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How To Communicate With Your Body Using The Language Of Energy With Ellen Meredith

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How To Communicate With Your Body Using The Language Of Energy With Ellen Meredith

"Might've jeopardize. Three seventy! The Senate chaplains swirling for two seasons energy. Position throughout. The base of the spine to the crown of the head. For thousands of us this ancient has been pinched on measure to disciple, what are the functions of these energy sentiments and cook these check help you unlike your destiny, and find your purpose welcome to my center chocolates, and now your host a Dr Jive Kumar. Was Up actually tribe here, host and founder of mice chuck rose. My seven chocolate dot com to show where we help you expedients, effortless healing, a weakening and abundance today's episode. We're going to talk about a variety of topics relating to energy healing, energy medicine, experiencing more balanced clearing out your blocks and stuck energy, and how you can get in touch with your higher self, but before diving. Diving in electoral remind you that of recently released a twenty four page documented outlines some of my favorite ways to raise my web. Rations start feeling better almost immediately so if you'd like to grab that free download and go to my seven juxtapose dot com forward slash feel better now. That's my seven juxtapose dot com slash. Feel better now, and you can grab that. Download all right. So to bring on our special guest for today Ellen Meredith Ellen is the author of the newly released book which we're going to talk about today. The language your body's speaks and intuitive and energy medicine breath with thirty years of experience. She has served on the Faculty of Energy Medicine by near Donna Eden since two thousand and dead and ditches. Healing techniques all over the world. And in today's episode, we're GONNA explore what she shared in her new book. The language. Your Body speaks to Ellen. Are you ready to inspire. Awe! But what I want to? Do is maybe help people. Find their inner inspiration, the inspiration that comes from them, because each of us is inspired by different things, and in different ways and I love to celebrate how different we are and helping people find their own path to To Awareness Afo I love that you sort of. Play the role of a mentor so that you can find people in the regulations and allowing them to take steps that will help them find their way, which is one full We usually start our show with the any inspirational court. Is it a cord that comes to mind right now? Something that you can share and maybe tell us how you apply that court in your day-today life. Oh Wow okay I'm not one of those people who actually works for quotes from quotes I actually like to come up with things to stay in the moment that are true for the moment because I'm really a language. And so That's a hard one for I. don't carry around. Quite S- per. Se so yeah. I'M NOT GONNA I'M NOT GONNA. Give one. In that way, but I'm hoping that as as we talk I'll say things that will strike on people and. They don't have to quote me, but maybe awaken them to their own quote. Create sounds good. I love that We're GONNA, have some gun moments. Today's episode because I love Qigong and I know that in your book you draw a lot from traditional Chinese medicine. Right when you talk about five elements, dog bar the Meridians and things like that So how did it all begin you like? Where did it all start Maybe she could talk about your childhood. What was it like? Okay well I was originally trained by inner teachers and It actually started as you know before I became aware that I was psychic or intuitive abilities, I was very attuned to languages and I talked a little in the book about how I used to listen to foreign language programs. All the time I was just fascinated and I felt like I am I could understand them, even though I didn't know what the words were I felt like there's something in language that speaks to US beneath the specifics of the words, and then later on. I writer, I'm a creative writer as well as I finished a novel, and I was waiting for inspiration and my grandmother WHO's dead so up behind me with a message for me. and. I thought well. This is interesting and I voted down. And through a series of coincidences, I ended up at a little, psychic fair, and the psychic looked at me, and she said you're maternal. Grandmother is standing behind you message for you, and then she repeated the message that I had gotten already. And I was a little bit of a Brat I said well. It doesn't have anything new to say. But, but I was very interested is. I s the psychic. Are you reading my mind, or are you really tuning into my grandmother? Is She really there and I give her credit because this was a five dollar reading and she said. My belief that your grandmother's really there and that you're picking up on her energy, and that you can get messages, and if you just would slow down, listen, you would hear them so couple days later I was cleaning my house, which was an unusual activity for me at the time. And I noticed the ticker tape in my head of letters and I thought yeah. Wonder if they say anything, so I started writing them letter by letter on the typewriter, and they were a message from my inner teachers, and they said we're going to teach. We're GONNA. Come train. You were GONNA give you. We're going to give you a insights. We're going to explain things, and then you're going to have experiences in your life that teach you how to understand the perspective that were introducing, and so I went through a very intensive at least well. Trained because say seven years, but it's forty plus years. I've been doing it for many many years now, and they're still trading me. But they did at some point. They. Get very ill and in the process of healing. You'RE GONNA learn how to become a healer. And I thought well. That's okay. Wasn't something that I set out to do. But it happened and moved to California I did get very sick. I went to a doctor who said I can't help you. What you have isn't medical, or you know isn't something that medicine can help you going to send you to a complimentary. Practitioner. And so I went to this applied kinesiology. She was a chiropractor and I'm Chris just enchanted? She worked with Meridians and and various subtle energies, and I had never heard of any of this stuff, and what I discovered in the process of getting better was that I could see my own energies I could see her energies. I could predict what the muscle test they do. Muscle testing in that tradition what they were going to say and I could look at the pills on the wall of the supplements and I knew which ones I needed, and what doses would be and ever occurred to me that this was possible except. There I was with nothing to live there while she worked with me and it was like I. This woken me and. That's how I got started and. When I was? Had recovered that practiser called and said Hey, can you do that with other people and I said? And I went in, and I was able to see what was going on for other people, so I started working in her office as a medical intuitive and people started coming for channel readings and healings and it just it just grew from there is just took off, and I've been doing it for thirty six years now professionally so. Understood people. Thanks for sharing that now you did mention in your response that the person that you were working with said that your grandmother was somewhere in the back, and she was trying to communicate with you. And then you said that in your process of becoming a heater you had to go through a healing crisis, and you had many health challenges. You experienced so firstly and the reason I ask. This is because many years bag somebody that was in my college. who had access to his psychic awareness mentioned that I had my grandfather back. uh-huh was trying to communicate with me so. Based on your experience. Why do you think are Van Pittance? Our ancestors started communicate with us and be. What was the purpose of you having to go to? All these health challenges in your boss do becoming a healer like significance of that. I would have liked to pat. Thank you very much. But it was it was. It was a learning experience if I if I think someone tried to be a healer, who's never experienced illness? Maybe doesn't know what feels like to have that. Experience and eat and I think of it almost like a process being a detective, you know when something when the body speaks up with symptoms or sensations or blockages, or your life has blockages. The process of solving that problem awaken to possibilities it allows you to make connections with people or processes or situations. You wouldn't encounter if you didn't have a need. So it's a little like the carrot and the stick I of the carrots pulling before it, but I had a few sticks along the way, so that's hard that the answer to that question. WHY DO I I think sometimes our grandparents. Our ancestors show up what I was told by my inner teachers, and my grandmother was that because I have loved that grandmother, and maybe better than any other relatives. No Offense Eddie relative. Who's listening to this? I really loved my grandmother. It was a friendly face that allowed me to open to hear rain another dimension of being. She, she did not become a main teacher for me. She was part of these collective consciousnesses that I call my councils and and so she was the face that gave them access or me access to my own inner hearing, my own inner awareness and I think that's that's the purpose that it is You know they they started. Send someone familiar because it's easier than letting a stranger in the door. You know how to trust them and how to not trust them interesting so for those who listening right now dig a moment to think about maybe some signs or Messages or things that he noticed over the boss few days or even months. It could suggest that somebody who is in your family, maybe your. Parents, or maybe your ancestors somebody that. was close to. You is trying to communicate with you. So I was Yup. I also offer suggested along with that you. I think it's fine open to dialogue by acting as if you can already do it. And so I would invite people I think that's what you said was absolutely true. Look for signs for evidence because the inner mind speaks of very symbolic metric language, if it doesn't necessarily speak English or Hindi or some specific tongue, if it speaks in metaphors, it speaks imagery, it speaks in sensations, and I do talk about this in my book a lot that the language of energy what what it consists of, but it. It doesn't hurt to imagine your. Father or your grandmother invite them to come dialogue with you. Ask Them Questions and right whatever answers responses come into your mind or speak them into a tape recorder and. Some of it may be your own mind putting stuff into their words into their mouth, and some of it might well be their consciousness, responding to that invitation and consciousness does flow in response to invitation, so be been willing to just open the mind. Hake arrests have an imaginary conversation. If you're dead, grandfather becomes your best imaginary friend. That's still that's already a good start. What happens over time, is you start to feel a little bit of a different energy to dialogue when you're getting guidance from a deeper level or wiser level, you start to feel different energy to it if it's got a little bit about vibration or buzz to it, it's kind of like you get a really good idea. You get a little more excited than just an everyday idea. We know that feeling that kind of a Ha- feeling so it's good to just do it as an exercise knowing that you're creating the opening for. Guidance or insight or dialogue with your energies to come through? And speaking of what you book. What made you name it the language your body speaks. Well the language our body speaks is energy spoiler alert. and. The body really has to communication systems just built in. It's got chemical messaging, and it's got energetic messaging and the chemical messaging is what a lot of western medicine is rooted in. You know they they do blood tests. They look at what your chemistry doing. And they try to balance the chemistry, but I believe and have found that the energy messaging of the body underlies the chemistry, and can definitely influenced it, and we all know that feeling where we fall in love and all of a sudden chemicals. They're doing all different things than they were before so. learning how to tune into the energetic second lane of mind, body and spirit allows us to participate in our creation of self, it allows us to actually influence not just the body for for medical wellness, but the whole mind body spirit expression for. For well for through life life, long wellbeing. So. So that's why I call it the language your body speaks. had go a little further with it or do you want to say something? Go ahead I. Mean I was just going to sort of bring our attention to something that you wrote in your book. Which is when I was twelve I used to sit for hours. Listening to foreign radio programs, rhythms and cannons is, and sounds were told me the sense that there was a conversation I could almost understand me in the music of its spoke to me I filled. It field and satisfied me. Is that the programs and Talking about boating everyday things did not so. You know falling along what we're speaking about. You were watching or listening to these foreign programs that you did not comprehend in terms of language, but then you still were drawn to it because you can sort of digest or taking some information, so maybe talk about that. Yeah I feel like our body, mind and spirit communicate constantly they do you know energy forms of the body and Stein and all those folks does. Matters energy forms the body, but energy also fuels the body, and it also organizes the body to function, and all of that is communicated energetically, and in Western science they talk about energy and very sort of stark terms. You know these little sparks of things you know these little protons, neutrons and all that stuff, but in my perspective energy it Is is has meaning it had it is not. It's not something just a generic it. It is streams of meaning, and if your listeners know about Meridian's, those are streams of energies that each have a different function and purpose, and meaning to them, and so we are, if you think of yourself as a web of meaning, you know not just a web of energies like little sparks wine around, but a web of. Of Strands of meaning that woven together each of us unique, our consciousness weeds this beautiful leave of meaning then it's really great to be able to tune in and say hey I'd like to work on this strand and make bring out this theme. It's it's it's a wonderful thing and I'd like. Make it stronger and to bring this element into it I'd like to this beautiful color into my being and into my nature. in the medical model of thinking about things it's very much what's wrong. And how do I fix it? And that doesn't get us very far because we know from energy that whatever you put attention to. That's what you get. You ask all day long. What's wrong? What's wrong? What's wrong? And how can I fix it? You get the body, says Oh, we want to know what's wrong. Okay well, what about this? And what about this? You know it starts it gets ter- attention by what's wrong. We want a SIP that, so it gets your attention with what's right? What is working? What is Glorious and healthy and energized same and There's other bottles from other realms that do that better than the medical model for example. In Art or literature. We ask what are the elements, and how do they work together to convey meaning? In literature in language, we might ask what's being expressed here and What's needed for better communication? I in a spiritual. Which I think, your program goes into that a lot in various spiritual models. They often ask well. How does this? How do the spirit mind and body co-creator reality? They work so keillor's. We don't have to limit ourselves to what's happening with our chemistry. When we switch over to what's happening with the energetic language, the world opens up. and. We all know a lot of this. And that means all of your listeners are expert in some realm of communication, or they wouldn't understand the words we're using now. Absolutely and I think to make it easier for our listeners to comprehend what we're talking about here. I think what you're suggesting is. When it comes to language, and if you just look at the language that we use on a day to day, basis, what we're trying to communicate is not just words are just or these words signify, but it's like a sending off a lot of information like a package of information, and only limit ourselves just to the words been missing out on a lot of the communication and I think one thing that you mentioned in your book is the use of Hall of phrases right. Y Secretary Talk to about hollow phrases, which I think, children or babies use a lot right in the book. Do talk a lot about I. Try to give the readers a total immersed experience in the language of energy. You know it's not a language guide with Caballero Larry. Dialogues really is I. Try to punch you into awakening. How you already know this language. It's their first language and so but I do hear it to how? To learn their first language, because it's not a foreign language come. How it is the user's manual that's built into our bodies. Our baseline language so. A whole of phrase when babies learning a language what starts as they learn a single word, they'll say up and up doesn't just mean the direction up. It means Mama I want to get up. I WANNA be held I WANNA. Put My high chair so I could eat or I want to get up to level with the adults so I can see what's going on, so they will use that word up up up to mean a whole. Whole lot of different things, and then the adults around them start saying. Oh, you want me to lift you up. Oh, you want to greet your high chair. Oh you WANNA. Look me in. The eye starts helping. The child put more words and more language to Holo Fraser that experience, and so in learning to use the language of energy I encouraged my readers to start with those hall of phrases for example. There was a woman who. Noticed that she was having had a panic attack. It was a very sophisticated professional. She did very well. You know she was very Property in the. But every once in a while, she'd have this little panic. Attack Inside where should revert back to a scared kid who Who was at the mercy of adults who are out of control. She grew up with around alcoholics, so she discovered that if she just gently stroked her wrist. She could do this almost anywhere or just even touched her wrist. After wellstone didn't even have the stroke. You can just put her hands there. It would calm that tile, so that gesture became a whole of phrase in her ability to communicate with her energetic, being with her younger self with her body self with her mind, and with your spirit, and that was a base Book. Word in her energy vocabulary. It might not work for you. You might need a different one. But if each of us develop Berry, unique and individualistic gestures patches images, even words you know for me the word There's actually a word. I love that I learned from Croatian I know this is really abstract, because I love the sound of it, and it was perfectly I got which means baggage doesn't mean anything, but to me. It's come to mean a delight in how cool something can be. What's the word again? It's perfectly Aga. It doesn't have it doesn't have many. Balls only got confidence, and it's really I think it's a cool word and for me. I just appropriated it. I don't use it to mean baggage I use it to mean something that is so cool in and of itself, it just has to be appreciated for its own self. that. is, but it's also my private code. Someone else who knows Croatian. Hear me say that. And why are you talking about baggage? That's so interesting. So how many languages do you speak today I mean? Cost Linguistics, do speak. Many languages her. I can read and speak in about six or seven, if I have some from time to reread them and bring them back to the front. What I learned I studied about twelve of them and what I learned is every time I learned the new language after awhile and other one would fall out the back, my my brain. Didn't WANNA hold them all at once. So yeah, when I'm going to travel in the country I'll pull up a novel or something, and read it and bring the cavalry. It's just I was obsessed with language. It's one of the things that you know one of the gifts that I was blessed with. Absolutely and I've heard that. Learning a language allows you to. Enter into a way of life and a way of experiencing things that limiting yourself to the language that you're already speaking does not because I think that there's a certain way of expressing certain way of feeling energy, also, that might be happening in USA. Were says what is happening in India or Australia or maybe a Japan. All sort of subtly in a nuance to a different and I think learning the language is. Our language allows you to do that right? Yes, I had a kind of challenging childhood so when I learned my first language I really believed I could have a whole different persona or personally. Experience in that other language, and even my voice was different in different languages. I thought was weird, but I wanNA say something for your listeners. Those of you sitting there going. Oh I'm not good with languages. Sure you are. You're fluent enough in English to understand this conversation, of course good with languages and what I'm talking about in the language, your body speaks. It's not about foreign language. It's about your first language, English, or and or you know Chinese French or whatever language you speak, every day is not your first language. Energy is our first language, and then we learn the verbal language infants long before they learn how to talk can. Even baby sign language can understand gesture or facial expressions or tone of voice I mean my my cat doesn't speak English, but she's certainly can communicate with me. In non verbal ways, so part of learning to use energy to heal, yourself is reclaiming the. The nonverbal language built into the body mind and spirit, and it's not something for, and it's not something you have to go learn, and you don't need a special gift to get it. Built in we all it, we just have been taught. Ignore it and go right to the words and the formal language. That's the that's amazing. I mean. So what you're saying essentially is. Doing just limit the. Communication to what you're hearing, but look at the whole person. Look at their aura. Look at the. facial expressions look at the body language. Look at whether they're pointing at you or pointing in the other direction. You know taking all that information. And I love that animals, and I I don't have to know this, but I've been seeing a lot of pet videos nowadays since everyone's at home. Seeing these videos where animals are almost like humans in their ability to either communicate love. Communicate warning. Attention are communicated. That are disappointed with the human that they live with. And I was almost baffert that it's possible with cats or dogs. Maybe other animals as well so it's crazy. Yeah Yeah, I think I talk about the body in the book, and I talk about body life, and my earth elemental sell it's. Like a dog or a cat and Austin I think that healing involves especially energy, healing or spiritual healing. It involves doing things that really help the body, the creature self get the memo when we do a lot of visualization when we do a lot of spiritual techniques. They're awesome. But, it's not always true that the body gets the memo so the mind and the spirit can have this transcendent moment, and then you come out of your meditation or something, and you still have the hour on your knee. Have to have techniques that that bring that Earth elemental creature into the conversation so I want my cat to understand me. I'm not gonNA form and elegant paragraph explaining in High Falutin logic why she should stop jumping on the counter. because. You know they'd be a beautiful expression, but she's still going to jump on the counter. I need to be able to communicate in her own language, and so that's something I'd go into a lot in the book is we need to communicate with our body self in their own language? We need to train the mind. To speak that language because too often. We have an experience and we take right to our brain. What does that mean? What's what's? It's symbolic meaning. What's it? What's the implication? And it's up in her head and we haven't responded to the body to say hey, thanks, that was a nice sensation or you're paying. What can I do for you? And you do that to an infant, and if an instant starts crying, most of us would immediately pick that infant. Cuddle him or her. Cradle her say what can I do. It's OK and start helping net infant. find consolation, but we don't feed our bodies that way. We go right to Dr Find What's wrong. How can I fix it a? Why are you going wrong or we start yelling at the body we start. We don't treat our bodies very well. And then we wonder why. 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That's get curable dot com forward slash action tribe I just spoke with the baby. Something came to my mind, which could be another use of Hall of phrase? because if you think about what baby does decry. And then adults cry to. Decry for different reasons. Back to for babies crying, you would not assumed that the baby has been rejected. Are The baby has gone through? A divorce are right. Babies crying most likely because it's hungry. Because he wants attention. Adult was cry because of something. That's more complex that's going on. But they both growing. Yes, however it and I. It's so true. The adult. WHO's crying, because don't divorce is also hungry and also wants love okay so to respond to that sadness. We don't always have to go to a deep analysis of the emotions. If you see the emotion as an expression of an energy state, it goes down to this creature, self expressive it with Statements of what is needed. Yes. What's wrong? But it goes beyond what Ron to say. What do I need and I need food or I need? Love or I need attention, I need to be held or need to be taken out of this wet diapers uncomfortable. Anyone who's gone through a divorce knows yeah on some level. That's why we're crying. Out To. I do not want to thirty diaper in my life. Any more you know we, the mind has been trained to take it to more sophisticated analysis that huts the body out of the process of healing. Well the trick and learning to to communicate using energy and speak energy is to learn how to bring the body and the earth elemental self. Back into that dialogue, but also get the mind off the Highfalutin analysis. Sometimes I love that stuff, but sometimes we have to go back to when you understand that when you feel like crap and you just WanNa, lie around and do nothing and Binge Binge Watch television, or overeat that you're just getting enough putts and love, and what can I bring you right in this moment bites now what is needed right now by this body, mind and spirit? The mind will say I need to get another relationship, or I need a different job or I need to move. Maybe those solutions will help, but in this moment none of those will help what. What will address what's being communicated through the emotion through the sensation through the symptom in this moment in a very baseline? Physical is but also spiritual way when I hold the infant and console her. It's not just you know I can't put her on a machine that rocks her and get the same effect I am consoling her body, mind and spirit all at once I'm talking or footing I'm holding rocking I'm loving looking at her with love I'm bringing my soul juice, my energy and embellishing her in messages of safety and comfort. It's it's a very multidimensional communication that we engage in all the time. We teach ourselves how to do with ourselves all the time. I go through every moment of every day. Being body, mind and spirit, not in mind or spirit so sort of help us unravel some more one of the three sales because you talk about three sales, right in your book, so what are the three so and then I asked if you could sort of juxtaposed them together. So there you know we talk about body, mind and spirit and a lot of the literature I use different language for some for a various variety of reasons I talk about the earth, elemental self, which is your creature yourself and the instrument of the Earth, elemental self has built in sensors that allow us to sense. What's going on with the planet? That's allow us to tune into. What's going on with other people when someone says I'm not psychic. I think Oh. You are psychic. You've got a body. Of course your psychic you don't have it turned down because you're not tuned into your body on that level to hear those signals, but of course you've got the equipment if You know so so that's the earth elemental self. We have what I call talking self, which might be considered the mind, but again it's not the brain. It is the the self decrease dramas. That's crates identities. You know that calls you. Aj a meet Ellen. You know, and and it's multiple. Not You know yes. I have the Ellen that my mother. No Listen I. Have the Ellen that my best friend knows I. Have the Ellen that maybe some stranger meets. We have different. Dimensions of parking so now I. I'll tell the third self is the wiser self, and the wiser self is the spirit that animates us. That is kind of your particular flavor of soul, and when I looked at you. You know I senior stole you know I, see your beautiful eyes in, and I your beautiful body, but I also see a soul signing through. And if you look at a dead person, you don't see that so well because there's you know that's not. The animation is an active. So. We? Have these three stumps, but they're not separate they are. On a continuum from more abstract to more concrete. It's like here's my soul. It creates a mind creates a body, and the energy flows between them and the experiences at each level. it's Iraq and form of very rich experience of being embodied on earth, and each one has a focus, might earth elemental self is focused on the here, and now like my dog or cat. They don't care about what's going to happen next week. They want now. You know he want what they want. Now that's the earth elemental self, and we have to honor that, but we have to recognize pocking self also all over the. The universe she goes engine nation to visit by land rights. He goes in imagination to think about what I'm. GonNa do in three weeks when I'm I'm in in the seminar goes back to the past and says oh remember that time one. Her timeframe is totally different from the bodies timeframe and the sole timeframe this the wiser timeframe is even bigger. Remember that lifetime when I did this. Remember that lifetime when I did that. So how did they get together as a committee? How do we spend enough time in each of those? Focus. Areas. And how do we integrate those Boca Point? So one of them are two of them. Don't get left out. If the body is constantly left out, she's going to squawk or he's going to squawk with symptoms. He's GonNa get illnesses, chronic complaints, and when if we don't respond then they get stronger and stronger and they. They snowball into illness. That's that's why I think it's useful to think of the three selves, because you can think about your day and look at when was I really focused in my mental self Wehrley focused just in being a creature, and when was I focused in these personalities I'm constructing and listed as herself. When was I listening to my soul, and my spirit, and my inner guidance, and you have to have all three. We can't just be one or just be the other. and. You know we see this in practitioners. For example I had a wonderful. Meditation teacher she was so awake and alive, and she was very good at mindfulness, so she was really attuned to her body, but also spent many many many hours in meditation pose and tanked her back her back. Just you know couldn't hold the stress of that pose. In the number of hours she put into that pose an got older. She had horrible excruciating back problem. Touch her back with saying. Hey, I'm glad you're paying attention to me. But if you were listening, I was saying Hey, get off the cushion. Go for a walk. And that's not to put sitting meditation down. It's to say anything we. Overemphasize the athlete who overemphasizes the body at the to the detriment of the mind or soul also get signals from the mind and soul who maybe change the program? Thanks a lot for explaining to us that. Somebody who's listening to this? Episode Lameta. Ward aspect of their cells. They're paying too much attention to. They can at least to learn about the importance of balance, and then do more of the other activities, which is so important, inertia thing far the overall body. So. Doctors about your story about. Becoming a healer I. Know that Your Life. Has Been Many, many different steps that you took towards your body of firstly healing yourself, and then going about hitting others. But how did you become a heater? Warp was that face. Are Maybe that instance where you realize that you know. You're on this mission to heal other people. Yeah, it was one of those accidental things I. Mean I I'd like to say. Do it this way, but I. Don't think it came from May I. Think I felt really guided. To do it and what happened was that when I got recovered from being ill, and and then got called to come in and be a medical intuitive people just started calling making appointments, and at the time I was a professor I was teaching creative writing at a university in California, and at the end of the year I had to make a decision because I had. Had so many clients wanting to come for healings and also channeled readings I had to make a decision that might gonNA continue on the path of being an end of writing teacher, or am I going to be an energy healer, so I decided well. Hey, this one. I don't have to grade papers, so that's the thing that was really appealing to me at the time. So I. Just I just let people know I started offering classes, and it just unfolded, and you know I think there are people who decide to do something and do it very very very very well, but some of us. Get to where we're going by just taking one step at a time in it unfolds, and we could get frustrated. We WanNA get over here, and our latest takes us over here, and and and yet sometimes over. Here is the best way to get to that goal. I do believe we have an inner guidance system. I. You know you don't have to believe in spirits or any of that stuff again. I just think the body's got a built in guidance system. When we listen to it, you know that quiet, still voice within. Hey, that's almost a quote. It will guide us to the next thing, and sometimes the next thing doesn't make sense to us or to other people. And and we have to test it I mean if if the guidance says well, let's try walking in fire and I. Don't want to bother with training I'd say no. Get the training. Then try. If you really feel compelled to walk in fire, get the training. But. I, feel like it guides us so I could not do formal training until I had already been a professional healer for twenty some twenty three years, but I did explore different modalities. I was in groups where we with different practitioners where we each shared. What what are you doing your modality with this? What do you do when you have this situation? And we did compare tools and methods and insights about healing. I did do supervision with a therapist supervisor to make sure I was doing an ethical practice and I did four years very intensive supervision so so used professional. Professional tools, but but then after about twenty three years, what happened was I got very very ill and couldn't heal myself, and it was to be honest. It was daily Migraines I had fifteen years of daily Migraines, and I did everything I could have. I could've helped someone else. I knew what to do for someone else. I couldn't move it myself. And so I went to the bookstore, looking for inspiration and Donna edens book fell off the bookshelf into my hands. her book, Energy Medicine, which is your leader. Your folks at all get in read. It's wonderful and I read it and I. Thought Oh my Gosh. She's the real deal for book is a lot about self healing. And within a week I was on I was down in in another city, doing an intensive training in her program, and I went, went ahead, and became certified, and on as an advanced practitioner with her modality, and so I use it a lot together with all the work. That I've developed over the years as my foundational practice because it is, I think one of the premier modalities that are focused on self healing, so there's lots of great modalities out there and I. Love to dip into them and learn from them. But I also believe that we can't afford to go to a practitioner every day. His keep us well I think we have to learn you know we get spinach and our teeth. We have to learn to the spinach out of our seats. Go to a dentist every day to clean my teeth, and I can't go to a hairdresser to to keep my hair. Need or whatever I wanted to for the haircut or the. You know the deep of work. I have to be a skilled steward of this body mind. Spirit complex. That is unique so I. Don't know way off track of how did I become a healer, but my whole practice has been focused on. How can I help you become your own healer, your own psychic, your own intuitive, your own empowered being, and not with with real concrete tools I mean I. don't want to be told this. Empower you you know I. Don't WanNa. Talk in jargon. I WANNA say which makes you feel better, washing dishes or bowling? You know what makes your energy sing? Specifically. Is it riding a bike? Is it lying in bed with a book is? Call that lifestyle medicine everything in life is energy so everything life becomes an energy medicine that we can do to address are energetic state in any given moment. So I, try to help. People navigate that kind of ongoing dialogue with themselves. And that's been my practice for thirty six years now. So so when you begin that healer and Like you mentioned you had to make a decision whether to stick with your your job at the university, our branch off as a healer and supporting other people so hard, you go about sort of supporting yourself financially when you first started out like what's the story like? Did you face financial difficulties? 'cause that's a lot of questions I received from. You know people in our community. A lot of people think are feeling. They want to be a healer, but when they embark coward as an intuitive or a heater or some other person who's supporting someone's healing process. Sometimes becomes difficult, right? So what sorts you ask. Yeah, it's a hard one. That was not something that I've had to struggle with but I think it's because. Of A less than my teachers gave me very early. Actually when I was writing my dissertation, they said every day right the heart of what you WANNA say. Just. Sit Down and write the heart of what you want to stay right the heart of what what is true for you today and when you've got enough pieces, you'll see how to stitch them together. So I just said. Well I'm just going to take a leap of faith. And I have to savings because you know I had. Jobs before so I had some savings, and so it wasn't a terrible risk, and I had a lot of friends so I thought well okay, you know and what happened was that I didn't advertise at all. It was all word of mouth, and this was before will was quite so popular. I mean back in the eighties. It was just starting to be interesting to some people, but you know being a professional was not something. Apparent would be excited to hear. Their child had done, but I didn't set out to be a professional rule I said I'm going to pursue this activity because I love it, and if I need to, I can get an editing job. I can get a part time job, and then I just what would happen is people would call. They tell other people they would call. I had fill practice within. A I mean that's why I had to quit my job because my practice was already getting full so for a year I had two jobs and then dropped the the teaching. and. Then what happened I noticed was if I needed to rest. No one would call. And I think Oh. My God I've lost my Mojo I'M NOT GONNA! Make any money and I think or I'll go get a job, but I'll just see how how it unfolds, and so I take my rest, and when I was arrested, the phone would ring, and the calls would come, and I'd have more clients I did teach classes I ended up teaching in consciousness. Studies program some one of my students. My clients was a student there and you know brought me in and. And had them hire me as a faculty member, it was one of those magical things of that. You know isn't instructive. Anyone else except you know I agree with. Oh I'm going to do another quote that I couldn't think of any I agree with Joseph. Cambell follow your bliss. You know that I was following my bliss. I was following something that my soul. My whole life had prepared needs to do, and if we don't know what it is if you've got a client, says. Our Listener, who says I don't really know what that is, then we just have to start with small well bits of bliss, but you know I. Really know that I love. Talking with people, and then you just find opportunities to talk with people in ways and see how you can build on that so It's not about marketing yourself. It is about doing what you love and finding opportunities. -tunities to do it and then convening other people who love that and getting to pay you to convene them. And over time you know enough that maybe you can be a good teacher of it because you've got an a lot to say, but my teaching style is is usually seen in anyway. So. I don't know if that's helpful to your people, but it's it's about not trying. It's about having it's about living and if you're living, you're listening. You don't can't make a living from it, but you have another skill that gives you money. Then balance it out. There were a couple years in there I didn't have trouble. Making money started getting burned out onto much psychic healing work. It was just it started boring because I was doing too much. Much of it so I went and you know I I did international development work the using my communications background. It's not seating to have a career that's got five different kinds of blossoms on it. You know it doesn't have to be linear ladder so That's what my suggestion is. Don't it's not a test of how good you are whether you can make money from being a professional boo or professional healer or professional spiritual teacher. It is Money is a very skewed energy form. We don't we pay people a lot of money to carry a football around and tackle other people and we pay mothers nothing. We know it's a skewed energy form. We know that it doesn't aligned with most of our values. So. The the money to determine your value is. We have to let the value determine what we're willing to do to participate in the money economy. And I think a lot of people realize down there. What they're looking for is not money. Really looking for is freedom is the ability to do what they want when they want with whomever, they want and not having anyone to tell them what to do not to do right. We don't want those Lamborghini cars that big mansion or that you aren't. We just want freedom. And so I received downward yesterday as I was dating and what the universe stored me was you know, don't worry about. You know how much money you're gonNA make worry about taking care of somebody else you know. Worry about being. Having that empathy to care about somebody whether it's somebody who listens to your show or somebody that is your client, or because if you care for somebody enough. I wouldn't do its part. About supporting you on your journey, and that could be money that could be free trips free status because you don't get work done with the money you get it. You're taking care of and I think that could. That is something that people could use their journey as well now you've shared one spiritual experience that you had earlier on in your life where you had. Somebody nor does that. Your grandmother was sort of beside you in trying to communicate with you. Do any other mystical or spiritual experiences. Come to your mind, something that maybe speed is, but you. You can't quite explain even to today. Gosh it's an everyday experience for me every single day I get some message some insights some guidance, and it turns out to be kind of touched on that I can use to unpack and understand and navigate my experience and and and there's been a lot of synchronicity, and I know as people start to awaken and listen to sort of the symbolic universe of energies. Often there is a lot of synchronicity, and it's Kinda cool I was just thinking about my mother, and then the phone rings. You and you know it's not just about being psychic. It's just about being tuned into that level of communication. That's going on all the time. All the energies of mind body and spirit are communicating beneath the surface of our awareness, and the more you dip into it and listen to it and participate in it, the more it's just bear, so you know I had funny experiences. when I was in graduate school I was walking down the street they can. You don't quite have enough money right now I need I. wouldn't it be great if I could just get like a I've a job one day a week? And I was I, walked into this esoteric bookstore. It was a new age bookstore because someone had sent me. I was looking for a particular book and the Guy. It looked up from the cash register and he said you wouldn't be interested in a job one day a week, would you? And I thought well, yes, as a matter of fact, I would and. And I worked there for a couple of years and through that Bookstore I got in touch with lots of different spiritual traditions and got a really beautiful education. I didn't get a lot of money. It turned out. He paid me a book a lot, but I've got a wonderful wonderful education and. in the in the spiritual rounds so but the thing that I think I wanNA point too because we're always looking for these miracles. Actually. Can I. Tell a story about a client who had a miracle? Because I think this is a is a good illustration. It's in my book I had a client who was a Catholic nun, and she came to me for a psychic reading. Years and years ago, and she was having an a healing she had both and She had a problem elbow was Taylor entering her elbow, and it wasn't healing and having great difficulty because she worked in a school, she couldn't pick the kids up. She couldn't do her job well, and everybody counted on her. She was she was. Very important to her whole community, so interest really mad that the elbow wouldn't heal and she didn't WanNa hear. The advice will give it a break you know. Take take a month off and don't use it, and it can heal. She was really mad about that. And and I said well what you told me about. What makes you mad and she said well. Here's the deal ten years ago. I had a cancerous tumor on my foot. And, prayed and prayed to God. I really wanted God to remove this tumor. The doctor said I had to schedule a surgery and I scheduled the surgery, but I didn't want the surgery I felt like I. Were Spiritual Enough? God would remove that tumor for me, and she said and I prayed, and I prayed and I. Did everything I, I need to do and I felt like a real failure as a non because that tumor wasn't going away and then one night I had a real awakening and I realized by will not my will be done and. And that I needed to surrender surgery as a healing for my foot, which was an interesting awareness, and you could say it was a psychic moment, however, what happened was she was scheduled to have the surgery in the next day, and so about six seven in the morning, so around four or five in the morning she was awakened from asleep, and there was this light coming through the window, and shining right onto her foot, right on the tumor was very very bright, light felt all this tangling, and as she watched, the tumor shrank and Franken shrank disappeared. And she knew that the cancer was gone and that big given miracle. and. and. She said it's totally transformed my relationship with faith and with God and here I am and I'm mad at myself that I can't do the same thing with my elbow. And I asked her. Would you need another miracle in order to believe in in God and your your path and she said Oh. No, no, no I believe in that that that was settled with tumor. And by Steph will maybe the miracle here is your being willing to trust that if you stop teaching for a month or two and let other people step in for you, the world won't fall apart if listened to your body and let this miracle guide you in this moment. That's just as much of a miracle as the light coming through the window. Now that was more exciting story. We have miracle epic moments, F. Lee way when we tune into how miraculously we are I. mean we're really cool. Beings get guidance. We have miracles. I mean just how we're structured is just it's a really wonderful. Light Show, you know it's a real wonderful thing to watch and participate in, and so the guidance is always there, and as I said earlier what I really want to say. The listeners because I've got some great stories about real bar out. We'll guidance. Is Ask the question. Don't say, please give me a really far will experience because I know someone who did that. He ended up in a Mental Hospital when his laney awakened all of a sudden now just say and I feel wakened to something that will animate and delight my spirit. That will train my mind. Will bring my body to more wholeness. Can I be shown those kinds of guidance and you're GONNA get all kinds of stuff. It doesn't always come in the same moment. You might have to wait twenty four to forty eight hours. We plant the seeds. We have to sometimes wait for the the plant to. Take root sprout permission et CETERA. Thanks for shedding so actually try but just ask these open under questions and be ready to whatever comes your way and be able to notice them as well. Don't be close to something that you feel will manifest so let's talk about fears for a moment. Ellen Ratner subconscious fears within US most of them irrational. Some of these fears have a way of holding back from the life that we truly want live all the life that is meant. To bring our best sales out, so the person go about overcoming these irrational subconscious fears using energy our dialogue of energy. I love that question. That's a good one first of all. I think we need to unpack the concept of fear. Because sometimes we call, fear is in fact out. It's actually a mental state I'm doubting I can be good enough. I'm doubting that it'll be successful I'm I'm thinking of scenarios? In which one I want won't happen and those are all aspects of the mind, and there are lots of things you can do with the mind to pull it off the doubt the path. You can sing a nice song that you love. To sing a song, and if you really get into singing the song, it's really hard to keep thinking the thoughts in that moment, so that's part of fear, and then there's a physiological fear of of what I call your gatekeeper. Now you're gatekeeper is your immune system. It's your physical, emotional, energetic, spiritual immune system, and he keeps case of self. It's just a mechanism. We we know it is immune system, but it is keeper of our fear. It tells us this can come in. This has to stay out. This is safe. This is dangerous, right? Fear is about what's going to keep me safe. What's GonNa, keep me hall. The antidote to fear then his security, and it's not the idea of security. Although ten million in the bank would maybe be helpful I. Don't know it's in this moment. What can I do to address that that sense of danger of violation of insecurity well and I have a lot in the book. Lots lots of activities and exercises. You can create a better boundary around. Around yourself you know just figuring the edge of your oral all the way around figure eight between the YOU and the not you to strengthen what I call the smart filter which sits at the edge of the aura and filters experiences in terms of what's safe. What can come in what's dangerous? What should stay out the longer? You're smart, filthier less fear. You'RE GONNA feel. You can. Take your two hands. Rub them together. I call these healing hands. You Save Your left hand. Where do you WanNa go right now, but it's somewhere around. The body or field wants to go okay I'M GONNA. Put right here. Take your other and people should do this with me. Why not get the benefit? Unless you're drive, don't do this. If you're driving. Okay, so take your hand your other hand say. Where do you WanNa go right now? Line wants to go here. which is that convenient picture? But that's where mine must go, but where's your hand WanNa go? It may be different from where my hand wants to go right on in this business, speaking to something in my body mind communication. The Hands Speak Energy Pretty fluently. So if you use your hands to speak to the fear, the rather than your brain, which is probably co created the fear. Your hands dough you a path. What I do is just keep moving. Does this hand want to move okay now? I'M GONNA put it here. Does this hand to move now? It's going here. This hand WanNa move okay, and over time I did that faster than you would normally do it. It creates a circuit that makes you feel whole and safe again it calms not only the fear, but the anger or any other energy that is galloping out of balance. So simple tools like that. When you speak the language, simple vocabulary work right. God God love that a lot for sharing. And the fact that the Healing hands can guide us to where we did healing the most, and the fact that it's a process, and just because you have that irrational fear within sometimes it takes time to sort of yourself because it's a process. Fuck you know step by step, and it's not always language, but sometimes it's you know beyond language and speaking of board beyond language you give a lot of emphasis in your book to shapes and structures when it comes to healing. And I've read a lot about sacred geometry that can initiate a healing response, and you talk about the stark Detroit Hadrian Xinzhou. Sadako Hubbert how ships can help us balance our energy. Maybe talk about the star particular. Yeah in an I'll compare it I'll. I'll make an analogy to language should light. We don't just have words. We have phrases. We have sentence structure we have. We have grammar light we we have syntax grammar, and that's all to say that we go beyond that whole phrase of the single word. We put them together to mean something. And so. In energy work, it's not just pure energy. It's not just okay. I'm going to bring in the late now. GonNa Bring in the sound now those are the building blocks vocabulary, but then how do we shape that sound? How do we shape that that color? How do we shape a movement and so I talk about shape both literal safe like a geometric shape, but still talk rhythm, which is part of how we and and tuning how we shape found. So so the body responds to shape in a more holistic way like all around the world. People draw this heart shape. I've heard Don Eden. Talk about this to our world. People through heart-shaped. It's not the anatomical safe heart. But around the world when you do this. People know that you're expressing love. You're not sending them an anatomical heart. You're sending them. The energy that is the comes to through the heart chocolate ice. This symbol. This symbol speaks all over the body. So if you're feeling unloved, start tracing hearts all over your body, because body understands that universal safe. Right and there's other universal safes. One is the five pointed star now that the find that in Chinese medicine, but you also find it in traditional pagan. Religions and you also find it in native American traditions this Dr seems to have universal meaning. Of balancing all are elements. Of Patrol and flow. And so you could take the five pointed star and the circle that surrounds it and draw that on your physical alleys, and it helps to organize the energies. It's like doing acupressure acupuncture on yourself. It can be powerful to recalibrate the communication of energies in one place in that one moment, so that's you know so I talk about not only universal states i. You know the circle has a universal safe. It's something that has no beginning to no end. The figure eight is the shape that energies travel in so. Say the more. Figure rates they see someone's aura in their energy field, the healthier that person is well. That's start drying. Ring, figure. Because if the more the better I am, the weakest talking hands are speaking our energy, speaking hands to bring that interject truth into our now and one thing I want to stay about healing is is that if we aren't in the now? It's almost impossible to heal if we're thinking of the twenty steps, we need to do to get to this goal. We want that. We're going to get frustrated if we don't love step number two on its own terms and really inhabited. Because it own inhabit step number two. You don't have the foundation for whatever other steps are going to take, so it's about bringing the reality of I. Guess Maybe I have a diagnosis. Maybe I've been told I have Parkinson's. But in this moment, but this body need body mind spirit needs to be more whole work better to have energies have good form. Good new. Orleans joined that I'm not getting. Do I need love? Do I need colors I need? Inspiration, what do I need in this moment that fuels knee and what can I used to organize it, and so the shapes are one of the tools that I offers for organizing energy in this moment. And you know if you have moment after moment after moment of bringing your attention, find not fixing things. This isn't about spending your whole life fixing what's wrong? This is about spending your whole life living what fight living. What's? Living what has the most potential for you in that moment? It's now. You're giving me now. I'm thinking all kinds of posts. I could think of at the beginning. Oath postponed joy. I. Don't post. At a fixation! And when we do that. The entity returns to us. The money returns to US everything. If you don't do it in order to get the returned his do it because it's the best most wonderful thing to do, and the return then almost doesn't matter. The return is the next moment. You don't have to worry about that. Because then that next you'll have a new inspiration and a new shape and a new fuel and a new Haskell challenge that hopefully it can make it fun. I mean if you're going through your day, I had a client the other day. Who has had chronic chronic fatigue changes could not be per energy. So I I asked her okay. Are you the kind of person when you eat? Do you eat all the all the stuff? You don't like I and leave the best light. Bite to last or you take. The favorite thing is the first bite. And then. Work your way down to the things. You don't like so much on your plate. Oh I always save the best bike to last. I always eat you know whatever vegetables I might not like, or whatever I put on the play because I felt I had to I always start with that. And I said well. How is it in your life? She said Oh I get up in the morning. I have a list of chores. I do. Everything has to be done, and then if I have energy at the end of the day. Maybe I'll get to what would really feed me or fulfill me. And so you ask why you're tired all the time. You're not going for the thing that gives you fuel. What if you turn it around? Get up and do something that fuels you bursting first thing in the morning do something that feeds you on a deep level, and that doesn't have to be spirituality I mean for some people you know. Cleaning the dishes from last night can be. Ritual ironies in. Task is, but whatever fulfils you do that first, and then maybe you intersperse things you have to do, but you have to keep building the fuel up because if you don't keep refueling the day. You. Get fatigued and then you can't do. It. Everything becomes an obligation, but I ever get what I really want. That's pretty interesting to look at things that we in terms of you know when you having me. Let you really liked you. Wait for. Do you have the Fox that you don't like first and then have to think that you really want like I remember when I was a kid and we used to have shrimps is to wait to the last. Have the shrimps because I love the strips, but then now I know if you look at the law of diminishing returns, the more you eat, the list full. You are so technically the amount of. Satisfaction that you can draw from the when when you hold it to. The last is less as opposed if you gobble up immediately hungry, and so it's interesting to look at what Decision Speaker Dick. And how that decision? Making can apply in their life. So, and in your book you talk about you know, touch the burdens of Dutch and role that it plays when it comes to healing doctors a little bit about the importance of touch. Then talk about also what a person doesn't have access to that Dutch. How can they get the benefits of Dutch in their lives as well because aren't everyone has access to that. Don't even has maybe significant. Other are to have people around them, but the people. May Not be so touchy feely. I'm going to disagree with you a little bit. We don't all have access to other people touching us. But, if you have hands at all, you have access to your own patch. You don't have. You. Could you know and and arms? You go to your shoulder? You can put your legs together hatch, is it? Did you know are the sense of feeler touches our largest sense organ? It's our whole being so it. It is also maybe the first part of the vocabulary of the language of energy that we have access to see four. We learn all the other parts of the language of energy. We learned top. and. Those people don't have that die. Babies who aren't touched at all they die I. Mean there's all these research. Things were kids who don't get the stimulation touch. They don't survive. That's vital this to us. So think about what happens in a culture that sexualize US touch, which is America for now. The American. Has has has a very skewed sense of sexuality and they've. They've equated touch with sexual activity. We can't just touch child because it suspect with a stranger is suspect and I'm not saying we ought to be able to. It's how sad it is that this vital part of our instrumental communication is cut off because we have a skewed relationship to sexuality. Wouldn't it be nice if that could be healed so that if i? If I liked you, it would be natural to reach out and just cut your face Ramon and say what is what is your soul? You are and you wouldn't make. Fun To me, you know. Why would you think that you know and I can? I can signal it in other ways, but we don't have a way to interpret touch because where. America, it's a puritan culture now in Italy. There's other issues. and Italy's better at touching. They're better at speaking with their hands so they Italian should be very very good with language of energy s should Hispanics Rice, but You don't have the what I talk about touch. I'm starting with self touch. A Fathy and I'm up in my brain. That's not who's going to help me right now. I gotTA GET DOWN IN MY hands. Really quick my feet. You know I can trump my feet in the grass and the first history. The Earth could touch me and ten feed me and nurse me, and that is tough. That's feel and touch. It's. To that language, because that language is so eloquent, and it speaks to the body more directly than any other form of vocabulary I mean sound influences us light influences and color influences. Rhythm on direct Boeing lots of things influence the energies, but. Is One of the most primal and primary, so if you aren't touchy feely in the privacy of your room, don't do this in public in the privacy of your space started experiencing touching yourself and I'm not talking about the sexual touch on talking about how touch yourself to console yourself. How do you attach yourself to congratulate yourself? To to to cure yourself on how you touch yourself. Just recognize the moment. How do you touch yourself to give support? Et Cetera, whatever you might want from another person hand you come up with a touch, warned yourself. That communicates what your journey to get from someone else because if you have a well developed. Self touch. Dialogue going on. You don't need that from other people. It's nice when you get it, but you feel really loved. You feel really seeing you'll feel really heard feel really met. You feel really held because you are. So if we're missing something. If you're missing something, step back and say. How could I provide this for myself? And of course when you do, provide it for yourself, you create an energy that attracts that and other people you know and. Love in all forms attracts other people. Lucky you better because. Look Happier. It looks more like someone. They WANNA know. And people aren't attracted uneasiness absolutely and thanks for sharing the importance of touch and that you do not need. Intimacy particularly touching from somebody else. You can touch yourself Gordon for a barefoot walk in the grass. or even get intimate with a certain part of your body without having to sexualize. Guys, I find yoga to be really useful in getting to know different parts Iffy Bardy like you wouldn't otherwise. Whether it's creating space or closing space. Even like this last evening there was a pause which I did where I was touching my leg. This data hoarding my leg hugging my leg. and. I think that's a useful because you don't have such experiences in day to day life without people thinking you're funny, are judging. That's a music So how does a person go about discovering purpose I think this is a question that a lot of people have about hundred years back. If your father worked in a factory, then that's what you would do if your father was a doctor and a lawyer. There's a high likelihood that you'd be doing the same thing. No social media notebook cast now youtube these days because it's so easy to access information. I think you'd. You'd has created an environment for multi talented people who like to do many things like the love marketing, but they also love healing work love writing in the mornings. They love making films sticking that day I for the camera. Sort advice you have for somebody who has might data into it has multiple interest who wants to find? They're calling Bibi discolored their purpose and I think you've alluded to dissipate and before in our interview, but maybe. Good share your thoughts on this stuff and I talked about it a lot in the book, so it's A. It's an excellent question I believe that. Energy is not generic soul. Energy is not too narrow were not all the same so. I. Can think of it as different flavors. You're a different combination of flavors that I am and so the recipes I'm GonNa. Make for myself are going to use the flavors that are. Built in to me as to you, so the things that people love to do usually are indications of what I call your soul feet. What are these streams of energy that fuel you that really makes you come alive that are the core flavors of your being the core, energetic truths of your being and very few people only have one energetic through so very few people really have one mission in life. Most of US learned that there are certain missions that we we get money for and ones we can't, and so that gets again distorted into gotta be a such and such. I have to be a healer and young. The healer. I'm a messenger. I'm a teacher, I'm a walker between the world's I'm you know I'm a visionary? I'm a safer framer I. Call it I have lots of core feeds, and those core feeds are truths of my nature, and I looked for activities that allow me to do. Those use those energies, so if you take make a list of everything you love either to do or to to be an audience for. It's going to give you some ideas about what the flavors that awakened your particular cell. What are the flavors that might feed you? You can also look at what you're good at an s your friends, you know. What do you think my particular gifts store? Not just talents, potentials are and they'll say oh, you know you're a natural networker, or you really love solving problems, your natural detective or you really like finishing things you finish my sentences all the time. You can't things undone. You love to plant seed. You never finish anything, but oh my God. Some of the plant are really cool, or you're a visionary, and you're up in the sky, but if you love to be in that realm, or you love to see things through beginning to middle to end your an implementer. And as you begin to see these roles and these purposes. He's energetic truths. You could start put together profile who you really are, and our culture is so often screwed Hewitt again if someone spends her life being a mother and go to a party and in America, of course, everyone asks what you do. That's not so true in Canada or other other. Countries, but the first thing you here at a party is oh, so what are you into? And the answer to be you know I'm an engineer I'm this and women would say oh. I'm just I'm just a housewife and a mother dust, as if that's not a sacred task to take care of the next generation, and again it comes from skewed value system. We don't have to buy into that. The new generation is so wonderful people about thirty five, and under and and I noticed I lived in Canada for many years, and it was much more acceptable there to have four or five things you love do, and in fact when I met People Party parties. They often ask me what you're volunteering work. You know they were interested in. What were the things I spent my time on. Whatever my official job title was because they assumed everybody had multiple interests. So what we have to do is we have to kind of reclaim are multiplicity and our specificity, the you and I are not the same flavors, and we're both delicious, and as our other people choose the food thing, but that's my earth coming out. And so how you find, your mission is by not trying to win it down and dilute it Duh Duh distill it down to one thing, but CNN as a mosaic or as a composite, that's created by how you choose to live and express yourself in your life, and not just outward, but what Njit's bring you most alive, and if you can answer that you know today, what brings me alive is reading this junk novel. Ben That's that's souls, purpose because something in that novel in the jumped dabble is going to be a thought or phrase that maybe two weeks later you find yourself giving to another person in a much less cheesy fashion. That will really help them. You Know Sh offs hotter for the fire of we. Alchemists all of US peaking experienced. Processing it the TAB allies in it and putting it out and other forms. And how you and your purpose is you look at what do I take in Kenai. metabolize at how metabolize it and process it. And then what what ways do I have to put that out. What forms are available to me? And frustrated people don't know their mission sometimes. They know they're missing. They just don't know what form. They can find out in. Thanks a lot for sharing. That's really really incredible. You share that because or keep to my mind is like as individuals you know we might not be doing just one thing. It sort of like a mosaic like you mentioned, and you might take discourse a that chorus, and read this book and come across this expedients or maybe go through this difficulty, but the way you express, it might be completely. Different maybe different as compared to how the author intended also and I think that's that expression is beautiful and the other thing I want to say is yesterday in my facebook I posted this question. If I were to give a dead dog. And what topic do you think? I should speak about because think that brings about what people think. You are good at or what? You would be great. I'd sharing talking about. And so thanks for sharing actually drive-by by hope. You enjoyed our session today. And you have now some insight into how you can start communicating with your energy and the different aspects of yourself the world around you, it's time to gather up parts of yourself that you thought was separate and use practices such as meditation or breath, work and yoga and journaling to go deep within so that you can connect with your higher self, and there's so much distraction in allies, especially with Youtube and social media in our mobile phones that we've forgotten to really be in touch with ourselves, our hearts, our emotions in our body to the key, then is to take a step back and any disconnect and then connect. Because as shock to go in one split, spiritual healing occurs as we begin to consciously reconnect with our essential, being the wise loving barthel creative entity that we are at our core. And with that being said we are now at our last round for today, which is guard the wisdom around four questions so that our listeners can take north. And Dick! So Ellen. Ward is the best piece of advice that you ever received. that energy is our first language. I. You know I got that guys that I got it from Donna Eden. It and if you could turn back time bed one hour with someone who is currently living are dead. WHO WOULD IT BE? Like the sit down with Gandhi. And what does it one thing you do in the morning or maybe in the evening before you sleep, that has improved the quality of your life. I check into my energies and I see what needs more connection or more attention and I spend a few moments attending or connecting and let helping thanks again finally. If you could recommend one book for our listeners, waterboarded would be. So my new book of court. Yes called the language your body speaks. But apart from that I would also recommend Dunedin's book. Entertain medicine and her is spelled M.. It's a wonderful book also will have bought these books in the show notes. Have you released your book on audible as well or is? It's not out on audible. Yet but if there's enough requests for it, maybe they'll do that, but at this point none none of the audible companies have picked it up, but it is available on kindle as well as Internet. US wish at it and I hope it comes on audible pretty soon because our listeners know that all of them receive one audible book free just for listening to this show, complimentary of audible dot COM with a with a thirty day trial so that they can check out what it's like to listen to a book as opposed to read a book. Because the truth is that listening is the new reading and the fact that you my friend are listening to this podcast right now proves my point and I definitely loves listening to all different audibles in my book, and I know for a fact that energy medicine by Donna even is available on audible, and you can pick it up for free so to try it out. Go to my suckers dot com slash free book once again. That's my seven chuck. BARRIS DOT COM follow slash free book to start listening to audible. So Ellen. Thank you so much for joining us today before you go one thing that you're grateful for. And how can we find you online? Apply? I'm grateful for anyone who has kind is I think we need a lot of time this right now and I'm grateful when I meet someone with. Is and how you can find out about me. Reach me. I have a website. WWW DOT, ellen meredith dot com, and my last name is spelled m. e. r.. E. D. I. T. H. Ellen Meredith. Dot Com but I also have a youtube channel for those who like to watch them listen, and it's energy wisdom them, no energy medicine, with Meredith Down a lot of stuff, one thing I do want to say because we're taping during a pandemic is that I have posted a free class. It's an eight video class on self health energy, medicine, self help tools for enhancing immunity and. Not just protecting yourself, but supporting yourself during this time of of desk talent. To we have this leagues also in the show, nerds actions drive if you WANNA, learn more about Ellen Ellen merited dot, com, or just check out our youtube channel and energy medicine with admired it, and I saw that she's guard this eight part video CDs as well as a CDs with Donna Eden like an interview based series, which is amazing, so actually tribe. If you're on Instagram, a screen shot of this episode and tag me so that I can share your story with our community. My handle is at my seven Shukla's at my seven checkers, and as I shared earlier, you'd like to download your twenty four page. Outlining some of my favorite ways to raise my way abrasions and start feeling better. Then visit my seven chocolate dot com slash feeling better now. My seven seven is a word myself could dot com follower slash feel better now in. Thank you so much for appearing on our show talking to us about the language of our energy taking us one step closer to acumen revolution. Thank you for listening to my set shot. At my son Chuck Push Dot Com. Mine, S. E., v.? CHOCOLATE DOT com.

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