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"felicia livingston" Discussed on AM 970 The Answer

"Hello to felicia livingston i presume hello felicia yes i have a denunciation if i may uh ron kuby is one of the most repulsive loathsome the people i've ever seen at you would like him if he were cop killer a criminal or anti american well i'm not going to let you as you know stay here and uh and and critique and insult my friend ron um you don't you agree with lawns politics sign you don't agree with the clients he sake and as a criminal offence attorney fine uh you don't agree the things he says fine let me say something when you know it it in terms of a caliber of person who is not only very good company but generous financially generous with his time that is a great husband to his wife that is an incredible father to his daughter there is nobody that fits that description better then ron kuby i've seen ron kuby turned down tv appearances on cnn and fox news because he does wanna miss his daughter's a basketball game uh that's the kind of person ron kuby as and outlook he says a lot of things that i don't agree with uh he has done a lot of things that i find annoying i'm not gonna let you sit here and an insult him as person sorry you know i'm happy to have a discussion you want to say oh he shouldn't have done this with coun ferguson or he should have taken a different approach when he was representing a khalid sheikh mohammed that's fine but it's these these ad hominem attacks of attacking him as being loathsome that i think it says a lot more about you then says about him quite frankly so shame on you um now completely different note one of the things that i was afraid that was going to happen has happened please i started inviting people to this m super impromptu super bowl party then i'm having this afternoon so i invite melinda keller of.

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