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"exit royalty international" Discussed on AM 1590 WCGO

"Of a calming presence, but also still highly motivational. If you are struggling with procrastination and again this year when we're all working from home, and there's so many extra disturbances out there I can't think of a better read than eat that frog by Brian Tracy. Eat that frog How to really restructure your life in terms of getting things done if you are just always professionally behind a procrastinating Have been a procrastinator of many times in my life. Eat that broad by Brian Tracy helped me create sub steps to stop that procrastination to get things done. Restructure the way we think about it to do list and a plan of attack to move ahead in our lives. One new book can be banal. The CEO of Exit Royalty International sent this book to me, and I was so happy that she did. It's called Super Connector by Scott Verba as we look ahead to 2021, hopefully where out of this state that we're in where we can't really network the way we are used to. I want you to think about coming out of this Kobe crisis in a new direction in actually impacting people in a new way, Not just going back to networking like you always did. Truly being a super connector and so super connected by Scott Gerber gives you the tools and the resource is to operate at a higher frequency than just networking. It's not just about meeting new people and adding to your data made. It's truly about building business relationships that matter. All about creating value for the relationships around you super connected by stagger over. I'm not even halfway through it, and I just can't put the book down. That's fantastic. Classic real estate book is the road map to a profitable $30 million real estate. That's a mouthful, some to say it again. The road map to a profitable $30 million real estate business. It's by two people read a Casey is one of the authors. She has coached me in real estate. Absolutely probably. If you're in real estate sales, the most important book you'll ever read. There's a couple other ones you may know about their This is the one though that is truly the most fresh. There's a second edition that's out now. It absolutely games, danger from my real estate business and again the way that I treat people around me the relationships, but I build the road map to a possible $30 million real estate business. It's a mouthful, but it's also an incredible read. Two more books Raving fans by Ken Blanchard in the classic. I've read it twice with my book club. It's the office that is again going back to. We're going to need to be building these relationships. And if you want to start building them before the end of covert when you're at your house, and you can't necessarily network the way you used to meeting people in person. Raving fans is a great thing to think about gifting programs and Sending things to people in the mail and building relationships, maybe even online. But how to create people that really want to help your business grow? Because if you do that, if you create Raving fans around you. It's a heck of a lot easier to actually overall, build a sustainable business by referral. And the last one. This is one that I think if you are a homeowner or wanting to be a homeowner or an investor, or maybe a investor to be, I can't think of a better book than the automatic millionaire Homeowner by David Bach, the automatic millionaire homeowner, even if your realtor and you might say, Well, you know, I'm already in real estate. I don't need to read that when I read that book and actually re ignited my passion for what I do. It was a book that teaches homeowners how to build wealth by holding on the property versus necessarily selling it when they outgrow it. Now you is a realtor might say, Oh, my gosh, I don't want to give them that. That's gonna tell them not to use me as their realtor for their you know, selling of a property. They're gonna want to just keep the property but I have to tell you, this is really what you're supposed to be doing is creating long term wealth and helping people build a legacy. And the automatic millionaire homeowner is just absolutely incredible for reigniting your passion if your realtor or if you have clients that maybe they bought a home through you, but they've only bought one. It's a way to ignite their passion for creating a legacy. So those are my top 10. You guys may have some wonderful books as well. But it's a good big list. It's less than one book a month. I know people that are reading a book a week right now, in the current situation we're in, But I'm not asking you to do that. I think a book every 4 to 6 weeks is achievable. I'm doing an online do book club with my office. So don't think that because we're necessary in some municipalities, and Harry is gonna be You know, restricted to what we can do in person. A zoom book club is fun. You could do stuff on Facebook all these different groups that online until we can meet again in person, but some really great books up there this year. Someone talked about before him someday. Always a great time talking to you, Nick and getting inspired and fired up for a successful New year and those who are awesome. Great books to get started with. Tell our listeners how they can follow you on social media, My friend. I'm on the same handle everywhere on social media, and I loved interactions. People. They're my user name is at Nick Library that n I. C K. Now, I be isn't boy e r. T J T comparisons. Reality.

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