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"fidel castro batista" Discussed on Bill O’Reilly’s No Spin News and Analysis

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"fidel castro batista" Discussed on Bill O’Reilly’s No Spin News and Analysis

"Seven trillion in his four years. He said i had to do it to get the economy military back in shape. All right does it make. The democrats will never practice fiscal restraint. They want the dollar to collapse. Not all of them but a significant portion of that they want to go back to franklin delano roosevelt in the nineteen thirties. With the new deal. You remember with. American economy collapsed nine hundred twenty nine right under herbert hoover the next election. Fdr won the democrat. He took over the entire american economy. You remember any of this from your history classes and ran it and old it out but still didn't work didn't get out of the depression until world war two the government ran it. That's what the progressives want now in order to get this. They have to divide americans and they have to destroy tradition in this country. Easy to divide. They're going. You're a have not if you don't have anything we're going to give you. Guaranteed income guaranteed job guaranteed housing food. Justice across the board. People are going to go. Yeah that was a minority groups and immigrant groups. That's driving the democratic vote. Okay and then if you can get the class warfare up to here which we have in georgia do you think that most georgians voting for the democrats know what is often worn really want they. Don't that's why i'm telling you this now. Part of the strategy of the democrats and the progressives the people want to redesign the whole country is to create a deep pendant society from cradle to grave that government. Doles out to you what they think washington things you should have okay. That's what they have in. Sweden in. The netherlands in belgium called democratic socialism. So in order to do that you have to take assets away from corporations and the affluent the individual citizen. You have to take them away. That's the wealth tax all right so they want to create a dependent society where everything comes from washington. You're dependent on them for your pension healthcare all of it now. They also wanted to create a dependent society. So you don't think for yourself. How do they do that by legalizing marijuana hard narcotics by having people addicted to this all day every day this by not educating people to what capitalism really is by having schools and universities draw men progressive. Socialism is best racist america. All of that is going on. You see. I reported every dependent society. Right must come about when the people all three hundred and thirty million of us don't know what's happening and if you're stoned every day or drunk every day or spending the whole day on your device you don't blank in know or care okay. So individual achievement striving for self reliance the worst thing progressives the worst thing and finally the progresses want to create anarchy. Because the more terrified. The population is the more they're veer into the totalitarian socialism. What was the nazi. Party's name national socialism. That was the official name of the nazi party. What did joseph stalin tell. His people in russia gotta get away from the czar. It's all corruption has all the money. I'll spread the money around mazzy tong. Same thing ho tsim in same thing. Fidel castro batista's devil all dole. It out ever works but you lose your freedom so anarchy must be created. We have anarchy in seattle washington. I believe so. How about portland. Oregon seems to me. We do about san francisco. How about los angeles county where laws are not enforced anymore. How about new york city. Where last night we told you about individuals being assaulted on the streets and nothing being done about nothing. I mean assault with baseball bats with concrete. You didn't see this ten years ago to you now. War anarchy the more antiga the more fires more looting. Why do you think they don't prosecute these people the locals they want. He's chicago could solve that murder problem in three days with the national guard. Why aren't they in their protecting. The poor black people being slaughtered in the streets. They wanna break society down. And the more you terrify people. The easier it is to do. All of this is not happening by accident. And it's my job to tell you the why of not just the what every other news you'd see is telling you what is happening and most of them are being dishonest about that. They ignore the antigua's they ignore the terrible governors not enforcing the laws to protecting your people they nor them or even glorify them all right. But i'll tell you what happens and why this progressive jogger not could never happen. And i talked about this on the radio in new york city today all right it could never happen without the media signing off on it ten years ago the media would have blasted the looters now the social justice social justice and that goes hand in hand with the education if you are a traditional conservative student on most college campuses. You're in deep trouble if you open your mouth. If you're an instructor college professor a high school teacher and you stick up for traditional america. Stand up for your country. You are in big trouble..

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