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"felipe alonso gomez" Discussed on The Lead with Jake Tapper

"Custody after crossing the border for waiting for autopsy results for eight-year-old Felipe Alonso Gomez. His mother is waiting for her child remains let's go to CNN's Nick Valencia at the bus station in El Paso, Texas. Where a lot of action has been taking place migrants are being dropped off. Nick, we've just learned that DHS secretary Pearson. Nielsen is going there to the border on Friday. And it seems like things are only getting worse. They are Dan. And it seems there's no end in sight. I talked to charities here in the area that are helping these migrants the influx that has happened here over the course of last week, and they say, they are completely overwhelmed, and they're not alone a customs and border protection official tells me that the facilities here along the border just aren't designed to hold so many people. Inside this makeshift shelter. Huddled around a table. A handful of migrants some of the more than five hundred just released from border patrol custody. Most of them don't wanna talk on camera about what they've been through. But one of the migrants agrees only if we don't show his face, a little melody Chepauk case, he paid to get out how much of a bond did you pay see, but he won't fiance influences. He shows us the paperwork. They gave him as a receipt for his ten thousand dollar bond to get out after three months in custody. He says he had to mortgage his home back Nicaragua to pay for it. What do you say to people that think that you're criminals at you don't have a business being in here in this country, seeking all no not also must give me knowledge Kamal legal values, and you have morals, and you're not here to you know, you're not here to do bad. You're not a criminal. The more than five hundred migrants released in the last twenty four hours were sent to a network of nonprofits in part because the government can't handle the influx homeland security secretary, Krista. Nielsen telling reporters family units can only be held for twenty one days, and are quote almost always released into the United States. Nielsen who's headed to the border tomorrow to check on medical screenings of migrant children also addressing the death of eight-year-old Felipe Alonso Gomez who died in border patrol custody calling it quote, deeply concerning and heartbreaking. But adding it's been more than ten years since child died in their custody. I want them to bring my son here. I need to see him soon. I'm very sad that he died Philippe is mother inconsolable that she waits to find out how we're young son died the family now pleading with the US government to return his body to be laid to rest back home in Guatemala. But he told us they were doing what they can to get him back. But we just want them to hurry. We're now learning that the autopsy for eight-year-old Philippa Alonso Gomez could take between six and twelve weeks leaving the Gomez family waiting such a long time to find out what officially happened and why they're little boy died. Dan, absolutely heartbreaking. Nick valencia. Thank you for bringing us that report back here around the table. I mean, you know, as a mother as a human to hear that kind of anguish from a mother about the death of of your child is absolutely heartbreaking as I said just on the policy side of this or the practical side of this. I should say. Do we really think that? A man with an eight year old boy is going to be stopped and been trying to get over the border illegally with or without a wall. Are we safer? I we've safer because we put that kid and inhuman conditions that contributed to his death. No, we're not. And this will continue this night a matter of resources twenty one billion dollars go since you immigration enforcement, more than any other enforcement agency mother the FBI if t the secret service, the US marshals it's not about the money. So but how we're using the money. And right now, the real crisis is in this people who came here legally and are petitioning for asylum. That's really our issue yet, and it's a manufactured crisis. Yes. This this what just happened? First of all, let's step back here. It's the holidays. We're celebrating the holidays with.

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