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"fakty delic" Discussed on Deck The Hallmark

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"fakty delic" Discussed on Deck The Hallmark

"Bless america. Tang bless you. Who are you right now. I don't i do declare. I one thing from the intro was that panda is not or jackson not panda. I wasn't saying that like you'll never be. I wasn't saying that like you won't measure up. I'm saying you're two distinct individuals. And i love both of you. That's what i'm saying. I took it the latter. Fakty delic you need to explain. It makes me wonder why. Saw your reaction when i did it and i was like no no no not what i'm saying so i just felt that evening clarify. We're always happy to have jackson the show we are. I mean this point when we're talking net flicks. It's more likely to see her than me. So you know this is true. You just weasel your way right because he wanted to watch love hard. But what are you doing anything going on guys and join you We're going to be covering On saturdays a netflix. Chris of a new one Which means you won't have to wait until the new year to hear our thoughts on princess. Three switch whatever it's called So thank god. You don't gotta until twenty for that. That's coming this this holiday season and we're gonna get four of her. I don't think so. I think i think we've maxed out. Our vanessa depends on if we get new. Vanessa hudgens character in this movie. I think yeah yeah. I don't know it seems like they're you never know. We sort of switched while we were had. I think stop while we were whenever. Why should should have done that. We should have done that what we should have done. Yeah but the good news says is Jacks can finally watch netflix movie. Which from what. I gather in our conversations. You've never watched a netflix christmas. Maybe before love hearts. Night i wow. It's the quality jump is so huge. Jacks it would be like the people who like had electricity in their house for the first time. Like just the quality jump alone of what you've had to watch versus. What you get to watch is absurd. It just is so you're welcome. Welcome to the good side of things. I have no idea what you mean in software. Know i i yeah. It's a whole new world only world world We're gonna talk about love hearts. I one you know I think we can all agree. That name doesn't scream christmas. And i'm sure we'll get to it so but i do want to just france but i just want to implore Not employer. I just want to promise everyone that it is a christmas movie. Yeah could've you could employer their if you'd like. I'll employer okay going. I'm gonna use my one. Implore us employees guys back to sound alarms this time cream guys first saturday out of the gate. And we're we're we're excited about it. Do you think saturdays are going to be better for. Its great podcast day. Lot of people throwing loves a good saturday commuting on a saturday. That's right lotta listens coming in. It's also a great day to pick up a copy of. I'll be home for christmas. Movies bookstore on the interwebs. I'll look at this. Look at this i would join you travel with our copy. What i'm talking about. Well you just never know. You never know when you're going to needs a way in the hotel room next to the that was actually something we for. We said guys less bushes. I'll be hyper feel. Great about the royalties. If we were like the gideon bible. Like i'd feel really good about our chances there for sure I mean it's good. It's a good book. Good good good. They call the good book. Reason the bible okay. our books. They called the bible too good to tv clear. Do you have a good board. Do you have gideon and your hotel room checks. No no i just had. They're not doing those anymore. they actually have replaced with. I'll be home for news. We nailed it. Great news for us news hour four years ago to subvert the guineans that's go mission accomplished everybody. You're not wrong. you're not wrong They call us to gideon's of christmas. I'd like to implore you go ahead and start this an ops out loud howard love hard. Originally aired on netflix on november fifth. Is that right yesterday. November twenty twenty one and a went a little something like this. Natalie is on a dating app called flirt alert. Not a bad name. Flirt alert flared alert. And it's an ordeal like some guys just suck. Some guys are married. Some guys ghost her She uses these experiences and channels them into her work. She's a writer for some online blog thing And she goes home. Sets up or christmas tree gets on flirt and expands her location from outside of where she lives to beyond and she Matches with a guy named josh. Who is a honk and they have a heated flirty conversation about christmas movies. Blood die heart Love actually you know the ones She's falling for him and Even gets a picture of him holding a sign with her name on it. So you know he's real. She's on the phone with them all the time like all night there. Talk and talk and talk it. Andy says he wishes that they could spend christmas together so she has. It's crazy idea. I'm going to fly to lake placid new york. So i can meet this. Fella goes to his house. Meets his parents and grandma. They're all very surprised to meet her to find out. That josh has a girlfriend. Josh then comes up the stairs and he is not the guy in the pictures he's like he's just like this little guy he's like a little guy and she just she beats them with the baby jesus and leaves. It goes to a bar but crazy enough. The guy from the pictures that she thought was josh walks into the bar and she decided i'm going to go for it. I like his face. I'm going to go for it. So she takes a couple of shots at the bar and go sing some karaoke which is how everybody gets somebody to notice them But her face puffs up. And everyone has grossed out by it and once you sees herself. She runs out faints. Luckily josh is there and takes to a vet because the doctors do far away. And he's like that guy you saw his name is tack and i can help you. I can set you up with tag but you have to agree to be my fake girlfriend through the hottest because my parents were very impressed by the fact that i had a girlfriend and so she agrees i want today tax. I'll be your fake girlfriend. They have breakfast with his family and then takes her to the family outdoor store to meet tag and he's really into rock climbing and so josh agrees to teach her how to climb because she has no idea how to do that. She keeps acting like josh's girlfriend and wants to help him not get bulldozed by his dumb brother who is constantly like. Hey i'm better looking at me. She rock climbs with tags. Thanks to josh. Crushes it That night they go curling..

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