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"It just seems so risky to me. That your wedded to this. Three hour window was already gotten narrower because they're concerned about like tv primetime starting times for the international audience And then you have no real fallback if conditions are too bad to raise during that three hour window. That's the part that bugs me because then it's like no it wasn't it wasn't just bad weather. Is that planning. yeah well. hopefully things are better zandvoort. That's coming up next weekend. There's some calendar changes coming up though that next three or locked zandvoort monza and so cheesy but turkey has moved one league later to october tenth. The austin the us grand prix is staying put for now although rob you just pointed out that the eu has imposed travel restrictions on the united states. Where austin. Texas is so that may pose a problem. mexico and brazil also removing one week later to november seventh and fourteenth respectively and the november twenty one slot vacated by japan is yet to be filled although andrew benson with the bbc says that qatar is all but confirmed The rest of the season stays the same with saudi arabia. On december fifth and abu dhabi. Closing things out on december twelfth in other confirmations red bull has signed sergio perez for twenty twenty two cool. I hope album guesses seat somewhere. I mean he's crushing it on alex. Yeah we also got a reconfirmation. That fernando alonzo will be racing for alpine in two thousand twenty two. He signed a two year deal a year ago. So i don't know what's up of this rob found something. No i didn't find much about that It seem like. I think though i might have been an option type situation of it wasn't working out. But yeah they they confirmed that alonzo will be there driver for twenty two but no. It's just last week. We talked about the fact that there's something weird about alpine's engine program the fact they let their engine director Go and didn't appear to replace them. di directly over race fans also noticed that alp here not answering any questions about like who is replacing him or even like you said. His responsibilities have been divided. They're not even discussing organizationally. How their engine program is working and how those responsibilities reporting into the greater team So you know. It's it's good news for alpine in terms of Decent summer and You know the good-looking lineup For twenty two. But it just feels like there's something feels like it is felt. Everson cyril was thrown overboard. Like out of the blue. It's felt like something's up with that program And then the fact that on the eve of a new engine debut You've got this uncertainty. It'd just some feels off about this. Well one thing is for certain as we head into the next race. Zan board lewis. Hamilton is still on top of the drivers championship. He has two hundred and two point five points. Yup they're gonna make me do this every week from now on max verstappen in second with one hundred ninety nine and a half points landon. Norris is in third with one hundred and thirteen voucher. Protests has one hundred eight. Sergio perez says one hundred and four in fifth place carla signs in six with Eighty three and a half charlotte clare has any to january. Cargo has fifty six pierre. Gase fifty four estimate. Oh content with forty two. Fernando alonzo has thirty eight sebastian. At thirty five yuki sonoda inland stroll both have eighteen points in thirteenth place. George russell and fifteenth has thirteen points nicholas latifi in sixteenth has seven points can racking and has to antonio juvenile has one and mix schumacher and nikita. Pin have zero in constructors standings. We have mercedes on top with three hundred and ten point. Five red bull is in second place with three hundred and three point. Five mclaren has one hundred sixty. Nine ferrari has one hundred and sixty five point five. Alpine is in fifth place with eighty points. Alpha tower has seventy two aston. Martin has fifty-three williams has twenty points. Alfa romeo has three and genasense team have zero. Things will change rob at zan heart. So we're finally doing this. Yes so zandvoort old circuit new returnee to ask one. Zandvoort is a really interesting location. It was sort of a plan circuit built in nineteen thirty nine but was delayed. Obviously until after the war And had roughly the same layout from forty-six through Almost made it see nineteen ninety and it was this really dramatic and Gorgeous location in the dunes along the north sea on the western coast of north holland. So basically got on the eastern coast. There you've got amsterdam On the on the western coast. You have sanford If you look at footage of the old zandvoort racetrack. Or if you watch Recreations of the circuit in various sims. Like there's a video of max stop Driving it in a in a version of the track that was done for a set of corsa really cool circuit Really dramatic looking at us. The natural slopes of the dunes to create a series of Banked corners and along this kind of really fast almost undulating race track as it went over the dunes The flip side of that was the basically were no runoffs. Even by old f. one standards this is a dicey looking circuit And the encroaching slopes of the dunes of meant that any sort of going wide or or running off had a good chance at Sort of launching a car were flipping it And there's some pretty horrific incidents as with any circuit. In this era zander was was host to truly ghastly Incident involving roger williamson. Whose car did get flipped and caught fire and in the completely sub-standard safety You know.

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