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"exca bishop" Discussed on WBBM Newsradio

"Two seven seven WBZ news time, eight thirty eight traffic and weather together on the eighth. Here's Abby Ryan. Well, the Edens either way looks pretty good. If you're on the Kennedy outbound. It is a thirty minute ride to the airport. Twenty two to get to mantra, Sean terrier. Feeder ramp is still messy heavy from the Jane Byrne past division. Inbound division backed Jane burnt twenty-five in. It's a fifteen minute ride in the local and eight in the inbound express Lane's hero haired said she had eastbound heavy approaching Bessie Coleman over to the southbound tristate ramps outbound. Eisenhower, clear twenty nine route three ninety thirty thirty-three heavy from Damon of the Jane Byrne, and in from Mannheim got twenty Stevenson outbound. It's tight approaching Cicero report of a crash off to the right side twelve out Cicero twenty two to the tri-state thirty two to three fifty five. Inbound clear outbound Ryan it's delayed as you approach ninety five a seventeen minute ride out to ninety fifth. Inbound heavy from the Stevenson of the Jane Byrne about twenty four ninety fifth into downtown fifty seven exca- Bishop or to lakeshore drive northbound Illinois to Chicago. You're tristate is fine. Reagan westbound so near Farnsworth with a crash blocking the right lane and the left lane on the exit ramp veterans is fine. Fifty three three ninety eight ninety four I sixty five and the Indiana toll route I'll clear if you're Lakeview Clark street blocked off Sheffield the Buckingham feet. CTA roadwork going on there and till April seven us Racine Sheffield or Halstead instead as an alternate. He's something happening. Call us anytime W B B M. Our Ben traffic tip line. Eight five five seven eighty road. Traffic and weather together. On the eighth every ten minutes on.

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