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"fidel heights" Discussed on ABC Radio MELBOURNE


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"fidel heights" Discussed on ABC Radio MELBOURNE

"Hello, sniffing it out. Detective agency. Mystery is solved. My darling Big Brother customer when he was a hang on did he had been going out with this girl called Tracy's, but I don't know her name, and he wrote some beautiful Only for her. Don't miss this beautiful story of love, heartbreak, laughter and tears as we go looking for Tracy The Friday review today from 12 30 on ABC Radio Melbourne. You're listening to Virginia Tree Ali on ABC Radio Melvin. It's on text interesting that you don't read out those texts that are against the vaccination. I reckon this being in media directive to keep it positive, and you wonder why we are skeptical. And this is well. We are in our late seventies and decided to try the Heidelberg repent vaccination hub without appointments last Monday. It was very well organized, and we were both out with appointments for a second shot in less than an hour. That's a fantastic to hear and good to hear that parts of the system are working. Well, John why ma be happy to hear that? His commander of the covered response that the Department of Health John Good Morning I want to give you one party assistants working well. Look, I think I think the number the parts has just been working. Well, my thanks to the everybody used who came in. He's been coming forward to get backstage there the last few days. And obviously, as of Monday, all of us over there. Just 50 conduce just that at any of the six speculation centers we have now set up. Across Melvin and another centers, so anyone over 50 from Monday can go to those centers. That's right. So so wait very clear message out there from Monday. Anybody over 50 regardless off you know what job you do or where you live in the state. You were able to go to any of the six large scale vaccination centers we currently have set up in Ballarat INGE along and four across across Melbourne. We're also opening up a new center at Cramp Honore schools on Tuesday over there getting my vaccination there on Tuesday on we are opening up some other centers over the over the coming weeks, so I'd really encourage now You know anybody who's 50 and over you can now go your vaccine called Monday and I'm clearly if you've got questions, and many of us do, and rightly so. Simply speech your G P two to get advice about what's right for you, but it's really now time for you to start to make those plans and say I'm going to get this done so we can all move on to do to get beyond this pandemic. Not everyone has a Jeep A of course they can sit down and have that check with and it's often hard to get in to see JP these days. Do you really think the information campaign fully informing people about their risks, their responsibilities, their rights and the benefits of vaccination? Do you really think it's being as good as it could be all of the other? There's always room to do to do more to do better. Virginia and we continue to work closely with our colleagues in the Commonwealth to get as much information out there as we can. But I don't know what information actually ease out there with apart from programs like this, that talk about it, and anything else, what information is there? I don't see ads and I get leaflets in my letterbox. What is there? Yeah, Look, I think I think that the study has been some campaign work that again to the federal colleague colleagues put out a few weeks ago. I think there's another another federal campaign starting I believe next week. So I'm expecting to see much more information out there for to give people your good advice but had to get access, whether it be three or g, p or or through the state clinics. But this is why we why we come on the radio and to your earlier text message, I think is that there's a huge amount of information out there through the media. Through the through the Department of Health website for the federal websites around what had in the vaccination. Yeah, You really can't open a newspaper these days or watch the news without backed is being talked about and I think it's really important. I think it's very important that people have as much information as possible and just understand the pros and cons. I could understand that very, very low risk that are there and Absolutely. At the end of the day. We all have to make a personal decision about what we're going to do. But collectively, if as a society and as a community we don't get vaccinated, then we can't ease off restrictions. We can't open borders and we can't move on with our lives. Why are they covered fragment so many friendly so off the disease in our wastewater across Germany suburbs when we don't have actually have community in fiction? Yeah, it's interesting. And this is why we've been doing all this waste water some because we know there are still bitches covert covert circulating around the community. Now we believe that the vast majority this is mobile. The most likely cause of this is going to be people shedding viral fragments. So Former former positive cases who are now shedding on recognizing me. Sorry, jump in there, John. Even from that long ago, the last time we had a positive case was what 60 days is it But we also have to it. You know, we have today 25 people with covert in in the health hotels in the hotel quarantine system and of course, those people. Once they've cleared their infection, they go back into the community, and but they may continue to shed. This final fragment, So we were always going to have some people who have had coded in a contained environment continuing to shed out in the community, and that's why we see this little protections all over the network. But what we've seen in the North and West and why we have been interested in that and you have places like Fidel Heights and Quarter parking and Taylor's Lakes. Is is that we've seen a much stronger response than we typically seen over the last three or four months where we've had such low on the existing committee transmission on that's what we're saying to those areas. Hey, look, really. We really want to see some good testing numbers in those areas over the next few days. We're also following up individually with the more than 240 Old people for Parma, Close contact. From the purse outbreak a week ago. They're still continuing their isolation and those people who are continued her isolation here in the northwest of our city. They'll be getting extra tests organized for today. Today and tomorrow. What have you heard of what you understand about reports today about the apparent waste and loss of some fires of vaccines because of a lack of coordination in the sending and receiving off them, and also because some people are turning up. Telegraphic. Certainly within the within the state clinic system, which is the only one. I've got Good good visibility on Virginia. You know, we've got a very, very low waisted raised less than 0.1% off are about those is going to waste. That's largely because once we've got all six or seven doses out of the vile, there's a little bit left at the end, and we count back because we do not want a drop of this office off this off the fires or AstraZeneca vaccine to go to waste, So we've got very.

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