNA are good solid six weeks here if the calendar says it's and enjoyment of craft beer what we got now here are your host Tim Dennis and Brian Hewitt welcome to the beer. I'm Tim Denison with me today as always is my good friend and Co host Brian Hewitt ATM so Liz is the executive director of the Chicago Brazilian we're GonNa talk about beer and Stober it's festive maybe even into November a little yes it depends on how things fall but we went down to one of our favorite German places that deer Beer Garden Atlanta. I do what are you enjoying right now it's it's what's in my goat shoot pile it's a the krispies Bryant that's right we did win over the halfway crooks new brewery I think there are production brewery bylaw yeah brew pub Ish but went over there got some we thought that was appropriate so we're having a yeah we're having a Hubbard's cave a fresh I P v one right now and we've got one year beers it we'll talk about later Lucien Okay Revolution will be on the show believe in three weeks Brian de Christ's up so we're going to speak into them we're currently we've got a bunch of Chicago bears earlier about I guess the closest we have to an actual drinking holiday in America maybe fourth of July something along those lines that's a close but we we appropriate very well around the globe looking for other drinking holidays that we can appropriate to fill up our county fell on him up you pick on you know Saint Patrick's Day and Cinco Demise Radio Show we're broadcasting from the Beer Radio Studios in Marietta Georgia in this week we're GONNA be talking about beer history Brian we're going to be talking to Liz Gabby of the Chicago Bruce in so we'll get into that it's going to be a good time looking forward to hearing about Chicago Beer History yes it's going to be great now brought another busy week for us as always running around we're fat yeah we're GonNa Take Saint Patrick's Day Oh yeah we're GonNa Take Cinco de Maya -solutely we're going to October fest those are American holidays now I I assume we have scholars looking that's next door to them and that was really try and yes and the halfway crooks fest beer was also very nice and I enjoyed the Rypien I don't think it had an ip from them before I don't think ahead either that was had some excellent we had Schnitzel yeager Schnitzel some swine hawks white oxo bunch of Fest Beers Martins and that so that's always a good time going down there and check that we had to go get history the bureau culture summits and probably a little bit about the Chicago Baresi lists thanks for joining us thanks for Adamy absolutely Liz do you have a beer right now but Chicago has a very rich German heritage so it's definitely ingrained into our culture and identity are you can't argue with it you know we were talking it's a great place to hang out and enjoy the scenery so that's a good time yeah yeah Liz does Chicago do the extended October Fest Parties Turnip Taqueria Mexican restaurant you'll certainly see pork rinds on the menu yeah absolutely we had these they lots of flavors Brian did you try the Korean Kimchi flavored are those eaten in Chicago I think that's more of a southern delicacy we definitely have them I I've seen them quite a bit at the South this week we did a little pre game with a non Chicago beer one of our friends just got back from J B F Denver and he brought a cerebral tangerine stuff milkshake w we did something kind of fun and different this week we did a pork rind tasting Oh yes yes I did so we had a gentleman from Rudolph foods come in I didn't even know there were craft small batch like it's actually pretty good but they even gave us a craft beer pairing guide and there is I think coincides with Super Bowl Sunday it could be mistaken but yeah and the blackberry narrow pork rinds the blackberry have an Arrow I liked a lot more than I would expect from reading the packaging you know the idea like wait what okay so we pregame with that worship in the Hubbard's cupboards cave IPA right now we have the collaboration beer between the Chicago Roseanne the field museum and beer and food trucks in downtown woodstock truck and tap dot Com to Brian as always we have a great selection of Beers as I mentioned earlier we're going to Chicago separates beer company called all the world is here which is a recreation of the eighteen ninety three is that right Liz at fire by eighteen ninety three world's fair the accident in Hubbard's cave extracts I haven't had those goods that you know they started distributing what is it own knee and Hubbard's cave yes a friend celebrations and make the marble which means let's get drunk is says nation it's beautiful yeah good all America and you know aren't even drinking holidays those countries didn't start late so the fact that we take a ORC rides I I was aware of them had actually seen them in experimented with them a little bit in the kind of my mind and they blew them blew it did yeah might has been blown twice liz very cool so we'll talk about that one a little more in depth later in the show we also have a twenty thirteen bourbon county brand barley wine brian food seller lagers and more more October Fest Beers that's how we roll we were double Festivus we ask we we sure did and the debris garden October fest was made by Equiment and laying off twenty one of their fifty employees definitely bad news for everybody involved there so they're going to focus solely on their taproom sales this news comes just months after exactly yes it's a new drinking holiday you know tell him I think we should talk about the beer's of the week crack open a cold one the truck in tap beer at the week Craft Elsa Coca Cola absolute and L'OREAL but I have to wonder will you be able to put these on ice when they're done I dunno Brian you know I'm all for our planet I'm a big Fan of it recyclable they're calling it the quote green fiber bottle they've unveiled two new prototypes of the bottle both are made from sustainably sourced wood fibers and have an inner once you know I think I did. This isn't the first time you've asked me it is not my favorite but we have sea salt and black pepper there were I believe a honey Poli I do have until the end of the year to enjoy your packaged shake chocolate porter after that you will have have to head to the brewery in Colorado Brian I think you grabbed a little shake of news for well it's good and bad depending on how you look at it. Boulder Beer company Colorado's oldest craft brewery is downsizing ending their distribution selling off Bruce Berg is working on the world's first paper beer bottle the finished product is still years for being seen on store shelves but when it's complete it will be one hundred percent bio based at what's in the news the beer guys have the scoop time for headlines All right so we've got some big news and it's not the greatest maybe a year ago two years ago here Brian that's about they they've come in pretty strong we get most of their stuff here now so we're looking forward to crack into those so tim said that I could sure but like the paper drinking straws if they've done and that's the only paper drinking thing I have to compare to those unabomb nation they should be outlawed I hate them yeah yeah the brewery celebrated its fortieth anniversary Gina Day the owner of Boulder Beer Company says this move will allow the Baru to operate independently for years to come that's the good news by downsizing they're going to continue to be independent they would have probably had to sell out or close if they had not so the the good news for people who are sad about this is that you Thursday National Pork Rind Day beautiful there's a national day for everything why not pork rinds on you get to drink with it yes it comes to building new breweries and taverns four expanding existing juries we offer full buildouts remodeling and additions as low as consulting and construction management. What a very much a part of the Mexican cuisine Ooh so community self you go to have you ever thought about owning your own brewery but don't know what it takes to get one built we're storytime construction and we build breweries were the most experience and hands on contractors really found out about this is a Becky who is is with our show here I believe you've exchanged some emails? She was up in Chicago and saw some notification about it so barrier to allow the bottles contain beer without messing with the beer so th there's differences in the liners experimenting with that onboard with the project radio show if you miss an episode don't worry all episodes are available as a podcast subscribe on your favorite podcast APP and never miss a show now back to our conversation with give us a call at seven seven zero seven three three four three four three storytime construction we build breweries a beer guys on facebook twitter and instagram things circle now back to the beer guy's radio show and I think we've got some Hubbard's cave stoute's as well correct yeah we've got a Lotta Pot to cram yes pot the Kremlin I think it's a stout actually I'm not sure aw one track you know very academic in a way and Working in museums your job is to take a lot of that academic research entrance they're too long just get them down we are listening to your radio show we do need to take a break we'll be back very soon to talk more about the Chicago Rusi Stories I just love the fact that if you think about it beater has always brought people together it's always been a catalyst slated into something for audiences so just being a a lover of the drink myself and spending a Lotta time in bars in Tuck it off off color Dina s'mores really hard for it we get it occasionally but we struck out head her contests history of booze and here's the history of beer it's more about the social impact cultural impact that alcohol is played on human civilization so that's why I started to do his garage bay and the Chicago resume lists thanks again for joining us we really appreciate it thanks for having me absolutely so the Chicago Bruise Eum when I found this the way we so for my life so taking all of that sort of into consideration I really started bring the studio today to a in memory I did yes R I P it's the distribution didn't another wasn't Colorado were that did that recently the did the Hayward we talk about a lot when when people hear that we've got a beer show they think it's just a bunch of guys sitting around drinking get drunk and you know we enjoy the settings in my teens and you know I studying history and museums in college in graduate school it's very sort of out of it you know there's there's just so much and we have a local author here are Authors Ron Smith and Mary O Boyle that wrote a book called Atlanta Beer talks about the history four for innovation in just an array of things and the reason is because humans have pretty much been drinking since we could walk he's growing up it's pretty interesting stuff to me yeah I mean you know if you really dig deep there's so many layers to beer and alcohol and about that that whole aspect of beers role in human life definitely worthy of a museum itself so that's how it was born you know that's of going from events and programs and exhibitions and next thing I knew I realized that there was enough information and enough backing for a whole museum interesting very cool idea how Chicago Bruce Zim come about well I'm a historian in a museum professional been working museum since I was in the late nineties and early two thousands and then just started to translate it into some work at various museums and that ended up sort of about some aspect of beer in beer history and people would be genuinely interested but the minute that you actually also give them a beverage in you we'll have to see how these these paper beer bottles drink a quick they work but you drink quick throw it away and maybe that's the beer's as well right just drink them real quick don't don't let it sit so that's that's pretty clever your fuller etry aren't you I mean it's definitely one of the things I learned very early on was you know I could easily talks powerful cultural force that has the ability to bring people together in the power to make change and that's kind of been my mantra through all of this if you really look at at Bir UC gene name any aspect of culture and society right if he talked about technology innovation immigration crime incredibly powerful powerful industry I really enjoyed I was doing some research for this and I came across across a quote from a an article for a number of years ago we need something to send you know all of the Dino snags please yes absolutely well good stuff Bryan what has happened in this week in the news and in distribution or just going to downsize do pob only that sounds familiar but we see more of that yeah I think so I think so so this week we also learned that Carl around drinking beer part but we like the stories like you know talk about Chicago Bruce Zim and the history the culture the science community the business everybody being a conversation and you treat it like you would you know sitting around a bar or a pov or whatever you know all of a sudden those inhibitions come down right because shirt time meeting set in their to the ties loosened a little bit where lean back in the chairs and we're still talking business but just relaxed it so much so exactly Kabeer has made a huge impact on what's happening whether it be Chicago or US or or or anything really curious yeah I mean you know it's it's thank you all these tie ins to alcohol to everything in its all stories what are some of your some of your favorite stories involving history and beer together and how it's not a lecture it's not someone throwing out all this information at you it really just becomes a dialogue and that was sort of what I meant by alcohol's a lubricant for history will a living in this small township and there's already some folks making decisions for the whole place and they decide that they need to get together and have a meeting in talk what the until when we start to sort of just again make it a little bit more accessible to everyone it just becomes more fun in it's you know it's a little bit of something for everyone ear and they wrote another one about prohibition in Atlanta this just fascinating to see how ingrained in the communities and how important brewers were to the communities in the city definitely been a motivator You know one of the things that we talk about often with the presume and I talked about with my work is that beer is more than just a beverage it's in Chicago becomes an official city in eighteen thirty seven but in eighteen thirty three we become an official township in eighteen thirty three there's probably like two hundred people absolutely right you know the I've had you know meetings before tour you bring a beer out I won't throw this person under the bus telling him too much but a business associate of Lemme politics I mean every single thing that you can possibly think of can easily be connected to beer alcohol just because like I said it's always just been present in line that is not involved in my beer business used our studio for meeting one time and it was during the work day at the end of the meeting he's like do you guys have beer here uh-huh and you said this is alcohol is a lubricant for history and I thought that was a fantastic quote I don't know if you remember saying that but I was very amused by that I wrote it down it's not only that it makes history happen but it also provides people that accessibility to it you know it's it's all history is is a bunch of stories the end of the night they vote they vote if Chicago should become a township instead of a village and they they do it and so- Chicago Yeah I'm like Oh yeah we got a fridge full of beer he's like well can we have one Shirley we sat here for about an hour just enjoying enjoying a beer and it went from a most like trying to pick my favorite beer there's nothing good stories I mean Chicago the one of my favorite Chicago is that it lets you unwind and really you know get around any kind of the structures in the rigor of stuff and get to the heart of matters which is kind of neat I'm curious into regroup refocus my work to look at histories of the lens of alcohol so it's not about so much about here's the the whole development of the city in the future the city we just suffered a massive fire so big big moment for us in the field museum are great partner was born out of that fair about right now can you tell us about this beer and how this came about he aso 1893 Chicago hosts a massive world's fair the really important email so I love this I enjoy this a lot you'll listen to the beer guy's radio show we do need to take another break but we'll be back very soon talk more Chicago Breezy Astor's of barrel aged poppy and Sour beers the invite you to their taproom in Marietta Georgia to taste and see also visit their barrel room for an intimate drinking experience Outta the sites we have I just wonder about the conversations that have been had there and the people that walk those paths kind of what happened in the past they're very interesting will as we've got craft beer forged with a reverence for tradition and new styles that start a revolution ironmonger brewing the brewers ironmonger ruin pride themselves being feature of the township and so of course what do they do they go have that conversation at the hottest bar in town while the Saga Nash Tavern so these it comes unofficial township in the bowels of a bar and they they go back there in eighteen thirty seven have that same conversation that would become an official city so the the city's beginnings are tab grab a seat and pour a pint it's time for the beer guy's radio show or free beer brewery dedicated to the art science Rian with great live entertainment keep up to date on all things ironmonger by liking them on facebook ironmonger brewing establishing a new standard in craft beer early in the bar not once but twice I love the the way Chicago became a town was a bunch of guys standing around having some drinks let's vote let's do this I was going on I do that all the time you know here here in Atlanta we have I know it's it's highly contested but there's a lot of history in Atlanta of course with a civil war in that with so when we decided to collaborate on a beer we decided that we needed to be inspired by the stories and some of the ingredients that were represented by the the beer in a website at rose dot net that's R. E. S. T. K. dot net drop us line and we will come to you for free evaluation up your message with soap and water you know who to call res- We've been manufacturing poured in place for instance two thousand and two we've got solutions to fit any facilities needs go and visit about a minute left here and I tell you this seems like a good time we have opened up all the world is here now can you tell us it seems to kind of fit the time framework let's get together in the throwing back Ales Porters whiskey insider and maybe some ROM and they're getting a little tipsy but having these conversations and is your brewery a restaurant for an all jacked up your foundation needs to be protected from heat chemicals and other contaminants at the same time you WanNa make sure it's slip resistant Sri at the eighteen ninety three world's fair so that's what you're holding so all the world is here is that was actually a motto for the fair so that's what we want with for coastal and I'm a fan as we can we can do this that's definitely one of those moments were you know I wish I could go back in time in pull up a stool in in just listening us you know they got courageous went on there were like they were probably favoring the village or whatever let's be safe let's stick to the village and as the went on like come on we can do it and attract new customers through online sales for beer releases events and memberships get details now a craft seller dot com mentioned beer guy's radio after sign up an extension as brewery owner or taproom manager are you looking for ways to enhance your customer experience while maximizing your revenues craft sellers mobile solution that helps your Murray drive sales through the different botanical sort of archives of the field museum and looked at some of the records and found that to row Chevalier mult Burley was on display the fair and so that's used in the beer I'm trying to think of what else that was in there that we ended up using and part of that too was was people exhibiting some of the ingredients that they might use in their beer so I doug and use it for the beer that's really interesting stuff I I'm curious about it too I'm wondering if it's been in other beers I gotta ask why did you go with this style of beer it's the beer guys on facebook twitter and instagram coming now back to the beer guy's radio show welcome back to the radio show at the actual specimen to see what it looked like which was a little bit of a novel thing which is really the point of the whole fares being able to display these things that you know the ordinary I want to give a shoutout to one of our great radio affiliates K. E. N. N. thirteen ninety am and ninety to one FM in Farmington New Mexico specifically about that Chevelle Ghei to row no I think that I know that it was one of the first times that people were able to actually look main stage at that fair there were different buildings where you could walk into and focus on a different topic of study and there was one building called the agriculture catch beer guy's radio on K. E. N. every Saturday at ten PM local time now back to our conversation with libby and the Chicago Regime Liz it was really nice backbone for the whole beer turned out really nice for getting the response we're getting from it is pretty outstanding yeah we're fans is there anything that's unique time period there are certainly a lot of beers being made with a variety of different ingredients right the beginnings of agile logger are sort of the building where basically breeze just had all of these like displays out so almost like a walking like trade show are you walk up and down the hallway and cream ale it's it's an interesting thing and it's a good choice Tim likes them Buddah do it's not a common choice so now we'll you know during this time a person might not have access to and so that is definitely an ingredient that's out there now so temperatures really excited to go source it in this moment of history and so we kind of a just went with a cream ale a little bit of a nod to that I gotTa have something for a lot of those different palettes Shirley definitely wanted to do something that was a little bit more everyday drinking and different than sort of some of the things that they have been doing it's rather go into a beer now will look people sometimes John No is that beer the beer industry was really sort of and you'd see you know the display from maybe PABST during company from for balancing flats or you know any sort of burry right yes yes so when I was reading about it I saw it was quote made with this some of the ingredients that were once on display at the fared I'm like what ingredients were on the remits just before we went to the break we are sipping the all the world is here your collaboration with temperance in the field and brown I think you said you had a a quick follow up question on this sort of diversity in the use of new ingredients but also because I think we all just really liked cream ales and we think they don't really have their their do times it's part of their repertoire recently until they definitely wanted to kind of steer away from that a little bit and again I was excited to be able to focus on the style forbid become more approachable Mark Yeah we're certainly a national organization a nonprofit and the goal is to one day have a thirty thousand square foot facility with three do justice it's also confusing name right because it's not really an AOL as you would think of it is so we Kinda were just having some fun with it her quickly went regional quickly what national and the national support we we've gotten has been quite amazing to see we've done things past the triple milkshake fruited I may not be the best yeah they have some they have some the field museum has some really hoppy. Ip as and one other thing that for me was a big factor and certainly for the field museum is that beer has to be sort of a little bit gave the the temperance brewers a long list of different options and said here you guys know work and what won't unless they ended up doing but yet the Rocha volume you put them in a slushy machine that's right absolutely well we'll liz the Chicago Brazil now here's something when I first started looking up information on it I thought the Chicago Bruce was a thing a place or the Chicago Brazil actually encompasses quite a bit with part of that being the exhibition at the field but a lot more to it correct US making school back in the sixties and now it's grown to this being this internationally renowned organization and I'm pretty good of some you know if you're if you're really Nici than that's great from make specific sal beer but for the field museum who has you know hundreds of thousands of people coming to the door of getting from point A. to Point Z. so having that museum background in doing a lot of programming in my repertoire. That's how I knew we needed have a small collection of historical Georgia beer bottles and I I think my oldest one is eighteen eighties but it's from the Atlanta I think Atlanta the display the filled that does deal mainly with Chicago's brewing history is that right yeah so we had a very small space to work with so I really wanted to be start and so I I sort of reached out to a lot of cultural partners that I had worked with for decades and just ahead here's what I'm doing A got a great team behind me organization in Seattle called the pilch glass school so there's a famous glass floor name Dale to Hooghly and he and a couple of people started this kind of rogue specific about our discussion within that exhibition space so we start in eighteen thirty three the story that some of the story I told you before and then we end in eighteen ninety three exhibition spaces event space rooftop garden and of course a brewery but you know starting a museum in doing it right is not the easiest thing we are we are officially extending that exhibition at the Museum Okay into July twenty twenty so all another source months modern interpretations of the past and those were all on display in people you buy them and it was awesome I have not exactly beer glass but related brewing company or Atlantic Brewing Atlantic Brewing Company. But you know the clear glass bottle with him boss and I've got some from the nineteen forties in that but I say small collection it's like six Brian and Tim the bowls fair only again because made sense that we would end there because that is where the field museum was born out of the field museum basically after the and basically just consulted on historic beer glassware through time in selected I believe it was six six different beer glass where the has been around for a long time and told them stories and just handed over to some other artists and the artists blue new glassware that were titles but they're they're really cool in in the web got him spaced out they kind of tell the story of the history you can use the bottles to go through the different timeframes of Georgia beer there so there is accurate director in in we were chatting about how to collaborate and so myself in Randy Mosier who's our national advisory board a met with them and would you guys consider doing things with us and everybody who's incredibly supportive in and return to be like a really kind of local story your local endeavor during eighteen hundreds Chicago and sort of how it grows alongside the growth of the city is as a whole and really the most important part I think is is how the immigrants flag commercial free episodes and even bonus episodes that aren't available anywhere else that's right Brian Yes we've got a new one this week we did we did a weird beer news episode world's fair was all said and done it's under Marshall Fields said hey you know what we have all this stuff let's start a museum and so that's the museum was born so it tells the story of Beer Liz we've got to hear okay well it goes like this eighteen mid eighteen fifties Chicago the midwest in a big part you're guys if you're like us no launcher dinners complete without a pint or two of craft beer which is why truck and tap in downtown Woodstock Alfred and Duluth are always on our list Tim why do they call it truck and tap will the top part is easy Brian they've got eighteen of them as for the truck part that's where it gets interesting truck and TAT features your favorite Atlanta area food trucks you're getting a different menu every day truck and tap in downtown Woodstock Alfa Reta and Duluth truck and tap dot Com let them know that the beer guys sent you air can be stories out there that's interesting the glassware exhibition in Seattle Wa just different thoughts of glass throughout the history yeah so there's a great really quite a been a a definitely a national endeavour in next definitely key to what we're doing is that we're not just focus on Chicago's beer stores were certainly focused on the I am are correct Liz at runs through January of twenty twenty actually will be making an announcement very soon but I'll be happy to make it here all of the beer guys on facebook twitter and instagram boy escalated quickly I mean that really got out of hand now back to the beer guy's radio show all of a sudden they couldn't do that right so that's the first thing he does in the second thing he does is he tries to raise liquor license fees from fifty dollars a quarter any bars to be open on Sundays so this time period where you have people working fourteen hours a day six days a week so you know what we all want to do in our day off drink as I wanted to ask you some of the Brian you actually brought to my attention as you found this information on the Internet the lager beer riots of eighteen fifty five that's a story that's right I was there there was alligators involved otheir one and all kinds of stuff so check it out if you're patriots ports out there waiting on you right now go there now he thinks cities like Chicago Milwaukee Saint Louis Cleveland Cincinnati we all have that very strong shared German heritage and at this point in time we already had people who had the three hundred a quarter so really solid again yeah really significant spike in fees so like any good tavern owners many of them decided that they are not who was living in the United States enhance anti immigrant sentiments were really kind of attacking not only the Germans but their culture so beer was a part of that so in Chicago different things happen sort of leading up to that moment it really is complicated in a very interesting story but what happens is folks descend upon sources we know knowingly celebrating Tober fest in drinking lager beer there's something that they call that part of their culture has called fest culture we do need to take another break but we will be back very soon to talk more with Liz Gabbay Valla Chicago Bruce Closedown or pay the fees and so they were arrested and taken to trial and so that trial happens in April of eighteen fifty five and what ends up happening is I five lager beer because that is what people are drinking and it really is sort of something that is rooted in people's freedom to drink so this is sort of a major moment in our little culture basically it's just shouldn't around in a beer garden drinking beer in festive cultures you know part of of their identity and so all of a sudden anyone L. in our exhibition and it's such a complicated story we decided to make video out of it and we actually got after local actor Michael Shannon to do the narration for us in Washington DC in New Orleans we just opened a month long exhibition About class beer glass where in Seattle yeah and so it's City Hall and a riot ensues and punches thrown shots are fired at least one guy dies and that becomes known as the lager beer right of eighteen fifty is that the next year leave Levy Boone is up for reelection and all of immigrant groups stay organized and so they actually go to the polls people weren't voting at the time men Capelli cool you know that's talking about that with the German history since you mentioned it reminded me I watched the Ken Burns Prohibition Dot and he great played a key to both of those things now we've got longer to plan our trip to Chicago Brian exactly you stretch it out by another six months or so yeah absolutely while you're listening to the bear guy's radio show that and so they went they went to the German communities and said they're attacking your culture here this attack in our culture and you had people like a little Fella Augustus Bush very anti immigrant sentiments because the majority of those people were German living here it was a German to sort of getting attacked and Germans city's history because it's the first moment of civil unrest for the city of Chicago and the other thing for me I think more importantly not just as a historian but as a Chicagoan you weren't making beer or if you're selling beer in a bar you're certainly drinking it so that's what he kind of went after so he did two things for saying he did was to make it illegal for country was inhabited by a slew of different kinds of immigrants the majority of those specifically in the Mid West German we have a very rich German heritage if you think about it the country the summit so the beer culture summit is kind of like a mash up of an academic conference of Museum Conference Appear Industry Conference in something running at the time and so they say organized go vote and Lovey Boone is not reelected so for me the eighteen fifty five lager beer riot is not only and he basically just wanted to do something to hurt these different immigrant groups and many of them as I mentioned were affiliated with alcohol with beer and is kind of cool yeah so now your speaking of this as being you know a national international thing you have an exhibition at the field right now which for the public you know having been to all of those kinds of conferences they're all very unique and very different but they're also very isolated right and share information with a lot of the same people and I notice that there's a lot of there's a lot of in there about you know there were they used every angle they could either to get the temperance folks on their side or to get people on the side you know depending on their political leanings with Oh we had this mayor named Lovey Boone who was anti immigrant and part of a party called the American party also known as the know nothing party and it's a lot of these different immigrant groups start to organize themselves for the first time really and they basically plan to attack to Tack City Hall and attack the mayor and all I brewery owners ended up getting very very much involved in politics after that whole incident so definitely definitely sort of was a catalyst for for the the beer industry anyone involved with it to sort of bring their hands together and say hey you know we're gonNA WE'RE

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Solving Problems with Art, VR, and Software . . . with Sasha Samochina

Creative Innovators with Gigi Johnson

42:27 min | 1 year ago

Solving Problems with Art, VR, and Software . . . with Sasha Samochina

"Welcome to creative innovators was Jesse Johnson. In this episode, we welcome Sasha Same Oceana who has developed a tremendously unique career journey and a unique career destination. She shows with us what she does at JPL NASA in matching arts and augmented reality and virtual reality into storytelling immersion for scientists and engineers but also regularly people and even students who would like to wander through Web VR and were wandering through Mars she shares her story of how she got. To this unique job and unique role using the magic of technology and art, she'll share how her story of how she got. There is very nontraditional. She'll share how job titles are created evolved, but also how you can keep pushing ahead and asking for that next adventure and that next opportunity. So enjoy this conversation with Sasha and we'll share a bunch of links where you can get to these resources at the end of the podcast. Thanks for joining us. I work at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory which is one of ten NASA centers. In the United States. We are the ones that focused on robotic missions space. So all of the robots flying in space are built and controlled mission control at. The Jet Propulsion Laboratory or JPL. So I work there in the Engineering and science director at office, specifically in software planning and execution systems. That's a lot of words. So let me get into a little selves very nerdy like like sitting in a small office with the computer nerdy. It is sitting in a small office with a computer nerdy. It's nerdy in a very sort of I should say group way I don't know how to put that in in a in a togetherness team way. So I'm the deputy lead of a group called the OPS slab, which is a group of designers and developers that are looking for innovative ways to work with signs in engineering, which brings us to a lot of interesting web projects as well as primarily also augmented reality and virtual reality projects so. Working with astronauts working with scientists and engineers finding the problems that they have in solving them through software. One of the projects that lead is called Proto space, which is in that realm of cool oxide projects, and we create three d CAD Three d cad visualization system that lets you view really complicated computer aided design models in full-scale using augmented reality technology and the web. So it's a way for people to remotely build their robotic space systems before they machine any part of them and do a lot of cool things in three D. that you can't do into D.. And then the third job title if you're ready for this one is quite. I actually got it during this quarantine and working work at home order. So I am also the technical group supervisor of the User Interface Development Group. So those are all of the people in my section that are making front end development work and so really taking the usability of things and putting on the forefront of a lot of our people that are using software jpl weighed. Three different teams then there's overlap between all these people. So there is overlap in all of this is a diagram that, yes, there's overlap, but it's not exactly equal. So a lot of the people in my group are part of the upside, but others are not a lot of our all the people in prototypes are part of the jobs. So it's A bit confusing, but we're all sort of fighting the same fight. So in a way, yes, I would say there is there more overlap than not overlap if that makes sense. So I'm going to try to mythbusters a lot of this because you think, oh, here's this really fascinating woman who has this really interesting deep sort of tech and human communications job. And you didn't start in tech. Let's take you way back to. Saint Petersburg. So you're born in Russia and were you born into a technical artistic family? I was born into a musical family. So both my my dad are quit musical. My mom currently took up seriously singing opera about five years ago and is doing quite well with that, and my father is a trained guitarist and played a lot of rock and roll back in the day and Saint Petersburg he's actually published in a book about rock and roll in that time in Saint Petersburg, which is very cool. But by trade, my dad's a civil engineer and my mom is a chemist, my brother who is six years older than me is very kind of interested in technology and did end up majoring in computer science in College. So there. was kind of this more or less technical side of things. But I would say art sort of ruled the roost in terms of my interest at a very young age and I drew actually before I even spoke. So I I started speaking quite late so I learned how to draw before I could speak which I I knew I could speak just was kind of maybe doing a social experiment on my parents because it was really fun to see them I remember seeing them react to things that I got right and I learned that I could sort of make this happiness happens very early memory but I do recall that that existed in my brain I guess I had a pretty good balance of both the arts and kind of more technical side of things while growing up I was really encouraged to express myself through visual art and music. I started playing piano when I was about six years old and was classically trained throughout my life. My parents sat me down at five and we're like piano or violin and I was like, Haha I guess piano because you don't have to tune it because my brother played cello and that was quite Painful beginning to my childhood of hearing him I thought it was beautiful. But my parents like. Stringed instruments it is a different world though they're much easier to carry. Our yes. I moved out of Russia when I was four we immigrated right before like during the fall of the Soviet Union basically. So my dad got us out of Russia to sort of give us ability to have a life that we could. Thrive in and I guess. I. Always kind of felt like the world was my sister in that way where I had the ability to be in a place where I could make kind of choices and create this. Sort of ECLECTIC and interesting future for myself. So that sort of where the basis of that mindset came from is I was told at a young age that you have possibilities here. So go and sees what want so that that left me with a lot of great work kind of how do you call it Why can't they think of this work ethic? Yes. That's what I'm looking for very good work ethic. That left me with kind of a really good. Forward, thinking attitude about what future with the future could hold and kind of made me a serial optimist, which is Great. So we talked before, we started on the recording about jobs and job titles and stereotypes around jobs. What did the young think she wanted to do and she grew up? To be honest. There were kind of two worlds that I was really interested in one was really wanted to be a librarian I thought it was very cool that they got to be surrounded by books all day long and The Libertarians that helped me in the library would always kind of dive deep into my interests and they knew so much knows very inspired by that. I also just liked I just liked the idea of hanging out in the library all the time, and the second path was always to be a teacher I remember recalling that I wanted to I don't know if this is a real award or not. I. Don't think it has I was like I'm going to win the best teacher in the world award what year so I don't think there might be something like that. But I really use that wash should play a national one in most countries I'm not sure if there's a worldwide one. Well. I thought that there was or maybe maybe I just I didn't even need the award I was just like wouldn't it be cool if I inspired and taught enough children that they would think that I was the best teacher you know and 'cause I I grew up really looking up to a lot of my my teachers. Those were the kind of the two categories that I was. Obsessed with at a very early age. So High School for you. Was it arts time or tech time or a creative time or so for me it was everything I took I took high school. I, took learning very seriously. Wishing away that I would think back on me. Now telling you know fifteen year old to not sweat it so hard because I was very home work-obsessed, I was very extra credit obsesses not in a competitive way just no way to prove that. I know things and I WANNA learn as much as possible. But in a kind of a stressful way sometimes where I think relaxing and just letting information come to you a little bit more organic sometimes trying to stuff it in your head and feel bad if you don't understand everything. But so I was very serious I took my classes very seriously in high school. I was in international baccalaureate was taking all of these extra classes to get college credit. And then the plan was probably to go to school for biology and I was really down that path until about two months or so before we had to apply to college. And then I decided to just apply only to art schools and that care. To for. That came from what? That came from. So I had to take a zero hour class to be able to take art for my IB, my international baccalaureate classes than I would come in paint. The studio before anyone was at school at five thirty, a M or maybe it was five am those very early. So to take this, so I could have a full scale have all of my other credits and I also could take art and I just found myself even when it was that early I lived about forty minutes away from school that I just really enjoying this time in my work was growing at the wires, connecting my ideas and my sketchbook with the things I, was reading with my life seemed very pertinent to me. It seemed like it was making some kind of feeling inside of me, and then just the want to grow inside of my art practice became. More. Important to me than sort of this passion that I was. Sort of falsely putting myself into in terms of biology I. Think I had a big passion for it but I realized that my bigger passion was to create art, and so I applied to only art schools and I got into all of them and. That was insane. And my parents were like what's happening and I was like don't worry I think I know what I'm doing but the great thing was I did work hard. So I. ENDED UP GETTING SCHOLARSHIPS I ended up getting credits until a lot of my classes because of the work I'd done on the front end for high school and I ended up going to the school of Their Institute of Chicago, which is a wonderful school. which is connected to a museum. So it allows you to sort of have this real world's this. Maybe this dream librarian experience that I was talking about because they allow you to go through old you know archives in books in prints you can say, Oh, I'd like to pull this artists prints from you know X. Year and you can hold that in your hands with gloves on an actually study these amazing artifacts and so. I actually was admitted for painting and then after one year of painting realized. Oh. No, this is not the way for me. In switch too much like you film video new media so that world really opened up doors of how technology can be infused into by art practice, how my technological skill could be grown in this sort of artistic where I was experimenting with video and sound and programming, and how all this could work together in a really conceptual rather than narrative way. And it really made me just love the idea of how to communicate and grow understanding through the Lens of a film video and Sophomore Year of my experience at School of the art. Institute of Chicago I gotTA internship at the Field Museum of Natural History with their environmental and conservation programs and that was a really amazing way for me to practically take these skills that I was learning and apply them to real real world needs of saving Amazonian rainforest floor this very small department that was doing this grassroots effort for different communities in the Amazon. and. So I was producing animations for them from data that they were collecting. I was creating videos of cultures that were under represented or not at all represented in any of the records of some of these governments. and. Those two things schooling and throughout my schooling being part of the Field Museum which I interned for three years so more than half of my college career. Really, grew me into this person that was like okay. I wanted to do science I, and then I wanted to do art but there's this thing where science communication infused with technology I like this world. It's a unique van Diagram, right? So it's a it's a space in between the most people don't think about what year was this. So I started college in two, thousand five. So graduated in two, thousand, nine, the one unfortunate thing was that. For Film School as I said, it was conceptual so we weren't really narrative basically joint loved I was like I don't WanNa make movies I wanna make like experiences are you know you just just getting really hyper on ideas but the thing that was weird is that we were just transitioning off dvd tapes onto hard drives hard drives are like super clunky and stuff. So in terms of technology was not the best time to be going to school because there was this transition happening. That no one really quite understood quite yet, and so you know half of the stuff was hard drive recorded half of the stuff was dv tapes and you sort of had to pick your poison doors. Yes. Expensive. Very expensive people who produced now and pick up a terabyte drive for not much money at all of the you were doing video that I was doing video for early early Youtube and you had to really think about where you were stirring these files. So stressful. So stressful. Three years of interning what was the next adventure So I actually did get hired fulltime at the field museum after finishing interning there as at first a continued internship, but with the media department. So this was what the beginning of by I would say very bold way of. Thinking about jobs that I wanted and then doing anything to get those in kind of more of a just a very confident way. So I learned about this I had actually gone to render some video up in this loft at the field museum that was all video people no one was in there at the time but they had a computer that can handle what I was doing I was like, oh my gosh like there are other video people here that working exhibits. And they have a team you know it was only two people but I was like more than just me and they're interested in the stuff and I was like I need to get to these people. So I went to a they used to have a happy hour in the science classroom on Fridays at the field where you could just go and like hang out with people and sort of you know just talk to really interesting folks about what they were working on. and. My friend Greg who was the head of the media production people I just walked up to him and I was like, Hey, you have that. That's really powerful up there and he was like, yeah, and I was like I rendered video on it with you weren't around you is like okay and then I said I really really really need to find a job right now in this is the job. Is there any way that you're hiring and he said we we are actually hiring and I was like well, then I would like to apply and I gave him my business card with my website and sort of Just walked away and was like hope that works in he emailed me and was like your resume looks great your websites insane. It was very insane at the time and so I was brought on and I was very thankful for my boldness in that situation where. I just sort of marched right up to him and there, and then that began kind of. I think a more. Robust way of working with a small team, we were designing exhibits, and so we put all of the media in exhibit happened at the Field Museum. So it wasn't only learning and understanding what the scientists were studying, but then working with curator's as well as scientists take those things and make them accessible to the public in a digestible way, and you can imagine some of those conversations being hard where some spent thirty years you know studying a certain. Subject and you're saying, I'm going to put this in a one minute video in them being like health. Dare you say that but then proving to them that you can do this in a really fun way which involves. Touch screens more tactile ways for the visitors to also grow in support these sorts of ideas in the future. So I would say as a first career, I couldn't think of anything more fulfilling and. I just always stressed to everyone that's younger or if you're in college or going to go to college or even if you're not planning to go and you have some place that you want to be in I would say internal somehow get involved with volunteering with that work because. Because of that field museum internship I think that is what opened my mind up to job being more than just a job. A job being something that can affect the world through this skill the I was learning and I didn't really make that connection until I had my experience there and so interning and volunteering for places that you love is incredibly important to kind of grow not only your passion. But sort of makes sense of where you fit in if you don't necessarily and who does anymore fit into any of the, you know just one box of interests. So you've found that job from looking around from the job at the same place to see where to go what was your next shift. My next shift was moving to New York and working in Web Design and development, as well as doing freelance video editing and wrecking on some short of my own. So I see that part of my life as very much understanding the. kind of the ever evolving software process where it was a small group of designers and developers I was helping to kind of project manage a lot of the projects. and. Understanding how different clients work we work with people in the arts? We he blunt fashion we worked with people in sciences and so just kind of a more rapid way of working and through just web. So really taught me how to. Be More Agile. Obviously in in the way that a process happens I would say that process became really important just because of the amount of people we were sort of making websites for and how quickly we needed to do them based on content and I I saw that as a very practical scale. So just just understanding that language so much better and being immersed in. In the web, very, very kind of in understanding the frustrations of working in that realm as well as the positives of working in that realm and I did that for about three years and then I. was no longer wanting to live in. New York. So, how did you make that shift from as you put arts fashion in sciences, shoot jet propulsion, labs, Romer, and Mars, and VR and AR, and all those journeys How did you make that shift? So I. As I said, New York became too for me. I didn't think that the quality of life for the amount of room I had to expand was was working for me. So I test quote Unquote Test Move to Los Angeles for six months and I've been here now for six years. So that I lied when I said I was GONNA come back after six months. I guess so I moved here with the intent of trying to grow kind of maybe the editing career a little bit more and being more involved in the arts somehow maybe a museum again, and I freelanced I again, for the field museum, they had this a huge amount of work that was perfect for me to work on while I was just here in settling in. And then I actually worked for another person that I walked up to and ask for a job was for a production company called absolutely productions and I became their digital media manager. So I again, kind of saw this opportunity to take web based things and mix them with kind of being the head of the Voice of the production company in terms of working with other networks like I have seen comedy central and with seeing how a production side of show works programming their websites creating all of their merch you know planning all of their. Live events and things like that. Really good at growing practical skills as a sad but also realized that the Hollywood world isn't really where my passion is. So I became very kind of stagnant and it felt a bit repetitive to make to make content for. Shows. That were on television that maybe didn't have a longer standing sort of humanitarian outlook in that something that I look for a job. So I saw posting for a JPL position in communications on Lincoln and I was like, I'd always been obsessed with J. p. l. simply because of the strange beginnings of of how that lab became a lab, which I can get into another time where you should definitely look it up the story is awesome. Being part of you know Broddrick operations thinking about how to even understand some of the missions that are happening was really exciting to me. So I just blindly I, applied to the job and six months later I got a call back. And it was a bit long enough that I forgot I mean I didn't forget but sort of like who is this and they were like, are you available for a phone interview on Monday like Oh, I thought that you had forgotten about me but. Not We're federally funded research and Development Facility things take some time. It's bureaucratic. There's paperwork instead on that I was a fast track to sort of. Getting. The position and I was you know what? One of the interviewers said to me was your resume is so weird. That we had. We had to meet you because it's it's. It's. There's so much really. Interesting work here, but you know the story is not not really what you see on a resume all the time, and so I felt very bad I was I like being strange. I like being a little bit different and so that's really the world that it was in communications. It was a combination of. Social Media worked for a lot of the larger channels at JPL as well as creating helping to create videos content disorder I see it as educating the public, which is something that NASA does at something that's written into Nasr's charter. JPL has funding funded by NASA. So they have this kind of want to give back and I I love that and I love being part of it. Within working in that World I. Was Really lucky to be a part of a bunch of meetings that we went to in Silicon Valley where we went to facebook and youtube and Google, and all the places you know got to interview people in sort of see how they work and see how we could work more closely on things that were up and coming and Youtube and facebook. Let us know that they were coming out with his three sixty tool, which is an. API that basically automatically will ingest three sixty images, Eagle rectangle or images into a three hundred sixty degree bill. And I was like, what? Who Stopping you, right their. API. For some less technical folks in the audience and API is what it's something. That's an interface of a software that lets you have. Basically let you talk to something without doing anything else. So it's something that automatically does something for you. So in this case you have an image that looks. Weird and it's in three hundred, sixty degrees would look normal. But when it's all flattened out, it just looks like a mishmash and so in this terminology, the application programming interface would automatically fit it into a spherical content and let you kind of look around as a person in the center of of that world. So you could do this more heavily handed with other software that was. Sort of not really available at the time but was beginning to sort of get on the cost but the big deal about this when big industry takes a huge feature like this and puts it into their already existing world means you know for for me jpl that also means I don't need to ask for more permission to use new tools where already allowed to use these tools. And it's a new feature that will kind of grow the the way that we are able to educate the people that are fans of the pages. What I find fascinating and one of the interesting opportunities for you guys over at J.p L. is that you have some phenomenal incredibly high high pixel high quality content by your mission you need to share so you you've got great content for people who are fueling a lot of these new technologies who WanNa play and Sierra Nabil's be at the place space at the front end because like here's a great. Would you like Mars? Would you like? Exactly and we have this wonderful team that that puts together the scientific images of the of the tabular three, sixty images of a full panorama from ours from a current mission that's called Marsin Laboratory, which is the curiosity rover who's up there doing cool science, and so we already had the content. You know all we had to do sort of figure out had a smash it into this new interface to be able to make it work, and so I had the really exciting. Job of seeing his that seeing that is really important fun thing and spending about a week I'd ask for a preview from facebook and youtube to send me their stuff. So I, could start experimenting with how exactly to do this so that when they released this new feature I mean we were able it was happenstance there was a new panorama, a full panorama meaning both the Rovers Image D- and the terrain around the rovers alleged fully that's not something that we constantly do. Just because if you can imagine that's a lot of data that's a lot of data transfer down from Mars to Earth. So usually we do things to check if the rovers. Okay. So image the rover or just image the terrain to see what the terrain looks like but this was a full panorama and I was like, Oh, my gosh. So February two, thousand sixteen, we were able to sort of take this and be one. Of the first agencies to sort of beyond top of releasing an image like this from NASA in this new format where people could be standing in the rovers wheels basically looking around Mars at this June, and that's where another click happened in my brand. I was like immersive. You know let's do that. This is amazing I love figuring out how to get that to all work in. Let's go further down into the rabbit hole of. What else can we do so? I ended up producing about I, think nine three sixties from then on some more narrative some not some just kind of. You know cereal with images in really nice sounes to kind of like, let you float around in space because who doesn't love doing that. And the next jump within JPL was leaving communications in moving over to the software side because I had that extreme want to be like. Okay. But how does this software side of this work like on the web in unity and you know how do we put these things together the ops lab where I now work was looking for visualization producer to sort of help with putting together some of these projects helped to get more people using these products and to kind of. The teams and make sure that they were following processes that would help them move forward and so I started. In that position after about two and a half years of being in communications, which was a really organic and wonderful move for me albeit again. A lot of new things to learn in a new atmosphere new people but I embraced that change very nicely because I certainly wanted to you know mess around with different hardware where you could use augmented reality virtual reality and just learn like be confused by everything and then be educated and I've surely got that chance from from the lab and and my team's. Now, is that the OPS lab where people can in different parts of JPL can walk around the rover and other things together in? VR. Yes. So we focused right now on practical tool. So we do really use augmented reality more than virtual primarily working with a Microsoft device called Hololens, which allows you to see the world around you as well as Holograms, overlaid on the actual world so you can be in a room with people not bump into each other. VR virtual reality you are fully immersed with with tools to help you get a route. I'm usually instruments in terms of you're holding something you're not just touching the air you know touching what you have your hands. We make a lot of different tools to simulate being on other planets like Mars and being able to walk around simulating what a robot does Wyatt does it. So figuring out an automation, which is something you know when a robot makes decisions on its own, why does it make those decisions? So we work on a tool to sort of visualize what it did and why. We also, as I said with Proto space in the beginning in my intro, we look at these really complex models and are able to take them out of the two D. Rom into the three D. ROM walk around them. Use actual tools of the engineers will use to build this space craft in match them up to the virtual model you can do to this orbital trajectories. So seeing how whole mission will play out and how much surface it'll cover of the planet or moon it's going to be going around based on just visualizing that orbit in three D rather than trying to draw into D. so a lot of the problems that we answer are these you know. When I'm looking something at something in to it can become confusing when. In Three D. explaining it to other people as well as convincing people of what you're trying to show. It begins to make a lot of sense specifically when you're talking about space travel when you're talking about. Just. Spatial differences on another planet or even on this planet. So we found through a lot of research testing that a lot of our engineers and scientists prefer to look at things in these three d worlds I mean, this is technology that is still being sort of figured out and made more accessible. I've been very happy with the amount of web based tools that exist in tablet and phone based tools that began to give this this technology a little bit more of a utilitarian, educational. Door Open right where you can. If you have a smartphone may be able to use an augmented reality APP but I do think there's so much more to grow and room to sort of expand on how can we make these kinds of tools and experiences things that more people can experience and use in everyday life. Before we got started. You were mentioning that there's an environment people have been using for education during this work from home time. Yes I would I I love this story. So we worked on a project called Access Mars, and that was a project between jpl ops slab end google creative labs. So we took an experience that is more heavy handed that our scientists use to virtually walk on the surface of Mars, together called onsite imported it to web VR. and. So in that experience, we have a wonderful scientists name Katie sack Morgan that takes you through some really interesting sites that curiosity has gone to and explain some of the reasons certain parts of the terrain looked like they do, and it gives you the feeling of actually hopping around on Mars, and so this is as close as we could get to a web based tool that shows you something that are actual mar scientists use to virtually explore a different planet. And so during this quarantine time and as so many children in so many adult university students everyone has to work from home together access Morris has had this huge uptick in usership because it's being used in ritual conferences for middle schoolers, highschoolers, and otherwise just. Beginning to be this tool that's more embraced than it was before and it's been really lovely to see something that was built a few years ago be kind of how this second life and resurrection and hearing a lot of good feedback from people about how you know. Even if you get a little bored I'M GONNA, go walk on the surface of Mars for a second in chill-out. If you're not sick of screen time that is it gives kind of a refreshing view I think. It tells the story of how a new generation of explorers can be. Influenced by checking something like this and saying, Hey, I'm interested in maybe the software side of building something like this or hey I really I'm really interested in geology. I didn't know I could look at Mars in full-scale in three dimensional space on the web, and so my hope is that not only people are enjoying it but they might be getting inspired in a little bit of a different way than they usually would. So for each of these shows, we put show notes that get carried into most of the spaces as well as on our website. I'm feeling we're going to have a lot of show notes links to share people from some of this stuff. Is there anything as we begin to close up the UN a make sure that someone goes and checks out after listening to this podcast Yes. Actually, there are a few things. So Access Mars Dot com is the resources just speaking about we have a three D. A. R. APP minute reality APP called spacecraft Three D that's available at android or apple's so that lets you look at models that full-scale from your phone. So you can see the latest missions that we have in your living room. You can also start a session with your friends and kind of it's kind of a prototype face light. So looking at three models together and looking at how they work in looking animations. So that's pretty fun. And then Also, I had the really really great opportunity to work on inaugurated reality APP with a group of women from Smithsonian grant that we received. So Kim are conned is the principal investigator of this. APP. It's called reach across the stars and it's an application of a universe of women studying different things. So you can see the backstory's of a lot of women whose stories aren't necessarily told in the textbooks. And you can also dive into a few minute reality experiences of some of these women's workflows and hear their personal stories of how they started doing what they do now. So that's a really fun application that we're still updating and it's something I haven't really had a chance to tell people to download. So that should be on one as well if you're if you're at home in looking for more content. And you've been part of some emmy winning experiences. Yes this is due to the wonderful communications team we were so honored to JPL's actually received two emmys. I was only I part of the first one but I am so excited that they want to in a row the the emmy that we one was for casinos grand finale, which was a mission to Saturn which was there over twenty years and we won an emmy for our end of Cassini grand finale campaign that we put on that included things such as three sixty videos, and you know packages for the media live events. We had a live three sixty view of mission control during the last the last breaths of the mission this the reason for this mission. Ending, was that it was basically running out of quote unquote gas and we needed to have it end and so had crashed the mission into Saturn, very dramatic and healthier for protecting that planet from other things that we might have built. So it's the way that NASA deals with protecting other planets so that when we go there and do our science, we don't find traces of ourselves. We wanted to protect the moons of Saturn from those things. So a really really beautiful, just swansong of mission and we were honored to be graced with with our first emmy for that for that campaign. So Young Sasha, who wanted to be either a teacher librarian has become a teacher. Through all of these different thing. I guess you're right. I do wow I'd never really thought of it that way my mind's a little bit blown and a librarian because you're finding ways to take all this information and make it available for people so very, very cool arc. It's been great watching you from the side for quite a few years in sing all this great work if someone wants to reach out to you, how best would they do so and who would you like to reach up to you? I think that anyone that's looking for resources on anything that I mentioned we do have a lot of open sourced material as well as places to sort of take things and make them your own, including, downloading all the three sixties that JP deals ever made as well as other centers in being creative with them I. Think the best way to reach out to me is social media on instagram or twitter. I am super responsive and would love to would love to see what people are working on as well. And I'll put those socials in the show notes. Thank you so much for joining us and thank you for joining us from your your home in this virtual conversation environment and look looking forward to seeing you once olive this crazy has wrapped up. Thank you so much for having me this has been a blast and I'm very honored to be asked to participate in your wonderful show. Thank you much. That was Sasha I love talking with her she shares so many new ideas but ways you can really think about how to combine things into a career things that aren't necessarily in the same space. If you'd like to know more about our future podcasts or find the show notes, we talked about come to creative innovators PODCAST DOT com. Thanks for joining us. See around the various pocket places subscribe and share this with your friends. Until. Next time. Creative. Innovators podcast. I'm she Johnson.

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065 Casual Friday

"Hey everyone welcome to talk with Chris and Jerry and this is our podcast where we give you a behind the scenes look as we create a comic book. We're going to talk about TV movies comic books and hopefully have a lot of guests. The writers creators and friends check US out. Snarf COMICS DOT COM. You can check out our blog and follow along with everything we got going on. Also follow us on instagram twitter facebook at snarf comics and please subscribe and leave a review on itunes. Enjoy the episode. We're back for another smarttalk in our brand new podcast studio almost completed. I mean pretty much completed. I mean a lot has been done in here. Christopher and it looks amazing. It's we've got so much more room for activities table that we've acquired. We have a podcast specific table. That's only purposes podcasting. We're going to leave our stuff on it. It's like seventy year old antique OPE table in. It's pretty amazing. I tell you what we gotta steal on this thing. Yeah I think I think we did a great job with its rustic looking. It's kind of a austrial steam punk vibe. It's exactly what it is. It needs to have the goggles. It's talk about with Steamy Nago. It's got the rounded like old antique looking would legs but then it's also got this like wrought iron support structure the there's a bar that goes in between and it's amazing. It's a pretty cool table. I like it a lot and yeah we have so much room and we're not cramped and we're not on people's desks and we got it on the cheap kind of for tables because apparently people think tables are all tables mind. You are made of gold. There will be a future. Jerry where tables become the currency. I think they already are. And people are like build like after the financial housing crash of two thousand eight people. Stop buying into the whole game of like we're going to use our house as our equity and it's just it's just table because we we would ask people about tables like hey. I see a nice table. They're on facebook marketplace. Would you take a one hundred dollars? We won't take less than four fifty four fifty for that dog Shit Table. You got sitting. There was scratches Oliver Lee. You say five hundred dollars that you say in the ad needs either refinished or coat of paint eight. You're going to have to refinish us. I'll give you a hundred bucks for it. won't take less than five hundred you serious and. I don't need the chairs. I don't want the chairs with it right. I don't want people are pretty precious about tables. I guess yeah but we got this guy. Awesome our table. Yeah it is awesome super awesome a more awesome table for like half the price of Karen's four hundred fifty dollars. Yeah it's really nice. I like it a lot. So it's in the works. Were building up a Dedicated Space Yeah. We have a kitchenette. Because if behind me if you can see it we have you see that nice little kitchenette check their anybody on Youtube. See this was a very smooth. But we got a refrigerator and sink and microwave. You know nice the necessities it is the niceties it is necessity and yeah. I'm pretty excited about it now. We just need to like make are necessary modifications to our table to like hold Oliver stuff and then keep it like yes contained and then add art. Yes you have a little bit hard up there. I got some star wars blueprints. But it's been there forever. We got Alex's Jigsaw puzzle. We gotta find a home for we're going to get a new caricature tomorrow. Yes we are. What are we doing tomorrow tomorrow? We're going to well wait. We know today while you. Listen to this podcast. We are at we act to eat to the Chicago comics and Entertainment Expo Chicago Entertainment Expo. Something like that yeah. It's something like that. We've went two years in a row now this no. This is the third year in a row. This is I think you your second time. My third or fourth. I don't know there was the first year you didn't go. Yes so that was your. This is your fourth in my third. Yeah that sounds right I don't know maybe maybe the second but either way it's my favorite one. It's incredible experience Greater Chicago area. It's it it's definitely more prominent on the National Stage. Probably one of the top five conventions in the country and it's very commercial yes commercial is the big time it's not like we've went to which is cool. I like that fact. All of it draws a really big crowd of not only people but like artists Entertainment YOU KNOW PEOPLE IN VIDEO Game Literature. Art Everything that you can think of. Come to this place A really good for networking I think. 'cause Arte Sally is amazing. The amount of people you meet there is amazing And we we got a caricature drawn last year of us. That has never really seen the light of day. Just because we don't we don't want to spoil the fun it's ours you know. It's a special thing between Chris and you know we're going to keep it that way reading another one on today Probably as you're listening to this were being drawn. Yeah by Eric Massias. Yeah that's right I just WanNa make sure I get his name right and He's done a little bit of a logo for us that we had them. Do that will be coming out. And we'll show you guys soon But he's also doing a character man. That's going to be amazing. We have a really good idea. How a super good idea? We won't spoil it because it's going to be amazing. He does really work. If you're going to see to me to check them out at the I think yes catched booth booth and Yet make sure you ask by four him by name. He is amazing artists and the character artists. He'll draw whatever you want. I think once we have like a second and third one I'll be happy to frame them all even our original one and put it up because there's a theme yes then there's a theme. The first one was not too much of a team because we cannot just blurted out what we wanted and he gave us exactly what we want. I mean we asked for that To a point but Yeah it's funny. It's a good story. We I like it a lot. The art is still very very good. we've posted on our Social Media in the last couple of days some of the caricatures he's drawn of comic book stuff and it's just. It's a really good. If you're into that kind of thing I would say. Check him out. He's on Instagram at e. e. m. a. n. m. a. c. IAS ema must be yes So check him out. You can also find him Oliver. Instagram facebook is also linked below in the description of this podcast. Yes Lincoln the description. Yes you like a real instagram. I really am. I'm a real social media's guy a social media pariah maybe try. What else do we have? Another huge event happening Jerry. We do yeah. It's called snark madness. I forgot about SNARF madness until right. Now you're right that's happening as we speak We haven't started gradient heating. But it's your time to get a bracket will you can get a bracket on SNARF CONNEX DOT com slash madness madness or you can go to Communist. Dot Com and click snarf madness in the top navigation link download the PDF bracket filled out. Email it to us at Info at SNARF DOT COM. You can take a picture of it and through the magic of APPS. Yes you can scan the scan. There's ultra scans micro- Microsoft Lens. I use Microsoft Office Lens. It's free you can scan it after you've filled it out and you can send the PDF right to name outright from the program. It's great. Yeah although that I named are free you can do that. That would be the easiest way for us or you can Gannett in your HP Desk jet. You could use one of those as well but the phone scanner. I promise you I. It's much easier. I know you have a phone in your pocket. Scan a picture. Are you just happy to see me both? I also carry bananas on me all the time for potassium reasons. Okay yeah makes sense. I got low. Potassium checks out You know really. They're not really that high in potassium. P Bananas Have Potassium but there's better sources of potassium than Madonna's. Yeah let's just hot as you could just be eating potash straight out. It's kind of like Granola no. It isn't granular. But it's not colonel. Yeah so those are the big events that are that we've got going on. Get Your SNARF menaced brackets. Send them to us. We Will Graham big prizes of this year. There are two winners. Yeah you'll have to mentors and the goal is to match jerry or is bracket correct to just come out with your own ideas. Your ideas don't matter. No you're a cog in a in the SNARF wheel of that. We are what matters here. So the winners will be the closest to match our brackets The two winners will receive up to two hundred dollars cash prizes. I'll tell you what one of them that we got. We got back. I was looking at and It just was perusing. What they've picked Reno. We're not grading anything yet. I just WanNa see what they put on there. I think it's definitely towards you. They clearly they have no interest in your bracket they were going for. They definitely went towards you because everything I was looking at. Some of them are going to be the same. I I already know that but Looking through it let seems like Chris that looks like a Chris Pick. That's pretty much across pic- you know who's more important? So yeah it. It's because you have a beard. I think she's a beard pissed. She he he knows him. Or we're not giving away it who it is whatever. It is think they're a beard EST? Yeah well wouldn't it be a? I don't know what that would be. Wouldn't that be an ist against beards? Beard EST YEAH. Yeah so then. They're they're not necessarily not necessarily so like yes in the case of racist but like an exhibition likes to get naked. That's true. Oh Yeah I guess or like a flout assed likes to play the flute. They liked the flout so a beard. Est might be a purveyor of a beard beard enthusiasts or a fan of beards. Don't I'm just saying don't tear me down because I can't grow beard okay. I got I won't stuff on my face. Somebody will try to match your bracket Jerry. Somebody out there cares about you. I mean we've got to have two winners guys like not. We don't have enough brackets in yet so get on top that horse ride 'em sally. I know three people that haven't sent him in yet. That are doing it. We want US just three. Two hundred and fifty fifty. That's our goal. Yep So we're a lot of work that's a lot. Well I was thinking about this. We don't have to score them when you're in a NCWA bracket people score their own. That's true that's just putting a lot of work on people that they don't WanNa do but so we gotta do it Arthur. Winning prizes at is true. If you're yeah I still feel like it would scare. People aren't fine can be lazy. I mean in general people are lazy. I'm not necessarily saying. Our listeners are lazy but in General Yup. Most people don't want to do work to win something right they just WanNa do the minimum. I mean speaking from experience. I want to do the absolute minimum. I can do and then when something. And if that's just writing out a bracket taking a picture of it on my phone sending it to influence dot com. That's all I WANNA do. Well do that. Everybody jump on board. We're really excited. And it's GonNa be a lot of fun and Yeah so with that seat to tomorrow today. Really excited about that. I don't think I'm GONNA do. I'M GONNA have to hold you back from looking at comic books. Yeah I'm not going I it's GonNa take active work to stay away from that. It really is especially for you like I. Don't I want to see a lot of things And I want to talk to people and meet specifically looking for really. I really don't either would like to get some moonlight stuff moonlight stuff. I always wanted to midnight stuff. But it's pricey right now of course it's going to be because new shows coming out on Disney plus also you're looking for swamp thing number one yes one and two. I don't think I have to. I don't know but either way yeah. I'm sure that's still going to be as pricey as it was last year. No doubt you think so failed miserably. Exactly Yeah I don't know but I'm going to have to keep you away from. I took a lot of video of you Rifling through comics hasn't seen the light of day. Do you think there'll be any Panels that we can go to. There are quite a few Debut seen like anything exciting. Kyle Higgins doing another panel. I know I don't know I didn't look at the panel schedule though so we'll have to check that out first thing in the morning. See WHAT'S UP I? Just Jimmy's GonNa be there. I really liked Jim Lea. He's not doing a panel. Though he's just doing autograph said would never get it will. Never you'd spend all day waiting for that booth. It's Friday and Saturday. If we get there first thing Friday maybe possibility yeah. Unfortunately we screwed up and we're not able to go all weekend like we normally would do. It's like really upsetting. Yeah you ruined it. Well you ruined it. I know you ruined it I you bought. Take you bought tickets to a monster truck rally and then he said Oh shoot. I'm not going to be able to see two two on Saturday and then I said Oh me neither so technically you ruined it scheduled. I monster trucks no. It was not monster scheduled for Saturdays. Boo Saturday I am pretty excited about it. I've never went and saw monster trucks before. Like Monster Jam. Thanks going to be pretty cool. I've done it once but it's been longtime the boys are GonNa Shit. They don't even know that it's happening. They're going to flip. Yeah they really are always amazes me because they're so small area where these trucks drive around there. It's tiny so it doesn't look that well. It's bigger than that much. It's really small. Yeah it is. It's the allstate arena that we're going to so it's not that big. Yeah it's like concert. Venue Chicago Wolves. Pack up your Skates Monster. Trucks are coming out in the. Us they drive like two feet. They jump over a car and then they stop immediately turnaround crazy dry back. Why don't they do this? I don't know what do they do? This endorse because it's middle winter. I know I'm just I don't understand why they do. It endures though that's crazy to me. They must have like some pretty serious exhaust fans in there. Yeah I always wondered that myself. You said you've went. Yeah I have. You didn't monitor their exhausted. When I was a child. No all right I mean I went when I was like in middle school. But this one that we're going to is is the triple threat monster. Jam Triple Threat Hot wheels edition. So there's like these little ATV's little around Easter bikes. They'll have a big dinosaur. That eats cars probably will have a dinosaur that East cars And then the the big trucks grave diggers going to be there. You know. It's a big deal as pretty big deal. Nobody really kind of excited. I've never done anything like this. It'd be it'll be fun especially with the boys. I think it'll be really fun. Grants GONNA go wild. Grandma Prank Gone Mild on Saturday. Multiple another exciting We're also this year having snow another back to back SNARF baseball team we. Yeah we are pretty exciting t-ball today we are officials. Snarf what is it SNARF comics? T-ball yeah it's it's a SNARF talk team. I told them until them in the text message. I says I says listen. I need to have the red team again. And the reason for that is because every child of mine so far in baseball has had a red uniform. And it's really easy to match things up especially when you don't do laundry for the entire week and you leave everything dirty and then you find the the one uniform that they used three years ago in a drawer. Perfect you wear because it's read. That's why I've always done it. People are on the red team match of all the red team's always the past. That's true now when I was in t-ball yellow team I was on the team and we were Dang good. It was a huge rivalry between red and yellow. Yeah Red Yellow. Red was yellow and we always ended up winning but Me and Greg Johnson were always on the yellow team we always. It's a shame yellow the color of Piss like the streets of Verona. Work Greg Jerry. Together we played in Thunder Creek a lot and that was basically a sewer sewer dumps right into it did it doesn't anymore. But that's why they got sued by the state fix that Those fixed it was taken care of. We're fine was under your dad's watch as mayor and it was that way forever. Yeah but he didn't do anything about it. We fixed it. Yeah but he was aware of the problem beforehand. I think everybody was okay so well. Everybody had their own septic. It was it was that Lynch fields. Were too close to the creek. This is a scam. It didn't as amazing. He survived it. I know he came out unscathed completely at a solid thirty year run came out like a triumph like triumphantly. Actually I think it was like I will say up from the water. He's strong-armed the Police Department into backing him. And then anybody on the street wasn't gonNA say anything about him because they be beaten thrown in jail. Yeah so you know I got a bunch of payoffs from it. What's the WHO? It's not a big do Who was on the Police Department? Oh my dad was the only policemen right. Yeah Yep he paid them off so he had a he had it all under wraps but they have a Police presence vernal. I've just the county right but they don't like have a the mayor's the only person that is allowed to hold someone under arrest until the county countless and allowed to open carry a weapon. No No my dad never did right so I don't I don't think so no so. They're not he's not really he wasn't it's almost like a citizens so he wasn't really police right. He didn't go to any training wasn't police it all. I didn't say he was like actual police department. I'm saying he was the he's the only person in town that could put you in handcuffs and hold you until the police came in actually did something anybody. Isn't that a citizens arrest kind of but you could also be sued for that but a mayor can't be sued the Lord No certainly not Lord Lord on our Patriot Dot Com. Oh you can. You can't slash comics if you subscribe to Patriot and you have a multitude of selections. You could pay yeah. It's been awhile since we've had any new subscribers people get on it all your friends we also don't promote it that much but It's out there. It's their patriotic. Check us out and get extra podcasts. plus other things this week. Actually we're supposed to get out. We have a new The Patriots retirement before Nolan yes. He's very active. Honor always talking about stuff. It's I really enjoy it. Did you ever send him stickers No we need. Send him seriously. Do his His address is on there right. You have to put your address on their sign up so we also if you're a patriots forever on you're still waiting for your t shirt. It's common common did you. Did you finalize the design? No I thought you did. No I'm GonNa make more of the old ones I like people like the old one and the new the new design. We could put on a shirt. The other new design we could put on shirts. Yeah we we got US election. Yeah we got we got. We got some irons in the fire in the fire. Here we go all right. You WanNa talk about some news. We're just GONNA do kind be a pot Pourri episodes. Yeah a little bit of everything Mostly because we're I'm pot so no. I'm not in order for me to do that. I'm kidding it's illegal. It's not federally. It is but not for the state you could smoke as much as you. But the state the whole idea of a federal government federal system. Yes is the power resides in the states unless you work for the federal government but it's a federal the whole the whole word word entails that the states make the rules of their own state. Yes right not for the state next to it right. Yeah I believe in the authority of the State is what I'm saying. Let's silly over a centralized I want big government. See that one of the founding of our country Jerry. I don't know if you understand. This huge intrusive government puts their hands in all of your stuff. We're our takes it over. We Are Republic of America. You're Republican a report that we are part of conservative Chris Harford. That's why we have senators senators senators. They're like minute tours but so they were told us and but they have goat feet. Right goat feet. Bullhead Bear Bunin Body Togas Okay. And they can only eat eucalyptus the eucalyptus and they filibuster. It's not like a real lame duck bowled and they get into filibustering season. You don't WanNa be around. They're not allowed and that's when they mate. Yeah that's Big News that happened this week. Is Bob Eiger? You know him I do yeah. He stepped out really. He's the CEO of Disney. Now is that whether stock price been crashing? Yes absolutely bad like I lost a ton of money. He's stepped down and Bob Shape replaces him. That's not good Finally step down. He chose to. He said it was the right time for him to step down the longtime CEO since two thousand five. That's a long time. Yeah fifteen years. He took over after Michael. What was his name I know Mike Eisner Michael Eisner. Who is the most dynamic? Ceo Disney ever from like mid eighties on the way. He's like responsible for everything except for like one. Bob Eiger was evolved. They so bob. Iger were pixar over so his claim to fame and to be honest. Disney was stalling a bit towards the end of Michael Eisner's but if you look back at some of the stuff Michael Eisner did. It was incredible but Bob Bob he was a was a president of NBC Universal. I think at the time or something he came from more from Hollywood and his whole idea was hey. We need own intellectual property. That's what we need. Yes so we need to get a hold of these entities that produce intellectual property and everything will fall in place from there and so he orchestrated the purchases of Pixar and marvel and you know Lucas Arts Lucas Twentieth Century Fox Twentieth Century Fox. He bought that for the IP. And that's genius because he's got this east the company on-track now for another fifty years of success absolutely apparently with an interview on CNBC. He said it's actually been in the works for the last few years And they set it up. They identified Chepe pick. What's his name? Bill Bob Bob shape a few years? Bill Belt built shape. Boekelberg built shape coming in going to take over the lead on this. Yup Bill always does a good job. Apparently the board like some and he's been named as the new CEO so we'll see what happens But yes I would say you should have dumped some stock out of Disney if you were in it A while ago I just bought a bunch today. 'cause it's like way down so. I'm like yeah. I'm more kind of a bear market. The stock market is crashing and burning in fact. Hirono virus already erased like almost a year's worth of gains really. It's really bad tell you. What my My 401k did pretty good. Well it's called the P but it did pretty good last year last year. But I'm saying up until this point but I've lost all of it now and I am broken. I can never retired up until this point. The growth was like Like fifteen to twenty percent depending on what you're invested in and pretty much. Most of those gains have been wiped out. But it'll come back that's ugly. Yeah it's brutal but I bought more stock today. Yeah let's keep talking about that We'll talk about because it's corona virus. That's why it's going now it's stupid. It's the dumbest thing in history. So you're talking about this before the show we were and there was a Dr drew on the news. And if any if I'm GONNA listen to anyone it's definitely Dr Drew Doctors for his name and he helped me through so many bad relationships you made. You made love connections unbelie but I thought it's pointless Pretty solid he's just like this is all being orchestrated by the media like you guys are out of control your reporting shit that you have no idea what it means. Yeah you're listening to science. You're not listening to the doctors here. Just Click baiting and playing on people's fears fearmongering in. It's hurting our economy. Here's the thing though. A If people don't understand that the media has been been doing this for years. I mean this has been a thing worse so dumb Jerry it's been ramping up in like it's like compounding every year on how bad. I think the media gets on just Rollin. Smoke up your butt because it's not true. I realized that when I was deployed like we did some things when we were deployed like some humanitarian missions. Like hananel like under the table yet. Like yes assassinations. Now we just went to school did some things. We went to schools in hand. Handed out like school supplies last day. In all of it yes to yeah we realize people yeah hundred precise part of a CIA program and yeah. It was called sterilized stations. Anyway so we were doing this stuff and then like we had some people that were with us like reporters that were with us and there was like an engineering group. That was there that was building schools and everything and the only thing that they reported on was about like death that had happened in in the area because of us not not be specifically but because of the US they had talked about like how we basically destroyed the city Even though we were actually they're rebuilding. It wasn't us that destroyed it at all. It was the fighting that had been going on previously. Like none of it that they were witnessing when they were with us was ever reported in all of the other stuff that was put on. The news wasn't even what they were there for. And it just really ticked me off because none of it was even remotely accurate to what they saw. So they came there and reported on something that they kind of just fabricated and it was so aggravating. Because everybody was excited to see this big news story like our unit is going to be on the news and then when we saw it they didn't even report the right unit. First of all they told they said that we were from Wisconsin. I am not from Wisconsin. Condole much definitely not Johnson And it was just like bad reporting a put a bad taste in my mouth and then so many other things were reported while I was there about certain things that went on. I just don't agree with and from then on watching the news I was like well. That's probably not true. Yeah and it's really not true. It's crazy because he was talking about the corona virus. How it's actually pretty. Maybe this is all bullshit too. So don't take my word on it. But he's like it's really pretty mild illness comparatively like when you look at the amount of people that die from influenza and like nobody thinks about that right and it's the same or influences worse and they're like well but more people have died now from. Corona virus than. What's the last one bird flu? Or whatever SARS SARS and he's like yeah but not per capita not not the rate. He's like you just said it like you're sitting next to me hearing me say this yet but you're so dumb that you can't understand what I'm saying. He said yes. More more people died but more people have had it so the death rate is way lower than sorrow or gas like. Yeah but more people have died and he's just like the success rate of it is not as good as what a normal flu would be. Well I don't know that I didn't mention what they were reporting on that I think it like but then the reporting made is seventeen. Thousand confirmed cases four hundred deaths or whatever it's been he goes but there's probably been hundreds of thousands of unreported cases like if they people have this in China and it's a mild illness like the flu. How many people are going to get that illness recover and never get reported? Listen at this point I mean I'm not saying something to be worried about. I would take everything seriously. I would take it seriously and I obviously with any. It just came out today at work. They because the CDC released a a to say like. Make sure you're doing everything you can to not spread your hands. If you're sick. Stay home exactly. It was all these. It was the standard stuff that you would put out for any flu And it is the standard for any flu. That what they tell you to do Stay home if you're sick. Wash your hands. Don't cough on people you know basically all that stuff So I would say absolutely take it seriously but I just don't think it's to the point where people need to really freak out about it. Is it to the point now where we have to have. Our stock market crashed. No second most of the levels of two thousand eight no not at all. I don't think it's ridiculous and I understand. You also have to take into consideration like how how good is China's you know health your way. They take care of people gnawed or the way I don't know either but I just feel like it's probably not to a level that we are. I wouldn't make that assumption. You don't think so no. I wouldn't make that assumption in most areas of China China's huge. I know it's huge and this is I think we're this is mostly emanating from his fairly like not a every part of China populated region. But I don't think it's like the higher population regions. I don't really know it's not. I'm not sure to be still taking hold over there right. I mean I guess but when he talked about seventeen thousand cases in China a country one billion people. Yeah isn't it more than that? Yeah I think so. That's a lot I don't really know I mean. Obviously it's something to be on your radar but it's definitely something not to be worried about. It's definitely way less than what the news is making it out to be. Yes it wouldn't change your daily irony insane and you could take my advice. I'm a doctor. Your Doctor Chris. Wake is drew his first name or last name. I don't know but I don't even know if he's really a doctor. He's a doctor of love. Some caller the doctor of love. Yeah yeah kissed some people call them. Marie stay call me. Dr Love Comment Doc to know this one. I'm thinking of I think that's that's a good song. I liked that Song Kiss. Have you ever seen kissing? Cancer are coming to Chicago concert there. Good summer y'all go by yourself. I'm not really a kiss fan night in Franklin going with you. I didn't know I didn't ask you to go. You did actually no. You've just before that you said you WANNA go. No I know I mean you want to go. Do you want to go. Oh no I asked you to go with me. Hey I was hoping that I would never say I've seen a member as we're platform meals. I have before I have school next news next There's a little bit of a mini series going to happen. I don't think you're really going to care about it. I think I'm going to care about okay. Transformers got a new three part. Anime miniseries coming to net flix called the battle battle of Cyber Tron Battle Cyber Toronto next. I'm I get intrigued by that stuff. It's a cartoon and I like transformer cartoons anime right. Yes that's cool. There's been a couple of their anime transformers things. This is why I'd be kind of into it is because I'm not a huge anime guy when it comes to like People like how they draw people and how their mouths move and the whole anime shtick right. But when you're drawn robots it's cool they don't have a mouth like humans so I don't feel like they can make it move all dumb like like anime normally does man. You really really a lot of fans here. That's fine. I'm just not my thing I if you like it. That's great a lot of people. Don't like anything I do. Good Dinosaur But I think the good dinosaur. You didn't make good dinosaur then same. Made it it said a lot of people don't like but I like you said they don't like what I do what I do as in like what I like. So you mean like as what I do know that in the wrong context just like you do the media. What are you a journalist? Dr Love I'm really excited for it. I think it's GonNa be awesome. Optimus prime bad s and I will follow him in any battle. He's nice all right cool. I like it. They're also doing a new. I don't know if you know this. But a new series of books and Comics. Coming Out Star. Wars the high republic. Yeah I posted that on our social media going to be talking about the golden age of the Djeddai still sounds pretty amazing it does. It's two hundred years prior to Ah last hope cracked a new hope. New Hope you know two hundred years before phantom menace. Oh okay earlier. That's like twenty years earlier. I one hundred eighty years actually way more than that. It'd be like forty years or something somewhere around there. Correct period the period on the star. Wars timeline will not overlap any of the film features or series currently planned for production. So it won't overlap like OBI WAN. Obviously it's two hundred years before meaning that higher public will be limited largely to print stories for now not the next big budget star wars movie or Disney plus show still if the stories do well and resonate with fans. There's no reason to assume that the republic won't make the jump to film at some point down the line. Yeah they've got. Charles Soul has written a novel for that and he's written tons of Star Wars. He has he did probably Beta as much as anybody in the new marvel series absolutely. He's done a ton of it I just finished reading some of his run on Darth vader and it's phenomenal is really good. Yeah I really enjoy like it makes you enjoy the character of Darth vader in a way different than you probably have before you probably understand him. It just kind of humanizes him not. That's not a good word for it. You get to spend some time in his world where he's the main character share. I'm not saying that makes them a good guy or makes them likeable but it does in a way but it's just interesting to think of him as a person and not just like some evil machine right which he is yeah well and it's because he's been manipulative but listen all right. He was given the option to not attack. Ob One he had the high ground and he didn't have we'll be want told them. I have the high ground even in the credits. His name is I. And it's like you and me even the credits. He has a hugger on exactly. That's what I'm saying. Top billing I've got the higher highground and again you know you're like a brother to me any jump to try to be the opposite in one bring balance to the force and then and then he cut his legs off and he deserved and one of his arms he was an idiot and then he started on fire. Yeah what else could happen to you. At that point. You might as well start on fire. I wish you would have fallen down a well episode. Then just a random. Well appears that he falls down damn than like an anvil fall. Says this is not looney to. I don't know I just think up on. Primero ended all happened because of a woman. You know yeah. He was just obsessed with women. Patty me new killed him. You killed her in your race. Get such good acting really is yours. Yours was much better acting than with the movie. I just reading this article the other day about how history has been Kinda Hayden Christensen like a lot of people look back on it fondly or finally than they originally did really I. I believe it. I feel the same way you did you do. You've said it over and over again. You continue to tell me how revenge of the city is. The greatest movie ever made no. He said that twice. I've never said that to me you came. Picking of attack of the clones came to my house near like. Listen I gotta tell you this revenge. The Seth is the greatest movie of all time. It's get moving. You got up at the MTV music awards and stop Taylor swift and lose it. Revenge of the sisters greatest movie of all time. It was embarrassing. Yeah so you got more news Johnson. I got just one more thing I wanted to talk about. But that's there was new pictures revealed of the bat suit. There was on a motorcycle. This part of what I wanted to talk about. Actually go ahead and it has kind of everybody. Everybody in the interwebs up in arms a little bit of controversy not not everybody's liking it yet but not everybody's hating either. I don't think we should hate it. I think it's interesting to know when you look at the footage. How bad ask the motorcycle was great. Saul on that second half. It doesn't looks that similar to the bat suit. We've seen in the other stuff. No which makes me think they're just filming b-roll with stunt doubles because it was clearly. It's not double. Yeah it definitely was not Robert. Pets didn't look like the full featured bat suit that we've seen but there are over a recognizable elements which makes me think. They're just shooting Biro. Well and I think a lot of that was going to be. Cg I'd because I think they had the basis of the suit but there's no Cape okay either space although nothing to Cape on a motorcycle would be a massive liability. Yeah probably has some kind of a retractable kate. You think so. I mean I wouldn't doubt it. Absolutely in his his cowl looked more like a helmet than an actual cowl. Now that could be just for filming purposes to make him safe. Yeah I mean they can do. There's literally literally nothing you can. Garner from this small clip. That makes it makes remotely real everything in movies. A smoke and mirrors and Zoe Kravitz Atieno. Isn't it Zoe Kravitz? I'm right on that right okay You had me confused because I thought I said the wrong name American woman from. She's I think. Getting better than Lenny. Kravitz no not now no. I don't WANNA BE DOME. Map Tap another estimate. I don't here's what I was GONNA say. I think the last we see of this Batman movie the better. It's going to be. I've felt this way about basically all movies. I want to see because the more they put how the more people will judge in hate. Tear down and especially this one because so it to like it though. Oh absolutely I want. I want to love this. I want to love. I think the Internet in general is being very kind thus far. Yeah I think so I just in the last two weeks they started giving a lot of pictures out and I don't know if that was on purpose or if it's been leaked stuff I think it's more on purpose. I think it's I just I don't like that. I don't I think they need to keep it more under wraps and build the suspense. You've given us something now now now just concentrate on the movie. I disagree from. Here's the deal. This is marketing one. You WanNa slowly disseminate it now. Though over the next two years right. It's two years next year. So you WANNA slowly stuff coming out to build the anticipation. So by the time that movie drops there is broth hundred hundred million people frothing at the mouth to see it. That's what you gotta do. I don't think that's the case at all. Because they didn't do that. With joker there was only a couple of things that came out of joker seeing what he's talking about the movie now no. I'm just saying because it's made so much money no I know but that's different it's different. It's not bad man. That's not Batman. It's in the exact same world and everybody loves joker just as much as they do Batman it doesn't mean he's the number one villain everybody knows the joker and you don't have to put are not going to replicate what they did with joker with a Batman movie. It's not going to happen. It's not going to be saying movie. I'm saying don't put out so much extra content. Don't put out sneak peeks and and little clips. I don't think it's going to ruin it. I think it works to build suspense. I don't have to give away. The plot know that yet. With all the vendors movies gave all kinds of stuff came out just today all kinds of stuff just today. They put out another Like picture of a man that was murdered in the new movie and they said it was a murder from the ridler. So they're like the first ridler victim has been revealed by. Are You doing that? Why what is the purpose of this? Why do we need to see that? We don't? I don't think it builds suspense. We know the ridler bad guy. And we know he's in the movie but is he a bad guy. Es Mentally unstable proven he is Becka. It can take the movie. That's just my opinion and I feel like I stay away from it. I didn't I don't look at most of those articles in the United States. I don't want it. I feel like a kid exist out there for certain people but I can stay away from it. I mean I can stay away from Robert Taint and it's no problem for me. Kanye. That's good. That's a good thing. I'm probably rob. I think it's going to rue. Ruin Robert Patterson's chance of having a phenomenal Batman because he's going to be so criticized beforehand that could be but again. I think the overall I mean first of all the amazing support he's already getting its baffles my mind. I thought there would be such a blowback by casting twinkly vampire. Yes to play Batman. But nobody's been there really. Hasn't it happened right at first and then it was like actually. He's like thirty five now and he's make some pretty cool movies. Yeah he did a lot of like indie stuff. So I don't think anybody generally has too much finished with it man I don't have an issue with them at all. I just do you have any more news. I got some more stuff. Go get it. Get it get an exhibit dedicated to Marvel superheroes is coming to. Chicago's Museum of Science and Industry. This fall really and are they doing it like Like they did the the anatomy of the human body where the was the second field museum. I think that's the publisher. Stable of memorable characters is headed museum science industry as part of a traveling expedition. It will have pack a marvel displays packed with costumes. Props and original Art Marvel Universe. Superheroes will open at Hyde Park in assembling more than three hundred pieces of memorabilia source for marvel movies and Comic Book Artists. Guests will come face to face and mask the mask with statues of popular characters like Spiderman. The thing Black Panther as well as costumes created for the cinematic versions of Captain America Doctor. Strange and Thor Coward Book Fans Will Find Tributes to import marvel creators Stanley. Jack Kirby and Steve Debt coup ditto throughout the expedition as well as original artwork from over eighty years ago. That's awesome including a copy of the debut comic released in Nineteen thirty nine so I will definitely be going to that. Yes I will definitely be going to the museum science industry in general. I haven't been there in a long line. Have been there in a while. Either is it. It's the field museum that opens up like free for a day or two yet or something that they all do but yet aquarium does it for the whole mom. Does it for a month? So does the field museum. It's like a whole month. That's that's awesome. They're the ones with the dinosaurs. The Field Museum yes and the trains. No that's the industry. Siamese like model train and then the trains you can walk in and stuff. The Field Museum I think has the Coleman. No that's no. They got mummies and They have that whole mummy in pyramid section. They've got the dinosaurs the coal mine where you go down in the coal mine science and industry right around the coal cart. Yeah Museum Science Okay Science and industry think coal mining was an industry at all. Chris I'm on man. They also have the Albany Max Theater. Have Max no. What's that That's the theater. The museum and museum science industry like all around you big dome. I don't think I've been to that place. Since Grade School. To be honest we used to be. My parents were members. When I was a kid we went up like once a month. You can be a member of the Museum of Science and of course again you can be a member of any museum can give you a member of zoo. What they give you the same thing they give it to what they give you. Free stuff one percenter. You get tickets to the Army Max Theater and you get free intriguing the museum. Yeah probably got something else from food tax write off astronaut ice cream dipping dots dip dot dipping DOTS ASTRONAUT. Ice Cream. I don't know I don't think so. I thought that's where it stemmed from. Probably look it up probably came from. I think it is anyway. So that's exciting I do have one little tidbit of news. Ooh A TIDBIT. A little tidbit. So that show called the boys on Amazon. Oh yeah well that started as a comic book. Did you know that that started as a comic? I didn't I didn't do that. Yeah okay well. The writer was a man named Garth. Ms Yes he did preacher he did. He's coming back gonNA write some more cool of the boys. It's called the boys dear becky coming out this summer. He decided to come back to it because the show was doing so well. And he said that he still had a story to write and they gave him a truckload of money probably. I'm sure he did like a whole truckload. I'll legitimate truck. Being probably like Ford Ranger was thing at six wheeler. Oh a big truck dollars. You fill it with dollars. It'd be about the same as what ranger would under it right. No I don't think so. I think there'd be more the ranger with hundreds snow so we say twenties. Maybe a semi load of dollars like a grain trailer would equal Ranger load of hundreds like an egg grain trailer or like the big green hag full but smaller. Yes so solid tens. Then as I found out today you can put ninety thousand pounds on him. No problem you can. It is possible anyway. Girth fixes coming back. It's coming out or it's it's coming out this spring actually He's coming back with the original. Artists Russ Bergeron. Apparently that's a big deal But I like to that show. I didn't read much of the comic book ever read any of the comic. I started to after the show after I watched the show because it did intrigue me and I read the first trade. I think there's a bunch of amount but I think I read the first one and it's I mean the show has down perfectly For how graphic it is like out kind of jarring. The characters are like. They're so up front and terrible people And then how the world is. They just built the world very well compared to what that first trade was. I think it's good. There's so much story there too. I mean so. Many more things are happening down the pipe that they have to work off of for that show. I really dig it. Dig IT A lot. I don't know why you weren't that into it. The show. Yeah I liked a lot. I just had a couple issues with it. I probably was a little harsh to it. Yeah in retrospect I think you are on everything you just come forward so judgmental of everything like you can't just enjoy things there is. There are certain things I enjoy and I'm the complete opposite of that. I will say I mean quality like love every I immediately fault I do. I love everyone everything I think everyone is good. I think everything is good are more realistic. And then I sit back and look at it with a little. Bit of a critical. Yes critical eye. And a whiff starring I if you will and I start to pick it things that are lesser in quality. Yeah never said it was lesser than equality knows. Words never entered That's what I start to do. I just had some narrative issues with the show and I felt like it dragged at a certain point pretty hard but overall I think you're thinking of umbrella academy did well. Yeah I was way worse. I mean the boy's way better than an umbrella I like Ketamine drug all kept it pretty upbeat actually because of the over the top violence. I mean I liked it. I never said it in like it so just felt like you didn't like it all right. So one more tidbit news. About C. Two O million dollar comic collection of rare comic books will be in Chicago for C. Two and we're going to go see him. It's by Vincent Zurve Solo a dealer of rare vintage American comic books. He runs metropolis collectibles in New York City and So he's going to have. Are they for sale? Or He's just showing collect Nano. He's just bringing his collection They're super valuable comics But I am trying to see exactly what he's got but I found some interesting stuff. His all time favorite. Comic Book Movie Blade. Nineteen ninety. Eight really I I don't agree with also captain America Winter Soldier That seems silly. Least Favourite Ironman to Ironman three the Third Batman movie the Dark Knight Rises that is In suicide suicide squad the worst ones I can get behind some of those but I like iron man three so anyway. He's bringing some bunch of Super Bowl Comics Lake Batman number. One have a great eight Batman number one nine grade marvel comics number one. I guess I don't know. Detective Comics Number Twenty seven Batman number. One all kinds of so. We'll we'll be taking those up. That'd be cool so they're all going to be on display in cases. Yeah Yep 'cause remember Again this is a video. I haven't I don't see to video. We put out of Booth booth one four one nine if anybody wants to they are also buying and selling but it's also going. Yeah but I took that video of the comics that the head in the cases that were worth upwards of twenty thousand dollars and that's crazy. Yeah Yeah that was screaming and like several of those comics. I either had a chance to buy or real owned at some point or had a chance to buy at much cheaper. No not as high grades they had the first punisher. My God I. I was looking at that book when I was in college. I was going to buy it for two hundred bucks. I didn't have two hundred bucks on me really. Yeah I mean you don't have two hundred dollars when you're college comic book crap and now the that's probably a five thousand dollar book even in the grade that I was looking at yeah. It's called the kid job. Chris well I had a job jerry. I was paying my living expenses. It's called live cheaper. Chris Hecker get a real job. Live within your means. I had two jobs three actually at that time three jobs. What were you living in a Hilton? Having to pay for I work for Room Service. I was on the radio. Believe it or not really. I worked for the radio station. List together drove the van to their remote locations all the equipment and like got everything ready for the. Is that why you do? So well? Setting up our equipment for the talent to get there and then like ran if they were running a contest like Iran the contest. Then get back in the van. I kind of had you set stuff up and wait for me to show up. There wasn't one time where I get to be on air. No Kidding Yeah. Because the talent didn't show up. Is that what they call it? The talent the talent. That's still like the four thirty in the morning. I hop series yeah. I had some gigs. That were study like every Saturday morning at six. Am at Harley Davidson. And her Bana. And then I had some were like Tuesday be at four thirty in the morning setup. I hop they're broadcasting the morning radio broadcasting from there. They always want to the Harley Davidson though every Saturday that was one of my desmond my regulars and also furniture row was one of my regular. Okay why is this? Why are they doing that? Why are they going leave bar we did a lot there? What was the purpose of of the morning DJ? I know but what was the purpose of data. It was like for a period of time like for the next two months. We'll be at Harley Davidson running a contest co sign up Muna Free Harley. You know that kind of thing do you remember? What kind of microphones and equipment us? Not as good ones as we say that's crazy. That's fun everything was wireless. First off. Everything was wireless back to my equipment. And then that was wireless to the van and the van had a little microwave dish that I realized up with a little masters. Oh Yeah like communicated with the station. Wow and then the signal had terrible terrible and it was always going out and it was terrible and I remember. There was three stations that I worked for in the Allied Radio Group. There was the chief which was like oldies. And then there was mix the mix which is like regular hits share and then there was a hard rock station extra ninety nine one. There were like the hard rock station. That was the funnest one to do. Of course deejays Remember once we had to go to Danville which was like forty five minutes hour away so I'm driving the van the guys the DJ's and a bunch of his friends show up to go to this remote broadcast and they have like recliners. They put in the back of the van. They just also back there. Smoke POT THE ENTIRE WAY. Holy cow and we got there. We got super hammered. Really drove back to the station. Old Enough. Oh yeah better than I was. Twenty two or twenty three Drove back to the station. and then right after that he was going on. He was overnight. Dj on the station and nobody's in the station and so it was like come on in. We'll we'll be. That's another time that was on the radio because nobody's listening tonight and we proceeded to get ridiculously wasted. And we're on the radio screwing around all night long live on the air. Are you joking? And he is the first one introduced me to The band that was dumb it was panned Tara. And David Allan Coe Panthera and David Allen gather together like those two bands like those two David Allen Coe fronting Pan Pan Tara. No yes. That's a thing yes I live. I never heard of this. Christopher I like both of those people and they recorded everything before he died and Rebel meets rebel snake of the band or the album that they did. Oh rebel meets rebel. Wow I need usually probably heard a couple. The cowboys do more dope. There's a bunch of them anyway. I gotTA CHECK THAT OUT BECAUSE I. It's your allies. I love. I love like metal and hard rock stuff and I like old country like I listen to a lot of old David. Alan Colmes songs. That he wrote himself Super Racist. Really do no no. I don't listen to those songs. There's other songs that are not that way. There's one called blond-haired red. He's got a lot of like. But I remember that night at least come to Boston until like two o'clock or whatever and I had to go home. I drive home here. Oh yeah so. I drove like home at two o'clock in the morning back to Masan. That's unbelievable I've really. I'll tell you what that drive after we're off the air okay I really do want now that we've done this. And and we've kind of created our own radio station here I want to be associated with a radio show like I want you know what I WANNA do. I told Amy I was going to quit my job and just start in radio and I might start as an intern if I have to. That's fine. I don't know back when I was doing this. It was the Europe. Two thousand six probably in the five and they're probably making one hundred twenty twelve bucks an hour man you. It's a lot of money in two thousand five thousand six for a part time job. Yeah my fulltime job at the Elevator. Paid me eleven. Yeah that was also Doing corn sampling across the Midwest for BSF. At the same time and I was doing I was doing a out of the trains stuff. No no out of field's outfields. Oh I was thinking be NSF. Happier grain samplers or green testers. That do it like while you load green cars and containers now student field sampling for neutral hybrids for Illinois Indiana Michigan Gotcha and Then I was also working for A steel mill company doing on other websites stuff. They made role micrometres. Okay so you weren't doing any actual Labor for the Steel Company. 'cause if you came in here Oh to Steel Mill Hammer. Steel with my hand with a beard. 'cause I'm a real man I would have been like I respect you for that. I don't know well anyway. That is what I was doing. I was working for a living. Yeah but you still didn't have enough all this comes back to. You still didn't have enough money to buy a comic book that you should've correct because of your living accommodations Apparently so expensive that you couldn't do anything else I know. What were you doing with this money? Living put it up your nose eating going to the bar and hang my rent. All of that stuff seems ridiculous around that period of my life. When I was doing this after I graduated I was still living there. I'm like I gotta get a real job right. I just graduated college. I'm working on these three jobs making pretty good money quite a bit of Bacon So I'm like okay. Well whatever so I go. I had a degree in advertising advertising marketing so I tried to get a job for There's a big video. Game developer in Champaign Urbana and. I can't remember off. They made like saints row and things like that so I go there. I'm like Hey I got a degree in advertising marketing. I don't know what you need but GonNa work for you. I'll be an intern. I'll be unpaid intern. Whatever they're just like. Nah I'm like no. I'm unpaid right alkmaar to do this for this is what. I WanNa do for now. This is what I WANNA do. So I'll just I work for you for two years on paid. They're like no. We don't really have anything. We have nothing for you to do for free. I'm like okay my gosh vacuum or something so I go around the corner to the news. Gazette it's the biggest newspaper in central and I'm like hey. I got an advertising degree. I want to apply for a job. They had A. They had a advertising sales job. Great and you had college degree Blah Blah Blah. So I signed I go in there interview. There was about five people interviewed. Anyway the call and offer me the job and it was GONNA be managing this small newspaper inside the newspaper that like dealt with alliance sports but I do like manage all the advertisements in there like selling them getting a made putting him in there and placing them. I'm like great. That's sounds good but I was in Effingham Illinois doing corn sampling at the time. And I'm like you know I get back from this in two days. I get back. And we'll get everything finalized. It's all good sure. So this is back in the day when like cellphones didn't work everywhere right. My phone did not work in southern. Yeah they barely worked at all. And his like cingular wireless. Yes so we go down there. I get back two days later and I call in and they're like we've been trying to get a hold of you for lice. Today's Mike I was at work. I was doing some southern Illinois. They're like. Oh well we didn't know like right now because like you like we're giving you this massive opportunity and then you just disappear for two days and like there's a bunch of people that want this job and you're lucky that would offer to you and like how dare you like go down there without like you should have been running in here. Basically giving with just right and I'm like I mean I don't know what you want me to say like. You called me and offered me a job. I said I would take it. I said I'm at work in southern Illinois for two days and when I come back yeah like what else? How's your office? Guy was just Super Dushi so I go in there and like okay. Well I'm here now. He's like well. You know it's too late now. I'm like really I'm like okay. All Right C. N. he goes. It's not too late. I don't know what games you're trying to play here. We're going to beg for the. I'm like all right. So what are we doing here? Who's well Komo just come in tomorrow? We'll get things squared away okay. I'll come in tomorrow. Get squared away and go by the way I never ask like what's the pay. What's the benefits Blah Blah Blah? He goes well. You know it's sales so it's commission based and like yeah. I figured you know. A certain amount would be commission based he goes The base salaries Twenty thousand dollars a year plus commission and I are some psych. Why make more than that now? Making twelve dollars an hour. Why would why would you mind is like the commission's what's like what the commissioner was like percent one percent two percent? I'm just I'm thinking now. Who would want that? And so we're GONNA get to do that or not but I'm lacks done. So that's why he moved home and Start II trees. No kidding. Yeah so it's a good thing that that failed. I guess so. I guess the writing on the wall you know. They made me wear like close guitar. We what do you mean you? Guess you're like you? Just you're like yeah. I guess it was all right that I started. I know I mean I don't know I didn't put that much thought into any job I would have taken was just a temporary. I wasn't going to work for somebody else. It you're going to get sucked into it now. That was what you're GonNa do it. This place made me wear tie. They were going to make me wear a tie omega. I had to wear a tie to an interview. Yes no that doesn't happen for me really. You don't wear ties. No I wear ties to funerals and weddings. I've seen anywhere. I wear a tie when I want to wear a tie. But if you're requiring me to wear a tie I don't need to be a part of like we don't need to ties. Don't bother me at all. They don't bother me but I don't I what is me. Apparently they. They very much people telling you that you have to dress a certain way that bothers me. Why don't you think it's ridiculous to have to go to a job where you can't wear jeans or you have to wear a suit. No I don't think it's you don't think that's ridiculous. I don't think there's a certain level of it. What level in this world so you telling me. Nobody should care that much about when people are wearing but they shouldn't well that's fine. Bucknell people do and people don't people don't it's like a whole thing like the media with the current advisor no self perpetuating they own on if you have a guy that's trying to sell you a product that you want and they're trying to promote it as the best product. You don't want them coming in with ripped jeans and a t-shirt listen. I didn't say ripped jeans and a t-shirt. Do you have to look presentable. I don't care if they're wearing a suit. I'm not more likely to buy something you from wearing a suit. I bet wearing a nice pair of jeans with tucked in. I Bet I guarantee I bet you. There are STA Taibbi last say we need to buy for somebody wearing a suit. I bet you the nicer if you come in my face with a suit listen. There are probably statistics out there that you could look up right now. That say people are more likely to buy from someone dressed nicely than someone dressed casually. I guarantee you it's a statistic that is out there and proven so I wanna see that benefits within the last five years. I don't want data corrupting from twenty years ago. But ever know that data's going to be corrupted from twenty thirty years ago. Why because that's an old school? Thought I don't think I don't think it is. I'm just saying I think it's a proven don't care. Where if you are dressed? Now you're you're more likely to buy. Kosova from a guy in a suit at a furniture store and a guy wearing a nice polo shirt jeans. I don't know who's put together. I don't know if I am. I'm just saying there is a statistic out there that says that so that's probably why people dressed that way but in why companies tell you're just making this up you know if there's a statis- look it up. I'M GONNA look it up. I guarantee you. There is one because companies. Look at that kind of stuff to say like if you dress this way we will sell better now. Yeah I'm looking it up just A. It's Cultural Zeitgeist is what it is. It's lemmings off a cliff. Jerry no yes you ever played the video game lemmings. No that's what it is. I never have. It's just a bunch of people that have all said one thing and then everybody started doing it. Just keep doing it. And if anybody doesn't indifferent everybody automatically reject that it's just not going to be a thing in ten years. How do I? What do I search here? How do I search that? How do I phrase it? I'm just going to search this. Why DO COMPANIES REQUIRE SUITS? Do you so more dressed nicely now. It's not necessarily a suit. I'm not talking about a suit saying like a nice shirt and tie or something like something that makes you wear tie. Because I guarantee you it's anyway Give us your opinion where business casual come from in an effort to sell more clothes thing in the sixties. The Hawaiian fashion industry distributed shirts to the government in hopes that they'd wear them during summer months in support of local businesses. The concept became so popular that organizations lobbied for Aloha Fridays. Eventually other states started picking up the idea turning aloha. Fridays indicate Fridays across the country. However this transition wasn't as seamless as you assumed it would be. This is about casual. Yeah that's about casual Friday. I don't know I think it is. I don't know I think you have like an old. There has been exaggeration despite the shift in culture away from formal entire companies today still choose to enforce their own rules around dressing for work Main reasons our founders want clothing to reflect the founders value so companies are old are owned by old rich white man right the patriarchy. Yes and they have a certain set of values and they want people to dress like them. That's the main reason for just coats. I'm just telling you the main reason out of the gate. Now there's other reasons but that's probably the main one I agree with you that it is set up that way old. It's old people are still in charge. That's the problem but the way you address the way you dress affects other people that you you're in front of more so than youth are perceiving. I don't think so Another reason for the suit though. It's particular which I do kind of believe is on the same field right if everybody's wearing a suit it's like a uniform but it's also like people are so quick to judge right off the bat on appearance no matter what. So if you're coming in to sell something to somebody or you're coming in to pitch thing or whatever you immediately make a judgment on that person as soon as they come in if they're just cat in casual clothing you immediately think they don't take the seriously I don't I mean I don't you don't but the majority of people do the overall majority of people would think aggravated disagree. What do you guys think? First reason you just don't like ties and I don't know why that is. Have you been choked? I don't like anybody forcing anybody to wear anything now. What I would say is to wear breakaway tie. Because if you ever gotten a fight or a little bit of a scuffle you could be killed with your tie. If it doesn't break away it's true. Do we WANNA do some what you're watching or do we want to end this podcast and on with our lives. I don't know what do you think we should do? I think we should really know. Let's do some what we're watching. Okay what are you watching? I have watched one big movie Recently we were supposed to go out on a big night out on the town. And all of a sudden everyone's kids started puking and my kids started puking. It was ridiculously stayed in and everybody's children puke completely unrelated to each other. Not even now you haven't even seen each other. Some of them were in the same daycare but some of them weren't like domino else. Just started going on. Pune rallies. We were ready to go dressed ready to go. Babysitter was there and we already knew other children were throwing up that evening And then mine woke up from a NAP and started puking out of nowhere. Yeah in somebody's before that and then while we were gone that night our started puking all over the house it was crazy it was insane anyway. During that Night Amy Nice State in obviously got a pizza and watched a little movie called the knives out wooed by Mr Last Jedi director Ryan John Ryan Johnson. It was his That Raja nope not rush. It was Ryan Johnson's first movie. After last I and I tell you what it's enjoyable heard. It was great. I heard a lot of good things so it's like a who done it. It's a murder mystery like an Agatha Christie But So how much. I'm not going to spoil any. I don't know anything and I don't WanNa know anything. Okay all right then I won't even bring it up. It's like a whodunit. You are trying to figure things out the whole time and they it's set up differently than clue or something like that. It's not don't take it as that in the beginning. You think it's going that way you think it's going to be like. Did Jeremy Kill him in the library? Mr Name in the conservatory with the candlestick right. It's not like that You think it's going to be it's not. There are so many other pieces to this puzzle than you believe. In in the middle it gets a little drawn out. It could be shorter movie. It could definitely be shortened up. There are some scenes that you do not need whatsoever. There is some like banter that you do not need whatsoever like. There's some really long dialogue. Sometimes that got really boring But the basis of the story. You're very much interested in so it keeps you drawn in But overall I would say everyone needs to watch this movie. I think it's really good. It's different than what you've seen It's not the same type of movie that has come out in the last ten years It's just something of its own and I really really enjoyed cool. Amy Really enjoyed it as well She's she's a hard a hard one to please with most movies. Especially if I'm picking it. It's more so like a sympathy watch on her end. Yeah A lot of times. She likes the movie. She loves all the marvel movies and whatnot but some of the other stuff I pick. She's just never a fan of this one. She enjoyed quite a bit nice. Yeah we'll talk about abortion when I see it I haven't seen there's so much more I want to talk about spoiler full episode episode with Fisher So yeah that's exciting Anything else I'll think of something. I got a couple of things. One is going to be kind of long. We might not get into it okay. The main one being the clone wars is back Disney plus it is and I started watching it. They're doing it week to week. Which kind of surprised me So there's only one episode out as of this podcast. They're doing it weekday weekend Disney plus. Yeah maybe Did you watch it I? I didn't I absolutely loved it. It felt like you're just right back in. It was like a series. Does it actually pick up after the last episode like all kind of standalone episodes? Yeah it's not like directly or anything okay but if you remember they give you a timeframe yeah kind of. I mean it's in that same timeframe it has to be up. They kind of just kind of pick right back up. I think this maybe the season was already written for back in the day and they just never got around to making it. Okay Anyway. It just feels really fun to be back in that world. I I wasn't aware how much nostalgia I fell for it until I started watching the show. And actually I thought. The show had a certain era of A little more maturity to it this new one. Yeah the new one okay A little more intrigue It was a fun though but still backed the fund star wars stuff. This is a really clone heavy episode. So it's mainly like cody and racks and and back with that guy crew. There's no no real jet I speak of and it's it's really really excellent episode and I'm really excited for where they're going with it and also on Disney plus running right now. I think it's called the thirty I came how they put it. What thirty essential clone wars episodes so you can watch those thirty episodes? And they skip. Nee like pre pick them to give you I'm guessing the continuing storyline. Yeah that's going to be relevant to this series. There's a there's A. There's lots of standalone episodes aren't continuing any larger narrative. Yeah there's a thirty minute episode on Youtube that a guy Basically breaks down the whole narrative. Yes yeah and so I would recommend watching that the not the youtube video the thirty episodes or twenty five episodes whatever. Disney out there saying. That's the essential clone wars. Watch that it'll be like episode. Three episodes from season one five from season two to season three at jumps around a lot it jumps around a lot. And I think it's going to give you and they're like twenty minute episodes first off so you can literally watch five of them in an hour. You can watch three of them in an hour. Chris you can watch five and one hundred minutes so you can watch three in an hour so you can watch in about ten hours. You can watch thirty. Yeah you can watch six every two hours. Yeah so I mean it's still a commitment but it's not a commitment like six seasons or seven seasons or whatever it is up twenty episodes per season something. That's just not realistic for most people at this point that is kind of a little more realistic in five days. You've got thirty episodes done if you watch six in a row every night That's a lot it's two hours of TV two hours. Yeah it's worth it. I'll tell you that it's worth and this new season it's sprite back in it and I it feels great I'm definitely GONNA have to get into it. I wonder if dude Started watching it. I'm sure he is. I don't know he's in Texas he's in Texas. He's gone What I did start watching recently just came out. There's only been two episodes and they're only doing on Sundays. I figured they'd do two days in a row in the beginning is American idol. It has started out an apple. Why do I like this show so much? I don't know I can't do it. I can't do it anymore. You loved it last year. I just can't do it anymore. I just it's too much no way. It's not too much I'll wait. Maybe until they get down to like the Hollywood Week. It is such agree and do the auditions. I don't WanNa do the audition audition. I like them just because you can start to you. Can you know guess? Basically on WHO's going to win and who and whatnot like you could see the better people from the others That's fun it's fun. Seeing all of them I just really love it I really do. I didn't think I'd like Katy. Perry that much on it as a judge. She's good she's fine she's funny she's hot and cold Yeah no in in your how wrong in your own. Now say the words. I don't know the word so no I really like it. I don't know I agree. You don't necessarily have to watch the the auditions but there's something about this mindless like no thought. Tv that you could just watch people saying and be like man. Thanks I think there are you know I can't see me. It'd be came rainy machine. That's I love it. I love that type of show. That's why survivor so much. Because it's like mindless and you can watch people run around on an island and then think like man. I'd like to be on an island. That's it that's what I want and I get it from that and this year I have. I can record it. So it's phenomenal. I have device that records things. So that's fun. Welcome to the Nineteenth Century Amazon Century Twenty First Twentieth Century. Because we've had that technology sense the twentieth century yes. That was a long time ago almost a whole century ago. The joke continue. What have you watched I watched the movie creed to did we talk about this and we may have but I've never seen it yet. Did you watch creed one? I know I've never watched that either. We'll learn. There's no reason to talk about really. I liked it. I liked it a lot. It's not as good as creed one which is awesome creed one is super good cre- to is also very good so many people have told me that creed is phenomenal movie. Oh it really is Ivan Drago son Fights Apollo creed son. I mean come on to grab but it's clearly is gets creed one but yeah. I enjoyed it. It's all right. It's just see that that's not selling the thing is insane. It's good really good in Saint Jerry. There were points of that movie where I had to cover my face and my hand with my arms. 'cause I'm just like really dude. I think they're really heating each other. Well I know he took There's a lot of recopied. Jordan took a lot of training and stuff. There's he did beaten son really beaten like capital. Be Bad dude. There are points that it's hard to watch. I highly doubt Michael Jordan was taking shots. It's hard to watch at times. But what's great? What is fantastic? Is The boxing everything in between me and this one still good still good if you like rocky which I love rock of course then you'll like it if you are really American if you don't like creed one is such amazing movie. Though I mean I also really liked rocky Balboa the newest rocky one I liked it too that came out in two thousand six right yes. I'm like them same year as That Rambo movie what Ram Movie There was that Rambo movie that came out when I was deployed. So did the new rambler one just came out right right yes. I haven't seen it yet but first let's when my favorite movies of all time pretty good like gives us a lot of walking. I love that movie. The street seriously. One of the best movies too long has like seven words. He says that's why it's good because he doesn't speak so So yeah there was that And there was one other thing I watched. I watched this little documentary on Netflix called. Don't fuck with cats. Oh my Gosh I saw that too. Did you watch? I have watched it. Yes I forgot about that. It was disturbing it is. I don't even know how is so mind fucking. I did not mind blowing. Enjoy it to be honest with you. I didn't like I enjoyed anything about it but I couldn't not watch it. I know I was the same throwing intriguing. Insanity forgot that was when you were in someone you were in Florida. I watched that whole thing. Pure pure pure insanity in fact the first episode after about the first episode or about three quarters of the first episode. Marley's like this is stupid. I'm going to bet and it doesn't grabby right away. It's not the end of the first episode when they start hooking you in Yay and then it's your so Hook Dan impetus is whore. Randy's disturbing that's that was my problem. It was it was disturbing to me and I'm not. I'm not one to usually be disturbed by most things. But Gosh I just felt like this do this guy or the main person they're talking about with just like so evil like evils. So your data understatement. This guy was like a super like weird something Buffalo Bob. Serial killer type but just knowing that these vanity was like that these people exist in our day to day lives that they're around us. That people are walking around. I mean it's a super rare. I understand it's rare. I'm saying they are. They are though there. Are People out there. This was in Vegas. He was in Vegas like us in Canada but he came to Vegas. Yeah they never really expanded on that like he came there and was walking around that casino. Yeah I guess. I wasn't clear on whether that was video footage. He made or was stock footage that he found the way I it is. That's the way took it. Yeah I don't think that's the way it was because either way would have been a lot more freaked out you would think. So why would you stay in your home right like? But he did know where she worked. I don't know man. The whole thing is super it's It's a it's a weird documentary about a serial killer. Well then it all stems from him putting up a video of him. Murdering two cats two kittens undertake yetlis. Like what I didn't think they would show much of it. Well they didn't really. They showed a lot though. But then I mean listen. It's not about murdering cats. I'll tell you that that's where it starts. And that's where the manhunt for him starts. But it delves into some freaky shit and its graduates to full-blown serial killer key murders people. Carry them out in bags on television or on the Youtube. It's talked ban. It's it's just so disturbing. I did not really enjoy my sister one. She told me she was like you have to see this texture. After I watched it on like I like dome so angry with you for even bringing this into my life so like I don't want my life would have been better if I hadn't seen this. Yeah there's nothing about this that I need in my life so if you're listening right now don't watch it. I Yeah I wouldn't tell anybody to watch it to be drinking. Is it interesting absolutely. It's all those things is it in like infuriatingly I kinda think net flicks miss the mark with us here because it was not like making a murder or anything like that that they've done before like when they did the Shoot with what's that. Guy's name the serial killer that everybody Ted Bundy looking at the Ted Bundy case like the Ted Bundy tapes and Like the Oj series and things like that people enjoy that I get it. This was just a little too much. I think for most people I would never suggest to. Anybody You can make your own decision when you you want to watch it or not. But it's really disturbing to to real to like in your face and just like fucked up and sad. Yeah Girls Anyway. That's I didn't think you'd ever watch something like that. To be honest. I only watched it because it was so highly recommended to me and I saw all over facebook. People were watching it all our facebook. And they're like what did I just watch so that intrigued me but I didn't know anything about it to begin with and really didn't read Super Weird. That people like this guy exist. That's what I was saying like. Those people are real like that's a that was a real person that was alive and doing these things in our time. And those people in Vegas and whatever it all over also super fucking that live in that chat room and decided to like the one. What was the Guy Mr Green or Mr Weird? Yeah it was weird because he studied the video frame by frame to see where he was at. He looked at the wall outlets the door handles the type of bed different things and they like deduced where he lived from that one video. It's just come on like these. People did not have any other thing to do ono and and they say that right off the bat. She's like I was embarrassed. I didn't want to go to my boss and tell them this is what I've been doing. She was crying. Yeah she's like I'm embarrassed about my life. This is my life but she said I would go to work and I would come home and immediately get on the Internet and and be this other person they were there other people when they get on the Internet. Which is I understand. I know I've known people that live online one hundred percent. They don't live in the real world. You're kind of that way. Aren't you know I don't know I've known people that are? I'm for real real live warcraft. And I don't know them like they're not friends of mine but I know people that I've known throughout my life that have gotten to that point where they're they're I mean that's that's it. There's still that way. Oh yeah that's it man. There is no that's life. This is something you do. That's life my gosh is it. I mean whatever. How's IT ANY DIFFERENT? Really? It's fine it's fine it just. I think you're missing out on a whole nother aspect of life that they've missing out now. I've played warcraft. Just saying that's where all their relationships are. Yeah so that they're not missing. That's what their relationships are so. I don't know anyway my recommendation. We don't watch it because it has no. It is in no way going to improve your life. I completely agree. It's just GonNa make everything worse. One hundred percent agree. Amy Got intrigued by what I was watching and asked asked about it. And that's what I told her. I said don't want the you don't WanNa Watch us. You're not going to enjoy it. It's really strange. I don't like keep watching the next episode so I think maybe that we can wrap it up for this week because we'll do a little shorter one and then another one. Yeah I completely agree so again guys. We'RE GO WE'RE AT C. Two while you're listening to this checkout Eric Matthias on Instagram at eamonn And what else we got star-studded make sure those brackets at like right away guys. You've only got like two weeks. Commend you gotTa Start Grade. We gotta start scoring them. We gotta start giving you our opinions and we're GONNA WE'RE NOT GONNA stop. Start the madness until we have enough. Braxton but We would like to start the madness at the beginning of March. Now I was looking back. I don't think we started until April last year but it was like the very tail end of March. Yeah it'll be sometime in March midwest midway through probably get those all Just do it right now. Now that you're thinking about it pleasing so For SNARF talk this week. I've Been Chris. I Am Jerry. So you won't.

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Our Best Whiskies of 2021 (So Far).

The Broken Cork

1:04:46 hr | 2 months ago

Our Best Whiskies of 2021 (So Far).

"This episode of the broken cork is brought to you by beverage bar serving the tristate with four convenient locations. Come in and let our knowledgeable staff help you find that perfect bottle to make you the talk of party or to create a special moment with family and friends cheers. Urban hunting season is upon us. We're taking a look back on this episode of the broken cork. I'm dan i'm aaron. I'm jake well. Tonight's toast guys is one that i think is kind of special for us especially for this episode gentlemen. Finish your manhattan's cheers choice. Forget the cherry. You know he'd make a good good manhattan manhattan. Wanna talk about that. A little bit boy. Yeah so i ask the guys if they'd ever had a manhattan before neither one of them out of one one time bardstown bourbon company and it came out this little fruit for glass and i of felt bad for drinking it. Because you felt vaguely. Didn't yeah and i even had like i felt i had to put my pinky out. There was like no no no other way to do it so i looked it up. It's extremely easy so instead of jake's cocteau corner today it's going to be airing cocteau corner so you can either use bourbon or rye for this chose to use pike's ville raw. I just thought it has. It has a really good body and can stand up to that sweet vermouth and still cut it the way i make mine. It's two ounces of bourbon raw. An ounce of sweet vermouth three dashes of inkster bidders and then two dashes of angostura blood orange bidders in that blood orange orange bidders whatever you wanna find it just kind of helps round out now if you wanna make it a little more if you want to add a little more depth to it you can seis an orange peel and rubbed orangeville around the rim of the glass and then of course you always you always garnish your manhattan with people. Say mayor chino cherries. I like looks ardo cherry so cherry so the best or if you wanna get really go go really high end you can use woodford reserve cherries so gambler. You k- over. Sorry i really wouldn't. He said he'd go depth with it with the orange. I really thought he was going to quote him an msa rubbing around the outside all been cracking up my own thought so it was like me at work the other day. I think you were there. Yesterday i just. I kicked the chuckle bucket. Just thinking of something that was mentioned on a youtube video and it was over for me for about a straight to. It's hard to get come back. It was i was over. But anyway that manhattan is a really really cool and it's it kind of has a special. There's a special meaning for it for my family. My wife's grandmother lived to be ninety. Inner upper nineties. I think it was ninety eight. But i mean almost one hundred lowered and so when i got the opportunity her sheep. My wife comes from a split family or whatever. But i had the opportunity to meet her grandmother. It's her dad's mom in one christmas and they had a christmas tradition where they always made like cookies and like do they spent a whole day making cookies. And then when you get to twenty one and you get to drink with the the adults and stuff so it sounds like one helluva tradition. It's fun so when we When i went into the the room. I asked grandma grandma. Said what's your. What is your secret. Because she was ninety four. When i met her and i said what's your secret to live. I said i really wanna live as long as you have. And she said son you smoke unfiltered cigarettes and drink manhattan every night before you go to bed so i said well yes baby and waited until she had passed away before i had my first manhattan but graham was for you so could you. You can't substitute for an old fashioned. Has to be has to be a manhattan has to be a manhattan. i guess. They're so close but grand swears by vermouth and aim andhra. If if graham swears by the vermouth and rival manhattan. Who am i to choose. Three in one. Ooh grandma liked him. Stiff graham like some good good old bourbon whiskey. I love grandma like that. Those are the kind of grandma's that take you into the kitchen. Give you the whole role of a cookie and say here have fun wants whenever you say you have a toothache they give you a nip off the whiskey bottle. My grandfather did that with me here. Here's a little. Dan just sticks his finger in some jack daniels and goes and crop. Mine mine was. Here's your beer. Made it go away isn't it. I mean ten eleven twelve years. Oh yeah one beer. And you're just country kid. I was in a hot sun all day. Yeah so got a little bit of a sample shout out on this one if you recall Last on the last episode we explored buffalo traces mash bill number two. We have a good friend. Who lives in virginia We are friends with him on facebook in a few bourbon. Groups with him Ramon alvarez this one is for you buddy sample shout out to you. Thank you so much for this blanton's shrink from the barrel the only blanton's that is worth a damn that is true one hundred percent true so all of you. Who are who are trolling me about. My love wins. This is actually good. And i'll say i love this wins and you know what's bad. The first planes i ever taste was bland gold. So there's a fun. Laser remained with white and gold. I know i have only one of the bunch worth drinking. I haven't tried it since time. Either either so try it again and go man you have the proof on this is at one thirty eight point six thought it was one or one thirty one point. Four proof house man. That's darn close. That's the second highest during kitchen proof. Strength try dole prove this. I've said this is the second highest proofed. Drink of head tonight. I guess if we're in sample shoutout mode robbery Good friend of the podcast. Thank you so much Mr campbell enjoyed that other. Half of the obtain sixteen year cass strength yet. Thanks whiskey smoothest. Highest proofed thing. I've drank so if you notice mr campbell finished the other half in danny had that half. So i thought were splitting in thirds. But you know how it works. I you have. I'm just playing the cool thing about the bottle. I was over at mr berries house the other day. The bottle actually has the hazardous symbol for flammable on the bottle. That's uncle it's such a cool thing but now right now back to our shutout to ramon. We're drinking straight from the straight from the barrel knows it's it's we like. There's a an okie sweetness to to the nose of this carmen carmel and cherries now. Are we getting cherry from the manhattan. I might be getting cherry from the manhattan. Because i've already put it in my mouth. A little bit swirled small small bet. There's some cherry on the tape. Some houston little cherry and my mouth. Just watering so. I do get brown sugar. Lots of brown sugar. No hashbrowns this time. See i was thinking like and if you don't care that reference you didn't listen to the last so a man like homemade caramel with the butter. Yeah this is so good and not just because all of your don't say yeah of course you're going to say that because you're no i'm not really good there's it doesn't burn so i'd like to revise my list from last time. Blatant straight from the barrel is obviously number one for me now. Yes don't even remember what was what was i. R i was a mixture between elmer t lee and i believe rocky rock hill hostile hill. See i think mine was actually elmer. hancocks was ni- second because i wanted to combine the two putting And then rock hill and then the blonde tones followed closely by that ancient. Y'all said blanton's was like fourth. Yeah i mean it's a stand confer for what it is if you have it on your bar it's good day entertain people with but because people always want. I've never tried planes and you say you do. You're you're you're the guy. Yes speaking of which. I need to re up on that soon when we up on wednesday. Yeah i got you. I figured i figured it'd be pretty easy to come about in the area. Oh yeah this is so super. Good man i. I really enjoy this Ramon thank you so much for this sample. And we We'll be meeting. Ramon hearing about other meeting him for the time. And i'll meet them for the first time and he'll turn around and meet you. I mean probably be running atom like writing for the hug. And it's going to be there and i'm like no and good luck catching him because i mean he's i know miles today in the world i am doing that. They'll be like hey man whatever. It is speaking to a fifteen miles long story. I'll make this very quick. My wife and i took her anniversary of this past weekend and we went to chicago and on saturday we went to the field museum. We wrote the subway to the field museum. Which is close to soldier field. And then i could see the navy pier where we were at. And i said so. Let's walk to the navy pier. And she said it's the hottest day they had said. It's going to be the hottest day in chicago. Your and she said it's a forty five minute walk. According to google and i said i can see the navy pier. There's no way it's forty five minutes from here so we started walking and it wasn't forty five minutes. It was fifty minutes and we are both princeton sweat and then by the time we got back to the room that night we have walked fourteen point nine eight miles and ramon freakin ran fifteen miles this morning. That was a whole day for us. Ramon kudos to you buddy. But that's not gonna be me. You walk fifteen miles. Want to die and ramon runs fifteen miles and comes back and chugs eight eight hundred like the true professional. He is now so boss man anyway. Speaking of high end bourbon. We do want to give a little bit of airtime to a raffle. That's going on out of henderson. So erin if you wanna take that over. Yeah so we have a well. There's habitat for humanity is is an organization in their one of their one of their headquarters or one of their spots in henderson and they're doing a raffle at the end of the month. And so the date. The raffle closes august the twenty seventh. So you have plenty of time to get your tickets They went on sale july. The first one hundred dollars apiece and so many people are thinking. Oh my god one hundred dollars per ticket. Yes but you have to also think this is going to help build houses for for people who who don't if you know anything about if you don't know anything about habitat for humanity look it up. Jimmy carter started great organization. But let me. I'm not gonna give you all the prize packages there. They are going to pay out the first Fifty places so they're gonna draw fifty tickets. So i'll give you first place through probably fifth-place whatever so say give them first and last the first place is the entire pappy wanna so you get ten twelve fifteen. The thirteen year twenty and twenty three And if you think about it the the last they've done this raffle for three or four years and the last three or four people that have wanted only bought one ticket. So how cool would that be to get the whole line of happy for one hundred one hundred bucks. That's insane if you like happy but that's a different. That's a different topics this is about. This is about habitat habitat second-place they get the b tax collection. Now we're talking soon. Read when second. You get stag you get we moore weller. You get says iraq you get seventeen and get that thomas handy so third third place. Elmer not leak election. So we're talking. Elmer t lee. We're talking one hundred anniversary. We're talking the black beth. We're talking like everything. Fourth-place h taylor collection fifth-place blanton's collection where you get. Oh shoot you get gold. Straight from the barrel. Reggae blends green black and red straight from the barrel. Maybe we should all go in and win that for the podcast and we can do a blanton's tasting just as blind. Just see if we can figure out which ones the regular which the regula and then six place is the entire weller collection. And we're talking special reserve antique twelve foolproof. Cyp and single barrel And then the seventh places the willett collection and then from there. I will let you look at the rest of it. You can find all of this information and we'll say this hopefully again at the end of the raffle. If i if we remember back into the podcast it's henderson ky. Raffle dot com again. That's henderson keiwa. Raffle dot com. And that's where you can buy your tickets to you. Do not have to be present to win they will give you a travel voucher if you want to come in to get your bottles or they will ship it to you and so we may or may not if we have enough time we may have somebody from habitat on a future episode from habitat on a future episode. And just talk about what they're doing and and where the money would go and all that but if we don't At least were we'll get some airtime on the next two or three episodes. I know to families while three for sure that have helped out around one of them was family too. So i mean hey i just love everything about and i just think it's really cool. You know we always knock the secondary market but these guys are they'll go out and they'll by the bottles secondary market but but when they resell it all the money is going to to build some organization and so and so if you're listening wherever you're listening If they can ship urban to you they will mail it to you. You do not have to worry about trying to get to henderson. If you're in henderson. I would highly recommend buying a ticket at least one and let that. Let your chances forward may now. They're gonna like. I said the top fifty prizes are going to be given out. There's a buffalo trace collection. There's some other bourbons and then it gets to cash. So i know forty one through fifteen one hundred dollars back so cool. Yeah it's going to be really cool. That sounds like a really good. Like if you're there for the live drawing it sounds like a good night. yeah Do you know where they're having the drawings at rock house of pizza on the river there in henderson kentucky so no better place pizza and bourbon let you bourbon. Let's go. He'd say urban and so many pitchers of beer. We have thought about originally wanted wanted to have that raffle in in place of our raffle at the store. There's just no way possible but maybe in the future we. We ran out the lumber yard and do all that in a big a deal. Cody really cool. And they get fired on pizza for the night to just a one big thing there. We go huge thing so gentleman as i said before bourbon. Hunting season is kicking. Off here across america wilson. Starting to get into those later months august. September taylor where i'll see has hit states. All around us still hasn't come to indiana or kentucky yet. It's comey new batch of stag juniors hitting shelves soon and then we're off to the races starting with old forester birthday bourbon on the second of september all the way through december. So i thought it would be a good idea for us to take a step back over these last six seven months and you know how we did. Our top five hundred twenty. We're going to look at our top five of twenty twenty one so far and let me just give a disclaimer. My wife was not involved in this. So i can blind flight. This won't ever the more meticulous blind vital come probably toward the beginning of the year. Yes when when we start looking at our top five or even you know top ten this time of fifteen quarter-ounce pours just lincoln and top fifteen on all of our picks on my or whatever because i'm sure there's gonna be some overlap. I mean we we might be on another platform as well by then maybe start doing some video sympa lights anyway. So we're going to go through these really quick round robin style as usual these are not in any ranking order whatsoever. These are just five of the favorite pours of our favorite pours. I'm sorry that we have had so far this year. So if they're available in your area and you want to try them. Hit us on. The facebook broke podcast crew. Tell us what you thought of them. We'd love to hear from you. And jake is walking across the room and know it's all about it. Put it back up. I cracked something right here for you. Buddy i got you reserve here. But we're gonna we're gonna start with aaron over there let him. Let's kick us off as usual. So erin what are one of your five bottles that you have really enjoyed so far in two thousand twenty one now. Stipulations were no store picks right no store papers so these are just bottles. Hopefully maybe in the hunt you can. You can find work hard enough except one of them. But anyway i'm gonna go ahead and start again no particular order as far as it's my favorite or whatever. I'm going to start with that seventeen ninety two hira I absolutely and i know you can't get it unless you find it at a bar. But i absolutely i've been looking for that poor for three four five years biggest reason. My favorite color is orange. So i see a seventeen ninety two with a orange labor hours immediately drawn to it and then i was then i was told. I know i'm gonna. I'm gonna find it and you must show. We always talk about the psychological part of bourbon tasting. That may have had something to do with it. But when i had that bourbon it was. There was a sweetness Horam ashville is is what i tend to draw to and so i absolutely love that seventeen ninety two and then when i got my check and it was five dollars poor like how could you you wanted to go back for another one right for the rest of the pores in the bottle and let me but jake gives us something a little lesser known to by the way little nba role in that dark fired. In be rollin bourbon. Woo yeah man. Antonio h. two years. But i mean it's just it's sweet and it's got the heat to back it up to one hundred six point six two years but i mean i don't know something about it just as different to me. It had a very in this. This flavor profile kind of comes with an older age bourbon had like a tobacco yes tobacco barn kind of knows a little bit of a tobacco on an nfl as well One of the reasons. Why in berlin is is distilling hopkinsville kentucky and hopkinsville is known for their tobacco growth. And they're smoking the tobacco and so they were wanting to bring that out in the bottle and literally. I promise if you've ever been into a tobacco barn. I know some of our northern listeners. Or out west you may not have ever been in tobacco barn but if you ever come to kentucky and have the opportunity to go to a tobacco barn and get in there and get the smell when you open that b. rolin dark fired that is all you get off the knows it straight tobacco born off the and then on the taste it is extremely smoky on so sweet sweet and smoke. It is a really good poor. So if you have the opportunity look up. M dot b dot r. o. l. a. n. d. hopkinsville. It's right off our twenty four. Give you a chance to go if you're traveling in asheville if we're coming north from nashville stop in two. Mb rolan great people. Great distiller dog. Great dog dog and they have ice drinks like cold drinks made from their urban to in a slushie machine. Ready to go in ace slushing. Yeah she they've got a pink lemonade so she could do black raspberry slush a so. They've got and they've got it all so there's stopping the pink lemonade. I mean it's frui- fruit but ho baby so the car about it we're taught we're getting into the car right now right we're just going to the nba. Okay guys. that's for us this week. filling the blanks picked up a buddy from national airport. So yeah it was like ten o'clock night under like man. We should go there. They should go well. These you got there and you enjoyed that. Yes but now. The round robin moves on all right. So since we're we're doing kind of obscure and different i. I thought i'd go ahead and stick with something. Distilled here in indiana. We have spirits of french lick as we all know. We had them on the podcast. We had a great time with alan and he released a special Bottling of william dalton called the vintage cafe mocha state. Finish and i was lucky enough through a mutual friend of ours. Tracy crooks tracy if you're listening. Thank you so much again for allowing me to get that bottle onto a for as long as you can because there's another one. I know there's not another. We were lucky enough to find a couple. More bottles of the leasing clara iconoclast at the at the gift shop but They had no more vintage cafe. William dalton and i was going to pick that up. Luckily well they were. They were kind enough to send us a media sample of that before it even hit the soga gift shop so we were we were looking out for it but i found it through a friend but i found it. It is straight coffee. Shop is everything you want in a coffee shop knows you get espresso. You get chocolate. You get sweetness. I- caramel sweetness. I've been really good with cigar. But it would i bet it would i mean i don't i like i said i don't smoke cigars but i love the smell of a good cigar. I'll hand that you mix the that spicer the cigar with a suite of them. Yes sir. I bet it would be absolutely amazing. I might have to smoke a cigar with you guys sometime anyway. So you don't that. Oh no no no. I've smoked cigars. Before i just have stopped smoking sense but anyway so one of my top five. So far is william dalton vantage cafe. Alan bishop thank you so much for this. Offering talking about amendments water absolutely amazing just looking at the bottle sitting over there. Uncorked is making my mouth watering. We know your collection. There's not an uncorked bottle in that whole thing. That's true and it's open whenever somebody stops by and the boys know late when you walk into my house and i say here's my bourbon cabinet. Here's the cabinet beside it. Anything there is yours to to poor. If you went and we noticed everything from a happy i did. Keep the good stuff about pappy as well. All the way down to Just a regular buffalo trace but or over one hundred if you wanna go that far so anyway jake. Let's move back to you back to me your tires calkins. You're skipping you back to me all right. Put a drink mouth all right. well then. Speaking of drinks and mouths. I'll go and fill up one right here. We're going to go with elijah craig. Be five twenty one hundred eighteen point two brand new release the lowest proof. Elijah craig borough proof has ever released. Believe while he's pouring this like grabbed glass because something earlier. Thank you sir. you're welcome now. Everybody is giving all oh. I thought he was taking bourbon. From on i was gonna. You're going to hear a little heavy online. Who is cited. Everybody's given this five twenty one like the business. Yeah and they don't understand why okay so it's it's one hundred eighteen. It's not one hundred and thirty like the c nine twenty. You have to understand the the b. is always lower proof. Did you say the nine one hundred thirty one hundred thirty one point nine twenty now delicious. Unfortunately i didn't get one last year. Oh god try that. Oh it's been my goal every year so far to try and collect. Abc on elijah. Craig wants i didn't even get any of this year. You've got gotta talk to you boy. Anyway i've got around there. I'll get you some samples anyway. So but everybody's given be five twenty one the business because you know. I don't know why the nose is amazing. The the taste is amazing. You know what. Let's just quit talking and let's give it a nose and a taste and let's do it. Oh speaking of nosing taste by the way you guys are going to be proud of me. So far on my top five four five over one hundred proof. Four of the five over one hundred proof them over one hundred and ten proof that proud dad more at that moment. Is there a proud dad moment. Let me say find something jagjit. We're all proud of you. You've moved from ninety proof on up to over one hundred and ten. Apparently you gosh. I just don't have the words i don't understand. Oh and so our talking. This be twenty. One is definitely on my list as well dan. Yeah it's usually these five twenty one father craig with us. It's extremely popular. If you don't like it we don't need to hear the flag. Don't don't post about it on our facebook page get on. We don't want to hear that you don't like it. We want to hear which one's your favorite and why and if you say see nine twenty or any of the other non twenties. Because they're so hot. Yeah they're so hot because they've been in the barrel longer and if he wants to believe you sinister sample. We'll try it. But so what are we get on the nose on this. I got like brown sugar. I was thinking strain of bakery brown sugar a little bit of butter all that all the bakery smells you get see i also get and this is kind of a typical elijah. Craig knows you get a little bit of our baseness with it but it's a little bit That's a big word. Dander basis herb basis. Snus it's like meant and all of your memorable since. I don't really know how other any other way to to explain it. I mean it's it's kind of earthy in a way as well. Mommy some might say if you tasted it put some put puts msg in it and miss geeta mommy the king of flavor my goodness. I'm putting in my mouth while you're putting it in your mouth. I just wanna to draw a comparison really quick since we all know that logic. Regmi five twenty one is on all of our lists So the same thing was kind of said about another special. Release this one actually coming out of buffalo trace if you know me you know. I'm a huge fan of the stag line. So stag junior. George t stagg the twenty. I think it was nineteen. Yeah i think it was the one thousand nine hundred release of george t stagg was the lowest proof that had ever been released of. George george t stagg give me just a second. Let me do some research here. And i'll get you an actual proof. Point on it at your. Uh that's your. That's your unicorn isn't it. it is my unicorn. I've i've been looking for a george t stagg for so long aaron. What's your unicorn. While he's doing that my unicorn would be a logic. Craig barrel proof see nine twenty one. I'm just kidding signnow. Twenty hundred ninety wheeler weller. William larue weller. Like that's is my favorite of the whole tat collection. I do not own one. Had the opportunity to get one last year and gave it up so that way somebody else could could could do it. But when we got our allotment for the raffle. We just didn't have enough for me to justify taking one. What about you me. I honestly i couldn't tell you to be your honestly perfectly truthful. anything. I've thought about getting like i thought low for while like craig barrel proof for while that was one of mine and then i got one through the b series to be five twenty one this year and i'm like okay and then i've thought stag junior would be the baomin anytime i've thought about. It's just like it's kinda fallen in your lap. I had you know. Just i want to say culture but quarter job so like i said Twenty nineteen release. Of george t. Stagg was the lowest proof that has it ever been released at. It was actually one sixteen point nine so it was lower proof than the elijah. Craig be five twenty one and it caught so much flack but let me tell you. I think it had just as much flavor if not maybe just a little bit. More than a normal bottling a quote unquote normal bottling of george c stag being up in the one thirties. One twenty eight Just because you didn't have all you weren't competing with all that alcohol you could get a lot of those flavors a lot. Better a lot of that black pepper cherry. You obviously got the oak. But with the elijah craig five twenty one. You get a lot of that as well. You get the experience of the flavor not having to compete with the proof. Yes so one of the One of the things that i like to think about too is what you just said. Though the lower the proof the more the flavors not competing with the alcohol sometimes even on the knows. If if i have to in there are some that are really enjoy. I did enjoy the twenty. But for me before i start diving into a scene on twenty pour it and let it sit for five or ten minutes when when. I'm coming home from work. I don't want to pour a bourbon and let it sit while i pour another bourbon. Is that makes sense. So dude i. I'm not ocean person. It drives me insane to drink it. And i wanna and i want to be able to drink now somebody to poor for me ten minutes before i get home right right. I'll never forget we were at. The old are old apartment and had poured a barrel strings. Bourbon was letting it sit for a little while and had another drink in heather and peyton cook spaghetti. Yeah great so he forgot about it. I forgot my bourbon. And peyton comes in and she was three or four and she says daddy you got a drink. And i said i have been in. She said no right here and she reached for it. And i said oh baby let me get it and that was her first experience with bourbon and she grabbed it and she mean just so nonchalantly brought it to her nose and she said it. Smells like vanilla cupcake and handed it to me. And i was like and that's when heather said you gotta start letting her nose everything. The nose was born that day off of a spaghetti dinner and dad's forgotten glass of bourbon. And that's beautiful. Don't know peyton was on our last episode so we keep saying go listen to her last episode. It was a special one. I i really enjoyed that one. So water please. Also speaking of things you were talking about my lottery right now my unicorn. I'm gonna say something that might shock you. Smoke wagon uncut unfiltered okay. I've never tried it. I've never it's not available in the states surrounding me. that's cool. i had a i. You know what. I think i can get you a sample. I actually have a sample appear on the shelf. Sweet i believe. I don't remember who it was from. Though i'm going to have to do better. Record keeping noah. Because i want to say it was tau bartlett but i can't be sure i can't be sure say uncut unfiltered in. I had a poor already. And i i don't want to influence jake see. I didn't even know this was. I didn't even know we had this yet. So well i didn't even know i did either and i was looking through the and what another ramon. Uh no no. No he's all of his actually were written on raffle tickets. Tedious taped to the vile But this one was a very nice label but it was mixed in with more of our robbery samples so Shouts to all them yet again. Anyway so so we just all went through all went through five. Now i'm gonna cheat real quick. And i want to throw in a one twenty-one with that be five twenty one as my because i always cheap i can't i can't pick pick a favorite between those well. I can't be five twenty one of my favorite but a one twenty grade as well. There are no rules here so dan. that's up to you so we've been to maker's mark twice now erin yes we have. We've we've made to very unique Stave profiled picks for two different stores and one of those coming in shortly one of those time trying it. It is boy. I know i got sick. I i felt like crap. And i felt like piece of crap too so i mean there was that yeah we. We felt bad but then when they they served us the lunch. We didn't feel as bad because you wouldn't have eaten a darn thing when you tell me about that. What was it. The pecan apple salad is under really good. Would you eight a salad. I would have that solid senate. Yeah it was. It was really good. It was like candy pecans and fettuccine and it was spinach. It wasn't Yeah there you go see like spinach okay. I don't like lettuce much so he would have doubled up on the salad. Mike weaver another salad anyway. So obviously we can't do store picks. But i can mention there i would finish of the year. Fao one oh yes sir. Transformative fao one. I say transformative because you let it sit in a glass while it goes from. What's this finished product. You said yes sir about one or not not forty five minutes ago you said finish. It's a it's a different different type of it's a different type of finish. We're not putting it. In another barrel these these are staves that are just inserted into a full barrel of maker's mark. So we'll get into bourbon. Don't get the. Don't get the soapbox warren just yet. But i'll wait. I'll hold on. But i'll tell you what this was. This was one that really surprised me because sc four pr. five was very good Six was my absolute favorite. Until i tried. Fao one fau. One just takes you through this journey from a very fruit forward soft weeded bourbon. All the way through. And i'm not gonna say hash browns but i'm gonna say like waffles. This and pancakes and maple syrup it just goes from fruit forward to a fruit salad develops into you almost potatoes brown in a skillet. No no that was just but it. It does have a little bit of an earth as it transitions to that breakfast. -i section but my goodness you leave it in a glass and you just sip it for about fifteen twenty minutes and enjoy it so i was gonna say exactly what you said if you're if you have a bottle of f. e. i challenge you and i just got done talking about hate. It have to wait but don't wait poured in your glenn or whatever glass you choose lasted cup. I don't care where voting or whatever your drink your vessel that you you choose and have a drink and lead polling pouring into the vessel. I don't always me in the but anyway so port in there have a drink immediately and let it wait five minutes have another drink and those of course and the little wait another five minutes and finish it off and like dan said like it's just it's crazy. The journey that it takes you through an from did we. Did you say i. If i'm not if i'm not mistaken. In the middle part you said like almost a blueberry tobacco. barns is that correct like a blueberry it didn't have kind of a tobacco we like an earthy earth thriftiness to it and the beauty of that is if you've ever had any experience with the maker stave profiles if you've ever done a makers pick you are taken into this beautiful room. They have two locations. And you're presented with these. I think six stave profiles but all of them have these transformative properties to them. And it's so unique. What even a single stave can do to the and we when we went and did our picks like we. We let him sit like we. We had the first. I want to say mix whatever you wanna call it. The first i blend lind and then the second and then the third one and then we go back to that first. And i'll never forget. We were sitting with our very first time. We went and dan said. Oh my gosh. it transformed to maple or to waffles. Softens just buttermilk waffles with maple syrup and we found out that that was large in part to that baked american pure or p two staves. Stay and even one stave in your in your blend. How gives it that transformative profile to this sweet just candied. Just breakfast he profile. It's it's if you have a chance to get a maker store pick do it do it do it. They're not bad. You're not gonna find an absolutely terrible one unless they just jack ten you know makers forty six days in which case you might as well kettering. That's all i can think about is moving up the buffalo trace wagon because now they've added weller seven to their store pick so that's like a. That's a huge deal. Or one of those sevens been a part of their barrel select program the one they've recently added with junior junior. Can you imagine oh man. That's another you gotta keep doing it every year to get that to. You had to move up the ladder or reason. Let's do it now. So jake let's go back to you for a second and What what do you have as another one of yours. I'm gonna go low proof. Low proof russell's two thousand three nine or sorry eighty nine point five. That's barrel proof So yeah it's a sixteen year bourbon sixteen ish year bourbon. So you got to try this at the exact same time erin. Found his His baby in the seventeen ninety two high right correct. Yeah that's the same day. We tried the rabbit hole. Founders edition to oh crap. I forgot about that man that was going to be his last year. Who was twenty. Twenty s okay. That was a twenty twenty. I drink it in twenty twenty one day but no. I blew me away to find out that that was barrel. Strength at eighty nine and a half and i was like what nice catch. We don't have that out. Yeah but no. I paid twenty five dollars for pay. Twenty-five an ounce and honestly i think i think it was totally worth it. I'd do it again today tomorrow. Now you let me have a little sip of it was absolutely delicious. Bourbons made for though right. I'm thinking i tried probably dance top so far because he passed that around at the table to let you and i sip on the man that while. We'll it's coming it's coming. We'll we'll get there. We know somebody with a two thousand. Three i think and he i think he offered to let us pay sample. Maybe on davidson. Yes yup another shutout. So again. I was gonna shut up davidson during the makers because i'll never forget. He sent me a personal text and with that f. a. a. One and he said i hate this stuff he said. Do you want you want to buy the bottle from me. Or i'll just give it to you and i was like am. I told him i said wait. Go through the journey like you said he said wow after you kinda let it air out and he was he was very transparent and he said i did that twice and each time i got the same thing. And he's and then about a week and a half later he was like i really liked this makers f. a. a. one and then about a week later he was like i'm down to like a quarter of the bottle so i said well. I'm not buying that from you now. Then i don't guess but anyway this this is coming from also the wild turkey connoisseur. Yeah he's he's the wild turkey man but anyway shot pat davison. Thanks for your support anyway. thanks for joining us on an episode. My next one is will it seven year. The lion's share her top. I'm a big liquorice fan. And i had never had a willett family reserve. I didn't even know existed. Really until i don't even know the guy but he came in and was like you don't even that willett family reserve. No what and he said he's got a purple top. You ever have a chance to get it because it's just delicious. He and then he said. Do you like licorice. And i said yeah kind of. I don't like to eat black lakers. But i love the smell. The unease there. Yeah exactly the anisse and anyway that will at seven year. This was a funny story so we were sitting at brian's house for halloween. We had a like a company party and so we went to. Brian's house for halloween and kids peyton lint and play. whatever. Brian said man. I've got a stag junior and Will at seven year at the store. I need to go get. And i said you've got a willett seven year and a stabbed at noah's george t stagg and dorsey stag at the store that you need to go get and he said yeah. I don't know what i'm gonna do it. And i said right now now and he said i can't. I've been drinking whatever. And i said i have it and out i took all i didn't even ask i took us took all got in. The car. drove to the store win in. She had a line forever. I helped her finish line out whatever we got the two bottles and walked out and got to his house so we can try this right now and it was. It was absolutely delicious and then robbery another like we said before he sent me a sample or will it. Can i think i have. I think i still have a sample of sitting at the house. Currently you've a drink it. it is. Oh i've had no. This is the second one. it's a nominal. it's probably with love anymore. Sample deal last night. The last time. I found one. I stumbled across it my backpack where shoved in from coming back camping weeks the most generous man when it comes to samples. I'll bury. we're doing shoutouts today. I guess show episode. I mean that's what burgundy is bourbon is friends sharing bourbon with friends a so. They could experience things that they've never experienced before. Just like the whole pat davison thing like pat was like. I'm done with this bottle. No wait let me let me help you. Walk through and like when i love. Dan said when he said that the faa one is transformative. Because it really is. That's that's bourbon. It takes you from this place and end you here you know and and so anyway i mean we've all been kind of letting letting our allies craig be five minute to. Oh well i guess. I better take no. We didn't months going. What are you all talking about that. Whatever report earlier at the dummy urban. I had never had it so i said let's try it there. You go but yeah. If you let that logic craig sit you're going to be a completely different profile like it's already a different monster right now so good. It was sweet and a little more leathery. That's it it does. That's so good. So yes sir. I think we're we've we've done three apiece. Yes coming covering one on all of our well. That's just how it goes. Yeah so. I think i'm gonna cover another one for everyone here. Possibly recently we did a sensory masterclass with the man himself met pulls away shoutout to big matt another shout and shout out to wild turkey. Campari for letting him come up. And be with us on that episode. We got to taste the new russell's thirteen. Oh baby If you enjoy russell's and you enjoy the russel's ten take that bottle put the volume crank on it and crank it up to ten. Put a barrel proof sticker on it. Raise the proof. And you're there. You have to put the headphones around it. And then play. Huey lewis power of love. It is such a good poor. It is everything you want. In russell's like i said dialed up to ten. I mean oh keenness of the just the intensity of it. I love everything about a russell's thirteen. And i'm so happy to be able to have a bottle on my Mike shelves dan yes. What's the problem with that bottle. The only problem that i see with that bottle right now is it's not open. Oh that would want to take care of that. I'm not putting it on the spot here in front of me. I mean so just so everybody knows russell. Thirteen is on my list as well. Same z's so you know what we did it for five twenty one you know what. Give me just a second. I'll make one second while he's doing that. Jake that your team point eight proof. Russell's thirteen year. What's your fifth. The last one on my whole thing is worn. I actually saved for a bachelor party. And i'd try to store pick up a one. Can i say go for it. Not a one to now go. Saint cloud saint cloud seven year. And they're going to whisper to me. No it's hundred and twenty-two proof it's big. It's a thick one sick boy. Listen to that. Little fresh crack russell. Thirteen guys right in girls. Speaking of what you see. I did a fresh cracked call out. Somebody answered with non fresh creek. Wow would you do that. Why getting anyway. That's because i wanted to be be satphone. I hadn't tried it yet. So hang on once. They in pause pause paused the money here. The money shot. Yeah there's the money that's what the people come for. That's right to pour this up for you sir. I love you. Dan slide mine over. Oh quick thanks for being a boss. Thanks for being a true hero friends and family. So what you said. The sinkhole seven year you have a saint caught seven year. They have a thirteen. Your have you had it yet. I have not had the thirteen. Get my hands on i. have you seen it. I've seen it real at the terrible place that likes bourbon for four hundred dollars. That's the same place. I talked to guy by the seven year. How much to ninety see. I was thinking closer to fifty. Two so royal deuce. Send us so we can. I mean i would love a sample. They're all take a sample. They're all from undisclosed locations. No one knows all. The barrels are named after methodological creatures like this. This and this was phoenix. phoenix phoenix. Barrel really cool. I did not even know that yes. I saw the stuff. And i've come here and learn more than anything so i mean that's like the the communists more port finish. That was a guy. That's a high rive. You say port finish. I did port finish that slave him bourbon. Hang on i'm just that's more. It's it's it's a high-rise mash bill to from somebody it's just the only thing cool about it as it's finished seventeen ninety two there you go thank you. It's a sad direct product. It's a high rise. So i'll go ahead. If are you refinished talking about saint cloud. Yes you're all right. I'll go ahead and talk about My fifth one non bucks row twelve year. Ooh baby i had not had it until this year we. Brian brought it w- when he talked on our second. Episode about liquor stores Again if you haven't gone that back that for go back that's a really good episode where it talks about. We talked about tax and prices and everything so the good the bad and the ugly jump into that if you haven't heard of our second episode but the one that he brought a wasn't a big fan of and then this year they released luxury it was normally a distillery only release and they released some two stores and we put it on the bar and i absolutely fell in love with it. And if i if i could afford for that to be my daily drinker. That would be my daily drinker. It is the the the caramel and cinnamon mix. It's just it's just killer. That's me with this with the hundred. Four hundred hundred dollars doesn't drink that way. Though that drinks ninety four proof bourbon whiskey with all the flavor of one hundred and forty proof. Bourbon whiskey well again with that one. Shout out robbery one last time. But if you let that sit in the glass for about five minutes instead of just route i took half and say the other. Let that. sit in the glass. We're about four or five minutes because it becomes basically a fresh cracked black pepper bomb black pepper black pepper bomb and it's actually quite enjoyable. I really enjoyed it. When i did the the review of it on the facebook page It changed after like five minutes. This is for me. Yeah oh sweet. Then i'm gonna let it sit for five minutes. I wouldn't it be. I don't know. I figured we were all just going to split it made for sharing. Y'all get to share it. I don't hold two ounce sample sample at your house i have. I have a lot of stores i keep. Oh have a lot of sample sitting on my show. How much bourbon can. I have samples to sitting in my room just from people who sent them to me and from distilleries who have sent over to the pocket. He says he doesn't his wife doesn't need to know how much he drinks and yet he added hurt to the one group that makes him drink. That was stupid. Dan on top of that. I mean you're on bourbon podcast and we. That's all we. We're not drinking water here. Well i mean we are but well we in between between different different bourbons. So danny last one. I have one last one and being the old forest or slut than i am here. We go we we we wait everybody. just sit back for a second. Get get your pillow. it's your pillow. Get your blanket now. It is in fact the old forester one seventeen series high angel share barrels jackie's i can you worked wonders with this one. I could go through the entire experience again. I could tell you about the time at bardstown. Bourbon company the argument. I had with the waitress about that. It was on the bar and the fact that they've valued hot sauce over a bottle of two thousand twelve birthday bourbon that had been sitting on the freaking table an hour and a half but i have to take the hot sauce but twenty two nd birthday berbie could sit there like i still swear. They had like navy seals in the in the ceiling. Waiting for someone to pour it. But anyway dropdown assault rifle. The one seventeen series was probably the greatest poor. I have had this year actually. It's not it's not probably it is. It's the greatest poor. I've had this year and a lotta people feel the same way. And then there's that that group and naysayers that say that. It's not that great. But jackie i'm here to tell you And i'm no fred mimic. I'm no big. I'm not bourbon pursuit. I'm not any big name. And we are the broken court broken court podcast and we say that your shit is delicious. Delicious d. e. listless. I can't wait for the next one. Warehouse k yeah fun fact about that. I've had a few store picks that came out of workout. We're k- we're house k. Has some of the best fucking old forest restore picks that i've ever had in my life so smooth and i think you know ramon. Please tell me if i'm incorrect. But i think one of the two old forster picks that we did for where rebels. Society came out of warehouse k. k. So both did so. I'm going to put in my. We're putting our ryan right now. I need a bottle. Tricky to bottle he needs a bottle. And you know we're not wish missed the last few very all work. We can't help it anyways that's different. That's a different usually. We're trying to win raffle. We're trying to win bottles at a different raffle. When this when these drab. So dan i was looking at our facebook page. And i'm gonna give just the top four. Let's go with the top five so we had posted on our facebook page earlier. If what was your one bottle from twenty sir so far in twenty twenty one that you would you would say ranks up there as one of your favorites and so one. The one that got well. Let's go down here. We'll go smallest is still horsey bottle. Seventeen times in a row. Spirit of french lick the mattie gladden we've got weller twelve year together. One new riff malted raw zoom. Get one. that's a really good so those all had one vote and then two votes. We had spirits of fringe late morning. Glory which i haven't had i have had that one it is. I don't remember if i've had it or not. Yeah you did when we went up there and tireless bulging so that was a that was a fun and scarves heritage heavy charred ten year hard. What parkway parks heritage. I thought you said heart of the heritage. That was the heavy char tenure heart of heritage us of french. Lick william dalton. There's a lot of spirits of french. Lick tosto and i'm telling you they're starting to get a national audience. That real quick. There's a lot of trash augie. Bourbon that honky bourbon. Coming out of west bayden spring logic. Barrel bruce be five twenty one they all all of the ones i just mentioned had two votes in three votes we had not creek twelve and then our big winner was willer. Foolproof other foolproof. This weller foolproof is not anywhere close to any a logic barrel proof and i will say that from now on to the bay da. Well i'm glad to hear it that there was no. Cyp be on there. Because that's the worst bourbon. I've ever tried it. I don't care what the hype. I don't get the high. Don't other than that. You can only get one time a year and it's going to white label okay and at one whiskey of the year this year. How bb twenty twenty one. Where he's twenty one whiskey of the year awful. It's terrible no wrong. No who chose this. They children i think that this. Of course podcast crew guarantee that we drink more bourbon. We're gonna we're gonna have to have an award ceremony ourselves. You know we could. We could and then. I made a post today and i said in my post that i would give a shout out if anybody listed their top five of twenty twenty one. Okay and so. I'm gonna go ahead and shout out. I mean heck we shouted out. Everybody else might as well. Let's do it. Does have tracy crooks tracy crooks my man. Does anybody know what he what. His top five were All the all the fridge lake products dudes halloween master. And he's picking a place called spirits of french lick also lease sinclair bottle in bonn. Solomon scott rah which he brought us a sample of ing towards washington recipe. And it is absolutely delicious. I'm looking forward to it William dalton weeded bourbon the mattie glenn and the morning glory so if you wanna chat on an episode get active on our facebook page. We want to see more activity messages. It's questions just go right now and look at our facebook go there. The director of quality control from wild turkey is answering a question from a listener to our podcast. Somebody posted a question and matt pose. Await is on video right there answering the exact question that was posted so like you don't get that in other facebook groups. I mean we are going to do a better job of posting content. And that type of thing. I really need to get better at it. I'm so bad about well to get busy. What it down to. But everybody's busy and so end of the day. We all work nine to fives. And sometimes you come home and you're just exhausted but you know we. We do need to kind of pick up a little bit. We are gaining traction love. Thank thank you to everyone. Who's been listening. And supporting as of july twenty fifth ten thousand listens. That's in the last month last month. I mean we're picking up a lot of traction and i don't like to say that this braggadocious way but we've been blessed with great A great multitude of guests Not only from distilleries but to other personnel like like. Brian like pat davison. Ramon so we can do that. Facebook groups episode. We we need to have ramon alvarez when he's down on i mean it's it's just blown up so fast We're gonna have to. We're going to have to step it up a bit and you know that'll that'll be in the future but for now guys if you want to get in a hold of us. Sorry i can't even talk right now. We've been promoting all throughout the podcast. You can find us on facebook at now. Broken cork podcast crew as i changed that a couple of weeks ago Hey jake you wanna talk about the twitter. Oh i was talking about the twitter twitter that is the underscore broken underscore court because one son of a gun on whether that guy is just ruins my good time when i'm thinking who would have that name. Who on earth would think to go the broken core. That's it you're going with. This is it. it's pretty easy. No talk to so many people in their favorite part of our podcasts. Listen his twitter. Do i want to know. So i can beat him field i will. I will fistfight chris. Name a love. It no weapons into this. You know what you you haven't posted anything we will give you a dollar to surrender that name. If you're listening one dollars. Follow you just to tell you dude. Because that's a gender neutral term in my book frigerator dude before. I've told my computer dude. Inanimate objects in my house. We're making noise that i don't listen to you got i've called my cat food all right and then what is our day. Dan the patriot. You can find us at the broken cork podcast become patron like the content even if the price of a cup of coffee at starbucks get you in the door. Starts you on your way to send cool prizes. All the way up to being able to select a private select borough with us. And that's coming for that's coming up for one of our patriots is going to go with us to abroad a private barrel. Probably the seven thousand nine hundred eighty two and my right seventy nine. Maybe or or one of the car where we have other barrels coming out but that is That's trail is coming up too so that would mind me a big one. So yeah that one's going to be coming up soon and we can go back and visit Our guest wilderness trail as well. Hey we might just go to maker's mark again one nine on it'll be first time. Let's go let's go but for now guys we wanna thank you again for for sharing your time with us and with that. I'm dan i'm married. I'm jake reminding you keep your bar stocked your glasses full and your mind on the pulse of america's national spirit.

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#C79 (carte blanche to carton)

The Dictionary

15:43 min | 8 months ago

#C79 (carte blanche to carton)

"Hello words welcome to the dictionary Okay so today is february twenty seventh. Let's see i'm using I'm starting to use a wikipedia for this. What's going on today thing because you get more information But i think i might actually use both. So let's see in In the us it is republic independence. I'm guessing that's also you know. Maybe in the dominican republic with that may be a place yes it is independence day From haiti in eighteen forty four It is let's see it's christian. Feast day there's a bunch of stuff that it is the second day of i am. Oh it's from the baha'i faith. The the behi- world headquarters are literally like a couple miles from where i live so That's that's this. I don't know what that holiday is but you can go look that up in vietnam it doctors day so yes let's celebrate some doctors in south africa some afrikaners Celebrate maja day in india. It is marathi language day. It is world n. g. o.'s day. What is ngo stand for in this case Ngo maybe i should have looked this up beforehand. I yeah ngos. they're just there are thing. I don't know. I've heard of them before but i don't know off the top of my head And then let's just double check. Make sure there's nothing else. I'm probably talking about this too much. But that's okay because you gotta know what's going on today is also international polar bear day. Who doesn't want to celebrate international polar. Bear day okay. The first word for this episode is carte blanche or 'blanche c. a. r. t. second word b. l. a. n. h. e. This is a noun from seventeen fifty one full discretionary power. Oh that's the end of that sentence full discretionary power as in was given carte blanche to furnish the house. This is french and it literally means blank document so it just means you can do whatever you want anything. If you're giving that power so next we have another french word or french phrase it is carte du jour three words cart jour noun from nine thousand nine hundred thirty six and the synonym is the word menu so the card does. Your is the menu. What is this mean in french. It literally means card of the day so you know your menu is kind of like your card and at some places. They have a different menu every day. So here is the card of the day the does you're and most places. They desist the same thing every single day. There's no change except for maybe the specials that would be the cartagena. What is the key you should sound so you go to a restaurant. Next time you will sound so fancy if you say What is your car does your and they will say what and you will say. Gimme the specials menu next we have cartel noun from sixteen ninety two one a written agreement between belligerent nations. I think that means that they are not so friendly with each other number to a combination of independent commercial or industrial enterprises designed to limit competition or fix prices three a combination of political groups for common action. This is french again. it means letter of defiance. It is from the old italian cartel which literally means placard also from carta which means leaf of paper so they put it on a leaf of paper carta cartel cartel but they are very defiant when they write it next we have carta lies with an s. e. it is the british variation of carta lies with a z. E. which is our next word is a transitive verb from nineteen fifteen. Carta lies to bring under the control of a cartel and cartelization is a noun next. We have cartesian. We're gonna have four cartesian. Words capital c. a. r. e. s. a. n. adjective from sixteen fifty. Six of or relating to rene descartes or his philosophy and cartesian is a noun a cartesian. Ism cartesian ism is a noun. It's interesting that They didn't take his whole last name. It's not day cartesian. it's just cartesian. Maybe the day means Like of kartez something But let's look at the atom analogy. It says it is from purchase. Which means descartes. Probably in french or something Let's see. I don't think that they're going to get into this Rene descartes i believe he was the philosopher. Who said i think therefore i am So essentially the what he believed to be the case was that. If you have the ability to think consciously and to be aware of your own consciousness than that means you exist but are cats aware of their own existence. Do they think the way that they we do. Some would argue. Probably not but does that mean that they don't exist. I would disagree. I think that they do exist. Even though they can't necessarily think about consciousness the way that we do so i don't know if he was so right there. I think there are other philosophers who sort of use that as a jumping off point and came up with some better stuff but correct me. If i'm wrong next we have cartesian coordinate. two words. the sea in cartesian is still capitalized noun from eighteen. Eighty seven one. Either of two the there's two definitions and they're both a little long one either of two co-ordinates that locate a point on a plane and measure its distance from either of two intersecting straight-line axes along a line parallel to the other access. What i should have been paying more attention either of two coordinates that locate a point on a plane and measure its distance from either of two intersecting straight-line axes along a line parallel to the other ex. Yeah i mean it makes sense if you draw it out probably number to any of three coordinates that locate a point in space and measure its distance from any of three intersecting coordinate planes measured parallel to that one of three straight line axes. That is the intersection of the other. Two planes boy. I think i need to see some examples. Maybe if i find a good image. I'll post this on instagram. Cartesian coordinate But here we go something. Similar it is cartesian plane. P. l. a. n. e. two words noun from nineteen sixty a plane whose points are labeled with cartesian coordinates. Next is cartesian. Perot shift is it. What is this number no. It's a noun from nineteen fifty eight. Let's read this. A set that is constructed from to given sets and comprises pairs of elements such that the first element of the pair is from the first set and the second is from the second set. I just thought of a question. I have for my dictionary. People you know. Somebody's got to write all of these definitions. And i can't imagine that the person or the people who write them know everything about everything they don't know these things so they probably have to bring in somebody who knows in this case you know. It's it's math or or whatever related and they probably have to say. Okay complain this to me. Write it out in a sentence and then let's work together to to to make it fit in with the way that we write everything here Because yeah. I mean you know the person who's going to write the definition for carsick isn't necessarily the same one who's going to know what a cartesian product is. They gotta have a whole team of people to to write these things okay moving onto carthusian or carthusian capital c. a. r. t. h. u. s. i. a. n. noun from fifteen twenty six a member of an ascetic contemplative religious order founded by saint bruno in ten eighty four the return eighty four and saint bruno founded the carthusian wins. I don't know if i said that right. I just felt felt like. I needed to get a song in there. this is from middle latin cardoza which means chartreuse Also the mother house of the carthusian. Which is near grenoble france. Did they say grenoble. Probably not they they say it much fancier so that is carthusian next. We have cartilage noun from the fifteenth century. You could also just say cartlidge cartilage or cartilage one a usually translucent somewhat elastic tissue that composes. Most of the skeleton of vertebrate embryos and except for a small number of structures is replaced by bone during ossification in the higher vertebrates And then there was an example In the small number of structures as some joints respiratory passages and the external ear. so What i think this is saying. Is that when you are in embryo before the bones are created your full of cartilage all the places where the bones would be. It's just cartilage cartilages. Like i mean it's what i just read. There's a second definition too but it's like It's not muscle it's not it's not bone. It's tough often very tough but not as tough as bone so the examples so after you go through i guess ossification is the creation of the bone When you are an embryo still Fetus after the birth. There are a few points. There are few places in the body where there is still cartilage and some of those our joints the respiratory passages and the external ear your ear. You know when you see the skeleton. There's no there's no ear on the skeleton. I probably told the story once before. But i'll tell it again. When i was pretty little We read the museum. What are the Was the field museum in chicago. And i said i said we. We saw some skeleton there some old dinosaur. And i said they forgot to put the ears on bush because years are cartilage. There's there's no there's no bone there i think knows your nose to is cartilage. That's why there's a big hole in the face when you look at a skull okay. So number. two cartilage a part or structure composed of cartilage. That's it for that next. We have cartilage. I think you probably see where this is going. Adjective from the fourteenth century composed of relating to or resembling cartiledge. Next is kurt to legend s fish. Two words noun from seventeen sixty nine any other class of fishes as of as a shark ray or chimera having the skeleton composed of cartilage and then compared to the synonyms bony fish and jollies fish. The class name is contrary con gun. Cotton kondracke fees. I think it's something like that It starts with a c. h. So yeah i mean sharks. I know for sure sharks. You basically see when you see a skeleton of a shark. it's a big skull which is mostly just a big jaw. The jaw is bone and then They i think they've got spine but other than that. Then they're all cartilage. It's its muscle lots of muscle as skin and stuff and then a lotta cartilage. So you don't you. Don't get much of a skeleton with fish like that next. We have cartload one word noun from the fourteenth century as much as a cart will hold and then maybe somebody can charge a cartridge fee to load up. The cart next is cartographer noun from circa eighteen. Forty seven one. That makes maps thank you to all of you. Cartographers out there for creating map so we know where we are going. Next cartography now n- from circa eighteen forty seven the science or art of making maps cartographic and cartographical are adjectives and cartographic isn't adverb. And this is from. The french cartography garth graffiti which is from cart that has an e at the end which means card or map plus griffey which means the suffix grafitti. And there's more at the word card it is making maps on kearns and the here we go with our last word. We've got two forms. It is the word. Carton cer t. o. N. like a carton of milk This is a noun. The first form is a noun from eighteen. Twenty five a box or container usually made of cardboard and often of corrugated cardboard. This is french. From the italian katona which means paste board. And then the second form of carton is a verb from nineteen twenty one transitive says to pack or enclosed in a carton and then the transitive says to shape cartons from cardboard sheets. So today we had carte blanche curtains jour cartel kartali has cartesian cartesian coordinate cartesian plane cartesian product carthusian cartilage. Cartagena skirt alanis fish. Cartload cartographer cartography and carton. Well i think. I gotta go with carte blanche there was. There were some good ones in their carte. Blanche how do you say that carte blanche Carte blanche i dunno. I just like the idea of you've got carte blanche. I have carte blanche to do whatever i want with. This podcast is my guest. I do this all by myself. And i can just do whatever have that power and i you know what. What are you have carte blanche to do. What in your life. You just have full control over. Has anybody ever given you carte blanche to do something to create something. What is that. let me know is that good. That's good okay. Thank you very much for listening. And until next time this has spencer dispensing information goodbye.

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Carl Akeley

Citation Needed

35:34 min | 4 months ago

Carl Akeley

"And when it turned out she'd been a horse the whole shell. I know it was a it was right there in the title the whole time so good look to the left. My left or comes my my left. I'm yours yeah monday monday guy okay guys. I'll bite this time. What why Yes no see so. Welcome to the hall of podcasting. Thought we hadn't settled on hall of podcasting. I didn't we didn't put a pin in the tidal conversation. Tom eagle using a heath. Tom and i were thinking about this. Week's episode. carl egli. Yeah he worked so hard to preserve what he cared about. You know and we got to thinking about podcasts. Okay but they're on. The internet. People can just narrow no not that part of podcasting. No like the lived hearts. Nobody gets to see this. Is this like buying a microphone that you'll never use yay use it. I might use it. My backups could fail backups. Backup field for this exhibit going over the just time even though you know the episode is done. Oh okay so that's an important one. I get that people down of course a core of the exhibit explaining to your parents. What a podcast is. Yeah that's a good one right. really captured. The disappointment in the dads is there for sure. You took a while to get that. He hates us so much Hello and welcome a citation needed the podcast where we choose a subject. Read a single article about it on pedia and pretend we're experts because this is the internet that's how it works. Now i'm bosnich and i'll be leading this expedition. But i'll needs an ideal specimens in the wild world of podcasting. First up to men whose luscious mainzer the envy of poachers everywhere seasonal and no. It's the ancient remedy for the opposite of male enhancement to know that explains all the things i've been seeing under boxes and also joining us tonight. Two men who assure you they each want their own rhinoceros heath and what is for the table even here with i'ma three that's why dine alone it avoids any of that awkward confusion. That's what i'd tell you so lonely. Just missing he. thomas sees. It's ooh april year before we begin tonight. I'd like to take a moment to thank our patrons and if you'd like to learn how to join their ranks be sure to stick around until the end of the show and win that out of the way tell us know what person place thing concept phenomenon or event. Will we be talking about today today. We're gonna be talking about karl and tom. You're obviously trying to get on. Karl's good sites that you're not as next victim follow this trail wherever it goes all. Eli have lived my whole life just trying to feel stuff. So let's do it so tell us tom. Who was carl kelly. All right guys. I've been wanting to tell this story for a long time. But it's a timing just wasn't right until now because this is a story of a guy so unbelievably bad as we just like rush right into it without being properly prepared. We'd almost certainly tear something. I'm going to tell you a story today about a guy whose name you almost certainly didn't already know but whose work you may have seen. And his influences you have certainly felt and his occupation and craft is absolutely buggy whip outdated. This is a man who lived enough life for you me and everyone else you've ever met. This is a story of carl ache. Like i feel like you're avoiding. Alleged question on was just asked to name his favorite supreme court battle question. You see and then we'll start there. Five formed an ad hoc committee to decide spending more time with my family in lieu of recent about okay or on a farm in clarendon new york in eighteen sixty four. Carl was even at a very young age much more interested than most animals. Now you might be thinking. I don't know tom. I really like animals and yeah ok you probably do. Carl spent his time in the woods. Teaching himself to paint incredibly realistic renderings of them with absolutely no training still not impressed. Okay well he was poor and his family didn't have any proper paints so carl improvised and taught himself to paint without direction on how to paint and also using his own blood as meet his own. Hey carl just so many other read things. There's so many things that are. I feel like you shut down that brainstorm real quick heath. It is than watercolor ally is obviously blood. Porteous of chipmunks weren't just going to cut it forever we we all have to learn that last top one. It's a tough one. Carl was just really fascinated with nature and animals at the age of twelve discovered. What would end up being the first step toward his life's work. When his cousins pet canary died he saw that she was distraught and asked if he might be allowed to stuff the bird for her to quote. Fix it you see. Carl had seen the work of taxidermist. David bruce at a free exhibit in rochester not long before and he was mesmerized by the idea of the whole thing so we took his cousins canary skimmed. It stuffed it so couple of glass beads for ships and presented. This nightmarish craft project tour presumably. So that her fear and revulsion clip. Terrible i abby your cousin who paints his own blood took it upon himself to create sort of an hp lovecraft freeze oppose liver. And say thank you. So that we're not as i victims garlands or next. Six years learning could about taxidermy before moving to rochester to pursue his passion. It is at this point though. I feel like. I do need to pause and needs. Explain to you. What was meant by taxidermy in the late eighteen hundreds before carl egli came along. Taxidermy was at this point to put it very gently a crude affair. Yeah it's not the classy art attacks by comparison eline taxidermist would typically take the animal. They were working with it. would skin it. They would treat the skin. It mostly didn't rot entirely. Then they would stuff the skin with and here. I am not exaggerating at all. Just whatever crap they had lions for real so many page you a picture. Imagine for yourself a lion which has been shot killed and skin that skin now treated as just a formulas. It's not really lion-shaped in any way the taxidermist just start stuffing. The empty skin like cramming a pillow into a lion chan awkward. And would they stuff. This lion skin with will straw sometimes if they had it or cotton or actual bitch that they had just laying around. They weren't spending money on this season. Whatever was about so instead of at the end instead of a lion. You basically had a weird distorted overstuffed novelty sideshow lion-shaped thing that mostly didn't rock. Carl referred to this as the upholstery method of taxidermy. stuff garbage in their couches. I know we're laughing but this this method is still in use today. That's literally how ted cruz keeps shape. Ask it is a garbage. Someone's holding ted cruz under their skin. And things. Resisting are gentlemen. I can't just leave it there. And i know this is not a visual medium but i would be depriving you. If i didn't share with you a photo of taxidermy which was in a fucking museum in eighteen thirty eight this picture gentlemen take. Okay this was newseum plug in eighteen thirty. We're looking at a lion. Are we supposed to be a lion. It's just take a bite of an antelope or something like that and shape of the lion. Yeah it's great. It's not it's not great highs are the women who like this lines. Mom very clearly just walked in from the other room being like honey. Just make sure you don't eat the live antelope with irby's in the fridge. We started all my cut. It is to lion as like when you're nearsighted grandma but beenish ban. Sorry you said this was in a museum folks if this is museum quality. We just don't do this. This is like starting a space program when you just have catapulted time. I wanna pipe in here as a medieval recreation est. I think thing it looks fine until obviously the field. Not yet in. Its prime and carl was convinced that he could do better than he could create pieces that were vastly more realistic and lifelike. And that would better represent the truth and beauty of the beasts of the wild so carl took an apprenticeship with the only taxidermist round wasn't just over stuffing bloated animal skins to bursting. Vegas is the guy named henry any operator. Ward's natural science establishment and reward struck a hard bargain with carl and for the some of three dollars and fifty cents a week. Carl agreed to work every single day sunday through monday with no vacations and no holidays and no meal breaks slow from seven. Am to six pm. But in exchange she was free to practice his own methods just as soon as he had completed his eleven hour shift. Somehow carl found the time to work on his own methods for taxes. There are a hundred and sixty hours a week tom. He's only working seventy seven of them. Okay so people just don't want to work anymore is what it is hand out. Gotta get rid of that. Eighteen hundreds unemployment right. What are the first things. Carl notices that fairly quickly actual bodies were not in fact just like skin tubes. Build undifferentiated sneak for yourself again. Ted cruz is recalled. In the moment it's a desire lifelike effect was not going to be achieved by simply piling a bunch of rats with dr animals it turns out were in fact full of bony skeletal stragglers and muscles and be like carl said about creating a framework matched the build and composition of the original animal sometimes using the original animals own bones as that framework he then used plaster and modeling clay sculpting interior of the animal that he was working with that the musculature and shape of the creature was realistic before carefully laying the preserves skin and hide over the framework masterfully. Hiding any seems he was thorough and he was meticulous and honestly his results were extraordinarily. Okay so. I want to downplay the importance of carl's innovations here but he revolutionized the industry by realizing that animals had no missing must've been so much easier. Do one guy to another guy. Animals used to be crunchier today now. He was of course fired. Yeah now for his work but for falling asleep on the job from exhaustion a carl felt hurt and betrayed it having been fired and he left rochester to work for commercial taxidermist in new york city. This job was worse than last though is the owner was described as irascible and dominating and the work was uninteresting and unfulfilling leaving car with no room to expand on his craft thankfully henry ward quickly realized he had fucked up and firing carl and wrote him a letter apologizing and asking him to come back to rochester which carl did in eighteen eighty four hundred. Just read sorry. Carl you're right. They are filled with bones. There's no garbage in their reward entirely bonds or to a. Where's karl point. That things began to get interest. You promise off shots fire. Cpt barnum's elephant jumbo adjust died and he needed to be taxidermied for reasons. They don't say way. Barnum turned award and ward carl the process of preserving the massive beast. Carl way took five months to complete a because they didn't have enough garbage legroom stomach but the result was a presentation far. More life. liked taxidermy to ever before produced that elephant was in some ways a big break and two years later. Carl aac lee was working at the field museum of natural history in chicago. He's stuck inside the elephant. He's trying to fold of fitted sheet these. I'm the finally just wanted up at sticking in the fucking time again for a quick moment of digression how many digression steeper with exactly right. Remember this into a tub of cold water back remember. This was the late eighteen. Hundreds and america and the world hadn't figured out a god damn thing about how the world worked yet but we had figured how go yes and anyone at this point who felt like doing so could just travel on a big game trip to africa and kill the ever loving shit out of whatever caught their eye the idea of conservation while not strictly a new idea was not widely accepted an enormous populations of massive game animals in africa. Were being slaughtered just for the funsies of it. There was a real concern. That many of the large game species that would be hunted would be hunted right into extinction leaving no trace of having ever existed those who curated natural history museums felt the need to preserve the legacy of the natural world not just to document it but to literally physically conserve evidence that these animals were in fact real so when i tell you the next part of the story keep in mind. The hunting and stuffing of animals was thought of at the time as a legitimate scientific documentary record after some time at the field museum. Carl took a job at the american museum of natural history in new york for zero dollars. That was his. Sal could work yeah. He's only stipulation on. His work was at the museum finances. Expeditions to africa that he could hunt kill and ultimately preserve a number of species he found fascinating across the continent. His goals to be basically a kind of reverse new does this to people in georgia. He goes out matter no lucians. It was very confused. As the original noah on this recording the namesake. Okay so the idea would kill between two and five of every big animal he could find and then take them back to his weird build. A bear franken preserve their corpses. So we could all feel a little guilty looking at them. One hundred and forty years later so comme sure. They survived the future. He killed them. Yes house mary american. All right well red flags. The guy is about to go on his first killing animals. So it's good. I think. I don't know tom's gonna explain. Let's say. Hey carl greetings steven. Yeah so the guys now. We're going to go out for a few beers after work. You wanna come along alcohol. Where does the senses. Why would i wanna feel this world less than i can. I don't know it's it's taco tuesday. I care not for the taco. it is man's attempt to hide his kills beneath the taco. Shell of his own fear when your life you should know it. Stephen you should celebrate it. You are become a gall fun. Yeah totally totally. Hey speaking of you talking like that. We got a chance to look over your proposal for you going to a different continent and not being on this one and approved. It was approved unanimously. So go ahead and do that. Everyone would like you to do that. Excellent i she'll freeze the world's most exotic life and tie for all of the sounds good and just one of the thing. There's cake in the break room for carol's birthday if you want them Cake the sweet replacement for life this show so no you would not cake. No i'll have cake okay. Cool it's it's back there. Is there a quarter piece is not quarterbacks. And we're back when we left off. Jeffrey dahmer was really taken to his job at the canon. He's okay i anyway. i do. I expedition africa. Carl's in somaliland hunting for warthog and hyena and he got one of each earlier in the day. However would carl went to look for and retrieve the dead animals. They were not worried seeing them. Go down and said there were two long blood streaks leading off into the bush carl realized something had grabbed his kills and it hauled him off to eat them and justice. He had this moment of clarity. He heard a noise coming from the bush. Carl fired a shot into the air to frighten away. Whatever just drag off a big ass wart hog corpse rather than scare the predator in it an eighty pound leopard bursts from the undergrowth and leapt carl. Carl dropped his rifle was able to raise his arm in time to protect his throat but his hand was now firmly locked in the jaws. Leopard which is also attempting to eviscerate. Carl with its back ause. Carl struggled to free his hand but every time he pulled away. The leopard bit down harder. So carl stop trying to pull his hand out and he began to punch the leopard at its own. Goddamn throat from an leopard. Lego carl picked up the eighty pound flailing screeching hell beasts slammed it against the ground then leapt upon it and choked to pictures or get the fuck out. None of that is almost word for word. The same story. I've heard from like twenty drunk irish got at the end of my bar. I'm sam store. If you africa for denny's parking lot leopard for an ethnic slur leper was daddy pulled off the mask and it was ramos stereo senior down there all right all right fine if fighting a leopard to death. Isn't it clearly. it's not yes. He did this while he was also recovering from malaria and the hand that he used to throat punch. The leopard was absolutely shattered and he was bleeding. Like a son of a bitch from all of them has more gallons and lobo muffin pill to get back to school. Naturally that he picked up the dead leopard walked back to camp. Bill and that fucking thing as taxidermied and has become a museum exhibit on another occasion. Car was on expedition in kenya. One of his orders alert him that the big elephant reporter had ever seen was around. So i decided track this elephant for a while and they can kill it so when all the other elephants are dead. We can look at one of them that we killed and say hey that was. It'd probably should've killed all those now. Anyway these guys are tracking this elephant. They think they've lost track of it. When all of a sudden explodes interview and it charges. Carl is able to get out of the way quickly enough and the elephant wax him in the face with its giant elephant knows peanuts. That's amazing that they use the they use the nose to like whip. You arsenal punched awesome clothesline. A burst open. Carl's face broke his nose and through the ground. Carl stood back up just in time to see the elephant charging again down and tusks forward. So carl cut jukes bit. Grabs one of the last slips is body between them to avoid getting reviewer. the elephants unable to just shishkabob. Carl then mashed. It's enormous head into the ground with carl pinned potential grooming so hard for this elephant image immediately carl's lung was punctured by one of the six ribs that broke upon impact the elephant then got up and chase a few other guys around for a bit and then ran off triumphantly. Not that i just love. that coral thinks he quote. Duked it right like this elephant charged in being lack riposte remain my fencing moves basic slam now flash the elephant walking away. That was for you. I'm an run stiff arm so the elephant ran away. Carl are wasn't looking so well he wasn't looking so bad. That is local. Native guys thought he was dead fish. Start stopping him. What he would of water in local customs in the area forbid the locals from touching a corpse so they lit a fire nearby and they just went away. Mary ways unaware that he's dead. Everywhere littered with dead people. No matter what so he gets us that we get a new house. Makes the experience of visiting people's grave. A lot to kara wasn't dead though he was severely and gravely wounded. Carl lay on his back for five hours in the rain. Alone with a punctured lung and six broken ribs until he regained consciousness and dragged himself back to camp. His wife nursed him to health for three months before he was able to walk. Elephant comeback. six hours later. The bagasse straw under one arm and a carve sign. That says thought he could juke me. He's looking around. Fuck this t shirt for nothing. That's that's your leopard took it. Mother acme elephant gun on a trip to uganda. Carl was hunting crocodiles and he shot a huge nearby a river. So carlin is order. Start sweating across the earth to retrieve the dead beast with a border was attacked. Killed any eaten by a crocodile just yards from where carl was himself swimming. The carl made it across. Japan was alone and across a river full of hungry dinosaurs. That didn't get their memo sixty five years. So carl did the only thing i can think of. He pushed the crocodile that he just shot into. The river climbed aboard its korb's and pedaled a dead crocodile across the river full of very much alive crocodiles to get himself to the. He's wearing the crocodile. Like one of those lion heads. He's rocket and stuff on another occasion. He was charged by. I love this three different rhinos. Each coming at him from three different directions now. I don't know if you've ever seen a rhino up close and not like seventy yards away at the zoo. It's lying down. But these things are so much more massive and powerful than i ever properly understood if that guys. I'm going to share with you now a video of a rhino throwing a car around like it's playing ring toss. You can really appreciate this next part dude videos pretty amazing so you know that video the cat very slowly pushing a bowl to the very edge of the asshole. It's like a plus like five thousand pounds plus math are so all i'm saying is have carl leaps in the air and the three rhinos. All butt heads. This is my favorite. We're video in the show notes but my favorite part of the video is at the end. It's like for the news and they're like nobody knows that made the rhino angry. Like if the trainer had been foggy you right. that's why he wrecked the car. The car slept with my wife when asked about the incident. We're in three rhinos. All charged carl at the same time from three directions. Carl said to a blown the whole thing off as not much to get excited about since their eyesight was terrible and for them. It's all about the charging and less about achieving the kill. There you go. Carl traveled extent. They don't say how he got out of it that their head a banking thing. Three stooges lied about getting chased luxury. Yeah carl traveled extensively for thirty years collecting specimens to preserve. He rarely slept more than four hours. A night and frequently had to fight off malaria and dysentery. As you were okay. But that's true of ally. And he's a podcast true that's fair not content only to revolutionize the field taxidermy. Carl also invented a portable video. Care hall d equally motion picture camera which he used the document animals in the wild to better recreate them in his museum celtics. The motion picture camera became a widely used tool in hollywood and all the as thirty patents to his name including cement gun an early version of shot crete which is still used today. He built the video camera because no one believes story that he ate a can of spinach punched a tiger if luanda tacit army corps landed right next to the fire well working in the mountains of the congo. Carl discovered an entirely new species of mountain gorilla. of course he shot and preserved a couple of them. Nike and this display is considered to be the most impressive museum exhibit. He's worked but this also represented a turning point for carl. He began to realize that it was not necessary to kill the animals he so loved or to preserve and protect them. So they revelation he came about largely because of the advances in photography which allowed for nature to be preserved shared with rather a lot less bloodshed. Carl then turned his attention to the preservation mountain gorilla convincing the king of belgium to establish the first national park and africa to protect the mountain gorilla and very likely saving them from extinction this cool. I feel like zoos. Exist is the kind of revelation you have before you but then again my first thought when i run out of paint isn't my own harlow has also buddy buddy with teddy roosevelt who we went on expeditions with so after he successfully convinced the king of belgium to establish the first national park of africa. He was also instrumental in persuading roosevelt to establish america's national parks. There was a zero percent chance. This guy wasn't buddies with the taxidermy. Work of karl is still on display today at the field museum in chicago. Many of the impressive dioramas drought are the result. Karl's efforts though by far the most famous is the enormous diorama of two bull elephants. Engaged in combat. I've seen this walter field museum and it is honestly. It is genuinely incredible. Other displays of carl's are still very much viewable in new york at the american museum of natural history in nineteen twenty six karl on his final expedition to view and not kill is beloved. Mountain gorillas caught a fever and dysentery and he died at the age of sixty two. He was buried on the mount right where he fell in the congo among the guerrillas he cherished and saved. Aw and if you had to summarize what you learned in one sentence. Tom what would it be that museum. Exhibit curator was a much more bad ass position. In the. I i i am. Let's do it all right tom. Which of the following is the best name or carl. Aac leigh's human versus animal cage fighting so good. Henrici cody. See the zuma tei is who have seen rhino holds all. That also said oh. It's so good. Well the real answer of course is a. But i'm gonna go with d rhino hole so and other answer. It was a comedy that tom and feeling taxidermy is. The art of stuffing and saving animals for later. Which of the following is the real similar art a preservation jesus by drying him in the sun or taxidermy. An archive of smooth jazz music. Alto sax jeremy inherently inheriting and preserving all the shit that was in your grandmother's curio cabinet knickknacks ernie knickknack keeping all your boy band records in pristine condition backstreets backs at army. Oh backstreets back. I think you're right. That's right all right. So i want for your time. When they make the movie about carl lee's life what should they call it. Hey the right stuffed thank you thank you so good. Be carcass of the dan. See memoirs taxidermy in the middle of a sandwich tax. There's an instead anybody brokeback mountain. Is he did that literally. Nobody should ever have to go after. He's an see so well. The honest answer of course is e nobody should ever after schori time. It was actually a the right stuff. Because i'm perfectly capable go because my last rights ask well no i. You stumped tom so you are this week's right so i would like heath to do the next essay. Who came on right well for tom. No see so and he bosnich begging you for hanging back to speaking keith. Enwright we'll be an expert on something else. Then you can listen to heath knowing myself from dungeons and dragons and make fun of your grandma on our other shows. Got up a movies minus the scathing atheist and skeptic at when does kept you can listen to tom. They'll make fun of a movie about the way. Your grandma plays dungeons and dragons over on their shows to help this. Show purposes nation at patriots. Tom slash citation. Leave a five star review everywhere you can't and if you'd like to get in touch with us check out past episodes connect with us on social media or check the show sure to check out citation pod dot com dearest cayrol though the march of time comes for us all there is but one way to rage against the dying of that light that is to take the power over life and death into your own hands and no okay. Tasha birthday is fine. Carl other people need to sign the card sleeve space.

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FOF #2856  Aint No Bus Like a Party Bus

Feast of Fun

1:13:00 hr | 1 year ago

FOF #2856 Aint No Bus Like a Party Bus

"Like an eighties nightclub on wheels party. Buses are weird thing that attracts a certain type of Joe. Exotic crowd one that wants to luxury of celebrating in a limo for Watts to tell the world love to drink for over two decades. Our friend Chris. Churchill drove for Double Decker Tour and Party Bus Company in Chicago and saw a lot of wild nights and tipsy celebrities hopping aboard his big Red bus today. Comedian COOKING DRAG Queens Camera. Operator and now author Chris Churchhill Joys Talk About his New Book Twenty Years. Without a weekend a collection of stories on driving a double decker bus for tourists and party going. Plus what's up with all these crazy corona virus videos on youtube and the genetic that the woman who discovered sue the t rex dinosaur fossil was also named sue? I'm Fausto for no mark billion and this is feast of Feast. The fund is made possible because a fierce fabulous people. Just like you for an ad free experience go to feed sephora dot com slash plus and become a member today. Oh hello there hi. Oh my gosh is that Fausto and mark y Yes oh I'm so glad to hear from you. I had no idea you drove a party bus for decades twenty years I did. I drove a party. Bus For twenty even twenty one years. It just didn't fit so well in the title of the book to call it. Twenty one years you know. I always say when I'm on a party bus. That party is never gonNA stop until it hits a light until the driver loses his mind so for people who don't know you behind the scenes. You're one of the camera people for cooking with drag Queens right and usually you know people who work behind the scenes. They like to be a little quiet. They don't want to be in the spotlight. Will here you are? You're man from cooking with drag Queens. Jeff Knutson came on the podcast too. Yeah Yeah it'll jeff yet but so you put out a memoirs of being the driver of a party. It's a party bus because people can rent it but most people would know it as a Chicago tour bus because anybody WHO's ever been to. Chicago has seen these double decker tour buses with the open roof. Go around doing it. Stops here and there and all over the places which is true but the the party is definitely where the food was most of the time. Now where you did you drive these buses from the second floor or the first floor really long drive shaft. Is that what that was called? I don't I don't know cars. Excited sounds exciting. Driveshaft helped me. Maung sounds like do do do do. I never asked a question. I'm not serious about hearing the answer. So you're you actually drove it on the first floor. Of course it's also a student vehicles. There's there's the trolleys which are just one level at the double deckers the double decker of course. The wheels are on the first floor but there was the there were a couple of years there where the the wheels were on the right side like we had gotten them from England and the wheels were on the wrong side and that was the steering wheel. Okay on the wrong side of the vehicle as far as I was concerned and that was. I'm surprised we didn't have a bunch of accidents at summer. 'cause that was weird. That seems like it would problematic. You know like how do you get people on and often stuff right yeah? It was very strange to pull up. And you're like touching apple up curbside and you're like you can touch them instead of like you know you normally get on a bus and you have a minute before or a couple of steps. Freed actually would make contact with a bus driver. You'd be like You pull over and they'd be like confused like when we had those those doors that were on the or the wheel. That was on the wrong side. No but the the the trolleys are where the party bus would be So so to answer your question earlier about how I would have gotten started in this is I never intended to Originally an faster. Weren't you like years ago? Like I want to say that. I probably met you a long time ago before I actually worked with you like in the whole like Chicago Improv. Comedy scene right like would you have been part of that. I was a heckler in every audience. Actually I've been invited to be in the audience for shows because I always knew like I knew your name for years before I ended up working on on on your show season the audience. I'm Outta here one time. I'll give you a real quick story. We went to the Improv Show. And this girl was tap dancing with a jogging pants on tap dancing but her her jogging pants kept sliding down her hips. O.`Neil Jenin practice or rehearse this and instead of tectonic ticket cat. It's like Thud Thud. The flood was dancing on her pantsuit. And here the towel. So she stands there in the thing and she thinks she's being so clever she turns audience and says should I continue and I said no you can stop it and this is very polite very nurturing daddy. Love her and then she just walked off the stage and that was the end of our act and the rest of the audience is like thank you so I was doing all that stuff. I decided and it was pretty procedures to you. Did the whole like you were unheralded. Io which is like. I was I was one of the last teams that del close directed Before he died which you know. It's it's like him or don't I know there's controversy there. What's the controversy? There were a lot of people for years who were like. Oh you know. He's the one that killed John Belushi or he was because he gave him drugs. He's John Belushi drug buddy. Yeah but he also by the time I met him I first of all I knew nothing of his personal life. I only know him as a director but he was sort of like the guru in in town area. Anyway but yeah I was. I was doing that and I felt like I for some reason needed a job where I could be flexible with my hours. And so I answered the reader. And they're like. Yeah the tour guides and my my sister-in-law at the time she. She said that she had taken a tour. An old Chris. You'd be great at this. Went Down there and it turned out. There were absolutely no requirements for the job. When I when I got hired it was the middle of summer. They were at the height of their business. Like ninety seven. I think it was and literally my interview Was First of all welcome aboard. Have a seat like he shook my hand telling me. I was hired and then he asked me about myself. Well you had a driver's license right so there are like he can drive. That's all it took at the time right so at first. You know the whole thing was over. I'm going to be a wonderfully entertaining tour guide and people are GonNa love me and it's going to be the most fun thing in the world to be a tour guide and that enthusiasm last for about three days. And then you're like. Is there anything else we do here? And that's when you start getting the jobs where you're driving drunk people around and driving weddings and driving corporate stuff and as as much as a trolley drivers roll our eyes about the pub crawl stuff it actually was usually the most fun and the most exciting any made the most money on those so You know don't want to bad mouth that whole Party bus thing. That's a whole fund scene. And if you're the right guy for the job which was about the first eighteen years that it's A. It's a good time it wears on you. After after a number of years you know butter clarify del close. He's didn't get you the job on the party bus. Those are go. Get me some cocaine off to decker bus and fill it with drunk people and I don't care if you drive are not no. He did not ask me to do it in that order. No no he didn't do that at all. That's so I I actually was almost because I felt like I was being pushed into like creating a fake celebrity story. I was I was on the steps of second city When when the news about Chris Farley dying came down and and I was going in I was Gonna. I had been like a student there during the conservatory thing. I didn't know Chris Farley. I knew him from TV and movies like everybody else did. But I didn't know him but I was walking up the steps the second city and I remember to the producers or second city came out and press like surrounded me like as I was walking up the they were surrounding way but they just happened to be surrounding and it was one of the it was one of the very weird surreal moments of my life. I all of a sudden had the press around me and the people doing a press conference talking about. Chris was a wonderful person. We loved him so much. He was so talented and I was like wait a minute. I felt like an angel was gonNA come to go. No Chris they can't see you or hear you but also Chris Movement he was but then I turned to the guy next to like. Wait a minute what happened. He Goes Chris Farley and I said Oh that's too bad I was like just now and immediately everybody digital Chris and I was like now and I remember for years I would tell people that story about having been on the steps when that news came down and they're like oh you should have sat. You knew Chris I was like why would I do that? It's horrible well. You know where he lived lived on the top of the hancocks down by the river. I'LL GONNA end up eating scary dieting government cheese and living in a band river. All you gotta do. If you ever want to imitate Chris Farley it just keeps saying that and pull up I well. I wasn't as having that as I am now so I wouldn't have been able to pull after the viruses done and we're all donald cookies and bread and ice cream stressing. We're all going to be living in a van down by the river. Less the truth man I. I thought I was doing good like the first few days of this. I was like I am cooking my meals. I'm eating right and then about the fourth day I asked my wife. She's been because I have bad loans anyway so he's been going out in like ordering the groceries and going out and picking them up and everything. Hey you could get some EMINEM's while you're out. And she came home with these giant like gallon jugs of EMINEM's and I was like oh I don't have the self control to handle this in four days. I was halfway done and I was sick. I was fat and I said I've got so so those eminem's are currently locked in a closet in a cooler because I am not eating any more of them right now I was making myself sick. I'm kind of person in my husband. Hates me for this bag of eminem's and I can eat like four of them in the freezer because it's just like I said you can't have house. It's not it's not me. I'm going to have four more. You know. Part of it is but it's a bag of skittles Polish the whole thing off L L sure yeah so I always I buy him skittles. Because I'm just like here. You can eat these. Well I wanna I wanNA thank you guys for for what? I've been thinking about this ever since the corona virus and no. I'm not thinking you've corona virus so I'm responsible for a lot of things that this is not one of them but I've been thinking about this actually since since Ami last few months in particular since the current virus you guys will be up and showed me this whole new world of drag Queens. Let me work on your show. I I have fallen for him. I are you going to do drag now out of. I don't think I would pull it off. I think you get on Rupaul. Celebrity secret crash drag race extraordinaire. They're like saying that they're putting celebrities into dragway KRESA. Donal oh yeah. He's he's rumored that's that's kind of taken it kind of well. I guess it's an irreverent. Anyway so I guess it's okay but it's going to piss everybody off to these select there. I'm sure they're gonNA get female celebrities and they're gonNa make them into drag kings and people have been bugging Rupaul for years to Trans Women. Are you know ABC? Thou- assigned female at birth women. Or you know our drag kings on the show and the absolute fabulous fab. Oh my God so my so cathy and I we caught up on. Cathy's my wife. Yeah we caught up on every season. That is free online of drag race In about a week and a half. Wow we watched everything so you watch season. Three which I think with season was season three. Who was on the horizon and now I hate to say this because watch watch me. End Up working cameras and risers at your house or something like that. But I don't think I didn't really like seventy four great fierce looks. That's for sure. Yeah we saw her performance dragged fest here at Chicago this summer and she sang. Madonna's song was express yourself or was it vogue. What was what was it fosters. Like my God. She sounds like we are the. Don't go back and bass they be to the test. I've not kidding. That is the most delicate voice I have on a person. That's so funny and this is her trying to sing like a lady. That's so funny. No she was my least favorite winner. I think of all throughout Asia if not because I didn't think that she was a fine human being. I like somebody who's kind of funny. Oh be nice to rush doug turn it's my rebar bitch. I fell for jinx for for Who's the one who was like jinx but was before Jinx Alaska well fantastic Alaska Shit? Pandora's box was the one I was thinking of Pandora box credits. Listening to our podcast and figure out what those. Queens did to get on the show to get herself on this show. Actually she was actually our first celebrity person on cooking with dragons really. Oh that's true. Yeah she saw it and she said I want a piece of that action and so she wanted a piece of that Pie. So we made some Some pipe was actually Pumpkin Pie. Fly so but still I had. We had back in the day we would script at Al Lot more. Okay so I wrote a line said you could stick a nail file in there and send it to your friend in prison. Tyra Sanchez prison for marijuana. She refused she. Wouldn't want to hurt your friends. Yeah you know what hurt your phone and it's like he's looking jokes about that now. All the queen's is like if something rotten happens to them they're all like it's their brand now. Yeah that's a that's a good way to play it. Sure Cherry pies. Turn this around to our brand. GonNa Start Song. These allison t shirts or something. Oh wait a minute sure. Just got in trouble right. Yes to fishing several hardware rodway hunks and I'll tell you these. These guys are good. Caffeine antibody pretty good one. So these guys. She got these guys to Lake Road Out. Gain a lot of weight for musical called a Balk But yeah I don't know. If they actually took steroids she wanted that was the plot of Balkans like people were taking chemicals. Get Big Oh my God. It's so we'll see I feel like it's an actual project. She's working on Sunday. We will see bulk the musical. Wow I'll be like cherry pies out so bad after all on the Internet. They're like going around and they're just like Oh my God. I just loves Cherry Pie. Got a slice of that and people are like new realizes. She's like a admitted criminal. The people that made me really nervous are the ones who will just follow someone. Who's a criminal just because they're famous like that's a weird glitch and your personality like those people that like write letters to serial killers. An you know like a messed up glitch in your personality. I don't know what's going on there. Well you know That kid who did party monster who murdered his drug dealer and went to prison for a while. Michael Michael Alex. Not a kid anymore. Sixty years old wasn't a kid that either thirty he was a club kid. He killed his drug dealer and stuff. They made a movie about Stuff skirts Steph. Green and MacAulay Culkin. Alright right geared movie. It's like if your chance to see that movie and that movie. That freaked people out. Grew up to be ru Paul's drag race. 'cause it was wander produce the really. Yeah I know that and it was sort of getting made. The wheels move in that direction the money I think you now that we don't know if it was world wonder money that produce vase drag racer made of the star. I think it's the rules fracking money that she gets from her fracture. Let's see rolling to as close as she has today to George when she lived with him since like nineteen ninety-six. Maybe not earlier. They've been together. She came on this show. She's like I am not tied down to no man. It's like I wanNA suck dicks open relationship. She's been very clear about that when I would've city in here. And she was like Oh she's been with Georgia's like a eighteen for eighteen years and this this is four or five years ago so they've been together some twenty years. Well it's possible that that re- Paul's coffers come from a land rights. Yeah Air Rights. Why nothing of that. That's a burlesque so anyways you put out a book called driving the Party US weekends twenty years without a weekend. Yeah IT GETS. Its name because my wife was absolutely done with me having this job because we hardly each other because There was a short time where she worked there as well at that. We met or anything like that but she also worked there for a while but once she got a real job in the world and I was still working evenings and weekends. Basically we hardly ever saw each other and so I realized as sort of my life was changing. I was finally able to transition out of this. What should have been a summer job? That twenty years have gone by without spending a whole lot of time living like a regular person and so it was. It was a real stress on our marriage. Actually that sort of lack of time together. and Now I'm out of that job because the job doesn't even exist anymore. Six months after I left the company went out of business. They relied on you much Chris that they were definitely they fell apart. They never even got a chance to put my statue up on the front front lawn. We talked to Jake. No who is also an jake. Jake was a worth for them. Jake was a tour guide. Yeah and so. Another tour company came into town and kind of undercut their prices. Is that what happened? That was the goal of the other company. Yeah that was like I know people. So there's a lot of like employees like crossover between the two companies like a lot of our guys after they got fired or quit our company they go to the other company right and that was the goal they said in the morning meetings that they I got to town their goal is to put Chicago. Trolley Double Decker Company out of business. And I'm not GONNA say that. That is an unprecedented thing to do. Because I'm pretty sure I heard those very things from our bosses when we first started so to the companies that were there when we started so so there was a cold war between the the party. Bus Companies in Chicago. Yeah yeah it's nuts. Well here's here's here's the thing so we started off. We were an independent company owned by like three guys from lagrange right. They had money. They made it happen the first four years it was them small crew and then I joined up like in the fifth year and shortly thereafter. It kind of blew up and became a big deal. Not Saying it was all because I was there but it was but anyway They They kind of built it up on their own but they they they built it up right and then what happened. Was they end up selling the company to coach? Usa WE DIDN'T UNDERSTAND TOURS PARTY BUSES CH- private charters any th. They may have understood corporate charters. That was what they knew but they didn't understand any of the fun stuff. We did any of the stuff that like. Jake was great at or that I was great at or that. Odin knock you know nocco but I'm trying to think of people who you might know because this is a popular job for Comedians in town popular jobs for Comedians. Yeah I mean Tina Fey. Did this job. I'll say that we'll say that I for people who are an comedy in Chicago. Everybody loves to show you this photo of Tina fey looking real frumpy because it gives everybody like a chance like well and make it so well. Yeah that's that's funny. The first time I visited Chicago It was in the in May of Nineteen ninety-six. I'm visited here for the first time I'm from. Kansas City comes and I had. I had cancer at IDA testicular cancer. Some down But I had but I worked at the Federal Reserve Bank at the time so I had a lot of paid time off so when I was feeling well I still about three weeks left of just time to kill so my wife and I came up here and we visited some Improv friends that I had met at a festival And they were somehow associated with second city and we went to go see a second city show after show was over. My friend was like oh I want to introduce you to somebody. Wanted to introduce you to somebody going. Hey Tina here. Where's team that? Can we talked number teeter? Oh Tina left. Oh Chris you would've love Tina. And all these years that's just for Maf- I am one of the most gullible people even at forty-seven I am one of the most gullible people you'll ever know so if that were true I wouldn't even know it kind of fell in love with comedy after being in an audience. Well no no no. I actually had been doing improv and stuff in Kansas City Chicago and comedy when I came to visit sure yeah. I'll say that yeah. Chicago is a magical city and part of it is a tour bus driver. You got to show case some really great places that everybody has an opinion about. Yeah yeah totally. I've gotten to be a part of some really amazing events I've got I was part of the Obama election night thing in two thousand eight I would strive and trolleys with the Secret Service and famous people and that was pretty fantastic drove star Jones around. I did really yeah. It was funny. 'cause that night it was just like it was deal. Obama election night thing and I we drove everybody down there and I had some people the way down that we're okay. Got Down there. We were waiting to load backup to take him back to the Hyatt Hotel which is where all of Obama's people were staying and one of my one of my colleagues who was sort of being like a dispatcher. Type that night. I see him walking arm and arm like leading like she was a dainty flower. Whatever leading star Jones toward my car and this is my my friend Churchill. He's GonNa Take Care of you and star Jones. This is after the view after a tunnel of you and after she lost weight. So you have to think about that. Aerostar Jones Star Johns Jones and she and I and I said wow this is. I made some weird comment about. Oh Wow this is A bigger deal than being view and and she said. Yeah didn't kiss my black ass tonight to cool happy well. For people who don't know who star Jones's she was the Sherri shepherd of the view before Sherri shepherd got on the show and she was supposed to be the conservative one of conservative people even though the view by its creation by Republicans is a conservative talk show build consensus so they have like some lukewarm progressives. You know I would argue. That would be Goldberg. Today is not a recipe now. She's supposed to be the liberal on the show. So you know part of it is. The show is manufacturers consent and makes housewives be like you know what Republicans are not so bad after all with them and so and so you know star. Jones got into huge trouble a huge scandal because she started going around to advertisers of the show and asking them to pay for her wedding was them on the show the view to I not so fast and she was she married. That would ever come out of the closet. Guess Reynolds I think so. I don't think he ever came off. Jones all rail olds. Yeah yeah that was his name. Yeah I forgot. That was the topic. Okay three marriages later. He needs money to. I'm sure he came out. He came out in In a book just like you have driving the party. Yeah Yeah exactly that same ride back. Somebody who identified herself Holly Robinson's mother told the entire bus that she thought Jesse Jackson was vacant when he was crying. Holly Robinson. Who's that so? She's from twenty one jump street. Twenty one jump street back. I guess we're going way back show. That's who got his thought on twenty one. Jump Street on Johnny Depp. She played a cop. But you. But you weren't pub crawl stories right because you have a lot of opinions on the beautiful things in Chicago. The sears tower the Willis Tower Artists who you would pick people up. You adopt them off a different spaces and when you did the tour bus right you give them a tour along the way. Tell them little jokes and stuff like that people would get on and off so you might but you had a bunch of other people riding buses too so you might not be with the same people all day right right like in the height of the summer. We might have twenty vehicles going at the same time. So if you drop somebody ought chances are you're never gonna see him again But if you're lucky you might have somebody for an entire loop or you might see them at the end of the day after. They've had their day and they they remember you as being their favorite tour guide. Here's a twenty. You know that kind of thank you. That was the thing is you were always sort of like manufacturing short friendships and trading on them for money. Did any other people that you gave tour to ever fall in love with you. It's funny the the First summer that I worked there I was going to be getting married at the end of the summer. Right and that was the only time I'd ever been hit on by I consistently by really really attractive women and from all over the world just that summer like that wedding coming up. They're like I'm GonNa get someone that I think they did. There was I remember. There was a woman from like it was like Brazil or something and she was like mouthing all this crazy sexy stuff but the widow. The number Breezy Mirror not the window the rear view mirror. I hardly drive a stick shift. You know those tours get people horning getting drought like I took up and down. I dropped some mushrooms and went on a tour and the guy who was doing. The tow boat tour was really smoking hot and and he was just like he was beautiful and I was like. I WANNA kiss them. You know what is going on here. Why are you staring at me? Oh my God. He was getting nervous. I was that girl in the Indiana Jones movie that wrote I love you on her eyelashes. It was safe. We just watched that show the movie the other day and I did we did notice too is that there's like when Indiana Jones. Front of his students teaching and she does the. I love you all the girls in the classroom just like staring. And there's one guy in the class kind of staring at the same and when he comes in when whenever all the students are coming out. The older professor comes in to talk to Indiana Jones. And he's kind of queer to you could tell and so young boy comes out and he and he quickly you know puts an apple on the table on the desk for Indiana Jones and the old professor just slightly picks the apple up and puts it in his own pocket. And you're like ooh there. Yeah he wanted to taste this fruit. Oh my God you see. I'm I learn stuff from you guys. Every time we talk but you are informing people about like the sears tower. That was haunted. Just making that shit up. Why not no no? We didn't do a haunted tour for awhile. We we kind of got a lot of the information most of our information. Also the lady so if you really want to hold on to her she'd find Ursula Bielski except for that she voted for trump and so a he. Yeah we were friends until twenty six but anyway There's all kinds of great haunted stuff but like the handcocks center actually has like a haunted history. Well we all know that the field museum is haunted. I saw a Disney movie. I don't know the name of the Money Museum. No before that. It was a true well. One of the dinosaur skeletons at the field museum comes to life there. Is That Mothman Movie Right? Wasn't there that movie with the moths. There is an actual another is actual hunting two hunting stories. Th there Well Okay No. There's one definitely that's about a mummy. You guys have been done to Egypt exhibit at the Field Museum done above level. And you know all the mummies are like they're not like in you know the the the glass case and you open them up. They're all wrapped in Gauze. It's not like that you know I can't think what are those called thank you. They're not in like standing up at Sacophagus and you open them up. And there's a a mummy there the IT'd be like behind glass and it'd be like two thousand year old slow roasted human or ten thousand year old slow humid or whatever it is right and they just gross the really gross to see what turns out the why they're able to they exist there. Is that there in that glass. It's all like the sort of like toxic gas that kills any sort of bacteria but it would also kill you if you were in there right and apparently there was. There was some weird story about a man working there overnight and he heard like a the shriek screen come from that area. Came OUT AT. The mummy was off of the stand like had fall him and he said and then he couldn't figure out why those things happen at the same time obviously so he quit the job and you know but again. It's been a while since I've been a tour guide that used to have a lot more ports parts to it but I was a disney film from the nineteen sixties starred. Angela Lansbury or somebody like her like Mary poppins knockoff. It was not bed. Room state was not bed. Knox and Broomsticks Angela. Lansbury was like the Julie Andrews when Julie Anderson and want to work and she was one of those and the dinosaur came to life. And it's no museum and I cannot find it someone that is fine because I was obsessed with it and so when you let me know because I got to find this out to you and so when I finally got to work as a cater waiter here in Chicago and the Field Museum I was like I was obsessed with those dinosaur skeleton. Oh yeah the lady that found sue. I had her jump on my Charlie one day and just start talking to everybody. That was pretty cool. What was she likes? He's like hey. My name is not sue. I was her name was sue dinosaurs named after her ego maniac. And she she she. I used to tell the story about her that I would totally like change it at the last second as a joke because she dropped out of high school and became this super success as a maverick paleontologist. Who did it her own way and found this most important you know discovery and then I would have to go stand school kids. You know like the the parents would Would not think I was telling their kids to drop out of school but she was super cool. She was really really bubbly and like Super Fun when she got on the bus. And you're thinking this whole thing is like wait a minute. This is like the Super Intelligent. Like person who dug up his dinosaur and she was just like super excited to tell. The story about the demonstrators jumped on the trial started telling people about the dinosaur. It was crazy of course. I thought you're pulling my leg. But this is sue Hendrickson. Absolutely she's like I'm going to name this dinosaur after me. I don't integrate came up with the Houston. She found it in mark. I'm like you know it's like everybody. They might WANNA give it to a big donor. The Field Museum. She thought. Well it's funny. It was it was found think it was found on. Somebody's land in South Dakota like in the badlands on her lawn was doing some gardening. It's like it was like the field museum and another museum like like like in. I don't even know but another museum. They shared the money that they pulled together to buy it at Auction and Field Museum as you make from that dinosaur. I wonder I don't know. I mean she did find it. I'm looking at the wikipedia entry. It's eight point three million dollars. I feel like she donated most of that. Okay so she got like wasn't heard land right so whoever owned the land probably got the money yes she donated it back to the people whose land it was found on an Indian river reservation. Oh that's why you want to share. It was on our lawn. So she's like the. What is it that that that white woman who pretends she's black? She's the Rachel dose of that reservation. That's right okay. So your cash. So she live on the Indian Me Fun. You ruined my life now. She but did find it. They sold it for eight point. Three million she got on your party bus drunk right. She was absolutely plowed. No it was. It was during the day during a a a museum. Campus shuttle is what it was but now the party best stuff is awesome. There was at one time. I had a Usually they'll have like bachelorette parties and it's usually the same thing happening over and over again. It's some relatively attractive women but they're attractive because they're still young and because they have enough money to wear nice clothes and stay healthy and where makeup and stuff like that and they're and they're all they all think they're just the craziest people in the world and they're going to have the most fun. Oh they're gonNA blow the city's mind and most of them are bars and they show up there to Sweden one thing. I used to feel terrible about when they would say. Take us to boys town. I'd be like do they really want you there like I would. I would think that in my mind. I'm not sure they want to see you again and thinking that the same. It's the same trolley every time I would take it. Occasionally there would be one that would stand out and I remember one. There was a young woman who is going to get married. She was a stripper. She let me know this and it was only like her and her like six or seven closest friends and it was pitiful because usually a trolley is filled with like thirty people's yet thirty two seats or whatever. Sometimes I'll have forty people on the bus people standing up people hanging out the windows. You have to stop the window down. This was the most tame pub crawl the world except it was like so tame that it was just sad and eventually she just came up to me she sat next to me during her Bachelorette Party and he started telling me like yeah. They're doing this because I'm getting married. I don't WanNa get married. Unlike you don't have to choose. He's a good guy like I was just so sad and then eventually like maybe about a half hour later she. She threw up in the cooler and her and her friends like art. She threw up in the cooler. Take her back home. She seems to remember North. And I'm like okay. Why I bet the charter is over. You know probably GonNa go home after this note. They took her back upstairs and they came back down and finish the night. Did you get a good tip? I think I did. I think I got something then. I didn't get the same kind of hippo with a gun if I wasn't married but I wonder if she ever married that guy. Yeah I wonder th- stories as the whole thing about this job is there's so many like dangling stories out there things you know the beginnings of but you never find out the end of you know I had. I had one pub crawl one night. I don't know if you guys remember. There was a doesn't matter so many clubs the city in so many areas of clubs in the city young enough but there was apparently a club called SANITEC on the near West side years ago. Like in the West. Loop Yeah I had a pub crawl. That was supposed to end there so pub crawl is probably usually going to be about three hours two hours. They don't have enough time really do enough stuff. Four hours way too much time for drunk people to just get drunk right. I get this group at ten o'clock at night and the Charter says they are going to go from ten until two. Okay and I'm like that's already far too much time but immediately this. It's like a dual birthday party. Too Young Ladies both have birthdays within the week. They're gonNA take this group of friends on this this pub crawl and they say to me immediately. They say we're probably going to extend and or they said we're definitely going to something like that. Which means they're they're they're at the night they're Gonna. WanNa go another hour so I'm like okay. That's that's fine I say okay. That's fine I don't mean okay. That's fine I I'm already. It's probably the middle of summer. I'll probably already worked with the hours that week and I'm just I'm steaming under underneath. I'm just hot. I'm like a Guy. I wish they would just know that you can't do this. And whatever anyway they they have the night their their party and they're having a good time it's going on and I'm thinking okay. This is winding down there getting really drunk. It's it's going to end two o'clock it's five two o'clock they say or like one forty five they get out of one club they take us to. Sanitec and then We're GONNA and I said you guys just going to be done. It's on Now we're going to go for another hour okay. Some wreck really mad at the reason why I always tell people about how wasn't a story because this illusion that you have that that you wish bad things upon people. But I was really mad and secretly I was wishing bad things on these people. So did you happen to these drunk girl. I don't I don't know I didn't. I didn't terrible things I just wanted them to like. I don't know to get to to have something where they felt bad that they kept me out this late. You know all these irrational drank some long island. Iced teas right. Yes something like. I should have done that. But anyway they were. They were still staggering around but they but they were doing okay whatever anyway they go in the club and I don't remember what exactly it was. I think one of them like within about five or ten minutes. I'm standing out outside of the my trolley within about five or ten minutes after two. They're one of the context one of the young ladies birthday. She's marching out. She is about five feet in front of her. She's not looking at anybody. Uses marching back to the try and I try to stop her to talk to her she goes. Let's go and I was like. Oh Okay and I kind of follow on the Charlie like the other. The other birthday person hadn't gotten back in the vehicle I was like Do we want to wait? She was not go. Oh Okay and I and I was kind of trying to figure out. Do I need to look around and try and find other person and then one of the people on the trolley goes? Did you see her leg and I go. No go look at her leg and I go back there. And there was like a four inch long inch deep gash on her thigh like through her fishnets and she was just like bleeding like just like raw meat like on my and I was like. Oh Shit you. We're not just leaving going to take you to a hospital and luckily like this was in the early days of having Internet on your phone. Luckily we had enough service and luckily there was a hospital like six blocks away so I delivered her to the hospital in a trolley with three four or five of her friends. Walking her up to the The ambulance entrance I. I'm parked on the street. I don't think the Charlie up entrance anyway. So that was just weird. I go back to the pickup to see if I can find the rest of the group and the other birthday girl. She's like where were you and I said I said I was taken your friend in the hospital. Where where are you know really? And she didn't believe me and I was like yeah. She's not well. Let's go and I was like. Oh what a great friend and hoist. Did the girl live? Oh yeah she leg. What am I talk to on? This is why I don't improvise anymore. Off The what? So so the point of the story was that these women were really rot. Just like driving these drunk women and one of them almost died on your bus stand in the leg and I asked her I said how did that happen if she said I don't know she said I don't know now a happier story? You actually drove the muppets either. Jim Henson muppets in a parade. You're like one of those humans in that thing. Yeah I was driving. A double decker. Was One of those magnificent Mile Parade of lights things. I think we were in the second the second to last some important slot anyway. Yeah I had I had them up double decker and it was a super fun so the muppet was for a parade to the people who are operating the muppets. Where like hiding and they were sitting. There wasn't anything like the active real Matz it was people in Mascot. Oh but they were official. They were official muppets. They just weren't so it was like on ice. Muppets yeah like that. Yeah but I had apartment rule on my trolley wants turn that Thank the real woolen. My trolley one night during that During that parade Kwami we did the Quami role war. The state senator. Who isn't a no idea? Kwami row general now kwami. Raoul is the Thankyou wikipedia. The because China so they're just like shit this is so Chicago centric. I think think about your Internet role as well. Here's where it gets international for you. Okay so while he was sitting here he was giving me all the skinny on Rahm Emanuel. He was telling me how Rahm Emanuel get things done. He said he said GM's has two fingers into people's chests until they agree but as his he was telling me all these stories we were Baha behind us was Wilson Phillips In in a on a float behind us and the entire time on this parade we had to listen to Wilson Phillips Lip Sync Their one hit over and over one more day. Yeah yeah so that was. That was a wonderful parade. Memory mentioned your book. You've got to think of you say you like to play a game gays southern or in the military. Yeah when I was house so this was when I was still doing shows years ago. I did one night a at A. Do you guys remember. It's forty four. Twenty seven North Broadway. I think was the address. It's been called a spot. It was called Frankie J's for awhile. A chemically imbalanced. Comedy was just getting started. Methadone clinic yeah exactly right. In fact it was called Frankie's method dome for a long time. The theater on top was I. I miss that little place. Yeah Yeah But I used to do these solo shows. I would call Chris Slumber Party. I would come out changing pajamas. Bring out a wagon full of junk and I was younger and more adorable than so I could get away with it but I would do sort of like. I think people might compare what I did then to. What Dmitry Martin did later like that type of stuff for like it was really sort of conceptual sometimes like props and stuff too. But I did a thing one night where I I hold up pictures and it was. It was like a quiz gay southern in the military because at the time I realized it seemed like there were a lot of people who were very anti gay. Who probably were gay Or at least could have been interpreted as such without really wanting to have been interpreted as such A. It was as delicate then as it is now on the phone but it got some laughs or whatever but the reason why I mentioned that is because one of my best friends at Trolley. seemed to fit the southern or gay and sort of quandary. And he's he's from Clinton Illinois And he's one of my best friends from trolley and I swear obviously we would love him just the same if he were gay or straight but everybody is in is sure. He's got to be gay but he won't come out. And and that was the way I kind of described at this particular fellow in my book is one of my one of my one of my best friends through the but he but you know the thing is it's another thing like if he insists he's not. I'm not going to sit as one of those southern Illinois Cities that have people like they have a southern accent. Oh Yeah Yeah and he. He definitely has a southern accent. And he's he's Yeah. Yeah so anyway. He reminded me of like one of the go. Get your manager type of women suburban women to his attitude southern accent and that go get your manager type of Of mentality can't kind of Very remember the old term metro-sexuals I think he was Whatever happened to that term? Yeah what did happen to that? Term came on my closet. Well you know I wish I wish sometimes yeah sometimes I wish he would just decide that he was a something but he's just a sexual. I guess because he's just that could be a thing and that's fine. Whatever he wants to be that's what he is fine. Whatever he is he is. He's just my buddy but I think most of them either got married had kids or died from cocaine overdose. Fair enough fair enough but yeah. He's he's the subject of a couple of chapters in the book because he and I had some pretty goofy adventures during our time together. He almost got US arrested at the at at a construction site at soldier field and Yeah and he was there when I almost ran my trolley through The a back entrance of Harpo studios during a snowstorm got oprah. I almost did. Almost I was one of the few Charlie drivers that never met Oprah like it. I would hear every other day. But Hey Oprah Showed up today. Oprah said something to our trolley drive you know I never had. The owner was oprah just like standing outside or studio waving at tourist or something. I mean. Well well. The top was at one of our stops at the water tower place which is just down the block from her where she lived in the residences at water tower. Place so Yeah anybody who's ever worked at the whole foods nearby there. They're all like they would oprah what always Ghetto yogurt in the morning after jog whether whether bodyguard. Yeah yeah totally. I did bump into Stedman Graham out there one time. But I never bumped an oprah. You just have a long impressive list of celebrity there Jerry Springer a couple of times to Jerry Jerry. You know I just I. He lived in the Hancock Center and he just kept. He kept showing up at the top. And you'd be like Oh. Hey Jerry like that kind of thing but I did finally meet him at a second city show that I was doing. I did a show at Judy. Scott Judy's beat lounge that what is called the that space. It's second city a few years ago. Back in two thousand sixteen and there was a show before emptying out and Jerry Springer just refused to leave the theater like he was just hanging out and he was like. We're trying to get set up for our show. And so I just kind of walked up to Jerry. And Jerry gloomy. I'm Jerry. Hey Jerry I was like excuse me would you let me do the honor or would you do. Would you do with the honor of letting me kick Jerry Springer out of my theater and he goes do your worst and so we had a nice little conversation? Here's here's a nice enough guy himself wasn't he knows his country singer right thing. Yeah I hear some Chicago History Chicago history about Jerry Springer Hugo He. His parents survived the Holocaust. He was born in London the they they moved to Cincinnati. He rose his ranks of Cincinnati politics to become the mayor of Cincinnati. He wrote a prostitute a check on on a city check. He was ousted from mayorship and got into broadcasting. Only then so. That's why I enjoy your career as a country western singer and as a stand up comedian and in fact another western singer the country Western. I didn't know about the STANDUP. He in fact he was his own opener for his talk show so he would come out and surprise the seamy And he would tell jokes and take questions from the audience before. I think he did that. To the people had a chance to really feel like they. They saw him. They understood him and also to wouldn't heckle like maybe during the show of the wasn't appropriate. You know I always thought Jerry Springer was a brilliant entertainer and see him in front of that audience. I was he owned it. You know no yeah I can tell I can tell what I met him and when I talked to him the couple of the time I was like he just has lose face like he knows that he's got like a thing he's getting it over on people. Not a mean spirited way but he just knows what he is from the Like he can see it from the outside. And he's enjoying. He's having a good time with him so in terms of tourism and partying today in the age of the Rona. Now everybody's looking for kind of internal experiences are trying to communicate with each other kind of like you and I are talking right now from a safe distance. Sure what's going to happen to the tourism industry. You think now that I'm out of it. It can go fuck itself. I mean really. Those tour buses aren't in anything right. Now no chick ticket. Let me say something this is. This is some of that that crazy mentality of you think that like you have some weird power in the world. I know I don't but here's here's the narrative I've been telling myself since I was young. Most of the jobs I've ever quit went out of business shortly thereafter including I worked at the Federal Reserve Bank two different branches and after I left the brand the departments that I worked for were shutdown. Tell your future employers during a job interview these the glue the groups that together. Apparently I am so like look at what's happened now. I left the Chicago Decker Company. Six months later it went out of business and then tourism in Chicago and possibly around. The world is dying because of their own. You will come back and film another episode of cooking with drag Queens with us. Won't you let me know well for me to visit now? I? It's just a little touch of Rona. Nothing too scared about well I. I actually do have a friend who has it. He was a trolley driver and he got a job as a CPA bus driver a couple years ago because he was like. Oh man the benefits are better. We can have a great time. I love it and poor. Poor guy sure enough about the four days ago tested positive for it and he is he has been in his basement just like he says the days are fine but the nights he feels like he's being beaten up by Mike Tyson. Diesels an. It's rough fellow and he's but he's still like it's really getting him down you know. Yeah I was video those like garlic. You WANNA eat lots of powerful antiviral itself virus. Not a vampire antiviral and antibacterial. I'm not saying it's going to cure you. But they do so. There's a lot of studies out there that say it lessens the severity of a cold. And you know maybe you know what I feel when I feel like. I'm getting a little sick. I just choose some garlic. What was the crazy thing Dr McCulloch with passing around on his one of his emails. I don't remember. He has also like far out. Cut Theory about the Ronan I was like. Oh my God. He's a quack. Quack was some other cure all and all these videos on on the Internet now. Promising to cure your protect you from the Ronan. I got a message from Amazon and stuff because we do some Amazon affiliate links. And what about like you know Very careful about what you post about corona or what. You're going to try and sell because we will close your account. That's yeah that's not like my friend my friend WHO's got it. Who's CT bus driver? He can't like specifically like go online and say I'm a CPA bus driver. I had this thing. He has a private account on facebook where he was posting some stuff and I was like. Hey now that I'm a documentary student at northwestern. Maybe I could use your stuff or whatever and he was like I would love to but you'll have to like keep my voice out of it and keep my bus number out of it because I can't you know they they don't want any of US talking about it. I'm like that is so weird that there's so many company like this idea that that the dollar and the stock market is the thing. We gotta be protecting enough people you know. It's really gross. While they're worried that you know I think we're GONNA stations are worried that people when they're talking about it that they're getting site some kind of fear you know about what's happening and the like then we're GONNA WE'RE GONNA turn this panic pandemic into a a real panic so it's just like you know people working in the grocery store the cashiers. I think. Now there's at least forty cashiers groceries or people that have worked at Grocery Stores Dad so terrible twenty years without a weekend by Chris. Churchill it's available at your public library on Amazon books. Well DON'T BLAME. You know you can only please. Don't buy anything except this book for everything you buy on Amazon. Yeah this you know render unto Caesar Caesar's. He's seeing he owns everything. Mr Bezos downloadable Ebook or it's also people get an imprint version as well. You get paperback or kindle or you know that's hot and it comes with photos of you in the middle for some reason. I don't I only fans account. Thanks right people know about or is that fans I feel. I think people do stuff in clubs are not getting the gigs. Obviously so just like hey you know everybody wants to see my naked photos. Might as well sell them. And so some of these rupaul drag race queens and other people have been posting some pretty explicit photos of themselves on on their only fans or whatever you know it's like Patriot shirt Boca pornography for that. So that's cool. Well I before he let me go. Just want to say We started watching the second season of Dracula and I was like. Oh wait I know Erica clash I I I was. I was pulling for Erica clash. I didn't know that this season to season. How old were you? You shot the disaster in episode right or no no I didn't I Mafi fish basket is that the name of somebody got a big surprise for you. Disaster Arena is coming to cooking drag queens in just days away and sneak peek on our patron on when it comes to the Patriot dot com slash fees to fund no nude photos on Patriots. So stop asking for them all three nude photos yet patron. What if what if are you? GonNa ask you. I was going to ask if if you guys have an opinion or if you would ever or if you have ever dealt with Willem Bella at all. Yeah I handle him with kid gloves actually. Well he's a very talented hilarious. Brilliant former and I think you know erratic and and It logical shows weird really weird so the Times that I've interacted with William. I'm just very gentle kind like Like you know like my dog when he's been sleeping. I don't want him about doing so good to see you and I love all your work. It's really brilliant. You've seen that video of US interviewing woolen backstage. Oh I've not seen late Salami and cheese on her stomach eating and I'm just like how are you? It's so good to see how how was it. How Kacha when you guys had her in wild like the wind really you know the thing about it is is like a lot of people think that were sort of like asking famous established drag. Queens on these shows and projects and stuff. It's very far from the case. We go by somebody. We find interesting every single person. Who's been on cookie with drag Queens? We got them before they hit it big now because there's no way to get them afterwards. They're like super busy their their management doesn't want them to do these kind of projects they want to. They want you know maximize every minute of their time. Yeah and so these kind of projects happen in a casual state before. These artists really hit a huge. And we just have to be at the right place in the right time. It's not because we're like. Oh rupaul you WANNA come on Hooker Drag Queens? And he's like no. I worked on the Monica Beverley Hills show That you guys did with Jacob two J MONICA NJ at the same time. Yeah that's poor jade's name. Second name is an jade. Kasey there for a while. She was the most affordable and accessible drag queen. So all the shows would be like we have girls and Jay Fuck and Jay and whoever came to town and because she's local so it was always Jay. I want to thank you guys again for opening night world for me. 'cause we've been having just a fantastic time with all the new entertainment for US Chris. You're so good at getting people to tip you. Let's hear it. I hear your pitch coming here are now. How do we get people to give a little? Give us the full eight inches. Okay so you guys are already good at this though because what I used to always here as a tour guide it was advice. A friend of mine named Florida and other tour guide. Said she goes if you can make them laugh three times. They'll tip you now that south easy when you're face to face with With people because then they feel like they must right harder. When you're trying to get people to you know support via patriotic you gotTa make them laugh a lot more than that. I'm sure you guys are doing that. Though so often and marches looked at me. And I'll come on. You know. Mark loves it but our closeup Mr Feelin you guys are a couple of the most in shape fellas. I've ever seen stepped on the scale the other day and I was just like Hunk Fausto does no longer exist. Who's always been really hard for me? You know what I mean. So the stairmaster the gym so I had gotten lost some weight and whatnot but just going out on the street. Running is just like it's just like my brain just goes crazy so I'm GonNa Tomorrow I'm going to get up and try it tomorrow and and see what I can do. I gotTa tell you a Walker to bake. Brad is through the roof. I believe it if I am a master Baker of red. Oh Wow yeah we way of missing perfect. Sour Dough Loath Oh Yeah Nice now my wife. My wife is a fantastic cook and Baker in touch and where whereas Fausto you have your Puerto Rican pride. We've got our little Sicilian pride going on oil and it is honestly since we've been on You know since. Everything's been shut down here every other night. She got like we're trying to eat healthier trying not to do but my wife should. Kathy will just look at me every once in a while because you know what I want tonight. I'm like what pizza. I'm like okay. What's my mother. Does a lot of community organizing my mother's in her nineties for the WII fifty years living in Pennsylvania and whenever they knew these events. You weren't usually very women focused. She'd always like these people. Do this. Make sure the Italian ladies make the cookies. Oh my God. So many cookies have passed through these lips in the I've been with my wife for twenty seven years over twenty seven years ago. We met when we were teenagers and I moved in with her and her mom when like after three months like I was nineteen and my car broke down and I stayed there until the car was fixed and then Cathy said stay one more night and I never left and eventually after about a couple of weeks her her mom asks Kathy. Is Chris Live here now? She goes yeah she was. I just wanted to know so That attack is slight side. And I've lived with Kathy ever since mankind. Here she she she and the thing is she's a very hard working person. My wife has always wanted me with like. She's one of the people that she doesn't have fatty thing ever. And it's frustrating for me. Sometimes because I love half assing everything like I will I? Will you know lazy my way through life if I'm allowed to? But she so. She works her forty hour week job and she works really hard just really good job with that but she also loves to. Cook and since we. Since the corona thing we've been home she'd been working from home. She doesn't have the commute she doesn't have to work like all those hours in a row whatever. She is cooking every night. Something and it's an. I'm surprised we haven't started with the cookies because that used to be like every holiday when we still lived in Kansas City all her aunt's all her sisters every everybody in the family the extended family all the cousins. Already they would just get together and make you know all these different like specifically Italian cookies that I had never heard before those now I would say some of the most delicious pizza that people may not be familiar with is the is the Detroit Style. Pizza that is has butter flavored CRISCO. It's Kinda like a Neapolitan Pizza. Wow and has butter flavored CRISCO on the bottom? And it says the DOE and it's something quite extraordinary cheese goes on I and the tomato sauce on second. Oh wait he just started doing that this week. We did that. We do that twice in the past week. That is so good trade pants up my friend. Tom I call them the Pizza Dad? He made some for us and I was just like it's brilliant. It is yeah it is. There's a there's a Detroit style pizzeria that opened up down the street on Lawrence. But it's not as good as Tom. And you know if you can get somebody who knows how to cook to make that for you. It's something really extraordinary. Yeah now she she did it in. I've been waiting for the next time. Yeah it's really good for the secret ingredient as her flavored CRISCO which is absolutely terrible for your health. That's funny we we did not. I will say that. We did not do butter flavored crisco but the the cheese I saw second and all that all that stuff sounds sounds familiar. Sounds like what she did? begging people for For money make them laugh. That's all right apparently While we're never going to pay absolutely mark you know what I'm GonNa have to? I'M GONNA have to step out and start like busking for you on my own websites and stuff like these guys of the past. Thank you I appreciate that. Yeah you guys are Great Wall so that you guys let me. I feel honored that you guys let me be the cameraman for those episodes that show. Well we need to keep the action being followed you know. And we're we're ending the season soon. We've got a couple more episodes common. Then we're GONNA Tapie another season but for sure exactly when that's going to be. This has really extra a lot of people. But we're we're we're we're going to figure it out we're going to try and do some good work and make it happen e. Yeah Yeah. Something's GonNa I. I wish I could be more optimistic. But I'm I wanna say everything's GonNa work out fine but I I don't know if it will before I let you go. I want to say you know how they had that the race in Wisconsin last week. And there's a lot of voter suppression and people are really worried. We'll that liberal justice. Jill Kofsky defeated the conservative incumbent. They got rid of him. And so yeah and so. It's like that could be a good omen for what's to come. I hope so man I hope so. Yeah it's incredible. They've Republicans really tried to steal that election. They really wanted that. State Supreme Court scene didn't get it. I think next time I see one of those tour buses downtown. I'M GONNA I'm GonNA think about you Chris. And all those years you put in to work downtown. I see them all the time. Like who goes on those things a lot of kids but I'm sure it was fun. Chris thank you so much for coming on the show. We advocate is condom uses before the age of crap. Rafi wrap it up. GotTa wrap it up Chris. Where can people find you on the Internet? Oh no where you can actually got facebook. And I've got the Amazon H from my book. Yeah that's what I've got. I'll put a link up to the book on the website. Thank you thanks so much guys take it easy. Take care of yourselves right Chris Churchill Lives in Chicago Illinois has new book. Twenty years without a weekend is available on Amazon Dot Com. And you know people are boycotting Amazon right now but by his. Where else can you get it? You know you can go to his house. And he'll tell you the whole book from you. Maybe he'll print it out and from his copier machine. Honey I see. I See a light at the end of the tunnel. It's GonNa Happen. We are in the tunnel. The rocks are falling around us there. Some rats in the tunnel. I don't know what just bit my leg but we're gonNA look for the light and we're going to go to the end of the tunnel and get out of this mess and we're GonNa do this together. Yes and the best way. You can support this podcast as port us to become a member and you can do that at least to fund dot com slash plus because your contribution to the shows makes this show happen. This show was a very important part of everything we do here. You know. Christmas is a cameraman for cooking drag queens and I don't think drag Queens could exist without feast fund podcast and the PODCAST. I don't know you know you know what I'm saying. It's a it's an environment. It's an ecosystem. You know what I mean. It's all science behind little streams that flow together to make this crazy world that we have going on here possible and hate us going to hate button. Humanity is faced darker Nastier more crooked monsters in its history and managed to survive Every demon wants to pound of flesh And we gotta stay strong. Keep your issue strong because it's always darkest before the dawn like Florence and the machine and she no stay safe. Stay home self quarantine. You know you don't want to get this sickness you don't want to infect others could do a little no stay home stay home please. I mean if you were to visit the White House. The one thing for breaking the law breaking the law the law breaking the law. Hey guys we hope you enjoy this podcast as much as we enjoyed making it. Thank you so much for listening. Come out of the closet tell your friends about. Feast of fun and Sheriff on Tomorrow's show. We're going to be reading all the wonderful reviews. Everybody has done hall on Apple music or Google play apple podcast. Google play play play. Play play show with the the podcast directory for Neo Pagan Queers. Doesn't exist it up. You know in my mind exists in your mind. And that's what matters creative the fearless and love deeply everyone.

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CNN10 - 6/27/20

CNN 10 (video)

10:00 min | 1 year ago

CNN10 - 6/27/20

"Welcome to a special summer session of CNN ten Monday Ms Carla's. We hoped that despite everything going on around the world. You're still finding ways to enjoy the season on Saturday afternoon at about five o'clock local time Hurricane Hanna made landfall in Padre Island Texas it was a category one storm. The weakest classification of Hurricane Hannah's maximum sustained winds were ninety miles per hour. It brought more than a foot of rain to parts of southern Texas with more in the forecast brought the threat of dangerous flooding. It knocked out power to more. More than two hundred sixty thousand homes Texas. Governor Greg. Abbott issued a disaster declaration for thirty two counties in the state which can speed up help recovery assistance to those who need it. The Governor says one thing that's made this challenge bigger is that the hurricane hit an area that's been badly affected by the spread of Corona virus, so he texans to be mindful of the disease while they assess the damage from the storm, hurricane handle was the first hurricane of the Atlantic season which officially runs from June first through November thirtieth. Former, U S representative John. Lewis of Georgia, just part of the federal government for thirty three years. He was an important figure in civil rights history along with Dr Martin Luther King Junior Lewis was among the leaders of the Selma March for voting rights in one, thousand, nine, hundred, sixty, five. It took place in Selma. One of the states there had been resistance to allowing African Americans to vote even though US law at the time made discrimination illegal. When the marchers reach the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma police state troopers violently pushed them back, but the event which was live, TV turned up the spotlight on the issue of civil rights in America and it led to the voting rights act of nineteen, sixty five, which aimed to remove any barriers that prevented black Americans from voting John Lewis at age eighty died on July seventeenth after a months battle with cancer on Sunday, a horse drawn carriage, carried his casket across the Edmund Pettus. Bridge Lewis's final journey over the US landmark. Participants were attempting to March from Selma Alabama to the state capital of Montgomery. Seventeen people were hospitalized, including Lewis. This would become known as bloody Sunday, and Louis would always show the same commitment and fight. He demonstrated on the bridge that day. Fifty three years. After you all marched on this bridge. Why is it so important to come back into coming back? Every year. This is the place they gave us the voter nightside. made it possible for hundreds and thousands and millions of people. To be able to participate in a Democrat oppressive, can I give up. You cannot give in. They will lead us. This past March while suffering from stage four cancer Lewis as determined as ever traveled to sell twice to mark the marches fifty fifth anniversary, and was still pushing decades later. Ten second, Trivia Frank Cirque an American educator is best known for his contributions to what school buses, mathematics physical or whiteboards. Thanks Sir is known as the father of the yellow school bus for helping set standards. When exactly will schools reopened? We'll students attend in person or online, or in some Combo of both will there be sports. Will there be crowded? LUNCHROOM's? What will seating look like thanks to covid nineteen. These are some of the questions that American educators have been grappling with all summer, and some places don't know the answers yet. So this has been anything but a summer off new guidelines from the US Centers for Disease Control. Strongly favor reopening schools this fall. They say children are less likely to spread. Spread Corona virus than adults? The kids don't suffer as much from it, and they're likely to suffer more in other ways if schools stay closed, but they also say that schools should be closed. The virus is going out of control at this point. School plans look different from state to state and even district to district, and while working parents are scrambling to figure out childcare plans for those students who will be hold. Others are trying to figure out transportation for those will be in school buildings. Honestly it was what Lucy Forbes was shocked when she learned that her thirteen year old daughter won't be eligible to take a school bus to and from her. Houston Middle School. The city's Acting Superintendent recently announced that in order to meet CDC, social distancing guidelines, only a fraction of its sixty thousand students who regularly ride the bus. We'll have an available seat on. Asia always. Which? We have to make Forbes. A single mother works full-time her hours at the office. Make it nearly impossible for her to drive her daughter herself for me will require two hour commute today. I have a greater spectrum options and I'm worried about the families who don't. We have normally anywhere from seventy six to eighty three students per capacity as you can see. Labeled our seat, so we would spe students out and desist require configuring every school bus in the city. We're working through that right now. We fitting buses is a challenge for school districts. Already facing budget pressures Austin. Texas announced buses will have a capacity of twelve students and like Houston. Only eligible students will be provided with initial seating. Atlanta will be limiting bus ridership to sixty percent Philadelphia public schools plan to limit each school bus to eleven to fifteen students. Smaller cities are also feeling the pressure. It's more of a rural school issue. Many of your bigger metropolitan schools where they may have more students, but quite often have smaller geographic districts. The Ionian School district covers more than one hundred and thirty two square miles across Michigan where over fifteen hundred students rely on bus transportation, Superintendent Ron. Wilson is running out of options when schools will open their doors August twenty. Twenty six. I would not have enough buses to socially distanced kids that I would need basically six buses to complete a single bus route. It's not just about keeping kids safe. Many school bus drivers are concerned about possible risks to their own health. To as you could see, they haven't done anything to these buses. We should have a petition something that will block from the kids as they board the bus. Robert Sally has been a school bus driver in the Boston area for thirty nine years I got a lot of calls from drivers to ask me. What is the plan for studying tentative and is really bad to say we don't know anything. There are currently few solutions at hand. The school bus industry has introduced a ten billion dollar relief plan that Congress may or may not take up social distancing. We'll make carpooling less appealing and according to the CDC less than ten percent of us, students walk or bike to most schools. It's great to say the schools are open, but if we don't have a way a reliable way that's organized structured to send our kids there, it will trickle down into nothing else happening either beyond. CNN New York. Pretended Attend Today Ping wins versus dinosaurs, or at least penguins observing dinosaurs, the birds are from Chicago's shedd aquarium. The fossils are from the field museum. The reason is because cute. It also provided an incredible photo op as the animals walled around the museum while it was closed because of corona virus. They've been getting a little more time out about recently while the crowds were away, but they always let you know when it's time to go home, because while they may appear fretless, they're still pointless, and it's not like they can. Just wing beat up. In that CNN. Burn!

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Tue. 08/31 - Could We Delete Our Memories One Day?

Kottke Ride Home

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Tue. 08/31 - Could We Delete Our Memories One Day?

"This podcast is supported by. At active armor right now. Our lives are on our phones with our phones. Full of streamed exercise classes. Midday work calls in nightly family video calls. There's no room for fraud calls thankfully. At and t. Makes customer security a priority helping block those pesky calls. It's not complicated. At and t. Active armor twenty four seven proactive network security and fraud call blocking to help stop threats at no extra charge. Compatible device service required visit. At and t. dot com slash active armor for details. Welcome to the keys. Related hung for tuesday august thirty first. Twenty twenty one. I'm jackson bird today. The climate crisis is causing some animal species to shrink and that is definitely not a good thing. Experts weigh in on the possibility of humans. Ever being able to edit or delete their own memories and netflix cheat codes to help you shake off. the algorithm. Here are some of the cool things from the news today. The fact that the climate crisis is changing the characteristics of some animals is not exactly news. We know that some are changing colors and that the distribution of species is shifting. The new york times has a whole series called when humans influence evolution and it mentions such cases of rapid evolution as the peppered moth who changed from light to dark coloration when pollution that began with the industrial revolution. Darkened the trees that made up its habitats and the atlantic killer fish which rapidly evolved in immunity to toxic polluted waters and most recently. The times recounted the case of the flightless stone flies in new zealand's south island which lost their wings and ability to fly when humans entered the region and cleared the trees from the land but now more studies are coming out showing larger trends in changes to animals in response to the warming. Planets and a lot of them are shrinking. One recent analysis showing this comes from the field museum in chicago. Ornithologist david willard began collecting the corpses of birds back in nineteen seventy eight collecting them after they unfortunately hit building windows in the city and fell to their deaths. The field museum now has over. A hundred thousand birds collected from window collisions. Since nineteen seventy eight lending impressive of data from dozens of different bird species over a period of forty years and in two thousand nineteen one study conducted on the collection showed that individuals from fifty. Two species shrank by an average of two point. Six percents over those forty years. Why are those birds and other animals getting smaller. Well there's one theory there is something called bergman's rule. A biological principle that says animals in warmer climates tend to be smaller than animals of the same species in colder climates. And vox points out that we know this principle holds true. During periods of planetary warming quote nearing the largest warming event in the early easing about fifty six million years ago when temperatures increased between five to eight degrees celsius within ten thousand years many animals got smaller including mammals which scientists learned by measuring fossilized teeth another past warming event called the eocene thermal maximum two which saw temperatures increased by three degrees celsius was also associated with shrinking animals and quotes bergman's rule holds up logically for mammals. Rodents and birds. All of whom can cool down more easily when they're smaller in size but what about fish. Some fish have also been found to be shrinking and they don't generate their own heat. So why would be in smaller be advantageous quoting again from vox. They might shrink in response to warming for other reasons said jennifer sheridan assistant curator for amphibians and reptiles at the carnegie museum of natural history warm temperatures for example speed up the development phases of frogs from egg to tadpole and so on but the rate of growth doesn't keep up. She said as result. They're smaller by the time they arrive at adulthood and quote. Not all animals are shrinking. Though some are getting larger a reason study from the florida. Museum of natural history showed that urban mammals in rodents in north america are both longer and fatter than non urban animals of the same species and being well acquainted with bergman's rule the findings even took three searchers by surprise quoting fast company. The scientists said expected to find smaller vermin and other mammals and cities due to the heat. Island effect where structures like buildings and roads absorb more heat from the sun than say neighboring forest instead. The findings suggest that urbanization is reshaping the bodies of the animals within the researchers hypothesized that the mammals are growing bigger because cities provide something of a tv dinner on the couch lifestyle. Easy access to calorie dense food bless need to scavenging fewer predators which facilitates species expansion literally and quotes which is kind of similar to another theory. For why some other animals may be getting larger sheridan. Told vox that since winter is coming later. In many places that extends the growing season and therefore the period of time during which animals can eat plants and grow larger and quoting further from vox. If bergman's rule were truly universal you'd expect individuals of a species population to be smaller and warmer parts of their range. Smaller polar bears further south. Say but a two thousand seventeen analysis of more than nine hundred fifty species of birds and mammals found that most species had similar sizes regardless of the temperature of their environments. The point is that natural systems are really complicated. Even if theory and lab research suggests that animals consistently shrink under warming the exact result of climate changes messier in reality sheridan said. It's almost always the case that some are getting smaller and some are not with climate change. There are so many other factors changing at the same time and quote and there does also remain a question of if these changes are truly the result of rapid evolution as the new york. Times has splashed all over their headlines over the years something that would be passed down from one generation to the next or if these are changes happening within the lifetime of individual animals and share. It's disturbing the interference from humans is literally producing changes and animals. But why does it matter really well for one. Some of the animals that are shrinking could have less offspring which could then herald their extinction more quickly and some species might change in body shape in different ways and at different rates it could mess with the relationships between animals especially between predators and prey and all those changes might mess with their ecosystems many of which we humans rely on the box also points out that while yes we've seen warming periods before which totally changed the animals that exist on this planet. Our current warming is preceding ten times faster than the average warming after historic ice ages. Animals are not gonna have time to adapt to the changes in their species. So i guess we should just hope that more of them change like the atlantic jellyfish to be more tolerant of pollution and other human caused symptoms of the climate crisis. So much has changed about our lives and so much keeps changing. When i'm on my way to an event these days i can sometimes get bogged down with anxiety about the state of the world and it helps to infuse little familiarity into my routine by listening to the same songs that i used to listen to when i commuted around town about two years ago pulling up. Those old playlists celts. Call me down and get me pumped up for the adventure ahead. And my commute is about to get an upgrade with ray con. Wireless ear buds. I've got some rais. Khan's coming in the mail. And i cannot wait to try them out because i've been hearing so much about them. Recons come with a bunch of gel tips. So they're really comfortable in fit. No matter what size your ears. Are there also water resistant and have an incredible thirty two hour battery life so they won't leave you in the lurch when you need them. Reagan's start at half the price of other premium audio brands. But they sound just as good plus they come with a forty five day happiness guarantee. So you can't lose. Give them a try with me. Create your own soundtrack. With ray con right now ryan home. Listeners can get fifteen percent off their rake on order at by ray. Con dot com slash. Cocky that's by ray con dot com slash cocky to save fifteen percent on ray cons by recon dot com slash khadki trying to prepare for a brighter. Financial future can be tough with debt hanging over your head but getting rid of it can feel like a never ending cycle but upstart can help you make that final payment so you can get ahead. Upstart is the fast and easy way to pay off your debt with a personal loan. All online you can pay off. Credit cards consolidate high interest debt. Refinance your car or fun personal expenses with a fixed monthly payment. All it takes is a five minute online check and then you can see your rate upfront for loans between one thousand fifty thousand dollars and after accepting your loan you can receive funds and as fast as one business day in upstart doesn't just look at your credit score. They consider your income and current employment to help you find a smarter rate because upstart knows that you're more than just your credit score and is expanding access to affordable credit. Find out. How upstart can lower your monthly payments. Today when you go to upstart dot com slash. That's upstart dot com slash cot key. Don't forget to use our url to let them know we sent you. Loan amounts will be determined based on your credit income and certain other information provided in your loan. Application go to upstart dot com slash khadki. So a new movie debuted on. Hbo max earlier. This month from the creators of westworld and starring hugh jackman called reminiscence. It's about a world where scientists have created a way of relieving your memories and recovering lost. Ones it's been getting pretty bad reviews. And frankly i keep forgetting to check it out but it does have a very intriguing premise. In what if we could relive memories. What have we could change them or heck. What if we could delete memories altogether. I definitely have some that. I wish i could forget. In a recent installment of their gizeh asks series. Gizmodo spoke to a panel of researchers about whether such thing would ever actually be possible. Samuel shocker professor emeritus of neuroscience at columbia university says that the principal is kind of there but in practice it's more complicated quote the evidence from neuroscience right now suggests that a given memory is very sparsely encoded. What that means is that our cerebral cortex where most of these memories are stored has about fifteen billion nerve cells at a particular memory involve a change in activity of only a couple hundred of them. Finding those few hundred cells is very very complicated and quote. He points to a number of ongoing studies however that show what we're currently capable of in one. Scientists are able to identify a group of cells participating in one of a mouse as memories and then manipulate them enough to prove that the mouse forgot the memory. But shocker says doing that on a human scale to the sophisticated level. Most people think of when talking about deleting memories is probably not possible but in terms of similar therapies for trauma quote. A memory has four basic phases. It's initiated then consolidated then stored and then recalled in both animals like mice and monkeys and in humans. each of these phases have been shown to share a certain mechanism. Scientists are now focusing on those shared mechanisms to see if maladaptive memories can lose their anxiety provoking aura. You don't forget that you got mugged in front of a mailbox instead. The mailbox stops meaning what it used to mean. The memory is still there but it's emotional. Context has been removed. This sort of therapy might be possible. In a relatively short time and quote he does warn however that some people are studying if they could give these kinds of drugs to combat soldiers so they can't generate the trauma to begin with. But shocker cautions that as great as that sounds. It's a slippery slope. Meanwhile jason chan and associate professor of psychology at iowa. State university emphasized the potential with something called memory. Consolidation quotes memory consolidates over time. We've known this for the better part of one hundred years after you learn something or experience something your brain undergoes changes through protein synthesis that solidifies or consolidates. The memory in the sixties. Some people suggested the concept of reconsolidation the idea. There is that when an already consolidated memory has been retrieved reenters away by allstate and then needs to be reconsolidated network was reinvigorated by some researchers in the early two thousands and has been investigated extensively in the last fifteen to twenty years. There are a lot of people trying to do work that looks at whether we can take advantage of this reconsolidation process and block it thereby impairing the memory in question making a weaker were making it go away and quotes and while there have been a lot of promising studies done on this realm in animals. He echoes shockers. Point that with humans. It's more complex to the point of maybe not being possible. Our memories are just super complicated. Compared to many other animals steve marriner a professor of psychological and brain sciences at texas am university says that memory editing is within our grasp saying that memories are way more malleable than most of us realize which is true in something that always blows my mind and makes me start doubting anything i've ever thought i remembered quoting merrin. The simple act of retrieving a memory. Changes it this is a feature not a bug. It allows new information to be incorporated into a memory when circumstances change the fact that memories undergo reconsolidation reveals that they are not indelible. Traces etched into the neural networks of the brain rather. They're dynamic representations that change with experience and time and quotes merrin mentioned studies. That are being done to interrupt the reconsolidation process. Sometimes using the beta-blocker propranolol which professor chan also mentioned and some studies have shown that the process in both animals and humans quote produced clinically significant reductions in pathological fear responses in patients with post traumatic stress disorder and quote juliana read a ludwik and adjunct professor of psychiatry and behavioral science at northwestern university argues. That deleting memories is not a testable question because we can't prove something that doesn't exist. How do you prove they've actually been deleted and are not inaccessible. Due to suppression. Impaired retrieval or more. And that's a great point though dr ted sector whose lab discovered the enzyme peak. Am zeta which is necessary for maintaining long-term memories. Thinks we will one day. Likely be able to erase specific long term memories. His theory also has to do with the reconsolidation process saying quote when the specific synapses connecting neuron network fire during the retrieval of a specific memory. The memory storage molecules such as. Pk and zeta. Maybe rapidly degraded and re synthesized in a process known as reconsolidation blocking all new synthesis during the period right after memories recalled prevents the specific recalled memory from returning into long term storage. Leaving the other non retrieve memories intact but blocking general protein synthesis is toxic if peak. Am zeta were stabilizing. Molecules could be selectively prevented from reforming one would predict specific memory should be erased and quote sheena jocelyn and associate professor of physiology at the university of toronto however warns that we should proceed very cautiously because memories even like humiliating ones can be great learning tools. But she also ends. That pursuing research in this direction is extremely useful in understanding more about the relatively still mysterious memory and developing treatments for conditions like ptsd alzheimer's and more and finally professor man who clearly got the message. From ian malcolm echoes. This sentiment saying quote ultimately the question before us now is not whether we can edit it memory but whether we should end quote zoo. Last monday i talked about the growing number of click bait strategies being employed on netflix to lure people into watching various titles while ones net flicks experience has never been more personalized and more targeted these days. It's so seemless that you might not notice it. In fact it sometimes seems less personalized than it used to remember when net flicks used to recommend hyper specific genres of movies to you based on your watch. History like cerebral military movies based on real life and gutsy girl power movies for ages. Eight to eleven and oscar winning visually striking movies from the nineteen seventies nowadays. When you scroll through the home screen you get what's popular. What's trending your list. Some netflix originals. And then a number of genres. But they're more broad than they used to be stuff like true crime action adventure and tv comedy. But as i discussed on the may thirteenth episode of this show even some of those categories are algorithm weekly determined and unique to you. So what you're seeing is still personalized. Netflix just isn't always being as transparent about that personalization as it was back in the day when it literally told you. Hey since you watched the big lebowski. Here's ten others donor movies from the nineteen nineties. It also felt more personal because those recommendations were all straight up recommendations based on your watch history not recommendations within net flicks. His own top ten lists or curated. Thumbnails that are meant to appeal to you of the same movies. It wants everyone to watch. But if you want to get back to the good old days of more specific genres to browse being able to explore deeper than the top matches that keep appearing for you all over the platform. There is a way. You'll have to go to netflix on desktop to start. But once you find what you want you could load it up on the device of your choosing because what you're going to do is go to netflix dot com slash browse slash genre slash and then input a series of numbers that corresponds to the genre. You want to watch make use of calls this the cheat code and has a list that you can reference on their site link in the show notes so for example you want drama based on real life. Add three six five three to the end of that. Url how about an asian action adventure movie seven seven to three two based on kids books. One zero zero five six mockumentary twenty-six lgbtq comedies seven. One two zero now. They're not as specific as the old recommendations but it's still more comprehensive than the homepage usually today and can help you break through. The noise of what netflix wants you to watch. I mean even just intesting these out. I found several movies that i had forgotten about or never heard of or not realized. We're on netflix. That i now want to watch some of the codes listed. Don't work mostly in the horror sub genres for some reason. And you know some are a little bit more kept up within curated than others so your mileage may vary but it's definitely a cool way to dig a little deeper on an app that increasingly just wants to show you the same things over and over and over again then. Is it for me for today. But as always this show was produced by ride home media and cocky dot org. I have jackson buried and i will talk to you again tomorrow.

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Wonderful! 188: Dont Kiss the Brachiosaurus, Jeremy


33:58 min | 3 months ago

Wonderful! 188: Dont Kiss the Brachiosaurus, Jeremy

"Hi this is rachel maccarone hello. This is griffin macaroni. And this is wonderful. I'm feeling very peaceful today. I'm glad what what changed. Well i've been chewing echinacea. Oh yeah what is happening. She'll look like Plant uh-huh and so you just put that plant in your mouth. Found some wild echinacea in the yard. While i was doing my gardening dug it up. Or perhaps nipped it off the tree that grows popped it in my popped in my job. That's the sound of the echinacea. Yeah okay and it's giving me lots of combs centeredness cylinder. dennis are. You're on my level now. I'm you and you're always so calm. And centered that's the two words. I would use to describe you all the time and wait. Are you being sarcastic. Rain sarcastic and also are you on the echinacea and have been since as long as i've known you know this is just who i am. Okay this is my level just all the time. Sands echinacea echinacea. You would be dead would stop. You would still be living in walking but your heart would be like to. Bpm's in it while that we measure our heart rate and the tempo of songs beats per the same measurement. That's beautiful beautiful. It's like our bodies are always making music. And these are the kinds of off durations. That i can make on the echinacea found in our yard. It could have also just been some roots of a plant or a bush that i would look at and i was like i don't i that seems like echinacea to me. Shoot it up and gave me columnists. So here's that's what it is. Could it have been toxic. Some sort of toxic plant that. I'm i have been poisoned by about that a little bit. I think sure for sure but all he knows i love you. I love our family. And i love this show and i'm excited to do it with you. I think i am deeply addicted to echinacea. Do you have any small honors. I'll you gave me so much time. And i always sitting there. I mean obviously listening to you intently. Yes but also trying to come up with something to say. Now What are you go. i don't i go i. This is nice. This is nice for the listener. Because they think we're probably like generally positive upbeat people that don't have any trouble thinking of positive upbeat things but hey turns out well. Is this a muscle. We've as much as it's a big muscle and we've been doing this show for three or four years so to question of like i could. I could say just jelly beans but you know this. They know this already and they know jelly beans have we talked about. Gushers probably measures from a grocery store. And i brought him home and i was like what are these like. It was actually more like you did break off a piece of the brick of gush gushers fused together. But we like that about gushers. We love the gooey mess. They may so. There is gushers. happy now america. I came up with my small wonder in your rant. Good midday the vacuum vacuum. We got go one yeah. It was on dust busters. This is big. this is not dustbuster. This is tall vacuum. Everybody stop writing that complaint emails. We know we dustbuster. I am surprised. Continually how when you vacuum carpet all of a sudden. It's like look with this room. Leah's room now. Look at this house. I just moved into yesterday. Yeah yeah yeah. We've been having to do that a lot. Because we are finally that bathroom. Finally getting our house fixed from win. It froze in february. Yeah when you make a bathroom yet. A lot of different people in the village pizza pie is in that room. And so we've had a bunch of different people come through and everybody has different policy on What they will and won't track through your house and they're doing hard work. They're working their butts off. We're not wants to complain. Luckily we have vacuum in order to get to our bathroom. You have to go through our bedroom and that is where we sleep in. Where baby sleeps. Yes very important us to keep that clean and so for temple. We've known a lot of vacuuming and it. Just works a hurts. Just works folks Hey you go first this week. Can you believe it yes My first thing is field trips. All my god. This is a good What is the best field trip you ever went on or the most memorable one. At least i was thinking about this. And it's kind of a toss up because when i think of field trips two things come to mind i. I think when i was in first grade we went to the hostess factory. Why are you kidding. That's the best field trip. Is that in saint louis. I mean we went to yes yes. I don't know if there are multiple multiples. I don't know. I didn't doing research on hostess to answer this question but i know that we went to a place where snowballs were. That's sick that's so awesome. I remember that being really cool. Although at the time we were operating under the false notion that i was allergic to chocolate. So that are you still twinkie. i could. I could twinkie the hell out of that field trip. Yeah and then and i can't remember what grade this is. The speaks to the power of field trips. Because i cannot remember win. This happened but there was a period when we were doing weekly field trips to the art museum. Weekly yeah a lot of new art every week and no it was part of this like educational series. They did where your school could sign up and they had a curriculum and you would go and go to different wings of the museum and said of different time periods and make little artists representations of the things and. I don't remember when i did it. Yeah but i remember. It'd be really cool of like. Oh we're going again. It sounds like i'm going to get to make something. Once we got to go to the hampton tristate airport and go up in the air control tower. Can you imagine this. Yeah and this would have been like nineteen ninety five something before Let's say they got a little bit more strict about airport stuff in the wake of a certain event. Yeah yeah but it was sick. It felt like i was. I i the entire time i felt like i should not be here. There are probably buttons in this room. That i could bump up against a really make a mess of. They do not do that anymore. I'm sure there yeah. I'm sure they're making twenty five first graders just like running around this room or people press blinds to make sure planes. Don't run into each other. Holy shit sure. There is like a last class that didn't know they were the last class. Yeah privilege yeah. Also i will say this says a lot that this wasn't my first Field trip but We also went to six flags senior year and it was like physics day. It's okay so our physics teacher gave us this worksheet that we were supposed to complete. Nobody did it. I bet. I think we all did. But then like he didn't even collect it. You know it was things like here you go. If you have to figure out the velocity and we were like okay and we just came up with some stuff and then i feel like you didn't even turn it in to the nba graded. it was just. We all know why we're here. That's good yeah i. I couldn't find a lot of like win. The first field trip was obviously bryce. Like you know who who would. Who would categorize like. We went to my uncle's farm. Right fed the pigs But i did find a lot about the educational value field. Oh for sure. I bet there's a lot on that. I will say and so the article i found. His old is from twenty thirteen. Yeah which doesn't feel like that old to me. But i know is almost objectively old But the article was from a journal called education next and it said that at one time the field museum in chicago was welcoming more than three hundred thousand students each year And that number has dropped by one hundred thousand as of this article Also the cincinnati arts organization saw thirty percent decrease in student attendance Between two thousand and two and two thousand seven More than half of schools that took this american association of school administrators survey Had eliminated plan field. Trips and twenty five. Is that a like a budget. Yeah some of. It's like no child left behind. Yeah it is teaching you the tests. Their whole focus is improving test. Scores sucks shit and so they don't have time for field trips okay Which is real sad. It is extremely sad. I can't remember a lot of things from school. I remember most of the field trips. I went saying something. Did you guys ever like go outside of the city that we ever go outside of the city. 'cause big thing with field trips is go into like museums and zoos and stuff and i know huntington is not no but we would go to factories women to the niners bread factory. We went to There is a series of locks and dams on the ohio river that we got to like go inside of and like see all the machinery inside of that. I remember that very well Yeah i i remember. Just i remember a lot of stuff. One day we just went to the rose garden at ritter park and just like walked around and talked about all the different flowers super cool now and that's a cool reminder too because like when i think of field trips i do tend to think of like museums and historic sites. But like if you can just turn around you can turn a lot of stuff into a field treasurer So there was a big study. Done there is a museum in arkansas. Called crystal bridges museum of american art and it just opened in twenty eleven. Okay and so that gave These researchers an opportunity to like really get in there the ground floor and like studied the impact it was having on people It is the first major art museum to be built in the united states in the last four decades. What yeah. I mean if you think about it like most museums have been around for a long ago. So nobody's out there like building. A new art museum necessarily making new art. That's a shame. All the are made already and i was just question how many indiana's jones's we find it on inside the mummies crip really appreciate how you realize that. Thanks so this is a this big art museum. I'm not super familiar with it. But apparently it has more than fifty thousand square feet of gallery space and an endowment in excess of eight hundred million dollars so they administered over ten thousand surveys to students And four hundred eighty nine teachers at one hundred twenty three different schools to kind of look and see the impact that this incredible museum. How students will literally they'd get an hour tour of the museum and they discuss about five paintings And then they would follow up with them and find out kind of what the impact was and a lot of students like we're talking between like seventy and eighty percent of students could remember like stuff about the paintings they saw when they followed up with them later and these aren't like not super like obviously one of them was like rosie. The riveter like yeah. Yeah maybe remember that But then there was also An eastman johnson painting called at the camps spinning yarns and wittling which i've never heard of no No sounds like a sufiane stevens but weeks later students were followed up with about that painting and they said oh yeah. The that's the painting that depicts people making makeable syrup makeable. Sarah maple syrup all sarah that can be made makeable. Sarah that's amazing. Yeah there's also there's also a lot of research talk about how it increases critical thinking because when you when you study art or any kind of sculpture painting or whatever yeah you know you're you're learning about like what your impression is and also what the artists intention was. And what historical influences there were. I mean it teaches you to look at something to think about all the different components of it and so Improve critical thinking historical. Empathy was another thing they studied of looking at how early americans thought and felt and imagine what life was like for those people Which you know you can do a lot of when you said he historical art. Yeah sure like reading out of a history book you don't. It's not easy to connect the dots especially where you live and what the curriculum is of those were real people. As real as i am living in a different time with like a completely different set of yeah and i think you know that that is really the power field trip you know. It's very easy when you sit in the classroom all day long with a textbook and every classes just sitting and textbook and sitting and textbook till i go somewhere kind of like jump starts your brain of. Oh this is different. I should pay attention. I think the reason. I remember my field trips. So well is because the how how they can you allies all the stuff that i was learning in a classroom and without that conceptualization like it would just i would i. My eyes would glaze over eventually not sort of absorbed the information. Yeah yeah when. I was in eighth grade. We had this opportunity and of course this required an additional investment so not. Everybody did this but we got to go to washington. Dc for like what two or three days was like a standard eighth grade opportunity and jeeze parents had to go to a meeting and pay this money for your flight and your lodging and then they had like two buses. That would like drive around these kids. And i got to go on that and it was never got to do anything like that sounds awesome. We also went to jefferson city. Which is the state capital. Hurry and i remember this very specifically because one of my classmates in third grade Dropped an ice cube down. The rotunda gotten a lot of trouble. Ohno you're not supposed to do that. Somehow we all knew about it. I mean this is one of those kids like always got in trouble. So what's he gonna do this time and that. That was the thing he did. Well if it's the kid that always gets in trouble and all they did was dropping ice cube down there. It could have been worse. Could have been way worse. And i will just say the other thing is that you know of course it like it. Increases the students interest in places like museums. You know like when we are looking for things to do with our son. We are always thinking about like superfund things. We know he'll be interested in right. And i understand why a lot of families could get in the routine of like I if i'm gonna spend money if i'm gonna spend time if i'm gonna drive. I don't know that. I necessarily want to take my kid to a place that they are potentially going to hate. Yeah but like a school field trip is like a. Hey this is what an art museum is like. And maybe your kid comes home and it's like now this. This is not boring and so yeah so i. I don't know if this is a thing like among kids today. Like if if i were to sit down with a fifth grader and ask them like tell me about the field trips if they would be like. What's a field trip like. I don't know if this really going out of fashion. I imagine this past year. They went on to definitely did. But i hope i hope it continues. Yeah there's i talked about this. I think early early early in this podcast when i talked about vr. How like the potential for that as like a virtual field trip opportunity remind our back in dinosaur times check out that bracket soroush smell him feel him love him potential kissing the calm on chair me bag. He always does one bad thing. Always kissing the brontosaurus. Hey can i steal you away yes thanks got a couple jumpy jobs here can i do. I'm always excited to hear what. What would you say year as sinton from red aaron. And it's four. Starman seth who says hey they're happy birthday but thank you for always being there for me and inspiring me to keep my heart open to the world. You're part of the reason. I smile every day and the world is so much brighter with you in it. You are my everyday big wonder. Take on the world. Starman see this is why we do jumbotron. This is it. This is right here. Just people sharing their enthusiasm for other people people loving people. Yes that's what it's all about. If we do that a little more. No would we even be here being this mess. You we sound very altruistic right now but we do get paid. We get this next one. Yes this is four scoots. It is from boots. Love it already. Hey scoots i just wanted to have our favorite small wonders. Wish you a happy birthday until you. How ultra bad ass. You are in these last eight years you've made me a dog person a wine bar owner and a splendor champ wink. What is what. okay finish. Sorry you are the snug champ of the world and i love you all the love and stuff thank you for letting me be your person. Happy birthday that's all. You have an awesome life. Let me just say you know what kind of well. I wish i had a wine bar. And also was good at splendour splinters. We've talked to wink though. What is the wing. What does that mean. Maybe they cheat. They always got some jim stones up their sleeves before they even start. I'm and you gotta keep an eye on that. What are we teaching our young young people. I don't know you're very principle today. I really am sh- manners now. Definition rules of etiquette designed not to judge others but rather to guide ourselves everyday social situations. Hello internet i'm your husband host travis mcelroy and i'm your wife host teresa mcelroy. Every week on schwimmer's we take a look at a topic that has to do with society or manners. We talk about the history of it. We take a look at how it applies to everyday life and we take some of your questions and sometimes we do a biography about a really cool person that had an impact on how we view etiquette so join us. Every friday and listen to sh- manners maximum fund dot org or wherever podcasts are found manners manners. Get it can. I do my thing yes please. My thing is the mall talking about babies. I'm glad to. Rachel makes fun of me. Alive convince the everyone's got mold fever right now. The mole is on netflix on netflix and wash it and we have been watching. I haven't enjoying it knows. Sure no spoilers for sure griffin. I feel like really overestimates. The cultural significance this show guys because he's like man. Maybe now that everybody's washing it again. You know like we'll see a reemergence of and i'm like do you think everybody's watching never been a better time to catch mole fever. Except maybe in the early yachts when the show originally excited. Because i did watch the first season yes There was a second season. I have never seen so i'm excited dip into that but we are still on the first season so compared to the big dogs. You're amazing races. Your survivors your big brothers which we do not watch the ladder. The mole was very short short-lived. It had to sort of regular seasons the second which had a subtitle which i can't remember the next betrayal the mole next betrayal and then there were two seasons of celebrity mole i believe hosted by ahmad rashad and then there was a fifth season that just like and i don't remember any of that is on netflix. Yeah it's not only. the first. two seasons are on netflix. So like it didn't it didn't go very long season one aired two thousand one and then it got a few. It was a pretty expensive show. I don't believe that that was true. I mean not compared to Well here's the thing like obviously amazing race similar right. You're traveling you're going to historic sites you're doing tasks but the mole like has all of these like additional players that like are trying to attack the team and all those people gotta get money unless maybe were production. Crew people like the broadway just like a yeah also had to hold a paintball gun key grip with a sniper paintball rifle. Okay anyway there we gotta remember. There's people listening to this. Who don't know okay. Sorry and explaining the premise of the mole. I feel like doesn't really capture what i adore about this show. But basically not a dermatological shop. No it is a you. Got contestants like ten. I think once he's had like thirteen a group of contestants around a dozen every episode they collaborate to try to complete a couple of these missions. And if they can do that if they complete the missions together as a team they add money to the prize pool. That one player will win at the end of the game the whole time though there's one of them is secretly and the mole is operatives working for the abc corporation and possibly anderson cooper. He possibly works. They possibly answer to anderson cooper who hosts the first two seasons And they sabotage those missions as best they can secretly as they can and at the end of every episode everybody takes twenty question quiz about the identity of the mole and it's super granular stuff. What did the mole. Where for lunch on tuesday What has the mole had. They're heartbroken before like how tall is the mall is something you couldn't just intuit. Yes and whoever scores the lowest on the quiz gets booted out gets sorry they call it executed. If they did start doing the mulligan. I have to think that they would soften some of the lane. 'cause i don't think you can say you've been executed and what i will say. This is very much of the time period. Is that anderson. Cooper sits in front of a computer and very slowly types in the letters of somebody's name and if they are executed the screen turns red. Yeah it's very like late. Nineties hacker you. I style shit anderson lemonade. Take a brief sidebar to say anderson. Cooper is all time on this fucking show. It's as if the director came to anderson cooper. It's like okay. You are the coolest human being that's ever lived. And you need to assert that energy in every breath that you breathe every word that you say every look that you give. These contestants also like what typically exists in reality program is a lot of separation between the host and the contestants. Yeah in the mole. He has dinner with them every night. He he is always with them and he likes socializes with them and win a contest and has to leave and he says for well. It seems very sincere. Yes but he always still has this air of. I'm smarter than you are and cooler than you are. That's my energy that. I have to give off as the host of the mole. Okay so anyway. That's the premise of the show. The biggest thing and it's something that not a lot of reality shows can boast is that it's interactive for the viewer because this whole time you're watching these challenges and you know seeing. Oh i wonder if they're going to succeed or not. But also you're watching the whole show like a hawk looking for these signs of sabotage and trying to figure out the whole time who who the mola's which. Fortunately it's been long enough. That i know i watched this first season. When it first aired. I do not recall. Yeah i know. I don't totally trust that. 'cause i i haven't instinct is to who it is but i'm not sure if this is just some like subconscious memory from the first time i watched it. Yeah but yeah no and the thing is like given the nature of the travel and the various expertise of the contestants like people make mistakes. That's right so you're watching it and you're thinking. Was that mistake intentional. Because they're the mall or was that mistake just cameras or was it or was it intentional to make everybody else. Think you're the most yeah. There is a benefit and getting people to think. You're the mall Because then they will do poorly on the final quiz and get eliminate exactly and from game design perspective. The missions themselves are brilliant in how they incorporate dozens of little points of failure throughout the whole thing they are convoluted and they take place in typically in foreign countries where virtually nobody competing speaks the language right. And then it's like okay. You have five hours to get to this library. And once you're there you're going to look inside of these books and find these maps and maps. We'll have tickets. And then you have to take the tickets to be specific spots in the it's like there's a lot of places where the mole could sabotage that but there's also a lot of places where just like you make one mistake and then the team doesn't get the money 'cause you pass or fail as as a unit as yeah yeah. It's really brilliant. It's really really smart. It taps into that that like where wolf mafia among us. Gee that is like big right now. So a lot of ways the mole was was well ahead of its time but apart from just the game designed the whole aesthetic of this show is so fucking unapologetically. Cornball to the max like it's like it was made by somebody who saw mission impossible eaters fifty five times and was like i'm going to do a show on. Yeah every episode opens with anderson cooper and like all black and a black leather jacket and he's standing in front of like death valley cliff and he's like catching you up on all the intrigue that has happened so previous episode. Jennifer was viciously executed by the mole. Now our teams must go It's just it's just so good. There's also a feeling of weirdly and this is just a artifact of its time watching it now like it feels weirdly underproduced compared to reality shows that are made now like it feels unpolished in a way like the people on it are not necessarily reality show personalities as they are kind of trained and and bread these days and there's also like there is conflict that occurs between the contestants but it is not played up in a way as to suggest like we know this is good television each other. Let's keep putting them in situations. The dark cloud looming overseas in one. There's a dude on the season. Who's like an old retired detective named charlie who sucks the moon out of the sky genuinely misogynistic like piece of shit. That like i dunno. I would hope twenty years later. The you know they've gotten a little bit better about weeding out. Terrible agents like that From from the casting process but although we know from our our forays into reality television not always true. Yeah his his. it's it is. It's uncomfortable to watch at times. It is i genuinely wish. She was not on the show because it is a it's a. It's a nice experience for me watching them all. It's nice and nostalgic and having this dude on there's like this broad over here like is early survivor too right. Yeah i guess. There's there's no perfect show no certainly certainly not But the the mole man. It's just it was too beautiful for this world but there are rumors circulate who that a new season of the mall is being shot right now in australia. That's just a rumor that there were like casting notices for some show and they didn't call it the mole but it sounded a whole lot like explain kind of why it's on netflix. And wyatt's having its moment as a cultural zeitgeist. I think it's great. I love reality competition shows. And i forgot when we started watching the mole it is. It is so rough the first episode or two that. I'm like am. I just like nostalgic for this but then like a few episodes in and you see how like complex the like how well they have pursued the whole concept of the shell of trying to determine who a saboteur is putting them through this like gauntlet of tests where they can gain information like. It's really smart. It's brilliant very watchable. It goes very quickly to because the tasks they give them. That is one problem. Kind of with the amazing race is sometimes they will give them that are intentionally tedious. Yes and physically challenging and and as a watcher you're like oh god i can't watch this person. Try and climb up this hill one more time now The mole isn't really that way the mall is very like mission. Impossible like we need you to go. Get this file from this agent in this town. It's not like we. We want to see you like shoot yourself in the face over and over again. Hey thank you so much for listening. Thank you to bowen and augustus for these theme song when he won't pay and finally to that episode description and thank you to maximum for having us on the network. I got so many good shows that you should go. Listen to check them out and listen to them. Yeah tights and fights titan fine. It's a good time with the folks over. Tights and fights have a good time with them. Hey our new graphic novel the adventuresome crystal kane and comes out extremely soon. We have an event coming up or we're going to do like a virtual Reading of it it's on july thirteenth. We're going to have special guests. You can find out more at bit dot l. y. slash. Tasr jian live. Twenty twenty one for more info We're going to have bookstores. Who are going to be selling books with the signed book plates in them And also there's a preorder gift you can get and it's lynn. Titular laptop sticker of kravitz. Beloved character from crystal kingdom and you can find out more about that. Bit dot l. y. Slash tasr four preorder and We got a bunch of merch over macaroni merch. A bunch of good stuff. There's a new best east shirt you can show your best love. Finally there's a a stoneware mug with the adventure zone logo on it. There's a lot of good stuff over. There is that pin of you. Ask him for a sword. There's a pin me asking for a sword. There's a we have a pin of the month that we do every month this this month. That's for the gucci. Wolves from our new art has either see and sales of that benefit the innocence project which exonerates the wrongly convicted through dna testing and reforms. The criminal justice system to prevent future injustice really great cause. Yeah so ether. See all yeah. Y'all haven't checked out either. See it's really how we did. A whole Prequel thing that was five episodes. That was a lot of fun. If you don't wanna listen to that. I did an short sort of summary thing that you can listen to. Because guess what i think. The day this airs the first episode proper of the season of us playing d. and stuff starts tomorrow. Good time to get on board. Yes thank for listening. Thank you so psyched. Naby echinacea is completely run. Its course and you know. I've been how sweaty. I've been over here this whole episode. That's my balmy trying to push out the toxins of the echinacea or it could be the eighty degree temperature. It could also be those up billion but jillian degrees. Yeah but has a whole command center in. Here is a lot of heat. It's not my gaming. Maybe it's this. Maximum fund dot org comedy and culture. Artists owned audience supported.

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Debating healthy obesity, delaying type 1 diabetes, and visiting bone rooms

Science Magazine Podcast

45:57 min | 3 months ago

Debating healthy obesity, delaying type 1 diabetes, and visiting bone rooms

"Welcome to the science podcast. For july thirtieth. Two thousand twenty one. I'm sarah crespi. Each week we feature the most interesting news and research published in science and the sister journals first up this week staff writer. Jennifer cousin frankel discusses ongoing research into the paradox of so-called healthy obesity. Next researcher colin diane at talks about approaches to slowing and maybe one day preventing type one diabetes and children finally in the first installment of our series of monthly book segments on science and race author. Daniel redmond discusses his book own rooms from scientific racism human prehistory with guest host angeles saney now has staff writer. Jennifer cousin frankel. She wrote a feature story this week on the complex relationship between obesity and health. Hi jennifer hi. Thanks for having me. I'm happy to have you. And i'm going to try to be very careful about how i describe what's going on here. This is a very tricky topic. Was this difficult in general to research and write about it was i mean i think the language we use is very important and very weighted no pun intended. Now boy here and there's really pushing pull from both ends of the spectrum so there are people who would say that obesity is generally unhealthy and then there are other people who would say that's really not true. We've kind of adopted that idea but it's not correct so my story is trying to kind of walk the line here and do what i always try to do. Which is to look at the evidence. As best i can and the first piece of evidence he present in. Your story is a really great opener. These are the most overweight mice that have been bred. I guess they aren't necessarily metabolic unhealthy. Yes so these were. Mice created by a researcher who who normally studies diabetes at the university of texas southwestern medical center and he created these mice. There was one set of parents who lacked the hormone leptin. Leptin is a hormone that an appetite suppressant that essentially signals to us. When it's time to stop eating when we feel and the other parents of these mice overproduced another hormone called adiponectin which is turned out by fat cells and is thought to support metabolic health protecting against certain diseases. Like type two diabetes. So essentially these mice didn't have left and they didn't know when to stop eating but then they did make this other beneficial hormone adiponectin and the mouse pups kind of combine the traits of their parents. They eight nonstop but unlike other leptin deficient mice and also people. There are people who cannot make leptin. They did not have metabolic abnormalities needs. They had normal cholesterol. They had healthy blood glucose. They didn't end up with type two diabetes but they were over hundred grams. Yes so these. Mice weighed about one hundred and thirty grams. Which doesn't sound like a whole lot. But for a mouse that's the equivalent of about six hundred pounds in a person so they were really really obese. This is where we start to get this idea of metabolic. We healthy obesity. The mice were large. They were eating out of control. What some of these markers for issues with cholesterol and glucose they were within healthy ranges. Yeah they really didn't have the the sort of the risk factors that obesity is thought to increase risk of getting and the story. here is not just. Oh well if you have that hormone. That's protective that's associated with fat. Then you're all good researchers you talk about really trying to figure out what uncouple 's weight and health status of these differentiating factors. Can you give some examples of what they're looking at. Yeah and so. The united states really important to mention that just as with any other biologic difference or condition. There's a lot of variability here. So we know that there are people who are overweight or obese obesity defined as having a body mass index above thirty and overweight as twenty five to thirty so there are people who are particularly who are obese and who do look metabolic the healthy and then there might be somebody who's lean who is not metabolic healthy. Obviously there are a lot of individual differences but when we talk about obesity as one researcher said to me are different types of obesity. And some of them we understand and some of them. We don't so one of the differences is how one carries once fat there couple of different places where fat can be stored in the body and one is is subcutaneous meaning under the skin so there you would have fat under the head of the by the upper arms the backside and the other areas visceral which is kind of behind the muscles in the abdomen. You might see someone with bigger bali and they're that person might have excess visceral fat and what scientists know from having studied. This is that visceral fat tends to be associated with much higher risk of different metabolic conditions or markers that aren't healthy than subcutaneous fat and subcutaneous fat can be healthy to you. Know we need fat. So if you don't have fat you've got a problem and storing and subcutaneous. This considered healthy. That's that's a good storage space for fat one of the debates. That you touch on your story is this definition. You know if we were going to make one of someone who has metabolic -ly healthy obesity. What are the different camps. How might this be staked out. Yeah so you know. Of course if we wanna study something and also use it in the clinic. We need to have a definition and right now there is not a definition that's universal or universally agreed upon for metabolic healthy obesity one definition. That's been not uncommon is essentially absence of obvious metabolic concerns in particular the absence of something called metabolic syndrome which is a constellation of risk factors that increases one's risk of cardiovascular disease diabetes and lean people can have metabolic syndrome people who are beasts can have it and some people say if you don't have metabolic syndrome and you are obese your metabolic the healthy other people may question that because they say well you cannot have metabolic syndrome but you can still have markers of ill health. You can still check some of the boxes but not all the boxes so you could have high blood sugar for example but not have metabolic syndrome. Another question is what's the goal. Here is the goal to say that somebody who's metabolic healthy and who is obese. Doesn't die any sooner against somebody who is metabolic. Lee healthy and lean. There was another definition recently proposed. That looked really just at mortality across different weight classes and proposed another definition of metabolic healthy obesity. Based on that saying that you know this is what we care about. and so let's define it on that basis Will the first two you talked about whether or not metabolic syndrome as president or whether one or two parts of that are present. They create a much different landscape of obesity. So for example in the united states where forty percent of adults are considered obese. What percentage of them would be metabolic. Healthy depends on which definition. And it's a very big difference. It's a huge range. And depending on your definition and have been a lot of different studies on this i would say anywhere from about five percent to more than half of people with obesity would be considered metabolic the healthy. So that's such a difference. Another quote that you have in the article says maybe metabolic healthy obesity exists. But it could just be a stop along the way to having problems later. Yeah and that was something that i think. Researchers kinda struggle with how to think about that so there are a few features that make one more likely to be metabolic. The healthy if what has obesity one is being a woman. It's more common in women to be metabolic healthy. If obese another is being younger the third is having a bmi under thirty five but the piece about being younger is really important. So if you look at cohorts of adults of different ages you might see that. A higher percentage who were younger are meta bosley healthy if they are obese or if they're lean for that matter you know all of us are more likely to develop metabolic issues as we get older so researchers might say well maybe your metabolic lee healthy now at forty with a bmi of thirty five. But what's going to happen to you at sixty. Are you going to be metabolical unhealthy. But else might say well but if you have an extra twenty years of not being metabolic leeann healthy you know. That's pretty beneficial versus somebody. Who has say type two diabetes when they're forty you know that's a big difference. So there's a debate there. But i think there is agreement to some extent that you know if your metabolic healthy right now. That is important night. There are a lot of problems for people carrying excess weight outside of metabolism. Like cancer or joint. Pain things like that. You know my story is really focused. On metabolic health. Right and i think it is important to remember that there are other health concerns associated with obesity sleep apnea another one. That's pretty common particularly and people who are who really struggle with obesity but yes there's a higher risk of cancer there's a higher risk of osteoarthritis and so on so met metabolism doctors and researchers will say that's not the only concern but it's a big despite obesity is links with metabolic issues and other health concerns focusing on weight loss as treatment. Might not be the best idea. Well i think there's disagreement in this field and there is disagreement among advocates. Who worry about discrimination and other concerns and researchers and doctors. One thing that people really do agree on is that we do not do a good job. In general of helping people who have obesity and studies have shown that it's it's really tough to keep off weight that's lost weight can be lost but then over one year two years five years. Not necessarily all that way but a lot of that way is likely to be regained. Just statistically if you're looking across population physicians. I talked to said they have seen so many people really struggle with this and kind of lose and regain and it's it's just so so difficult in so many ways and it's not really medically helpful so one question is do we need to kind of recalibrate. A reframe how we treat people with obesity in a medical setting right now we look at someone and we see their weight and of course. That's true whether it's medicine or just in general but we don't see what's happening inside their bodies so we might see somebody who is carrying what looks like a lot of extra way but they might have great cholesterol. In great blood glucose and no type two diabetes than there may be someone who is not as overweight but does have those problems and so for talking about weight loss and people might wanna lose weight for all sorts of reasons. But if we're talking about weight loss we might want to consider success based on metrics beyond just the number of pounds lost or the percentage of body weight loss. You know somebody who's starting with high blood glucose improving that by losing some weight and that can be. I think really helpful. So if the focus of metabolic health are these biomarkers than should those biomarkers be the focus of treatment or plan to get healthier. Yeah definitely and i think you know some physicians probably do that already and then others don't i wouldn't say nobody is is focused on that but there some question about business need to permeate medical care a little more and could that be helpful in a number of different ways. There's also some problems. Where if a person goes to the doctor and they have a health complaint. All the doctors focus on weight loss and forget about the health complaint that got them there in the first place. That's something that i heard about reporting the story. They may forget about the health complaint where they may say that the only way to solve the health complaint is by losing way and that may be possibly one way to find improvement but it may not be the only way and then there are people who who have obesity who may just not go to the doctor because they know that this is. What's going to happen and you know they don't wanna deal with that so i think it is a real problem right now. I- scientists tease apart the mechanisms. At work here. What are doctors supposed to today when a patient comes in and yes. They want to be healthy. One point at several Several people i spoke with to me at in they treat patients themselves is the importance of exercise movement as some like call it. Exercise can sound a little intimidating and really moving around more going for hikes or walks doing yoga swimming any number. Different different forms of exercise can be hugely beneficial metabolic. -ly it can improve the body's response to insulin. It can help clear fat from the liver and that can happen. You know even without someone losing much weight so a number of people. I spoke with felt that that's something that's something they advise and they also feel like. It's more attainable doable. For a lot of people if we think of ways to to make it fit with their comfortable with and medically it can be really beneficial and psychologically beneficial potentially for all of us not just for people with obesity. Thank you jennifer. Thank you jennifer. Cousin frankel is a staff writer for science. You can find a link to the news story. We discussed at science mag dot org slash podcast. Stay tuned for a chat with researcher. Colin diane about preventing type one diabetes in childhood. This year marks the hundredth anniversary of the discovery of insulin. Up until nineteen twenty one type. One diabetes diagnosis was a death sentence by the beginning of nineteen twenty two. Insulin was being administered. This time to a fourteen year old boy in canada today. Tad has become a chronic disease. This week as part of a package on type. One diabetes colin diana and colleagues write a review on preventing type one diabetes and childhood. Hi colin type. One diabetes is an autoimmune disease. Can you describe how we get from autoimmune disease to not enough insulin to diabetes. An ulta mean disease means that they mean process is attacking parts of our own body at a very specific pot because type one diabetes. The only sell. Let's targeted is the beat of style that makes incident it attacks the b. two cells. There are antibodies but actually the damage the cells probably predominantly to t lymphocytes. A white blood cells crawl into the island and then kill the cell now in the past. The detection of this disease came in a point when many of the beta cells had already been lost typically right about twelve years of age but there is a way to detect it earlier. What are some of the ways that researchers are looking to detect type one diabetes before it's progress so far so we seem to be able to lose about eighty percent of our ability to make instant before the the glucose level goes up but we can't detect the ultimate process. And the most sensitive way. We do that. Now is with the thickening antibodies to the beach house to proteins within the fbi to sell so these are all molecules proteins that are present only in the b. to settle almost only in the b. so the presence of high tide is of these. Antibodies suggests that you do have an ultimate impresses going. There are other approaches. You can take you run by the t. cell response is what actually damages the cells. That's very tricky. Dementia and people have tried a long time to measure tesol responses in but a third approach is to look genetics because we can identify people at high risk. That doesn't say you've got the disease but it helps us to focus on the people who are likely to get. How early would it be possible to say. Find an antibody to one of the proteins that would indicate that beta cells are going to be under attack at some point. You can detect it attention the first year probably the best time if you want to catch as many people as possible is around. The age of three years now doesn't make sense to incorporate something like this into these hardly wide screens that we do of infants so it does make sense. But it's target so if you were to measure for example in the uk we think of the preschool vaccination Engaged three and a half. If we do that we will catch about fifty percent of children again. Get type one diabetes during childhood. We miss the ones that are going to be diagnosed at the age of one or two or three. I will miss some. Who haven't gotten there. Antibodies yet so that's why i mean by moving target. You may have to do more than one time point. What are the benefits of knowing that type. One diabetes is coming down the pike for kid. We realized that there are benefits in several different ways so the first is to do with the advantages of knowing early and most children adults. Actually when the diagnosed with type one diabetes diagnosed pretty mate which means they lost quite of insolent at the beginning to get sick. When you lose that last part of the blood sugars go up pretty quickly and then very soon you develop key to acidosis. Which is when the so little incident around that it's not switching off the keaton generating process. And then you become very celtic end up intensive care at in the uk at least one child every year or every two years dies in keith acidosis at the first diagnosis because it was picked up to like tomorrow so this is a dangerous game to play if you pick it up early before the blood sugars have begun to rise. Those people don't get show acidosis than instead of a rate of around seventy percent of kito acidosis of presentation it drops in less than five percent. But i think the second really important advantage that maybe people have dental type. One diabetes. Don't quite yet. So when you dive as type one diabetes. It means you're gonna take instant for the rest of your life. This is not just a tablet. You have to swallow every day. Insulin is a Change every day according to exercise according to your carbohydrate intake. Coding to other stresses that are happening you have to monitor. You should have many times then. Make those adjustments. It is the most difficult drug we asked people to take. And there's a huge amount to learn. We have cost his lasting five days to teach people had to adjust the instant. Now imagine trying to learn that when you're in the intensive care when you had the shock of a diagnosis or when you're eight oh in your izzo exact cray whereas if you told a couple of years before it's coming we know that when you're one year i will pick up when we can start having classes. You can stop talking to other. People can stop getting to think about what that does. Is you get over the shock of the diagnosis. And you come to a place where you can take or this morning much more relaxed way. We believe actually sets you up for the disease better for the rest of your life. There's also the idea of putting off the destruction slowing things down through treatments. Can you talk about some of the approaches where you interfere with. This progression of the autoimmune part of this disease so getting screened is good. Once you have been screened. I mentioned the advantages of knowing early. But you oversee would prefer having intervention so in twenty nineteen was the first report of a monitoring edge but he against t-cells hold the have that transient depleted. T. cells in three population and remarkably that resulted in a delay. In onset of type one diabetes by to in fact three years on average and some of those people have gotten a diabetes yet. Clearly that tells us that the immune system as the key play hit and talking in system is going to be beneficial and queuing up behind the plane trying to land on a runway a civil other dimensions which have already shown benefit. When i said they've shown benefit they would generally tested in new onset cases. So we mentioned it. When you're newly diagnosed you have about twenty percent of. He'll be to celts left. You can give immune interventions of that point and show that the remaining part incident is lost more slowly and as a say at least six treatments that have shown benefits at that time. We're talking about delaying onset. But not necessarily completely averting the onset. That's why you say you know. Preventing childhood type one diabetes correct and. We're trying to think of a staged approach into this. So many of the other autoimmune diseases routinely using Therapies and. I should say we're not talking about the kind of immune therapy that's houston transplantation. This is not destructive therapy that completely disabled jamuna system is the kind that's used routinely in inflammatory bowel disease. Crohn's disease rheumatoid arthritis juvenile idiopathic arthritis major two years old. In psoriasis. skin disease being used for over ten years in the case of ruth For twenty years and what. They've learned to retort. Athritis is one drug works for a while and then maybe it doesn't work so now you need to switch to another and then another and another and doing this. What they found is that you don't get the long-term destruction of people used to see of joints and we can do the same thing toubon diabetes by just knowing where you are. We can keep putting the time that you need insulin. And there are a lot of benefits in the long term to putting off that time to win. You need insulin. Yeah absolutely within incomes hypoglycemia. With insulin comes all the carbohydrate counting all drug adjustment. If you don't need in that means that you should visit controlled by your body. So here's the advantages. You don't need to think about incident to take it. You have pretty much normal blood sugar control with no effort and the long that you have good blood sugars. The more you reduce the risk of the long term complications of diabetes blindness can failure for problems and so on and we do know that early control is money in the bank. So it's actually better have good control of the beginning then after that. Yes because it gives you advantages that lost twenty or thirty years beyond that. The wild swings in sugar is bad for you especially early. Yes the lease that this is such a challenge is that insulin is such a dynamic coleman that we can all mimic it. Even with the advance close with therapies. They'd try but they don't quite manage. What the body could do. Currency less than thirty percent of people mentioned control To talk less and that doesn't mean completely no less to the talk that's been set and even those who do it's a huge asset for them and a worrying about half a glycemic day in the app so removing all of that and particularly if you think about childhood fee think about a child of eight nine ten years old they they just wanna go to school. They wanna play. You wanna run around. Wanted to do exercise. they don't be thinking about. Oh they have to have a job here in glucose check. The parents also don't want to be worrying about hypoglycemia in the night and are they missing. Something was happening with the cam. All of that is swept away for the period that you don't need insulin and the next step that might be on the map here would be to avert this all together to do those early detection and to stop the disease in its tracks. It's further away. But can you talk about some of options. That are being considered for that approach. The drugs that i've talked about that are widely used are selective but absolutely be to sell specific. I wanted ideally. Want his just affecting me. Response to those beatles the bad one hold of the rest of the new system intact that would be the so one way of thinking about it is that we do know that. There are regulatory t cells so as well as bad guys an destructive such toxic sales. They're also wants to protect us and their present in everybody. And that's how you stop autoimmune diseases so if he could give him cruel unvaccinated you could give a protein from the beata sell in such a way that you expand the regulatory cells not the way we normally go to expand the destructive cells against the foreign microbe infection. Then that would be that would protect. You could have boosted japs kind of thing. We do for kobe. Nineteen that would keep things going without negative impacts on the rest of you mean system tanno saying here's a piece of yourself instead of saying here's a foreign invader you should attack correct. We don't know how that platform would look at. There's a lot of people working in that technology can min-soon of it's actually much tougher to stop meat. Prices than to prevent having the first place so the once. Thieving system gets his teeth into things. It's got strong memory and it keeps trying to go back to that. That's what works effectively. So why can't we averted in the first place and to give you a sense of why that might work in identical twins. There's a concordance for fifty percents. That means that invictus indicates the identical twin navigates type one diabetes even genetically identical to all of these. Things are telling us that there aren't things in the environment that beyond genetics. That influence whether you go from that stack of genetic risk indirect. She getting to meet. And that's what we want to try and target and the belief is that the microbiome plays a large part that yeah i was really surprised to read especially under the review that we're suddenly talking about the microbiome. How how could that be involved in the development of type one diabetes from the moment that you born yoga is colonized in the gut to skin. As of many parts of your body have microbes that day day in day out and yukon spend time trying to destroy them that you the immune system to learn to deal with that and so you can imagine they shape your immune system. They punch holes in system by identifying things that you should not respond to that you then begin to treat almost as south and that can make you vulnerable but it can also affect what happens in terms of opportunity if you're only Two bucks that look a little bit like you'll be to sell. So that's why the idea emerged as absolutely no doubt that your microbiome affects the development of human system. What's the evidence that this is linked twist to d. So what we do know is that there are certain. Bacteria gift of activity is a peak. That happens between about six twelve of age and bet peak seems to be associated with a higher risk of people going on to get your buddies and then go on developing deputies. So the idea is that if we could actually change how that microbiomes developed particularly avoid the peak at some people seem to get of a particular bug that actually that might shape immune system get into much better shape in form that it will resist any attempt of the environment committee to the beatles in the far off distant future. We'll be shaping the immune systems of infants through the factory that live in. They're getting on her skit. Exactly right people are getting more more scientific about this and identify particular profile particular mixtures of bacteria that live in your gut. The you could poke light and the thought is if you do it pretty much from beth you establish a stable different microbiome. That would then set you up to avoid things in the future. You could do that every child. But we have ways of identifying the people particularly at risk and so we can stop the probiotic from birth physically covering a period. Probably the first twelve months when it's critical had the microbiome is formed and thereby reduced substantially that chance of getting up under. Bt's so you could start with the microbiome and if that reduces incidence by fifty percent. That's a good thing. Then syra convert. That's the point to which we can think by. Maybe those antigen specific inventions and then later on can think of to blizzard out those drugs that are around that and then we might have to give a few people insulin at the end of the day but i often say to my medical students. I'd like it to be the when we see a diagnosis of type. One diabetes in childhood is a real rarity. The doctors gather around the go. Get this. that is so unusual. That's what i'd like to see. That would be amazing. All right thank you so much. Colin right collin. Diane is a professor of clinical diabetes and metabolism at cardiff university and senior clinical researcher at the welcome center for human genetics at university of oxford. You can find a link to the review. We discussed and the rest of the special issue on type. One diabetes at science mag dot org slash podcast. Don't miss the first in our series of six books segments on the intersection of science and race this month host angeles saney talks with samuel redmond about his book own rooms from scientific racism to human. Hello and welcome. I'm angela. Saney science journalist author and host of this series of books podcasts. This is the first of six monthly episodes each looking at a different book exploring facets of the fraught subject of science and race today joined by samuel redman associate professor of history at the university of massachusetts amherst before graduate. School redmond worked at the field museum of natural history among others and it was during this time that he became interested in the collection and interpretation of human remains in twenty sixteen. He published bone rooms from scientific racism to human prehistory in museums looking at the work of american museums including the smithsonian to tell the human story through skeletons in the book he writes the act of organizing bones on museum shelves represented something of a physical articulation of attempts to create a science to classifying humankind as he shows having something to measure and quantify doesn't mean that your research is a political. So samuel. thanks so much for joining me festival for those not familiar with this concept. What are these in rooms that you mentioned the title of your book. When i was a new intern looking around for missing collections. I i heard the term bone rooms. That i really didn't know that was or what that meant. But it turns out there these designated rooms or spaces within museum collections that hold hundreds and in many cases thousands of human remains that represent the legacy of collecting and science around the human body at natural history museums museums of anthropology. If we go back to the nineteenth century the world of research was quite a bit different than it was today colleges and universities at least in the united states at that time were still pretty sleepy places where people were doing. Things like memorizing rote learning of greek and latin training. How to be priests and things of that nature museums on the other hand were some of the most cutting edge research faces in the world when a james smithson gave his gift of his inheritance to the young united states. There was a huge debate about what should be done with that money. Should they create a national university. should they create Astrological research institute or study astronomy. And what they landed on of museums because museums in that era were considered some of the most important research engines. So if we're thinking about the construction of ideas about race and humanity and human anatomy. It became really interesting to me. Not just to look at some of these intellectual tax or these sort of trustees that people would put out but to think the physical evidence that they were trying to gather to natch those things or to support the different ideas that they have and ultimately many of these things ended up in spaces like bone rooms. What i found fascinating about your book is just how central the skeletons became to scientific understanding of race and it wasn't as though the skeletons came first and then the idea of race merge the idea race was there and then the skeletons kind of reinforced. Can you explain how that happened. So understanding those ideas common ideas were emergent in the nineteenth century and in some ways connected to things like debates about slavery and justifications for enslavement of human beings from africa and elsewhere around the world. It became this really complicated project was multifaceted. People disagreed about the nature of these things. But importantly and i think this speaks to your question. Bones were seen as a fairly stable data point or a way to sort of render these questions with some stability so measuring people out in the field. It proves cumbersome unwieldy human bones are actually pretty stable in that you can take a human skull and if kept under the right conditions will more or less look like the same human skull fifty or a hundred years later so that became a really important tool for people who were utilizing the science of the era to try to unpack ideas about racial difference. This is deeply and viewed with what we now rightly considered racist science. I also think that there are some interesting sort of fundamental questions that are still pertinent and relevant to us today that if we try to look without these horrible racist actions and connection to scientific racism. We still wonder why people look different from different continents. We still wonder what potentially are there. Differences between the sexes and ideas about gender are really hotly contested in our public discourse. Today all of those ideas in some ways had some connection back to the legacy of building these massive bone rooms so it wasn't just like this esoteric thing that people were doing on the side. I argued that it becomes really central to all of these debates. And if you look at newspapers and magazines and major exhibitions not just museum records. You can see how this was popularly debated and thought about and attractive in some ways to people in in the united states. I mean you could say that the it would have been possible for people to look at skeletons and study. Human difference even study the idea of race in a neutral way but embedded within all of this was not just classification there was also hierarchy. Wasn't there without a doubt one of the major scientists right off the bat that i quote says something like i think that american indians should be ascribed a lower place on human hierarchy. Ben euro americans another collector. That i look at allosaur glychko. Who's a complicated nasty guy. He says at one point. That african americans in his view are capable of eighty percent of why the typical euro-american is capable of. I mean it's it is intensely linked up to racial racialist and indeed racist ideas of the era that were quite common but in some meaningful ways. Those ideas motivated the actions of collecting assistant. These people that you mentioned a not marginal figures. Either i mean. They are central to science museums without a doubt. So i think they're. They're sort of two things happening. There that i was recod- i became really interested in bone rooms. One of the things. I became interested in and this is the problem. I argue with a lot of history of science. Is that sometimes. We latch onto these major figures in the story then think about individuals that listeners may have heard of like samuel george morton who was called by some the quote unquote father of american anthropology and really sets a precedent for a lot of this collecting in his mccranie americana. That really encourages people especially around the era of the civil war of you race a particular way and also get in on the act of collecting as i went through these museum records. One thing that really stood out to me is surprising is that it wasn't just these major big name. Scientists it was farmers and missionaries and amateurs and military officers and medical officers and many many many other people who somehow caught wind of this somehow knew that there was a project to collect you and remains at the smithsonian institution and. We're glad to boxes up and send them sometimes at their own expense this olien so that's what. I became really interested in awareness this intellectual history that we often sort of think we know. In relation to samuel george morton and figures like allison. Let's gus who i should say becomes the first head of the smithsonian's physical anthropology program and takes it from a collection of about four thousand sets of human remains and builds. It you know. Maybe doubles triples the size of the collection and he does it not just by collecting on his own which he does. He goes down to places like peru he goes to alaska but he's also collecting remains through these sort of also whisper networks that we haven't really unpacked and talked about how they play a role in this. Because it's it's interesting to me that more collect a couple of hundred skulls but how do you get thirty thousand skulls at the smithsonian are thirty thousand sets of human remains. I should say seems like there's a little bit of a gap there that you know. I wanted to try to fill in with the book bone. And that's one of the fascinating things about your book is that it's almost this huge national project or international project of citizen. Science will citizen ray science even that everybody is getting in on it and it was very opportunistic. The way that you describe how Particularly the remains of indigenous peoples were collected With very little care about how communities might feel about this novice in almost all these cases they would have been shocked This kind of collection and yet people didn't seem to mind they did it anyway. Why was that sit. Walnut was seen as acceptable to just grave rob in that way. Great question. of course like we've been talking about. The context is really important and one of the things that i think when we think about this story sometimes we are so connected or so thinking about the intellectual history of how these people are debating these phenomenon in europe and in the united states that sometimes we lose sight of what i might call cultural history or the social street involved in that of forces as this emerging are phenomenon like. We've touched on already. Likes the civil war and debates about the police of african americans and these freedman after the war. Should they be citizens. How should they fit within the national fabric. Of course native americans. At this time are still not considered citizens they wouldn't be until the nineteen twenties. They have the unique tense relationship in many respects with people in the united states. There's this idea. The sort of contradictory idea that people walked to wedge out american indians and pushed them to the side and yet they're also they're quote unquote antiquities as far as material remains are somehow considered part of the national heritage in the united states. And they make us different than the colonial powers in europe. So this is seen in some ways as an asset especially. There's a major turning point with a nineteen o. Six american antiquities act where people start viewing this as more of an asset and burials and remains as i show in bone rooms figuring prominently to the conversation around that act so i think yes we need to think more about this national story where native americans fit in and they've always been sort of uncomfortably but exploited to this extreme degree so this represents sort of fundamental problem retention tension between this emergent science with this very thin line. You're right between the evolution of archaeology and outright grave robbing where there were letters that i found in the archives that i described that ultimately ends up in the smithsonian collection where army medical officers are army officers. Say i stole this off of a funeral. Pyre native americans. Were shooting arrows. At me as i was doing this act of theft but the teeth on this individual. Were so beautiful. That kept it on my mantle for twenty years before sending it to you but smithsonian institution tip becomes my suck at trophy in not a hundred percent. Sometimes when we're rendering this from reverse. We see this at an anthropology collection or archaeology collection. And we think of it as co joined with the history of those sciences which indeed they are in some ways. But it's this big complicated collection where there are indeed examples of outright theft and grave. Robbing there are many many more mysterious. Where things just showed up into the collection with very limited information apart of the without a doubt says all of these remains should go home as i encountered these really gut wrenching stories. That for my view suggest. Very little atonement to the wishes of the deceased or their ancestors or anything remotely resembling that and it is something that museums and scientific institutions are having to confront now You know there's this. Very big reckoning happening within the sciences went when it comes to race in particular human remains the have been attempts repatriation dignified burial. What are your thoughts on. What's happening right now. How how scientists behaving this moment in nineteen ninety a law was asking the united states called nag run for short or the native american graves protection and repatriation act and that law without a doubt even if we look at it. Now is incomplete or with some degree of right-minded cynicism. It's a major turning point in thinking about this whole story. In the united states in that recognized tribes federally recognized drives were able to legally demand the return of burial goods objects of cultural patrimony so significant across the whole tribe or human remains and that was a major step but there were barriers thrown up. People were very often abiding by the letter of the law and not the spirit of the law and it it was very specifically written that it was an act of out gravesites. It's intended to address this problem of looting. They're very real problems that this connects to but it also misses a whole bunch of for example. A question that i think has come up in twenty twenty one and twenty twenty. Why is it that this law should govern. The collection of native american remains when african american remains were collected under similar ethical guises with problems associated with that but they don't have that same legal recourse the remains that really were probably most hotly contested. This year in the united states involved. Here we are in the pandemic. Were doing a lot of things. Remote learning and via the internet and a professor at the university of pennsylvania utilize in tur- teaching us some remains of a bombing victim from nineteen eighty five who died in a police action. What's called the move bombing and philadelphia that hit people from my view. A really visceral way to know that there were people's living ancestors who were there in the didn't know what had happened to these remains. It struck people as intensely problematic and a reach in ethical norms and behaviors. Even if the science may be hadn't caught up with that yet. And i think that's an important point. That's the sort of scientific best practices or ethics may have allowed for this. But in the court of public opinion it was an agree jisk- violation of ethical norms. Thank you some. you'll redmond it's been a pleasure and thank you at home listening. I'm angela seyni. I hope you'll tune in next episode one month from now with professor of medical signs. Lundy braun discussing her book breathing race into the machine. And that concludes this edition of the science. Podcast if you have any comments suggestions for the show right to us at science podcast at a s. dot. Org you can listen to the show on the science website science mag dot org slash podcast on the say you'll find links to the research and news discussed in the episode. You can subscribe there or anywhere. You get your podcast. This show was edited produced by sarah. The with production help from prodigy. Can't well and joel goldberg special. Thanks to intern. Claire hogan transcripts by scrapie and jeffrey compose music on behalf of science magazine publisher triple. As thanks for joining us.

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Bonus Episode  Chicagos Paranormal Panel with Ursula Bielski


1:44:02 hr | 1 year ago

Bonus Episode Chicagos Paranormal Panel with Ursula Bielski

"Hey everyone welcome to Chicago's paranormal panel as you can see. We're not doing this in a normal panel format Basically basically Patrick decided that he doesn't WanNa be in a room with me anymore and so we're doing it virtually I'm your moderator for this panel. I'm Nick Ragas the producer of Freak of the Week Aka Mr Freak of the week also the executive director of Mooring Development and. I believe I'm still the only skeptic to ever be guest on the ghostly podcast I think so. Yeah so. I'm going to introduce our panelists today. starting with Rebecca rivers. Who is right underneath of me if you if it's lineup differently on your screen. She's one of the red hair and I'll just read her description here. Rebecca Co host and the resident believer of ghostly podcast. She has been interested in the paranormal. And all things spooky since childhood. Rebecca is also the host of the walking dead podcast on the DVD MP network and could heard on multiple memorium development podcast including frequently. Week and Mr Wiggly's motion Happy Friendship Garden. Rebecca received her masters degree in English literature because she's fancy from Depaul University and works as a career. Counselor a Rebecca Miss Anything. You did not miss anything thank you. I'm so excited to be here. Rebecca's also the person that I think gets annoyed by me more than anyone else and it comes to productions so I think that's true. Yeah Yeah Gray sure also when we play poker yes. We don't do stuff like that legal. We're not friends outside of this at all. I don't know next up. Is the gentleman with the best in all of the buttons. Which is Mr Bob Anderson? Oh either Bob is the host of the paranormal PODCAST BOB AFTER DARK. He has been a paranormal enthusiasts since he was a wee lad. Baba's dabbled in many aspects of the spooky world from both research and investigations sort of a Swiss army. Knife in the occult world knowing about not only ghostly haunting but crypto. Zoology and demon -nology. Bob also helps people with any sort of paranormal phenomena that they may be experiencing. He's also apparently obsessed with a Leprechaun in Mobile Alabama on my buyer. Forget how's IT GOING BOB? Oh Hey there everybody. Happy can make loud. Wind started on a happy note happy. We're all together. That's the important thing altogether true. Yes all right next up. Is the gentleman with the beard and the hair. That isn't drinking diet. Coke that would be Steve. Michaels Steve Michaels is a professional wrestler based Chicago. He wrestles for multiple promotions across the United States and can currently be seen on the national TV. Show lovie w wrestling on Youtube America every Friday night. Any spare time. Steve is a regular co host. Bob After dark and has fifteen years of paranormal investigation experience. Steve is also a CO founder of the Midwest. Paranormal Research Society where his primary role is as a member of their tech team and evidence analysts analysis. Sorry also Steve even though he's part of Bob after dark does not get his name in the title of the show for some reason. Yeah no I've I've been lobbying at for quite some time and let's let's be honest. It should be Bob and Steve or at least Stephen Bob. After dark thanks. That's another that's a whole new panel letting deemed show that you tell them. Steve Bob and people totally flocked to that. I originally pitched the Stephen Bob tied experience. But it just didn't take off. No you'd never pitch that. I see he doesn't even remember. Julius is law always bigly always big league in all right next stop is the one that looks like Eddie. Vedder kind of Guess you Patrick Harrington. Pat is one half or if you injure Rebecca I the other half. I added that in just because I don't take directions. Well of ghostly and the walking dead podcasts on the TV MP network. While Patrick is known skeptic he is a he has a love for everything spooky. You promises to behave today. You can find pat on almost all memorium development podcast or heckling slash watching the livestream of Bob after dark. When he's not behind the microphone. He's also the one with the background right now. I have a background. Yeah well I mean I thought like ghosts background and I didn't think you were actually going to have one and I would like to say that you guys look great for being in quarantine as I look like some kind of homeless person applying for a job. Yeah well that's normal for you though is it is kind of normal. This is my normal. Look Yeah I think you look lovely pat. You looked. I looked exactly like that and then I took a shower and now I look them off. You're sitting there and shower. I didn't say that don't put words in my mouth. I would say it. I mean I showered at least twice during this quarantine. That's that's that's the record for you asked is I'm trying to be cleaner. You know we do have one more person introduce And that's the lovely Ursula or I'm going to pronounce your name wrong. I'm sure is it Bilski. That is the popular pronunciation it's we pronounce it here in my family but I think it probably should be heels. He so you're actually. I would've said the most people to I would have said before you got on. Everybody else was like. Oh it's Bielski now. Now they should feel bad. I can't find anything. Say Anything now. Asthma so Ursel. C. Is the founder of the of Chicago huntings incorporated the leader of the. They're great. They'RE CHICAGO. Ghost tour team and host of PBS THE HAUNTING OF CHICAGO ON WNYC. A historian author in parapsychologists. She has been writing and lecturing about Chicago supernatural folklore and the paranormal for almost three decades and is recognized as the leading authority on Chicago region. Sco Slower and cemetery history. Ursula is the author of twelve popular and critically acclaimed books on the same subjects including the Chicago series and graveyards of Chicago. Ursula has been on a ton of TV shows including ghost adventures. A me too and the Maury show Not Not a baby daddy. Also at its children's books on the paranormal for Barefoot Bay Report Publishing in New York and teaches courses and paranormal studies for Chicago's Harper College. I received her bachelor's degree in history from Benedictine University and a Master's in American cultural and intellectual history from northeastern Illinois University. So she also has a master's degree. Sorry Rebecca I got to but whatever I thoroughly Ursula did. I Miss Anything in the very long introduction. Nice thank you oh I didn't read it. They just gave it to me baby all that nobody trust me to write stuff myself for some reason. So we're GONNA get started in a second but I just WanNa lay out kind of to our viewers what the panel is going to our panel's going work so it's GonNa happen is each of our. Our panelists here has decided on a ghost story from the Chicago. Land area that they're going to tell After they tell the story our other panelists will probably rip into them for some reason or other Or add to it. Mostly RIP INTO PAT. Because he's a skeptic and what he lets himself guitar wanted and then after the stories are over whatever time we have left on this panel. We're GONNA take questions from the audience so we're going to go out and start off with our stories gets ready for that. Yeah definitely So our first story is about e-verify famous skyscraper and Ursula. This is your stories. I'll let you kind of introducing. This one may very favorite Chicago stories. It a ghost story about a building in the city that invented skyscraper and so we have so many buildings in Chicago that are famous the world. Over but aside from the Willis Tower which officers tower. Of course I would say. This is an uneven more famous building and more recognizable building as identified with Chicago Hancock Center which was completed in nineteen seventy is it sits right at the north end of the magnificent Mile Michigan Avenue. Right in your Yolks Weekday Jr. and it's that massive black trapezoidal structure with the diamonds or accesses accents up the side. And if you walk or drive by Anita is real imposing and I feel like the Hancock building has some similar I think. CURLS STANDARD SAID. The bridge said the skyscraper has sold yearly. Feel bad about the handcock. Oh they it's just. It's massive looming. Bang the Hancock. Building has a lot of legends associated with it that are connected to the paranormal. Probably the oldest one. It's connected to the land itself. It situated in a straighter goal and this was an area that was originally known. As the Sam Sam's it was actually a sandbar Way Back when before that Erie was filled in around became lakeshore drive. The area of St Has always been known as cursed in. Chicago. Going back to cap streeter. The namesake reader was rag. Haggled sea-captain will made money in a lot of different odds of eccentric and one of the things that he did was to ferry people back and forth between Chicago and Milwaukee on this down old folk that he and his wife own so one day they had taken a boatload of people walking and those big storm out over Lake Michigan. So we didn't have a lot of people come back with them so they basically back on their own end. Sorbo so bad. They both broke in on the shore of Lake Michigan right around where the handcuffs entered so since they no longer had a boat to make money with cap decided he'd had two males to do so. He decided to stake a claim to the lake's property where they washed up on and he started to sell personals of it people well of course the city council was into the about this and so this big struggle between cap and the Chicago over. This land went on for years and years. And because of that struggle on his deathbed according to legend which can't be substantiated cap street or cursed all that area with all and You know they notice a mile claiming that no one would ever be able to live peacefully on guide so that's real curse now in modern times. Since Hancock building spell there have been many strange stories surrounding it. Many people share this legend bats. The Hancock building was the inspiration or the script for ghostbusters. And now I have. One of my first boyfriend's was a comedian Kevin. Worth and so kind of like involved in comedy seem deck of the Eighties and nineties in Chicago and I heard story in that crowd that while Dan Ackroyd Herald. Rain were writing script for ghostbusters. They visiting Java Lucci who was living in a handcock of the home and he told them about the many strange nannies that were going on holding and they incorporated this idea of this skyscraper. That's a portal repeal. Normal power into the script of ghostbusters. So that the story. I don't know if it's true but that the story when I heard you know running around the gang here travel so the handler building. The stories that John Lewis is shared certainly offend Is Strange deaths and accidents and other strange events that have gone on building since almost it was completed. The first strange death that happened. Which is the most famous one? Was the death rain. Wealthy sue the twenty nine year old girl who is dating a Chicago businessman. Who lived in the building eulogized ninety four? He claimed that she came into his apartment at about three o'clock in the morning show intriguing. She was angry about something neighbors saw for them arguing he. She was in the bedroom. He went into the bathroom to get up. Go to the bathroom any big crash from the bedroom. When he came back into the bedroom the Ramos gone reclosed in her purse. Work run over the room and she had gone through the budget window and ended up on the pavement or down will this was very odd because the lorraine weighed about one hundred and twenty five pounds and when they talk to these structural engineer who was a field engineer building was a permanent position. Ourselves or on was the structural engineer at the building famished. Five architect skidmore arms narrow but the field engineer on site said there was no hassle way. This could have happened. This was about a fifty two inch square window. It was a double click last window each pain. Two of them were a quarter inch that and they were bill that the windows were built to withstand to answer eighty pounds of force. Her Square would and it was a wait time. Two point five so literally two hundred square pounds of force her square foot other window. These windows have been tested and that an had withstood fifty mile an hour winds when they were building the building. There were incidents where construction workers fell and went in kit panels of these windows. That were buying slack Indian. Break them this of course boyfriends was you know he went on trial for manslaughter murder. Whatever in the county coroner said that it was an accident even though there was no way they could actually determine and it's still a case that a lot of detectives in Chicago are still looking into nine hundred seventy four to seventy six. There were five other accidents. Like this where people who couldn't possibly muster up. This kind of stuff broke through these windows to the most famous ones have been in nineteen seventy six. The first one happened when a technician for channel forty four At the time all the stations that time He committed suicide. He took a steel hammer and bashed a hole in the window and jumped out the window. Everyone said there was nothing wrong with him. They claim there is no motivation. Who To do this? It was very happy is shopping chatting with people all day and yet he accomplished again even only use that hammer. The field engineer said there was no way he could have just one person do this even using an instrument later that year there was a young man that was living with his father in the building. He was a sociology student at the University of Illinois. And he was. He liked to sit in the on. The Ledge you're one of the windows in the dining room and study read in the morning and his father was getting ready for work where this crash. The dining room was nothing wrong with this kid at no issues and went from window They found that the lack of a window had been broken so the accidents the data. There's other things that happen very famously. The comedian Chris Farley was living in the building when he was found dead probably drive overdose. Odd In twenty two. Three people died when scaffolding fall from the building up rushing people in their cars that were a snapped light in front of adulting. So accidents jobs things like this. Associate the building. Okay second thing. They say that there is a colony of spiders round records spiders that makes its way up one of the building in down the other side of the building each year it makes the trip once they make the trip at once a year and no one can apparently explain why they do this where they came from why they do this. A third weird thing about the bills the connection to Anton with the founder of the Church of Satan Anton Bay as most people know lived in San Francisco. That's where he lived most of his adult life but he was born in Chicago and as you all know he was a show. Man You know very very extravagant person very fabulous person in even though by people make fun of and get out in a larger than life People think of clownish person a lot of really interesting ideas and he wrote a book of essays called the Devil's notebook and one of the essays was about urgent action. And you talked about as Syrian lovecraft. The end ideas that he had about modern architecture and he felt at buildings that were fill with right angles could have detrimental effects on the people that live in them so that people could be compelled to do things what normally do if they lived in buildings that didn't have right involves rooms didn't have right angles or worked in offices but didn't have right angled he also believed that the trapezoidal shape and you'd mentioned the Hancock building. If an example with the TRAPEZOIDAL SHAPE GOES WAY BACK. Arcane folklore and be trapezoid as a gateway for paranoid forces when he saw the plans the Hancock building McVeigh was serious. Concern that the building was going to serve as just like ghostbusters. Under way for supernatural powerful forces to enter the city of Chicago and also to recap on the people living and working in this building now Antonio Lemay also claimed that he was born on the site where the handcuffs later fell. That's true across most of the staff. He said you had to take with a grain of salt. He's saying that. All kinds of things intro. But he claimed that he was built on the site He was actually built out uncertain. Born in say he's actually born in a house on the West Chicago but he likes that connection to the handcock filled in that powerful sort of F force the building architecture Weird real weird about this story. The more weird okay. Now's in college. I was invited to a debutante ball at this ole club that was established in Lynch fourteen. That's right next to the handcuff building. Delaware Place Call the Casino Club. Just a one story building there. Most people don't even realize they are. What most exclusive clubs in Chicago Rueben Shank Town Hall and Their words carpeting down over the floor in a band ballroom and I had not Started writing yet but I was already starting to investigate. Paranormal and I a car Conversation with the barge one of the bartenders there that way and he told me that when they had events like this oftentimes they make up the ballroom floor. Because there's a Pentagram on the floor now know if this is true or not but I thought it was an interesting coincidence with the Hancock building right next door that connection that Anton out of the VR. The connection to Anton Levay At a team building a final thing about the top folding everyone knows about the curse of the poltergeists phones right. Oh Yeah you all the people that had all these terrible things happen to them. Little heather a roar. Of course he died after filming third installment of the franchise Sister can't remember her name now. But the girl who play the high school girl for the Diane and Wednesday was an are. They asked him yeah. She was strangled by Roy. Found other people at illnesses all sorts of things right so we were getting a ghosts. Were probably about five years ago and it was a group of seniors from Kenosha and it was a lunch tour so we did a bunch of the ghost tour in them and went up to the fireside restaurant ratings but avenue across from the Roseau summiteers to have lunch so I was just sitting there. Were having lunch. La- bank wet area man I was sitting in the bar area waiting for them to finish. And you have to walk through the bar to go to the restroom and the gentleman came through to go to the restroom during lunch. And he stopped talking nate beside. Thank you so much. This is really interesting. He said I was never really interested in the normal until my granddaughter and I thought. Oh it's really sad and I figured that. Maybe he had a unexperienced but the granddaughter after Daf or maybe he was. Were curious about the afterlife. Because of his you know saw voters rather amend the next. The side was my granddaughter. Was the little girl poltergeist. Movie Old No. My Gosh and I was like sit down here right now. Wow that's awesome that I said you know stories about the cursing of the film and everything and he sad it was like they say when she would work on the films it was like she would get sicker. Menendez. She looked stop building and get away from it. She was paying and he said it was after she wasn't going to do the third film because she had been really ill in. She's feeling better. So parents agree to let her and after the filming was all Arab that was it she passed away and as you probably know who see the film it was filmed largely in John. Hancock building so I talked to him for a little bit and he didn't seem you know he didn't seem really use against the possible idea that there was some energy building back for one of the nicer term. Finished her off. You know so final thing at another lunch tour. I had a group of Architects actually on the tour several structural engineers. Enduring the once one of the engineers for me. We've always there. Is Something seriously wrong? Handcuffed he said a number of engineers including himself. Believe that the thing that's wrong with the building is a skyscraper has to have a certain amount of sway built into the building so that the break in the win and because of he said because goes girders cross up the side of the building and then a situation at that theory. Windy place right at debt. Ben where it's head on Lake Michigan win constantly. He said their theory is that. Because of the lack of sway wins it creates a vacuum effect and people have been literally stopped out of the building. Wow that's wow that's great. So what I got out of that was that the building's infested with spiders own save that to the answer no I really don't like spiders so that was the part that stuck with me. Do any of you guys have any thing to add about the Hancock building? There's a couple of youtube questions. I put them in the chat for us. I saw that I was Gonna go to those at the end since they weren't about the Hancock building specifically okay. Yeah we do. Y- I figure we'll get to the questions at the end that don't relate to the actual stories but yes. I've seen those and they will be addressed just has to say about this. I three things. I have severe Arachnophobia. And I'm hearing I'm hearing all these great stories that might man. I didn't know a lot of that. And it's like man. I'M GONNA go to an investigation. Hancock in her by the spiders in absolutely. I'm good Joking aside I wanted to point out. That ghostbusters lor stuff because I had no idea but the parallels you were talking about sacred geometry L. Temple goes in how you had like the shapes Reagan. The paranormal stuff. I was blown away. 'cause I'm a mass of ghostbusters? Fans Stephen I never heard of that before. It had time the Hancock. The last thing I wanted to point out was Kudos to you on asking the bartender about paranormal experiences. Because that's how it began every one of my paranormal things when I'm out traveling for Conventional Day no I will stop off at the bar. And that's how I start most of them all Saddam had one beer and I'll be like a I'm here for a conference and talking about that unlike those guys you see on TV that you know. Do the ghost stuff. Where's all the haunted spots? No sit down and I'll tell you most of the time will tell you. The Bar is haunted. But the they'll they'll tell you all the local stuff so Kudos to you via picking the bartenders brain. That place was really interesting. Good job on that slide and I I I really gotta say this quickly When I I really started getting into like Chicago area huntings and things like that. Those stories are some of the stories that actually really got me hooked on like the the Chicago area huntings and curses. Because I mean everyone knows. Allow the more famous stories but not everyone knows the stuff that's going on at Hancock and especially the story of the woman who fell through the window. That physics say should happen. You know So it was really cool to to to hear those stories to have the general public now. Just be known. Have this known. Because it's it's definitely some really bizarre stuff that's going on there. Yeah I have one question for you or so I've heard that there's some Chris Farley stories from The Hancock building of him of him haunting the Hancock. If you read about that yeah because he lived in and died there yeah right. I was just curious if you had heard anything in particular seeing him just like a ghost in a drunken stupor. Sounds hurts lanes popping out of the tax? Probably chippendales outfit. Yeah just so. Since you're an interview with the guy from better call Saul. He wrote that Chris Farley. Yeah I now for a while if no one. How about the Hancock Building Bob? I was GONNA ask Russillo question about the design of the building itself. You think that the design of the building itself because shape the way it is and I know you're talking a little bit about the trapezoid. Do you think they're really bars into the sacred geometry of the building and probably why there's a lot of energy that goes on there? I really do. I really do anything you just. It seems to me why else you know. There's so many other skyscrapers in Chicago that building and the other one is marina city. Those are the two places and you know what's weird about them. Yes the design you know. It's I really do. Think it makes a huge difference rated vide- the apartments are in their conscience. So when you walk in here Abedin estimates ever been in the city of make first publisher department there and we walk in and it's really costal. It's like low kitchen and bathroom to the side and then it goes. It opens up so it's like you walk into the tip of piece of Pie and it opens up and unto another suicides. Murders deaths crazy things going on right and gum in the east tower with no right angles right. Get about the writing flake. When you walk in you feel very across four bank and a big stretch in my mind. I think for you to to feel really weird there and then also drawn to that open expands on the needs of the Barton. Thank you well. So yeah. That's wild and now after question. My own tastes. Because they're two of my favorite buildings in the city are city and they probably have a lot aspires to say as we move on here that if you've never been to Hancock building you visit it. It has the best view in the city after I far and it you know they're changing the name. It's still much like the sears. Tower will always be the Hancock building right. We're GONNA move on Patrick your next. You're going to be talking about Saint James at Sag bridge the maybe just weirdest title. I've been given Well it's not. It's not that odd But okay so. I'm sure that you guys can tell but I am the south sider. I know right off from pad that means that. I grew up knowing two stories better than anything resurrection. Mary and I knew of Monks Castle. They were legendary stories on the school yard. When I was a kid and back then all boys lied to each other. I don't know if they still do I. I'm not in touch with really young generation but everyone including me would tell a story about being there and that the monks chase them away or beat them up or something and I had literally no idea that these stories took place only a couple of miles from each other all on the same haunted road archer. Avondale another story. That always came up on. The playground was bachelor's Grove and that wasn't far away but that's not our traveling though but as soon as I got my driver's license It became my nightly drive. I would drive to bachelor's Grove and then I would drive by monks castle and take archer all the way down to see. If Mary was out and spoiler alert she never was. It wasn't until one day that a friend asked me if I wanted to sneak into castle which is Saint James at Sag Bridge Man I was so scared to do this but I couldn't let onto my friend and be known as a chicken or anything so I snuck in and we ended up making so much noise at one point that they flipped the lights on and someone started coming out of the building on the top of the hill. Me and my friends. We panic ran all the way back to the car. It was actually pretty far away from the entrance so through the years. Saint James has always stuck out to me and I did a lot of research to find out everything that I could about that place so For those that know me they know that I'm all about the history so I'm going to do a quick little history before the actual ghost story. If you guys don't mind trust me. It's going to be worth it so the location where. Saint James Sits actually has been inhabited for a very long time. This used to be a home to several native American tribes and after that it was a French fort not a French room. Totally Different Humor Pat. Yeah right now. I always thought why was their French fort on Archer Avenue. It just never made sense to me but the answer to this is because one father Marquette and Louis Joliet surveyed the area they realize the full potential of this exact location I ultimately. They were searching for a way to link the Mississippi River the Gulf of Mexico and the Great Lakes because this would allow the French to have a clear passage through what would become the United States and give them control over much of the content. Our continent excuse me. It was very strategic and even though plans were made nothing really came about in fact it wasn't until eighteen thirty six that any construction actually started on. What would become the AM canal? This canal is really. What put Chicago on the map? As it was the center of everything you see. Boats would travel from the Gulf of Mexico or the Saint Lawrence River in Ontario and the midway point between these locations is Chicago so most of the work that was done creating the Im canal was done by Irish immigrants. And that's what brought the Irish population into the Chicago area Working on the. Im Canal was considered to be a very dangerous job. We're not exactly sure how many people died making the canal but there was a ton. There was a lot of people that that died during that time and During this time period when James was founded it gave the immigrants a place to worship so now you guys ready for this spooky stuff yes more job on the history part though. I enjoyed that. A lot O- more so than my usual history does that was great okay. I didn't know a lot of that. Says Amazing. I actually also that but I work as a tour guide. So okay really there. There was no like ghost stories surrounding Saint James Until about eighteen ninety seven or eight hundred ninety eight and What started one of the most haunted streets in all the world is when nine native American skeletons were on Earth confirming that this area is an Indian burial ground People demanded that the native American skeletons be returned to the ground. But that couldn't be done because some were sent to the field museum already so this is just one of the stories from eighteen ninety seven and it even appeared in the Chicago Tribune so we have to musicians professor William Looney and John Kelly and they had provided entertainment. I bent that was held at Saint James and this event went pretty late. You went to like one. Am which is really late for back then because there were no like street lights so they were offered to spend the night at Saint James which sounded like a great idea because it was pitch dark and it would be pretty hard to travel back home for them so they bunker down in a building that was on the site. Looney was awakened during the middle of the night by the sound of Galloping hoofs on Gravel Road. He sprung up from bed and ran to the window to see nothing. The noise eventually faded. But looney didn't go back to sleep in instead. He woke up Kelly to tell him all about it and as they spoke the sound return both men looked out the window this time and as the noise faded there stood a woman or at least the form of a woman then the style. The sound started up again and they saw horse and carriage coming up the gravel driveway. The woman danced into the shadows and just like that the horsing carriage and the woman. They were all gone only to start again. A short time later each time the carriage resurface something new would be added this time. The woman called out come on and then disappeared again when Looney Kelly reported the story to the police the next morning it was verified that there was no drinking by either man the night before. That's my first thought. They were drunk. but legend has it that the ghost was that of a young parish helper and a housekeeper that were planning to sneak off to elope in the middle of the night. The woman was given instructions to wait part of the way down the hill while he hitched the horse carriage but as he was coming for her. The horses got startled and bolted in the wagon. Overturned in. Both of the young lovers were killed so after hearing the story when I was younger I started to think that. Maybe we're not really looking for a merry on Archer Avenue. Maybe Mary's ghost is much much older. That's got great. That's great story. It's very interesting Definitely believable that southside couple when one of them's yelling come on the other one. Does anyone have anything to add to this? Little bit of history from Archer Avenue. A just one Actually two things. Apparently you stay the night at the cemetery. Did you come across the monks at all or do not in the night the night but no but I was there in the middle of the night. Okay did you see the monks? I did not see the monks Iran Iran. Okay you know. There's lots of police reports about shadowy figures in that area. I love that story and they just stayed the cops show up. They track him. They chased him down by foot. And then vanish yeah. I think it's the French initially at have you. Oh I'm sorry you've another going on. Just GonNa ask her slip you at heard that story before the. Yes sure say actually found this your IRA in the. I'm so old. I found that story buried in the microfilm at struggled public library in. Probably Nineteen Ninety three. Maybe and that was the same thing that struck me to with this woman way in a cemetery associated with the Dan heard about the Dan Hall Saginaw Hall that the Church and it was had been a dance at the parish and she actually I think the storage she floated through the cemetery funds and then disappeared in summit. So you have this woman in white on Archer Avenue associated with a dance. Probably at least twenty five years maybe thirty odd years before resurrection. Mary's citing and it's really hard to figure out who the Mary was. That you know was resurrection. Mary and I've looked at a lot of them in all of them. There's conflicting evidence. It's like well that doesn't need this criterion. That doesn't meet that criteria so I just I just think it's fascinating that these things are just a few miles from each other. Yeah via entire stretch of Archer Avenue of metaphysical people believe that entire Archer Avenue is just one giant layline. Meaning it's just one centralized energy source so it's possible you're going to have lots of stuff going on there down battery avenue for the last month and almost done. It's like an hour long like right up my alley right now. Got Archer Avenue. Mcgrane right now. Oh definitely yeah I. I've seen some things on Archer Avenue. What is I WANNA now? All right before we move onto anybody anything else on this story. There was something in the Youtube Chat. somebody the epic mechanic some mechanic. I don't know he grew up with the story of that place. My Grandmother Got a photo of rob of a robed figure in the Upper Hughes years ago and we caught a few odd. Vp's in the church there okay. Somebody else figured out where we got midway from during that so oh that that makes sense is right there real quick before we move on we did have a message on zoom chat as well Mondo who has been on ghostly quite a few times Z. The creator of the waverly hills theme song. Which my favorite thing from all-time Was like that was a great guy. Go Story Pat. Thanks thanks to you I believe so there. You go right now. He's story all right. We'RE GONNA go ahead move onto our next door. Which is Steve Sorry? This is actually the one that I was looking forward to the most because I have no idea about this. Which is pioneers? Ever so There's a fun story about this which I'll get to let me give you a little bit of the background and history of the strain itself. It was built in one thousand nine thirty four for the C B and q railroad system. It was the second internal combustion. Our D- steam liner ever built for mainline service and was the first that was ever powered by diesel In May of May Twenty Sixth of nineteen thirty four it debt a speed record for travel between Denver and Chicago. It traveled one thousand and fifteen point four miles in thirteen hours and five minutes. It was called the dusk to dawn Dash An average speed of only seventy eight miles per hour but it reached Max speed of one hundred twelve point five miles per hour during one straightaway. It operated in regular service Starting November Eleventh Nineteen thirty four between Kansas City Missouri Omaha Nebraska and Lincoln Lincoln Nebraska. It retired in nineteen sixty Where it was then donated to the Museum of Science and Industry where it sat outside until nineteen ninety four when it was donated to be Railway Museum in Union Illinois and then once museum sites industry went and did a massive upgrade to their buildings day then reclaimed the train and now their entry lobby By THE TICKET COUNTER THE CAR. The train itself consists of only three cars The power car the baggage and coach Tar and then an observation in coach car. It's a it's actually. It's a really beautiful chrome. Tide of brain vary sleep very stylish. So this kind of leads into my story so last. May Happen to be at the Museum of Science Industry for a private function. And while I was there I was it was an after hours event. Tonight was talking to a couple of the The volunteers that work there now knowing the history of the museum I asked them about the summary I asked him about the haunting so the submarine because everybody knows about the alleged submarine and these two girls looked at me like yeah. We don't think the submarines haunted at all. We think those who just stories. We've never they're like we've we've run tours today. Are we in there all the time? We've never had anything happened. I was like Oh okay. That's interesting that runs counter to a lot of things I had heard. They're like yeah and then there was this pause in. They're like but the trains haunted caught me off guard completely Because that was the last thing I was expecting to hear and so I was like okay. Well why why do you think this trance on well We have to be the last ones in Maryland. We either have to open that or we have to close trade and we've had a lot of unusual things happen so what I press them on it. They explained how they hit seen shadowy figures moving in the train. They had talked about how they hid. Heard voices on the train when it's just them and the voices that sound like it's coming from right behind them from their Sidon clearly. It's an empty train. But what was most intriguing was? There's an animatronic cow on that train. And according to them according to both of them they have each seen the cow when the power's shut off to the train move on its own the cow is they so I asked him about. The guy was like well. How's it? How's IT run as it? Is it the you know? Maybe it's electrical system issue and like no see its hydraulic towel. Like so once once it shut off. There's no way to move there like do you. Do you WANNA the train. And at this event the brain was actually blocked off by curtains because they had a ban playing in front of it. And they're like we'll take you to see the train they're like like we're off our shift in thirty minutes. You meet US down by the train and we'll take you on and you can check it out yourself okay. So I took him up on the offer and a bit about myself. My background is. I'm a skeptical believer so if I'm able to eliminate all other possible potential solutions then. Whatever I'm left with is the solution and left with so they take me on this train and the first thing I do is I check this animatronic cal and the head of this cow has to easily way a good thirty forty pounds. It's not something that just going to move on vibrations not something that's just GonNa raise turn its head on its own. It's something that physically would need to be powered. That was the first thing that I caught That I realized wondering through the train. They're like we they were like you can just go in there. They refused to come on the train with me. They absolutely refused So while I'm on the strain there's definitely a feeling of unease that you get walking amongst it it's just an overall feeling of dread Which is common locations But walking out of there and talking they're like yet we don't. This is the one haunting to no one knows about here. Everyone knows about you know Clarence Darrow. Everybody knows about the submarine. Nobody knows about this train because they don't want people knowing that the traits wanted job for slowly now Steve. So I guess I spoil deformed you know whatever its ratings so yeah. So that's that's the story of the train. Zephyr that's awesome The people the Museum Science Industry History. Actually I've met a few of them. They're like all of the people that work. There are really cool people so that's not surprised that they did that for you. I do wonder if the reason coastal moving is trying to kick over a lantern or something own your right like the volunteers. There are some of the coolest people That you'll ever meet. And you know they were. They were super honest and it relates. Yeah we just need to. We just need to finish our shift in. If you WANNA go check it out you can check it out at. That's great we We actually have a question from zoom chat That has to do with this and it was actually a question. I was wondering because I know most most of these stories. we kind of know the reason why people think they're haunted like with the background story behind it. I we don't at you. I don't know if you know that or not but like Rachel asked. Are there any no deaths associated with the train? Because you know just kind of the reason it'd be haunted. Yeah in in doing research on it on my own. I couldn't find any known deaths related to it. The only thing I could possibly think of is the fact that there was a lot of physical and emotional energy exerted on that train and I mean when it set that record it was such a milestone and transportation. It was a very high energy event so exerted energy could possibly be caused there. And then you know you never know what you know who the people were that. Were riding the train on. Its regular routes from the thirties until the until the sixties so that would be my best guest is still possible cause but is it possible that a something something could have moved into it when it got to the museum. I you guys are more that ghost hunter people. I don't know if that's possible. It's I mean it's it's possible but I mean it seems it would be unusual for something like that to occur. Okay Patrick Aston in the chat If question and you said you stop putting the youtube part okay. So the question was is the cow. Still there at the museum back. In those days people were really into their jobs at prestigious train. Like that would definitely have people that would have put their heart and soul into it that The now when I was there in. May the CAL was in the train I know that it went under refurbishment that it was supposed to reopen this summer and I don't know what kind of refer they did to the interior In what what still there. What'S NOT So there's a there's a very good chance to when it opens that that that may be gone But as of the time it closed that back how would still there. Steve Does I'm a curiosity from your experience there. If it's haunted used suppose that it would be a residual hunting man. That would be okay. So here's here's the weird kind of duality to it is. There's trade hallmarks of it that that could be residual the shadows and the voices and laughter and things like that that are heard on the train however a residual haunt wouldn't 'cause the cow to move because that's an interaction with current physical environmental change from something that wasn't there at the time it was originally around right we We had another question that was kind of similar to Rebecca's of the idea of maybe the the ghost came. But they asked if you think the ghost was already there so. I'm thinking they mean already in the museum and then kind of was like. Hey look there's a cool shiny train. I'm going to hang out in this. It's you know anything's possible. You guys kind of know how it is with the world of of the paranormal. You can't you can't rule anything out completely but I mean I can but yeah I mean you can climb. It's yeah exactly just one giant micro-climate we do have another question real quick and then we're GonNa take this question then if anybody has anything else to say about it we'll get that in and then we'll move on So this last question is have you talked to anyone the Union Illinois Railroad Museum to see if there are any stories while it was there. I have not that That may be something to do down the line. I've never been too focused on investing the train. 'cause the museum wouldn't allow a full investigation so it would. It would all be having to track down a lot of people and try and see who's still at the Union museum that was there and in nineteen ninety four at the latest and trying to figure that out that way okay. Did anybody else have anything they wanted to get in about the painters offer? No okay so we're GONNA move on I will say that I wonder if this was the inspiration for the movie. Silver streak was was there. You go see Maybe it's the ghost of Richard Pryor or gene wilder. Either one So we're GONNA move on to our next story. An extra is going to be from Bob. And he's going to tell a story about a place that he is probably spent a lot of time in which is point prison at Crown Point. Jail the crump went. Prison actually exists as a functioning civil which also visited not. Actually I've driven past it so I was going back and forth about what I wanted to do for my portion and everybody's GonNa pick really cool like Chicago locations but I think suburb of Chicago itself as Northwest Indiana. Which is where I grew up. And I wanted to show by a strange Indiana pride and I wanted to talk about a place near dear to my heart which is the crown point shale. I was inspired by it. One hundred percent. I recently watched old documentary. Were Richard Crowe where he was going around to. Different haunted locations all around the Greater Chicago Land Area and he stopped at the jail and he's mentioned in the documentary. That's one of his favorites in that. I've got a chance to investigate it with Steve. Back in Bose's Steve October his his October. Yeah we got to investigate it and I just fell in love with the spot so the jail was built in Eighteen. Eighty two and it was a very small. I'm kind of a transition period between I'm getting arrested. I'm going there. And then they're gonNA transport me out but unfortunately as time progressed the jail became overpopulated and turn it into a long term population Facility in nineteen ten they decided to build different at Add ONS additions to the jail itself including some sheriff quarters where he can go in sleep during the night and his family could stay the during that time. They had the men's quarters the women's quarters and what was even more interesting as they had a juvenile porters as well so one building would house juvenile hall women's up. I want to say presents more jail but men's women's and the juvenile and it was just juvenile males. I don't think they mix the juvenile girls and the boys together there. Now during the time that this Prison jail was in function. It got up to about the year. Nineteen seventy four and they decided to stop because they going to build the bigger clear Lake County jail which was down the street now. The president crop point and in nineteen eighty nine the jail and the sheriff's home attach became historical landmarks. That you can go toward now. Applaud that a little bit later now throughout the time period that the jail stood they had a lot of people kind of come and go from there and there was a lot of energy hanging out but the jail actually had one very famous person. That still had a very brief stint there. On how many of you guys ever heard of John Dillinger? Who ON JOHN? I'M GONNA touch. Really briefly on John Dillinger. Because I go see podcasts. Did an episode on Dillinger and the potential ghost of Dillinger and. I highly recommend everybody. That's listening and watching now. To check out the dillinger episode of ghostly. 'cause they nailed it on the head. Psalms going to be very brief about it John Dillinger. Of course John Dillinger was a famous bank robber who targeted a lot of banks in and around of the Greater Chicago Land Area and he particularly liked to pick on the Northwest Indiana specifically John. Dillinger's first real robbing was ICHIKAWA Indiana and throughout the time he kept escaping. The Wall John Dillinger was on catchable until finally a tip off led to a police chase and eventually catching him in Arizona. Where he famously off Johnny? Depp made the widen the movie About why would I have to go back to Indiana serve my time? But he totally did and dillinger ended up at the famous laid off. Crown Point jail and politicians were so excited. Have villager there they were. You know spouting keys not going anywhere. They used to build the crown point jail as the Alcatraz of the Mid West. It was unpenetrable on escape but guess lot on March Third Nineteen thirty. Four dillinger's escape from the Lake County jail and disappeared for several months leading up until July. Where a tip off an bargaining? Somebody else that was going to get arrested. John Dillinger was shot and killed by police. Now my question is this what seems to be the most famous question about the crown point jail is is it haunted. And if it's haunted isn't Johnny Dean himself at. I wanted that kind of open. It up to everybody to chat about is if John dillinger haunts it. Why would he haunted because he was only there for a brief stint? And do you think that there's probably a lot of energy going around? They're both men women and juvenile. I will tell you from my experience being there would steve. Back in October. Actually had several things go on there. That was really weird. Steve got punched in the face by what he believes was a very angry spirit. Steve was in his cell during the vents quarter. I have my notes. I wasn't punched I was it was. It was more an emotional and physical illness. We did have the young girls. 'cause we went we tours at night there is the local. There's a local paranormal historian. A blessing Jeez I completely blanked on that. Don Beranek Dahmer Dombrowski. He's local paranormal historian and he teaches history at the local crop point high school and he took his kids. They're students. They're on a paranormal investigation for a school work. Which I thought was really cool and so we got to. Before we did our private tour we got to follow the high schoolers from Kinda hung back kind of just followed them as they went through we experienced a young girl gets scratched on her calf in the men's section of the present in the common area which is actually. Republican would shop at the bureau. I liked that band. No the movie with Johnny ally like the band and in the women's prison when the kids would go into the common area in the women's prison a lot of the equipment we had would start going off and start acting a little strange. Cy wanted actually kind of evolved everybody with my topic and I wanted to see what everybody Kinda thought about it. Especially with John Dillinger haunting and is possible but the kids there were causing reaction in the women's parts specifically because we went by ourselves. We have a whole lot of experience so open it up. Just going to say I wanted to to follow up on what Bob was saying. And and to to put some perspective on what I experienced We were in the solitary confinement. Section were there were about six different solitary confinement cells in a row. I went in one with Mike. Whitman just started talking. 'cause a lot of times. If if you start talking you got a record or going. You never know what's going to happen There were. This was during the wall. The high school students were there as well while I'm in there. I feel dizzy and I feel nauseous. I've never been sensitive to him. Fields I have never. I've been doing investigations for fifteen years. I've never once gotten sick gotten lightheaded. Anything won- investigation. This was just a wave of just dread. I knew I had to get out as soon as I walk out of the cell to tell Bob From the far end a girl comes out of her cell and is freaking out because she experienced the same exact thing I was experiencing myself. She like. I can't stand there. She's like I feel like I'm GonNa Faint. I feel like I'm GONNA throw up. This was easily a good twelve fifteen feet apart no contact and I hadn't said anything out loud to anyone for them to hear but at the same exact moment we both were feeling and experience the same exact thing Which it's it's not anything that you could tangible evidence but it is a personal experience that was crop rated with someone else at the same time. Yup and the nurses I know you were GonNa say something. Yeah I love the Crown Point jail. I think it's very active healthy. Still Endure I do think there's Yeah. I think there's several at least to Beirut angry mail entities there. I was physically there twice in. There may be five times over the years. One time I felt very hard hand aroma throats one another time I was basically felt I felt the hand I felt the arm over. My right shoulder owned a hand on for us and it was It was both of them happened in the solitary confinement area where I felt also just rattled. writable like it's almost like a fighter. Flight the lane out. Yes be other tha-that I was like. Yeah I felt up there. I have never all the years a done investigations that I've done in some really charged buildings. I have never experienced that feeling like I had in that location. This was at night that you guys were there right. Yes we I was there during the day and I felt absolutely nothing. Of course you were there during the day Patrick by the other. The other experience. I wanted to touch on was when Stephen. I were doing a VP reading up in the Chew Vinyl Hall. And Steve's Steve Center with this tennis ball he's like. I bet you can't move this tennis ball at. He was trying to get something to move this tennis ball across the table and I was like you know what Steve. They can't move anything in this room and we just heard they still have marriage giant steel bunk beds. I forgot about this. Yeah and when I'm like thinking you know what Steve Forget it. Quit him the move the tennis ball. They can't move anything. This remit Stephen I and the other guy with US Anthony. Don was with us. There is with us. We heard this job D. giant real heavy steel balk as we go and I'm like I'm proved wrong Yari guys. Yeah it was. It was the thing about it is it definitely was the sound of a bed moving And it was the opposite side of the room from where Heidi of us were and it was right after I was like come on just move just moved tennis ball and as I maybe. I'll maybe I'll push a little bit harder on this like yeah. I don't think you can move it out. They could do this at all right. Yeah you're right. I don't think they can move anything. And then there was Ben. We just heard the the the metal scrape across the encore. Yeah that was that was something we To more things was the playing poker with the ghosts. That was would panic when he is my producer. Tony Paige count. Panicky was sitting down in the women's common area and Don laid out some cigarettes knee said hey a ton sit down and play a game with them and banks like. Would you want me to do so? Dom- plan cards. He laid out three cards to cards. I can't remember exactly what it was but it was playing high card and look at your car play with them and he added. Emf reader and panics. Like all play. I'm GonNa you know I guess and Don's like ladies whoever's sitting down with us at the hand if you can interact with the M. F. reader go off. Let us know if you want us to play the hand or not and he says Don said Often spiked up boom Brad. They wanted to play panic flips over his in dot over their cards than the the ladies beat panic he ended up giving them some secrets at As a token of his appreciation of I still don't know why we didn't use bandic is more bait when we go back. We were there really late because we followed that high school one but when we go back. We'll use panic. Bait put some marshmallows on them. Oh you just. We did the episode on it get. I haven't been there myself but this was one that I definitely. Based on the research I did not think it was dillinger but the stories were so much more real in a lot of times when you do research you know. It's just Kinda like well. People say that they've experienced this or whatever but there's not a lot of specifics and I think you guys are evidence of that like that's when you when you research it you just here. There's so many stories that people have had Had there and I it. It's it's amazing that of six people three in here have had Physical really extreme experiences at this place. I'm I'm GonNa let you wrap it up real quick thing. I just really wanted to point this out when all this is over. We're able to kind of go back out into the world a little bit. The Crop Point Historical Society does do tours their they get the crown point the point historical society. And I'm GonNa plug them real quick. 'cause I can't another panelist here. They you donate a little bit of money to the historical society and they let you do. They'll do a guided tour for if you WANNA go for historical sense which I highly recommend if you're under the paranormal to at least go see it. Because they know the exact south that John Dillinger was in when he did his escape I saw they were able to go there and see the cell and for paranormal folk. They let you just go so for a donation of fifty or seventy five bucks. You can get your team together wherever equipment you want. You could set up there all night and they do a lot of good charity work for the area. Virk doing really good stuff. So if you're looking for something. Paranormal do Northwest Indiana. I do recommend checking out the crop point jail. And if if you're a movie buff the the floor where they films that that Johnny Depp. Movie Yeah public enemy is still in pretty much. The same shape as it was during filming. Wow well that's that's cool all right we're going to move on. We have one more story to go Last but not least this story The Rebecca's GonNa be telling about one of the most historically significant Tragedies in the history of the city of Chicago Even if you don't know what a story about the haunting had a lot of people heard this story It is What Bob so eloquently calls the Easter Island massacre? You're Never GonNa let me live that down argue. Nope nope cheese. Jeez well I Oh sorry nick you to finish your introduction that was gonna be. It doesn't leave it on Bob. Okay thanks guys well. I'm sorry I'm going. It's a Downer of a story but the ghost heart is be. All of these are downers stories along but a- nick as you said the EASTLAND disaster not the Easter Island massacre the east. But it is it is really significant and yet something that. I think a lot of chicagoans don't know about a for some reason you may be learn about it in school. But somehow we forget about it and It's it's pretty significant and it's it's amazing that it happened in always as widely known Susan lots of the story. But I know we've got limited time and I you know some saying keep it to the basics but I would recommend anybody To look for for eastland disaster online. There's a great collection of photos. Well like plates photos that the tribune found in their Volts like down when they were moving That really show the devastation of the disaster. And it's it's really interesting angles and then I believe there was a video of it. Actually that had has been found so So definitely go. Check that out for more But the story basically is that on July twenty Fourth Nineteen fifteen the s Lynn also known as the speed queen of the Great Lakes was the first of five boats scheduled to take western electric employees and their families on an excursion across Lake Michigan to Michigan Cindy City Indiana For Picnic Fun Day with their families which was something that most people at that time you know to have a whole day off and get to go somewhere else and have fun was Was Super Special and not something That was common so the boat was docked at the Clark Street Bridge But it never actually left. The ship. Rollover capsized in the river before it even left more than twenty five hundred passengers and crew members were aboard eight hundred forty four people lost their lives including twenty two families and Seventy percent I read were under the age of twenty five. It was a it was a big number Why we don't ever know for sure sure what happened. There was a lot of litigation over a lot of years. We're going to be pretty sure of what caused this to happen It was considered very top heavy because they had to add a lot of lifeboats Onto the ship because this was not too after the titanic And it wasn't really necessarily built to have all of those on there And it was also the first boat that was scheduled to leave so as I mentioned. This was a really exciting to be able to go on this trip in and go away for a day So people really excited to go so it really filled up With passengers right away and really exceeded its capacity especially with all of those lifeboats on it So adding to that. When the boat was about to leave everybody had a rushed to the street side because they wanted to to wave goodbye to everybody out there And right before About a half hour before we're supposed to leave seven twenty eight Am The EASTLAND Lurch sharply to port and then ruled completely onto. Its portside coming to rest on the river. Bottom which was really twenty feet below the surface but it just wasn't enough. People were trapped that they just couldn't get out In addition to drowning actually a lot of Of people were crushed by furniture that wasn't bolted down So here's where things are to get started to get into the ghost stuff a little bit There were too many bodies to take to kind of regular more so they had to start making makeshift morgues around downtown And the largest one Was definitely the armory of the second regiment. And we know this spots. Because eventually it became studios Oprah right where she had the Oprah Winfrey talk show and now it is also the site of the McDonald's headquarters. None of these are the same buildings. But it's the same spot So we can imagine that. Such a tragedy led to a lot of paranormal activity So there's a few stories that are out there And I'm curious to find out from the panelists If anyone has Has experienced anything or knows any other stories or things out there But the first is that you can People will walk by. There's a plaque right there. You can see it on a Clark there by the river And some visitors will say. They hear sounds of loud splashing and screams. But when they look there's nothing There's riverside cafes around there as well and so people will say they they see an explicable like surges of water coming onto the river walk Another extreme example that I read as people walking along. They kinda see something in the water when they look. It's like a lifeless space and looking back at them and then the most famous probably a is by mentioned the armory and then Harpo studios Is actually a lot of paranormal activity? Happening there There's all sorts of staff members. You know security guards people there that claim to have seen paranormal activity So they the most succumbing ghost that they see is a woman in a long gray dress not a woman. White woman in white guarded close enough close but We'VE NOTICED URSULA. Many of these stories have women white so coming at But if you try to approach her she disappears They claim to hear whispers sobbing moaning. Children Phantom footsteps doors locking unlocking by themselves Just ulcer of paranormal activity. And I find it really weird because I guess Oprah would talk about it when like she was there there was like a time period where she did talk about it but then now she won't talk about it anymore so I don't know it's a little little suspicious And then I just wanted to mention one other the things real quick which is that. Oftentimes people believe that excalibur which. I don't even know what it is anymore if I assume the buildings Chinese restaurant now now okay if anyone knew but anyways they claim that that's haunted with goes from the EASTLAND but I don't think there's any record of bodies being taken to What was then the Chicago Historical Society? So it's I have. I have been to excalibur. Bat is haunted. That is one place that I have been in have experienced. Things was haunted by the bank. But I think just made that very upset when you're like it's possible but not by ghosts from the Eastland so I think that's important to mention for that one But yeah so I would. I think about that any experiences. Any what did I miss? I have to say for the anniversary. A colleague of mine mega us with you. Don't miss experimental musician. Who Specializes in using? Edp in his phone position. We had Akon Mack. Concert skirt. Mentally is a concert at Bohemian. National Cemetery in the crematorium there were a lot. A lot of the eastern victims are buried for human nationalism. And so we're to create concert me collected. You'd be heave from the old hopper works for most of the victims worked in CICERO At Western Electric Lance we went to saint. Mary's has to church where most of the funerals were held. We use underwater microphones at the site of disaster. And with the What microphones there we collected. Abp's several MVP is that sad. Everyone's dying you must help them. Everyone is drowning and then at herbal studios. We use contact microphones on the walls of outside risk offended at and they actually called the cops who flee were able to report for a few minutes of contact microphones and picked up what sounded like moaning and crying in the walls of the building and this was hundred years later. Don't yeah crazy for today was just fast and traumatic and you know what I mean like just everything. Yeah a friend of Mine Marion Cheat on. She wrote a young adult. Bulga based on eastland fictional town a historical fiction and. She was inspired to do that. Because she had visited the site She heard screaming of children. She had coming from the water at the site which inspired her to write the book to start researching becoming obsessed with the story. Wow I did a google search during Just a little bit ago to see if the Winfrey herself ever seen any goes at her studio and believe it or not. She has actually a report of her. Actually seeing spirits at harpo studios can't find that anymore like it's really. It's very like yeah. I know she did like a full episodes. Askar show in the late eighties. I WanNa say it was like about back. Yeah all about it. Yeah and then you can't find it anymore. I mean I'm sure somebody has it at age of the Internet but you know yeah definitely on Youtube. I just found it was in supposed to be there. Wasn't Papa Bear. Hal is supposed to be useless to be there but he was in training and his dad made him come comeback in the house in way himself before he loves to go. New is waiting in line to get on these land when it world over while no been no no secret. They talk about like idiosyncrasies right where it's just like the one thing led to another and it's like if that didn't happen he would have been on the on it. That's yes that's wild. I think that's probably where we're going to leave that story Just because I want to give us a little bit of time to get some questions and answers in from our listeners Real quick it's interesting a- An observation like that happened at Clark the Clark Bridge. His Clarkin River Actually ties to another great Chicago Story. at least if I remember correctly which is The captain Sana Own Shearman who? He didn't die there. He died in in Wisconsin on the lake but he used to sell his trees at the the Clark Street doc right there. Too as one of my favorite Christmas story goes Christmas story. Yeah yeah that's kind of an amazing coincidence or not depending on what what you think about that I'M GONNA go move into some questions. We had a couple of questions early on that I promised we'd get to so the first one was was from a youtube viewer. Who said when I was a kid not more than ten years years or so. My mom took me on a Chicago. Ghost tour led by Richard Crow. What is Richard Crows legacy been on the Chicago Paranormal Investigation Community? He he's the man he will always be the man always. He's he's the one who will may he laid the framework for Chicago slower. It wasn't Janney beforehand you know. He introduced the story of Resurrection Mary. He introduced historian John Dillinger. He introduced a story of the same. Valentine's Day massacre goes so it all started with him and he will always be manned as you work with them ever time. I'm sorry thought. He always thought I was stepping in his trip. Even after twenty years all. Yeah just you know he of him. His work is still being quoted to this day as well. I WAS LISTENING TO ASTONISHING LEGENDS. Which is another paranormal s podcast and on the resurrection? Mary episode of their show which is a very long which I recommend shop in any way they showed like they played clips of Richard Crowe on. Wgn radio and it's been many many years so the fact that even modern day people are referencing. That it's Dick. Goes to show like something like bachelor's row for example when I was researching. My Bachelor's grow go. That came out two years ago as try to find the origins of many of the popular story that Bachelors broker example. The idea that the woman in White Bachelor's Grove with the at-risk rose that comes from a episode that Richard Code. Wgm where a woman called in. And she said she saw this woman in white a bachelor's robe that were like a Madonna with a covering over her head and that was just one example. I mean they were like ten things. That people talk about it. Bachelor's all where the descriptions and the names that are that they're called is different phenomenon called the different places have their origin in shows that. Acropolis on wgn is one of the most haunted places in Chicago. Would you say badgers grove is is without a lane? Okay thank you had something to say or Steve. Yeah I was just going to say A A a quick little anecdote When I was in high school I took a class on Chicago history and we had to do a video project on any aspect of Chicago history. Wanted and I did mine on Chicago's and I wrote him a letter and he was like. I'm doing a a book. Talk at this library. If you want we can do an interview and he sat down with me for an hour. Half off on on audio leads. Le- let me ask him. Whatever I wanted I was fifteen. Sixteen years old asked him about every single story. I I could think of And then after it was done he was like look at that A. I've got a tour. You if you WANNA come on you can be my guest you and your family to be my guest on the tour fan. We'll talk more after that. And so that's that's my personal Connection at recollection of him was was that was that moment where he was you know to to some teenager in high school he was. He was willing to to give an hour and a half of his time that he really didn't have to give Mandy. Stood there hardy Steve It's yet it's probably someplace man. I believe that. Yeah you guys know this. Richard Crowe actually supposed to haunt the ashbury coffeehouse avenue. Oh Basic School. Because he used to bring the in there all the time right owner said whenever they come man he come in. I in common rest. Go through the coffee up the stairs in. He'd use the bathroom on the second war and a comeback down and talk about the Coffee House. The tour guys and he sweep he'd liked rush through. The cafe can go to the hat and blow to the head any curve and she said since he after he died there were numerous occasions. Were they saw this big imposing figure rush through the coffee house in say ongoing ahead in God stare. Oh Yeah I guess you got used all right. We have another question This is also from Youtube viewer The question is if ghosts are dead. How do they manage to have breath to be able to form words? Reading is a biological function. Something that stops when you die. Nick did you write that Com? No because I know that would be probably ridiculed by is if I did that came from a skeptic by the way I figured skeptics welcome. Well I've I have to say. I think that goes by rations that are left in the environmental we speak. I found a find when I report. He the bus pass. Edp is when other people are having conversations in the background and then the WHO sleep conversations. Whatever seemed hero honored kind of under need that human conversations? So I think there's a lot there's a lot of energy and kind of like sound vibrations that are left in the environment for a while after we speak and I think that's what they use. I'm one hundred percent with her slow on this one. I don't WanNa say it's a necessarily physical. I moving my mouth in words are coming out of my own. You know a by on making I feel like they're using energy that we're giving off it. Which is my whole theory on out. Ghost exist in general. I really think that right on the money with that one. I would agree with that as well might. Theory was a lot of times goes present in their in their prime in their best You know like what they looked like in their best day or in their worst day the day that they died so a lot of them could still have the ability to vibrations speaking. But that's coming from skeptic lights saw I. Did you just defend paranormal family at I? I don't completely disagree with you. I think I don't believe go success. I'm the hardcore skeptic here but if you do think that goes exists there you know you also believe that As you can see from some of the evidence that people bring about from goes they don't always follow the normal physical rules of physics in so I mean you can't use that as an argument like in that sense because you know you're already breaking some of the fiscal rules of physics talking about ghosts talking about you know shaking a you know an intangible thing shaking a bunk bed you know So it's kind of a weird thing to ask it's an interesting question though Pat We have any more questions from the Youtube. No we don't Okay yeah all right So what I'd like to do is Were actually just right around the time we were supposed to wrap it up anyway so if we don't have any other questions what I'd like to do is Kinda. Give each of you a chance to kind of wrap it up. Maybe you know plug. Whatever you'd like to plug give people an opportunity to Contact you outside of the panel. If they have questions of their own that they just didn't feel like asking during the panel. So we'll start. I WILL START WITH URSULA. Eighty way to be on the show What SITE IS CHICAGO? Dot Com of course work which was closed down right now but my blog is there and also YouTube Channel Chicago fronting TV and the documentary about our avenue should be up on Youtube Channel. Probably by next Wednesday or so for all the live lectures and we're doing live. Those fronts from Lincoln far so but our facebook page website. You'll see everything that we're doing this in our until he can open back up again and the summer comes out or next content. Juliet Risen which is written by myself in her whole Juliette Haunting Scheme Investigative Prison for nine weeks eighteen. So it's all our hero. He experiences Interviews with inmates in our school leagues air over many years and had a lot of different experiences and the general history of the prison on history background. A lot of famous inmates prison is let's in July Steve yet. So spoke it and twitter Was that Chicago. Bears Chicago Bear. You know feel Brita. Semyon message there If you're wrestling fan and you like Merch I got. I got I got out beatdown shared. I also got a shirt with my logo on it. That's at pro wrestling teased dot com slash Chicago bear hug. I keep things really simple There you can catch me Every Friday night at twelve eastern eleven central On the channel you to America lovie W wrestling Unfortunately everything's on hiatus. So we're we're doing a bunch of Best shows but follow me and NC bad and say hi sometime. Patrick Oh my God. So we have a lot of stuff going on at ghostly we did a sleep paralysis episode which scared me so bad that I had to change underwear. I'm just saying I it was. It was pretty bad but our next episode is actually our first listeners. Choice episode that we are really excited about it is the von Erich Family Curse. It's all about wwe wrestling or wwf back in the day in. Wcw wrestling It's it's an amazing story. I can't wait to talk about it. and in fact We have asked Bob to join us on that. So it'll be coming out on Wednesday also need and Rebecca were just infrequent week. Actually and I hear you have something to do with that Nick. Yeah I'm the producer of that show. Thank you Sir David. Hockney guy like totally not me. So let's segue over to Bob I host Bob after dark. You guys can find net wherever you listen to podcasts sat. My newest episode is by first real partners series side doing three episodes on gateways portals to hell. My first one came out last week. That was about five relations. No Kansas actually five five locations in the United States that are considered gateways or portals. The hell might. New episode comes came out today. That's on inner five are three international places that we consider gateways to hell in the next week. I'm going to be doing a file. Finishing up the series about the Hellier Gates in Pennsylvania on that. I that I guess you were. Pat's been my frequent co host lately. Since Steve's busy body slamming nodded more. Doing Nothing Bob. I know my show is typically a radio show bog after dark as a radio. Show I before it becomes a podcast because the radio stations shut down due to the unfortunate world. We're living in right now. I'm still doing the show though from home and I before we segue over Rebecca I just WanNa say thank you guys so much for having me here and I just want to say that. I'm honored to be on this panel with every single one of you and unfortunately the world's Kinda crumbling around us but it's really nice that we all get together from far apart to be able to host something great so thank everyone of you antastic. Wow and then you know you just assumed that it was going to Rebecca next. I mean I am so. That's yeah no so Dan I'm a ghostly podcast were we're everywhere you know all your social media's Are Out there in facebook. There's actually a ghostly society which is our group We have a lot of fun. People a lot of stories. We debate a lot of stuff. 'cause that's what ghostly is we debate ghost story so Pat House all the history and I tell the he stuff and then he tries to tell me that I'm wrong and I'm like no I'm not wrong and then the listeners get to vote so it's you know it's Super Fun But during our time of covert and staying home and and not be able to go out. I've added a new thing which is Rebecca's ghostly. Bedtime story creepy bedtime stories. We should call it go slip. It's anyways but the creepy bedtime stories and I read a lot of really old really creepy stuff that is sometimes has some words that are hard to pronounce. But it's It's no I like them. 'cause they're slow burn. You know like they'll start out like they'll add a little bit creepy and then at the end you're like Whoa. There's like this really cool. Twist and And I really like it so At anyway so that's been my my fun and then it's talk about wrestling. Oh man so much. What for thank you so much. You're having me. This has been great awesome. Yes and Just because we want you to tell talk about yourself okay. I was going to be very very briefly. Just mentioned as pat already did that. I'm the producer freak of the week Which is a great parody. Paranormal call in podcast. A completely improvised patent Rebecca irregulars on their. Please download it. Check it out. It is a fun fund. Show you don't have to be believer or a skeptic to enjoy it it's just a good time It's part of a moral development which makes a lot of great shows. They put out a lot of podcasts. Including Bob after dark That's how I got in here. Through nepotism No but Just check more development dot com or check out our facebook page memorial development or fees frequently weekly page Be greatly appreciated But I just want to thank all of these panelists even Patrick and more importantly I want to thank all the people that viewed this live and all the people that are going to view. It afterwards. Guessing. It's going to be put up his video afterwards. Will yes so Thank you so much for joining us for this new plus minutes of ghost stories Have a great spooky evening. Ghostly as also stay frustrates bags

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Monday 8/23/21 - Back To School Draft (ft. Dana)

Chicago Dog Walk

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Monday 8/23/21 - Back To School Draft (ft. Dana)

"Rough and rowdy fifteen years this friday august twenty seven th at eight. Pm eastern there are five made events including me chef. Donnie against qc p. and pacman jones for his lights out bobby laying there are twenty amateur brawl with no defense no had year and all haymakers dave porno and big cat on the mike and it sure to be a hell of a show. You'll be laughing so hard because you've never seen anything like it. Go to buy our and our dot com to get your one time paper of you pass. That's and our dot com. You also missed a very funny dave story. You have a how he pukes at a barbecue. Some guy challe to fight and he started belly punch new guy s love level. I was on an empty. We're leaving that in typing make. Today is monday at twenty percent of barstool sports. It okay if we look at it. I don't care dana. Be joins us drafter once again. Dan how are you doing well man. I'm happy to be back my first time. I think i got a little bit of a tough draw. Because i only drink light beers and i had all these craft beers throwing me in these different selection so it was a poor performance. But i think i'm ready to correct. He tried to draft atoms. Tried craft beer exactly. But like that's the thing i don't i don't know what craft beers are so it's tough showing but This is more in my wheelhouse. I would say in terms of something unprepared for yes. Today is the official back to school. School draft five categories so launch item recess game the best day of school a field trip and a miscellaneous so school. Because it's like back to school a lot of everybody's gonna college now. High school is going to be opening up but for purposes of this this is more like childhood nostalgia. I'm going like food item. If someone who's back to a you know the dorm chicken tenders. No this is like this is like k. Through eight so. I thought it correct. You guys thought of that somewhere. Yeah yeah yeah okay good. We're on the same page for once vic supplies. Yeah we knicks supplies cry. I just like we thought about supplies. But then here. Dave argue about the ballpoint pen versus dixon ticonderoga pencil. I just don't know where we would get. I mean been number. One of my big board would have been ruben number to design a teacher. Who was very diehard about. The dixon ticonderoga. It's the only pencil it is. It is the best pencil. It is most mechanical pencil. that's a jaguar. we're just like it looks nice but it never works now. See i like it though. I feel like that's why you get. Your bag are jank's bed. I know they used to be best thing. My grandma used to say all the time. I need one in the shop and then one for your garage. Yeah yeah good comparison. Though the dixon ticonderoga man shot out to that. Sorry were you dr grip guy or shall we say why should we save this for the actual school because in the phd pen. That was a big battle for school. Supplies i mean technically you could take one of these miscellaneous but you know that's up to you however it is funny that you bring up beer because last time we talked about beer and there has been a big development since then because used to drink a bad beer nitric. A good beer is that right. Dana be listen. Let me tell ya. Eddie miller light. It was like i walked into the gates of heaven and i saw jesus christ and i saw god and in the world opened up to me miller lite. I was a bud light guy forever. I turn my back and said listen this. Those are my people. Those are the type of people you want to be around us. The beeri wanna drink. And i'm telling you everything has been up since is made the switch in and it's genuine to genuinely liked better. Because i'd never had it before i started drinking it and i generally liked the better the bud light and from there. That's me told me off the record. Dude i just never known. He's like now. I really enjoyed and you didn't know like the type of diehards they had like when you switch to a lot of people rallying behind you it's a brotherhood. Unlike anything i've seen before it. I love it. Happen to be a miller. Awesome so miller lite gotta half montier couple weeks. Left to summer. We got football season. We're going to be really heavy into the millers. You guys know the drill by now and it's always air for no matter where you are. You're mississippi right. Now you go to the grocery store. I guarantee you could find it like something else. You all have. They're not had miller lite dependable. So next time you're getting ready to enjoy codes with your crew miller lite dot com slash red line to find the delivery options near you or you can pick up some of their light pretty much anywhere that they sell beer. It's miller time time celebrate responsibly. Miller brewing company milwaukee wisconsin ninety six colors three point two carbs per twelve ounces. Saw there was another poll. Snafu this last week. I mean i listen. We all agreed we're gonna try to do is not my fault. I don't think it is. Yeah we agreed like. Hey let's try to do it one more time. Hopefully nobody will fuck with it. They did so now. We actually have to find a solution to the poll. Which sucks can people just not. That'd be nice. You know it can just not. It'd be it would be nice so i don't know what you guys like. I don't want to show my frustrations with the people. That are manipulating the paul. It just is what it is is the way people. Are you gonna huge population and there's always going to be a couple of bad apples. Obviously we've got some bad apples fucking with the pulse. We're gonna come up with a good solution and move on. and ed. I actually do feel bad for you because this is something that is outside your control. Yeah like read stuff is great but like this is outside your control correct. Yeah like i liked the steps unless it isn't this is not me. I swear so. What's reds final solution. A goodness i'm asking. I don't know i don't think he'd get it. I get it. I don't have to answer the question. you're fuck. I don't know what you'd better get on that times a time. We'll see maybe you do like survey monkey like fucking back at school. Paul got four hundred and eleven results. Yeah exactly it's going to be real tight race little should we just make polls Like ten minutes now. It's just like a spread option. I mean someone could sell put their credit card formation by bots within ten minutes. But it'd be funny sprint poll but nevertheless we gotta figure it out and no you got to figure it out. Now we you you you. He's a fucking louise over there. I'm not weasel. You are fucking god. Signed do belly pensions. I can't believe can you talk about that more. Yeah there's i've walked into the bar nonchalant couldn't tell you how can we start with dana though because that's how it started here for the rv tour and we talk about how we did the podcast and you just got up and left like monty davis at halftime like irish allied. And you gotta go me like what happened in dave's like i was feeling great. He was like. I was like really get you literally just told me a story rows like dave. I heard you had to get carried out of the bars. And he looked at me and dave. This is like the most sincere white sox davis ever been with me at this. Most ashamed i in my entire life. I was pretty ashamed of myself. I i had a couple of friends over on my roof deck to pre game. It was a one pm. White sox game monday at three pm. All it was a saturday game though We had a few great tasting less feeling miller. Lite sunroof high. Tell down to the stadium. Drank all day there. I got offered at all obliged the person who offered me adderall. I didn't have an ounce of food. The entire dead no ballpark food. And that's why you go to a socks. Game is the eat the food because it's outstanding ballpark food. Got super fucked up went to a bar afterwards and the some dude in the bar is like i don't really like you. I'm like okay. Then hit me. And he's like let's start doing body shots. I'm like all right. Let's do it after every body shot we would take a shot at jamison and this is this is like rapid fire so it was like a ten minute. Fifteen minute thing retook. Handful of shots jameson. And he caught me right in the kidney kind of knocked the wind out of me and i went outside and i'd just puked by guts. That's all there is to and i was ashamed. I was very ashamed of my one. Tip your capital next time. I'll like you all right. The do something about it all right. What do you wanna do. Let's take shots jamison and punch each other in the belly. Putes the best. I'll text eddie. Like probably once a month with something stupid. That sucks dave says. And i'll just be laughing. This summer i've ran into like three people that randomly. No you from like high school in shit. One of them had a wedding. You you can confirm that at. I also called for like two weeks ago. It for him. And i never. I never thought obama's about i don't remember what it was about but i'm sure it was about something very very not important though i listen to dave. You're one of my favorite people. You make me laugh. Everything to do makes me laugh. You're one of those people like thank you talk to watch. I think the last time we text me was you're listening to sandwich draft with coach. Jim graziano by a beef kit and jim was talking about a deli in canada. That was bilingual ski. I don't know why i picked that. But whatever the ski family and there's a nice nice deli. he's like jewish actually point on but it was just fun just like it was a bad beat for you for being honest. Yeah what if you if you hear the last name romanowski. I don't know why i picked that name. Your doctor assumed jewish your brain. That is true. My blood sugar. This point two dissimilar to miller lite the order. Now what a fucking start just like the we're throwing off stay traded no. We were doing like the happy. Gilmore like fist. Clench out to the side. When he's taking the batting practice balls in the batting cage off his chest and was i will say this. He was much bigger than like six three and like not fat but like texture. My buddy you you might want to check your guy to carried out really and i don't wanna bring it up to them because it's monday like i'm sure you already had the scary so scary. Were next few short. Didn't and then like the perfect timing. Was that tuesday night. I got to bring it up now. I was i. I've never been so shame by. I've done a lot of stupid things my life. That was the first time ever woke up. The next morning truly shamed what i had acted today before. There's no asks room. And it was one of the few times. I should say should be fair for a long time to be fair to dave punch for punch when you're drinking with your buddies is one of the most underrated games. This wasn't as buddy. This is a guy robert. I was so fucked up. That i wonder if i could pick out of like a person lineup. Probably not. so it's like. I have the flashes of what he looked like in hugh is at least at least eight inches. So you'd old west saloon leg by head. He's got his all black cowboy. Smoke up street treated got some random stranger if you are listening to the dog walking. Do that guy proved to comment. There's going to be so many fucking guys being all those may. Yeah yeah he got. He got the better than me. But i'll have my vengeance. Maybe i'll just walking to cold cock next time. I see him now. I want to do that. You're great all right. let's do order. Dana danny has number one through five behind his back. What number is number three. Three carl two four one five. Fuck it. I'm gonna go back to back to back number one overall a one hundred four data to be really. How can we know the three three carl for to. I'll go number. Three one through three dana. To to karl one i'll take the fifth spot on or two chief to tour for will go four right. You got to hate that. Why do you hate that. I want five or four. I because well first time i went. I didn't have much of a strategy. Now i've listened every single one of these. I know how these things go like. The way my brain operates over think shit and i get my away with everything now. I'm coming in prepared. And i had a plan until it was not the plan. Also to be fair you're like one of the only ones we've ever done with six so finally now is different but yeah so their order as eddie dana white tax chief carl art. It's to me number one. Overall mrs unprecedent. I don't know if anyone's gone one so many times in a row and it's been by choice for some reason i don't know why is just fearless. Stop chief Fearless. it's a buzzword. Have you been somebody when you know you can juice. The poll we go. I've gone miscellaneous right out of the game. Whoa oh bold. this has become a mean but there's a reason why it's a main. There's a reason why it's so popular and it's the tv cart. There was something about that. Tv car kit. Roldan explain much better. Tv car yeah. Now i got it. Yeah that was. You felt awesome when you because you knew you're getting a movie day you get to just not do anything. Didn't focus concentrate. Great pick out all this one one worthy but explained better than i think is one. I'm i'm i'm happy with what do you mean i. It's the tv. Carpeting rolled in that would like the action of it getting roldan. Does that make it more. I wouldn't. I wouldn't call it that to what do you mean like. Oh okay so say it's you know you're doing science class. You're science class in sixth grade and you roll in the car. And they're playing a bill nye science guy. it could be the worst move. It could be any bad still way way better when those lights went off it was you for. How many bad religious movies did you watch his kids at work. Hard tune joseph in this in that the story the and we didn't matter it did not matter. Alexander walking hooked on the fact that it was something different than the teachers and it was. It was a break. The period would go by faster. You could sit there. Maybe like you know. Catch a little nap because it was dark in there the tv car you put your hand. The temperature goes down. Turn the lights off in those rooms. Yup disarming blinds down. It's an exhilarating feeling when that thing gets rolled the fucking. It really is especially if it was like. Sometimes you would know if you didn't know and you shot coming and it was surprise. Nobody surprise surprise apple looking back now. You wonder how many times you've got to do that just because the teacher was hung on. Yes yoda i got. I got friends that are teachers. And when my one he's listening right out guarantee it but when he first became a teacher he told he was in a school. I was in our conference not my high school but seem conference and he said that all the teachers were fucking each other and i was like looking back and made sense. Yeah you think that rolled the tv cartons. Said they were like a lot of them smoked. Tunnel we'd He said they are all fucking each other. I was like he's usually make people on charges. Your education exactly and look. We're look that ever make you think you should have became a teacher. Dave no not for that reason. But i always thought to myself. There's no fucking way be teacher that some breaks gotta be awesome awesome foia so yeah i try kanter. I can't just take the tv cart can take it all right. Why couldn't day was. Like i mean that you are. I think that there's another way to put it where the graphic would look much more favorable for you. I don't know what you're alluding to. But i'm fine with it. I liked. i'll explain for. I'll explain in the in the end of the show tv card. Good one. i think it's i think it's dominant like i said it's a mean but there's a reason why you've seen that before. I don't think i've seen him just like whatever it is. But i mean with tax. You saw one of these rolling in you know you're in for a good day to fact dana. You're up all right. So i'm gonna tell spot here to board wide open but i have. My two options are our best day. And i'm fucking in between two things right now. I don't think. I have much depth at the launch site on position so fucking. I'm going chocolate milk. Faulk yahu can. I do who can just be chocolate milk. I think you wanna say chocolate milk. I think the carton to be just to help you out like give me the car at pick number two. It's a fucking staple of any lunch all every single. Either you could pack it or you could get it from the fucking cafeteria boost. Things are fire. I wish i actually haven't had one probably since middle school. Elementary school where they all go where where those cartons go like. I feel like they're just missing prevalent in your life when you're a kid right and then like when you're an adult you know i don't even know where you would get it just probably cafeteria elementary like. They're not behind the glass at the convenience store. So do they still make them or they switched to a different package for schools. And the word but you know what the thing was. Can i give you a continous. It was a motherfucker. When it didn't open i try it. Was you know tax. Day was fucking hinder. All that would rip neanderthal. Did you see chiefs feet. Looks like one of the geico cavemen. Discussing any fucking takes his shoes and socks in public all the time. It's a porn. We couldn't open the one side. Four way white sox. Dave was the one with shida fingers that was open in the milk. And it was just a disgusting grouping of cheeto fingers and i didn't really like chitose milk number two cook peck scholars seem upset. You seem like you wanted six overall. Yeah i liked it much in the second round. I do think it's the i i think it's the number one china for sure. My lunch is much there. I probably four five things. That i'd be happy with taking and that was at the top and i don't think i could get something that i would like the back in draft so chocolate milk during much. I'm proud of you. It you seem to have nailed white sox dave. I'm going to go to the game section. I'm gonna him dodgeball. Because i was the greatest dodgeball player in the history of elementary or middle school. Mostly elementary school. Because we didn't really play those kind of games once. We got a little older. But i on fucking believable was the same size as he is now at twelve years old. Everything sauce so we got the little league world series out in the background like yours every year. You had these kids pumping seventy five hundred twelve hours. One of those kids in. I never ever through harder from. When i was like twelve to when i was in college. Maybe like the wall actually did but it was. It was marginal. It was now does the fact that. It's a recess dodgeball game. Make a difference why. It's better in gym class. No says dodge or gym class recess game. I mean we would play either or so house. But i'm just saying like if it's on if there's no teacher to really make sure to discuss trying to pull fast bill me. Yes my shirt and like you'd have like the falls with like it. He'd have chased on the balls with the wall there. I don't know we would have the great skin. The gator skin boss. You remember those all those. Those were fucking awesome. They came in three different sizes. So you get the one that was like the size of a twelve inch off the rubber ones right. No not the rubber ones they were like. They're called gator skin balls. It wasn't actually gear skin. Obviously i don't i don't think they they would come in three separate sizes and whenever you would go outside and you'd see those you'd be call and i would get one of those ones that you could actually fuck. Oh yeah yeah yeah. Yeah yeah it's just like the ones that you really condensed right right right right. They were like foam on the inside. Skin out her half. Those were called gator skin. So i don't think anyone would we your correct. You're correct but i'm just like we are. We invented this game. Game called german dodgeball whereas every man from self instead of team so say there's twenty thirty kids out whatever you'd roll out like a quarter of the ball so like one in every four purse people would have a ball and it was just every man for himself so everybody had their head on a swivel and pause could become from any direction. there was no like line. You couldn't cross or anything and when you got down to one verse. One in each person had a ball. And you're chucking each as most fun sheet of all time. I would play that right. Now is a thirty two year old. Is this how you got. Good call of duty. Probably i don't i don't know there has to do with it but probably a free all right for dancing. I mean that's team. Actually put your way off actually. But that's fine but dodgeball throwing baseballs at your buddies or anything at your buddies wondering it's fun things radio. I would love to have david. My middle school crew in my back like role is in elementary school. Layton's is with you and stuff on fire playing in the woods. Nobody would've talked with you. Nobody would have thought nobody would have thought with you true. How tall are you. Dana of six four. Dave veneer protector. It back then true so you tell you. Eleven dave dave one of those. I was one of those linke tall kids. Like my whole. That was really skinny. So i needed some anisim. Meet in my crew dodgeball. Anybody not like it now. Dodge agree. I do think the gym class is better but still great. Hey the problem i will. Dodgeball is great. I have a lot of similar respects for like dave because we are typically dave word stronger armed guys for appears. Yes but i would imagine dodgeball for most people is not something they're like. Oh yeah that was awesome are listenership. I think a life partner. James some people can. I can't really throw people touch ball. Athletically good dodgeball. Fucking unbelievable at it. Yeah soundtrack it. I'd stick it like billy madison. Just fucking hit him right in the face. I tried to hurt people in dodgeball. Did you see us one goal this year in hamble gift. Fuck out here. Is this actually swear to got. It's an olympic sport. No not not olympic but they won like the national the international de canada. The world cup. I think they were down to one or something. I should be in contact with them by the end of this episode. Just like the. Us professional dodgeball team. Plays tasha okay. Dot ball off the board chief europe. I'll go with Maybe like the highest stakes when you're playing outside. Recess was knockout so like long lines for for knockout. And if like you got knocked out your recess was ruined because every guy in the class was playing knockout. So i love knockout of. That's like one of my favorite recess games basketball games. Everybody can play. And then there's there's i feel like it would like turn until like a little bit of a scrap sometimes with the ball away. Kick the ball away with so it was like high tension lot on the line loved loved knockout as the elite basketball game. Yeah it's way better than twenty one o way better than to compare say but like if you have three guys in the driveway. Twenty one's pretty good i. I don't remember ever play in twenty one research either. Yeah i know this is going to be very based on people's experience like i have a hoop outside at recess so there's really no. Wow yeah we didn't either. Yeah but like everyone's experience different here. I thought i thought that keeps dan schools. Oh okay great. Pick though knockout fucking rules. Yeah that's a good pick. What did they take again. That's right. Dodgeball dodgeball a nice. Little run here on games. Were you a bush league guy who throws someone's ball. I hated that. Hey she's got integrity remember. It was such a fucking that the feeling of anxiety. Get when you miss it. I ask you're trying to like you. Keep chunking layups. Fuck fuck fuck. Can i just remind you i am a hardcore member. Garate gang and i respect every single move you make within these drafts of keeping with your heart. Swallow to know that i respect you. Hey i appreciate that's disgust. There's a button throughout this draft. That mind fucking hamilton movie. Soundtrack voted against me. That's how democracy works knock out anything else. Knockout could pick hit that exact. Sorry knockouts craziest. Could it's great to basketball's one hoop and as many as you can get the neighborhood and it's electric when that kid who like isn't supposed to win hits that shot and knock who's the best. Yes like you will get a bigger pop than that like once you get knocked out. Everybody just stays around the three point land and watches. So it's like you have that element of it. Too sweet Carl you're up. All right Take best day. And i'm gonna take like your first. You're sick day the first time you're home from school sick the first sector. Yeah yeah actual sicker fake sick. I think it's like you know as anybody ever actually sick as a kid. It's like you know your other puking your first. I sick when you're not at school in you know all your friends are at school in your home. And you're watching bob barker. And maybe grandma cream over to like work on a puzzle or something because mom and dad are at work and you're just like sitting in the basement and you're not actually at school so playing hooky. Yeah kind of. Yeah i mean. It's not tony so my mom would give me three fake sick days a year and that was like awesome for the rest of my friends like i had friends. I didn't miss a single day of all four years of high school. And if like i wanna stay home. One day she'd be right. This is one of three. I'd usually get one day in september. So good feeling. Why are you want him in like win. Just because i would be like so stressed out about the fact that like school is back in like. I just couldn't handle it. Yeah you thirty days straight. Whatever it's you know it's You know you're watching the clock. It's ten thirty already and dan would be like. Are you sure you're sick. And you're like yeah. I think so. I wasn't that sick. You know dad's it'd be very sensitive about their kids taking sick days. But for sure i i don't even i don't even remember like how i used to fake being sick. I can't even remember like just a little cough. Maybe yet you would hold the thermometer up the light bulb but not too close because then it's like one hundred ten year debt. Yes on that. If grains like melting melted from the inside out. So you gotta get that exactly right ajay. And you just like a nice little one fever and you're good to go. You just got to keep repeating. I don't feel good until your parents are so annoyed. Five bucket they don't it's actually like you. I mean we do have pto and stuff like that and work but could you imagine a world where like just adults could be like yes. I'm not feeling good. I'm not. I mean i would do that. It happens. i mean but where there wasn't pt where nobody had any pt. There wasn't any it was just like you can just easily be like. Hey i'm not feeling well amount of salvation no repercussions whatsoever see. Here's the thing in the post corona world. I bet you can get away with that. Unbelievably easy now. Offsetting now just like i don't feel good. They will be like. Don't even come near to the next fucking two months. You should put together a list of all your tricks in trades for post covert world. I mean that's got to be one of them for everybody right. We don't gotta really worry about that because we don't have like technical managers and shit where we would have to call in sick but if it was my old job i'm sure they would be like don't even think about coming in all right. What's the first pick of the second round carl. I'm going field trip. And i am in. I don't this might just be like a local thing. But i don't care i'm taking medieval. Times was on my list to we did not do that. I've been there and it's fucking blast. I would actually like to go like this weekend. Are you talking like So the king. Richard's faire video classic warm just a massachusetts thing or that everywhere. I never heard of it. There's an did some research when we had the guy on The porn show couple last year. There's two of them. Actually one wisconsin. Yes going on right now. There's king research fair like and there's one in massachusetts but no this is like medieval times is like it's a chain. I didn't really there's one in florida. I know there's been new jersey. Is it like a similar. Not better way back indoors dude. It's like horse fighting house. Gene version of game of thrones sick with your hands and turkey. Legs just serbia rotisserie chickens going on. We didn't go there for you. Got you got you into their mission form and it was like a special trip but obviously the dads are all in on it but you can boost their bar go in but so it's a it's a big castle looking building and when you go. They like process the tickets. There's a bar. There's a little bit of this museum. You can walk around and look at old torch prices. Pretty dora dr. Menial history like warfare combat related museum items and then they have this larger arena. That probably seats between one and two thousand people right. What you up. I think they're sixteen four but red white gold black and then they have nights that represent the color. And you wear the shirt. I'm wearing the red shirt with fucking go read night. Yeah and they sort fight like pit and they joust like it's awesome it is and they all like british accents and stuff. So there's arthur there's ten ten teams location. Love goes to you know we. We should be four football season. We should do outing rally together. How sick you're invited. Look can i. Please be a captain of team. You're the captain you just invited you racist those pens. She tries to compile ten location locations. Good date night night night. I knew peop- percent in on that but evil times. I would like to. Because when i think of that i think king richard's faire which is like if you've ever been to it. It's really something like that video only really does it justice there's creatures they're legitimate creatures who their whole life is like dress gas to go. Richard see it's not like that this is like regular people. Just go for a night to fuck in. So we're talking. After the last time i went i was talking to the reading yellow night. It was like you can take a picture afterwards and we were in the red and yellow section. He wanted so it was like dude. You one congrats. We get a picture and it was like so like. How do you get into medieval times. And he's like you for like com. Ed j swearing is like my buddies apart and they had like auditions for the nights. How gay think. I can grow my hair out. This could be doing it about eight years. Yeah to pulse bullshit because my cousin used to date at night day tonight and like i just see him at christmas and he'd like have his fucking ponytail like what's up man. Housework is a god. It's good win. yesterday. I want tuesday night. Two hundred tonight on nice. What do you mean it stays exactly. Tickets are sixty four dollars by the way. It's not cheap this is. You're not going to the aquarium. It's an experience experience. Yeah no is great. I didn't know that was a field trip and now i'm jealous like jealous. Jealousy drafted and you got to seventh grade. It was it was a staple for for our school. I never went for future. But i would've loved round. There's another classic more mature fielder option. I think two or three. Why well up up. And i'm between between the field trip and then the best day i'm gonna go filtro. I'm taking when you're an eighth grade. And the physics class takes you to six flags that was doubted. I think that should have been the first between medieval times in six field. Trip is on what you're talking about. Yeah 'cause that's literally the first time you're like thirteen or fourteen years old and they're like all right neat back at the buses. Yeah and you're off. Yeah yeah you're off on your own a little bit. It's great it is great. Actually and that's that's a that's a day of school like you're you're just go in there. They like give you some bullshit like assignment and you. Just check the boxes. You're just a free for all great. Great great pick anything. Sorry that's a finding time to for the boys. They talked about that with carnivals when we did the carnival traffic that is like a very former union buddies can take major steps shadow gurney. Sorry where are you going to say. I i feel like it's just gonna cost some unnecessary drama. We like that speak freely is a field trip day a best considerable today so that that that's what was talked about a field trip days. Take a kid. I take that as your bus day. It's not my best. But i think that's pretty. There's days days in school. Yeah exactly throughout Six flags a field trip question. Oh yeah oh yeah that was. You went in eighth grade as like the last thing for it was like four fifth about this. For a a way to differentiate for a field trip. You had to get a permission. Slips slight permission slips signed for best day it just. It's a good way harder. Part of the i got. I got yeah nine. you know. We talked about thursday's episode. I had a couple local comedians on. And like. what did we do in line to pass the time when we waited two hours for the raging bull. Now these kids your social and stuff like like we literally just made fun of each other and made fun of each other. There were a few kids who were all save more developmentally advanced than i was. Who would like make out with girls. That i didn't align. Oh you don't remember seeing that we wouldn't be in the middle of the line. We would be like fucking around like behind shit like you literally like your one form of enjoyment i. This is the chain link fence like pass every time you snake through. Somebody would get a wet willy. It's and then it's just like carlson making fun of each other the whole time crazy. Who's gonna scream loud. It's probably you plus you scream someone yell penis to penis game crazy and then to be that one guy. That was really fun to be around but he was also a complete liability. Be around now. It's screen penis at the very top of his lungs and you'd be like fuck. He won but we're all probably going to get yelled at now. I bet you were dana. Also was great pick. Were you making our chicks dana. Once i was like one of those once you get hot hot so once i had one make out. There was a million of them with a girl at a school. Dance semi formal type of thing. I mean i was just making out with the whole. Great records dow henry t wing school. Cool brag pick surprising. Pick like you would think of more educational from from barstool chief. He's always trying to just put me in these in these boxes his narrative and suits the brand and the wrestling thing that he's trying to create here these different characters. But i love six flags as much as you probably my. Gosh yeah i. I just thought he'd fuck in the botanical garden. It would have been my next pick state state house. Go down the stairs. Exactly look the rub. Abe lincolns knows why. Tax dave i'm going to the lunch item category and i'm going with the one and only lunch ables faulk. Yeah i was down to either that or six flags so i was completely blocked. Fox i hear talk of milk too because it literally i just pass to. I mean once you bulls are synonymous with like grade school. Not so much middle school but grade school. You get the little pizza ones. You get to make your own pizzas. Put the pepperoni and the sauce on there. Every time i walk by winning the grocery store to this day. I think about picking up just for nostalgia purposes but Like looking back like if you consistently had launch ables like every day at lunch you were like one of the rich kids. I feel like or you is already parents. Was that a couple of buddies always coming in with way. Yeah got launch. Ables scenario like their parents did not make the bread the same right. Yeah unless you're right though david. It was a treat like for. Yeah for me now give. Pj every fucking day. Yeah but then like yeah. Yeah like offshoot. When my dad was responsible that's launch came revealing. Hey what do you feel balance. Just maybe a couple of calls this week perfect. Yeah it's great. You like the pizza ones. I thought those songs like it didn't matter pete. I was just using that for were popular. The ham cheese one number. One i toss up to me. Didn't matter either or wasn't wouldn't nit-picker complain. Fuck got one. Or the other but launch bulls like that was that was the fucking that was the jamming mitten. Did i miss out. What's your favorite one i. I didn't hear if you're i mean to me. It was a total toss between the pizza ones and the The ham and cheese on is like still eat. The pizza wants to. I believe i believe in like a grownup baby. I feel traveled of mix of a trash and a baby trash person. A baby wakes delays on the balcony bedspread in the fucking sauce off. No just a constant sleep voice like that. that's how you're saying wouldn't crossville pepperoni. I've actually never had one so on the side come on. We're not giving away picture dana. She's shit right lonzo ball off the board data. You're up buck. I don't have a fuck it last day far less day. You'll you got the boys together. Everyone's getting getting wilder. Summer's coming up. You're about to go play some sports with the boys. Maybe play some video games. You got the whole summer. Had you you got the yearbook so everyone side and each other's yearbooks navy got cute girl you're trying to get her to sign your yearbook. She writes something like hey. I'll see you next next school year. What's up baby. Let's fucking do this. That's a day pakis as someone who didn't grow until they're seventeen. I can't really to that girls. Were the scariest thing in the world. So i actually hated the whole yearbook thing. I hated. I hated that day. It was just russell all but it was good like you. Put the dash on the side of the room wiped everything down and like i've always just sitting on the floor to great day. It's usually guys usually a half day to oh it was just completely pointless to be there but like the school had the minimum. You just knew you buddies were getting ready for the falcons summer. You guys were about to raise. Hell is hot is hot for the. There's just that juicy the buzz the buzz. Yeah i'm not in. The room is just so much different like i'm doing right now. I remember every day in high school. I would start like home into myself. Alice cooper like as i was walking out the last period like school's out for summer. There's a specific last day. Though i think is when you're for us. It was when you last day as seventh graders. Eighth graders had already gr- they weren't there school so then we got old lineup. Where the eighth graders lined up before school and hang out with like the doors at school like you're waiting for school open until the eighth graders would congregate closest to the doors under this overhang. So if the weather's shitty you know maybe one guy was smoking a cigarette. One day or something you know like those are the excite the that now you get to be an eighth grader. Yeah no. This was the best day i would have taken us next to Issues getting bonded our fucking stephen shape. Bone gripe gripe pick. I'm up and i honestly don't know what to pick. It's not gonna compare to those last two picks. I guess i'm gonna go with the last day before winter break. It's it's clearly well behind the last day of school but just knowing you got a couple of weeks and you could just kind of Usually watch like frosty the snowman or some bullshit. It was always a nice day and everyone like you don't do anything i feel like that was the day you had to go like. Everyone went to go watch like the the choir sing like they would put on a christmas concert at like eleven. Yeah but but that's that's better than being in class get those nice comfy auditorium chairs and everything. Yeah you get that. And then like i said you'll pop out frosty like someone's like it's a different kind of launch brings something. There's probably some type of like. I don't know i forget exactly how to call it. Where like they sell. Shit like the little chris kennel market. Yeah exactly like they have that and also other passing around like you could send off like we lost dana. We send off like the candy canes with a little note to and it's a day to here here's my s. My only pitch of white last day of school is a day where everybody's happy right top to bottom. Everyone's happy the last day of school like some people might be sad like some people sell. You're also not worrying about a report card coming. No failing religion class. I did fail religion. That iraq right. That's the most talk about shame. Shame my father religion. Yes last last day before on her break. I don't know i feel about good. Pick seemed deflated. When you took it to the fourth sixth wife launch ables laugh. It's it was it was those were. I would launch a bowler last day. It was my my next pick so little deflated. But i do think it is a great day like i said everybody's happy All right i need lunch. Item recess game or field trip. You mentioned it. i'm just gonna take it to. I know there's a lot of field trips taken but the shed was fucking fun. Oh it's allegedly to this day like you guys. As growing up in the city or closer to the city had better field trips and we did shed would go to feel sorry for people who don't listen to not in chicago and dana. You're probably what the fox yet so you can say. The gravity lake aquarium graphics. Shedder quiet shed. The shed aquarium sheds away better word than shut. Aquariums good shed. I guess we just didn't maybe weird just too far away but we did. We did not have now. We did not have shut aquarium. You would go there. I feel like every year. And i wasn't that much farther than you were not yet. I don't know we just. We never told you guys go to like the little. Red schoolhouse planner. We would do that. Yeah yeah that's why like six flags like the only like memorable good field trip. We had so. If i didn't get that i was going to control the reason i shed. Aquarium is because that's the big cab video right. Yes thing raise yeah. It's still awesome. It's cool that's good same thing like we need to get to go. Watch the whale show. You don't watch the you get the penguins. Dolphins kid and blackfish hadn't come out. Yes yeah and then there was like the bridge. We're the lake. Michigan is like divining it. And you'll have if that fucking boston. All we just overflow. Someone told me free willie was filmed there. I was an adult. I was like wow off that. Was it look bigger lake michigan. Yeah no answer your question. I think the stingray exhibit came. Well after i do not remember. Yeah it's been a while since i've been there well after all of us for sure. Good air conditioning. At the great air conditioning. They always have like that big. It's like a black tie event there in the winter. I've always wanted to go to that people. There's some nice high schools do their problems. There too and i think it's i think it's a solid field trip. You seem you see melancholy. Yeah i just. I i was really sad. I really thought i was going to get launched and i thought tv car launched would have been like fucking rock solid but it is what it is. Shut aquariums by pick dana. You're up over thick this on the goal. My fucking heart wall balls recess game wall ball one of my favorites. I have another couple ones that i was thinking about. But when i think recess game but i think a wall ball and another one which i will not name but that's probably mytalk one of my talk to. It's fun as hell. I don't even remember the rules but pretty much to peg people. Yeah so so a wall balls my third anytime you can throw a projectile at one of your buddies is automatically just unbelievably awesome game. Wall boss especially tennis is a tennis ball. It won't hurt. You put your feeling. They're like the super gray balls. That were supposed to be baseball's like those things. Fuck you too heavy right. Those will fuck you start talking. You knew you don't. I'm talking about and especially like you knew someone who can throw hardens gonna sit there and take it wobbles goodwin dana. That's that's what i think of when i think of like recess for some reason. That's so my fondest memories and you just try to crush people with the ball. It's fantastic when you're a little school. So i got a i got a solid lineup runoff. Happy days very solid too. So i'm interested to see regards here three. I'm going with pizza day. For best day now wasn't necessarily a set day but you get that teacher. That are all right. Everybody been bringing five bucks or just gonna order shit on a pizza on friday and you look forward to that day and you just stuck your faithful fucking pizza all day or period rather just an awesome day a great day. Let's rock i think. I'm about to win the draft. Why like today. today's fine but it's can i go. Yeah he doesn't even want. He's walking no interest in talking about peace today. We're ready to win the draft fucking semi for your pick taken. Yes how snowed. They got to the third round for best day. When you wake up and you come in the night before everyone's like oh it's gonna be a snow day and you're watching on the little ticker on. Wgn which school districts are closed. And then you come up and it's closed is the best day and it's a surprise it's yet can't beat us knowing you're looking for your fucking yeah strict district three. Oh three on down and the fact that snow day went in the third round. This fucking guy took the last day before. Christmas break with snow day on the board unbelievable hands up. I didn't knock out will hold you back. Knockouts great. I don't think knock out. We'll your two three. We'll definitely translate but back might not but snow days are home run. Yeah i don't know how we let it slip. That's unreal pick. I completely forgot about it. There's nothing i said. What did i say is really exhilarating. Tv stan yes nothing more exhilarating than seeing your fucking school now decker. We all time best. It's the best that's a first round. Pick in the third pick impressive. Tell me pizza day. Discuss fucking dow me the pizza day like the pizza was like yeah like that was a good day. I feel like my school was always on friday and that would be like one of the days. I like negotiate to have like a hot lunch put. The pizza was never like good pizza. Pizza we get like pizza hut. I remember we get like resides at least show. Oh no you okay. Then we had a different experience because ours was just like. Are you talking about like the shitty cafeteria. No i'm talking like we called an ordered pizza didn't do we didn't have that. We do homework and he would get. Yeah call it in like a normal. I was thinking it's just like the cafeteria pizza. I mean i would eat it like everyday great chief. I'm i snooze down for sure. I do not think the little up actually a little That's an economist. Day icon lunch item on capri sun. We're gonna take chocolate. Milk head-on first round second overall pick. I take it head on with the capri sun. It's impervious to temperature changes. It's got the unique straw. It has a thousand different flavors and they all taste the exact same sit- doesn't like surfeit. Surf's up strawberry verse like fucking capri sun like it. Literally the exact same if you ever seen capri sun looks like out of the bag. Actually i have. I don't think i want to don't look swear and then coming in and out of recess i mean it just looks like it. Looks like sugar literally. Okay it's clear but you can tell it's not water you can see. Why children do they used to serve it in like batalik bottle. What for like a year or two run they had like big capri suns was pretty strange and then everybody got poisoning. I dunno must not have made it. Clearly sigheh overrated. not all. i like them a lot. I have one conned for you when the straw doesn't go through the fucking hole or it goes through the bottom. Sometimes you're gonna have straw malfunctions with advantage hazard for the caprice on for sure and it can be frustrating. Absolutely goes hand in hand with school grownup. That is i mean. It's a con but it's like a con- net would it. It's part of the experience you know of having a caprice knowing that you might completely fuck it up the milk cart. I can picture the small amount of adhesive on the back of a capri sun. Life is it's coming out of the launch. Yeah did he target. We say when you don't get the straw off off your your sauce missing your fuck that moment calls drug for this little piece of plastic. You gotta go ask. The teacher for the scissors are the worst doors. Holy shit ed can't have the foxtrot. That's a fabulous pick. it is an icon. Yeah it is an iconic drink and then we'd take recess game sit i. I feel like this one's pretty simple to aunt touch. This is in at least in my life where like the men got separated from the boys on the recess parking lot like it was like there is in age i think was like fifth or sixth grade or something like you'll we actually have guys that can throw the football. Now we've guys can run running like this is a thing where we're going to start. It means something where we're going to pick best teams at recessing stuff. There's other more playground friendly gains but it was just like if you had a football two hand touch perfect now obviously outside of school hours outside of elementary school. Tackle one hundred dollars. But if you're if you're on school property and you're wearing the uniform you know you're playing by the rules to now. If it gets a little rough. Billy push me over but two hand touch is basically the only place you play to anti. Still got the blacktop us. Skin these default gravel spot. And you just fucking lose your footing. Classic obviously is the guy who would always say he only got hit with one hand. Yeah one eight. No you gotta be wondering. What about all time quarterbacks. All time quarterback guy going to be quarterback awesome. You had to clearly be the absolute one of my teammates in college. He was a pitcher in illinois. I gotta still. We've made fun of him. Relentlessly for this because i got a story from his friend that was when they were kids. And they played to anti-french he had a fucking referee's whistle and he would play all time referee and that was when he was like eleven. We didn't let that shit go. We're too rough giants. Who fucking drew. Up the annexation of puerto rico. Yeah that's true. I want to be all time. Routes decades probably fucking offensive coordinator in the nfl. Right now yeah. it's great. Pick who pick up chance snow day but now we're follow up chief back to me. Yeah this is where it starts to fall apart. i'll go with miscellaneous at all. Just go with having a substitute so Anytime like you know. You're not you're just not going to be like a you could fuck around a little bit. Whatever assignment was due. That day doesn't count like you don't have to like if you didn't do your homework. You're good what's this is day. Miscellaneous he picked it as miscellaneous teacher could pick again. I hate to say it. We are bad right dot. Were most subs good advantage. Yeah but if you give the note to your teacher and would actually give you a report. Your fuck i think that ever. Oh i remember in fifth grade. I- had mrs campbell and she was a total standing. I'd almost scam. And we had this sub that would suffer us like all the time all the time. Her name was miss waller. I don't make fun of her now but she was sold. I would not be surprised if she's no longer with us. But we are at lawler. This lady miss waller her life hell to the point where she started giving the teacher and we had her like in foggy dozen times one year to the point where they threatened to take us away from six flags trip at the end of the year and like that. Last time i was like sitting there is forward. Not saying a word. Because i didn't want to miss that field trip in david. Or who is a buddy of mine. In fifth grade. He was still raising. Hell still raising hell. And i was guilty by association to point where she said. I can't go to six flags. But i talked myself back into being allowed to go to six flags because other people had my back and said i was on my best behavior. This waller show lurk shot waller. Shamas campbell shot. Everybody knows miss campbell. Though david david gertler. I wonder if he's doing these days. Probably probably jail some thirty two. It's probably been about twenty years since i've even thought of daycare. Your member recall for people that you went to school with is unbelievable. I it's unmatched shy. People it's mostly people. I played against in sports. I could name you everybody. I played against in sports strong. Pac man one of this cable. Dow's my my actual teacher. Mrs wall was a substitute. We made her life and she was all just to be. We took advantage of the old lady. She was probably seventy back then. Nobody loves namedrop. I was named european. I was just being very specific setting the stage. The i mean miss waller sounded like intel lady substitute teacher going to set the stage. Who will all right white sox dave. You're up all right. I'm gonna go a field trip. And i'm going to go field museum Because i feel like that's just the last big one on the board. I needed one but it's still got to go see. I remember in third grade is when they got the t. Rex and my teacher entered all our class. Yeah into the contest to name the t. rex and we are all super fucking pissed off when we found out the winner. 'cause it was another third or fifth grader. Whatever that one by naming it sou- which is the dumbest name ever. We are thinking of all these awesome things like you know like thorax murder and you know all these sweet t. Rex names sues underrated. By the way you think so. I think su super under our so underwhelmed i saw this story about susan like fucking crazy and how of specimens yeah older. I appreciate it. But when i was a kid i was like. That's that's t rex. Well that's because you grew up in the dress parker and we're expecting like a month. Well what kind of fucking name is sue for a t. rex. I think it's i like it. I don't like it for two racks. The offer a substitute teacher. It'd be perfect to be. Do not recognize it. Needs to be something bad ass. there's a lot better museums. That's my problem with your pick here. We don't want to name him. Yeah but there are. That's my but i mean it's a classic experience. I thought dave for sure had like a real horny. One thought roberts. Data's the only one that doesn't even the robert crown center was right there for you scoop and score never went to sell. I learn about like cocky. That's like we're you got data real deep. They have any talk. Sixth grade up and It's in it's in the western suburbs up and they let me in detail like p people having sex but they show you what a dick looks like going inside of a giant jack. Okay evanston yeah they sure yeah actually the cervix they give they get all the details and are bowls. Don't if they don't talk about titties dave's out there there. I want to see it as a field museum but there is like all these like bronze busts of different tribes in africa or something and the the women would like their native attire on and some of the tribes wouldn't wear shirts and you could see all the bronze right around the girl's nipples were all rubbed out. 'cause dudes probably like fucking like me we're all rubbing the titties i. Maybe it's stale. I thought it was a hillsdale. It looks like they changed his name. Ira rebrand when i google that it says evanston i never i had never gone to handle health education but no it was definitely. Yeah right it was. It was not kid. Be worth trip. Krause center i feel off the board. Dana you're up. I got a laundry list of miscellaneous options here. But what i'm gonna go with his finding out finding hold on like who's in your class like if your buddies are in your class that's a great great day. Yeah that's also try to figure out a word it was also we would we would have ours posted on our front doors of the elementary school. Like just pieces of paper taped doors with all the classes for the next year. Yeah shaw this is miscellaneous climate like find out. Who's in each of your class. If your buddies are in it. I would say class assignment schedule. Your schedule edgewood. Finding out your class schedule your with your voice. You're gonna get smoked for that. It's got to be worded in a way. yeah. I know. That's why i fucked up. I i should not over. Yeah i mean you just keep thinking through appel finding out. Who's in your. I think it's a good pick. Yeah i don't know how to word it for finding out his junior class might fitted my nafa. I'll put that. I'll put that down. Yeah finally list. I think people who are listening. Well appreciate traffic people. I mean that's a great day or that's a horrible day. Yeah it could. It could be. I mean you could also find because there's always like that day like you always know the teachers above you and you're always like i hope i don't have missed danny if you ever got fucked over you're not in the clashes any of your friends either. Six of us that were like the really best friends. Grown up kids and in going in eighth grade. I found out five in one class with mrs. He neon myself with mrs model pass and it was the worst day of my life dude. Honestly people don't talk enough that and then those guys get closer to best thick as thieves doing everything together and they're like what are you doing. I was like got fucked and fifth grade too. That's that's that's a bad day. You get screwed. But it did open my horizons. It allow like i do remember being. It'd be friends with other people now. Yeah good pick though to destroy get. I wish i didn't jumble. My words put you know what i mean and that's your miscellaneous to be clear right. Yes got my field trip left all right. I need It's manny two picks. I need recess game. And i need lunch item. You know oddly enough. We did lunch item before are we did snack item before like this was a very popular one and it's i took it. I think chief ticket to it's it's my favorite gonna go fruit by the foot shit housing me and my next one. There's plenty of better ones. That picks thinks at your drafts. Awful man hate the tier coming from you. Pizza dan feel museum started up. You started off so hot. Orpheum sucks dave too. Few museums or science industry beats the fuck out of every day and twice on sunday. I don't think so. How about only if. I've ever been to the way better way better. I've ever been to the super sciences industry especially kid yes. It's a whole different once again. If dave if you're on the opposite side of dave you're gonna get spot. So thank you for todd stinks. Doesn't say it stinks. I like him. Yeah it's what few museums. I liked the field museum. I enjoy the field museum. It's not as good as science industry. I don't know if i've ever been to the museum. Science industry ever still fun at. I'm sure it is. I'm sure a lot of these places. Still be probably. It's probably been ten twelve years. Since i've been to the fucking art institute or not in the shed art institute's probably the worst to that like two years ago. I'm honored institutes nice. No it's got great air conditioner. that's nice. They're conditioned air conditioning. It's fucking hot in here. Don't tell anybody else. Danny does say it's too can tweak gotta for free poets pick pick. Is it actually a foot long does every does everybody gets. Ira wait so just to be clear. You don't like fruit by the foot. no. I don't i never did. I don't make sweet. I don't like so candy. Yeah i mean. I won't turn a fruit by the foot down but i think there's other like might do we have my final one. I need a game. There's really not a tunnel. There's there's one very very very easy when there's probably i. Yeah yeah. I want that. I don't know if i want it. I don't. I don't know if you know talking about your draft is so bad that we're all the same page. I don't think you of all people to get up and leave the room. And i look up to you. Okay i look up a host of as as a commissioner whatever you wanna call it this is a poor show it. I readily admit these guys who say your draft stinks. I readily admitted that after tv cart. I wanted launchable or lasted school. That i was in trouble. Well don't tell stay strong There's one chance for you get votes to save to save your draft. What it's fucking tag isn't it. Yeah i was because my taking my pick what. I was going to capture the flag. Is everybody happy game. I had that i had that. I think it's absolutely preposterous. Three one two three all. You're saying that because because it's just a fucking great game and you blew it. Cashier fly was better. Know on my side. What did you just say. What did you say. not five minutes ago. If you're on the opposite side white sox debuted. Doing pretty good did say that. Yeah i capture the flag though catcher flakes so much better league game. It's an i think. So though the kickball for sugar no way absolutely not especially like flag also like astronomically better in your neighborhood to than it was at school if you had a big lot and you could feel yeah. I'm like trouble glossed over. Paul visits integral to your history. No i know. I think that's why because that's hi. I'm pretty much working here now because it kickball But i also do one of those same with dodgeball in my brain like more integrated with gym class okay. I didn't think about it. We had this thing at the end of like third and fourth grade where they would have the all the kickball. All stars in the third and fourth grade would play against each other and then if whoever one played the teachers in our third grade classes the only time that we ever beat the third grade fourth grade day so big day. Yeah that's hard to do in for anybody who's watching this. I have no idea what. Karl talking about very quickly. Eddie went to the greg olsen charity kickball tournament. Two thousand thirteen day partners pitching for team parcel. He got elected from the game. Eddie was standing there on the sidelines alone watching the game and was like hey come in and pitcher me and that's how you got introduced and dave started to dave. He was wearing full blackhawks gear. Yeah he's gonna patrick kane for ya all right. There's some there's some history there. But i believe that you passed on. I told you why. I told you i just classification yes. It's to me is more of an indoor right dana. you're up anyone else. Needed a a field trip. Just me i teach you. Just you are some free to talk about this i don't know. I think field trips like i hated going on the science museum. I hate going to the fuck could fish at tariq what i did have a fond memory of was zoot. You go to the zoo and you'd see the animals ride me. I'm from my last two. We did brookefield Given that this last brown. I think it's a fine pick. Yeah yeah. I don't have much that's my. That's my weakest list by far i. It's fucking sucks to be. Also the i got nothing else. We didn't do anything fun like it was all educational stuff we go to like a cranberry bog and it was just boring. Also zoo was fond for me. That's a gomart institute. Yeah yeah patrick. Grassy launched their Amphibian fucking endorse zoo omaha zoo fields great except i went to the lincoln park zoo. Was it open last summer. I feel like this is last summer. It was recently and it's fucking depressive. Yeah like you see the like the very very what. Seems like they're malnourished. Polar bears in like ninety degree weather. Lions fucking the silverback cassini's rooms. That are much bigger than this podcast. It's kind of depressing but it's still a class trip. I'd rather those animal sophal suffer for my pleasure getting out of school. If that makes sense tax dave europe. I'm gonna go with having a hot teacher for my miscellany. I knew i'd be able to get around. I mean everybody had burst teacher where you walked in your car so perky they sit like nice and high like a gargoyles perched on a ledge. And you're just like that's when you know you wanna shout anybody. I just looked up my first and she still trucking. She's still looks good. I had a. I had a music teacher in middle school with cannons. And i looked up recently. Still about it like exactly. How would you hit on earth. You saw him public right now. Over seven hundred percent Just pull up my teacher. I'm trying to do the same. We exactly see. I early still fucking has it to. This was my teacher. I was like i was a freshman in high school. Should send her a message probably third slash fourth. She helped out forth a little bit too and then another one in middle school once. Like you're actually developing physically and they're poachers fucking rocket everything. This this is a great pick by you. It's it's it's not just stick picky eater. Well yeah it's it's a legitimate. It's a legitimate pick up. It update. I like you. Can't it is. I'm trying to remember my middle school. She was a total bitch. Everybody aided her but she was fucking smoking hot. How long have are that cargo. Line in your pocket. Okay that not a yourself. I mean it. It's not ridiculous it's It's in the back to school. Experience like you walk into that third period class. Holy shit her tits about to fall out of a shirt and you're thinking that yourself and then you got to do the texas 'cause you can't control yourself grown up know your funny all right. He'll us you. The only thing that i left is food and like i said like a chief. Take what you took in the draft. I e remember this by chance. Dana tank what you talked on this was this was before barada was thing. This was the first pick you had that everyone was like what planet is this guy from. I don't remember saying apple sauce. That i do remember that. Do like applesauce of said the other day com to have sauce on my list apple sauces. Great it's not what i was gonna take though we'll take what i'm just giving a shit man do. I just hadn't occurred to me now. I've got to figure out which i like better. I i'm gonna tater tots hot launch space. What what's the problem. I mean that like tater tots knaw. I eat tater tots to this day with their excellent Net like is an awful awful pick with respect to what the draft topic is. I feel like i would agree with dave the why just because i don't green day today ever would put that in a hot lunch. I see like when i think of sides on a hot lunch like that's the first one that comes to my mind. This is all experience. I i mean maybe it's we just really thought the only places i've had toss are at bars as an adult and then school. Where else would you have them. I don't know you make them at home. Like how's it not a school lunch. Pick because i don't know i just don't think it has like you. They might be served at an elementary school. But so is like you can get a can of coke brutal picking that's on the heels of having a few awesome. Pinna carl are you with us or chief. Never really got into tater tots growing up. I like them now. But i think it's a horrid this spec. Wow i love that but i know i taught in school. Maybe my school. That didn't have them put didn't have them at all. I don't recall what i think. Brown internet launch. I didn't we didn't do. How did you do hotline. No i would do it like one day a week. Okay got his like you. I was thinking like everything. I would have little debbie snack. See we didn't mind would never get those. But she wouldn't she wouldn't get us by the foot but she wouldn't let us though so. I don't know how that makes. Well we're here. We're talking about this for a second. I actually thought. I was went banana. I think banana would have played very strongly on a graphic who doesn't love a banana. I actually don't love ns mantis. I better pick again tater tots. I think it's hot lunch staple for an elementary school. And i think it has a place in the conversation. I think dave's overreacting here is. It's not like the brown bag thing though. But like she's point. He's not a brown bag. Was i was brown bay guy but it would be like everything would be like homemade taking a ham sandwich here are you. Would you eat lunch meat. Yeah yeah yeah. I would like my mom would like make the bread like the whole house smelled of bread and then she would make everything like and it was delicious but then like one day a week like i would always feel like left out that i wasn't doing the hot lunch so i do a one day a week and i feel like a tater tots all right. Carl her elven miscellaneous and i am gonna take. I'm going to take a staple and pretty much all young men's lives who were in elementary school from like ninety one to two thousand and three. I'm gonna take killing more than you can carry an organ trail no it. I think you should just dumb it down to oregon trail but nevertheless will list. So you're playing. Oregon travel fucking river. It doesn't matter if it thirty feet deep and you're all going to kill your oxen and oh what a great game we'll buffalo. That didn't i get roasted for taking the oregon trail at one point the show. I got a pocket. This was this actually applies. Did you guys ever played zoom beanies. I don't know what that is a complex that the hawk girl dave on the front wearing the world is something. Ask rock rocket so. I got for redheads. Oregon remember her having red hair. So i don't know. I like computer class. I mean it was like taking her. Leave it you know. I did appreciate the fact. They taught us how to type at a young age. Like whether or not you want to admit that was actually helpful skill that was instituted us in elementary school but other than that computer class. You're just sitting around like chips jail and here you know. Some solitaire. minesweeper some educational games but like when you got to free computer you wander over to oregon. Trail is just basically. When can you kill all these buffalo. Yeah oregon shows are great. Mr alvin grapes. Love oregon. Here's the list. We'll do it on real matches. Get out of here Eddie tv cart last day before winter break should aquarium fruit by the foot. Capture the flag dana chocolate milk. Last school wa- ball finding out. Who's in your class zoo. white sox. Dave dodgeball launchable pizza. Day field museum having a hot teacher. Chief knockout six flags. Snow day having a substitute teacher. Tater tots carl for sick day medieval times caprice on two hand touch football oregon trail talks on oregon trail. You're laughing tater tots talks are great. Why is but not for this. I don't think it's the worst pick of the draft by far away by far and away and you had the best on the snow like they cancelled for god. J. wrench toast sticks any of that. French toast french toast. Six in tater toss amir like those are the saint like those are like hot lunch things. Like how can you say tater tots bad french. Show sixes to say we didn't get to. I loved having teacher. Okay here. i'll run through my record miscellaneous when you got your aol or am screen name. And you were walking around the next day and you're like his fucking concert thing tamagotchis miscellaneous you were sitting there trying to take care of a pet in your pocket texas instrument calculators although that was more high school and it was elementary school. That's a first round for me. A field trip bozo. Show those show and then the last miscellaneous i have is the number. See if anybody gets the number eighty thousand eighty five hoops like eighty eighty five d On the organ trail. I think you could probably still google it but kfc wrote a blog on how you can. There's there's this website where you can play like classic games. And he picks him big cap portnoy Whoever else this is years ago and they went on. The oregon trail portnoy died of exhaustion and he was complaining the whole time like in the game. So one of the funniest blogs written on barcelo. I think but Fucking great game. I i wanna play that right now. Ken i'm going to danny. You got an honorable mentions. Yeah so woman questions and i. I was thinking about draft from this. You'd rather play the game where you throw the ball in the air and you yell like five hundred hundred five hundred flies up. That's a hell of a game greatly really talked about out. That is good. We used to do that with next to in there. Yeah two great. yeah. I got a couple The smell markers The handheld sharp nurse things krantz when you would like compete with people to see edmore krantz crayons however you wanna say sixty four blocks gas some. The dudes had one hundred of rich kids at one hundred twenty eight working hand. Rose sure facing down venus game was written down and then just like fucking around the boys on the bus like in the on the back of the boss. Yeah i would say. I'll i actually like high. See better than capri sun because of the straw factor. Always feel like i got fucked on that so i liked acta. Cooler was got time to cooler up the game. Heads up seven up. Oh yeah walking class. Yeah seven up was great. I think probably all. I have for heads up. Seven up. Should have been. I wonder yeah miscellany is gym. Class was sitting there too. Yeah yeah but gym class wants you. Gym class is great until fifth grade. And we had recess activity fellow. You know we're still class. I feel like that that would have been something that gets cancelled right jim. Yeah it's the my daughter. Sox probably gonna shock me but it's also like while we have you know we have to keep these kids active. Yeah pumping him with sugar all day. So i'm sure teachers are like ruin those cases fucking ground pacer test i like foursquare to force on the time. Yeah it was fun. what about what. You couldn't do parachute or if i heard parachute would parachute. That's gym class. Day had field day. That's great on fair day. We called it. Yeah but it was fun. Yeah you just play. It was a day-long gym class are dana. Thank you good showing dana. Big thank you boys. I love you. Thanks for having me coach. Prime august twenty ninth I'll talk to you soon. Awesome looking forward to should have. We should have co prime on one of these i. I don't know if however do it would he do it. You think dana. I if you the two of the right way okay in person. He's on my list. I have mom. But i'm just like bohemian. He i don't know if he would want to do it. That's my problem came through it. There's a lot of. There's a lot of rules that you that you'd have to explain that. That's kind of. That's the tough part. Okay all right. I dan thank you. Good luck go watch. The doc comes out august. what sorry. August twenty nine sunday six. There's six episodes one every night to the last week. I mean this genuinely. I'm very excited for this dog. Yeah it's to be awesome. it's like some of. It's probably the most well produced thing we've ever put out at barstools punked now. It's thursday's the narrators name going to be dropped by monday or no. I was going to be my next call. Drop it now. Tell you know who you're talking about. And it lives up to the hype. Can you actually my. I don't want to say it. Let's end the show and then you could tell us that. The show's over. Yeah yeah do we do. Yeah we okay all right all right everybody. Thank you for listening. That's it for today. we'll see you tomorrow.

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MY SPY (2020) - A Quick-Fire Look

Cracking the Code of Spy Movies!

42:30 min | 1 year ago

MY SPY (2020) - A Quick-Fire Look

"My spy is the first movie released from a major studio in twenty twenty, and it's not in a theater, but it's on Amazon prime. Join us as we cracked the code. My by. Hi this is Dan Sylvestry and Tom Potato? It's by movie navigator Dot Com. Thanks for joining us on our show cracking the code of spy movies. Please subscribe to our show and tell your friends about us and send us a message on twitter now. If you're out there, listening acts by navigator, we'd love to hear from you and love the no, you're out there. Okay so we finally have the. I spy movie of the calendar year released with mice by. This movie was delayed. Multiple Times in our article and discussion of the upcoming movies of twenty twenty. My spy was supposed to be released in January. In reality was actually supposed to be released in twenty nineteen. They pushed it from January. And then we got cove nineteen, and they had to push it again, and they finally decided to release it on Amazon Prime, so we're GonNa do this podcast as a quickfire release. What this means is. Is We're going to release it very shortly after the movie releases its not likely to be included in the best of the rest category of our website, and we won't go as indepth as we do on our other podcasts. That's the goal of the quickfire. Get it out quickly after the release that said this movie is fine. It's not Goldfinger by any stretch of the imagination, but it's a nice story has a PG thirteen rating. Rating and it does deserve that rating. Why spies a spy comedy about a CIA operative Jj who's in charge of a big mission to prevent terrorists from getting the technology plans and needed materials to build a miniaturized nuke, starting off in Russia with the contacts on the Russian side and the other terrorists who have developed technology, JJ's and undercover agent acting as an international dealer, seemingly part of the plan to get the information needed to build. Build the bomb. This terrorist assigned is the one who wants the plutonium, and there's another guy as our, so these guys are the ones who are key here. There is a connection somehow, and it will become apparent between what is happening here in Russia and woman in Chicago named Kate who has a daughter, exceptionally bright and artistic and sophisticated. Ha, ha, that's a little joke, because her daughter is named Sophie now. I get sophisticated self. A Lhasa fee. The Word is love love wisdom from the Latin so. That's our little joke on that. It comes out that they used to live in Paris and she apparently has no husband, Kate and Sophie no dad. Perhaps he's dead. We're GONNA find out as the story unfolds. Through one thing or another actually Dan, let me interrupt you here. For our listeners when we do the quickfire. Our goal is not to give away the movie definitely not going to give away the movie. We WanNa give you some of what's there with the plot, but we don't want to give it away because we really sees right. After the movie came out, we want to encourage you either to see or not see the movie based on kind of some of the background were giving you yeah yeah. Yeah, we want you to take a look and focus on a few things that we think are are kind of cool in the movie so again one way or another Jj gets assigned along with the CIA technical person, bobby a woman. B. O. B. B. I do surveillance on Kate and Sophie in Chicago and it comes out that there is a indeed a connection between Kate and Sophie and the events that were happening in Russia. In the pre title sequence well, we do find out and again. This is a slight giveaway, but kind of need to understand this part. Is that Sophie's uncle and Kate's brother in law? He's a bad guy. Who Killed Kato's Mond which was brother, so he's a bad guy. You. Don't see that on camera. Or anything about this movie starts after that event. Yeah, so like many stories. This is a twofold story between the macguffin, the plans to be to be able to build this miniaturized nuclear weapon. That can blow. Often, yeah, and the man of the mandatory love interest of some of the characters so there you have it pretty simple location. Wise, it's interesting. The movie was pretty much shot at Eastern Avenue Studios in Toronto Canada so Dan they're one of the key shots. Here is Jada is running in a park. And you see the water, and then you see Chicago Skyline, so I would think that's gotta be. Be Taken from Indiana, but the focal ends length has got to be kind of weird on that, but you see that shot in almost every movie about that. Has Chicago in it in at least the last ten years and I'm just not sure where they're taking that. Do Do you know where that is? I believe that some of the jogging with the skyline in the background across the water. It's not from Indiana this too far for for this so i. think that this is set at the museum campus. This is about a mile south of downtown Chicago and. The there's a little strip of land at lease out to the shedd aquarium and I think they might be there. Because if running a long that land you do see that body of water into the skyline across the water, so I think that's that's where they are because I know you see it in a lot of Chicago that are supposed to depict Chicago and I'm like. Where are they getting that shot? Yeah, when the running the park a little bit later, and you cannot see the water I thought maybe that was Lincoln Park but I i. think it's probably Toronto so that that's I. Don't think Chicago Anyway we're. GonNa we're GONNA have to go over there and investigate that see. Which one? Like when they're shocked Gago. Yeah, it makes it easy. We try to figure that out. All right first of all. My spy is an entertaining picture and we would recommend seeing it. It's definitely a family movie though it is rated. PG Thirteen, probably because there are a few words in the dialogue not much, but there there are some words in there that may push to pg thirteen, but there is violence killings and talk of killing bad guys. One thing I do like is there's killings, but there's not a lot of blood. which is. A Nice Yeah. You don't see a lot of BLIGH's nine. It's not that kind of a yeah. One got one guy dies at the end. He gets shot and you see his head. Jerk Beck, but there's no blood at all there are there are some keywords late. You said that are in here and some of it by JJ, but also the music and we'll. We'll talk a little bit more about the music in a little while, but the music plays especially the song on the ending credits. Yes, yes, has some words in there that probably helped. Get this at the PG thirteen. Yeah, of course we immediately see the contrast between the heavily tattooed, gruff, rough and gigantic Dave Batista. Who Played of course here? He's playing JJ. Entrusted with the diminutive Sophie played excellently by Khloe Coleman the contrast are not only in size, but the entire film pits one against the other as. A more sophisticated level one of wits. And Sophie is very bright and very clever, and many times will outwit Jj Yeah I. Don't think Jj comes off as very. Bright and clever. Give them a break here. Anyway. The Fun Element that runs throughout the film, and so you mix in a sprinkler to of unlikely heroes, and you have a recipe that that is entertaining. I actually think that they make Jj seem a little dumb to me, which does elevate sophie's how she comes across from a perspective, but then she says something in French. Just kind of as an off on it, and JJ response to or in French, and she's really surprised by that. Maybe he's not really stupid. Maybe it's more. He socially awkward which in when we're looking at this from a spy movie. He's the spy totally opposite from bond well again I. They lived in Paris in France before her mom. Kate an her and before they moved to Chicago so she knows French. You know some French apparently, but on JJ's part. Yeah, okay, he's not. He's not an Oxford guy but. He's a tough military guy who knows his business, but I don't think he's stupid I. Think he has worldly experience is he explained at one point while when he's talking about, he's killed bad guys all over the world, but yeah he's no bond on Polish infamous and that kind of thing and the Ice Skating Rink There's a scene in there. s what he sees out there because he didn't want ice skate one reason or another he goes into security speech, which is pretty cool often. YOU'LL S-. You'll hear that you'll see anything. Okay, so he's not stupid and it, he says. The kid is tricky I'm used to dealing with terrorists. I think he's not fitting his normal pattern. So I. Did that's that's where he's coming up? This is a spike comedy, so if you're hardcore bond, Fan, am I R- born fan. You're not gonNA get the level of spy stuff you see in those movies. This is closer to the spy next door with Jackie. Chan we did a podcast on that, but hey that we liked that movie to WHO's fun and this one's fun, too. If you come at it from the right way, yeah, all right, so let's look at a couple of things that drive this movie and these are things you're to look out for when you're watching the movie which we recommend, you are a couple of lines delivered by different characters that actually though said once. Permeate the entire unfolding of the story here. So look for this. Here's one quote. I did not see that coming. Though when you when you hear that, you'll see how that fits in even to stuff that happened before that line was said and stuff that happens after that line that said and the other line to look out for is what it's scary. What some people can keep secret. Okay, so keep those two things in mind as you're watching the movie and a lot of things will unfold in your mind as as your as the plan is. And you're watching, so it's fun now. The surveillance of Kate and Sophie is in Chicago. We love when movies especially spy movies are filmed in Chicago going to see the filming locations is fairly easy then, but there are many Chicago scenes. Nat filmed in Chicago Owen there. They tried to do some things to make you think it is an. Ear Gago is a great city for films and tons. Tons of great films have been filmed in Chicago the blues brother's Risky Business Fair Ferris Buehler's Day on one of my favorite sixteen candles. The untouchables home alone Spiderman fugitive tons of movies filmed in Chicago. Chicago has some great great locations so north by northwest a little bit. Yeah, right so when some of the Chicago shots are shot somewhere else being from Chicago were. Little bummed. We notice yeah now Kate and Sophie live in the neighborhood called Wiggle Park in the film, and we do have a neighborhood in Chicago called wicker Park. So that's good. Yeah, but later in the movie. They say they're going to the town of Naperville. Airport now Naperville is a town. It's a very large suburb about thirty five miles west of Chicago. Illinois it. It doesn't have an airport. There some airports around it. There are two very cool subdivisions in Naperville that have certain that have houses surrounding runway, and so they most of the people there have a small plane in a hangar at on their property, and they just pull out of the runway and they can go. A Little Aero Club or something? Yeah, exactly right but. None of them, have a cliff like you see in the movie. Yeah they yeah they they actually that. Of course. They didn't go to an airport in in Naperville. Czars at the they actually shot that airport scene at I. Think it's was Toronto. Mark America. That's what it looks like and the pit. I doubt that any airport is going to have. A huge pit at the end of the runway so I. Don't know that's that actually doesn't seem that unlikely to me. I don't know that looks CGI to me, but. I mean you see UC runways that come right off of beach? The plane almost touches the bait. The beach goes mean. We got one in Chicago whether it's big fence at the end of it and runway, but you know at Midway Hey. Who knows, but it wasn't feeling the NAPERVILLE. That's for sure there's one scene they've film. That's in a museum there. Dinosaur skeletons. And we actually have a very large dinosaur skeleton in the field museum here in Chicago. But. They shot the scene in Toronto in a museum that now that they had a dinosaur exhibit there as well, but again being Chicago person was really easy to notice that a n film that here yeah I mean. We have a Beautiful Natural History Museum. The Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago which appears in the establishing shots of this movie when the Film Museum campus there there, we were talking about filming. Hey, step inside, and it's gorgeous. It's a beautiful building from I believe. It was from the Columbian Exposition and Chicago built, so it's gorgeous beautiful building. Another billingham there. Yeah film it there now. Another building they used in this and they use it a couple times. Is this red brick building? Sophie sketches it and if you read the sign, it says wicker park on it, and we already standard supposed to live as a wicker park in Chicago, but look if you look carefully like I did. It's actually the Winchester Street, Theater Company which is in Toronto Canada. They literally. If you. If you actually froze the frame on it, and you can actually see they put black. Like sign over some wording there and said wicker park, but the glass on the above the door gives it away. Yeah, yeah. There's a there's a number of these instances where there are supposedly in Chicago filming and L.. Every movie does this of course, but hey, we're from Chicago the movie supposed to Chicago. We want you to use Chicago for a lot. I mean there's. There's the ice skating rink to that. They go to which you know. We have a beautiful outdoor. Millennium Park outdoor ice, skating, Regan Chicago but. Did, they use that one. No, it looks like they went to. They were in Toronto and it looks like they use. I poke around on the Internet and I found one that looked exactly like the one. They used Mel Lastman Square Ice Rink in North York Ontario. So, there's the movies you know they can. Even the apartment building I think in the balcony scenes. You're GONNA see when you watch the movie. That's balcony scenes would sophie. You can find in Toronto that's where those buildings are. Take must have had some great tax breaks up in Toronto for them this up to mazing. How tax breaks make a different on how you feel things? Now, the establishing shots of the museum campus, as we said where we have the Field Museum of natural history, the Adler Planetarium and the shedd aquarium that mentioned earlier where I think they were running when they were jogging. Those are real shots, and so is the skyline which is shown a couple of times to grades ally in the film. Yeah, the aerial shot up downtown Chicago with Marina City. Those are the two big round buildings and we had a friend that used to have a condo there. It's their bazaar their pie shapes. Shape condos are the furnish, but the kind of cool and other movies have been filmed in with using marina city to, and it's all along the Chicago River. All those are real shots. Tho, those are great establishing shots, and there's also a long shot of downtown. Chicago shot from the southwest. which they kinda hint in the film is where Kate and Sophie live. Wicker Perkin now. We're wicker PARKAS. They live north and west of downtown. If they're really in wicker park so okay. Maybe we're being a little little picky here in sure. Yeah the night shot of the Chicago skyline is spectacular in the film and Chicago. Really is rated one of the best big city skylines in the United States and it really is from out on the water in Lake. Michigan if you're on a boat. Like Michigan one of the Great Lakes the largest body of freshwater in the world. The skyline is stunning. It's beautiful. If you ever visit Chicago taking nighttime boat ride, it's just spectacular jets. And in the pre title sequence, it's it all starts off. Jj is in. Yet. I think that's how you pronounce it in the Ukraine. You the heard words. You're about it. It's a sure noble nuclear power plant reactor number three of which is abandoned, so it says all that the deal is supposed to go down here to get the plutonium in exchange for diamonds. ooh, beautiful diamonds so jj an undercover guy. Acting as an international weapon's dealer is trying to find out what all these guys know. That was his job. and Jj has his team secretly hiding there in different spots, there are Russian soldiers a guy named as our Ahmadi who was supposed to get the plutonium and the plans, and so on the other guy has gone. Again. The goal is to make these miniaturized nukes for terrorists so things don't go exactly as planned. And I'm things. Happen here, but. The one thing I think it's kind of funny. Virtually everyone here, except as our and JJ's do not fare well. I'll just say that it is an interesting. Yeah you'll see some some Sam Peckinpah ish effects here if you had a million with that stuff in the old days when he was doing films. You'll see a little bit of that, but there's one part where they suspect. Jj One of the I think it was. Assigned yeah, and he says Jj says I'm just a guy standing in front of another guy asking him not to shoot and immediately I'm thinking Notting Hill, but I didn't have to, because as quick as I can think that he s. Kim David Kim. WHO's watching? All the CIA people are watching on camera all his thing unfolding right? His boss game is watching. It immediately says Oh. Christ Notting Hill. Well and there is at the first time there is a clip later. Where David Tista is watching Notting Hill? Yeah right exactly exactly so they're bringing that full circle and that and there's a couple of other. Of Moments in the film that you'll find funny and. I! Actually like pre title sequence, and there were few things in it that I think were inspired by previous by movie for instance during the big fight Jay Day shoots some tanks of. Of something that that explode I don't know what they are, and it gives them some cover. We Jason Bourne. Do this in the Bourne identity when he's at Emmons House or farm, or whatever that was with Marie. Twenty realizes that somebody's outside and it's the professor and he goes out there, and he shoots the tank to create a diversion, and so that's kind of what. What Jj does here in? And that thing explodes, and then in quantum of solace we see bond shoot a tank that explodes not to create a diversion, but the help get create an escape route, so in quantum of solace is not exactly the same thing, but the agent shoots at something. That's going some tanks that are gonNA explode to give give them a benefit. Yeah. There's a lot of stuff going on here. And of course you know it's spy movie have to have some explosions and you gotta have some things on up i. mean it's mandatory now so. Well and when they do the explosions now you see this in a bunch of movies. The WHO whoever created the explosion does slow. Walk away. The explosion happens behind the person. They don't even turn to look they. Yeah. There's a cool part in the movie to. You'll like towards the end. Yeah, so it becomes. It's a lot of different movies, but then it actually becomes a plot point in this movie Jan actually I when I saw all this happening, and of course they're chasing him in a car and shooting rocket launches Adam I I immediately think a license to kill of course where they miss bond. Of course, the hit Sanchez's other trucks, and so the same kind of thing is happened in. Lots of movies and they do. They do cool stunt here with that where he's getting chased and these two guys are shooting at him, and he somehow gets out of the way, and and may him. Shot. Happened so it's kind of interesting. Yeah, it's the same kind of thing in the license to kill Pam so so one thing I found interesting in the pre title sequence, and I really did like the pre-title take once was to use. It was the use of music and actually throughout the film. I think some of the music choices are to my taste interesting. That's a good word. I'm not sure that I would have made the same music choices that they did but I. I wasn't getting paid to do that now, but he asked me so during the there's some slow motion stuff in the in this fight that happens in the pre title, and they play some type of opera music. It may have been Kalinka, but I'm not positive. That was I wasn't sure what it was but it. Seemed weird to me that they would cut to that. Then we get into nine thousand nine left balloons which. I really liked that one in for the seen it. Actually it actually worked, but then we get I will survive. My heart will go on and finally baby one more time by Britney Spears. What what generation is this right now, they. Is In his fifties but Britney spears I think would be a little late for him for and he really liked that so it. was. Collected pick a music for me. The whole scene is amusing. The car scene with the radio bit and so on, so people pay attention to that when he's doing. It's kind of fun. And funny. It's a cute little. It's a cute little routine in the movie. So after the mission JJ CIA boss. David Kim played by Ken Young is furious with him and tells them. The mission was not just to stop the sale. The goal was to find out what these players new so that the CIA could take out the rest of their network. Take them down. This reminded me of course of Casino Royale two thousand six, when bond gets reviewed for killing the bombmaker Malacca in Madagascar instead of finding out about his network, and so on, so it was a similar kind of thing I mean. How many times did. In the bond, series Come along with something along the likes of it would be nice if you didn't kill everyone's who could actually question somebody that came up a couple of times in quantum as well now the other thing is we really good for me to see to see young play a non comedic role. He's one of those actors that I really like him I think he's a hilarious comedic actor, but it was great to see him play in this non comedic role and I think he did a really good job here. Yeah, I think he was. We'll see a doctor I think. He was a doctor in real life, wasn't he? I, don't I don't know. Yeah Anyway, I. For me I thought he was the one character that I. Thought was not well cast and. Even an odd guy to be running the CIA and looked too much to be a mild book learned kind of Guy As opposable. Kinda rough and tough CIA kind of guy, but I grew to like him a little throughout the movie and on the killing. Everybody thing. Yeah, we have that little connection with bond, but jj is anything like bond. His suits is. He's a big Guy I. I made a note of this, too. Because when you see him in that suit, this thing didn't already beginning. Yeah, it did. I mean he was definitely not wearing a Brioni Tom Ford turnball and Asir. Close in this one, it was like wow, who who did the WHO did. That where they're trying to make it look that way, or was it just a weird camera shot? Because it was like Whoa waddling like a duck to but again he's a big guy. He definitely not bond like in that regard eats at a Chinese takeout containers. He lives in a modest place. He's not sophisticated and worldly on the finer things in life kind of stuff. Oh, yeah, there were there was no Royal Beluga north of the. Like in on her, Majesty's Secret Service. Now you're not gonNA find that here, but is a killer and he's killed a lot of bad men. He was in the military as well and he's kind of a loner pretty much like bond, but he does have. have pet fish named blueberry? So that's Kinda cute cute little theme in the movie to watch out for Blueberry. So instead of continuing on the case to find the plans of the miniaturization of Nuclear Weapons Is Boston so mad at him. He assigns Jj to surveillance with bobby. As we said Upfront, he's she's a woman, CIA tech person, but really a civilian. She's not an agent and she's good. Set up a hidden cameras monitoring equipment hacking in the networks, and all that stuff I wait, she does work from the CIA so I. Don't think that makes civilian. Yeah I think they actually caller a civilian in the. Movie I think he actually called her that, but which is not an eight. She's not an agent, but. Definitely not an agent, but Bobby I think she does a great job Kristen Schaal. She's fabulous. Yeah, I mean I liked her since she was in the flight of the conchords, she did stuff before them, but that's where I I noticed her yeah. She had she had some humor to this movie without making it look like she's trying to add add humor, and she also plays the techique very well without the glasses and some of the mannerisms. He sometimes see out of the Tech Geek. Given that Dan. You and I were in the tech industry in the computer industry for years I appreciated the way she was played. Because you. Definitely, she was a geek. Done the way that you see it so often done. She seemed real not like the movie was trying to do stereotypical Geek and Kudos to them and to to Kristen to play that way. Yeah I agree. She did She was well cast the great job. Believable job is bobby the non agent working for the CIA, so I I liked her a lot she was she was as a fun and interesting again. Keeping with this character, there's a shot of her reading. Popular Science, which is a real magazine then in another scene She's reading a magazine called Abend now. If, you're not in the computer industry. You might not know that term and I've not been able to find a magazine with that title, so I think they made it up for here. It might just be some little joke because aband- is really a term from the mainframe days, which means abnormal ending. That's the Aben today you might think of it. As a an APP, crashing or blue screen of death, those would be. That would happen so I think I. Think the title. That magazine was really a nod to some of the GEEKS and I like me and I. Really appreciate it plus. She's enthralled with JJ's history. She knows it like the back of her hand. The guns the fighting the she thinks that's the exciting part of spy light, but she's never done it. She doesn't know how to do it. And as we'll see. Something as basic as firing. A gun becomes problematic. She does say at one point. Maybe I become the action surprising everyone. She's. OWN HEAD! Oh you know this agent. Thing is kind of cool. Yeah. She thinks JJ's Kinda cool. She wants to get there, but they'll know how to get there. And then you even another scene just just from the perspective David Teased Big Guy. He's doing arm curls with cut five gallon jugs of water, so those way about forty three pounds, and she's sitting there with a twelve ounce bottle of water, doing an girl. Nothing said about it it just I saw that, and just it totally cracked me up. Yeah, I I noted the same thing with the water bottle I thought maybe she had a sixteen ounce, sixteen point, nine ounce, bottle or something. It wasn't a again, but it was quietly played by her like she was trying to be like jj agent, but just unconsciously doing what he was doing, and she played it off perfectly so. Keep an eye on so there they are Chicago while the CIA agent. Christina and her team are are in Paris or Berlin or wherever they had to be to track down this stuff and the culprits that they were supposed to be tracking J. J.. Because, that's what he wanted to be doing. Yeah there. There's a subtle reference to how low he is on the Totem Pole. At this moment when bobby they show a scene of bobby driving the van Jj is assigned the passenger seat I thought that was kind of meaningful. Because, he's. Doing. He's used to being in charge. Yeah, so I thought that little shot was telling and I think they it on purpose, and it was good to pick up on that, and said you. You'll see it as you're going through the movie. It's kind of like. He is down down low on a total bull. Again we're not going to give the movie away. But JJ's up against the very very sparked nine year. Old Kids, Sophie, who as we mentioned out with infrequently? and. She, she tracks down what they're doing on their surveillance, mission and practices. You need to know this. Because as the old movie part of what goes on, she promises not to tell her mom about what she found as she videoed them. Jj and bobby with all of their equipment, and she promises, and I'm going to send this up to the cloud and share it with everybody. If you do what I say, it's now for these spies. Now that everybody's got a cell phone can take video I love that she's terrific she's. She's just khloe terrific. She wants him the her to the ice skating rink because her mom can't. Because of your mom works at County Hospital. We do have a county hospital. She's a nurse and she got an extra ship so one of the things he's AA. Take me ice skating, and and so because her friends from school or new school. We're going to be there and sell on. And of course. She keeps asking for more as you would think. Again this is like the spy next door. More than other spy movies that we've seen with the smart Gideon. who was played by will shadley that he does a great job in that film as well again. You have bad guys on that. One thing that I want to point out here is selfie plays the nine year old remember. This was PG thirteen. Yeah, you didn't. Though one of the main actors is playing a nine year old kid. Yeah, lots of things are unfolding here with again. Really good acting and she meets challenge after challenge because she tells Jj, she'd like to be a spy to, so he kinda throws out challenges that I had her, and he accomplishes them cheese. Like yeah, this is. Is No big deal, and she's kind kinda cool in addition to doing all of this and drive jj crazy so just why? For her balcony appearances? After eating hot dogs at a hotdog cart again that scene was supposed to be Chicago but it's Toronto might just add and how she can get past. Jj on his challenges in more. Yes, these these these stuff. Yeah, and those challenges are where he's trying to teach her. How do how do spiced up? Yeah because she asked for that okay, so he starts with teaching her how to try to fake a lie detector test and how to beat it. And then if you saw the two thousand and one movie spy game, it was with Robert Redford and Brad Pitt. That once he Robert Redford's character. MUIR has to teach Brad Pitt's character Tom. How to do the spy stuff, so it's almost exactly like what they do here. In my spine fact, some of it is exact so. Some stuff! They're definitely doing that. And that's part of what we do in our podcast. Here is talk about where one might influence another so in this scene in spy game Robert REDFORD's character. His Teaching Brad Pitt's character how to beat light detector then. There's the balcony challenge and we won't give away the balcony challenge here if you haven't seen spy game, but it is almost done verbatim from what they did in spy game from the dialogue perspective. However in this movie, Sophie ends up on a balcony with an older woman and Sophie looks like she's got a glass of milk in her hand. In spy game Tom Brad Pitt's character ends up on a balcony and it looks like he's holding a cup of coffee and he's with an older gentleman. then. It gets a little weird because in spy gamers. Only one balcony in this one. Sophie's on another balcony with will looks like an Asian couple, and she's got a bowl of rice. She's got chopsticks. But, I thought it was weird that they added the second balcony because it wasn't part of the challenge, and it was almost like they fill the two ways and didn't know which one to go with. Movie Now I. Think I i. just think he actually actually. She appears on a third balcony, but we're not gonNA. Even we won't detail all the all the stuff. That's going on here, but I think the significance was that she's this. Nine year old kid who's got a ten minute challenge, and she showing I'll go choose. Not only. Do I don't need ten minutes to do this? I can do this multiple times so I think again. It was just another way to to get jj Jay gave her a break. He gave her ten minutes in spy. Game it a five minute challenge so right, but yeah, she didn't need ten so now. Jj, he's a tough guy. He looks like a tough guy. Right and he has a job to do so he does not want to be involved with personal things with taking care of Sophie or the Mom Kate and all that kind of stuff, but as you see the story unfolding in how again very much like the spy next door where the kids started off hating Bob Ho Jackie Chan. But eventually grow to love him. Along with their single mom, hear US see the battle of wits and non-involvement slowly moving in a different direction, and so you need to. Keep an eye on that to see what might possibly happen how it will end up. We'll leave it for you to watch and see all of that, but there are chase scenes of course, some explosions and fireworks of course, and some tender moments in. It's fun to see, and there are a few surprises along the way as well, and there's some other references nods if you will to earlier movies. So for those of you who saw? The extraterrestrial. You may remember. There's a scene in there when et is adding in a closet with all these stuffed toys. and Elliott's mom looks in the closet. New got all stuffed toys, and and et's hiding their look for something similar in this movie with Sophie's Mom Kate as soon as I saw that I scribbled in my notes, et phone home. I actually went. Last night just because I was like I got to see that scene again to remember. Is it exactly like I thought it was, and they definitely are doing a tip of the hat at that point to that movie, So then Bobby also mentioned a few times about things with different movie references and one of towards the end of the movie she quips. Is it just me or does this seem familiar I mean the propeller and the fuel tank. It's like all are missing is the Nazis. Given what's happening in this scene? This is obviously a reference back to raiders of the lost Ark. She doesn't say it, but. That references is for and then in one scene towards the end. Jj's bosses playing video of JJ dancing in a scene and he's he's dancing with Kate. And when David Kim plays, it starts out with title. And bobbies looking at it and she says this looks like the wedding at the end of Shrek. He's right there really does. And the video when when Kim plays it, it says the Hulk Meets Meghan markle now. This is actually a reference to the actress. Who's playing Sophie's mom so hulk being like the big bulky Dave? But the actress Parisa Fits Hanley. She played Meghan. Markle in the TV movie Harry and Meghan all right romance, so did a really nice tie back to that. It was subtle you didn't know the movie existed. The TV movie existed Newbie like whatever, but if you knew about the TV movie that'd be like I get it. Yeah, I think the fun thing here. Is that the? They're blatantly doing it and blatantly telling you. They're doing it many times in the movie unlike Charlie's angels where they just did it, and you know we found out of course in our our podcast on Charlie's angels, you could listen to what we thought of that, but here they're actually taking these concepts almost word for word in some cases. From other movies, but they're telling you. They did it like. Notting Hill Oh that exactly. Boy Missing is the Nazis. That's all but saying oh this. Is the lost ark to me. That was clever, and and added a different dimension to the movie as opposed to just like okay. They took that from raiders. This this like third telling you right in your face. Hey, they didn't tell you about the one spy game, but I guess they can't tell you all of them. and. It was funny. I liked that part. There's also a bit of a reversal from a scene from the Bourne identity in that movie born is Driving Marie. beat up Cooper. They're being chased by the police and with cars and the motorcycles you remember he goes down the stairs at that long stairway in the Cooper in mice by JJ. Kate Chase Victor Marquez. He's driving a Jaguar F. type real nice. Fast Coop. There in a Fiat five hundred or similar type of thing, this car that should not be doing this chase. There's no way that he should be able to keep up with the Jaguar they did have a little help from traffic. But I just love the use of the pedestrian car in both of these movies. It's like this car shouldn't be doing this and yet. They're out there trying to do it and it just it just. I just totally loved it. Yeah, the chase of course there. Victor Marquez is trying to get to the Naperville airport from their apartment and wicker park from the apartment in Wicker Park. Well, it's called the different. It's Callahan field. I think the signs. That's what they. Called it. Yeah, but Naperville like Dom said about thirty thirty five miles away from that area where they're located, and they're there and just minutes. It's amazing. It's movie magic, or maybe filled it during the coronavirus pandemic when they're not on the streets I get there in a few minutes, and they also did a lot of quips so for Bond Fan who liked quips that are in there. They throw a bunch of these quips in here. We're not going to go through all. Go ahead. Pay Attention for those Oh tune into my spy on Amazon. Prime Right now. Now and enjoy an entertaining movie, and it's really about an hour and forty minutes time well spent. Get some popcorn. Enjoy with the family again PG thirteen, but it's a fun movie very much like the spy. Next door was a fun movie do that now. Take a look. Let us know what you think of this podcast. Please subscribe to our show cracking the code of spy movies. Check out our youtube videos as well and tell your friends about us that all helps us a lap and helps us. Keep going, and if you're out there listening to us now. A supposed on twitter at spy navigator and let us know you're out there listening. Tell us where you are and where you're listening from. It would be fun to hear from you and great to know that you're out there listening. We love it when we get that yeah. Yeah we love to know you're out listening and let us know at spy navigator on twitter. This has been Tommaso and dance with mystery spy movie. NAVIGATOR DOT COM. Thanks for joining us on our show cracking the code of spy movies. We appreciate you listening, thank.

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Whats your favorite dinosaur?

Rocks Across the Pond

46:14 min | 4 months ago

Whats your favorite dinosaur?

"You're listening to rocks across the pond. The curling podcasts. That goes around the globe looking for the stories. In the world's coolest sport we have curling news news for everyone whether you're playing in your thursday league or following your favorite teams on tour now here your host brian magee and our professor appeal jonathan. Haber cross all right right. Jonathan i- saw me on the twitter yesterday. That navy cry. nso are ended. Said the thing about being an adult is nobody asks you. What your favorite dinosaurs anymore. And i realized that was true. Oh man so This fisher into dinosaurs yet. Yes he is does he have a favorite dinosaur does why does it. He loves the triceratops. That's a strong dinosaur. What about you. What's your favorite dinosaur pariser office. Well that's kind of a deep cut. What's the paris. Paris lawfulness piercer. Off lewis is the crested dinosaur. He's the one that eats plants and then has like this random thing shutting out of his head that he used to uses a horn. It's not like not like to impale you but like as to like signal to his home is that he's around. Yeah when's the last time you were asked. What your favorite dinosaurs. Let's see probably thirty years ago. Probably like the first bush administration. It's a while ago. I think there's no wrong answers. Except for maybe velociraptor. 'cause then lost sickly you're either basic so the only thing about dinosaurs jurassic park or you from toronto in both of those things can disqualify you. Ask me what my dinosaur is. Basically been digging for you to ask me for my dinosaur on the hint jonathan. Yes what is your favorite dinosaur pterodactyl man. That's a flying dinosaur like what's cooler than that. We haven't other content. Is dinosaurs right no we. Don't you want to keep talking about dinosaurs. Dinosaur podcast dinosaur trains pretty cool. So it's jim henson joint and the the family of terra dawn's adopts a t. Rex baby and they basically get on. The dinosaur train in the dinosaur train is in can take them across time periods in they go to the different time periods to learn about the different dinosaurs in. They meet them. There's a board game. This is like for adults. Not for kids that i used to play in oklahoma called american mega-fauna vetted by a scientist in basically each turns like fifty million years. And the whole point of the game is you have to kinda mutate your species into something that adapts that whatever the next big collective shift is a kind of teaches you about like you know how the climate changes overtime how the shape of north america changes so. If you zoned gets flooded during heat wave then you die unless you can kinda mutate swims anyway so you get to keep around with. I know why. Growing up. In oklahoma. I was never introduced to this board game. We actually had a friend who was shoes a literal creationist and he still like the game. Like you're just based on science it. Yeah let's just his opinion but a fantasy obviously that was his. Take on it. So it's basically it was like he was playing dungeons and dragons. Yeah are star wars. So he said it's just like stars dungeons and dragons to cruel story. But anyway the whole point was to keep your species line alive through all these shifts. That's kind of cool. I wonder if i can find that online. Probably and then it ends when the human show up because the humans kill off all the mega-fauna because they're superpredators so anyway ryan how we think about what curlers are what kind of dinosaurs to. We went okay so we went to. We went to a sign off the final list of dinosaur assign dinosaur to each curler. Yeah yeah it's hard. They're seventy disease of dinosaurs according to google so we could be here a long time. How 'bout we did this with rock. We did this with rock bands during the barrier. That's true all right here. Is the ten most famous dinosaurs that roam the earth so pick them because video all seven hundred species of dinosaur could be basically like t rex stegosaurus. Triceratops raptor pterodactyls jared on seattle. I'm guessing are those live all in the them already. So t t rex's number one. The undisputed caring triceratops. This is loading very slowly steadily status of course philosopher raptors number. Three okay spinosaurus. he's an up and comer. The popularity charts are kale. Petric's bracket kate. What is our kia. Petric's i dunno. Allosaurus a patio sorus and yet i love for sorace. Is this dinosaur encyclopedia. Which i assume is the world's leading experts site authorities site on dinosaurs. Okay all right so we work. I'll send you the link and she worked down like from number ten to number one. Are we really doing this. Yes this is the best idea alzheimer. Unless it's a good idea. It's the best idea of had all right. so number. Ten ryan is diallo for sorace a dinosaur. I've never heard of. I must confess. Here's the read up from dinosaur encyclopedia. Despite what you saw jurassic park diallo for sorace didn't spit poison. He didn't have a neck. Frill wasn't the size of a labrador retriever. However this dinosaur remains popular with dinosaur enthusiasts even after they learned the truth after studying fossils from north america china scientists believe diallo sorace which means double crested lizard for its fancy head. Decoration was about twenty feet long from head to tail and weighed about a thousand pounds and with a mouthful of sharp teeth. They are thought to have been scavengers supplementing their diet by hunting for small animals and search all right so who does that sound like to you. Okay so they don't spit poison but they've got a reputation for doing that. They've offensive they don't have a for real but they were double crossed lizards and had fancy head decaration. So what you're telling me is they are character. Held this dinosaur was characterized in the media is not accurate. Yeah they're not. They're not see like they've been made in the media. Yup they got some plumage going on in their head but they can still they can still get the kill the scavengers. They're not getting the big gave kinda they'll win but they won't you know this is number ten ryan so we've got to save them guns for like the t. Rex category right All right i'm gonna put a candidate out there. Okay i'm gonna go with are doing teams. We're doing players you can. We can fit our nearby. I mean we're the media. We fit our narrative we can been the rules turner. I would say right. Assuming in canada. I would say matt hamilton. He's been kind of like that's because schuster's kind of set up as the he'll since twenty eighteen in the canadian got the hair. Plumage matt scott the flow on. I mean they did get the big kill but yeah know kinda scavenged because they start. They didn't exactly sweep through the field. Yeah so then. They got teeth ready to play. I like it democrats alike. So t seem schuster slash hamilton. All right is that officers. Sorace spit poison. Despite what the media tells you man a love it all right dinosaur number nine at the sorace disorders owes its popularity to the fact that it used to be known as brontosaurus. This is actually alice's favorite dinosaur dinosaurs for generations of kids who watch the flintstones cartoons but beyond that it's one of the best attested sorta parts of the late jurassic period. It size makes a favorite at chicago's field museum of natural history. The or deceptive lizard had shut of eggs that were up to a foot wide would made a nice ahmed. I gotta say but it's unique. Look an adult hood. The marvel as they likely grew to seventy to ninety feet long. Its neck towered above a wide body. Which helped grays on tall foliage and the purpose of his whip like fifty foot long is anyone's guess fossil discovered in colorado oklahoma new mexico wyoming and utah. Right where you think very tough. We'll know not not saying that it's it's kind of mythical we grew up the flintstones popularized it it's your it's sheer size Kind of brings you. Aw when you're when you're looking back on it so math to say this is probably going to be Like one of the greats. Like like an al haq ner type i would sack near so i would say i'd say like What about pat ryan. Yeah it's a good choice one of the greats classic classic you. You grew up hearing about hearing about him. Yeah i like it good. You even did a netflix's even did a mini doc on his team. That is true. Going pat ryan was the guy for me. I think i've haven't outgrown that. Either was simple strategy to just hit everything. And that's probably what a source did. Yeah all right number eight allosaurus all right. This is the smaller than a t rex. But faster and more vicious with serrated teeth allosaurus was the all purpose predator. The late jurassic period may even have hunted its prey including sorta pods In tax most of the discovered fossils from wyoming colorado utah. But they've been found in portugal siberia tanzania became. Utah's state fossil after forty. Six of them were discovered in. Utah's cleveland lloyd. Quarry over overshadowed by t rex but still extremely vicious and kind of like. I like a baby t rex. Yeah matt johnston. No the book has not been written on methods yet. Oh okay so who. Who's like a baby t rex. Then like who's somebody who somebody that maybe one one scottish or brier but their success was during a period where someone else was. Kind of the dominant force. That's a good question. Well i would say cheryl bernard fits that category. Okay right like she never wanna scotties she. She came close a couple times one and olympic trial Went on olympic silver kind of high profile but didn't have the vast career resume of jones colony nor jj but still extremely vicious in her own right and fia very vicious vicious on camera but not like as as a as a not. We're not we. Don't judge people as humans here. We're judging their careers here man and a very long career. We're on tour. She was know constantly hitting money. Doing well always a threat to get out of albert. Always a threat at scotty. So yeah okay all right number seven bracket boris like the velociraptor. The brac you source owes much of its current popularity to featured cameo in jurassic park. Munching placidly on tall trees and sneezing on actress. Ariana richards but this huge giraffe like dinosaur was fascinating. Its own right based on. Fossils found that algieria portugal tanzania in the united states. It is believed that an adult bracco source could have had an eighty two foot long body with thirty foot long neck and weight of sixty pounds k. So head kind of some brief brief fame. The nineties reef brief fame. Not quite as not quite as big as as the pat sorace. Yeah still impressive. In their own right. Munching placid on tall trees and sneezing. What about what about guillaume ings. Yeah it's a good fit practice. I like that key. Hemmings breckis all right number six. We got our first bird dinosaur cool. I'm gonna mangled the name. It looks like arcadio petric's or tricks we're terex archea. Terrier go with that archaeopteryx was it a bird a dinosaur or something in between whatever the case the exquisitely preserved fossils of archaeopteryx meaning ancient wing among the most famous of such artifacts in the world. Even though it had wings a jury is still out on whether or not it could fly or glide and that coupled with it's scary looking claws and razor sharp teeth give the imagination something to run with one. Such fossil was found in. Germany is a favourite at the wyoming dinosaur center in thermopylae wyoming all right so. This is kind of like a twitter. We're not really sure what it is kind of an all around her. I guess Hit draw maybe plays lots of different positions. Oh is this randy. Furby archea randy therby too. Good good candidate. Do you have any. I was gonna go with kathy. Oh okay because she's kind of like she's kind of a he's kind like curling's great utility player don't mean that like denigrating like you can just plug her into team and that team does well and she can play. Basically any position to the current archaeopteryx is like a kirk myers. Yeah i'd say kirk myers quite sure. What other sports you say utility player right or you'd say it depends on the sport right but you know an all rounder kind of person. Every team that wins has at least one of them. You need someone like that like a basketball calling like glue guy or whatever right. I someone who can kind of slides in plays the role. Well can do everything. Well maybe not the master of anything though right. Yeah like in baseball. this would be like been zobrist. Yes yeah all right. Number five spinosaurus in up and comer on the dinosaur popularity charts spinosaurus or spine lizard was distinguished by its vast size fifty nine feet long and likely wait a couple of times more than the t. Rex is a mysterious five. Put five sail on. Its back a thin like fan purposes richly debate it her in the few fossils discovering egypt morocco and assume that the spinosaurus was mostly a fish eating river dweller perhaps one of the first dinosaurs. That could swim although it strong back. Legs have some believing. It could run up to fifty miles per hour spinosaurus. So it can do. Everything could do everything but it's also an innovator. It's the i could swim. Who got All right. I got a couple of candidates if we're if we're playing. I'm playing the innovator angle. Yeah so maybe the howard boys because basically invented the free arts owner the early version of it late. Innovator might be brad gesu. 'cause he basically broke curling with broom by figuring out all the directional sweeping stuff like it and the other candidates what about hasselbald kind of she kind of figured out the analytics aspect. Yeah and yeah can do that. Team can play any way you want. I like that. We'll go hassle. Burger spinosaurus number five. Okay all right number four. Is this your favorite favorite. That's one of my favorites out of this list. I would go go all right. No one knows why stegosaurus which translates to roofless had such distinctive plates. That aren't average. Were two feet tall and two feet wide. That's pretty wide. But that hasn't kept this tiny brain dinosaur from holding a tight grip on the popular imagination. Some believe this dinosaurs spiky plates could have been brightly colored and could move at the spikes detail might actually have been horizontal vertical which would have helped ward off predators thanks to its debut in jurassic park movies theme parks games toys and trading cards elephant sized dinosaur from the late jurassic period won. The hearts of many is a peaceful plant eater that roamed the plains in what is now north america so they got spikes but there are peaceful. Plant eater pia peaceful. But if you try to attack him like you're done for because you can't get past the plates in the spikes get you right inside. And then you're done yeah. I think that to me that translates into like aggressive. Draw style of play. So this is like jennifer jones yeah. Jj the stegosaurus. I think so all right and make sense to me peaceful win if you try if you try to go on the offense you're probably gonna wind up dead. All right. sounds good all right number three. We've already agreed on the kind of key criteria for this war and so it's the velociraptor so he agreed calling them. Basic might be insulted but they have to be from toronto. You've agreed over over hyped in from. Toronto is that basically critical get interest. We're going to be cancelled in toronto. By the end of this episode. More than any other dinosaur. Velociraptor can trace its popularity to drastic park and jurassic world's which wasn't as good as jurassic park in which this feathered raptor ancestor burs is portrayed by the much bigger philosopher after and. I'm going to try to pronounce that. Greek whatever the hell divers but actually means. Swift i night. It's very read jonathan. Jonathan are you ready. Dyonisis diana's philosophy raptor was small in size smarter than most dinosaurs and a fast runner on its two hind legs up to forty miles per hour which was great for hunting prey. When it wasn't scavenging fossils that have been found in northern china the gobi desert mongolia and russia sharp teeth and long sickle shaped claws always give crowds at dinosaur museums extra pause. So right over over hyped from toronto. Small kinda goes on the goes on the attack like even win. There's really no point. So i'm gonna go with drake drake trae cadets unless you have curler well if you count was gonna go. I would say the over hyped part. I won't buy into. But i was like maybe the madonna's maybe sharing on wayne from toronto or greater toronto area from cartridge country. You're toronto. maybe mike harris see if it'll also raptor. Famous tv from toronto goes on the attack a lot. Richard hart adding john epping. Not bad if you again if you leave a few takeaways over the over hyped part is the is the one that makes this tough. 'cause like stuff to say i don't think i'd want. I don't think epic news over hyped. Know anything. he's not hyped off. It's just the fact that he hasn't you know gotten. He hasn't won a brier young. Yeah if you if you take away the over hyped aspect than yeah up in all right. Sounds good into dan. mcgaw is definitely not over. God that if you get rid of the over hyped part and you just say it's you know this animal that's gonna slice you open in. We've you in in leave your carcass on the side. Then right right to the final two ryan que. Triceratops is this one of your favorites. Might son's favourite all right. Does he have a triceratops toy No we haven't gotten toys yet but we have books in right. Currently this is the only specific dinosaur whose name he could say either as dinosaur or ceratops all right. So it's probably the most instantly recognizable of all dinosaurs in the north america. In the north american triceratops with its parrot like beak and huge frill at the back of its head it combined a gentle planting disposition with three fearsome looking horns are probably used in courtship. Ooh but a love going on here and keeping hungry dress or raptors at bay. It's kind of interesting. The sex life of triceratops the dinosaurs from the late cretaceous period and the adults were big. It is held spotlight a lot of movies such as night at the museum. And later shrunken considerably to promote films as a freebie in fast food meals for carrots. A dinosaur room at any museum is an awesome place. Her dinosaur lovers triceratops gets a lot of attention at new york. City's american museum of natural history. You can see the evidence of an injury from perhaps a fight with another triceratops on the faisal fossil this museum and the washington d. c. smithsonian museum kids of all ages still can't wait to see the museums beloved hasher a favourite triceratops specimen enjoyed in a complete form by crowd since one thousand nine hundred five until it fell apart ninety years later to be displayed as a t. Rex neil well. That's deep luck going on the going on with tracer it's got a bit of a sex life. We're going to ignore that we're going to ignore that for is technically all of the dinosaurs did otherwise. They wouldn't have lasted very long whether or not here now are they. That's true so like who's who's someone who kind of has a reputation for being able to play the top top players really tough but maybe isn't necessarily the one that's gonna end the tournament on top I get i get defensive out of this. Who's a massive instance ruling defensive curling colleen. Yeah that's a good choice. All right ryan the the the king of defense because the events shops yeah number two dinosaur in the we have the best of defense followed by the best of often. Give us the t. rex. Who is the king or queen of curling right this we just who's the greatest of all time. The undisputed king of dinosaurs trying to source wrexham mentally popular fence to finding press countless starring roles in movies like jurassic park and a really cool name. Tiaret wizard king. So maybe they're a bit of a a tough skip to impressive fossils and models of t. Rex are standing on two hind legs. With short arms outstretched toward visitors is what excites kids at all ages. Chicago's field museum in new york. City's museum of natural history hill city. South dakota's black museum of natural history to name a few with an average body size of forty three feet and a five foot head teaming with razor sharp teeth. It's got a face not easily forgotten. Based on its bone structure probably weighed about seven and a half tonnes out african elephants average about six tons and despite its size many paleontologist believe it could efficiently run after pray in certainly outrun a human. Well the undisputed queen with the co with a cool nickname have to be sanish murder. I like that choice. The under the undisputed greatest of all time in even has the cool schmor- the curler nickname. I i would say sandra you have an idea i like that. That's the that's the. That's the t. rex. I'm sticking with that all right. All right we're going to recap. I can't remember them. All i remember. I can't remember them all either. Put a lot of work into this all right. What else we got ryan this week. We have news. You want some news. Yeah let's do some news man starting off with with sad news World mixed is cancelled. Man yeah i saw that. I'm i'm a little worried. There's been for a while that w cf wants to get rid of the seniors and the mixed and dismissed us on the high performance events. And i'm a little worried. This is this is an ominous omen for that. I gotta say yes. It was very worried about that. The reason that they gave for the event. If you're a fan of soccer you're probably familiar with the term fixture congestion. And that's kind of what happened here with all the postponements and cancellations and what have you as a result of the pandemic There i mean there just isn't the staffing really to run it at the time that they wanted to so ruled mixed is unfortunately canceled for twenty. Twenty one. I did see the law. A lot of disappointed people You know this was going to be the debut. Portugal at a w. cf event I actually saw the poor nigerian mixed team. I saw that they were actually having a practice in denver and then found this out the next day so a lot of disappointed federations out there because this is an event that i think a lot of different federations look forward to. It's one of the few where you don't have to go through a qualifier where you can sign up and go. I think it's important for development I think a lot. Even the the bigger countries have realized that this can also be an event that's used for development. We saw younger teams from japan and younger teams from canada at recent events and both of those teams did well in those players have gone on to to better things Particularly the skip from the the men's japanese team round From that from the last mixed he wound up finishing second this year at the japanese championships. So i think it's an important tournament and i like you said jonathan it would be extremely disappointing and i think a big blow to the game if the world mixed were to ever go away. Yeah i i worry about that. I think i think it's actually the only event now with direct entry to a world wouldn't seniors be sign up. That's true so the seniors in the next and i. I think there's value in that right that you hope. The w cf and the member associations see value in in those events being participatory for wacko better term as in playing it. It was a lot of fun to play people from all different countries and there were some very good people in some. You know there's some olympians played and then there's some people who just started curling a few years ago playing in it and meeting people from all different kind of countries hearing their stories. Seeing what's going on there was kind of a lot of the final bit. So yeah i think. I think there's value in that event especially for the emerging countries. But i think a lot of the kind of powers see value in. It will be sending a competitive team and taking yeah. I think that you can't say that you're about growing the sport and developing the sport can get rid of an event like this win. Everything else you've been doing has also been against that. Growth and development mindset like limiting the number of teams at mixed doubles world's You know keeping this event on the calendar. I think is important. Yeah and this kind of goes back only time on the wishlist episode where floated the idea of just kind of different world. Abyan see for the men's and women's championships and one of the one of the ways in which the schedules getting congested is. You have these regional qualifiers now right. The pacific asia and a european switch both take a fair bit of time and plus you now the european european seas which is another thing plus you have the world collocation event right so there's multiple of these events that actually think if you just went to like a world abmc structure you could condense The european north american and asia pacific down to one event and the european seas in the qualifier events. That down to one events you taking five events and convinced the two i i would strongly encourage to look at that as opposed to kinda cutting other world championships. If the issues really event congestion i'd be interested to hear the positives and negatives about that. I'm still kind of pro. Regional play downst- Because it does it mean. It does kind of support The growth and development. Especially right. now. I don't think the pacific asia championship has grown to the point. That maybe you can do that Because you're still getting emerging nations there yet. Think until we've until we've developed the the pacific asia zone a little bit more. I thought i would hold off on that. Although i think if you're if you get sixteen the world's in twenty four at the the be which is quite feasible you can then you can then have like a world see for the emerging nations right and and that would create fair competition for the new countries where there's a lot of new countries coming in as a chance to build over time get a feel for the international competition in win promotion from there whereas if you're an emerging country in the asia pacific does does a lot of games. You're just going to be run off the ice to be frank if you look at some of the line scores and be. There really isn't chances. There's not really a clear way for you to win your way out of the asia pacific right now if you're not one of the three or four major powers there but we we did ask harold woods that when we had him on from the nigerian curling team and we said would you rather play against teams that are kind of your own level and develop that way and he said no. He'd rather play the best he feels like they get better by playing the best. Yeah i mean there's there's value in that too. I think. I think that's the big debate. But i think i think the big thing is. That's the big tension right. Now right i think in world curling is do we go to key. We go to kind of building up the regional qualifier model. Or do we go to like a world a world d world. See as long as i think that we need at least one event out there. That is participatory where you don't have a qualifier to get into it One of the arguments. That even you and i have had before in this show. Jonathan was if mixed was a good candidate for an olympic path or to to push to get it included in the olympics. And i used to think yeah. Absolutely mix should be in the olympics. You actually convinced me otherwise by saying no if it's A part of the olympic path in all of a sudden high-performance takes it over. And you don't have it as a development event and i kinda strongly believed that that there needs to be. There needs to be something there for competitive. Whatever i'm not sure what you want to call them. Amateurs competitive recreational competitive something for people who are non gonna be playing into slams still aim for And i think if you take that away. There's significant problems with the grass roots level in terms of standing clubs in terms of keeping people involved. You see a lot you wandering off. There's gotta be. We really do. Have to kind of look at ways to build up the base while i mean to be frank leading the pro's pro right like the nothing against like the top twenty teams in the world gunning for for slams and try to make a professional career out of it. I think it's it's what you do for the other. Five hundred teams are so that they want to do something above the club. Level and feel away a path that progression play for something of significance. That isn't what while realizing that. Perhaps the olympics and the the slams the a bit of a stretch i said news out of alberta where west ridge curling club in stony plain is a complete loss. After fire consumed the building on wednesday. June twenty third stony plains fire chief told global news. The fire department arrived to flames rapidly spreading across the roof which quickly caused the roof to collapse. Fire chief said in investigation would be conducted to determine the cause of the fire if you go to the westridge curling clubs Website they have set up a gofundme me and if you are in alberta resident i believe they are doing a fifty fifty draw also help raise money For the club. So good luck to all the curlers at westridge curling club there in alberta. Yeah that's that's sad to hear. Hopefully some insurance can kind of cover a good chunk of the damage there And hopefully able to of build it back and kind of renovate the place it was is. I didn't quite get as it total. They have to build from scratch or is it just a very serious renovation job. No i saw a photo i think from. Ctv afterward in. it's i mean it's down to the foundation is gone so it's got to build a new building which is a lot. It's expensive But yeah so. The death said said news there in elbert for for the members of that club here in the us The glitter bomb spiel. Which is the original. Lgbtq plus bonds spiel in the us is returning january twenty eight thirtieth at potomac curling club in maryland which is just outside of washington. Dc registration opens on november seventh. In more information you can visit dece a curl. Dc dot org. Yeah sounds good. I like i love potomac curling club. We had some fun there when we played there. Yeah that was a good time. I think that's the that's still the only time i've ever been up there. I just i hate traffic so much. I had a job interview at a university just outside. Dc once and. i arrived at reagan. National five pm is totally. Be a twenty five minute drive in took two and a half hours. Your that sounds great and then everyone is doing. the job. interview complained about the trafficking and people were late for my for meeting with me. And i kind of decided the end of the interview and the was at george mason george mason. I was like Do i really want to spend my time sitting in a car. So yeah yeah george. Mason is like the middle of northern virginia traffic. Hell yet so weird. Because we didn't location. Nice campus built in the seventies and everything nice design. But it is. it's not. It's kind of like one of those things where they put in the middle of everything and as a consequence nowhere kind of thing. Yeah anyway it's not to avoid the potomac curling club which is a club. Yeah regardless of traffic you should participate in spun spiel. I have yet to play in it. We've only we played in the cherry blossom a few years ago. I haven't been up there since they started doing this. Bonfield that man. I see photos from it and it just seems like a blast so Yeah if you if you have the chance to to get to dc for that one go ahead and do it jonathan. I think that's well. That's all the news that i really have It is like i have noticed on instagram. We are definitely in the middle of like curling marriage season are. There are a lot of curling weddings going on. Yeah there were like four last week. What were they the ones. I remember our friend jamie. Dan brook got married. Congratulations jamie yeah. So entering canada. I believe it was in switzerland. All right and then the other three. I remember our tori wanna from japan. Maddalena dupont from denmark. Ameri termine from Estonia where the other three that i saw but we just jamie but we wish all of them. Many happy returns read congratulations. What's that what do you wish people when they get married. Congratulations yeah what what. What did people tell you. It's been so long since. I've seen human beings that i don't know how to behave around them anymore to be honest so i guess we're going so you're we're both curling in july into. Yeah we're doing a big deal. We decided we're doing drop in leagues. Which is going to be here in richmond. Were going to do twenty five dollars per week because the only time we could get ice. Where saturday nights during the summer Which isn't great for people's schedules. New right away. I was going to be gone for like three of the seven. So yeah we're just doing drop in Which is good. I like all invite a bunch of my friends to come out with us. In of course none of them will actually come curl. 'cause that's all i hear is oh yeah i'd love to come out and trae curling but then when i give them a time and date in a dollar amount That's when that's when i get turned down so yeah let's july august failing to get my friends to curl. Yeah i think. That's i from experience. I think the best way if you wanna take your friends curling if in an arena club is tricky to do but it's basically like a corporate group day out where it's like you just get a book elaine. Go and promised beer after or something. Yeah that's basically what i'm gonna do like yell by all by twelve pack. Of course light. Just show up pay. Yeah yeah. so that's it. I don't know so that means we're going to be off the next two weeks. 'cause next week's holidays didn't mean not going anywhere you going into. You're not doing anything for fourth of july are you. Since you're oh i've got i've got big things man. We try to you going. Oh are you are you going to. Twickenham took an not watching any rugby. Because rugby union's boring. Where would you go to go. Watch something like that. I am all right so saturday alice. My wife is going to be swimming. One and a half miles. It's called the peer to peer environment. So she earned. Her lockdown hobbies is wild swimming. So now she's she's kind of gotten pretty serious as you can do like a good two miles out in the which is something in the ocean is not like swimming in your pool. So this is like i think for triathletes but she the first time doing it. So she's got up interstate the back and they do you in heats and stuff but it's a full day trip Which forty five. Minutes away and so. It's kind of like a running race but there's a whole production around it so be doing that and then sunday could schedule around. Getting the vaccine on sunday. She scheduled accion for the day after the race because she didn't want the side. No take away from the race. So there you go. Let's muslim talent spending july fourth weekend. I'm probably I'm probably just gonna hang out with some cooked animals in coors light. That's probably gonna be the extent of my life worth weekend all right. That sounds good. It's a good way to be. I mean well if we can if we can work it in record again but Yeah enjoy Enjoy a celebrating losing to america. Next week thank you for listening to rocks across the pond. A curling podcast. If you enjoyed the show we ask you to. Please leave a review or telephoned about us. Your referrals to friends and family are the greatest compliment we can receive in his. What allows our show to grow in. Share our love of this great game you can find all of our past shows in blog. Posts at rocks across the pond dot com. If you have a question comment you can reach us. At rocks across the pond at gmail.com or find us on twitter. Facebook and instagram. Thank you again for taking the time to listen to us and we will talk to you again real soon.

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Ancient Galactic Mystery Deepens

SpaceTime with Stuart Gary

25:52 min | 1 year ago

Ancient Galactic Mystery Deepens

"Love this podcast. Support this show through the acoss support of hr. It's up to you how much you give. And there's no regular commitment. Just hit the link in the show description to support. Now this is space time series twenty three episode one hundred and twenty one for broadcast on the thirtieth november twenty twenty coming up on space time and ancient galactic mystery deepens pristine extraterrestrial ganic compounds discovered in a fiber meteorite and how nasa plans to phone home from the moon. Oh that and more coming up on space time. Welcome to space time. We'd stewart gary. A new study of distant galaxies in the very early universe is discovered that they were already far more massive mature than previously thought. The findings reported in the journal astronomy astrophysics raises major questions about how inching galaxies could have gotten so big so quickly the observations were made as part of the largest multi wavelength survey ever undertaken of the early cosmos scientist. Look back some twelve point. Three billion years going back to a time when the universe was less than one and a half billion years old. It's a time when the cosmos a piece of experienced a sudden growth spurt. The survey could alpine was designed to investigate the gas dust and one hundred eighteen distant galaxies during this eight bark using the giant keck and subaru observatories. A monaco in hawaii. One of the study's authors and trace faced from the california institute of technology says he was surprised to find. Galaxies had evolved so much faster than expected. The authors simply didn't expect to see so much dust than heavy elements in these early distant galaxies. Galaxies are considered to be more mature for one of a better term when they contain a significant amount of dust and heavy elements produced by early generations of stars. The problem is galaxies in the early universe. Really haven't had all that much time to build stars. So astronomers expected them to be dust poor and contained very low levels of heavy elements. They also expected them look like train wrecks because early galaxies often collide with each other. So there's a lot of gravitational perturbation going on instead. They found many of the galaxies in the survey showed relatively mature features including structural diversity and the first sides of rotationally supported discs which could eventually lead to spiral galaxy such as i wanted milky way using multi wavelength studies allows astronomers to get a more complete picture of how galaxies form and evolve. So as well as the optical observations from kagan subaru the authors also gathered up to data from vista from the very large telescope in chile. And from this. As hubble space telescope perspective they analyze these galaxies in infrared using nassar's earth orbiting spitzer space telescope and in radio wavelength with alma the atacama large millimeter submillimeter array radio telescope in chile. The radio infrared revealing places of star formation hidden by dust of the galaxy selected for the alpine survey chosen from a catalog of altered distant objects with high quality spectra that spectrum being obtained from diaz the cake observatories deep imaging multi object spectograph. The study will tell. Scientists more about the early universe the unique properties it contained and the unique way at influence galactic evolution. This space time still to come. Scientists discover pristine extraterrestrial organic compounds in samples recover from fiber meteorite and how nassar intends to phone home from the moon. All that and more still to come on space time you okay time to take a break from show for word from our sponsor a great courses plus you know in these uncertain times. It's important to take a little time out to focus on yourself to do something that lifts you up and makes you feel better and one of my favorite ways to do that is by learning with the great courses. Plus that way. There's no down time you see the great courses plus isn't just the nava streaming service. It's a credible source of information presented by leading world experts in their fields and there are thousands of videos having hundreds of different topics that jews from s means there a hey of rewarding opportunities to learn like how to use mindfulness to manage stress and anxiety can learn how to make your own pastor from chef at the culinary institute of america. You can even get tips on how to train your dog from a pro instructor at one. Course i think you should check out his sky watching seeing understanding cosmic wonders. It's presented by one of our favourite lecturers professor alex phila- pinko and it gives you a detailed. Look at the one as you can see by just looking up into the sky. It's an unparalleled guide. Some of nature's most mysterious and beautiful offerings things like rainbows aurora stars planets and meteors even thunderstorms. It looks at where they come from how they formed and we you can best see them. This must see in our skies and this is a great place to start learning. Just what's up there and learning so easy. Thanks to the great courses plus app. Let you watch or listen anytime anywhere. The whole idea is to make it easy for you and you can start your journey with a great courses plus today now i see just you sign up through a special. You are roll. The great courses plus dot com slash space. That way you'll get a fourteen day free trial with unlimited access and you'll be hoping to support our show so don't forget the great courses plus dot com slash space and you'll find the euro details in the show notes on our website. That's the great courses plus dot com slash space. and now. it's back to our show. This is space time with stewart gerry. Scientists discovered pristine extraterrestrial organic compounds in samples recovered from fiber meteorite. The fiber all streaked across the skies ontario in the united states west. On the night of january sixteenth. Two thousand eighteen eventually slamming into a frozen lake in michigan. Scientists used with radar to determine. Exactly where the pieces landed. And then meteorite hunters. Were quickly able to collect the samples before their chemical makeup was changed to much by exposure liquid water. The study of some of these samples is now provided scientists. A glimpse of what space rocks are like when they still in out of space. The findings were reported in the journal. Meteoroid dixon planetary science shows the meteorite contain pristine organic compounds which could tell researches about the origins of life. The study's lead author. Philip from the university of chicago in the field museum says the meteorite special exit fell on a frozen lake and was then quickly removed before it became contaminated with planet earth being so pristine allows scientists to see unaltered materials containing a rich inventory of extraterrestrial ganic compounds. These same kinds of organic compounds will likely delivered to the early earth by meteorites and might even have contributed to the ingredients of life on question. We get asked a lot is. What's the difference between the media or meteoroid the meteorite. we'll meteorites spacewalks that have fallen worth when things like asteroids collided at space fragments can break off these bits of rock a code meteoroid 's and they'll continue flooding through space pretty well forever unless they get caught up in the gravitational pull of another body such as a moon or a planet once a meteoroid desert atmosphere. It's called the meteo. Big ones a cold five bowls and if they explode in the atmosphere they referred to his bowl. Eids serious sky watches. Never call them. Shooting stars pieces of media that survived the trip through the atmosphere and hit the earth surface echoed riots. When the fiber flew of michigan scientists. Use nurses with a raider to track with the pieces went now whether rate as a mentor detect hail and rain but pieces of meteorite. Which are the right size can also be. Detected so with a radar helped show the position and velocity the meteorite allowing search teams. Zero win the area within a couple of days meteorite hunters found the first pace on the frozen surface of strawberry lake near hamburg michigan sites determined that this meteorite was an h four conrad which makeup just four percent of all meteorites falling to worth unusually it showed a high diversity of organics. Scientists aren't sure. How the organic carbon containing compounds responsible for life on earth. Got here but one hypothesis is that they hate the away here on meteorites. That doesn't mean that meteorites themselves contain extra terrestrial live rather some of the organic compounds which hope make up the building blocks of life might i formed on an asteroid and then later felt worth this space time. Still the com-. Nasa plans to phone home from the moon and later in the science report and you study claims high vitamin a. e. andean take could be linked to fewer respiratory complaints. All that and more still to come on space time. You look tired. I take it the caffeine toothpaste and adrenaline face serum aren't working. Well maybe you should ask santa for a nectar mattress this year. And if the big guy brings you another unicorn finger. Puppet don't worry because mattresses start at just four hundred ninety nine dollars and she gets three hundred ninety nine dollars in accessories thrown in as well as at three hundred and sixty five night home trial and a forever warranty go to nick. Sleep dot com. Today nassar is selected bell labs to develop and you lose a communications network based on cellular for g technology. The agency will test the four g. l. two year long term evolution technology to help support future exploration efforts on the moon potentially enabling live video streaming and remote control of lunar rovers basis and infrastructure. Nokia bills already developed an ultra compact low powered space haden's base station intended as the centerpiece of a feature luna network and it's slated to be deployed to the moon in late. Twenty twenty two. A prototype of the new lunar base stations already been tested under simulated lunar conditions at the european space agency's high power radio frequency laboratory. The lab used radioactive strontium ninety and high energy ultraviolet lamps to seed low energy electrons. Well testing the performance of the base station across three different temperature ranges to qualify for lunar operations engineer especially concerned about a multi pack defect caused by strong radiofrequency energy in vacuum generating an avalanche of secondary electron emissions from the rif device itself resulting in the damage or destruction of the equipment. The good news is the prototype. Bay station survived the test with flying colors. The find out more about the project entered. Bentley is speaking with astronomer. Dr fritz watson they are now looking at putting the four jay my ball phone network or cell network on the moon with the support of nacchio which is got a few people upset in the astronauts oil. Yes so now says altemus project which is blaming to sign the first woman and the next man to the moon in twenty twenty full. That project is aiming actually at the southern polar region of the boone. Part of the project is to build Permanent base on the moon permanently inhabited base with a view to learning about long-term spaceflight principally with the idea of going tamaz in the next decade so the ultimate program is actually pretty broad brush thing and the image envisages lunar lander may be happy. Tation modules actually sitting permanently on the moon surface. So what has happened. Is that nasa has recognized that if you've got astronauts wandering around a lunar rovers and things of that so trying to find their way without the benefit of gps. The need is for satellite communications. And what they've done. What nasa has done a to really contracts nokia the nokia company at she. The american company to develop a cellular network on the moon his facilitate as i said long-term lunar habitability providing communications for key aspects such as lunar rovers and navigation the luna four g networks. So that contracts already been voted forty point one million dollars to develop that network The immediate consequence was a lot of very upset radio. Astronomers because radio strongly uses the most sensitive at tennis in the world to look at signals from deep space which would be basically flooded out by the nokia cellnet specific frequencies. This is one thing that we have to be clear about. It's not like flooding something on the ground with white light where you've got. Every frequency represented these communications preconceived quite specific but at least one of them and suddenly one the styling network as using as very close to a radio astronomy band of interest of interest. Because where a lot of forgetting molecules actually emit radio waves deep in space because this for life things of that sort which of course radios spectrum. Is that really interested in. And if we're going to be flooded out in those wavebands by communications either from constellations of spacecraft above the earth or by phone networks on the moon. We are struggling. We're going to be struggling. And i think radio astronomers are going to have to be working with the communications people to try and mitigate the consequences of it's already happening by sex. I'm sure radio astronomy talking to knock here as well about what the lunar proposal moves like now half that can come to some sort of agreement or understanding it would be a terrible thing to have. Bicycling an arm cut off by radio. Signals from satellites and aluna for j. network and lose that connectivity with the potential of discovery. I think that would be a a really big giant leap backwards The big question from me that phrase with this four j. network on the moon will the astronauts be able to find home. Probably had to ask someone had to ask for it can phone home except eighteen. That's professor fred. Watson and astronomy department of science speaking with andrew gently analasyst. The program space knots and this is based time. I'm stewart gary. And i take a brief look at some of the other stories making news in science this week with the signs report and you study has shown that high of vitamin a. andean take could be linked to fewer respiratory complaints. The findings reported in the british medical journal. Based on research looking at more than six thousand adults of eight years scientists examined their diets and respiratory history. Things like colds and asthma. They found that vitamin a intake. Both from died and supplements were associated with a lower prevalence of respiratory complaints. Interestingly vitamin d intake from supplements not from died were also associated with fewer respiratory complaints. The findings will undoubtedly add to the current scientific debate on the value of vitamin d supplements. And you study is confirmed that the covid nineteen pandemic as resulted in one of the largest drops in global carbon dioxide emissions in history. The findings reported in the journal nature. Communications are based on near real time. Data collected during the first half of twenty twenty compared to the same period. Twenty nine thousand nine comebacks emissions dropped globally by an estimated eight point eight percent which is far larger than the drop during previous economic downturns such as the global financial crisis or even world war two the researchers noted that emissions came back as soon as a country relaxed that's lockdown restrictions but substantial differences between some countries remain of one point three million people now being killed and almost fifty million infected by the covid nineteen corona virus since it first began spreading out of china to the rest of the world almost exactly a year ago. You're a search warrants. At the growing problem micro. Plastic pollution may have an even greater impact on fish survival and behavior than the degradation of they call reef habitats researches raised damsel fish in micro plastic polluted waters and then placed them on either alive or dead and degraded coral patches. The findings reported in the journal of the proceedings of the royal society. B showed that those really micro plastic environments those released into dead. Carl habitats were bolder more active and had lower survival rates than those in the control group. The effects of plastic exposure were also more pronounced than reef degradation alone. The author suggests efforts to address micro plastic injection should go hand in hand with efforts to restore car reefs. Scientists have developed a tiny device no larger than the coin which be attached to your arm and generate power simply from the breeze of your arm swing as you walk. The device isn't technically turbine but consists of two plastic strips in a pipe that flutter clap together when there's airflow this generate static electricity researches say they want to make the device even small and improve its efficiency so it can be used to charge devices like cell phone sustainably. They also plans to make a bigger version. One capable of competing with existing wind turbine technology. You can read the study in detail in the journal cell reports physical science. It's amazing the sort of lengths people will go to to try and convince you. They've had some sort of supernatural experience. And an awful lot of these claims. End up on the disc of tim. Mendham from australian skeptics claims show real effort with a serious attempt at special effects drama and theater. They're still phony but at least is making the claim of tried. But then according to tim you'll find others which is so bad. It's had not to laugh this story about eight women who is show that was guys activity inside or outside of the house because adults very Upset and frantic and running around like crazy right. They might have been ghost monitors themselves. It's a video which is well worth having a look at to see some of the crappiest proof of dust you've ever saying you're gonna cover a dog run landry and ran ran ran and then staring at in front i were at the front door was probably probably the owner Just coming aimed at the video winding the mary. You often wonder about these things. People play cameras in the corner but rooms to fill these feelings activity then. These stocks are running around jumping on the lounge looking outside and on the lounge. Strangely placed is a large blanket which is half off the lounge and during the media. You see one corner of this blanket. That's near the flow lift up and it's the most obvious of string attached to the plank lifting that you've ever seen a lot it just moves exactly at the pace of string attached to a blanket with live so it's sad but i look a lot of guys and all and that sort of thing but This is this has to be one of the worst. Dogs look like adding running ran backing staring out the window during that thing. So someone's outside monkeys. It sounds like it's it's done just for the tiktok value. this is a tiktok value. I think really. I mean it's it's so poorly on that bunk within microseconds but they think it's impressive by looking at it but The and they're they're surprisingly for some of these really bad person. The paranormal people. Who believe i take any over the value of heard of sake octopuses or is it occupy psyche crocodiles. Of course we've had to pick elections. And now the sake costa sake course. It's it's actually autocracies okay. Woman has a whole that. She's for a while and she consulted a psychic animal. Whisper to find that more about the horse. Now this long. I may the psychic actually revealed a lot of information about From the host apparently goes passed on by the host. Which whose name is fred. And the psychic said that the host told her spouse needs to freight the sake course rating talking and so. That's the interesting community. The host of course which was the source told us psychic that the lady would make the love of her life and the man would have a scar on his leg. He cosi told the psychic that one if the woman's daughter has had ridden the host but had an accident by falling off. Put the top of that. I can say it goes to the black piney that Had passed away some years before that the lady would show her business and up in business and it would be going right down. It's like giving historically interest in Future advice on business advice you could say that probably if anyone knew this woman who looked up at facebook page. Which is pretty easy to do that. You can gather information about people that reveal themselves so like a daughter having an accident. Pioneer died awhile ago even thinking about career prospects selling the business and opening up new one. All that stuff could be found on On the website and you combine that with told reading while yeah yeah the interesting thing about finding a life with a scar on lake. We die much about that goodwin. Pirates higher hose also said that actually this man with a scar would be toll on half and that he would be young now he used told have dot. Hey but he's actually quite all. I think was wrong on that one. Trent abilities reliable hosts the host. Of course of course it's any how. How old is to fridays. But yes he's he's not one hundred percent reliable which makes plastic sonke to mendham from australian skeptics. And that's the show for now. Space-time is available every monday wednesday and friday through apple podcasts. I tunes stitcher koogle podcast. How can castes. Spotify cast amazon music bites dot com. Soundcloud youtube your favorite podcast. Download provider and from space-time with stewart gary dot com space times also broadcast through the national science foundation on science own radio and on both iheart radio and tune in radio and you can help to support our show by visiting the space time store for a promotional merchandising or by becoming a space time patron which gives you access to triple episode commissioner free versions of the show as well as lots of burners content which doesn't go away access to exclusive facebook group other awards. Just go to space time with stewart gary dot com for full details. And if you want more space time please check out our blog where you'll find all the stuff we couldn't fit in the show as well as heaps of images new stories loads videos and things on the web. I find interesting or amusing. Just go to space. Time with stewart gary dot tamla dot com. That's all one word. And that's tumbler. Without the aid. You can also follow us through at stewart. Gary on twitter at space time with stewart gary on instagram through space time youtube channel on facebook just go to facebook dot com forward slash. Space time with stewart. Gary and space time is brought to you in collaboration with australian sky and telescope magazine your window on the universe. You've been listening to space time with stewart. Gary this has been another quality. Podcast production from bites dot com.

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