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Hour 3 - Mark Sanchez (04-24-20)

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Hour 3 - Mark Sanchez (04-24-20)

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We've got all the news and pop culture. That reminds you that there's life outside your apartment. It's what you want to know when you need to know it. Listen to news o'clock on the iheartradio APP apple podcasts. Or wherever you get your podcast. You are listening to the Dan. Patrick show on Fox sports radio final hour this Friday. It's a trigger meet Friday. Yes we got chicken wings three ways. I couldn't decide so allen the guy goes hey. Why don't we just do three different types? So sorry that the other Danettes won't be able to enjoy them. It just means more for poly myself in the boys in the backroom but our thoughts will be with you. All right th- recap what we've learned. We've learned a lot today. We talked to Chris Simms. He covers the draft. Chris Simms was saying that he was not a big Fan. Didn't think he was top ten talent even without the injuries we talked about Jordan. Love going to the packers what that means. I found out the team that was going to move up and take Jordan. Love just found out this about fifteen minutes ago the colts were gonNA move up and take Jordan love with that. Pick that pick in the second round. They were moving up to the first round and they were going to take Jordan love. We also found out that Chris. Simms was the first choice for the bachelor over Jesse Palmer who eventually became the bachelor now. We haven't confirmed it. But Chris Simms is my source on it. He was playing for the Tampa Bay buccaneers and he turned it down because he said Jon Gruden would probably kill him if he took that and broke the news to Jesse Palmer last hour. You know it was honest it was raw radio and you got to hear a grown man who I think you know. He's he got sacked right there. I think he got got humbled a little bit. That Chris Simms was the first choice for the bachelor. Yes seeing it's like. His entire world was turned upside down. This was when you heard you gave him that news. Yeah my job is not to pick and choose who I give it to and when I give it to them I just give it to them. I'm a journalist and as a journalist I had to tell him Chris. Simms was the first selection as a NFL quarterback to the bachelor Mark Sanchez. A former quarterback he will join US coming up. I think we got a theme show here with Chris Simms Jesse Palmer and more Sanchez. You Got Rounds. Two and three coming up tonight. You start to look at how the quarterbacks played out with two were going where they went where I thought they would go. I thought maybe Jordan love would last to the second round and maybe a team like Carolina. Take him but that wouldn't have been the case because the colts would have taken him. You know everybody wants to hand out grades and it's difficult to do that because if I if I hand out grades right now you're talking about two or three years from now. Were that comes back and haunt you. You really have to wait two or three years before you get a true assessment of what a team did. But there's no fun in that. Do I like Joe Borough going where he went? Yes chase young where he went. Yes the Lions. The lions interviewed too and they admitted they interviewed two now. I thought if you're Detroit you gotta look at this. And why wouldn't you look at this and say? Could we take to have him sit for a year? Then could we maybe Trade Matthew Stafford you know you start to look at the numbers and it does at work and then I was told by source. Detroit has to win this year. Or they're going to be people who were fired the giants. I thought you would take is as you get a tackle I get. Did you get the best tackle? I don't know that Isaiah Simmons went to Arizona. I was really surprised he slipped eight. I was surprised that rugs went to the raiders at twelve. But if al Davis were still alive. Al Davis would've taken Henry Rugs. He loved that straight ahead. Speed Jerry Judy. To the broncos is a smart choice. I love CD. Lamb lasting to seventeen with the cowboys dolphins getting Austin Jackson. He's a big guy out of USC. It feels like he's going to. The dolphins are probably a year away. If you look at to. Maybe your way if Austin Jackson's able to develop into a legitimate. Nfl tackle your year away. Got Some Cap Room there. Tampa Bay takes attrition worse and who could have been top ten pick and they get him thirteen. You gotta you know tackle here for Tom Brady just I. I love the Kenneth Murray pick that inside linebacker from Oklahoma for the chargers chargers defense is Great. Really Great I told you that I got from a source with the Odell Beckham. Stop that there was no truth to it. What did I tell you when I first heard that they were going to take a wide receiver in the draft? And what did they do last night? They took Justin Jefferson out of Lsu. There was no story there. Do I think that Odell Beckham will eventually be traded in the next two years? Yes I do but Minnesota from what I was told they were taking a wide receiver. They took a wide receiver and the quote. I got was. Why did we get rid of a headache to bring in a headache? Patrick Queen with the Ravens. I love him out of. Lsu Who else Clyde Edwards Hilar- chiefs you add to their offense. That's fun Patrick Mahomes. And you're watching your draft and you're going. Oh yes I got a guy who is a great pass catcher and remember when we had Joe Borough on and I asked him about. Who is the best player on the team like? Who's the most valuable player he didn't even hesitate? He's he said. Clyde is a freak and I'm going to take it from Joe Borough. His running back goes to the Kansas City chiefs but it was fun. You know the Saints Get Cesar Ruiz. Out of Michigan. And I know it's a center and nobody cares. That's those guys start and then you look back and you go got him in the draft. It feels like guards and centers are easier to handicap here. It's it's really hard to look at attack. I think you can with on tackles now more than you can wide receivers and it used to be the other way around. I think it's because if you look at the defense or press coverage that you have in the NFL it's different for these wide receivers to separation. The quality of the defense is obviously better. The tackles to me. That's a great mystery because you can have somebody in say. I'm going to take him like Eric Fisher. Then Eric Fisher. Go number one overall at a central Michigan you. So there's no guarantees. There's no guarantees whatsoever. Andrew Thomas Out of Georgia. I was always under the impression. Maybe he was the third or fourth best tackle in the draft. He goes to the giants. I was surprised I thought they were GONNA go. Isaiah Simmons because it feels like Simmons is a guy that you say a one that you just dominate glut. They're being junior sale. Freelance like lt did go get him. Have some fun out there that we got more football coming up tonight. I know it's not action but it's still kinda satisfied the craving there. Yeah mclovin what do you think of your chargers? Getting you said category. They're kind of loaded on defense. We look at them as an offense. Now you get Herbert. I don't think Herbert plays this year. I mean maybe he gets some time but tyrod Taylor with that team. They should be a really good team. But you gotta be a really good team because you're in the AFC west. You can't go. Are we the best team in the. Afc You're not the best team in the AFC west and just the high bar that you have there and you're going to have to wait a year to see if Justin Herbert is. Maybe your franchise quarterback but that defense there. I look at them as much as being a defensive team us. I do an offensive team and this team that two years ago I thought they were super bowl too. I thought they were most talented team that I saw you go from twelve and four to five and eleven and then Philip rivers is in Indianapolis. They're yeah mclovin. What do you think of a Saint Bucks rivalry this year? They seem like they're on a collision course. Should be if if the buccaneers good enough to get up to that level with with the saints. I also looking at a tweet by our Buddy Adam. Let go the saints in. Packers have hoping quarterbacks now this is the final super bowl window for both those guys drew brees is forty one he already signed the deal with NBC FOR NEXT SEASON. The Saints Drafted Offensive Lineman for drew. Brees the packers drafted Aaron Rodgers. Heir-apparent thank you polly. Curtis Oh what is he saying? One of them is drastically right and wrong as you just pointing out which is pointing out. The saints are building their in for this year. The packers were a win away from the Super Bowl and they're already looking at their future. Now they're gonNA they're gonNA be in the now and deal with the current situation coming up tonight in over the weekend but they use the. This wasn't a value pick by the way when I first saw it I go. Where was Jordan love on all the big boards here and he was projected to be ended the first round? Maybe a talent that was greater than that. But this isn't a value. Pick where you go. Oh my God we can't pass him up. That's the amazing part of it for me. Now you couldn't have stayed at thirty and got him because from what I'm told the colts were going up and they were going to get it. I don't know how they were going to get him but they were going up to get him. And that makes a lot of sense for the colts and the colts are going to draft a quarterback tonight from what I'm told but you were going to go up. You couldn't because they beat you to it but don't look at this and say boy the packers man. They got a value picture. No you traded up to get this and you can't sit here and go you know. Maybe he'll work out is a franchise quarterback maybe he'll take over fern rock. You're drafting him. And using a first round pick now granted. It's not like you're using a top ten. Pick in the money that you'll spend but you went all in on him. I saw this last night. Courtesy of the NFL network. Our good buddy rich Eisen was hosting the charity. Telethon there for the NFL network with those affected by covert nineteen. Kevin Hart was on there. Tom Brady Russell Wilson Michael Strahan Dion Dion Sanders. And then Tom Brady himself. And of course. And it's not a feud it's just maybe misunderstanding or disagreement on who owns the rights to Tampa Bay t shirts. We created it. He trademarked it. You'd think that we could be partners but we decided this is the last day you can order the Tampa Bay t-shirts Kevin Hart picked up on this. And this is Kevin Hart calling out. Tom Brady for taking the name. Tampa Bay from the well. Listen to Popular Dan. Patrick Show Tom. And what a what? A humble move to call TAMPA TAMPA LYNCH IRC acted New Jersey. Land there Tom. What do you think about Tampa Bay? We know this is our stupid idea. We were stupid way before Thomas Way before. Yeah we've kind of cornered the market on Stupidity. Yes yeah. He's trademarked our stupidity. Yes Dang right out from under US but we weren't smart enough. We were stupid enough. We just weren't smart enough. Nobody produces content faster than us. An ACCURATE SEAN IN NEBRASKA joins us. Hey Sean what's on your mind today. Hey Dan So as a buffalo bills fan I have ever grudgingly say that the Patriots are putting on a master class and ten and the Green Bay. Packers could definitely Take some notes. I think going into the season. You're very similar. Outlooks agent quarterback really good team. There's maybe not good enough to win the super bowl. Don't have a lot of cap space. Probably Not GonNa make them good enough to win the Super Bowl rather than wait. They just rip the band aid off relative a tip crates back into the second round. You can still get first round talented that fifth pick. It don't have to pay the guy and I think somewhere along the way. They're probably GonNa shed a veteran and maybe even for another draft pick. I don't think they'll take a quarterback in this draft the weight on that because they don't see that talent up and whereas the packers I think they are handing Aaron Rodgers happened telling them to. You know slow me. Walk out the door but they they really should just you know. Give it to them straight. Yeah I think we might be overreacting just a little bit there Sean. But thanks for the phone call. Raj uses still. Playing an elite level. Had A great year last year the thirteen and three. They're win away from the Super Bowl. They're not that far off. And you still have your quarterback the Patriots don't have a quarterback they jared stood him. There's no way bill. Belichick is tanking. Just Not Jacksonville. Meanwhile come on downed Jacksonville feels like is going to do a great job and tanking for Trevor Lawrence. Yes paulie the Patriots. Have a second round draft pick and they have four thirds and to four hundred picks to trade up. You know they're gonNA take a quarterback of we're all gonna go nuts like oh. What did they see in him? What did we miss with Jacobson? Whoever they take I get the feeling that they're going to take they're going to. They're going to bring in a quarterback. I when the drafters over. That's what I want to see. What happens with Andy Dalton? Do the bengals cut him. What happens to Cam Newton and what happens to Jameis Winston? If you're a team see I thought Pittsburgh was going to be interested in Jordan. Love and I forgot all about the colts last night because when you look at Ben his backup. He doesn't have good. Backups here but if you can go Jordan love and I can give you maybe two years with Ben that to me would have made a lot of sense but the packers might be three years away from using him. But I don't think you can look at this and go you know. The Patriots used a second round. Pick Garoppolo if they hadn't used a first round pick Garoppolo then you'd have a situation. I think similar to what's going on here. With the Green Bay Packers. We got a winner on the scoreboard. Todd scoreboard that he spends way too much time on every single morning. The numbers are ten in seventy four jake in Colorado. Is the winner. Wonder if this has aimed to do with the broncos since it's Jake in Cleveland so ten and seventy four the numbers the clue breath just leaving just starting. The first number is just leaving. The second number has to do with just starting both this date in history both. Nfl related. Let me see just leaving somebody. Sixteen years ago today. Nfl draft also be playing somewhere and said Nah. I'm going to go somewhere else. Just leaving Jersey number ten ally Manning. Day You go. That's the Tanny lamenting sixteen years ago. Today drafted it. By the chargers they went to the giants and the second number is a team. We've been talking a lot about something. Special that happened on this date in history in nineteen seventy four they were just starting. Tampa Bay buccaneers Tampa. Bay buccaneers the NFL. Granted franchise to the bucks this date in history and seventy four ally manning. Ten buccaneers nineteen seventy-four. Thank you todd Mo. Thank you todd. These are tough man spun. We're making an interesting step up the game. A little bit earned the right to win. Dan in North Carolina joins us. Hi Dan what do you have former? Didn't I don't Five ten one fifty hope because they're having a very much. Hope you got your having good me. Friday Enjoy some job and tenderly myself into the meet my phone call out of the dare talk. I've been listening to you for years Thank you I've been for years and it seems like every year. You say you have to wait. Two to three years we can actually analyze the draft picks. Yes I'd like to know who you think just in the first round Best and worst pick from the two thousand seventeen. Nfl draft and Hello to chat row and suck up. Front left are low. That's me I think it is five. Thank you do Can you look at the two thousand seventeen draft their Paulie? Yeah hold on one second. Okay hold on a second. I'll make love update the poll results Mark Sanchez. The former quarterback will join US coming up here well. Aaron Rogers and his career in Green Bay. Sixty four percents. They Know Evan. Indiana joins US haven a Dan. More say six two to forty three and following Thank you guys for helping me get through my morning run. Mix it a lot more fun. Quick question do you really think jake from or Jalen hurts. Goes at either two. Or twelve tonight to indy to replace Philip rivers and I they once again. You don't just take a quarterback to take a quarterback take a quarterback you think fits your system. That's the that's the key in Jordan. Love that they looked at him and they liked what they saw. Then great but you know you can use a wide receiver there. And if he's not the right guy then don't take you don't go on. We didn't get him. Let's say Jalen hurts? You can't do it that way. Yeah mclovin is it a stretch to say they liked love. Maybe they WANNA big strong arm guy like eastern could be similar qualities. Yeah I hear good things about Easson you know but once again. It's the measurable. I don't know his personality. I but I hear good things. Yeah Paulie going back to the two thousand seventeen draft. I'll go quickly. Browns take myles Garrett baller bears Mitch Trubisky Good Nine or took Solomon Thomas in. He's not great. He's not bad and I thought he was going to be great. Jaguars took four net in the four spot. And he's getting better but he's done Corey Davis and the titans whom that's good Jamal. Adams of the jets safety very good. Mike Williams of the chargers injured his first year but playing while now wide receiver. Good Christian McCaffrey. The panthers very good bengals drafted John. Ross little speedy water she read a Washington nut good and then chief took mahomes New Orleans took lattimore the defensive back and Texans took Shawn Watson. You look at all of those guys. They're all I mean there's some great players. Garrod could be you know ten time pro bowl player. A Jamal Adams. All pro player. Mike Williams is very good. Mccaffrey with what he's done. Patrick Mahomes you know could be a hall of Famer Marshon. Lattimore is very good to Shawn. Watson is great. Who else do you go to the end of the first round? Tj Watt Pro Bowler at the thirtieth pick and then try Davis White the defensive backs Lsu with the bills. He's really good. Yeah so I mean you can look. You can give grades. I'm just talking about giving an accurate grade because we we all want to go. What do you think? Give them an A. Give Miami got an A. I sold some dress. Where hey they gotta tackle and they got a quarterback first of all. I don't know if the tackles good Austin Jackson out of a and what to is not healthy so hey I gave you a. I don't know that's why I always say. GimMe at least two years where I can see where we're going on this. I know we want it now. And maybe it's like chief way for me to get out of giving a great here. I don't do this for a living from the standpoint of assessing the talent there. I do talk to people who do this. But if you're saying hey what do you think of throw out? A name is a Simmons. I think he's going to be a dominating player but understand this crappy in college and then you get drafted in the first round. Everybody's good you. Can you can make a tape where everybody looks great but that's not what the NFL's all about. Hey I got a great tape in call Mitchell. Trubisky probably had a great tape Vince. Young had a grey tape. He had one of the best performances ever. He won the Rose Bowl. I mean we assumed he was going to be very good. That's why when you give out grades it's always an I give out an incomplete because I don't know I just don't know and that might be mean spirited. Give Mitchell trubisky incomplete as. That's pretty nice. We'll take that take a break. Mark Sanchez will join us. Get his thoughts on what furled last night in the draft. And how would he feel if he was Aaron today? Twenty two after the hour. This is the Dan Patrick Show. You're checking things all the time. Checking your email checking yourself in the mirror. Todd likes to do that. We always checks his guns. Do yes you do thank you. It's been a while unfortunate about checking something important as your credit. 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It's called intangibles presented by fourth and forever released this week on Showtime Sports Youtube Channel. Mark also serves as a super bowl correspondent on inside the NFL on showtime this past season in March joins us now. And whoa look at that mustache. What where'd you go? Is that a quarantine mustache here or unseen mustache. My mom thinks I look like you do if you if you had one of those Sombreros on or seventies quarterback you look like right. Yeah could it wasn't as bad as I thought once my kid got into it. I know they were talking about playing guitar. But I need my co star with me. I got a three year old son. Yeah we heard it. You've been practicing guitar so I I thought that maybe we we roll this out. We gotta do. We'll do it in the next couple of weeks on on but he loves Old Town road song and I'm literally carrying him into Media Day at Super Bowl and he sees little Naza ex. Yeah and I didn't know no fence him. I didn't know what he looked like because I haven't seen the music video. I just knew the song. My sons is three year old boy dead. Old Town road the point because that's important all right what do you let me start with Jordan? Love going to the packers because this wasn't a value pig. They went up to get him. How would you feel if you're Aaron? Rogers the same way far probably fell. It's it's difficult but at the same time I said this leading up to the draft that a perfect place for either herber or Jordan Of was a place like New Orleans or Green Bay where you have an established starter. So there shouldn't be any question as in that organization or outside that organization. I know the media will make it bigger than it needs to be but Aaron Rodgers is the clear-cut starter for as long as he wants to be and until his play declines which. I don't see happening anytime soon. I mean he's still got another five plus years if he rarely wants to. You know he's one of those. Tom Brady Kinda guys who could do it for as long as he wants. But then why do it mark? Why think your your grooming your next guy because you want to get? They love Aaron so much. In my opinion they WANNA get some of the best of Aaron out of or injected into Jordan love and he needs to be around him because Jordan. Love to be completely. Frank I don't think in my opinion that he's ready to go into an NFL locker room and go on that field and start day one especially with an off season like this that just makes it even worse for somebody like that because he can damage his confidence and ruin him for the rest of his career so that storied franchise where the quarterbacks are pretty solid. You gotta give them a chance to learn from someone like that and Aaron benefited from an instagram. Last night. Far was joking about it or you know you saw that. He wasn't joking. Fifteen years ago gang. Oh this is going to be weird on the outside but I think Aaron will have learned from that situation that he was in and hopefully you know take him under his wing or at least have the professional courtesy to help him out from time to time. I'm not saying just completely give up his job. 'cause that's errands job but this is the best situation for Jordan love. I really think in somewhere like New Orleans would have been great soon where you have a guy like. I said established starter. You don't have to worry about. It's called intangibles presented by fourth in forever. You SAT DOWN WITH TWO TONGUE. Vilo Justin Herbert and Jordan love. You're talking about intangibles and I bring this up when it comes to trying to assess who's going to be able to make that next leap into the NFL. They all have talent. Everybody's got a great highlight reel. It's Tom Brady doesn't have the physical gifts as much as he has. The intangibles drew brees the same way. You can say Peyton Mann like. What is it that you're looking for mark with these intangibles with these young quarterbacks well I think some of it is just mental toughness. What would have been through what What experience have they had an had? They bounced back from good or bad Also part of their self confidence just watching their tape and speaking the language with them what can can. I try and walk them down a road to correcting themselves. Are they their own toughest critic things like that keep guys going for a long time in this league and keep you around for many years? But I think there's a little bit of that in all these guys but like you said they're all big enough strong enough there fast enough. Yeah sure some guys are a little bigger a little stronger little faster than the others. But they've all got something now. It just depends on where you land and to be totally honest position perfectly is somebody like. Jordan love because he's GonNa reap the benefits. It's like Patrick. Mahomes people are comparing his his tape to patch them home for a reason. There's freaky arm talent. Keep throws some amazing balls but it also leaves you scratching your head sometimes like what? Are you doing what why why? They're why now. And every quarterbacks done that but when you string a couple of those together on one in one season like he had last year granted he lost nine starters. Coaching change often change offensive scheme. Change that's fine but that was a lot of interceptions for College at Utah State. So what had Patrick Mahomes do? His last year at Texas Tech. He threw a Lotta pictures to a lot and so they get him behind. Alex Smith for year one of the best at taking care of the football one of the best understanding how his feet and progressions. And everything is a part of timing. They all tie together. How to get through progressions with Andy Reid who's now been validated as a great coordinator? Even though we've known that forever then what happens now? You cut him loose after a year of just figuring things out. Just examining taking information like a sponge. Just soak it all in and that's what you can potentially have an Jordan. Love has any sense to him which I think he does after sitting down with him. He's just going to be without being. You know an annoying little brother. He's gotta be Aaron Rodgers little brother and just watch him. How does he watch? Why are you looking at that? Ask questions without the figure out. What are you doing right? What he's doing wrong and just make make an he can't buy enough notebooks and pencils right now would be my first investment if just learn from the guy because he's one of the best of all time but if I look at this Jordan loves not gonNA play this year. I hope to a dozen play this year. We know Joe Boroughs going to play but then that brings me to Justin. Herbert and I don't. He's ready to play right now. Either you got tyrod Taylor but I wonder how quickly you know in the old days if you're drafted this high as you know I mean you're going in and now you play you know Brady told me years ago. If I had played right away I'd be out of the League. I needed to understand how to slow the game down all of those things. If you're the chargers what do you do with Justin her? Here's the problem and I don't think chargers fans are GONNA love this. They got a new stadium. It's a big media market. They're competing with the rams constantly. The Rams went to the Super Bowl two years ago so they need to sell Jersey sell tickets. There's this other factor this other force right. This driving force of a monetary force writing. They're going to push. There's going to be pressured to play this kid. If tyrod Taylor goes three and now a couple times in a row I guarantee it just because he was drafted so high just because when you see him in training camp guarantee there's going to be highlights all over the news channels talking about. Why did you see that ball? And look how great his feet are. And he's so big and I mean you look at him you fall in love with the kit. It's unbelievable his physical attributes. These six six in ran a sub four seven. It's freaking there's going to be pressure to plan my only advice to Anthony Lynn. Who are running backs coach in in New York? With the jets. Just give him some time. Let marinate let him Sydney Take him out when he's ready and not a minute too soon or else might spoil it. How many times it and you're you're planning against Brady twice a year in the. Afc Did you ever look over and watch him on the field and go? How the Hell is he doing this? So during the time he was still building some of that he obviously had that aura around him. And you know there's like a man as a competitor you're like you. WanNa you WanNa beat his asked. You know you're not like I'm not in this to you know. Just wow at somebody. I wanted to kick it. This guy's ass but knowing what he's done and seeing him come back in games like I'm telling you I don't know if I had any nails left after that After the divisional game in Foxboro. Because they're starting to mount a comeback like we hit him hard early. Got HIM DOWN EARLY IN. Its twenty eight fourteen but I mean we're talking with three minutes left that they can flip quick. They could score seventeen points fast so you just have so much respect for the guy that in some ways you're terrified and other ways you just. WanNa go beat 'em it's but there's nothing but mark. You're not watching mahomes play quarterback. You're not watching Aaron Rodgers play quarterback. You're not watching Lamar like I'm looking at a guy who looks like a normal guy. Playing quarterback physically looks normal. But he's abnormal. Why between his ears man? He's he's figured it out. She's supremely confident and he A lot like the military these guys get in these very difficult situations but they know exactly what to do. They have a process. They have a checklist and he can do it. Stowe quickly and he has his mental rolodex of coverages and blitzes and pressures that he seen before and he can immediately hold up without having to go through. Certain people got okay. Was that two weeks ago. Two years old. Afc Championship game was that no. No I guarantee you right away. Hey twenty fourteen versus the broncos in the playoffs on the Road Bubba. I guarantee he knows that. And that's what's made him so good he also you can tell when you've been in the same system for a long time. Dan when you have five options. You're not necessarily going through all five options. It's almost the guys who can process. The quickest are the ones who know okay. I'm definitely not going to him. I'm not going to him either now. I'm down to three. And if there's any pressure IVA CONTINGENCY PLAN. I know exactly where to go if this thing if everything goes the crap. I know exactly where to go. And that's that's been his thing and then even when there's nowhere to go he falls down and one of the hardest things to do. I'm telling you you're right gift. He'll give somebody a gift in the eighth row and just sale one stadium. He doesn't care because he knows there's there's a bigger goal in mind to beat you but that one play could lose the game. Well that's what Nick Sabin brought up. Because I said what concerns you and he said because he knew too and never gives up on a play and I said like you. If Tom and Peyton didn't have there they would just fall in the fetal position. You know. Russell Wilson is in between Hill. Extend a play but he'll get out. He's smart if I was one of these athletic quarterback mobile quarterbacks. I just say study Russell Wilson because he picks his spots when to run when to slide to get out of bounds. Brady is just. Hey nothing there. I'm going down. That's it and I guarantee you a lot of that for Russell Wilson. Where he's learned that and even his demeanor on the field constantly positive that's soapy carol and after being around for so long. He reminds you every single meeting. When you start the year in training camp he holds a football and he says it's all about this he says when you hold this you hold the hopes and dreams and aspirations of the entire franchise everything from the guy cooking the food in the cafeteria to the guy washing your dirty job. This is the most important thing in our entire universe. Is that clear? It's all about the ball that's it so he knows amen. I can't take hits and lose the football. I can't give the ball to the other team and that's one of the hardest things to do is to give up to say uncle on the field when you're so competitive. I mean it's it's easier to try and make an I told Jordan love this. I said don't make me chicken salad. Aah chicken crap. I can't do that if it's over. It's over sailor and it's our that's great advice. It's called intangibles presented by fourth in forever. And it's a release this week on Showtime Sports Youtube Channel Mark Sanchez Poncho via the former. Nfl USC quarterback. Do you joke it. All with Pete Carroll about when you were coming out and he didn't want you to come out and he said he would have like. He was going to throw himself in front of the door that he wouldn't let you out of USC to go pro. Can you joke about that now? We actually talked about a little bit but happened so you know the night before. I don't know if I if I said it on this show or somewhere but the night before he was in my apartment at school and we had in and out Burger at like till like two in the morning and we were just talking talking about life talking about football talking about our families and everything you know. And he's like literally like when he leaves you just kind of like. Hey listen I'm not going to agree with you tomorrow but you know. I want you to do well like I support you. I don't agree with what you're doing. I would say that to my kid. You know if he was you or whatever I understood well it just came across so poorly and then there's like the picture in the La Times where he's like walking off and I'm kind of like your hands or and then so it just looks of the optics of it looked so bad and they didn't remember. We left school. Everything had ended. I kind of felt like a weird vibe in the room in the press conference and then it just blew up and you know this is a nine so twitter's starting to take off and I mean it just like exploded. And I remember him Commun- he goes. Golly what the heck is going on? I don't your don't support you like coast. Don't worry about it. I'm looking at the picture. It looks like you don't know each other and if you you hate each other it looks like twenty twenty passing with me Weird Great Appearance. Great to have you on mark. Thank you very much and good luck with showtime sports guys. We'll talk to you. That's mark. Sanchez is good stuff. Yeah I remember when Pete Pete Carroll didn't think mark should go and he was like I'm GonNa throw myself in front of the door. I'm not letting out or I wouldn't let out I'm going home. My goodness and the jets traded up getting all right. We'll take a break back after this in the Dan Patrick. Show thanks for listening to the Dan. Patrick Show podcast sure to catch us. Live every weekday morning nine until noon eastern six to nine Pacific on Fox sports radio and you can find us on the iheartradio APP at FSR or stream. It live every day at Youtube dot com slash. The Dan Patrick Show. What is your favorite news? Podcast had more more good news. More real talk more pop culture more memes much. Maurier many much. Moore's more on more on more and that's music clock every weekday afternoon. We've got all the news and pop culture. That reminds you that there's life outside your apartment. It's what you want to know when you need to know it. Listen to news o'clock on the iheartradio APP apple podcasts. Or wherever you get your podcasts this out to the chat row thank you for being part of the program every day through thick and thin tighter the moderator there but thank you for keeping us on us on the program we appreciate it. Here's arcade fire if you're in Chicago and you've heard the radio show on. Espn one thousand. Sylvia model it's one of the great radio shows in America Mark Silverman. Who IS Worked WITH TOM. Waddell the former. Nfl Wide Receiver. He's sick under the weather and we hope Sylvia's feeling better. Espn radio one thousand. But paulie went to school with him and Sylvia's been doing it for about twenty years. I believe they're on. Espn radio one thousand. So our best to him Through this time already. Final results of the poll question. Mclovin what do you have for me will Aaron Rogers and his career in Green Bay? Still Sixty two percent. Say No okay. I don't think he does but there's a feeling that I would have that if you set. After two years. He decided that he was done playing football and wanted to do something else. I would understand that. I don't know if he is like Tom Brady and drew brees. And like there's almost like they wanNA prove that they can play till they're forty two or forty three or forty four forty five. I don't know if Aaron Rodgers has that mindset to say I want to continue to do this for another five years six years I just doesn't. He doesn't strike me as that. Kind of Guy Robin California. Hi Robin what do you have for me today? How you doing great rob? I got a t-shirt suggestion for you. And I'm Kinda surprised you're danettes never came up with this one This sound trademark this dot dot Dot Buck. You Buck you. Wow thank you robin. I don't need to poke the bear. I like Tom Brady. I respect Tom. Brady. I just came up with a dopey idea. It's Tom's idea now. With Tampa Bay. And you've got an hour Lofton. That's it then you're done with selling the Tampa Bay t shirts. You can go to the website and you can pick them up but now now I'm not here to poke the bear a little aggressive. It is buck you is. I don't think so so. We wished tom well with Tampa Bay. We do we wish him nothing but happiness because he he could use some good news in his life. Now guys been through a whole lot. The got yelled at for going into the park. He went into the wrong home. I'm happy got ofensive tackle. I'm home I'm the happy now. He's he's he steals things turn around in his life. Yeah what if in like ten years from now? Tampa Bay is just the biggest thing in the world. And it's like he has his own amusement park down there he's made a billion dollars off of it. It's okay it's okay. I'm GonNa roll the dice that that he's not gonNA have Tampa Bay resort like Dali world. You know Dollywood Yeah. I don't think so but hey if we lose out. It's not the first time I've lost out. Great Investment there this team sports history. Paul Nineteen ninety-four David Robinson. The Spurs scored seven points against the clippers. That was to win the scoring title. How did he check? That's right I think so. I go around the room. What we learned on the program back left Todd Fritz. Would you learn? I think we all learned this. The Jesse Palmer became the bachelor. Chris Simms was before him. Wow once again. We're trying to get a second source. Aside from Chris Simms mclovin Iran for Tampa Bay. Yeah was it was good. Wild lasted and I've once again. We wish Tom the best luck with them. Seton O'connor you absolutely ruin Jesse Palmer weekend. I think I did and got crushed spirits there. Yeah Paulie what'd you learn today? The colts liked love. They didn't love love I think they love love. They just didn't love love the way the packers love love. What did I learned Hod Chris? Simms doesn't like the pack. Taking Jordan love Aaron Rodgers. Only thirty five then should have picked a defensive tackle. Well we learned brought to you by legalzoom. They make it easy to set up the right estate plan without leaving your home. Take care of your family today. The right of State Planet Legalzoom Dot Com. We'll recap the draft and the next episode of the Bulls documentary on Monday with Reggie Miller. Thanks for joining US safe weekend. I'm Bob Ross. Host of the new podcast stay calm. Meditation Changed My life in college now have spent the last fifty years teaching people about the benefits of meditation from celebrity clients to students in inner city schools. And now I'm sharing a lot of what I know. Straight to your ears in my new podcast. Join me every Monday. Through Friday morning all you need is a few minutes and an open mind. Listen and subscribe to stay calm on the iheartradio APP apple podcasts. Or wherever you get your podcasts. There is a darkness that dwells in the center of the world. It's the kind that make up the nightmares that kept you awake as a child clutching your blanket as you cry for your parents. It's the kind you cannot escape no matter how hard you try. Listen to White House now on the iheartradio APP on Apple podcasts. Or wherever you get your podcast.

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