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"farrell crosby renfro" Discussed on Silver & Black Pride

"And I'm as confident as ever that there will be a NFL season. We usually start this weekly podcast. It'll to ice week during the season more there is major news We always started with the krona virus update and. It's excellent I wish it was this excellent. Around the country. There is the scare of the false positives around the NFL East Coast teams with it Saturday night Sunday morning. which was odd. But. it was false positives on. There's only like there hasn't been any new cases in while there's only three players in protocol across the NFL thirty, two teams whatever the NFL is doing right now it is working. Could. There be. Some missteps some. Things that happened basically can there be some outbreaks positive covert nineteen tests during the season we'll. Certainly. We've seen in baseball. The hockey and basketball doing really good. In, the environment of a bubble but NFL's doing really well to travel may be a little daisy but I think we're going to get through it I really do. More, teams around the League are. Saying that, hey, we're not gonNA have games to start the season the raiders. Won The first and say we're not doing games here all this season. We get a miracle, things can change. But I. Really think there going to be NFL football. In nineteen days when the raiders play at the Carolina Panthers and and I make this point because. I have a lot of close friends. Yeah. Believe it or not bill. Williamson his friends. that. Or ask me or you within is going to be games like they're surprised by it. Even a few in the last couple of days. So Hey. I can't guarantee anything but it sure looks like things are going really well. So. There you go. Doing really well for the raiders camp. You know the deal here. I WanNa make you guys these smartest fans in the Raider. Nation. It's not your job. This is your passion. Well, this is my job. So it's my job to Kinda give you all the tidbits I'm. So I, just kind of go I just quick hit and his go stream of conscious consciousness and go I. I've fudge names a screw up were sitting at the bar or or having a soda pop and we're talking and say a lot of people ask me man you sound like you're up on that podcast no just goofball I swear. Sober as a judge. Now. When I'm drinking, you should see how I sound. It sounded like Robert Guei all serious and stuff. But when I'm sober I'm goofball I'm kidding. But yeah, no sober anyways who cares if I was drinking but I ain't So. Mike mayock today, he likes the way this team is competing. And that was A. Really interesting term competing because both sides are getting after and that's what good teams do, and since Mike Mayock came to the raiders two years ago I think the type of players him in Jon Gruden tried to get. Or guys that will football competitors and when you get a bunch of those type of guys and you I mean. Farrell Crosby Renfro Abram ingold. You know. Pick 'em Moreau Arnett. Go Go go you know just A quick Hausky Wilton it goes on and on when you get those tap guys. That love football. The whole team starts getting it and in winning teams have that competitive coacher about culture. Well, the that's part of the winning culture. I'm not saying this because the raiders are competing, and Mike Milkin Jon Gruden a happy about what they're seeing. But it sure part of the puzzle it's it's it's not a guarantee that they're going to win but sure part of the puzzle. So they ago the first real significant possible injury. is at Tira Williams has term Labor he's going to try to play through it. People have played through it he's playing through it before. but if it becomes an issue and yesterday surgeries gone for the season so it's up possibility. That, he's out a lot of. Cool. We you know. Hey, will will move rugs around by Brian. Edwards is ready to go. And you know what? The maybe. But rookies receivers can be tough. It could be tough, and then this is a weird year so. You know don't expect. Gold from these guys just because. They're highly touted just because they're getting in. August it doesn't really mean crap all this. Love from the media doesn't mean crap until they show it on the field. You know and I'm not saying they're going to show it on the field. bummed. is saying just because on August twenty fifth somebody gets praised that doesn't mean they're going to actually make plays on semper. September fifth thirteenth year. I. Mean it's no guarantee. So. You know. Let's let's hold her temper. With let's be temper expectations. Make Mike Max Kinda so that today he's like you know, hey, they're rookies are competing. They're doing good. But they're still rookies you gotta earn it and I think that's I think that's Kinda what the raiders coaches are wanting to do here. Teams are even allowance Reporters to tweet because this is such a weird year and there's no film there's no preseason film so. Other teams are getting their information from tritter reports. Like Gavin, white? Big Breakout Star. Well, yeah. Heard much about him from the as lately heavy. So because they don't want. These guys name to get out there. So they're being cool about all the rookies, even the guys who are guaranteed to make it. I think it's smart. Think it's smart Mike. Mayock really praise Nelson Aguilar. And Zeh. Jones today. So they're on a mission. This had great words appraises Jay Jones as as Jones made big strides since they acquired him last year. That's good. Because the dude only had one hundred, forty, seven yards catching and ten games with the raiders and they needed him. So, he better made strides in Niger is a guy who has ability for first round pick but has a lot of drops. So, we'll see I mean. Can. These guys I'd rather like I said, the rookies might be you know they might be slow to get going just because rookies are but I'm more excited about those guys then Zeta-jones in. For the long term I bet you are too right. Right. the YANIC. Trade Rumors Jacksonville Defense and. People were still saying the raiders are interested. There is a false reports that he was almost traded last week that never happened. We'll just keep our eyes on the price goes down I know the raiders have interests. We'll just keep your eyes on it. I had a poll question last week. And I'll ask you hear. What? I guess Marcus Mariota he's. Hasn't great camp. So you still confident him are you worried? If they're at car gets hurt God forbid knock on wood. Not Knock on wood if you with me knock on wood as A. as you superstition I always not on with. But are you are you worried if Derek? Architecture. About Mariota. It's an interesting question. It's an interesting question. Who Do you? Think's going to be the breakout. Star. Of this year. So people think it's going to be Quinn Farrell. I'm kind of thinking Miro I like Moreau Lot. But I don't know how many chances because there's so many options in this offense and then you bring in Jason witten well, and there's GonNa, be you know our the baller? But I like Moreau Lot. A Lot. I can't tell you how much I think this guy could be. Could be good. I mean. Good. and. I you know I think. Hundred Renfro could break out big and he broke up big tours in the year. But you know what? Seventy eighty catches I think we can see that. You know. Trent Brown is not practicing yet, but the raiders saying that he's going to be fine..

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