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"fancy farmers markets mazda" Discussed on Local Mouthful

"We're talking about RISOTTO Vegan. French toast and meals. That are good enough but first. Let's compare notes notes on something we read this week. Okay so By the time this episode airs. This'll be a little bit of Old News. But it's an interesting topic because it's come up so much and that is is the recent romain lettuce recall another recall. This is I feel like the third or fourth in as many years. GROUNDHOG's day we have Romaine and it's too bad because Romain lettuce is certainly one of the most popular lettuces you know used to be that was iceberg and now everybody in it's like it's the basic acceptable lettuce and it keeps getting you know E. coli infestations. I haven't bought it in a year. At least really yes. I mean I told you when we were prepping to record that they don't need it anymore and I guess what I meant. I don't buy it anymore. It's often included in like a restaurant. Salad yeah so I guess I eat it then but I don't buy it. You know I never really I stopped buying it and maybe and I feel like maybe at this point I probably should Because you know there's just more than Scott and you you know me and household so I don't want to expose the babies to anything like that not not that. They're eating right now and maybe they won't be for years but you don't WanNa bring something contaminated the coli into your home right But the problem is I really love. remained like it's crunchy. It's you know easy. A Romain heart chopped up is one of the easiest basis for for a salad that I know But it's just been so many it has been so many this article you know poses the question of why does it keep happening. But it doesn't really answer it. Yeah it doesn't seem like it's you know we anybody is really figured it out. Well I mean I think one of the things that keeps half. The reason that keeps happening is because of sanitation situations in the agricultural sector I know that like the farm workers aren't always given Sanitary sanitary bathroom facilities or the time to use them if they are available and so they will end up. You know relieving themselves in the field if it rains or water comes through through washes You know that fecal material into the the farmland and so that can be part of it. The article said that contaminated agricultural troll. Water is a prime suspect in these outbreaks is out with that man. Yeah that's gross. It is terrible. Yeah I mean so there's these human rights and You you know respect issues tied up in it that no one's really talking about It's funny My my brother-in-law Andrew refuses to eat lettuce because he grew up around and so he grew up in Carmel Valley. which is right near Salinas? Which is where you know a huge chunk of the nation's Romain lettuce grown and he doesn't eat lettuce because he it remembers the smell of lettuce rotting in the field. Who will and it makes him so nauseated that he cannot eat lettuce to this day? Well what have I been eating instead. You might be wondering under. I am still having lots of Salads. you know. I go hard on a Kale Salad. I love celts. There's this mix in that they sell at sprouts I think all the supermarkets have their own version of this called a super greens and it's like baby Kale and baby Charred and other all kinds of things And what I love about that you can get it in the big box and it's good salad but you can also cook it. You can sort of use it in place of herbs if you I need something instead of parsley or what have you. So it doesn't go to waste even though I buy it in a big box or maybe a ruge which I think is a preference. I got from you. Oh baby regular baby spinach. I'll go back to or big spinach. Cabbage always the cabbage joining us. All out there. It's true and I feel like I almost always have cab in my fridge and to me that can release substitute for Romaine in a good way. If you shred it finally MHM Because it offers that same sort of neutral flavored crunch that is a large part of. What's the appeal Romaine lettuce and cabbage last even longer in the Phraya Korea? So do you think you're there you're gonNA stop buying it probably think it'll be a while before I buy like a bag of Romaine Hart's because I just it makes cleaner you know. The article said that starting in January twenty twenty two which is still a ways off. Farmers will have to test the groundwater four times during the growing growing season but it also said that they're already testing once a month so I can't see how that's GonNa make a difference. Yeah it's just it's an issue that has I think needs a larger solution and we. The agriculture in this country is not a place where it's ready to deal with those larger solutions Because it's I feel like it's this issue and we're just not dealing might. It might be a while before I by Romain Lettuce again yeah Anyway I'll have a link to that story we referenced in the show notes and If you are shopping in the produce section for salad for dinner tonight fiery where her yeah seriously speaking of dinner tonight. Yeah what are you making. RISOTTO I left out. It's another wintry dish. That doesn't We don't talk. We even talked about as much coaches some other. wintery things How do you make your is that oh I am a stove? Top risotto person. I don't necessarily think that you have to stir like constantly for half an hour or anything like that but I do like the process of kind of watching it evolve that you get when you make it on time how about you. I was a longtime stove. Top user but then I switched to the instant pot a couple years ago interesting I think that instant PUTT coaxes more starch out of of the grains of rice to make a creamier and result also hands off. Yeah always nice. I was thinking about doing it on the stove top today because I'm just is GonNa like freestyle risotto so it helps to be able to look at it and and sort of test as you go But I'll probably just do it in the insult. Mm for that reason. I like especially. If you'RE NOT GONNA use cream it's really you really want the starches to get to get out of the rice and into the liquid and and I also have some beautiful mushrooms. I got from fully food works then on different kinds like waster and I think there's a trumpet and Head of the woods in there air and some other ones that I'm not even sure where they are so I'll tell you those up and stir them in at the end And of course my frank brothel use mushroom unofficial. NFL look better than billion mushroom flavor. Excellent so yeah I am. I haven't made resulted in a in a long time. Part of it is that It's not wanna Scott's favorite things but I love it It also I the things I like to put in. RISOTTO are things that aren't his favorite Britt like butternut squash like you're talking about mushroom-lover mushroom risotto. And so you know. It's one of those things I often save to make when he's not eating dinner together other And you know in the last year or so. It's either that life life has been so intense that there's just no time to cook something where it's the everybody in the household can eat it right. You know what I mean. That's a good point so but There is this butternut squash risotto recipe. That's on epicurious. that as someone who doesn't follow a lot of recipes was just kind of making things up as I go along. This is a recipe. I go back to over and over again. There's just something about it leaks. It's but roasted butternut squash It does call for some cream although I never add it because I feel like it's rich enough just on its own but there's something about the kind of intensity of the onion flavor that you get from those leaks I- lovely. Yeah and then the real sweetness that the butternut squash brings And I've made it with other squash squashes to like you could also do Co. Boccia or one of those Fancy Farmers Markets Mazda's. But Oh my God. It's so good and so like wintery and satisfying thing and visit heavy makeup broth from the squash skin and strengthen scenes. It doesn't My favorite. Yeah that's a very cooks little stroll yet approach I. Why do it a lot though when I when I made a squash thanksgiving I made my squash? Bra didn't really like it happens fast in it is really full of flavor. No it's an it's so smart because then you're not wasting any part of that squad. Throw those things away but after you'd like to infuse I mean certainly they. They've given they've given their all by the time you have made us squash liquid but Yeah resort oh I just. It's one of those things I need to kind of pull back into my regular Focused you know I. I had originally planned have pasta tonight. But I've been eating so much pasta lately. Yeah than I thought. What Guy Habits Different Than Pasta now do you ever do risotto? With like Pharaoh or stuff like yeah yeah for rotel for wroto. Yes yes I like that. That's not a starchy. Though yeah I do I have some like aging are boil rice in there that I wanNA use. Yeah but I do love a for Pharaoh I also have some are Borio rice at home that I keep looking at thinking that this yeah. I've done it with Freika as well which I I love. I love It's like a green roasted. We it's very common in Mediterranean and Middle Eastern food. That's wonderful on a risotto style dish. What are we missing? Is there anything else barley. Oh it's really starchy. Sally would be great. Yeah Love Barley. My favorite risotto. Trick that I can't use anymore because not eating cheese. You know how it's often finish with butter at the end. Yeah if you like peel off the rind of a nice hunk hunk of like three. Oh my God and you melt the brain to at the end. Yeah that's like my best result of that I have. Oh my God that sounds so incredibly dense so good I mean you can use a lot to make it very decorative and are you can use a little. Oh what is that incredible delicious Flavor Dasher. I do love making risotto. That you've crammed a bunch of vegetables into so like a mixed roasted vegetable risotto. was that you don't do the vegetables on other salad on the side or roasted vegetables got Salad always looking at Cram as much vegetable matter into whatever. I like to eat vegetables too but I I wanna like even the mushrooms. I don't want to cook the mushrooms in the Rosetta. Want them on top. That makes sense so.

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