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"fajon miron edwin maldonado" Discussed on Daily Racing Form

"We are going to throw it into this week, stakes montage. Unfortunately, I wanted to go over the two stakes races from opening day up at Saratoga Schuylerville in the late George timing wise. That would just make this thing be an endless saga. So we're gonna throw that into sakes montage. And when we come out of the stakes montage, I'll give a couple of quick thoughts on those two races feel also have other sorts of great racing that unfortunately we can't dive into whether it's the ocean side, whether it's the Ontario, Colleen. We've got a New York state, bred race up, finger lakes, the New York derby, all sorts of stuff. You name it. Here's this week states montage point six, four, half their into the stretch, Catherine, the great, delete her Noda madeleine's link that I have behind coming out of the final furlong Seren getting empress's. Thirdly, epaulets. Fourth, congrats gal down toward the inside. Side and I a sky, but it's great, Catherine, greats gonna go all the way, Catherine the great and Jose Ortiz, and the one hundred Schuylerville the inside and having to check hard. There was pumped near the Becca PEC and here comes out and rod Ortiz junior to take the lead and daddy as legend in many, frankly, get through on the inside and they're in front. Now they've taken over daddy as legend to the front from out Tia, as they come onto the line. Daddy is a legend wins like George over, oh, Tia. Then good things take ties then comes restrain, vengeance, and respect Hasso coming from its whole different picture. Now, a fleet end in the red on the inside Calix man down the Santa comes restrain, vengeance with run. It's late assent Dray, straighten vengeance on the outside restrain, vengeance that get up gray, straighten Ranjha wanted to fleet ass and era goes on, leads it by two Lang's paradise woods in the white. Cap down the Santa compelled Akhir at the rial chasing. Now they come foam fond Muira keeps on finding fan Muira showing no sounds slowing down. The mall. Asked the Moshi gave Fajon Miron Edwin Maldonado of taken the OSA nita's Akira get sick and midnight will be goes to the front top of the home stretch got still lead peach, Begala, unleashing, and get explicit safe to say, running on out in front though hands inhales he got stormy running home well and safe to say, duckpin behind beach of a gal go to convenience, but gut stormy has not released breaks and as all over a got stolen in front. Shortcut to sick, they're easy wing got stolen ever extent at which the terrier miss deplorable on the outside. And Elizabeth Darcy going on it three line, Stockton, alward lane is now finding her best drive, has three to make up showing to the outside. Miss deplorable leads all Woodley charging in the second. With Elizabeth Darcy, it's this horrible tra- win the blue sparkler Aldworth zeros the last of six seafoam spectacular get. It's been like this from the beginning and it's been seafoam race from the very start. Any leads at the poll spectacular. Tatum second, analyze the odds is good sex from the front of the front belongs to see phone, and he is going to win that you York derby. While you're while you're Jaime Rodriguez and seafoam all the while. Copy of the outside Johnny Bank. It's a split right through the gown the outside coming as Bechtel, but Tisza slaps fraught tackled by. Johny bay down the outside coming copy and Mick, Ellen Goss here on top flight. Now Tisza slam in front the Johnny bay mic tunnel outside. But then, okay. Tisza swam Tisza slab on the side Tisza slap has what kit Skikda way. Nick Tosic jaw to fob, desperate to hold onto the lead now on the outside system system. Now coming to look for the lead bombard grandstand side on the inside, doubled touch, double touch. Now, gaining the late with hundred, doubled touch front, Bumbad coming..

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