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"felli geeta felli" Discussed on The Dave Chang Show

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"felli geeta felli" Discussed on The Dave Chang Show

"Hill king of the hill. He's just like phone works. I got. I gotta get these crickets carsoup on your thoughts on thinking. Well if you're going to send one just make sure it's fucking light legible. Ask what it's really not. I feel very larry david right now. It's like i don't really think it's a thank you. It's much more of an irritant note. Mitch thank you should be a warm hug in my own. That's great but more often than i am. I can't read. This makes me unhappy. I can't read this magazine unhappy. Wondering if you've ever seen what he's thinking when he receives it you know if you're like me you're like oh this you know what i think. This is really gonna touch him you know. He's got a gruff exterior puts on a tough guy. Look and he's going to really appreciate this note. And meanwhile days reading your doping like. I can't read this space. I mean oftentimes. I thank you personally. Pretty personal i just to me. But because i can't read the handwriting i had to share with. Everybody is still personal. That's very that's that's very true. Would you like can you read this. And then someone says. I don't think i was opposed to read this. So i think we just uncovered the great conspiracy. That is thank you notes. So it's not really what you think. It may be a thank you. Maybe you know a friend of me. Thing frienemie move. It's like really nice looking script but it's just like you piece of shit. I yes you. I hope you struggled so much. That pops in your forehead because you're trying to read this fucking thing motherfucker thanking god Judo heli jet to- felli geeta felli. Judo felli writes on. Our ipod wrote on my ipod last week. I great show level topics. sorry. I'm posting late on the top five sandwiches in america but you skipped over po. Boys no no. I didn't says history. Wait wait wait wait. You mean you didn't. You're you're pretending you didn't or you don't like you're poboy done crack the top five. Does he frozen or is he dead his there he is. I think once again trying to. I'm back i'm back. What do you mean can you would even in the poboy. No i i'm gonna say like i didn't miss. The poboy was intentionally. it wasn't on my top. five list is not a top five sandwich so suspecting louisiana. i'm not disrespecting louisiana. I'm simply saying it's not in my top. i i love nor orleans. I love louisiana. I'm just simply saying poboy isn't in my top five. It's an top ten teen. Who so that means. Fifteen interest their own. I don't dislike it. It's just not in my top five. That's all so let's go over top five right now and you're ready. We already did this last time. We just did the top five torpedo shape sandwiches. Yeah just top by sandwiches. Go go ahead is fucking serious. Serious shit here. I can only come up with three right now. A pet happen sandwich type. All right i come on man i got. I got the five that i came up with a top in my head that i'd want to eat right now. I for five five and literally. I want to eat that five sandwiches. I want to eat like now that came to mind. I a scorcher and number one and maybe only kris knows the sandwich and the audience. Maybe only a handful of you guys. We know the sandwiches. Well it is in south america. Does that out. Christian scorcher scorcher and now it's like i was saying is the south american sandwich. I know exactly what it is. What is it's a mortar della sandwich. Follow yes yes yes. Well played sir and i share this with a young yang. My god i can't believe you brought that into my brain. I mean you fucker. Because if you've been to sao paulo one of the greatest eating cities in the world a real diverse place you have. The oldest part of town is chinatown. It's like a sort one of the oldest chinatowns in in the world extremely diverse food and that's merged with indigenous chinese south american european. It's just awesome. But the european elements shows up in weird places and a lot of places in south palo have late night diners. That i can't remember the name of but they're just like late night bras late night diners. And they're fucking awesome. Is these giant piles of hot more della sandwiches with processed cheese or like provolone on top squishy white potato roll type of thing but not not always a squishy potato. it can be more of a kaiser. Roll frenchie type of thing is one of the best things it is. It doesn't make any sense why this thing should be so good but at their many layers of just warm through more to della that are just stacked perfectly and some cheese melted on. Don't even know if there's any condiments out there is that he mustered or nothing. I've had i've had it sober. I've had blind. Drunk is a magical sandwich. It doesn't make much sense why it's so good but for those that know for those that have been. It's really remarkable in the central market. They actually have one of the famous spots. That actually only sells those more today. Things god so that's a sandwich i thing about and i oftentimes recreate try to recreate. But it's one of those sandwiches. You can't recreate at home as well because you would never.

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