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"federal plaza asia" Discussed on DISGRACELAND

"Johny. Joe Look like you're a lady. Now look at me. Look at your Old Lady. Why are you fucking me like this? Why Ben Ami over in the middle of FBI headquarters twenty-six Federal Plaza Asia in front of all my co workers who? I vouched for you with an fucking me. Why Johnny you'll punk or what John? Joseph Miller accused killer killer and former Hells Angels Motorcycle Club member turned. FBI informant looked up at his FBI handler special agent Mark Young and in the low near growling ailing unfiltered to pack a day. Voice said I know punk. Then give me something I can use fuck sake. These were the words agent. A young spat back into Johnny's face. Young tapped his foot without rhythm or reason his coffee and camel. Filtered breath was Mercilus. The interrogation had been going on for days. Johnny was giving up everything he had on his. Hells angels as part of his immunity deal so every day for the past week. He sat in his tiny sweaty. What he coffee and cigarettes thinking office getting grilled by agents? Some were cool and most were not aging young was pretty fucking far from cool. As as a matter of fact he kept tapping his foot rapidly in his breath. Kept on stinking up the giant. All right all right. Johnny said Fucking Jagger Mick Sunny Tread. Rub Him out agent young stop tapping his foot and stared straight at Johnny. I'm listening it was out to Mont.. Want Man fucking out. Tomorrow and Jagger blamed the angels Meredith Hunter plus the stones never paid sunny and they never paid house legal fees either sunny can let that slide. Mix should've kept us. Big Shut. Sunny wanted him dead and bad agent. Young did his best to suppress these YASIM. He wanted to hear more but he he also wanted johnny to feel like yet earn it. He looked at Johnny. Yeah so the hells angels had decided they were going to murder Mick Jagger but it wasn't going to be easy mic was renting Andy Warhol's place out in the Hamptons out on Montauk. The plan was to make it look like an accident. Sort of home invasion gone wrong but were hall has compound security wired tight so the angels came up with what they thought was an Jeez plan. They'd avoid any gated or flat-footed security in front of Andy's oceanfront property by entering from the back from whereas backyard abutted the ocean. They're going to get by boat. Seek up onto the grounds break into the house. Charles Manson creepy crawly style. Fine mic passed out slits through The local hells angels task to carry out. The hit loaded up a small boat with assorted weaponry pistols automatic weapons knives explosives the even it at hand grenades it on the right night. They set off in their tiny little boat from the East River of all places. The plan was the slip out north past rikers island into the Long Island. Sound out to Montauk. They barely made it past rikers. No kidding me. Their water go very chubby and by the time they made it into the sound. A full on storm. Hit Nick a bad fast. The boat was a nineteen foot wailer with a weight capacity of twenty five hundred pounds. It was currently carrying a small arsenal of weapons. Five burly angels in their weight in Beer. The vessel was dubious shape in the best conditions. Never Mind in a full lawn storm with trump landsman captaining. Nothing on the boat had been fast. None of the angels had anybody experience. The storm picked up with intense speed. The conflicting currents swirled chop in the full-on waves. The angels held on tight with one hand. Each grouping there cans of Schlitz with their others Instead of navigating through the job at a cautious speed the angel at the helm gunned tried powering through the storm and the driving rain. Seventy mile per hour winds Hansi eventually eight ten twelve foot ways. Tiny boat inexperienced angels were. No match capsized Somehow they made it back to land safely in Jagir lived on of course after that. I'm not sure what happened. Miller continued I heard mic freaked leaked out when he heard about the attempt on his life and then he sent some heavies of his own down to the third story clubhouse to try and intimidate the angels. But that didn't work out too. Good for mixed guys. Then I heard something about MC fifty thousand of his dollars eventually making its way into club coffers though that I cannot verify one hundred percent of course you can't. What the fuck is this story? Time with Johnny. That's it that's all you got the angel. Tried to kill Mick Jagger but what got the leathers wet Lara Talk.

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