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"everson lisa" Discussed on Angela Yee's Lip Service

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"everson lisa" Discussed on Angela Yee's Lip Service

"Not I'm Julie Pam. Hey in China. It's like was it. They want to touch out. Come out. Take the guy I mean like this. Do you mind if we take it out of the boxes. Do you do your thing demonstration. I mean I ah get it like you know a lot of pros and cons to dislike being into yourself and use it to know you better than yourself. Have you ever used the twin. I mean on a woman but like you. I never used cock ring ring. Get right I mean I mean I mean like certain things certain things that we that we do for in in an act of intimacy off or not always for you know what I'm saying listen. When you talk about sex you have you have the people have you had gave her an givers and take you know saying A. and whatever seaver a think meaning Angela Open on Christmas morning well upside down and go ahead? Let him play down. They are just like you want to receive the pleasure or you want to be the one that's delivering the pleasure you know. Some people get awful like you know providing the pleasure tours trait ah we liked to provide the pleasure. I'm going on the gentleman Jim Manaka's so I got a little bit seventies definitely the receiver. I'm definitely a giver. It's like I want to make you feel it gives me pleasure by knowing what I'm doing is to tax when you have two people that are givers. WHO's taking the check this here yeah yeah here you go so here's your instruction? They know you Dick By. It's probably adjustable like is it a little tight. It might be a little tight I don't. I'm glad that we're able to give you some gifts this. I gave him the coin yeah. It's a cool decoy rechargeable <music> cleaning spray like guys your bigger or smaller spilled it did he zones made a mess okay now here we have some booty Ling and this is jailed wearable silicone beads so I assume okay so not here you go. This is pretty actually grabbing it. I knew it such a gymnast you know I can. I can actually use this size because I've been saying that I'm going to <hes> Everson Lisa and was here until it us what to do to be able to have her since for you steph thank you plug..

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