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"Lori is facing intense scrutiny over his decision to remove the names of several clerics, many of them senior churchmen from report. He made to the Vatican after an investigation he led into the disgraced Bishop of wheeling, Charleston. Michael Branford, who is suspected of cereal sexual misconduct and gross financial impropriety archbishop Laurie submitted his findings to Rome earlier this year on Wednesday, passed Wednesday. Washington Post reported that Lori removed from his report the names of high ranking churchmen including himself to brand field that you've been presence of money, the Washington Post obtained copies of a draft of the report and of the final version and the comparison of which reveal the names of several cardinals and archbishops who received monetary gifts from Bishop brand 'field, their names were removed before the final version was delivered to Rome and response when Email from the Catholic World Report, the senior spokesman for the archdiocese of Baltimore explained the intention in leaving the names other port quote by deleting the reference to specific individuals received gifts. And just noting the totals with a separate list of recipients, the thinking, was that by selecting particular individuals to identify who received gifts is a distraction. Raises questions as to why we selected some individuals and not others mardi finish it by saying, archbishop Lori admits to taking bribes to leaving names out of report. This is reminiscent of the Bishop of hair from Robin Hood. Next thing you know, they're going to be selling diligence streak quarter for one zero WCBS six eighty two Mike. An county Mike the morning. Hey, how're you doing very well? Thanks. It's a sensitive topic or a lot of people in Maryland of like the home base for Catholics in history. And I'm a Catholic, I was a scout boy, scout leader. You've got all these institutions that we're finding out, you know about these types of issues. It's just hard to take. You know, you mentioned the southern Baptist the LDS, you know, the, the Mormons all have these types of things did you ever see the movie spotlight? Yes. But I'm I'm blanking part of those about. With came out a few years back, and it was about the Boston Globe coverage. Yes. And you went up against this it sounded like to me where up there. All the institutions were aligned. Protect the Catholic church, the media, the police, did you digital system even some of the writers at the globe? We're reluctant to really rip the band aid off. So I want to I would love to give you credit for taking this on because all the only thing that we have is sunlight for disinfected. And we just gotta keep, you know, keep this in front of people, people make people aware that this stuff went on. It's going to it's going to happen again. There's a lot that can be mitigated the scouts for example. They back in early. Nineties implemented protection plan where you cannot be with us. It always has to be. Yes. Yup. And that, that probably win huge way kind of stopping some of us. They're dealing with the same statistics are coming out where thousands of kids over decades, were abused. We'll think about it. If you are a, a Charles, sexual predator, you're going to go to where the children are where the children are the most vulnerable in likely to open themselves up to you so that you can do things that would be completely inappropriate, and you're going to gravitate towards those industries, in those jobs careers, hobbies, whatever where you might be exposed to lots of, frankly, it's, it's more. Pederasty as much as pedophilia, and it is focused on young boys more than a young girls. But it does happen with young girls was well, but the numbers to show a predominance of young boys. And this is this is a huge problem. I want to be clear about something because I don't want somebody's name to be taken wrong. I worked for tales out of school here was one of the best bosses ever had at the time. Guy named Jeff boche and he stood with me and, and backed what I was doing. And I have a tremendous amount of respect for him up the food chain, though. There were individuals who apparently didn't feel that way. And pushed very hard wanna be fired as matter of fact, wanna be gone, and Jeff would not do that. And again, I have a sense of gratitude to him for being honest, being a good guy. There are others up the food chain of that. I don't hold in this highest team is primarily because of this because they would rather shut somebody up in basically. It's I'm trying to be very careful shut somebody up rather than have an ugly truth come up my feelings. You don't deal with it. Unless you can actually talk about it out loud. This is a problem. It's a problem in every church, a massive problem and a church where you are drawing from single men only slightly, greater preponderant in the room accounting church and other churches that have married clergy, not because single men or more likely to be Pitta files. But because I think married men are slightly less likely to be pedophile and growing from a punch, relation many of whom are gay guys problem with gay guys. It's just another problem, but they also reject the idea of, of pedophilia and pederasty. But you're drawing from Nambla tight folks, and this Bill should be going off. I can I speak a little bit. There's, you know, the celibacy thing that they have in the Catholic church to me. Is just. It's not humid. Human beings are sexual beings, right. I mean, the fact that you're going to not have sex. I mean that is just absurd. So I like the concept of having married. Clergy and women in the clerk, you know, there's so much to be done of mitigate this type of problem. I just don't see the church and you look the leadership getting there anytime on that, either. I agree. And particularly when you know, historically, I think it was pope Leo way back when he was married pope. But there have been married Mary clergy before that. And so on the twelfth century, this was all changed for some reason. I mean, you know that, you know, you can you can go to Piscopo Haley in or a Lutheran mass for Anglican mass, and it's essentially Catholic. We're lead on time. I appreciate the call. Very much for six eighty tofu long distances. One eight hundred eighty two Harvey and hill and Dale, good morning hurry. Good morning. I go along with the your conversation and gentleman ahead of me. But don't you think that the men who wanna be pre? And I think that's wonderful. But I have a calling to be president of IBM, but I don't think it's going to happen. Selection of men to go into the clergy think navy. It could be a little Victor could not a little bit more indepth train it might like the Catholic. It's like the school out there in California, with the entered the screen, the people, an admission schist thought I gotta tell you. I play CYO baseball. I was the only Protestant on a Catholic team. I those coaches and that crease father Farrell, and Joe thank Mark him. I learned so much. I told my father, I this they call me I feel like that. He's my second father. You're not upset. He said, not at all. And come to dinner at our house occasionally. My mother would always say, I hope we have ruined your place in heaven, and he just left. Maybe if they would take a little bit more in admissions. You go over there to the pink cathedral on, Roland avenue does skies role that at air on Friday night late. I mean, and that's good ought to have a good time. But maybe just maybe think that with admissions tightening up a little bit. They might eliminate some of us look, I have to tell you. Harvey. Little strange. Anyway. Hold on. Let me come by learning from. Church at understanding Harvey dig Abro said for what? Take a breath. Take a breath, please. Thank you. To say they need to a tiny bit. We're presume that they're not painting it up already or they haven't tighten it up at all. So that's one of the problems with that line of phone is I have no idea what the standards are other than getting into the priesthood is a very challenging kind of thing to do just, as you know, getting a doctorate of divinity and in pretty much any faith, but I, I've never gone through becoming a Roman Catholic priest. It's not something that's ever. I've seen as my calling. And so, I think somebody has to have a calling to that kind of gig in the first place, but the human beings are human beings. There's the good and the bad and all of us there is there's the problems that we all have as individuals requires a lot of introspection and my suspicion is that the real issue here is if you have a doctrine that says everybody deserves to be forgiven and everybody. Serves to say that they have, you know, cleanse themselves of that sin while you're going to confession is to cleanse yourself that sin, and then move forward, a fresh if that underlies, the philosophy, it's very difficult to say, if that's all there is then get outta here for for me. It would be get outta here. You've crossed the line that cannot be crossed Harvey. I'm so sorry buddy, we're late. I appreciate the call. Thank you. We'll talk again, four one zero six eighty two Joan Herod degrees, talking about the one of the guys in the clown car job morning. Thanks for hanging on and welcome to the show. The cry for fifteen. He makes them very good points about. And automation. In donald's. And we see it. An era in other restaurants. But the, the real trend in this is going to be restaurants. Need? Because your smartphones all. Well, when I go to order on the app. Simply get there and pick up food and go winless go sit down with my wife. But no, I think that these people running around saying they deserve fifteen dollars an hour. I don't think anybody deserves a dime. I think you have to justify of the work that you're doing for the wage. You are being paid. I mean it's very retrograde looking at it, and the if, if my boss was here, figure that I'm worth a dollar and a half an hour. And I'm willing to work for a dollar and a half an hour takes William player and really impli and buying large. We should stay out of that the rest of us that, you know, Gary Saint ours, I think he's making mid six figures, if our correctly, and so if they say, we're gonna have to cut your salary from four hundred fifty thousand dollars to four hundred twenty seven thousand dollars if he's willing to take that cut in pay then he would continue to work the way she does have the option say. No, I'm sorry. I'm gonna go somewhere else where they choose to pay me more or to me, that's the relationship people have with their employers, and we all have that choice at any time. That's very true. But the I'm very friendly with senior executives that Wendy's and. Hardee's Carl's junior because I used to work with them and. They're thinking on this is how we could pay people less. That, that is part of the discussion, they're focused on customer service. How can we serve people? Faster be more efficient and improve economics. Byproduct of that is the utilization of technology that will reduce certain physicians. And if you can eliminate the ordering position with the consumer themselves, like we do, when we go to the airport. We do it all ourselves a little money. They're going to do that. It doesn't mean that they will necessarily be a one to one loss of jobs. If you get more efficient, the back of the house, still had to prepare sure can create machines that will prepare all the food. They have some. Restaurant, but they, they have some no, they will do all the hamburger cooking faster, and more efficiently than humans can. Perfect. He had to be getting there. Ordering and the tendering. Look going to wall or in order something you'd go to a kiosk. I mean you don't sit at the table. Kim kiosque the order, they give you your food. You leave. I suspect that almost every fast food place gonna go affects your call..

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