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"evelyn ridge" Discussed on Juicy Scoop with Heather McDonald

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"evelyn ridge" Discussed on Juicy Scoop with Heather McDonald

"He never pay later remm heating to stuff and yeah overpaid it well here's some ironic staff okay his nephew one of the three ts i believe still goes to my school yeah and at the last halloween carnival they had a carousel that they rent that they rent that is the former carousel from never land really yeah they could move it around lebanon they also had a michael jackson impersonator you've got the the 'neverland for anti carousel a michael jackson impersonator and wanted the end tito son michaels nephew that actually dad at the school but whoa whoa doing what was what was a michael secular personally doing farming something you do whether it's a three day cairn it in the that was going to be affect the nephew who i don't think they thought about it when they're podium or the horror the and then also that same neverland ranch carousel evelyn ridge is of onrunning it's are gone well the rides in the animals are gone yes remember that one monkey lawyer went to go visit greenville any through a shed at apple why windy starve yourself a good line she's likely to ever be brought extra cameras smoking falk off renewable i do it big fat baby that smoke did was to ask the now he's 35 with lung cancer and i don't know smoking i actually did you see a thing on him catch of where where he is now that he's not like eleven but heels nobody knows he's done cigarettes.

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