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"fatiha walk" Discussed on The Friend Zone

"Oh, I was I, was telling crystal jade this weekend. Gustov like. It was back in the day I just did not care for that show how far. Grabbed me at all and people would be like Oh my God did you see Derwin and wasn't a? Girl Melanie. I'd be like, no, I don't. Watch too the. I have the exact same experience that you didn't feel called to the back in the day and it was this shit to everybody. What are you watching it on friend? Who? To I'M GONNA try. To. Seasons one through three are on Netflix. Now, they just released them this week. But if you want to pass a season, you know watch past season three than all one through laughing nine is on Hulu I literally am exactly where you were and I caught up like maybe two or three months ago. Well, I haven't even finished the last season I really finished and I want to say why but yeah, you me all nine seasons. Yeah I rented. Worth watching because people were telling me that I shouldn't watch past season three you're listening to these people. True but you know I mean I'm fans. There's this weird thing that happens because I think the game got cancelled once or twice but like. Right. Yeah. But you can. I. Like the quality chains like it goes from like looking like a sitcom to look a soap opera and then around the area you because the latter later seasons you really don't need to go into all I say is. Not even that it's bad but really what she has Melania and Durham, we really need to go no further because so so there's a point where they're not on anymore the only people that have been on episode of the game like this is all I'll give you is Tash, Amac or anyway Wendy Raquel Robinson and her son on the show. Maliki Maliki. COOTER hooch. Kuch Kuch also, they're the only two that the only originals everybody else leaves people come and go. Got fucked up because the mile resent moving lets the money right. So you know Fatiha Walk. Let me tell you some China not to America's they've been working consistently since it since childhood. Okay Are respected in this game and like I said they, they make good decisions. So that means somebody met some money up 'cause Tia Maori win the move. I started watching it and you know. I. Still was kind of like not really pool. But as I, let me just keep you know some shows you gotTa Watch. A six episode, and then after I think maybe towards the end of the season top of the second season, it kind of started pulling meows acre quitted at least watch. So the third so I'm kinda getting. But yeah, I think it's just not for me to be honest whenever it was I didn't connect with before as justice. Wherever told you stop season three them I really be if you make Farkas. J told me that. Makes Perfect Sense. The, accurate then. I'm GonNa Jalen that one like. I'M GONNA second. And then brandon comes in at some point because I saw her in the cover on. Hulu. I was like what income incident? But seeing new music. Do you know what brandy? How weird we just mentioned jade and look she just texts me So creepy. You know what brandies name was on the show yet. is she chardonnay? I totally get. The name and the little description I who is Be Acting TASHA low bit. So she I'm Chardonnay. This okay. For her to be but I can't name my daughter Brew Lay I seen a tweet who? Say Mean Burn up or some. Thirty or some shit I always I I can see you got cobbled hobble Yo Air River would. What Cathy did.

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