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Score More #15: Three blockbuster trades for Melvin Gordon

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Score More #15: Three blockbuster trades for Melvin Gordon

"<music> rivers give angling lift and the blame should have been ruled a fumble Antonio Gates one hundred twelve th career touchdown catches the most by the N._F._l.. Tied all time would have figured it out. I just like to play football. This is score more with Garrett system. We are back if the score more podcasts ask welcome back all you score morons and it's an exciting show today because let's talk about trades. Most of you know. Melman Gordon is in store for a whole is aging came out. This week said he might hold out the season if he's not giving a new contract you'll ask for trade a lot of drama going on and I think that it is worth exploring some blockbuster trades now. Some trades would be nice but I WANNA go big. I want to talk about some blockbuster. stor trades like remember winless. Shawn McCoy was traded for Kiko Alonzo. You remember how big of a deal that was. Let's talk about some player trades because honestly we're talking about picks. I mean that's not that exciting but recently bleacher report came out with an article talking about the best possible landing spots in terms of the trae from L. Gordon and the highest pick they gave from L.. Gordon was a second round pick and that seems low to me. I know that running backs aren't that much of a commodity anymore more for Melvin Gordon as a pro bowl or even with his injury history. He's a pro bowl running back. He taught five running back in the N._F._l.. Can easily make that argument easily so that's definitely valuable to some team. I think the chargers can get a first round pick from Gordon but also that's not very exciting to talk about. Let's talk about some player trades. You know a first rounder to the Houston Texans Great. You know that that makes a ton of sense in the chargers give value but let's talk about some player traits. This is not talking about. You know whether Moma Gordon deserves the contract because honestly he does. I think a lot of people are missing the boat on that. Everybody's completely turned on Melvin Gordon which is crazy and I guess that's just fan of you know <hes> either be with my team or don't you know but Mellon Gordon deserves a contract. He deserves to be one of the highest paid running backs in the N._F._l.. He deserves to be up there with the Todd Gurley and the David Johnson's and lady on bells he's hitting the prime of his career and as a player he deserves that so far everybody's saying that he's selfish that he's holding out and you know you could question the timing of the hold out and everything but if it's about money you're crazy because as a player he deserves that that the problem is teams are notoriously snake bitten by running backs on their second contracts. The evidence is out there once you give a running back a second contract after the rookie contract the production goes goes down hill and fast and it's also been proven that you can replicate players production with other players. The steelers were able to get just as much yardage out of James Connor last year without lady on Bell. That's happening all around the league star running backs go down with an injury and somebody else steps up chiefs. Were able to get some yardage on the ground with cream hunt gone. You know it's happening everywhere so no you can't get another Melman Gordon and obviously there isn't another Melvin Gordon on the chargers roster right now but look ban the dude deserves his money all go more into it on the lightning round podcast but I just want to get straight into trades and everybody that listened to last podcasts. I appreciate you tuning into that and asking you a bunch of follow up questions and all that I'll get to it next time but let's just talk about trades no bullshit. Let's just get straight into it. Okay so I've got three blockbuster trades that came to mind nine that would make a ton of sense for both teams not saying they will happen and you might go that will never happen. That's dumb. Teams will never trade for them fine but I'm gonNA give you reasons why it makes sense for both teams. I'm not just going to throw scenarios Orios out there because there was a scenario where the chargers should trade with the Texans Vegetarian clowney which is great in theory because he's a great player but the chargers have one of the best pass rushing duos in the N._F._l.. What do they need to add another end for behind? Behind Ingram and Bosa where does he fit. It's fun to kick Melvin Ingram inside. It's fun have Joey Bosa play three tech from time to time but they can't hold up there for a full season. Entertainment clouding isn't getting kicked in either and with his injury injury history you know none of that really makes sense. It makes sense on paper but then when you look at the chargers roster it makes a ton of sense for the Texans they need a running back that makes sense to get Melman Gordon but it doesn't make sense for the charge to get cloudy so I'm GonNa make sense all this and give you arguments for both sides on why they should make these traits so and this is going to be player straight up. I'll probably add some picks and all that but let's just make it clean. I'M GONNA just go player to player and then for another one off to throw in picks just because it's one sided but let's go ahead and start so here's your first trade the first trade and he's a blockbuster trades okay. These are names. You will recognize for sure. I'm not going for bench players. I'M GONNA go on for multiple role players. These are high end starters. Okay charters gotta get something in return so the first one little crazy charge gonNA have to do some shuffling but how about the chargers trae Melvin Alvin Gordon to the Washington redskins for their franchise left tackle Trent Williams Trent Williams held out the mandatory minicamp. He did not show up he wanted a new contract and also according to Jason Lockenfora <hes> it has nothing to do with money has everything with the franchise and he just does not want to play for the redskins anymore. Trim Williams is the N._F._L.'s best left tackle in my opinion definitely top five and it would absolutely help out the chargers now now in terms of the redskins running back group. You know they have some odd J.. P. Rhine and Darius guys was the guy they drafted to be. They're BELCO back. He was injured all of two thousand eighteen this year. He's got a hamstring injury that he says you don't have to worry about but the teams obviously cautious so it makes a ton of sense to have a running back stable of Somalia p Rhine as your third back getting you know maybe five to seven touches a game and mix dairy guys and Melvin Gordon as you're running back group. They just drafted Duane Haskins to be their quarterback so they've got a rookie quarterback and they need to develop some yards because they're wide receivers are trash. You know they've got Vernon. Davis and Jordan Reed at tight end which is great on paper but you know when you have a group of Josh Dotson Terry maclaurin who they just drafted and Paul Richardson as your three wide receivers they also got Kelvin harmon but he's more of a fourth worth wide receiver at the moment to have a group of Dotson maclaurin Richardson it really help out that offense to have a running back also catch out of the backfield. A manufacturer yards also gotten much better in pass protection throughout his career. Mama Gordon has so could you'd help out Dwayne Haskins in his rookie year and you know there's no better confidence booster for a rookie quarterback than when a running back and get yards all he has to do is handed off and give him second and third and short and Melvin Gordon can do that so this. This makes a lot of sense for the redskins again. They drafted Darius guys to be their franchise back but was injured in eighteen now this year. He's a little banged up. You don't know what you have in him quite yet and it wouldn't hurt to have to premier ear running backs with Melville. Gordon embarrassed guys so for the chargers you know a little weird because they've already got Russell Kun but Russell Kun has his phantom injury while I don't want to call it a phantom injury but he's got this weird injury that nobody can really get a grasp on Anthony. Lynn doesn't know how long he's going to be out. Nobody knows the specifics of it. Nobody knows how it happened. It just happened. It's there and they don't know how long it's GonNa go so at least for this currencies until the nineteen in having a guy like Trent Williams manning your blindside would help Philip rivers out a lot now if Russell Kun is good to go which is obvious the obvious question. You know what happens when Russell Kun back what if he's healthy for week one I think Heathrow in right tackle. I don't think there's really an argument to have Russell. Kun Play left tackle when you've got the best left tackle football on your roster and you know obviously complain out of position is an ideal but you gotTa Help Philip Rivers out and if you can switch a Trent Williams on left side and put Russell Kun right side even with Russell Kun struggling for position he hasn't really played most of his career is better than what they would get out of Sam Tevi period and I know they want to develop savvy and I know they like him heavy. But how do you say no to treat Williams and this is a short term option too. I mean Trent Williams has thirty one. The redskins are obviously at an impasse with trump williams. They're not giving him a new contract or at least having offered him one yet and. He wants out of Washington according to report so at least get something for him much like the chargers at least get something for them and not be like the steelers and have them hold out and then lose lady on Bell for nothing when they could have got something for for him so for the redskins listen he's thirty one. We gotTA move on anyway. Let's go ahead and start that transition and they've got a pretty good offensive line but they're going to be in trouble at tackle. You know there's no way to fix <music> Trent Williams. You have the best in the game. You know you're obviously going to have a dip in production left tackle but you sometimes you got to expedite that process and the redskins can here and he's going to be thirty one so as Russell Kun so short term option and you know Russell coons only signed till twenty twenty so it's not like they have a coon locked up forever. He's only got one more year on his deal after the season so you know you can try the experiment if it doesn't work. He's an easy cut to you know you only lose two point five million dollars and you save about thirteen point five so I'm not saying cutting Russell Kun as the option because it's not but if you bring Trent Williams in and you have Russell Kun switch over to right tackle I mean I don't think it could hurt the offensive line. I think it makes it so much better and why not resign Trent Williams two two two three years. Whatever your window you think is for Philip rivers which will see when they re sign a contract with them? The charters have a two year window Oh to win a super bowl rivers or a three year window depending on what they say why not get him some help and make sure that he has his best options on the field and he has his best chance to win and rivers can win if he's got some protection Trent Williams will absolutely help that no doubt about it because he's the best tackle in the game. Redskins won't have to deal with the contract negotiations. We'll get something forum. The charges will get something for Melvin Gordon. It's a straight up trae because both teams will have to give the new new player new contracts so I don't think you have to throw in picks or anything like that. If you had to I mean a late day three pit could make sense to throw to the Redskins for the charges to make that deal work but getting a guy like trump Williams would help this team tremendously you get Trent Williams uh-huh will also help out your right side which was a big weakness. I mean you're you're upgrading your left tackle ready which Okuno already a pro bowl tackle but Trent Williams is so much better and then you go over to the right side you put a coup over there and things work out your great on the edges so <hes> the first trade melborn for Trent Williams makes sense for both sides. I knew definitely upgrade both rosters all right this next trade is an obvious one and a lot of people have suggested this trade I think they're suggesting it for the wrong. Reasons ends and making a bunch of sense for it but I will go ahead and make sense of it all and I just WanNa throw the Trent Williams trade out first because that's a little weird because there's a lot of movement for the chargers but the next to easy drag and drop starters India roster. They fit perfectly perfectly so next one again an obvious one is the chargers Trade Melvin Gordon to the Jacksonville Jaguars and yes the charges get back Jalen Ramsey now to make this trait work. I think is a little lopsided headed for the Jaguars so I think the charge would have to throw in a pick and I wouldn't go any higher than a third round pick. That's a little rich but if you gotta get a third round pick out there to get the best corner and Football Jalen Ramsey you do it man. Go throw third round pick which by the way Tom Moscow has been tortuously bad with his third round picks with guys that are not named Keenan Allen so he won't have to make that mistake in two thousand twenty they give pick so Jalen Ramsey and a third round pick for Melvin Gordon now for the Jaguars. They're in trouble financially especially after giving the contract they did a nick foles in the off season not only this season but next season so they're going to be strapped for cash in order to make a deal work they'd have to move things around and as you heard from Jalen Ramsey he wants it all and it's going to be hard for the Jaguars to make that work. I'm sure the Jacksonville would like to keep Jalen Ramsey of course but others a couple of things working against him first off. They made a pretty big splash in two thousand seventeen seventy J boo which was a great signing for them because he's been really good. They signed him to a five year sixty seven point five million dollar deal. He's the eighth highest paid corner in the N._F._l.. So they've got a lot of money already allocated corners do they want to have that much cash wrapped up in two cornerbacks when they could allocate it to other positions because you know as a few years ago they went all in and not just signing A._J.. Buoy but signing nor well the offensive Lineman last off season getting guys like Marcel Daria some leak Jackson. They've spent a lot of money in free agency and it's going to be hard for them to not only pay A._J.. Boo But then give Jalen Ramsey a big deal as well and he's going to get paid. A lot more than sixty seven point five million dollars. The dolphins just made xavien Howard the highest paid corner. It's five years seventy five point two five million. That's more in the Ballpark for Jalen Ramsey entering his prime being the best at the position so I don't think they're going to wrap up that much cash in two players at the same position at corner in Boolean Ramsey at running back of course they've got Leonard Fournette they ended up signing guys like Alfred Blue and Thomas Rawles to add behind for net so not a great running backs table and let her for net has been hit or miss throughout his career not averaging more than three point nine yards per attempt so hasn't been great to start his career and to be honest if they want a more dynamic running back Melvin Gordon can give it to him. Leonard Fournette can drop back to rb to and maybe he's better with a smaller workload but had a pretty good rookie year and then his second season not so much and much like the Washington redskins. The Jaguars are in trouble at wide receiver as well. It'd be nice to get nick folsom help but Keelan Coal Marquee slee Dede Westbrook not really those guys they signed Tiro prior to have Chris Conley but that's a tough wide receiver group. I'm not drafting any of them fantasy to be honest with you but they need help and so to get that offense going while the defense is pretty good. I mean they still got clay. Campbell will and miles. Jack was great last year. Janaka Gakugei is good with guys like adding Rodney Harrison and having Jalen Ramsey A._J.. They've got some talent on the defensive side but they got a score some points so they need a guy like Mama Gordon and it makes a ton China's sense so the chargers could get Melman Gordon also get a pick for twenty twenty or whatever your they want at highest third round pick but they can get a pick not have to worry about Jalen Ramsey as a free agent and the fifth year option and having the hold out and all that stuff that comes with it like the chargers they get something for a player that was on their way out anyway so the chargers get Jalen Ramsey now of course everybody's talking about how Jalen Ramsey wants to play with Derwin James again that's great great you know <hes> being Florida state kid that makes a ton of sense and they've talked about it a lot but that doesn't really correlate players WanNa play with other players all the time but that doesn't mean they go to that team would make a ton of sense for Jalen Ramsey and the chargers for Jalen Ramsey. He's now back in the playoff hunt. I mean now real super bowl contenders and with a competitor like Jalen Ramsey is not going to take long for him to Kinda circle the drain there in Jacksonville to get fed up and want to get out of there with the chargers. He's already thrust into one of the best defense in the N._F._l.. gets to play with his buddy derwin James and for the chargers you've got Casey Hayward on one side who two years ago was one of the best corners league and then you've got the other guy that everybody was arguing. Who's better on the other side Jalen Ramsey busy so you've got Ramsey and hayward who were the two best corners in two thousand Seventeen Jalen Ramsey still very good eighteen keyword took a step back and it makes sense for the chargers and to be honest it would make sense to give him the deal he wants because Casey Hayward's twenty nine he signed till twenty twenty one the chargers have an easy out for the next two years and twenty twenty twenty twenty one and you're basically saying Jalen Ramsey is going to be the heir apparent when Casey Hayward no longer can go or it just doesn't work with a team Jalen Ramsey becomes your cornerback one and then you worry about cornerback to later I know the chargers are very high on guys like Michael Davidson Trevor Williams but that's great depth to have as your quarterback three? If an injury happens happens to either Ramsey or hayward so it would make sense to add a guy like Ramsey makes your defense so much better I mean yeah that's a lot of money in the chargers are going to have a lot of people to pay but you can't argue with trying to get Jalen Ramsey at what he's worth and and he's one of the best corners in the leagues were given the contract to make sense then got a button up a guy like Bosa so rather than paying Melman Gordon Thirteen to fourteen million like he wants WanNa pay a corner for fifteen. It's a better position you get a lot back on your return and you're getting one of the best players in the game. I don't think you can make an argument that Mama Gordon's the best running back in the N._F._l.. Because he's not beacon certainly say the Jalen Ramsey is the best at his position deserves to get paid. A lot of guys are GONNA have to get paid after that and you got to probably make some moves and make some hard decisions but if you're signing a guy like Jalen Ramsey your defense becomes damn near unstoppable to be honest with you barring injuries. There's no reason why that defense couldn't be the best in the N._F._l.. In jalen Ramsey is a hell of a talent and have him and Derwin together would just be incredible so getting a guy like Jane Them Ramsey would make sense for the chargers. Obviously <hes> having Trevor Williams Michael Davis take a step back hurts because you'd like to see how they do. And see them develop but you just get better across the board with Jalen Ramsey so trading jalen Ramsey to the chargers for Mel Gordon and a we'll call it a third round pick to the Jacksonville Jaguars so honestly this is the dream scenario Jalen Jalen Ramsey for Melvin Gordon make sense for both sides Jalen Ramsey for Melvin Gordon would be great. You'RE GONNA have to throw in a pick. You might have to throw in pick for all these traits but you know if you've got to throw in some filler I it makes sense but just to keep it clean on his podcast. I'll just kind of making it playoff player but why not man jalen Ramsey on the chargers everybody those arguing Joey Bosa Jalen Ramsey or deforest buckner what if the charges got Ramsey and Bosa that'd be crazy so the first one Trent Williams from Alma Gordon Second One Mellon Gordon for Jalen Ramsey in a third round pick hi. I'm avery trump woman and I'm the host of Nice. Try A podcast about utopia a place that is perfect and does not exist this season were traveling across time and space to explore seven different attempts to design a better world. What happens when those designs don't go according to plan from Jamestown the first permanent English settlement in North America and Levittown a series of suburban developments built in the nineteen fifties to shun Gar a modernist Indian city? That's also responsible for the chairs and Courtney Kardashians dining room and biosphere to an early nineties experiment that sought to create a completely enclosed self sustaining ecosystem and yeah some of them worked out better than others but they're all fascinating. Thank listen and subscribe to Nice try today on Apple podcasts or in your favorite podcast APP from curbed and the Vox media podcast network so this next one is a little out of the box but what I like it and I know you'll like it too so the chargers Trade Melvin Gordon to the Cincinnati Bengals for wide receiver a j green yeah a man so for the bank. I just love this. I love this so for the bengals. They have Tyler Boyd who was their leading wide receiver last year A._J.. Green was out for seven games. I think he played nine last year but tyler boyd broke a thousand yards last year so clear guy that stepped up when they needed them and can be a low end wide receiver one for the Bengals A._J.. Greens entering his last year of his contract trekkies of Free Agent Twenty Twenty <hes> saying that he wants money and it's a new regime in Cincinnati so they might not be as tied to A._J.. Green as the previous regime but probably still unlikely a franchise player a guy that the bengals love but a scenario that would make sense because a wide receiver that's entering thirty two next year. Cincinnati might not be inclined to offer him that kind of money for for whatever he's looking for especially when they have a new young wide receiver that's doing pretty good so while there might be some love because he's the franchise player in the face of the franchise for a very long time and maybe their best wide receiver of all time time at least in my lifetime being the best bengals wide receiver I've ever seen they might not want to trade him but it would make sense to get something for him now rather than you know let him hit the market and leave as a free agent in two thousand twenty. Now I get it. It makes less sense for the bengals because you know fancy you know like I mentioned face the franchise one of their best receivers of all time but also they've got Joe Nixon who is really really impressive last year over eleven hundred yards on the ground Giovani Bernard has been a dud so far throughout his career and they drafted Trayvon Williams and they also got Rodney Anderson. If I'm not mistaken so they've got some running backs but it is hard to imagine a team like the bengals angles not wanting to superior running backs now if you're asking me if they would wanna pay for one I that who knows but for this hypothetical situation having Joe Mixing a Melvin Gordon The backfield would be very very very good for a team like Cincinnati and then rather paying a over the hill as you could say wide receiver who's over thirty rather than paying him going into next season. Why not pay a running back heading into his prime which I wouldn't do but they're definitely teams that would do it and crazier things have happened? Odell Beckham Junior was just traded in the offseason that made no sense and then you saw Antonio Brown go so teams are willing to pay these players. Ears crazier. Things have happened but it's possible maybe unlikely but definitely a entertaining topic to talk about because A._J.. Green to the chargers you'd basically be able to enter switch. Everybody a big weakness for the chargers. They're wide receiver three Travis Benjamin or maybe Arteta Scott or maybe Jeremy Davis or maybe Dylan Cantrell but either way. It's not good enough. It could be better so why not upgrade it have a wide receiver group of A._J.. Green Mike Williams and Keenan Allen. If you were talking about again like I mentioned with Trent Williams a two to three maybe four year window left with Philip rivers as the quarterback why not go all in and get them as much help as possible if you don't have a running back in the backfield like Melvin Gordon why not get better in a pass happy league and add another pro bowl caliber potential hall of Famer Definite Hall of Famer in A._J.. Green Green on the other side of Keenan Mike Williams and you're asking who's GonNa play in the slot anybody any player line up in the slot. Their Keenan Allen probably will get more slot snaps than anybody else but A._J.. Green being able to stretch the field or another red zone weapon somewhere where the chargers have struggled Mike Williams also another red zone weapon showed that last year Keenan Allen still getting work on short yardage situations I mean it's all great so adding A._J.. Green and being able to pay him for two or three years but it makes sense if you're going all in with Philip rivers and a short window and I'm not saying all in like they gotta go up against the cap or anything but for the next two or three years they might be a little strapped because they wanted to bring a guy like Jalen Ramsey and a guy like Williams A._j.. Green if you've got to do that to help your chances you've got to do it because in all honesty and this is a different topic altogether Thompson. Let's go isn't like that. It is building holding the team getting younger and better improving through the draft. Maybe picking off a player to a free agency but not really we're not seeing trades except early on in his G._M.. Tenure when he was trading leading up for guys like Melvin Gordon and maintain show in Jeremiah Tau Chew during the draft but you weren't seeing like in season trades there was that trade for Jeremy Service but that was like way down the line and that was for a day three conditional pick. I think it was a six round round conditional pick maybe seventh but that was nothing player they're going to cut and they got a late draft. Pick for them and the vikings were able to give something up for him but he's not going all in. If there's one thing you can criticize Thom Tillis go for is he's not making the big moves. He didn't trade up to get Derwin James. James fell to him. You know you didn't trade up to get Joey Bosa. They had the third pick they had the choice of Joey Bosa. Yes he hits on a lot of day three picks great but at some point when do you start right to stack the chips and say I gotta go all in because Philip rivers is not getting any younger and making any of these traits would make sense to help Philip rivers or help your team protects US blindsided Trent Williams get better on defense in DB with Jalen Ramsey in a pass happy league no less I mean if your offense is GonNa take a dip was Melman Gordon gone and trading him. Make sure team can't score on you and pick up a guy like jalen Ramsey or help out the offense on the outside signed wide receivers and pick up a guy like J. Green put them on the outside and get more yards through the air than on the ground so those are my three trades Trent Williams Jalen Ramsey A._j.. Green chargers get better. They don't have to pay Melman Gordon the money that quite frankly he deserves but because he plays the wrong position the N._F._l.. He's not GonNa get it while he might get it but probably not for the chargers so those are my trades three blockbuster trades. This has been great. Thank you everybody appreciate you guys listening. Let me know who you'd pick. which trae would you like? I'll probably put a poll up in the article. <hes> don't say the trades because I don't want to spoil anybody but we'll call Trent Williams trae jalen Ramsey trade be A._J.. Green Trade. Let's see which one do you like best. Okay thank you. Everybody appreciate you all. Don't forget to follow ask or more pod. Let's just hope the charter score more on Sunday. Hey it's medically host of the eater upsell before you jump to your next podcast. I want to tell you about a new event. That's happening later this summer in Brooklyn. It's called called Eater youngun summit at a one day celebration of up and coming talent in the world of food. 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