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"Hey roger, I'm Robert, a Manchester City supporter out of Kansas City. Our OSC site is the press penny and Waldo. Come on out. My question is, at the rate, Chelsea go through managers. Is this more of a loan and an 18 months Brighton can just have them back? Thanks. Have a great day. Robert. Oh, Kansas City. Oklahoma Joe's had loved me some of those right now. Enter Graham Potter. And the first question is, why would he take this job? Has he not watched season one of Game of Thrones? Does he not know what happened to Ned stark? I mean, what a cautionary tale. That was, you do a provincial job in a dedicated, meaningful fashion should never take a leap to become the king's and never do it. It can only end in one way with your neck on the chopping block and Chelsea is King's Landing for Graham Potter, but why would he do it? I can think of at least one $40 million a year reason for him to step up and take the Chelsea roll, but Miguel Delaney wrote a piece that had encouraged you to find out we tweeted it out. It was in this morning's newsletter. He wrote about the plan for Chelsea going forward and there is a blueprint. They want to walk a different path than other big clubs who and if this is top bull these ideas, this is not wrong. Who simply reheat the same old big managers in Mourinho's Carlo Ancelotti's your pochettino's and build these aims to do something different. It's the partner Potter who both is a human being and as a football tactician is incredibly progressive. Going to partner in with a brilliant quote hopefully. Director of football who Potter himself will help choose the dynamic duo, they'll create a long-term strategy for a bold plan full innovative future for Chelsea football club, and will it work? Who knows? Look, there's so much to admire about Potter. He is a brilliant man, a tactician. A personnel motivator. Above all these shins a deeply empathetic leader and his rise from oster sons in Sweden, where is that? It's nowhere to the Pinnacle of English football has been truly earned through grind through innovation and a willingness to embrace different ideas and to stand there. In England where they do not take difference easily or lightly and be reasonably different because their own gent and there's always an unknown in any move like this, can a regional bank manager produce unprecedented growth in the fourth quarter in a backwater branch. Make that leap to CEO can agendas work with self motivated, hungry young footballers who is given the opportunity to lead ego driven superstars who can't remember how many lambos they even own. And also balance the Premier League load with a side order of Champions League, can a gent who's used to love and patience, succeed at that Shark Tank, that trigger happy Shark Tank that is Stamford Bridge. Where anything other than victory is defeat. And does Burley have any idea of what he's doing at all? Let's remember in every regard football has a habit of making a fool out of all of us. Let's wait and see. Next question. Hey, Raj. Familyman right in hove, I'll be in fan calling from a town in the French Alps. Originally from St. Paul Minnesota. I began supporting my beloved Siegel during the Chris hughton years of championship, covertly watching matches on my laptop and law school. Over the years, I've experienced the joy of promotion, the butt clenching high wire act of rail allegation. And the clubs are record top flight 9th place finish last year. Two weeks ago, I took my parents to the AmEx to see the clinical strangulation of the American badger complete with a full water bottle spike from Jesse marsh. And finally convinced my 67 year old father to support Brighton and not my brother's side arsenal. I had just begun to dream of a way days in Prague and Copenhagen. I bet your arm offer Albania. Now, with today's news that our one true talisman genius tactician and man manager Graham Potter is likely heading to the supreme mess that is Chelsea. I find myself horribly deflated during prematurely the loss of something that I never actually had I'm sure there's a German word for that. On the one hand, I didn't fall in love with Brighton because I had dreams of success. On the other, don't we, eagles fans, old and new with club was on the brink of oblivion, less than 25 years ago, deserve a brief thorough ride more than Chelsea. My question is this. In this arrow of hedge fund managers and petrol state owners should supporters of clubs like Brighton ever allow themselves to dream or are we doing ourselves? Because when it does somehow start to exceed your wildest hopes, you simply place the target on your back and hasten your own demise. Courage. I could certainly use them right now. Sam, you beautiful human being. I ate for you. I eat for all Brighton fans. I mean, who is talking about the brain funds right now? You have soared so high. You have touched the clouds. And then you've had your wings stolen from you, even before they could melt in the sun. That is bloody cruel and football is cruel. It's sick. Modern football. You know, I was thinking about Leicester City yesterday and their champion season and the joy that that brought to fans all over the world and rather it brought you everywhere, apart from the boardrooms of the big 6 where they must have had conference calls to discuss how they can make sure that kind of fun. That kind of dream, that kind of possibility could never happen again in certain evil laughter there. No fun league. And the funny thing is, there is a food chain. So Sam, whomever you take, whoever your next manager comes on, the team you prize in from is going to feel the same pain as you do, but be even less heard from. So spare a thought for poor bodo glimp fans, if you will, because amongst the names favored, yet Andre postage lugus of Celtic. You Thomas Frank's your potch is your Bros is jetty knutson, the 53 year old manager of Rory Smith European night's favorite Norwegian side near the attic circle, bodo glint, and nonsense is an innovator, a genius, a pathfinder very much like Graham Potter and whatever he does near the Arctic circle. Can it work in the English Premier League? Who knows? But the bright and brain trust is smart and data driven and strategic and I do believe Sam is going to be happy days for you to come up the seagulls. Let's have a blast of your song. Sussex by the sea.

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