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"eze mussalini" Discussed on Mickstape: The Barstool Basketball Podcast

Mickstape: The Barstool Basketball Podcast

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"eze mussalini" Discussed on Mickstape: The Barstool Basketball Podcast

"At once. They went through dual tables together. That felt like an official ceremony at least in Buffalo Standards on content. She said to ask us for his hand mirror designed she's going to be part of the part of the families. You're going to be party family yet. Maybe we just have Garrett the program just cut DNB APP. That'd be a much much better conversation. You guys can drink as many beers but I feel like Dana. I mean he's he's got things to say. There's no arguing that absolutely whether I did think a lot of this week was the I can't even call unreleased because we released it. Mush Dana. Podcast. There's going to be like man. Omai because every of the early sessions Michael Jackson imprint. When a group together what now they cut a couldn't eat peas like four song. Here they put on John. Cougar Mellencamp South. It was kind of a cold. Glass Cabin Carmichael lab playing the hits executive produced by holding eighty. Michael Hogan couldn't make my stand. What a what an ass over. That parent was names. Haw What do you think we're never going to hear again? Hoagland our whole now. I bet there is some about. There's some hoaglund still kicking around. I think he's gotta be aid off man in spelled that way HD Like I don't know I don't know about ever again because I would have liked Hitler's still relatively recent. So two hundred years might not but also people keep randomly bringing them up. Was the baseball coach or something. It you see. The soccer coach does brought him. Up was gonna find this story then. They asked him something he was like. Listen there's no doubt about it. Adolf Hitler was the Best I've ever let go is a college football go there. We go pretty quick type in the Hitler and coach not too. Many coach headline a football coach was suspended after he said he'd have dinner with Adolf Hitler. Listen let's skip you know. I don't agree with the Holocaust absolutely. But how Impreza Nazi dictator's leadership in an interview with College newspaper in the Mo and most of the Cuban. A Burger Discusses Coaching background in love with football. But then the student editor asked him which were historical figures. He'd like to have dinner with Burger. Chosen controversal is probably not going to get a a good review. But I'm going to say Adolf Hitler. It was obviously very sad. He had bad motives but the way he was able to leave with second to none how he rallied a group in filing. I WanNa know how you did that bad intentions. Of course but you can't deny was a great leader. The way he was able to get people to rally around him was crazy. The student journalists reply the Patriots of nineteen year old. That was Craz- no absolutely sick. Answer okay you got room for to Hitler and Osama bin Laden as tall as give Meryl Streep Hitler learned Streep Back at it again. Nobody's you talk about spinning a yarn of Hitler he had is on the edge of our seats. Even if you'd like first of all it that is the most like Freshman Year of college. Take a have. It's just like man. You WanNa talk about great orators. You you talk Dolf. No listen I gotTA seventy eight nine history one. I feel like I'm very qualified to speak on. That guy. Could rally the troops if you know what I mean. Perfect for some was him. Hitler John F. Kennedy and Christopher Columbus. Kennedy's just like I. I'd like to leave so so while for. What are you talking about a standard question? The softest ball by one old president one old musician one football goes softball. Ooh Eze Mussalini. Judy Chris you talk about turning your back on your friends. Jus I mean there's something to do something special a gosh. That's really just just the guy to kill. Jesus that's really want to get a beer with this is a. We'll get back to this. Someone tweeted yesterday Ten Day campaign which it so one point. Five million dollars in merchandise promotion was impromptu. One hundred percent organic and led by a previously unknown talent at data bait as disrespectful. Data's unknown I went on mix tape and got paraded several. Usually when he's right he's right. He brought those brations upon himself. Oh absolutely also give credit he when he when he shipped his lady back home he did you see video no very five hours ago. He's a time to get her honor flight on Standard Selfie video altruism. Having a grand old time. He's drinking a beer sure Long video it's about a minute. The only person who can who can remove a piece of luggage from a room big daddy. Trent gets her out of there. Move Now L. G. Train ending tread at he's is is new Major League Baseball on by like you. Don't get ejected anymore. Truck comes out and just wheels your luggage out dead pulls the collar on your shirt up like the handle. The tension of forty five degree angle. Enrolls you're listening. He put the shoulders up on your on your oversized suit like Kristen. Lead law like bugsy from Fresno looney tunes those Paula poundstone. The best. One I saw was looked like Tom when Tom and Jerry was about to go on a date. Tom and Jerry by the way. They just celebrated like an eightieth anniversary. That sounds right. That'd be kicking and that's insane but slowing at the right year. Here they still go on. It's not anniversary of the they still going away. Well a debuted eighty years ago. Today this was eight days ago. So can we add this Cartoon cat-and-mouse Fighting Razor Handle Light Racism as one of like. Yes they they may still make new episodes for. Boomerang I could see that. I mean he wouldn't go on no date. I know he not rolling also guard or shooting. Anybody anymore gotta be terrible. You talk about onsite scratchy. Never Tom Trial. He's called his cousin and I was like I gotTa help me this mouses as a huge baffling me and they wouldn't succeed not a bust. The door healthy shoulder. Get the right back out the only really the only bridge. I have two shows that didn't have words like talk like Before the talkies. And it's like I like. I'm sure lights cameras. We'll be rolling over in their grave when they got understand. How people could laugh at Charlie Chaplin? If I can laugh at Tom and Jerry. Elegy fine with it taught chaplain. No I will watch Tom and Jerry like I don't mind. The silent films would always kills like they showed the picture of what's going on in the words. Oh no ono I like. His head was blown off him head as I just saw again. Charlie is bewildered. Look on his face. Is Stupid. Irishman exclamation point exclamation is so into the back of the theater would play an actual piano time. I had a lot of people. Texted me about checkbooks after we talked about. They couldn't believe it. Yeah Yeah now my parents still they also get. I think is the last generation of such. But I know they're absolutely some checkbook balances out there have to be. There's no way people completely trust the the digital bank they can log into in Mike Zimmer. No Way and much like I check. Books have been replaced by Just checking accounts and cell phones and computers things.

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