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"Ramped a westbound 32 earlier crash activity clearing lanes open Steve Prisoner W T O P. Traffic. Thank you, Steve. And now let's go to Storm Team four. Meteorologist Steve Prince, a valley below Sarah. We're watching these showers and thunderstorms, the worst of them right now, really in the northern part of listening area where we have a severe thunderstorm warning For portions of North Central Washington County. So this is really on the fringe of the W T. O P Listen eerie but worth mentioning from the fair Fairview Mill area as you had just north of the Hagerstown area toward Longmeadow and then crossing the border into Pennsylvania. We've got some really intense rainfall and gusty winds there. But just north of Hagerstown is where the worst of it is. As it moves east northeast at about 15 miles an hour. These air slow mover, so drenching downpours dangerous lightning a lot of light. King being associated with this storm, and also we've got the threat of seeing some gusty winds may be an access of 60 miles an hour, three thunderstorm morning again until 10 45. Otherwise just generally, I'd say a few showers and thundershowers across the area. Another one right now in Woodsboro in Frederick County, Maryland, another in bloom in Carroll County. And then we've got a storm right now near the Middleburg area, and none of these are severe. But remember, everywhere. We've got a flash flood watch tonight until 3 a.m. For any storms that could drop. Some heavy rainfall caused flash flooding of small streams, creeks and urban areas overnight lows in the seventies as the storms diminish well after midnight with patchy fog Tomorrow, clouds and sunshine of breezy, hot and humid day highs will be in a little bit died. He's with a 30% chance of a couple of mainly late day storms. Monday's mostly cloudy McGee Monday with a shower thunderstorm risk. Pies will be in the low to mid eighties. Eventually, some of the tropical moisture assorted associated rather with East Zaius will be moving into the area late Monday and Tuesday with drenching downpours that could perhaps drop 23 maybe four inches of rainfall, especially across the eastern part Listening area. Leave it here on your weather Alert Station W. T. O P and I'm DC four will keep you posted when he's mostly sunny in the wake of that tropical storm. And by the time we get to Wednesday afternoon, there will be into the mid the operating chance of the storm. Only a 20% on Wednesday chapters right now is 78 in silver Spring at 81 in Gainesville, Sir. Thank you, Steve. The forecast brought to you by new look home design, no interested no payments for six months after roofing installation. Public schools in Montgomery County will be holding virtual classes for the fall semester. Some parents had hoped private schools would offer and in person alternative well. Now we are learning the county's private.

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