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"fair shield" Discussed on Radioactive Spider-Pod

"Over in Queens, the Watson, the Parkers or having a nice brunch with a side of bombshell nays selling the house checking up with and Watson just like Vero called a couple of episodes ago however may shake into your core when she sees the headline in the paper detailing the reemergence of that old crow which peaks peters interest. This is another example of off may trying to tell Peter about her and Anna's relationship and. Peter just like immediately thinking about himself you don't want us to be lonely now to you. Of course, not it's just this is where I grew up with uncle. Ben. After my parents died, I should say you're half right bureau you said that one of the lead move in with the other and then give the money of selling the house to the kids But here they're going to do that at not give them. He'll just be investigated aged tico in Brussels sprouts marital. AIDS. Every all that sort of good stuff. Wait a second Merrill. AIDS hey what. I'd just checking. I'm glad that Anna Watson sticking with their strategy being a colossal bitch, but it does raise a good point that peters objection here doesn't really make any goddamn sense i. know it's just a way to remind the audience about his living situation and the parents are missing stuff but like you could have spun it as are you sure you're okay leaving all these memories like him saying that just doesn't doesn't resonate at all with me. Now I agree when my parents sold their house like you know, I'm sad to see it go. But like it was more them, that was attached to the house. Are you GONNA be okay leaving Any here's complaining to Mary Jane about this whole situation as usual in says. Kim Thinking about himself and I am Peter's wife now that doesn't mean I have to like him. He's GonNa. Be More quiet and is just like no shut up. I'm Peter's wife now finally stop it. Stop IT GET SOME HELP This crash right and aunt may is in the other room should dropped a tray or some shit and. Peter comes in and he's like suspicious instantly I've seen on my upset never agitated vis. Those are sinning. Argue that if you were to rank them by strongest of emotion, upset is worse than agitated like. That was that even mean like she's upset but never agitated the chew. So flustered, she's nearly trebled like what the hell are you talking about some writing reading the source? Well. It's obvious with the fucking names and. All the. Thing. Free Shadow to rhyme the zone dot. com, and the source. So see for me though I thought that. May finally became lucid and read the date on the newspaper and realized she missed the last thirty years of life because she was driving. Because with Anna there now clear sober relationship. Well, they go on the show like upset in the May show the newspaper I'm like what the? Nineteen ninety-seven. The future is now. I haven't made any investments and technology. But, of course, the parkers aren't the only ones to see the news. Big Willie Fisk seems to have some hidden knowledge about this mysterious scientists and the secrets he might be holding. He landed decide they'll need to free the chameleon from shield, HQ, in order to acquire Dr Karadzic and so planned to wage war by reforming the insidious six. Chameleon. Rhino DOC shocker in the Scorpion with new edition. The Vulture Landon. Here's talking to kingpin and he actually does in refers to him as kingpin Mike. Aren't you guys like hanging out all the time is there no familiarity this point like hey willy? Hundred agree with what you're doing here. Bob Boy Really. Mr Fisk or just like Wilson what are you doing? You saw I. Mean he chose the name so I guess he's probably into it. I think the only person who called him wills like Wilson was probably Vanessa, and now it's like awkward. Yeah that could be true. He he says London I am puzzled. This scientists holds the key to one of the greatest powers mankind you mean, yes all the Lebanon herbs and spices. That's the whole arc of his bucking series. Now, headshot they used for God's sake, is pretty funny to me. Now that you've zoomed in on it and get a full blown full screen shot, he's got these kind of puppy dog eyes and the ways looking at the camera connor reminds me of like Oh me. I'm a bad boy who came up with a doomsday device like it looks like Michael Moebius if you took a shower? No, it was like mark. Amorebieta, thirty years later. I. Guess. So like as his father, did we just figure it out? Perhaps. So the said these half to break into the prison to get the chameleon like in the break into shield to get kneeling this chameleon knows more about this stuff which makes sense because it does tie into the Chameleon dickey fisk talking way back in the Daredevil, arc? And that whole treason. fucking. Trees are countries right before the helicopter closed. You're right. My father the kingpin will be pleased. We've saved him from Federal Prosecution how ironic that pocket should be branded a traitor especially after what you've told us about his parents, my favorite part about this whole scene though is just this. From King. Unfortunate that the comedian is now incapacitated the most impregnable fortress at the buildings nothing he's impregnable to the kingpin. Vanessa had her tubes tied still but. I have bastards from shaking hands with the kingpin gets it on, and then the best part is landings is responses you must be joking. King probably never you. To Be Fair Shield headquarters isn't impregnable because they already broke in. So that's a good point. What is this? What is this continuity like? Speaking of clack of continuity kingpin says he needs these six forgotten warriors. One of them just worked for his enemy. Yeah he says that. Like why would the Scorpion agree to work for kingpins? Does he says they were forgotten by the world driven underground. He was literally working for silver main in the kingpin, ripped off his tail and threw him a city block king. Out of that courtyard, he's like Sia I wrote Kim. Yeah. Kingpins talking he's going through his computer and there's all this footage of the sinister Asari insidious six. Get that fucking footage. Triple J communications go pro was he shooting documentary? They talk about the stereo like they don't say died or anything because you know it's a kid show instead they just got to say like a.

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