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"federal reserve bank new york" Discussed on WCBM 680 AM

"Some funding for a physical barrier along the us Mexico border appears likely to clear congress has lawmakers rushed to beat a midnight Friday deadline and avoid another government shutdown. The Senate is expected to vote Thursday to approve the measure, which offers one point three seven five billion dollars for some kind of border barrier. Much less than the five point seven billion that President Donald Trump has demanded for a wall along the entire southern. Border will keep you up to date on that tomorrow night. Dr John Curtis online columnist dot com has been with us since the beginning of this story. John your thoughts. I think you know, the negotiation was a reasonable one. I think Trump, you know, obviously would like more, but he's a aware of what the constraints are right now he got more than one point three seven billion. That's in there for he received. Also one point six billion for added security measures, including personnel and high tech on the border. I think you need to look at the big picture. You know, Trump's park is far worse than the bite. He's gonna go shared and go shavers, basically start high, and it's up you. You know, quite a bit less than what they're asking for. And I think that he's proven to people that he can persevere, and he's tough, and he shut the government down essentially for thirty five days longest in US history. I think he knew that he had know the polling was showing that he had lost the PR battle with Pelosi and Schumer on that one. But the recent polling came out yesterday, George by Rasmussen shows the president like a rubber band is bounced back in his approval rating. Now is over fifty percent, which is very high. Now is he going to sign this assuming they make a deal one hundred percent, she'll sign it. I've said that for the last two weeks, and there's no stomach in the Republican party or in the Trump White House preparing as you saw El Paso for their twenty twenty campaign. There's no stomach for government shutdown in any kind of political fallout. That would come with that. All right. Thank you. John John's website on the line. Columnist dot com. A deadly disease that is affected the deer population in an estimated twenty four states and two Canadian provinces could eventually spread to and infect humans. According to experts speaking at a Minnesota state capital last week experts from the university of Minnesota told lawmakers of the dangers of what is called chronic wasting disease, or what the US Geological Survey describes as a fatal neurological illness are Korean and members of the deer family, including whitetail deer mule deer Elkin, moose currently there are no vaccines or treatments available for this disease, which scientists say spreads directly through animal to animal contact, but also indirectly through contaminated drinking water or food while there has been no reported cases of this disease and people the director of the center for infectious disease, research and policy at the university of Minnesota told lawmakers that this disease should be treated as a public. Health issue, claiming human cases of this will likely be documented in the years ahead. Just what we need to know. Well, here's a study parents should not be complacent about the risks of teenagers using cannabis according to experts United Kingdom and Canadian researchers said they found robust evidence showing using the drug and Etta leci- increase the risk of developing, depression, and adulthood, by thirty seven percent. They said the findings should act as a warning to families who saw cannabis use as part of the growing up process stocks rose on Wednesday. As investors grew hopeful that Chinese and US trade authorities could reach an agreement before a deadline in early March and get this a record seven million Americans are ninety days or more behind in their auto loan payments. According to the Federal Reserve, Bank, New York, even more than during the wake of the financial crisis. Economists warned that this is a red flag. And despite what appears to be a strong economy and low unemployment rate..

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